Hello everyone, I'm back with another story. This is something that was one my mind for quite a while, especially after seeing a lot of AU fanart of Jack being a father to the Daughters of Aku. So, what this story is about is that Jack manages to stumble upon the lair of the Cult of Aku when the Daughters are still very young. Upon seeing that they have nowhere to go, Jack makes a choice to adopt them as his own. As such, read on to find out what happens.

"Gotta get back. Back to the past."

Those were the words that would echo through Jack's mind constantly, as his one goal was to make it back to the past to slay Aku, the demon who had destroyed his homeland and who made the world the way it was. Unfortunately, by this point, his will to go on was gradually slipping away from him, due to some unfortunate circumstances that had befallen him. Firstly, his sword, the only weapon who could defeat Aku for good, had been lost in a pit during a fight with some goats that Aku forcefully mutated into monsters. Secondly, to Jack's knowledge, every single time portal had been destroyed by Aku, leaving the Samurai with no way to get back home. Finally, with the loss of his sword and the absence of any remaining time portals in the world, Jack felt himself wanting to have everything just end. This wasn't helped by the fact that he never aged, thanks to Aku sending him into future, and that Jack's mental state was slowly deteriorating, causing him to experience hallucinations, which consisted of versions of himself mocking his every action and the screams of the many men, women, and children that he had failed to save.

As of now, Jack was driving on his newly acquired motorcycle, which he had taken from a fallen bounty hunter, through the forest while also trying his best to rid himself of any negative thoughts. Besides the new form of transportation, there were more things that were different about the Samurai. His white robe was long gone, instead replaced with samurai armor, which was also acquired from one of Aku's robotic bounty hunters. Additionally, a beard had grown on his face, with Jack not even caring enough to shave it off, instead leaving it to grow and his long hair hung freely underneath his helmet, as he had lost the pin which held it together many years ago.

Besides the changes to his attire and appearance, Jack had a new assortment of weapons on him as well. They consisted of a trident, throwing knives, a pistol which was holstered on his chest, a machine gun that was being carried by the motorcycle, and explosives, all taken from fallen bounty hunters. Considering that his sword was long gone, the least Jack could do was grab any weapon he could snag for himself to use as replacements, even if they didn't pack the same power or punch that his sword did. Despite being armed to the teeth currently, a paranoia often settled inside the Samurai's mind, which was Aku ambushing him unexpectedly and killing him with ease, even though the Shapeshifting Master of Darkness hadn't shown his face in years. Shaking his head, Jack tried to keep his head clear and not let any negative feelings or thoughts impact his judgement and thus, his actions.

"Nice ride you have here, where are we going?"

Looking back, Jack saw a hallucination of himself sitting right behind him, as if he was a passenger. Groaning, Jack turned back around and focused on the path in front of him.

"I have no time for you." He told his hallucination, "Don't even bother saying anything."

"Time." The hallucination repeated, "Yes, time. Something that is gradually slipping away from you!"

"Is that what you think?"

"That's something you should be thinking!" The hallucination snapped, "Every waking moment you spend has the possibility of Aku finding out that you don't have your sword!"

Jack narrowed his eyes in annoyance, trying to focus on the road.

"You should feel lucky!" The hallucination continued, "Had Aku stuck around to watch you kill those goats, you'd be dead right now."

"Quiet." Jack snapped, not wanting to relive those memories.

"I see that you don't care about what I'm saying. Very well, I'm not even going to bother telling you what you don't care to hear."

With that, the hallucination vanished, as if he was never there, leaving Jack alone to his own thoughts. Soon, he noticed that he had left the forest and was now driving through a nearly treeless field, with a large structure becoming clearly evident to Jack's eyes as he got closer to it. Stopping his bike, he examined the structure, which appeared to be some sort of mountain, albeit modified to house someone. Stroking his beard, Jack suddenly wondered if it housed a time portal or something similar, giving him some optimism that maybe some still remained in the world. Hopping off his bike, Jack grabbed his trident and slowly walked up to the large structure. However, as he got closer, he heard raised voices and noticed a crack in the wall. Peeking in, Jack's eyes widened at what he saw.

