Author: TK
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Rating: PG-15
Couples: B/A, Mako/Kit, maybe more later
Authors Note: The beauty called Raven was banished 1000 years ago from the realm of Earth, now she's back and it's up to a now fourteen year old Buffy to defeat her and once again lock her away.
Authors Note 2: This is a sequel to 'Enter The Slayer'
Authors Note 3: A Hanyou is a word that describe half human/half demon beings in Japanese, or so I have read, so I'm going to use it in some parts when speaking about Raven.

Introduction to the characters:
Makoto: is the current Slayer. She saved Buffy when Buffy was six and now her and Buffy are like sisters. She is 24 years old.
Rem: is Makoto's best friend. She contains magic and is two years older then Makoto.
Riley/Spike: are Buffy's two older brothers. Spike is 24 and Riley is 26 and married to a girl named Samantha.
Kit: is Makoto's fiancé. He has great skills in researching the mystic, and often helps Makoto fight. He is 26.
Tellsha/Willow: are Buffy best friends since she was little. They are both fourteen.
Angel: is the son of a vampire and human parents. His parents were killed when he was little and Rem took him in as her little brother. He is fifteen, and has skills that he hasn't fully put to the test yet.
Xander: Angel's best friend next to Buffy. He is 15 years old.
Maya: is Merrick's sister. She is kind and loving and looks after the young adults as her own grandchildren.
Merrick: is Makoto's watcher, and Buffy's future watcher.
Dawn Summers: is Buffy's little six year old sister.
Pike: is a new boy in school, that likes to cause trouble. He is fourteen.
Raven: is an ancient evil beauty, who is 1500 years old. She was beaten by the Slayer Annie, but at a price. Now she is back and looking for power.

Part 1
Year 995
"She here's," yelled the people as they ran away from the raven hair beauty who stood up on the healing rock in the gray square of the old village of Midland. "Run for your lives, she 's a monster," cries of terror rang out.
"That's right run," laughed the raven haired beauty. "Run, it makes it more enjoyable when my darlings catch you," she cried out wickedly.
"Miss, can we eat these humans now?" asked a tall skinny young lad baring his fangs hungrily.
"Make them cry out," his Miss answered," but remembered the Blue Crystal is mine," she told him and the rest of her followers.
The gang of vampires and demons alike took leave of their Miss, who if you didn't know any better you would think she was a human. Raven, which is what she was called due to her raven hair, was a beauty un like no other human girl. The only catch being, she wasn't full human. She was half human, half demon. On the outside her human features enabled her to get villages to trust her, and allow her into their lives, the inside she demon and the angry, strength and hatred of the human race went through her veins. For five hundred years she had ran from one village to another destroying everything in her path, taking what she wanted. Now she wanted a blue Crystal, that was said to contain great power to rule over all demons and humans a like. Sadly she had been unable to find it, and was growing tired of searching for it.
"Look at them cry out," said Raven laughing in pleasure.
"You're the one who's going to be crying out, Raven," a female voice stated from behind Raven.
"Ah, Annie, I was wondering when you would show up," Raven said turning around to face the red headed Slayer. The young girl before her had been a pain in her side since, for years, just like the other slayers before her. However, all slayers fell eventually, and Raven planned to personally make sure this pretty young thing fell.
"Still looking for the Blue Crystal I see," stated Annie watching Raven getting down from the healing stone. "How can a creature such as yourself stand to be on a stone that is filled with healing power, is beyond me," she stated reaching for her wooden stake.
"Ready to die today, Annie?" asked Raven transforming her human hands into claws of steel and her teeth became fangs. "I will take great pleasure in killing you," she snarled taking a stance to attack.
"Show me what you got," taunted Annie taking an defense position," but I promise you, you're going to be the one to lose," she vowed.
"We shall see," commented Raven just before swiping at Annie's head.

Part 2
Present 1995:
"Buffy, what are you doing?" asked Makoto Winters walking into the newly built training room at the mansion on Maine Street.
"I'm working on fighting with a sword," the fourteen year old golden blond replied swing the sword in front of her. "You told me I needed more pratice," Buffy pointed out hang the sword up on the wall.
"Yes, that is true," agreed Makoto picking up her sword, the Tetsiga," but if I remember right, you were suppose to find out whether or not you made cheerleading for this year, today," the twenty-four year old Slayer remind, the young girl who she had thought of as her little sister since she met her eight years earlier.
Buffy looked at her adopted big sister with a wide grinned," I made it," said the teenager happily. "I am now a Hemery High Hog Cheerleader," she said proudly sitting down on a black work out bench.
"Way to go, Sis," responded Makoto brushing her black hair out of her face. "I knew you could do it," she said proudly swing her sword over her head in a defensive mode. "Where's your little sister?" asked Makoto referring to Buffy's little six year old sister Dawn. She had not seen the little brunette since she picked her and Buffy up from school that day.
"Kit took her out to the park," explained Buffy taking her long wavy hair out of the ponytail that held it. "Dawnie has got Kit completely wrapped around her little finger," commented Buffy watching Makoto place the Tetsiga back into it's case.
What she wouldn't give to use that sword. It could kill a hundred demons in one blow if the owner knew how to use it right, and Buffy only hoped that someday Makoto would teach her to use it.
"Like you don't have my, fiancé wrapped around yours," Makoto shot back with a laugh.
"No," insisted Buffy with a smile gracing her face," Kit says I have you though," she pointed out standing up from her seat.
"You do," admitted Makoto knowing it was true. Buffy was like her little sister, so Makoto treated her as one.
"I'm home," said fifteen year old Angel O'Connor walking into the training room. "Hey, Mako. Hey, Buffy," he said sounding a little tired. Placing his football uniform down on the table, he made his way over to the two girls. "What are you two up too?" he asked.
"Nothing," replied Buffy giving the boy she had a crush on a sweet smile.
Makoto rolled her eyes at Buffy," I'm going to see if Maya needs any help with supper," she said leaving the two young people alone. She knew that both Angel and Buffy really liked each other, but she also knew both were shy about asking the other out. It had been that way since they met eight years ago.
"How was practice?" asked Buffy back down on the black bench, and smiled when Angel sat down beside her and gave her his half grin that could always make her heart go pitter patter.
"It went good. Being a freshman on a Varsity team is a challenge," he stated followed by a big tired yawn. "Congrads, on making cheerleading," he said turning the attention on her. "You're going to be the prettiest girl out there," he complimented causing Buffy to blush and both their heart rates to speed up.
"Dinner, you two," Rem, Angel's step-sister yelled through the closed door.
"Come on foot-ball star," teased Buffy grabbing Angel's hand. "Let's go eat," she said leading him into the dinning room never once letting go of his hand, not that Angel complained one bit.

Part 3
"Buffy, Tellsha, is here," yelled little Dawn Summers running into her big sister's room. "She has a really cute boy with her," she said in delight as she hopped up and down on her little bare feet.
"Thanks, Sunshine," Buffy replied putting on the finishing touches to her lips stick. "What do you think, the pink a good color?" she asked her the little girl who was looking up at her in amazement.
"I like," stated Dawn nodding her head.
It was Friday night, and Buffy was heading over to a back to school party at Willow's house. Willow's parents were away for the weekend so when Tellsha suggested that Willow have a party at her house, Willow was more then happy to agree. Buffy wasn't so sure that having the party was a good idea, considering what could happen, but after Xander and Angel insisted that they would help clean Willow's house along with Tellsha and herself if it got to messy, Buffy jumped on the party wagon.

So now here Buffy was in her new black low ride jeans and blood read midriff tank top covered with a light red midriff peasant top. The long curls of her golden hair laid flat against her back as they shined in the light. The cute little red pumps that she had bought, on a shop spree with Makoto adored her feet. Checking herself once over in the mirror, she was ready to go knock the socks off of the boys. One boy in particular. Buffy grabbed her new cross necklace Rem had made her, that contained protection magic, and put in on.
"Can I come?" inquired Dawn giving her big sister her best pleading look.
"Not this time, Sunshine," replied Buffy using her nickname for Dawn. "I promise I'll take you to the park tomorrow though," she remarked as she made her way down the Summers' long staircase.
"Hi, Buffy," said Tellsha happily when she saw her best friend reach them. "This is Pike First, he just moved her from New York," related Tellsha," Pike, this is my best friend Buffy Summers."
"Nice to meet you," said Buffy politely. "Tellsha, I love your leather skirt," complimented Buffy as she grabbed her mini purse.
"Thanks, are you ready to party?" asked Tellsha taking Pike's hand into hers.
"Let's go," agreed Buffy following behind her Tellsha and Pike.
On the way out the door, Buffy made sure she had a stake in her mini bag in case there was trouble. True she was only a Potential slayer, but giving her history she needed to be ready for anything. Ever since she was six and was kidnapped by the evil vampire Time Night, Makoto had insisted that Buffy carry a stake with her at all times. Even though Buffy was an excellent fighter now, she was not to take any chances.

"Don't you look good tonight?" inquired Parker Abrams later that night, he walked up to Buffy and swung his arm around her shoulders. "How about you and me find a room, and spread so love?" he asked making Buffy was to throw up.
"Don't make me sick, Parker," stated Buffy removing his arm from her shoulders. "Why don't you go and find some other girl who would be stupid enough to give you what you want. Although I don't think you'll find to many of those anymore," she pointed out to the school player.
"You want me and you know it," insisted Parker not ready to give up on her yet. Buffy Summers was the hottest freshman he had seen in a long time, and as a Sophomore it was his right to have her.
"Parker, I believe Buffy said no," repeated Tellsha giving him a disgusted look.
"Was I talking to you, Tellsha?" demanded Parker giving Buffy's best friend a dirty look. He really didn't like Tellsha or Willow for that matter, but Buffy was a different story.
"Leave me alone," repeated Buffy pushing away from Parker once again. "Or you're going to wish you had," she threatened, she really had a strong urge to hit Parker hard.
"Oh yeah?" taunted Parker with a gleeful grin. "What are you going to do if I don't?" he asked laughing at his own intimidation.
"She's not going to do anything, but I will," a male voice threatened firmly from behind the group of girls and Parker.
"Angel!" exclaimed Buffy happily, she walked away from Parker and into Angel's protective arms. "I'm glad you could make it," she told him giving him a huge hug.
'Boy was he warm,' thought Buffy feeling Angel's body heat through his black wife beater. 'I love having his arms around me,' she thought as Angel tightened his hold on her.
"O'Connor, how are you?" asked Parker lightly. 'Boy did he hate Angel O'Connor. The guy got everything he himself had worked his butt off to get, and he didn't even notice what he had in front of him.'
"Fine," answered Angel shortly. He really didn't like Parker Abrams what so ever. He didn't understand how someone who treated girls so badly could be popular. Angel looked down at the golden blond in his arms, and held back the urge to hit Parker, for even touching Buffy. He knew that if Parker tried anything again he would personally kick the Sophomore's butt. Angel himself might only be a freshman, but that didn't mean anything.
"Buffy, do you want to dance?" asked Angel ignoring the two Junior girls who had come up to him and was at the moment trying to get his attention.
"Yes," uttered Buffy with happiness spreading though her. "That's a great idea," she said taking Angel's hand into hers and let him lead her into the room where the dancing was going on.

