Season 3, Episode 1

"Queen of Nike World""



"Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Carol of the Bells" (from beginning)

This is an instrumental song, first 30 seconds (very mellow) plays with opening scene.


EXT. WOODS – DUSK (snowing, few inches on the ground)

A family of deer, old and young, are walking/standing around, as the snow falls. They suddenly begin dashing away, as POV moves by them, and through the end of the trees, into a snowy field, where the compound and its walls are up ahead, with POV moving toward it…

POV comes to the wall, rising to the top, and through the brush and tree branches, finding its way inside of the guard tree house, where a half-eaten Christmas cookie (green frosting/cut in the shape of a xmas tree) lays on a plate.

MUSIC hits .30 mark, as POV reveals the tree house is empty, and begins moving toward the exit plank.

MUSIC .32, becoming intense, as POV begins moving with speed, over the empty plank and down the first ladder, it comes to. Without stopping, and the song staying intense, POV cruises along a trail, quickly coming to an opening, and onto Baker Lane and the long snowy corridor…

MUSIC .56, after POV finds its way down the corridor and into the opening of the compound, where no one is around.

As song continues, POV shoots itself around the front of the compound, with shots of the open field, plenty of snow tracks but no people, shot of the solar power grid, the wind turbines, the empty park equipment, small snowy softball field, a snowman, a few other snowmen, the graveyard, with snow prints, but no people…

MUSIC only becomes more intense, with POV finding the Baker complex, lit with solar Christmas lights, but no people in sight. Next to it, is the Baker Christmas cabin, also lit up, lights on inside, but no sign of people. POV moves over to Zane's cabin and the peaceful lake. Shots of the trail, more cabins, the rope swing, the barns, and then POV circling the lake, through the woods/park, and back to the Baker complex, dipping down below, over the long staircase, and through the huge lower level/backyard area, with snow tracks, but no people…

MUSIC begins losing a little intensity around 1.32 mark, as POV continues making its way around. It moves up into the area of all the guest houses, through the yards, with no one around, but a dog is seen. POV leaves the houses, over some brush and into the snowy softball complex, before finding the empty baseball stadium.

MUSIC approaches 1.57 mark, with more intensity developing, as POV travels over the top of the baseball stadium, to a road, and following it into the compound neighborhood, with houses, trees, Christmas lights and decorations, but no people…

Dusk turns to night, as POV comes to end of neighborhood, and into what appears like a city area, with actual buildings and real roads, including a long one with a big slope, as two small children come sliding down it, stopping and immediately grabbed and dragged away by a female adult, walking them back upward…

Dissolve to the woman (Jennifer) and her children (August and Jax, both a year older, 7 and 5), arriving at the top, where it becomes crowded with all the others, gathered and listening, at the town center…

MUSIC fades away, as the same song can now be heard coming from the voices of singers at the compound, who everyone is gathered around, watching/listening. There are several different voices involved. Jennifer is reaching for her baby, handed to her by Wyatt, who now reaches for his own baby, from his wife Sarah, as they all watch/listen…

POV moves over some of the people, finding both familiar and unfamiliar faces. The singers are phenomenal, as everyone smiles and listens…

POV comes to Samantha (over a year older), sitting (under a large canopy) with her moms, and next to Scout (embraced with a man, Solis), and her grandfather…

Samantha's smiling, but faintly…



POV focuses in on a statue of Grandpa Sam, as opening credits roll…

As theme tune ends, POV moves from the statue to the real Grandpa, who stands close-by, and close to Scout, Solis, Kayla, Brianna and Samantha. They are still watching/listening to the carolers, who you can hear singing, Carol of the Bells, as Samantha delivers a voiceover…



It's been about fifteen months since our lives changed

forever, so this would not be the first Christmas the

new world has seen…but it is the first one we've chose

to celebrate.

POV moving around her and the others, and over the large crowd…



It's not that we didn't recognize the first apocalyptic

Christmas, but as suggested by Benny, during our

kayaking adventures, the very same day he lost his

own life, we chose to remember, weep, and honor

all those who we lost…all that the world had lost…

POV finds Eli, close by and hanging around a bunch of the Rough Riders, out in the snow. Marlana is sitting back near the statues (under the cover, out of snow), with her arms around an eight-year-old girl, and with Renee next to her.. POV moves just a bit, to find Griffey, Trisha and Jason, close by…



It just didn't feel right to be festive that first year,

and honestly, I'm finding it difficult to feel that way,

this year…

Grandpa is taking notice of Samantha, and frowning at the frown that has taken over her expression…



I knew before returning here to the compound, that

life would never be the same. That I would never see

my dad again, or the other family, I had lost. I thought

being here, would mean no more pain, no more loss…

I never imagined a life here, that didn't include my

cousin Zane…

Samantha turns to her right, with a look at her cousin Dakota, standing closely to Cleo.



Word of his epic victory in Beaverton had made its

way to the compound, and we all figured more positive

news to follow. But a week later, other than something

about a queen of Nike World, there was only one word

that continued to make its way here, and that word was

a name…Grover…

Samantha turns to her left, with a look at her uncles Hunter (with wife April) and Mason (with girlfriend Missy), watching the carolers…



The more that name kept coming back to us, that first

week, without any word of Zane, the more I wanted to

make good on my family's belief that I would someday

be the one to lead this place, so that I could march every

man, woman and child, straight to this so-called Grover,

and take my cousin back!

Samantha's POV as she looks over the many family and friends, gathered all around…



Grandpa assured me that it was Zane, who demanded

we don't attack, and to allow him to do his thing…

Whatever that was…

Samantha's POV of the carolers, led by Rich, Joshua, Rachel (Gunner's wife) and a handful of other women…



But I did not trust that Swish guy, or the idiot Grover,

who chose to leave in charge, such a total piece of shit…

Scene dissolving on the carolers, and their song…



Swish and his cocky smile, walking through the Nike World gates, with a handful of his men, as they arrive near the rest of the victorious convicts. There are several Beaverton squad cars at the gates, in the background…

Swish motions for the convicts to hush down, as he begins speaking out to them all.


I know he made good on his word, but give credit

where credit (motioning toward them all) is due. It

was all of you, who made this happen! And where is

he now? Rather than moving on to our true leader,

who still might be pinned down, he's off boohooing

over the loss of someone who has nothing to do

with us!

Swish looking around at all the faces of his people…


That's the difference between us and his people.

They're still stuck in the old world, soft and

empathetic to those who can't fend for themselves.

You're just a bunch of dirty convicts to him and his

people, but to Grover, you're the kind of people

who know how to survive. The kind of people who

don't need a babysitter. The kind of people he can

rely on, when he needs your help, like he does

right now.


So, what you're really saying, is that Grover is the one

who needs a babysitter?

Few faint scattered laughs, as Swish marches right over to his face…


Perhaps you'd like to take that up with him?


No, sir…

Swish looking around at all his men…


Maybe you're all forgetting about the jail cells your

corpses would be rotting inside of, if not for Grover.

Half the prisoners nodding heads, agreeing with Swish…


Maybe you're forgetting it was Zane who defeated

Beaverton, while Grover hid from them…


(while staring at the man)





Execute that traitor.


Yes, sir.

Gary without hesitation, aims his pistol right at the man (who begins to raise his gun), and shoots him dead, before he can even defend himself.

Kemp, Lester and a few other prisoners are on the verge of pulling their weapons. GW looks ready to pound on some heads. Shade stands in front of Swish, ready to protect him.

Calmer heads prevail, as the group seems fifty/fifty, on their allegiance, and everyone stays calm…


Now everyone, load up… It's time to go let Grover

know that the road is clear.

Everyone begins slowly loading up, as Swish speaks alone with Gary…


I want you and three other men to remain here. I

want Zane dead before I return with Grover.


My pleasure.


But make Stix do it. I want to know he's still loyal to me.

If not, then kill them both.


Not a problem.


Come up with a good story as to why you had to take

him out, him and that bitch cop. Choose the best three

men who will help collaborate your story.


On it…



Harris (in uniform) in distress, hiding behind a couch and pulling a radio up to her face, speaking quietly.


(into radio)

The prisoners have lost it. They're totally out of control.

I don't know how much longer I can hold them off. I

might have to (cutoff)

Suddenly, she is attacked over the top, by two children…


We're not prisoners, Mommy, we're you children!

Harris laughing as Dominique and her brother (Everett, 6) climb on top of her, while she overpowers them and begins tickling…


You're my foolish children (placing cuff on Dominique's

hand) because now you are (cuffing her to her brother)

my prisoners!


(with laugh)


Everett acting as if it's neat.


Don't Mommy me; I'm hauling the two of you


Harris semi-dragging them away.


