Chapter 1: Death and a new arrival

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How long had he been here? At this dry-dock, fighting the locust? This was who he was a cog in the machine, a piece of equipment to run it… a gear. Now one would say fighting like this would bring even the most hardened soldiers down, but he wasn't like most soldiers. He has many names: prized piece, key cog, Goldilocks (mostly by his friends… the ones that are alive anyways), ground walker, filthy human, waste of skin… big brother. But out of all the names he had taken he preferred the name his family gave him… Walker.

"You know it's really hard to keep your cool when you're getting shot at from three fucking directions" That's the first thing that came to Walker's mind as he reloaded his lancer with a fresh clip before popping out of cover and firing a portion of it into an oncoming locust drone that had been at his right side electric fence. He had been at the dry dock for the past two days fighting the locust with only thirty seconds of breathing room 'I thought that Fenix had killed that bitch Myrrha and the rest of her god forsaken race in the bomb?' Walker ducked just in time to have a boom shot sailed over his head and hit the decoy behind him. Eddie ducked just in time to have a boom shot sailed over his head and hit the decoy behind wave was almost over which means he could rebuild his defenses and scrounge around for some ammo and grenades, as soon as the Boomer shot its boomshot Walker popped out of cover and shot his Gnasher shotgun point blank which caused its head to explode in a shower of brain matter and skull fragments. After the Boomer's body hit the floor, the telltale signs of a single pair of feet and the raspy voice of a Theron guard signaling that that was the final enemy for this wave. Walker took cover as a bolt from torque bow hit the wall exploding a few seconds later, while the Theron was reloading Eddie switched his Gnasher with his lancer and poured the remainder of the clip into the Theron's knees drawing a hiss of pain from it and knocking it's weapon out of its hand. As the Theron was trying to crawl towards its weapon Walker chuckled menacingly and cracked his knuckles while walking towards the down locust scum, "Crawl yo ass back here." Grabbing it by its collar and and flipping it over Walker began to beat the ever loving shit out of it, blood began flying out of the locust as he delivered savage punches to its face, as its face began to cave Eddie decided to end this pathetic piece of locust shit with his strongest hay maker which was rewarded with a sickening pop of skull fragments and brain matter.

After that little execution he took a few seconds to breath and recollect himself before rebuilding his defenses and grabbing some ammo. He looked at his watch and realized he still had about 15 seconds, so he decided to "buy" some ink grenades and put it on the right side of his belt next to his serrated combat knife. "Okay, lancer with full ammo: check, Gnasher shotgun: check, snub pistol and Boltok pistol: check, ink and frag grenades: check. I still have some cash left might as well "buy" that long-shot to pop some skulls." As the tell tale signs of the round starting he quickly rushed to the other side of the dock to buy the longshot and put it next to him in case his Gnasher ran out of shells. Walker got back to his base as the first few grubs started firing their hammerbursts at him forcing him to dive into cover and wait for the bullets to stop signifying that they had to reload, Walker took this chance to fire a couple of round into two of the first few grubs that touched his electric fence. As hot lead tore through the thick hide and into the flesh of the locust a sniper from across the dock managed to shoot Eddie in his arm stunning him for a few seconds and forcing him back into cover.

"Aah! Holy fucking Christ that hurt. Two can play that game bitch," Walker said.

True to his word he swapped out his Gnasher for the long-shot and aiming down the sights, seeing the fucker that shot him Walker then fired a round and was rewarded with a shower of gore. As the wave went droned on (AN: no pun intended) he saw something that froze him solid, not even 30 feet away was lambent Berserker.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit! How the fuck am I supposed to kill this thing? The only reason I killed the last one was because I had a one-shot FUCK!" Walker cursed

Unfortunately for him the mutated locust heard him and began to charge at him forcing him to dodge down the right stairwell to avoid its rampage. Walker began to roadie run down the steps and take cover behind a piece of rubble, holding his breath as the lambent berserker passed by him before stopping and sniffing the air hoping to find his scent. Crouching down and making his steps quiet as possible he made his way back up to his base and grabbed his one shot that had been sitting in the corner, seeing that the berserker was across the dock next to a gas tank he took a gamble. Shooting the tank with the one shot it managed to engulf the berserker in flames, screaming as the flames engulfed her Walker saw that her heart was exposed. Carefully aiming the one shot and hearing the beep signifying that it was ready to be fired he took the shot. The bullet obliterated the heart and went through her back and hit the wall behind her, normally this would have made a any locust fall to the ground dead but it only prompted the berserker to have a final charge right at Walker. Before he could react the berserker was already on him and wrapped her fingers around his chest area. He felt a bone-crushing pain resonate throughout his body mainly on his spine. As he and the berserker stared each other down in malice he noticed that it was pulsating and glowing 'The fuck why is it glowing like that it's almost as if-' he came to a horrifying realization 'Oh Shit it's self destructing, Fuck! NO NO NO NO NO NO! I haven't even got the supplies back yet! I can't die yet... I-I didn't get to tell Ajay goodbye yet." he thought as he felt his spine cracking and his organs rupturing from the intense pressure. In his final moments he laughed it wasn't out of malicious intent or joy... it was out of sadness. Sadness because his younger brother would grow up without him, get to know everyday that his friends would be heartbroken, and to know that eventually he would be added to the list of names that have been considered KIA.

