Dreams Really Do Come True

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After he proclaimed that he would always love her and was proud of her, they said their goodbyes. She stood stock still while she watched the love of her life walk away. She didn't tell him the real reason, why she couldn't accept Alves. She didn't want to admit that if she accepted the "newbie" then she would have to accept that Derek was never coming back.

So, she just stood there and tried not to cry. Instead, Penelope watched as he disappeared around the corner and left her life again. God, how she wished he would come back to her and they could all be a happy little family. She dreamed every night that her, Derek and little Hank would be able to enjoy a happily ever after. She reached up and touched her cheek as a lone tear rolled down her face. She sighed, as she gave up all hope and took one last look down the hall where he had just taken his leave. She felt so empty, alone and lost without her Hot Stuff. Before she completely lost it in full view of everyone, she quickly turned and made a hasty retreat to her lair. She barely made it back to her safe place before she completely broke down. She knew she needed to pull herself together because her team of heroes were going to need her soon.

In the meantime, Derek made it downstairs and slowly walked out of the building farther away from his Baby Girl. He deeply sighed and spotted an empty bench in the nearby courtyard. He headed straight for it and plopped himself down feeling completely defeated. He sat there and thought how much his missed the team and taking down the unsubs. He couldn't stop thinking about his promise to Hank that he would come home every night. He didn't want to break that promise, but his heart was breaking. He knew deep down that he now was walking away from his true heart's desire, again. Since he and Savannah had moved away his only joy in his life was his son. He hated that he left his second family behind, most especially his Goddess. He was miserable and only moved to appease Savannah. She had always been extremely jealous of Penelope and their relationship. The last few months before they left she made things horribly difficult for both Derek and Penelope. She went as far as being nasty and obnoxious to Penelope. She even gave Derek and ultimatum. Unbeknownst to Derek, she had applied for and accepted a job offer in another hospital out-of-state. She told him it was either Penelope or her and Hank. She threatened him and told him if he didn't move with her she would not allow him any access to his beloved son.

Derek hated ultimatums, but to be able to be with his son he relented in the end. So, off they went and things got even worse for them after they moved away. About four months after they got situated and were trying to make a great home for their son, the bottom fell out for Derek. He caught Savannah in a compromising position with another man in their bed, of all places. After that, he couldn't bring himself to sleep with her in that bed. Since then, he slept in their guest bedroom far away from Savannah. He felt totally betrayed! He couldn't believe how stupid he was that he had given up everything to follow her and her dreams and demands. He kicked himself every day since. He thought about his Baby Girl every single day since they left the state.

He dreamed constantly about a life with the "real" love of his life and Hank. He wanted to be with his Goddess more than anything. He was totally in love with Penelope and had been for years. She had captured his heart the second she turned around after he mistakenly called her Gomez.

He was always afraid to tell her the truth, he was petrified she wouldn't want him and that he wasn't good enough for her. The one time he admitted his true feelings to her, she completely misunderstood and immediately began dating that loser Lynch. But, after the birth of Hank and raising him this past year he wasn't afraid anymore. His confidence grew and he now felt it was time to tell his love the truth. While, staring deep into her eyes upstairs he thought he saw the honest look of love in her eyes and soul. She looked so sad and disappointed as they said their goodbyes. He wanted to blurt it out then, but for some reason he held back. Why? He didn't know.

Since Savannah's complete betrayal, Derek secretly began to get things in order to, divorce her and be able to ensure that he could get full custody of their son. Luckily, earlier that day he received word from his lawyer that he could leave as soon as humanly possible and that he now had full custody of his son. The courts left it up to Derek when or if Savannah would be allowed to see Hank. He wouldn't have to allow her any visitation rights at all. His lawyer also informed him that his divorce would be final within the next four weeks. He was ecstatic and he knew it was kismet when he received the text message supposedly from his Goddess. His thinking was, he would fly up to Quantico and the love of his life because he knew that something didn't ring true with that message. He would also be able to try and gauge where the other part of his heart was and if their chemistry was still intact.

As he continued to sit there he really wanted to kick his own ass. He shook his head and suddenly raised up as he growled out.

