Season 2, Episode 7

"Rough Riders"





POV traveling through the quiet woods, eventually coming to and passing over a trail of dead huffs. Their heads have been bashed in. The sound of living huffs can be heard, and then a man (Blake, 21) instructing someone…



Move in on them. Bash his head in, Trav. Nate, stick your

blade in that one's head.

POV continues over the dead huffs, toward the sound of Trav and Nate, doing as instructed…



Nice! Now move in and merge on that last one.






Watch it! There's two more!



Four more!



They're everywhere!



Step back!

POV finally finds Blake (looks older, long thick beard, and wearing catchers gear) just as he uses his baseball bat to bash in the head of two huffs, with one mighty swing! But two more are right on him, as he pushes them away, followed with a bat to both their heads. He quickly steps toward the remaining three, with another guy (Abino, 18, also wearing baseball gear), right behind him.

Blake is a complete savage, taking down the first two with ease, and watching as Abino uses his speed to take out the last one, just before Blake could. They remove their head gear and share a high-five…


YEAH! (with a look back toward Trav/Nate) Now that's

some real hall of fame stuff right there, is what that was!


(with a smile)

Game time, baby!


Game time, indeed! (staring at Trav/Nate) That's how you

guys have to look at this. Like a game, you're still kids, so

be kids! Have fun with it. I mean no disrespect to the

ugliness that's going on out here, and the people who are

dying, but…I'm looking at survivors, right now. Survivors

who want to live. What good is living without fun, without

laughter, without baseball! Life is one big game, and it just

threw the curveball of all curveballs. But you guys didn't

let it beat you! You fouled that shit off, and stayed alive to

see another pitch!

Blake motioning toward the dead huffs…


These guys right here, they're just fastballs. We hit that

shit all day! And we'll keep hitting em', day after day,

staying alive until we see that next curveball, and we

know it's coming. We were coached to know it's coming.

By he, who knows more about the curve than any of us.

And I know you're worried about him, but I also know

he's coming home. So, let's keep doing what we're doing,

and make coach proud.

POV Trav and Nate (Zane's ball players from opening scene of Season 1 finale) standing in front of over twenty other teen boys (14-18), all on horses. They all have baseball gear and are covered in huff blood/guts…


Now, you ladies wanna call it a day, or (getting excited)

do you wanna go hit some more fastballs?!

All the kids pumped and expressing their excitement to keep huff hunting.




That's what I like to hear, Rough Riders!

Blake and Abino hopping on their horses, as do Trav and Nate. Blake leads the way, as they all follow, trampling over the dead huffs…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper to bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by. POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



Blake and Abino, riding in front of all the others, as one of the younger teens (Joshua, 14) rides up next to Blake…


Joshua, you certainly were paying attention during

horseback training, weren't ya? Any prior experience?


Once…my mom dated a scout master who ran a camp…

Joshua looking downward, at thought of his mom…


Sorry, I know you have no idea what happened to her,

after all this. But at least your dad is here, right? (Blake

cracking a smile) Just glad he no longer feels the need

to tag along with us.


Sorry, that was embarrassing. Just don't let anything

happen to me, or he'll definitely kill you.

Blake cracking another smile...


I'm fine with that, cause nothing's happening to my

number one future star, here.

Joshua a small smile, and into thought, before speaking…


You think…we'll ever hit real fastballs, again?


What you think that speech was for? You guys will get to

be kids again, we all will. We're getting back on that field,

someday. Hell man, we have a stadium that'll hold a

thousand fans. We have multiple softball fields. That place

was built for normal life, not just a place to hide and live in

fear. It's just gonna take a little time. Most of us here came

out pretty lucky. But, Zane…he's hurting, man… Like I said,

I know he's coming home… I just hope to god he doesn't

come down off that mountain, without the family he went

up there to find.


God, I hope his little cousin is (interrupted!)

Suddenly, a huff comes out of nowhere, right toward Blake and his horse, as Blake yelps with fear. She is ugly as sin and mouth wide open, as she goes right for the horse, who halts and stands on hind legs, coming back down on top of the huff, and trampling over her, while Blake bounces around, working hard to remain on the horse.. All the other horses follow, also trampling the huff, until she takes a kill shot to the head.

Blake controls his horse, coming to a stop, as do all the others. Everyone in shock, looking back at the dead huff, then at Blake, staring back at them, with an expression of his own shock, and holding his heart…


(scared shitless but trying to be funny)

OH, MY GOOD MOTHER OF GOD! Please tell me I'm not the

only one here with a pie in his pants?! (looking back toward

dead huff) That fastball was a little too high and tight!

Jeeesus Chhhrist! I need a bath!

Some laughs from the others, as they all regain composure, and begin riding forward…


Seriously guys, I ain't lying. Somebody needs to change

this grown man's diaper. Not that he's wearing one, so

it's gonna be messy. (few laughs) I have sensitive skin,

too, so no leaves! (more laughs) I think I'm scared of the

ball now. I can't get back in the box. No more fastballs

for poopy pants!

Everyone laughing. Joshua looks to Abino….


I love Blake. He's keeping humor in the world. World

needs that.

Suddenly, a voice comes over Blake's radio.


(over radio)

Rough Riders, come in…

Blake reaching for radio.


(into radio)

Riders, here…


Come on home. Cavalry is a few miles out.


(anxiously into radio)

Zane? Is he…


I don't know… Hunter didn't look good…

Blake frowning, and riding on quickly as the others follow…



Blake and the Rough Riders quickly galloping through the long gate corridor, down Baker Lane, and into the open area and front of the compound. They watch as the cavalry of hummers come to a stop, and the family begins exiting the vehicles, over near the Baker complex...

POV Hunter there to greet them. Everyone is solemn, and dead silent. Wives/family/friends are there or arriving, to hug and greet their husbands and/or children. Scout is there (shoulder bandaged), with Bryant, and already bawling as she pulls in her daughters for a hug.

Hunter shares a look with Leo, then watches as Zane climbs out of hummer, walking past everyone, without a word. Mayday is next to his jeep, with Gia, who watches Zane go by. Hunter wants to go after him, but takes notice of Mason, helping Grandpa Sam out of hummer. Hunter goes toward them.

Scout watches as Zane walks by. She continues to weep while trying to share a look with him, but he goes by without a look/word…

More and more of the family and friends begin weeping, once fully hearing the devastating news, of the family who will not be coming home…

Hunter comes to his dad, placing a hand to his shoulder. Sam just stands there, before turning to watch, as Brianna and Kayla come running to the scene. Everyone just looks at them. Scout begins to approach them. Brianna looks at her, shaking her head.


Where is Samantha? Where is she? WHERE IS MY


Scout shaking her head, coming in trying to hold/hug Brianna, who drops to the ground, weeping out of control. Kayla is just as upset, but doing her best to console her wife…


Are you telling us our daughter is gone? (shaking head)

Is that what you're telling us? Please, no… (shaking head)

Kayla just staring at Scout, and Dakota who arrives, desperately hoping for some kind of relief, as they are unable to say anything, simply weeping, as is everyone else. Kayla embraces Brianna, who is losing it…

POV Blake and Rough Riders, now walking their horses, as they come closer to the others, and can hear the emotion, as they slow their pace…



What do you mean you didn't find her?! Why are you

here if she's still out there?




Blake and the Rough Riders come to a complete stop, and stare ahead. POV Leo.





Hunter and Mason closing in on Leo, as all the others simply weep.




Hunter immediately meets Leo with a punch to his face, knocking him down. They begin fighting. Everyone just keeps weeping, while others help to break them up. Grandpa walks away from the scene, without a word or look back…


EXT. WOODS (near Fish's cabin) – DAY

Zane out front, leading the entire family and friends, who are all lined up and walking through the woods, scoping out every bush or area that Sam's body might be placed. Zane is on a blowhorn.


SAMANTHA?! It's Zane. We're here to take you home…

It's safe to come out. SAM?! SAMANTHA?!

Grandpa Sam walks along, carrying his shotgun, with both Scout's daughters on each side of him. Everyone silent, grim. Everyone is carrying guns. There are non-family members there, and a few of them are carrying long spears, a couple on each side of the line…

Wyatt moves over near April…


So, Scout is okay?



