(A/N: So originally I was going to use the Horsemen of the Apocalypse cards Occam's Razor created for his Soul of Silicon story, but they just didn't hold up to modern cards that well. So I did this instead!)

My father was a hero. Shiro Kimura was the leader of the Riverdale Shadowchasers for 20 years until he died, and even met my mother through the job.

He saved countless people, and many of them have come forward to pay their respects to my family. He's one of my biggest motivators in this job

The person I'm dueling knew my father, but their relationship was less than friendly.


Draw 14 - Warrior Elimination


The Shadowchasers, and Kennedy, raced through downtown River City, looking for trouble. They new the Ebon Sun were here, just not how to find them.

"I'm picking up five points of negative energy. But they're all spread out." Caspian said, tapping his Duel Runner. "We'll have to split up... but who's gonna take the fifth one?" He knew what the reply would be, but felt it needed to be brought up.

"Obviously, I'm gonna do it." Kennedy replied almost immediately. "Gotta make an impression on your friends, after all." He winked at Caspian, ignoring the angry looks Kim was sending him.

"We're his coworkers, and this is official Shadowchaser business. We can't just let any random hot shot do our job for us." The Japanese girl interrupted, moving her Duel Runner to the front of the line. As the team leader, it would be her fault if a civilian got hurt trying to help her. And she couldn't have that. "How much do you even know about Shadowkind?"

"Ember Michiko saved the world on her very first mission as a Shadowchaser, I think Kennedy can handle one duel against a minor cultist." Caspian argued. He knew Kim would get him for this, she hated when people used Ember as an excuse to do something reckless, but she couldn't exactly say he was wrong. "And maybe he wants to join the team! This could be a great trial run!"

"Alright, I'm gonna take this route!" Sabrina took a left turn and drove off, not wanting to see Kim and Caspian argue any more. The two of them were constantly butting heads, and the last thing she needed was to get dragged into it.

Tyler drove in the opposite direction, having the same thought process. He'd known Kennedy for less than a day, but in his experience, the best Shadowchasers were usually eccentric personalities. And pretending to be a cowboy wasn't nearly as weird as "German man obsessed with Victorian literature" or "magical gamer girl".

"Fine. Kennedy, head to the south west. I'll take the north, and Caspian the south east. And take this." Kim reached into her jacket and tossed him a pair of handcuffs made of some shiny, silver metal. "These are adamantine, they're completely indestructible. Use these to hold whatever criminal you capture, and then call one of us so we can actually arrest them."

"Whatever you say, sheriff." Kennedy caught the handcuffs and winked, either not noticing how much malice Kim was feeling towards him, or not caring.

The three remaining duelists drove off in different directions, leaving Kim alone with her thoughts. She sighed, trying not to let Kennedy get on her nerves. After policing the city on her own for two months, she'd begun to take the job very seriously. And this random southerner just assuming he could do it with no training felt like a personal insult.

Shaking her head, Kim focused on her mission. Finding the source of this hot spot. She wondered just what she'd be facing. An illithid? A fiend? Maybe even a dragon! She'd been reading about the events of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, which she still didn't fully understand.

Eventually, Kim ran into something weird. Normally, the Funland Video Game Arcade was filled with people playing retro video games and complaining about the overpriced prizes, even at night. But tonight, the light coming out of the windows was green. Sickly green, like a vial of cartoon poison. She parked her Duel Runner out in front, drawing her sword immediately.

Kim reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a Wand of Knocking, a low level magic item that could open any locked door. She wasn't a wizard, Caspian was the only member of the team who could do magic and he wasn't even that good at it, but she knew how valuable magic items were. "Shadowchasers, what's going on here?" She called out, sword in hand, and looked around.

All of the game machines were glowing with that eerie green light, making low humming noises. Moving a little further, Kim could clearly see a person in the arcade, standing on a box in the center of the room. It wasn't a human, as they were only about three feet tall, and the proportions weren't right. Then they turned around.

"Miss Kimura! I've been expecting you." The little man said. The lights went back on, and Kim could see clearly that she was talking to a gnome. Gnomes were a race of Shadowkind that were similar to dwarves, little people with a fondness for hard work, but instead of mining or rock carving, gnomes were obsessed with inventing things. Every gnome had their own personal project, whether it was making a clockwork robot maid or creating a car that ran on diamonds, and they were dedicated to finishing that project. Some even turned to crime in order to fund their inventions.

