Season 2, Episode 8 (extended episode, 72 pages)

"Show of Power"





Convicts aiming guns as they watch their backs, and nervously looking all around…

POV moving toward the sound of Zane…



Don't worry, they're a few miles up the road,

packed in the Humvee, and heading home.

POV finds Zane, as Swish takes his radio, still smiling at him…


(Zane puts arm around Sam)

Rough Riders, compound, Humvee, (looking at Sam)

a child worth going to war, over…(staring at Zane)

These people come with a story!

Swish looking over them all, then back to Zane…


Well…let's hear that shit…

Zane looking at him, then around, and back to Swish…


This girl (motioning to Sam), right here, has been

lost to us, since this all happened, until not five

minutes ago. (Zane looking at her) How she got

herself all the way here, from down off Mt. Hood,

I don't even know, yet! (looking back as Swish) She

means everything to our family. Sending her home

with (motioning toward Dakota) my sister, would

go a long way in keeping the thousands of

people of our compound, from that war, I mentioned…

Swish continues to smile at him…as one of the convicts speaks out.



He's not lying bout' the compound. I know there's

a big one out here somewhere.



That was just a rumor around the prison yard.


I never heard that rumor…(still keeping eye contact

with Zane) But he's telling the truth, alright.



What if he's one of Grover's men?

Zane staring at Swish…


I thought you were Grover's men, possibly Grover,



What do you know about Grover?


Just what the signs tell us. We came here to scout

you out, before setting up camp nearby, to make

sure (motioning to Sam) she had safe passage past

you guys, (looking right at Sam) because that's how

confident we were, that she'd be coming…

Swish rolling his eyes…


Your story's becoming a hallmark movie of the

week. Get to the interesting part, before I

change the damn channel.


That's just it, I don't know the story, (looking at

Sam) yet. I don't know how her father and my

uncle died, or how long she was alone, up there.

I don't know who buried her father, (Sam

beginning to shed tears) her uncle, cousins,

neighbors, even her dog. I have no idea how she

got herself all the way here, (looking at DJ and

others) or who these other people with her, are.


I get it, I get it! You're trying to make me feel

empathetic for your situation, and intimidated by

your "thousands" of people, but this story now

has more tears than sixty straight days of sappy

Christmas movies. Get to the point where you tell

me WHO you people are?


We're the people with a compound, thirty miles

from here, with enough room for twice as many

as we already have. Our goal is not only to survive,

but to bring people in, to help them survive…

(looking right at Swish) So, maybe it's you who

should be telling me who the hell you are…

Swish just looking back at him, with a smile…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River, and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, before reaching the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, chasing after whoever is drifting by…

POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store…

POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, Highway 26, and a bunch of other lands, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, under the Megler bridge, and into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of jetties, and following through the channel between them. POV continues up into the nearby hills, finding a large camp, protected by a large log wall…

POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along Highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



A tear running down Samantha's face, as she and her group are all lined up, and led away, by the convicts. She is making eye contact with Bailey, then staring at GW, and taking in just how enormous he is, before looking back to Bailey, who watches from up in a tree. Sam develops more tears, as they walk away, leaving Bailey behind…

Some of the convicts are guiding along the horses…

Swish falls back a bit, waiting for both Stix and Zane to catch up to him, then he hands a bloody hatchet toward Stix.


Almost forgot your baby…

Stix grabbing it from him, with a look at Zane, looking back at him…

Renee is close to DJ, crying, as she looks back at the tree that Bailey is in. DJ has an arm around her, as they walk…

Sam looks back toward Bailey one last time, then takes notice of Renee, looking and crying…


(talking to Renee)

I think he'll follow…

A couple of the convicts hear her, and look back…

They keep walking in silence…


(talking to Zane)

My moms…I know they made it to the compound,

that day…are they still okay?


No; they're a mess, and worried sick about you.

I can't wait for them to see you, alive and well.

Sam somewhat smiling…before it fades…


And everyone else?... Besides Miles?

Zane closing his eyes, a moment…


We lost my brothers, Kate, Angela, and Mary, at

the hotel, the day it all started. That's why we

couldn't get up the mountain, that day. Everyone

else in the family, is okay. Rich too, after surviving

a serious gunshot wound, which slowed us down

while trying to get to you.

Sam beginning to cry again, at the news of her cousins, and for Zane's loss, as she looks at him, fighting back his own emotions…


I'm so sorry, Zane. I had no idea…

Swish rolling his eyes.


Oh my God, I'm about to cut you all loose, just to

make it stop. You people are too sappy for the

apocalypse…no wonder you're all dying!

A bunch of the convicts laugh…

Zane looks at Stix, who looks back at him, without any laughing…



The convicts leading Zane and them, onto Glenwood Lane (road leading across the bridge/creek), toward the entrance of the camp, which is now completely gated and surrounded by a log wall, on both sides. Zane can't believe what he's looking at, all of them fairly shocked to see the enclosed camp.

Both Sam and Renee keep looking back behind them, with no sight of Bailey…

Renee's face is full of tears…

Eli has been brave, since the death of his brother, but for the first time, he looks like a child, again…

Cleo is sharing flirtatious looks with at least one of the convicts…

Eric and some others, are now at the gates, anxiously waiting for Swish to arrive…

Swish greets him with a smile…


Hi, sweetheart. How was your day?


More concerned with your day, at the moment…


Any chance those walls will be complete, soon?

Eric throwing a concerned look at Swish…

Dissolve to Eric, standing next to Swish and Stix, at the gate of the Glenwood detention camp (with "Detention Camp" sign above it). They look in at Zane and his group, taking seats on the benches…

There are covered areas for sleeping. It's a much more "comfortable" detention camp than the one Zane was in, on Mt. Hood.

Other members of the camp, are curiously nearby, or approaching the scene, to have a look. Pepsi is there, with both Coke and Chance, and many more of the women.


Look at the bright side… We finally get to test

the DC.

Eric an unpleased look at Swish, and back at Zane/group, as they get comfortable…

Sam is pulling something out of her pocket. It's a Ziploc bag. She opens it up, pulling out a folded-up paper. She opens it up, and looks at Zane. He's staring at her, still in happy shock to even be looking at her. It's almost as if the current situation, is on hold. He can't help but to smile at her…

She reaches over toward him, handing him the paper. He grabs it, and opens it up. It's the letter she had written him, that never got left behind at the tree house. He looks at it, then to her, and back to the letter…

Eli takes notice, as do most of the others. Zane is now reading it, with continued looks at Sam, from time to time…

Dakota takes notice of emotion in Zane's face, and moves over closer, trying to peek at the letter.

Eli gets up, and walks away… DJ takes notice of him, walking to the other end of the DC.

Zane can't help but to begin weeping, like a baby, as he reads on. Dakota develops tears, just watching him. Tears drop from Sam's face. Zane makes eye contact with her. He stares at her a moment, before back at the paper, with more tears running down his face…

Dissolve to Zane taking a break from the letter, and just dropping his head into his hand…


Oh my God…Greg… (looking at Sam) And we

were right there…

She looks into his eyes…


You wouldn't be here, if not for him.

Sam dropping more tears, at the mention of Greg. Zane shaking his head, with tears, as he continues to read…

Dissolve to Dakota, now holding the letter, close enough for both her and Cleo to read. They both have faces full of tears, with looks at Sam, who stands, hugging Zane…

Zane shares looks of appreciation, with DJ and Marlana. DJ takes another look over at Eli, staying away from the scene…

Pepsi takes notice of all the emotion, going on inside the DC. She looks around at them all, before stopping and staring at Zane…

Zane looks over at Swish, who is off talking with Eric. Stix is close by, watching all the emotion. He looks right at Zane, with empathy…

Stix's POV of Zane, looking back at him. In the background, he can barely hear Swish and Eric, talking…

POV Eric shaking his head/lifting up arms with frustration, while talking to Swish.


Is this where you somehow make sense of this?

Swish shrugging his shoulders.


What confuses you?

Eric a wide eyed, unbelievable look at Swish, before dragging him around the corner, out of sight from the DC, and all the others…


We're not gonna' make out, are we?

Swish stops, turning back toward Stix.


Stix, get in there and break up sappy family reunion

time, and begin interrogating that guy. Gary will join

you, once he's done squatting under a tree, or

wherever he is.

Swish continues going around corner, with Eric…


(speaking to Eric)

I think I'm busy being interrogated, myself.



You think?


I was only reacting to the instructions left by Grover.


That's bullshit! He specifically said, "IFtrouble comes

to us". Now explain to me what they have done to

define themselves as trouble?


They're organized, they had guns, horses, a radio

in which they used to warn the rest of their people,

who they claim to have even more than us.


All good reasons to call for backup, and to take

them the way you did, but why in God's name

did you have to kill one of them?!


It was a show of power…

Eric just staring at him, in disbelief…


A show of power? (Eric shaking his head) Did you

see those people? How much they seem to care

about each other? There's no chance of making

peace with them, now. They're in there sobbing

over family they found, how will they ever overlook

the family they just lost, at the hands of us?! You're

going to risk going to WAR with these people, over


Swish closes his eyes, and wipes some of Eric's spit, off of his face, and then just opens eyes and stares right back at him…


Are you done?

Eric simply begins shaking his head, in disbelief…


Who is this show of power really for? Them, or

is this about you and I?

Eric steps up into Swish's face…


Because I'm not impressed, and I'm certainly not

intimidated. Maybe you think you don't need me

anymore, now that the wall is almost complete.

Maybe you think Grover will just be okay with

you taking over, or maybe you think my men will

be more loyal to you? Yet what you should be

concerned with, is just how many of your men are

now loyal to me. Messing with me, is no different

than messing with Grover. You want to mess with

him, be my guest…


Seriously…are you done, yet?


