(Violence warning)

The entire warren was pretty broken up when Hazel disappeared. Many rabbits had been moping around for days. The eleven original rabbits were even more depressed and would reflect on the heroic things Hazel had done. But Fiver seemed the most torn about it. He would often stay inside his burrow and on the rare occasions he did come out, he would just silflay alone, and then disappear into the warren. However the moping subsided over the course of the next few days. Until on the third day it stopped.

Speedwell found a patch of warm dry grass and settled down. The warm breeze of summer swept over him. Oh acorn would have loved this speedwell thought, as Acorn had "stopped-running" during the harsh freeze the last season. What a great rabbit he was. Suddenly he was knocked over on his side. Dazed he got up and looked around. Strawberry and many other rabbits were making a mad dash to the honeycomb. "Scree" it was kehaar. He was diving down trying to peck the rabbits below. An unfortunate rabbit wasn't fast enough. He let out a blood curdling scream as the beak came down onto his head.

Speedwell came to his senses and made a mad dash to the hole along with another rabbit. Suddenly the breathing next to him stopped, but the warm splatters on his flank told him all he needed to know.

A shadow loomed over speedwell. Only one foot away.? Another rabbit came up beside him. It dawned on him that only one of them would fit, with his last burst of strength he dashed into the hole. He looked behind him just in time to see pipkin being lifted away by the bird