Found this on Misha files its her birtday today

Rukia had never been out on a date before but starting out one with ice cream seemed like an excellent idea.

They walked to a small gelato place and ordered large sugar waffle cones, topped high with assorted ice cream layers. Then they wandered into a street closed off for one of the summer street art markets where all kinds of art pieces, jewelry and crafts were on display stall after stall. She bought a blue-green and white tie-dye scarf and a gray trucker cap hand painted with watercolor flowers on the front. A thick plastic film was layered over it to protect it from water and to give it a nice shiny surface. Ichigo strolled over to a few different stalls while she looked through the scarves but came back empty-handed.

It was around five-thirty when Ichigo declared they should probably have dinner. And by dinner he meant a full, sit-down meal at a fancy restaurant somewhere with all the works but Rukia had something else in mind.

They walked a couple of blocks and bought some barbecue pork steamed buns and some bubble tea from a food truck set up next to a sidewalk.

"I'm not sure if buying street food is the way to go on a first date," Ichigo said as he looked at their food thoughtfully before taking a tentative bite.

She smiled at him lopsidedly through a mouthful of rice bun which took a while to swallow. "I don't think proper dates always have to be fancy. They just have to be fun."

He took a long sip of the bubble tea (which he'd admitted he'd never tried before) and smiled back at her as they started their walk to the Public Garden. "If I had more time to plan this, I would've probably booked an entire movie house for just the two of us or arranged for a carriage ride to a fancy restaurant or something movie-worthy like that."

Rukia touched the side of her head to his arm briefly as they walked. " I'm just an ordinary girl, Ichigo. I don't need a mega-production."

"There is nothing ordinary about you, Rukia," he said, dropping a kiss on the crown of her head. "It's the only way I can explain how I feel about you."

Rukia wished she had the guts to ask him to expound on that statement but she was just as afraid of the truth as she was of the lies so she chose not to say anything and cherish the moment instead.

They spent the rest of the evening strolling around the Public Garden, standing by the bridge and leaning against the railing with Ichigo's arms wrapped around her from behind as they gazed out to the water.

Holding hands, they made their way out of the park to where Ichigos driver, Kenpachi, was waiting on the side of the street with the car.

Later that night, once they were in bed with Rukias head propped on Ichigos shoulder as he held up the book they had started reading together a few nights ago, he reached over to his side before dangling a small red pouch in front of her

"Whats that? She asked, glancing up at him.

"Something I got for us from the art market earlier," he said as he slowly sat them both up, setting aside the book and taking her palm to place the pouch on it. " I had to get it rushed by the artist who delivered it here half an hour ago.

"Oh," she said in surprise, remembering the call from the concierge about a delivery. Ichigo had mumbled something about it being from work before he went downstairs to get it.

"Can I open it?"

He nodded and waited as she loosened the tie and widened the opening of the bag. Something metallic glinted against the light.

They were two narrow white gold cuffs with a plain design except for one of their ends. The first cuff had one end flowing into a script letter R and another into I. The larger one had the letter R and the smaller one had I.

Inside each cuff, on the smooth surface under the band, was a line freshly engraved in old-fashioned script. Rukia held both cuffs up to read the matching inscriptions.

...for the first date that will last forever...

Her heart surged through a flash flood of emotions, swam hard against the overwhelming currents, and drowned spectacularly.

"Based on the tears shining in your eyes, I'm going to assume that you like it," he said with a soft smile as he took the smaller cuff that had I in it and slipped it over her wrist. "The fact that I seemed to have rendered you speechless makes me hope that you love it.

Oh, I love it, alright. Just as I love you

Still unable to form any words except the ones that were right at the tip of her tongue, She picked up the other cuff that had R on it and slipped it over Ichigos wrist, her fingers gently brushing the initial of her name on it which rested inside his wrist, pressed against where his heart pulsed.

"Never forget this day," he said gently as his arms slid around her and pulled her close to him until she was sitting on his lap. " Not because of what happened at the tea party or any of the other reasons that made it a bad day for you."

He tipped up her chin and gazed into her eyes with his luminous hazel ones that were warm with affection. ''I want you to remember this day because it was our first date and we had a lot of fun.

Thank you, Ichigo she murmured as lips quivered into a smile. "I will always remember today. I would never be able to forget it even if I wanted to."

He smiled crookedly. "I hope you'll never find yourself wanting to forget it. Because this is the first date of the rest of our lives."

And with that, he kissed her softly.

Some wars were waged and battled today but only in this moment did I feel like I truly won something worth fighting for.