What's downtown?


The police station!


(a little nervous)

No, Mommy!


She's just kidding.


A night in jail is how your Grandpa taught me all about

the consequences of breaking the law. It's what made

me become a cop.

Everett actually becoming fairly nervous.


No, please Mommy.


You're scaring him.

Harris stops and kneels in front of them both, looking them both in the eyes…


Good… I want you both to remember what this feels

like, to be in handcuffs. (nodding at Everett) It's kind

of scary, isn't it?

Everett nods, Dominique shakes her head with a smile, as Harris then grabs Dominique's hand and quickly tightens the cuff on her wrist…


Ow, that hurts!


Good. Little scared yet, or do I need to tighten them

some more?

Dominique starts to smile.


Girl you better wipe that smile off that face before

it's your brother's cuff that I tighten.


Dominique, no! I want it off, not tighter!

Dominique's smile fades, and Harris moves in on them, again looking into their eyes…


I want you both to remember what this feels like, so

that you work hard to become the good kind of people

who never have to worry about spending time in

handcuffs, because if it's even a little scary, or painful,

just imagine what it's going to feel like when it's by

someone who isn't your mother. Someone who doesn't

care how tight they put them on. Someone who doesn't

like you because of whatever trouble you got yourself into.

Someone who believes you're dangerous. Someone with

their hand on their gun, ready to pull it out and (placing

finger, like a gun, to Dominique's head) stick it right here,

just hoping you give them a reason to pull that trigger…

Both kids just staring back at her, with shock…

Harris smiles…


Good, must have gotten through to you.

Harris begins removing cuffs. Sly smile eventually coming over dominique's face.


I want to be the one who makes the laws.

Harris putting her cuffs away, as the kids rub their wrists.


No, you want to grow-up to be a smartass, is what

you want.

Dominique smiling.


At least I hope so, because being a lawmaker would

make you a politician, in which case I might as well

put those cuffs back on you.




Yes, Everett?


If the police find out about that time, I got in trouble

for breaking your vase, will I go to jail?


Okay, come here.

Harris sitting on couch, placing Everett on her lap…


As your father would say, I just might have put a

little too much "fear of god", in you.


I'm not scared of god, I'm scared of the police!

Harris and Dominique smiling…


First of all, no, the police don't care about my rules or

punishments for crimes you commit here at home. Just

like your father is in charge of the rules and punishments

at his place. Some day you will have your own place to

make the rules, and be able to go visit your sister and her

nerdy husband (Dominique laughing), because we all

know that she will fall in love and marry a nerd someday.


Because I'm a nerd.


And I love you for it. But yes, you will be able to visit Mr.

and Mrs. Nerd, (Dominique laughing) at their nerdy

house (both kids laughing), and follow their nerdy rules.

Both kids cracking up…


Even though we all have our own homes and rules, we all

share the same world, and have to follow the same laws,

or else that's when the police come knocking at your door.

So, see, you don't have to be scared of them, not unless

you plan on breaking the law. And for those who do break

the law, you have the police to take care of them, for you.

So, they are heroes…






I think I want to be a cop, like you.

Harris giving him a squeeze, as scene dissolves…



POV panning back from Dominique's lifeless face/body, wrapped in a blanket to her face, and laying on her mom's lap, who sits on couch…

Harris quietly stares at her, with a single tear…

Ike (bf, 46) stands at the door, looking down at her, before opening door and walking out into a long hallway…

He moves over to the other side, with a huge panoramic window, and just stares out, while a tear runs down his own face…

He suddenly takes notice of something. His view of several men, they are pretty far off, but two of them appear to be guiding the other two, by gunpoint. He looks back toward the apartment, and then again out the window…

Suddenly, he turns down the hall, where he can hear people approaching. He turns and dashes back for the apartment, hurrying inside and right over to the couch, practically forcing Harris to her feet.


Some of the convicts took Zane by gunpoint,

and now I hear some, coming for us!



Harris looking back at her daughter as if she couldn't leave her, but allowing Ike to guide her toward the other room.

They enter the back bedroom (actually an office), and close the door. Ike moves toward the side door and window (sheet hanging over it), and begins peeking out. BAM! Door instantly kicked in, two men charging inside!

Ike is totally off guard, but like the flip of a switch, Harris goes total fight mode. The men are much bigger than her, but the first one goes down quick, after she uses some sort of martial arts moves, to overwhelm him. The second guy fires his gun, hitting Ike in the leg, but the man is then brought down by Harris, with more impressive moves…

She quickly runs to aid Ike, who appears to be okay, and is hugging her, but with a look back toward the men, and pointing toward the first guy.


That first guy's getting back up!

She turns, and goes ninja on him. But the second guy makes his way back up, with his gun pointed right at her, but then BOOM! He is blown away by Ike.

Harris checks the other guy and takes his weapons, then runs back to Ike.


Don't worry about me. Go get Zane. (pointing his

gun toward other guy) I'll make this bitch talk.

Harris looks right at him, as he nods. She goes for the door, with one last look back toward the other room, before running off…



Bird's eye POV of a huge caravan of Beaverton police cars, including a bunch of police motorcycles, SUV's and even a pair of police hummers. The caravan is turning onto an offramp. At the tail end of the caravan is all the convict's trucks, loaded with men in the backs. POV comes down to one of those trucks, finding Kemp, Lester, Divit and three other men (Deon, Ned, Floyd), with the wind in their bloody faces (still gored up from their march with the huffs)…


This is bullshit. We should have waited for Zane.


He should be leading this mission.


Swish just wants to take the credit for himself.


Then why are we still following him?


Because of Grover. He's the only reason Swish still has

any pull. At least half the men are still loyal to him.


It'd be more like five percent, without Grover.


It's cool talkin' like this just between us all, but bro

you gotta keep that shit on the downlow, round

everyone else. It gets back to Swish, and he'll do us

all like he done Damon and Geno, or Eric.


You're talking about him as if you were still behind bars.




Without Grover he'd just be a scared little prison

guard, without the bars to protect him with.


Long as he still has half the men, he has the power…

not to mention Grover.

The men are silent a moment, as the caravan begins turning onto a back-country road, with lots of fields and woods…


What do you think, Divit?


(deep breath)

My loyalty remains with Grover, but I look forward to

bringing him up to speed with everything. Like the

assassination of Eric, and the glory of Zane.

Everyone nodding…


Now that's what I'm talking about.


Hell yeah.

They are silent a few moments, before a couple of them begin semi-freaking out, looking/pointing out toward a field they're driving by.


Holy shit!


What the?!

Everyone turning with wide eyes, as the caravan is slowing down. Suddenly, there is the sound of elephants!

Their POV of a pair of elephants marching through the field, onto the road behind them, and toward highway 26…

All the men looking amongst themselves…


I guess the zoo is closed…



Harris is quickly running from one hiding spot to another, getting herself close enough to hear Gary speaking…



Go help those idiots find the grieving cop. I'm good here.

Harris goes running back the way she had come from, disappearing just before a random convict comes running around same corner, she had been hiding behind…


Same random convict, jogging around a different corner, and down a long semi-dark (covered) corridor…

Suddenly, Harris swings from above, kicking him in the face and knocking him out…

She reaches down for his neck, wrapping her arms around it, and snapping it. She stands up and begins running down the corridor, and freezes at the sound of a gunshot. She stands there a moment, before dashing off toward the gunshot…


Harris again arriving at that same corner, but this time to the sound of Swish, over the radio.


(over radio)

So, he's dead?


(off-screen, into radio)

He is, and Stix was even man enough to do it himself.

Harris closing her eyes with frustration/disappointment.


(over radio)

I didn't doubt that loyal bastard for a moment!



Harris (11) sparring against her younger/smaller sister (Nikki, 9), and getting her butt kicked!

Their father (Shawn, 40) paces the room, with disappointment, annoyance, and even anger begins to show…


Girl, what the hell is wrong with your efforts, your

moves, and most noticeably, your attitude?! If you

go through even a FRACTION of the hell I've seen

and experienced, you'll appreciate every last little

thing you take out of all this. Which right now, is the

kind of effort that makes me feel like I'm wasting

my damn time. You might as well go play with

barbie dolls, and just hope that there will always be

someone to save you. Maybe your sister here, can

do it. God knows, no one will ever mess with

(patting her on the head) this little badass!

They begin playfully sparring, while Harris hangs her head, and leaves the room…


You'll be able to rescue the little damsel in distress,

won't ya, sweetheart?


Same room, one year later, as they are sparring again. This time Harris is making much more of an effort, but an effort that is defended by her even tougher sister, who doesn't take very long to overwhelm Harris, and take the victory.

