Chapter Thirty-Four

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Sesshomaru woke to a rush of emotions: dread, depression, terror, and the over whelming want to die. Knowing these weren't his own, he looked over to his sleeping mate. Kagome was covered in sweat and her body had a pink glow to it as well. The normally calm and peaceful aura she was known for was gone and replaced by a strong and violent one, lashing out to kill. His eyes were bleeding red as his mate started lashing out at him. He was trying to calm her when she yelled "I'll find a way to break our mating bond and you'll never see this baby inside me!"

The Western Lord snapped. Growing to his true form, he broke through the walls and roof, his powerful aura was wild around him, trashing everything in the area.

The castle alarms went off, as fast as possible the guards were evacuating the grounds. Inuyasha ran towards his brother's room slamming the door off the railings. Sesshomaru growled with acid dropping from his mouth. Getting ready to pounce on the young half demon and kill him for coming near his mate.

Lady Mother was on her way when she felt Inuyasha enter the room. Rushing at her full speed before her son killed the pup. She jumped in the room while changing into her inu form. Kagome's aura was starting to grow with the addition of another strong aura. Kimiko didn't have much time before her daughter killed her and everyone else in the area. Inuyasha was already running away. His face and hands burned by Kagome already

"Stand down pup!" Her beast growled out.

"No." He snarled back.

"I can help mate" Kimiko whined.

Hearing this pack female could help his mate Sesshomaru pondered what to do. He didn't want to bow down to anyone but if she could help his mate, it was worth it. He laid down, being careful to keep his head on the futon next to his mate and an eye on what was about to happen. If this female made one wrong move, she'd die.

Kimiko went back to her humanoid form and told Inuyasha to leave before she slowly walked towards the troubled girl. She reached her arm out to check her eyes but quickly pulled back when her arm started to be purified.

'Shit, no wonder the pup was burned so bad.' Kimiko thought.

"Son, I have a theory. I need you to open her eyes. If they're pure white than I know what's wrong with her."

The Western Lord gave into her request. He came back to his humanoid form and made his way into bed with his mate. He slowly reached over with his clawed hand to open her eye lids. Each one was white as his Mother said.

"Mother, what does this mean?"

"It means your mate has a very rare form of magic. She's a seer and right now she's having a vision. She'll come out of it soon but will need rest." Kimiko made her way out of the room then set up a barrier to keep others out. If anyone bothered them right now they'd either die by one of two ways, Kagome's purification or Sesshomaru's beast.

Sesshomaru pulled his mate over to him and turned so his arms protected her front and his body was covering her back. He'd wait for her to wake up but wasn't going to let Kagome hurt herself with all the thrashing. His beast whined at not being able to help his mate. It was an alpha's job to protect others and more so as a mate.

Slowly his mate started to calm down. It seemed like she was asleep again. Her breathing was even, and her aura was back to being peaceful. Part of him wanted to wake her up and get answers while the other part of him knew she'd be tired and needed rest before going over everything she saw. Closing his eyes, Sesshomaru sent out a mental message to his mother to bring everyone back and order repairs to fix the West Wing. Luckily the hot springs weren't damaged, so Kagome wouldn't be angry with him when she woke up.

Kagome didn't even open her eyes before Sesshomaru pulled her on her back while leaning over her with red eyes. "Mate, you will tell This One what you saw."

'What I saw? My night terror? How does he know about it?'

Feeling her confusion, the Western Lord leaned down to nuzzle into her neck. He whispered into her ear "Please" She reached her hand up and started stroking his long hair as she told him everything. She held strong until then end, when she started to cry. He rolled them over so Kagome could lay with him holding her. Once she was calm she noticed the sky.

"Um… Sesshomaru?


"Why can I see the sky?" She felt him tense under her. While he, the Western Lord, would never fear a young woman he came up with his answer quickly.

"The hot springs are safe." Kagome giggled and let it go. As the Western Lady she'd find out as soon as she went to check the damage report. Snuggling in a little closer she kissed his chest. "I love you"

"This Sesshomaru loves you, my mate." He pulled her close, going over everything she saw. He couldn't figure out why she saw that if they were already mated.

"You said This One wasn't with your pack correct?"

"Yeah, I think I saw what would have happened if we didn't end up together. I don't know how to explain it but it's just a feeling I have."

