Season 2, Episode 9






It's quiet, with no one around, until a deer runs through, followed by the sound of footsteps…

Eventually talking can be heard, and coming into focus…



Why do you guys sleep in tents?



It's the end of the world. We have to live in the

woods, to survive.

BOY #1


To survive what?

BOY #2


The end of the world!

Boy #2 (about 7-8 years old) comes walking through the woods, into POV.

BOY #1


Luckily, I'll be long gone before the world really

does end.

Boy #1 (William, 7-8) enters POV, with a shaved bald head.

BOY #2

My dad is rich; he will hire you the best doctor

in the world.


(smiling with role of eyes)

My dad is almost as rich as yours, silly!

Both boys laughing, as William playfully pushes the other one, and runs off as he begins to be chased. They run right out of POV, disappearing, with only their laughter heard…

They come racing back into POV, with Boy #2 suddenly freezing, and listening.



BOY #2

You hear that?

They both remain silent, listening… Eventually the sound of someone calling out, can be heard. It's a female voice, but too far off, to make out who she was calling for.

Boy #2 throws a wide-eyed look at William, who begins inching away. The sound of the woman begins to come into focus.


Where are you? Come to Mommy.

Boy #2 watches, as William runs off into the woods.

BOY #2

Where you going?



Away! Your mom will be angry if she sees you

with me.

Boy #2 looks sad, as he turns from William's direction, to look toward the sound of his mom…



Come help set up camp. Your father wants his best

camper, there.

The woman becomes visible, walking through the trees, into the POV, with a smile and look at Boy #2. She is Laura (Grandpa Sam's wife), about ten years younger than she was in the opening scene of Season 1, and pregnant…


There's my little Leo…

Leo looks from her direction, back toward William's direction, and then back at his mother, with a big smile as he approaches her, with a hug…


What are you doing, all the way out here?



I don't know… Sometimes I like just being alone…

She begins guiding him back, and he turns with a look back toward the way William had taken off. Laura watches him, with a look back, herself…


Everything, okay?



They walk in silence, for a moment…


Did everyone finally get their gear all set up?

Laura smiling.


Hunter did, and your dad is helping Mason, finish up.

Your cousins, well, they're struggling, a bit.


Yeah, they need help.

Laura looking at him with a smile…


Not everyone can be quite the outdoorsmen that

you are.


(looking at Laura's belly)

Maybe Scout, will be as good as I am.


Maybe her big brother will have to teach her, to

be as good as he is.

Leo looking up at her, with a smile…


Mom, are you happy to finally be having a girl?


I think I am, yes. I think she'll be good for you, and

your brothers. To have another girl in your life. A lot

you can learn from a sister.


I bet even she'll be better than the cousins, by the time

she's Vincent's age, maybe even Fish's.

Laura smiling, as they walk along, in silence for a few moments…

Suddenly, they are attacked from behind, as Laura jumps! Leo a small flinch, before rolling his eyes and giving his brother Mason, a shove.



Mason laughs and points at the fear of his mother, and runs off. Leo looks up at Laura, who gives him a playfully serious look…


I want him to suffer…

Leo smiling, then taking off running after Mason, as Laura yells out to him, loud enough for Mason to hear.


I want him within an inch of his life!

Laura smiling, and holding/rubbing her pregnant belly, as she walks toward where all the others are setting up camp…



Scout (with shoulder bandaged) hugging her brother Mason…


Don't worry about Leo. Baby sis, is on it.

Mason smiling at her, then hopping in his hummer, and driving it out of the garage, followed by an entire crew, of hummers, trucks, RV's and equipment. Mayday, Gia, Darius and Tanner, are all in their army jeep, in the middle of the caravan, along with their other army friends, in their own jeep.

Scout watches, alongside her brother Hunter, and others, as Mason leads the caravan away…



Leo at his wife's grave, with half empty bottle of booze. He takes notice of the caravan, driving through the compound, but is too drunk, and simply turns back toward the name, on his wife's grave…



A huff is on the ground, eating itself sick, as it continues to dig into the dead cow…

Eventually it looks upward, at the sound of vehicles, in the distance…

POV from the huff, toward the highway. A bunch of other huffs are now also looking toward the highway, from where they sit on the ground, next to dead cows…

They all watch, as Mason's caravan comes through the hills/trees, and down the visible stretch of highway. The zombies slowly begin to rise, as the caravan drives closer and closer…

Eventually the caravan stops…

Mason can be seen climbing out of his hummer, staring out into the field, toward those huffs…

Others begin climbing out, and looking…

POV Mason, standing next to Mayday, and many others, all staring outward…


Well…guess this is as good a place to start, as any…


Good thing we grabbed a ton of those cows,

while we still could…

Their POV of the field, where literally hundreds of huffs are slowly rising, from next to dead cows, looking toward the people/caravan, on the highway…



Shots of the beaches, where random huffs roam around, as opening credits roll…



Mayday watches as Mason uses a key to open up the gates, of the Tractor yard, with many others, also there, behind them.


So, you guys bought properties like this, simply to

have easy access, in the case of Armageddon?


That, and the fact that Dad always made a profit out

of anything he owned. Usually ran by friends of the

family, or people he became friends with, after putting

them to work, running places like this. Guy who ran this

place, is retired, and at the compound with his wife.

(motioning to guy behind him) This is their son…

Mason swinging gates open, as he and the others begin entering…


Mason, Chasin, and others, are gassing up the tractors, loading up supplies and driving some of the tractors, toward the gates.

Porter, Jason, Colton, Mayday and his soldiers, are all busy killing huffs, keeping them clear of the others…



Jason and those same people, all killing huffs again, this time in a large open field, where Mason, Chasin and others, are using the tractors to dig huge holes. They're digging them in a large perimeter form…

Dissolve to the holes almost complete. Jason and those guys are relatively free, but still killing off a huff, here and there. Others are looking over the holes, while some of the tractors begin dropping logs down inside…

Dissolve to everyone now on the inside of the perimeter, while Mason and a few others are parking vehicles over the lone section of the perimeter, which is not connected to the rest of the hole. They are using the vehicles as a barricade, with everyone else remaining on the inside, where they have an entire camp, set up. They have semi-flatbeds in there, which they use as a part of the camp…

They have large tents and canopies, even porta potties. There is a large bonfire set up (not yet lit), in the middle. They have a few large vehicles, where they are all pulling out food and alcohol. There are about a dozen dogs there. Half are German shepherds, the other half are Rottweilers, Labradors and pit bulls…

Dissolve to Mason, turning on music (Pitfall – Fireball, is playing), which blares over a loud stereo system, as everyone raises their glasses and begins cheering. Chasin tosses a flare into the large pit, instantly igniting, as the fire spreads through the entire pit, all the way around them. More cheering…

Wyatt, Gunner, Shelby, Missy (Mason's gf), Rachel (Gunner's wife), Catherine (Chasin's wife), April (Hunter's wife), Jennifer (Mile's wife), Brode (Cleo's dad), Kyle (Cleo's brother), and many others, are all there. Looking festive and ready to party…

POV travels up over them, and over the entire area. POV goes over the pits and the burning fire, and over the field, eventually coming to where all the dead cows lay, and then ever further, until it finds huffs, heading in direction of the music/fire…

Dissolve to all those same huffs, now reaching the pits, and dropping into the fire, with mass cheering from Mason and all the others…

POV travels up over them, again, this time going opposite direction. There are tons of huffs in the fields, and on the highway, and in the fields across the highway. They are all heading for the fire and sound of music, as POV passes them, and travels over toward downtown Tillamook…

The sound of the music from the pits, is fading, until gone all together. Eventually the loud sound of different music can be heard, blaring over a PA, and some random honking…

POV goes through the abandoned small town, with random huffs here and there. They move toward the sound of the music and honking, which grows much louder. Eventually a hummer comes around the corner, playing the music and occasionally honking, and it's followed by a second hummer…

As the hummers slowly go by, you can see that they're followed by a cluster of huffs. The hummers lead them toward the highway, and the direction of the burning pits…



Different song is now playing (Building 429 – Bonfire) as some people are watching huffs fall into the pits/fire, while most people begin gathering around the unlit bonfire, where Mason prepares to light it. Missy is dimming the music. There is over a hundred people…


I want to thank everyone here, for all your help, for

risking your lives, and now, (raising his glass) for raising

your glasses with me, and taking this time, to not only

clear the beaches, but to spend this quality time together.

