Note: Hello to all of my fans! I usually don't do two stories at once but this idea got a hold of me a couple of weeks ago after I played the Nuka World DLC and decided to go for it. I will still be working on Fallout New Vegas: Rise of a Nation, so don't worry. This story will take place a couple of years after the main story I will eventually be writing about Fallout 4, so I am going to do my best not to give too much away. I hope you enjoy this.


Sierra Petrovita could barely see through the tears in her eyes. "Please, Mr. Bradberton!" She pleaded. "You can't do this!"

John Bradberton - or rather, the head of John Bradberton - remained adamant in his resolve. "I am sorry, my dear but the time has come. Though I have found our conversations these past few months to be - stimulating, I'm afraid I can no longer go on like this. I have lived far too long."

"No!" Sierra shrieked. "You….you've done so much to bring joy to this world. The people need a mind like yours more than ever!"

A slight smile appeared on John's face. "That is one of the reasons why I must die, Sierra."

"I don't….I don't understand."

"Do you remember what I told you about the Vault?"

Sierra stared down at the ground. "Yes….your weapons." She practically choked on the last word.

The head shook. "No, Sierra. I gave the prototypes to the military long ago - for all the good it did them. I used their technology to create something better….something that could help this world." He betrayed a slight smirk. "Though I confess, I was also hoping that the publicity would help restore my company."

Sierra's tear filled eyes seemed to light up. "What is it?"

"You will have to see it to understand….and you know what that means."

"Yes….you have to die for the Vault to be opened." her voice was trembling. "But….there's still so much you can do…."

"There is nothing more that I can do. What is in that Vault will be my legacy." He stared into her eyes. "You must do this for me, Sierra. You must also promise me that you will not allow my creation to fall into the hands of these Raiders. The results will be catastrophic. Promise me, Sierra."

The young woman's voice was barely above a whisper. "I….promise."

John Bradberton smiled. "That's my girl. Now go, my dear - and thank you. You have been my joy….but now it is finished. I am ready."

Another flood of tears threatened to overwhelm Sierra. These past few months here in Nuka World had been a dream come true. When she arrived the most she'd hoped to find would be a copy of the coveted Nuka Cola recipe. But when she discovered the head of Nuka Cola's creator John Bradberton being kept alive down here, she felt like the luckiest woman in the world. They spent hours talking about Nuka Cola, how it began and how the company grew to the powerhouse of the old world. But now, even those conversations were not enough to give John a reason to live. He had been down in this Vault since the bombs fell….alone and unable to move.

It was a pitiful existence….and deep down, Sierra knew it. She placed her hand on the glass case containing the head one last time, wishing she could touch the man who had inspired her just once. "Goodbye."

Sierra's legs felt like they weighed a ton as she walked over to the breaker panel. Her hand was trembling as she gripped the switch, and it felt as though her heart was about to break out of her chest. She closed her eyes, held her breath, and with one swift motion pulled the lever. The machines keeping John alive powered down, and his life signs immediately began to slow.

"Finally." he sighed before all brain function ceased.

Sierra felt her knees buckle and she found herself on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. She had just ended the life of one of the greatest men in history, and she felt sick to her stomach.

Her moment of grief was interrupted by the sound of a large metal door unlocking, and then screeching open. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Sierra slowly stood up and made her way towards the now opened section of the Vault. As she stepped through the doorway a series of lights and machinery turned on….and what she saw made her gasp.

On the left side of the room were a series of strange machines which were connected to what looked like vats of nuka cola quantum. Several tubes were coming out of the vats, and Sierra followed them to an even larger glass vat in the center of the Vault. Sierra carefully inched closer to it, her eyes fixated on what was inside. Or rather….who was inside.

The naked woman looked to be between twenty and twenty-five years old and had a slender, very attractive build. What looked like a respirator was attached to her mouth, and several tubes were connected to her arms and legs. The young woman was in the upright position being held in place by a metal rack and harness. It was impossible for Sierra to determine the woman's hair or skin color because she was completely submerged in quantum.

Sierra's mouth hung open as she stared for what seemed like an eternity. This is what John was talking about? How was this poor girl going to help the world? She managed to pry her eyes off the strange sight and scanned the other side of the room. There were several shelves lining the wall containing bottles of nuka cola….but they were bottles that Sierra had never seen before - and she had seen them all. Next to these were two Thirst Zappers - the trademark squirt gun of the Nuka Cola corporation, but these too, looked different than any Thirst Zappers Sierra had ever come across. There were also two weeks worth of MRE's and purified water, along with several holotapes. But what got Sierra's attention more than anything was what was next to the shelves. A lone female mannequin stood wearing a white space suit that Sierra did recognize….and her jaw hit the floor. "Oh my God!"

She carefully approached the glass vat, her eyes never leaving the unconscious woman. Sierra's hand was trembling as she placed it on the glass and wiped the condensation away. Her voice was barely above a whisper. "Nuka G…."

The woman's eyes shot wide open, causing Sierra to yelp and leap back away from the vat. As she stood there trying to regain control of her breathing, she could see the young woman begin to twitch. Suddenly the machines keeping her alive seemed to awaken as well, and Sierra began to back away; not sure of what was happening.

The sound of a door slamming open and footsteps got Sierra's attention, and panic began to fill her. "Oh no! Raiders!"

Remembering her last promise to John, she frantically tried to figure out what to do. She ran over to the vat and stared at the young woman and she too, seemed to begin to panic as she struggled against the harness.

"It's….it's okay!" Sierra shouted with her hand up. "I'm going to get you out."

The young woman's eyes met hers, and though Sierra wasn't sure if she could hear her, the young woman seemed to calm down. Sierra could hear the Raiders coming closer, and she ran over to the machines looking for something - anything that would help her to get the woman out of the vat. "Okay, okay. Ummmmm….okay. Ohhhhh, I'm not good at this…."

The screen in front of her suddenly came to life and the words 'Initiate waking sequence?' appeared. Sierra held her breath as she gently pushed the start button on the screen.

An alarm suddenly sounded and Sierra began to think that she had done something wrong. A drain suddenly opened at the bottom of the vat and the quantum began to quickly drain out. The young woman inside seemed to be getting anxious and struggled even more against her restraints. The level of quantum had fallen below her face, and for the first time Sierra could see that the young woman had shoulder length blonde hair, white skin and blue eyes. The level continued to fall until finally the vat was completely empty except for its occupant; who was struggling even more against her restraints. Then one of the restraints gave way and broke, followed by another and another, until finally she was free. Sierra stood frozen in place as the young woman ripped the respirator off of her face and as the glass slid open, she fell out of the vat and onto her knees.

Sierra wasn't sure if it was adrenaline which allowed her to break the harness, or if they had been deteriorated by exposure to the quantum. She would ponder this later, and she quickly snapped out of her trance and rushed over to the now freed woman. "It's okay, it's okay."

The young woman coughed up blue nuka cola quantum before finally taking her first breath. Sierra cautiously placed her hand on her shoulder. "You're okay. You're safe now."

"Well, well, well."

Both women were startled by the deep, male voice from the Vault's entrance. Sierra's heart sank as she looked up at it's source. There was no mistaking the man's mohawk, the patch on his right eye, and the yellow Raider armor that adorned him. As he took in the scene of the two women kneeling on the floor, and tooth filled grin appeared on his face. "Now what do we have here?"