She is, arm and all…


Thank god… Rich too?


He'll be in bed for a while, but yeah, he's going to

make it.


(over blowhorn)

Come on, Sam. I need you to answer me. You don't

have to worry about the men at the cabin. If someone

is holding you hostage, they too can be safe at the

compound. All they have to do is come out… They

send me home with you, and they have clean slates

with me! We need every man we can get! You won't

survive, out here. Let her go and you can survive with us.

A huff comes out of the woods, as one of the men with a spear, steps out toward it, and takes it down with ease…

Everyone continues walking along, searching, without a word…


Leo in the parking lot, just staring at the huffs who hang from the tree. He scans the damaged vehicles, and the entire area, as the rest of the family eventually begin coming out of the woods/brush, and onto the property…

They're still dead quiet, completely grim. Leo looks over toward them. They don't even know where to go, as they all slowly stop, or find a place to sit. Some go to the vehicles, others to the cabin porch. Scout's daughters, Hope and Ryder are climbing into the tree house. Zane and others are going back to the graves. Leo begins walking that direction…

Hope and Ryder hold back tears, as they look over the girls room, in the tree house, and quickly move on...

Over at one of the vehicles, Cleo holds Dakota, who sobs on her shoulder…

Missy comforts Mason, over on the porch…

Wyatt sobs, as he joins Dakota and Cleo at the vehicle…

Grandpa Sam sits alone at one side of the porch, with a pair of non-family members close by, keeping an eye on him, but their distance as well…

Zane stares at the graves, as Leo arrives, taking a deep breath…


She's not here. We can drive around some, but, we

have to get back…all of us.


Where is she?

Leo shaking his head…


I wouldn't put it past her to be on her way home.


(closing his eyes)

She would have left me a note.


Not if they left in a hurry…


I should have kept coming up here that day…

Leo rolling his eyes.


That's bullshit. People are dead from the mistakes

everyone in this family has been making since day

god damn one! (raising his voice) Now everyone

pack it up, and let's get home before this family gets

even smaller.

Everyone slowly reacting to Leo's command. Grandpa Sam walks toward the graves, right past them and down to the lake. He stares out at it, shuts his eyes, opens and turns back toward the graves, walking over to them, and staring…

The entire family/friends all watch him, as they head toward the parking lot, many of them with tears…

Tears begin running down Sam's face. Zane arrives at his side, helping him walk away…



POV travels around the quiet compound. Guards are doing their thing at the "camouflaged" gates. A few people are here and there throughout the compound. The playgrounds are quiet. A few people work in the fields/gardens. The Rough Rider group (Zane's ball players) are in a field, watching as Porter demonstrates how to make different kill shots, using a blade. POV travels past them…

POV finds Leo, at the compound graveyard, with a half empty bottle of booze, and an unshaven face. He doesn't look as if he's showered in days…

POV spins around him and over more of the compound…

It's a gorgeous chunk of land, with a neighborhood, back behind the Baker complex, that almost looks like a movie set. The huge lake next to the complex, is connected to a fast-flowing creek that goes right under the compound gates…

POV goes down in back yard area of the Baker complex (front of complex is barely above ground, back of complex is lower level and huge), with a big swimming pool and recreational area. Many of the Bakers and a few others are sitting around. Some of the younger kids are swimming and acting normal, while Hope and Ryder watch over them, and have Griffey, Trisha and Ashley (3 year old who Zane saved in Season 1 finale), close by. The grown-ups are somber, quiet…

Hunter is inside, with his wife April and Scout. Scout is teary eyed.

It's a large pool/recreational room, with several different doors, and a wall of windows that overlook the pool area…


I know we're grieving, but it's been over a week, at some

point (shaking head)... There's just so much work to be

done, and if we don't get Zane functioning, and Dad to

leave his room, this family is in trouble.


You know it's going to take one of them, to snap the

other one out of it.

Hunter nodding…


It's got to be Dad…

POV leaving room, through the wall of windows and over the family, outside. It goes over them, passing over the different levels of the "mansion" that was in the middle of the Baker complex. POV comes to top level, with a beautiful grassy area and deck, that looks over the entire area, and lower level pool area below. POV travels toward a large window, with a closed curtain, and a crack where it finds Grandpa Sam, walking away from. POV follows him inside…

It's fairly dark, with some light from ceiling window. He walks by a beautiful framed picture of himself and wife Laura, before sitting down on his bed, next to pictures of Fish, Sam, Greg and the others, scattered along the mattress. Sam is scruffy and in shorts and a tee-shirt. His face has dry tears. He takes a deep breath, and simply stares ahead, at nothing…

A knock comes from the door, and in walks Hunter. He slowly arrives at the bed, reaching for some of the pictures. He looks at one of Fish on the wiffleball field, jumping for joy and hugging Greg, with Samantha in background joyously running toward them…

Hunter closes his eyes, then opens and looks at his dad…


We weren't prepared for the losses we'd suffer…

But, Dad…we have to find a way to move forward.

Sam turns and looks at Hunter…


I chose the right person to make sure that happens…


No, you didn't. You chose the right provisional man, for the

job, but the real future of this family…of this compound, is

lost…just like you.

Hunter pauses as Sam looks up, in silence…


I know that Fish was always the one you really wanted, and

that's fine. He had my vote all the way, as did Samantha.

Zane is no different, and he's the only one left. It's more

important than ever, that he begins taking over as leader…

He can't do that without your help…

Grandpa Sam closing his eyes… Hunter places a hand on his dad's shoulder…


You, and you only, can pass along the torch. It was never

really mine to pass along.

Hunter pats his dad's shoulder, before leaving the room…

Grandpa Sam sits there a few more moments, before taking a deep breath, opening his eyes, staring ahead a moment, then finally rising up off the bed. He walks into the bathroom, stopping to stare at himself in the mirror, for several moments. His eyes begin to tear up, before he stops himself with another deep breath. He turns on faucet and splashes water over his face.



Water splashing as young boy (Bo, 6, Chasin's boy, Mason's grandson) lands in pool, and rises back above water. He shakes off his head and clears his eyes, which light up with excitement.



Everyone (most of the family) turning to look at Grandpa. He's clean shaven, dressed and doing his best to form a smile, as family members begin greeting/hugging/kissing him. He drops to a knee as the children approach. His smile becomes more genuine while hugging August (6), Jax (4), Maddox (3, all Mile's (Hunter's grandchildren) kids), Blaze (3, Hunters grandchild, Gunner's son), and Kat (5, Chasin's daughter). He hands Bo a towel, and covers him before sharing a big hug.


It's not even seventy degrees out here, how are you kids

actually swimming?


It's not cold!

Bo races back over, jumping into the pool, as Grandpa rises upward, watching with a smile. He places a hand on Bryant's (Scout's son) shoulder, then nods, smiles and embraces a few more adults, while making his way toward a spot in the shade, with some grass, trees and small caves/holes, where tons of cats roamed/played. Trisha was over there, holding a young kitten. Griffey was close by, holding Ashley's hand. Also close by are Hope and Ryder, who both share hugs with Grandpa. He then walks over to Griffey, looking him over and how closely he's watches over Ashley.


Quite the young man we have here, don't we? The way

you've taken over as a big brother to these two sweethearts,

is something pretty special. The kind of special that reminds

me (gesturing back behind him) of my own family. Family

that has gotten a lot smaller the last few weeks... (taking a

breath) You've lost family, too. Your brother and sister, and

your grandfather?

Griffey slowly nodding…


It's hard, isn't it?

Griffey again nodding, as family becomes emotional...


Well, I have grandchildren I've lost, and wasn't sure how I'd

be able to be as strong as I see you being…but, maybe if

you'd be willing to let me be your grandpa, I might be strong

enough to make it.

POV Scout next to Hunter, tearing up and burying her head against his chest. Dakota is crying, and held by Cleo. Sarah, standing next to her husband, Wyatt, holds hand over her mouth, trying not to cry, but failing.



Do you think that would be okay?

Griffey nodding…


Can we hug on it?

