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Warnings: Ridiculous sex scenes ahead. This includes: genderbending, absurdly large penis, absurd quantities of semen, cum inflation, stomach deformation, unrealistic female proportions, general ignoring of physics and anatomy, unrealistic relationships, mentions of hermaphrodites aka futanari, and, well, you can probably find others yourself. If you find any of this not to your tastes, please leave and find something you'll enjoy more. And don't complain, I did give you fair warning.

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Lemon Collection
An Ambitious Experiment

One Naruto Uzumaki sighed as he walked towards the front gate of Konoha Gakuen, waving every now and then at the other students leaving for home – all mostly female. Naruto, as it would turn out, was the only male in attendance at Konoha Gakuen, formerly an all-girls school. The Academy accommodated a middle school, a high school and a university, Naruto currently attending his last year of high school.

"Hey, Naruto! Wait up!" a voice shouted out, making the blond seventeen year old look back. A girl around his age with medium length hair styled into spikes that gently fell down her back with twin bangs falling down the sides of her face and stopping just below her large DD-cup breasts. She stopped in front of him, bending as she caught her breath giving the blond a glimpse of her cleavage. Naruto had to swallow as he watched a trail of sweat caused by the September heat roll into valley between the large flesh mounds.

"Um… hey, Satsuki-chan, what's up?" the teen asked the girl as she stood, her usually pale face red.

"I wanted to walk home together," Satsuki Uchiha told the boy as she leveled him with her usual indifferent, half-lidded glare. "You had left before I could catch you, though."

"Oh, well, ok," Naruto said as he scratched his cheek.

"We haven't talked in awhile, you know," Satsuki said as they left the school grounds and made their way to the train station. "Not since you left to live with your dad. Sorry, by the way."

"Its fine," the blond said as he waved a hand. "I miss him, but, he wasn't really there. Anyways, it's nice to be back. I can't believe it's already been a week."

Satsuki gave him a frown. "Yeah, and it's only today that you finally talked to me. What, have you been distracted by all of the tits being shoved in your face? You know some of them have dicks, too, right?"

Naruto blinked at the accusation, staring at his childhood friend dumbly. "Um, no…? I've just been busy, y'know? I'm still getting all my stuff together and there's still more stuff to arrive in the next couple of weeks."

Entering the train that would take them to the residential district, Satsuki sighed as she stood next to Naruto, hanging onto one of the handles as the car lurched forward. "Sorry, it's just, I haven't seen you in years, not since we were kids, and then… you just come back like nothing and don't even say hi."

The blond looked down, his cobalt eyes downcast. "I'm sorry, Satsuki-chan. I… how can I make it up to you?"

Blinking at the answer, Satsuki sighed. She forgot that Naruto could be selfless, putting others ahead of himself, and completely derailing her argument. "Well, you can start by-ugh!"

The train had suddenly turned, sending most of the passengers to the left. Satsuki caught the worst of it as she was sent back first into the doors with Naruto catching himself just before he slammed into her. Unfortunately he had caught himself with her breasts, his hands sinking into the soft flesh, making her groan.

"Satsuki-chan, are you all right?" the blond asked, still holding onto her boobs, concern written on his face.

"L-Let g-aahn!" she started to say before groaning as the train lurched to the side again, actually throwing Naruto into her body, his hands pressing harder into her breasts as his crotch slammed into her own, something large and thick rubbing into her clothed pussy, bringing a furious blush to her cheeks and causing her heart to pound. "N-Naruto…"

"S-Satsuki…?" Naruto asked, his hands firmly on her tits and his dick mashing against her crotch. Looking down at her slightly panting, heavily blushing face, the blond realized just how beautiful she had become since they were ten. "I…"

"C-Can you let go…?"

"R-Right!" the young man nodded quickly and stepped back, blinking as he watched a thin, translucent strand connecting their crotches snap and fall to floor, a small wet stain on the front of his crotch. "Um, sorry about that."

"It's all right," Satsuki placated as she straightened her clothes. Try as she might, she couldn't get the feeling of Naruto's dick against her lower lips. If he was that big soft…

"So," Naruto began, his eyes darting away. "Do you want to hang out sometime, catch up or something?"

Despite herself, the Uchiha felt a small smile tugging at her lips. "Y-Yeah, I'd like that."

Chapter I
Home, Sweet Home

"Remember this place?" Satsuki asked as she and Naruto walked through a playground.

