Well, a friend of mine showed me RWBY and I enjoyed it immensely. I have been writing fanfiction for a while and thought, hey this series would be fun to write for. At the same time, I recently discovered the joy of crossovers, they are way more fun to write than I thought they would be. I discussed a couple ideas with some friends and a crossover between RWBY and Toaru Majutsu no Index came to mind. Some detailed needed worked out, but we agreed the premise would be interesting and thus, this fanfiction was born. I hope everyone who reads this enjoys it, but, as most of you know, you can't please everyone.

Disclaimer: I do not own Toaru Majutsu no Index or RWBY.

A mysterious green light began to creep across the sky and was accompanied by ominous black lightning.

Even though Academy City was the forefront of technological advancement, all the lights in a several block radius around one specific skyscraper had gone out. The green light was brightest directly above this tower and the lightning seemed to be originating from it. The clouds were swirling in a vortex, while leaving the very center open. The green light fell down upon the building, more specifically the two people occupying the rooftop. They were a strange pair. One was an elderly man with black hair that held a single strip of grey. His clothing was nothing more than a plan black robe with dark blue trimmings. He was standing in front of a large pentagram drawn directly onto the roof. When the star's point touched the circumference of the circle, a pillar of ice stood, roughly a foot thick and around six feet tall. Strange runic symbols were inscribed all around the circle and on the ice pillars. The man raised his eyes to the second person on the roof, who was trapped in the center of the pentagram.

A brown haired girl in a light blue dress with white polka dots, who couldn't be older than around ten, was flouting a couple feet above the ground. She was completely submerged in a dome of dark swirling water. Even though it was water, the girl appeared to be able to breathe normally, based on her chest rising and falling, but was merely unconscious. The man walked around the pentagram one last time, checked to make sure everything was perfect, before he pulled out a book from an inside pocket of his robe. He frowned when he heard an explosion a couple floors below him.

They are here, he thought. There's no time to waste. Heh, time, that's a laugh. Once I cast this spell, it won't matter what they do now, fate can be easily changed. He opened the book and began to chant. "Gods who govern the realm of time and the fate that binds this world, I reach out to you. I speak your names to grant me access to the Rivers of Fate, Manāt, Chronos, Hemsut, Styx…" He continued to chant, even though the door to the rooftop burst open and two high school boys burst out onto the roof.

"You bastard!" one of them roared at the man. The boy was pretty skinny with pale skin and moppy white hair. His eyes were red and flashing dangerously. It was obvious to everyone he was furious. He was wearing a simple stripped black and white t-shirt with black pants. "You think your constructs could stop me!?"

"We need to take him alive!" the other boy yelled before the white haired boy could do anything he would regret. The second boy had spiky black hair, but otherwise look like a normal high school student. He was wearing a plain white button-down shirt and black pants. "Knock him out and I'll stop his ritual!"

"You better save her," grunted the first boy. His body rocketed forward while the ground beneath him cracked. He didn't even have to bend his knees. It was like his body just flew forward on its own. He reached out a hand toward the man, who had not given them the slightest bit of attention. Thirty feet closed in an instant and the boys hand was inches away.

And then the boy went right through the man.

"What the hell!?" he roared. The man's torso was completely gone, where the boy had plowed through, but water seemed to grow from his legs and head to reform his body. The body was clear for a moment, before the color returned, and the man looked perfectly fine. "Is his body made of water or something!?"

"No idea!" the black haired boy replied, as he reached the girl. Now the man actually took notice.

"You fool!" he roared. "If you free her now-…!" The boy didn't listen to the man, as he reached up and touched the water surrounding the girl with his right hand. With the sound of breaking glass, the water disappeared and the girl began to fall. The boy stepped forward and caught her in his outstretched hands. The ice towers began to crack and the black lightning disappeared, but the green light only grew in intensity.

"She's breathing," the black haired boy reported to the other.

"Good," he replied and cracked his knuckles. "Now I'm going to beat this guy into the ground until he wishes for death."

"You two don't have any idea what you have done!" the man roared at them.

"We stopped you from using this girl in your ritual," the black haired boy answered angrily.

"I was using her Network as a substitute for the Rivers of Time," the man said and looked up toward the sky. His face paled. "Your interruption has caused everything to become unstable. Time and space is beginning to tear apart!"

"What?!" Both of the boys yelled in surprise. Before anyone could say anything else, the green light above them suddenly intensified by a hundred fold and all of them were engulfed in the blinding light. The light faded and the rooftop was empty except for the crumbling ice pillars.

"So there we were," a bubbly short redhead with turquoise eyes said to a table of six other people. Her name was Nora Valkyrie. She was wearing a white top with a heart in the middle and a pink skirt. Normally the students would be wearing their school uniform, but it was Saturday and they were all heading off to do various weekend activities after finishing breakfast. "In the middle of the night…"

"It was day," a boy by the name of Lei Ren interrupted in a monotone. He had long black hair tied in a ponytail and a single pink streak on the left side of his head. He wore a dark green, diagonally-buttoned, long-sleeved tailcoat with black and gold trimming and pink cuffs.

"…We were surrounded by Ursai."

"They were Beowolves."

"Dozens of them!"

"Two of them."