"Are you okay?" asked Angel once they were alone, and he had his arms wrapped securely around Buffy.
Buffy wrapped her arms around Angel's neck and smiled up at him," Yeah, I'm okay," she promised feeling goose bumps appear on her arms as Angel's hands moved smoothly up and down her back. "Thank you for your help with Parker."
"Not a problem," Angel assured her pulling her closer to him.
Buffy was enjoying the time in Angel's arms and the feelings spreading through her at the his touches, when suddenly they were interrupted by someone shouting.
"Hey, there's two guys outside trying to bite their dates," yelled Koo Trave with a terrified look on his face. "Oh, I'm bleeding," he whimpered feeling his neck before passing out at the sight of his own blood.
Buffy and Angel gave each other an 'oh great look' before making their was to the coat closet. Buffy needed to grab the stake out of her purse and Angel needed to grab his out of his new leather coat.
"Do you have any stakes?" Angel asked when they reached the coat closet.
"In my purse," answered Buffy reaching into her mini purse and pulled out the long wooden stake. "Do you?' she wondered when Angel grabbed his leather coat.
"Yeah, let's go," replied Angel softly. Making their way outside they were confronted with a familiar scene. Two vampire boys trying to get some necking in with two scared human girls.
"Be careful," Angel warned Buffy before they headed over to where the vampires were.
"Aren't I always," Buffy pointed out taking off into a run.
"I mean it," called Angel after her, knowing full well what Buffy was like when she was slaying. 'I guess it's good she has me,' he thought to himself taking off to follow her.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with your food," inquired Buffy delivering a side kick to the blonde vampire's side.
"You," snarled the other male vampire with his teeth baring blood of his victim, who was at the moment past out.
"Me," affirmed Buffy blocking a solid punch thrown by the blond vampire already up from the side kick she had given him.
"Good-night," taunted Buffy before sending the wooden stake home. The blond vampire gave her a shocked looked before disincarnating into a pile of ashes.
"Buffy, what's going on?" asked Ellie Christen with tears in her eyes. "What were they?" the frighten girl asked.
Buffy looked over at Angel quickly to make sure he had the other vampire, seeing that he had already dusted the remaining vampire, Buffy shared a victory smile with Angel before turning her attention back to Ellie.
"Ellie why don't we get you inside," ushered Buffy gently, helping the young girl up, Buffy and Angel managed to get her inside as well as the other girl. Both girls had been drinking so Angel and Buffy told them it was the beer making them see things, and the two man that jumped them had run off.
The two girls bought it much to Angel and Buffy's relieve. Tomorrow they would have to tell Makoto what happen. How she would react they did not know.

Part 4
"So the vamps showed up to party, huh?" questioned Makoto the next day as they were doing their daily sparring.
"Yeah," countered Buffy lunging at Makoto with her right fist, but the older girl caught in with no problem," but Angel and I took care of it," she continued on with confidence laced in her voice, from the night before. "Don't worry," she told the Slayer when Makoto went to side kick her and she flipped backed away from the leg.
"I'm the Slayer, Buffy, it's my job to worry," teased Makoto with a laugh. "It's in the Slayer's handbook. 'A Slayer shall worry," she joked in a fake, poor British accent.
"You are really scary sometimes," joked Buffy, as Makoto moved out of the sparring area.
"So I'm told," responded Makoto picking up her famous sword, Tetsiga. Turning around she handed the sword, of the first slayer, to the young future slayer. "I want you to learn how to use it," she explained when she saw Buffy's confused look. "I'm not going to be around forever, and it's time you learn to use this sword that holds a lot of power if its owner can see it," she added on with a smile. "Now take the third sword stance I have taught you," she instructed walking in front of Buffy to watch the young girl.
"Like this?" asked Buffy unsure if she was doing the right stance or not. Makoto had taught her many in the past eight years. The one she now held she had just learned two weeks ago.
"Good, now, just like Rem tells you to do when she is teaching you a protection spell, I need you to close your eyes and relax," commanded Makoto in a calming low tone. " Relax, and let the sword's power come to you,' she instructed softly.
Buffy listened to Makoto's voice as it got softer and softer. Shutting down all the outside noise, and everything else that could distract her. Holding the sword, which right now looked like a worthless piece of metal, but Buffy knew better. She had seen first hand what this sword was capable of. She knew there was power in this sword, something that dealt with the element of wind, but at the moment she was not seeing, what she knew Makoto had hoped she see. The power was there, that much she knew from the magic lessons Rem was teaching her and Angel, but she couldn't see, she just couldn't.

"So Buffy, have you heard the latest?" asked Tellsha walking beside her best friend the following day.
"What's the what?" questioned Buffy, as happiness surrounded her. She was having a great day. She managed to pass her history test with an A, thanks to coaching from Willow. Her parents were going to freak when they saw it. She never did this good in history. Then at cheer practice the morning the squad got to go out onto the field where the football players were practicing, and she had gotten to see a very handsome and shirtless Angel. Janelle had almost fallen in the extension Buffy and Chrissy were holding her in, due to Buffy's lack of attention at what she was doing. (A.N. an Extension in cheerleading, is when two people hold the feet of another and lifts them about chest height or higher depending on how far the squad is allowed to go. It's a really fun stunt to do.)
"I was in math class, right," rambled Tellsha," anyway that new guy I introduced to you last night, asked me if you were seeing anyone, and I told him you had a crush, but other then that you were single. Then he told me he was planning on asking you out today after school, so you're suppose to meet him in front of on the east side of the building at after school," the excited blond told her best friend.
"Tellsha, I don't want to go out with him," admitted Buffy plain and simple. "I want to go out with Angel," she reminded the girl beside her as they took their seat in English 151.
"Buffy, Angel hasn't asked you out yet," reminded Tellsha simply with a laugh. "Don't get me wrong I like Angel, and I think it would be the coolest if you two got together, but until he opens that handsome mouth of his and asks you out on a date, I say don't wait around."
"Tellsha, while I usually take your advice as well as Willow's this is one time I am going to decline. Pike seemed like a really nice guy, but I just don't have any interests in him," declared Buffy truthfully grabbing her gel pen out of her bag. "Why don't you go out with him?" she suggested giving her friend a encouraging smile.
"He's not my type," confessed Tellsha shrugging," I mean he's sweet and really cute, but I have my eyes on the captain of the basketball team, and I am determine to get him to notice me."
"He's a jerk!" exclaimed Buffy a little to loudly.
"Miss Summers, is there something you wish to share with the whole class?" asked Mrs. Johnson, the teacher, simply.
"No, Mrs. J, Sorry about shouting," apologized Buffy turning a little red at everyone's stares. "Tellsha, he goes through girls almost as fast as Parker does," she pointed out quietly as the teacher began that days lessons.
"A good girl can change a man," replied Tellsha determined to do just that with Tyler Alexander, the basketball captain.
"Good luck," wished Buffy turning her attention to taking down notes on the proper use of commons and quotation marks.

"Buffy, wait up," called Angel after school that day, when he spotted the golden blond walking away from the school building.
"Angel, hi," exclaimed Buffy grinning to no end, when the handsome fifteen year old ran up beside her. "Don't you have practice today?" she wondered as they walked towards the mansion on Maine.
"No, the coaches wife went into labor today and we got the afternoon off. I saw you the morning," he confessed hoping he was blushing. He had watched her practice the morning and couldn't help but watch her petite body and gorgeous smile while she practice. Buffy was an amazing girl, and if he ever got the guts to ask her out, he would tell her just that.
"Tellsha told me that the new guy Pike wanted to go out with me," bated Buffy slightly. Maybe if he new that others where interested in her, he would ask her out.
"Oh, what did you say?" wonder Angel, a part of him couldn't help, but feel jealous.
"I told Tellsha that Pike was a nice guy, but I wasn't sure," she played looking at him from the corner of her eyes. "Maybe I should say yes, what do you think?" she asked turning around to face him.
"I think you should do whatever you want to do," confessed Angel simply although inside he was screaming at himself to tell her, that she shouldn't go out with Pike, she should be with him.
"Oh," slightly disappointed Buffy turned her attention back to the road in front of her. What is it going to take to get him to ask her out?' she asked herself as they made there way to the mansion.

A few miles away from where Buffy and Angel were walking, in a field of dead trees and every other plant, there were three figures dressed in purple chanting in an old language of ancient times.
"A rise our Mistress," the chanted in eerie low tone voices. "A rise, and let this world know of you and your power. Save us from this endless fight, bring down the light," the chanted over and over again.
Lighting struck in a bolt, and out of the hole it made arose what appeared to be a beauty like no other. Her long raven hair followed down her back in waves. Her eyes turning so yellow that one would think she was wearing contacts.
" Final," she laughed. "Finally this world will once again bow at my feet. For I Raven am back," she declared to her followers laughing wickedly. "Let no one stop me."

"Mako, were home," yelled Angel as he and Buffy walked into the dining room. "What are you doing?" he asked giving the Slayer and his step-sister a weird look.
"We're trying to fix this blasted lamp," answered Rem plugging in the old glass lamp, but getting no light.
"Isn't that Maya's grandmother's lamp?" questioned Buffy walking over beside Makoto who at the moment was trying to glue piece back together.
"Mako, broke it," clamed Rem pointing at her best friend. "She got mad at the watcher's council and hit the wall, which in turn knocked the lamp over," she concluded with a giggle.
"I didn't mean to," defended Makoto," It was a total accident," she insisted looking at Buffy and Angel who both wore smiles. "Hey, you're not suppose to laugh at me," she told Buffy, which made Buffy laugh out loud.
"Says who?" insisted Buffy ducking behind Angel before Makoto could get her.
"Let's go train," suggested Makoto in a hurry. Rem could handle the lamp.
"Mako," called Rem when her best friend and the young potential left the room. "Makoto Winters, come back here," she insisted, all the while Angel sat down in his seat and laughed.

Part 5
"Hey, Buffy, did you see the news the morning?" questioned Willow the Thursday morning as she caught up with the golden blond after history class. "It said a group of twelve teenagers where found in the Old father's Woods slaughter."
Buffy shook her head," I saw it on the news," she claimed thinking about all the news reporter had said. It sounded a lot like a vampire attack, to her. The markings on the victims necks, the blood all drained, yet she didn't know to many vampires that would take the time to clean the victim up after draining their blood to make it look like the teenagers were simply sleeping.
"Earth to Buffy, are you in there," Tellsha's voice rang through Buffy's thought.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?" asked Buffy looking over at he best friend. "I was thinking about something else," she insisted adjusting her history books in her arms.
"Something else or someone else?" inquired Tellsha with a teasing smile pointing at Angel making his way over to the group of girls followed by Xander and a new friend Gunn.
"Hi, there," Xander chimed in," How are my girls today?" he asked swinging his arm around Willow and Buffy's' shoulders. "Looking good I see," he affirmed.
"Hey, Xan," Buffy shot back, lifting Xander's arm from her shoulder. "Angel, how was practice?" she asked the chocolate eye teenager giving him her sweet smile.
"It was good actually. The coach let me play, and he said I will be playing in Friday's game," he said proudly as he and Buffy walked away from their friends, and towards their algebra class.
"I can't wait to see you show the old boys how it's done," commented Buffy encouraglying.

Mistress, welcome home,' bowed Crow upon his knees. "I trust this place is to your liking," he prompt looking up at the raven hair hanyou.
Raven looked around the deep blood red mansion and smiled gleefully," It will do for now," was her simple rely. "Crow, have Olivia prepare my room and then bring me something juicy to ear," she instructed making her way away from the black colored demon bowing at her feet.
"Yes, Raven," obeyed Crow getting off his knees. With one last bow he left the hanyou woman alone.
Raven looked around the living room, in which she now stood. Seeing a balcony out of the corner of her eyes she couldn't resisted walking out on it. A wicked smiled played across her face, as evil thoughts danced through her mind.
"It's been 1000 years, Annie, and you are now nothing but a pile of bones. Was it worth it that night to take us both like you did? Was it worth your life knowing there was a chance that I would once again walk upon this earth," she asked looking up at the sky to were she was sure her greatest enemy now laid. "Looks like in the end I won, Slayer," she laughed throwing her head back. "You're nothing dead and there is no one who can stop me this time."
"Actually," Olivia, a beautiful wicked witch, spoke up startling her raven hair mistress," there is someone who might," she added when her mistress motioned for her to sit the young woman took a seat.
Raven felt a scowl appear upon her lips, looking at one of her new servants," Tell me more,' she demanded," tell me more about the threat I may face."