Grandpa opens his arms as Griffey comes in for a big hug. He pulls out of it, with a tear running down his cheek. Grandpa smiles, and looks to Trisha, with smile fading…


I know your story, too. It's heartbreaking. I'm so sorry about

your mom, and your sister. You are such a strong young lady,

who reminds me of my granddaughter. I imagine she went

through some experiences much like your own…

He pauses a moment and steps away, fighting back emotion. His family watches, with emotion of their own…

He takes a deep breath…and turns back toward her…


I don't know if it would help, but you would sure make this

old man happy, by joining our family, and allowing me to be

your new grandfather?

Without an answer she moves right in for a hug.

POV the family members losing their emotions, embracing each other…

Grandpa Sam has a tear now running down his face, as the girl won't let go of him…

He continues to hold her, with a look over toward Ashley…

Trisha finally lets go, as Grandpa rises (too old to stay crouched down), and stares down at Ashley, who looks up at him…

More emotion from the family, who watch…


(POV from behind family, watching him)

You are a young one, aren't you? (looking over toward Hope) Do

we even know exactly how young?

POV Hope, next to Ryder, shaking her head.


She hasn't spoken, yet.

Grandpa shocked/sad.


Not a word?


Just a little to Zane, when he first found her…

Grandpa looking back down at her, and the kitten that rubs against her leg. He bends down to pet it, with a smile at the girl, who just stares back at him.


Do you like kittens?

She looks down toward kitten, doesn't speak, but does bend down to pet it. Grandpa Sam pets it too, while smiling at Ashley.


You saw your Grandma, hurt your Mom. I remember Zane

telling me. (looking over at Ryder) Go grab me a photo of

Zane, off the wall, would you, please?

Bryant heard his request, and heads inside. Grandpa still petting kitten with her.


Do you remember Zane? He helped you, after your grandma

got sick. Nobody here is sick, you do not have to be scared.

You are safe here. We want to help you.

Bryant arriving with framed photo of Zane, giving Samantha a piggy back ride. Grandpa shows it to Ashley.


Do you remember, Zane? (pointing at Zane) I am his grandpa.

(pointing to himself) I could be (pointing at her) your Grandpa,

If you want? Could I? Be your grandpa?

Grandpa giving Griffey another hug.


See, I'm his Grandpa, now. (hugging Trisha, who smiles big) Can

you call me Grandpa?




(hugging Trisha while looking at Ashley)

See, I'm Grandpa. (crouching down in front of Ashely) Can I be

(pointing at her) your grandpa? (throwing open arms) Can we

hug on it?

Ashley being a little shy… Grandpa puts out his hand, to shake.


Shake on it? (he moves to shake Griffey's hand) Shaking hands.

She remains shy… He moves his hand flat.



She remains hesitant… He shares a high-five with Griffey.


High-five. (gets one from Trisha) Yeah! High-five.

He moves his hand back in front of Ashley, she is tempted…then goes for it! A little applause comes from the family. They remain emotional, but most are now smiling…

Grandpa Sam also smiles, and begins guiding Griffey and Trisha to take Ashley's hand, and to follow him. They begin walking toward a long, beautiful stair case, that leads up out of the lower level area. But before they reach it, and to their left, is a beautiful woodsy area, with trails that lead into a park (the Baker park)…

The family watches them, as they begin walking the steps. POV pans back, showing the steps leading up toward the lake, and several cabins…


Grandpa Sam and the kids arriving at the top of the steps, with a path and another set of steps, in front of them. The mansion is to their right, and a huge cabin to their left. Grandpa Sam points to the cabin.


That there is what we call the Baker Christmas cabin. There

are rumors that secret tunnels under this complex, go into

that cabin, kind of like Indian caves. (looking at the kids)

You know who designed this place? (pointing to his own

chest) This guy. So, I can tell you that those rumors are true,

but nobody has ever found the real secret tunnels. Like the

one that goes up to that cabin.

Griffey and Trisha look a bit excited at the concept…


I used it to catch Santa Claus, in the act, one year…

Trisha makes a cute expression of shock/excitement at that news…


Is…is Santa still alive?

Grandpa Sam's smile fades…


Yeah…he has a compound like this one…

POV pans away from them, and begins doing a 360, with bird's eye view of the area. It circles by them, and to their right, around the Baker complex. The front area is level and grassy. The complex is mostly underground from the front, looking much smaller than it does from the back.

As POV goes by it, it comes to a baseball stadium, with stands on one side, the baker complex on the other, and trees in the outfield. On the other side of those trees is where a complex of multiple softball fields is located.

POV keeps going around, coming to a huge structure (apartment complex), connected to a hill that connects to the backyard swimming area. There is a tunnel under the hill, and a walkway for people to get from the structure to the backyard area.

As POV keeps going, it comes to a large park/brushy area, with tons of trees. There are trails inside, and play equipment. POV keeps going, and finds the lake. It has tons of trees on one side, an open area with a few barns on the other. There are camp areas, and cabins. A trail around the entire lake. A huge rope swing hangs from a large tree.

POV goes over the lake, nothing but water, until it comes to a balcony, and finds Zane sitting there, staring blankly toward the lake…

He's just sitting there, not moving a bit. It's quiet… He remains still, emotionless, lost…

Suddenly, he brings a marijuana pipe to his mouth, sparks it and takes in a huge rip, blowing it out, and back to complete silence, and zoning out, toward the lake…

He remains in silence, and dead still…until he suddenly moves his head toward the sliding door, and continues watching, until Grandpa Sam arrives, and steps out onto balcony, closing the sliding door…

Zane just turns and continues zoning, out toward the lake…

Grandpa Sam walks to the end of the balcony, looking out at it, with a deep breath…


(still looking out at lake)

The more one looks out at this, the more one comes to

believe the world is still as it was, before all this pain we

now share…

He turns and faces Zane…


I know how much you miss your brothers and sister. I know

you miss your uncle and cousins, just as much. I know you'll

never get over the loss of Fish…and I know it's Samantha,

who makes you believe you'll never leave this cabin, again. I

know, because I feel it, too… But, what truly makes you great,

is the bond you have with your little cousin, and how you have

that same bond with all your other little cousins. They need

you right now. Your family needs you right now, to lead them

through a mess, even we never saw coming.

Zane just keeps staring out at the lake…


Hunter is ready to hand it over to you… It has to be

you, son.

Zane tries to remain in his zone, but tears up, and finally blurts out a response.


(pretty much sobbing his words)

I can't get her out. She's always there. Eyes closed or

open…she's always there... She's still out there, Grandpa.

Grandpa coming over and holding his grandson…


I know she is…I know she is…


We have to find her!

Grandpa instantly shaking his head…


It's up to her, now… If she's still out there, she's trying to get

here. All we can do is keep the patrols on the highway, and

hope to god she's got some help…(Grandpa looking at him)

You know she didn't make those markers and put her family

and friends to rest, without help. Help that wants to get that

child to this compound.


All I've been able to imagine, over and over, is that there's no

hope…but, coming from you…(shaking his head) I just don't

even know if I want to get my hopes up. (more shaking, more

tears) I can't go through this again.


Well, I'm not ready to give up on that little girl, and the obvious

things she's already proven to survive, up there…and on that

note, we need to do something about these prisoners we know

are making a home for themselves in our forest, and this

"Grover" we keep seeing on the signs. We don't want

Samantha running into that trouble.

Zane finally with a spark, a look of life…


You're right! We need to set up a camp close to theirs, and

keep constant surveillance on them and the road. (Zane a

look right at him) It has to be me. I can't take over for

Hunter, not now. I need to lead this mission.

Grandpa Sam nodding with a growing smile…


That's my boy... You can scout them out tomorrow. Besides

your sister and Cleo, I want you to take the Rough Riders with

you. They can hang back, and ride straight home if you guys

run into trouble. Hunter has a large team at the coast. They'll

be back in a couple days, you can begin the mission after that,

and set up your camp.


(staring at Sam)

Thank you, Grandpa.


You're going to be alright, son, and because you are…so will

I… Now grab yourself a shave and shower, and let's strategize

this thing, out. But first…I want to introduce you to your new


Grandpa Sam opens the sliding door and signals them out, as they all come out onto the balcony, in awe of the scenery.