"But they were no match and in the end Ren and I took them down, then made a boatload of Lien selling Ursa skin rugs."

"She's been having this reoccurring dream for nearly a month."

"Wish you all could join us," a young girl with short black hair, silver eyes, and wearing a black blouse with a red cape interrupted before Nora could speak again. Ruby Rose was the youngest girl at the table at only fifteen, while everyone else was seventeen. "It's Saturday and we were going to have a team building exercise, but Blake hasn't come back…"

"So it's turned into a shopping trip!" a blonde girl with long hair and lilac eyes interrupted with enthusiasm. Yang Xiao-Long was Ruby's half-sister, as they had different mothers. While Ruby was young and could be considered cute, Yang was older and what most would consider sexy. The difference was only intensified by Yang's revealing tan jacket over a yellow crop top and black mini-shorts. It also helped that Yang was much more endowed than her younger sister. "I need to replace a top Pyrrha tore in our last spar."

"I'm sorry about that," Pyrrha Nikos apologized again. She had long red hair tied in a waist length ponytail and vivid green eyes. Her armor consisted of a strapless bronze top and a black, A-line miniskirt with red ankle-length drapery that wrapped around her skirt. Unlike the other girls, Pyrrha wore elaborate bronze greaves that started below her mid-thigh, continuing downwards into her boots. She also had a bronze headpiece she rarely took off. "I'm more than willing to pay for a replacement."

"It was an accident," Yang replied and waved her hand dismissively. "There's always the chance of accidents when fighting the four time Mistral Regional Champion. Eh, P-money?" She nudged Pyrrha in the side. Pyrrha merely smiled politely and continued with her breakfast.

"…and then your team got detention," Ruby continued and looked at the tall blonde boy with dark blue eyes across from her. His name was Jaune Arc and he was wearing a white diamond-shaped chest plate cut off above his lower abdomen and white spaulders with rerebraces. Underneath the armor, he had a black short sleeve hoody and wore a pair of blue pants. Jaune was Ruby's first friend at school and even though they were on different teams, they were pretty close. Jaune was the leader of team JNPR, which consisted of him, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren.

"It wasn't on purpose," Jaune sighed in defeat and dug into his cereal. "Nora didn't mean to destroy the classroom."

"Three," Ren corrected.

"Three?" Ruby and Jaune asked and turned towards him.

"The explosion not only destroyed our classroom, but the two adjacent ones took damage too," Ren explained and sipped his tea.

"Nice one, Nora!" Yang laughed and high-fived the other girl.

"Never do anything halfway," Nora agreed excitedly. "I wanted to see if I could turn Dust into a crystal if I applied enough force. Class was over, so I thought it would be okay."

"She made a pile of fire dust and hit it with Magnhild," Pyrrha sighed. Magnhild was Nora's giant two-handed hammer.

"I tried to stop her," Jaune added. "But I noticed too late because I was having difficulty getting my own mixture right."

"You actually thought that would work?" the last girl asked in exasperation. She had pale skin with pale blue eyes and long white hair pulled back into an off-center bun tail. The girl was wearing a thigh-length strapless dress with faint color gradation from white to pale blue at the hem. Weiss Schnee was the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, one of the largest producers and exporters of dust in the world. She knew more about dust than the rest of the group put together. Dust was a source of energy in their world of Remnant. Each type of dust had an elemental property which, when used correctly, could power anything like vehicles, weapons, and household appliances. Since Weiss came from a high class family, people who didn't know her tended to see her as stuck-up and cold. "Fire dust has always been extremely volatile. How did you even survive?"

"With the power of Nora and our Fearless Leader's shield!" Nora stood up and raised one hand into the air while pointing at Jaune with the other. Everyone else glanced at Ren, who only shook his head.

"We are lucky Goodwitch only gave us detention," Jaune added. "I think she understand what Nora is like." Ren nodded.

"What do you have to do?" Yang asked. "Clean up the classrooms, write an essay, scrub the bathrooms?" She shuddered at the last one. "That would be horrible."

"We have to help Professor Port with an excursion into the Emerald Forest," Pyrrha explained. "He wants to capture a few smaller Grimm for practical lessons." Grimm were creatures of destruction and were known to lack a soul. They have prayed on mankind since the beginning. That is why humans were forced to harness the power of dust, to survive the threat. This is what the school the students attended was for. They were training to become Hunters, people who could fight Grimm. They used specialized weapons, dust, and a manifestation of their soul called Aura. Aura was an ability that all those with a soul could use and, when unlocked, increased their defense, offense, natural healing, and, with enough training, unlocked special abilities unique to the individual.

"Sounds like you four got off easy," Weiss commented absentmindedly. "I'm surprised Professor Goodwitch didn't give you all a month's worth of detention."

"Come on, Weiss Queen," Yang said with a laugh. No one else did though. "Be happy our friends only have to suffer one day."

"I hope Professor Port doesn't knock us all out with one of his tales," Jaune muttered and everyone silently agreed. Professor Peter Port was a pretty well-mannered man, but his teaching skills always bored the class. Ruby fell asleep constantly and Jaune was often surprised Peter could make tales of defeating Grimm with a cheese grater sound boring.