"I'm sorry Ajay, big bro ain't gonna be there when you wake up." Those were the final words he said as a bright light engulfed him and the berserker and they both vanished leaving a picture of him and his brother in Azura floating to the ground.

It was about midnight at Beacon Academy and everyone was sleeping, except a few individuals who had to stay up for some late night studies.

"Ugh! There's nothing to doooo." groaned Ruby

Weiss just looks at her partner wondering what's wrong with her now. Usually she gets like this when there isn't anymore cookies or she's bored. Pray to Oum that is isn't the latter.

"Let me guess, you're bored and you want one of us to keep you entertained?" asked Weiss with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes." Replied Ruby with a bit of hope in her eyes, the two jsut stared at each other before Weiss replied.

"Sure" said Weiss

"Really?!" asked ruby silver eyes gleaming with happiness.

"...No. Now go to sleep we have that test for Port in the morning." Weiss replied, giving out a huff of annoyance Ruby just turned to Blake and Yang hoping they could keep her occupied. Only to find them asleep, eventually giving up Ruby just went to her bed and started to drift off into sleep.

Ozpin sat in his office reading over files that held the new students documents. While doing this he noticed something on his computer, (AN: Ozpin uses a fucking computer in my story, so deal with it *insert flipping sunglasses over eyes*) a massive energy spike was popping up in the area where the students grabbed the relics during initiation.

"Hmm, that's odd. Usually that area has low energy signatures, this might be a problem." Ozpin muttered. He thought about it for a few minutes before deciding that this would be a good experience for some of the students.

"Glynda." Ozpin said through his intercom.

"Yes Ozpin what is it, it better be good since you're calling at 1:30 in the morning." Glynda grumbled.

"Oh I think it is, can you come up to my office and look at something with me?" asked Ozpin. Knowing that the man we keep at this she gets dressed and heads up to his office.

10 minutes later...

"What is it Ozpin it's early in the morning and I have class in about six hours." She said.

"Take a look at this," Ozpin then flipped the screen around to let her see.

She saw what looked like a dark skinned man in a golden helmet with glowing blue eye holes, a bulky combat chest plate, and a strange item hanging around his neck fight a pack of Beowolves with what looked like a hybrid of a chainsaw and assault rifle. The man dived to his right as a Beowolf leaped towards him and crash onto the ground, the man then activated the chainsaw and bringing it down on the wolf's torso splitting it in half. Another Beowolf then tried to get the man from behind, only to have its skull split in half as the man swung the chainsaw around right under its eye socket. He then took out a serrated edge combat knife and proceeded to charge at the remaining wolves, slashing at them with the precision of a professional surgeon. Putting away his knife he then shot the last wolf that attempted to run away from him. Glynda could only watch in horror as the man stuck his chainsaw in the last Beowolf and started it making the beowolf howl in pure agony as its insides were being torn out by the savage teeth of the weapon.

"W-who is this man?" Glynda asked in pure shock and horror. In all her years of teaching she had never seen someone take down a pack of beowolves with such ruthlessness, granted she had seen a few students be brutal in fighting, but what this person did would be considered downright savage.

"To be honest I don't know, one moment the camera is fine then the next he's there." Ozpin replied with some shock in his voice, he had never been one to be scared or shocked but this person managed the impossible in just a few short moments of his time here.

"Go get teams RWBY, JNPR, and CFVY." said Ozpin back in his monotone voice.

"You can't be serious sir, I mean I can understand team CFVY but the first years this would be suicide." Glynda replied in shock.

"I understand your concerns Glynda but think of this as a training excersise for them. Plus the second years haven't been on a mission for a while now." Ozpin said.

Glynda just sighed knowing that the man has a point, "Alright let me just tell the teams and we'll be on our way." she said

Ozpin just merely smiled and sipped on his mug as she left the room before looking at the screen, "Who are you?" he said as he zoomed in on Walker's gear tag.

"So, explain to me why we have to wake up at the butt of dawn to go on a mission." complained Yang as she yawned still a little pissed that they had to get up so early.

"As much as pains me to say this I do have to agree with Yang, why do we have to wake up this early in the morning professor?" Blake asked coolly. Ruby, Weiss and the other teams shook their heads in agreement.

"As you all know there has been a strange energy signature in the forest near the ruins, we are currently sent out to investigate who or what caused them." Glynda sternly said, she had to keep her composure in front of the students.

"So what do we do when we find the source of said energy signature?" asked Coco

"if it's a person we bring them back to Beacon and talk to them. If it's something else and is hostile we use lethal force." Glynda said seriously to the three teams who paled at the thought of having to take another's life.

"I-It wouldn't have to come to that right" Jaune nervously asked while holding his stomach trying to contain the contents in his stomach from spilling all over the bullhead. The pilot then signals that they're near the drop zone before landing and opening the bullhead doors. The teams suddenly hear gunfire coming from the north of them and bolt in that direction.