Angel laughed as he watched Buffy kick Larry King's butt seventh period in gym. The minute he had saw Larry grab Buffy's butt he knew Larry was going to go flying, and true to his thought Buffy flipped Larry throwing him a about six inches away from her. The teacher and the rest of the class had of course looked at her in shocked and some tried not to laugh as Larry stood up. Only Angel knew of Buffy's abilities, and only he knew she would one day have to use those abilities at their limits.
"Sorry," Buffy apologized to Larry, sounding anything but. "I have this thing, where I don't like guys grabbing my butt, and if you do it again you'll fly further, okay?" she asked brightly turning her back and walked over to were Angel now stood.
"Nice throw," commented Angel with a huge smile playing upon his lips. "I think you hurt Larry's male pride though," he said not really caring.
"So what, he has to learn he can't treat girls like that," Buffy pointed out sharing a mischief smile with Angel. "Do want to grab a bite to eat after school today? Tellsha and Willow are cramming for that Parenting class they took, and I know Xander is doing something with Gunn," she conveyed hoping Angel would say yes and then they could go on what she liked to call, a pre-date.
"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," agreed Angel, Buffy and him started to walk towards the locker rooms at their teachers instructions. "I have an off day today from football, and Makoto is training today so that means we don't have too," he rambled until they reached the girls and boys locker rooms. "I'll met you after school," he promised before making his way into the locker room.
"Yeah, later," repeated Buffy filled with happiness.

"Mrs. Ryan is so mean," complained Buffy later on that day. She and Angel were not seated at McDonalds sharing fries and each had their own Double Cheeseburger. "I mean how can she assign a ten page debt argument. Sure we get to pick the topic, but still it is so wrong," she popped a French fry in her mouth and sat back with the cute little pouty look on her face that Angel found so cute at times.
"Well it could be worst," Angel shot back. "At least that is your biggest problem with homework, I have that and a three page take home Algebra test and I have the teacher who can't teach with a darn," he referred to his Algebra teacher Danny.
"I can come over and help you with it, if you want," Buffy volunteered. She was a whiz and math, and once again she would get to send one on one time with Angel. "I sure my parents wouldn't mind."
"That would be great," accepted Angel, without thinking he took Buffy's hand within his and gave it a kiss," I'll love you for ever," he said without thinking about it.
Buffy looked up at him surprised at first, but when she noticed he didn't even notice what he said himself she felt a little disappointed. 'Oh well, I still have time,' she thought to herself as she continued to listen to Angel talked about his day.
Moments like this were he could just talk to her, and have her looking at only him, made his days worth putting up with. Angel had seen the way Buffy looked at him when he had said 'I'll love you forever,' it was a reassuring looked when he saw the hope in her eyes. 'Tonight, I'll ask her tonight,' he promised himself as he listen to Buffy's impression of the speaker they had had that day in English.

Part 6
"Hey, Angel," greeted Buffy later that night as she entered his room, where she found him working on his Algebra. "How's it coming along?" she asked pulling a seat over by him.
"I got the first page done and half to the second, but now I am into the quadric equation," he explained looking over at the young girl next to him.
"Okay, the formula is -b+_square root of b-4ac dived by 2a," Buffy explained taking one of his number two pencils and marked the equation at the top of the page. "Now if you take the problem 4x sq. +5x-25 all you do is put them in the equation like this," declared Buffy showing Angel how to do the work.
"Thanks goodness I have a smart friend," commented Angel giving Buffy his heart warming smile. "I don't know what I'd do without you, Buffy," he added earning a bright smile from Buffy.
"Probably get yourself killed," joked Buffy showing him how to do the next problem. "I mean without me around to protect you from things that go bump in the night, where would you be?" she continued at Angel's slight laugh.
"Who protects who?" questioned Angel, enjoying Buffy's company a lot.
"Actually, I do," a female voice said from Angel's doorway.
Buffy and Angel turned in time with one another to find Makoto standing in the doorway.
"Hi, Mako," said Buffy cheerfully. "Getting ready to go out on patrol," she asked indicating Makoto's black leather pants and midnight black tank top. "Can I go?" she wanted to know. Sure she wasn't the Slayer yet, and hopefully she never would be because that would mean Makoto had to die, and she seriously didn't want that.
"It's been pretty dead out lately, so I'll tell you what," promised Makoto walking into the room. "I won't be going out for another two hours, so if you help Angel get done before I go, then you can come with," she pinky sweared.
"Deal," agreed Buffy.

"Angel, do you want to come?" she asked the handsome teenager next to her.
Angel shook his head," No, but be careful," he warned both Buffy and Makoto. Sure he knew that both girls could take care of themselves, but that didn't mean he didn't worry, especially about Buffy.
"I'll be downstairs," Makoto informed Buffy before leaving the two young ones alone. 'May be she'll ask him out,' thought the Slayer as she made her way into her fiancés bedroom.
"Promise you'll be careful?" asked Angel taking Buffy's hand into his. He couldn't bear to lose her.
"Cross my heart," vowed Buffy feeling her cheeks get warm at the contact. 'It's now or never,' thought Buffy with a sudden inspiration to ask Angel out. "Angel, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Roller Skating rink tomorrow night, just the…two of us," she wonder shyly. Sure she had asked Angel to hang before, but never on the one on one date thing.
Angel was a little surprise at first. He had been ready to be the one to ask Buffy out, but now she was asking him out, it was great," Yeah, that would be great, I was just thinking about asking you the same thing, only to the movies," he admitted feeling his own cheeks get warm.
Buffy sigh with relieve," Well we could go to the movies if you rather," she compromised. "I don't really mind."
"Actually roller skating sounds fun," confessed Angel. "I haven't been in ages, and my roller blades are just collecting dust, it's time I brought them on out," he joked intertwining his fingers with Buffy's.
"Great," replied Buffy,"Only no laughing when I fall on my butt," she warned playfully.
"I would never laugh at you," swore Angel," besides you have trophies upon trophies from figure skating, if you can handle that then I am sure you can handle roller blades," he pointed out thinking about something he had heard.
"Your right," affirmed Buffy, a smile still plastered on her face.

"Have you found it yet?" demanded Raven as she put down he cup of blood. "I will not tolerate failure," she warned her followers bowing at her feet.
"Please, Mistress," pleaded Crow," allow us more time to find it," the demon was fearful of the Hanyou woman before him. He had heard the legends behind her appearance and what she as cable of.
"Fine, you have a week to find it, and if this centuries Slayer gets her hands on my power before I do, I will have your head," she vowed full of anger.
"Yes, Mistress," cowered Crow. "Anything else?" he asked wanting to get out of the room as fast as he could.
"I want you to have Olivia bring in that nice little boy she caught tonight, I feel a bit bored," responded Raven.
"Yes," Crow replied getting up from his position and left the room.
"Annie, Annie, why can't your kind die and leave us?" questioned Raven looking out of her window once more. "You Slayers, think you can beat back the darkness, but what you don't know is you can't, you're part of it."
"Mistress," interrupted Olivia dragging a crying five year old boy behind her. "Here is the boy you requested."
"Excellent, I think it's time to send a message to the Slayer," declared Raven as a evil idea came upon her. "Bring me every single knife you can find," she demanded grabbing the boy's arm and pulling him to her. "Such a tiny little boy," she cooed watching her servant leave the room. "You know I had a little brother about your age once," she taunted.
"Please, let me go," begged the little boy frightened. "I won't tell anyone, anything."
"No you won't," agreed Raven," because you won't have a way too," she threatened. "Neither did my little brother," she laughed full of hatred. "I will become more powerful and when I do, all shall bow before me," she declared as Olivia made her way back into the room and handed Raven what she has instructed to bring.
"Time to play," sang Raven and fear arose in the little boy.
"No," the little boy cries could be heard through the entire house followed by the most unpleasant laughter.

"So you and Angel, huh?" asked Makoto as she and Buffy made their way through Shady High Cemetery. "It's about time," she continued.
"How long did it take you to admit you were in love with Kit," Buffy shot back knowing she had a winning argument. "Besides it's the first date so it's not like we have admitted having feelings for one another," she reasoned playing with the stake in her hands.
"But you really like him and I can promise you he feels the same," assured Makoto at Buffy's questioning look. "I promise."
"I hope your right because I do really like him, and…omp," Buffy cried out as she tripped over something in her way.
"Buffy, are you…," Makoto stopped her questioned dead in her tracks. "Buffy, don't turn around," she demanded shutting her eyes for a moment at the sight.
"Why?" inquired Buffy standing up. "Mako, why can't I..," she froze I mid-sentence when she was what was on the ground before her.

There with blood and hanging limps was a little child. Looking to be about five and so innocent.
"How?" Buffy mumdered shocked and feeling sick at the same time. How could someone do this to such a innocent child? She didn't understand and she couldn't make her body move either.
"Buffy," Makoto manage to get out," Let's go call the police," she pushed the young blonde away from the scene with barely any strength in either of them at that moment.

Part 7
"You should have seen him, Rem," stated Makoto later that evening as she and her witch friend sat in her room. "That poor little boy was torn a part," she said voice full of sorrow. "He couldn't of been more then five and of all the nights to see a sight like that, Buffy had to be with me when I did."
"I'm sorry," apologized Rem. She knew first hand how hard being the Slayer was on her best friend. It wasn't an easy fight they were in, and at the end of the night or day you always had to ask yourself 'Did we make a difference??' "How's Buffy taking it?" she inquired about the young golden blond who was at this time in Angel's room.
"She's in shocked," replied Makoto running her hand through her jet black hair. "I had to pull her halfway home, and then then she really didn't say anything."
"Well hopefully Angel can help her," Makoto nodded.
"Rem, I don't think it's so much as the dead body that got to her so much as that fact that it was a little kid," emphasized Makoto. "I mean I have been the Slayer for nine years and it still doesn't fade. The sadness, sickness at seeing such a sight, it never fades," she admitted leaning back against her bed.
"Do you want me to look into the death of this boy some more?" asked Rem knowing her friend would, but asking all the same. "May be it means there is a new player in town, since it's been so quite as of late, and then bam! This happens," she reasoned kicking her feet upon Makoto's bed.
"That's actually a good idea," agreed Makoto closing her eyes. "Ask Kit to go on line and see if he can pull anything up tomorrow after the body has been examine, if there is anything to be examined," she added under her breath.
"Okay," responded Rem softly, getting off Makoto's bed when she saw her best friend was deep in thought. "I'll see you later," she told Makoto, but she knew chances where her friend didn't hear her.

"It was horrible," exclaimed Buffy as Angel wrapped his arms around her. "He was just a little boy," she cried hugging Angel back," he didn't deserve to die like that."
"No," confirmed Angel painfully," No one deserves that least of all a child."
"How can Mako stand to see sights like this often?" questioned Buffy when she realized that tonight's episode was one of the many deaths that she was more then likely to see. She helped fight now, and someday, she would be the Slayer. How was she going to stand seeing such sights night after night and not break down like now.
"I don't think she really can," whispered Angel running his hands smoothly up and down the back of Buffy's head trying to calm her down some. "It's something she had to deal with. Being the Slayer she had to get no use to it, , but after a while push away and except it," he tried to reason sitting down on his bed and pulled Buffy into his lap.
"Can I really do this?" she asked in an undertone. "Can I fight knowing that people are dieing because of the forces of darkness and I can't stop them all," she question.
Angel moved his hand under Buffy's chin and adjusted so he was looking into her usually beautiful green eyes, that at the moment held so much sorrow for the young boy that it broke his heart," Buffy, I wish we could protect everyone, but we can't. Our side is out numbered, but that doesn't mean that fighting is a lost caused. Look at how many times over the years Makoto has stopped the world from ending or saved someone," he own voice full of sorrow. "All we can do is try our best," he concluded brushing his hand softly against Buffy's tear stained cheek.
"I know," claimed Buffy nuzzling into his comforting arms. "In my heart I know, but it hurts to know I can't save everyone, and I'm wondering if that in the end will get someone killed or myself," she added on softly.
"Buffy, you're an amazing person.

