Chapter 8 the return of the dier wolf part 2

Emilia then gets out and heads down stress and finds matie and jana sleeping next to each other on the coach she then makes her way into the kitchen she then finds a plat of ribs she then takes one out of the refrigerator then heads back up stress to the bath room. Then matie wakes up to jana still sleeping on his chest he then gently puts her on the other side of the coach he then walks quietly into the kitchen and pulls out the same dart gun then quickly runs up stress and hides the gun. As emilia flinched she then looks at her scars on her stomach the wound had finely completely healed but the bit wound was still healing she dresses the wound and gets dress. Then matie goes back down stress and wakes jana up. Jana we have to get ready said matie as try to wake her jana then gets up and checks her phone it was 9:30am jana then got herself ready then matie did the same jana the heads to emilia's room. Emilia are ready yeah she said nervously what's wrong asked jana. Am not ready we haven't even started training for this dr white wood said she had that figured out we just have to trust her said jana then the two of them made their way down stress are you two ready to go asked matie we're ready said jana then the three of them then headed to segoila.

Meanwhile at segoila dr white wood lamra and robyn gets the equipment ready for the test. So dr white wood by doing this what is it you achieve from this? asked lamra well when emilia puts this reader on I will need her to transform to film her and get the reading from her said dr white wood but she emilia doesn't have control of it yet said robyn that's why we will set up in this room said dr white wood she then opens a door inside the entire room was bright white and had wide open spaces this is the room where we test new equipment's said robyn. Yes but it's the best room to use and we can watch from a safe destines in her said dr white wood ok let put the stuff here said lamra.

As jana matie and emilia about to walk in segoila tj and selena came hey guys said tj so did we make it in time yet? Asked tj yes did answered matie well lets head in side jana then the five of them walked in side lamra and robyn were waiting well I wasn't expecting you tj and selena said robyn are you ready emilia? Asked lamra yes answered emilia then they all made their way up stress as they walk through the hall lamra then suddenly stopped we have the test in here said lamra she then opens the door as they all stepped inside the white room wow this room is huge yelled tj then dr white wood came out of the other you're all here and thank you for coming emilia said dr wite wood I need you to put these on they keep track of your readings explained dr white wood emilia then puts them on ok for the rest of us we will watch from the other room as they head to the room katrna suddenly came into the room hey did I miss anything? Asked katrna nope you came just in time said robyn ok now that everybody is here lets go in said dr white wood after robyn closed the dr white wood voice appeared on the speakers ok emilia we had this room installed pixie glass since you broke the glass cage last night this is the strongest glass not even a gun built can break it so you shouldn't be able to ether said dr white wood ok emilia you may begin said dr white wood. But am not angry said emilia dr white wood then reached into a cabinet pulled out ear plugs here put these on jana matie lamra tj robyn and selena puts the ear plugs in ok they should protect you from the sound said dr white wood ok ready all five of them nodded their heads dr white wood then pushes the button. a silent alarm went off in the white room emilia tried to block out the noose but didn't work her eyes then turned

Green as she was covering her ears then she started to cuffs up green foam mixed with blood then her spine started growing from her back as her collar bone grow out as well then in her place stood a black wolf with green eyes emilia then let out a howl then she started to run around the entire room from one end to the other emilia then realized she was trapped. You guys she really looks scared said katrna as emilia kept trying to brake thurtgh. Ok eimila I have the info I need you can stop now said dr white wood but emilia didn't liestin EMILIA STOP yelled matie from the room they were watching in then she then stopped and looked at the window where they were watching. Emilia then ran at full speed and rams herself at the window as katrna covered her eyes but as the black wolf was bounced back she quickly recovered as blood started running down her face emilia then started to ram herself at the window again and again. Ok this is enough said jana what are you going to do asked lamra am going to stop her jana replied katrna then grabbed her am coming to said katrna I will come to said robyn. lamra close the door when we leave said jana be careful said matie jana nodded as they left the room lamra then closed the door. Jana then snuck behind emilia as she was still ramming herself at the window and robyn was in front of katrna EMILIA STOP THIS NOW yelled jana emilia then turned around and growled at them as green drool drops from her mouth she then stepped closer to jana while she was still growling but before jana could kneel to summit tj accidentally set off the silent alarm as jana and robyn tried blocking out the sound but it didn't work emilia then went berserk and lashes out at jana. Jana then dodges robyn then told katrna to stay back then robyn transform herself emilia and robyn then curcul each other robyn then leaps at emilia then emilia dodges and slams robyn to the floor jana then transforms as well as then red wolf jumps and lands on emilia's back and clawed at her back emilia then slams herself on her back causing jana's left paw to be stab by emilia's spikes on her back jana then falls off. Robyn then gets up tackles emilia to the floor and bits into the wound on her chest emilia then kicks robyn off as blood drops from her wound emilia then grabbed robyn by her rib cage with her strong jaws and shakes robyn as if she was a rag doll then throws her to a wall. jana then transform back as emilia steps closer to robyn katrna runs in front of robyn as blood slow oozed out katrna get out of the way yelled jana as her left hand was bleeding as well. No am standing my ground I won't let emilia kill robyn said katrna emilia then stepped even more closer. I won't let you if you kill her how will you be able to live with yourself said katrna emilia then howled in rage but katrna stood her ground katrna then lifted her hand out in front of emilia. Then jana came over to katrna and lifted her hand out as well Emilia then stepped closer and smelled their sent she started to calm down her head and face was stained with dried blood whole her chest was still bleeding then robyn started to change back and emilia had started changing back as well as her spine went back down and her eyes were no longer green. Dr white wood matie tj and lamra and selena came out of the room and rushed to robyn jana katrna and emilia you alright jana asked lamra am fine but robyn and emilia don't look so good right now said jana tj go get a frist add kit said larma where's katrna asked robyn as she tried to get but fell back down am right here answered katrna robyn don't move to much said katrna probing her head up tj then came back down then tj came back with the first add kit give the sow stuff said dr white wood she then gets ready sow emilia's chest don't touch me snarled emilia dr white wood stepped back let me do it said matie the he kneels down to her as she lead on her back matie the stick the needle in and starts sowing dr white wood then katrna and dr white wood attended robyn while lamra rapped jana's hand matie then finished sowing emilia's chest emilia then gets up and started to limp away jana and matie followed after her emilia wait emilia then turned around as tears started running down her face what is it now she asked. I will teach you how to not wolf out and control your anger said jana we can start next week said jana back at the door way lamra was watching the three of them what are looking asked selena she then noticed lamra was looking at emilia she is too dangers to go to school the only place she should be is here or home with matie said lamra no that will only make things worse said dr white wood then what do you suppose we do? asked lamra emilia will be able to go in public as long as jana matie and the others are with her but what about school then she will have to stay with us or jana said dr white wood that sounds reasonable said lamra selena let me tell them yes mam said selena then katrna helped robyn up ok I will take to nurses her said katrna then they catch up to jana matie emilia and selena emilia am sorry if I hurt you I was protecting my alpha said robyn then they continued to walk down the halls am sorry as well for putting you through this said dr white wood then she to left well I guess we should go home said matie then they too started walk.