Walker had been fighting these fucking werewolves for the past hour since he got here. To be honest he had no idea if this was God giving him the middle finger or if it's another chance at life (he hoped it was the second option). Ducking underneath another werewolf he switched out his lancer for his Gnasher and pointed it at the wolf's chest letting out a blast of shells that ripped through its torso spraying blood and gore all over the trees and grass. Jumping up in the air as one of the wolves sailed under him he shot the back right leg which tore through the flesh and bone, before he ran over to it, flipping it over on its back and curb stomping it. Two wolves tried to tackle him from both sides, but he threw himself back as they crashed into a furry heap, while the wolves were on the ground, Walker then shot one with his boltok pistol and pistol whipped the other one before twirling the gun on his finger and holstering it. As the last wolf hesitated on whether it should flee or fight it suddenly felt a pain in its legs before falling down and looking up. For the first time in its life it felt fear, not the one and done fear... this was a paralyzing fear that froze you solid. Walker began walking over to the downed wolf cracking his knuckles and chuckling darkly, "You thought you could get the drop on me, huh? No, you think you're the dominate species of this planet,but until you went through what I went through you can't say shit." The wolf began to cry out in pain as it felt its face be pushed in by the savage punches of this... this demon that arrived on its territory. It didn't even get the chance to howl for help as its head exploded in gore.

"Where the fuck did I go when I died, and THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE MOON!" Walker screamed when he looked at the moon. How the hell did he not notice it before, he didn't have time to think as he heard the bushes behind him rustle making him whip his head around and peer into the bushes before aiming his lancer at them.

Glynda and the students could only stare in horror as this man or whatever he was savagely beat a beowolf to death with his bare hands and shrug it off as if it's nothing. They were about to report back to Ozpin, but stopped when he whipped his head around and peered into the bushes.

"THE FUCK IS OUT THERE!?" the man shouted, the faunus in the group winced at the volume of his voice. It wasn't his voice that was the only thing that unnerved them it was his helmet and the malicious aura that seemed to resonate off of him. His helmet looked elegant but rugged and war torn, his aura though... it seemed to give off the vibe that only brought pain, suffering, and death wherever it went. Seeing that talking to him was the best course of action the teams slowly came out of the brush to at least try to mitigate the situation.

The night was silent for both parties the savage man and Glynda and the students.

"...Who are you" his voice was barley above a whisper but everyone heard it clear as day due to the silence of the night. Seeing that the silence had been broken Glynda decided that she would introduce herself and the students to the strange man in armor. Clearing her throat she spoke up.

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch, professor at Beacon Academy and these are my students and you are?" she asked.

"..." he was silent for the time being until he could confirm that they wouldn't try anything. He had met people in the past that were polite manner wise but assholes demeanor wise.

Glynda just sighed as the man refused to state his name, "Sir we can't get anywhere if you don't talk. Now I'll ask again, who are you?" she said with more force in her voice.

"Walker" he replied

"Walker?" she asked

"Just Walker and that's all you're going to get." he growled a bit. They weren't going to get shit out of him until they said who they were, so far only the teacher said who she was but he didn't hear about the rest of them. He then noticed the woman grip what looked like a riding crop 'Seriously? A fucking stick? She better not hit me with that or I'm putting her ass in the ground.' he thought.

Glynda sighed again as she knew what he wanted, information. He was testing to see if they could be trusted or not. So she called the children over to introduce themselves so she could get back to Beacon and have Ozpin handle this.

"Children. Please introduce yourselves to Mr. Walker." she said

H-Hi I'm Ruby Rose... I like your weapons." she nervously said. He cocked an eyebrow behind the helmet, 'another weapon lover... still not touching my shit though but I feel like I could ask her to hold onto my if I need to.'

"Weiss Schnee" a white haired girl formally introduced herself with a curtsy 'Seriously, who the hell does that anymore... wait forgot I'm on a different planet never mind.' he thought.

"Blake Belladonna pleasure to meet you." her quiet voice met his ears and he raised an eyebrow at her before noticing her bow twitch 'Last time I check bows don't twitch... she's hiding something, I need to keep an eye on her.' he summarized in his head.

"Sup, Yang Xiao Long. We should hang out sometime" after she said that she winks at him 'This girl already annoys me for some reason, I feel like her jokes will be the end of me.'

Next to the four girls are two males and two girls. The blonde boy looks like a weakling but has a strong soul to him, the red head next to him looks like she came out of some sort of Greek mythology book, the hyper active orange haired girl, and the quiet ninja guy with black and pink hair.

"Jaune Arc... uh nice to meet you?"

"Pyrrah Nikos"

"Lie Ren"

"NORA! Nice to meet you! are you a robot!? can you shoot laser out of your eyes!? Can you fly!?" question after question this girl spouted more nonsense than the grubs back home, 'I'm about to shoot this girl... Oh my god! Shut the fuck up already... she's still asking questions. She says one more I'm putting one between her eyes.' The next group wasn't so bad... at least he thinks.

"Coco Adel. You really need some new clothes honey those look like someone fished through a garbage can." 'Okay fuck you too, fucking fashionista.' he growled in his mind, but bit his tongue to avoid further conflict.