Yeah, you can kick butt, even though you're not the Slayer yet. But what I think what makes you as good as you are now is your heart and soul. All these years I have admired how you could get anyone to smile just by saying something to them, or make them feel safe by giving them a hug. It's not your fighting skills that are going to help you protect the innocent in the end, Buffy, but your heart," he promised smiling down at her.
"Angel," Buffy said through tears. No matter how bad she felt, Angel always seemed to be able to make her feel better. Times like these she was so thankful to have him in her life.
"Buffy," Buffy heard Angel say sincerely right before she felt his lips upon hers. 'He's kissing me,' thought Buffy feeling herself being pulled tigher against Angel. 'it feels magical,' was her last though as she felt Angel deepen the kiss.

"Did the Slayer get me message?" asked Raven walking back and forth in her study room.
"Yes, Mistress, it has been confirmed that the Slayer and a young girl who usually works with her found the body earlier this evening," confirmed Olivia cleaning up Raven's dirty plates.
"The Slayer has allies, does she not?" demanded Raven sitting down and putting her feet up on the foot stool.
"She does," answered Olivia. "She has a watcher, a witch, and some normal guy that has been working with her for years, and eight years ago some fight took place and the end result was two more warriors on her team. The young lady that was with her tonight, is rumored to be a future slayer herself," she related the gossip she had been hearing through the grapevine.
"A Potential Slayer working with the Current Slayer," spoke Raven running her hands through the mess she called a hair do. "I want to know more about this Slayer. If I am to kill her then I must know more," she declared standing up.
"Yes, Mistress," bowed Olivia.
Once Olivia was out of the room, Raven sat down at her piano. 'So this slayer has connection does she. If she gets in my way then I shall have to do something about those connections.'
"Mistress, we have found something," yelled Crow running into the Study room.
Raven turned from the piano," Yes, have you found the Destiny Crystal?" she asked hoping it was true, but judging by the lack of brains most of her followers had she doubt it.
"No, but we have found out where it is rumored to be," confessed Crown bowing before the raven haired beauty.
"Very well," conveyed Raven. "Get a team together and go there and get me the Crystal," she instructed turning her attention back to the piano.
"If I may, Mistress, what is so important about this Crystal?" asked Crow backing away from Raven in case she decided to hit him for fun or

for asking such a question that was really none of his business.
"It's said to hold the power of five very powerful witches. The power was originally used for good, but during a battle against the last pure demon, someone full of hatred got a hold of it, and do to that the hatred after time managed to go from the person to the crystal. Now it is laced in darkness and if given to the right person it can be used to destroyed and control millions of living creatures. I almost had it at one time, but that blast Annie stopped me and took it. The final battle between us I remember mention it to her, and she just smiled and told me I would never had the will to willed such power," she said is disgusted of the Slayer of her time. "Make no mistake, Crow, Annie was wrong, once that crystal is in my hands no one will stop me, not even the slayer," concluded Raven with her trademark crackling laugh. "Now go!"
"Yes, Mistress," obeyed Crow leaving Raven once again to her


Part 8
Buffy pulled softly back from Angel a little shocked at what just happened between them. Yes, it had been the best kiss Buffy had ever had, but now she was wondering about Angel's reaction. Just because she was happy about what had just happened, didn't mean he was.
Angel was speechless, that had to be the best kiss he had ever had, and it was with the girl of his dreams. Okay, he had kissed a few girls before, but the ones he had had never affected him the way Buffy's kiss had. He was itching to feel her lips against his once more.
"Um..," started Buffy not sure what to say, but knowing someone had to say something. She adjusted her head so she was looking at the wall as she tried to calm her racing heart.
Angel took a deep breath to work up his nerves," Buffy, I…," he started softly placing his hands under Buffy's tan chin so he could once more be face to face with her.
"You what?" encouraged Buffy gently looking into Angel's inviting brow eyes.
Angel was captured by Buffy's innocent gaze. It still surprised him at times that Buffy was destine to be one of the greatest Slayers. No matter what came her way, he would always be by her side. Now it was time to tell her how he felt" I care about you, Buffy. I really like you," he confessed and felt relieve flood through him at the smile that appeared on Buffy's face.
"I like you too, Angel," admitted Buffy feeling like she was dancing on the ice of happiness.
"I mean,' Angel added holding Buffy's tinier left hand with in his. "I like you a lot, and I have been wanting to ask you for a long time, if you would possibly consider being my girlfriend," he asked completely nervous about her reaction.
'Number two surprise come on down,' thought Buffy after Angel's confession. She was incredibly ecstatic and relieve to hear that Angel was feeling the same way towards her as she felt towards him.

"I would love to be your girlfriend," commented Buffy sealing her answer with a kiss to Angel's cheek. "I really like you took," she assured the smiling teenage boy holding her. "I have for awhile," leaning in Buffy brushed her peach flavor lips against Angel's once more.
Full of confidence Angel wrapped his arms around Buffy's slender waist and pulled her to him. Cuddling as close as she could Buffy gave into Angel deeping the kiss and thrill of his warm hands traveling calmly up and down the middle of her back.
The two teenagers were in awe of one another. Learning that the other did feel the same way they did lifted such a secret off their shoulders.
"How about I take you out to dinner tomorrow night, after we get done training. We could have Kit take us up to Look Out Point and we can watch the sunset there after dinner," suggested Angel brushing a piece of Buffy's golden blonde hair away from her eyes.
"Sounds perfect," whispered Buffy laying her head down on Angel's chest. "Now about this algebra problem," she picked up Angel's finished Algebra homework. "It's…," she continued to help Angel fix all the problems he had done wrong, all the while never leaving the safety of his arms.

"I don't know anything," Ronny the Rat cried out, being slammed into the wall of a jagged brick wall the following day.
"I'll ask you one more time, and if you lie to me, I will have no reservations about snapping every bone in your body until you past out from pain,' threatened Makoto in her dead serious voice.
"She means it too, Pal," Kit spoke up from where he stood against the adjacent wall. "My girl does not like to be lied too."
"She'll have me killed," asserted Ronny snaking out his one foot tongue. "Look, Slayer, she's tough and that's all I am going to say," he turned his face ready to spill no more. Everyone who was anyone in the demon world had come to know about Raven in the short time she had been released from her prison. Sure the demons and local vampires didn't know her plans all that well, but they had heard rumors about her and it scared them to death.
"Who is she?" demanded the black headed Slayer making quick work of one of Ronny's fingers. "Tell me all that you know or I will make it hurt a lot more then her," Makoto promised firmly breaking another finger to get her point across.
"All right," yelled Ronny crying out in pain. "Her name is Raven. Apparently she was just awoken after being imprison for 1500 years. She is said to be a hanyou. A half demon, half human. Rumors say she has beautiful raven hair and she is looking for the strongest fighters to be her followers."
Makoto shared a look with Kit who shrugged his shoulders. He had never heard of Raven before, but from the way Ronny was acting, he knew she couldn't be good. His fiancé was surprising him that day. Makoto had had to rough up bad guys or snitches to get information before, but today she seemed more aggressive. Kit had a feeling it had to do with that fact Buffy had found that little boy, and it had upset her, there in turn made Makoto made that her adopted little sister had to see that.

"What is she after and where can I find her?" inquired Makoto pressing the brown colored toad demon into the wall hard.
Ronny cried out once more," I don't know where you can find her, but the talk is she is after something called the Destiny Crystal. The crystal is said to have some kind of power,' the toad explained. "That's all I know, I promise," he pleaded shutting his eyes to get ready for more pain he knew was coming.
"I believe you," relented Makoto pulling Ronny away from the wall. "Make no mistake though, if I find out you lied to me, or you're working for this Raven two fingers isn't you're going to lose," she vowed taking the two broken fingers into her hands and popped them back into place causing Ronny to groan. "Do I make myself clear?" she demanded letting go of Ronny.
"Very," claimed Ronny flexing his two fixed fingers.
"Good," stated Makoto handing Ronny a five dollar bill. "Go have some pond muck, on me," she gave him a fake smile.
Ronny grumbled something before turning and taking off in the opposite direction.
"Looks like we have some research to do," commented Kit laying his arm around his fiancé's shoulders. "You were pretty rough with him," he carefully conveyed.
"I'm a Slayer, Kit. By the Slayer rules I should have just killed him because he is a demon," she pointed out as the two young lovers started walking home.
"Yeah," agreed Kit placing a kiss on Makoto's head," but you're never the one to follow the rules," he declared as the black headed slayer laid her head upon his shoulder.
"True," confirmed Makoto with a yawn. It had been a long day interrogating snitches, but finally it seemed like she had finally found something that she could use. This Raven didn't know what she was up against.

"Mistress, the Slayer knows of you," informed Crow feeding Raven purple sour grapes.
"Good," smiled Raving ripping the grape she had in her mouth in half. "I would like for you to be ready to follow my orders when I decided my next move against this Slayer. I want to have some fun with the Slayer before I kill her," laughed Raven itching to face a worthy opponent. It had been to long since she had faced Annie, and after hearing how good the current Slayer was she was itching for a fight. Was this Slayer as worthy of an opponent as her half sister was?
"As you wish,' obeyed Crow. "I will get Phoenix to start your bath water, right away."
"Crow, you spoil me so," flirted Raven running her hands down Crow's bare tan chest. "It's almost makes me forget that you haven't found my crystal yet," she raised her voice giving Crow a death glare.
"Mistress, we're looking for it," blabbered Crow, hoping his Mistress did not kill him for his lack of success thus far.
"Kiss me," instructed Raven pulling Crown down on her causing him to drop her sour grapes.
"Are you..," Crow's last words were cut off by Raven's lips upon his.
"Don't fail me," warned Raven pushing Crow away after the kiss.
Crow bowed," I won't," he vowed still in a state of confusion at his Mistress actions.
"You're dismissed," waved Raven slandering out of the study room in which they stood.
"I won't," confirmed Crow quietly touching his still warm lips.

Raven took her hair out of the dark clip that held it in place. Looking into the mirror of her room she smiled to herself and touched her lips. What had inspired her to kiss Crow like that was beyond her, but she knew it could not happen again. After all she has a hard reputation to maintain, and no sort of a relationship with Crow was going to jeopardized that. Her main focus had to be the Destiny Crystal and handling the Slayer. Distractions were not what she4 needed or wanted at the moment.

Part 9
"Awe, here we are," Merrick spoke up two days later as Makoto's friends and her were still researching Raven.
"You got something, Merrick?" asked Buffy from her comfortable position on the couch. She was lying down with a watcher's diary in her hands, and her head was pillowed by Angel's lap.
Makoto smiled at her younger sister and the young man she had known since he was little. When Buffy had told her about her and Angel becoming a couple, the twenty-four year old had been so happy to hear it. They were so cute together, and just watching them you could tell they only saw each other, much like her and Kit. Makoto wished Buffy and Angel would always have one another, and they would always be happy. Those two deserved all the happiness in the world.
"What do you got?" questioned Rem closing her magical stones book.
"This watcher diary is date to have been written 1700 years ago," started Merrick as everyone got comfortable. "According to Daniel Right, a hanyou, half demon, and half human, had seeked to posse all the mystical objects she could. Raven is described as a beauty among beauties. She looks human, but has immensely strong demon powers. IN 995 A. D. she went after a stone and met her match in her sworn enemy Annie Leeway, the Slayer during her time," Merrick took a minute to take a sip of teas before continuing.
"So did Annie beat her?" wondered Buffy sitting up. "I mean Raven was imprison for 1500 years. Someone has to of put her there," she reasoned closing the watcher's diary she had been reading.
"Here's what it says," Merrick explained to the eagered youngsters.