To put our grieving on hold, because we all know we'll

never truly get over, those we've lost, but now it's

time to honor them! (cheers) It's time to laugh, and be a

family! (cheers) It's time to talk about them, and

remember the times we shared with them, (motioning

toward Mayday and his people) and to share with those

who never met them. It's time to forget the pain of

losing them, and to carry on their memories, by

proceeding with the family plan, which is to SURVIVE!

(mass cheering!) It's…(stops to swig his drink all the way,

then raising it to the others) TIME TO GET SMAAAASHED!

Everyone raising their drinks and cheering with all their might, as Missy blasts the music, again…


"Light it up, light it up"

Mason lights the bonfire, with more cheering…


Bonfire, baby!


"Let it burn, let it burn. Let it burn, let it burn"

Everyone drinking, celebrating…

POV more and more huffs, arriving, and dropping into the pits, and burning away…


EXT. HIGHWAY (next to bonfire area) - DUSK

Dissolve to those same two hummers, leading the cluster of huffs, down the highway, with the flames from the pit, in the field, adjacent to the highway. The hummers no longer play the music, or honk, as the music from the pits, can now be heard…

The hummers speed up drastically, turning and speeding down a road that leads opposite direction of the pits. The cluster of huffs are left behind, and eventually become drawn to the flames, and the sound of the music. There are also fireworks exploding high in the sky, now. The huffs all begin swarming into the field, heading right for the pits…

The hummers keep speeding away, toward another part of town, and far enough from the pits, to no longer hear the music, or see the flames. They begin blaring their own music, again, and honking. In the background, you can see the fireworks, in the sky…

Close-up of fireworks, exploding and making all sorts of noise…



Everyone looking up at the fireworks, as Gunner and Mason are lighting them, followed by a montage of the evening, as it turns to night, while they continue to drink and party…

They are truly a group of family and friends, who are desperately in need of what they're doing, after all the pain and suffering, since the discovery of Fish and all the other graves, up on Mt. Hood…

Some of them are dancing on the flatbeds, while many of them are grouped together, embraced, laughing, saluting, crying, high-fiving, dancing, pointing and laughing at huffs, who drop into the pits…

Gunner and a few other guys, continue to light off fireworks…

There are several different men who are sober, and standing guard, with guns. Some of them are in front of the pits, keeping an eye on all the party goers. A few of the guards are at the blockade of vehicles, and some are inside those vehicles, with a couple different guys on top, keeping an eye on the huffs down below, on the other side, who eventually make their way to the pit, and drop inside…

They have bright flood lights, aimed out into the field, so as to see if anything threatening was to approach. One of the guards keeps an eye out that way…

Mason pops up next to that guard (Ricky, 20ish), who is one of Mayday's soldiers…


Everything looking good, out there?


Nothing worth stopping the party over.


How old are you, son?


I'll be drinking at my favorite bar this New Years…

a day after my 21'st. (with a smile)



You're kidding me? You're a couple months from

your 21'st?

Ricky nodding, with Mason in disbelief…


Well, I wasn't lying earlier, when I told you guys you'd

all be off duty and drinking it up tomorrow night. As far

as I'm concerned…(pauses)

Mason pauses and looks down toward all the others, and then speaks out loud to them.


Listen up! (whistles) LISTEN UP! April, turn down

the music…

Mason waiting as April turns it off, and everyone looks up at Mason, who grabs Ricky's hand, holding it up in the air…


This is Ricky. One of the brave, sober men protecting all

your drunk asses. (few laughs and cheers) I just learned

that he's only a couple months shy of his 21'st! What do

you say we let this kid have tomorrow night off, eh?

(cheering) And show him how to become a Baker, and

to party with a Baker! (now pointing toward Mayday)

All of our soldier friends, who were a huge part of getting

us down off that mountain, all of you will be drinking

tomorrow night! (pumping his fist, with mass cheering)

Everyone raising their glasses and cheering, even saluting Ricky, who is blushing and honored, to be honored…

April blasts the music, back on, and everyone continues to party…

Gia is next to Mayday, with her gun and on guard duty, but doing a little dance, to show her excitement, toward the following night to come…

Mason is even doing a funny drunken dance up on the vehicle, next to Ricky, with laughs from his girlfriend Missy, his son Chasin and wife Catherine, all down below…

He climbs down and begins dancing with his girlfriend, as Chasin and his wife begin dancing…

POV travels over them all, drinking and partying. Jason, Porter, Colton and Shelby are all dancing together, as POV travels by, and over the fire, as huffs continue to fall inside, and more approach, as POV passes them, and into the darkness, toward the highway…

Headlights can be seen. The hummers have their music blaring, but shut it off, and then speeding away from another cluster of huffs, and again turning down that same road, and disappearing. The huffs all begin going the opposite direction, toward the bright flames, and sound of music…

Dissolve to that same cluster of huffs, all of them piling into the burning pits, with cheering and celebrating from Mason and all the others, on the other side…

Dissolve to Mason, standing around telling a story, with all his family members around, who are smiling/laughing, as they listen.


Fish just didn't dance. Not in front of anyone! Not even

us, as kids. But they finally won that Sand Series, and he

always said, if they'd won, we seem him do it. He was

going to chicken out, but Zane got it started, then the

entire team was up there, Samantha was there, begging

him to go, and he just began breaking into the most

ridiculous (laughter) moves I had even seen in my entire

life, and it all suddenly made sense! I mean, I couldn't

even pick a time era, that those moves came from!

(laughing) Even Dad, didn't want to claim him after that!

Everyone laughing, and drinking…



A family of people (parents and 2 teen boys) are hiding in their dark house, behind windows, as they peek out toward the slowly moving hummers, that are blasting music, and honking their horns…


I… I think they're using the music, to…gather the dead?

(shaking head) Maybe leading them somewhere?


Then…shouldn't we…



Yeah, I think so.

Father (Teddy, 45ish) going for the door, opening and walking out, revealing himself to the hummers, just before they drove by. His teens are at the door watching, with their mother behind them. The hummers stop, and shine lights on the father…

A couple guys hop out of the second hummer, aiming guns at him. He holds up his hands.


Don't shoot. I'm unarmed. I'm here with my family,

trying to survive. I showed myself, because you look

like people who know what they're doing…

One of the men (Lucas, 47) lowers his weapons and approaches Teddy, while the other guy (Mike, 43) keeps his gun raised…


Your family should be safe staying here, until we're

finished clearing the dead.

He looks back at Mike, and the huff approaching him. Mike turns, and goes to take out the huff.


It's a lot to explain, and you're not the only people we've

come across, so far, but in a few days we should be

heading back home, to a compound, where you're all

welcome to join us.

Teddy just nodding, as he, and his family in the background, watch Mike take easy care of the huff…



Mayday and Gia laughing at all the silly drunks, as they stand guard, near the fire, where huffs continue to arrive and fall into…

Gunner stands around drunkenly dancing with his wife, Rachel. Wyatt arrives, with Gunner putting an arm over his shoulder, with his other arm around his wife's shoulder.


We think it's time, brother. Time to let the family know,

it's getting bigger…after getting so much smaller. It's time

for good news, brother. That's what this mission is about.

Getting on with life, no matter how much we're all still

hurting. But, you and your beautiful wife, with child…

(nodding) Not sure there's a better medicine for Grandpa,

right now. For the entire family.


I hear you, Gunner, I do. I just can't tell you how bad

the timing has consistently been.


And that's what I'm saying, man. The timing is perfect

now. Do that shit before something else terrible happens!

Rachel a playfully drunken slap at Gunner.


Screw it. You know what?

Gunner about to make an announcement, stopped by Rachel, who throws a questionable look at Wyatt.


Make sure it's what he wants, babe.

Gunner stares at his brother, who looks back at him with a smile, and a pondering thought…and simply nodding, with a smile from both Rachel and Gunner.


(shouting out to everyone)

Listen up, everyone…LISTEN UP!

Everyone beginning to give their attention to Gunner, who now approaches the bonfire area, while quieting the music…


We all know the kind of loss this family has suffered,

and how the next few nights are all about getting on

with the family we still have. Right now, with permission

from (gesturing over at Wyatt) my little brother, I have the

honor of announcing an addition to that family. Wyatt

and Sarah, are expecting their first child!

