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This takes place 8 years after the last chapter of At Her Mercy. It is titled 'To Forgive'.

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I kissed my children as if it was the last time I would see them.

I hadn't been away from them for more than a night since they were both born.

At seven and six, Kaden and Kaylee were Bella and my entire life.

After school, they came to the clinic and helped me out until Bella was done seeing her patients. We were a tight family unit and I hated to know I would be away from them for almost a week.

I watched as Bella kissed our children and told them to both be good. They were spending the week with my parents, who had managed to reconcile over the years. I think it boiled down to, the past was the past, and where they were in the present, was far better than where they had been.

With tears in both of our eyes, Bella and I climbed into our car, leaving our babies in my parents' very capable hands.

Bella drove us in silence to the airport. As much as we hated leaving our home in New York, our past was on the horizon and we needed to face it.

We were about to board a plane back to Chicago for the first time in eight years.

Tanya was up for parole and I was sent notice. I didn't want to go back, but when Bella found out, she said we should.

She was originally sentenced to fifteen years, but I guess something about being a model prisoner and helping to save a guard during a prison fight, had made this possible for her.

I thought back to the last time I saw Tanya; it was at Alice's trial. As much as it bothered me that Tanya was involved, she came clean. At the end, she did what was right.

Alice still had yet to contact anyone in the family. She had yet to make any of her wrongs right.

In the wake of returning to Chicago, all of my emotions were on overload.

Once we got there, would I be able to manage? Would I collapse and be unable to appear? Would this entire trip be for nothing?

Bella held my hand as we waited at the airport for our flight to be called.

"First class boarding, please come to my right along the wall," the lady with the overhead speaker called out.

Bella started to stand. "Where are you going?"

"I got us bumped to first class. I think it will help you to relax a bit, honey."

She picked up her carry on and urged me to do the same.

"I am relaxed. You didn't have to spend the extra money for that."

"Edward, baby, look at your leg. It hasn't stopped bouncing since we got here. You need a drink or something to calm your nerves. Now come on, let's go board."

She tugged on my hand and pulled me to my feet. She placed a soft kiss to my lips, before helping me to the door that would lead us to the plane.

-To Forgive-

We were somewhere in the air between New York and Chicago, when Bella asked the flight attendant for a blanket.

She curled up next to me and kissed my cheek before her eyes closed.

I hated that she was going to take a nap. Not because we had been talking, because I hadn't uttered a word since we boarded. I hadn't given her any sort of companionship so far during the flight. Actually, I haven't had much to say since we decided to make this trip. I hated it because I hadn't gotten a good night's rest since she told me we should go to Tanya's parole hearing. I hadn't been with my wife since then either. I basically was barely making it by, day by day, dreading this trip. The closer we got to leaving for Chicago, the worse I got. I prayed that once this was over, things would go back to how they were before we knew of Tanya getting a parole opportunity.

My leg bounced as I thought about seeing Tanya again. I was terrified and started to feel ill.

As the flight attendant walked by again, I asked her to bring me a drink. At that point, I didn't care what she brought as long as it was alcohol.

As I took my first swallow of the thick, amber liquid, Bella shifted and moved the blanket, so it covered us both. I smiled as she wiggled closer against me in her sleep. I moved to wrap my one arm around her, enjoying her closeness.

She wiggled even closer against my side where she laid as I drank. I rested my cheek on her head as I closed my eyes and thought of the time we have been together. From the day she saved my life, until now, had been the best time of my life. Even on my deathbed, unsure if I would make it, having Bella by my side made it all the better. Since we made our departure from Chicago eight years ago, we had done nothing but lived our lives to the fullest.

Working together, traveling together, and then slowing down a little once the kids were bigger so we could enjoy their childhood. Eight and a half years ago, if you had told me if I would be divorced from Tanya, and married to Bella less than six months after, with a baby on the way, I would have thought you were crazy. But here I was, with my wife by my side, never happier.

I placed a kiss to the top of Bella's head as the attendant took my now empty glass. Bella snuggled closer to me and her hand rested on my upper thigh. Slowly, so slowly her hand moved up my thigh, closer to my groin.

I moved my head to look at Bella, but her eyes were still closed. Figuring she was still asleep and trying to get comfortable, I left her hand on my upper thigh and rested my head on top of hers again.

