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A little late, but here it is: the first chapter of "The World Kanon Only Knows" – the fourth installment in "The World Not Only God Knows" and direct sequel of sorts to "The World Mio Only Knows".

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As always, we start with the general author's notes for the entire story, which are quite important, so give it a read, especially if you haven't read the other stories in the series.

0. Disclaimer: I don't own The World God Only Knows", being it manga or anime. I do own this fanfiction story though.

1. The main focus of the story is romance between Kanon Nakagawa and Keima Katsuragi.

2. For the best experience my readers should have read: (1) "The world god only knows" manga (anime doesn't cover enough, although it's better than nothing), (2) "The World Not Only God Knows" fanfiction and (3) "The World Ayumi Only Knows" fanfiction. Without it you might have serious trouble understanding what's happening and why it's happening.

3. The story is T-rated and that will most likely not change. You can expect some swearing, perhaps some adult themes and considerable number of innuendos.

4. About the frequency of the updates – I will talk about that after the chapter.

5. As for Kanon herself, I just want to say in advance that I have my own vision of her. I mean, in the anime Kanon is portrayed as yandere-ish, compulsive and having low self-esteem. Furthermore, in the third season she's doesn't do much. What I want to say is that some or most of those won't be featured in this fanfiction. This is primarily because Kanon already had a lot of character development and acts differently now. In particular, I'm not fond of her using her obviously not safe stun guns out of the blue. Of course, this doesn't mean we won't see the stun guns being used at least once in this fic, but if someone expects trigger-happy Kanon then it's very unlikely he/she will see one.

6. Next important point is the length of this fanfiction. I'm concerned with how much time it takes me to complete a story (MioNomi took over a year!). Moreover, while I like Kanon, I don't like her as much as I do Ayumi and Mio. I also should have more time when summer break comes, which will hopefully be good. All this means I'm very determined to have this story be shorter (or at least completed in shorter time). On the other hand, I realize Kanon is not easy to write about, as her developing relationship with Keima will be difficult due to her position as a top idol (meaning both her public image and amount of free time). I'd also very much like to go back to posting pokemakes once in a while. I guess we'll see about all that. Wish me luck!

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(* * *)

At first there was a faint metallic rustle followed by a click. Then the door opened with a creak as a lone figure of a young woman entered the room.

"Tadaima," the woman said, although the only response was the silence of the empty apartment.

The woman unbuttoned and took off her coat, before hanging it on the hook. Then it took her a few moments to take off her high that she walked, or rather dragged herself, into the bedroom and stopped in front of the container holding the only other living being in the apartment.

"Hey, how is my little boy doing?" the girl cooed, leaning over the container.

Kintarō, the nearly four year-old pet turtle, didn't react much, slowly traveling throughout the length of the container, illuminated by a single lamp – the only currently strong source of light in the apartment. The woman observed the turtle for a few seconds, before bringing the pet fresh parsley to feed on and giving the turtle a few playful strokes.

After that the woman headed for the bathroom and 10 minutes later she emerged, wrapped in a towel. She then changed into her pajamas, once or twice looking as if she would just fall asleep, before crawling under the covers.

For a few seconds everything was quiet and dark until there was a sudden flash of light. It's possible the woman didn't even see that, her face hidden in the pillow, but she couldn't pretend to ignore the voice that followed.

"Kanon... Kanon… Kanon!" the voice insisted.

Kanon Nakagawa, famous teen idol groaned, rolling over to look at the window and, sure enough, Apollo, the second oldest of the Jupiter sisters was there, her halo and wings shining lightly.

"We need to talk" the goddess said.

"Not now, Apollo," Kanon replied weakly. "It was a long day and I have to get up in 4 hours,"she turned away from the goddess, "we'll talk in the morning."

"You said that yesterday… and in the morning you said you were in a hurry and that we'll talk in the evening," the goddess said, her arms crossed over her chest, voice sounding a bit offended, "we need to talk now."

Kanon groaned again.

"Okay, what is so important?" not only was Kanon tired, but she also suspected what Apollo wanted to talk about.

"When are you going to finally do something about Keima Katsuragi?" the goddess asked, making Kanon groan again.

"It has already been several days since that blond girl returned," Apollo continued when Kanon was silent. "The only reason I agreed to wait this long was because Vul-nee ordered me to!" the goddess was obviously more used to giving orders to her younger sisters than listening to Vulcan. "But now Katsuragi should be good to go, so it's time to move!"