"Damn it, Morgan! Pull your head out of your ass and go get your girl!"

With an overwhelming desire and sense of urgency he bolted back towards the building. He made his way over to the elevators and pounded on the up button. The doors opened and he hit the button for the sixth floor. He was finally going to do it, he was going to declare his love for the best thing in his life. He would not allow himself to fail and would not walk away from her again until he made her his. The elevator doors opened and he immediately made a beeline right towards her lair.

He stopped outside her door, took a deep breath and busted right in. Penelope was completely startled as she whirled around and couldn't believe her eyes. As she tried to put it all together and wipe her tears away, Derek had kicked the door closed. They stared at each other with such intensity and in complete awe.

Penelope stuttered out with questioning eyes. "Ho, Ho, Hottt Stuffff? What's wrong? I thought you left."

Before she knew it, he was standing right in front of her and was pulling her into his arms. Without saying a word, he leaned in towards her, captured her lips and placed a searing kiss that made her knees buckle. She was in complete and utter shock. Could this be happening? Was her Chocolate Adonis really kissing her? "Yes, yes he was! Oh-Emm-Geeeee!"

She threw her arms around him as he pulled her even closer and helped to keep her on her feet. Their tongues battled for control for the longest time. They both reveled in the fact that they were so close and finally sharing their first long awaited kiss. They were completely into themselves and the feelings that were being brought forth. His obvious arousal brushed up against her hot box as they both felt on fire and tingled all over. Finally, the need for air was too great and they both reluctantly pulled apart gasping and panting for air.

Penelope slightly pulled back and they both hungrily stared into each other's eyes. Penelope managed finally to squeak out. "Jinkies, Handsome! Wow! What was that?"

Derek shook his head, cupped her face in his hands and grinned. "Well, that my beautiful Baby Girl is me finally being honest and pulling my head out of my ass! I need you to listen to me and not say anything until I'm finished, okay?"

Penelope was awestruck, a little scared and felt her heart trying to beat right out of her chest. She stood there still and silent as she stared into his gorgeous face and nodded her head in agreement.

He let go of her face temporarily as he gently guided her into her seat. He then pulled over her extra chair and sat down. He then placed her face back in hands, took a deep breath and gazed into her striking angelic alluring eyes.

"I have been stupid and scared all these years! I have loved you from the moment I saw you and called you the wrong name. You have always been the best part of me and I love you with my whole heart and soul! I know what you are thinking, why now? Well, it took all this time to not be afraid to tell you how much you mean to me. I have always been afraid if I told you the truth that I would lose you and you wouldn't want me. I thought I was never good enough for you, I always thought because of my abuse when I was younger that I was broken and not worthy of someone like you, Sweetness! I did tell you once after you got shot, but you started dating Lynch. You seemed so happy so, I let it go and let you go. The timing was never right after that between Sam and Savannah. Just before I was kidnapped and tortured I was ready to tell you then, but after I was rescued by all of you I found out Savannah was pregnant and I knew that I had to do the right thing for my baby."

By this time, Penelope had a cascade of tears flowing down her face and was trying to take in and fully understand everything he was saying. She thought, how could he think he wasn't good enough or worthy of her love for him. She loved him with her whole being. While he spoke, she had placed her hands, on top of his. She removed one of them and gently wiped the tears that had managed to escape from his own eyes.

Derek tilted his head slightly, sniffled and forged on with his proclamation. "I want you to know, no I need you to know I never really and truly loved Savannah. I did love her, but I was never in love with her. I couldn't give her my heart, because someone else already owned it. That someone was you, my gorgeous Goddess! You always have and always will be the sole owner of my heart! I have missed you sooo much and never a day goes by that you aren't in my thoughts and heart. I have so much to tell you, Baby."

Penelope was stunned, flabbergasted and absolutely thrilled that he felt same way about her as she felt about him. She couldn't take her eyes off him. She waited a few more seconds before she gathered up strength and courage to speak.

"Baby Boy, is it my turn now?"