"Cheer up, Jaune," Ruby said and gave him a thumbs up. "I don't know when we will get back today, but let's do a joint team building activity tomorrow!"

"Sounds good Rubes," Jaune replied and glanced at the time.

"Have to go already, Vomit Boy?" Yang asked.

"How long are you going to call me that?" Jaune asked exasperatedly. He had motion sickness on vehicles and when they arrived to Beacon by airship for the first time, Jaune had accidently thrown up all over Yang's shoes.

"Until you earn a new nickname," Yang replied with a grin. "They were brand new and I had to throw them away." No one laughed.

"Speaking of shoes," Weiss added. "Maybe we can finally get Ruby some formal ones."

"I hate lady stilts," Ruby told her and cross her arms while pouting.

"You need to grow up at some point," Weiss sighed.

"I am grown up," Ruby said proudly. "I drink milk!"

"Jaune," Pyrrha said to get his attention. "We really should get going. We need to grab supplies before meeting Professor Port."

"You're right," Jaune agreed. "Nora, have you had enough pancakes yet?"

"That's a silly question," Nora replied, her mouth stuffed with the delicious breakfast food. "I can never have enough pancakes!" She swallowed what was left. "But my plate is empty if that is what you meant."

"That's what he meant," Ren reassured her. "You can have more when we get back."

"Ren's the best!"

"Okay team," Jaune said and stood up. "Let's get packed." Nora, Ren and Pyrrha stood up too. He then turned to the other three girls "Have fun on your trip, Rubes, Yang, Snow Angel." Weiss glared at him when he called her the stupid nickname and he quickly back away. Nora saw him defenseless and jumped on his back.

"Onwards, Fearless Leader steed!" she cried and kicked him in the ribs.

"Ouch, Nora! That hurts!" Jaune looked over at Ren for help, who smirked ever so slightly and looked away. The expression was obvious. Better you than me. Jaune resigned himself to his fate as Nora's steed and headed back toward their dorm with Ren beside him. Pyrrha chuckled lightly and followed.

"I wish he would stop using that childish nickname," Weiss sighed. "It's disgraceful."

"He should call you Weiss Cream," agreed Yang.

"You need to stop too."

"Hey Yang," Ruby asked. "Do you know if Blake will meet up with us in Vale?"

"Don't think so, sorry." Yang put down her bowl. "With classes canceled yesterday thanks to Nora, Blake told me she was going to a new bookstore." Yang snickered. "I should have followed her. I bet she went to meet Sun." She then sighed. "To late for that now. Anyway, she messaged me saying she missed the last Bullhead and was staying with a friend. Reading her smut and then staying with Sun. She is going to get it from me when she comes back. This is a week's worth of teasing, minimum."

"Get your mind out of the gutter," Weiss told Yang with a roll of her eyes. "Blake can take care of herself and wouldn't let anyone take advantage of her."

"I'm sure they are just having a sleepover," Ruby said dismissively. Weiss opened her mouth, but closed it immediately under Yang's glare. Yang sheltered Ruby from a lot of adult related things. "So are you two ready to get this trip underway!?"

"I am," Weiss answered. "But we are not spending all day at the weapons shop," Ruby's smile flickered slightly, "and we have to get you some clothes that are not just red and black." Ruby stuck her tongue out at her. "Quit being childish. We can have fun, but there are some things I have to pick up today too."

"Fine," Ruby conceded and then burst out smiling again. "I feel today's going to be special, so let's start it off with a bang."

"I always start my day off with a Yang!" Yang said with a huge grin.

"Boo!" Ruby and Weiss were actually in agreement.

"As you can see," Professor Peter Port, a slightly overweight middle-aged man, possibly in his mid-fifties, said to Jaune, Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren. He wore a double-breasted burgundy suit with gold piping and buttons. His hair was white and he sported a spruce mustache. He had a blunderbuss outfitted with a battle axe slung over his shoulder. "We have three special reinforce cages set up here." He gestured to the cages placed at the entrance to the Emerald Forest near Beacon Academy. They were solid with small air holes and the doors were opened. "Our mission today is to fill them with Grimm for a couple lessons on Monday. Grimm are quite difficult to keep for any length of time, which is why we have to do it this weekend. Normally, I do this task alone or take second years and up, but Glynda mentioned you four volunteered for this task."

"Yes!" Nora exclaimed happily. "This is so much more exciting than writing essays!"

She's not wrong, Jaune thought. But I think I would prefer the less dangerous option.

"Is there a specific type we should be after?" Pyrrha asked.

"Beowolves or Boarbatusks," Peter replied.

"Question," Jaune asked Peter. "How much more difficult is it to capture a Grimm alive?"

"Extremely," Peter told him. "While it is easy to injure and kill a single Grimm, capturing them is tricky. They don't fall unconscious, even if you break their bones. We want them in one piece though. Ah, this reminds me of the first time I captured a Grimm alive. A beowolf, one of the more common types, but a fearsome one nonetheless. His claws were sharp enough to cut trees and its pack surrounded me. I was out of ammo and had to rely on brute strength…" He went off and Jaune felt his attention fading. Nora was leaning against her hammer and soon fell asleep. Ren and Pyrrha were still standing and appeared to be trying to pay attention, but it was obvious they were struggling.