"How about we wait for a few more days?" Kanon tried. "Just to be sure..."

"But we are sure!" Apollo all but shouted. "And the next in order is Minerva's host. I know they're both shy, but if we tarry anymore, they'll try to cut in!"

"Is it really so bad?" Kanon asked. "I mean cutting in. It's not like Keima-kun is going anywhere…"

"He is going somewhere!" Apollo objected. "The more we wait, the more likely Keima-kun is to go for Kosaka!"

"But Chihiro-san agreed to-" Kanon said, but was interrupted.

"Yes, I know she agreed to this, but she will lose patience eventually" Apollo, rebutted. "Besides, Katsuragi doesn't know. If we wait we risk him learning the truth or even worse, going for Kosaka on his own!"

Kanon moved nervously at that, while Apollo shook her head.

"I just don't get it," the goddess said after a moment. "You love him. I don't need to ask it. I know it. I can feel it. It's like you're trying to stall on purpo-" at this Apollo stopped abruptly. The rusty cogs in the head of medium goddess started to move slowly and a few seconds later Kanon could feel Apollo's stare boring into the back of her skull.

"Kanon…" Apollo said slowly, her eyes and voice full of skepticism, making the idol gulp. "You're not deliberately avoiding making a move with Katsuragi, are you?"

When she could no longer bear the force of the gaze, Kanon replied.

"Well… I kinda am."

"But whyyyyy!?" Apollo half-asked, half-shouted, raising her hands upwards and groping the air in frustration.

Kanon sat up, deciding to get it over with.

"Look, you've heard what Vulcan-san said," she started, "after the thing is done my memories will be gone," she bit her lip. "Suddenly, I'm not so sure, I want to do this anymore…"

Apollo was quiet for a longer moment, her eyes squinted – she was apparently thinking hard about something.

"I don't get it!" she gave up. "If Vul-nee hadn't shown us the orb and you had given up on Katsuragi then I would have been able to understand. But now?" Apollo leaned over the glass pane. "How do you want to go on now that there's a chance like that in front of you? You won't be able to stop thinking about it. You aren't able to stop thinking about it already!"

Kanon bit her lip. The last remark hit home. It was the only way Kanon could be more than friends with Keima while not hurting Chihiro's or anyone else's feelings in the process.

"You were that reluctant back then in the infirmary! And the more you wait, the less likely you are to succeed! All this worrying even started to affect your work!"

That was also something Kanon could not deny.

"But, it still doesn't change the fact!" Kanon persisted, her frustration straining any patience she had remaining. "I don't want to lose my memories! Who would like their relationship to end with that!?"

There was another long pause and then Apollo coughed a bit.

"Well, I know I'm stupid," the goddess started. "but, to be frank, I don't get it at all. Why is that 'losing memories' thing such a problem?"

"You can't be that stupid" Kanon groaned.

"But think about it for a moment," Apollo started, making Kanon groan again at the very prospect of the idiot goddess thinking. "Let's assume there is no orb, no Kosaka and no competition. Let's assume that Katsuragi has chosen you. What would happen then?"

"He would go out with me… I guess" Kanon speculated.

"And then?" Apollo asked.

"We would go on dates…"

"And then?"

"Um… we would probably get married one day" Kanon blushed when she imagined the scenario.

"And then?"

"Maybe we would have kids…"

"And then?"

"...and live our lives in gentle bliss?" Kanon tried.

"And after all that?" Apollo persisted. "Waaay after all that?"

"We would both die eventually, I guess…"

"Exactly!" Apollo exclaimed, apparently happy that Kanon finally mentioned that. "And what happens after you die?"

"After we die?" Kanon repeated slowly.

"You know how Heaven and New Hell work," Apollo raised one finger, like a teacher making a point. "Your soul will be sent to New Hell for purification and then it will be redistributed again. It's more or less what you people refer to as reincarnation."

Kanon was quiet, shocked by Apollo being uncharacteristically smart today.

"After your soul is purified and you reincarnate you won't remember anything," Apollo summarized. "I don't see how is that different from the orb. In both cases, you won't remember anything once you die, being it death in this world or in the orb! In that case I don't really see why you are against using the orb! It will solve a lot of problems and…" Apollo stopped, looking at her host, confused.

Throughout the goddess' speech, Kanon eyes went wide and she opened her mouth. And it stayed that way once the idol realized what Apollo was implying.

"Apollo!" Kanon exclaimed. "You're a genius!"

"I am?" the goddess repeated, unsure.