Everyone erupting with cheerful joy and enthusiasm, and going/looking to Wyatt…


But, shh! Sarah doesn't know he's telling people!

Bunch of laughs, as everyone continues to have a good time…

Mason arrives, giving Wyatt a hug, followed by one from Jennifer…

Mason watches Jennifer walk away with a smile, and goes after her…


Hey, Jennifer.


(turning and smiling)



How are you doing, with all this, so far?



It's helping…


It's almost like everyone forgot about the first one

we lost, isn't it?

Jennifer works hard to continue smiling at him, but loses the battle as tears begin devolving, as Mason moves in for a hug…


Nobody has forgotten about him, or you and your loss.

She comes out of hug, wiping tears, with a smile…


Thank you.


I'm so glad you decided to come do this, and get your

drink on. (a laugh from Jennifer) I know you probably

miss the kids, but trust me, Hunter is making sure they

get a timeout from it all, as well.


I get my mind off of him, here and there, but then it's

hard, because of how much I know he'd be a major

part of all this.


Miles would have been leading this mission. I would

have been taking orders from him. He was so much

like his dad…(looking at her) and so much like those

beautiful kids of yours…

Jennifer staring at him with a smile, and mouthing "thank you", as he nods and smiles back, doing a great job of staying positive, and chipper…

Missy joins them, handing a drink to Mason, who begins his silly dance moves again, with laughs from both Missy and Jennifer. Gunner and Rachel arrive, with dance moves of their own. Wyatt and Chasin now arrive, as all of them dance and move close together, arm and arm, embracing, laughing…



Most people are crashed in their tents/RV's, with empty cups all over the place. The fires in the pits are still burning, but not as high. There doesn't appear to be any more huffs, around. A few guards remain, keeping an eye out…

A few people begin coming out of tents/RVs, and someone appears to be cooking…

Dissolve to a little later, with more people awake, and out and about. Many people appear to be hung over. One guy is even vomiting, into the pit…

A few of the women are handing out breakfast, and coffee. A couple women are handing some to the guards, with warm smiles…

Mason, Missy, Chasin, and Catherine, all hungover and trying to wake/sober up, with coffee and breakfast…



The cousins get to sleep?


Yep. Catching their Z's and ready for their turn, tonight.


(talking To Chasin)

You call them, the cousins, too? (with a laugh)


(also laughing)

I know! It cracks me up; they all do.


I used to think that, too, but that's what Dad and the

rest of them, always called em'.


I don't get what's so weird about it? I just called em'

what Mom and Dad always called them. Maybe it's

cause there's a ton of them, and they were always crazier

than us. Most of them didn't have the money, we did…


You'll see tonight, just how wild they are!


They sure did a great job last night. Said they kept driving

around until there wasn't any sight of the dead. Found

several families, as well.


What about all the dead, trapped indoors?


Hopefully they'll stay that way. We'll never clear them all.

The goal is to come here to the beaches, with as limited

risks as possible. To fish, gather supplies and perhaps even

have another community here, at the hotel. That was

always the plan. Hell, Lucas even said one of those families

preferred to remain in their home, and that it was up on a

hill, in a fairly safe location. He told them, thanks to what

we're doing, that it'll be safe enough for them, to do just that.


Are we really going to place blockades on all the roads,

coming in?



It won't be that difficult. Just both ends of the highway.

Whatever it takes to keep an army of the dead, from

storming into the area.


What about people?


They'll be able to get in, if they really want to, but will

have to abandon their vehicles. We might even set up living

quarters near the blockades, and rotate people in and out,

for guard detail. Dad hasn't involved Zane, on the plan, yet.

There's still a lot to figure out.


Is he going to be okay?

Everyone with looks of concern, Mason shaking head…


I really don't know… It was one thing after what

happened at the hotel, but… (more shaking of head)

After the mountain… I've just never seen him like

this… It's got me worried sick.

Missy a comforting hand on Mason…



Leo (18, same age as in opening scene to the series), is walking through the woods (same woods from previous flashback). He looks to be in complete distress. He stops walking, and begins pacing, on the verge of screaming, but holding it in. He looks upward, and almost begins crying, and/or screaming, but again, he stops himself, and begins walking deeper into the woods…

He keeps going, further and further, before stopping, and pacing again…

This time he can't deny the rage, and begins to scream with all his might. He becomes lost in his screams, eventually looking upward…




He looks out into the woods, again screaming, in agony…

He begins looking upward again, this time without the will to scream/yell, instead speaking faintly, with a sob in his voice.


Why are you doing this to me? I don't know what

it means.

He's stuck in a silent sob, unable to speak, before finally able to burble his words…


I don't want to be crazy. My family can't know about

this…(again lost in his sobbing)… My father would be

so ashamed of me…

Leo again unable to form words, lost in his sobs…

POV of him, coming from someone behind a tree, watching…

POV Mason (16), shocked, as he watches from behind the tree…



Mason watching Catherine and his gf Missy, climb in the RV. He walks over to driver's side, looking up at Missy, who sits there…


Take it extra slow, don't want the cousins sleepy and

grumpy, when they start drinking, later. (smiling)


If they can sleep through each other's snoring back

there, they can manage my driving.

Mason smiles at her, as well as Catherine, in passenger seat, and walks over toward his hummer, with looks in the directions of everyone else, in their vehicles, ready to go. He climbs in his hummer, and starts engine…

He drives out of the pit area, which is no longer blockaded. Many vehicles are already outside the pit, including the semi-flatbeds, that now have the tractors on them. Many others from inside the pit area, are following Mason, out. The camp area is all down and packed up. Smoke still comes from the bonfire, and the pits…

As all the vehicles exit the area, and they all begin following Mason, the POV goes up and over them, revealing all the wastes and even bones, that remain of all the dead huffs, inside the pits…

As the vehicles drive on, and the POV rises, there are no signs of huffs, anywhere…


EXT. HIGHWAY (outskirts of Tillamook) – DAY

Mason slowly driving the hummer down the highway, as the caravan drives past the Tillamook Cheese Factory. He and others, continue moving their heads back and forth, scanning the area. There doesn't seem to be any huffs around. Mason picks up his radio…


(speaking into radio)

I'm still not seeing any dead, up here. The factory is where

Lucas said they cutoff their efforts, last night. It's mostly

highway here for a bit, so any we see, we'll stop and put

down. Once we reach Bay City, we'll begin searching for

tonight's bonfire location. Keep your eyes open, people…


EXT. HIGHWAY (next to the bay) – DAY

The caravan is all parked on the road, with a bunch of them outside their cars, or watching from the car seats, as up near the front, Mason, Chasin and Gunner, are killing off some huffs, with backup from Porter, Jason and a few others…

Mason kills one huff, and quickly kicks it right over the highway railing, and dropping into the bay, with a splash...

Gunner comes over for a look, with a shrug. Chasin also arriving with a look.


Beats road kill, I guess.


I don't know…we have to catch and eat fish, out

of that bay.

Chasin with a shake of his head, and Mason a roll of his eyes, with a smile, as they all go back toward their vehicles…


EXT. HIGHWAY/BAY CITY (town next to the bay) – DAY

The caravan all turning off the highway, following Mason's hummer onto a main street, and up toward a grassy area…

Mason drives his hummer over the curb, and into a park. A few of the other hummers and large vehicles do the same, while the RV's and semis, park on the street…

Mason and all his men, are quick to hop out and begin killing random huffs…

The huffs begin to become not so random, as more and more arrive…

POV some of the women, at their vehicles, watching nervously…

Some of the men, from over by the women, begin rushing to aid the others, but Mason yells back at them.


No, stay over there! Keep everyone safe! If the dead

come your way, get in your vehicles and drive away!