With you, yes, I am. Because now I have to go

fix the problem you created.

Eric turns and heads back to the DC, with Swish eventually following…


(speaking to DC guards)

Alright, open up those gates. Those people are

free to go.

Convicts/loggers all sharing some confused looks. All the woman/kids and others, who are standing around watching, stare on, as Eric approaches the DC gates. The DC guards are hesitant to open the gates, waiting for Eric to arrive. Stix stands inside, with Zane, just watching…


This is not a request. It's an order.

DC guards begin opening gates, as Eric continues toward them. Stix looks at Zane, then gestures him to follow. Zane turns and flashes a smile at Sam, who smiles back, following him and Stix. DJ puts his arm around Renee, who shares a smile with Marlana. Cleo speaks to Dakota, as they follow the others.


At least someone around here knows what

they're doing.

Eric arrives at the gate, with a nod to Stix, and then reaching his hand out to Zane. Zane stares at his hand, then him…


You have my deepest apologies, and I can only

ask that you and your people don't try to destroy

what we have going here, over one man's mistakes.

Zane finally takes his hand, shaking it. Suddenly, a knife comes sticking out of Eric's chest, stabbed in the back, by Swish, who turns Eric toward his face, as everyone else reacts with shock…


How you like that, for a show of power? And this

show will go on, which is why I put the knife in your

back, rather than your head. Cause when you turn,

and you (patting his head) will turn, your hungry

rotting corpse will be hanging above the camp gates,

like a puppet, for everyone to see, and to set an

example for all those who believe they can get away

with speaking to me, the way you just did.

Swish looks over at Zane, who looks horrified, but stares Swish directly in the eye…


Leaving so soon?

Swish finishes off Eric, gutting his insides. Then quickly uses his hands to gesture Zane and the others, back into the DC. He watches them go in, and his men locking it back up, as everyone else around, continues to stare, in shock…

Swish looks all around, at his people, who look back at him…


So…Eric here, told me I should be concerned with

some of my own men, and how they were becoming

more loyal to him. I'm not going to lie, that made me

angry. Probably even half the reason I did, what I just

did. I can't have someone turning my own people

against me. That would be chaos. I can't…we…can't

have people questioning who their leader is. (gesturing

toward Eric) That's obviously no longer a problem. When,

or even if, Grover returns, I'll gladly explain to him why I

came to this "hasty" decision. It's my belief that he'll

understand the danger (gesturing to Eric) this guy was

about to put us in, not to mention the opportunity, he

was about to blow. (motioning to Zane) Those people

have a compound! They have weapons, horses, and God

knows what else… (looking around at everyone) That

could be all ours! This is what Grover would want. He

warned us about these kind of people, and how we have

to show dominance. They brought the fight to us. It's our

job to show them who Grover is. (gesturing to Eric) He

was just going to let them go, without even asking who

the hell they are, or what the hell they came here for?!

I did what I had to do, for the greater good.

Swish looking around at everyone. Most convicts are nodding or content, but the loggers, women, and others, all appear nervous/skeptical…

Cleo shakes her head, while Dakota shares a concerned look with Zane (holding Sam close), who then shares a look with Stix…


I'm not taking over, this isn't a dictatorship. Stix still

shares command, with me, and (motioning toward

surroundings) none of this even exists without

Grover. This is his show…I'm just here to make sure

it's still here, when he returns.

Silence while the convicts continue to nod, and more of the woman seem at ease…

Silence continues, until Zane breaks it…


Who's Grover?

Everyone stares at Zane, then Swish, who laughs with a shake of his head…


See?... He even wants to ask the questions. (laughing)

Unbelievable… (looking at nearby men, and gesturing

at Eric) Get this guy hung up, before he comes back.

Dakota a look to Zane, who looks back.


It's like talking to Dad…

Men carefully picking Eric up…

Dissolve to close-up of Eric's body coming back to life, while now hung up above the gates, as everyone wildly reacts to it…


OH, MY SHIT! WHOA! I don't think seeing that will

ever get old! God damn, this is my kinda new world!

Swish and others just admiring the gate's new decoration, many of them laughing. Any women close by, are not amused, shaking heads and walking away. Although a few women, next to the men, were enjoying the scene. A few teenagers looked on, some of them with intrigue, while others were dragged off by their mothers, with some of the convicts pointing and laughing at them…

Inside the gates, over under a tree, Pepsi sat on a blanket while watching over the boys, who played with some toys. What she truly watched, was Zane, over in the DC…

Stix in conversation with Zane. He takes notice of Swish, heading back through the gates, toward them. Stix walks over to the gate, exiting and waiting for Swish to arrive…

Sam (shock still in her face) walks to Zane, with all of the others (shock still in their faces) approaching, except Eli, who still remained off on his own…


What did he say?


I'm not sure, but I think he might help us. I told

him how the radio call I made to the Rough Riders,

was fake.


Why was it fake, and why did you tell him?


You know why it was fake. They were out of range, and

I did it to make these guys nervous. I shared that info

with him, to see what he does with it.


What if he tells?


I'll admit why I gave him the intel in the first place,

and deny just how genuine it was.

Cleo looking at Zane with admiration…


I would be so in love with you, if I was into dudes…

just saying.

Dakota giving her a weird look…


What?... I love this family…

Zane eyeing Stix, who is now in conversation with Swish, who looks back over at Zane, and begins entering, inside…

They all nervously watch him approach, with a few armed guards…


So, is it true? Your little radio call was a hoax?

Swish takes notice of Stix, who is shaking his head…




I had his trust. Why ruin it, so quickly? (pointing

at head) Think!



I appreciate your approach, but the goal here is

to gain his trust, myself.


Then you better do a better job than him, 'cause

I didn't tell him that because it was true, but

because I wanted to see what he'd do with it,

and now I know…


(again smiling)

Well, how's this for starters? The kids, (motioning

over toward Eli) even that one, if he is a kid, are free

to join the rest of our camp. The rest of you will just

have to wait until you prove just how trustworthy

you can be.

Renee scoots in closer to DJ. Sam somewhat does the same, with Zane and Dakota…


What do you mean, by join the rest of the camp?


Warm beds, warm food, friends and family.

(shaking head) What else would you like?


Their friends and family are in here. Why not let

us all out? Or at least everyone but me?

Swish looking around at them all. He makes eye contact with DJ, holding onto Renee…


She has autism and really needs to go wherever

I go…please…

Zane looking at DJ and Renee, taking in that information…

Swish continues looking over them all, then to Zane, Dakota, and Cleo…


Was it you three who came on the horses, and

magically crossed paths with the rest of these guys?

Zane nodding…


Well alright then, you three remain in here, and the

Mt. Hood crew is free to meet the rest of the camp,

and find a warm place to bunk. But first…lets chat…



The crowded bar is very festive, with Christmas décor and everyone in "ugly Christmas sweatshirts".

POV travels around all the random people. You can hear bits and pieces of their conversations, until one particular conversation comes into focus, and from a familiar voice…



At first, I thought he was just some kind of crazy

conspiracy theory/nutjob. Then he put this grand,

in my hand, and promised another thousand, each

and every Christmas, until his plan goes into effect.

(laughing) Not that it ever will.


What's the plan?

POV finds Swish (about 10 years younger), at the bar, with two beautiful women, as the bartender refills their glasses. He's in the ugliest of ugly Christmas sweatshirts.


That part, I was told to (finger to nose) keep hushed.


What's he work for, the CIA, or something? (laughing)


More like the mob.


We have mobsters in Portland?

Swish shrugging as he takes a drink…


Well, he has to be someone important if he's got a

thousand bucks to throw away every Christmas.


Either that, or he's freaking Santa Claus! (girls laughing)


I guess that makes you pretty important…

Swish a smiling stare at her…


I guess it does…



Swish sitting there shaking his head, while looking at Zane…


That compound sounds amazing. The only thing I'm

having trouble believing, is that Grover would have

certainly known of its existence…yet he's never

mentioned it to me.


My grandfather did as much as he could to keep it

on the down-low, but yeah, sounds to me like this

Grover guy should have known.

Swish just staring at Zane with a smile, while Zane's poker face remains serious…


I don't like that I can't figure you out, or trust that you

don't say things like that, just to mess with my head.


I think you're messing with it just fine, yourself…


(smiling again)

There you go, again…

Swish picks up Sam's letter, which sits in front of him. It's a handful of pages, as he glances through them all.


I don't plan to survive long enough to read through

this emotional mess, but Stix tells me these Mt.

Hood people went through quite an ordeal, and

these people appear pretty important to you.

That's why as a show of good faith, I've decided to

trust their presence, outside the DC. He also tells

me, that the guy we killed was of no relation to

you, or your compound. I hope this means we can

all learn to be friends?

Zane staring at him…


Who's messing with who, now?

Swish smiling, then laughing…


I was actually being sincere, but I like the way you

think! We'll talk more later, and maybe some sort of

trust can be built. (looking right at him) But for now,

I still think you'd put one in my head, if given the

opportunity. (looks at Dakota and Cleo) Same thing

with the lesbians, over there.

Swish heading away, then looking back at the Mt Hood group.


You guys coming?

Sam staring at Zane…


You're staying right here.

Sam nodding…

DJ sits down, as does Renee. None of them leave or follow after Swish, who laughs and leaves through the gate, while pulling Stix to his side…


So, what do you think? Was that call real, or not?



Hard to tell, but we need to assume it was. Which

is why I hate to say it, but Eric gave you no choice.

Swish excitedly smiling…


I appreciate that, Stix.


