The concept of a "soul mate" is, of course, absurd. The term implies not only romantic inclination but also a relationship binding in nature. A mating. Better to use the term "affinity," though it lacks the proper scope.

In this text, I will refer to the couples in question as "soul pairs" merely as the most expedient term, removing the demarcation of "mates" as an inappropriate locution. I would like to make it perfectly plain at this juncture—and will further illustrate throughout the text—that a soul pairing means a connection, an affinity, a match. In short, potential. There is no evidence—magical or physical—that a soul pair is anything more…

A/N: Hello hello! This is sort of an odd story. I say that because it's more-or-less completely written already, and... well, it's sort of an odd story. Not the plotline itself so much as the way I'm trying to tell it to you. That "experiment in non-linear storytelling" bit isn't just me being odd. None of this is in proper chronological order.

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