Mason and the others are now using their guns, to blow away the huffs. The other men, watch with hesitation, before returning to the others, parked on the street. They even begin killing a few huffs, that come their direction…

The women are reaching for their own guns, watching as the men near them, kill off the huffs. Then they look out into the park, growing more and more nervous, as more and more huffs are piling into the park…

Many of the men, near the women, now go rushing back into the park, to help. The women gather close to each other, watching their backs. They kill off a couple different huffs. One woman rushes into one of the RV's, screaming and waking those who were sleeping…

Suddenly, all of the cousins begin piling out of the RV's, carrying guns, spears, bats, swords, and anything else you can imagine, worthy of killing huffs. They go charging into the park, like wild animals, anxious for the kill…

The cousins engage the huffs, and make an immediate impact! The number of huffs begin to quickly diminish, as the cousins move through them, with ease, killing one after another, in complete beast mode. Doc is most savage of them, along with his sisters (Sage and Skyler), killing their way through the huffs…

The women begin to breathe easily, but remain cautious, as April kills another huff, with backup from Missy. They high-five each other, and turn to watch the others in the park, as Missy places an arm around April…

Those in the park, now stop and catch their breath, except for the cousins, who eagerly continue to drop every last huff they can find…

Once complete, the cousins begin high-fiving one another. Lucas and Mike walk up to the guy (Doc, 30ish) who was more savage than any of them, with smiles and high-fives.


That a boy, Doc!


Beast mode, baby!


A complete savage!

Many of the other men coming over to show their appreciation…

Mason congratulating them, with a look around at all the dead…


Well, being a small town and all, I'd say we just wiped

out half its population. Should be an easy night.

Dissolve to same area, as tractors are digging into the ground, right where all the dead huffs are…

Dissolve to the women and others, setting up camp, in the middle of where the pits are being dug, by the tractors…

Dissolve to the cousins, on the outside of the pits, keeping guard, and killing a random huff or two…

Dissolve to the blockade being organized, as Mason stands behind the vehicles, helping guide them into their spots…

Dissolve to evening, as Mason steps over in front of the bonfire. The pit fires are already burning. Missy turns on the loud music, as Mason ignites the bonfire, with applause and cheering from the others…

Mayday, Gia and all the soldiers begin toasting one another, with the cousins nearby, doing the same, before they all begin toasting each other, and drinking it up…



Fireworks in the background, going off in the sky, as a pair of hummers go down the back streets, with music blaring, and random honking…

They have a few dozen huffs, following behind them…

Porter is driving the lead hummer, with Jason in passenger seat, and Colton in the back…


I disagree. We do a good enough job of clearing them

now, and block each end of the highway, there's no way

we ever have to worry about being outnumbered by

them, here.


They'll find a way in.


What, are they going to climb the mountains, to get

here? Swim the ocean?


They could wash up here. We know they don't drown.

I'm just saying, there will always be plenty of them here.


We can deal with plenty of them. Long as it's not flooded

with them here, like in the city. With the compound, and

the beaches here, all to ourselves…we're sitting in pretty

good shape.


Besides all the people we lost, and those who we never

heard from, since it all started…their family plan seems

to be working, as they always promised us it would.


Not that any of us ever took it all that seriously.


I did. I never could have guessed it'd be something as

surreal as this, but I felt like whatever was going to

happen…it'd happen in our lifetime.

Silence for a moment…


You really think this is it, though?



Don't you? I mean, you see what's out there following

us, right? I know it isn't nuclear devastation out there,

thank god, but…


Yeah, I don't think mankind is getting wiped out, or

anything, but this is definitely a new world, in a way

the smartest, most scientific brainiac, couldn't have

even seen coming.


Not even one of those Nostradamus, earthquake

predicting nutjobs, could have forecasted this one.

Porter a laugh…


I just meant that people should be able to come back

from this. We probably still have a president, even if not

the one we all know, and of course a government.

Someday they will be back in business, won't they?

Everyone shrugging and sharing clueless looks…


I hope not…

POV outside, where more huffs join the herd, that follows the hummers…



Mayday is drunkenly attempting to dance with Gia, Sage and Skyler and doing a terrible, yet hysterical impression of the dancing, she is doing. She and the others around, begin cracking up…


Okay, I always knew you were old, but those moves

aren't even from the last pair of centuries!

Some laughs…


Hey, give the old man a break. Life for him, at his age,

has probably felt apocalyptic, now for at least a decade.

Sage, Skyler and everyone else cracking up!


(talking to Gia)

You better show me some respect, sweetheart. Every

person I answer to is probably dead. For all we know,

I could be the god damn president, of these here

United States!

Everyone laughing. Gia salutes him, with her drink still in her hand.


Yes sir, Mr. President!

Gia begins dancing with him, and the others, who continue drinking and celebrating…

Gia begins moving through some of the others, making her way toward the rowdy cousins, who appear to be the life of the party, as she joins in with them…

Jennifer is out there with them, dancing like a teenager…

She stops to catch her breath, and is grabbed from behind, by Rachel.


Jen, baby! So glad you're drinking again with me, tonight!

These cousins are too much to deal with, all alone!

Mike grabs the drink from Rachel's hand, and finishing it, himself.


See what I'm talking about?

Gunner now comes out of nowhere, scooping Rachel up, from behind, and leading her away, as she yells back at Mike.


You owe me a drink, cousin!

Rachel gets off a smile at Jennifer, before going off-screen, with a smile in return, from Jennifer, who begins walking opposite direction…

Mason is on a flatbed, sitting in a chair, holding a shotgun, with a look down toward Jenifer, walking away. He watches her go, and continues watching all the others, soberly…

Jennifer goes around corner, to a spot all by herself, on other side of truck. She digs into her pocket, pulls out a joint, and lights it up. She takes a few drags, while staring off at the fire, burning in the pits…

She spots a huff, over on the other side, approaching. She exhales, and walks over closer to the pits, staring at the huff. She is drunk, now stoned, and simply zoning away, with a stare, as she inches closer, toward the fire, which begins shining on her flushed face…

She watches the huff, closely, and the huff now watches her, while coming right at her, before dropping directly into the pit/fire. Jennifer watches him burn, just staring down at him. The fire reflects in her eyes, which become water, while continuing to stare…

She begins to drop to her knees, still staring below, but now covering her face, with her hands, as she begins sobbing like a baby…

She eventually drops all the way down, crawling into a fetus position, with continued sobbing…

She keeps her sobs quiet, to avoid attention. She works hard to remain quiet, but cannot stop weeping…

April comes around corner, looking around, before spotting Jennifer, on the ground, near the fire. She drops the drink in her hand, and races toward her…

She arrives and drops down to her aid. Jennifer can't control her sobs, or even open her eyes, to look at April…


Jennifer? Jennifer, what is it?! What's wrong?

Jennifer just keeps crying…




I... I just…I just wanna go home! I just wanna go home…

April a shocked expression, as she holds Jennifer, who simply continues to weep…

POV of them both, coming from a huff, on the other side, approaching their direction. The huff/POV keeps looking right at them, and Jennifer's sobbing. The huff momentarily looks upward, as fireworks explode in the sky. The huff/POV looks back at the women, going right for them, until the huff drops right into the pit, taking POV right down into the flames…



All the vehicles are fully loaded up and pulling out of the pit area. Mason leads the way, driving out of the park, over the curb, and onto the road. All the others follow, including the RV's, slowly coming down over the curb. The semi-flatbeds are already on the street, waiting for everyone else to go by. A couple of the hummers are also waiting…

Mason turns his hummer onto the highway, as the long caravan behind him, follows…


EXT. HIGHWAY (next to bay) – DAY

The caravan makes its way down the highway. The huge bay is to their left, with mostly steep hills to their right. Up ahead of them is a huge loop, with more of the bay in the middle of it. On the other side of that loop, is the rest of the highway, a small town, and another steep hill, with a large "G" placed on it. Mason is looking up toward it, as he drives…


Welcome to Garibaldi…

Dissolve to the caravan, now on the other side of that loop, on the road that lays under the large "G", on the hill. They appear to be driving right past the small town…

POV Mason, as Porter comes over the radio.


(over radio)

Okay, this is as good a spot as any.

Mason parks, in the middle of the road.


(into radio)

Let's do this.

The vehicles behind him, come up, parking in a manner that blockades the road. It's easy to do, with the bay on one side, and a steep hillside on the other.

The entire caravan parks in the middle of the street, as everyone begins climbing out, most of them are already geared up with body armor, and armed with guns, spears, and bats…


(into radio)

Let's hear those horns.

