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I sat behind my desk, trying to kill time instead of finishing my last case's report.

She had passed away. This one was a tragedy really. In my job, I often lost patients, but it never made it easier on me.

Abigail Jones, was a young mother of two. She didn't deserve to have her life ripped away, but sometimes you couldn't save everyone. To say if she had been honest with me sooner, or if I could have put the symptoms together sooner, maybe she wouldn't have died. Maybe her lungs wouldn't have failed, if she had told me she was into asphyxiation.

My short nails tapped on the keyboard, as I tried to decide how to transcribe her final days.

She had been under my care for a week. My team and I worked on her, and then at the end, just I did. They had given up hope; I hadn't.

Summing up someone's final days wasn't as easy as you would think.

The family has the right to see it, and I would hate for them to find out something about the deceased because of my report.

Like the time when the husband of a patient found out the wife had an abortion recently…yet they had been trying to conceive.

Or when the adult child of a patient found out the reason why they were not a donor match, was because their mom was blood type AB and they were O.

I never meant to add details that were not mine to share, but I had a tendency to overelaborate, so everything was well documented.

I scratched my forehead, trying to think of how to start with the last days of Mrs. Jones' life, when there was a knock at my door.

"Come in."

The door opened, and Angela, one of the residents on my team walked into my office.

"Sorry to interrupt, but Mr. Jones is out there. He wanted to talk with you."

"Okay, let him know I will be right out."

She nodded and exited my office.

This was the part I hated. When they wanted to talk to me after I passed on my condolences, after I said I was sorry, that I had done my best.

With a loud sigh, I closed my laptop lid and put my white coat back on.

Mr. Jones was right outside of my office. He had one daughter on each side of him. They hugged tight to their daddy. The pain was easily seen on their faces.

"Doctor Swan, I wanted to say thank you for all that you did." Well that was a first. "I know that Abby had some secrets. I wish she would have shared them sooner."

He reached his hand out and we shook hands. He nodded at me, before he wrapped his arms back around his daughters and left the hospital.

I went back into my office with a new found ability to write this report.

I lifted the lid on my laptop and hit the space bar to wake it back up.

My office phone rang just as the screen lit up.

"This is Doctor Swan."

"Oh, Isabella, how are you?" the voice of my college mentor and one of the best Internal Medicine doctors on the East Coast asked. It was a voice I hadn't heard in years.

"Doctor Cullen, I'm well and you?"

"Doing okay."

There was a pause and I knew that this wasn't a social call.

"Carlisle, what do I deserve this call?"

"Isabella, do you recall my son?"

"Vaguely recall you mentioning him, why?"

"He's sick. He has been to every doctor that I could find here in New York and he is getting worse. I need to transfer him to you."

"Carlisle, I'm flattered but-"

"Isabella, you are the best. You diagnosis the strangest things that no one else can, my son needs you."

Maybe because of the recent loss, I didn't believe him.

"Carlisle, have you looked at him?"

"I did first; then we went to other doctors. I don't know what's wrong, but every test we run comes up normal, yet he is losing weight and ashen looking."

"Carlisle –"

"Please say yes. Edward needs a miracle."