Of course, that's only because you foolishly made

me kill one of their men, simply to test my loyalty,

which has never strayed. (looking Swish in the eyes)

But no more kids…we don't hurt kids, here.

Swish smiling with a nod…


You got it, Stix. You saw me in there. I tried to free

them. You're proving to be as loyal as I need you to

be, to keep this place safe… (taking in a deep breath)

Let's gather the men, so we can decide our next

move. Whatever it is, (looking around) we can't be

so "public" about it.

Some of the men heading their direction, as Stix begins signaling over all the others…



Zane lying back, with Sam leaning in against him, wrapped in his arms…

Dakota (in Cleo's arms) watches them, with a growing smile…


I still can't believe we got her back. (shaking head)


I can't let her go.


Even being stuck in here, and after seeing what

we just saw…it just seems like everything's going

to be okay.

Cleo gives Dakota a squeeze.



Because it is…

Zane gives Sam a squeeze…


I can't wait to see Mom and Mom, and Grandpa!

And Scout! God, everyone. I just thought I'd never…

Zane giving her another squeeze. Cleo and Dakota fighting back tears…

Zane takes notice of Eli, still off on his own…


Eli is quiet. He okay; other than the obvious?

Sam looking over at Eli…


Oh my God…




I just realized he must be feeling guilty about the letter.




What would he have to feel guilty about?


You were right about us having to rush away from

the tree house, but I had already put the letter in

our secret compartment, and even left believing it

was there, for you to find. Until the next day, when

Eli shared that he had seen me put it there, and took

it, to read. He never had the chance to put it back.

Don't be mad at him. I was at first, but…


Are you kidding me? Be mad at the kid who helped

return you to us?


That's what I'm saying! Because unless you did some

exaggerating in there, that kid is practically superhuman.

Zane rising.


It's like he was born for this family.


I'm all over it.

With Sam now free, Dakota moves in to wrap her up into her arms, with Sam smiling…


Oh my God, I'm never letting you go.

Renee watches Sam/Dakota, with a smile…


Bitch, yes you will! I have her next!

Sam's smile grows even bigger…

Zane arriving over by Eli, sitting down next to him, simply staring at him a moment…


I'm so sorry I took that letter.


Are you kidding me? You do realize what kind of a

freaking legend you are, in that letter, don't you?

Not to mention how lucky my little cousin was to

have you out there, with her. You're the main reason

I'm okay, now. Because before I got her back (shaking

head), I don't know that I was ever going to be okay,

again. Because of you, I won't be spending the rest

of my life imagining the unthinkable kinds of things,

that had been stuck in my head, ever since…(shaking

head, then a look right at Eli) You've saved me…not

just me, but our entire family, from a lifetime of pain…

A family you are now very much a big part of…

Eli turning away from Zane, to shield developing tears…



You're as sappy as your cousin.

Zane smiling big, before smile fades…


I'm sorry about your brother, Rhett.

Eli closing his eyes…

POV Zane, with Eli's back to him…


It's obvious where you get your heroics from… I

really wish I could have met him.


(back still to Zane)

You would've liked him…


I know I would have, and I do… He saved you guys.

I wouldn't have Samantha back, without him, and

I wouldn't have gotten to meet you.

Eli silently beginning to sob…


(can hear sobs in voice)

He should've been a part of this, your compound.

You would've loved him… You guys would've

dominated, together.

Eli sobbing out loud, with everyone else now watching, and as Zane places a hand over his shoulder…



I'm sorry. I'm sorry!


You have no reason to be, not a single bit.

DJ, Renee, and Marlana (with a tear) all watching…

Sam, Dakota, and Cleo all watching…


(tear in eye)

I think that's the first time he's really cried, since…

Dakota sharing a look with Cleo…

Zane comforting Eli, then taking notice of someone, looking back at them, with a tear in her face. It's Pepsi, holding on to her own boy, with several other women nearby, also watching. Zane looks from her, to other women and children, who look toward them, with compassion…



Many of the convicts/loggers are piled into the old outdoor school mess hall. There is a lot of commotion between them, even some hostility between convicts and loggers. Stix moves in to keep the peace, between them. Swish simply watches over them all, before taking charge…


(speaking over everyone)

I know what you're thinking, and can hear you

have concerns.

Everyone becomes silent, staring back at Swish…


Please feel free to voice those concerns, now…

Swish waits, and looks on, as they all remain silent, looking back and forth amongst themselves…

Stix looking around, then moving toward Swish, before breaking the silence…


I have this man's back (arriving next to Swish), and

support the quick decision he was forced to make.

(now looking at all the others) I also have all of your

backs…and can personally guarantee…(looking

directly at Swish) you won't end up with a knife in

them…or else I'll be sticking one somewhere, myself…

Swish smiling at Stix…


Damn, Stix. If I wasn't so impressed, I might actually

be scared of you, right now. (looking at everyone else)

That right there, is what Grover had in mind, when

selecting a democratic course of leadership. (looking

at the loggers) Like I said, out there, your man was a

dictator…and like Stix just said, I had to react…


Why a damn knife in his back? Why not just overpower

him? (looking at convicts) with all your supporters.


Yeah! You could've put him in the DC. Gave him a chance.

Swish nodding head…


Maybe, maybe… But I was scared…that the knife

might end up in my back…and had to react… I had

to put an end to the Civil War, before it began. He

already had (looking toward convicts) some of my

own men questioning me, and was obviously

trying to stir something up. So, now we stand here

clearing the air, working toward being one group,

working together to survive this new world.

Most convicts content, but loggers are silent, looking around at one another…

Stix looking around, and taking lead.


Moving on… We need to figure out what to do,

with the ones we did put into the DC…

Silence for a moment…


They have a compound…I say we take it!

Some of the convicts cheer, some nod, and some are silent, along with most loggers…

Swish smiling…


Grover does not want us to move on Beaverton.

Would he want anything differently, when it

comes to this compound?

Swish's smile fades away…


Stix makes a valid point, but again, Grover's word was

that if the fight comes to us, we have a responsibility.

If Beaverton had shown up, we were to make them

fear Forest Grover. These people are no different than

Beaverton, except that they did show up.


We know Beaverton to be an enemy. Do we know

the same, about these people?


We know they came here to spy on us. We know

that they helped the army fire on us that first day.

You guys are outlaws, criminals! They want you

back behind bars, and since bars don't really exist

anymore, I imagine they prefer you dead.

Convicts all nodding heads with looks at one another…



Swish is in his guard uniform, carrying a shoulder bag and heading into the parking lot. He spots a truck, with engine running. He walks over and opens passenger door, grabs an envelope off the seat, and climbs inside. POV remains on the truck, without a clear view of the driver…



Your Christmas bonus is in the envelope. Now, pay

attention to where we're going, and the instructions

I give you. Next year, and every year after, you will

show me how to get where we're going, and repeat

the instructions I give you today, before you get your

envelope full of cash.

POV Swish inside, looking over the cash in the envelope, while nodding…


Fair deal…what's the key for? (pulling key out)

POV of the truck pulling out of the parking lot…

Dissolve to the truck turning off of highway 6, into a side parking lot from across the market, and with a small bridge that goes over a creek (Glenwood Lane), and leads into the Glenwood outdoor school area.

POV remains of the truck, and area, as they can be heard talking inside…


(OS, in truck)

This is it? This is where I lead them?


(OS, in truck)

Yes, lead. I can't promise that I'll be here in the

beginning. It's important they know they have

someone else, they can look to, for answers.

POV Swish.


And the few people who currently reside here,

are all a part of this plan, of yours?



They are indeed, and the vacation rentals are all

mine. That's what the key's for. Cabin #1 is yours,

pre and post-apocalypse.

Swish developing a huge smile.


I'm a homeowner?


Only if you continue to take all this very seriously.

You tell me everything next year, or you'll be

replaced, just like that.

POV outside of the truck.


Easy enough, but where's this spot in the woods

you're planning on leaving the supplies?


Put on your hiking boots, and follow me.

Grover opening truck door, with scene dissolving as he begins to climb out, without being clearly seen.



Eli is now over with everyone else, smiling and sharing stories of their "adventures"…


(moving in closely to Eli)

I'm staying close to this guy!

Sam and others smiling, as Eli begins blushing…


(waving letter and laughing)

Hahaha… He calls them huffs! Hahaha! (looking

at Dakota) You didn't tell me about that part!

Sam and others laughing…

POV Zane over by the fence, as both he and Pepsi part ways, with Zane heading over toward Eli and the others…


Yeah, Samantha really knows how to make you cry,

and then laugh, (waving letter) in this damn thing.

Some laughs…


She's quite the storyteller.

Dakota a smiling nod at Marlana, followed with a look at Renee…


I hear you like to do some writing, as well? Samantha

mentioned it in her letter.


(quietly, looking downward)

It's just a journal. Not funny, like Sam's. Samantha's.



You can call her Sam. I can never decide, myself.


(looking up)

I mostly like to read.


Oh yeah? What do ya' read?


I binged Little House on the Prairie, so I just started reading the books.


Old school, nice!


Sam says you have copies at the compound.


I was just going to say that!


I can't believe I might get to finish reading them.

Dakota smiles, as does Renee, who tries to become more comfortable, as Zane arrives.


(speaking to Zane)

Making new friends?


Allies, for now, but yeah, I think so.


Hopefully a little better than the last friend you made?


She's sure cuter than the last one.

A laugh from Cleo, and a mildly annoyed look from Zane.


She was friendly enough to tell me her son made

a new friend of his own, with a black and white cat,

just a little bit ago, on the outside.

Sam and Renee, instantly excited.


What?! Bailey?!



Sure sounds like it. She said she can show you where.

The adults suddenly looking concerned…


Umm, what?