Suddenly, the semi-trucks begin blowing their horns…

Everyone begins gathering together, down at the other end of the caravan (at the start of the town), where Porter, Jason and Colton are waiting…

A few huffs are already making an appearance, with more eventually coming…

Porter, Jason and Colton move in, and make the kills. More of the people begin moving in, as more huffs appear…

A handful of the women, remain at the trucks, honking those horns…

The cousins are a bit hungover, but doing their best to gather their energy…


Wake up, fellas…

Shelby is over at a semi, talking with April, who is honking the horn, off and on…

Jennifer is inside one of the RV's, laying in bed, fighting the urge to vomit…

Wyatt is driving one of the hummers, on the other side of town, honking, as he slowly heads in direction of where the semi-trucks can be heard…

The cousins are now in action, taking out some huffs. More and more of the large group of people, are now standing in a line, waiting for the huffs to arrive. As they do arrive, it's the heavily skilled people stepping forward, to make the kills. The other people just stand there, saving their energy, ready to help, when needed…

Brode (Cleo's dad) stands there with his son, Kyle. A huff is fairly close to them. One of the cousins is about to step out at it, but is stopped by Brode, who motions toward his kid. The cousin allows Kyle to step forward, and helps aid and protect him, as Kyle makes his first ever kill, followed with a huge high-five with the cousin, and one from his dad…

Shelby is entering an RV, and walking over to Jennifer, who is bundled up in bed. Shelby gives her some water…


I'm okay. You don't have to babysit.


You know the rules. I'm the mission doctor, no fighting

unless absolutely necessary. If someone does get hurt,

I need to be ready. With that said, I will leave you alone

now. Got to keep an eye on the action. Got some green

horns out there (smiling)… Just wanted to make sure

you're hydrating yourself.

POV going with Shelby, outside the RV, and toward the large group of people, all lined up…

Shelby now goes over toward one of the semi-trucks. She walks over to the driver's side, where April is busy honking the horn, with a look and smile at Shelby…


She doing alright?


You want my honest medical opinion?

April a serious look at Shelby, and no longer honking horn…


Should I be worried?


Not unless you think your husband is against more


April staring at her in shock, with a quick honk of the horn.


You think she's pregnant?!



I do… I can test her, if someone wants to loot the local

drug store, cause pregnancy tests are the one thing I

totally forgot to pack.

April honks the horn again… then smiles…


Hunter is going to be so happy…

Dissolve to all the vehicles, as everyone starts their engines, and the caravan begins pulling away from the town they just cleared…

POV travels past all the vehicles, and down where they had been killing all the town huffs. There are well over a hundred of them, all scattered out in the same area, laying the dead, off a ways from the road…

The caravan disappears around the corner of the highway…



POV of a Sign reading "Entering Rockaway", as the caravan drives past it, and the huff in the background. As the caravan keeps going, the huff approaches the road. As the last vehicle goes by, the huff finally reaches the Rockaway sign, and enters the road, walking in direction of the caravan…


EXT. SSH (sand series hotel) – DAY

Front part of caravan is pulling into the SSH parking lot, as the rest of the caravan continues down the highway, before stopping, as the end of the caravan reaches the SSH area, and parks on the highway…

Mason is looking over everyone, and all around, as the cousins, and others, are either killing random huffs, or protecting/looking over others from the group. Mason now goes for the SSH side doors, with keys in his hands…

Dissolve to everyone now on the other side of the SSH, and on the beach, below the pier. Tractors are hard at work, digging pits. People are everywhere, setting things up. The semis are not down there, and there is no blockade into the middle of the perimeter. Instead, they have a staircase leading up to the pier, that they use as a route, in and out of the center of the pit area…

They have large walls of sand, in front of the tide, and near the beginning of the pits, on each side of the perimeter. They also have caution tape, put up several feet in front of the large pits. In the middle, they have another huge bonfire set up, and tons of covered areas, chairs and even a volley ball net…

Up on the pier, and toward the SSH, are many of the people, carrying supplies and hard at work, securing the SSH from all possible entry ways (in which huffs would enter), which conveniently, there are very few of. Several people are putting up a blockade at the entrance to the pier, that leads out to the center of town. There are huffs on the other side of it, unable to get in…

POV begins going over the entire area. The hotel really was built almost as a compound of its own, and has held up very well, over the first twenty-seven days of the apocalypse…

Eventually, POV follows Gunner, down off the pier, and into the hotel. He takes a back staircase, walking down into the lower level, where he finds Mason, Chasin, and Porter. They are in the game room, where Kate and Jagger killed the little kids, and were killed (as huffs), themselves…

As good as most of the hotel looked, this location did not…

Mason is looking over all the blood stains, and then to Gunner…


We have to completely take care of all this… Long

before Zane, Dakota or Leo, ever return… Or anyone…



Random huffs are here and there, falling into the pits (not burning yet), coming over the grassy sand bluffs, walking the beach, all heading for the pits, and the people on the other side of them…

Jennifer is in the center pit area, down by the shoreline, and standing up on top of the sand wall, with the shoreline just below. She is staring out at the sea, wrapped in a blanket, as the wind blows through her long hair.

In the background, is the sound of people playing and reacting to a volleyball game…

Shelby approaches, and begins climbing the large sand wall, toward Jennifer…

She makes the top, and looks out at the ocean, then to Jennifer (who is still staring outward), and then back to the ocean, and speaking.



Jennifer finally turns toward Shelby, who continues to stare out at the ocean for a moment, before turning to look right at Jennifer, who has a single tear, rolling down her cheek…

Shelby simply begins nodding, with a smile…

Jennifer looks back at the ocean, smiles, and develops more tears…

Shelby places an arm around her, as POV goes down the sand wall, and over to the volleyball game, as Kyle dives and hits a ball in the air, followed by Gunner setting up Chasin, who slams the ball down on the other side, scoring the point, with cheering from the bystanders…

POV over to the canopies/tents, where April, Missy, Rachel and other women are preparing plenty of grub, and working the BBQ's…

POV over to the pits, where Mason, Porter, Jason, Colton and others, are igniting the fires. POV travels down into the pits, where dozens of huffs are already trapped. They begin to burn, as the pits flare up, and the fire quickly spreads from one side of the perimeter pits, to the other…

Dissolve to everyone sitting or standing around, grubbing on food, joking/laughing, talking, and obviously happy to be back at the SSH…

Mason is over igniting the bonfire, as Missy stands close, watching and handing him a drink…


Thanks… Oh man, it feels so good to be here… kinda

like everything is actually going to be okay.


Nothing kinda, about it! I mean that's what we're

doing here, right? (Mason a look at her) Making sure

everything will be okay, just like your father always


Mason smiling at her, as Shelby and April arrive, with smiles at them both…

Dissolve to everyone gathered together, looking up at Mason, who stands on top of the sand wall, looking down at everyone, with a cup in his hand…


So, here we go again. Another night of drinking, clearing

the dead, laughing, dancing. Well, except you Mayday. I

saw what you call dancing, and would prefer to not see

it again!

Everyone laughs, and Gia gives Mayday a playful nudge…


I know, besides clearing the dead…that allowing ourselves

the break, from the loss of our loved ones, was and is a

major part of this mission. But right now, I have to bring

up one of those, who we lost. He was the first one we lost,

and the first grandchild, of dad's. The first little nephew,

of mine…

Mason looking over all their faces…


I bring him up, because he has just left us all one final,

precious gift…

Mason again looking over all their very curious faces, with a huge developing smile…


And that gift currently (motioning toward Jennifer) resides

in the breadbasket, of his beautiful wife, Jennifer.

Everyone exploding with cheer! People gathering toward Jennifer, then flinching at the sound of fireworks, that begin blowing up, directly above them…

POV Gunner and Chasin, at the shoreline, behind the sand wall, lighting off the fireworks…

Mason looks over and uses his head to signal someone.

POV Missy blasting on the radio, with a song that begins with a baby heartbeat.

"Creed – With Arms Wide Open", begins playing over the radio, as everyone continues to surround, hug, kiss, shake, smile, and congratulate Jennifer.

Fireworks continue going off. The people who already congratulated Jennifer, are now raising their glasses, high-fiving and hugging one another, in celebration of the wonderful news…

Jennifer is crying, but smiling. She is so sad, yet so happy, and so loved, with constant attention from each and every person there…

More and more huffs are coming over the top of the bluff, and spilling onto the beach, in pursuit of all the noise...

