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The sound of a motorcycle engine echoed through the empty forest, with the respective vehicle tearing through said forest with newly found determination and with it, a new goal in mind. That goal was a very simple one. Calling in all the favors from all the people he saved over his approximately forty year tenure as the man fighting Aku's evil. And with the Shapeshifting Master of Darkness currently hiding himself away in his tower, not having been seen ever since he destroyed the last time portal, the Samurai had all the time in the world to achieve what needed to be done.

Course, that would be true as long as his good luck continued from here on in and Jack knew that, since the last time bad luck graced his person, he lost his trademark weapon and sent the well being of the world and his own mental state, if the Omen was anything to go by and something to be dealt with in the near future. The encounter wasn't something he was looking forward to but like all the trials and tribulations Jack had just now decided to undertake, a dangerous fight with the Omen would most likely be happening in the near future. He wasn't exactly looking forward to it.

"Ergh!" Jack grunted, shaking his head to rid himself of the self-doubting thoughts, "I need to focus."

Turning his attention back onto the reason why the Samurai was driving back into the woods, Jack remembered that he needed to obtain some items that were left behind at the cave he and the Daughters of Aku used to stay at before they had to make a quick escape from the swarms of Beetle Drones presumably sent by the Shapeshifting Masters of Darkness himself in desperate bid to kill the immortal Samurai once again, it being clear that Aku had not learned from past experiences where those Beetle Drones would be mowed down by the dozen, no matter if Jack had the sword or not. The littered corpses of the Beetle Drones that Jack saw on the way back to the cave reaffirmed this assessment.

The motorcycle finally brought Jack to his destination, approximately ten good minutes after he left the Highlands. Thinking he'd made good time, the man hopped off his ride and quickly made it over to the cave to make the snatch and grab. Unfortunately, his hopes of that quick snatch and grab being a reality were dashed once mines planted in the ground launched up and exploded. Jack acted fast and dived to the ground, avoiding the blasts above him. He wasn't injured but the placement of the mines told him that someone or something knew he was coming.

"Looks like the explosives went off." A robotic voice rang out from behind Jack, "Shame they didn't just end you right then and there."

Sure enough, it was another bounty hunter looking to the claim the price on Jack's head.

"This is becoming unnecessary." The man thought to himself, honestly annoyed by the circumstances.

Hopping up from his prone position, Jack drew his pistol and a throwing knife and held them in a sort of "close-quarters combat" position. As he did so, the Samurai started to eye his new opponent. The robotic bounty hunter resembled a human endoskeleton, armor plating placed in vital areas such as its chest, arms, and face. The man also noticed hidden blades within the armor plating and a possible hidden weapon in its chest armor, as Jack managed to make out a circular capsule on its person. He also made out the word "Kirill" on the robot's chest plate, which he figured was its name.

"Well, Samurai Jack, you made it past that trap alive." Kirill said, "The amount of time you'll still be alive, eh, i'm not so sure."

The Samurai, as always, didn't say a word in response. Instead, he stayed in his combat position, anticipating Kirill's first attack and preparing his own, wishing to end this latest encounter with a bounty hunter as cleanly and quickly as he could.

"I'll skip the theatrics if that's better for you." The bounty hunter continued, getting serious, "Aku wants you dead. Says you've been a thorn in his side for far too long."

His hidden blades were now unsheathed, glimmering in the dim sunlight allowed by the luscious forest surrounding the two.

"So, he sent me after ya."

Kirill took a few steps forward, noticing Jack tense up as he got closer with every, metallic step leaving an obvious indent in the snow. Likewise, it revealed a clear indication that the latest bounty hunters' modus operandi was stabbing their targets when they got close and if that attack failed, utilizing whatever weapon was hidden within the circular capsule as a last resort. The Samurai knew this and waited for Kirill to get a bit closer.

"You're not even moving?" The bounty hunter asked, "That's alright with me, cause I get to claim that money!"

Kirill leapt at Jack and jabbed his right arm forward, intending to have the Samurai's face getting stabbed on the end of it. The bounty hunter didn't expect Jack to quickly move out of his way, however. The man quickly retaliated by jamming his throwing knife down onto Kirill's arm, following up by hitting him in the chest with his pistol before firing two shots into the robot's chest.

Unfortunately, Kirill broke free before Jack could lay down a headshot and jumped back a good distance away from him.

"I knew that it wouldn't be that easy." He remarked, pulling the throwing knife out of his arm, "Means Aku will be giving me a raise once I take you down."