995 A.D.
"Give it up, Raven," hollered Annie over the wind Raven's follower was creating. "Your followers can't touch me and neither can their powers," the Slayer full of confidence reached behind her back and pulled a bright red arrow from her carrying case.
"Don't under estimate me, Annie," warned Raven circling the Slayer with a smile on her face. "The orb of Gillian may protect you against my followers powers, but it becomes useless against someone who is biologically related to you, Baby Sister," cried Raven wickedly. The last part always got to Annie and she knew it.
"You are not the big sister I remember," snapped Annie," The big sister I remember would have done all the horrible things you have," she stated gripping her bow in one hand and the arrow in the other.
"You would like to think that wouldn't you," Raven shot back transforming her hands into claws. "It would make it so much easier to kill me then," she said in a daring voice. "It must be embarrassing to you, the caring, loving Slayer Annie, is related to the hanyou," teased Raven. "You know just because my father was a half wolf demon, and he fell in love with your mother, who later left him for your father doesn't mean anything," Raven lunged towards her half sister.
Annie blocked Raven's front attack easily, but only barley managed to miss Raven's leg attack.
"My you're learning," commented Raven before landing a kick to Annie's stomach. Annie didn't have time to reactg and the kick hit straight one," So far every time I have come across you My Baby Sister, you have been unable to kill me. Do you really believe you can kill me now?" laughed Raven pulling out her silver sides.
Annie grabbed her bow and placed the arrow with in it," Not this time, Raven," promised Annie jumping back from Raven's quick attack. "You have my Big Sister's face, but you stopped being her a long time ago," she said regretfully. The Slayer looked at the woman before her, the woman that she once called sister. Raven had always been there for her when she was little, and yet one day that all changed. For when Raven turned eighteen she changed into a monster Annie didn't know and to make matters worst Annie was called to be the Slayer. Annie knew she was suppose to take her sister down, but she had a different idea.
"Sleep well, Sis,' Annie said raising her how and arrow.
"That little arrow isn't going to hurt me," laughed Raven lunging at her sister.
"Don't bet on it," full of hope and knowing she wouldn't really be killing her sister only sealing her away Annie took aim, and let the red arrow go.
"Puny arrow," commented Raven catching the arrow with ease.
"Bind," shouted Annie jumping away from Raven.
"What…," asked Raven when the arrow became red seas of ribbons wrapping around her.
"Bye, Rav,' whispered Annie," sleep well, sister," she added when Raven was completely covered in read.
"Mistress," yelled one of Raven's followers.
The red sea of ribbon disappeared, and the spot where Raven once stood was empty.
"Where is she?" demanded Nighten Bird, Raven's most trusted follower.
"Gone," answered Annie," and she is never coming back. Erica, do the spell," yelled Annie as she spotted her best friend.
"Evil bind
Evil die," chanted Erica over and over as cries of demons and vampires a like were heard crying out.
Annie took arrows out of her bag," Time to clean up," she affirmed shooting two vampires heading towards her.

"So Annie was able to bind her," repeated Makoto after her watcher was done reading the watcher's diary of Daniel Right.
"She couldn't kill her," stated Angel holding Buffy to him.
"She was her big sister," Buffy reminded him," it must have been hard for Annie to just bind Raven."
"We should find out about the arrow she used," Rem spoke up grabbing her mistic objects book once more. "If we can do that at least we have something to use against her."
"It's a start," agreed Makoto standing up from her chair," but I want to know more," she added. She needed a back up in case the arrow didn't work this time around.
"We're looking," Kit promised her pulling Makoto down into his lap. "Another day, another demon,' he assured her.
"Yeah," Makoto crossed her arms and leaned back into Kit's reassuring arms. "Everyone walk softly," she advised giving Angel and Buffy meaningful looks.

"Get out!" exclaimed Tellsha brightly the next day.
Buffy was sitting with her two best friends during lunch at school. Buffy could hardly contain her happiness when telling Tellsha and Willow about her and Angel.
"I'm so happy for you," Willow declared hugging her best friend. "You and Angel completely belong together," the red head pointed out letting her friend go.
"Here he comes," informed Tellsha waving Angel and Xander over.
"Hey, Girls," greeted Xander flopping down by Willow.
"Hi," said Angel to Buffy as he sat down beside her.
"Hi," replied Buffy giving Angel a shy smile. "Your football practice looked like it went well," she complemented, and leaned into Angel's welcoming arms.
"What did I miss?" a puzzle Xander asked when he saw his best friend holding his other friend.
"Buffy and Angel are going out," explained Willow. "The got together a few days ago, but decided on tel

ling us today," she added taking a big bite of her tuna sandwich. "Isn't that great?" she asked swallowing her bite.
"Wow," said Xander amazed, but not surprised. "It's about time," he told Angel shoving a Twinkie in his mouth and smiled at the girls' moans of disbelieve.
"You, Pig," called Tellsha taking a bite out of her salad. "Really, Xander, I don't… oh hi, Pike," Tellsha chirped when the beach blonde sat down beside her.
"Hey," greeted Pike looking Buffy up and down.
Angel gave Pike a glare. 'Looks like I may have competition,' thought Angel , and then turned his attention back to what his girlfriend was saying.

Part 10
Buffy looked around at her surroundings. She knew staying at Willow's as late as she did wasn't her best choice, especially when she knew she had to walk home. Now here she was without a weapon walking the dangerous parts of LA. The chances of getting attack were high, more specially getting attack by vampires was high, but Buffy was praying that no one showed up.
The wind blew around her causing a chill to go through her. It was a breezy night, and all she had on was blue jeans and a tank top with a matching jean jacket.
"Hey, I can go that way," Buffy told herself spotting a short cut. "I should be home in no time," she said with a sigh of relieve.
Cutting across the street Buffy ran up to the garden on 47th Street and began to cut through it when her side began to hurt, and her senses picked up to alert. Scanning the area Buffy didn't see anything, but darkness. Yet she knew someone or something was following her.

"It's late, and I'm tired. I don't feel like playing tonight. Show yourself," Buffy challenged getting set to fight at a moment notice.
"Impressive," replied a female voice. "Not many people would have sensed me here," raven hair fell down the female's back, and a smile adorned her face. A smile that gave Buffy the major Wiggins.
"I'm not most people," stated Buffy looking around for something to use as a weapon if the need a rose. The woman before her looked harmless, but things were not always as they seemed.
"I'm not going to hurt you," spoke the female. "Would you be Makoto?"
Buffy was a taken back by this raven hair woman mention of Makoto. Was she a friend or foe? How did she know Makoto?
"Are you the Slayer?" inquired Raven. The young golden blond did not fit the description Olivia had given her of the current Slayer, and yet this young girl moved with the graces of the Slayer. Raven sensed power from this young girl, there was something about her.
Buffy eyed Raven closely. She didn't look like a threat, but she couldn't shake the feelings she was having. Racking her brains Buffy tried to remember what Kit had said earlier about Raven.
"She is said to be a beauty among beauties. Her name comes from the long raven hair that falls down her back," Kit's voice floated in Buffy's mind.
'Could this be her?' questioned Buffy.
"Are you Raven?" asked Buffy playing her hunch.
"I am," answered Raven intertwining her hands. "You have heard of me, Slayer."
Buffy nodded," Yes, I have. However, I am not the Slayer," explained Buffy feeling slightly nervous at finding out Raven was before her.
"What are you then, a witch?" prompt Raven." You have to much power to be a regular human," she pointed out crossing her arms.
"I'm not a normal human," admitted Buffy," but neither are you," she played watching Raven's every movement.
"No, I'm not," replied Raven stepping back from Buffy. "Tell the Slayer to watch her back," addressed Raven vanishing in the cloud of fog that suddenly showed up.
Finding herself alone once more, Buffy relaxed and gave thanks to whoever was listening, that she didn't have to fight Raven tonight without a weapon. When she didn't feel Raven anymore Buffy began her way home.
'First thing tomorrow she would have to tell Makoto,' she decided.
Running Buffy made it home in no time flat.

"Are you all right?" asked a worried Makoto the next morning.
Buffy had just finished telling Makoto and the others about her encounter with Raven.
"Yeah, she just asked if I was the Slayer, and then she told me to tell you to watch your back," explained Buffy grabbing the new cross bow Merrick had had made just for her.
"I don't like the sound of that," voiced Kit holding Makoto close to him. "Sounds like she is challenging, Mako."
"Let her," declared Makoto. "I won't back down," the black headed Slayer stated with determination.
Makoto would be darn if she was going to back down to Raven.

"Mistress," yelled Crow running into Raven's bedroom.
"Do you know how to knock?" shouted Raven shooting Crow a venomous look. "Where is my crystal? It has been days since you have told me of the rumor, and yet you have produced nothing," she said fed up.
"It was not there, Mistress, but I have a crew checking out some more rumors," cowered Crow quickly. When he saw Raven get up from her bed his heart quickened with fright.
Raven smiled sweetly at Crow," Crow, do not fail me. By now the Slayer knows of me, and if she is anything like my dear sister Annie, it won't take her long to find the crystal," she barked causing crow to flinch.
"I won't fail, Mistress," trembled Crow.
Raven smiled and planted a kiss on his cheek before throwing him back," Go," was her only ordered.
Once Crow was out of the room, Raven grabbed her dress she was to wear that day. It was one of her favorites. A deep velvet blue with a wide neck line. The first time she had worn it had been to her little half sister's thirteenth birthday part. Who would have thought that eventually the two sisters would end up being each others worst enemy.
"Annie, were is that crystal?" asked Raven looking up into the sky.

"I haven't found anything on the red arrow yet, but here is stuff on the Destiny Crystal," exclaimed Rem causing the heads of her friends to jerk up.
"You got something?" inquired Makoto looking at her best friend.
"Let's see… has powers… wanted by many… disappeared…Here we go," Rem piped up taking a sip on her coke.
"What?" wondered Buffy biting into her honey roasted turkey sandwich.
"It says here," began Rem," That Annie Leeway managed to get the crystal before her half sister. Annie had a best friend, Erica who had enormous spiritual power. Somehow the two young women placed it were no one could find it. All that was left after Annie's death was a poem, that no one seemed to be able to figure all the way out," Rem went on.
"What's the poem?" questioned Angel looking over his adopted big sister's shoulder.
"It reads:

The crystal is full of power.
Can not be seen at any hour.

Unattainable through hatred.
But not through love.
Within the love of the Chosen,
Can this crystal be unfrozen.
Only she can't awaken,
The true purpose of the crystal,"

finished Rem thinking about what she had just read.
"The Slayer," suggested Buffy pointing at Makoto.
"It sounds like that's what they meant," agreed Rem turning her attention to her best friend as did the others.
"Okay," spoke Makoto taking in everything that was said," but where do I find it?" she asked. If she was the one to will the crystal she would first need to find it.
"Can I see this?" asked Buffy taking the old book that Rem had just read from.
Re-reading the poem, Buffy came to the conclusion that it was Makoto will that could control the crystal. The answered to the hiding place had to be here within the poem somewhere. It was staring them in the face she just knew it.

