That's the first sound she hears, and it's from a distance, and she's looking up at a dark sky with maybe four visible stars and she's pretty sure she's lying down.

"Bree?" Louder, more insistent. It's Adam. She doesn't know where she is or what's going on, but she knows her brother's voice.


She blinks, rolls up onto her knees, straightens up into a defensive stance all in a microsecond, her vision blurring as her body does. She's confused, she's exhausted, and she's got a pounding headache pulsing through her ears and down her neck.


"I'm here," she calls out, looking around wildly for Adam. "Also, why am I here?" She looks, looks, but she can't see him. "And where is here?"

"Bree!" Adam finally shows up over the crest of a hill and comes running for her, scoops her up in a giant bear hug and starts patting her down like he's checking for broken bones. "Bree, are you okay?"

"Uh, yeah, I think," she says, her scrambled brain trying to work through the muck to figure out if she's injured anywhere. The headache and the disorientation might go together, but she's got no idea what the connection is. "Adam, what the heck happened?"

But as soon as he's done making sure she's okay, his expression shifts a little. Suddenly guarded, suddenly on edge. Is she imagining it, or does he look a little bit hostile? "I need to know you're you," he says, suspicious. "What number am I thinking of?"

Bree rolls her eyes but takes a swing. "420?"

Adam grins. "You know me so well," he says, hugging her again with no lingering apprehension. Bree's nervous, though, because if he was reluctant to trust her… there has to be a reason. Something happened here. Something Adam's not telling her.

Worried about what might happen to Leo and Tasha, they get thrown off guard when Krane shows up in the lab. With the DavenWall down, Bree and her brothers made themselves vulnerable and it's coming back to bite them.

Bree uses the home front advantage and drops him below the lab with the flick of a switch, Adam following to take him down for good, but Krane just geoleaps back up and uses his molecular kinesis to suspend them in midair before sending them crashing to the floor.

They're goners, but then Douglas shows up with a cocky attitude and a big gun. And yeah, he might be their Evil Uncle Father, but he came through in the clutch.

They have to give him that, at least.

Douglas buys them a few seconds, but then Krane's back up on his feet and he slams Douglas down, leaving him curled up around his injured side.

And then suddenly, Krane's bionics aren't the threat anymore. The kids' are. One app specifically.

Krane pulls out a terrifyingly familiar remote and hits a button, and Chase's eyes flash green.

"Oh no you don't," Douglas mutters, going for his gun from his spot on the floor. Before he can fire though, Krane activates Bree's Triton App.

"Hey," Bree says, and for once she's actually struggling to keep up with her brother as he crosses the field toward a big satellite dish on the far side. "Hey!" She speeds up to him and skids to a stop beside him. "You still haven't told me where we are."

"Uh," Adam says. "We are in a field."

"Wow," she says sarcastically. "Great. Helpful. Where's the field?"

He pauses and then says, "All around us, Bree." She whacks him lightly on the arm. "We're by an abandoned junkyard near Pike's Crest."

"Oh," she says, and then waits for an explanation. He gives none. "Um, why?"

He fidgets, looking uncomfortable, and keeps walking. "To stop Krane." And then he turns around and gives her a big goofy puppy-dog grin that doesn't reach all the way up to his eyes. "And we did! We won! Go us!"

It finally occurs to Bree that whatever she's not remembering, it was intense. And Adam either doesn't want to tell her or doesn't realize what she doesn't remember. "Look, I don't know if I banged my head or somethin', but I'm really confused, Adam. I don't even know how we got here or how I ended up on the ground. Last thing I remember, we were in the lab and Krane had just gotten in."

"Uh-huh," Adam says, focusing on his feet like he's trying not to trip over a rock. "And then Douglas showed up and saved us."

Douglas fires at Krane and downs him again before he can use the Triton App on Adam, but Chase and Bree are already under his control. "I've got Krane and Bree," Douglas calls out to his oldest son. "See if you can talk Chase down! Leo said he did that before."

Douglas squares up and aims the gun at Krane again while Adam pivots to his brother. "Chasey," he says, firm but quiet, and suddenly he's out of battle-mode and into big-brother mode. It's that same no-thinking no-fear focus he felt the time Chase got trapped inside his own capsule, but it's different. Chase is trapped inside himself. "Hey, I'm right here. You can come outta this."