Minutes dragged on and Jaune was about to fall asleep when Peter suddenly stopped.

"Any other questions on what to do?" Jaune snapped to while Nora fell onto the ground and looked around in shock. Before Ren or Pyrrha could reply, Peter continued. "Excellent. I will head off this way and you four head off that way. Stick together for your safety. Remember, Beowolves or Boarbatusks, we don't have room for Ursai. Good luck!" He ran off into the forest before any of them could respond.

"Uh," Jaune muttered, scratched his head, and turned at the others. "Okay, Beowolves and Boarbatusks, check. Any ideas on how? We might get lucky and find a single Boarbatusks, but Beowolves are almost always in groups."

"I think if we encounter a group," Pyrrha suggested. "We need to thin the numbers down until only one is left. Then we lure it back to the cages and trap it."

"Sounds like a solid plan," Ren agreed. "Jaune, you should be in charge of directing which one we capture."

"Okay," Jaune replied with a nod, but his insides squirmed. He appreciated his teammate's confidence in him, but he still worried his orders would one day get his teammates hurt. He was a lot less skilled than the others in combat, so he replied on them a lot.

"I hope we find a huge pack!" Nora cheered. "I want to see how many I can line up and hit with a single swing. My record is six! Come on, Ren!" She grabbed her childhood friend's arm. "Let's find some Grimm!" She rushed off and Ren was forcefully dragged along behind her.

"Shall we go too?" Pyrrha asked Jaune.

"I suppose so," Jaune agreed and then sighed. "I still remember our initiation here. I was woefully underprepared and if it wasn't for you…"

"Enough Jaune," Pyrrha said forcefully, but also with a trace of kindness. She put her hand on his shoulder. "You have come a long way since then and have shown time and time again you are a good leader. In fact, remember when we fought the giant Death Stalker, you barely knew our abilities and yet came up with a plan to take it down. You only lack confidence, so try believing in yourself."

"Thanks Py," he replied. "You really are the best partner anyone could ask for." Pyrrha blushed, but Jaune didn't see it. "Now, let's go see if we can keep Nora from attracting every Grimm within a ten mile radius."

"Well, since Grimm are attracted to negative emotions, I don't think Nora's personality will be able to." Both of them made eye contact and then laughed.

"I'M SO BORRREEEDDD!" Nora complained loudly a short time later. "This was supposed to be fun!"

"It's only been an hour," Pyrrha said. "Professor Port said we would be here at least until lunch… I think."

"Still," Jaune said and looked around. "Something seems off. Last time we were thrown into this forest, Grimm kept swarming us."

"I agree," Ren spoke up. "This area is unnaturally devoid of Grimm activity."

"Perhaps a different view is in order?" Pyrrha suggested.

"Good idea." Jaune turned to Nora. "How about you take a look from that tree?"

"Okay Jaune-Jaune!" Nora replied excitedly and swung Magnhild in its hammer form at the ground. Using an explosive dust charge in her hammer as she jumped, she was able to use the force to fly up in the air to one of the top branches of the tallest nearby tree Jaune indicated. She anchored herself to the trunk with the end of the hammer and moved her other hand in a makeshift visor over her eyes as she scanned the area. "It's quiet Fearless Leader!" she called down to Jaune.

"That's…unusual?" Jaune muttered and rubbed his chin. "What do you think?" He turned toward the others.

"If these weren't Grimm," Pyrrha mumbled. "I would almost say this feels like a trap." Grimm were relatively mindless. They moved on instinct and their desire to kill people.

"Perhaps we should return and regroup with the professor," Ren suggested. "He might have some insight into this behavi-…" He was cut off by Nora.

"Incoming Ursa!" Nora's warning came down loud and clear. At her words, everyone instantly reached for their weapons. Jaune pulled out Crocea Mors, a simple arming sword with a blue handle and a golden cross-guard, while the sheath transformed into a white shield with gold trim and his golden emblem. Miló and Akoúo̱ were Pyrrha Nikos' red and gold weapon and shield. Miló was capable of transitioning between three forms: a javelin, a Xiphos, and a rifle. Out of Ren's sleeves two green automatic handguns equipped with collapsible blades slid out seamlessly into his hands. They were called StormFlower.

"Where?!" Pyrrha called up to Nora.

"In the sky!" That took a second to sink in.

"Wait, what?!" Jaune yelled. Ursai resembled bears, they could not fly. The only flying Grimm that came to mind were Nevermores, which resembled a large black bird. There's no way she would get them confused.

"There!" Jaune's eyes traveled in the direction Nora indicated to the black dot in the sky growing in size as it approached them. It took a second, but he saw and recognized the stock frame, black fur, boney spikes on its shoulders and back, along with the white bone-like mask with red details. "Incoming!" They realized why Nora said that. It was descending right at them.

"Spread out!" Jaune roared to the others. Ren leaped to the right, Pyrrha darted to the left, and Jaune ran forward. The Ursa flew down and hit the ground behind them with a loud crash, before sliding forward from the force of its flight. It hit a large tree and the sound of the trunk shattering echoed across the forest. Nora jumped down from her branch and the four hunters approached the Ursa. "That's an Ursa Major." The Ursa was larger and had bony plates on its back and limbs.