"Fox Alistair, a pleasure sir." 'Either this dude is blind or his eyes look like someone soaked them in milk for a year.'

"M-My name is V-Velvet Scarlatina nice to meet you..." her quiet nervous voice came out. 'Wow she sounds so innocent, kind of cute actually... along with those rabbit ears and her- HOLD UP ONE FUCKING SECOND! RABBIT EARS!' he screamed in his mind.

"You have rabbit ears." he said suddenly surprising everyone for a second.

"Y-Yes" Velvet meekly answered not sure why he said that.

"How?" he asked actually confused if they were real or not. In all honesty he could give less that two shits but it doesn't hurt to know.

"Um, I was born like this...why?" she asked wondering why he would ask something like that. Blake hoped he wasn't some sort of racist like Cardin and his jockeys.

"Never seen someone who has animal parts where I'm from." he answered

This surprised everyone, how could one not know what a faunus was. They were practically everywhere on the face of Remnant.

"Where are you from Walter?" asked Goodwitch, hoping to at least get something from the man other than his name.

Walter processed in his mind 'Should I tell them? If I tell them they'll probably just lock me up but if I don't then we won't get anywhere out of this forest. Seriously though this place is starting to smell the latrines back home... As my CO once said "FUCK IT!".

"A place called Sera" he answered before looking at the confused faces. Glynda just wondered where it was there wasn't any place on Remnant called Sera... she'll deal with this later and the children had classes in a few hours.

"Sir I'm going to need you to come with us." she said

"Why?" he asked with a raised eyebrow behind his helmet, he just met these people and they wanted him to come with them? Fuck that.

"So we can take you to our superior and figure out what you're doing here, now come on." grumbled Goodwitch as she and the students began walking back towards the bullhead to get back to Beacon. As they were walking Ruby noticed that walker wasn't following them.

"Hey, why aren't you following us?" she asked.

"...Because I don't trust any of you" he stoically answered, this drew suspicion from the them all but he could care less. He literally met them ten minutes ago and they expect him to follow them to their base? He'd be damned if they took him captive.

"What do you mean you don't trust any of us" Weiss asked irritably, she was up at two in the morning in a nasty ass forest and she had classes later.

"Exactly as it sounds, I literally met you people ten minutes ago and you're asking me to come to your base. Fuck that, that's a no go in my book." he gruffly replied back.

"It's an academy actually." Blake said

"Does it look like I care?" Walker said, to be honest he did care but only to get an idea of what he was dealing with.

"Um, well it's kind of hard to tell with that helmet on. Do you ever take that thing off?" said Yang wondering if he ever took that thing off, but was also wondering at what his face looked like underneath.

"The only time I take this off is to shower, otherwise no I don't." Walker said

"So... is it like stuck on your head?" Nora asked, 'Is she retarded? I'm seriously wondering if she is, I just said I take it off to shower which means it's not stuck.'

"Seeing that we aren't going anywhere, give me three reasons as to why I should come with you all." Walker stated, if they could give him three good reasons then he would think about coming with them.

"Food" Blake said.

"A bed" Yang added.

"Clothes" Ruby chimed.

"What's wrong with the ones I have on now?" he asked wondering what was wrong with his current attire.

"They sort of look a bit worn?" she tried.

He just let out a heavy sigh, getting out of his combat gear was like being naked to him, it's like a second skin to him and removing it felt like being vulnerable.

"A shower." Weiss stated holding her nose at his stench which smelled like gunpowder, blood and sweat.

"Ugh, I know I'm going to regret this later... fine I'll come back with you, but on one condition." he said.

"Sure, what is it?" Glynda replied finally glad he accepted the offer.

"Any of you touch my shit without my permission I'll find where you sleep, rip your intestines out, and strangle you to death with them. Do I make myself clear?" he said darkly.

All the teams' faces lost a shade of color at the condition he made, even Nora lost her smile and was hiding behind Ren as he held his composure but was sweating at the threat.

"Yes we promise not to touch your stuff." Glynda said coming out of her shaken stupor, never had she met a man that gave her chills as much as the man standing before her and the students.

"Good now let's move, I haven't had a good night's sleep in two years." he said plainly while walking next to him raising his weapon and scanning for threats.

The Glynda and the teams looked at him surprised, the fact that he said that made them wonder... what happened to where he couldn't get a full night's rest.

Stepping onto the bullhead Walker just gazed at it amused at how simple this thing looked. It looked like miniature version of a king raven something he missed riding around in. As he sat down he set down the bag that was carrying his other weapons and began to look through them. He found it strange that the bag was there when he woke up here, it looked like his bag from when he was a cadet in boot camp. As he looked through it he found: a retro lancer (one of his favorites), a sawed of shotgun, a boomshot, a torque bow, his long shot that he "bought", a flamer, a one shot, and schematices on how to build a silver back. He wondered how the hell they all got here 'Maybe that's why the bag was so heavy when I lifted it.' He mused.

Ruby's POV

Ruby was busy looking at Walker's figure in awe, as she gazed at it she saw what looked like a cog with a chain hanging around his neck and wondered if he was a mechanic because if he was than they both had something in common. But as she peered closer she saw that his name was engraved on it and it read 'First Lieutenant Walker Ronin of the Coalition of Ordered Government" she wondered if he was a soldier of some kind by the way he carried himself. As she thought about him she saw him reach down and look into his weapon bag and internally squealed at the sight of them.