I just adopted them. Kids, this is your cousin Zane.



POV through window, where the family is still around the pool area. POV pans back into the office, as a knock comes from the door.


Come in.

Blake opens door and enters office.


Mr. Baker, hi; I heard you wanted to see me?


Yes. Sit down, please, and it's Sam.


(as he's sitting)

Yes, sir…


Blake, you're doing excellent work here, and what you're

doing with the Rough Riders is very impressive.


Thank you, sir, I mean Sam. The Rough Riders are a special



Only because they have a special leader. The kind of special

that this family specializes in. And one thing I've realized

today, is that there are no friends here, just family. That's why

you call me Sam, from now on.


Wow, sir, Sam! That is quite an honor!


The honor is all mine, and all ours. This family is lucky to

have people like you, here fighting the fight we all

have in front of us. Zane obviously picks his friends well,

and like I said, from here on out we are all family.


Wow, um, I could almost swear you're trying to make me

cry, or something.

Grandpa Sam a smile.


Well, don't get sappy on me, just yet. I do have a mission

for your Rough Riders, to speak to you about.


(becoming serious)

The Rough Riders are ready, sir. Sam!


Well, no, they're not. (Blake confused) Not all of them,

anyhow. How many of your varsity boys made it, here?




Enough to field a team, eh… Any of them eighteen, yet?


Just Abino. Only five of the others are seventeen, and three just

sixteen. The rest are mostly Zane's Freshmen boys, only fourteen.


No Freshmen. I don't even feel comfortable with the seventeen

year olds. (thinking a moment) Most of them have family

here, right?


Ironically, Abino is the only one without family. Everyone

else has at least one parent, here.


Okay, here's your first job. Parental consent, anyone sixteen and

over, can join this mission, with that consent. (looking right at

Blake) I'm trusting you to let these parents know this request

comes directly from me, that it is just that, a request, and that

I will understand any parent who does not feel comfortable

with their child, going on this mission. They should also know

exactly what it is you'll be doing, out there.

Grandpa taking a deep breath, before continuing…



POV travels over the beautiful field. Suddenly, the sound of a baseball being hit, is heard. But no one is in sight, and no ball flying over the field. Eventually the sound of a boy, announcing a baseball game, can be heard.



So, with two now down, and the winning run ninety feet away,

it'll be Buster Posey, with a chance to put the Giants into

the postseason.

Sound of another ball hit, is heard.


(off-screen, with excitement)

Crushed to deep left, but foul! Oh my Posey! That was

your pitch to hit! I don't know if he's going to get another

one like that. Angel Pagan, leads away from 3rd, the Dodgers

are already eliminated from postseason play, but they

don't want to allow their hated rivals to clinch, so their ace

closer is on the mound.

POV finds Zane coming to a stop, watching from behind the corner, as Joshua stands inside the batting cage, announcing, and about to take a swing…


And here comes his 0-1 pitch to the plate.

Joshua tosses ball into air, swings the bat, and lining the ball against the net.


Lined toward the gap in left-center, but Matt Kemp had him

played right there. So, if the Giants want to clinch it today,

it's going to take extra innings.



What the hell (Joshua jumping, scared!) was I thinking,

inviting a damn Giants fan to my compound?!

Joshua scared at first, but now smiling as Zane approaches him at the net.


Hey, coach. Sorry, I was just…


It's fine. Just leave my Dodgers out of it next time!


It just makes me feel normal, to think about baseball,

to be hitting baseballs…


I understand. But, hey, I wanted to talk to you about

something. (Joshua giving full attention) I'm going back

out, and Grandpa wants the Rough Riders to back me up.


Hell yeah!


Hold on, that's what I came to talk to you about. I wanted

to be the one to let you know, that Grandpa doesn't want

anyone under sixteen, on this potentially dangerous mission.

Joshua looking disappointed…


It's really my dad, isn't it?


No, not at all. Actually, Grandpa isn't allowing anyone

under eighteen, without consent. I one hundred percent agree.

But, we do need all the younger half of the Rough Riders

on alert, here at home while we're gone. Hunter has most

of our firepower at the beach, right now. So, I'm counting

on you and the other Freshmen, to step it up, here at

home. There are a lot of people here, depending on

your protection.


Whatever you need, coach.

Zane just staring at him a moment, and the ball in his hand…


You know what I need? Grab your glove, I need to

toss the rock.

Joshua smiling, grabbing his glove with excitement and exiting the cage, meeting Zane on the field, where they begin tossing the baseball back and forth…



Zane tossing a ball with Joshua, next to Blake and Nate, also tossing a ball. On the other side of Joshua, is Eric (Zane's ball player killed on docks, in season 1 finale), tossing a ball with Trav. There are about a dozen other Freshmen players, all tossing baseballs, back and forth…


They had another walk off last night! This is it, this is

their year!


Face it, your Giants are just as cursed as my Cubs. We'll

all be surviving the end of the world, at coach Zane's fancy

club house, long before our teams win any Championships.

Players laughing…


You call it a club house again, and your end of the world

invite is out the door. Now that Grandpa has actual Major

Leaguers, paying for spots at the compound, you guys might

lose your invites, anyhow.



You have baseball players who are buying homes there!

Everyone laughs at Joshua's gullible excitement…


What? It's believable. You saw all the homes they had for

other rich people. Why not baseball players?


I just want to know when coach Zane, is going to

hook us all up, with a game at the compound stadium?

Everyone reacting to that, with excitement.


I know!


Hey, you got to scrimmage there, when I took you out

there, last Spring.


Yeah, and then you let us watch the Varsity play a real

game, packed with fans.


Hey, give the guy a break. That was the first time you met

him, and he took you to a place where you can live when

the world stops functioning, someday. A place where not

only do we all survive, but so does the game we all love…

I'll never forget my game there, last season. Best moment

of Senior year. Be patient…you guys will get to make those

same memories.


We better…


I honestly thought coach was nuts, when he first called,

saying we were taking a field trip to some place his

grandfather built.


I know, me too, and then while showing us around he

begins talking about Armageddon, and his game plan for

us to all meet there.


Like it was an earthquake drill or something.

Kids laughing.




I'm with ya guys, there. I thought he was straight wacko,

when he spilled all that on us, my Freshmen year. His speech

was really shaky, back then.


Hey, a second ago you were on my side.


The kids started making sense. Until one gets to know ya all,

your family is straight Charles Manson, type of sketchy.

Kids laughing…


Yet not nearly as sketchy as that end of the world type of

beard, you're sporting these days.

Kids laughing more…


Is coach's feelings and testosterone levels, hurt, because he

can't yet grow a real man's beard?


That's funny, coming from someone who graduated last

spring but looks twice my age.

More laughs…


Don't worry, coach, I'm sure you'll experience puberty

before the apocalypse.

Kids cracking up…


Yeah, yeah, the apocalypse jokes never get old. Us Manson's

have been hearing it our entire lives…

Scene dissolves as kids laugh while tossing baseballs…



POV window, with view of complex lower level swimming area, as Zane approaches…



I agree, horseback is the best way. They can make it there

in a day, and back the next.

Zane enters office door. Hunter sits at his desk, while Grandpa Sam sits across it. Hunter rises and approaches Zane, with a hug…


So good to see you, nephew. (looking at him) And I hear

you're going to keep making me call the shots around here,

for a while?


It's not my time. I'm not ready to be what it takes, to do the

job you two have done with it.


I appreciate that, Zane, and I also like what I'm hearing about

this mission, of yours. Your Grandpa and I have been playing

with some ideas, top secret type of ideas…


I'm intrigued…but before I forget, (looking at Grandpa) you

mentioned something about a mission going on at the coast?

(looking at Hunter) What's that all about? You guys securing

the Hotel?


You could say that, along with the rest of the area…



What do you mean?


Let me show you, first…

Zane curiously watching him, as both Hunter and Grandpa begin going for the door…



Hunter and Grandpa, leading Zane, passed a guard and into a building that has several jail cells. The sound of huffs can be heard. Zane looks over at the largest of the cells, seeing over a dozen of them, all becoming eager due to the living. Zane walks right over to them, standing just out of their reach, as he looks over them all…


We've been studying them, as much as we can. We've already

learned a lot, but no answers to why they're coming back, or

why our flesh is on their menu, once they do come back.


