Hey all. Here's chapter 4 of Reading Naruto the Dino Sage.

"Are we ready so I can start reading?" Akane asks. The others nod.

As the white light dies down Naruto looks around seeing that everyone is okay and smiles. "Akane-chan did it work?" He asks wondering if they were in the summons realm.

The readers are wondering the same thing.

From within the seal Akane closes her eyes for a second sensing the area. "It worked Naruto-kun we are in the summons realm and our position is currently a few miles from the border of the Toads territory." She answers.

The jaws of Naruto, Minato, and Jiraiya all drop in shock.

Naruto sighs in relief. "Good for a second there I thought it failed." He says glad to hear that it worked.

Suddenly there is a large poof of smoke and when it clears it reveals a huge red toad smoking a pipe. "What's going on here, I was enjoying my dinner when suddenly I get word that an island appears out of nowhere on the edge of our territory." He bellows before looking down to see Naruto. "And who the hell are you?" He asks.

"That's Gamabunta for you." Naruto, Minato, and Jiraiya all say at the same.

Naruto smiles at the large toad. "I am Naruto Uzumaki son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki and I'm guessing that you're the boss of the Toads." He says to the large toad figuring that he must be the boss of the Toad summons since he has the aura of a leader.

"He certainly does have the aura of a leader." Jiraiya says while nodding.

The boss toad raises an eye hearing this. "Wait your Naruto Uzumaki our newest summoner?" The toad asks getting a nod from Naruto. "Well I am Gamabunta the boss of the Toads now will you tell me why the hell you are here and what the hell is going on." The now named Gamabunta says taking a drag of his piper before blowing out some smoke.

"Just like jiji. Smoking a pipe during conversations." Naruto says.

Naruto smiles and nods. "Well it started when Jiraiya threw me off a cliff into a ravine to try and summon you using Kyuubi's chakra after seeing how I was having trouble summoning anything bigger than a tadpole." He says getting a nod from Gamabunta. "However that perverted idiot didn't even think that maybe someone had placed a chakra disrupting seal on me before doing so and as much as I tried I just couldn't summon you on the way down." He says getting another nod from Gamabunta who made a mental note to have Ma and Pa beat the shit out of Jiraiya.

Jiraiya shivers at the mention of Ma and Pa.

Naruto sees Gamabunta motion for him to continue. "Well as I continued to fall I saw my life flash before my eyes starting from my birth and found out I was the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Namikaze. I also found out that Kyuubi was forced to attack Konoha, that the Kyuubi is a girl, and that she saw my parents as her brother and sister." He says shocking Gamabunta who always thought there was something fishy about the Kyuubi suddenly breaking out of the seal on Kushina.

All the adults, except Minato and Kushina who were there, nod in agreement.

Naruto continues his story. "As my life continued to flash before my eyes I saw the faces of my precious people, however as my life finished flashing before my eyes I saw a vision of them all gathered around my grave and crying." He says getting another nod from Gamabunta. "After seeing this I once again tried to summon you by pouring all the chakra I could into it but messed up a hand sign and was flung into another dimension." He says causing Gamabunta's eyes to widen and nearly drop his pipe.

The summoners of Gamabunta are slack jawed at the fact Gamabunta almost dropped his pipe.

Naruto chuckles seeing Gamabunta's reaction. "I ended up in a world where technology is MUCH more advanced than ours and was found by a man whose dream was to make a theme park where people could see animals who were long since extinct called Dinosaurs." He says before gesturing to the dinosaurs behind him. Naruto continues his story. "I decided to help the man whose name was John Hammond accomplish his dream while trying to find a way home." He says getting a nod from Gamabunta. Naruto chuckles a little. "It was at this time that I met the Kyuubi in my mindscape and learned about the events surrounding my birth and who my parents were, we also discussed various ways for me to get home and came upon the idea that if it was summoning that brought me there it was summoning that would get me back so we decided to create a summoning scroll." He says causing Gamabunta eyes to once again widen and nearly drop his pipe.

More of the readers are slack jawed at that. Most who know Naruto look at him in shock. "What?" Naruto asks. "Nothing." The ones looking at him reply.

Naruto smiles. "After that I woke up and Hammond decided to give me a tour of the facility, as Hammond was giving me the tour we came to the incubation room where the dinosaur eggs were kept and as I was looking at some of the eggs two of them hatched and imprinted on me thinking I was their father." He says gesturing to Fang and Jade who lower their heads and nuzzle up against Naruto. After petting Fang and Jade Naruto continues his story. "I also discovered that due to the Kyuubi I had a mental connection with them and could communicate with them, and after Hammond found this out he made me a dinosaur handler." Naruto says with a smile.

