Hazel sat up on his back hunches to get a better view of his territory. The weather was nice and there was no air of danger but hazel still wanted to make sure that his warren was safe and sound. He moved to all fours and continuing his lap around the downs. The breeze ran through his fur and ears in occasional gusts making the day that more calming. Then his blood ran cold, how had he not seen this before. The grass leading into the woods was scratched up by what seemed to be claws, yet it seemed too perfect perhaps man made. This is peculiar Hazel thought. He hopped down to get a better look.

There was a weird smell to it, he noticed as he got closer, sort of a rotting smell with some rabbit and man mixed in with it. Hazel started to get nervous, something was wrong, very, very wrong.

He looked up from the scratches and to his horror found to glowing red eyes staring back at him.

In a split second Hazel knew who it was. Cowslip, but something was off about him, for one thing weird colored branches poked out of him and he seemed to be a rotting, a corpse, a shell of his former self. His metal teeth was rusty.

"Cowslip?" Hazel called looking at the thing in front of him. The beast said nothing and just stared at him, as if it were thinking.

"Cowslip!" Hazel said, a little louder this time. The beast moved to an odd position, as if it was going to pounce, like a cat. This unnerved Hazel even further. Then a little voice behind him made him jump.

"Hazel" it was fiver who owned the voice.

Hazel spun around to face fiver, who was about 3 feet away. Fiver and Hazel stared at each other for the briefest moment. Then Hazel felt something hard hit him on the head. Then everything went black