The Road Not Taken
By Misha

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the characters of General Hospital. They belong to the creators of General Hospital, Wendy Riche, Bob Guza, ABC Daytime, and probably a lot of other people with more money than me. I'm not making any money off this story so please don't sue me.

Author's Notes- This is an alternate universe Sonny and Brenda story. In this Sonny never left Brenda at the alter, never left Port Charles at all. This story is a retelling of the current Alcazar story line with the twist that Brenda was Sonny's wife, not Jax's fiancee when she disappeared. This is going to be a long and complex story, focusing on my all-time favorite General Hospital pairing, but with some others thrown in for good measure, including Jason and Robin. Well, that's all for now, enjoy!

Summery- An AU. Four years ago Sonny Corinthos' world was shattered by the death of his wife, now after he's finally rebuilt his life, the appearance of Luis Alcazar and a mystery woman threatens to shatter it once more...

Rating- PG-13


On the night of Sonny and Brenda's wedding, he had been going to leave her, but in the end, realized he couldn't do it.

He couldn't hurt her like that. More than that, he couldn't go through the rest of his life without her, missing her every day, hating himself for what he had thrown away.

So, the wedding went through as planned, but Sonny told Brenda that they didn't have to leave Port Charles, that they could stay and live their life together there.

Because of that, Jason didn't take over the reigns of the organization. Brenda didn't have her nervous breakdown, so Robin wasn't flown home.

However, since he wasn't running the organization, Jason went to Paris to see if they could work out their differences. They did and Jason chose to stay in Paris until Robin finished her school year.

Because of Jason's absence, Carly never named him as Michael's father (though she still called the baby Michael--but only because she liked the name) and instead admitted that it was A.J.

The two of them had difficulties at first, but then realized that their son came first and put their differences aside to do what was best for Michael.

Robin and Jason returned to Port Charles just as Brenda gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, Adella Lily Corinthos, Addie for short.

Sonny and Brenda were both elated at the birth of their little girl, but their happiness was short lived.

Veronica came to town and despite Sonny's attempts, contacted Brenda. Becoming a mother herself had made Brenda more curious about her own mother. So, she decided to get to know her.

When she discovered that Veronica was sick, Brenda was frightened about the possibility that she and her daughter could inherit the disease, but she was also determined not to let her mother go through this alone.

She went after her mother, deciding to bring her back to Port Charles to live in the Penthouse, but it was not to be. On the way back, Veronica seized control of the car, driving it into the sea.

The search effort went on for days, but to no avail. There was no sign of Brenda, but she was presumed dead.

Sonny was devastated at the death of his wife, only Addie kept him from falling apart. He knew that she needed him and that Brenda would want him to be strong for their daughter.

The first several months were terrible for Sonny, but in time, he slowly got better.

Brenda's death still haunted him, he still ached for her, but he wasn't as shattered as he had been. He was able to live again, like he knew that Brenda would want him too.

Several months after Brenda's death, Jason and Robin married and she finished school. They had considered leaving Port Charles, but in the end, stayed for Sonny and Addie.

At the same time, Carly and A.J started having major problems. Carly was sick of the Quartermaine interference in Michael's life and was terrified that she was going to lose her son, so she went to Jason for help.

Since he considered her his friend, he agreed. He and Sonny helped her secure custody of Michael and she moved out of the mansion with her son. Sonny offered to let her stay with him for at least little while.

Since Addie and Michael were close in age, the two became instant playmates.

And soon, Carly's temporary living arrangements became less than temporary. In time, she and Sonny realized that they had fallen in love.

Three years after Brenda's death, Sonny married Carly.

He realized he would always grieve for Brenda, always love her, but she was gone and she would want him to love again. He truly loved Carly, never in the way he had loved Brenda, but he loved her just the same and wanted to make a life with her.

Sonny and Carly had their share of problems, but the first year of their marriage was a happy one all the same.

Still, as the fourth anniversary of Brenda's death approached, things were tense.

Sonny found himself at war with a man named Alcazar who had an unknown vendetta against him. A full out war was exploding and Sonny was afraid for his family's safety. He had already lost Brenda, he didn't want to lose anyone else.

As things got tenser and tenser, Sonny sent Addie and Michael out of the country to safety, but Carly refused to go.

She said that her place was with Sonny and nothing would change that.

Meanwhile, Brenda survived the accident.

She had been saved by Luis Alcazar, who nursed her back to health.

As she was recovering, Brenda discovered that she had inherited her mother's disease and made a heartbreaking decision.

Since her loved ones already believed that she was dead, she would stay that to save them the pain of watching her slowly go insane. So, she agreed to stay with Luis, and let the world believe that Brenda Barrett-Corinthos was dead, as long as he promised her that he would never let her hurt the people she loved.

For four years, he kept that promise and they lived together in high style. Brenda missed Sonny and their daughter every moment of every day, but she knew it was for the best.

Then, she discovered that Luis had taken them to Port Charles with the agenda of destroying Sonny.

Brenda knew that she couldn't let that happen.

She had learnt of Sonny's remarriage was actually glad that he had found happiness. That was all she wanted for him and for their daughter, besides, she knew that she could not stay in Port Charles.

Her reasons for letting everyone believe that she was dead still existed, but she needed to warn Sonny and she wanted to see him one last time before she left his life once more.

So she found a way to escape and on the fourth anniversary of the night she "died", she found her way back to Port Charles and made her way to contact the man she would always love...

Her husband.