The readers are still shocked at this.

Naruto chuckles a little as he remembers the next part. "For the next year I raised Fang and Jade while working on the summoning scroll, training, and after meeting my parents in my mindscape they taught me some of their skills and helped by giving input on the summoning scroll before their chakra ran out and they passed on." Naruto says with a small sad smile before he smiles happily. "However I also gained another child when Sabine hatched." He says as Sabine walks up and nuzzles against him as he pets her head. Gamabunta sees this and smiles as he can clearly tell that Naruto and his kids love each other very much and it reminds him of his own son Gamakichi.

Naruto smiles remembering Gamakichi.

Naruto finishes petting Sabine much to her displeasure and continues telling his tale. "For the next 4 years I raised my kids while training and working on the summoning contract but there was an incident at the main island that resulted in all personnel having to evacuate and after promising to return I had to leave." He says getting another nod from Gamabunta as he takes another drag from his pipe. Naruto smiles a little. "For the next 3 years I spent nearly all my time working on the summoning contract and perfecting the techniques my parents taught me until I received word from Hammond that he was assembling a team to go to the island and catalogue the species of dinosaurs there to protect them." Naruto says getting another nod from Gamabunta.

The readers all smile at the end while the females have tears in their eyes remembering that Book Naruto had to leave his kids.

Naruto notices Rexen walk up beside him so he begins to pat the little rex's head as he continues his story. "After meeting the team we went to the island only to find out that the company Hammond owns had sent another team without him knowing to take the dinosaurs so they could be used in another park they were building in secret, and after we saw them capture some of the dinosaurs and lock them in cages I went and freed them." He says narrowing his eyes as he remembers seeing the dinosaurs locked in cages.

The eyes of the readers narrow as well.

Rexen sees Naruto getting angry and nuzzles his head further into Naruto's palm causing him to smile as he calms down. "After I freed the dinosaurs I heard a dinosaur crying out in pain and found Rexen here chained to the ground with a broken leg and immediately rushed over and freed him before rushing him back to our camp where we set the leg." He says with a smile as he remembers what happened next. "It was then that Fang and Jade showed up and after reuniting with them I found out that Rexen is my grandson." He says nearly causing Gamabunta to choke on is pipe as he hears this.

The readers all smile while Naruto, Minato, and Jiraiya are bug eyed at Gamabunta almost choking on his pipe.

Naruto laughs seeing Gamabunta's reaction before continuing his story. "After Fang, Jade, and Rexen left the other group showed up and we had to team up to get off the island, however I met with a friend that secretly worked with me when I was a Dino handler who had been secretly hired by Hammond to keep an eye on the companies group." He says recalling when he met Roland. Naruto continues to pet Rexen. "We discussed a plan to deal with the InGen group and I received word from the Kyuubi that the summoning contract was ready so I sent four clones out to place a seal at the four corners of the island to transport it with the summon scroll." He says impressing Gamabunta at how brilliant the plan was.

Some of the readers are impressed as well.

Naruto smiles a little as he hears Rexen purr a little when he scratches a particular spot. "I then came up with a plan to deal with the InGen group which involved leading them to Velociraptor territory where Sabine had become the leader of the Velociraptors and after reuniting with Sabine I told her the plan before heading back." He says as Rexen walks back to his parents and Sabine walks back up to him.

The readers smile as well while the females squeal kawaii at the bit where Rexen purred.

Naruto chuckles a little before he begins petting her again much to her pleasure. "I then lead the Ingen group to the Velociraptors territory where they were eliminated before heading back to my group and leading them safely through to the compound where we said our goodbyes and they left the island on a helicopter." He says getting a nod from Gamabunta as he agrees with Naruto's actions towards the InGen group.

The adults in the group nod as well while Naruto also agrees with his book self.

As Sabine snuggles her head further into Naruto's palm he continues his story. "After my group left I lead the Sabine and the other raptors to Fang and Jade's nest and they told me the other dinosaurs agreed to follow me and I activated the seals and summoning contract and we ended up here." He says finishing his story.

"Well that certainly was a long explanation." Anko says while the others nod in agreement.