She explained everything she could about this

place, and where the people came from.

Zane staring at them all…


I think…there's a lot of good people here, and other

than the fact Dad's mental doppelganger, (Cleo

laughing) is running it, I think this place can really fit

into Grandpa's ultimate plan.

Sam, Dakota, and Cleo all sharing a look. DJ and Marlana look very curious…


Sorry to interrupt, but…ultimate plan?


I'll explain later…


How do we get to Bailey?


(talking to Zane)

You're not forgetting that half these people are

felons, are you?


Yeah, cause dead people walking the planet, eating

live people, aren't scary enough to share this forest

with, lets add murderers and rapist to the mix.


And let's get back to this thing about the kids

going out, after the cat?


The girl I was talking with, Pepsi, has a cabin. She

said those who were offered out of the detention

center, could stay there, with her.

Everyone silent a moment, while Cleo gives everyone a questionable look…



Sure, 'cause who's more trustworthy than someone

named after a soda pop?


Yeah well, just don't ask me her son's name…

Zane taking notice of Pepsi heading toward the DC fence…


Listen, here's the thing. I have a contact here. I'm

not going to reveal who or how I know him, but

he's a true friend…and with the "Mt. Hood crew"

on the outside of this cage, I believe I can get

them a one-way ticket straight to the compound.

DJ sharing an intrigued look with Sam and the others, as Pepsi arrives, and Zane nods/leads everyone closer to the fence…


Everyone…this is Pepsi…

Everyone quiet, as they look amongst each other…


Hi Pepsi, I'm Root Beer, and this is my girlfriend,

Dr. Pepper. (Renee can't help but to laugh) She's

not really a Doctor, but (shrugging with a smile at

Dakota)…she's certainly full of pep.

Pepsi just kind of looking at everyone, before becoming sarcastic…


Ohhh', I get it… You're doing what everyone else

has always done, my entire life.



You've been going by that your entire life?


You've been this "funny" your entire life?

Zane a quiet smile, with a glance from Cleo…


Why you laughing? I'm the one that made a funny.


I think he liked hers better.


Yeah, well, he's biased…and that part about you

not being a real doctor was hilarious.

Pepsi actually a small laugh…


Yeah, that part was pretty good.

Cleo smiling, then looking at everyone.


See… Now who else do you know, who could make

a soft drink, laugh?

Renee laughing, as Cleo shares a smile with her, with scene dissolving, as everyone smiles…



Pepsi leading DJ and Marlana down to the creek.


We were at the gates supplying water for some

of the loggers, and there the cat was.

She begins filling up water containers. DJ and Marlana are helping her. They are keeping a close eye on the kids, as Coke (holding Chance's hand) leads Sam, Eli, and Renee to an area where he points up to a tree, as they all look. Conner and another man, are close by, with guns, keeping a lookout.


He was there just a little while ago. I saw him by the

gate, and got in trouble for following him down here.

Sam, Eli, and Renee looking all around, as POV goes over to the adults…


(looking at Sam)

That cat takes after his new mom. (shaking head)


You guys have been through a lot, Zane told me.

Marlana gives her a look, then a smile…


I think by now, we all have our stories…


Those loggers you were supplying water for,

what were they working on?


Still sealing the camp. Looks finished from the

front, but still not complete, in the back.

Suddenly, the kids become excited.



There he is!



Bailey's POV as he looks down at them, with a meow…



Gary and many other convicts are inside the DC, standing around Dakota and Cleo, who stand in front of a picnic table, where Zane and Swish are seated across from one another, with Stix at the end, watching Zane, closely.


So, you guys came into our yard, armed -


Armed to defend ourselves from God knows what.


You were spying on us.


Yet, not attacking…

Swish staring him down…


Not yet…


I think you know the real reason we were here,

(motioning toward gates) she's right outside those

gates. Which, by the way…are you certain they're

safe out there?


I can put them all back in here, if you prefer? I've

done my part. I read you the letter, Grover left us,

and I followed his commands to the tee. Your little

sister, or cousin, will be safe here, as will her friends.

They will be fed and housed…but until Grover arrives,

we have no choice, but to leave you (gesturing to the

DC) in a secure place.


And, when will that be?

Suddenly, there is growing commotion coming from over at the gate, and outside of it. They all look toward it, Zane instantly becoming nervous.


What the…


What's happening?! What the hell's happening?!

Swish and his men rushing toward the DC gate. Zane, Dakota, and Cleo are following, while watching the main gates. Zane, Dakota, and Cleo stop (with instant relief), as they watch Sam and all her friends, come rushing through the gates (without Bailey)…


(now on outside of DC)

What the hell is this?! (looking at Zane) Are your

damn people attacking us, son?!


They wouldn't attack, with our own people in here!

Swish looking at Stix.


Is it Beaverton? Are they making their move?

Zane looking from Swish, to Sam, who rushes their direction.

Swish, Stix, and the others rush to the gate, where men are closing it and trying to calm/quiet everyone down…

Sam arrives at the DC, followed by DJ, Pepsi, and all the others…


What's happening?

Swish's POV outside the gate, just as every last man comes rushing inside, with a few others still outside, but now hiding behind the store and in the bushes, remaining silent…

Swish and Stix watch on, very curiously…

Their POV, as mild grunting can begin to be heard. Eventually, a crowd of huffs begin filling the highway, taking it over, as there appear to be hundreds of them…

Stix begins signaling everyone inside, to be totally quiet…

He and Swish watch on, as the endless crowd of huffs, slowly drag themselves up the highway. Some of them are pushed off the road, lingering around, even come somewhat close to some of the men who are hiding, but eventually make their way back onto the road, with the others…

Sam at the fence, right next to Zane, as they all stand silently, looking over at the gates…

Pepsi is holding her heart, with a look at Zane, who gives her an expression of appreciation…

POV going around all the other people, the convicts, loggers, mothers, children, all of whom nervously keep still, watching the gates…

A baby is heard crying, as one of the loggers rushes to the woman holding it, and guides her indoors…

One person with a dog is seen rushing it indoors…

Zane begins watching everyone, and then the gates again…

Swish continues to watch, next to Stix. They share a look with each other, and back at the huff crowd…


Well, thinking this might be the motivation our

logger friends need, to get the rest of that wall up…

Stix another look at Swish, then back at the huffs…



Early morning as Swish supervises the loggers/convicts, who work hard to put up logs, in the back of the camp. There are a ton of convicts with guns, guarding the sides of the uncompleted wall…

Dissolve to front of camp, where the semi-flatbeds (full of workers) are leaving through the gates.

Sam, Eli, and Renee watch the semi's, from next to the DC, while talking/hanging out with Dakota and Cleo…

Zane is close to the fence, talking with Pepsi…

Conner is approaching the group, with Zane taking notice, and motions all the others to come huddle up. They all come next to the fence, near Zane, while skeptically eyeing Conner, who arrives…


Everyone…this is Conner. He's the one I told you about.


How -


How I know him, or any other questions you have,

is not important, right now. Figuring out our next

move, without a knife ending up in his back, is


We should be alright. He's on the other side of the

camp, with his mind more on that army of the

dead, than it is you.


Well, it's good to see the guy's not as stupid,

as he is crazy.

Zane a look at Conner.


Everything's ready on my end, but…


But, we're screwed now.

Everyone looking at Zane…


What do you mean?


Conner has a truck, ready to transport all of you

right to the compound, but…(shaking head) After

what we just saw…


It's huff freaking rush hour, out there.

Cleo and Eli share a small smile, as Dakota stares at Zane, while he's thinking…


I'm thinking it, too. (Zane looking at her) God

knows how long they'll block that road.

Everyone staring at Zane, who simply shakes his head…


(looking at Dakota)

I mean…if they keep walking…What, a couple days,

until they reach the coast? But who knows if they

turn back around, or get caught up chasing animals,

and keep that road clogged? (shaking head)


We can't send Samantha, out into that.


If the road's blocked, it won't do us any good

turning around and coming back this way. Not

once I've shown my true colors.


Which is why we have to delay the plan.


For how long?

Everyone stares at Zane, who stares at Sam…


I don't know… I wanted you out of here, and away

from that psychopath, asap, but… You guys run into

that herd, (shaking head) and something happens…

(staring at her) I still can't believe I'm even looking

and talking to you, right now. (shaking head again)

After all that…we just can't risk losing you now.


I agree. We need to get her behind those walls

and into both her mothers arms. The family

needs that to happen.


They've already lost her, once. It can't happen again.

Everyone silent a moment…


I can't speak for the psychopath in charge, but there

are good people here. If you play "nice" with the guy,

for a few days, I think you all can be safe, here.

Now everybody silent and staring from Pepsi to Zane, for his response…


He did let everyone else out (gesturing around

the DC) of here.



I agree. We all play (motioning toward Pepsi) nice,

and contribute, as if we're happy here, and I think

we can make it, at least a few days…

Others nodding…


We can all do that.

Zane hesitant to agree or respond…


Yeah…maybe… But, is a few days really enough?

Everyone silent, looking amongst each other…


Let's just take it one day at a time. If the…what

do you call them?




If the huffs don't come back…maybe the road

will be clear, eventually.

Everyone nodding…


We can do this.


We've done so much more.

Zane a look at DJ, and begins nodding his head…


So, um…what does huffs stand for?

Sam, Renee, and Eli all smiling…

Scene dissolving as Eli answers, with audio/scene over before his final word is fully heard.


Hungry, ugly, freaky, fu…



Sam is sitting very quietly, under a tree. She almost looks sad. She continues to sit there, quietly, when suddenly she can hear the sound of something jumping onto the ground. She is startled a moment, before turning with excitement, as Bailey comes over, climbing onto her lap.