A few minutes later, her hand again moved higher, until she was fingering the zipper on my jeans.

"Bella?" I whispered against her head.

She moaned in response as she slowly lowered my zipper.

"Bella, what are you doing?" I quietly asked her, as I adjusted myself in the chair. Her hand right there, with the attempt to get to my junk was making me hard. I looked around to see if anyone was noticing what Bella was doing under the blanket.

"I'm sleeping," she whispered back as she popped the button on my jeans and slowly pulled my cock out.

"Mmm, baby, you can't do this here."

"Close your eyes and enjoy me. Please, you deserve this."

With her head on my shoulder and her hand on my cock, Bella rubbed me to the point where I was about to explode. But just then, the flight attendant asked me to wake my wife as we were approaching our final descent.

"Fuck, Bella."

"Shh, Edward. I'm sorry we didn't get to finish." She placed a kiss to my jaw.

"We will later, don't you worry," I growled at her. I was so close, on the verge of feeling my body finally relax; of all the tension I was holding in quickly releasing from my body.

-To Forgive-

As soon as the plane was at the terminal, I dragged Bella to the car that was going to take us to the hotel.

The driver pulled up outside of the hotel and before he had the chance to get out and open our doors, I had Bella out and in my arms, walking quickly into the building.

After a quick stop to get our room key and to allow the driver to catch up with our bags, I had Bella in the elevator and against the wall. My lips were on hers and my hands touched her body like I hadn't in weeks.

"I've missed your touch," she purred into my ear.

"I've missed yours as well."

As soon as the elevator door opened, we rushed, hand in hand to get the door of our room.

I pushed the door in, and Bella pushed me against the opened door. Our luggage forgotten in the hall as we struggled for dominance in our desire to be together.

I had missed my wife more than I had realized.

All too soon, she pulled back and placed a soft kiss on my jaw. "I will meet you in bed." She winked as she left me in the doorway, extremely aroused.

I watched as she walked to the back corner of the suite to where the bedroom was. I pulled our bags into the room and put up the 'do not disturb' sign.

Without delay, I quickly ran to the bedroom, where I found Bella on the bed, stripped down to her bra and panties.

I stopped in the doorway to admire her from afar.

She was lying back on the bed, her knees bent and slightly parted. Her hair was splayed over the plush pillow under her head.

Age didn't hurt Bella at all. She was still as beautiful and desirable as the day I first set eyes on her bare body.

Until right now, I hadn't realized how badly I missed her these last few weeks.

I quickly popped the button on my jeans and let them pool at my ankles. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it down.

I climbed on top of Bella, slowly spreading her legs wider.

"Hey, beautiful."

"Hey, handsome."

"I missed you," I whispered into her ear as I placed a kiss just below it.

"Missed you, too," she whispered back as she wrapped her legs around my lower body. Her hands started to move down my body. "I've missed you so very much, Edward." Her hands were squeezed between our bodies. She cupped her hand on my once again hard cock as she pushed my boxers down to release it.

"I think he missed me too," she said with a wink.

She wrapped her hand around my cock and lightly tugged on it.

My hips thrust toward her and I could feel the moisture on her panties. She had missed me as much as I missed her. I needed her – right then.

"I need you, baby." She pulled her lower lip between her teeth. She was trying to seduce me and there was no reason for that. I was ready to give her everything she could ever want.

"I can tell." I backed up from her onto my knees. I slowly pulled her panties down her legs, revealing all she had to offer.

I ran a single finger between her folds, feeling the slickness between them. I placed the finger in my mouth and her taste was intoxicating.

Forgetting that I intended to fuck her senseless, I dropped down to my arms and placed my mouth between her legs.

I slid a finger into her as I lightly licked and sucked her clit. Her hands found their way into my hair and just as she was about to come, I could feel her tightening on my finger; she wrapped her legs around my head. She had me right where she wanted me and there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

I licked and sucked until the tension from her orgasm left her body.

"Come here, baby," Bella panted.

I slid my fingers from inside of her and climbed my way up her body. I slid my cock into her with a little push, and I was home. I was grounded. I was with my wife for the first time in weeks.

Our bodies molded together and we found a rhythm as we moved together. As Bella tightened around me again, I found my release with her.