"A flying Ursa!" Nora said excitedly as she bounded around with a seemingly inexhaustible amount of energy. "Can we keep it Ren?! Can we?! It's the only know flying Ursa in existence! I promise to walk it, play with it, brush it, feed it pancakes, and then once it has accepted me as its Queen, we can train it to be our transport all around Beacon! Doesn't that sound…!?"

"Nora," Ren interrupted her calmly, while at the same time covering her mouth with his hand. "It's dead." The black smoke had already begun to rise into the air from the Grimm's body. Grimm never lasted long after death, which made studying their anatomy difficult, if not impossible. The entire body would vanish in a couple minutes at most.

"Aww." Nora had the face of a child who had been told Christmas was canceled.

"Look at this," Pyrrha pointed out as she neared the Ursa. The face and lower body had been completely smashed by the impact when it hit the ground, but she was referring to its back. "There's damage to the arms and legs, along with the armor on its back. All of this wasn't caused by the fall. Something…" She paused for a moment. "Threw it."

"What could be strong enough to throw an Ursa Major like that?" Jaune asked nervously.

"I'm almost afraid to ask," Pyrrha replied softly.

"We definitely shouldn't be fighting it," Ren said and continued to cover Nora's mouth with his hand so she couldn't object. "But something unknown this close to Beacon? We have to investigate."

"I don't really want to," Jaune sighed. "But I agree with you Ren. However," he held up a finger, "We are only investigating. If things go bad, we bail, find Professor Port, and warn Beacon. Agreed?" The other three nodded. Pyrrha smiled. Jaune was awkward and goofy most of the time, but he could take charge in the middle of missions. He was a natural leader and that was probably why he was put in charge of Team JNPR.

"From the direction it landed," Ren said. "We need to go that way." He pointed.

"It came from super far away," Nora added. "We should hurry."

"Let's go team," Jaune said and they took off. They reached their destination after about ten minutes of full out running. Thanks to their Aura, the distance wasn't an issue and they wouldn't be exhausted when they arrived. A clearing was just up ahead and they stopped when they began to hear noises.

The sounds of howls and a roar permeated the silence.

"What's the plan Jaune?" Pyrrha asked.

"Nora take right, Ren take left. Pyrrha, with me." Jaune pointed as he ordered his teammates. "Move quietly to the tree line. Our goal is to find out what threw that Ursa, not to fight Grimm. Unless we are spotted or someone is in trouble, we stay hidden. Understand?" The others nodded. "It sounds like a fight is taking place, so we should be able to remain undetected. Okay, let's move, quietly." He added that last part again while he glanced at Nora. They spread out, but remained close enough to assist if someone was caught, and made their way to the tree line. Jaune and Pyrrha peered out from behind a tree. There were half a dozen Ursai, none of them major one as they were smaller and without plating, and a dozen Beowolves, bipedal black furred Grimm that could also run on all four legs. They had white masks with red marking, similar to Ursai, and spikes coming out of their back. Each of them was roughly the size of a human, but also wielded very lethal looking claws. They were formed up in a circle and what was being surrounded shocked Jaune.

A single unarmed white haired boy around their age was standing in the middle of all the Grimm.

Who is that? Jaune thought to himself as he watched. His eyes fell on the outer ring of trees surrounding the clearing and received another surprise. There were maybe twenty dead Grimm slowly disappearing. He gestured to Pyrrha and she nodded. Jaune wasn't sure what to think of the situation, but his first thought was the boy could fight without a weapon if he had survived that long. He still couldn't see what had the power to throw an Ursa Major. He felt Pyrrha nudge him with the tip of her spear to jolt him out of his stupor, but he didn't get a chance to say anything before an Ursa and three Beowolves charged the boy. Jaune was about to order his team to help, but they would be too slow to react. He quickly found out the order would have been unnecessary. The Beowolves reach the boy first and slashed at them with their claws. The boy didn't even turn to look, as his eyes were focused on the Ursa. The claws made contact with his skin.

Then they immediate flew away from the boy. From the loud crack and odd angles, the arms had been broken.

What the…? Jaune couldn't believe what he saw. Was this a semblance? From the quiet gasp next to him, Pyrrha must have been in a similar mindset. They could only watch in stunned silence as the Ursa reached the boy, the Beowolves had fallen backwards from the sudden arm breaking. The Ursa reached him, stood on its thick back legs and swung a great clawed hand at the boy. The boy only reached up with his own hand and touched the bear's claw. With a sickening rip, the arm of the Ursa was torn away from its body. The boy's hand kept moving and the claw was thrown like a knife into the head of one of the other Ursai. It collapsed into the ground as the claws sunk deep into its skull, but the boy didn't seem to notice. He then stepped forward and touched the Ursa he had disarmed (Yang would be proud), in its chest. The bear was sent flying backwards, crashed into another Ursa, and kept going until it stopped by slamming into a thick tree. The trunk broke and the tree fell onto both Ursa.

