Chapter One: A Royal Promise

Hello reader, I'm just going to get straight to the point; this is my first ever fanfiction. Please, bare with me as I will try my best as to keep everyone from Descendants and other Disney movies in character.

I do take criticism, however, I will not be accepting any hurtful or rude comments, just helpful and positive pointers on what I can improve on within my writing. My grammar might be a little off and since I am Australian, I spell the British way.

I started writing this story a month after the first movie was released and I've finally decided to publish it! I highly recommend that you read 'Descendants: Isle of the Lost' by Melissa de la Cruz, as this story does contain minor but crucial spoilers to the book, plus it's an overall awesome book for all Disney fans alike!

Disclaimer: I do not own Descendants or any of the characters, only my ocs and ideas!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, during a time after all the happily-ever-afters, Beast united all the kingdoms and fairly got elected King of the United States of Auradon. Not long after, he gathered all of the dark fairies and wizards, evil conjures and wicked witches, manipulative viziers and sorcerers, black-hearted kings and queens, conniving thieves, conman and pirates, and declared all of them to be exiled forever on a dreary island named, for the most part, The Isle of the Lost, as punishment for their wrong doings.

There, they remained trapped underneath an enchanted dome-like barrier that made it impossible for them to escape. Stripped of their magic, they were cursed to live in a dystopian wasteland, forgotten by everyone. To them, living without their powers they once possessed was a sentence worse than death. (As if that wasn't bad enough, half of them were brought back from the dead, only to be placed on the island just so that they couldn't cause any more havoc ever again).

As the years passed, it was becoming all the more difficult for them to remember their former glory days, where they could use their divine powers and magic to make people cower at the mention of their names, lie and manipulate their way into getting exactly what they wanted, terrorise and threaten those who dare to disobey them, and to transform and disguise their features in order to deceive others. Now, they were belittled to living in landfill, eating it, selling it and even sleeping in it. Having nothing better to do than to scare their own minions and stealing from each other.

They were nothing than just ordinary beings who were no longer remembered and feared like they once were; now, they are waiting and plotting for another chance to get their revenge.

Across the Sea of Serenity, which separated the Isle of the Lost from the rest of the world, lay the United States of Auradon, a commonwealth of good fortune and wealth; filled with jubilation, sophistication and peacefulness, that encircled all the nearby kingdoms.

For the past two decades, King Beast has governed the charitable and benevolent people of Auradon with wisdom and strong judgement, although his beastly temper could get a little bit out of hand every now and then. But at the end of the day, everyone was blessed to be living in such a heavenly place.

The idyllic kingdom of Auradon accommodated some of the most recognised and respected fairy-tale characters in all the land such as Snow White and the Prince who lounged about in their castle that floated high above the clouds. Cinderella and Prince Charming were living happily and peacefully in Charming Castle, along with Cinderella's mice and bird friends. Aurora and Prince Philip were enjoying a long and happy life, with the three fairies by their sides. Tiana's restaurant was booming with business, as jazz poured out of every window. Tarzan and Jane swung from vine to vine throughout the jungles that bordered Auradon. Merida was enjoying the single life, her fiery red hair flowing in the wind as she rides through the glens of Auradon, firing arrows into the sunset. On the coast, Ariel and Prince Eric had connected their kingdom to the land and sea. To the east, the golden domed roofs of Aladdin and Jasmine's palace still stood in all of its glory. Not far from the sandy dunes of Agrabah was Mulan and Li Shang, guarding the imperial palace, dedicating their lives for the Emperor and all who lived within its walls. Olympus was sitting on top of the tallest mountain in all of Auradon, looking down from the heavens. Meanwhile, the royal sisters of Arendelle were closer than ever, bonding over sandwiches and playing in the snow all day long. But right in the centre was the grandest castle in all of Auradon, its highest towers flying the majestic blue and gold crest of Belle and the Beast, the rulers of Auradon.

But this story starts off towards the south; a hop, skip and a boat ride away there stood the magnificent kingdom of Corona, home to Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert, famous for their floating lanterns. After centuries of being an independent kingdom, King Frederic and Queen Arianna finally decided to unite their kingdom with the rest of Auradon.

Twenty years before Corona joined Auradon and after Rapunzel and Eugene got married, King Frederic and Queen Arianna of Corona happily stepped down from their positions as rulers and handed the responsibility of governing the people of Corona over to Rapunzel and Eugene. Henceforth, the kingdom of Corona was still in its prime, filled with much merriment and liveliness as it possessed when Rapunzel's parents were pregnant. Rapunzel and Eugene were almost elected to be the next King and Queen of Auradon since Corona had always been a wonderful contributor to Auradon's royal council for years, however Beast and Belle won by a landslide. The elections didn't tarnish the strong friendships both of the royal families shared. The two families grew even closer when their children became the best of friends with each other.

Spring was a magical and happy time in the kingdom of Corona; the flowers were in full bloom as the air was filled with a sweet scent of magnolia and lotus. The warmth of the sun shone down upon the vibrant green shoots of grass which were waving in the gentle breeze. The birds and the bees were buzzing overhead, indicating that there was new life all around. There was not a single cloud in the sky, an endless mantle of blue stretched across the mountain tops in the distance.