Derek nodded and nervously grinned. He was on pins and needles, as waited to see what she was going to say. He hoped that he hadn't blown it and scared her away, his heart couldn't take that. So, he held his breath and prayed.

Penelope smiled, grasped both of his hands, took a huge breath and readied to speak. "Wow, where to begin! I thought when you walked down that hall that this would never happen. Then again, I thought I lost you forever when we found out about my mini-Hot Stuff and when you moved away. I felt all alone and devastated when you left, I was so lost without you. I need to tell you, you are the best man I have ever known. You are good, gentle, and strong. You my Noir Hero, have the biggest heart of anyone I ever known. I don't understand how you could possibly think you aren't a good man or good enough for me. I fell in love with you the first time you called Baby Girl. You have always owned my heart, too! You are in no way a broken man, you worked hard to get past what that horrible excuse of man did to you. I am so proud of you, my love. You have come so far and have so much love. You are a great daddy and a great man. I truly and will forever love you and be there for you. But, I can't be with you I know that and have accepted it. You are a married man and I will not break up a family! I'm so sorry, Handsome!"

Derek's heart shattered into a million pieces, he needed to explain everything and then maybe she would hopefully change her mind. He was ecstatic that their feelings were mutual, but he knew she was scared, determined and stubborn. He loved her more for that and needed all the courage he could muster up.

He sighed and squeezed her hands to steel himself. "Baby, there is so much you need to know and hear. I am sooo happy that you love me as much as I love you! You need to know you wouldn't be breaking up a family. That is already a done deal, Savannah made sure of that!"

Penelope felt a little bit of hope creep back into her heart. "What are talking about, Angelfish?"

Without removing his eyes off her he readied to tell her the whole sordid story. "Savannah betrayed me and I have been completely miserable since before I left. I was furious with her for the way she treated you after Hank was born! I would constantly tell her that she needed to stop her bad behavior and that you would always be a big part of my life. She was always jealous of our friendship and how we felt about each other. She had gone behind my back and took that new position down there without telling me. She gave me an ultimatum, she told me it was either her and Hank or you! She threatened to keep me away from Hank and I couldn't have that! That little boy is my everything along with you. I couldn't take that chance so I caved. We left and everything was just all right for the first four months. I was thrilled to be raising Hank and spending all my time with him. As a matter of fact, that little man loves you just as much I love you. I talk to him about you every single day. Whenever I show him your picture he giggles, reaches out to you and calls you 'Babeee'. I tell him of all his aunts and uncles, but the only one he calls out for right now is you. It is so cute and he is so precious. Savannah hates every minute when he starts jabbering about you."

Penelope grinned and tried to fight back the tears, but lost that fight miserably. "Awww, you really talked to him about me every day? How sweet, thank you my love! I really love that little boy, he is just adorable and part of you! I hope to see him soon so I can show him all kinds of love!"

Derek grinned at her reaction and gently squeezed her hand. He couldn't help himself and leaned in for a quick soft kiss. She smiled and relished in the moment.

"Yes, Baby Girl I told him every day. How could I not? You are the other half of my heart. Unfortunately, back to Savannah now. One day I went out with Hank to the park and unexpectedly came home early, because my little man was running a low-grade fever. Anyway, I walked in and heard noises. I made my way to our bedroom and found her having sex in our bed with another doctor. I felt so betrayed and you how I am when it comes trust. Needless to say, he left there with a bloody nose and he was lucky that's all I did. We had a knock down drag out fight. She begged me for another chance and I told her NEVER! That night and every night since I have slept in the guest bedroom. I couldn't even think about sleeping in that bed with her ever again. So, on the downlow, I have been trying to secure sole custody of Hank and filed for divorce. Earlier today, I got the fantastic news that I won sole custody and I don't have to let her see him unless I want to. If that ever happens it will only be supervised visits. I also, found out that my divorce will be final within the next four weeks. When, I received that text supposedly from you, I figured I would fly right out to help Pretty Boy and the team. Also, I knew I needed to get up my courage and tell you everything. I genuinely and beyond a shadow of a doubt, want to spend the rest of my life with you! Will you have me, Sweetness? I promise you will never regret it."