*the Story began with Prince,a guy who's new to primp town,he made friends on primp town on his first day,especially Raffine,who she seeked someone to be her Prince...And she kept dreaming him*

*Prince's POV*

"Whoa! i'm Glowing! what's ha-" *he got teleported away* "EEEEEKK!"*a girl spots me on an unused bed* "T! T! Somebody's here!"*the
girl runs to where T is* *i wake up*

"Owww...what happened?"*i stand up and i try to look around for help* "Hello? Hello?" *the girl stands infront of me* "its a simple question...Who are you? Are you alone? How did you get here? And where are you from and WHY are you here?"*she didnt like the unexpected encounter...,i try to answer truthfully* "My name is Prince. I came here unexpectedly."*she somehow liked that i answered truthfully*"At least you're a gentleman...* "T! finally! We need to talk!"*she talks to T* "We have to stop weirdos like Mr Prince here...well..since he answered truthfully we'll let him go."*Good thing i answered truthfully to her!,A girl named J came and has heart eyes,she found her favorite Katamari cousin!...Me!*"OMGOMGOMG Prince it's You!"*she runs to me quickly!* "Whoa whoa whoa calm down there..."*she hugs me so tight* "YOU'RECUTEYOU'RECUTEYOU'RECUUUUUUUTE!"*she was squealing out of happiness*

"Heh..i am-" "The Ship is going down! I repeat We're going down!*T alerted the entire Tetris crew and me*"We have lost control of the Starship Tetra,The crew will prepare on a Crash landing."*the ship falls down crashing!* "PRINCE LOOK OUT!"*my view blacks out,*

T's POV*

"J! Where's Prince?! Damn..Please don't tell me we lost the Rookie!"*I was concerned about Prince..but J starts to freak out!* "Prince...No...PRINCE! Are you there?! PRINCE! PRINCE!"*she was freaking out...i didnt knew she Loved him!* "We gotta find the Others and Prince NOW!"*J and T look for Prince first,then onto S*

*Prince is seen Possessed*

"STOOOOOOOOOOOPP!"*raffine yelled out as she saw Prince*"*huff* *huff* Priiince I foound youuuuu!"*wheeze* *wheeze*

*Prince's POV*


*red,blue,yellow,green,green,blue* *GREAT!*

"This is not who i am!"*I instantly break out of the posession*

*J runs to hug me* "Prince! Prince! Thank goodness you're Okay!"*she hugs me* "Save the Hugs for later J, we gotta find S..There's no way we're leaving her behind."*the 3 of us Head out to find S*

*she was crying and whining about my Wellbeing* "*Whiney-Sob*Prince is supposed to be my cute Katamari cousin,how could he let a cute girl like me get into this situation?!"*she was so sad* "I'll never forgive him! *sobby-whine*" "WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" "PRINCE! WHENEVER YOU ARE! HEEELP MEEE!" "I'm lost and alone in this scary world...if Prince came..if..if.."*Me,T and J find S...and S looks at me angrily..and sad at the same time.* "Yo Yo! S! i came here to rescue you!" *S stands infront of me* "Huh?!...Well you're late! Where the heck WERE you?!" *i try to calm her down by playing Tetris with her* "You want to play Tetris S? it might cheer ya up!"

"YOU BIG DUMMY!...You wouldn't believe what i had to go through to find you!"*she walks up to me,then she hugs me tight* "If..only you'd came sooner...i...i...WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! i can't hold it anymore! i..i love you!"*she was crying so much*"I won't leave you S. i promise you."*she still hugs me*"I'm such a jerk! I'm a jerk S! I'm so sorry! I am so Sorry! I'm sorry i was late S Hopefully with me here can comfort you."*Prince hugs S Back* (Story continues on Chapter 2) (Credits to Puyo Puyo Tetris/SEGA) (Credits to Namco)