Their Dad was standing over them as they sparred, and is now nodding his head with a smile.


That is what I am talking about. I could not be more

Proud (placing hand on Nikki) of the little champion

my Nikki is becoming. And (placing hand on a

disappointed Harris), the improvement here did not

go without notice! (with excitement) Next year is

going to be interesting!


Same room, one year later, as Shawn plays role of referee, and signals them to begin sparring.

Harris comes out strong, continuing that way for the first ten-fifteen seconds, until Nikki makes adjustments, all while defending herself, well. The next fifteen seconds belong to her, and Harris is unable to make adjustments, or defend herself, nearly as well…

She is overwhelmed, and goes down to defeat. While down, she begins pounding her fists against the mat, with extreme frustration, and laughter from her father.


I like it! The hell with that, I LOVE it! One daughter

who is just too badass to be taken down, and another

who will use her determination to find a way! I LOVE IT!

Harris with sounds of frustration, as Shawn went on, and as scene dissolves.


Same room, one year later, just as Harris comes at Nikki, with move after move, and more success than ever before. It's a good fight! It stays that way for thirty seconds, before Nikki begins showing signs of taking it over, and by fifty seconds she is in command, and less than ten seconds later she is victorious.

Harris just remains on the floor, possibly on verge of exploding…

But this time it's emotion that gets the best of her, lying there crying, with her face in the mat…

Nikki actually looks sad…


That was a great fight, Harris. There's nobody even

close to my age at the academy that can last that

long, with me.


Oh, come on cadet. I liked the anger last year, better.


Same room, one year later, and this time they are already going at it, and it's intense! But frustration is beginning to show, with Harris. Not because Nikki is taking over, but because no matter what she throws at her, Nikki seems to defend. It's wearing Harris out, and eventually receives a knockout blow, going down hard as her dad calls the match.

Harris is bloody but instantly rising and smacking the walls, yelling with extreme anger/frustration. She yells again with a look directly at her sister, and again with a look directly at her father, and then again while leaving the room, to the sound of an entire bookshelf being knocked over, with things shattering, and more yelling, and a door slammed…


Same room, one year later, with extreme silence from them all, but eye contact between Harris and Nikki…

Shawn looks them both over, with a shake of his head, before signaling them to begin. This time it's Nikki who is more aggressive, and Harris who patiently plays defense. Harris even flashes a small smile or two, but shows a little anger, after Nikki throws one back at her.

Harris begins taking over as the aggressor. She even gets in a good blow or two, but each time Nikki follows with striking a blow of her own. Harris is bleeding, but keeps going. Nikki has all the energy, while Harris begins losing hers, and eventually Nikki finds her moment, and takes her sister down.


Same room, one year later as Nikki makes a spectacular move, in which drops Harris to the ground, as Shawn raises her hand with the victory…


Same room, one year later as Harris is destroying Nikki, but suddenly stops and angrily gets in her sister's face.



that shit full throttle, or DON'T BRING IT AT ALL!

Nikki becomes angered and does as requested, going full throttle with move after move, and connecting with several of them, but so is Harris, and she's taking her blows like a champ, and matching them, as this time it is her baby sister, who is losing energy, while Harris develops it, with a smile, and eventually a blow that puts Nikki on the ground, as Harris turns to watch her father raise her triumphant arm…


Same room, one year later where they are going at it back and forth, with blow after blow, Blood falls from them both. Shawn just watches with a concerned shake of the head.





Blow after blow is delivered and received, from them both…

They refuse to drop, and eventually Shawn calls the fight, jumping in the middle, where both his daughters continue to go at one another, making their way around him, in desperation to continue fighting.


Enough! I said THAT'S ENOUGH!

They are at extremes, and unwilling to settle down, as he then uses a move of his own, simultaneously pinning them both to the floor, where they continue to fight to rise, and scream with frustration and the will to destroy one another.

They actually use a co-move, to overtake their father, and jump back on top of each other, now just brawling, throwing punch after punch. It's a bloody mess! Shawn is in shock, just watching, before grabbing Nikki, as Harris simply turns and storms up out of the basement, heard walking across the living room, and slamming the front door…



Tears falling from closed eyes, as they open, and rage takes over Harris, as she turns the corner while pulling a huge knife out, and leaps right off a small drop-off, and on top of Gary. His radio goes flying out of his hand, as she begins stabbing him about five thousand times, screaming like a raging lunatic, or a mother who had just lost a child…



A dozen soldiers with a few vehicles, tents and canopies, weapons, and supplies, are within a hundred yards of the gates to a fancy/rich piece of land, protected with a large rock fence and state of the art gates. There are cliffs and steep hills surrounding the place, other than this road leading out, with woods to one side, and a woodsy hillside on the other…

They all freeze at the faint sound of something, that quickly grows, as they stare down the road. It's the Beaverton police and convict caravan. The soldiers have nowhere to go, but don't look worried at first…


Are we finally attacking?

They just watch, and then become nervous once the convicts begin pulling in, aiming guns at them, with their bloody faces/clothes. The road gets clogged up with the cars/trucks, as many convicts begin jumping out, running toward the soldiers, aiming guns…

A couple of the soldiers with looks of intimidation, as they take in the size of GW, and his face of gore, same as all the other convicts…

Some of the officers are trying to calm the convicts. One of them (female, Bonnie) holds up her hand, for them not to engage.


These men were only acting on orders, just like

(motioning at her fellow officers) all of us, were.

The soldiers look freaked, but at least a few of them look like they want to pull/raise their weapons…

It's a stare-off for a few moments…


(shaking his head)

No…these men are as dangerous as we are. We

should take them out.

Divit hesitating a moment, before stepping out in front of everyone…


That's what Swish would do. (Shade smiles) Once we

open those gates, we'll know if it's what Grover would

do. (Shade frowns) I already know it's not what Zane

would do…


Who the hell cares what Zane would do?

Shade walking toward police SUV.


I'm guessing Grover...

Everyone watching him as he opens door, reaches in for microphone, and begins speaking over the PA speaker.


My name is Divit. I am here with the Glenwood

convicts, and the Beaverton Police, who helped

us overthrow our soldier enemies of Nike World.

We were ordered here by Swish, who went back

to Glenwood, and left Stix in charge of Nike. If

you open the gates, I can answer any questions

you may have.

Everyone turns from Divit, toward the Gates…

They watch in silence for several moments, before the gates suddenly begin opening…



Elephants marching down the highway…

POV Ike in shock, watching the elephants, from the passenger seat while holding a bandage over his leg. Harris drives, without hardly any recognition of the elephants…

Ike looks from them, to Harris, and just shakes his head…


You really think they'll have a doctor there?


I know they do. It's part of the reason our soldier

leaders wanted to take them over.


And you really think these convicts are going to

be safe, to be around? Especially without Zane?

Harris just stares ahead, while driving, without answering…


Not that they or Zane mean a damn bit of anything.

You just lost her, Harris.


I'm fine.


You haven't finished grieving, not close.


I'm fine.


No, Harris, you are not…

Ike just staring outward a moment…


Not that any of us are…

Ike finally turning back, staring at her…


But it hasn't even been an hour, yet…

Harris driving without a word or look at him, just falling tears…



Harris stands in front of the class (in her uniform), with her daughter Dominique (10) at a desk in front row, while the teacher and other adults sit along the side and back of the room. Students are raising hands, as Harris points at one of them near the front, with a full head of hair.


You, one with the suspicious hairstyle.

Kids laughing…


What is the scariest situation you've encountered?


Besides career day, at my daughter's school? (laughter)

Good question. But honestly, I get sad more than I get

scared. I get sad when kids your age are involved, or

even younger, and sad when I see people making poor

choices. I guess you can say I get scared, of innocent

people getting hurt, as result of those bad choices.

Kids raising hands again, as she points to kid in the back, wearing a cap and an oversized jacket.


Yes, you, the shady, incognito one in the back. (kids

laughing) I didn't even think you could wear hats in

the classroom.


It's because it's career day, my mom sells (gesturing

toward his hat/jacket) these things.


Okay good, because I was already visioning the day I

had to make room in the back of my squad car for you.

Kids all laughing…


Your question is?


What made you want to be a police officer?


Great question, thank you for that one. I became an

officer to help make people feel safe, to help make

all of you, feel safe. Safe to walk to school in the

morning, and safe to live your lives without constant

fear of self-protection. My father raised me to be

tough, and fear everything and everyone. I became an

officer, so kids like you, wouldn't have to worry about

being little wannabe badasses. (kids laughing, Harris

looking toward teacher) Can I say that? (making silly

face at laughing kids) I'm serious though. The better

I do my job, the less you have to worry about fighting

and being (showing muscles) tough. Because if you

really want to be tough, you hit those books, and you

pay attention to your teachers. You find yourselves,

your passions, and you make a life with them. It's not

easy though…it's tough! My job is to make your lives

safe, so that you can focus on all that.