"Yes… at least that thought was genius," Kanon admitted. "I never thought of it that way!"

Apollo remained quiet for several long moments, watching Kanon digest this new information, not failing to notice the change in her host's heart.

"So…" the goddess tried carefully after giving Kanon a few more seconds. "Are you going to talk to Vul-nee's host about the orb?"

"I…," Kanon started, still somewhat unsure, "I will think about it… but right now I really need to sleep."

Having said this, Kanon once again lied down and pulled the quilt over her head, the drowsiness getting to her again.

"Thanks, Apollo" she whispered.

"You got it!" the goddess replied, but Kanon didn't hear it – with some of her worries disappearing and her exhaustion catching up to her the sleep overtook her instantly.

(* * *)

It was Saturday and Kanon somehow managed to get a break from her work for several hours, although only after surviving an interrogation from her manager and the idol answered the questions the best she could without revealing more...paranormal things. She wasn't completely comfortable with that, but it was necessary in order to do what she wanted to do.

Yes, Kanon had decided to go along with the orb idea, the explanation from Apollo and having slept on it helping to solidify her resolution.

Currently the idol was walking back from the Astronomy clubroom. The coat she was wearing indoors drew some confused stares, but it was far better than being recognized. The talk with Vulcan went as well as a talk with floating doll could go. Tsukiyo didn't say much, silently giving Kanon her permission and now the third orb was tucked into Kanon's bag as the girl continued to walk throughout the corridors, heading towards her next destination.

The light music clubroom.

She hesitated in front of the clubroom door, hearing the music from inside. For a moment Kanon wondered if she should wait or not. Finally, she knocked on the door, before opening it and sticking her head inside.

"Ano… Kosaka-san," she said nervously when 5 pairs of curious eyes rested on her, "can I talk with you for a moment?"

"What is it?" Chihiro asked when she was walked outside. "Are you from the Maijima newspaper looking to interview our band?"

"It's me, Chihiro-san" Kanon took of her beret and glasses, so the band leader could recognize her.

"Whaa? Kanon-chan!" Chihiro didn't say anymore, because Kanon covered her mouth.

"Shh!" the idol whispered. "No-one is supposed to know I'm here."

"So, what is this about?" Chihiro asked, still not completely comfortable with the famous idol acting that familiar with her.

"Well, I wanted to ask about your permission," Kanon said and then explained the situation to Chihiro.

"Oh, you mean that… but I gave all of you my permission earlier, so feel free to do it," Chihiro replied. "If I understand it right, then you still need to ask that red-haired goddess for new orb though."

"I already have," the idol said.

"And she gave you one?" Chihiro asked and Kanon nodded. "Can I see it?"

Kanon reached into her bag and retrieved the orb. It was looking pretty much the same as the ones Ayumi and Mio had used before – dark and big enough to barely fit in a palm of one's hand with pulsating arcane symbols inside.

"So that's how it looks like," Chihiro said, as she took the orb. "It's heavier than I thought. So, Katsuragi has to touch it?"

"Yes," Kanon said.

"Any idea how are you going to make him do that?"

"I'm not sure," Kanon replied worriedly. "From what I heard, Keima-kun doesn't realize what is happening and Vulcan-san has told us it would be better if it stayed that way," the idol paused for a moment. "I don't like deceiving Keima-kun like that, but Vulcan-san has a point…"

It was Chihiro's turn to nod. "That's right. Be careful though. I can laugh at him all I want, but Katsuragi's really smart. He might not remember, but he will notice something is off."

"I know," Kanon smiled fondly and if Chihiro had any doubts that Kanon had feelings for Keima then that smile dispelled them altogether.

"Well, good luck then," Chihiro handed the orb back, even though she thought Kanon didn't need such a thing as luck, "do you need anything else?"

"Actually, yes," Kanon put the orb in her bag, "could you ask Eri-san to come here?"

Chihiro went back inside the clubroom and a moment later Eri came out.

"Kanon-chan!?" she exclaimed in both shock and excitement.

"Hello, Eri, "Kanon greeted. "I have a favor to ask."

(* * *)

"Thank you for your patronage, please visit us again!" the clerk said as Keima Katsuragi walked out of his favorite game shop and into the cold December air, carrying a bag full of games.

Well, it wasn't that full actually. Between Eri being now a permanent addition to the family and him growing more conscious of his family budget, Keima has reduced the number of games he was buying at a time.

