Title: a Breath of Life

Author: BRN25

Rating: E for bad language and sexual content in later chapters.

Couples: m/m f/m and f/f

Summary: moving to a new town should have been a drag, but for the Stilinski triples it was nothing new.

Author noted: Title inspired by Florence and the Machine; a breath of life. This is a crossover with the Vampire Dairies, Teen Wolf, BtVS(Buffy & Faith), and Gossip Girl (Mostly just Blair). Some things like plot will most likely change for all characters. Most of the story line may be from the Vampire Dairies and mentions of past episodes from BtVS. Poszukiwacz Gwiazdy means star seeker is Stiles birth name, Prawdomówny is truthful which is Allison birth name, and Czcicielem Boga is Lydia birth name which means worshiper of God.

Chapter One: the Kids are Alright

Poszukiwacz Gwiazdy stared up at his new home as his sister Prawdomówny stood to his left and Czcicielem Bog who was pretty much his other sister stood to his right. This was the final move their mother explain to them as he held the box that said kitchenware on it. Heading up the front porch stairs to the front door, Poszukiwacz Gwiazdy better known as Stiles Stilinski sat the box done by the door as he looked around the furnished living room.

"This has to be a better move then the one when we where in Sunnydale, Buffy. Their starting to present." Stiles heard his mother whisper to his other mom. Stiles dropped the box off in the kitchen before moving up the stair giving their mothers some kind of privacy. Making a left down the hall in the corner Stiles walked into his room to fine his twin and his other sister sitting on his bed. "Why are you guys loitering in my room," he asked them.

"Sshhh... I'm trying to listen to moms conversation." Prawdomówny better known as Allison said as her eyes glowed a bright red. It still freaked Stiles out whenever Allison flashed her eyes at him or Czcicielem Bog better known as Lydia, but he knew it was part of her way showing that she was the Alpha of their small little pack. "What is mom saying," Lydia asked as she moved closer to Allison side.

"We moved to this backwater town to give our children some type of normalcy, so they wouldn't have to grow up like us Buffy." Faith whispered as she stared at a picture of the three of them. Lydia, Stiles and Allison.

"Come on; come to the sound poof room! Allison Gwendolyn Stilinski, mind your business and help unload the U-Hal." Faith yells up to her oldest draught before pulling their other mother down the stairs to the basement where the walls where sound proof and most of the weaponry hung on walls or in trunks along with magic items and other old tomes and scrolls on book shelves.

Once the door was closed Faith signed as she ran a hand though her thick dark chocolate brown hair. Taking a deep breath she square her shoulders before approaching Buffy. "Our oldest daughter was bitten by a werewolf, and is now an Alpha. Our second oldest daughter is a Banshee and our son a mega witch; a Spark." Faith started, she was already resigned to the fact that their kids were gonna be anything but normal. The day they came into their life's Faith made a vow that there wouldn't be anything she wouldn't do for three to keep them safe and happy.

"Trouble is going to follow them, B. That's why we moved here to protect them as well as give them some type of hope that they know their not alone. There's a strong werewolf pack here, along with the Bennett Witches. They are a strong covent; they can help our son and there's an emissary here that goes by as a veterinarian during the day who can put our other daughter on the right track. We train them well. They know how to protect them self if we're not there. Plus on the bright side, Willow was strong enough to do a spell to give them part of our DNA with our slayer blood. She also put a cloaking spell to hide them if need be from the other big bad supernatural world. We can protect them Buffy." Faith whispers as she moved closer to her once enemy turn friend turn lover turn wife. "We can protect our children. We were the first two after along line of Slayers. We got this, everything five by five!" She whispered pulling the short blonde into her arms.

"What do you thinking their talking about?" Stiles asked as he was handed another box by Lydia. "I mean beside the obvious?" He asked as he hopped down from the truck, heading towards the house. It was totally like mom's to take their other mother down to the sound proof room so they couldn't hear them talking about them.

"Their worried about us. But we're three kick ass supernatural creatures," Lydia said as she moved from the truck placing another box on top of the three that Allison was already carrying. "Beside we start school tomorrow that's gonna be enough hell for the three of us. We should worry about our studies and try to keep a low profile."

Stiles nodded, they did have enough to worry about. This was their sophomore year of high school. It had to be better then their freshman year where Allison was a attacked by an omega Alpha werewolf and Lydia going off her rocker with the noise of the dead calling to her and Stiles burning down their old high school due to a panic attack.


Author Notes: So its been quite a while since I add a story since Unbreakable Heat. Any ways just be kind when leaving feed back. Also sorry about the short chapter. After Chapter two they started to get longer. Anyways I hope you enjoy this fic.