(looking ahead)

It worked! I got him!

Eli, Coke, Chance, and Renee all begin approaching her, with DJ, Pepsi, and Marlana in the background, along with Conner, who stands guard.

Renee reaches Sam, first, and begins petting Bailey, who actually leaves Sam's lap, rolling over for Renee, to rub his belly, with a smile from Sam…


He really likes you… He could be yours if you want

him. I have a whole family of cats, at the compound.

Renee looks excited.


You do?! I can't wait to see your compound!

She keeps playing with Bailey, as Coke and Chance begin petting him.


I can't believe he followed us, here.

Eli bends down to pet him, but jumps back up as they all look and react to Conner, who is approaching a huff over by the bridge. DJ and them are also watching. Pepsi immediately goes over toward the kids, while Conner takes down the huff. He looks around, then back toward the others…


I don't see anymore, but it might be a good idea

to grab that cat and get on back inside.

Dissolve to them all walking through the camp gates, with a couple of the guards smiling at the cat.


You got your cat, nice!

Sam smiling, while she carries Bailey inside the camp, as POV shoots ahead, to the DC, where Zane is again at the tables, talking with Swish. Stix and Gary are also there, along with Cleo and Dakota…


So, you got pretty worried about this so-called

Beaverton group, when you thought they might

be attacking you, yesterday.

Swish nods, as Zane looks right at him…


Your Grover may have ordered you not to go after

them, but what about spying on them?

Swish shaking his head with a laugh…


So, you want me to do them, like you were trying

to do me?

Zane shrugging.


It beats just going in hot, asking for a fight. Let's go

catch a glimpse, and figure out what kind of people

we're dealing with.


"Let's"? "We're"?


I'm just as curious about these people, as I was/am

you people. Spying on them, with you…(shrugging)

two birds, one stone…

Swish staring back at him, with a laugh…


You really want me to believe you're just one curious

sob, don't you? And even if I did buy into it all, why

would I feel confident, teaming up with someone

who didn't succeed all too well at "spying", on us?


I was distracted by the miracle of my little cousin,

or would have never ended up (gesturing around

him) in here.

Swish just smiling at him…


How do I know you're not a part of Beaverton?

Zane looking at Stix.


Your man there, read my cousin's letter. Did it say

anything in there about Beaverton? And why

would she come this way, if Beaverton was where

her family was?

Swish just smiling at him…


And while you're open to my ideas, I'd send a team

after that herd. I'd say it's fifty/fifty those things

get turned around, and come right back this way.


So, with you leading my Beaverton team, who leads

the team to deal with the herd? Your sister and her

smart-mouthed lover?

Zane a dead serious look at him…


They're more than capable…

Swish again just staring at him, with a smile and shake of the head…



POV travels past several cells, with restless prisoners, who you recognize as the same ones from Swish's group…


This is bullshit!

POV travels to next cell.


We're hungry!



We were supposed to be fed hours ago!

POV comes to Gary's cell.


Yo SWISH?! What the hell's going on?!

POV comes to Conner's cell. He's sitting on ground, against wall to next cell. He speaks, over the sound of all the hostile prisoners.


What do you think, Stix? Terrorist attack? What

else would make them neglect us, like this?

POV comes to Stix, standing in his cell, staring at the exit doors…


Seems like a fair guess…



Are you worried?


The only thing that worries me, right now…is that

end of the world story, I told you about with Swish.



I didn't even think about that. But yeah, shouldn't

at least he be coming for us, if no one else?


That's kind of what worries me…

Dissolve to a police car crashing into another car, as POV falls back from the television, where Swish and others are watching the news. Others around them are leaving, while outside, people can be seen packing up their cars, and leaving...

Swish looks from the TV, to the people leaving, and back to the TV. He then pulls out his phone, and dials a number. He looks at the TV, with a strange look.


What the?

POV of officers firing their guns at a huff (freshly dead), that keeps coming at them.

POV Swish as his call is answered.


(over phone)

What's the word, Swish?


(into phone)

It's falling apart, here. This is it, this is really it. I

never thought this would ever play out, but now

that it is, I am going to make you proud, Mr. Grover.


(over phone)

It's Grover…and I'm on my way…


EXT. GLENWOOD CAMP (cabin porch) – DAY

Swish on cabin porch, with Stix, Gary, and a few others. Swish is eyeing Zane, over at the DC, where he's chatting with a random guy…


So, what are you gonna' do?


I don't know, probably let him go risk his life for

us, I guess.

Swish watching the random guy over at the DC, as he nods at Zane, and walks away…


That's at least the third guy I've seen him talking

with. Not to mention his new girlfriend… He's

becoming popular, here… Not sure how I feel

about that.


Maybe it's a good thing.


And why is that, Stix?


He just doesn't seem like a threat, to me…and like

Grover said, adding people like this guy, is important.


He doesn't want to join us. He wants to leave. To go

back and report to his people.


So, let him.

Both Swish and Gary looking at Stix…


I didn't kill his family. All he cares about right now,

is the family he found, and the family at home, who

he wants to return her to. We help aid with that…

and we have ourselves a powerful ally.

Swish just staring toward Zane, a moment, with some of the other men nodding…


You make a lot of sense, Stix…but I just can't risk

letting Grover, down.


And how would you be doing that?


(motioning toward Zane)

His people will never attack us, as long as that child

is here. That's the safest route, until Grover comes

back, to make the call himself. We'll take good care

of them, and perhaps even work with him, on this

Beaverton issue, but they reside here, until things

settle down, and we get our leader back…



POV coming from the headlights of a truck, as it comes around a corner, with lights shining right on Swish, who is standing in front of them, waiting. The truck stops, as several more trucks pull into parking area, and stopping. All of them keep their headlights on, as Swish stands there waiting, shielding his eyes from the bright lights…

Grover climbs out of his truck. His face unseen, due to the darkness. He remains at the side of his door, as a few of his other men, exit their trucks, and approach Swish…


This is it…this is really it. I never thought this

would ever play out.


I'll be honest, I'm kind of with you, on that.

Swish becoming curious/nervous, as Grover remains at his truck, while three other men arrive, just staring at him…


But now that it has, we all have a job to do. Yours,

is to lead, and to answer to me. With this, comes

a lot of respect, and trust. Those things have to be

earned, and you have to be shown, just how serious

all this is. Not just what's happening, but how we

plan to survive it…and how I can't have you letting

me down.

The moment he finishes that last word, Swish is sucker punched right in the face, and knocked down. One of the other men quickly pick him up, while the third guy punches Swish in the gut, and they all back off, allowing him to get his breath back.


You're alright… Just stay calm… They're not going

to kill you. Not if you do your job.

Swish getting his breath back, and rising upward.


What the fu -

Swish immediately punched in face again, and going down.


Alright, that's enough…

Grover closes his truck door, and begins heading toward Swish…



Zane stares outside the DC fence, with a smile on his face.

His POV of Sam playing/laughing, while chasing Bailey around with a string. Renee is there too, having a good time, along with Eli, Coke, and Chance. Other children are also there, mostly watching. Pepsi and Marlana are close by, watching and smiling.

Dakota comes to Zane, from behind, and with a smile on her face…


We've lost so much, but seeing her like that…just

gives you so much hope, ya' know?


I'm still in shock…seeing her, and reading that letter.

Zane just shaking his head…


So, now that we have a moment. I do want to know,

just how it is that you trust a guy from prison, and

how exactly do you know him?


That's fair… It's like Mr. Miyagi always said. There's

no bad students, just bad teachers. (shrugging) In

Conner's case, it's no bad kids, just bad parents. He

was only eighteen when the family "business" was

exposed, and they were all sentenced. I knew him

because he was a ball player, and I'd read his story.

So, I ended up visiting him, not once, but several

times… He's a good kid…


And you really trust him, with Samantha? Getting

her home?


Before the road got clogged, yeah. I liked those

options better than her staying here, with Mr.

Trigger happy.

Zane looking right at her, as Cleo arrives…


It's like you said, she gives hope. We need her

and that hope, back home with the rest of the

family…with her mothers…with Grandpa…

Cleo just looking at them both…


What are we talking about?


We were talking about Sam, but now I want to know

more about this idea of his, to help them with their

Beaverton problem?


It's really like I told him, two birds, one stone. And

what I didn't tell him, is that the more trust I earn

with his men, the less they'll actually be his men.


I like it.

Dakota somewhat of a skeptical look at him, as he takes notice of it…


There are good people here, and some not so good.

We're stuck here, at least a few more days. Maybe

Conner can get us all out, maybe not, but in the

meantime, we need to learn what we can…about

them and Beaverton.


Just be careful. I don't want to see his knife in your

back. Samantha's not the only one the family needs

to return.

They all turn as they hear Sam scream, and then smile when they realize she's just reacting to some of the other kids, playing with her. Zane puts his arm around Dakota, as they stand there and watch…

POV jumps over to the kids playing, where all the new kids are now more involved, as Renee sits alone watching… Marlana arrives, sitting next to her…


What happened? You get tired of playing?



I get nervous around new people.


You know, most people do. Some are just lucky, and

know how to hide it.


I'm not that lucky.


Well, just remember, you've done things, and survived

things, that most kids couldn't. Maybe these kids have,

too. If they haven't yet, they will eventually. My point is,

it's a different world, now. Kids will be different, too.

There's too much going on in the world, to care about

someone who is a little different, or a little shy.


I thought maybe I'd never feel my anxiety again, but

then those kids came over, and started playing…it just

felt like it always did.


Give it time. You just might find yourself getting over

it, more quickly.




