Chapter 6

-November 3rd 1:26 P.M.-

Ms. Marvel is sparing with Pixie and Pixie is wearing a SHIELD uniform, while Ms. Marvel is wearing a sports bra, exercise shorts, and she is wearing her domino mask and they were by the lake.


Pixie appeared in front of Ms. Marvel and she was throwing a punch when Ms. Marvel easily grabbed ahold of her arm and use Pixies own momentum to propel her over Ms. Marvels shoulder, causing Pixie to land on her back and she let out a grunt of pain.

"'Porting in front of someone with experience of fighting teleporters can be quite…painful," Ms. Marvel said over Pixie as a hand is still holding onto Pixies arm.

"Noted," came Pixie's reply as she winced in pain. "Why are we doing this again?"

Ms. Marvel helped the pink girl back on her feet before replying, "Part of the deal with the X-Men for letting you join me."

"Oh yeah," Pixie said as she put her hands on her back before stretching it out, "When I get back, remind me to give Scott a piece of my mind."

"It was Logan's requirement," corrected Ms. Marvel with a blank look on her face.

"I stand by what I said," came Pixies retort.

Ms. Marvel let out a snort of amusement causing Pixie to retort, "You want to change places?"

Ms. Marvel smirked and replied, "You offering?"

Their banter was interrupted by a couple of fake coughs and they looked at the source of the interruption and saw the pink toad that was Fudge last month trying to get her into a marriage contact.

"Can we help you," Ms Marvel asked as her eye twitched in annoyance as this is the fifth time she had a confrontation with the overweight toad woman since the incident.

"Why are you dressed so indecent," the toad nearly yelled.

"Indecent," Ms. M tilted her head in confusion.

"Boo," one of the Weasley twins shouted.

"Trying to hide…" the other twin added.

"Such beauty…"

"With curves…"

"In all the all right places…"

"Along with…"

"Large tracts of land…"

"In the chest…"

"I thought that was what we were talking about."

Ms. Marvel stopped them by shooting a photon blast in between them from where they were watching from and they started sweating a little as the tree behind them fell over and she looked at Pixie as for asking for clarification.

"They are stuck in the Victorian era," came Pixies reply. "A girl showing as much skin as you, they believe, what is the word I'm looking for?"

She then finished by whispering into her ear before Ms. Marvel realized what the toad wanted.

"Listen, Umbridge is it, this is considered normal workout clothes for women back in the US," Ms. Marvel said. "Other than criticizing my choice of outfit, why are you here?"

"I'm here on the behalf of both Minister of a Magic and the Ancient and Noble Potter Family," Umbridge explained.

"I'm not going to sign that marriage contact," came Ms. Marvel's immediate response. "Why does the Ministry care about the desires of one family, hmm?"

"The Potter's are among the most elite wizards in the world," Umbridge replies. "Their family legacy requires the brightest witches to marry there Head."

"Lucky for me, I ain't a witch," Carol said smugly. "I think the Brits call me a squib."

"You lying b…" Umbridge started before she was interrupted by someone coughing.

Ms. Marvel turned her eyes towards the person coughing, while Umbridge turned to said individual.

"I'd appreciate that you stop harassing my students," Phil said. "We're here to further diplomatic relations between our nations."

"Of course," Umbridge responded in a tone that oozed to much sweetness, which caused Ms. Marvel to fake gag and Pixie to hit her shoulder. "I've been trying to convince this young woman to sign a marriage contract so that she would marry one of our more prestigious families."

"Even if she did sign it, the contract would immediately become null and void," Coulson responded. "They are to closely related."

"The Potter family has no living squib relatives," came Umbridge's rebuttal.

"The goblins have all the records in order, all you need is to ask," Phil replies.

"Goblins are greedy individuals, they will do or say anything if you pay them enough gold," Umbridge replied as she stuck her nose up in disgust.

"I'm sure Madam Bones would be happy to hear a Ministry of Magic official trying to force an US citizen into an illegal marriage contract," Phil stated. "Imagine the fallout of said individual being caught. I imagine they wouldn't be able to work in the Ministry ever again."

Umbridge glared at Phil and said, "You wouldn't dare."

Phil merely smiled , eventually Umbridge huffed and walked off.

"That is getting annoying," Ms. Marvel said to no one in particular.