"Anything?" Angel asked his girlfriend.
"It's here, I know it is," insisted Buffy placing the book down. "Mako, is the one to will it, and it can't be seen at all," she listed off the clues as everyone listened," and the poem says within the chosen's love so…"
"So that could mean," Rem picked up. "The Destiny Crystal is contained within Mako herself, just as it must have been within Annie," concluded Rem.
"In me?" Makoto was a taken back by this suggestion. "I don't feel anything in me, and I think I would know," she pointed out sitting down.
"Not if it was in a place surrounded by love," Rem stated giving her best friend a smile.
"My heart," getting what Rem and Buffy were getting at. "It's in my heart," she said softly covering her heart with her hand. "That's… Wow…"

Part 11
"Buffy," cried Dawn excitedly when her big sister walked into the house. Dawn threw her tiny arms around Buffy giving her a bear hug.
"Hey, Munchkin," greeted Buffy hugging her sister back. "Where is everyone?" she inquired putting Dawn down.
"We're in here," Spike's voice came floating from the dining room.
Buffy took Dawn's hand and together the two sisters walked into the dining room where their family sat waiting for them. Taking a seat next to her brother Spike, Buffy greeted everyone.
"So what's this I hear about you going out with Angel now?" Spike curiously asked.
"We started going out five days ago, and he's has been the perfect gentleman," insisted Buffy taking the tea her mother had past to her.
"He better be," replied Spike in his protective big brother voice. "If he's not then I'll have to kick his butt or Riley will."
"You will not!" exclaimed Buffy giving Spike a pointed look.
"I will so," Spike fired back, knowing that would get a responds from his sister. He knew Angel was a good guy, and he liked the boy, it was just that Buffy was his little sister. He wasn't ready for her to grow up quit yet.
"Mom, how was work?" asked Buffy changing the subject as she played with her peas.
"Buffy, don't play with your food," scowled Mr. Summers looking up from some papers he was working on while he ate.
"Work went well," answered Mrs. Summers. "A new shipment arrived today and it is sure to bring the customers in," she implied handing Dawn a napkin to wipe her face. "How was school?"
"Great," declared Dawn. "Mommy, today Mr. Ryan said that I was really smart… and then at lunch Chrissy said Tommy Baker liked me, but I told her that he was just my friend," rambled Dawn excitedly bouncing in her seat. "Then I got an A on my Phonics test and then…"
Buffy sat back in her chair and listened to her family go on about their day. It was nice to hear laughter and happiness. Her family was unaware of the things that go bump in the night. There were times she had wanted to tell them, especially when she was younger and had nightmares. However, she knew then as she knows now that she couldn't tell them. If they found out they would think she was crazy either that or they would take her away, and she needed to be taught to be a Slayer. Plus there was always a chance her family could be put in danger.

"Sissy, will you sing me a bed time song?" pleaded Dawn later that night as Buffy was tucking her into bed.
"Dawnie, I think Mom wanted you a sleep a hour ago," reasoned Buffy turning on Dawn's mermaid night light.
"Please," begged Dawn giving her sister a pouty look, that she had learned from Buffy herself.
Buffy smiled at Dawn's look. Darn, why did she have to teach Dawn such a cute pout.
"All right," relented Buffy sitting down on her sister's bed," come here, Munchkin," she held her arms opened for Dawn to crawl into them.
Clapping her hands in triumph Dawn crawled into Buffy's lap. Her big sister's voice began to law her into a peaceful sleep.

//In your dreams magical thought.
All dreams are real, unless you dream there not.
In your dreams love is the plot,
Carrying on wings of hope.
Each of our souls intertwine when we do.
Instantly we see it,

The time to grow and be it.
When everything is pin on a hope.

//Let rise the dreams of your heart.
That innocent you,
Careless and Kind.
Free to roam the breeze in love.
Only when to brilliantly shine as one,"

sang Buffy softly.

Once Dawn was asleep Buffy kissed her forehead and placed her down into the Power Puff Girls bed," Good-night, Munchkin," whispered Buffy before leaving the little girl's room.
"Good-night, Mom and Dad," said Buffy walking past her parents' room.
"Good-night, Sweetie," called her mother. "Home tomorrow after training with Mako," she added causing Buffy to smile.
"Okay," responded Buffy heading towards her room, down the hall.
Once in her room, Buffy got read for bed. As she laid there, she couldn't help but think about what she had heard that day at Makoto's. Makoto had the crystal Raven was after. The red arrow, which they had found out about in one of Rem's old books was now their main weapon against Raven. However, the discussion on it was in Latin, so Merrick had to translate it.
It turned out the Red Arrow has a powerful spell put on it by Annie's best friend, Erica. The arrow was in cased with the spell, and given to Annie to use. According to the watcher's book Merrick had read a few days ago, despite the constant fighting between Annie and Raven, Annie didn't want to have to kill her half sister so she asked Erica to do a binding spell on the arrow using her spiritual powers.
'She couldn't kill her sister,' though Buffy sadly. 'It must have been hard for her to bind her,' with a yawn Buffy rolled on to her left side, and gave into sleep.

"Hey you," sighed Makoto as she felt Kit's hands working their magic on her swore back as he climb onto their bed. "You look tired," she commented softly kissing the back on his hand.
"I am," admitted Kit moving his hands away so he could open his arms for Makoto to climb into. "All this researching is exhausting," lying back into the pillows he pulled Makoto with him. "I love you," he said sweetly caressing Makoto's face as she closed her eyes.
"I love you," repeated Makoto lying her right arm over his chest. "I am so thankful for you, Buffy, Rem, Merrick, Angel , and Maya," gushed the young woman. "I don't know what I do without all of you."
"Let's never find out, Love," conveyed Kit kissing Makoto's forehead. He smiled when she saw his world had fallen asleep already in dream land. "Good=night, Love," he said softly turning out the lights.

"Makoto," a faded voice called out to her.
Makoto opened her eyes and found herself surrounded in white fog in a light blue room. The air around her smelled of roses, and felt cool to the touch. Yet Makoto felt save and calm with her surroundings.
"Where am I?" asked Makoto to no one in particular.
"You're dreaming," the faded voice replied getting closer.
"Who are you?" Makoto asked again as the voice became a young woman with black flowing hair and the bluest eyes Makoto had ever seen.
"I'm Annie," explained the female. "I am her to tell you how to use the Destiny Crystal, should such a nee a rise."
"You're a past Slayer. You're the one who binded Raven 1500 years ago," expressed Makoto , looking at the young woman before her.
"Yes, Raven is my half sister, and a very worthy opponent, however, she can be bind once more," Annie confessed with sadness in her voice.
"I'm sorry your

big sister is not who you though she was," apologized Makoto feeling sorry for the dead slayer.
"The red arrow should bind her, and the Destiny Crystal as long as it is pure will take care of her followers," outlined Annie ignoring Makoto's last comment. "Makoto, you must think of the love you feel for others when using the crystal otherwise if you think of any sort of hatred or anger, the crystal will not be pure and it will become useless to you," warned Annie before fading away.

Part 12
Makoto twirled her stake as she walked though the Gray side cemetery. She had gotten bored with the research, and was itching to stop Raven and her followers before they struck again. Early that day it had been reported on the news that four college age students had been captured and bleed to death. Makoto and her friends of course suspected Raven had something to do with it, so now here she was. Kit had wanted to go with her, but Makoto has assured him she would be okay. After much arguing she convinced him she would be fine by herself.
"Vampires," Makoto called out," Come out, come out where ever you are."
The breeze blew, but no one came. Placing her stake in her weapon bag Makoto started to think about her dream, and what Annie had told her. The instant she had told Merrick about it he had asked a lot of questions, that she herself didn't always have the answer too. The love she held for the family and friends she had been able to built over the past nine year as the Slayer was going to be the key in fighting Raven.

"Crow," bellowed Raven walking into the dining room. "You have not delivered my crystal to me yet," she pointed out placing her hands on her hips. "As such, I shall go out tonight and look for some leads," she informed him heading towards the front door.
"Mistress, you should not go out by yourself," remarked Crow with worry. He had been having strange feelings for his Mistress ever since that kiss, and he did not like the idea of her going out a lone.
"I will be fine," implied Raven putting on her leather coat. "Maybe I'll get lucky and run into this Slayer. I know she got our third message today," laughed Raven opening the door.
"Mistress, at least let me come," pleaded Crow now standing in front of Raven.
"Do you worry about me, Crow?" imposed Raven trying hard not to smile at his gesture. She was evil, things like this shouldn't make her feel the way she was feeling at that moment.
"I do," replied Crow calmly. "I know it is not my place, and you are the Mistress, but I can not help it," he confessed reaching out to touch Raven's pearly skin.
"Try," Raven shot out pulling away before Crow could touch her. Without another word Raven left the mansion on her own.

Makoto was half way home when a alert feeling started going off. Stopping in her tracks, Makoto followed the feeling over to the North side building. Looking at the surroundings, she didn't see anything out of the ordinary and she didn't hear anything.
'I'm tired,' thought Makoto shaking her head. 'I need some rest, my senses are on over drive lately.' she thought as she moved to head back in the direction she had came from.
"Oh, Sorry," apologized Makoto bumping into a young woman.
"It's okay," claimed the young woman flipping her hair back behind her back. "You should get home though, a lot of strange people are out tonight," she commented as her raven hair blew in the light breeze that had picked up.
"Don't I know it," agreed Makoto, for the first time getting a good look at the young woman. "It's a good thing I know how to handle myself ," she joked picking up the wooden stake that had fallen out of her weapon bag.

The young woman's eyes followed Makoto's movement, and truth dawned on her," You're the Slayer."
Makoto stood up straight at the young woman's statement," How do you know who I am?" she directed, then it hit her. This young woman had long raven hair and was a beauty. Not to mention it looked like her finger nails were a lot longer then most people's. "You're Raven," said Makoto gripping her stake tighter in her hands.
"I am," replied Raven grinning as she sized the Slayer up," I have been waiting to meet you. I have heard you are quit a good Slayer," she remarked crossing her arms. This young woman before her lit up with power, so much like Annie's and yet, this young woman's powers seemed to be greater then that of Annie's.
"All of it's true," never faltering Makoto stood her ground. "You have been looking for the Destiny Crystal, I hear," she commented wondering why Raven hadn't attacked yet. Raven looked like a normal young woman, and yet Makoto knew just like Buffy did the other night, that Raven was not a mere human.
"You heard right," declared Raven smiling as she watched Makoto try to read her. "I betting since you brought it up, you know where it is," she inquired watching Makoto's expression.
"If I did," started Makoto smiling her own confident smile," I wouldn't tell you."
"You are a Slayer all right," laughed Raven. "My sister, was just as stubborn," she put forth shaking her head. "You know I met that little sister of yours the other night and I must say, what a sweetly she was," Raven imposed bring up Buffy.
"You stay away from her," Makoto said firmly not liking what Raven was implying. "She is not a part of this fight," she added.
"Oh, but I believe she is. I have senses too, and my sense are telling me that this young girl is not an ordinary human being. She told me herself, so I will make a deal with you," bargained Raven. "You find me the crystal and give it to me, or that young girl pays the price, she caution backing away from Makoto.
"No, deal," stated Makoto," I won't let you near her or anyone else," she shot out," Annie, didn't want to kill you because you were her sister," Makoto pointed out planning her first move," but I don't have that problem, especially when you are threatening people I care about."
"Oh, you have a back bone," teased Raven opening her hands to flex her long nails she liked to call claws.
"I have a lot more then that," Makoto shot back," now are we going to chat all night, or are we going to fight?"
"You Slayers, always wanting to fight, how sad," commented Raven backing away from Makoto. "Fear not though," she advised," we will meet again real soon, and then I shall send you to your grave, Slayer," with that Raven disappeared in a cloud of fog just as she had before.

"So she didn't even try to attack?" asked Merrick later that night as he sat with Makoto, Rem, and Kit. Angel had long since gone to bed and so had Maya.
"No not a move," answered Makoto taking her black hair out of her half pony tail. "It was like she was more interested in talking then fight."
"She could be trying to throw you off," suggested Rem lighting a Vanilla candle. "Trying to get you so you aren't prepared for her, when she does decide it is time to fight."
"Oh, don't worry," Makoto assured her friends," I am more then ready to stop her, I told her that I didn't have a problem with killing her."
"Speaking of," Rem spoke up," I found the spell Erica had originally used and used it on three of your arrows," she told her best friend. "You'll have three chances to hit Raven, and if what Annie told you is true about her followers then we should stand a good chance against them."
"Find out where they are hiding," instructed Makoto kindly. "It's time we were the ones on the offense instead of the defense," she pointed out getting up from her chair. "We'll find out where she is hiding, come up with a plan, and then attack," she listed turning on her lap top computer.
Rem, Kit, and Merrick looked at the young Slayer and nodded. It was so unlike Makoto to be this forward, but they supposed that nine years as the Slayer as taught Makoto that sometimes the offense is the way to go. Raven had to be stopped before she hurt anyone else or figured out that Makoto herself carried the Destiny Crystal inside her heart.
Pulling her chair over to her lap top, Makoto sat down and began to go through recently bought houses. It was going to take a while to go through, but she was sure that someone like Raven would buy a house instead of rent it. Either that or she would have the owners killed, and then moved in. Makoto was leaning towards the second option.
'She will not go near anyone I care about,' though Makoto as Raven's comment about Buffy came to her. 'I'll have to warn both Buffy and Angel tomorrow to be on their guard, and not walk home at night.'
Kit looked at his Love as she typed away at the keyboard, and allowed himself a proud smile at the beautiful woman he would call wife one day soon. He would be by her side forever.