'Oh my goodness! Those weapons look amazing I wonder if he'll let me take a peek at some of them.' She thought and was about to touch one but remembered what he said about touching his stuff without his permission and shuddered at his threat. She was then brought out of her train of thought when he asked her a question.

"Let me guess, you want to see my weapons?" he gruffly asked surprising her.

"W-what! How did you know I was going to ask that?" she said somewhat surprised at his correct assumption.

"You've been staring at me and the bag for two minutes straight and I was beginning to think there was something wrong with you because you started drooling when I opened the bag." He answered plainly. Ruby just blushed at being caught red handed and was about to deny it until he spoke up again.

"My weapons are the only thing you can touch until I trust you further, just don't fuck them up. They saved my ass more times than I can count" He said recalling the times the weapons saved his time during the war and at the dry dock. His mind clouded with anger and sadness thinking about his death, anger because that rabid bitch killed him and sadness because he'll never get to see his brother grow up.

"Sooo, what's that weapon called?" she asked pointing to the boomshot.

"This puppy is called the boomshot, good ole fashioned grenade launcher that has a range of up to forty meters and enough of a punch to put a whole in an armored vehicle." he replied while letting her hold the weapon before taking it back and putting it in the bag.

"What about the one with the bayonet on it? It looks similar to the one on your back." She observed with much interest 'Well what do you know. The kid has a eye for weaponry, she's definitely the one I could trust first... unlike the blonde one and the bow girl. Something about her doesn't seem right with her.' he thought.

"This one's called the retro lancer and before you ask why they'd change it I'll tell you about it later." he said already knowing Ruby was going to ask why it was called that. He could talk about weapons all he wants with them, but what happened on Sera stays with him. Ruby just huffed in annoyance knowing that he wouldn't tell her but continued asking about all the weapons.

"What about the sniper? Does it turn into anything?" She asked.

"What do you mean does it turn into anything?" he asked wondering as to why she would ask such a thing of course it doesn't turn into anything. What would it turn into a scythe?

"I mean does it turn into any melee weapon you know like my crescent rose." She said bringing out her weapon showing him what she meant.

Walker just stared in complete awe at the craftsmanship of the weapon in front of him. While he may be a weapon nut nothing he had could beat the beauty of the weapon in front of him...except his lancer nothing could top that hands down.

"Then no it doesn't sorry to burst your bubble." he said coming out of his weapon-gasm (AN: Get it? Eh? Eh? Okay I'll stop now.) making ruby drop her shoulders that his weapons don't do anything but immediately perked up at what he said next.

"But it is capable of piercing a skull and ricocheting to the next." he said. He then pulled out the one shot and set it on the ground of the bullhead making it land with a big thunk drawing everyone's attention. The reactions were almost priceless. Blake and Yang went wide eyed at the site of the huge weapon, Weiss stopped filing her nails and had the same reaction as Blake and Yang, Jaune damn nearly fainted, Pyrrah covered her mouth and gasped at it, Nora was inspecting it with much interest and Ren just stared at it with his stoic expression. Glynda and team CFVY just stared at the weapon with a questioning look. Ruby just stared at the weapon with stars in her eyes, maybe he has the schematics so she can build one.

"Why on Oum's name do you need a weapon that that size?" asked Glynda voicing everyone's question.

"When you have an enemy that has an exoskeleton and can rip you apart in five seconds you'll need something capable of tearing through steel to stop it." he replied nonchalantly drawing their attention more.

"What can be that tough to where you need that?" asked Fox wanting to know more about this creature and hoping to get some more information of who Walker is and where he came from.

"Something that will brutalize your corpse into a bloody paste before you can even say fuck my life." Walker said mysteriously, "I see what you all are trying to do and it's not going to work on me." he said in a much darker tone.

"W-what do you mean?" asked velvet a little frightened at how quickly his voice changed from being comfortable and relaxed to dark and calculating.

"You all hope to get information out of me by asking me questions about Sera. When the time comes I'll tell you all but now I don't trust you all anyway shape or form. So drop it or something unfortunate will happen." he said in a serious undertone.

"L-like what?" Jaune asked nervously hoping this guy was just trying to scare them, oh how wrong he was because he swore Walker was smiling insanely behind his golden helmet.

"The last guy that tried to get me to talk ended up with his kneecaps shattered, his jaw broken, and his eyes gouged out of his sockets with a pencil." he Walker replied nonchalantly drawing looks of horror from the various students. Tension was high before he burst out laughing at how easily they had fallen for that joke. The students looked at him a little frightened wondering if he was insane or had a dark sense of humor, thanking that it was the second option. Ruby took the time to ask a question that had her attention the whole time. His helmet.

"Why do you always wear that helmet? I mean it looks really cool but don't you ever get tired of wearing it around?" she asked with such innocence that Walker actually felt conflicted to tell her why but decided to do it anyways.