It was a perfectly perfect day for Queen Belle and King Beast, along with their six-year-old son Prince Benjamin, to be visiting Corona for official royal business. The crowned princess of Corona, eight-year-old Princess Roselyn, was excited to see her best friend once again, after not seeing each other for quite some time due to her parents being incredibly busy with royal duties. Not just that, but Roselyn was also busy, busier than an eight-year-old should; learning everything there was to know about being a princess and, eventually, Queen.

Upon King Beast and Queen Belle's arrival, the children were excused and were sent off to play. Ben and Roselyn did as they were told, making their way to one of their most loved place in the castle; the library. The library itself was huge, but it didn't compare to the library Ben had back home. A large oak desk sat in the middle of the room off to the side, everything on it was neat and in its place. Next to the desk, a large globe of the world sat waiting for an adventurer to stumble upon a new world. At the far end of the library, a fireplace stood with two plush armchairs sat on either side of it. The library had at least a hundred shelves, filled with books that had colourful spines that consisted of interesting and intriguing titles. However, Roselyn was looking for one book that she had hidden out of sight.

"So, what did you want to show me?" Ben asked with a smile as he headed for their favourite spot to sit and read the day away.

Roselyn shared Ben's love for books, she may not be as fast as he was when reading, but she kept up to speed with him. To Roselyn, books were a way of escaping to new exciting worlds, where you could meet new people and experience new and exciting cultures and adventures. It gave readers a chance to live a thousand or more lives; reading was just magical.

The princess soon found the book she was looking for, it was hidden at the very back of the library on the lowest shelf, and pulled it out with a struggle.

The book was exceedingly old and Roselyn could barely carry it as it was exceptionally heavy. The cover consisted a bright red apple that had a bite taken out of it, the title of the book was a twisty font that looked to be vines with thorns and the whole cover, back to front, was as black as night.

"This is what I wanted to show you," Roselyn spoke with excitement as she walked over to Ben, her voice echoing off the walls of the library.

Roselyn stopped in front of Ben who was sitting in the reading nook and heaved herself and the book up onto the seat.

"The History of Villains..." Ben read, his eyes widening after every word he read out loud, "Whoa, how did you —"

"I found it in my grandfather's study," Roselyn smiled cheekily, "I found it one day when I was in there with him. It took forever to carry it around, it's so heavy!"

Ben laughed at Roselyn's comment. The two friends got comfy, adjusting themselves on the purple cushioned seats that had matching throw pillows with golden tassels.

Roselyn cracked open the dusty old book with a smile, "This book has everything there is to know about the villains on the Isle of the Lost."

"All of them?" Ben gasped in amazement.

"Yep, every single one of them," Roselyn confirmed proudly, "It updates whenever a new villain is created too!"

"Whoa," The little prince's eyes lit up in delight.

Roselyn skipped to the contents of the book, which contained chapters of all the villains that existed past and present, no wonder the book was as heavy as it was. Ben was flabbergasted, he was practically buzzing with excitement. Never had he seen so much information about the villains that lived on the isle. Ben was sure he could get through this book faster than everyone could say 'bibbidi bobbidi boo'.

Before they proceeded to the first chapter, Ben spoke up, "Hey Roselyn, have you ever wondered what it's like on the isle?"

Roselyn began to twirl a lock of her mousy brown hair – a habit that never broke, before turning her gaze towards the bay window, a silhouette of a dreary island could be seen across the sea. Of course Roselyn wondered what it was like on the Isle of the Lost, though she didn't want her curiosity for the isle to alarm her parents.

The two children yearned to know more about the mysterious island and its inhabitants but they were forbidden to ask or even mention the Isle of the Lost. However, that didn't stop them from finding out the truth. Ben had overheard his parents talking about the strange island from across the sea and decided to do some research of his own. He had informed Roselyn of his findings the next time they visited each other and ever since then they grew ever the more curious about the island.

"Do you think there are kids our age over there?" The little princess questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"I think so," Ben answered back confidently, "Even villains have kids, right?"

Roselyn pondered about it for a moment before Ben inquired, "Do you think they'll have a happily ever after?"

Ever since Roselyn could remember, she had heard her parents story been told almost a thousand times, and throughout the kingdom of Corona, it had become a legendary story that was passed down from generation to generation. Roselyn never got sick of hearing it being retold over and over again. Her parent's story had always inspired her and has taught her valuable life lessons, it even taught her that even a thief could change his ways. So there was hope that people with bad intentions could change and have a happily ever after.

"Anything is possible," Roselyn smiled, her green eyes flashed with hope.

"I promise that when I become king," Ben declared, a determined glint shined within his eyes, "I will let the Isle of the Lost kids come and live here in Auradon!"

"That would be so cool!" Roselyn laughed happily, "We could teach the villain kids to be good!"

"Roselyn," Ben spoke was a serious look on his sweet little face, "Will you promise to help me get the kids of the Isle of the Lost over to Auradon, no matter what anyone else says?"

Roselyn didn't hesitate, "I promise."

For the rest of the day, Ben and Roselyn read about the history of villains, dreaming about the day where good and bad lived together in harmony.