Huffs are on the other side of the pier, approaching and falling into the pit, on that side…

POV the town, where more and more huffs are walking toward the beach, the fireworks, and the loud music…

Jennifer continues hugging everyone… She also continues to weep, smile and even laugh…



POV of the fireworks, in the distance (several miles away), going off from down on the beach…



Why would someone be lighting fireworks?

POV Dylan and Anthony (Leo's men, from Season 2 premiere), up in the hills, looking down and over toward the fireworks. Anthony is simply shaking his head…


It can't be Leo's family, can it?

Anthony still shaking head, while staring out toward the fireworks…



Jennifer, April, Missy, Rachel and Catherine, are all close to the bonfire. Gunner, Chasin, Wyatt, Mayday and Gia, are also there. A random woman moves through, with a squeeze for Jennifer, from behind, who smiles at the woman, as she moves along.


(taking in a deep breath)

I don't know, just something about smelling the beach,

seeing the ocean…it just feels like, life can be normal

again. At least with everything we're doing.


Yet, because of everything we're doing, (motioning toward

pits) and seeing, normal just seems like fiction.


But, what we're doing, and seeing, compared to what my

men and I were doing, and seeing, up on the mountain…I

would have considered then, everything that we're doing

now, to be fiction… A dream…


Seeing what your family went through, was only a small

piece, of everything we witnessed, up there. So many

families, and I don't even want to imagine all the families

in the city, and what they went through… But, what you

people are doing, and have invited us to help you do, is

the kind of hope, I never thought I would again have.

Everyone looking at both Mayday and Gia, with respect and appreciation…


But I agree, something about the beach, really helps.


I don't know…


What don't you know?


I know we're supposedly making the beach safe, but…

they don't drown, right? So, they can be buried alive, right?

Everyone just looking at her…


I just keep imagining my toes in the sand, like I used to

love imagining, but now…all I can think of is dead

people, buried down there, biting at my toes, or...

Several of the people suddenly removing their toes/feet, from beneath the sand.


Oh, thanks for that!


Oh, that is just creepy!


She's right, though. I know I won't ever go into the

water again. Any body of water, other than maybe the

family lake.


They shouldn't survive under water, for too long,

should they? Eventually they'll disintegrate, right?


Yeah but, she's right, you never know when one is

buried or in the water, somewhere, and all it takes

is one bite.

All the women, shivering with fear, at the thought of that. Gunner too, with a disturbed look at Wyatt…


Thanks, for that…


Subject change, please.


Second that…

April staring at Gia…


So, Gia, I thought I might have seen some extra

concern, from you, toward Zane. You two become

pretty good friends, up there?

All the women looking to Gia, the men as well…


Sure, put me right on the spot.

Some laughs.


I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I just…I don't know, thought I might

have saw something there, and just wondered if you're

okay, since I know he hasn't been up for talking to anyone.


Oh, I'm fine. There's nothing to tell. He and his dad did a

great job of making us see what kind of family, what kind

of thing, you guys have going here…and, just really sold us

on believing in them, in all of you.


That sounds like Zane, like them both. I guess I was just

hoping you might have some kind of effect on him. That

amazingness you saw in him, is something this family

really needs. Both him and Grandpa, are just a complete

mess, right now.


I know, and it's why even if I did have any effect, I haven't

had the opportunity to do anything with it.


Hopefully, once we get back, an opportunity will

present itself…

Everyone silent a few moments…


We've lost so much, already, we have to get Zane, right…

both him and Grandpa.

Everyone silent, again…

April takes notice of Jennifer, crying.


Oh, I'm sorry Jennifer. I didn't mean to bring this all up.


I just…I can't stop imagining Samantha, and what she

must have went through, or is still going though.

Jennifer becoming even more emotional, as everyone grows silent/somber…

Yet around them, everyone else is drinking, laughing and partying…

Mason arrives, with a look at everyone and their solemn expressions...


Oh shit…what happened over here?


A hummer is slowly driving through the abandoned campsite, while blasting music. A few random huffs are coming out of the trees/brush, and following the hummer…

Inside, Lucas is driving, with Mike in passenger seat, and a couple others (Bunk, a cousin), 34, and (Virgil, 34), in the back…


And then what? Baseball games and family barbeques?


Beats living out here with all these things, doesn't it?


These things don't scare me. I could make it, out

here. We all could.


Then volunteer. They want people living here, at

the hotel.


I'm down with that.


I am all over that.


What would we be doing?



I don't know. Fishing, killing the dead, keeping the

hotel safe. I haven't really talked to them about it, yet.

Mason mentioned it to me, cause he wants the people

we find out here, to know they can stay in their homes

if they really want to, and we'll bring them supplies, as

long as they contribute.


It's like they're rebuilding the world… (with a laugh)

They talked about this kinda shit our entire lives… I

can't believe it's playing out.


I always thought the old man was crazy. Rich, but nuts.


That's cause your old man, hated him. You barely

know these guys.


Knows em' better than I does.


Well, volunteering to hold the fort down, here,

would be a good way of impressing them.


That what you gonna do?


Nope. I'm retired, and ready to live like it.


Yeah, should have known a white boy by the name of

Lucas, wouldn't have what it takes to survive, out here.

Bunk laughing.


Dude, his own dad gave him shit over that name.


Probably his moms, too. Cause a name that old was

probably chosen from the oldest living grandparent,

this fool had.

Suddenly, Bunk and Virgil flinch, as a pair of trucks flash their high beams, and pull out in front, and behind them, blocking them.


What the?!

They all grab their guns, except Mike who jumps on his radio, as men are jumping out of the trucks, aiming guns at them.


(into radio)

DOC! Doc?! Get up here! We're being ambushed!


Get out of the truck! NOW!


Five, Four, Three…

All the men quickly begin looking ahead, as bright headlights come over them, with the sound of a very fast approaching vehicle.

POV Doc in the other hummer, speeding right at the first truck, slamming breaks just in time to go crashing into the truck, without total devastation. He and three other cousins, quickly jump out of the hummer, while one guy stands up through the sunroof, manning the 50-cal. He begins taking out at least half of those men, while the other half go racing off into the dark, followed by Doc and the cousins, who stop, rather than chasing them off into the darkness.

A handful of huffs are approaching the area. Doc cautiously approaches the huffs, while looking all around, and toward direction that the men ran away. He pulls out a huge knife, and kills a pair of huffs. The other three cousins, along with Lucas, Mike, Bunk and Virgil, begin killing the rest of the huffs, with urgency, and looking toward where the other men had run away…


We going after them?!

Doc looking around, thinking…then shaking his head…


Are you serious?


You really want to run off into all that darkness,

after a group of people, who might be part of an

even bigger group?


After that shit they pulled, I'm thinking, yes!


(shaking head)

We stick to the plan, and report back to Mason.


We're here to clear, right? Shouldn't we worry more

about an enemy who can actually think? Compared

to one that doesn't?



Doc just continues to shake head, and pulls out radio.


(into radio)

Mason, come in… (waits for response) Mason, you



(over radio)

What's up, cousin?


(into radio)

We encountered a group. Or uh, more like they

encountered us, with hostile intentions.


(over radio)

Is everybody okay? What happened?!



Mason shutting off music, with radio in hand.


(over radio)

We're all good. They used a couple trucks to cutoff

Lucas. We got here and killed half of them, while the

other half cowardly ran off into the woods.


(into radio)

Where you guys at?


(over radio)

Barview campsite. They must be living here. What

do you want us to (cutoff)

Doc stops talking as one of the other guys can be heard freaking out, then silence…


(into radio)

Doc? Doc?!

Many other people gathering around Mason, listening, and waiting, for a response…


(into radio)

Damn it, Doc! What's going on?!

Silence… Mason looks right at Porter.


I want thirty men, armed and ready to go, NOW!

Porter begins racing off, already grabbing certain men, before Doc finally responds...


(over radio)

Sorry! The men we killed, started turning. Not sure

I'm ever going to get used to that…


(into radio)

Your vehicles, mobile?


(over radio)

Yeah, we're good.


(into radio)

Alright, you guys load up right now, and just get back

here. I want full details, and then we'll decide what to do.


(over radio)

See you in seven minutes.