"It's because I'm tired of getting blood and bone fragments in my face and to answer your second question no, I don't. I've been wearing this helmet for the past five years and don't feel like taking it off. Think of it as like a second skin to me like that those dresses you and snow princess over there wears." he replied with a bit of humor to his voice.

Weiss perked up at the mention of her name and felt insulted about her attire "It's a combat skirt. Thank you very much." She said as Ruby came to her side "Yeah." she added while giving Weiss a high five. Walker just rolled his eyes before they landed on a picture of him and his brother arm in arm at the shores of Azura. He picked up the picture and stared at it unaware that the rest of the crew was looking at him.

"What ya got there hot stuff?" Yang flirted while the RWB formed around Walker and looked at the picture of Walker with his helmet on crouching down with his left arm wrapped around what looked like a five year old dark skinned boy with a missing tooth smiling with bright in pure joy that his older brother was back home with him. On the picture it read: Walker and Ajay Ronin enjoying the beach of Azura underneath their names was a quote Brothers till the end. Walker snapped out of his daze and saw that team RWBY was looking at the photo of him and his brother before sighing, he was about to put it away but Ruby spoke up.

"Who was that?" she asked a little afraid that he would be pissed and try to kill them in their sleep.

"My baby brother." he just replied with a brotherly warm voice only found in the closest of siblings, a bond that couldn't be broken.

"What's he like?" Blake asked wanting to know more about his family he just looked at her, though she was a little unnerved by that unblinking gaze of his helmet, he finally answered not holding anything about his brother back.

"That kid would be described as the exact definition of a bundle of joy. Whenever I was on a crazed blood lust and couldn't be calmed down he always came to my side and banished the darkness. That kid was the one thing that pushed me forward through my struggle, hell he even told me that I was the hero to his storybooks... The one that even kept me from killing myself when we lost our parents in the war." he whispered the last part so quietly even Blake didn't hear it. The rest of the teams just merely smiled at what his brother is like, they wanted to ask him more questions to get more out of him but the bullhead landed and the bay doors opened.

"Well, time to go meet this VIP of yours."Walker stated gruffly before the Glynda and the teams led him to Ozpin's office.

As the teams and Walker were walking through the academy Walker couldn't help but be a bit impressed. The place was cool but it just couldn't match the beauty of Jaicinto. As team JNPR and CFVY were dismissed to their dorms team RWBY was tasked with bringing him up to Ozpin's office, they were tired but were promised the day off if Walker joined the school something the girls just couldn't pass up. As the elevator opened Walker was met with a room filled with clocks and gears (AN:another pun) this place made Preston's office look like a pushover with how nice it looked.

"I'm glad you could make it Mr?" asked Ozpin

"Walker" answered Walker

"I'm glad you could make it Mr. Walker, may I ask why you were in Emerald forest this late at night?" asked Ozpin wondering what a man so young would be in the middle of a grimm infested forest so late at night and to survive such encounters.

"Dunno" Walker answered nonchalantly while scanning any escape routes for this place, this man rubbed him the wrong way. He was definitely hiding something.

"Alright, where are you from then? You don't look like a soldier from Atlas judging by that armor and the weapons you wield." Ozpin observed the man in front of him, he just couldn't read him with that helmet on his head but he sensed his aura. What he found in it was something dark, it was the feeling of death, pain, and sorrow locked away like some sick animal in a cage. Dismissing it for later Ozpin needed all the information he could get on this man.

"So what's your name young man?" he asked

"You already know my name, the fuck is the point of asking it a second time?" Walker replied before realizing what was going on. He started to chuckle mirthlessly confusing the professor and team RWBY.

"If I may ask what is so funny ?" Ozpin asked

Continuing to chuckle Walker replied "I see what you're trying to do. Trying to get a bead on me and see what I'm like, what makes me tick, what drives me, how I'll react, and so forth. Truth is you won't get any of that until you reveal what makes you do those things."

Ozpin narrowed his eyes 'The boy is smarter than he looks, but then again I don't know what he looks like with that helmet on to get a good read on him. Time will eventually be on my side and I'll figure out who he is but until then all I can do is play by his game.' he thought as he observed Walker and noticed his cog tag hanging around his neck and the ones in his pocket. Ozpin decided to ask the million dollar question about Walker.

"Did you have friends that have died recently?" Ozpin asked him hoping to gain some information on him.

At that question Walker's entire body went froze, no sign of muscles moving, his voice having any sound, or him even breathing. The girls in the room looked at him in worry wondering if he was okay. Although they just met him he seemed alright (when he wasn't a murderous sociopath wielding a chainsaw gun around), but this silence was unnerving and uncomfortable. They didn't understand why he would ask that question until they looked at his right pouch on his belt and saw something hanging... his friend's cog tags.

"Why would you ask a question like that?" Walker whispered in a dark low voice that sent chills down team RWBY's spines and even Ozpin himself could feel the tension in the room escalating at a rapid rate.

"It was just a question. You don't have to answer if you're not comfortable with." Ozpin said slightly calming the boy down but not by much, he could tell the boy was two words away from snapping and chose his words carefully in order not to activate a conflict.

"I have a proposition for you." Ozpin said calmly in order to soothe the boy which barely worked as he still looked ready to rip his throat out with his bare hands.