Harris smiling at the class, as their hands go up…



Gates are fully open, as two men are walking through them, followed by an army of other men, all with guns. There are plenty of people, behind them, in the background…

Divit slowly approaches, as the other convicts keep their guns raised, with a hand from Divit, keeping them steady…

The two men are approaching Divit. One of them (Solis, 35ish) looks very capable of handling himself, and the gun he carries. The other man (Marshall, 35ish) looks more at ease, without a weapon, and ready to communicate…


Is that him?



Divit arriving next to the two men. Solis is eyeing the soldiers, who continue to be guarded by convicts.


I'm Divit. Thank you for coming out.


Divit, I'm Marshall, and the mean one here, is Solis.

Divit shakes hands with Marshall, while nodding at Solis.


You said you were sent here by Swish? What about


All the convicts looking amongst themselves…


What do you mean? Isn't he here?

Solis a confused look at Divit.


He bailed three days ago, after we got our asses

handed to us by the people you just took down.

All the convicts again looking at one another…


But, then…


Yeah, exactly…


Everyone now on the inside, as they watch the gates come to a close…

There are tons of people, women and children. The house is a huge mansion, with several large guest complexes. There are a ton of large RV's and porta potties. There are even a pair of Portland Police squad cars, and some of the Beaverton offices are shaking hands with the Portland officers…

Half of the convicts continue guarding the soldiers and keeping their eyes on all the new people inside, while a few of them are shaking hands with others. Some of the mothers are shielding or leaving the area with their children, who are curious of the new men…

The other half of the prisoners are following Divit, who walks with Marshall and Solis…


He didn't even arrive here until late that first night,

after he helped you all at the prison. Things were

crazy here in the city. Safe in here, but leaving was

extremely risky. But there were way too many people

here, and he was persistent on getting them to your

camp. He finally did, but it was on his way back, that

he first encountered problems, with those Beaverton



I was able to find their base, and we gave them

everything we had, but were unable to get inside.

Sure would like to know how you guys pulled it off.


We had some help from an army of the dead...

Solis and Marshall just looking at him for a second…


I'm actually surprised he didn't just bring all of you back

to Glenwood. We have the room. Less dead, and more

defense against them and all other threats.


He wanted Nike World. The plan was to make that the

second camp, in which this was meant to be. He kept

saying multiple camps was the only way to stay strong,

and fend off threats of the future.


But…so where the hell is he?


He left with a few good men, and promised to defeat

Beaverton with the help of all you.

Kemp, Divit and other convicts all sharing looks…


So…then, what…he's presumed dead?

Now everyone looking amongst one another, in silence…

Suddenly, there is honking! Lots of it, and coming from the road, as a car is heard approaching the gates. They all go running for the gate/walls…

They arrive, looking outward. Their POV (as honking stops) of the huge driveway, cluttered with their vehicles. They look/wait, as whoever was honking can begin to be heard, making their way through the vehicles. Eventually Harris can be seen, helping Ike limp his way forward.


One of yours? Why's she's making all that noise?!

Suddenly, they see huffs (from sides of road) beginning to make their way up the woodsy hillside, onto the road/driveway. There are more and more of them, and an army of them behind Harris and Ike, trying to make it through the vehicles…


Open the gates! Let them in!

Solis with a skeptical look, followed with a very intimidating look from GW, then signaling his men to open the gates.

Harris's POV, as gates are coming open. Huffs are beginning to swamp the path in front of her. She is not going to make it, and lets go of Ike, to fight off huffs, then grabbing him and running, and again at times letting go, to fend off huffs, but is being totally overwhelmed by them…

Her effort is priceless, but all in vain, as the huffs become endless, until suddenly, they begin being butchered, as GW slices his way through to her, killing and kicking huff after huff, and making his way to Ike, as Kemp, Lester, Divit and others, are killing huffs, forming a path for them back to the gate…

GW throws Ike over his shoulder, as Harris stays in front of him, killing huff after huff, with impressive move after move, not unnoticed by the others…

They make their way to the gate, with GW simply using his hand, like a football player, to block a huff, and smash it against the rock wall next to the gate, as it closes on the swarming huffs…

They all gather their breaths, as Harris checks on Ike, and Kemp approaches…


Where's Stix?

Kemp arrives at Harris and Ike, as she looks up at him…


Zane…where is he?

Harris looks at them all, every last convict looking back at her, as a woman (acting like a nurse) comes and begins aiding Ike, followed by a second woman…


He and Stix are dead… Your precious Swish had

them executed…

All the prisoners in shock, looking amongst one another, as the women begin leading Ike away, with Harris following…


They tried to do the same to us…

Outside the walls, the huffs continue to come up over the hilltop, and completely surround the gates, the vehicles, and the entire road/driveway…



Harris standing in her home, speaking on the phone.


No, listen Dad. It's not that I'm angry or don't love you

guys. I just can't get over the past, and the way I'm

reminded of it, when around you guys…. I know, I'm

sorry, but I live my life and raise my children in a way

that is so different from the nightmare I grew up in….

Yes, I know, Dad. But then there was the depression….

No, Dad…. Yes…. Yes, Dad, of course you can see your

grandchildren, I've never kept you from them, but they

ever return with bruises and/or stories of fighting, and

everything changes… No, I will not come with them.

Dad…. Dad…. I'm sorry…. I'm sorry…. Dad…. I'm sorry, I

love you. (click)

Harris turns around, and sees Dominique standing at the door of her bedroom, staring back at her mom…


Go kiss your brother goodnight.

Dominique comes to her mom, with a hug and a kiss, before running off to her brother's room. Harris watches her, with a proud smile…

Dominique enters bedroom, her brother is already tucked away, but awake, and smiling as she approaches. She hands him a piece of paper, and plants a kiss on his cheek. She then flips on his night light, and shuts off bedroom light, on her way out…

He looks at the piece of paper. It's a drawing of him holding hands with her and their mother, and they are all smiling…

Dominique is walking from his room to hers, flashing a beautiful smile at her mother, with one in return…

She closes her bedroom door, as her mom's smile slowly fades…

Harris walks into the kitchen, sitting at dining room table, and pulling out her phone.

She pulls up a picture of her father, looking at it, before swiping to next picture, which is of her sister…


EXT. MANSION (makeshift ER) – DAY

Harris sits next to IKE (in bed), who is being treated by a doctor. There are three nurses close-by, and three more in the large room/area…


Yeah, he's going to be just fine. I have someone else

to check in on, but I'll be back in in a bit.

Harris nods (trying to smile) as he exits the area…

Ike looks over at one of the nurses.


But I'm at least in bad enough shape for some of

the good drugs, no?

NURSE (Taylor)

We should be saving those for a rainy day, but with those

things at our walls, maybe we should all get loaded.


They'll all leave, eventually.


Will they?


They should. At least if we're quiet enough to make them

forget we're in here.

Ike takes notice of Harris, lost in somber thought…


That badass over there, has literally walked with

an entire herd of those things. Her and her buddy

convicts. I think we'll be just fine.

All the nurses looking at him, and her…


Did someone already slip you some of the good stuff?

Because I'm having trouble making sense of that one.


You could see it with your own eyes, and still have

trouble making sense of it.

NURSE (Reese)

You serious?

NURSE (Hailey)

You're saying there's a way to walk with the dead?

All eyes on Ike. Other three nurses coming closer to listen…


It's a messy way, but indeed there is…

NURSE (Stephanie)

Oh my god…

Everyone looks at Stephanie. She is staring straight at Harris, as they all begin doing…




You have to look and smell like them, don't you?

Everyone looking from her to Ike, and then to Harris (and her bloody face/clothes), as Ike is nodding…


And that really works?


They don't bite or attack you?

Harris finally coming out of her somber trance, and working hard to fight the tears/emotion…


I'm sorry. You don't have to answer that. You look like

you've been through hell today.



It's okay… Yes, it works, at least so far, and it'll definitely

work to get us out of here, if need be.

NURSE (Taryn)

We wouldn't all have to do it, would we?


God, I hope not!


Didn't you say they'd probably leave on their own?


Oh my god.

Everyone looking at her as she is again staring at Harris, as everyone else then looks at Harris…


Now what?


That's how you guys took out Beaverton. That's how you

took Nike World.

Everyone looking from Stephanie to Harris…


Something like that…




I've been there; that's where we should be moving to.


Well, wasn't that the plan, and reason for going to war

with them?

