Persona 5 - Toast to the Queen


Day 1 - Holding Hands


A/N: Surprise bitch, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me ;) So I thought i'd do a thing. Persona 5 was good. Re-energized me creatively a lot. That and I had this idea in bed earlier and i was like "I should write this down" and thought "It's been like 2 years, let's do another one!" So here we are. I hope you guys enjoy this new series. It's gonna be a fun month! Regardless, Enjoy :)


Rain lightly pattered against the windows of LeBlanc, fragmenting the light of the streetlamps through the raindrops. Inside, two young students sat on a dusty old couch (older than the both of them, by all accounts) pouring over a set of textbooks. The first was a young woman, her features arranged in a studious visage. The other, a frizzy haired man trying desperately to listen to what she was trying to teach him.

Makoto Niijima was attempting in vain to teach Akira Kurusu these mathematical formulae that he did need to know (Despite his protests) but she could see that he was getting restless. He was spinning his phone atop his finger, and only sort of half paying attention to her teachings. They'd been at this for hours, and while Akira's mind was as sharp as her own, he did lack her focus when it came to academics somewhat. It was frustrating.

"Could you at least pretend you're paying attention" Makoto chided.

"Huh?" the boy replied, startled, almost dropping his phone as her scolding caught him off guard. She had to stifle a laugh

"This is important stuff, Akira, you should at least try. You'll need it for the exams."

"I'll wing it" he said, kicking back

"You will not 'wing it'. I don't care if you're the illustrious Phantom Thief, you need to pass your exams. If you start failing, the school will kick you out. Your probation officer would look into it and they might take you to juvenile hall. We can't have that" Makoto said, with a look of concern adorning her pretty face.

"I think you're looking just a little too far ahead there" Akira laughed, as he placed a hand on her arm. She had to stop herself from jumping backwards at his touch, and instead pouted, slightly.

"You need to take this stuff seriously though…" she muttered

"Can we at least take a break? Just for ten minutes."

Makoto weighed up the option in her head. Studies had shown that short breaks did increase effectiveness in information retention. She took breaks herself when she studied alone too, perhaps she just forgot because of her determination to help him pass his exams? That and she wanted to relax with him. It had been a while since they had any free time together after all…

"I guess one break couldn't hurt" she conceded

"Great!" Akira said with excitement as he stood up. "I'll put on some coffee"

"Sounds good" she smiled.

As he hurried downstairs, Makoto couldn't help but think back on her time with the boy. When she first met him, she was incredibly suspicious. He had to be up to something. After all, he was the infamous transfer student. He had ties to Kamoshida, who suspiciously confessed all his sins days after Akira arrived. He was hanging around with other delinquents. After a while, her pursuit of the boy became her sole motivation. She dedicated herself entirely to it. Asking around after him, following him after school, she even went through his locker. She left no stone unturned. He was kind of… exciting. He was potentially dangerous, good-looking and a bit of a bad boy. In retrospect, perhaps her investigation into him wasn't entirely professional.

After joining Akira's outfit of Phantom Thieves, she couldn't help but admire him even more. While Akira may not have been too focused on academics, when he put on his mask, he was a force of nature. He gave out orders left and right as a true leader would, he moved methodically and quietly, like a shadow in the night, and his enemies never saw him coming. Behind his eyes was the fire of determination. It was the same look that Makoto's sister, Sae, had at the start of her career. It was also the same look Makoto's father had when he was still alive. It was a need to prove his justice to the world.

That drew him to her even more. Eventually her little crush on him developed in a big way. She'd started absentmindedly writing his name in the corner of her notebooks, and found her mind wandering to him on long, lonely nights. All the times where the two of them had to pretend to be a couple didn't help either. It was torturous. Makoto just wanted to hold his hand in hers for real, and not as an act. She was fairly sure that he liked her too, they talked all the time and was pretty sure that a few of his texts could be considered flirting. However, while Makoto was a sharp student, a dutiful lieutenant, and a fierce combatant she was inexperienced on the battlefield of the heart…

It was as that thought crossed her mind that Akira returned with two steaming cups of coffee. She snapped out of her reverie and smiled as he approached, taking the cup from him and sipping at the liquid inside.

"This is delicious!" she exclaimed, with genuine surprise. She had no idea he had this kind of talent.