The Cult of Aku's Lair

Unbeknownst to Jack, inside the large structure was the Cult of Aku, formed by a group of people who saw Aku as the benevolent force while Jack to them was the evil force destroying the infrastructure that the Shapeshifting Master of Darkness had spent eons building up. Seeing how their master always had difficulty taking out the Samurai, despite the many bounty hunters that he had sent after him, the Cult wanted to do something to help. After learning that the Samurai received training in various martial arts from all around the world, the Cult sought to do the same, with the High Priestess giving birth to seven girls that they would train to match the Samurai in skill and to kill him.

As of now, the girls, whose names were Ashi, Aki, Ali, Ami, Amori, Avi, and Anzi, were performing martial arts stances completely in unison as one of their morning exercises, while the High Priestess, who was perched up high on a high wall, watching them. The Daughters of Aku finished up this exercise but Ashi had struck the wrong stance. Seeing this, the High Priestess jumped down from her spot in front of Ashi and hit her with her cane, knocking her to the ground.

"Any mistake is certain death." She told her daughters, "And death is our failure."

Waiting for Ashi to get up, the High Priestess watched the girl head back to her position.

"Now, we'll be doing something different." The High Priestess continued, "Get ready for your next test."

Seeing their mother jump out of sight, the Daughters of Aku were confused by what she meant. However, they soon realized what she meant when a large and burly cult member stepped in front of them and let out a mighty growl. Suddenly, the cult member grabbed Aki and slammed her to the ground. Putting on a determined face, Ali tried to attack her, only to get knocked down as well. Ashi, Ami, Amori, and Anzi jumped into the fray as well, only to receive the same punishment as their sisters. Hitting the wall and landing against the ground, Ashi noticed something shining out of a crack in the wall, which immediately made her curious. Slipping away unnoticed, she ran into a small open space where the shiny thing emitted from and looked out the crack in the wall. What she saw caused her eyes to widen.

She saw a man with a beard and armor get off some sort of machine with that had two wheels and start looking around. She had no idea what to make of him, with her inner feelings telling her that he was the Samurai that her mother told her about.

"Bask in the glory of what our master created."

Turning around nervously, Ashi saw the High Priestess slowly walk up to her.

"Admire it's beauty, but know that the Samurai is out there leaving a wake of devastation wherever he goes!" She continued.

Remembering the man outside, Ashi wondered if she should tell her mother about him as she stepped out of the place where she was previously standing.

"That's why, my sweet Ashi…" The High Priestess told her, talking in a kind tone and kneeling down, "The daughters of Aku must stay focused, never relent, always attack."

Grabbing onto Ashi, she threw her daughter into the vicinity of the large Cult member.

"Teach this one a lesson." The High Priestess ordered.

Abiding by the order, the Cult member picked Ashi up and began to pummel her in the face. Peeking in, Jack's eyes widened at what he saw. Some woman with a mask and large cloak was watching another woman that was bigger beat up a small child. Angered, Jack got out his explosives and blew up the wall. Hearing the wall behind her shatter, the High Priestess turned around to see a figure wielding a trident rush at her.

"What is the-"

Hitting her with end of his trident, Jack knocked the woman out, with her falling to the ground and shattering the mask on her face in the process. With her being taken care of, Jack focused his attention on the woman who was pummeling on the girl. Letting out a yell, Jack plunged his trident into her abdomen, causing the brute to emit a pained scream and drop the girl, who ran away to huddle in fear with the rest of her sisters. Seeing blood emit from the brute, Jack gained a shocked expression, with the flashback of him killing those goats playing over and over again in his head.