Jack gritted his teeth in frustration, not appreciating the fact that the fight got a whole lot longer and possibly more difficult all because Kirill managed to get away from his headshot. He couldn't let his anger about this get to his head and thus, rushed at the bounty hunter, blasting away, with the knowledge of the Daughters of Aku waiting for him back at the Highlands overtaking any other thoughts in his mind.

The Highlands

Even though Jack promised them that he wouldn't be gone for long and that it'd be a quick trip to the cave and back, the Daughters of Aku continued to sadly gaze the path Jack traveled down on his way to the caves. Although their guardian had promised them that he wouldn't take long with reobtaining the items they left behind at the cave, an aching feeling within them made them worry that Jack would get into a situation that he'd be unable to get out of. Despite their age and given their own experiences with bounty hunters out for the price on Jack's head, they were well aware that there were still people out there in the unfamiliar world who wanted him dead for Aku's sake. There was nothing they could do, however, besides waiting for Jack's motorcycle to re enter their line of sight, indicating that he came back.

"Aw, don't worry about Jack, lassies." The Scotsman told them, catching their attention, "The lad said tha' he'd be back soon."

"I want him to come back." Ashi replied, her sisters nodding in agreement.

"And he will." The man reassured, "There's a reason why the Samurai managed to survive this long, no matter what Aku threw at the laddie!"

They nodded in response, aware of Jack being a capable fighter and well adept in defending himself. Still, the fact that he wasn't there with them at the moment was what troubled them the most. However, the Scotsman was well aware that their worry for Jack's wellbeing was practically the only thing on their minds and being the good friend that he is to the Samurai, he was going to provide something for the Daughters of Aku to distract themselves with.

"If it'll help you wee lassies…" He started to say, "You can be with my girls until Jack comes back." The man offered, "I think they're done with ther' training for today."

The offer was an enticing one, considering the girls felt comfortable within the company of the Scotsman Daughters. Without much hesitation, the girls nodded in confirmation before following the wheelchair bound man to where his girls were staying at, having already honed their combat skills for the day. Currently, they were staying inside their personal quarters.

"What now?" Bonnie asked, sitting in a chair next to Flora, unsure of what do after the training session ended.

"I'm sure tha' Dad might need some help around the Highlands." She replied, looking over the sword she practiced with.


The nearly identical sisters all perked up upon hearing their father call out for them, recognizing the tone of his voice as one that states "I need to tell you something important". Without a second thought, all twenty nine girls stepped outside to find their father waiting for them with Jack's seven little girls standing by idly.

"Yes, Dad?" Flora asked.

"Girls, why don' ya keep Jack's wee lassies company till he comes back?"

"Okay!" The girls agreed with a smile, inviting the Daughters of Aku into the house.

From that point on, the Scotsman's Daughters essentially acted as temporary babysitters for Jack's girls. However, they were well aware that simply having them sit there wouldn't be an enjoyable time for both groups. To pass the time, they started to show certain possessions of theirs that they knew the girls have never seen before. A few of them began taking a special interest in what they were being shown.

"What's that?" Aki asked, pointing at the capsule in Nora's hand.

"Hm, this? This is wha' we call makeup, lassie." She replied, giving it to the little girl to allow a better look, "Makes you look prettier."

"Gotta stay beautiful, y'know." Innes said joked from another part of the house.

Analyzing the contents inside the capsule and after processing the comments made by the older girls, Aki decided that one day, she'd like to own some makeup of her own. Handing it back, she joined her other sisters, who were looking at a blade within a sheath held by Avi's.

"What does this do?" The girl asked as she looked the item over, noticing blue streaks which headed towards the base of the angle.

"It's one of them wee electric daggers." Gesha replied, "I think."

"This is pretty cool, right?" Avi asked her fellow sisters.

"I… guess." Anzi replied, not really sharing her sisters sudden enthusiasm for the piece of weaponry.

"I don't see why it's so cool." Ali added, crossing her arms.

"Guess you lassies like different things." Edme noticed, having thought previously that the girls were most unanimous when it came to their opinions on things they came across.

Ashi took in Edme's comment and realized something she didn't before. Previously, she and her sisters appeared to be essentially the same because the life they were forced to live by the Cult of Aku and the life they lived on the run with Jack didn't allow them to become their own person. However, now that they could comfortably live in the Highlands without worry, they could become their own person hopefully without any more trouble.

As her mind thought about Jack, she also began to worry about the reason for him not coming back to the Highlands despite what he told them.