"What fucking proposition do you have in mind old man?" Walker growled out viciously ready to tear the old man in front of him into a new one and bathe his fingers in his eye sockets. The girls stood paralyzed in fear by Walker's new attitude, to Yang and Ruby he was like their father when he was angry but a thousand times worse. To Weiss it was also like her father but to Blake it was like some of the White Fang who lost themselves to blood lust, but this... this was worse than anything she's ever seen in her life. This man is literally the devil incarnated.

"I would like you to join my school." The girls just looked at Ozpin like he had just lost his mind. Glynda had kept quiet until he had said that and voiced her opinion "Ozpin you can't be serious!? What if he poses a threat to the students and faculty?"

"If I wanted to kill all you back in the forest I would have done it already." Walker stated, drawing all the eyes in the room. "The reason I kept you alive is because I need something from you all and if you can't provide it then I'm leaving. And try to hunt me down. I. Fucking. Dare. You. I love a good challenge when it comes to the cat and mouse game." he chuckled darkly at the thought of being hunted again like those hunter elites did back on Sera, only difference is that the hunters became the hunted as he kidnapped them and tortured them to death and left them as a message.

Sensing that if they didn't play by his rules lives would be at risk Ozpin asked the question, "What is it that you need?"

"A way back home." Walker replied while looking at them.

"I'll see what I can do about getting you home... Is there any reason as to why you want a way back home?" Ozpin asked finally glad that the tension disappeared.

Walker didn't say anything and just pulled out the picture of him and Ajay and slid it on the desk letting him and Glynda gaze at the picture wondering who it was until they read what was below the names. They just wondered how someone so psychotic could look so at peace or at least they assumed with that helmet on.

"That's your brother?" Glynda asked somewhat surprised that someone like him could be next to such an innocent child.

Yeah, the one thing that keeps me going and I'd do anything to get back to him. If I join your damn school will you promise to get me home?" Walker asked

"Yes I will" Ozpin replied

"Give me your word. If you want to learn more about me Ozpin look throught this data but I will warn you there is some shit not even you can unsee" Walker said

"I give you my word I will. I will see to this data later then." Ozpin said back

"Then I guess we have a deal then." Walker shook Ozpin's hand in a firm grip.

"Then welcome to Beacon. Team RWBY please take back to your dorm room for the night and seeing as to how you all practically led this mission you can have the day off. Goodnight." Ozpin said as they left for the elevator.

"Goodnight Headmaster." the girls replied back before the elevator doors closed.

The trip back to the dorm room was silent. While the girls talked among themselves Walker took in his surroundings 'This place reminds me of the inside of Azura after the war... I hope everybody is doing okay without me.' he was then brought out of his thoughts when he and the girls arrived at the dorm he closed the door behind him and took in his surroundings. On the right side was a makeshift bunk bed that was suspended by books which looked like it would fall any moment, the left side wasn't any better being suspended by ropes.

"I just realized something" Ruby said catching the attention of the others.

"What" Weiss asked

"Where's he going to sleep?" Ruby asked

A pregnant silence washed over them before Yang spoke up.

"He could always sleep in the bed with me~" she said seductively while looking at Walker's muscles and trying to cop a feel at one of them before she found herself at the edge of serrated edge combat knife. She looked up only to gulp as she could tell he was not one to be touched when not necessary.

"Touch me and your dead." he growled

Yang just backed off in slight fear of pissing of the man that made a beowolf's head explode with his fist.

"I'll sleep on the floor." he said before setting his weapon bag down and laying on the floor.

"Um... aren't you uncomfortable?" Blake asked seeing as to how he never took off his chest plate.

"I'll live, I've slept in worse conditions than this." he replied

"At least take off your armor and get comfortable." said Ruby, he sighed knowing that the girl won't stop pestering him until he does. As he takes his armor off the girls get to see what he has underneath, an tank top with old dry blood on it and sweat. After he removes his tank top he throws it out of the window. While his back is to the window the girls gaze at his muscular build with his chest, back, and arms adorned with scars from various battles. The girls' faces light up like a Christmas tree at seeing such a well toned man. As he walks back to his spot on the floor he notices that they're staring at him with questioning looks.

"I can tell you all have questions so go ahead and spit em out." he said

"How did you get all those scars?" Blake asked first seeing that some of those scars actually looked lethal.

"From the various people and ...things on Sera. Next." he said simply.

"Where is Sera because it's not on anywhere on the map of Remnant." Weiss stated. No matter how many times she looked Sera wasn't on any records or maps.

"That's because Sera isn't on Remnant. It's an entirely different planet. Call me crazy, stupid, or weird I don't give a shit." he said simply shocking the other occupants of the room.

"Sooo... You're like an alien then?" Ruby asked somewhat excited.

"Eh, I guess you could say that whatever keeps you up a night kid." he chuckled at the sight of Ruby's blushing face pouting at being called a kid.

"I'm not a kid. I drink milk." she huffed then smiled that they were having a conversation.

"How good at fighting are you?" Yang said somewhat excited knowing that this guy is probably a good fighter with all the scars he had on his body as proof.