"You've been expecting me, specifically?" Kim asked, lowering her sword. She didn't know any gnomes, and didn't even realize there were any living in River City, so he had her attention. "Are you working with the Ebon Sun?"

"Maybe. You can consider me an old family friend..." The gnome chuckled. It was just now that Kim realized how odd he looked. His skin was a slate grey color, his eyes were pools of black, he was dressed in a leather apron and goggles, and there was a mark on his forehead. Not a birthmark or a wart or a tattoo... the Indelible Imprint. It was a curse mark, caused by an epic level spell. When a Shadowchaser was killed, the person responsible would be marked by a large black mark that was impossible to hide or remove by any means. "I knew your father."

"You." Kim swung her sword, intending to cut the little man in half. But he pulled out a wand and a glowing green shield appeared out of nowhere, blocking her blade. "My mother and I have been waiting for you to show your face again! How have you been hiding from Jalal?" She was ready to forget every oath she took as a Shadowchaser and kill this gnome with her bare hands if she had to.

The gnome stepped forward blasted Kim with a bolt of pure energy, knocking her over. "My name is Zalam, or at least it is now. And yes, I am the one responsible for your father's death... in a roundabout way. It was a tragic accident, you see."

Kim propped herself up using her sword, realizing she needed to change her strategy. "I challenge you to a duel! You can give me your backstory while we're fighting, but once your life points hit 0, I'm sending you to jail." She sheathed her sword and activated her Duel Disk.

"Very well, if that's how you want to do things." Zalam shook his head and sighed. With a wave of his wand, a tiny Duel Disk appeared on his arm, completely black and with an angular blade.

(Kim LP 8000) - (Zalam LP 8000)

"Ladies first." Kim drew her six cards. "I summon Legendary Six Samurai Shinai!" A pool of water formed on the floor of the arcade, and out of it rose a blue armored warrior, carrying a large club in each hand. (ATK 1500) "And because I control a Six Samurai that isn't named Kizan, I get to special summon him from my hand!"

The ground parted, and another samurai jumped up from underneath the floorboards. He had long hair, wore earthy brown armor, and wielded a katana (ATK 1800) "I set these two cards and end my turn. Your move, murderer."

Zalam drew, clearly not as invested in this as Kim was. "I activate two continuous spell cards, Call of the Mummy and Consoul Virus. And I will use both their effects immediately." The screens of the arcade machines around them glowed, and the cards manifested themselves from them.

"I special summon Lost Consoul Digi-Blaster!" Another machine glowed, and a large pile of broken electronics dropped onto the floor. They became surrounded by a sinister aura, and shaped themselves into something vaguely humanoid. (ATK 1700) "And when this monster is summoned, I can destroy 1 spell or trap card on the field!" Kim's set Negate Attack exploded into pixels.

"I've never heard of a Lost Consoul card before..." Kim strained her eyes trying to make out this thing's form. "Did you make it yourself?"

"Yes and no." Zalam waved his hand. "I crafted these cards with magic, based on designs I found on the dark web. The internet is full of arcana, if you know where to look for it. All kinds of wonderful, horrifying things." He chuckled and stroked his goatee, as if he was experiencing fond memories.

Kim was about to interrupt his reminiscing, until she noticed her monster freaking out. Kizan was... glitching. It was difficult to describe, but his armor became pixelated, then normal, then blocks of bright blue, as if her Duel Disk was malfunctioning. "What happened to my monster?!" (ATK 0)

"Ah, that would be my Consoul Virus." Zalam snapped his fingers. "Once per turn, if I special summon a Lost Consoul monster, I can reduce the attack points of one of your monsters to 0. Now, I normal summon Lost Consoul Lynx!" Another pile of junk collapsed onto the ground. It shaped itself into what sort of looked like a wildcat, with a video game console stuck in its chest. A bright red, 8 bit eye appeared on the screen. (ATK 1400)

"Now, I overlay my two level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon something bigger." Kim had seen the overlay network more times than she could count. She worked alongside an Xyz duelist, after all, and had an Xyz monster of her own. She knew it changed colors depending on the attribute of the monster being summoned. But this time, it wasn't just a change of color.

