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Author's Note: This is AU, but it still contains slayers, watchers, and vampires, extra.

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Summary: Buffy Anne Summers is six years old and she is about to meet a part of her destiny.

Couples: B/A as friends, Makoto/Kit

Title: Enter the Slayer: The Beginning   Introduction – part 1/?

Author: TK


Introduction to the Characters:


Timeline: 1987 in this story.


Buffy Anne Summers: A six year old little girl full of spirit, and kindness.  She has two older brothers Riley Summers and William Summers, a.ka. Spike.  She lives in Los Angels and attend ends LA elementary. She has honey blonde hair and sparkling green eyes.  She is destine to become the Chosen One.

Tellsah Ryan: She is a six year old that attendants Buffy's school and dance class. She is Buffy's best friend.  She is daring and likes to encourage Buffy to succeed.  She had black curly hair and piercing blue eyes.

Willow Rosenburg: Buffy and Tellsha third member of their little group. Willow is smart and has pretty red hair that falls to the middle on her back.  She goes to the same school as Tellsha and Buffy.

Makoto Winters: The Current Chosen One.  Mako for short she comes to Buffy and Tellsha's rescue and takes a liking to Buffy.  Along the way Makoto helps Buffy learn to be the slayer she would grown up to be. She is like Buffy's older sister.

Kit Giles: A nephew of the Rupert Giles.  Kit is a friend and love interest of Makoto.  He would do anything for her, and his fighting skills are amazing.  He has dark brown hair, and warm green eyes sure to make any woman's heart melt.

Merrick: Makoto's watcher and trusted friend.  He will later become Buffy's watcher.

Rem: Makoto's best friend and witchy allie.  Rem takes care of a boy that was born to a vampire father and human mother.  Rem is kind and loving.  She is a very successful lawyer, and helps Makoto with the super unnatural when ever she can.

Liam Angelus O'Connell: A little seven year old boy with chocolate brown hair and warm brown eyes.  He is the son of a vampire father and human mother.  He has the strength of the vampire, and the moveablity, but he had none of their weakness. He feeds like any other human.  He does not drink blood or have fangs, however, he occationally had golden eyes.  He likes Buffy the minute he sees her.

Riley and Spike Summers: Buffy's older brothers who like to pick on their little sister every chance they get.  Despite this, they do  love her, and when she starts to act weird they begin to wonder about her.

Christan Ryan: Tellsha's older brother.  Best friends with Riley.

Minor charaters: Joyce Summers, Hanks Summers (Buffy's parents)  Melissa and Kevin Ryan (Tellsha's parents)  Maya (Merrick's younger sister)

Timenight: the big bad in the first story.


Part 1


            Little Buffy Anne Summers hummed happily to herself as she sat beside her best friend Tellsha.  The little six year old had just gotten done with her dance class at LA's fanciest dancing studio, and she was happily awaiting her older brother Riley.  Buffy was little for her age, but she was a very brave little girl.  She stuck up for anyone that she believed was getting wrong done to her.  Buffy's little honey blond hair bounced up and down and her green eyes sparkled as she watched the rain fall down outside.

            "What do you think is taking Riley so long?" Tellsha, Buffy's little black head best friend, asked the little blonde.

            "Probably hitting on Sam again, and she's probably shooting him down.  He likes her whole bunch, but Spike said that our older brother doesn't stand a chance with the martial artist," Buffy said matter or factly.

            "Christen is saying the same thing," replied Tellsha speaking about her older brother.  "Then again Christen couldn't get her either so," she added giggling.

            "True," Buffy stated.  "I'm having a birthday party tomorrow, and Mommy says that you and Willow can sleep over," the little blonde told her best friend. 

            "That sounds like fun.  Is Willow home from Space Camp?" she asked referring to the third member of their little group of three, Willow Roseburg.  A little red head that went to LA elementary with Buffy and Tellsha and had been friends with them both since before school started.

            "Buffy, Tellsha, is your ride here yet?" Mrs. Deanne asked her two prized pupils as the dance teacher walked up to them.

            "No, they're not, sorry you have to wait Mrs. Deanne," said Buffy apologizing.  "My brother is late, again!" she exclaimed.

            "It's okay, Little One," Mrs. Deanne assured the little blond.  "I don't mind waiting at all."

            "There they are," Tellsha said all of a sudden.

            "Where?" Buffy asked turning her attention away from her teacher, and looked back out the window.

            "Bye, Mrs Deanne," Tellsha said grabbing Buffy's hand and pulled her friend in a hurry outside.


            "Where's my brother?" Buffy asked as soon as they were outside.

            "He's not here yet.  I say we walk home," said Tellsha voicing her opion.  "I mean it's not like we don't know how to get there," she pointed out.

            "I know, but it's getting dark and we're not suppose to walk around durning the dark.  Mommy said so," Buffy stated being the voice of reason.

            "Oh come on, don't be such a baby," insisted Tellsha.  "We're only ten blocks from home any way," she said.

            "Okay, fine," Buffy said giving in.  She didn't want to be called a baby again.  No way!

            "Let's take a short cut," Tellsha said grabbing Buffy's hand and pulling her into the alley on 17th street.

            "Tellsha, we're going to..," Buffy started but stopped when she heard a sound behind them and chills went up her back.  "Tellsha, let's hurry," she said suddenly feeling scared.

            "Why?" Tellsha asked turning to look at her friend.  When she noticed Buffy had a weird look on her face she got worried.  "Buffy, what's wrong?" she asked.

            "Something is behind us," Buffy said as the creepy feeling got stronger and stronger.  "Tellsha, run," Buffy said quietly as another loud sound caused her to jump.

            The two six year's olds took off down the alley, and straight across the street.  It's a good thing that there were no cars otherwise the two could have been hit.  Once across the street and out of the alley Buffy stopped to take a breath, but when a chill hit her again she started to run.  Suddenly with out warning two hands shot out and grabbed her and Tellsha pulling them into a near by alley.

            "Let us go, HELP!," Buffy yelled at the top of her lungs.

            "Someone help us," Tellsha yelled before she was thrown back against a pair of wooden crates.

            Buffy was soon thrown right next to her.

            "Well, well, what do we have here?" asked a guy with a funny looking face.  "Looks like we have a pair of little girls that should taste sweet," he told his friend a dark haired girl.

            "What are you?" Buffy asked pulling Tellsha behind her.  She was scared and wanted her Mother. 

            The two people in front of them looked scary. They had wrinkly faces, and what looked to be fangs coming from their mouths.  Their eyes glowed a bright yellow, and a wicked smirk crossed their faces. 

            "They look like those monsters in the movies that Christen and Riley watch," Tellsha spoke up from her hiding spot behind Buffy. 

            "You mean Vampires?" Buffy asked fear plainly in her voice.  Tellsha was right thought these did look like monsters, and she had to figure out someway to get her and her friend out of harms way. 

            "Yeah, vampires," the male vampire snapped wickedly, "and you're going to be our on trays before we go out and kill more people.  Now come here," he demanded as he reached for Buffy. 

            "No," Buffy yelled quickly stepping to the right, taking Tellsha with her.  The vampire missed, but was not for long. 

            "You little brats," the dark hair girl growled grabbing onto Buffy's arm and pulled her away from Tellsha.  "You are hardly going to fill my stomach, but watching you die with be entertainment for me," she said causing Buffy to whimper.

            "Hey, Fashion victim," a female voice yelled from behind the two vampires and little girls.  "How about you pick on someone your own size," the voice stated before a arrow struck though the heart of the girl holding Buffy.

            "Who are you?" Buffy asked looking up at the tan black headed girl.

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