There might've been a third reason as well – namely, him having less time to play games because of having to deal with the girls. However, it wasn't that bad. Come to think of it, since that day when the girls cornered him at the railway station, there hasn't been that many events.

Him talking with Chihiro and visiting Kaori in the hospital didn't count fully as Keima had initiated those events himself. Urara transferring to Mai High had been unexpected, but so far it hadn't resulted in any further dangerous flags. Then there had been that short talk with Jun Nagase. Over the weekend Sumire had brought him breakfast and he had met Nanaka in Tenri's house.

All of those events were a bit strange, but it only got stranger after that.

Some days ago, Keima had woken up and found Diana fretting over him and soon after that Ayumi had arrived and demanded he give her her first kiss back. Those events might have been strange, but they were undoubtedly real – there was no doubt about it in Keima's mind...

However, there had been another event with Ayumi. One when she had kicked down the door to his room and demand he take responsibility or something. The problem with this one was that Keima wasn't sure it really happened, the memory of it being very vague to say the least.

Now, Keima knew he played a lot of games and he sometimes hallucinated about them. However, his hallucinations pertained to game heroines. Not to real girls.

Had this really happened? Then what was the memory so blurry? Was it a hallucination or a dream? But why would he dream or hallucinate about Ayumi?

And it didn't stop there. Another memory was him in Mio's house. The blond claimed Yui brought him there and he did kinda remember meeting Yui before that. But this one memory was vague as well. And why would Yui bring him to Mio's apartment of all places?

Come to think of it, the next thing Keima remembered was him waking up in his own bed. No Diana, no Ayumi, Yui or Mio. There was only Eri, claiming he has been out for a whole day.

Did the thing with Yui and Mio was simply a dream? Or maybe the new memories he had received were the reason his mind was playing tricks on him? Should he consult someone about it? Maybe Diana or the devils?

Nah, Haqua and Diana would just tell him to stop playing games…

...and he wasn't sure he wanted to know how Nora or Rimyuel would react.

Ultimately, he decided to not do anything for now. The last several days were fairly calm after all – the only real people he had to deal with lately being his family and classmates.

So perhaps it was just an isolated case, he concluded as he headed home.

(* * *)

Keima entered the café and looked around to check the customers. It was one of his new half-conscious habits he had developed after Shiori, Tsukiyo, Minami and Sumire had ambushed him here (the last one twice so far). However, this time the customers were all normal adults and there was no-one he knew.

He wondered whether that was a good or bad sign. I mean, he had sent that one e-mail, telling the girls to leave him a lone for a while… but that was a while ago already.

Did it mean that his life returned to some semblance of "normality"? No, Keima shook his head as he walked upstairs. It was too early to conclude that, if his experiences with the real were anything to go by.

And then there was Chihiro, who was acting kind of weird as well. She and Keima had agreed to give them both some time to think, but Keima had noticed that she kept more distance, as if she wasn't in any hurry. And he could understand if she had been ignoring him and being angry to match, but no – she was looking at him from time to time, but she seemed strangely relaxed and content.

Just what was going on?

Keima walked inside his room and started to unpack his games. He was in the middle of it when he heard a sound he did not expect.

Someone clearing his throat.

It took Keima by surprise and he yelped, turning to the source of the sound and was immediately corrected.

Someone clearing her throat.

In front of him there was Kanon Nakagawa, sitting on his bed.

"Good day, Keima-kun," the super idol greeted.

"Kanon?" Keima asked as if he didn't believe it. "What are you doing here?"

"Ah… I decided to pay you a visit."

"By breaking into my my house?" he questioned.

"Eri gave me permission" Kanon informed him.

"This isn't Eri's room," Keima noticed, "it's mine."

"Well… it's not like I haven't been here before," the idol reached out with her hand, smoothing out the wrinkles on Keima's bed, "I spent quite a while lying here," she said, reminiscing the time when her life was hanging by the thread with more joy than Keima expected.

He didn't respond immediately, pulling out his PFP and pressing some buttons instead.

"Aren't you supposed to be at work?" he asked finally.

"I have a day off today," Kanon said.

"Really? Because the Internet says you have a concert a good distance from Maijima in several hours," Keima showed her his PFP which backed up his claim.

"Aah… about that," Kanon scratched her head, "I managed to get a substitute for today."

Keima was silent. He knew of exactly one Kanon-obsessed firetruck-lover who could substitute for the idol.

"Okay… but why are you here?" Keima asked finally, deciding to face this new flag.

"I'd… rather not tell you that..." Kanon replied slowly as she stood up and walked closer. "But… I guess you could say it's because I'm greedy."