What does this have to do with whatever you got going on

at the beach?


Well, after learning how unintelligent they are, and how

attracted to noise they are, we figured a large holed perimeter,

some loud noise, and a torch, would be enough to rid most of

these things off of the beaches, and away from the coast line,

all together.


When you think about it, with all coast range and limited roads

in, it wouldn't be too hard to keep the dead away from, at least

a part of the coast…our part.

Zane slowly nodding…


You guys are making a lot of sense. We could have people living

and fishing from the Hotel.


In a relatively dead-free zone.

Zane still nodding.


I like it. (looking back at the huffs) Anything else you've

learned about these things?


You can survive among them, without being bitten. (Zane

looking at Hunter) If you smell like them. We sent someone

inside, well protected, and slimmed in death. (Zane staring

right at him) They didn't touch him.


That is certainly good to know. (begins zoning off)

Zane suddenly quiet, thinking…


I'm sure she does…

Zane snapping out of it, with a questionable look at Grandpa Sam…




I'm sure Samantha knows. Maybe she's even done it.

She's a survivor.

Zane nodding…


Yeah…she is… (looking at Hunter) So, what's this top

secret plan?


Zane, Dakota and Cleo all climbing up on their horses, with Blake, Abino and all the older Rough Riders, already on theirs. All of them have bullet proof vest, on. The younger Rough Riders are there, but without horses. They watch, as Zane shares a nod with both Hunter and Grandpa Sam, before riding away…


(winking at young rough riders)

Later, baby Rough Riders.

Joshua rolling his eyes at Abino's comment, as Hunter comes to them…


You may be babies, but you're also the future of this place.

Come on, let's go start that future.


Someone's view of Zane and the Rough Riders, riding through the compound. That someone stumbles forward, and begins shouting.


Where the god damn hell are you all going?!

Zane coming to a stop, and looking over at his dad, who drunkenly approaches the group. He's filthy, wearing same clothes as day before, and still holding a bottle…


(under his breath)

Jesus…I thought I was bad. (now speaking normal) This

should be good…

Blake a nervous look from Leo to Zane, and back to Leo…


I'm way too hammered to be repeating myself, and even

more, way too angry to stand here being IGNORED!


We're scouting the areas surrounding that group of prisoners.

Jesus Christ, Dad. Take your meds and go to bed!

Zane begins riding, again. Blake and others, nervously follow.


Don't you ride away from me, boy! (Leo eyeing Dakota)

Dakota! You guys leave those people alone! They will kill

each other and die off, all on their own. There is more

important things to be doing! (Leo looking all around) Where

the hell is Mason?! Why are you taking baseball players with

you?! HUNTER?! DAD?! Where the hell…

Leo freezes and stops talking, and staring at something. His POV toward the brush, where his dead wife, Mary, stands staring back at him…

He's shocked, and begins stumbling toward her…



Zane and others, all riding their horses along the grassy/dirt road. Zane next to Blake.


We'll be at the highway in a few minutes, and you guys will

hold back there, for about fifteen minutes. Use the radio when

needed, but if you hear the signal, do nothing but listen. If we

give the signal to come bail us out, you advance. If given the

signal to retreat, you…(looking at Blake, for answer)


We retreat. I got it, man.


Good, cause no hero shit. You get back to the compound and

warn the others.

The group arriving at the highway. They all ride out onto it. Zane shakes hands with Blake, and he, Dakota, and Cleo all ride down the highway. One of the Rough Riders (Scoop, 17) is eyeing Dakota and Cleo, as they ride off…


I'm pretty sure I have a chance with those two.


I'm pretty sure you have a chance with a pair of pretty

meat eaters, long before ya do with those two.

Few laughs…


Nah, you watch. If we ever get back on that field, and

she sees me striking your ass out, and hitting bombs off

her brother, I'll get my chance.

Blake laughing.


Damn, the fantasy land you live in, is even worse than



Think about it, man. We'll be gods, here. The only real

entertainment will be at that stadium, they got in there.

Not like we don't have baseball players. And when

we're not playing baseball and entertaining, we're out

here, protecting.


He makes a pretty good point, coach.


I'm already a god, always have been, and took my shot

with her back during my Freshmen year. I struck out, and

so shall you, regardless of how much "entertainment"

you provide.


Wait, timeout. You took a shot, way back when you

were both Freshmen?


Damn it, Blake, it's your fault she's into chicks!

Everyone laughing…


Nope, she was already there. Mighta been a rebellious

thing. Their Dad is one intense dude.


I'll say. If he'd run up on us like that, out here, I would have

put one straight in his head. Cause there are dead people

walking around, in better shape than that guy.



Leo staring at his completely bearded face, in the mirror…before turning on the faucet.


Same POV as Leo finishes shaving off not only his beard, but his entire head. He uses a rag to wash off his face, and stares back at himself…


(with a growing smile)

You were right, Mary… This is a face to fear…



Zane, Dakota and Cleo, riding along the highway…


I take it Gia and Mayday, are on the mission at the coast?


They are. They wanted to contribute. They worry people are

going to blame them for what happened on the mountain.


No one actually does, do they?


Not that I know of.


You need to hit on her, Zane.

Both Zane and Dakota throwing a look at Cleo…


What? I want to know if she's into guys. Not a lot of fish

in the sea, these days. I want to know where to cast my

line, in case I ever lose the one I got.


Which is going to happen much sooner than you think,

if things like that keep coming out of your cute little



Can I throw up, now?

Zane suddenly stops, and climbs off his horse, quickly going over to a tree, and bracing a hand against it, preparing to actually throw up.


Zane, what the hell? Zane?!

Both Dakota and Cleo hopping off their horses, running to his aid. He quickly throws up his hand.


I'm fine! Just keep your eyes open.

Dakota turns back toward the road, then at Zane, watching him take deep breaths. She and Cleo share a look at one another, then the road, while Zane gathers his composure, without vomiting…


I just keep having dizzy spills…

Zane slowly walks back to his horse, reaching and drinking from his water, and splashing some over his face…


I still haven't really slept…

Dakota watching him carefully climb back onto his horse…


We can wait to do this, until the others get back?


Absolutely not. Sam is trying to get home, and we can't

have her running into these guys. I'm fine.

They ride in silence for a few moments…


When are the others supposed to return, anyhow?


Could be another day or two.


How far north are they clearing?


Just the north end of Rockaway, maybe a little bit into

Wheeler. They figure the meat eaters won't get passed

the jetties, there. With the mountains on one side of the

highway, and the ocean on the other, they just plan to

block the highway, and keep even the living from entering.


That's going to piss some people off, but it's brilliant.


You guys will own the beaches.


Lot of good land and resources in Tillamook, too. We'll be able

to do things that no one else out there, is able to… God…I wish

Fish was here to be a part of this…

They all ride in silence…

Suddenly, Dakota spots something ahead…


That wasn't there, last time we went by.

Zane and Cleo staring ahead. Their POV of a sign, propped up with heavy rocks below it (the sign was somewhere else but moved to this location). It was a "Forest Grove" sign, with an "R" spray-painted at the end…

They ride right up and over to it. It stood right next to the road, for all to see. Once closer, you could see a message that had been written and posted at bottom of the sign…


Enter at your own risk! Only those who contribute, survive!

Zane begins nodding his head…


I've been looking for someone to take some frustration

out on, looks like I've found it.

He begins riding on, as Dakota/Cleo share a look, and follow…



Blake and the Rough Riders, riding along. Blake is on radio.


(into radio)

Well, that sounds inviting.


(over radio)

Just be extra careful. If anything does happen, make sure

you send us a signal while you can.


(into radio)

Rodger that…


(over radio)

There's one more thing… Just passed the sign…there's

something else…


(into radio)



(over radio)

There's a car, off to the side of the road. There's something…

hard to see, inside…


(into radio)

Well, it's the new world we live in, right?

