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Author Notes- First YYH story, and its sorta rambling...it was suppose to be. I know its short. Reviews would be appreicated. Its character death, so consider yourself warned.


Honestly, I never saw flying tackles as your style. Yusuke maybe, and most definatly the fool, but not you. You came out of nowhere though, and tackled me out of the way. You got yourself killed....and for what.... me.

Damn you.

Why would you do something that stupid? You knew you'd be hit if you moved me, yet you did anyway. When I demanded to know why you would do that, you only smiled maddeningly at me. Such a barrage of emotions hit me. I was angry, and scared, and it hurt to watch you in so much pain. I was trying to keep my ever cool fascade, but that never did fool you, did it.

You were my first friend. My best friend. This loss hits me harder than the others will ever know. I remember your decent to the ground. It comes to me in crystal clear vision. It almost happened in slow motion it seemed. I felt the push and staggard forward, surprised at being caught off gaurd. I turned and saw you get hit. Right between your shoulder blades. You crumpled so fast, even I couldn't catch you before you hit the ground. I let Yusuke and the fool take care of the demon, I tended to you.

Its odd, I just trusted that they'd keep it busy and away from us.

Hn. I must have started to trust them because of you. I remember how your eyes began to dull and I think I honestly began to understand the magnitude of what you did. You died for me. Me. You always were one to jump on the bomb, I guess I just didn't think you'd take someone else's death.

I should be dead. Not you, it should be me! Why didn't you let me die? Why did you have to push me away? So many more people will miss you. No one would miss me. Yes you would have, and perhaps Yukina might, but your death will be felt far more than mine would have. I said that. I remember the dull look in your eyes fading just a bit and coming a little more into focus. The glare you sent me was enough to shut my mouth, and let you speak.

"You would be missed more than you know."

That's what you said. The words are seared into my brain. You sounded so weary, and you smiled. It wasn't a kind smile. It was the smile of the dying. Your hand, which had fastened itself around my wrist was getting weaker. You were fading. As I watched you fade, I felt so many emotions I tried to squelsh. Your dull eyes met mine and something passed between us. I whispered that I would miss you, and you smiled one last time, your eyes closing. I felt your hand slip off my wrist and it thunked lifelessly to the ground. You faded away right there in my arms.

It was then I noticed that all the flowers in that field were now dead. With your blood spilt, and your life gone, the flowers went with you. I remember sitting there, holding your dead corpse. I don't know how he won the fight, but Yusuke did. He rushed over, the fool hobbling after him. He just stared for a while before he told me to let you go. I left then. I couldn't stand to be around them then. I gently, and with more care than I'm sure either has seen me use, laid you on the ground at their feet, and disappeared.

Its been almost three years since you died. I keep in limited contact with Yusuke, and see the fool when I visit Yukina. I still miss you, as I should. I still harbor anger for your death. A death that was suppose to be mine. I visit where you fell at times. Never your shrine, just your final battleground. I have noticed something about the place you took your last breath however.

Flowers don't bloom in that field anymore.