-To Forgive-

I woke naked and curled around my wife. Her hair was fanned out over my chest. She was a beautiful sight to see. I placed a kiss to her forehead before I rolled out from under her.

It was four-forty in the morning and we had to be to the court house at eight. I covered Bella with a sheet before I left her to sleep.

Digging through our luggage where we left it at the front door, I found my box of cigars and lighter. I opened the door to the small terrace and let the cool air hit me as I lit up.

I had taken up smoking the occasional cigar when I would go golfing with my dad, but due to the situation, I decided I needed some form of release. Not that I was as tense now, after spending time with my wife in bed, but I knew today was going to be a long one.

The cool, fall, Chicago wind blew around me as I took a few more puffs on my cigar. I set it in the ashtray when the wind blew and it sent a chill through my body.

I checked on Bella and she was still fast asleep. I made a pot of coffee to help warm me up, and called down to room service to see if they would bring us up some breakfast.

As soon as the pot of coffee was finished, I poured a cup and went back outside. I relit my cigar and sipped my coffee as I watched the town wake up.

The sun was still down, and the stars were still in the sky, but people were waking up and starting their days.

I wondered if any of them had to deal with what I had to today.

I wondered if they were away from their homes; from their children.

I wondered if any of them had to stand before someone that once tried to kill them. What would they do?

I doubted any of them did, but I still wondered. Was I truly alone in what happened to me? Would I ever have someone I could talk to about it? I rubbed my arm where there was still a tiny scar from my skin falling off when I was first on my deathbed.

It was my personal, daily reminder of how close I came to never having what I have now.

Warm arms wrapped around my torso as Bella placed a kiss to my shoulder.

"What you doing out here besides letting your nasty cigar burn out?"

"Just thinking about things." I turned and kissed my wife, dropping the cigar into the ash tray.

"It will be okay. You are going to appear and tell them your story again, and see what happens."

"What if she really has changed and deserves to be released? She helped a prison guard and she did come clean. Maybe holding this against her isn't the best thing to do."

"Edward, you don't hold it against her, but you still have the right to have a say."

Bella placed a kiss to my cheek before she rubbed her hands on her bare arms and went back inside.

I stayed outside a few more minutes and drank the rest of my now cold coffee, before going inside.

By the time I got inside, our breakfast tray of fruit and yogurt was at the door.

I tried to eat, but my mind was too focused on what was about to happen.

I heard Bella turn the water on in the shower, so I decided to join her.

I knew if one thing would get my mind of what was about to happen, it would be her.

I opened the curtain and watched her as the water ran down her body. Her head was back and her eyes were closed. Her chest was out and a small smile played on her lips.

I was dying to kiss them. I followed a stream of water down her body. I wanted to be that steam of water. I wanted to touch every inch of her like it was.

I climbed in as she turned around to let the water run on her face.

I wrapped my arms around her, pulling my front to her back. I placed a kiss on her neck as she tilted her head to the side.

"Hey," she whispered.

"Hey." My voice was husky. My hands ran over her body; the right one slowly gravitating to the small patch of hair where her legs met and the other to her chest.

She moaned and pressed her ass against my already hard erection.

"Can I have you?" I asked.

"Like you had to ask," she said, as she looked at me with a smile.

I spun her around, careful not to hurt her, before lifting her right leg up over my hip. I pressed her against the wall, and entered her with as much force as I had in me. This time I would fuck her with no thought.

Our mouths met as I found a rhythm between us.

"I love you, Bella."

"I love you, too." I wanted to thank her for all she had done for me, in this moment, as both of our bodies found release.

I rested my head against the shower wall, just over her shoulder as I caught my breath. Our bodies slowly slid apart as we came down from our respected orgasms.

Bella washed my hair and I washed her body. As the soap was rinsed away from her skin, I placed kisses on her body.

This was just how I needed to start the morning before facing my past.

-To Forgive-

Dressed in a suit and tie, I held Bella close to my side as we walked into the courthouse. She was dressed in a pant suit and looked stunning.

If I hadn't known it before, I knew it now; I got the better end of the deal. Almost dying and divorcing Tanya gave me something better than I thought I would ever have. Maybe I owed Tanya the same.

We made our way to courtroom 3B and waited to be called in. My leg went back to bouncing, but it wasn't as bad as it was on the flight.