I wanted to ask you something about your journal. I

was hoping you'd allow me to read it. If it's too

personal, I understand, but I'd really like to get to know

you better, and maybe be there for you, when you need

to talk about things, like your anxiety, or anything else.



It's at Pepsi's house. I can go get it.


I'll go with you. I promised your brother I'd keep

an eye on you.

Marlana and Renee begin walking off, as the kids all run around, playing and laughing…



DJ stopping in front of the moonshine station, and simply looking around, before entering…

There are just two different guys (Moon, 55, and Shine, 46) inside, working on the moonshine.


How's it going?


Hello, young fellow.


I'm DJ, one of the new people.


Well, hello DJ. I'm Moon, and he's Shine.

DJ staring at them both, with a silly smile…


You're messing with me, right?

Both men smiling, as they continue working, with DJ checking out their setup…


I almost wish we were. It was Grover's idea. He's

been calling us this for years, now. The people here

seem to like it. Gives them a feeling of simplicity…



Makes sense…


So, what can we do for you, today?


I'm just curious about what you guys have going

on, here. It's interesting how one day I'm heading

for some kind of miraculous compound, that can't

possibly be as amazing as I keep hearing, and the

next day I find myself at a place like this…pretty

amazing in its own self.


So, you haven't been to that compound, yet?


Not yet, but I know enough about the family who

built it, to know they're not a threat, to this place.


We don't believe them to be. We're more concerned

with our own leadership, than we are theirs. At least

until Grover returns.


So, this Grover guy isn't half bad?


Don't judge Grover, by what you witnessed here.

Don't get me wrong, I fully agree with you and

your people being taken in, and questioned, but

what happened to that logger guy, Eric, was sick…


Grover is the true leader, here. Everything will

be fine when he returns.

Everyone silent a moment, as DJ continues to snoop around…


So, um, any of this stuff ready to be washed down?



DJ now sitting against the DC fence, next to Renee, who has Bailey in her lap. Cleo and Dakota are right there, on other side of fence. Marlana is close by, watching over all the children. Some of those children are kicking a ball around, while others are playing hide and go seek…

Pepsi is over at another part of the DC fence, sitting there talking with Zane…


Sounds like fate to me…


What do you mean?


You'd been waiting two years to enlist, and get

yourself to the most dangerous part of the world,

but fate stepped in, and not only prevented you

from going, (with a smile) but gave you a Coke.

Pepsi making eye contact with him, and sharing a smile, before hers begins to fade…


Well, fate was not so kind to his father…

Zane's smile fades, as he stares back at her, while she forces a smile…


He did enlist, and you're right…it's pretty

dangerous over there…

She continues to force her smile, while nodding, as Zane shares an empathetic look with her…


Oh my God. I'm so sorry…

Zane looking from her, over toward her son, as he locates Sam, hiding behind a tree…


No, I'm sorry. You've been crying since I met you.

You don't need to hear my sad story.

Zane a small smile…


The world is full of them, now. But, yours began

before all of this.

They both share a smile, then look toward the children…


Tell me more about you. Your family, that crazy father

of yours. He sounds very intriguing. Are you guys close?


He's one of the greatest men, I know. But his

stubbornness to believe in his meds, and his newly

dead wife's nasty influence over him, he's also a very

complicated man. We're close, and I can't stand him…

if that answers your questions?


It answers them very well…and not at all.

Zane laughs as Pepsi throws him a mischievous smile…

Zane stares at her for a moment, with a smile, before finding something else to say…


So, how'd you end up with your own cabin, here?


Well, most people without families are staying in

the old outdoor school facilities, while families

share the houses and cabins. I got my own,

because I use it as a daycare. That's why Kaiden

stays there, with me. She helps with the kids.


What about all the convicts? There can't possibly be

enough homes here for all of them?


Most of them sleep in the old mess hall, and the

building next to it. But the plan is for more homes

to be built.

Zane staring over toward the mess hall, in deep thought…






Do they all stay in the same spot like that, on Swish's

command, or this Grover, guy?


That I couldn't tell you, but I do know it was Grover

who put me up in the cabin, and in charge of the kids.


So, you know him?


Not before all this began, no, but at the other camp,

yes. He was aware of how I took Chance in, and

approached me on my way of contributing, here.


Anything else about the guy, that you can tell me?


He's far from stupid, and knows what he's doing…

but if it's the kind of guy, he is…(with a shake of

head) I couldn't tell you. At least not with any

surety. And I'm a great judge of character. Trust

me, I tried.


You seemed to figure me out, pretty quickly.

Pepsi smiling…


You were easy, easy to trust. (looking right at him)

I'm sure you can fib with the best of them, when

ya' need to, but deep down, it's pretty clear what

kind of person you are.


Yet you couldn't get that from him, eh?


Not deep down, no. Obviously, his choice in

leadership, is lacking, but I do feel confident

telling you he's a much better choice than

what we're putting up with, here.

Zane staring off in thought…


Unless he's just better at hiding it…

Pepsi staring at him, then developing a mischievous smile…


He did seem to enjoy looking at me.

Zane forming a smile…


He did, did he?


So, you might want to stop looking at me that same

way. You don't want to make him jealous now, do ya'?

Zane smiling…


Just when I thought you knew how to read people.

Pepsi a sarcastic shocked face, and playful slap of his shoulder…



Not much can be seen, until Eli tosses/turns, and eventually turns on a flashlight, aiming around the room at Renee, Sam, and then DJ's empty bed. Sam and Renee are also awake, and now looking at Eli.


I was so sleepy, a few minutes ago, but wide

awake, now.


You think DJ is in the living room, or did he go

for a drink?


They have alcohol, here?



These guys? I'm sure they do. Marlana's crashed.

We should sneak out, and go see what he's up to.

Sam already popping out of bed, as Eli does the same…


Will we get in trouble?


I'm practically an adult, now. They won't mind.


Then what does it matter if Marlana is sleeping,

or not?

Sam smiling at him.


I meant the other people, here. Some of them

are scary. Even more scary than my dad.

Sam and Eli sharing a look…


We can stay, if you want, but I bet Zane is still

awake. We could go straight over there.

Renee pops straight up.


I'm okay with that.

Eli and Sam share a small smile, as they all begin putting on shoes/more clothing…

DISSOLVE to them, creeping out of their room, through the dark living room. They could see some light from one of the other bedrooms, as they creep toward the door…

DISSOLVE to them, now closing the front door behind them, and creeping down off the porch. They begin walking forward, without using their flashlights…

They can hear a few drunken men and women. Some laughing in the distance. They can see guards over at the main gates, and a few random fire pits are burning, some of them with couples, others with a few different people, drinking and laughing…

Suddenly, a light shines on the kids, scaring them half to death! A man comes right at them.


Who goes there?!

Eli looks at Sam, who looks back at him. Renee stares downward. Eli finally becomes brave enough to speak.


We were just going to visit her brother.


I'm afraid I'll need to see your permission slip.

Man just stares at them, very seriously, before cracking up and taking a swig of his booze.


I'm just giving you guys a hard time. (shakes hands

with Eli) Hi, I'm Brew. Not everyone else here is as

friendly as I, so you guys get yourselves over to her

brother, before ya' run into someone without a

sense of humor.

A woman now arrives, with a drunken smile at the kids, and walking off with Brew, toward a firepit.

They all look at each other…


I say we run.

They all begin walking with urgency, toward the DC…

Once they become closer, Sam shines her light, inside the DC, locating Zane, who becomes nervous once he realizes it's her…




You okay?! What's wrong?!


Nothing. We're fine. Just can't sleep, and wanted

to come visit.

Zane with a relieved look, as he, Dakota, and Cleo all come to the fence, with smiles…


You guys came over here alone? Where's -




The kids spooked, as they turn to look, as a light is shined on them. Eli shines his light back at it, where they can now all see Pepsi and Marlana, arriving.


Holy crap! Were you there the entire time?


Yeah, because you guys forgot your permission slip.


What the?!


You saw that guy?! And didn't save us?!


Wait, what?!


What guy?!


Geez, guys…don't get me in trouble!


He was fine, even nice. I think drunk. But Pepsi

just sat back and let him freak us the hell out!

Dakota a funny expression at Sam's language, as the others laugh a little…


Who taught you to speak like that?


I saw him long before you guys did, just like I saw

you sneaking out of the cabin. You guys can't pull

the old sneak-out trick, on me. But, since you tried,

yes, I let Brew give ya' a scare.


That's messed up!




That guy made my heart stop!

Sam laughing, as is Marlana, who arrives with a touch to both Sam and Renee, over the shoulder, as she comes over and turns on a lantern, while taking a seat on the ground, by the fence. Everyone else begins sitting, getting comfortable…

Zane throws an impressed smile at Pepsi, as she sits next to the fence, close to him…


I obviously left my little cousin in very good care.

Pepsi giving him a big smile…

Dissolve to a little later, as they're all laughing over something that had been just said, and as DJ is arriving, with a look of relief, as they all turn to see who it is…


Oh, thank God! I figured you guys must be over

here, but scared the chiz out of me to see your

beds empty!


Did you just say chiz?


Yeah, he got it from ICarly. He watches it with me.


You watch ICarly? I love ICarly! Sam was my

favorite character!

Renee laughs, along with others.


Of course, she was.

Sam looking at Eli, surprised.


You watch it, too?!


(quick to answer)


Cleo, Dakota, Pepsi, and Marlana all laughing.



Eli watches a girly show. (laughing)


I've just seen it. I didn't watch it!

Everyone laughing. Zane takes notice of DJ holding a bottle…


Whatcha' got there, DJ? Wouldn't be some of that

moonshine, I've heard they're making here, is it?

DJ takes a swig from it.