Everyone looking from Ike to Harris…


I think leadership is at question, right now.


If Grover's not in charge, who is?


I think that's what they're all trying to figure out.


Well, who was the brilliant one who figured out

walking with the dead was a thing? And used it to

overtake the people who were kicking our ass...

Maybe that guy should be in charge…

Suddenly, Harris begins to slightly laugh, as everyone looks at her. She almost appears to be stuck between laughing or crying. The nurses look confused/curious, while Ike is concerned…


I'm sorry… I don't even know why I'm laughing…

I guess it beats crying…

Harris works to recover, and begins looking over all the women…


So…how did an army of nurses end up here, anyway?


We can all thank Taylor for that.


And I can thank doctor Larkin, for it.


Is this his place?


No, I don't think doctors make (gesturing toward their

surroundings) this much money. He was invited by one

of the other doctors who knew Grover, but it was Keith,

Dr. Larkin, who informed me years ago of a place to

meet, if anything apocalyptic was to happen. Something

I never thought I'd need, but was certainly cool to have…


So, there are more doctors?


One more here and four more at the other camp. We

have one more nurse here and I think a dozen at

Glenwood, I believe it's called.


I've heard all about how prepared this Grover guy was,

but you're telling me he actually had an entire team of

doctors and nurses, on call for Doomsday?


Actually, those of us who knew, were sworn to secrecy,

but then if and when anything was to happen, we were

supposed to bring as many other doctors and nurses as

we could.


Thank god!

Silence a moment…


What about your families? Were they allowed to come?


Immediate family, yes. At least those of our family who

we could contact, or that could make it back to the

meeting area, in time. Some even remained at the

meeting point once the buses came, because of family

who had not arrived, yet. (shaking head) I can't believe

that was only like a month ago…right?

Women all becoming a bit somber…


I'm sorry. I imagine there isn't a soul left in the world

that hasn't suffered the agony of losing a loved one…

Some silence…


Or an entire family of loved ones…

Reese somber, as Mia places a sympathetic hand on her shoulder…


(speaking to Reese)

What is your name, sweetheart?




I'm sorry you lost so much, Reese.


Thank you.


I lost my wife to cancer last year. Our boys were the

key to surviving it. Now, I have no idea, like you, of

their fate. At first, I thought I was only surviving on

the off chance that they were still alive…until I fell

in love again.

Ike staring and smiling at Harris, who does her best to smile back, as the other women look from him to her…


A bunch of beautiful women like you, will all

experience love, again…

Some silence, followed with Taylor staring right at Harris, with a funny look…


Is he serious?... You really fall for this slick talking, old


Few faint laughs.


Hey now! What kind of bedside manner is that?!

Few more laughs…


I did… I couldn't help it… He was just so great with

my daughter…

Ike giving her a heartbreaking look…

A few silent/awkward looks from the nurses…




I lost her, a couple hours ago…

Nurses looking at her and then themselves, with shock, not sure what to say or do. Harris begins to rise from chair.


I'm sorry, I need some air.

Harris got up too quickly and begins to collapse, becoming faint, as the nurses scramble to help.




Let me help you.

Harris trying to rise, again.


I'm fine, I just need to (cutoff)

Harris goes back down, this time fainting, with nurses moving quickly to get her up into bed…



Close-up of a pot of flowers as it's smashed by a large, heavy tree branch, panning back to GW as he rages out, breaking the stick over the rock fencing. Other frustrated prisoners and officers are around, along with the Portlanders. The yard area is huge, with sheltered areas…




Someone needs to put a damn knife in his back!


I'll be sure to tell him you said that.


You do what you have to, brother.


(talking to Shade)

Man, look around! There ain't no reason to fear

that son of a bitch, anymore!


I was questioning him after killing Eric, but Zane,

and Stix?! He just wants the power!


He knows we're all scared because we owe Grover

our lives, but Grover is most likely dead. We have to

find a new leader, here and now. Then find a way

out of here, and go remove that sob from office.

Everyone quiet. Most convicts nodding, some shaking heads…

Officers all looking amongst each other, as are the Portlanders…

Divit finally breaks the silence…


I think we just have…

Everyone looking from Divit to Kemp…


Hell yeah…


Talk about bullshit. Swish is still the man. With Zane

dead we know that war is coming. Swish is our best

chance to survive that war!


Your opinion is outnumbered. Maybe what, ten

percent of you remain loyal to Swish? The rest of us

are fed up. Those offices over there are fed up of

their own piss poor choice of leadership. I'm not

taking over for Swish, I'm taking over for Grover,

therefore, the Portlanders are with me, too.

Most convicts in total agreement, nodding their heads, as are the officers, and even some of the soldiers (who remain in cuffs). Solis, Marshall and the other Portlanders, are looking around, while speaking quietly amongst themselves…


If you can help get us out of here, and to the other

camp, we will follow you…unless you give us reason

not to….

Kemp nodding at Solis, with even more people nodding, as Shade looks defeated, and totally outnumbered…



Dominique crying in back seat, with a ton of boxes/supplies.


(over radio)


Harris speeding down the street, with random chaos going on outside…

She comes to a skidding stop, in front of a house, and looks back at Dominique.


Lay down flat, and stay here. No one can get in. Do

not open the door for anyone!

Harris closes door as Dominique quickly buries her head into the backseat, while laying down flat.

Harris pulls her gun, aims, and blows away a huff (with a scream from Dominique), that had risen from the street, where it was eating from a dead body…

She advances up to the house, quickly kicking in the door, and entering…

Dominique carefully peeks out toward the house, watching, waiting, until her mom comes rushing back out, alone, briefly looking around, before running to the garage, glancing inside, then running back to the squad car…

She opens door and climbs back inside, starting engine.


Where's Daddy and Everett?


It wasn't safe here; they had to leave. I know they're

okay, because they took the car. We just have to reach


Dominique sees something outside that scares her, as she jumps back down, and her mom speeds away…

Voice comes over radio.


(over radio)

I know you all need to stay close to the city, so we're

setting up camp near Gales Creek Campground, same

place we threw the annual overnighter. It should be

safe there, at least until daybreak…



Harris in bed, hooked to IV machine, as Taylor is looking her over, with Ike in the next bed, watching…

Harris is awake, but looks depressed with grief…


You're okay, baby. We're going to get through this…

Suddenly, there is some distant commotion, outside, nearby, and eventually a female voice can be heard shouting from out there…


I just need to see the other officer!

Suddenly, you can hear a door being kicked in, and then the sound of two different men being knocked down, with someone quickly approaching. Then more sound of fighting, as a man comes flying into the room, kicked in there by someone else, who now enters from around the corner, a woman, looking around at everyone, and then directly at Harris, who looks up, with her eyes going wide…




They just stare at each other a moment, with others all staring at them. Solis arrives at the door, with a concerned look around the room…

The woman begins walking toward Harris, who finally breaks down, and begins weeping like a baby, as the woman now rushes to her side, with Harris rising upward to hug her…

Ike watching in suspenseful shock, as are the others…


(crying out)

Oh, my sweet baby sister…

Harris continues to weep, as her sister continues holding her, with their father Shawn eventually rushing into the area, next to Solis, and his eyes going wide, as he rushes (with a limp) to the bedside, quickly bending downward onto the bed, hugging his daughter, who makes another sound of joyful shock, at the sight of her father, and instantly holding onto him, with more weeping…

He then comes out of hug, looking right at her…


The children?

Harris just weeps even harder, as her dad frowns, and Nikki begins shedding tears, before all hugging again…



All the prisoners and others, standing/sitting around, in random groups, talking amongst themselves…



That could work…

POV jumps from the group Divit is in, to another, where most the officers are close-by one another…


I mean we're the cops, they're cons, yet we're taking

orders from them?

POV jumps from them to a group of Portlanders…


I heard them say something about another group,

who attacked Beaverton before these guys did.

Then this Zane, they keep talking about, was a part

of some compound, in the coast range. Is that true?

POV of random people suddenly having their attention caught by something else, as more and more people take notice, and everyone begins staring at the same thing…

Harris and her sister, Nikki, dressed and ready for battle, with guns, knives, and a machete hangs from Nikki's side, while Harris is carrying hers…

They all simply watch, as the girls walk right by, heading for the rock fencing. They walk toward a corner, where Solis is with a few other men, and placing a ladder against the wall…

Growing curiosity takes over the others, who remain watching, as Kemp and some of them begin heading that direction…

Harris is first one to climb the ladder, standing up on the wall, looking over the huffs, and the much deeper drop-off, on the other side of that fence, which is on a hillside, and why it's clear of huffs.