Mason putting away the radio, with a look at Porter, who is looking back at him…

Just when Mason opens his mouth to speak, someone else is heard yelling out to him.



So, what's the plan, brother?

Everyone turns toward the shoreline, with dead silence. Their POV of Leo, walking up the sand wall, standing there on top, looking over them…

Mason and the others all stare back at him, in shock over his shaved face and head, his black eye, bruised face, and the all-out look of a man, who has lost it!



Leo swiping his hand over his head.


A new look, for the new world.

Leo climbing down from the wall, as everyone just stares at him…


(whispering to Chasin)

He's off his meds.

Someone speaks to Leo, from behind the sand wall.


(Leo's dead wife, off-screen)

Tell them why you're here…

Leo smiles, while looking over all their faces…


I'm here, to take over this mission… To get you all

home, safely, and then to take my place, as the

rightful leader of this family. Dad's plan is a great

one, but a great one, with great flaws…flaws that I

plan to fix…and I have the man power to do that with.

Everyone just nervously looking at him…


(quietly speaking to Mason)

What does he mean by, man power?



Don't tell them too much…


Leo…you and I need to go talk.




Leo looks intimidated, and looks back toward the sound of his dead wife's voice, and the empty wall of sand…



He's trying to trick you. To take you to the place

where your family died…

Mason a skeptical look in the direction that Leo is looking, with nothing but the sound of the waves…

Then he looks at Leo, who turns and looks at him…



Do what you came to do, in front of them all. Let

them see the leader that you are…


Leo, (cutoff)


I won't be going anywhere, with you. I won't be going…

in there…


We don't have to go in there, Leo. We're working on

cleaning it up.




Leo aggressively turns around, toward the sand wall, and yelling with extreme anger.




Wild expressions from everyone, at Leo, and each other… Leo drops to his knees, weeping like a baby, as he drops down into the sand, covering his face…

Mason is heading right for him…



You're as weak as the rest of your family, and will

never survive without me…



Nothing has been built yet, and tractors are working over the entire chunk of land, that will become the compound. Half of the land is thorn brush, most of which, is being removed (in the middle), but left in a perimeter form, where the walls and entrance will be built…

Tractors are in a large hole (which will be the lake), and other tractors are working on irrigation trenches, that lead to a large nearby creek. Close to the lake, a pair of tractors are working on digging out the Baker backyard area. Not far from there, is a large area that is full of trees/brush (the Baker Park)…

POV goes up over it all, with a bird's eye view of the entire area, and the work in progress, of it all. Someone can be seen running, full speed through the compound, past some workers, and disappearing into the woodsy area (Baker Park)…

POV Grandpa Sam (41, year older than he was in series opening scene), running into the woods, with urgency…

The deeper he runs in, the more you begin to hear the sound of Leo (19), screaming/weeping out, in complete agony…






Grandpa arrives, at his wife Laura, kneeled down, trying to help Leo (19), who is completely freaking out. Hunter (20) and Mason (17) are doing their best to help. Vincent (15) is hugging Scout (11), who is terrified and crying. Fish (13) is also crying, and watching his big brother, in some kind of unknown pain…




Leo takes notice of his dad, and comes to a complete stop. He just looks at him a moment, tears running down his face, and all he can do is weep like a baby, going limp, into his mother's arms…

Sam steps over to them, waiting for a look from his wife, who finally gives it to him, with the expression of shock, pain and complete fear…


What happened?!



All the Baker children are in the lobby. Scout is leaning against Hunter, and being held by him. Fish is pacing…

Mason begins staring toward the door, where the Doctor talks to Sam and Laura, who are shaking their heads, in disbelief, but then hug, and look relived, as they head out into the lobby, to their eager children…



Everyone watching as Mason is helping Leo, upward off the sand…


You're okay, big brother.

As Mason is helping him upward, Leo suddenly pulls out a gun, aiming at Mason. Everyone stands back, as does Mason, holding his hands away from Leo.


Whoa…relax, Leo… You don't need that. Everyone

here is family. (Leo backing up) Just relax, and please,

Leo, put down the gun.



You're not just weak, you're CRAZY! You want to lead

these people, NOT KILL THEM!

Leo sobbing, and lowering the gun, and backing away. No one tries to stop him, as he heads back over to the sand wall, disappearing over the top of it…

Everyone just looking at Mason, who stands there watching. Suddenly, a shot goes off. Mason and many others go running for the sand wall, climbing and looking out. Their POV of Leo running through random huffs, who had been approaching the pits, but now making attempts for him, as he shoots a few in the head, while making his escape, up off of the beach…

POV Leo, coming around the corner of the hotel, ducking down, as a pair of hummers pull up into the parking lot, with Doc and the other cousins jumping out. Leo watches them head into the hotel, as he then heads opposite direction, down a back street…



Go to your other people. You can sleep, there…

You need to rest…

Leo arriving at his hummer, and climbing in…



Mason, Gunner, and Wyatt are all putting on battle gear. Jason, Porter, Colton are doing the same. Doc and the cousins are there, loading up on ammo. Mayday and all his soldiers are also there, and gearing up…



Mason and all the others are piling into their hummers/army vehicles. There are even more men now, out there waiting, with the dogs. Porter stands through sunroof, manning the 50-cal. A couple cousins walk to end of parking lot, to take care of a few huffs. Mason pulls out his radio…


(into radio)

Everyone can relax once we return, but for now, stand

ready and keep eyes out for any signs of trouble,

including our lost brother.


(over radio)

What about these other people of his, that you finally

told us about? Are you sure it isn't them, who attacked

the cousins?


(into radio)

I would have brought everyone, if I did. His other people,

are the sort who know what they're doing, and only god

knows how many of them there are.


(over radio)

What if he comes back here, with them?


(into radio)

You're in charge for a reason. Just relax, and do your

thing, son. I trust your judgment.


(over radio)

Thanks, Dad. Be safe, and good luck.


(into radio)

Back before you know it.

Everyone now loaded up, as Mason closes door, and pulls out of parking lot, leading them all onto the highway, and turning right, heading South…



Doc is leading the cousins, into the woods where those men had run off. They have flood lights, and dogs, leading the way. Doc is holding a radio…


(into radio)

Entering the spot, they were last seen. Dogs are

definitely picking something up.


(over radio)

We're staying stealth, right here, until you tell us


Dissolve to the dogs anxiously leading the cousins through the woods/brush, and onto a trail…

Dissolve to the cousins cautiously entering what appears to be a camp, but with no one around. They hold their guns up, as they search around, eventually being led away, by the dogs…

Dissolve to the dogs now barking, as they lead the cousins over a hill, and onto the beach. With a visual of several men, running on the beach, in the dark.


(into radio)

Heading right at you!

POV of several sets of headlights flashing their high beams, onto the beach, and right at about a dozen (retreating) men. A few hummers and army vehicles quickly pull forward, right on the men. Porter is aiming the 50-cal, at them. Most of them already have their hands up, while the others began to aim their guns, before wisely deciding to lower them, and drop them, raising their hands…



Leo enters a large log cabin, where he comes face to face with Dylan. There are plenty of other men, around…


Where is Anthony?


He led a team, to spy on whatever it is your family is

down there doing. We had no idea it was them, or that

we'd be hearing from you.


Please tell me he didn't engage them?! Because someone



Of course not! He just wanted to make sure it was

you guys.


Good. That was smart… (Leo looking right at him)

So…how has things been working out, here?



All the men who were captured, are now tied up, on the beach, against the pier, near the staircase (not Anthony's men)...

Chasin, Missy, April, Jennifer and others, are speaking with Mason.


They don't seem to know anything about Leo's other

camp, and I don't recognize any of them. They say

they've been surviving here, and it's either kill,

or be killed, when it comes to other people.


Like a story from Grandpa, we've all been hearing

our entire lives.


He warned us, it'd be this way.


The question is…is it that way, for us?

Everyone looking from her, to the "prisoners" …

Dissolve to a huff, falling into the burning pit, with Mason watching, with a yawn…


That's the first one I've seen in quite a while. I think

we can call it a night.


The prisoners are all in the game room. They seem to

understand what kind of people we are, and that if

they behave, they just might be alright.


Well, whether we can trust them or not, will be a family

decision, and not until after they deserve it. The more

time they spend as prisoners, the more they'll appreciate

their freedom, and what happens if they blow it.