"Is it a good parameter for an idol?" Keima asked. He didn't back up, but Kanon saw him tense a bit.

"Don't worry," she told him, "I'm not going to tase you," she then paused for a moment, before going back to what he had said. "I guess everyone is greedy to some extent. That was also my problem before you helped me, remember? Being greedy for attention… But I guess you're right. Being greedy is not a good thing… That's why I need your help again, Keima-kun," she was now pretty much face to face with him. "Help me get rid of this greed. God of Conquest won't refuse a request from a heroine, right?"

"That's only for heroines and only in games…" Keima said.

"How about your new friends?" Kanon countered.

"You know about me and Chihiro, right?" he reminded her.

"I know. And I know I stand no chance," she looked down before looking back at him again, resolve clear on her face, "that's why I need you to help me get rid of it!"

"And what if I don't agree to help you?" Keima tilted his head and Kanon could sense he was actually curious.

"Then that's it, I guess," Kanon admitted. "But I promise that it won't be too much of a bother, nor will it upset your relationship with Chihiro-san."

After that Kanon went quiet and both of them engaged in some sort of a staring conquest.

"I guess you're not going to say much more" Keima said finally.

Kanon shook her head. "I'd rather not."

"Alright," Keima spoke after a moment."Let's assume I believe you and I agree to help you," he pushed up his glasses. "What do I have to do?"

Kanon retrieved the orb. Keima blinked, before reaching out with his hand, but Kanon pulled the orb back.

"Not yet" she told him.

"What do you mean 'not yet'?" he asked."Where did you get something like that?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't answer any of that," Kanon bit her lip, "Now, I won't force you to do this. I will only ask that you believe in me as I once believed in you," with this she extended her hand with the orb, clearing motioning for him to grab it.

After that there was silence. Kanon tried to remain calm, but she knew she was shaking a bit and Keima could see it.

"Do you know what's going to happen?" he asked.

"Yes," Kanon told him, "we're both going to be asleep for about a day."

Keima groaned. "Then there goes my weekend."

"I'm sorry" Kanon looked down.

"Is it safe?" Keima asked.

"Yes," she replied. "And I made sure your family won't be worried… and Chihiro-san won't be angry with you either," she added when Keima opened his mouth.

"Two last questions," he spoke again. "Will I regret this?"

"I will make sure you won't," Kanon replied.

"And are you sure you want this?"

"Yes" she said with conviction.

He sighed.

"Alright then, I believe in you" he reached out with his arm, his hand hovering above the orb. "Why do I have the feeling that's not the first time I'm doing this?"

Kanon didn't reply. Instead she closed her eyes, raised her head and smiled.

A moment later she realized that Keima must've touched the orb, because despite her closed eyelids, she saw a multitude of colors flash and flow before they turned to expanding darkness that consumed all.

(* * *)

So here it is.

This chapter could be much shorter, but I wanted to touch upon several subjects.

First, I kinda summarized what has been happening since around flags 13–17 of KamiNomiNai (the day the girls cornered Keima at the railway station) till now. It actually turns out it was already December when AyumiNomi starts and now it's around December the 10th. It also kinda means Chihiro's birthday have passed... :/

...and Keima couldn't even think about participating, but you can't blame him – he was kidnapped by Yui and then MioNomi happened...

Speaking of Chihiro, I included her here, even though she already gave her blessings to the girls. I guess it shows how concerned about her Kanon is.

Anyway, the second thing I wanted to address here was showing something on Keima's side – what he thinks and what he knows of what's happening. I haven't yet decided if he will find out about everything and when will it happen, but he at the very leasts notices strange happenings. Or maybe it's all his delusions? xD

Third thing is actually something rather important. I wanted to address "girls will lose their inside-orb memories" issue. Well, not much as address, but to point out that losing memories is going to happen anyway at some point. Furthermore, having memories of the orb world would definitely interfere with girls further lives, so yeah.

Apollo being smart is weird though...

Moving on, there's one important thing concerning the frequency of updates or rather when next update will happen. I'll be frank, I still don't have plot planned for KanonNomi and I won't have that much free time for the next week or so. I wanted to post the prologue, but the chapter after that won't be up quickly. In short: don't expect an update for the next month or so. I know this might be the longest break yet, but don't worry – I'll be back.

The title of this chapter is a reference to one of the songs Kanon sings (not exactly solo though). I think I'll try to reference as many of her songs as I can.

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