The Cave

The battle with the latest bounty hunter out for the price on Jack's head had gone on longer than it should've been, all because Kirill managed to avoid a killing blow that Jack's pistol would've given him. Now, that battle turned into the Samurai firing shots off in the hope that his latest opponent would die before he did, while said opponent attempted to slash him up close with his blades, only to have his target move out of his way before a killing blow could be laid down.

"Stand still!"

Lunging forward once again, Kirill jabbed both his arms forward, having a clear pathway to Jack's vital organs. Unexpectedly, the Samurai leapt into the air and kicked the bounty hunter in his face, sending him flying back considerably. He didn't wait for the robot to recover and sent some more rounds in Kirill's direction, the ensuing gunfire tearing apart the inner machinations of the machine. It wasn't like he was unaware of the damage being caused to his person and unlike others of his kind, sought self preservation, got to his his feet, and dodged the gunfire to leap behind some boulders.

"I ain't done!" Kirill snarled from behind cover.

Jack didn't respond, nor did he care. In fact, he saw the bounty hunter taking cover as a mistake on his part and quickly leapt over the boulders, the belief of the battle being over as soon as the Samurai capped the bounty hunter in the head grew more apparent. However, as he landed in front of Kirill, the man felt the impact of two energy blasts impact his chest. No damage was caused to his person besides tearing holes in his armor. The blasts hurt though and were enough to knock the man down. As he attempted to get up, Jack noticed a weapon resembling a small cannon sticking out of the bounty hunters chest.

"I always have a Plan B!" Kirill smirked, shakingly getting back to his feet.

Another energy blast was fired, nearly missing Jack's head. Disoriented, the Samurai began pulling the trigger to his pistol as another energy blast was sent flying towards his prone body. He only felt one round fly out of his gun and as he reoriented himself, he saw that the firearm had been blown in half, the top half landing on the snow next to him.

Letting out a yell of frustration, the man quickly got to his feet and seeing no more use for his firearm threw it to the side. Several more blasts were fired by the bounty hunter and with no immediate access to a weapon, Jack had to dodge them. Although his dodging appeared as a simple avoidance of his foe's deadly blasts, the endgame was getting close enough to Kirill to take him out with essentially only his fists.

Kirill charged up another shot from his chest blaster but suddenly, Jack grabbed onto its barrel and twisted it to prevent another shot from firing, while also bringing the robot closer for a quick head butt. The bounty hunter, although disoriented from the attack, didn't allow Jack to follow up with a counter attack and broke free, retaliating with slashes from the outstretched blades on his arms.

It was at this point where all the finesse and tactical considerations from both fighters fell apart, the fighting style between Kirill and the Samurai devolving into a series of kicks, punches, swipes, attempted stabs, and occasional blocks as the two laid out as much punishment as they could in hopes that their opponent would drop dead before they did. Suddenly, as Jack threw a punch aimed for the bounty hunters head, Kirill ducked low and stabbed the man in the abdomen. This time, the armor did little to protect him but besides a grunt of pain, Jack ignored it. However, Kirill's next move was grabbing Jack's outstretched arm and using it as leverage to hoist him over his head before throwing him towards the side of the cave.

Predictably, the Samurai hit the side of cave very hard and very sickening thud, landing on the snow covered ground afterwards, being in too much pain to get up and continue the fight. Still, he was conscious enough to see the bounty hunter land right in front of him and from the robot's posture, he could tell that he thought the battle was won.

"Well, well, I guess I win." Kirill snarked, prepping his blades for a quick and clean kill.

This appeared to be the end for the Samurai but he soon felt something by his side. As he looked down, he noticed that he still possessed his electric whip, even after every other weapon was destroyed or taken out of his reach. Wasting none of the little time he had before certain death, Jack grabbed it and flung the electric strip towards the bounty hunter, which coiled around its neck.

"WHAT TH-" He choked out.

Jack quickly followed this up by pulling the robot towards him and using the leverage of the pull, got up and drew his other pistol that he kept hidden from his opponent, pulling the trigger as he aimed for his head. Sparks and oil flew out of the robot as it was effectively decommissioned, the former domain of Kirill going limp. Jack threw the body to the side and sighed in relief, having won a battle he honestly didn't want to fight.

"How long must this go on for?" He thought to himself, honestly tired of the many fights and skirmishes he would get into no matter where he went.

He was at least glad to have survived, despite the damage he took during the fight and without any more delay, headed into the cave to acquire the items he came there for, grabbed them, and left on his motorcycle without ever looking back. The next stop was the Highlands, with the objectives of patching himself up, seeing what the girls were up, and deciding who'd he be recruiting

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