Gamabunta thinks for a minute processing everything he was just told before coming to a decision. "Naruto you sure are one interesting person." He says with a deep chuckle. "I admire everything you have done to protect not only your children but the Dinosaurs as a whole." He says getting a nod from Naruto. "It is because of that and the fact that you were the one to create the Dino Summoning Scroll that I'm allowing you to remain our summoner." He says surprising Naruto. "Also the Toads will always have the Dinosaurs backs and after I tell the Slugs your story I am sure they will too." He says with a grin.

Jiraiya and Tsunade are the most shocked out of all the readers at that.

Naruto smiles hearing this. "Thank You Gamabunta-sama." He says bowing to the Boss of the Toads.

"Ugh I hate using honorifics." Naruto groans out.

Gamabunta sees this and chuckles. "No need for formalities Naruto just call me Gamabunta or Chief." He says with a smirk. "Also at some point in the near future you and I are going to share some sake to celebrate you becoming one of our summoners." The boss of the toads says with a smirk.

"Oh no you don't young man. You are too young to be drinking at that age." Kushina scolds Naruto.

Naruto laughs. "You got it Chief, how does after the Chuunin Exams sound?" He asks looking forward to drinking the Toad boss under the table seeing how he can't get drunk due to Akane. Gamabunta nods before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Naruto turns to Sabine, Fang, and Jade and smiles. "Well I better get going but don't worry I will summon all of you soon." He says before petting each of them one more time and disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

"That's one of the benefits of being a Jinchuuriki. You can't get drunk no how much you may want to." Akane says while giggling.

Naruto opens his eyes to see himself still falling in the ravine. "OH COME ON!" He yells finding it ridiculous that of all the places to appear it is right where he was before he entered the Jurassic Park Universe. Naruto sighs before going the some hand signs and yelling. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Pterodactyl." A cloud of smoke appears and when it clears Naruto is being held in the claws of a large Pterodactyl as it uses its wings to hover.

"That's so cool." Naruto says while Anko and Samui nod in agreement.

The Pterodactyl has a long pointed beak and a medium size crest on its head, thin leathery wings with three small claws half way down them that allow the Pterodactyl to fold its wings and walk on its claws. Naruto looks up at the Pterodactyl and smiles. "Hey Aero it's been awhile thanks for the save" He says happy to see the Pterodactyl again as the last time he saw her was when he had to do a quick check up on her. Aero glances down and her eyes widen slightly before she lets out a happy sounding squawk. Naruto smiles. "It's good to see you too think you can give me a lift back up to the top of the ravine?" He asks getting another squawk before she flaps her wings and they soar into the air.

"Still so cool." Naruto says while Anko and Samui are still nodding.

Jiraiya was getting nervous he had pushed Naruto into the ravine to force him to use the Kyuubi's chakra to summon Gamabunta, but as time passed there was still not sign of Naruto or the boss toad. Jiraiya was just about to rush back to the Sandaime and tell him the news when a blur shoots out of the ravine and soars into the air. As Jiraiya finally gets a good look at the blur his jaw hits the ground when he sees Naruto in the claws of some kind of strange bird-like creature with leathery wings similar to a bats.

Some of the readers snicker while Jiraiya sulks.

Jiraiya watches as the creature and Naruto land in front of him before Naruto rubs the creatures head and it disappears in a cloud of smoke. Snapping out of his shock Jiraiya clears his throat. "Naruto what the hell was that!" He yells wondering what the hell just happened.

Most of the readers are wondering the same thing.

Naruto looks at Jiraiya and tilts his head to the side. "That was Aero she is a Pterodactyl and one of my summons." He says casually like he was talking about the weather.

Naruto, Tsume, Kushina, and Anko are guffawing at that.

Jiraiya just nods his head. "Okay so it was one of your summons that explains it." He says before a tick mark forms on his forehead. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN ONE OF YOUR SUMMONS!?" He yells getting fed up with Naruto beating around the bush.

The same people guffawing before guffaw even louder now with Tsunade, Minato, and Hana joining in.

Naruto laughs. "Well when you chucked me off the cliff and I was falling I couldn't summon Gamabunta and my life flashed before my eyes from my birth up to then." He says narrowing his eyes causing Jiraiya to pale hearing this. Naruto then vanishes before reappearing in front of Jiraiya and kicking him as hard as he could in the nuts causing to Jiraiya to let out a girly scream that could be heard all across the Elemental nations.