This version of the overlay network looked like someone had ripped open a hole in the fabric of reality... if reality were a computer program. 1s and 0s went from the floor to the ceiling, infinitely spawning from the portal. Kim had never watched the Matrix movies, they were too old and cheesy for her tastes, but if she had, that would be a good point of comparison. "Vengeful ghosts born from broken machines, take your revenge on humanity! Rise, Lost Consoul Jaguar!"

The Xyz was a sort of-robot, sort of-ghost like the previous monsters, but much bigger. It was vaguely shaped like a wildcat, with the same red pixelated eye on its forehead. (ATK 2400) Before Kim could say anything, the monster opened its mouth and absorbed one of its Overlay Units, before raising a paw and swiping Shinai. The same glitch that affected Kizan spread to him as well.

"As you can see, by detaching 1 Xyz Material, I can reduce your monster's attack points to 0." Zalam explained. "Now attack! Hover Strike!" Jaguar lunged for Shinai, crushing the samurai under its mechanical paws. Kim grimaced as she felt pain riddle through her body. This was definitely a Shadow Duel.

"I set one card and end my turn. Your move, Miss Kimura."

(KLP 5600) - (ZLP 8000)

"So... are you going to tell me about my father?" Kim asked, drawing a card without looking at it. She tried to look the gnome directly in his eyes, but it was difficult given their massive height difference. Kim suspected that, if she had been wearing high heels, she wouldn't be able to see him at all.

"The time isn't right... But I will tell you about my creations here!" Zalam gestured to his terrifying Xyz Monster. "I bet you've been wondering about the lack of a naming scheme. Jaguar, Lynx and Digi-Blaster don't exactly go together, now do they?"

"To be honest, I stopped caring about what your cards looked like after you said that you murdered my father." The Shadowchaser replied, completely deadpan.

"You're a very boring girl, you know that?" Zalam snarked. "I'm sure you're familiar with the myth of tsukomogami? The Japanese believed that any object that turned 100 years old would gain a spirit of its own and come to life! Umbrellas, sandals, paper lanterns... even video games."

"First of all, I'm not boring! I'm just don't care about your backstory! And second, that's not a myth, there's a Shadowchaser who's the spirit of a gaming console. Or was... I can't really explain what happened to her." Kim stopped for a moment to recap the events to herself. It wasn't exactly an easy story to follow.

"And that's what my monsters are based on! The Atari Jaguar, Astrocade, Digiblast, etc. Old and defunct video game consoles, most of which were commercial failures. These machines are still around, harboring angry spirits that want revenge on the humans who mocked them!" Zalam pulled his goggles on and grinned. As he spoke, illusions of these devices appeared over his head, and quickly vanished afterwards.

"That's... an interesting thing to base cards on." Kim got the feeling that there was a deeper meaning here that she just couldn't see. Like a puzzle missing some of its pieces, she was slowly putting it together. "Are these cards your big invention? I know all you gnomes have one."

"Yes and... no. We'll get to that." Zalam waved his hand. "You should start your turn now, pro league rules state you've only got a few minutes."

Kim immediately played the card she had drawn. "I summon Hand of the Six Samurai!" There was a burst of flames, and an older woman wearing heavy robes, with a serious expression on her face, appeared. (ATK 1600)

"I activate her effect, tributing Shintai to destroy your Jaguar!" Shintai turned to the Hand and nodded before vanishing. The old woman drew a dagger from her sleeve and threw it into the center of Lost Consoul Jaguar's head. It roared like a real big cat as sparks started to fly, before finally bursting into flames and vanishing completely. "That was... dramatic. But moving on. I activate Double Edged Sword Technique!"

A large portal opened up, and Kizan and Shinai reappeared, glitch free. They glared angrily at Zalam. "I get to summon two Samurai from my graveyard, but at the end of the turn they're destroyed and take a chunk of my life points with them. But they won't be here, because I'm going to Xyz Summon!"