That would explain why she saw it. Show her what could have been with our Soul Binding coming up."

Sesshomaru was pulled out of his thoughts by his mate's hand slowly sliding down his well-defined chest, then over his mouth watering abs till she grabbed his member, working it slowly.

"Mate, what are you doing?" He growled out huskily, that sound was enough to make her arousal spike. Sesshomaru took a deep breath, enjoying that smell.

"I'm only trying to pleasure my alpha." She purred leaning over him to kiss him hard on the mouth.

Mate wants her alpha! Sesshomaru's beast roared. Taking care not to hurt her he quickly flipped her over and pulled her hips up so her head was lower on the bed and her butt in the air. Without waiting a moment for her to get ready he quickly pushed inside her warm core.

Screaming out, Kagome could only say his name while he used all his strength to push into her. This was what she wanted. Her mate to go all out and let his beast out to play. She knew he loved her and would treat her like glass if she asked but to have him let lose was something she'd never get use to.

It didn't take the Lord long, all the stress from earlier, hearing that monster touched his mate, even if it wasn't real was enough to let his beast come out to play with their mate. He let his claws dig into her skin, blood spilling from each puncture marks not caring, as he got closer to his release he pulled her up to sit in his lap as he kept going. Pounding in and out while roughly grabbing her breasts. When the Western Lady threw her head back in pleasure he bit down hard on her neck, drinking the red liquid that flowed into his mouth while his own release quickly followed.

With all the damage the West Wing took when Sesshomaru freaked out, they pushed the soul binding out a month. This gave Kagome time to put her plan in action. While having tea with Kimiko she went to work!

"Mother? I was wondering if you'd be willing to go South to help Lord Osamu rebuild. He'll need someone who knows what they are doing and can trust."

Kimiko thought over what her daughter asked her. She really wanted to hate the man who caused her family so many problems, but she also missed their friendship. Before her late mate chose another and slowly tore apart all ties to the South.

"I'll go down and see what his plans are. I'm sure Osamu won't want my help; however, it will look good for the West to try."

The rest of their tea date they spent talking about the ceremony and what was left to do.

The next morning, she left to see what all was needed to be done. A couple days later Kimiko sent word through her bond with Sesshomaru saying she'd be staying in the South until their ceremony. Kagome grinned, her plan was working while her mate wasn't as happy. Ignoring her mate for the time being she helped Sango plan her wedding.

They wanted it small, only their group to be there but Sesshomaru wanted to do something to show his gratitude for all their help. At lunch he stood and told Sango his idea.

"Slayer, This One can have your wedding ready here or in the slayer village. All repairs have been made with guards to keep it safe until you and the monk return. Anything you need will be on the West."

Sango was beyond surprised. She couldn't help but bow low to give her thanks. As she went to bow he left the room without another word.

"Haha well he's getting better. At least he spoke to someone other then me." Kagome giggled.

"Why is he doing this?" The slayer questioned the group before Inuyasha was the one to respond.

"Pack. You're Kagome's pack sister and she's his mate which makes you pack."

"It doesn't matter why (Kagome reached for Sango's hand) where do you want your wedding?"

Sango looked to Miroku, seeing if he had any feedback for her but he simply told her "I just need you." While it was sweet, it wasn't helpful in the slightest. Sango thought over which would be more meaningful to her.

"I want to do it in my village. I want to be close to my family and it's a great way to bring back the village."

"That's a great idea, let's see what you two will need and we'll go to the large village a few hours away and go shopping!"

"Oi! I'm so glad we aren't in your time Kags, shopping there is terrible. I'd rather bow down to my brother every day for the rest of my life then do that again."

"That could be arranged, Little Brother." Everyone in the room jumped at the surprise voice.

"Fuckin' creepy bastard! How the hell do you do that!?" Inuyasha yelled.

"When you speak loud enough for the entire castle to hear it's not difficult to enter a room unnoticed. Mate, bring this with you and A-Un. Monk, Inuyasha, you two will follow this one. It's time to train."

The ladies and children headed out shortly after to have fun while the men, minus Sesshomaru, wished for death repeatedly until the evening meal.