"Good job Naruto-kun." Tsunade, Tsume, Hana, and Anko says while Kushina says the same only with "Sochi-kun" instead.

*In a random Casino somewhere in Fire Country*

A busty blonde wearing a green haori with the kanji for "Gamble" on the back was sitting at a slot machine next to a black haired girl in a black kimono who was holding a small pig wearing a jacket hears the scream and smiles. "I don't know who it was that made Jiraiya scream like that but I feel like giving them a passionate kiss for making the pervert scream that loud." She says with a smirk as she licks her lips getting a nod from the black haired girl beside her.

"I agree with my book self." Tsunade says while licking her lips as she looks at Naruto.

*Back with Naruto and the now less of a man Jiraiya*

Naruto stood over the crying form of Jiraiya who was holding what remained of his manhood after Naruto shattered one of his nuts with that kick and smiles. "For some reason I have the feeling that things are going to get very pleasant soon." He says before looking down at Jiraiya.

Naruto smiles evilly at Jiraiya who is terrified of Naruto now.

Thirty minutes later the now recovered Jiraiya was shakily standing and glaring at Naruto. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR YOU JUST SHATTERED ONE OF MY NUTS!" He yells in rage.

"And I'll do the same to your other nut if you piss me off Ero-Sennin (Pervy Sage)." Naruto says while glaring at Jiraiya who tries to hide behind Minato.

Naruto smirks sadistically. "That was for throwing me off the cliff without even thinking that maybe there was a reason I was having trouble with summoning like oh I don't know maybe someone put a seal on me that disrupts my chakra or something." He yells. "You should be glad that my mother isn't alive because when she found out what you did she was FURIOUS, or that I don't drag you into my mindscape and have Akane-chan beat you to near death before destroying your soul." He yells at the Pervy Sage.

Kushina is indeed FURIOUS while Akane is contemplating on doing as Naruto said in the book.

Jiraiya pales as the thought of an angry Kushina appears in his mind before what Naruto just said fully registers. "Wait who is Akane-chan?" He asks fearing the answer.

"Really pervert?" Tsunade asks while glaring at Jiraiya.

Naruto smiles creepily. "Why she is the Kyuubi of course and she is also one of my girlfriends." He says nonchalantly.

Jiraiya pales hearing this. "Okay you have some explaining to do." He says wanting an explanation.

Naruto chuckles. "Well after my life flashed before my eyes I saw a vision of all my precious people crying over my grave and swore to not make them cry." He says getting a nod from Jiraiya. "So I pushed as much chakra as I could and tried summoning again but made a mistake in the hand signs and wound up in another dimension." He says causing Jiraiya's eyes to widen.

Akane smiles towards Naruto at the girlfriend comment.

Naruto then goes on to tell of his time in the "Jurassic Park Universe" as he had named it, from Hammond finding him, meeting the Kyuubi and his parents, creating the Dino Summon scroll, along with everything else. By the end of it Jiraiya's jaw is on the ground as he processes everything Naruto just told him from the fact that he was in another dimension and the fact he spent 10 years there while no time had passed here, was taught by the charka ghosts of his parents, has full control of the Kyuubi's chakra and is actually dating her, and creating a summons contract.

Jiraiya is slack jawed as well.

Jiraiya just stares at Naruto stupefied for a moment until he hears Naruto chuckle. "Hey Pervy Sage want to meet my kids and grandson?" He asks smirking inwardly as he pictures Jiraiya's reaction. Jiraiya nods dumbly and Naruto smirks before going through the necessary hand signs before yelling. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Maelstrom's Kids." And four clouds of smoke appear behind him.

"Yay we get to see my grandbabies and great grandbaby again." Kushina cheers.

As the smoke clears Jiraiya gets his first look at Naruto's "Kids" and nearly faints seeing 2 large "Dinosaurs" as Naruto had called them along with a smaller version of the 2, and one that looks positively vicious with the large claw on each of its feet. Naruto smiles. "Jiraiya allow me to introduce my children Jade, Fang, and Sabine." He says gesturing to Fang, Jade, and Sabine. "And my grandson Rexen." He says gesturing to Rexen. The four dinosaurs nuzzle up against Naruto as he smiles and pets them one by one before looking to the terrified form of Jiraiya and grinning as best they could which causes Jiraiya to pale even more seeing their teeth.

All but Jiraiya laugh at Jiraiya's reaction.