Zane pauses…


(over radio)


Scene dissolves to the Rough Riders, riding passed the Forest "Grover" sign, and again dissolving, to them now approaching a vehicle, off to the side of the road. The driver side door is open, and a dead person appears to be in the passenger seat.

As they get closer, the sound of a huff can be heard, inside. It sounds faint, and is coming from the back. Blake climbs down off his horse, and looks at the others to do the same…

They approach the vehicle, and can see it's completely stuffed with bags, food and people. There is a dead mother in the passenger seat, with a bullet to the head. There is what looks like a nine-year-old boy, and a five-year-old girl, both with shots to their heads. The girl's eyes are open, and looking right at the Rough Riders.

They can still hear the huff, and move in closer, opening the side door. Inside is a baby huff, attached to its car seat, and with one arm completely blown off.


Jesus Christ!


How the hell does Mom not finish the job?!

Blake closes his eyes a moment, opens, grabs his spear, and jabs the baby's head, for everyone to see…


It's the new world we live in, fellas…

Suddenly, what sounds like a vicious dog, begins growling from back in the brush. They all jump, and prepare for an attack. The dog slowly comes out. It's a yellow lab, filthy and showing it's teeth. The boys back up slowly, and just as slowly climbing onto their horses.

The dog calms down, and jumps inside the car, whimpering…

The Rough Riders begin riding away, without a word…



Scoop is on the pitcher's mound, delivering a nasty curveball, for strike 3, as he hops of the mound, pumped and heading for the dugout, with his teammates. He meets his catcher, now removing his mask (revealing himself as Blake), and sharing an excited high-five with Scoop, and the others…

Dissolve to Scoop, now at the plate, swinging and lining a base-hit.

Dissolve to Abino, swinging and ripping a ball down the line, sending Scoop racing around the bases, as his teammates cheer and wave him on. He scores and they share excited high-fives, and point excitedly toward Abino, at 3rd base, after the triple…

Dissolve to Blake now at the plate, swinging and mashing a ball, to deep left. His teammates can be heard yelling and reacting!


That thing is WAAAYY outta here!

The ball sails over the fence, without much effort from the leftfielder. Blake rounds the bases, with a big high-five to Zane, in the 3rd base coaching box. Blake touches home plate, and comes back to the dugout, sharing massive high-fives with Scoop, Abino, and others…

Dissolve to Scoop on the mound, his teammates cheering. He delivers a pitch, and the ball is ripped to the outfield. Multiple runners are on base, and now heading to the plate, and scoring. Now it is the other team, who jump with joy, celebrating. It appears to be a walk-off win, as Scoop and his teammates, hang their heads, while slowly walking off the field, in defeat…

Dissolve to most people gone from the field. Scoop still sits near the field, depressed…

Blake takes a seat next to him…


We used up all our other pitchers, just making it as far as

we did. You pitched the game of your life, Scoop. We just

didn't have anyone to come in and close it down, for you.


This one hurts, man…


Oh, that's for sure, but just no blaming yourself, kid. You

get to come back next year, and do this all again. I'll be

stuck coaching, as you guys finish what we couldn't. Now

that's gonna hurt. (Blake rising) Come on, no more pouting.

There are bigger problems in the world…



POV Scoop, quietly/grimly riding along, with the others. None of them talking…

Dissolve to Zane, Dakota and Cleo. All of them just as quiet and grim, as they ride along…



All the baby Rough Riders sit on the locker room benches, as Hunter stands in front of them.


It's still not quite time to play, to really play, but it's

time for hope, hope that the day will come, when it

is time to play, to really play…

The kids looking from him, to each other…


With that said, I want you guys to just relax today, and be

kids. I opened the gates and messages have been posted,

notifying the community that the field is open for those

who need some exercise, and those who would like to

watch. We're even running a grill, and feeding everyone.

So, put on your cleats, grab your gloves, and let's keep from

getting too rusty, huh?

The kids cheering excitedly…



The kids now on the field, tossing the ball around. Other younger kids are there, too. Hunter is with Hope, Ryder, Bryant, Griffey, Trisha and Ashley, working the grill, off to the side. Many compound people, family/friends/survivors are inside the stadium. Majority of the people are women and children, and some older people, with most others, busy at the coast, or with Zane…

Scout sits in the dugout, watching with a smile, and at the same time, a tear, running down her cheek…

Hunter works on showing Bryant how to flip the meat, and lets him take over, as Hunter walks over to Hope…


Your mom couldn't get Brianna or Kayla, interested?

Hope frowning with a shake of the head…


Brianna is more of a mess than Zane and Grandpa,

from what Mom says.


I did my part with those two…I wish I knew what to say

to Brianna, but… (shrugging)


I know, I don't know what to say to anyone around here,

anymore. Everyone is hurting, so much. And here you are,

holding it together, better than everyone, almost as if you

hadn't lost someone of your own.

Hunter just looking right at Hope, both of them teary eyed…


You really are quite a grown up, young lady, aren't you? I

swear I almost thought I was talking to your mother,

there for a second. (now hugging her)


No one I'd rather be compared to…

They both quickly move, as a ball comes flying their direction…



POV of the woods, trees, and bluffs/tree covered canyons that lay to one side of the highway, while steep (unclimbable) hills are on the other side. Blake rides in front, as the Rough Riders make their way into POV, riding along the highway…

They remain silent…


You know what I'm gonna miss the most, besides loved

ones? (Everyone just silently looking at him) The Sand Series.




Just having a chance to win that thing, like Zane and those

guys did, last summer.


God, that shit was epic!


I had a team for next season, (shaking head) even Zane was

nervous. He knew we was gonna be tough!

Suddenly they all begin to stop, and listen. The sound of a vehicle can be heard, approaching in a hurry.

Blake quickly scans the area, then breaks out his radio.


(into radio)

Zane, we have company! And we're at the canyon stretch

of highway, nowhere to hide. They're coming quick! Don't

respond! I'll send a signal. Rough Riders, out.



Zane on his horse, with radio in hand, just as Blake finishes saying "Rough Riders, out". Zane looks at Dakota and Cleo, then back at his radio, nervously waiting for a signal…


We should just go now. You know we're going back no

matter what the signal is!


Yeah, we are.

Zane immediately turning his horse and galloping away, while carefully listening to the radio. Dakota and Cleo, follow. They begin riding faster, but Zane makes sure to listen for the signal…


(over radio)

Zane…it's…it's your dad.

Zane stopping.


Son of a bitch. Did he say Dad?


(into radio)

We're already coming your way. (shaking his head, now

mumbling to himself) God damn it.

They ride forward…


Leo's hummer parked in the road, as he stands next to Blake (holding his horse).


You don't take orders from Zane, you take them (pointing

to his own chest) from me.


We're out here on the orders of both your father, and

the one who I've been told is the compound leader,

your brother, Hunter.

Leo looking at him, with disgust…


You're another one of those, wannabe funny, sarcastic

piece of shit, types, just like your buddy, Zane, aren't you?

Leo drunkenly zoning off, at the thought of Zane…then looking back at Blake, and shaking his head…


I swear it's you and your damn generation, that is the

reason the world took a big dump, on us like this. The

reason people like me, need medications is just to deal

with all that piss poor sarcasm and imaginary intelligence.

You guys are like cartoons. I'm talking to Bugs freaking

Bunny, is what I'm doing. Jesus Christ!

Leo turning to look around the corner of the highway.


Where's Mighty Mouse?

Players sharing looks, amongst one another.


He better be coming! I swear to god, if you're

stalling for him!


(Trying to keep him calm)

Sir, I swear to you, he's on his way. This is between you

and him.


As condescending as you are sarcastic… (shaking head) I

see why you and my son are in love.

Abino chuckles… Leo turns toward him. He slowly begins stepping toward him. Abino grows nervous…

Suddenly, Zane rides around the corner, followed by Dakota and Cleo. They ride right over to the others. Zane stops, climbs down and steps toward his dad, with a shake of the head, as he looks over Leo's newly shaved face/head…


Well, if your new haircut doesn't express your mood,

demeanor, drunkenness, and lack of meds, well…

I don't know what does.