I kissed Bella whenever I started to get worried. I was sure we looked like a pair of newlyweds or a couple about to be married by a judge the way we were sharing affectionate touches.

When Tanya's name was called, I suddenly felt like there was cement in my shoes. I wasn't sure I would be able to make it through this. I wasn't sure I would be able to say all that I wanted to say to a group of people deciding someone else's future.

"Baby, maybe we shouldn't have come," I whispered to Bella.

She dropped down in front of me. "Edward, we came to give you some closure, as well as for you to speak you peace. You need to go in there. We came for a good reason." She placed one last kiss to my cheek, before she took my hand and helped me into the courtroom.

At the front of the room was Tanya and a lady I had never seen before. I would have to assume it was Tanya's lawyer. We were greeted by a woman who I also didn't know, but she sure seemed to know us, as she greeted us both by name.

"Edward and Bella, I'm happy you were able to come. I'm Vanessa Black the current ADA and-"

"Jake's wife!" Bella announced.

"The one and only. He's told me a lot about you both and the trials that brought you to this point. I'm happy you both are here, and Edward, you will have your chance to speak. Everything you say will be taken into consideration."

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Ah, it's Vanessa among friends. Now take a seat and we should be starting shortly."

Vanessa led us to a seat in the gallery right behind where she was sitting.

Tanya turned and looked at Bella and me. She didn't look angry that we were there. She didn't look upset that I was married to another. She looked worn and tired and unsure of her future. She gave me a forced, tight smile before turning and whispering something into her lawyer's ear.

A row of judges that served on the parole board came in shortly thereafter and the whole process started. They talked about the model prisoner that Tanya had become. The correction officer who she helped came and spoke as well as Tanya's parents.

Tanya was then given the chance to speak. I held Bella's hand as she took her seat before the parole board.

"I sit here today and I still feel ashamed for what I did eight years ago. I know I have been given this chance because I've done right while in prison, but as I look to Mr. Cullen, the man whose life was so wrongly hurt by my choices, I can't say I deserve this reduced sentence. I've done right in prison because that is the person I strive to be. I don't deserve to be let out only because I'm being the person I know I need to be." She then turned and looked at us. "Edward, I'm so sorry for what I did, but I'm happy for you, that you were able to find happiness at the end of this."

She nodded her head to the board and took her seat by her lawyer who didn't look amused at what her client just said. I was sure her saying she didn't deserve this wasn't the right way to go about it.

It then was my turn to say my peace. I knew then that it would be wrong of me to go into this asking for anything but one thing.

"Mr. Cullen, thank you for coming today to speak. Please, if you would, we would like your feelings on the pending, early release of Ms. Tanya Denali," one of the members from the board said.

I looked to my wife; I then looked to my ex-wife. I took a deep breath and tried to find some inner peace with what I was about to say.

"Eight years ago, I almost died due to the, uh, side effects of what Tanya did. She made a mistake and got caught. And instead of coming clean, she let someone else rule her life into submission. She did an amazing thing finally coming forward like she did. She could have continued to lie; she could have gone down alone and left me to continue to be poisoned, but when it came down to it, she came clean. From what we have heard today, Tanya has made an effort to right the wrongs she did, yet she doesn't believe she deserves this, or maybe that she hasn't done enough to prove she does. The fact that she would rather spend the next eight years in prison for her crime says a lot about her. Most would want to be released, and believe they deserve it as well. It speaks volumes on the person that Tanya is that she doesn't think she is worthy of this." I took a deep breath before I continued. "I've forgiven her, and I think everyone else should. She should be granted parole. Thank you."

I stepped down, and it was obvious Tanya was shocked. Bella had a smile on her face. Tanya didn't want me dead to begin with, she was a pawn in a game that Alice wanted to play. I had forgiven Alice long ago, even though she didn't deserve it. It was time Tanya knew I forgave her, too.

Why I hadn't told her before, I didn't know. Why I was scared to say what I just did, I don't know. Why I almost didn't come, which could have landed Tanya back in jail for the remainder of her time, I again, didn't know.

I walked back to Bella and held my hand out to her. I didn't need to hear the outcome. I didn't need to know if she would get out or not. That wasn't my decision, but making my peace and forgiving was mine; and I did just it.

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