Chase just looks at him blankly with those creepy green eyes. Krane's focused on controlling Bree at the moment, so Chase is just standing there.

"You can—" But Krane notices what Adam's trying to do and sends Chase a command. Controlled by Krane, Chase jumps into action, launching Adam across the room with his molecular kinesis and then advancing on him.

"Keep talking to him," Douglas calls out as he fires at Krane and misses. Adam wants to, but Chase whips a stool in front of him and forces it upward to Adam's chin, right up against his windpipe.

Adam uses all his strength to shove the stool away from himself. "You're stronger than him," he says, and manages to throw the stool off to the left. "You're stronger than Krane." Adam jumps to his feet. Chase's eyes are still glowing eerily green but he's frozen for the moment, jaw clenched. He looks like he's listening. Across the room, Bree super speeds at Douglas and knocks him down, but Adam's focused on his brother. "You're stronger than Krane and you're stronger than the Triton App," Adam promises, open palms facing Chase. "And… and I'm sorry if I ever made you think anything else."

He waits for a moment that feels like it goes on forever, and then Chase seizes up and screws his eyes shut. When he opens them, they look normal again, and Adam heaves a sigh of relief.

Chase's gaze fixes on something over Adam's shoulder. "Bree," he calls out in a panic before the exertion of the Triton App overwhelms him and he crumples to the floor. Adam whirls around just in time to see Krane grab his sister and geoleap away.

"It was the Triton App," Bree says, and the way Adam stiffens up confirms it. "Krane used the Triton App on me, didn't he?"

Adam keeps walking toward the big satellite dish. "How did you know?"

She rubs her temple. "I recognize the headache." They're nearing the border of the junkyard. "I can't remember any of it. How long was I out?" He doesn't say anything. Even in the dim light, even from behind, Bree can see the way the set of his shoulders betray his uneasiness. "Adam, how long was I out?" Nothing. "A day?" He stops walking but he doesn't say anything. "Two days?"

Quietly, quietly, still not looking at her, Adam says, "Nine months."

All the air whooshes out of her. Meekly, she croaks out, "Th… three days?"

Adam turns around to look at her, his eyebrows knitted together with concern. "Come on," he says. "We have to keep going."

But Bree can't walk anymore; she sinks to her knees, desperate fingers clutching at the scraggly grass beneath her. "What…" she gasps out, feeling like there's something wrapped around her heart and squeezing. "Did I do… did I hurt…?"

"Don't think about it," he says, crouching down beside her and tugging her toward him, sounding almost as distressed as she does. "Don't think about it. Just come on. Just don't think about it."

She used to say the same to him when they were kids, and Adam would wake up her and Chase with his nightmares. And they'd all pile into one capsule and tell him it wasn't real, just don't think about it, just don't think about, it wasn't real. (Of course, given what they know now about their Uncle-Father Douglas, his night terrors were probably all based in reality.)

"I'm sorry," she says, teeth chattering in shock despite the relatively warm night. "I'm s-sorry, Adam… I'm sorry…"

"You got nothin' to apologize for," he swears, rubbing his hands up and down her arms and back. "But we gotta go, Bree. We gotta go. Mr. Davenport's in the hospital." She looks up at him for an explanation, and Adam replies with an uncomfortable sigh before launching into his explanation. "Krane had a whole bionic army," he says. "They were going to use that dish to use the Triton App to take over the whole world. We took them down. But Davenport got hurt."

It's all swirling together in her head, Krane and her father and her brother. The Triton App. The big satellite dish just behind them. "You and Chase took them down," she says, trying to piece everything together through the fog in her brain. "I was… I was working with Krane."

"He was controlling you," Adam says. "The whole army. You didn't do anything wrong."

"I should have been helping you and Chase," she mumbles. "I should've…"

"We had help," he says lightly. "We had Leo." She shoots him a skeptical look. "Oh! Right, he's got a bionic arm now. Oh, and the whole world knows we're bionic but it's fine. Oh, and I got a C+ in Algebra."

"Congratulations," she says, trying to process everything. "Wait, his arm is bionic?"

"We need to go to the hospital," he says. "I'll tell you more later. Are you up for super speeding?" She has to think about it, but she nods. Gripping her big brother tightly, Bree zooms back toward Mission Creek.