"Oh yeah," the blond said he stared at the swings, his attention turning to an enclosed structure that looked like a stegosaurus. "We used to hide in there from Akane-nee when she wanted to 'wrestle.'"

"Ugh, at least she only ever went after you," the girl said making Naruto pout.

"Aww, Satsuki-chan…" the Uzumaki grumbled. "I always hated that. But, I guess it worked out for her, being in the pros now and everything."

"If you can call that promotion the pros," Satsuki grumbled. "It always ends in the loser getting raped, if it wasn't a sex match to begin with."


"Nothing," Satsuki smirked. "You'll see, I guess."

The wind started picking up blowing leaves around as the sky darkened with dark grey clouds. Just as a clap of thunder boomed, rain started to pour down, completely soaking the duo in a matter of seconds.

"Crap," Naruto said as he held a hand above his eyes so he could see. "C'mon, let's get in there." Grabbing Satsuki's hand, he led her into the structure, having to duck down to enter. Luckily, the inside was larger, accommodating his 6' 3" frame nicely. "I guess we should stay in here until the rain stops, hu-uum…"

"What?" Satsuki asked as she heard him peter off. Looking at where the blond was staring, the girl's cheeks burned bright crimson as she noticed her uniform's shirt, a plain white button-up short-sleeve blouse, was soaked and see-through, showing all the skin of her plump breasts that wasn't covered by her lacy, navy bra as well as her flat, sexy stomach and the curve of her waist into her hips.

"Eep!" the Uchiha uncharacteristically squeaked as she spun around, covering her chest with her arms.

"Uh-Uh um," Naruto stupidly sounded before shaking his head and spinning around himself. "S-Sorry, Satsuki-chan! I didn't mean to stare."

"W-Would you… like to?" Satsuki whispered out, barely heard over the sound of the rain.

The blond blinked as he looked back to his childhood friend. "W-What was that?"

Satsuki's shoulders hunched. "I-I asked if you wanted to see my… my breasts. Touch them, too."

"S-Satsuki-chan… why… why would…?" Naruto barely managed to say as the girl turned towards him.

Placing her hands on her chest above her breasts, Satsuki tilted her head down as she leveled Naruto with a simmering, sultry gaze. "You can be so dense sometimes, Naruto. You can't even tell when someone likes you."

"W-Wha…?" He tried to say.

"Guh, I feel like Hinata right now…" she muttered before sighing and crossing her arms under her breasts, pushing the mounds of flesh up and out. "You're the only one I've ever met who sees me for me, not just another Uchiha who needs to be pampered. I like that about you and over the last week, I've been struggling with my feelings for you. On the train, when you were rubbing against me, I came to a decision. Even if all the girls at school – even the teachers – fuck you, at least…" she looked up, tears welling in her eyes, "at least I'll know that we were each other's firsts."

Naruto swallowed as Satsuki finished, the sound of rain and thunder the only thing interrupting the silence. "You're right," he said looking at the ground. "I am pretty dense, huh?" He looked up, a small smile on his face. Walking up to the girl with steady steps, making her take a slight step back, he placed his hands on her shoulders, stopping her. "I'm sorry about that." Leaning down, he suddenly captured Satsuki's lips in a sloppy but loving kiss.

As the kiss lasted, Satsuki pushed further into it, enjoying the slightly salty taste of Naruto's lips. Her hands came up, locking around the blond's neck, his own sliding down her body to her waist. After several heartbeats, the pair broke their kiss, breathing heatedly. Looking into each other's eyes, their lips met once more, their tongues meeting and spiraling around each other as they looked for entrance into the others mouth.

Capturing her tongue, Naruto took advantage of Satsuki's surprise to slide his hands under her skirt and grab a handful of her perky ass. Sucking on her tongue and making her moan, the blond lifted the ravenette, who locked her legs around his hips. Giving her oral muscle a gentle bite, he released it, allowing her to catch her breath.

"You taste like tomatoes," the Uzumaki remarked with a sly smirk.

"Shut up," Satsuki glowered playfully. As he held her by the butt, his hands continuously kneading the flesh to her increasing arousal, she let her hands roam from behind his neck, across his back to his shoulders and down to his biceps. "I can't believe how muscular you got, you're arms are huge!"

"Really?" Naruto asked surprised. He had taken to working out and training in various martial arts when his dad had divorced his mother and had taken custody of him, mostly to fill the void left by that decision and his father's distance. Now, though, he was home, he thought as a genuine smile stretched his lips.