Part 13
"Are you sure this is the address?" asked Buffy the following day as she and Angel headed up the side walk of the old mansion.
"This is the address Makoto wrote down," replied her boyfriend taking her hand into his. "Are you sure we should be checking this place out by ourselves?" countered Angel. "I mean Makoto pretty much told us to stay out of this situation from now on."
Buffy shrugged her shoulders and headed up the side walk to the door," It's daylight," she pointed out pulling him with her," we have weapons and I even grabbed one of Makoto's red arrows if we need it," she added. Although Buffy felt extremely nervous inside at taking such a chance at finding Raven at home, she knew this was something she had to do, although she still didn't know why.
"Fine," relented Angel not liking this idea one bit. He knew he should of told someone about Buffy's crazy idea, but he didn't and now he was determined to stand by her side and fight, which he had a feeling they just might have to do.
"Get ready," warned Buffy as she knocked on the hard wooden door.

990 A.D.
"Sis, look at this?" shouted Annie Leeway running into her big half sister's room. "Can you believe Mom is letting me wear it?" she questioned twirling around in her ice blue no sleeves dress.
"It's beautiful, Annie," laughed Raven at her little sister's delight. "You know it's not everyday that a girl turns eighteen," she commented combing out her long raven hair.
"I know," agreed Annie hopping up on one of her sister's fluffy chairs. "Mom and Daddy says that you will be married soon to Jack," Annie mentioned naming a young aristocratic man who had been courting Raven for sometime now.
"They can dream," stated Raven adding her butterfly pin to her hair. "I do not have a wish to marry, and no one is going to make me," determined Raven got up from her vanity and grabbed her black fancy shoes. "Annie, were are you shoes?" she asked of her little sister.
"I couldn't decide whether I wanted to wear my blue ones of my white ones," answered Annie sweetly swinging her legs back and forth. "Which one do you think I should wear?" she asked her big sister. Although she knew Raven was her half sister, she never thought of Raven as anything less then her full big sister. Someone she hoped to grow up to be like. Raven didn't care what people thought about her, and that was something Annie admired and wished she could be like.
"The white ones," decided Raven standing up after putting her shoes on. "Now lets go find them shall we?" she related leading her little sister out of her room.
"I am glad to have a big sister like you, Raven," complamented Annie following her big sister out of her room and down the hall to her own.

Raven excused herself from her present company, and made her way out into the Leeway garden. Her birthday had been such a great time that night, but even she needed some time alone. Having her mother and step-father hassling her about getting married to Jack was getting on her last nerve and she didn't have the heart to yell at them and tell them she didn't want to get married. Her parents would think she was mad, to not want to marry was unheard in this era.
In fact, Raven was sure that both her parent all ready had Annie's future husband picked out and she was only thirteen. Her little sister was the only thing that keep her at home the minute she turned sixteen she was going to runaway, but one look at her little sister's sad face and pleads to stay, made Raven stay.
Sitting back onto the cement bench in the rose part of the garden, Raven began to think about who she was. Yes, she was Raven Leeway the daughter of Christina Leeway and step-daughter of Kline Leeway, but she was different then most people if not all. She was half demon. Sure her outward appearance never gave it away, her mother had made sure over the years to make sure of that, but being part demon was still a part of Raven. A part she wasn't so sure she wanted to forget about.
Annie was the most important person to her and her mother made sure to remind her everyday of what Annie would think should she ever find out about who Raven really was. Part of Raven knew that Annie would be okay, that she would love her big sister none the less, but another part feared that she would get frighten of her, and that was thing keeping Raven from telling Annie her secret. Her mother and herself were the only ones who knew of her true father. Kline Leeway just thought that Raven's father was a bum, and ran out of her and her mother.
"So deep in thought," hissed a voice from beside Raven causing her to jump out of her thoughts.
Jumping up from her seat, Raven looked down at the green colored demon sitting were she once sat," Who are you?" she demanded shaking with surprise and fear.
"Don't worry," promised the green demon. "I am Wesley, a once loyal servant of your father's until he met his end," explained the demon smiling up at the young woman.
"You knew my father?" questioned Raven not sure if she should believe this thing or not. "How do I know you are not lying to me?" she urged not ready to trust him.
"You don't," shot back the Wesley," but I am to give you this," he informed Raven producing a golden lighting shape necklace in his hand. "Your father's last wish was for me to give this to you on your eighteenth birthday."
Raven looked down at the necklace Wesley held in his hand. It was a lovely golden necklace with diamonds of the color purple in them," Such a weird color for diamonds," Raven pointed out touching the necklace.
"These are not your ordinary diamonds," explained Wesley standing up. "They are enchanted diamonds, full of power and might. Wear this and you shall be who you were meant to be," he claimed walking behind Raven slipping the necklace around her neck.
"How do I know you are not up to something?" grilled Raven touching the necklace that now hung around her neck.
"All I am trying to do is as your father wished," whispered Wesley," Show you who you really are," with his last words the necklace started to give off a strange energy and Raven lost constness.

"I don't think anyone is home," rushed Angel after Buffy knocked twice on the door. "Let's go," he said trying to pull the young golden blond away from the door.
"Angel, someone has to b…,"started Buffy, but she never got to finished as she along with Angel were pulled into the house by two human hands.

"May I help you?" asked a toad like demon as the human woman took Buffy and Angel into what looked like a study room.
"We're looking for Raven," responded Buffy feeling her back pack for the arrow she had in it.
"You came here looking for Mistress?" laughed Crow sitting back in his seat. "Are you suicidal?" he inquired Crow in disblieve. Before his stood the young woman he had been told worked with the Slayer, and beside her stood the young man he had been told about as well.
"Look is she here?" asked Buffy not really wanting to chit chat with these lackey that she had a feeling she and Angel could take care of in no time flat.
" Come in," remarked a woman's voice.

Part 14
"Rem, where's the address I had on my desk?" requested Makoto walking into her best friend's room. "I had it on my desk, and was going to go check it out with Kit tonight, but now I can't find it."
Rem sat up on her bed," I haven't seen it actually. Maybe you put it somewhere else," she suggested getting up from her bed to stretch.
"No," Makoto shook her head. "I know I put it on my desk before I started to train Buffy and Angel. Then when I went to get it a few minutes ago it was gone," she reasoned.
"Mako, Rem," shouted Kit as he ran into Rem's room out of breath," Have you two seen Buffy or Angel?" he asked with worry in his eyes.
"Not since five," answered Makoto getting worried upon seeing the look in Kit's eyes. "They told me they were going to have dinner over at Buffy's."
Kit rubbed his temples," Mrs. Summers just called neither one of them showed up," he stated getting worried looks from both young women now.
"Wait, that was an hour ago," Rem pointed out running her hand through her hair," They should have been at Buffy's a long time ago," she affirmed.
"Not if they went to check out that address," Makoto said with a frustrated sigh. "I told those two to stay out of this, and they disobeyed me," she said upset and worried out of her mind. Raven had made it a point last time to threatened Buffy and now Buffy and Angel had just walked into the threat.
"Are you sure they would take a chance like that?" inquired Kit, although he knew the answer.
"With those two," implied Rem," I'm sure of it."
"Let's go," instructed Makoto already out of the room. 'Buffy, Angel, when I get you two home safely I am going to choke you,' she thought as Rem and Kit followed her. All three of them full of fear of what Raven would do to the two teenagers if they did not get there on time.

"Have a seat," offered Raven giving Angel and Buffy a white teeth smile.
Buffy took Angel's hand and pulled him down beside her on a love seat," We want to talk to you," she stated.
"Leave us," Raven instructed her followers with a wave of her hand. "I will call if I need anything."
"Mistress, surely you know the Slayer will be on her way to get these two, and a fight is sure to happen," Crow put forth, unable to grasps the situation he had found himself in. In all his years he had never seen the good guys come to the villains layer with such ease.
"Then prepare a front, should the need arise, we will fight," spoke Raven taking a seat across from Buffy. "Now leave."
"Yes, Mistress," obeyed Crow leaving the room followed by Olivia.

"Now that they are gone," inquired Raven," why may I ask have you come hear? Alone?"
"I want to know why," replied Buffy getting puzzled looks from Raven and Angel.
"Why what?" a puzzled Raven laughed. The sight before her was too interesting to have her followers kill these two now. This young girl with power sat before her, and she was dying to know why.
"Why did you betray you little sister, by becoming a monster?" declaired Buffy crossing her arms in front of her as Angel looked at her in shocked as well as Raven.
"I see you have read about mine and Annie's relationship, No?" questioned Raven placing her hands in her lap. "What exactly would you like me to say?"
"It seems that you two were close once, and then you turned evil. Then she became a Slayer and you to had to fight. I don't understand how you could turned on your own sister like that," she admitted stating something she had been thinking about ever since she had heard about it the other day.
Putting Dawn to bed the other night, made Buffy really think about what could of happened to make to sisters that seemed so close to fight to the death. Was is really over mystical objects or was there something more.
"I'm part demon, she was the Slayer," responded Raven turning her eyes away from the two teenagers. "We grew to be different, and when Annie found out about me she decided that I was not worthy of being her sister and started to come after me."
"I don't believe it," Buffy said honestly. "Annie was a Slayer and your sister. From what we read, it was hard on her to fight you, and she only did it because you kept going after all these mystical objects," she shot out before Angel pulled her to him and felt the stake in his back pocket.
"Are you trying to get us attacked?" he said in an undertone to Buffy who looked at him and shook her head.
"No," she promised giving his hand

a squeeze before leaning forward.
"I wanted power, what demon doesn't?" Raven placed on the table sitting back in her chair. "Annie, didn't have a choice, but to stop me."
"Your not all demon though," claimed Buffy trying to reach Raven like she wanted to, to find out the real cause of the evil in her. "You're also part human and that means you have to have a heart and soul. Did those just shut down or did you decide not to use them?" she put forth
"My little sister asked me the very same thing, and do you know what I told her?" asked Raven leaning into Buffy's space.
"What?" responded Buffy pulling back from Raven. Something eerly about her grin bothered Buffy.
"I told her that they made me weak, and I was never going to be weak," laughed Raven sitting back in her chair. "Your expression reminds me so much of hers."
"How can you think that your heart and soul are weak?" expressed Buffy shocked at what Raven just said. "They're what makes you strong, they make you human."
"Again my sister said the same thing," Raven pointed out shaking her head as a necklace fell from around her neck.
Buffy noticed this and the glow slight glowing field that surrounded the diamonds embedded in the necklace," Pretty necklace," she commented causing Raven to look down at her necklace.
"It was a gift from my real father long ago for my eighteenth birthday. I wear it every two months to gain it's powers," explained Raven holding the lightening bolt necklace in her hand. "I just put it on today."
"Why are you after the Destiny Crystal?" inquired Buffy playing with the hem of her leather coat. So far she noticed that Raven had been talking to them as if they were normal visitors, but looks could be deceiving.
Angel watched his girlfriend with interests as well as Raven. The conversation was making him wonder what Buffy was hoping to accomplis