"Oh, my Oum," Jaune muttered. "I think we found who threw the Ursa." Pyrrha only nodded her head in agreement. The boy looked like he had everything under control, though Jaune still had no idea who he was. Suddenly, the boy grabbed his head with one hand and stumbled. He fell on one knee and seemed to be in pain. A Beowolf sensed weakness and charge, but its head snapped back when it tried to bite his neck. The effort caused the boy to stumble even more. He's injured, Jaune realized. The decision was made in an instant. "Help him out!" he called out and his team charged. The Beowolves, Ursai, and the boy all noticed them rush out of the trees. The nearest Beowolves charge them, but Ren and Nora reached them first.

"Finally!" Nora cheered and brought her hammed down on one of the Beowolves. She crushed it with one strike. Jaune had been on the receiving end of her inhuman strength before. Her hammer weighed quite a bit and she could swing it around with ease. Two more Beowolves reached out claws toward her, but a green blur appeared behind them. The blades on Ren's guns swiped through the air and the Beowolves heads fell separate from their body. "Thanks Renny!"

"Don't let your guard down," Ren warned and turned his attention the rest of the Grimm.

"I think Pyrrha has things taken care of here," Nora replied as a red and gold spear flew through the air and penetrated the skull of one of the Ursa, right between the eyes. Pyrrha kept running and held out her hand. A light black aura appeared around her spear and it flew out of the head of the Ursa, which collapsed onto the ground dead, and traveled through the air into her outstretched hand. Pyrrha jumped over a swipe from one of the last two Ursai while her spear changed into a sword. She swiped downwards and cut deep into the arm of the Ursa, but it was too shallow. It roared in pain, but turned to face her. She only grinned as it attacked her with its other arm. She raised her shield and deflected the blow as she closed in. A couple quick slashes with her blade was enough to bring the Grimm down.

They were doing well, but the Grimm on the other side of the boy were closing in. "Nora!" Jaune called out. "Shield jump!"

"Okay," she replied and jumped onto his shield. He pushed at the same moment Nora jumped to springboard her over to the other side where she knocked back three Beowolves when her hammer hit the ground. Jaune didn't stop and ran right up to the boy as another Beowolf tried to strike him. Jaune raised his shield and felt the claws scrape against it, but he was used to them by now. An Ursa would be tough to block head on, but Beowolves were more adapt for speed. He raised Crocea Mors and cut horizontally, slicing the Beowolf in half. Another one tried to bite him and he bashed it in the face with his shield while severing its arm with his blade. A rain of bullets from Ren's guns finished it off and Jaune was able to position his back to the boy. "Are you okay?" he asked the unknown individual.

"I didn't need your help," was his curt reply.

"We offered it freely," Jaune told him. "It's obvious you are injured. Though, I would like to know how you took down so many."

"What the hell are those things," the boy asked. "Dark Matter clones?"

"What?" Jaune asked confused, but the boy didn't answer. There shouldn't be anyone who doesn't know about the Grimm and what the heck is 'Dark Matter?' The boy instead had grabbed his head and grunted in pain. Jaune was then distracted by another Beowolf. Pyrrha was able to finish off the remaining Ursa, while Nora and Ren wiped out the other Beowolves. Jaune made sure none of the Grimm reached the boy and directed the others to make sure there were no holes in their defenses. When all the remaining Grimm were killed, Jaune turned back to the boy. "Hey man, are you really okay?" Judging from the fact the white haired boy was on his knees and barely seemed to be conscious.

"Shut…up," the boy gasped and pulled something out of his pocket. The effort caused him to fall down on his side. The object clutched in his hand kind of reminded Jaune of his Scroll, but it flipped open instead of sliding. "Find… this… girl!" A picture flashed on the device's screen before the boy collapsed onto the ground.

"He needs medical attention," Ren said, as he knelt down and checked the boy's vital signs. "Wait a second… he's never unlocked his aura."

"What?!" exclaimed Jaune, Nora, and Pyrrha.

"He has aura, yes," Ren explained. "But it's not unlocked."

"How did he throw those Grimm around like rag dolls then?" Nora asked. "Oh, maybe he's a superhero and just defeated a legendary Grimm and that is why he was injured…"

"Save it for later Nora," Jaune interrupted and he picked up the boy's device. His face paled when he saw the picture. "Uh, guys… he was in the forest looking for this girl." He held up the picture and the others glanced at it. It was a photo of a young girl, maybe ten years old, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a blue dress with white polka dots.

"If she's alone out here…" Pyrrha gasped and held a hand up to her mouth.

"This day keeps getting better and better," Jaune mumbled. "Okay, we are going to have to split up. Group one will search the surrounding area for this girl. Group two will take this guy back to Beacon and hopefully run into Professor Port on the way to explain the situation."

"How do you want to divide up?" Pyrrha asked.

"You and Ren are our best trackers." Jaune already knew what the teams would be. "Plus, you two can handle yourself if you run into more Grimm. I'll carry this guy back." He knelt down and threw the boy over his back. Jaune was surprised at how light he was, but should not have been because the boy was pretty scrawny. "Nora, you will travel with me in case we run into Grimm. It will be difficult for me to defeat them and protect this guy."

"Roger Fearless Leader," Nora said and saluted. "No Grimm will get pass Special Force Member Nora!"

"Riiight," Jaune told her and then turned to the others. "Cover as much area as you can, but stay close. If you come across Grimm in numbers you can't handle, retreat. If you don't find any signs within an hour, head back. Okay?" Ren and Pyrrha nodded. "Pyrrha, you make the call when to head back." She nodded. "Good luck. If possible, he should have closure when he wakes up." None of them could look at each other. "Let's go Nora."

