Beyond the blaze

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Vernon Dursley was a man of habit. His day always began and ended the exact same way, feeling proud of all his accomplishments and wondering about his promotion.

If asked, Vernon would have said that that particular Wednesday was exactly like all the Wednesdays prior. After all, he began it the same way he always did and it would end like all the other Wednesdays did. Even though this was going to be an extraordinary day, a day to be remembered for the rest of Vernon's life. He just thought it was another normal Wednesday.

Releasing the breath he didn't know he was holding in, Vernon took another bite of his dinner. He could see Petunia trying to make little Dudley eat his peas from the corner of his eye and wasn't able to hold in a chuckle when Dudley hit his mother with the spoon. ''Little tyke'' He smiled fondly. He sighed as the news about the abnormal activities played again and picked up the remote.

Owls filling up the sky, people wearing weird clothes, star showers.

He and Petunia had had an uncomfortable talk about her sister. She didn't say much but he knew that she too was afraid that all this had something to do with her sister's lot.

He changed the channel to a business one instead. At least they won't show the news about those people.

After all they had done to distance themselves from them, he would not allow such a disturbance in their life.

Petunia always introduced herself as a single child and it was an unspoken rule that no one was to mention her sister, they just pretended that she did not exist; it was as if her name was a taboo in the house.

Though Fate it seems works in unusual ways since he would be thinking about her for many days to come.

After getting ready for bed, Vernon checked the phone again to make sure it was properly connected.

"I should have gotten the call for confirmation a week ago." He shook his head with disappointment. Maybe everyone was right, expecting a promotion a year into a new job was foolish. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

With another heavy sigh, he went back to his room. While his lovely wife slept as soon as her head hit the pillow, he could not shake the feeling that something big was going to happen soon. It was hours before sleep came to him.

Outside the house, a cat's meow was heard before all the lights went out.

Vernon's feeling was proven to be true the next morning when his wife went to put out the milk bottles. Petunia screeched like one of the stuck drills and came running into the house speaking gibberish.

"That-That-I Won't! I refuse!" She mumbled wringing her hands.

"Pet," He slowly pulled her hand towards him instead, "Sit ." He made her sit next to him on the couch. He patted her back as she, gasping and red with anger or fear, told him about the basket outside. A basket with a child.

"What are we going to do, Vernon. What do we do!" She thrust a crumpled up letter in his hand and continued chewing on her nails, a habit he was sure she'd gotten rid of. He cast a careless glance over the letter.

"It's alright, Sweat Pea. I'll go take care of it.", and with that, he went to see why the 'thing' had made her so hysterical.

He clutched the letter in his hand, the carelessly read words seemed to repeat over and over in his head. Images of how a child of one of them might look took over his mind as he approached the knows, maybe they had horns when they were younger or something weird-his thoughts came to a halt and the frown on his face faded as his eyes fell on the child. He so wasn't prepared to see big green eyes looking at him with interest.

The child was sitting up in the basket, her one hand was clutching her blanket and the other rubbing her eye as she looked at him.

He could feel his breath and heartbeat slowed down with every step he took. Panic gave away to wonder. 'Too lovely for a freak.' The unwelcome thought popped up in his mind.

It was a little girl. If he remembered right, she was just a few months younger than his Dudley. Her soft black curls were framing her face as big green eyes clouded with sleep looked at him. It looked like she was analyzing him before a small sleepy smile formed on her plump pink lips.

Vernon Dursley was not what you would call a 'kind man' but looking at the little girl who had just lost her parents even he felt pity. He picked her up and had to push away the feeling of something as she put her head on his shoulder yawning.

10 minutes later, he sat on the sofa with his head in his hands. His wife was, once again, repeating her tantrum about her sister and how 'the freak should have gone to the orphanage. What are we going to do with her!'.

The baby was sleeping next to him, still holding onto her blanket like it was a lifeline. Someone, her mother most likely, had done embroidery on the blanket writing the name Alyssa potter. He tried very hard but couldn't relate her to the freaks his wife used to tell him about. How could anyone look at her sweet, slightly dirty, face and see the monster that his wife believed her to be?

Maybe the child was different?

The thought gave him some comfort. He could tell the girl would turn out to be quite beautiful and he always did want a lovely daughter to show off. Maybe she wasn't like those freaks? After all he, himself was different from his late good for nothing poor father. His thoughts slowly led towards a scenario that he was sure his wife wouldn't like.

The phone started ringing. Vernon absently put the couch cushions around that kid so she wouldn't fall. He cast a look at his raging wife and went to pick up the phone. She probably wouldn't be thinking straight for some time.

"Good Morning. Is this Dursley? I am speaking from Awl Drilling company-", Vernon's eyes widened before turning to the child. What were the odds that the call he was waiting for two months arrived right after the child did?

He took a deep breath, wondering how to tell his wife about his sudden but probably fruitful decision.

Far above from a place unseen, a dark entity looked on with a smile. The game, as they say, was on.

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