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How To Be Truthful

- With Oikawa -


Iwaizumi missed the chance to have a relaxing lunch with his teammates because he had homework to do and to deliver that afternoon. He was supposed to have done it the day before, but a certain ridiculous good (looking) student deterred him from it, deviating him from his righteous path with false promises of letting him copy his homework later. The sly bastard hadn't even done it to begin with! Iwaizumi clicked his tongue as he recalled Oikawa faking a dumb and surprised expression – "I said that? Silly me, I didn't even do the homework myself.". That guy was a master at infuriating him, goddammit, but it was worthy so… he was going to let it slide, just this once. Furthermore, he had managed to do his homework on time, so nothing bad came from it, anyways. He could even join the team and relax a bit before afternoon classes.

Iwaizumi dragged his feet up the stairs and he heard noise and uncontrollable laughter as soon as he grabbed the door knob to the rooftop. He felt happy and excited for having such good and fun friends, such a great and close team. He opened the door and the sunlight blindly kissed him. His friends were lying or sitting on the floor with the sun bathing and warming their skins. Some of them were holding their bellies and the first years were making a serious effort to ban a fit of laughter from their mouths or were trying to apologize for daring to fail. Sitting in a central position, Aoba Johsai's Volleyball Team Captain was pouting and protesting against Mattsun and Makki, who were sitting in front of everyone holding something in their hands, as if they were telling a story. Whenever he could, he also managed to threat the new students with harsh physical punishment during practice.

- No knight of mine shall be this weak! Peasants! – General Oikawa barked dramatically at the first years, who were again earnestly apologizing. Then he turned to Mattsun and Makki. – And you stop being so mean to your wonderful Captain!

- Sorry Oikawa, but you were too flawless. We just couldn't bear it anymore.

- Yeah, everybody was just too emotional and proud of you, we needed some fresh air.

- We've been getting it since the beginning! – he shrieked, pointing a finger up the air to prove his point. He was careful enough to resist the urge of sticking up that finger.

Iwaizumi approached his team, clearly aware of the fact that no one had noticed his presence so far.

- What's going on here?

All turned to see him. The older ones barely moved to acknowledge him, cleaning some tears from their faces and trying to gain some air. The second years felt relieved for his arrival because he was the only one who could maintain order when things got to that point. The first years fought the urge to crawl to his side and hide from Oikawa's rage, hoping that somehow Iwaizumi would be able to make him back out from all the awful exercises he said they'd have to do for a month. Mattsun and Makki beamed with excitement at the grand entrance of Iwaizumi since he couldn't have chosen a better timing.

- Oh, welcome Ace! Right on time.

Ah! Here came his knight! Oikawa felt triumphant with Iwaizumi's arrival and stuck his tongue out to their doomed friends. Then his rational side whispered to him that he didn't know if he was in deed going to fight all the ugly ogres or would just add gasoline to the fire. He wouldn't give up tough, here was his chance. He turned to Iwaizumi.

- Iwa-chan, save me! – he demanded in the most genuine and desperate way, unaware of just how cute his small rage and desire of punishing the bad guys were to Iwaizumi's eyes.

- Here, take a look. – Makki said, ignoring Oikawa's damsel in distress mode. He extended his arm and gave to Iwaizumi Seijou's trimestral newspaper.

- Have you seen who's made it to the front page?

Iwaizumi squinted his eyes so that he could see it better. Oikawa was gloriously flying on the photography that occupied all the page as he waited for the ball to come and connect to his hand. It was a formidable jump serve, with the lights framing his body, creating an illusion that he'd come out of the page and turn a frozen moment in time into reality. The colours were magnificent and the contrast between light and shadow only gave more emphases to Oikawa's power and undeniable beauty. He looked like an eagle but shone like a star. Iwaizumi was bewildered and his brain stopped functioning.

- What do you think of it?

He thought that Tooru was the most gorgeous human being. He thought that he was incredibly lucky for having his love. And that he was definitely going to frame this front page and hide it in his closet. These answers surely weren't going to come out of his mouth in front of the whole team, who expectantly waited for a good comeback to keep on laughing their asses off at the expenses of their flawless Captain. Iwaizumi looked down at Oikawa who eagerly waited for an answer as well. He saw in his eyes the genuine interest for an honest answer and how much he wanted to know Iwaizumi's expert opinion. He couldn't deny such endearing plea.

Iwaizumi gave a few steps close to Oikawa and kneeled by his side, placing a hand in the middle of his broad back. He looked again at the picture taken by Kawai and searched for the right words, ending up choosing the simplest way to describe that universal truth.

- I think Oikawa has an amazing form. – he said, and then he looked at the teenager in question. Oikawa blushed, surprised with the open praise since it was rare for Iwaizumi to give in front of other people. His best friend (and recent secret boyfriend) insisted on pointing his flaws and obliged him to never forget that, no matter what other people said to him, he wasn't perfect, he would fail and that was something perfectly natural because he was human. Iwaizumi had always been his anchor and compass, allowing him to be himself instead of the perfect rising superstar that Oikawa Tooru was bond to be to society in general. That was why he refrained from praising him or wash him in sugar cotton 90% of the times. That was why a compliment or sweet words that came from his mouth were so precious and highly regarded by Oikawa. Those were the words he wanted to hear the most.

- Woah, this is a historic moment. Please elaborate Iwaizumi. – Makki mocked but wasn't able to conceal his true interest in the matter.

- I have nothing to add, you all know how reliable and incredible is our Captain.

After hearing those words, the team went nuts and Iwaizumi heard dumb scattered comments that warmed his heart, annoyed him and made him hide his smile, all at the same time.

- Oh my God I'm going to cry.

- Just make out already.

- I can't believe Iwaizumi-san said it!

- But it's true.

- Everyone knows it.

- Let me read that article again!

- I'm going to put it in my treasure box, alongside my precious magazines.

- Dirty magazines.

- It's the same.

Oikawa wasn't listening to the chit-chat and laughs of his team. The commotion was as lively as usual and they were building up the team strength as they joked and laughed their heads off. However, Oikawa could just be partially aware of it because he felt so incredibly happy with Iwaizumi's words that he just worried with hiding his face. He submerged in his little secret world where all the new memories of moments shared with Iwaizumi filled his brain and accelerated his heart.

Iwaizumi was close enough to notice Oikawa's blush and the small, pure, hidden smile. It made his heart skip a beat. He leaned in closer and murmured into Oikawa's ear "I want you so bad, Tooru". Oikawa squeaked in surprised and looked him in the eyes.

- I need help with Maths. – Iwaizumi said casually as if nothing happened between them. – Can You help me after school, Trashkawa?

- Y-yeah.

Mattsun caught their moment and rolled his eyes.

- Make him pay with his body, Oikawa.

- Shut up! – they ordered, flustered, in unison, because that was exactly what was going to happen.

The End