"I overlay my two monsters and Xyz Summon Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien!" The two warriors were swallowed up by a purple shadow, out of which rose a strange looking monster. He was obviously a samurai, with red armor over black clothing, but his armor was spiked, and he wore a purple cape over it. His hair was tied into a ponytail, and he wielded a glittering katana (ATK 2500)

"I chain Titanocider!" Zalam's trap lifted up. An arrow made of pure light fired into Shien's chest, and he clutched the wound, groaning and falling to one knee. "When you summon a monster from your Extra Deck, this trap reduces its attack points to 0, and negates its effects! A bit anticlimactic, but I can't afford to lose."

Kim clenched her first, but took a deep breath. She couldn't get angry, she had to remain cool, calm and collected. It was what she had been taught. "I still have another monster. Hand of the Six Samurai, attack directly!" The old woman drew her dagger and ran forward, faster than you'd expect from someone wearing heavy robes, and slashed at Zalam, knocking him over. If this had been a real attack, he probably would have died. "I end my turn."

Zalam pulled himself up and drew a card. "Very impressive, Miss Kimura. But this duel is not over!" He looked at his two cards, making a decision. "I think... it's time I explained to you what happened between me and your father."

"Seven years ago, I was almost finished on my greatest creation. You see, I wanted to test the limits of prosthetic technology. I needed to see just how much of the body you can replace with technology while still keeping the subject alive."

"So you were trying to create a cyborg." Kim summarized. "And it went horribly wrong."

"No, my dear." Zalam shook his head. "It went horribly right. I hired a down on his luck goliath to be my test subject. I started with an arm, then a leg, then the other arm, and so on. He grumbled and complained but it was working and I paid him. Soon I had replaced everything but his head and the essential organs."

"So what happened?"

"Well, I tried to replace the poor sap's brain... And I was almost done with it, when your father burst into my lab and nearly took my head off with his sword!" Zalam finally dropped his calm demeanor. "I fumbled with the replacement brain and the goliath died! My life's work was ruined! I knew I couldn't take your father in a fight, I didn't even have a Duel Disk back then, so I activated my lab's self destruct and fled for my life. Really, it was hardly my fault."

"Are you serious? You're trying to weasel out of this, when you've already got the Imprint on you?" Kim clenched her fist. "Take your turn already!"

"If that's how you're going to be." The gnome shook his head, as if she was missing the point. "I activate Consoul Burial, so by paying 1500 life points, I can resurrect two Lost Consoul monsters!" The floor broke apart and DG Blaster and Lynx crawled their way back onto the field. "Of course, this triggers the effect of Consoul Virus, and reduces your Hand of the Six Samurai's attack points to 0."

The glitch spread, making the hologram spasm in an unnerving way. "I summon Lost Consoul Neo G!" A massive robot in the shape of a gorilla appeared in front of the gnome, pounding its chest (ATK 1800)

"Now you will see the fruits of my labors! I overlay my three level four monsters in order to Xyz Summon!" The overlay network opened again, and just like before, it was pixelated and glitchy and looked like a glitch in the matrix. "Lost Consoul Saturnshiro! Rise!"

The monster that appeared didn't look anything like the others. It was a corpse, with clammy grey skin, dressed in a judo robe of all things. There were wires and stray computer parts sticking out of it, and a black screen covered its face, before lighting up with a red pixelated smile. The Xyz stuck its arms out in front of itself, like it was striking a martial arts pose, and Kim realized what she was looking at. It was a jiangshi, or at least, a science fiction take on one. (ATK 2800)

"Impressive, isn't it? This is what I was trying to create, before your father interrupted me!" Zalam said gleefully. "I activate my monster's effect! By detaching 1 Xyz Material, I can destroy every monster on the field with 0 ATK, and draw 1 card for each. Go, Full Metal Madness!" The cyber-zombie absorbed one of its overlay units, then screamed, as a shockwave of purple electricity flew out of its body and destroyed both of Kim's monsters.

The gnome drew two cards. "Oh, perfect! I activate Consoul Arena - Dark Web!" The arcade was transformed into a black and neon green digital landscape. "This field spell gives all my Lost Consoul monsters 300 extra attack and defense points!" Saturnshiro glowed as its ATK rose to 3100.

"Attack! Rocket Kick!" Saturnshiro charged forward and kicked Kim in the head, sending her flying back. She crashed into the arcade doors, groaning. "I'll set this card and end my turn. I hate having to be so rough, but you've left me no choice, Miss Kimura."