"What?" the Uchiha girl asked only to moan as Naruto groped her ass cheeks rather roughly.

He shook his head as he stepped back and sat down on the bench conveniently placed behind him in the structure. "It's nothing, really. I just can't get over how great your ass feels."

"Oh? Well, I guess that's nice to hear," Satsuki said as she straddled the man, shifting as she could feel his large bulge pressing into her crotch.

"How about we get that shirt off, before you catch a cold?" Naruto suggested. He didn't leave any room for an answer as he slid his hands from Satsuki's butt down her toned legs before bringing them to her shirt to start to unbutton it. Finishing, he slid the drenched fabric down Satsuki's arms who shrugged the shirt off and threw it onto the bench.

Smirking at the blond's dumbfounded expression at seeing her exposed breasts, even if still covered by her bra, Satsuki grabbed his wrists and placed his hands on her tits. "You want to touch them, don't you? You were being so brave just a second ago… you're not getting scared are you, scaredy cat?"

Narrowing his eyes at the old nickname, Naruto decided he would show her. Gripping the mounds in his hands, he began to roughly grope Satsuki's breasts, eliciting a moan from the woman. Sliding his hands around, the blond narrowed his eyes at her bra before smirking as he saw it latched in the front. Bringing his hands, slightly trembling, to the latch, he fumbled at first before Satsuki placed her own hands on his arms. Looking into her onyx eyes, she captured his lips, the kiss serving to calm him. Unlatching the bra, Naruto broke the kiss and removed the clothing, throwing onto her shirt before once more groping her breasts.

Sliding his hands around, he lifted the hefty orbs, watching as her pink, puffy areola and erect nipples waved as he jiggled the breasts, Satsuki moaning with the action. Slipping his hands around her tits, Naruto made the Uchiha groan as he squeezed his hands down her breasts to her nipples, gently pinching them in a milking motion.

"Uhn!" Satsuki groaned, biting on a finger as the blond pulled on her nipples and released them, his eyes watching in fascination as her flesh jiggled back into place. "Ooh!" she moaned loudly, the rain still drowning her out, as Naruto got bold and took her right nipple into his mouth, sucking and gently nibbling on the nub, her other breast being rubbed and massaged by his right hand.

Releasing her nipple, Naruto licked in a spiral around her breast, enjoying the taste of Satsuki's skin, despite the sweat from earlier. Feeling finished with this tit, he moved to the next, eliciting another round of moans and groans from the girl. Applying the same attention to this breast, the blond licked his way up the ravenette's neck and captured her lips, his tongue circling her lips, asking for entrance.

Licking Naruto's tongue, Satsuki backed off, a string of saliva connecting their tongues. Taking a deep breath, she leveled the boy with a smirk. "My turn."

"Huh?" the blond said with a blink before the girl was placing fierce kisses on him, going from his lips down his jaw to his neck, where she stopped to take a deep inhale of his scent as she began unbuttoning his own uniform shirt. Unfortunately, her progress was stopped by an orange muscle shirt. "Here," Naruto said as he lifted the shirt and tossed it to the other side of the bench.

"Good boy," Satsuki mockingly praised him, earning a pout that turned into a groan as she began kissing her way down his strong chest, stopping to suck and lick both of his nipples, and continued down his stomach, lavishing sloppy, slurpy kisses to his eight-pack abs. Finally she stopped at his pants, frowning at the obstruction to her prize.

Heart pounding so hard she could feel it in her ears, the Uchiha maiden shakily began to unbuckle the blond's belt and undo his slacks, the large bulge running down his left leg increasing her anxiety. Feeling Naruto's hand on her head, she looked up to see a warm smile on his face. Swallowing, she found her courage and gave him a nod before turning back to her task. Finishing undoing his pants, Satsuki pulled them down, Naruto lifting his rear to help, mentally counting every inch as it was revealed, her eyes ever widening, until-


Reeling back after a meaty slap to the underside of her chin, Satsuki stared disbelievingly at the sheer size of Naruto's cock. By her count, the monster was at least 14 inches in length and as thick as her wrist and a half. And his balls, they had to be the size of grapefruits. How the hell did he hide this weapon?