"I ranked number one in a CQB tournament and managed to beat my commanding officer who was a CQB expert, so I guess I'm pretty good at fighting." he shrugged thinking that she could beat him. Until you beat a hunter elite in hand to hand combat and come out unscathed you don't know what real combat is.

"What is that one long weapon that you brought out on the ship called?" Ruby asked seeing as to how he never really explained what it was.

"It's called a one shot." he said, knowing she wanted to continue to talk about his weapons.

"Why?" Blake asked wanting to know what was so special about this weapon, personally it looked like an massive sniper.

"This thing is capable of firing a nine inch full metal jacket tungsten round at 325 miles per second ripping the enemy apart before they even have time to take cover properly. It's also capable of punching a hole in a bullet-proof assault vehicle." Walker replied as he looked at the mixed reactions of the girls. Blake's face just had a look of pure shock on it, Weiss turned a shade whiter than its normal pale complexion, Yang had a look of horror on it, and Ruby had a look like she was going to die of how awesome this weapon must be in battle.

"Why would anyone need such a weapon of mass destruction!?" Weiss asked in horror, never in her life had she heard or seen such a devastating weapon and was pretty sure whoever made this was a complete sadist.

"When you're fighting a war-" Walker caught himself before he could say anything else to bring attention to himself. He liked them but they weren't ready for his past.

"That's not even the worst weapon we have." He stated plainly

"WHAT!?" all the girls shrieked at once making him wince at the volume of their voice.

"What could possibly be worse than that!?" screamed Weiss wondering what's worse than what he has in his bag.

"We literally have an orbital laser that can sink an entire city in fifteen minutes or less." he stated without much emotion in his voice. The girls just stared at him in horror, how violent is this Sera he keeps talking about to where they need and orbital weapon that can sink cities.

"Is there any other reason why you always wear that helmet?" Ruby asked innocently, almost making him say the true reason for wearing the helmet.

"Not really." He answered. Ruby just sighed she really wanted to see what he looked like underneath.

"Blake?" He asked, surprising said girl with the sudden mention of her name.

"Yes?" she answered back wondering what he wanted.

"You really shouldn't wear that bow so much" he said to her making the other teammates look at him wondering what he was planning.

"And why is that?" she asked a little nervous that he may have found out about her.

"...It really restricts the circulation of those second set of ears you have on your head." he said. All went quiet after he said that statement, Blake was shocked beyond belief because someone figured her out so quickly and in a couple of hours no less. No one dared to move or speak as they came out of their stupor.

"How did you find out?" Blake asked in a quiet voice hoping he wasn't one who hated faunus and or made fun of them for being different.

"I'm pretty sure bows don't twitch every few seconds when a they hear a sound. No point in hiding it from me since I already know your secret." he answered her. Blake was hesitant but eventually removed the bow from her head and let her cat ears get some circulation back into her ears.

"So?" she asked

"So what?" he asked back confused as to what she was asking about.

"What do you mean so what? You're not going to make fun of me, curse at me, spit on me and what not?" she asked to see if he was another racist piece of shit.

"...No not really." he answered stoically

"W-what" she asked puzzled

"Are you comfortable with being what you are?" he asked her

"Y-yes" she stuttered back.

"Then who the hell am I to judge, if you love being what you are then embrace it. People will only get you down if you let them. Plus they actually make you look kind of cute, not gonna lie some of the people on Sera would have fought each other to get a chance at a date with you." he said warmly.

Blake face turned a shade of red that would put Ruby's cloak to shame in color comparison and covered herself in the sheet to avoid the gazes of her teammates and Walker. Yang grinned at the new content she could harass Blake with from now on, Weiss fumed on the inside that he hadn't said anything like that to her yet, and ruby giggled at the whole situation before her gaze fell on Walker who stared right back at her she was about to say something until he interrupted her.

"Ruby I will let you test my weapons if you go to sleep." he said knowing she wanted to ask that, as soon as those words left his mouth Ruby hightailed it to her bed and tried to fall asleep as fast as possible. His gaze fell on Weiss who stared right back before he said,

"If you go to sleep snow angle I will discuss my business with all of you in the morning, you all seem pretty trust worthy." he told her with a warmth that could melt her icy heart down to the core. Weiss blushed immensely and turned towards her bed falling asleep soon after. His gaze finally fell on Yang, who stared at him seductively "I will personally fight you if you stop looking at me like I'm a slab of meat." he said but before he could fall asleep Yang asked the final question of the night

"How old are you?" she asked him.

"If I tell you will you leave me alone?" he asked

"Yes" she said

"...I'm 17 now go to sleep or I'll cut your hair with my knife and choke you with it." he threatened

"hehehe... You wouldn't really do that would you?" she asked in slight fear.

"Stay up and you'll see the results." he chuckled menacingly while getting out his combat knife. Taking this opportunity to go the sleep Yang bolted for her bed and tried to go to sleep as fast as possible. Walker just chuckled at the sigh before thinking 'I died, got accepted into a school, and am sleeping in a room with four beautiful girls... Life couldn't just give me a break huh. Fuck it, I'm tired.' he thought as he fell asleep and waiting to see what the future hold for him.

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