I honor my dead wife, with my new look. You will respect



I respect the pain, you're in, Dad, but the way you're going

about it, is…


Is what?! What sarcastic, condescending crap do you have?

Already heard what your boyfriend, over there, has. What you



No reason to make you look bad, right now, Dad.


See! More of that sarcastic shit. Now shut your mouth, pack

this mission up, and get these boys back to base.


Dad… We're both grieving the same thing. I couldn't leave my

cabin, for over a week. This mission…is what got me up, what

gave me hope. Samantha may or may not come heading this

way, trying to get home, but if she does…we're not making her

get passed these guys, on her own. (Zane looking right at him)

Now get in your truck, and feel free to drive your drunk, off

his meds, ass, right off a damn cliff.

Leo just staring back at him, looking ready to snap. Rough Riders watch, and share concerned looks, back and forth. Zane simply waits for a response…


What if she is alive? What if she does make it back?

Leo just staring at him… Zane shaking his head…


What the hell do you mean?

Leo yelling back before Zane can even finish that last sentence.


Does that ease all your pain, Zane?! Does it bring back

everyone else?! DOES IT BRING BACK MY WIFE?! MY


IT DOES NOT! DOES IT?! It's like you think that little girl

makes everything else, okay. Like nothing else happened.

She's just one, Zane! We've lost HALF OUR DAMN FAMILY!

Dakota sits on her horse, weeping, as Cleo rides over. The Riders stare at Zane, who is speechless…


See, you know I'm right! Where's the sarcasm, now?!

Leo walking over to other side of road, breathing and staring off, at the bushy canyon…



I'm not just trying to save the little girl I've loved like a

sister, since even before she was born. Not even the

little girl who everyone in this family, knows is meant to

run it, someday. (Leo shaking his head) I'm doing it for

her mothers. I'm doing it for the rest of our broken

family, which needs a lift, like this. I'm doing it for the

little girl I haven't even MET, yet… (Leo stops shaking

head) The girl who must have seen her own father,

meet his end, and god only knows, how… The girl who

must have sweat and wept for hours, as she put her

family in the ground, our family.

Leo now turning to face Zane. His POV of Zane…


I want to meet that girl… I want to bring her home…

and begin to heal…

Now Leo is the speechless one, as the Riders again share looks, and wait for a response from Leo…

He begins crossing the road, as everyone watches him closely…

He is staring right at Zane, but stops, and faces the hummer. He can see his dead wife, Mary, sitting in the passenger seat. She tilts her head, signaling him toward the driver's seat. He looks back at Zane, then to the hummer…


This is getting embarrassing…what the hell is the

matter with you?

Leo looks right at him…


Do whatever you're going to do. Just don't waste these

kids' lives, going to war with enemies we don't need to


Leo walks right over to the hummer, climbing in, starting engine, turning it around and driving away...

Most Rough Riders sit on their horses, shaking their heads…


I apologize, for my birth father. I want you all to know, it's

the man I loved like a father, who was buried by his own

ten-year-old daughter, who's the one we go on this

mission for.


We're with you, coach.


No explanation needed. We all know Samantha, and would

risk our lives to bring her home.

Zane nodding his head…


Let's stick together, until we come to the end of this stretch.

Zane rides off, as the others follow. They all ride down the ghostly highway, disappearing around the corner…

POV stays right there, on the empty highway, with just the sound of them, galloping away. The sound becomes more and more faint, until it disappears. It becomes total silence…

Silence gives way to the sound of a vehicle, it approaches quickly, and speeds right into POV, disappearing around that corner. It was Leo, in the hummer…


Zane and them all turning, as the hummer arrives and they quickly clear out of the way, as it speeds passed them.



Oh, what the hell, DAD?!

He speeds down the highway, disappearing around another corner. They ride ahead, to the sound of him speeding away, but then suddenly they can hear the sound of the hummer skidding out, and possibly crashing…

Zane picks up the pace, followed by the others…

Dissolve to them all riding passed a pair of huffs, then arriving at the scene of the hummer, run off the road, with Leo inside, passed out. Blake hops down off his horse, followed by Abino. They both take out the huffs. Zane watches over them, with an approving nod, and then looking back inside the hummer, at his dad. Then to Dakota, who walks over to him, followed by Cleo. All of them just staring inside, at Leo passed out…


(looking from Leo to Dakota)

Please tell me this doesn't run in the family?!


Blake slowly driving the hummer, as the Rough Riders follow, on their horses, Abino guiding Blake's vacant horse. Leo is still passed out, inside the back of the hummer. Zane rides over to Blake's window.


You sure I shouldn't haul ass, in case he wakes up and

takes charge? I just can't swing at your dad, man, and

honestly, it scares the crap out of me to think what he'd

do, if I did! I can handle all this dead people crap, but

your dad is scary shit, bro.


I don't disagree, but don't worry, he hasn't crashed in

days. He'll be my uncle's problem, by the time he wakes.


I still don't like leaving you guys on your own, out here.


We're just scouting, not engaging, we'll be fine.


(giving him a fist bump)

Alright, man. See you tomorrow.


Tell Hunter, I said good luck.

Blake smiles as he drives away, with the Riders following. Zane turns back toward Dakota and Cleo, and rides passed them, as they follow, back down the highway…

POV goes into bird's eye view, of Blake and them going one direction, and Zane, Dakota and Cleo, going the other. As the POV goes higher, all you see is the highway, surrounded by trees/woods…



Bird's eye POV over the compound, dropping down over the stadium. The crack of a bat can be heard, as POV finds the ball, traveling to deep left, and dropping a few feet in front of the wall, and bouncing off of it.

POV Hunter, at the grill, reacting to the ball just missing at leaving the park. POV Joshua in the batter's box, reacting with excited disappointment.


Are you kidding me?! I got all of that one!


You're fourteen! Just wait and see what you do, by next

spring, or the year after that.

Joshua smiles and prepares for another pitch. He rips another one, to center. Bryant is out there, with both his sisters, and he steps in front of Ryder, to make the catch, and share a laugh with her, over it…

Hunter smiles as he watches the action. Joshua rips another one, into the gap. Hunter watches it, then smiles at Jaelyn (Mason's daughter, Rich's sister) who arrives at his side…


Hey Jaelyn. How's your brother doing?


He's starving and heard you were grilling. (with a smile)

She places out a plate as Hunter fills it with some meat and laughs.


He's lucky to have such a great sister at his every beck

and call.

Hunter smiling at her and then at Scout, who now approaches, with a smile of her own…


Thank you, for this. It's exactly what this family needed,

what this community needed.

Hunter putting his arm around her.


Thanks, little sis. I totally agree. Now grab yourself a plate

and let those beautiful kids of yours, see you smiling and

filling your tummy.

Scout smiles at her big brother, and goes to the table for a plate…

Nate is now stepping into the batter's box. He rips the first pitch, over the fence.

Hunter turns to watch the ball fly over the fence.


OH, park's not going to hold that one! This kid only a


Hunter watches him rip another one, again sailing over the fence. Hunter watches it, then takes notice of Grandpa Sam approaching. Hunter smiles at him, as he arrives…


Wonderful to see you finally make it, Dad.

Grandpa Sam doesn't look too happy…


What's wrong?


Need more than one guess?


What's Leo doing, now? More importantly, where's he

doing it? I really want to keep things peaceful, in here.

Hunter signaling Bryant (who was running their direction, anyhow) over, and hands over the grilling duties to him, while leaving with Grandpa…



Hunter and Grandpa Sam, exit the stadium, heading into an open fielded area, with the Baker complex next door to the stadium. Blake is at the door of the parked hummer, with the Rough Riders all on horses. Leo is nowhere in sight…


So, everyone is fine, though? Zane and the girls, too?

Grandpa nodding.


Zane went on with the mission, told Blake they'd be back

as planned.


How did Leo get himself out of here, in the damn first place?


There's no one in this compound who's going to say no,

to him, intoxicated or not.


I'm guessing he's off his meds, too?


I'm guessing your guess is correct.


Christ…going to have to begin mouth feeding the big baby…

Blake somewhat nervous, as Grandpa and Hunter arrive…


(trying too hard, to break the tension)

Sam, Sammy, Sammers…(Grandpa just staring at him)

Grandpa Sam?... (still staring) Sir?