Crawling back to Naruto's lap, the ravenette gulped as she reached out to wrap a hand around the behemoth dick, her fingers barely able to encircle over half of it, tips not even touching. "My god…" she whispered breathlessly as her eyes traced the thick vein on top as it curved and branched out towards the head, which was oddly smaller than the shaft but bulbous with the crown flaring into the shaft.

Gulping again, Satsuki lifted the cock, taking in the large bulge of the underside going from the urethra down to his balls. In her mind, she began wondering if she could really take this beast without it splitting her in half.

"Um, Satsuki-chan," Naruto asked, breaking the girl from her observations. "Are you just going to stare at it?"

"S-Shut up, dobe!" she exclaimed. Shaking her head, Satsuki took a deep, steadying breath. "I'm just trying to think of what to do first!"

Brushing off another of the old insults the girl used to call him, Naruto frowned slightly. "Maybe you should start by stroking it, maybe even licking it."

"I know what to do," the Uchiha told him. "I'm just trying to get over the size of it, that's all," she muttered under her breath.

Taking another deep breath, Satsuki began to move her hand up from the middle of Naruto's dick to the head and then back down, the wetness from the rain and his own sweat slightly helping to slick up his member. Growing bold, the girl placed her other hand onto the cock just above her left, double fisting his dick.

"Ooh!" Naruto breathed as he leaned back, "your hands feel nice on my cock, Satsuki-chan."

"Really?" she asked. Encouraged she increased the pace of her strokes, her hands gliding across bumpy skin of his dick, squeezing the meat on the down stroke. Hearing a moan, Satsuki watched as a clear liquid began to bead at the tip. Stopping her stroking to hold the cock level with her mouth, the girl leaned forward and flicked out her tongue cutely, earning a loud moan as she licked up the bead of liquid and swallowed it down.

"Mmm," she moaned at the salty but still enjoyable to her taste, Satsuki flicked her tongue out again, licking all around the cockhead, even under the crown, enjoying the slightly bitter taste of her man, before giving the tip a kiss.

"God damn…" Naruto groaned as he felt Satsuki's cute, little tongue try and slightly succeed to worm its way into his urethra, trying to get more of his pre-cum.

With a loud smooch, Satsuki pulled back and licked her lips before leveling Naruto with a half-lidded gaze. "Told you I knew what to do," she simmered. Before he could reply, she leaned back in, lavishing the blond's cock with a multitude of kisses down the left side to his trimmed blond pubes. Kissing further down she planted two sloppy kisses on his huge balls before licking her way back up the underside.

"So big," she whispered before gulping down all of her fear. She could do this! Placing her lips on the tip of the cockhead, she pushed her way down taking the first few inches of the member into mouth.

"Ooh god…!" Naruto groaned as Satsuki began to suck his dick, her tongue circling around his head and under the crown. "That feels so good, Satsuki-chan!"

Further encouraged, the girl pulled back, sucking the entire way, then pushed down even further, taking another inch into her mouth. She did this several times, eliciting loud moans from the blond, until she had enough of his fat cock in her mouth that the head was hitting the back of her mouth. Pulling back, Satsuki began to bob her head back and forth on the first third of the meaty dick, her tits jiggling with the action.

After several moments of her 'first' blowjob, an idea formed in Satsuki's mind. Releasing Naruto's cock from her mouth with a wet plop, the ravenette wrapped a hand around its girth and began drooling all over it.

"Satsuki-chan?" the blond questioned, confused as to why she would stop just to drool on him. It was an erotic sight to be sure, but he was enjoying his first blowjob.

"Just relax, Naruto-kun," she told him with a knowing smirk as she began to spread her saliva on his fat cock. "You're going to love this."

Watching as he nervously did as told, Satsuki kneeled back between his legs, sitting tall on her knees. Giving him a smirk, she pressed her chest up to his crotch and wrapped her tits around his cock, adding tightness by pressing on the sides of her breasts.

"Shiiit!" Naruto moaned as the Uchiha slid her large globes up and down his dick, increasing his pleasure tenfold. "Your tits feel so good around my cock, Satsuki-chan!"

"I'm glad," the girl said with a smile, the image kind of ruined with his massive dick sliding against her cheek. Clicking her tongue, Satsuki opened her mouth and took the offending member back into her mouth, her head bobbing with her cheeks.

"Ahn! God!" the blond groaned out feeling cum building up for release. "I'm gonna… Gonna blow!" He exclaimed. Watching her blow and titfuck him, Naruto clenched his teeth. "Fuck it!" He reached out and grabbed Satsuki's nipples before he began to thrust his hips up, pumping his cock further into the ravenette's mouth.