Jiraiya just nods dumbly before Naruto bids Fang, Jade, Rexen, and Sabine goodbye for now and they return to the summon realm. Naruto turns to Jiraiya and smiles. "Now let's get to training I have a month to get used to my younger body again before I kick Neji's ass for nearly killing Hinata-chan." He says with narrowed eyes remembering how Neji nearly killed one of his secret girlfriends. Jiraiya's eyes turn serious as he snaps out of his shock and nods his head.

Hinata and Naruto are left blushing at the merciless teasing from Kushina.

For the rest of the month Naruto trained to get used to his younger body, however Akane informed him that his body would be receiving a large growth spurt in order to accommodate the excess chakra he came back with and the night after it was done Naruto awoke to find himself looking like he was 15-16 years old while still 13 years old. Naruto had also met with the Sandaime and after telling him what had happened and that he knew about his parents the Sandaime begged Naruto to forgive him, which Naruto did but not before kicking the Sandaime in the nuts like he had with Jiraiya but not nearly as strong but still strong enough for the aged Hokage to let out a very loud girlish scream.

"Serves him right for keeping Naruto unaware of his parentage." Tsume nods.

Naruto had also introduced the Sandaime to Fang, Jade, Sabine, and Rexen and after the Sandaime nearly had a heart attack upon seeing them Naruto told them they Fang, Jade, and Sabine where his "kids" which made them the Sandaime's surrogate Great Grandchildren, and Rexen who was Naruto's grandson making him the Hokage's Surrogate Great Great Grandson. The Sandaime chuckled at this before petting each of them after Naruto told them that the Hokage as their surrogate Great Grandfather.

Naruto is chuckling as well.

Naruto then told the Hokage that while he was in the other dimension he had some spare time to think about what had happened during the second portion of the Exam and how he believed that Orochimaru would likely strike during the finals and try to kill the Sandaime and attack the village which after thinking about it for a few minutes the Sandaime realized that it would be just like his former student to do something like that and agreed with Naruto. The two then brainstormed some ideas on how to deal with the situation and came up with a plan.

The ones who were there for the Invasion are slack jawed at the fact that a Genin was able to figure out the plans of one of the Sannin.

After meeting with the Sandaime Naruto had gone to the hospital to check on Hinata and the two talked and Naruto told her he had a surprise for her when the Finals started and kissed her forehead before leaving. Naruto had also met with Anko and told her about what had happened and after hearing that Jiraiya had thrown him off a cliff she would have stormed off to kill the perverted sage if Naruto hadn't told her that he already dealt with it by kicking him in the nuts so hard it pulverized one of the Sannin's nuts to powder. Anko ended up rolling on the forest floor hearing this for a while before Naruto told her he had a surprise for her during the finals and to place a huge bet that he would beat Neji.

Jiraiya is crying waterfall tears at that while the females are laughing, none harder than Tsunade, Kushina, and Anko though.

Naruto spent the rest of the month training and found out that due to becoming summon animals the Dinosaurs were infused with chakra that allowed them to use some Jutsu like the toads, and gained special abilities that were unique to each species. After finding this out he spent the rest of the month working with each species helping them discover what their abilities were and how to use them.

"That's so awesome." Naruto says.

The month long break before the Chuunin Exam Finals had ended and the majority of the village along with visiting dignitaries were currently in the stand of the Chuunin Exam Arena waiting patiently for the matches to start. Down in the arena the Genin who were to fight were all gathered except for two those being Naruto, and Sasuke.

"I bet Naruto-kun will make an awesome entrance." Hana says waiting impatiently.

The Hokage was in the Kage booth and had just welcomed the Kazekage whose face was hidden by a veil when he spots someone else walking up. The person was an incredibly beautiful woman with auburn hair pulled into a top-knot before cascading wildly down her back. She has an angelic face and green eyes. She is wearing a blue battle kimono that hugs her frame and accentuates her curves, especially her large E-Cup breasts and shapely backside.

Jiraiya is blown back via nosebleed before being beaten up by all of the females, even the kind and gentle Hinata is beating up Jiraiya.

The woman smiles at the Hokage. "Greetings Hokage-dono I am Mei Terumi the Godaime Mizukage." She says her voice sounding like that of angels.

The Hokage smiles. "Greetings Mizukage-dono I wasn't expecting you to be here and congratulations on freeing Kiri from Yagura's rule." He says in his "political" voice.

"Never liked that voice." Tsunade says remembering using that kind of voice herself.