(KLP 2500) - (ZLP 6400)

"I'm going to end you..." Kim huffed as she pulled herself up, gripping the nearest arcade machine for support. She drew her card, and quickly checked for broken bones. Not finding any, she continued. "I summon Command Knight." The female knight manifested in front of Kim, raising her sword to protect her master. (ATK 1600) "Next, I play Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Consoul Virus."

The Continuous Spell shattered. "No more easy attack draining for you. And now that my hand is empty, I play Card of Sanctity!" Gold coins rained down from the ceiling, hitting both duelists' decks. They each drew six cards. "My turn continues! I banish two monsters from my graveyard to special summon Enishi, Shien's Counselor!" The aged warrior from Kim's duel against Ivar the duergar reappeared, looking more real than ever. (ATK 2600)

"I activate Enishi's effect! By forfeiting his attack this turn, he can automatically destroy your monster!" Drawing his sword, Enishi ran forward and sliced Saturnshiro in half with a single slash. The massive cyborg sparked and twitched before collapsing and exploding into violet flames. Unlike most monsters, the remains didn't pixelate. Instead, they remained in a heap on the floor for a few seconds, before vanishing completely.

"I equip Command Knight with Fusion Sword Murasame Blade, and then she attacks you directly!" The female knight's sword transformed, the blade becoming curved and the handle gilded. Her attack points increased to 2400, and she charged, slashing at Zalam. The gnome was thrown into the nearest arcade cabinet, quickly uttering a spell to prevent it from being knocked over.

"One more spell! Cunning of the Six Samurai! By tributing Enishi, I can summon Kizan from my graveyard!" The brown armored samurai appeared for the third time this duel, glowing as his attack points increased thanks to Command Knight's effect, and immediately attacked. The arcade machine Zalam stood on was sliced in half.

(KLP 2500) - (ZLP 1800)

The gnome slowly rose to his feet. "Well, Miss Kimura, I must say, I'm very impressed." He took a few breaths, taking note that his clothes were heavily damaged and his goggles had cracked. The Ebon Sun necklace around his neck glowed brightly. "But I'm afraid I can't afford to lose this time. Thankfully, my mistress has granted each of her Dark Generals an escape clause."

Before Kim could ask what he meant, a seventh card appeared in the little man's hand. "I activate Ebon Key! This instantly ends the Shadow Game in a draw!" He cried, playing the card. A massive stone carving, vaguely shaped like a key, descended from the ceiling. It was covered in violet lines, and as soon as it reached the ground, it exploded into similarly colored light.


As soon as she could see again, Kim realized that Zalam had escaped. She screamed in frustration, allowing herself to show her anger for once, and kicked a hole into the nearest game machine. "Damn it damn it damn it damn it!"

Exhausted, Kim stabbed her sword into the ground and leaned on it. She pulled out her phone and immediately texted all three of her teammates "The Ebon Sun have an escape clause for Shadow Games. End the duel ASAP."

Just a few moments after that, before Kim could even get to her Duel Runner, she received a call from a number she didn't recognize. "Who is this?"

"Kim, it's me, Raymond. I know I'm not supposed to call you on your personal phone, but..." He paused for a second. "I thought I should let you know that I... lost my job with the police. I've been replaced."

"What? Why?" Kim groaned, putting a hand over her eyes. This was the last thing she needed to deal with today. "And with who?"

"Her name is Margaret Cooper, I don't really know her that well... And as for why, it's uh... I wouldn't explain who you were, or why you keep showing up to crime scenes." The ex-cop explained. "Sorry, I just hope that the new chief is easy to work with... I've got to go, my family needs me." And he hung up.

Kim let out a deep sigh and cursed in Japanese. For several minutes. "Well, things can only go up from here... And if they don't, at least I have a sword."


Original cards-

Consoul Virus: *three teenagers staring at their phones, all of which have black screens with a red pixelated face on them*

Card Type- Spell

Spell/Trap Type- Continuous

Text- Once per turn, when you Special Summon a "Lost Consoul" monster, you can reduce the ATK of 1 face-up monster your opponent controls to 0. Monsters with 0 ATK cannot activate their effects, or be used as Synchro or Xyz Material.


