Wolfblood the mutation the return of the dire wolf

Yull may know about nuclear and radiation and how it can cause them to die or eveing mutate like the Russian Chernobyl melt down for expel but my is it going to be accurate. This is my take on what happens when a wolf blood mutates enjoy.

Chapter 1 burning dream

Listening to the sound of the wind running free through the woods at high speed. As she was running she suddenly stops in her tracks she the lift her nose up in the air smoke? She said. Then birds and other animals were fleeing from a black cloud. Forest fire she said as the animals fled instead of ruing away she ran towards the burning forest. As she went deeper in she saw a strange circle as she got closer. She leaped in the untouched circle she felt clam. Then the flames came closing in around her face started to vein up her eyes glowed yellow. She was no longer in human form she had shifted into her wolf. Now the medium sized black wolf was now inside the fiery inferno as the flames closed more around her she lets out a strong piercing howl as if she was impressing the flames then all of a suddenly the flames dispersed. Then she heard her name emilia wake up wake up its time for your frist day of school. You know since you came back from the wild said matie. Emilia's face still veiny and her eyes still yellow its just a dream she reassured herself. Come on we are goanna be late yelled matie from downstairs am coming said emilia as she was getting dressed for school emilia rushed down steers matie grabbed a meat sandwich so did Emilia. You were dreaming of that fire dream weren't you? Asked Matie. Yes I was as they walked to school.

Meanwhile somewhere in the woods

The segolia pack along with jana, robin and imara the alpha and the rest of segolia pack. we're doing hand to hand combat, sparing and even improving on use sing eloas. Jana vs. robin one of the agents said ready fight yelled the agent. as the two of them sqward each other jana makes the first move with a kick but robin dodges it and makes a counter attack with a sweep kick to decked jana. Jana jumps just in time but then robin punches jana in the stomach area jana stumbles back a bit. But recovers for another attack as robin lunges for anther punch jana dodges it then she grabs robin's arm and lift her over her head flipped her onher back as if she was a pan cake robin landed with a thud nicely well done jana Imara said with delight in her voice. Robin got back up as if nothing happened. Robin I have a mission and I need your help with can you come with me asked imara yes my alpha robin said as she was kneeld to show repect. The jana's cell phone rings its Katrina said jana. Jnan answers it hey jana were are you and robin asked Katrina. We are in the woods with the segolia pack I need you two to help run the kcave tonight robin won't make it tonight but I still can come help ok thanks jana see you later said Katrina.

I will do my best to get chapter2 up asap