"Daaad! We have to go! We'll be late." Scorpius banged on his father's bedroom door.

Draco opened the door to find his son immaculately dressed in his Hogwarts robes. He had read every book on his third year curriculum cover to cover. He had been packed for weeks. Draco wondered how he had ever fathered such a little nerd.

"Hooked on phonics are we? Someone's looking forward to getting back to school this year. Was I really such poor company for you this summer?"

"Are you quite finished primping?"

"You know I never would have imagined speaking to my father the way you speak to me. I've never felt so disrespected—"

"Do you have any hair gel? I've already packed mine."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Is that a serious question?"

"Dad, may I borrow the hair gel I know you have?"

"Look at those manners. Yes, son of mine, you may." Draco didn't wear his hair in the slicked back style of his youth, but he and Scorpius both were hideously vain about their white blond Malfoy hair. It had to look disheveled, but purposefully so.

Draco noticed something new about his son as he dashed by. "Are you wearing cologne?"

"What? No! I mean…yeah, kind of."

Draco raised a knowing eyebrow and smirked. "Who is she?"

"What? Who? I mean…nobody, Dad. Gosh!" Scorpius grabbed the (now pilfered) hair gel and darted past Draco to escape his interrogation.

Draco muttered under his breath "Oh good. The teenage years have arrived," a scowl in his voice.

The father and son bickered, but they were in fact extremely close. Certainly closer than Draco ever was to Lucius, not that he was ever a shining example of fatherhood. When Astoria died, Draco swore that he'd make certain Scorpius never felt like he was missing something. He would be the most loving, attentive father that ever walked the earth. That had been ten years ago. And in that time, Scorpius had never hidden anything from his father. Until now that is.

There had to be a girl. Why else would he be so anxious to return to school? Why else would he be wearing cologne for the first time?

Draco remembered being a thirteen-year-old boy. It was like a light switch clicked on in a boy's brain at that age and suddenly all they can see are girls. Girls everywhere. When they go to sleep…girls. When they try to pay attention in class…girls. Draco rather imagined it was a similar feeling to what the inhabitants of Plato's cave would experience upon seeing light for the first time. Confusing, exhilarating, maddening, and bloody terrifying.

Draco knew that Scorpius must be feeling all of those things. He really did wish that Scorpius felt like he could talk to him about it. It was something he actually knew quite a bit about. He had done quite well with the ladies as a teenager.

Not that he had done lately. His friends were constantly telling him that he should 'put himself out there' and all that rot. He supposed they had a point. He was still a young man in his early thirties, having been very young when Scorpius was born. But he refused to waste his and Scorpius's time bringing women around who would just leave in a month or so.

Maybe he just needed a good lay. It had been years, a fact which teenage Draco would have shuttered to hear. He wasn't certain his teenage self even knew it was possible to go so long without sex. But Scorpius would surely have better sense than he had at that age, right? He would never go for the same trashy type of girl who seemed almost magnetically attracted to Draco as a youth.

Maybe he should talk to him about it before he left, just in case. He made his way to Scorpius's room to find the door already ajar. Scorpius was standing at the full length mirror, applying a level of care and detail to his hair that a neurosurgeon would envy.

Draco smirked, leaning in the doorframe. "Now who's primping?"

Scorpius turned to face his father. "How do I look?"

"You look like my son which is the highest compliment I could possibly give you."

Scorpius rolled his eyes. "Scorp, I wanted to make sure you knew that you can talk to me about girls. I'm not so completely hopeless in that department if your mother was any indication."

"I know, I know, it's just that…it's not a girl."

Draco's face fell slightly. Not that he minded, so long as Scorpius was happy, but he had no insight into how to address that particular proclivity. "Well…I mean. I don't know anything about pulling blokes, but—"

"Oh gosh, Dad! NO! Oh-Merlin-stop-talking-Dad, seriously I am not into blokes."

Draco rolled his shoulders back and crossed his arms. "Okaaay." He was really cocking this up. "But you said it wasn't a girl, and—"

"It is. A girl, I mean. Sort of."

"A girl…sort of. Heh. Not sure where you're going there Scorp."

"It's a female, but she's…sort of…I mean she's different. She's a…woman."

Draco's eyebrows disappeared into his hairline. Maybe his son really did inherit his taste for girls of…shall we say more mature experience levels. "Go on."

"She's beautiful. And smart, smarter than anyone. And she's done so much and seen so much."

Draco sucked in a breath and failed to fight the slight grimace on his face. "Scorp. I feel I ought to tell you that girls like that are often trouble. She'll expect certain things from you and you should know that you don't have to go along with it."

"What sort of things?"

"Well…" How the fuck do I say the words 'You shouldn't feel pressured into having sex until you want to' without sounding like a complete knob? "Girls like that will want to take things a lot faster than others."

Scorpius's eyebrows shot up. "You mean like sex? She'll want me to have sex with her?"

"Yeah, Scorp, that's what I mean and you really don't have t—"

"But is that even legal?"

Draco stilled. "Of course it's legal so long as it's consensual. I mean, you might get busted for breaking curfew or something…Scorp?"

His son looked simultaneously shaken and exhilarated. He sat down on his bed to stop the buckling in his knees.

"Scorp? I really feel like I've done a crap job at explaining this to you. My point is, you shouldn't do anything that you're not ready for." Great job, there. You didn't sound like a knob at all.

"But what if I am ready?"

Draco rolled his eyes. Of course he thought he was ready. He was thirteen bloody years old! Every thirteen-year-old bloke wants to have sex. "Just promise me that you'll seriously think about it before you take such a big step, alright?"

Scorpius nodded. "I promise."

Draco nodded. "Well alright then. I suppose we ought to go before I buckle under the weight of my 'Father of the Year' medal."

Scorpius rolled his eyes. It was a somewhat less than adorable gesture that Draco noticed he had picked up this last year. Fucking teenage years, ready or not, here they come.