Mei smiles. "I came to see the one named Naruto Uzumaki fight after one of the Genin teams came back saying there was an Uzumaki in the Exams, and thank you it was a long battle but Kiri is finally free." She says before they both take their seats next to the "Kazekage" who silently curses the Mizukage showing up. Mei looks to the arena floor and frowns slightly. "Hokage-dono it appears that Naruto Uzumaki isn't here yet." She says.

"That proves that the Kazekage is Orochimaru." Naruto says.

The Sandaime chuckles slightly. "Knowing Naruto he is going to make a big badass entrance that will be remembered for years to come." He says with a smile and causing Mei to giggle a little. Hiruzen then looks to the arena floor and gives the signal for the exams to start. Down on the arena floor Genma sees the Hokage's signal and clears his throat. "We will now begin the Third Exam of the Chuunin Exams, will everyone except for Neji Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki please leave the arena floor." He says as everyone except for Neji leaves the arena floor.

"Jiji knows me so well." Naruto says with a fond smile.

Up in the stand the Jounin sensei, Anko, along with the Clan Heads and those of the Konoha 12 who didn't make it to the third exam are watching and waiting. Kiba sees Naruto isn't here yet. "Where the heck is Naruto if he doesn't show up soon he will be disqualified." He says getting nods from the other Genin.

"Good old Kiba. A real pal when one needs him." Naruto says sarcastically.

Sakura just huffs. "Who cares where the Baka is Sasuke-kun will beat everyone and win the tournament anyway." She says causing the other Genin to just stare at her before shaking their heads.

"What did I ever see in her?" Naruto asks himself.

The Jounin senseis just stare at her before shaking their heads and Anko chuckles getting their attention. "Knowing Naruto-kun he is going to make a badass entrance that will be remembered for years isn't that right Hinata." She says causing everyone to look at her and then at Hinata wondering what the relationship between the three of them is.

Hana looks at Anko as well.

Back in the arena Genma looks around. "If Naruto Uzumaki doesn't show up in 30 seconds he will be…" He says before stopping when the arena doors fly open.

"Here it comes." Naruto says eagerly.

The doors fly open and smoke billows out before two dozen Velociraptors walk out in two single file lines before stopping and facing each other before bowing their heads. Suddenly the sound of loud footsteps are head that shake the arena as a figure walks out with a pair of T-Rexes on either side of him.

"That's my Sochi-kun. Being a badass just like his mother." Kushina cheers.

The figure is wearing a white trench coat that goes down to his mid-calve, the words "Dino Sage" in gold lettering above a skeleton like symbol *Jurassic Park Logo*, and has red flames on the bottom over a fishnet mesh shirt that shows of his chiseled chest. He is also wearing a pair of crimson cargo pant on and black steel toed combat boots. On his hands are a pair of black leather fingerless gloves and he has a pair of black sunglasses on. The figure has blonde spiky hair with two bangs that frame his face and 6 whisker marks on his cheeks with 3 on each cheek.

Everyone is looking between the picture on the TV and Minato.

More than a few of the women in the stand blush upon seeing the man's chiseled chest and handsome face. Genma clears his throat. "Who are you?" He asks having an idea of who the man standing before him is because there is only one person who could make such a badass entrance.

All but Kushina from the female readers are blushing at the image as well. Kushina just smiles in pride.

The man smiles before removing his sunglasses showing his brilliant blue eyes. "My name is…NARUTO UZUMAKI-NAMIKAZE SON OF THE FOURTH HOKAGE MINATO NAMIKAZE AND HIS WIFE KUSHINA UZUMAKI!" He yells with his arm raised as he points to the sky and explosions go off behind him as Fang and Jade roar to the sky.

"THAT'S MY SOCHI-KUN!" Kushina shouts before glomping Naruto with a megawatt smile full of pride.

Everyone is speechless by Naruto's proclamation before they hear the Hokage laughing and turn to look at the Kage booth as the Hokage gets up and walks over to the railing. "So you finally decided to drop the mask Naruto." He says causing a many of the people in the stands eyes to widen. The Sandaime clears his throat and pulls out a slip of paper. "I HOLD IN MY HAND A COPY OF NARUTO UZUMAKI'S BIRTH CERTIFACTE. HE IS THE SON OF MINATAO NAMIKAZE AND KUSHINA UZUMAKI AS HE CLAIMS TO BE. WHEN HE WAS BORN I HID HIS HERITAGE SO THAT HIS PARENTS ENEMIES WOULD NOT TRY TO KILL HIM FOR REVENGE!" He yells causing nearly everyone's jaws to drop to the floor as the Hokage takes his seat again.