h. At first when she had told him she wanted to see Raven he had thought she was crazy, but after much promising of she knew what she was doing he gave in. Now he hoped he was right to do so. Makoto and them would be coming after them soon, he knew it. He hadn't left a message for them, but he knew in his bones that they had already figured out that he and Buffy had lied about where they were going . Makoto and them were on their way, he knew it.
"I want it's power," answered Raven shortly, she was growing tried of this conversation and yet she couldn't find it within herself to call her followers to take care of this young golden blond and her boyfriend.
"For?" prompt Buffy although she pretty much had the idea why she wanted the crystal.
"I want to rule the world and have everyone bow down at my feet," reveled Raven not shocking Buffy one little bit.
"What do you think Annie would say to this?" played Buffy. She had a feeling and she was going to play it out.
"She would be trying to stop me from finding it," replied Raven standing up. "I have feeling you know where it is," she smiled turning around to face Buffy and Angel.
"No we don't," lied Buffy standing up as well. "Even if we did we wouldn't tell you," she stated feeling Angel standing up behind her to watch her back should they be attacked.
"Such fire," commented Raven as her grin got bigger," You do remind me so much of my late sister. How I missed seeing that determined look in her eyes."
"You miss her don't you," Buffy voiced out of no where getting a surprised looked from both the other parties in the room. "You want to bring her back."
"That's prepous," denied Raven in amazement. 'How can she know?'
"Is it?" appealed Buffy not buying one word Raven was saying. "I did some of my own research on the Destiny Crystal last night. It's got a lot of power, but it can only be used to the fullest when it is surrounded by love or is asked to bring a love one back," she pointed out getting another surprised look from Angel.
"Buffy, why didn't you share this information with everyone else?" questioned Angel in complete amazement. Could it be true? Could Raven really want her sister back?
"I wanted to play this hunch," said Buffy not moving her eyes away from Raven. "You want you sister back, why?" asked Buffy not willing to let up on her idea.
Raven turned her head from the two teenagers glares and looked out the window. 'How could someone so young figure out her true intent. She had been mean and cruel to hide the fact, that in the end she just wanted to see her sister again and tell her that…'
"You miss her, don't you?" whispered Buffy, but all the parties in the room heard her loud and clear.
"I…," began Raven looking up at the stars.

"You guys ready?" asked Makoto as they came upon the manison.
"Let's do it," affirmed Kit grabbing his sword.
"I got the spell," promised Rem taking out her green candle and lit it.
"Begin," instructed Makoto watching Raven's followers guard the doors to the manison.

Part 15
"You what?" encouraged Buffy sharing a quick look with Angel.
Raven shook her head in disbelieve. This young woman was right, she did want her sister back. That fact, had surprised her at first, Annie had been a pain in her side for so long, and yet before she was a pain she was her bright stubborn little sister. The last thing she was before Annie hand binded her that faithful day was sadness washing across her little sister's face as the red ribbons engulfed her. No matter how hard Raven tried to make the human half of her go away it was there, stronger then ever at times.
"You miss her," Buffy spoke up. "Why did you change, Raven?" asked Bufy as Angel sat back down.
"I…," started Raven. "I don't know," she answered truthfully.
"Was there something that made you change or…," Bufyf trailed off as light came into Raven's eyes.
"My eighteenth birthday," light continued to dance in Ravens' eyes as she began to remember.

990 A.D.
"Wow, Raven, that's a pretty necklace!" exclaimed Annie running over to her sister as Raven walked back into the ball room where everyone was gathered talking and dancing away.
"Thanks, it was a gift," explained Raven toying with the necklace while her mind wondered back to Wesley. "How's the party going?" she changed the subject looking down at her blue eyes little sister.
"It's boring," commented Annie crossing her arms. "I mean I'm having fun dancing with Devon and everything, but the talking going on is a bore, and Mom is trying to get Jack to find you," she warned spotting their mother and the young man of twenty who had been trying to court Raven for the past two years.
"Great," said Raven plastering a smile on her face as their mother and Jack came over to them.
"Raven, there you are, Dear. Jack here has been looking all over for you," claimed Mrs. Leeway giving her eldest a disapproving look at Raven leaving her own party.
"I apologize, Jack," apologized Raven bow slightly to Jack. "May I help you with something?" she inquired politely as the young man took her hand and gave it a feather like kiss.
"I was wondering if I might have the pleasure of this dance?" asked Jack giving Raven one of his smiles he knew no girl could resiste.
"That would be lovely," Raven said with false sincerity in her voice," however, I promised someone else I dance with them first, but I'll save you the next one," she reasoned taking her hand away from Jack's grasp.
"Of course, I shall look forward to it," declaired Jack winking at her before taking off to find someone to dance with until he could dance with the raven hair beauty he was sure to marry someday, if he had his say in it.
Once Jack was out of hearing range Raven and Annie both knew by the look on their mother's face what was to come.
"Raven, you were completely rude to Jack," snapped Mrs. Leeway in an undertone. "Annie, go find your father, he has someone he would like you to meet," she told her youngest. "As for you young lady," she turned to Raven," come with me."
"Yes, Mother," Raven obeyed dreading the conversation she knew they were about to have.

"Sit down, Raven," instructed Mrs. Leeway the minute the two had reached the empty study.
"Mother, I didn't mean…," started Raven but stopped in mid-sentence by the look her mother was giving her.
"Didn't mean to what, Raven? Treat Jack so poorly? You may not like the idea of getting married young lady, but if you do not find a suitor within the next year your father and I will choose for you," promised Mrs. Leeway sitting down across from her daughter.
"I don't want to be married," stated Raven standing up upset at her mother's statement. "I want to see the world, and not be tied down."
"Raven, you are a Leeway, and as a Leeway you have a name to up hold," Mrs. Leeway said sternly.
"Mother, I don't want to marry, and if you think about it, technically I am not a Leeway so the family's reputaion is not mine to up hold," Raven pointed out looking straight at her mother.
" Raven Elisa Leeway, you are so a Leeway. You are your father and I eldest daughter and you will act like no one else is that clear?" demanded Mrs. Leeway firmly staring at her daughter.
"Kline is not my father and you know it," agrued Raven not noticing her necklace was turning a dark purple with each time she got upset more.
"Raven, we will not have the discussion about who your real father is again, do you hear me?" inquired Mrs. Leeway wishing she could just wipe the truth about Raven's real father out of her mind. That horrible demon had lye to her and then took advantage of her. The end result being Raven. She would be darn if she would let Raven become anything like that monster.
"Why because he was demon?" questioned Raven in disbelieve. "You're the one who stayed with him for a while. His blood is in my veins, does that mean I am never allowed to know about my other half?" she argued not believing what her mother was appling.
"Yes," shot Mrs. Leeway. "You are to be a normal young woman, and I am going inside now to find Jack and have him ask you to dance once more. Now I expect you in there," she affirmed giving her daughter a firm look, heading back into the ball room.
"Fine," snapped Raven under her breath. "I wish that I could be like my father," she said not noticing her necklace was glowing and swirls were coming out of it.

"Your necklace gives you power," stated Buffy as Raven finished her story. "Why didn't you just take it off?"
"After that night, I was so full of anger that I didn't want to take it off. I want to show everyone all of me," explained Raven sitting down in her chair wiping tears she had not cried for so long from her eyes.
"But why give up the human half of yourself?" wondered Angel speaking up for the first time in a while.
"Why not?" asked Raven. "No one seemed to respect that part of me, except Annie, however, when I turned into the demon half everyone either respected me or feared me. So after that night, I started searching for mystical objects said to give strong power of some form. As I searched I lost myself and became nothing but evil. Then that faithful day when Annie shot me with the arrow, it awoken the human me that had been hiding inside for so long, but it was to late to tell her I was sorry," Raven said sadly wiping her eyes.

"But if you want to tell her that now, why did you kill that little boy?" injected Buffy feeling sorry for Raven.
"He's not dead," assured Raven getting an atake back look from Buffy and Angel.
"He looked dead to me," stated Buffy wondering were Raven was going with this.
"I used…," started Raven but she was interrupted by Crow running into the room.
"Mistress, the Slayer and two of her friends are here," he cried. "We're losing big time," he stated with a worried expression on his face. "What should we do?"
"Leave that to me," voiced Buffy grabbing Angel's hand and ran out of the room pulling him with.
"Where are we going?" directed Angel as Buffy pulled him out the front door.
" Makoto," shouted Buffy when she spotted the black hair Slayer finishing off two vampires.
"Buffy, Angel run," yelled Makoto spotting the two teenagers. She allowed herself a sigh of relieve at seeing

both of them unharmed.
"Stop," instructed Buffy, stopping Makoto dead in her tracks.
"What?" the surprise Slayer and her best friend who had heard Buffy's request as well turned to look at the young golden blond.
"She means stop fighting," clarified Angel, not sure he like where Buffy was going with this idea, but supported her never the less.
"Are you crazy?" expressed Rem as much in shock as Makoto and now Kit. "Get down here," she demanded.
"Followers, pull back," Raven spoke coming up from behind the two teenagers.
"Mistress?" asked A puzzle Olivia who had stopped her chanting. "Are you feeling all right?"
"I am feeling fine," informed Raven. "Now do as I comand and stop fighting with the Slayer."
Giving their Mistress a weird look Raven's followers pulled back, and did what they were told.
"Mako, Rem, Kit, come in," invited Raven turning towards the three human who seemed to have been able to take out over half of her followers in such a short time.
"And we should because?" Makoto didn't trust Raven one bit and was a little freaked by Raven's smile and the fact that Buffy and Angel weren't moving away from her. "Be careful," Makoto warned Rem and Kit as the three of them followed Raven into the house. Making sure she was in front of Angel and Buffy the whole time now.
"Buffy, what's going on?" whispered Makoto as she sat down beside the young golden blond.
"Raven, is not as bad as we first thought," explained Buffy sincerely. "She just wanted to bring her sister back," the last part surprised Makoto and the other two to no end.
"Then why go through all this trouble?" Makoto asked Raven as the raven haired beauty sat down.
"I am know as quite the villian even in these times," started Raven still wearing a genuine smile," What would my followers have though if I told them I wanted to bring a dead Slayer back to life?" she asked rhetorically.
"That you were nuts," answered Kit putting his arm around Makoto.
"Exactly, as I was telling Buffy and Angel here I did not kill a innocent boy. I made the boy with magic that I had inquired over the years and this necklace that once turned me evil has no effect on me anymore," she went on handing a plate of cookies to the teenagers that Olivia had just brought in on her request.
"What?" exclaimed Makoto still not believing what was happening in front of her.
Raven went on to explain about her and Annie's sister relationship and of what made her decide to be the way she had been for so long. She explained how seeing her sister's face that last time, made her wake up and relize that what she had become was worst then what she ever imaged she could be.
After three hours of talking Makoto and Raven came to an agreement. Makoto would not kill Raven or any of her followers as long as they didn't attack any innocent people. If they did, Makoto promised to kill them.
Buffy smiled to herself as she watched Makoto and Raven actually shake hands as they left Raven's house.
"Mistress, are we really going to do what we promised?" asked Crow coming up behind Raven.
"Yes, Crow," answered Raven smiling before she took him and brushed her lips against his.

"Today and tonight was weird," commented Angel later the evening as he and Buffy looked up at the stars sparkling in the sky. "How did you know Raven would pull back?" he asked his girlfriend as she snuggled closer to him.
"I didn't know," replied Buffy snuggling into Angel's warm body," but as a big sister I knew what I would trully want if I was in her shoes and I played that hunch."
"I love you," admitted Angel looking down into Buffy's emerald green eyes.
"I love you," repeated Buffy moving to brush her lips against her boyfriend's, that man that she loved.
'This is the way is should be,' thought Buffy as she felt Angel's arms wrap around her and pulled her to him. 'Forever.'

As for the Destiny Crystal, it was decide to remain inside Makoto and no one but the ones who already knew about it was to find out about it. Raven came to peace within herself and the people around her. With Rem's helps she was able to say she was sorry to Annie, and was thrilled when her little sister forgave her. The red arrows were never used against Raven, instead they were put up for safe keeping in case they were needed for something else.
Kit and Makoto had gotten married two months later, and all became peaceful for everyone, at least for the time being.
The End