"The Champaign's are gathering for the 'Wand Weighing Ceremony'," Phil said.

Ms. Marvel groaned as a golden circle enveloped her and now she is wearing her uniform and said, "Let's get this over with."

A few minutes later she gathered with the other champions for the ceremony.

"To inspect the wands Garrick Ollivander, the premier wand maker of Western Europe ," Dumbledore said indicating a man in his early 60's. "He will make sure your wands are properly working for this prestigious tournament."

Ms. Marvel raised her hand and said, "It is known that I am a squib and such incapable of using a wand, so why am I here?"

"Why Dumbledore, why would let someone with such a disability enter this tournament," a women who looked like a reporter asked.

Dumbledore sighed and explained, "She is the only American who came and such she was the only candidate for their school Ms. Skeeter."

"Why would they do such a thing," Skeeter asked.

"I do not know," Dumbledore admitted. "They never responded to any of my inquiries on the subject."

"We are getting off topic here," Bagman said, "Ollivander would you start start inspecting the wands?"

"Ladies first," Ollivander stated and Fleur handed her wand to him. Ollivander inspected the wand carefully as as he stated, "9 ½ inches, rosewood, the core is a hair from a Veela if I'm not mistaken."

"From my granduzzer," Fleur replied.

Ollivander nodded and flicked the wand and a bouquet of roses appeared next to Fleur.

"Everything seems to be in order," Ollivander stated as he handed Fleur's wand back to her.

Viktor was next and Ollivander inspected it as he said, "10 ¼ inches, hornbeam, and dragon heartstring. This was made by Gregorvitch if I'm not mistaken."

"One ov his last. He retired not long avter I started my schooling," Viktor explained.

Ollivander swished the wand and a small stream of water started coming out of its tip before Ollivander cancelled it and handed the wand back to the Quidditch Star.

He checked Cedrics next and it was in working order and by the time he got to Sirius's wand he nearly cried as he saw the condition of the wand. It had multiple lewd carvings into it and it appeared that he never took care of it as it was covered in dirt.

"Mr. Potter what have you done to this fine wand," Ollivander asked in a very serious tone.

"The wand never worked properly for me," came his response as he yawned. "I never got the results I wanted from it."

"The wand chooses the wizard," came Ollivanders response. "If one doesn't get the results that they want, then it is the caster, not the wand, who is at fault."

Sirius snorted in disbelief as Dumbledore intervened as he gestured to get on with it, Ollivander waved the wand and Sirius turned into a Niffler, causing Ollivander to give a quick smirk, before turning him back.

"What was that for," Sirius demanded.

"Despite its condition, it is in perfect working order," Ollivander said as he ignored Sirius before handing the wand back.

Sirius was about to retaliate but a quick glance from Dumbledore caused him to rethink his retaliation.

He than came to Carol and asked, "What are you going to use for this tournament if you don't have a wand?"

Ms. Marvel merely smiled as she wrapped her arms under her breasts and responded, "You just have to wait and see like everyone else."

The reporter had her photographer snap a picture of her and the flash caused her to blink repeatedly for a few seconds.

"Rita Skeeter from the daily prophet," said the witch in her mid-40's. "How are you so well known amongst the Muggle-Borns? And is it true that you can fly without a broom?"

Sighing Ms. Marvel pulled a piece of folded parchment from between her breasts and after she unfolded it she gave it to the reporter and said, "If you want to report anything about me, outside of the Triwizard Tournament, you have to go through my publicist."

Rita looked at the piece of paper and sneered at it and replied in a calm voice as she replied, "Everything seems to be in order."

After that they had a group photo of the five champions with both Ms. Marvel and Fleur sitting a chair and the three male champions standing around them.

Later that night the Moody imposter had another meeting with Pettigrew near the edge of the forbidden forest, near the Whooping Wallow.

"He isn't pleased that the Potter girl isn't in the tournament," Pettigrew said to the Moody imposter.

"I wouldn't believe you if you said otherwise," Moody said. "I have set things in motion where He can have both Potter brats by the time when the conditions for the ritual are at their peak."

"Your plan better work, or it'll be your head that our master will desire if he doesn't get his body back," Pettigrew replied.

"Our master will have his body," Moody reassured the man, "The mudbloods do not deserve magic and He will remind them of their place!"