The wedding was a simple yet elegant event. The village was set up with basic needs to last a good three months while the couple arrived a week early to start spreading the word they have a safe place to live in the village. While Sango was going to train the next generation of demon slayers she was also going to explain the difference between good and bad demons just like people. They had half a village occupied when the wedding day arrived. Their hut was the largest and decorated with beautiful fabrics, Kaede did the ceremony while Kagome cried and took photos to save this wonderful moment forever.

Noticing his mate's reaction to the human tradition he asked "Mate, do you wish for a human wedding?"

Smiling up at his thoughtfulness, Kagome hugged him as she responded "Yes, but I want my family there so could we do it in 500 years?" Nodding, he made a mental note to search for her father and get his blessing before he passed away. He'd have the man write a letter to Kagome and the little annoying one she lived with in the future that they could treasure when they needed it.

As dinner was served a message arrived for the Western Lord, it informed him the request to fix up Kaede's hut was finished along with the hut he had built for Inuyasha by the well whenever he wanted to be in his forest. He nodded to the messenger before telling Kagome through the bond. He'd wait till tomorrow to have her tell the two. He felt a wave of happiness wash through him and knew his mate was happy.

After a great meal and party, everyone wished the newlyweds goodnight before turning in themselves.

Once inside their new hut, Miroku pulled Sango in for a sweet kiss. He brought her to the large futon before sitting her down. He grabbed her hands in his than locked eyes with her.

"Sango, my love, I know I was a womanizer, but I want you to know, that's been done since I told you I love you. I'll never want another, you're my whole world. I've never seen someone as beautiful as you and the ability to switch to a worrier in a moment's notice. You're everything a man could ever hope for, strong, smart, beautiful, loyal, and so much more. I'm sorry, saying sappy lines always came easy but with you, you take my breath away. I love you so much Sango."

Crying happy tears, she pulled him in for a hug. "I love you too"



Miroku pulled back to hold her hands once more, "Will you do me the honor of bear my child?" Sango laughed at her husband before attacking him with kisses.

"Of course, my perverted monk."

They spent the rest of the night working on the Monk's request.

The next week passed in a blur. Kagome was busy making sure everything was ready for their soul binding, the children were busy getting fitted for new kimonos and working on their studies while the Lord was busy doing his greatest joy in life, paperwork. If he could he'd let his poison burn through it all and call it good. But none of that mattered, today was their day at last.

Kagome and Sesshomaru stood in front of everyone while the Elder chanted the binding. Rin and Shippo were standing next to them, both dressed in the West's colors. Their adoption ceremony was earlier that morning, they had every minor lord in the West attend. After, a small crescent formed on their forehead. They were white in color instead of blue like their Mom's. After the ceremony Sesshomaru gave both his children a gift. Only pups of the West could receive these. They each received an inu demon pup, like Kirara. Rin's was black to match her hair while Shippo's was red.

Shippo thought back to the other news he was told after the ceremony…

"Shippo, your Father and I have talked, and he's convinced me it's a good idea for you to go to kit school. However, I want your pup to go with you. And you must write me once a week or I'll show up and embarrass you."

The young kit nodded his head in understanding before jumping to give Kagome a hug. He was so excited! He wanted to become strong and protect others like his Mom. He also knew Kagome would follow through on her threat if he didn't keep in contact with her. She was a scary lady. Shippo went back to watching his parents when he smelled his Mother's blood.

Sesshomaru pulled Kagome close, her hair was up in a high bun giving him full access to her neck. He nuzzled the spot her mating mark was before biting down. Once his soul was pulled forward, ready to mix with her's, he brought his hand to her mouth. She bit down hard, a little grossed out by having to drink his blood. They both felt a tug on their souls before losing a part of it. Then a chill washed over them before warmth filled them as the other's soul replaced the missing part. Pulling back, Kagome smiled up at him. What truly shocked her, and everyone who was there, was when her mate pulled her into a passionate kiss. Once they stopped the others cheered. Kagome turned to speak to their audience.

"Thank you for coming to witness our soul binding. I hope you all enjoy yourselves, there's food and entertainment for everyone." She then sent the children to Inuyasha, so they could play before bed while her and Sesshomaru went to sit at the table, so others could pay their respects.

The first to greet them was the Northern Lord with his three mates.