"Nmmnn! Mmmn!" Satsuki moaned out as she felt her nipples being roughly pinched and the cock in her mouth starting to be forced into her throat.

"I'm…" Naruto yelled out as he grabbed the top of the Uchiha's head, "I'm cumming!" With the roar, he forced the head of his dick down Satsuki's throat as he exploded, hot, thick cum shooting into the girl's throat. Satsuki tried her best to swallow the gooey liquid, but it was simply too much, thick strands of cum blasting from her overstuffed lips as well as her nose.

"Mmm…" she moaned dazedly after several seconds as she regained her senses, feeling the cock in her throat still pulsing as it kept ejaculating. Pulling back, she kept swallowing the jizz, the thick baby batter warming her belly. Getting the head into her mouth, she let it fill her cheeks to bulging then swallowed, enjoying the taste and gooeyness of the blond's cum.

Pulling away, she gave the dick a couple strokes, a ribbon of thick, pearly white jizz splashing onto her face, covering nearly half of it and oozing onto her breasts in gooey strands. Having had to close her left eye, Satsuki aimed the sperm cannon away from her and watched amazed as it shot three more ribbons of cum, each shorter than the last, before it petered off, dribbling thick droplets of semen onto the ground.

"Holy shit…!" Naruto breathed heavily as he leaned back, his head and torso covered in sweat.

"I'll say…" Satsuki whispered, amazed. Suddenly, she glared at Naruto, who blinked, and then slapped his nuts, the semen tanks jiggling with the action.

"Shit! What was that for!?" the blond exclaimed as he held his balls.

"Hmph!" the girl turned away from him, her arms crossed under her breasts. "Don't do that again. I might have enjoyed your cum, but I didn't enjoy you forcing your dick halfway down my throat."

"S-Sorry," the Uzumaki muttered. He looked down, eyes downcast before they lit up as an idea struck him like a lightning bolt. "I'll make it up to you, Satsuki-chan!"

"Wha-!" she barely managed to get out before Naruto had tackled her to the ground, his lips on hers in a sloppy kiss, his tongue licking up his own to deposit into her mouth, as his hands latched onto her cummy tits, groping them and massaging the leftover jizz into her flesh, leaving her skin with a shiny sheen.

After a moment of this, Naruto moved his right hand down Satsuki's body lightly tracing his fingertips over her flat tummy down to her skirt. Unzipping the clothing, he swiftly pulled it off, the woman lifting her legs to help as she moaned into the kiss. Gliding his hand back down her long, toned leg, glad she decided not to wear stockings today, to her covered core, drawing circles on top of her mons.

"Uhn," Satsuki moaned at the feeling. Her eyes went wide as his fingers slipped further down rubbing her pussy lips through her panties. "Ooo-ooh, N-Naru…"

"Shh, just enjoy it," he said, his fingers getting slicker as he quickened his rubbing, before suddenly stopping. Ignoring Satsuki's disappointed groan, Naruto lifted his hand, liquid lust dropping from his fingers, clinging to the digits in strands as separated them in a scissor motion. Bringing it to his mouth, he loudly slurped the girl's juices from his fingers. Turning to her blushing wide-eyed stare, the blond just gave her a grin. "I want more."

"W-W-Wha…" she tried to ask as the boy slid down her body, laying kisses on her breast, navel and pubis. Lifting her legs until her hips were off the ground, Naruto placed his face right above her pussy. "Th-That place is dirty, N-Naru…!" Satsuki tried to protest even managing to cover her mound.

Keeping her butt propped on his chest, Naruto grabbed her wrists and moved her arms away. "I'm not stopping until I've repaid you, Satsuki-chan. So, like I said, just enjoy it."

"Uh, uh, oh, ooh!" Satsuki moaned loudly as Naruto began to nuzzle, lick and suck on her cunt through her panties – navy and lacy, probably now ruined. "Uhn… OH!" Her groan turned into a shout as the blonde her clit, the nub not only exposed and rubbing against the rough fabric of her underwear but now being gently bitten through the lace.

"Oh god!" the woman exclaimed as she felt her pussy quiver as an orgasm rocked through her. For his part, Naruto blinked as thick but clear liquid squirted through Satsuki's panties and onto his face, but immediately latched his mouth onto her, drinking deeply of her juices.