Yeah, I think we'll go back to Sir.


So, start at the beginning…

Blake starts to talk, but interrupted by Hunter.


Wait… You can update me on everything, right? I can

excuse (motioning toward Rough Riders) these guys?

(Hunter now looking at all them) No one's hurt, right?

Everyone's okay?


(while everyone is nodding)

Yeah, no, they're good to go, and nobody got hurt, not

on my watch, sir.



Good, good job. Okay, yeah, you guys all get out of here.

After you return those horses, head on over to the stadium.

Food is on the grill, and the baby riders are playing some ball.


Oh, hell yeah.

Others all excited, as they turn and gallop toward the barns…

Hunter watches, then he and Grandpa turn toward Blake, who looks back at them…


I like baseball…and food. (now laughing) Sorry, just kidding

guys, kinda. I just don't want to be around (motioning

toward the hummer) when that guy wakes up. He might

seriously blame me, for being back here, or Zane going on with

the mission. (Blake looking right at them) I love Zane, and I love

his family and this amazing place they've invited me to survive

at. I am yours to do with as you please, but that guy, and who I

do, or don't, take orders from, needs to be made clear. Being

caught in the middle like this, is really awkward, for lack of a

better word…



You have my deepest apologies, and greatest appreciation.


(also nodding)

Very fair, son… You may call me, Sam, again.

Blake laughing out loud.


Haha! You got it, sir!


Actually, you know what. Go catch up with your riders,

and just go play some ball. The younger kids will be

thrilled to have one of their coaches in there, with them.

(looking at Grandpa) We'll take it from here, and get this

guy in bed…


Nah…I appreciate it, and will absolutely get myself in

there, as soon as I can, but you guys need some help.

And not really much to tell. He showed up, demanding

we come back. He and Zane shared some powerful

words, and for some reason he just gave up, at least we

thought. A few minutes later he sped back by, and ran

off the road, while avoiding a couple meat eaters. Been

passed out ever since…


Well, thank you. And you're right, we could use your help,

dragging him to bed, and locking the door behind him.

They walk over to the Hummer, Blake pulls open the door, but no one is there! They all quickly turn, and Leo is RIGHT IN THEIR FACE, toward back of hummer.



Blake actually jumps! Hunter rolls his eyes, and Grandpa just stares into the head/face of his freshly shaved, son…


Son…what did you do to yourself?

Leo mystified at first, before laughing and gliding his hand over his shaved head…


Mary likes it, this way…

Hunter sharing a look with Grandpa…


You know what else she likes? She likes a well-rested husband.

(trying to grab his arm) Let's get him some sleep.

Leo aggressively pulls away from his father, with looks from him, and Hunter. Blake moves in closer…


Don't patronize me, like my punk ass, son, kept doing.

(pointing at Blake) And his punk ass, bearded friend.


Alright, that's enough.


It's not even close to enough! What the hell is wrong with

you people?! Look at all our dead family! When are you

going to stop running this amazing place into the ground?!

Most of us are already too dead to even enjoy it! How dead

do the rest of us have to become, before you finally fix it?!

Hunter shaking his head. Grandpa just stares at his son, with a tear running down his face…


Blame is all you can do, to grieve. I don't know if it's how

you cope with your own guilt, or just some chemical

imbalance, but this shit ends, right now. I have (pointing

toward stadium) people in there laughing and having fun,

right now. What's happening outside these walls, what's

happened to the people we love, is FINALLY escaping their


there like this, and only thing you do is bring it all back!

You're chaos, Leo. You scare people. What kind of leader

does that?! Your son is hurting just as much, maybe more,

yet he's out there doing something about it! What are

you doing? Besides sabotaging what he's doing?

Leo looks pissed, he turns around, then back toward Hunter, and LIGHTS OUT! The moment he turns back toward him, Hunter punches him directly in the face, knocking him completely out.

Hunter reacts to the pain his wrist is in. Grandpa Sam shakes his head, staring at Leo, on the ground…


EXT. HIGHWAY (foggy) – DAY

Zane, Dakota and Cleo all riding the highway, which is becoming somewhat foggy. They can hear a vehicle approaching, and all ride off the road, hiding behind trees/brush. It's just one car, at least two people inside (hard to tell, too packed) going by, and disappearing…

They come back out, meeting near the road…


Either people are getting through, or those were a part

of them.

Zane thinking…


They're marking their territory, and warning people of

entering. (looking right at Dakota) Those didn't look like

they were a part of a group. If they got through, then this

group can't be too organized.


Or they just haven't secured the road yet.


Or they're complete idiots, who the three of us could take

out before dinner.


With the fog rolling in, we can stay on the highway a

little longer, but soon will need to begin pushing off

from it, until we find a good spot to roll up on their camp.

Zane begins riding forward, with Dakota and Cleo following…


Zane now riding his horse off the highway, into the woods…


Once we get far enough in, we'll need to tie up the

horses, and advance on foot.


Not to sound like a woman, or a blonde, but um, are

there snakes in these parts?


On the mountain, maybe, but no, not the coast range.

At least not the kind that bite.


So, you're saying there are indeed, snakes?


Yeah, but the only thing out here that bites, are the people.

Now suck it up, or start dating men, ya damn woman.

Cleo smiling at Dakota…


I made your brother, make a funny.

Dakota smiling…

Dissolve to Zane, Dakota and Cleo, tying up the horses, and walking away…


We can't be more than a mile from where we helped the

military, chase them off. They have to be camped out at

Glenwood. God knows what they might have done to the

people who live there…


That's an old outdoor school, there. Dad used to tell stories

about how they wanted Grandpa to buy that land.


(zoning off)

Samantha used to call it the corndog store. That market right

there. She loved stopping there on the way to the beach, or the

compound, for the corndogs… She would definitely be coming

this way…if she's still out there…

Dakota sharing a look with Cleo…

They walk on in silence…

Cleo takes a deep breath, and decides to break the silence…


So…a meat eater and Leo, walk into a bar…

Zane keeps staring ahead…

Dakota throws a weird look at Cleo…


That's all I got…but I bet if we work on it, we can come

up with something good. I was thinking they relate to

each other's apocalyptic family issues, or something.

Zane keeps walking, without a look or response. Dakota cracks a smile at Cleo…


I wanted Zane to make another funny…

They walk on, in more silence…and even more silence…

Suddenly Zane freezes, as do the others. They watch him, as he turns and stares into the brush…

There are random sounds, animals, wind, trees, branches, birds, but that is it…

Zane takes a few steps, but freezes again, and looking all around…

Suddenly, a yelp comes from the woods, followed by a cry, and then a scream.

Zane, Dakota and Cleo, all completely freeze, and turn toward the noises.


SAM! (Zane's eyes go wide!) What is it?!

They watch as a young girl comes bolting out of the brush. It's Samantha! Zane, Dakota and Cleo are in complete shock, with thrill taking over their expressions. Zane gasps, and simply drops to his knees…

Dakota Screams, with joy/shock...

Sam arrives, running directly into Zane's arms. He welcomes her with a form of relief that ravishes his body, the moment he wraps his arms around her...

Dakota throws her arms around them both...

They are all crying, words not even coming out, yet...

DJ and the others slowly arrive…


A hatchet sailing through the air...

It sticks into Aiden's throat, taking away his smile, as he drops dead...

Bailey scratches Sam, and runs off, as they all watch Stix come out of the brush, followed by Swish, and one prisoner (some in prisoner outfits) after another...

They keep coming, and coming, completely surrounding Zane and the others...

Zane looks from the prisoners, to Sam, and back to the prisoners.



Don't worry, this was kinda the plan.

Sam a worried look at him…



Zane puts his radio to his mouth.


(into radio)

Rough Riders, stand down.

Prisoners reacting by aiming their guns back behind them and toward the woods, in fear of whoever Zane is reporting to, as he goes on.


Silence all radio chatter, and get back to the compound.

Let them know we've become captive, that we have

Samantha, and to go to absolute war, to get her back.

Swish rushing to Zane, looking him directly in the eye…


Well…this one's got some balls, doesn't he?