"Well Lady Kagome, I had high hopes you'd change your mind and be one of my mates, but it seems you were too foolish."

"You will not speak to This Sesshomaru's mate if you wish to live miko." Sesshomaru snarled. Kagome reached over to grab his arm in hopes of calming him down. Last thing they needed was another war after ending one.

"Yes yes, dogs don't share toys. We will be off." The cocky lord took his mates and left the west, thankfully.

"Mate, you will never speak to him again."

Rolling her eyes, Kagome just nodded. As if she would want to, but her mate really needed to work on how he talks to her. In this situation she wasn't going to say a word.

Next came the Eastern Lord along with Kouga and his intended, Ayame.

"Hello! It's nice to see all of you again." Kagome smiled.

"Hello Little One. I wanted to offer my apologies but my mate is pupped, so I wanted her home resting."

"Really?! Congratulations!" Kagome was thrilled for them.

"Indeed, offer my condolences for having another one of him running around soon." Sesshomaru joked.

"Was that a joke from the Western Lord? Now I know I'm getting old. My hearing must be failing me." Dagu joked back.

Giggling at the two Kagome turned to speak to Ayame. "I'm glad you could make it, Ayame. How have you been? Has Kouga been good or does he need to train with my Mate?"

"Oi! What are you saying Kagome?" Kouga jumped in to defend himself.

"Hehe, he's wonderful. Thank you, Lady Kagome." Originally, she hated the miko but seeing her mated and truly no competition for the man she loved, she realized she was missing out on a good friend all along.

"I'm glad, we'll have to set up a time to meet up, let the males fight while we relax." The offer was just what the young wolf hoped for. She quickly agreed to her offer before Kouga pulled them away. He wasn't going to let Kagome turn his sweet Ayame into a scary woman like Kagome could be when mad.

Last to great them, but most exciting was the Southern Lord. Sesshomaru instantly jumped up with his eyes red.

Kill him! His beast demanded.

Kagome had no idea what was going on but jumped to her feet as well. Looking between the two she couldn't figure out what had caused such a reaction. That was until Kimiko stepped between them with a small bump on her midriff.

"Son, you know as well as I do second mates do not have to make a public ceremony. We wanted to wait to speak to you but as you can see, that didn't happen but I'm happy and we're both starting over." Kimiko pleaded with her son to be happy for her.

"Sess, I knew this would happen, that's why I sent her down there."

"What!" The Southern Lord and now Southern Lady cried out as Sesshomaru looked down at his pain in the ass Mate.

"I knew you both wanted a mate to be loyal and both of you have hard pasts. The great thing was you both have known each other for so long that there are no secrets. You know the bad and now can build a good life with each other. I didn't realize I mated a child who would over react."

"Mate." Sesshomaru growled at Kagome when she reached up and kissed him. "Don't be so upset. Your Mom is happy and now you'll have another sibling, hopefully they won't be as wild as Inuyasha."

Said half brother heard what she said and glared at her for brining him into it.

"You will not hurt This Sesshomaru's Mother, or you will die before you are brought back to die again." The Western Lord declared.

"Understood." Lord Osamu wasn't a fool and knew he'd never get the approval from the West but at least Kagome seemed to be on his side.

"Well, I vote we all go dance and enjoy the party. Leave all this drama for another time. Oh, and congratulations Mom!" Kagome ran over to her for a large hug.

"Thank you. I'm truly happy. My son is happy and now so am I. I owe you so much." Shaking her head Kagome told her "You owe me nothing silly, we're family."

The Western couple left the Southern pair to put the children to bed. Once stories were read and hugs were given they made their way back down stairs. Kagome looked around the room at everyone happy and enjoying themselves.

Kouga with Ayame, laughing together. Kouga and his father finally speaking. Lady Kimiko and her new mate, Osamu, both getting a fresh start at life. North would always be at odds, but they were safe, and no war started. Kagome was very happy with how it all turned out.

Two strong arms wrapped around her from behind before she felt her mates nose run down her neck from her ear.

"You did well, Koi" He purred into her ear. Seeing how things worked out he knew, the only way this was possible was due to her. She gave him and all those around her joy. While he may not know what will happen in the long run, he did know they'd be together through it all. In this life and the next.

Now was time to pup his lovely mate…. But that's a different story.

The End