Lost Consoul Lynx: *ghost wildcat with a video game console in its chest*

Card Type- Effect Monster

Monster Type- Machine

Attribute- DARK

Level- 4

ATK/DEF- 1400/1000

Text- This card is also treated as a Zombie monster. When you Normal Summon a "Lost Consoul" monster, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. You can only use this effect of "Lost Consoul Lynx" once per turn. When this card is Special Summoned, you can declare either 3 or 4, then make all monsters you control become that Level. This card cannot be used as Synchro Material.

Origin: Atari Lynx


Lost Consoul Digi-Blaster: *ghostly robot made of broken game parts*

Card Type- Effect Monster

Monster Type- Machine

Attribute- DARK

Level- 4

ATK/DEF- 1700/1100

Text- This card is also treated as a Zombie monster. When this card is Special Summoned, you can destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field. If this card battles a monster with 0 ATK, double the battle damage that your opponent takes.

Origin: Digiblast console


Lost Consoul Jaguar: *ghostly aura in the shape of a wildcat, surrounding broken video game parts*

Card Type- Xyz Monster

Monster Type- Machine

Attribute- DARK

Level- Rank 4

ATK/DEF- 2400/1900

Text- 2 Level 4 "Lost Consoul" monsters. This card is also treated as a Zombie monster. Once per turn, you can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change its ATK to 0, also it cannot change its battle position. If this card battles a monster with 0 ATK, your opponent cannot activate any Spell/Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step.

Origin: Atari Jaguar


Consoul Burial: *Saturnshiro's arm reaching out of a landfill*

Card Type- Spell

Spell/Trap Type- Normal

Text- If you control no monsters, you can pay 1500 life points, then Special Summon a number of "Lost Consoul" monsters from your GY in face-up defense position, up to the number of monsters your opponent controls. Banish the Special Summoned monsters during the end phase. You can only activate 1 "Consoul Burial" each turn.

Origin: Atari ET burial


Lost Consoul Neo G: *ghostly ape made of broken console pieces*

Card Type- Effect Monster

Monster Type- Machine

Attribute- DARK

Level- 4

ATK/DEF- 1800/1000

Text- This card is also treated as a Zombie monster. Once per turn, if this card destroys a monster with 0 ATK in battle, you can Special Summon it to your side of the field, but its effects are negated and its Type becomes Zombie.

Origin: Neo Geo CD


Lost Consoul Saturnshiro: *jiangshi dressed in a karate robe, with wires and game parts sticking out of his body, face replaced by a dark screen with a sinister looking red pixelated face*

Card Type- Effect Monster

Monster Type- Machine

Attribute- DARK

Level- Rank 4

ATK/DEF- 2800/2300

Text- 3 Level 4 "Lost Consoul" monsters. This card is also treated as a Zombie monster. Once per turn, you can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy all monsters with 0 ATK on the field, and if you do, draw 1 card for each monster destroy by this effect. While this card has Xyz Material attached, if this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate Spell or Trap Cards until the end of the damage step. If this card is destroyed in battle, you can banish it, then reduce the ATK of the monster that destroyed it to 0.

Origin: Sega Saturn + Segata Sanshiro


Consoul Arena - Deep Web: *green TRON-like digital grid over a black background, with a sinister looking red face in the sky*

Card Type- Spell

Spell/Trap Type- Field

Text- All "Lost Consoul" monsters gain 300 ATK & DEF, also they cannot be destroyed by your own card effects. Each time you reduce the ATK of a monster to 0, you may draw 1 card. Once per turn, if you Special Summon a DARK Machine Xyz Monster, you can banish 1 "Lost Consoul" monster from your GY, then destroy 1 face-up card on the field.

(Note: All the above listed cards are Dark Cards. For the rest of the Lost Consoul archetype, PM me!)


Ebon Key: *massive stone key of Incan design*

Card Type- Special

Text- End the Shadow Game immediately. This card can only be used once.

(Note: This card is exclusive to the Ebon Sun.)


Anime/Manga Cards-

Card of Sanctity: *peasants collecting coins falling from the sky*

Card Type- Spell

Spell/Trap Type- Normal

Text- Each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand. Each player can only activate "Card of Sanctity" once per Duel.

First Used: DM anime, "Showdown in the Shadows, Part 1"


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