Seeing that he was distracted by something, the brute reeled back and punched Jack in the face, which knocked him back a couple feet, knocked off his helmet, and unlodged the trident from her abdomen, Clutching it for a few moments, the brute felt like she was ready to continue and charged for Jack, letting out a guttural roar. Getting up from the ground, Jack wiped the blood off his face and prepared to counter the brute currently charging him. Although the sight of blood emitting from his foe fazed him initially, he realized that it wasn't time to feel pity for something that he did long ago. Additionally, this was an abuser of children that he was taking on rather than three innocent goats that were forcibly transformed into monsters.

Getting into a battle stance, Jack leapt into the air just as the brute was about to grab him. Activating the shock function of his trident, he hit her with it, causing the large woman to yell in agonizing pain. Seeing that she was ready to be taken down, Jack plunged his trident through her chest, killing her. Ripping it out, Jack sighed as he watched the brute bleed into the floor. Although he accepted in that short time frame that he would need to kill to protect the girls, it still filled him with guilt of having to take another life, especially a human's. Shaking his head to rid himself of these thoughts, Jack noticed the girls huddled in a corner. Heading over to them, Jack looked at the little girls, who fearfully looked back up at him.

"Are you okay, little girls?" Jack asked, kneeling down to reach their height.

They didn't respond, only shaking and whimpering in fear upon being face to face with the Samurai. He may have stopped the abuse of their mother, but they also remembered the tales that she would them of Jack being a evil monster who destroyed and pillaged anything in his way. Seeing him take out the large cult member with ease only made those tales ring truer. Being confused by the lack of response from the girls, Jack assumed that the abuse they took had been happening for a while and as a result, it impacted their ability to do anything like having a conversation.

"What is going down there?!" Someone yelled out.

Turning around, Jack saw more women with masks and cloaks jump down from places that he could not see. They first looked at the High Priestess and the now dead brute, before looking at each other. Nodding to themselves, the cultists drew their weapons and immediately charged for Jack.


Time slowed down as Jack watched the cultists rush for him, with many thoughts and emotions surging through him. He looked at the approaching cultists before shifting his gaze to the little girls huddled up against the wall. As he did, the screams of the men, women, and children he had failed to save resumed, causing many emotions to surge through the troubled warrior.

"Now look what your actions have done."

Jack didn't even have to turn around to know who that was, sensing the presence of his hallucination behind him.

"Thanks to your actions, these children will now die because of decided to save them." His hallucination told him, "They may have lived longer if you just ignored what you heard."

Knowing what he would say next would distress Jack immensely, Jack's hallucination let a jagged smile creep on his face.

"Even then, you maybe would've just ended up killing them in the end." He continued, "Feels awful, doesn't it? No matter how much good you do, you do equal amounts of bad as well. It's all pointle-"

Shaking his head, Jack shook off the hallucinations and regained his bearings. He knew that he had made mistakes in the past, mistakes which costed the lives of those he was meant to save. As of now, with the cultists growing closer by the second, Jack let a furious expression creep on his face, wanting to prove his hallucination wrong.

"NO!" Jack yelled, rushing into battle.

Using his trident to block a sword slash, Jack used that time to kick that cultist in the stomach and slash her across her chest, putting her out of commission. Next, Jack blocked the attacks of two cultist wielding Sai's and a spiked bat, stabbing one through her chest and killing the other by jump kicking her in the face, which caused her neck to crack. Landing back on the ground, Jack dodged several arrows fired at him. Growling, he pulled out his pistol and shot her in the face, causing the cultist to fall from her perch and crush several other of her fellow cultists. The battle continued on, with a now bloody Jack doing his best to defend the little girls. No matter how long the battle went, no matter how many cultists appeared to do battle with him, Jack couldn't give up. Letting out a yell, Jack used his recently acquired spiked bat to put another cultist out of commision after striking her in the face with it. Ducking underneath a thrown knife, Jack retaliated with one of his own, striking the cultist right in her eye. Watching her collapse to the ground, Jack shook his head in disgust and started heading back to the girls.