"Okay." She was a little more subdued as they turned back to Beacon. Pyrrha gave Jaune one last look before she and Ren set out to scout the area.

"You can't make me go in there!" Ruby cried loudly as she gripped a light pole.

"Come on Ruby," Yang told her, while tugging on her arms. "It's one store and we even went and got your weapon parts first."

"Quit being a child," Weiss sighed exasperatedly and held a hand up to her face. "You are causing a scene." Several people had looked as they saw Yang try to pry Ruby off the light pole. "If we stop for ice cream afterwards will you act your age?" Seriously, she's the leader of our group?

"I suppose," Ruby said reluctantly and let go after Yang released her. "Why do we have to get me lady stilts anyways?"

"Because you need them for formal occasions," Weiss explained for what felt like the hundredth time. "Otherwise, what will happen, and we all know it will, you will wait until the last minute and choose something that barely fits and looks horrible."

"She has a point sis," Yang agreed.

"Betrayer!" Ruby accused and pointed at Yang.

"Give it up," Yang replied with a smirk.

"Arg!" She threw up her hands into the air. "Fine!" She started muttering. "Still don't see why I can't wear boots all the time. Ice cream might be worth it though." Yang grinned at Weiss who only shook her head back.

"It won't take long," Weiss reassured her. "Besides, Yang and I have stops we want to make too. So come on."

"I guess I have no choice," Ruby sighed and finally accepted her fate. "You both are right anyway-… oomph!" Something small and fast collided with her in the gut and she fell to the ground. Yang and Weiss turned to see what happened and saw a small girl with brown hair laying on top of Ruby. The girl couldn't be more than ten and was wearing a very childish blue dress with white polka dots. Thanks to Ruby's Aura, the pain disappeared almost instantly and she looked down at the girl. "Hey," she said and shook the girl's shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Owe! MISAKA whines as MISAKA feels like she hit a truck." The girl blinked and looked at Ruby. "Oh MISAKA is really sorry about not watching where MISAKA was going MISAKA apologizes quickly." The girl jumped off Ruby and bowed.

"It's not a problem," Ruby reassured her and stood up. "See, I'm fine." She then glanced at Weiss and Yang. They had similar looks of surprise on their faces as they stared at the girl. All three of them noticed her strange way of talking.

"Where were you rushing off so fast?" Yang asked the girl, while Weiss peered around to locate her parents.

"MISAKA is looking for her guardian MISAKA explains. Have you seen him? He has white hair, red eyes, around your age, and should be wearing a white and black striped shirt. He also will probably have an angry expression at MISAKA'S disappearance MISAKA adds as MISAKA uses her hands on her face to show his angry look." She pulled back the skin around her eyes to make them narrow, like someone was glaring. Yang and Ruby snickered, but Weiss looked more concern.

"When did you last see him?" she asked kindly.

"Oh, has our Weiss Queen's heart has thawed at the sight of a child in trouble?" Yang whispered and Weiss glared at her. "Or is it because he has white hair and might be a long lost relative?"

"Shut up," Weiss hissed back. "More than one family can have white hair."

"He was leaving to go to the store for some coffee MISAKA replies. MISAKA was waiting for him to return when everything went dark. MISAKA vaguely remembers seeing him and the Savior before a flash of green light. The next thing MISAKA remembers is waking up in this city." She looked around. "Do you happen to know where Academy City is? MISAKA asks."

"Never heard of it," Yang answered. "You are currently in Vale."

"Oh." The girl looked around and seemed to be slightly troubled.

"I can check the area real fast for someone that fits the description," Ruby volunteered as she raised a hand. "I'll be back in a sec!" Maybe Weiss will forget about what we were about to do. She disappeared and the only thing left was a small pile of rose petals that floated down to the ground.

"Woah! MISAKA exclaims in surprise. She can teleport!"

"Not quite," Yang laughed. "Her semblance is speed. She's going to check the surrounding area for your friend. A white haired boy is pretty unique, so it shouldn't take long."


"She must not know about Aura yet," Weiss whispered to Yang and then turned to the girl. "Let's say it's an ability unique to her." The girl nodded in understanding. "While we wait for Ruby to return, my name is Weiss Schnee…"

"I'm Yang Xiao-Long," Yang added and waved.

"…and you said your name is Misaka?" Weiss continued.

"MISAKA'S name is Last Order, MISAKA clarifies, but MISAKA is surprised you know the name." Yang and Weiss blinked. The same thought crossed their mind.

Something is off with this girl. What kind of name is Last Order? Before either of them could say anything, Ruby popped back next to them.

"Sorry," she apologized to the girl. "I didn't see anyone who fit your description in the area."

"Thank you for looking, MISAKA says as MISAKA expresses her gratitude but also tries to hide her disappointment."

"It will be okay," Ruby and Yang said together and knelt down next to Last Order on each side.

"We should postpone our plans until we can either find her guardian or find security to take her in," Weiss suggested.

Yes! Ruby thought happily. No lady stilts today!