(just a little buzzed)

And a pretty good job of it, they're doing.

Cleo and Dakota laughing, and becoming excited.


Well, pass along a taste for us, eh?


Yeah, I mean we know you saved our little Samantha

and all, but you better run back to where you got

that from, and get us a bottle.

Some laughs.


You serious? Because those guys Moon and

Shine, were cool as chiz. They'll hook you up.

All the adults looking strangely at each other…


Did you just say Moon, and Shine? (laughing)


Yeah, 'cause I haven't even had a drink yet, but

that's what I just think I heard.


I knew about those guys but not that they go

by Moon and Shine. (laughing)


They said Grover came up with it.


Really? (pondering that)

Eli eyeing DJ, who helps give a drink, through the fence, to both Cleo and Dakota, with some laughs…


I want to try.

Sam a quick look at Eli.




I had some at UPS.


You know what, give him one. I think he deserves it.


I actually concur with that.

DJ hands the bottle to him.


Take one sip, maybe a few, (some laughs) and

then give it to Pepsi. I'm gonna go see if I can

score us some more.

DJ heading away.


They even still there?


Yeah, they sleep right there, where they make it.

Dissolve to same area, as everyone is in extreme laughter, as both Cleo (holding a bottle) and Dakota are hilariously dancing with Sam, who is on the other side of the fence, happily trying to follow their moves. Moon and Shine are also there (with bottles), and all the adults are drinking.

Marlana is laughing with Renee, and edging her way toward the dancers, but first speaking to Renee.


This is going to be hard for me, but I owe it to my


Renee watches Marlana approach the others, dancing. She gets next to Sam, and sure enough, begins shaking her stuff, to the delight of Sam, as well as both Cleo and Dakota, who cheer and dance.


Woohoo! That a girl!

Sam is cracking up, and doing her best to keep up with Marlana, who looks to the sky, with joy in her face.


This is for you, Noah. I miss you baby.

Sympathetic looks from the other dancers, but mostly smiles and laughter as they continue to watch, or dance with her…


(now looking at the others)

He loved to watch me do this…

Everyone else watching, laughing, and drinking…

Dissolve to same area, a little while later as they're settled down, all huddled up close (some of them with blankets), deep in conversation. Moon and Shine are still present.


There isn't a more amazing person on the planet.

Marlana yawns, then smiles as Renee does the same.


There really isn't.

Eli stretches his arms.


He's just a little bit of everything. I mean, people

know him for his creative chain of hotels, the SSH,

his money, and even his love and devotion to his

family, but his spiritual side, and the way he

believes in God…sometimes feels to me, like the

most amazing thing about him.

Everyone dead silent, paying attention to Zane…


Tell them about where he believes God came from.


Yeah…I used to love falling asleep to his thoughts on

God, and where life came from. At first, only because

I didn't understand it, and it put me right to sleep…

but as the years went by, it began having the opposite

effect. Even when I did get sleepy, I'd be (motioning

head as if drifting/waking)doing what I could, not to

drift, and keep learning from his imagination.


I like how you say learning.


It was his own thoughts and opinions, but it felt

like knowledge, and to this day I fully believe in

everything, I'd lay there listening to him, go on

and on about.


And he just loved it, didn't he? Even though he must

have realized it was taking longer and longer to get

you to sleep, this way.

Both Zane and Dakota nodding.


He did! He could never get tired, and never run out

of thoughts and/or theories, of not only life, but what

it all means, and what we're supposed to do with it.

Moon looking at Shine.


And I thought Grover was interesting.

Zane a look at Moon.


So, tell us what it is, he believes... Got us all

curious, now.


Well, first off, he always says to just know one thing,

with certainty, and have an open mind about

everything else. That one thing, was the love of your

children and family, and compassion for your fellow

man. He said to have that, to feel it…that was all the

proof you needed, of a higher power, regardless of

what that higher power was. Science could have its

hands on everything else, but those two things have

nothing to do with science.

Moon nodding his head.


That makes a lot of sense.


I like it.


It's making me think Indians, again.

Sam is the only one laughing, as everyone else questionably looks at Eli…


You had to be there. (looking at Zane) Tell them

about when there was nothing but blackness,

and how crazy it made, God.

A chuckle, or two…


He believes that's all there was, in the very beginning.

Just black. And by believes, I mean it's his best guess,

as like I said before, he is open-minded to every other

possible theory, out there. This is just his go-to theory.

Few more chuckles…


It made God, insane.

Everyone looking at Sam.


I take it, Grandpa put you to bed once or twice,

to these "theories", did he not?

Few laughs, as Sam simply nods, excited herself, to hear more, as she looks to Zane…



It makes sense to me. With nothing but darkness,

no stars or planets, and not even a God, yet…


Is it just me, or does he sound like he's reading

Twas the night before Christmas?

Few laughs.


Okay, no more moonshine for the kid.

More laughs…


I disagree. He's pretty funny. Give him more!



Yeah, what she said!

More laughs, especially from Sam and Renee…


Okay, okay, either give him some, or not, and let

Zane go on. I want to hear this.

Zane an appreciative/flirtatious look at Pepsi.


Thank you. As I was saying… Even God, himself, is

yet to be born. No color, no sound, nothing…even

worse than the deepest, darkest room of solitary,

where they send the worst of the worst… And what

happens when they do that?

Everyone just looking at him, until someone answers…


You go insane…

Zane nodding.


Exactly… And that's the drive, that gave birth to God.

Insanity, boredom…from all the nothingness…

Everyone's attention on Zane, waiting for more…


Something, just happened… A mind, was created,

or born... Like Darth Vader, he conceived himself.


Oh great, God is a dictator!

Cleo, Dakota, and everyone else laughing…


I was waiting for that.


Seriously, someone give the kid another drink.


That's okay, I'll use the force to get myself one.

Few more laughs, before everyone quickly looks to Zane, to go on…


So…out of this insanity, came the ability to think,

and from there, the ability to desire. Desire for

sound, vision, color, beauty…and to feel…to love.

Then came the ability to create, which came with

a big bang. Now, whether this "mind" went on to

create/birth/hatch (few chuckles) more minds,

before creation of the stars, moons, suns, planets,

and people like ourselves, well even Grandpa left

certain things to ponder, for a later day.


That it?


For the short version, yeah. I mean, he could go

on and on about any questions or theories of

your own, but that is how he believes it all began.


And that this life we live, is a test. A test to prove

what kind of souls we possess.


That's why God himself, can't console us the way

we pray for, at times, and by he, I mean

he, she, or it. It'd be too easy to "behave", if we

knew with certainty that we'd kneel before such

a powerful being, in the end.


Or both, he and she. Grandpa always said he was

very open to the idea of a couple. Maybe the male

version, being the "devil", we like to also believe in.

Who are kids more afraid of, when they get in

trouble? Mom? Or Dad?

POV traveling past everyone, taking in what's being said…


Mom's the consoling one, while Dad's got the belt.


He was also open to the idea of God, being very

lonely, hence the creation of us all. He looked

forward to the first of us, passing the test, and

joining his kingdom.

Zane quiet a moment, just looking back at everyone…


And God, needs our love, too. God feels pain,

loneliness, disappointment, lust, excitement, all

of it. We couldn't have been given all these

emotions/feelings, from something that didn't

know a thing or two about them, him/her/itself…

Zane again quiet, as is everyone else, just pondering his words…

Pepsi looks impressed, nodding her head.


Wow… I really can't wait to meet him…


Who? God?


(a little laugh)

No, Grandpa! But yeah, God, too!

Bunch of laughs…


Maybe Grandpa, is God! Now I really can't wait

to meet him.


When I was a kid, I used to believe that maybe he was…


Me too.

Eli looking at Sam, with a funny expression…


When you were a kid?

Everyone laughing, as scene dissolves…



A thunderous sound begins echoing throughout the camp. Convicts, loggers, and others all rushing out to see what it is. Eli, Samantha, and Renee come rushing out of the cabin, watching in horror, as something begins banging against the wall, almost like a wrecking ball, or a monster!

It's a giant axe, and on the other side of it, and now climbing through the hole he axed, is Colonel Ballard!

Cut to Eli, waking in bed, and then closing his eyes with annoyance.


God, I hate that guy…



Zane, Cleo, and Dakota are in sleeping bags, crashed out asleep, inside the yurt. The sound of someone approaching is heard…



Rise and shine, my late-night moonshiners.

No time for hangovers.

Dissolve to Zane, Cleo, and Dakota all in coats, taking a seat with Swish, at the table in the DC…


Good time, last night? How was the shine?


Not bad, but not so good that it made me ever

think for a moment, that you might actually know

what you're doing, with all this power of yours.


You know…you people keep acting like it's me,

who has something to prove, here.


I offered you, yesterday, a way of proving myself.

It's your move.


And I'm here to make it… You've got your chance, the

girls, too. But, your niece, cousin, or whatever she is,

will be here, where she'll be safe, until your return.


How many men do we get?


A half dozen of my best, and most trusted, will go

with you. Another half dozen, will go with the ladies.

Zane looks at Cleo and Dakota.


It's been a day and a half. Drive for about twenty

minutes, then find a hill to climb, and scout the

highway for that herd. Don't let em' hear you coming.


Got it.



I'm feeling confident, already…

Zane turning back to Swish…


I have a request… I want to lead this mission.

I can't be at my best, while taking orders from

an amateur.

Swish just staring at him, with that smile of his…



Close-up of Sam, in bed asleep. She wakes her eyes, instantly they go wide!


ZANE! You're out!

DJ, Eli, and Renee all waking with wide eyes, then relief, while watching Sam hug Zane. Renee flinches again, as the door opens, with Dakota and Cleo entering. They also receive hugs, from Sam…


What happened? How'd you all get out?