Jack, upon hearing this, immediately got into a battle stance in front of the girls as he watched the woman that he knocked out before get back up. The High Priestess, upon seeing the bodies of the her fellow cultists, she let a angry expression slowly creep onto her face,

"You dare defile the sacred shrine of Aku?!"

Hearing the name of his sworn enemy resonate through his mind, Jack let his trademark look show up on his face.


"He is the lord and master of this world and everything in this world!" She ranted, pointing at the girls, "Including them!"

Looking back at the little girls, Jack saw them whimper in fear as they huddled together. Looking back at the High Priestess, Jack let out a angry growl.

"They are not soldiers!" He angrily told her, "They are innocent children!"

"They were to be the instruments of your destruction!"

Panting in disgust, the High Priestess shut her eyes, feeling many thoughts of how things happened to not go the way flow through her mind.

"However, it seems that it's too late for that." She said, reopening her eyes, "I'll have to deal with you myself."

Taking off her cloak, the High Priestess it fall to the ground, revealing her slim, yet firm form. Grabbing two daggers from the ground, the High Priestess got into a battle stance, with Jack doing the same. Staring each other down for a few moments, they sprinted towards each other at the same time, while the Daughters of Aku watched, not knowing who they should be rooting for. When they closed the distance between them, Jack and the High Priestess jumped in the air at the same time, preparing to strike at each other with their weapons. Swinging their weapons at the same time, the two landed back on the ground.

Nothing happened for a few moments, with the Daughters of Aku being unsure on what to think. Suddenly, Jack felt a bit of blood seeping out of his arm, with him hissing at the stinging feeling of the wound. As for the High Priestess, she initially appeared to have gotten out unscathed after that little clash, as she got up with little to no trouble afterwards, while Jack was still kneeled on the ground. However, she suddenly felt something sting horribly on her stomach. Looking down, she saw a large, gaping hole which cut into her abdomen, while also seeping out blood. Dropping her weapons, she clutched her wound and staggered back and forth, trying to keep steady.

Unfortunately for her, the High Priestess couldn't keep her balance and fell to the ground, coughing up blood. Knowing that she had been bested by the Samurai and that she would die soon, the High Priestess simply shut her eyes and let a single tear roll down her face.

"My… master… Aku." She coughed, feeling her strength fade away, "Please, forgive me… for… my… failure."

With that, the High Priestess was no more, joining her fellow cultists in the afterlife and having her corpse continue to stain the ground with her blood. Jack, watching this, simply shook his head in disgust and limped over to the children, who looked up at him curiously. Kneeling down, Jack let out a sigh.

"It's okay, they won't hurt you little ones anymore." He told them, "Come, let's leave this horrible place." Jack said, holding out a hand.

The Daughters of Aku simply looked at him, still feeling a little frightened of Jack, especially since he was now covered in blood.

"I… I understand that what I did may have frightened you." He said, speaking in a soft tone, "However, whoever those women made me out to be, they were all lies."

The girls gave each other confused looks but continued listening to Jack's explanation.

"None of you deserved what they did to you." He continued, "All that matters now is that we leave this place to get to one of safety. Please, I promise that I won't hurt you, I have no intention of doing it anyways." Jack coaxed, hoping that they would believe, although he had some doubts.

The little girls looked at each other, wanting to see if they all trusted the Samurai. Even though they had doubts about him, the Daughters of Aku had seen him defend them multiple times and realized that he chose to that when he could've killed them at any given moment instead.

"Okay." Ashi replied softly.

Nodding in response, Jack grabbed onto the little girls and carried them out of the Cult of Aku's lair. Stopping by his motorcycle, Jack placed his helmet back on his head and strapped the seven girls onto the bike as tight as he could, as he didn't want to have them flying off it as he drove. Sitting onto the bike, Jack started it up and drove away from the former home of the little girls.