Minato nods in approval at the Sandaime's actions.

Mei turns to the Sandaime and glares. "Hokage-dono I would like to know why my fiancé is indeed alive and well when I was told by one of your Anbu that he had died the night of the Kyuubi attack with his parents." She says dangerously.

Both Minato and Kushina sweat drop at that. "We forgot about the marriage contracts didn't we?" Minato asks his wife who nods. "What marriage contracts?" Naruto asks. "We made marriage contracts for you to be married to Mei Terumi, and Sabaku no Temari to strengthen alliances between Kiri, Konoha, and Suna. We forgot about them when we died so we couldn't let the Sandaime know to have it marked down." Kushina explains. "Isn't Temari dating Shikamaru?" Hinata asks. "They were but they broke it off when Shika found another, less bossy, girl." Naruto explains.

Hiruzen's eyes widen hearing this. "What do you mean they told you he died I told them to tell you that he was alive but that his identity must be kept secret until he could defend himself from his parent's enemies." He says before his eyes narrow in realization. "Mizukage-dono what did the Anbu look like?" He asks fearing the answer.

"I don't like the way this is going." Naruto says.

Mei stares at the Hokage. "He had a black cloak on and was wearing a blank mask with the kanji for "Root" on it and spoke in an emotionless voice why?" She asks wondering what difference it makes.

"Fucking Danzo." Naruto curses before being bopped on the head by Kushina.

Hiruzen slams his fist down on his chairs armrest cracking it slightly. "Damn that Danzo!" He yells before turning to look at Mei. "Mizukage-dono the Anbu you described was a part of a group that I had ordered be dissolved which means the person in charge of the group has disobeyed my order and committed treason." He says causing Mei's eyes to widen slightly before they turn their attention back to the arena floor.

"When we get back I'm killing Danzo for treason." Tsunade says while Minato nods in agreement.

In the stand with the Jounin senseis, Anko and the Konoha 12 the majority of them have their jaws hanging open before Anko starts laughing getting their attention. "I told you he would make a badass entrance I expect nothing less from our man isn't that right Hinata-chan." She says causing everyone's jaws to hit the floor and stare between the two.

Tsume's, and Hana's jaws hit the ground as well.

Hinata starts laughing. "You got that right Anko-chan." She says with a smile before she stretches. "Ah it feels so good to finally drop my mask of shyness and timidity and be able to be with our man in the open right Anko-chan." She says getting a nod from Anko and causing everyone's eyes to nearly pop out of their heads.

The eyes of some of the readers nearly pop out of their heads.

Tenten is the first to recover. "Wait you mean that the Hinata that we all know is nothing more than a mask you created and that both you and Anko our going out with Naruto?" She asks trying to understand everything she just heard.

Most of the readers are trying to understand it as well.

Hinata just smiles before nodding and Anko bursts out laughing. "That's not all buns, Naruto is also seeing Tsume and Hana Inuzuka." She says once again causing everyone's jaws to hit the ground and Asuma to drop his cigarette.

Tsume and Hana are blushing slightly at that while those who know Asuma are shocked at his reaction.

Kiba hears this and nearly has a heart attack. "WHAT!" He yells not believing that not only his sister but also his mother are seeing Naruto. Suddenly they all hear Tsume and Hana yell. "YEAH YOU TELL THEM APEX-SAMA!" And upon hearing this Kiba promptly faints.

Tsume and Hana are furiously blushing now.

Back in the arena floor Naruto hears this and chuckles before dismissing Fang, Jade and the Velociraptors before they disappear in a cloud of smoke. Naruto cracks his neck before turning to Genma. "Hey you think we can get started? I have a Stuck Up Fate Obsessed Girly Boy's ass to kick before I remove the stick that is shoved up his ass!" He yells loud enough for everyone to hear causing many to laugh and Neji's eye to twitch angrily.

Most of the readers are laughing as well.

Genma tries to stifle his own laughter before clearing his throat. "The first match of the Finals between Neji Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze will now begin." He says stressing Naruto's other last name while smirking. "Ready…FIGHT!" He yells before jumping out of the way.

"That's the end of the chapter. Who wants to read next?" Akane asks only for Samui to swipe the book.

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