"Huff… huff… huff…" panting, the ravenette looked up at the blond through half-lidded, tired eyes. "Satisfied?"

"Fuck no," he grinned.

"Wha-Naruto!" Satsuki yelled as she watched him pull her panties off, exposing all of her to him, and grunted as her ass fell onto his lap, his dick already iron hard as it pressed into her crevice.

Raising her lower half up by her legs using his left hand, Naruto smirk as he leered at Satsuki's pussy, her engorged lips wet and pouty, enhancing the folds pretty pink color, before pressing his mouth to her nethers, kissing and licking at the flesh, fully enjoying her tangy flavor.

"Oh… Oooaahn!" the Uchiha moaned loudly as the blond's tongue entered her tunnel, the muscle trying desperately to lick every inch it could of her sex. "Aah… Aaahn!" a sigh turned into another moan as Satsuki felt Naruto lift his head away from her pussy, only for him to lick her slit up to her clit, taking the small bundle of nerves into his mouth as he started rubbing circles over her entrance with his middle and ring fingers.

Giving a gentle bite and tug to her clit, which elicited a breathy moan, Naruto began to slide his way up Satsuki's body, giving long licks and sucks to her stomach and breasts as he did so. Even with her lips, he captured them in a steamy kiss just as he plunged his fingers inside her.

"Ooohn!" she moaned into their kiss. Deviously, Naruto began to spiral his fingers around inside her as he quickened his thrusting, making the ravenette go wide-eyed as their kiss broke. "N-Naruto! I'm… I'm gonna…!" Not feeling him stop, Satsuki slammed her feet on the ground and thrust her hips skyward, her whole body lifting off the ground as her head fell back with her tongue sticking out, Naruto having to move under her and prop her up with his free hand. "C-CUMMING!"

Feeling her pussy quiver and clench around his fingers, the Uzumaki kept finger blasting the girl through her orgasm, her juices soaking his hand as they squirted out of her with a splish and pitter-pattered on his crotch. "Y-You're still… oohn god! Y-You're still g-g-going, e-even though… uungh, aah!" Satsuki tried to say through her orgasm, but ended up moaning as Naruto brought her to two more climaxes, her quivering quim continuously squirting liquid out, drenching his cock as it stood tall several inches away and under her.

"Uungaah," Satsuki moaned/sighed as the blond under finally stopped, allowing her to collapse on top of him, her body spasming from the intense multiple orgasms. "N-Naruto…" she breathed as slowly turned her head to look at him, "y-you idiot…"

"W-What?" he asked as he looked into her eyes, the onyx orbs glistening. Unable to help himself, the young man raised his head and kissed the Uchiha. Her eyes closing, Naruto suddenly slid out from under the girl and got between her legs. "Sorry, Satsuki-chan, I just can't stop myself anymore."

"N-Naruto-kun…" the girl breathed before turning her head and lifting her legs, spread wide, her hands resting on her chest above the swell of her breasts. "G-Go ahead."

Naruto gulped the moisture gathering in his mouth as he lined his dick up with her carnal entrance, rubbing the head in a circle on the moist opening. "A-Are you sure?"

"U-Uh huh," she nodded, giving him a cute, pouty look, complete with a dark blush. "I-I'm ready."

"Satsuki-chan!" the blond exclaimed as he thrust his hips forward. Satsuki's mouth opened in a breathy moan as her pussy was spread wide by Naruto's fat cock. "Huh? There… There's no barrier…? I thought…" Naruto started asking as the only resistance he felt was from the girl's tight tunnel.

Satsuki looked away, embarrassed. "I… I may have borrowed one of my mother's toys…"

Naruto blinked at the confession before grinning widely. "Hehehe… Satsuki-chan!"

"Wha-aahnmm!" she tried to ask but immediately moaned as Naruto thrust his fingers into her mouth, still soaked in her own cum, just as he started lunge into her, his huge cock digging into her wet depths and filling her past the brim. Looking at where they were connected, Satsuki's eyes widened, watching as her pussy was stretched by the fat meat. "Ooh… oohn… aahn!" she moaned as his hand left her mouth and he began to fondle her tits with both hands.

Left eye involuntarily twitching from the pleasure he was experiencing, Naruto firmly groped his lover's breasts as he increased the pace of his thrusts, trying to get more of his member into her tightly gripping tunnel. Moving his hands to Satsuki's hips, the blond grunted as, pulling out to the head, he slammed his hips forwards, spearing the woman on most of his fat cock, the bulge in her stomach reaching past her navel.