I was thinking, maybe we should put them to work,

tomorrow, on the highway blockade. They already saw

the work we did here tonight. Let them see and fully

understand it, when they see how we're securing the

entire area.

Mason nodding…


I like it. They'll respect what we're doing more, if they

end up feeling like a part of it. (patting Chasin) Nice

work, son…



Leo walking out of his cabin, onto his porch. He yawns, and stretches…

He looks on, as Dylan approaches…


(looking over Leo's face)

I guess I'd sleep twelve hours after a day that left me

looking like that.


Yeah…coming off the meds is going to be a process.


You sure you can handle it? Or that's it's the right call?

Leo just staring at him…


I made this place, as one where I wouldn't have to

worry about being questioned, like that.

Leo continuing to stare at him, before finally turning toward Anthony, who is now approaching the porch…



Mason and his people are hard at work, with their tractors, digging holes, knocking down trees, and placing logs/trees as part of a huge blockade, that begins at the base of the jetty…

It's a huge project, and work in progress, as Mason is in the middle of it, directing everyone, including the prisoners, who are untied, and working hard. One man stands over them, keeping an eye on them. Other guards are out and about, killing random huffs, or keeping an eye out for them…


So, you're not worried about this being a problem for

Uncle Leo and this other group of his, that you for

some reason waited to share with the rest of the family?


The idea of this blockade is to keep the dead out. If

Leo's group needs access into town, they have back

roads they can use.


The dead won't use those roads?


Doesn't seem likely. They'd stick to the main road, and

all the noise down here. If Leo's group is smart, they'll

block that road off themselves, and stick to using this

side of the coast, once they realize what we've

accomplished, down here.


You think he's with them, now?


I'm guessing so, which is probably a good thing. Good

that he'd be giving them a heads up. And maybe they

know how to handle him, better than we do, right now.

Mason continues to direct and supervise, all the hard work, around him…



Leo (about 5 years younger) is walking hand in hand, with his mom, Laura. They walk through the woodsy part of the Baker Park, with a look over at a pair of deer, roaming nearby…


This is my favorite part of the entire compound. I

love how this part is exactly the way it was, before

mankind had laid a finger on it.


I love how it was your idea, to do that, and have

it as a forest, right next to our home.


I love when I have the time to begin my days,

hiking the trails, here, and around the lake.


I love when my son actually has the time to do

things like that, with his day, and of course, to be

home, close to his mother.

Leo looks at her with a warm smile, and one in return…

They walk in silence for a moment…


Mom, can I ask you something?


You can ask me all the somethings you want?


Will you walk over there, with me?

Silence a moment…


Yes…it's time we face it…

They walk in silence, as they come out of the woods, and to a trail, next to the lake. They begin walking the trail…

More silence…


Okay, I have another something, for you, to ask



Yes, my sweet Leo?


Do you think…


Go ahead…


Do you think…that those meds, although they help

me in one sense…possibly hold me back, in another?

Laura takes a few steps, then a deep breath…


I think you are perfect the way you are…other than

the way you worry… Over in those very woods, is

where I saw you in a kind of pain, that would kill me to

ever see again. I know, that wife of yours is putting some

thoughts in your head, about who you could be, if not

taking medication that helps you in a way, that you can

not help yourself. There is nothing there to be ashamed

of. The pain I saw you in, that horrid day, was based on

shame. You thought we would all feel differently about

you…that your father would feel differently about you.

Those little pills, that you take every day, is the reason you

no longer feel that kind of pain, or shame.

They walk in silence for a moment…


So, no… I don't believe it holds you back, in any shape

or form. I believe it's necessary, just like the medication

and treatment I went through, to survive, and still be

here, enjoying this kind of beauty, with the best son a

mother could ask for…

They begin crossing a large field, toward another woodsy area…


Mom…you can really ramble sometimes.

Laura blurts out laughing, and gives Leo a big playful nudge and squeeze. He laughs back, and puts his arm around her…

Dissolve to them arriving at the other woodsy area, entering and staring ahead, at something…


(looking at Leo)

It's okay…it's time…

She and Leo step forward…

POV from behind a tombstone, as both Laura and Leo arrive, in front of it…

POV Leo…


I'm sorry to disappoint you…but it's the only way to

continue spending time with you, and to continue

receiving your knowledge… I'll begin taking the pills

again, mom…

Leo's POV of the tombstone, with his mother's name on it, "Laura"…

POV from behind the tombstone, of Leo grabbing his mother's hand, and walking away with her…

POV Fish, watching Leo, leave his mother's gravesite…

POV from behind Fish, still watching Leo, who swigs from a bottle of booze, while walking alone, out of the graveyard…



Mason and the others, looking over the completed work, with pride…

The blockade stretches from the jetty to the highway, and across it, to the hillside…

There would be nowhere for huffs to go, other than to turn and go back the way they came from. There is more hillside and a bay, on the other side of the blockade…

Dissolve to the entire group, loaded up and pulling away. The prisoners are now all tied up, and sitting on the flatbeds, being guarded…

POV Mason, driving his hummer, with Chasin in passenger seat, Gunner and Wyatt in the back…


They did great work, and seem to understand we're

no threat to them.


Doesn't change what they did…


Indeed, it doesn't… They'll spend some time locked

up, and will stand in front of everyone, and plead

their case… That's how Grandpa always said it would



They seem like decent people… who deserve a

second chance…



Mason and everyone outside, with the bonfire burning, and the pits. It's a tame group, this time. Everyone is more relaxed, and sitting around talking, rather than drinking…

A few fireworks are going off, as Gunner walks away from where he just lit the fireworks, and walks back over to Mason and others…


Seems like the clearing is certainly working. I don't think

we've had more than a dozen or so, all night…


In a week or so, we'll come back, and go house to house,

killing off the ones stuck indoors, and gather supplies…


So, tomorrow we block off the South side (cutoff)


Which will be much easier, because it's just the highway,

no digging. But there is a large area there, that we weren't

able to clear, the first night. So, we'll spend the day clearing,

and be heading home, with any luck before it gets dark…


What about the cousins? I heard they're interested in

remaining here, at the hotel?


Not yet. When we come back in a week, is when we'll

help them set up here, for the long haul…


We need to get the Sand Series going, again. It'll never

be like before, but it'll be family, like it was when you

old people first came up with that term.


It was right after one of the best ones we ever had,

that your grandpa first told us about the compound,

and the reality of it… Until then, it had only been a

dream… Right here on this very beach…a long, long

time ago…



Mason and the group, hard at work, constructing a large blockade, over the highway, with the ocean/bluff on one side, and hillside on the other…

There are already a few huffs on the other side of the blockade, doing their best to get through it, but to no prevail. One of them even falls over the side of the road, and into the ocean…



This time they have built a much smaller perimeter, with their pit, just enough room for the RV's and for people to lounge around. Huffs are spilling into the pits, but not at the same number as Tillamook, Bay City, or the first night in Rockaway, at the hotel…

Dissolve to evening, with no more huffs around, and the pit blockade coming down, as all the vehicles begin pulling away, followed by the RV's…



The caravan is leaving Tillamook, entering the woods/coast range…

POV begins going through all the vehicles, and over the tired, accomplished expressions, of all the people…

Bird's eye POV of the caravan, with Mason's hummer about a hundred yards in front of the group, leading the way, back for the compound…

POV Mason, with Chasin in passenger seat, and Gunner and Wyatt in the back.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling pretty

good, about what we accomplished.


We'll be giving everyone back home, a reason to

be optimistic.


Hopefully Zane will be up for joining us, next week,

when we head back.


I'll be happy if he or Grandpa, have left their rooms…

Mason's POV as he goes around a corner, and slams his breaks as he runs right into a huge crowd of huffs. He tosses his radio at Chasin, and begins trying to back up, as Chasin is heard on the radio.


(off-screen, into radio)

Hold back! Hold back!

Mason is in the motion of backing up, but then hesitates, with a strange look, directly at one of the huffs, at his window, who looks right back at him, actually making eye contact. Every hair on Mason's arm, is standing up, while realizing she is not a huff, but bloody, and acting as if she was, one…

Mason looks around at all the others, who appear to be huffs…



Backup, Backup, BACKUP!