Nikki reaches top and pulls up the ladder, dropping it down onto the other side, they hurry down it, Harris first, and already using a swift move to dropkick the first arriving huff, followed by pulling her machete and slicing many more, with help from Nikki who now joins her, before they both run off, down the hill, past all the huffs who are rolling down it…

Kemp stands atop the ladder, watching them disappear down the hillside, into the woods/brush…

Kemp then turns back down toward Solis, with a gleaming stare…



Harris sits in her car (parked in field), looking toward passenger seat…


You're lucky to feel that way about her…

POV moving over to Zane, staring outward from passenger seat…


You have to promise me something…

Zane turning and facing her, looking right at her…


If I don't come out of this, I want you to take that

daughter of yours, and head toward the coast, on

highway 6. Right as you begin declining in elevation,

you'll see a grassy/dirt road on your right, that can

be easy to miss. Little over two miles onto that road,

will be another right, onto much bigger road. You'll

climb in elevation again, before coming to a gate,

with plenty of parking. From there you hike a few

hundred yards, along the road, until you come into

a field, where the road leads to a wall of brush and


Harris just staring at him, listening very carefully/intriguingly…


Behind that wall, is the compound, I mentioned.

They'll see you coming, as they've already seen

plenty of other families, who have shown up,

seeking refuge… Tell them everything I've told you

about Glenwood, and everything you can about

Nike. Tell Samantha, I'm sorry. Tell her I did what I

did for her and the family, and their future…and

tell her I am with Fish, and we are looking over

her, and will feel her love every time we see her

look up and smile…and that we continue to live,

through her…

Harris just staring at him, as he now stares out at the field…


Sure…but you do the same for me. If something

happens, you get my daughter to that magic place

of yours.

Zane turning and smiling at her.


Of course, I would…but we're both coming out of

this, and you can take her there yourself.


Maybe… My fellow officers and I are all pretty close,

so, if you get me, you get them.


They would be very useful to have, and very welcome.

Silence a moment…


So, what's on the other side of the brush wall you



An amazing man, and his creation. Creation of an

amazing place, amazing family, and amazing friends.

Which is why I am so willing to do whatever it takes

to defend that place, and those people. Right now,

the key to doing that, is figuring out who this Grover

guy is, and what he's all about.


Now, let me see if I got this right? Grover freed the

prisoners, supplied them a logger team, to build the

little piggies something worthy of surviving behind, in

the same exact forest that is home to a state-of-the-art

compound of unrealistic human beings, (Zane smiling)

all while also leading this other camp, enemies with

"my" camp, and not to mention whoever the hell that

was attacking us on the highway, a little while ago?

Zane simply nodding at Harris, whose expression is dumbfounded, while shaking her head…


There's a lot more than you think, going on out there…


That is all…completely unreal (looking outward), but

then again, so is this new world of ours…


(looking outward)

Yeah… I'm sure there are pockets of people all over

the world, dying and surviving, with unreal stories

of their own…


Everyone at Portland camp are outside, grouped up.


How do we even know she'll come back? Now that she

knows Grover is gone and we're stuck here, she might

just want Nike World for herself.


She's with that guy she brought here. She's not going to

leave him here to die, not that he would because WE'RE

NOT STUCK HERE. If they make it out there, then I'll go

next, and someone after me, eventually it shouldn't be

that hard to clear them all out of here. We lead an even

larger group of them into battle, for god's sake!


But so, how did her sister end up here? What kind of a

crazy coincidence is that?


Her sister, both of them I believe, are masters of

martial arts. She's been on Grover's list for years, now.


Their dad is here, too, and is a former seal team master



Grover was big on what kind of people he wanted to be a

part of all this…


Anyone starting to wonder if Grover started all of this?

The guy sounds like part of a damn secret society or


Marshall and Solis begin speaking to each other.


I think we should give the order for full pack up, and be

ready to roll as soon as an opportunity presents itself.




Everyone at the camp working hard to pack things up, pulling down tents, canopies, preparing to leave the camp…

Suddenly, a loud cop siren is heard, and everyone stops, and looks, and many of them begin dashing for the walls…

They are at the gates looking out, and climbing ladders…

Suddenly, Nikki is heard over the PA.


Someone call 911?

All the prisoners erupt in cheers! The huffs stop and face the cheering for a moment, before taking off in direction of the siren…

Harris is turning her squad car around, with Nikki placing down the microphone.


I've always wanted to do that.

Harris smiling at her, as she looks in her mirror, back at the approaching huffs, coming through the pile of vehicles. She continues to blare her sirens, as Nikki places a hand in her sister's lap, with a look of love right at her…

Suddenly, Harris jumps in fear, at the sight of a huff jumping out in front of the vehicle, and ran over, with a thump. Many more huffs come from the trees/brush, up ahead, as she speeds up. She swerves as much as the road will allow her, to avoid hitting the huffs, but eventually has no choice but to hit and run some of them over, with many thumps, and even becoming stuck for a moment, with more and more huffs…

They become nervous inside, as Harris does her best to maneuver the vehicle over and around their bodies, and quickly get herself away from the growing cluster off them. As she becomes free, she eventually makes her way to the open road, turning upward, and slowly awaiting the herd, and only driving fast enough to keep from being caught, as sirens remain on…



Everyone moving quickly to finish off the pack-up. Men keep watch at the gates, where the tail end of the huffs are making their way through the vehicles, with the distant sound of Harris's sirens…

Dissolve to Kemp, Solis and others, now opening the gates, as they all enter through them, looking out at a few leftover huffs, stuck in between the vehicles. GW makes his way toward them, making easy work of them, with his huge tree branch. He comes to the last one, and practically knocks its head clean off, with one mighty swing…

Suddenly, another huff comes out of nowhere (behind a tree), within inches of biting GW, before he grips its throat with his hand, picking it up, and bashing it against the base of the tree…

One last huff appears, as Kemp uses a spear on it…

More men begin coming out, as they all begin driving the trucks through the gates, where people begin packing them up, along with the Portlanders vehicles, which had already been inside, including buses and U-Haul trucks…

Dissolve to everyone now loading themselves into the vehicles, buses, RV's, and some convicts are even piling into the police vehicles, as the trucks are full of supplies…

Solis is waving and directing the vehicles, as they all begin pulling out, with Harris, her sister, father, and Ike, all in her squad car, smiling as they lead the pact, ahead of Kemp, Lester, Divit and others.


I'd like to see someone mess with this caravan…


Long as we don't run into any freakin elephants, or

other wildlife…


Could make for some good supper…

They all give Divit a look…


Or pet… I always wanted a pet tiger…

Kemp a small laugh…


Right now, we're the pets. Swish's pets (everyone

looking at him)… I just hope we're all on the same

page, cause either we let him march us right into

war, or we march his dead body right to their walls,

and beg for their forgiveness.

Other men just staring at Kemp, as POV leaves their vehicle, panning back over the large caravan. It's much larger than the one at the beach, with Mason and the Bakers…



There is a woman walking along in the woods, carrying dead rabbits, squirrels and god knows what else. She walks into the brush, coming to what looks like a small camp area she made for herself, and drops the deceased animals next to her fire pit. Her area is very well put together, and camouflaged, barely noticeable from the outside…

She places some other things away, and is walking toward her tent, before suddenly freezing, for a moment, before rushing outside her camp area, looking all around. She is the same woman who Mason saw walking with the huffs, on highway 6…

She begins rushing off into the brush…

Dissolve to her POV, as she comes to a sudden stop, and squats down peeking out into the woods, where an army of convicts are marching along. Some of them are on horses, while most ride along in the back of the trucks. There is one truck in front, with something (hard to see) tied/strapped to the front of it…

The woman quickly rises and begins dashing away, disappearing into the woods…

Dissolve to her running out of the woods, into the field and for the brushy walls of the compound. She is approaching from the side, and unseen by any of the guards, as she quickly disappears into the same hidden trail that she watched Samantha disappear into, a week before…

She comes to the rope of the compound bell, and instantly begins ringing it!

A random guard from the tree house quickly looks downward at her…



Hummers and jeeps are speeding the road and across the fields, toward Baker Lane and the corridor leading to the gates. Random children are in the field, being chased down or removed by parents or babysitters. Blake is seen charging toward the corridor, on horse and followed with other Rough Riders, all while the bell is heard ringing away…

Doc and a ton of the cousins are seen charging on foot, some of them hopping into vehicles…

Cleo and Dakota are running out of the Baker complex…

Hope and Ryder are near the pool, quickly gathering children, as more and more are being brought there, by other women. Marlana is there, and helping with the kids…

Grandpa is being helped by Scout, with Samantha, Renee, and Griffey all behind them, as Samantha walks ahead of them, with a look outside the doors of the complex, toward the corridor, where everyone is rushing, including Mason, as POV shoots out to his hummer, speeding into the corridor and straight for the gates…

POV cuts into Baker garage, where Jason, Colton and others are rushing to gear up, before hopping in hummers.

