Chapter 1.

Having been returned to his relatives for another summer. Harry Potter sat in his room not being bothered by his relatives thanks to him telling them about his godfather being the notorious mass murderer Sirius Black.

Only Harry knew the real story but he wasn't sharing the real details, not with the Dursleys at least.

His thoughts soon drifted to the end of the tournament. He was shaken by the death of his fellow champion and the dark lord's return.

Harry sighed "Wonder what this year will be like?"

His thoughts were soon disrupted by a gentle tapping on the window, Harry looked to see if it was Hedwig returned from her hunt.

Instead, Harry saw a dark brown owl waiting for him. He opened the window, took the letter and handed the owl some of Hedwig's treats. 'Looks like I'll be needing to go to Diagon Alley soon.' Harry looked at the letter and seeing the familiar handwriting, broke the red wax seal.

Dear Harry

I know we haven't been apart that long but I'm worried about you. What happened during that awful tournament? I can only imagine how terrible it was, I wish I was there by your side. I hope you like the owl, her name's Athena. Padfoot thought we should communicate more and got her for me. How are you doing? I hope those awful Dursleys aren't starving you again. I tried to tell Dumbledore you shouldn't be with those people, not after what happened. My parents would have been more than ok with you coming here, but he reminded me that with Voldemort's return, it wouldn't be safe. I don't know why, but I can't shake this feeling that Dumbledore is hiding something.

Oh, how I wish you were here Harry, I am really worried about you. You're my first real friend and my best friend.

'Does she really care about me that much?'

I want you to know Harry, whatever happens, no matter who stands in our way I'll remain at your side. I have to go now as my parents have supper on.

Always Yours,


After Harry finished the letter, Hedwig returned from her hunting trip. She was waiting for her master's greeting only to see he was deep in thought. He sat on his bed thinking of those amazing brown eyes and her long brown hair. She may say it's bushy, but despite that it was beautiful. He smiled, her voice was unmistakable to him. 'Wait, when did I start thinking like this?' His eyes grew wide, 'I guess it started in the second year and then during the Yule ball.'

"Potter, you pick the best times to wise up." Harry sighed.

Harry went to his desk and pulled out parchment and began to write his response.

Dear Hermione,

It has been quiet here since I told a small lie to the Dursleys about Padfoot. I am doing alright, what happened at the tournament I couldn't put into words. I like your owl, remind me to thank Padfoot. The Dursleys went out for the night, they haven't been starving me.

Now, about Dumbledore, I believe you're right. I don't know how to say it but it's like he's hiding something only I don't know what. But because of this feeling I've been keeping my wand close, I think it best if you did the same. Thank your parents for their generous offer.

I would love to meet up with you and discuss this more, I actually have to go to Diagon Alley. Would you like to meet up? I was thinking of using dad's cloak and my firebolt. I could swing by and we could take the knight bus.

Also, Hermione, about our friendship, I know I don't say this often enough but thank you for all the times you have stood by me and saved me. Also, thank you for looking past my cursed fame and seeing the real me 'Just Harry'. I want to apologize for our third year as you were only trying to help. Whatever the future holds, I know I can't see it without you.



Harry finished the letter and Hedwig looking eager. Harry grinned, "Sorry Hedwig, I know you usually take my mail but this time Athena gets the job. I don't want anything happening to you." Hedwig nodded and Harry gave Athena the letter and she took to the skies above.

"POTTER!" Harry flinched at hearing his uncle bellow. He left his room and went downstairs and saw Vernon wearing his usual shade of red. Only this time the foul stench of scotch whiskey was coming off his uncle.

"Potter, get in there and make our supper you freakish mistake. Now no funny business or you will get your punishment." Harry didn't budge. Vernon looked to his nephew and took a step forward. "Didn't you hear me Freak? Make our supper!" Harry stood his ground. Vernon grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him off the ground.

"You ungrateful little freak, you should be bowing to us. Your Aunt and I let you into our home and put a roof over your head. You have no other home to go to."

Harry stared down into his Uncles eyes and his anger grew. "This isn't my home!"

Outside, the wards protecting number 4 Privet Drive was beginning to crack. Remus was keeping guard from an alley and pulled out a mirror.

Vernon tossed Harry against the wall and reached for his belt, Harry looked at his uncle's anger-filled eyes.

Sirius apparated to Remus's side. "What's going on?"

Remus looked at the wards, seeing they were starting to crack "I'm not sure, Dumbledore says the wards in place protect Harry." Sirius frowned "Well, it doesn't look like they're doing their job now does it?" Sirius bolted to the front door, seeing it was locked, he pulled out his wand and opened it.

Once inside the sight Sirius saw enraged him and Remus ran in and his eyes went wide.

Vernon swung his arm back with his belt in hand only to have his arm stopped. Harry looked up to see Sirius and Remus. He smiled at seeing them holding back the monster his uncle was.

"Get away from my Godson, you disgusting excuse for a muggle," Sirius said with anger, his wand in his free hand now stabbing Vernon in the back. Remus reached out to Harry and pulled him to his feet. Sirius spun Vernon around, pointing the wand at his throat and not taking his eyes off him said "Get your trunk Harry, we're breaking you out of here." Harry nodded and ran upstairs, seemingly not even a moment passed and Harry was back down with his trunk and Hedwig.

"Good thing you didn't unpack Pup. Remus take him out the back." Remus nodded and then Sirius punched Vernon and the only thing that was heard was a sickening crunch. Vernon fell to the floor grabbing his nose. Once they crossed the threshold the wards dropped completely.

Sirius grabbed Harry and Remus grabbed his things and they apparated out.