Everyone now dressed and sitting around, with Pepsi, Marlana, Coke, and Chance also there.


(looking at Sam)

You have to be ready to go, as soon as Dakota

gives you the word, (looking at all the kids) all

of you do. I might not be back.



Why? We should all go together!

Eli nodding his head…


He's not going to let us go. You guys have to sneak

out of here, the very first chance you get. I'm not

taking any chances with him. I want you as far from

him as possible. I want you in your mothers arms.


What happens to you, after we leave?!

Dakota a look at Zane, along with all the other adults…


Sam, I will be fine. Once you're safe, and telling my

crazy ass dad where I am, this crazy guy here is

going to have his hands full. We'll have an army at

these walls, and I'll be coming home with them.

Sam nervous, almost teary-eyed…

Cleo providing Sam with a reassuring shake…


(speaking to Pepsi)

Can I speak to you, outside, for a minute?


Yes, because I wanted to talk to you, for a minute.

Pepsi rising and following Zane for the door. Marlana begins to rise.


So, how about some breakfast?


I'm starving.

Coke and Chance express excitement, over breakfast, as Pepsi follows Zane outside, and closing the door. She smiles at him…


Should I be worried?


No, I know what I'm doing. What's on your mind,

that you wanted to tell me?

Pepsi taking a breath…


I know you want me and the kids to go with them,

but Zane, there are not only good people here,

there are good kids. Those kids depend on me.

Zane staring at her, with admiration…


That's what I want to talk to you, about… I've trusted

you from the start, and you've been great with

Samantha, and the other kids. I have something else,

something important, that I want to trust you with…



Zane is gathered with his group, containing of Stix (with a radio), Gary, and four other convicts (Kemp, Lester, Rod, and Shade, all 30-45). Cleo and Dakota are gathered with their group, containing of Damon, Divit, Conner (with a radio), and 3 others. Swish is also there, handing guns to Cleo and Dakota, with a look at Zane.


Don't make me regret this…

Swish goes on to hand a gun to Zane, and then just stares at him a moment…


(reaching for something)

Oh, you'll probably need these.

Swish handing him a box of ammo, with a look from Zane…


You'll trust me more, once we return.


We'll see… I thought long and hard, over your request…




Denied. Stix has command, but will follow your

lead. He'll only take over, if he feels he needs to.

But, make no mistake, you take orders from him,

not the other way around.


Hope he knows what he's doing…


I hope you know what you're doing. You screw

me, and you're screwing Grover. (shaking head)

Not a wise thing to do…



POV behind Grover (can't see his face) and Swish, who walk toward the prison. Grover's arm is around Swish, who is obviously beaten up…


It was simply a show of power, and a small price to

ask, for what I'm providing. What's happening out

there, is not just the beginning of a new world, but

something you have to see, to even begin to believe…

Two of Grover's men come around the corner, up in front of them. They are holding/securing a prison guard, as they bring him toward Grover. Other men are in parking lot, loading up their trucks, with supplies…


EXT. PRISON AREA (same area where Grover gave motivational speech) – NIGHT

POV slowly goes over the curious expressions of tons of convicts, all watching, and waiting…

Suddenly, their eyes begin to go wide, as the sound of a huff (coming to life) can be heard. Their expressions are wild, with shocked disbelief.


What the hell am I seeing?!


But…is he dead, or…

POV Gary…


This can't be real.

POV comes to Stix, just staring, in disbelief…

Swish is standing back behind most of the others. He's perking up, a bit, as he watches in awe, before looking back toward the trucks, where Grover and his men continue to load them up…


(speaking over at Grover)

I think we're seeing, what you wanted us to see.

The dark image of Grover, approaching the convicts…

As he arrives, just before his face can be seen, the POV begins traveling over all the convicts, who curiously look from Grover, to the huff (handcuffed to bar), and back to Grover, as he begins speaking…



Swish has filled you guys in on what you need to

know. What I need to know, is how much you

respect what I'm doing for all of you? You see why

things are going down, the way they are. Because

of me, you all have a shot at being a part of the

new world. Because of that, I'm asking for your

absolute allegiance. (men begin nodding) We

survive this, TOGETHER! (some mild cheering) WE



OURSELVES, TOGETHER! (cheering getting even


cheering as scene begins to dissolve) WE HAVE

LEADERS! (cheering)



A truck goes slowly driving up the highway, with Divit and Conner in the back. A second truck, follows behind them. Inside, is a guy (Geno, 35ish) driving, with Damon on passenger side. Both Cleo and Dakota stand in the back, keeping an eye out.


That guy Damon, is creepy.


Nah, he's harmless…and if you're right, he'll take

one in the head, if he lays a hand on you.


Just remember, Sam is back there, on her own.


Remind me of that, if his hand goes anywhere

near you…

POV from above both trucks, as they begin to pull off to the side of the road, next to a large hillside…

Cleo and Dakota hop down off the truck, as do the men in the other truck, with the others climbing out. Divit grabs a pair of binoculars. They all look over and up the hillside…


Should be a good view of the road, from up top.

If we're anywhere close to them, we'll see them

on the other side.

Cleo and Dakota, a look at one another, back up the hill, and then begin climbing. Damon watches Cleo, with a smile, and follows, as do all the others…

Dissolve to all of them, over halfway up the hill…


So, tell me more about this compound.


You'd love it. We actually have jail cells there.

Dakota fights back a laugh, as does Divit.


What the hell you mean by that?

Dakota giving Cleo a look, with one from Conner, as well…


She can't help it. It's her witty mouth that I fell in

love with, and want to slap the shit out of, at times.


Let me know next time, and I'll slap it for you.


Relax, bro. It's all good…

Dakota looking from the dirty expression on Damon's face, to Cleo…

They all walk in silence…

A noise scares and makes them all freeze, as a deer skips through the woods, and down the hill. They all put down their guns, and continue on, in silence…

They begin reaching the top, with a clearing below. They all move forward, and stare downward.

Their POV of the highway, mostly clear. There is a random huff, here and there, but no more…

They all look at one another, and in silence, they turn and go back the way they came…

Dissolve to all of them reaching the bottom, and climbing back in/on the trucks…

Dissolve to all of them driving the highway. Cleo and Dakota again in the back, keeping their eyes open…

Dissolve to Divit knocking on top of the truck, as it pulls off the road, next to another hilltop, and they all begin climbing out. They stretch, and begin climbing…

Dissolve to them all hiking the hill, in silence. Damon stares at Cleo, in silence… Conner takes notice of it, in silence…

Dissolve to Divit reaching the top, as the others follow behind him. They come to a clearing, and stare down below, in silence, as some of them turn to stare at one another…

Dakota turns to look at Cleo, who is still staring downward…





A truck drives down the highway. Gary is driving, with Rod and Shade, standing in the back, keeping an eye out…

A second truck is behind them, Stix and Zane stand in the back, also keeping an eye out. They watch as the truck passes a couple of huffs, who had been on the ground eating an animal…

They continue driving down the road. Eventually, the first truck slows, and begins swerving over the road, to dodge a small group of huffs. Zane and Stix aim their guns, but decide not to fire, as the truck works its way around them, and over the top of one of them, as Zane and Stix brace for the bump…

They continue going down the road. There is a swampy area, where several huffs are stuck…

A dog comes out of the brush, running toward the trucks, until giving up…

Zane and Stix share a look, and then back to the road.

Dissolve to the trucks now on a different stretch of road. Zane's truck is now in front, as he bangs on the roof. The drivers turn off the road, onto a dirt road. They begin passing some farms, and fields. They begin climbing in elevation, until they come to a dead end, and stop.

They all jump/climb out…


Boy, you better not be walking us into a trap.

Zane rolling his eyes, as he pulls out a pair of binoculars, from the truck.


You are just as paranoid as your boyfriend.


How far from here, do we go on foot?


It's not far. Anyone at least halfway in shape,

shouldn't even break a sweat.


Is that a crack, at me?

Zane glancing over at Gary's pot belly…


If you break a sweat, you'll have your answer.

Zane not sure, but thinks he noticed a small smile from Stix…

Dissolve to them all walking, through the brushy area, and somewhat of a trail…


How do you even know about this place?


I had a friend who lived on one of those farms.

This was their childhood "hangout" spot. Forts,

ghost stories, and all that fun stuff.


And you're sure we can get a good look at

Beaverton, from there? (wiping some sweat)


As sure as I am, you've broken that sweat.


Keep talking, wise guy.


So, tell me more about Grover. Why all the hype?


He showed up when everyone else was leaving.

Leaving us to rot in those cells. He gave us hope,

resources, and promises. Unlike the people who

had done that to us, our entire lives…he made

good on them. You've seen that place. Compound

or not, it's a place of bliss, compared to how we

were living, in the old world…



That's fair… What about his other camp? What

do you know about that?


Why all the questions?


I need to know everything I can, so that when I

make it back to my people, we can destroy you all.

Zane a sarcastic roll of the eyes, toward Gary…


My son is only a little younger than you, and

just as sarcastic. It's what got him killed.


And you're telling me this, because?


If I'd do my own son like that, how would I do

you? I put up with his shit, for years, until I didn't.


Well, guess I got some time to play with, then…

They all freeze, as off in the far distance, what sounds like an explosion is heard…

Zane begins running ahead, as they all follow…

He comes to a clearing, but nothing can be seen. They all look, and listen…it sounds like possible gunfire…

Zane again begins running, further along the semi-trail, with everyone following. He finally comes to another clearing. They all come to a slow, and stare outward, with the sound of a ton of gunfire, in the far distance…


(pulling binoculars up to his face)

What the fu -