POV cuts to the tree houses and catwalks above the wall, where tons of armed men and women are taking position...

Porter kneels in one of the tree houses, aiming an RPG out toward the field…

Hunter arrives, standing behind Porter, holding a radio and a gun…

POV cuts to Gunner, Chasin, and others, with Wyatt quickly arriving, near a hatch in the ground, as they begin dropping down underground, using flashlights as they run the underground pathway, taking a sharp right as they come to a corner (with a path also to the left) entering a large area with a bunch of motored scooters. They all hop on and begin speeding through a long underground corridor…



Gunner, Chasin, Wyatt and others, cautiously popping up from underground, and under hatch doors that are covered with fake grass (attached to the hatch top). They all stay down inside, holding some serious fire power. Chasin holds a radio…


(into radio)

Nothing yet. Stay quiet and stay tuned…

They all simply stare outward, with the sound of the bell in the background, which finally ceases to ring…

Gunner pulls out binoculars, scanning the area, as do a few of the others…

Suddenly, Gunner stops scanning, focusing straight ahead, before speaking to himself…


Oh my god… (now into radio) It's the convicts…

they have Zane…


(over radio)

Is he okay?!

POV Grandpa, in the tree house, as Gunner comes over radio.


(over radio)

I…I can't tell… He's…tied to the front of the lead truck…

Porter a look at Hunter.


(speaking to Porter)

He's alive, they're using him as a shield…

POV cuts back to Gunner and them, as they slowly begin dropping back down underground, with hatch top closing over them. They remain open enough just to peek out…

They watch as the army of vehicles drive by, and approach the field…

POV trucks entering the field, with Zane's body tied to a post, hanging a foot off the ground, but does have a small standing plank under his feet. He looks dead, but who knows…

POV Hunter, watching through binoculars, as the trucks enter and begin crossing the field, straight for the compound...

POV through his binoculars, trying to focus in on Zane, but unable to see life…

POV pans the faces of the people in the tree houses, the catwalk, Mason and a ton of others behind the gates, with views of the field…

Everyone watches, as the army of trucks all arrive at the base of the wall, coming to a stop…

Silence follows, with all eyes on Zane, who begins lifting his head, looking up at the wall of the compound…he is very much alive!

POV Hunter, as Mason comes over radio.


(over radio)

I don't see the guy I spoke to. The one they call Swish…


(over blowhorn)

My name is Hunter. I am in charge here, and thank you

for safely delivering my nephew. I'd like to assume he's

hanging there like that as a precautionary move, on your

part, and not an act of war. (POV goes over some of the

compound people's faces) We are very peaceful people,

and even offer you supplies for your safe return of Zane.

However you want to play this, is up to you. We just want

it to go peacefully…

Silence follows…

POV glimpse of Samantha, in tree house approaching an area with a view…


(over blowhorn)

Maybe your leader, Grover, would like to present himself?

Suddenly, a large knife is flung right against the wood post that Zane is tied against, slicing the rope and freeing him…

POV of someone's lower half, walking out from behind one of the many trucks, and approaching Zane. He begins speaking, as POV goes up his body, not revealing his face until he speaks his name.


My name is Stix. (Zane hopping down) I'm second in

command at Glenwood. I introduce you to he who is

first in command, Grover.

Stix looking to Zane, who pulls a cap from his side, and placing on his head, reading Forest Grove, with a red R added at the end of Grove…

He looks up toward Hunter…


(shouting to be heard)

I know this comes as a shock. I know I'm probably

letting a lot of people down, people who I love, and

will never be a threat to. This group wants no war,

this group is more than a bunch of cons, and this

group is my group, and I am Grover. The real Grover

is MIA, but his name lives on, and it spreads fear to

all who even think about causing havoc in this part

of Oregon. The real Grover set something in motion,

something similar to what you have going on here.

But with his absence, and a lack of leadership, and a

whole world of survivors and groups, out there, it is

up to me to lead this group, and to do so without

going to war with you…

Suddenly, the gates begin opening…


But war with others, at this point and time in the

world, is inevitable.

POV Mason on radio.


The group we beat in Beaverton, had a good thing

going at Nike World, which now belongs to an ally…

POV Hunter on radio, but focusing hard on what Zane is saying.


But were attacked by some mysterious group, the

day before defeated by us. The group was prepared,

and strategic.

Someone driving one hummer outside the gates, and hauling a large trailer, fully stuffed with supplies, as Mason angrily watches, from behind the gates, with radio in hand…


I honestly don't know what you would have offered,

if I had simply asked, and just can't take that kind of

risk, so, instead I'm forced to just take the supplies

that we'll be needing to help make this forest safe…

this compound safe.

The hummer (also stuffed with supplies) arrives and stops in front of him, with Pepsi climbing out, and both Coke and Chance inside…


I know my dad will probably want to go to war with us,

over this, but (cutoff)


(over blowhorn)

Your dad left us over a week ago, and apparently has his

own camp to run, somewhere outside of Rockaway. He's off

his meds, and out of control. Maybe even seeing Mary…

Zane actually speechless a moment, with looks from the convicts…

POV over the faces of the compound people…

Mason arrives in the tree house, approaching Hunter…


Maybe the son is in need of those meds, himself…

Samantha in the corner, with extreme concern in her face, looking from Mason to Hunter, and then down below, at Zane…


Well, now…that really is interesting…isn't it…

Zane throws one simple signal, and all his men react, and begin their engines, and pulling back…


Let this sink in, become at peace with it, which of course

now, will be much easier without the old man, around.

Zane taking one final look up toward them all, not really able to see any of their faces…

He looks disturbed, from the news of his dad…


I'll be in touch…

He turns and hops in a truck, with Stix, who drives them away, with the others…

POV cuts to Chasin just getting off his radio, as the trucks begin passing, with he and the others ducking back down…

POV Hunter, Mason, Porter all standing there, not sure what to think. Samantha in the corner, with tears and shaking her head…


Taking over the damn group, is a lot more than I had

asked him to do…

Samantha a questionable look at her uncle, before looking back out toward all the trucks, and Zane's truck, as it turns around, and begins going away, after all the others…





Is this where you somehow make sense of this?


(this is a scene from season 2, episode 8, but seen from a different perspective)

Stix's POV of Zane (in the DC), looking back at him. In the background, he can barely hear Swish and Eric, talking…



What confuses you?

Zane's POV of Stix, looking back at him, as Zane then watches Eric, dragging Swish around the corner, out of sight from the DC, and all the others…

Zane then looks right back at Stix, who is still staring right back at him, and taking a step in his direction, before suddenly shouted at, by Swish, as Stix freezes.



Stix, get in there and break up sappy family reunion

time, and begin interrogating that guy. Gary will join

you, once he's done squatting under a tree, or

wherever he is.

Stix watches Swish go back around the corner. He then is very quick to arrive at the gate, entering inside and approaching Zane. He gestures for Zane to come sit with him, away from the others, speaking privately.


It's good to see you again, Stix.


You too, friend. I'm happy to see you've survived, but

we might only have a minute or two to talk. I was

ordered to kill your guy, and it was kill or be killed. I

have a man here, a kid really, Conner. If you trust me,

you can trust him. Many others are loyal to me, too.

I'd say more than half, if not for Grover and the fact he

is currently a god, to these men. Right now, Grover

says it's me, Swish, and that other guy, Eric, who are in

charge of this place. So far, Eric seems like a wise choice,

but Swish (shaking head), has me demanding a recount.


Who the hell is this Grover? What does he look like,

and where did he come from?


(shaking head)

I have no clue, Zane. He has another camp and promises

to return, once he's better organized and can attack

some group in Beaverton, who has blocked him from

getting back here. I have no idea whether he'll solve the

issue of (motioning around corner) Swish, or make it

worse. But, he did (motioning around them) do all of this…

Zane looking around, they can both see Gary, heading their direction.


This guy coming is another issue, so we're about to be

cutoff. Listen, I need something to give to Swish, to

prove my loyalties. Something that will make him more

comfortable, with me.


Killing an innocent man, who helped bring my cousin

back to me, didn't prove your loyalty?


You have no idea how twisted this guy is (Zane nodding),

I had to do it, and I'll do what I need to do to survive,

just like you.


I know, I know.


If I can turn more men against him, maybe even

turn them toward you, we can do something

special here, together…

Zane staring right at him, with a look at Gary, opening DC gate.