"I will tell him what you told me, but I will not be held responsible for if your plan doesn't succeed," Pettigrew said with a hint of fear in his voice.

"It will succeed," Moody retorted.

Pettigrew didn't say anything as he transformed into a rat and scampered away. Moody glanced around before drinking from his flask and walked away. Unaware that a pink figure hidden by the night shadows recorded their entire conversation.

The next day a 23-year-old, 6'7", emerald green woman is conversing with Phil Coulson, Hermione, Jessica, and Carol. Other then the emerald women, the other three woman are in their civvies.

"So what can you tell us about Magical Britain's laws, Jennifer," Coulson asked.

"Most of the laws went out of the window in civilized countries when Hitler died," came her response, with a look of disgust. "They are the only first world country that still heavily enforced segregation."

"That I know," Coulson replies. "I want to know if there any laws that will hamper our mission."

"A few," Jennifer replies. "But if you have the proper paperwork, the laws can be in your favor and all they can do is complain about it."

Coulson thought about it.

"Though I do have one question," Jennifer said.

"And what is it," Coulson asked.

Jennifer glanced at Carols chest and asked, "What is your cup-size?! I'm sure they are bigger than mine."

Carol nearly fell over from the sudden question, Jessica burst out laughing, and Hermione gave a disgusted look.

"Don't give me that look pinkie, by the looks of it, yours are going to be bigger than mine too," Jennifer said, causing Jessica to laugh harder, Carol to slap her forehead and Hermione to cover her developing breasts with her arms. "What? The X-Gene cause girls to be sexually attractive by they are 16."

"Luck," Carol replied.

"I call BS, I'm an E-cup. What are you? An F-cup?" Jessica started guessing.

"I will not lower myself by answering your question," Carol defiantly replies.

Jessica glared at her with anger in her eyes, before Coulson pipped I'm by looking at her profile, "She is a double F-cup."

Jessica looked pleased with the answer and Carol exclaimed at the man, "And you wonder why I have trust issues and authorities!"

"The two of you could have leveled half the grounds before your egos are satisfied," Coulson stated.

"We weren't going to fight," Carol exclaimed in defiance.

"They are still repairing the 15-acres of Central Park from the last time you said that," Coulson replied.

"That wasn't a fight, we were having a disagreement," Carol replied defending herself.

"And if I read the report correctly it was over buttered or unbuttered popcorn for watching Star Wars: Return of the Jedi," Coulson said with a serious undertone.

"It's a classic and it needed the right snack food for watching," Jessica replied without a hint of remorse. "Besides we were young and naive."

"It was 8 months ago," came Coulson's response.

"And?" Carol added innocently.

Coulson stared at the two women with a serious expression. Carol gave an innocent look, Jennifer is inspecting her nails, Jessica is trying and failing to hold back her giggles, and Hermione looked torn between scolding the two and face palming.

Inside Dumbledore's office the fake Hermione and Dumbledore were in a meeting.

"We're alone, you don't have to wear that disguise Nymphadora," Dumbledore said to the girl.

'Hermione' shifted into a young woman that stood at 5'6" with shoulder length purple hair and complained, "Stop calling me that! I prefer Tonks."

Ignoring her outburst Dumbledore asked, "How is Sirius doing in preparing for the tournament?"

Tonks sighed in disbelief and replied as she rubbed her head with her right hand, "It was difficult for me to convince him to do his homework before this bloody tournament, now he's a bloody diva that got a new toy and hoarding it over his fellow Gryffindors. I'm not going into his fight with the youngest Weasley boy. He's not even trying to learn more to help him compete in this stupid tournament!"

"Have you tried to convince him, Nymphadora?" Dumbledore asked.

Tonks eye twitched in irritation as she replied, "I've tried every trick, short of flashing him, to study. He bloody refuses to pick up a book to save himself!"

"I see," Dumbledore replied as he stroke his beard thoughtfully.

"The pink demon from across the pond still is still keeping an eye on me," Tonks continued. "She tries to hide it but it isn't hard to notice."

"Are you sure it is you and not Sirius," Dumbledore inquired.

"Without a doubt," came her reply.

"I will deal with it when the time comes," Dumbledore replied as he reassured the young woman.

To be continued…