The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, with Jack and the girls doing nothing besides resting at the makeshift shelter that he made. Considering that he took some damage to himself and his armor, Jack took the time to patch himself and it back together, as well as spending time tending to the injuries of the little girls. As of now, it was nightfall and thus, dinner time for Jack. Getting out a meal from his inventory, he started a fire and began cooking it. As he did this, Jack noticed the girls staring at him, as if they were still unsure if they still should trust him. Sighing, the Samurai looked back at his food and saw that it was ready. Cooling it, he teared out seven portion of the meal and handed to each of the little girls, who began eating it silently. Chewing into his food, Jack realized that a lingering thought was still going through his mind and thus, decided to say it.

"Um… do you know the place where you came from?"

The Daughters of Aku stopped eating and gave confused glances towards the Samurai and each other.

"I mean…" Jack paused, wanting to clarify his question, "Where is the location of your home?" He asked, hoping they'd understand, "The place that you lived in before those women took you to that cave."

"That… that was our home." Aki said.

"We lived there for our whole life." Ami added.

"I… I'm sorry." He replied, being at a loss for words.

"But… but you saved us!" Avi told him, smiling.

Jack smiled at that, something he rarely did nowadays. Even though he lost faith in himself, he was glad to have been able to have a positive impact on someone.

"In that case, you're welcome." He said, smiling back, "If I may ask, what are your names?"

"I'm Ashi!" She said.

"I'm Aki!"

"I'm Ali"

"I'm Ami!"

"I'm Amori!"

"I'm Avi!"

"And I'm Anzi!"

"I'm Jack." He replied.

"Are you going to take care of us, now?" Amori asked.

That question hit Jack like a ton of bricks. It was one thing to save these girls from the horrible life they had been living. However, taking care of them afterwards was whole other thing entirely, especially since Jack was wanted by many bounty hunters and thus, he knew that there was a chance that they would use them against him. Despite this, he knew he couldn't just abandon the girls at some orphanage or in the care of some random individual who probably wouldn't treat them well. Processing these facts, Jack came to a decision, albeit with some reluctance.

"Yes, I'll take care of you." He told them.

"YAY!" They cheered, running up to hug Jack.

Caught off guard by the girls hugging him, Jack nonetheless smiled at this and hugged them back. Once they all pulled back, the girls yawned at the same time, with Jack realizing what the time was.

"Alright, it is time for you girls to go to bed." Jack told them, grabbing them a blanket.

"Okay." They all replied.

"Good night and sweet dreams."

"Good night, Jack."

"Tucking" them in, Jack watched as the little girls drifted off to sleep. Smiling as he saw them do this, the Samurai felt a feeling that was foreign creep into him, although he welcomed.

"What have you done?!"

Hearing a familiar voice, Jack turned his head to see his hallucination stand over him with an angry expression on his face.

"Go away." Jack told him.

"NO! I SHALL NOT!" The hallucinated yelled, "It was bad enough that we had to worry about ourselves but now, you go ahead and decide to adopt some children!"

"What was I supposed to do?!" He replied, "Leave them in the forest to starve or be murdered?"

"Anything would've been better than taking them in your care! Do you really wish to take care of seven brats and thus, burden yourself with the issue of keeping them safe?!"

"I suppose."

The hallucination grew a scowl and shook his head in response.

"I hope you are proud of what of you did today because it'll bring your undoing."

With that, his hallucination, leaving Jack in a somewhat stable frame of mind once again. Feeling his eyes droop, the Samurai let out a yawn and soon, he fell asleep as well, joining the little girls in dreamland.

And that's the first chapters, ladies and gents, hope you enjoyed it. Credit to Xenomaster on deviantart for coming up with the names of the Daughters of Aku and the basic premise, hope you don't mind that I borrowed part of your little impromptu chapter. Next up, Jack will find himself attempting to adjust to the life of surviving and avoiding bounty hunters due to having seven little girls with him right now. Anyways, it's really late at the moment of this writing and just like Jack and the Daughter of Aku, I'm going to hit the hay. Thanks 4 reading everybody, check back for more chapters, Lt-RexCole out.