"It's ok I guess" the boy laughed as he leaned back and took a long sip of his own drink. "The flavour profile is a little bland though, and the beans I used could have worked better together…" he looked contemplative as he stared into the coffee. Makoto couldn't help but giggle

"You know if you put in half as much effort to your studies as you do to your coffee, you'd get straight A's for sure" she teased. "But i'm kinda surprised, I didn't think this kind of thing would interest you"

"I have many hidden talents" Akira boasted with a wink. "For instance, did you know i'm a fortune teller?"

Makoto just blinked, shocked, unsure how to respond. Eventually, she decided to laugh again.

"Oh my god, no you're not!"

"I am, here give me your hand, i'll read your palm" he said, completely sincere.

Makoto was somewhat hesitant to do this. She never really put any stock in fortune telling. It wasn't really her bag. Did he believe in fate and stuff? It was kind of endearing, to be honest. It was nice to humanise Akira a little bit. That and it was cute that he was something of a dreamer…

"Ok then, Kazuko" she mocked as she outstretched her hand "Tell me everything"

Akira smirked his boyish smirk (Which made Makoto's heart melt just a little bit) as he took her hand. She was somewhat surprised at how soft his hands were. She had always built up this idea in her head that his hands would be rough and calloused from the battles in the Metaverse. He did wear gloves though, and he was always adjusting them. Maybe that's why?

Akira ran his fingers over Makoto's outstretched palm. It tickled her somewhat, so she let out a small giggle. Was that it? Or was she nervous? She didn't really care at this point…

"Hmm…" he said, studying her hand. Was he being serious about this? A few minutes went by in complete silence.

"Umm…" Makoto said, breaking the silence. "Well what do you see?"

"Huh?" Akira said, blinking. "Sorry, i got distracted for a second. Let's see…"

Distracted by what? Makoto couldn't help but think…

"So, money-wise, you'll live comfortably" Akira explained while running his fingers over the same spot over and over again. "You'll live a reasonably long life… And have two, wait no, three children"

Children? Makoto herself hadn't even thought that far ahead…

"At school you're gonna do better than fine, but we both could have guessed that. In terms of your love life…"

Love life? Wait where exactly was he going with this.

"You're only going to have one long term relationship in your life. But, you're gonna be happy with them."

Makoto's mind couldn't help but wonder at that. What if this relationship was Akira. What if the three kids she was meant to have were his? Would they get a little place in the country? Yasoinaba was a pretty nice place and house prices were through the floor…

"Hey you wanna know the best news?" Akira said, his words pulling her back to reality.

"What's that?" Makoto said, almost breathless

"This person has already come into your life" he said, with a smile

"Really? Do you know who they are?"

"I thought you didn't buy into all this?" Akira smirked

"I don't!" Makoto defended. "I'm just interested, intellectually"

"Sure" he laughed "Well, he's close to you. He's plucky and adventurous. A little bit sassy, he lives in Yongen… In a coffee house? That's surprising."

Makoto's heart skipped a beat. Just where was he going with this?

"Black hair, too. And a little bit of a rogue…" another smirk played across his lips. Makoto's heart was about to give out it was pounding so fast.

"Wait, i'm getting an image of him in my head" Akira said, still smirking.

"Who is it?" Makoto urged him. "Tell me, please" she tried to sound forceful but her voice was shaking.

"It's… a cat"

Makoto's expression turned to one of irritation when she realised that Akira was describing Morgana. She snatched her hand away

"I'm not marrying a cat" she said, completely deadpan

"Come on, imagine how cute your kids would be!" he joked, barely able to contain his laughter

"I knew this was a waste of time" Makoto said as she leaned back into her books.

"Hey" Akira said, this time he grabbed her hand in earnest and cupped it in his own. She had to fight the blush rising in her cheeks. "These things aren't set in stone, fate can be changed"

"I hope so…" Makoto muttered. "I'd like my future husband to at least be human…"

"What about everything else?" Akira asked.

"What do you mean?" Makoto replied, somewhat taken aback.

"How about all the other stuff about him?" his eyes were completely sincere. Behind that was almost a look of longing… She really couldn't figure him out.

"I guess…" Makoto said, unable to suppress the blush in her face anymore "It wouldn't be so bad…" she barely squeaked out.

"I'm glad you feel that way" he smiled, cupping her hands even tighter.

Makoto couldn't contain the smile on her face...