"If Ruby couldn't find him," Weiss continued. "Then I suggest we notify-…" She stopped talking when she felt the draft under her skirt. She saw Yang's, Ruby's, and Last Order's expressions of disbelief first, before she saw the culprit.

A young boy had flipped up her skirt.

"It's white!" he called out to a couple others kids, who all burst out laughing. The boy had no idea what he had just done, or how close he was to death. Weiss's face turned red in a combination of embarrassment and fury. She had reached for the mechanized rapier on her hip, but Ruby had jumped up to stop her.

"Let go, Ruby," Weiss growled. "I'm going to kill that brat." The boy ran over to his friends and they were still laughing.

"You can't!" Ruby warned as she held onto Weiss like her life depended on it. "You know what will happen if we use our Hunter Skills on civilians, especially kids!"

"Don't care!" While Weiss and Ruby struggled, Yang was the only one who noticed Last Order had ran past them in a blur. She appeared to be running toward the group of kids.

"You might want to watch this," Yang told her friends. "My Yang sense is telling me something is about to happen."

"Yang sense?" Weiss and Ruby asked simultaneously. However, they followed her eyes and noticed Last Order, who seemed to be reprimanding the other boys, all of who were older than she was by a year or so. Judging from their laughter, whatever Last Order had told them, they didn't take seriously. One of them pushed Last Order away and she frowned. Then a grin slowly appeared on her face, one Ruby recognized immediately. It was the same type of grin that appeared on Yang's face before she went on a rampage. The girls weren't sure what Last Order was going to do, but watched in anticipation and curiosity.

A small spark of bluish-white electricity flickered above her head.

"AHHH!" All the boys cried out in pain as electricity shot out of Last Order's hand at them. They started running down the street while she kept shooting a few small bolts at them. She only stopped when the boys were too far away that she risked hitting others. With a satisfied smirk on her face, she bounded back over to the girls.

"What just happened?" Ruby asked in amazement.

"MISAKA said they should apologize to MISAKA's new friend Weiss, MISAKA explains. MISAKA was told if a boy ever lifted her skirt, MISAKA should shock them. The same thing applies to friends, but MISAKA wanted to give them a chance to say sorry first."

"Aww," Weiss cooed. "You are such a nice girl. I wouldn't have given them the chance to apologize."

"I bet they found Last Order's response quite…" Yang paused for dramatic effect. "Shocking!"

"Yang!" Ruby chastised and Weiss groaned. This time, their hatred of Yang's puns was broken by the sound of laughter. The three girls turned to see Last Order laughing.

"MISAKA gets it!" She continued to giggle at Yang's joke.

"Oh no!" Ruby gasped in horror.

"What?!" Weiss asked her in alarm.

"Yang's not going to stop now!" No one laughed at Yang's jokes and now that someone had, Yang wasn't going to let the opportunity slip past.

"I bet those boys didn't expect to hertz so much!" Yang continued.

"Please stop!" Weiss begged while Ruby booed.

"But I'm just getting amped up!" Yang replied.

"Oum help us," Ruby sighed in defeat.

"Watt are you talking about Ruby?" Yang asked with a grin.

"If you keep this up…," Weiss warned her.

"Are you going to ground me?"

Weiss and Ruby both booed this time.

"You two don't understand comedy," Yang told them with a roll of her eyes. "Why don't we ask how our new friend currently feels about my jokes?" She gestured proudly to Last Order who continued to laugh.

"MISAKA enjoys your wordplay MISAKA admits. MISAKA's guardian does not have a normal sense of humor so there are not a lot of jokes at home."

"How about we get a quick snack before we continue to look for your guardian?" Yang asked Last Order. She really just wanted to spend more time with someone who enjoyed her puns.

"MISAKA is quite hungry MISAKA admits."

"Then it's settled!" Yang cheered and walked off holding Last Order's hand, while Ruby and Weiss followed.

"Question Ruby," Weiss said in an undertone so Yang would not here. "I just want to make sure, but Yang wouldn't try to take the girl back to Beacon with us if we can't find that guy?"

"She knows she can't," Ruby replied. "She would have to try to sneak…. Oh no, she might now that I think about it. She has never had someone laugh at her jokes if they weren't trying to flirt with her."

"We have to know when to put out foot down then," Weiss told her and Ruby nodded. They sat down at a table outside of a small ice cream shop and waited for Yang to order for them. Ruby wanted to talk about how they were supposed to find Last Order's guardian, but Weiss was actually distracted by something that just occurred to her. Weiss assumed the electricity was part of Last Order's semblance, but Last Order didn't seem to know what a Semblance was. Did someone unlock her Aura and not tell her? I suppose I could check when she and Yang get back. Part of her didn't want to poke into something that wasn't her business, but she was curious. Eventually, Yang returned, arms ladened with ice cream cones, with Last Order right behind her.

"You never told me what you wanted," Yang told them. "But I'm pretty sure my baby sis wanted Strawberry Chocolate Chip…"

"Yay, thanks so much Yang!"

"…then Vanilla for our Weiss Cream…"

"Stop calling me that."

"… and finally, for our new lifelong friend," Yang finished and passed over a type of chocolate ice cream to Last Order, who graciously accepted it. "Shock-o-Late!"

There were two bangs as Weiss and Ruby slammed their heads on the table.

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