"Aaagh!" Satsuki screamed out as she was completely stuffed, a shock running up her spine and making her go rigid, her previously untouched cervix being forcibly kissed by Naruto's cockhead. Liquid sprayed from her overstuffed lips, drenching the blond's crotch once more. "Fuck me…" she breathed out as her senses returned several heartbeats later.

"You got it!" Naruto exclaimed as he moved his hands down to grip her asscheeks, lifting her lower half and back off the floor as he straightened his back, sitting on his knees and balls of his feet. In this position, it felt like the blond had gone even deeper inside her, his tip set firmly against the mouth of her womb.

"N-Naruto…!" the ravenette barely managed to say before he pulled out and then pushed back in, his strokes becoming faster and more forceful than before, her tits bouncing back and forth, nearly hitting her in the chin. "Oh, oh, oh, oh… Aaahn!" she panted and moaned as another orgasm was forced out of her almost immediately, followed by another and another, her sensitive cunny not allowed a moment of respite as that glorious cock stirred her insides without pause, the head battering against her final barrier sending electricity racing through her body and into her head. "N-No more…! No more…! I-I'm going to… going to cum!"

"M-Me too!" Naruto exclaimed as he gripped her ass even tighter, his eyes closed and teeth clenched. He could feel his sack tightening against his balls as they started to ache, the cum building up, ready to fill Satsuki to the brim. "I-I'm almost THERE!" He yelled as he put all his strength into his next thrust.

"NonononooOAANHGH!" Satsuki chanted as she shook her head before locking up in rigor with a scream as Naruto did what she thought impossible – he pushed past her cervix and knocked the back of her uterus with his cockhead, its bulbous shape bulging her belly outward slightly. Eyes rolling back and tongue lolling out to drool all over her face, the Uchiha's mind went blank as her pussy contracted, spasmed and pulsed heavily, creamy girl-cum spraying out her plugged cunt.

"Cumming!" Naruto finally exclaimed as he pistoned once more into her, his thighs clapping against hers lewdly as he exploded, his thick man-milk filling her womb to the brim and then some as his dick throbbed heavily with every spurt.

"Wh-Wha…?" Satsuki tried to ask as she came to her senses, yet still dazed. "O-Oh, oh N-Naru…!" she moaned as she felt the warmth and fullness in her belly. "Ghg~ aahn~!" she grunted then moaned as her womb refused to take anymore and felt the blond's thick seed gush back down through her pussy and squirt past her lips with a squish, triggering a micro-orgasm.

"Huff huff huff… uuhaahn~!" the woman panted and groaned as Naruto set her down, his dick pulling from her womb allowing most of the cum inside it to spill out, though a healthy amount of the blond's load remained. "That was~ That was~" she tried say as she looked into the blond's eyes as rested above her, the sweat from his brow falling onto her own. "That was so good, Naru-kun…"

"Y-Yeah…" Naruto breathed out as he caught his breath before giving her a wide grin as thunder boomed overhead, the raining coming down even heavier. "Ready for round two?"

"W-What do you~? Ah!" Satuski began to ask but it ended in a squeal as the blond gripped her hips and rolled them both over, putting her on top of him, his dick already hard again inside of her. "N-Naruto! No, I-I need to…"

"Come on, Satsuki-chan! You know you want to!" the Uzumaki argued, illustrating his point by thrusting up into her, his tip once again kissing her cervix.

"D-Damn it, dobe," the woman grumbled as she could feel another orgasm already approaching. Falling onto his chest as her pussy trembled on his thick member, Satsuki looked into Naruto's eyes, seeing both lust and love in his cobalt orbs. Reaching around the back of his head, she brought him into a kiss as his own hands began to grope and knead her tight, jiggly ass.

Ending the kiss, Satsuki began to rock herself back on the blond's hardness, panting as the fat slab of cockmeat continued to stretch out her cunt. "D-Do you like this, N-Naru-kun?" she asked as she fucked herself on him, her tits sliding along his chest, her diamond hard nipples scraping against his skin.

"Y-Yeah," Naruto moaned out, greatly enjoying the girl's pussy as it massaged his bone. "You're so tight inside~! You feel so good, Satsuki-chan!"

Smirking, Satsuki rose up. "What about this?" she questioned again as she raised her hips up and slammed back down onto his own, moaning with the action.

