When Evan met her in the park, limping slightly with a bruise on his face and a slightly off-centre nose, Andy decided enough was enough.

"Conan?" she said, in her usual slightly sympathetic but mostly dismissive tone. She had been sick today, warranting a day off from school, but her and Evan had agreed to meet up after school.

Evan sighed. "Yeah." He sat down on the bench beside Andy. "So what's up?"

"Something needs to be done," asserted Andy.

"About what?" said Evan. "I hope you're not taking about something involving the monster-"

"No, not that!" interrupted Andy. "I mean about Conan!"

"Andy," said Evan, "if you're suggesting something involving the monster blood-"

"No!" interrupted Andy again. "I mean, I'm telling my parents about this."

Evan practically laughed at this. "Really? You're going to tell your parents? What-"

"They'll do something," assured Andy. "I promise. I'll make them do something."

"You don't have to," assured Evan. "I'm used to it. Really-"

"Of course I have to!" Andy insisted. "Conan's a sicko. Honestly, he should be expelled!"

Evan started to argue, but decided not to.

"...Thanks," he said instead, smiling at her with such gratitude that she felt her cheeks heat up. What's wrong with me? It must be the heat...

"No problem," said Andy. "It's what anyone would do."

"I didn't know you cared so much about me, Andrea," Evan teased. Andy felt her cheeks heat up some more, but she decided it was anger due to being called by that hated name.

"Don't call me Andrea," she snapped, playfully punching Evan - a little too hard.

Evan cried out and grabbed his stomach.

Andy smiled, glad that despite the irritating heat, she could still make fun of Evan.

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