Here, give him this. That call I made to my camp, wasn't

received. No one within range. Tell him you promised to

let my cousin go, or at least outside of this jail, to get the

info from me.

Gary arriving at them, as scene dissolves.



Harris wildly leaping through the air, landing on top of Gary, and knocking him (and his radio) to the ground, using complete rage to kill and mutate his body…

POV pans back, as Zane and Stix (with wild expressions) watch Harris go to work on Gary's corpse. Zane looks impressed, and then smiles at her, as she finally takes notice of them, with shock, before relief…

Swish can be heard over the radio, which lays on ground next to all the blood and guts, of Gary…


(over radio)

What about that bitch cop? You get her yet?

Stix picks up radio, wiping blood off it…


(into radio)

Didn't have to; (staring right at Harris, with respect)

she killed herself… She was weak.

Swish heard laughing over the radio…

Dissolve to them all at the gate, talking, as Harris loads Ike into her squad car…


For all I know, this Grover will want me just as dead

as Swish does. If you spread the word, which is

actually true, other than the fact he failed, then his

convicts just might be ready to turn on him, if my

death moves them in the least bit. If it doesn't, then

Stix's surely will. I'll leave it up to you to determine

what kind of man, Grover is. I trust you.

Harris looking directly at Zane…


You owe me for this…



Harris arriving back at Nike World, with the gate wide open, and the huge caravan following her inside, and finding parking…

Dissolve to them all out and about, looking around…


Why is there no one here? And why the hell was the

gate wide open?

Someone randomly begins shouting.



Harris, Kemp, Solis and others, arriving around corner, where they all look down at the mutated body of Gary…


What the? (a look at Harris) You actually seen Zane,

killed, right?

Harris shaking her head…

Suddenly, Swish is heard walking through the gates.



Well, what do we have here?

Everyone heading back around corner, where they stare at Swish, and a few convicts he has with him…

The staring becomes awkward, and Swish can feel it…


I don't like the way a few of you are gleaming at me…

Silence a moment…


We don't like the way you killed Zane and (cutoff)

One of Swish's men (who had been with him, and not the rest of the convicts) instantly fires a pistol at the head of that random prisoner, as everyone flinches…

Swish looks around, before walking over to a Beaverton police hummer, climbing inside and driving it over next to a wall, climbing out and using it as a platform, with the police mic in his hand, and speaking out over the police hummer PA…


Stix killed Zane. Not because I ordered him to, but

because he did it to save my life, after Zane had tried

to kill me. Stix put a knife (Zane coming from around

corner, behind Swish, only everyone else can see him)

in his head, to stop him.

Zane signaling the group to remain quiet, as they begin snickering, semi cheering, and becoming reactive to him. Swish takes notice of both his loyal men, being grabbed by other convicts. He then becomes nervous, at the sight of Harris, smiling back at him, and then he literally yelps, as Zane grabs his mic from behind, and jumps back at the sight of his face, his wicked, bloody face…


(excitedly over mic)

I'm not a huff or a ghost, but you look like YOU'VE


The men erupting in cheers! The officers are even cheering, some, but the Portlanders look baffled, as does Marshall and Solis, who eagerly watch…


(over mic)

So, I hear the legendary Grover might be lost, and

the infamous Swish is the best the APOCALYPSE CAN

OFFER AS A LEADER?! A leader to this amazing group


cheering) These people deserve better than A


(cheering) You offer no hope! No hope of a REAL




LAW OF GROVER! (cheers) Where other groups knew

they'd do well for themselves NOT STANDING IN THE


WITH GROVER! (Cheering) Because from here on out,

I AM GROVER! (mass cheering!)

Their cheering quickly turns to chants of "GROVER, GROVER, GROVER", as Swish looks horrified at the surreal mess in front of him. Solis and Marshall watch, with perplexed intrigue…


(over mic)

Who doesn't just love (holding up Swish's face) the piss

scared shock, of this expression? (cheering)

Zane throws him down, to more applause.


(over mic)

Harris, get on up here.

Swish actually tries to begin running off, once rising. Harris gestures her sister to climb up there, who begins heading up, and chasing down Swish, to more applause.


(over mic)

Yes, I heard that officer Nike has a sister. How nice

it is to meet you, sister. (cheering)

Zane walks over to her, places a gun in her pants at her waistline, before cuffing her hands. and grabbing Swish, who again tried to run.


(over mic)

Now Swish, I'm going to be fair, only because I want

to see the look of dreadful disappointment and fear,

once again in your face. I want to give you hope, only

to take it away. (showing himself) I have no more guns

or weapons. She is only a harmless woman, and not

even a cop like her sister, AND freaking HANDCUFFED!

(laughing cheers) If you can just grab that gun, and put a

bullet in my head. I imagine everyone else will still kill


More laughing cheers, as Swish looks from Zane to the woman, and with nothing to lose, he makes his first attempt, and never even sees it coming, as she blasts him with a kick to the gut, and an ovation of cheering! Swish tries to recover quickly, but is again met in the face with her foot, and never saw it coming.

More cheering, as Zane comes over, uncuffing Nikki and raising her hands, to more cheering…

Harris and her dad watch proudly, from below…

Zane walking over and picking up Swish…


(over mic)

The only question now, is how do we properly expose

of this trash?

Instantly a knife flies over the platform, sticking Swish directly in the back, with Zane reacting like a mad man, and an eruption of cheering from the prisoners, and everyone else, as Stix begins making his way onto the platform, using grace as he delivers one knife after another, right into the back of Swish, who finally goes down, as Stix meets Zane, who reaches down and grinds each and every one of those knives, as if he was grinding gears of a machine, to more cheering, and the ever so painful death of Swish…

Zane then rises, grabbing the hand of Stix, and raising it into the air, with another explosion of cheers, that again evolves into the chant of "Grover, Grover, Grover"…

Zane signals Harris up to the stage. She begins helping her dad up first, with help from Nikki, who still stands up on the platform.

Zane begins hushing the crowd with his hand, before speaking into mic…


(over mic)

It's his plan we follow. His plan that I will keep alive.

When I first came to your camp, it was his partnership

that I was after. Yes, I wanted to assure safe passage

for my little cousin, but I also wanted to be a part of all

this, and for him to be a part of what my family has, to

contribute. My family wanted peace with Grover, and

they'll certainly want it with the new Grover. They'll

come to see why I would leave my home there, to be a

part of all this excitement! (cheering) We will all, one

day work together, (looking at Harris) as we will here

with Nike World, where believe me, I already have

major plans.

Harris reaching for the mic, and looking out at the crowd, who settle down, and give their attention…


(over mic)

It's funny how he says he already has plans here,

because so do I, and my plans are that I'm in charge

here, which means my plans are all that matter.

Some laughs and semi cheering from the crowd, as Harris throws Zane an earnest smirk…


(over mic)

It's funny, cause it's true. This guy knows I can take

him anytime, (cheering) as can my baby sister,

instructor of a small arms unit. She can pretty much

take anyone here, (swinging her handcuffs) with hands

tied behind her back! (cheering) My father, the ex-seal,

will be providing self-defense courses, and helping me

run this place. (Harris a stern look around at everyone)

Yes, me. The one who calls the shots in here, behind

these walls. (Pointing outward) Out there, (looking at

Zane) I'll follow your rules, and will always work together,

to make positive things happen, and help those in need.

But right here, right now, (looking around sternly at

everyone) know one thing and one thing only. I am fair,

but I am harsh, to those who might break my rules and

way of life. The door will always be open, to those who

want to be a part of that life, as they will be open to

those, who want to leave it. Break my rules, and I'll open

it myself, and wave goodbye as you walk your ass right

on out. (cheers/laughs, as she looks around at everyone)

My daughter died earlier this afternoon…

Everyone becoming silent, just staring/listening…

Her Dad and sister's expression go from pride/admiration, to sadness…


(over mic)

I don't know how to survive such a loss, only a month

after losing my son…other than to stand up here in

front of you all, showing my strength, laying my law,

and putting all of my energy into this place, where

people can survive with me…and live peacefully with

our neighbors of Glenwood, (cheering) and their

compound neighbors, (cheering) and any other

groups out there. And our soldier enemies (gesturing

toward cuffed men), who were only following orders,

will be given their second chance.

More cheers, including those cuffed men, as Harris hands the mic back to Zane, who reaches for her arm, pulling him back toward her, and raising it high in the air, with adrenaline and pride…


(over mic)

The Queen of Nike World! I present to you the Queen

of Nike World!

Everyone again erupting into massive cheering, as Harris rolls her eyes with a shake of the head., while Zane continues to cheer wildly, with all the others…