"Mmmhmm," Naruto groaned his approval as she rode him. Content to let her do the work this time, Naruto watched mesmerized as Satsuki's tits bounced up and down.

"Play with them," Satsuki breathed out as she grabbed the blond's wrists and placed his hands on her breasts, his fingers sinking into the flesh as she held onto his arms. "You really like my tits don't you, Naru-kun?"

"Mmhm," he hummed with a nod as massaged her boobs with a sure grip. "And your ass, your legs, your hips, your eyes, your hair. I like everything about you, Satsuki-chan. But, right now, I really love your pussy. It's so tight around my dick I'm already about to cum again."

"R-Really, uhn, m-me too," the Uchiha girl said as her eyes watered, her bouncing getting faster as the pressure began to build to the boiling point. "L-Let's cum together!" she panted out as she interlocked her fingers with the blond's and moved her feet under her. Using the leverage of this new position, Satsuki slammed herself down onto Naruto, taking as much of it as she could, nearly forcing the head into her womb again.

"S-Satsuki-chan!" Naruto shouted over the rain as he began to hump up on her down strokes. "I-I'm cumming!"

"M-Me too! N-Naruto-kun!" Satsuki yelled as Naruto's cock once again bottomed out in her womb and fired jets of steaming hot semen into her, the force of her own orgasm arching her back as foamy pussy juice sprayed onto the Uzumaki's lap in a puddle. Feeling the fullness in her abdomen, the girl was shocked to watch as her belly bloated slightly with the amount of jizz being packed into her baby oven. Sluggishly, she lifted herself until Naruto's dick popped out of her womb and sighed as the thick man-cream spewed out of her womb and gushed out of her cock stuffed pussy in thick rivulets, the white ooze mixing with her own spent fluids and pooling on and under the blond's pelvis.

"That… That was so good," Satsuki sighed breathlessly as she collapsed onto her lover. "Amazing, even…"


"Wha…?" she tiredly asked at the sound only for her eyes to widen as she felt Naruto harden once again inside of her. "N-No way…!"

"Sorry, Satsuki-chan," Naruto mumbled before flipping them over once again so he was on top, her legs spread and held towards her head as he leaned into her on the balls of his feet, all but her shoulders and head off the ground.

"N-Naruto! No! I-I can't! I'm too so-OOH!" her pleas turned into a loud moan as the blond plunged into her yet again, immediately pulling back to the head just to spear her again on his thick shaft. Over and over, Naruto jackhammered his cock into Satsuki, his heavy balls slapping lewdly against her ass as her tits jiggled rapidly, trapped as they were between her legs.

"Un, un, un~!" the woman groaned out as her cunt was swiftly drilled, her protests dying as pleasure was the only thing Satsuki could think of. "OoohaAAHN!" She moaned out as her umpteenth climax ripped through her, creamed fem-cum squirting all over herself as it was continually stirred and sloshed by Naruto's oversized pestle in her mortar.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto shouted as he slammed his cock balls deep into Satsuki's writhing pussy, his cockhead smashing and flattening against the back of her womb, making a bulge in her abdomen, and came, jet after jet of thick cum filling her to max capacity and beyond.

"Oo~ooh~! Gaawwd~!" Satsuki moaned as her stomach bloated a little more than the last time around the size of a small melon, so drowned in jizz as her womb was.

"Uuh uhn…" Naruto grunted as he thrust once more into the woman and pulled back to sit on his knees and toes, his dick pulling free of Satsuki's pussy with a wet, schluuurp pop! as it fired another shot, letting her fall to the ground, her legs still raised. With a schliiishp, pearly white cum gushed from the Uchiha's squeezing hole like a lewd waterfall as her stomach shrunk back to its previous condition. As that happened, Naruto wrapped his right hand around his dick and stroked it several times before leaning his head back with a groan.

"Ahn!" Satsuki moaned as a ribbon of cum splashed onto her chin. "Oh…" she moaned again as a second large rope of jizz covered her tits. "Haa…" she breathed as a final, smaller load of semen pooled in her navel.

"That…" Naruto breathed out as his dick finally went flaccid, his sweaty body sagging, "that was the best thing ever. Satsuki," he said, catching her by surprise with the lack of honorific, "I think I… love you."

"Hmph~! Idiot," she admonished as she sat up, her pussy still oozing out cum. Getting on her knees, she embraced the blond before giving him a kiss. "I love you, too.

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