Season 3, Episode 2

"Holy Titanic"



"Instrumental – Carol of the Bells" (playing very beginning)



Zane's face as he drives by in his truck, with POV shooting up the wall, through the branches, into the tree house, finding tears as they drop from Samantha's shocked, somber face…

MUSIC hits .09 mark, with POV dissolving to the present (dusk, snow falling), where Samantha sits at the compound Christmas gathering, listening to the carolers, who are singing this same song…

Samantha has lost any fraction of a smile she originally had on display. She simply sits, watching/listening, lost in thought…

POV travels past her mothers, who are aware of Samantha's semi-somber mood, as does her grandfather.

POV circles around the friends and family. Everyone looks very happy, very holiday festive. Most kids, especially the really younger ones, are having difficulties staying out of the snow…

Hunter is taking his grandson from Jennifer, and holding with pride. Wyatt is doing the same with his baby, while watching the carolers, as POV comes to the carolers, just as they're finishing up, with massive applause from the others.

Gia is quick to approach Joshua, with a big hug, telling him how great he was, and then moving on to some of the others. He stands there, face completely flushed, lovestruck, and watching her as she gives Rich a big hug…

Rich is then met by DJ, who comes right in on him, delivering a romantic kiss, that doesn't last long, after they are hugged excitedly by both Trisha and Ashley. They squat down and hug the girls, back…

POV travels around them, coming to Rachel, who is grabbed and kissed by her husband Gunner, as they immediately follow with laughter…

In the background, behind them, is where Sheriff Dave (from Multnomah Falls) can be seen, with a group of people…

POV continues circling the group, coming to Mayday clapping his hands, smiling big as a woman his age is wrapped around his arm. POV finds Porter and an older man, chatting, as POV continues by, eventually coming to Renee, who sits with Marlana and the other young girl, watching Griffey make a snowball, and launch it over toward Eli and some of the Rough Riders. He then runs and hides behind Jason's back…

Marlana smiles, as does Renee, who suddenly lights up, face full of excitement, as it then is met and licked by a dog, not any dog, it's Sandy! Todd walks up, smiling as the dog shakes snow all over Renee, Marlana and the other girl, who are laughing, with music fading, as scene dissolves…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper to bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by. POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



POV of the statue of Grandpa, with Samantha nearby, watching the carolers, as they can be heard singing Carol of the Bells, while Samantha delivers voiceover…



I know…I'm being selfish, but I can't help it. My dad

died, a bunch of my cousins died, an uncle, people who

helped me get home and down the river, it's Christmas,

and god damn it I want my cousin Zane here… I want him

home, not out making the world a better place…I want

him here, making the compound a better place…and I

guess that is why I am selfish…

POV travels through the family/friends, and their festive moods. Settling in on Blair, and her grandparents Owen and Wendy (Aiden's wife and in-laws (Aiden killed by Stix)), as they pleasantly watch the carolers…



Grandpa explained to us, how Zane is only doing as he

was instructed, and creating our forest into something

special, all while using hardened criminals to help do it,

and making note of which of those criminals might not

qualify as such, in this new world of ours…

POV Conner, smiling and getting along great with some other random people…



The ones who do, I'd like to think he is putting in the

dangerous situations, rather than himself. I'm at ease

when I imagine him being smart, like that, but I also

know the hero that he is, and will put himself at risk

to save people, which he has been doing plenty of.

POV coming back to Renee, Sandy and Todd, with the song ending, and Joshua seen in background, receiving that hug from Gia…



Three hummers cruising down the highway, as Samantha delivers voiceover…



He wasn't the only one. Once my family read my letter,

and learned of the people who aided in our journey home,

it was the very next day, that our family began paying off

it's debt…

The hummers pull into a driveway. Two of them all the way up to the house, while the last one parks near front of driveway, with Porter, Jason and other men jumping out, with guns, and securing the area…

It's Blair and her grandparents place. DJ and Marlana climb out of one of the other hummers, along with Mason, Gunner, Chasin, Wyatt, Cleo and Dakota. DJ and Marlana are the only ones without guns, and heading toward the porch…

Blair comes out, expressing dread the moment she sees DJ and Marlana, without her husband Aiden. She continues to look behind them, simply beginning to shake her head, looking right at DJ…


You made it, but he didn't? Did he?

Before DJ can even respond or nod, she knows the answer, dropping to her knee, as her grandparents are coming out. Her grandfather is quick to reach her, while both he and his wife look around at everyone, and seeing DJ and Marlana…

POV goes up over them, while Samantha delivers voiceover…



Before Zane's "return", a plan had been put into motion,

toward retrieving Todd and Sandy, along with the boat

load of supplies that UPS would certainly have.

POV leaves the emotional scene at Blair's grandparents' home, and flies over the trees and highway…



During his "return", he actually left a letter, explaining his

rise as Grover, what he intends to do as him, and his own

plan, that is ready to be set into motion…

POV continues flying, right past the Glenwood area…



He wanted everyone to have a couple days to process

everything, before working together, but Mason and

Gunner were anxious to get the ball rolling…

POV dissolves to different time (raining), but same spot, with empty highway, and sound of approaching vehicles, a lot of them…

Right as the first hummer enters POV, you can hear Gunner speaking over the radio, as they drive the highway, followed by many more vehicles.


(off-screen, over radio)

Hey there cousin. I know it's raining, but was hoping

you could come out and play.

More hummers, Mayday's army jeep, and a pair of semis, three different trucks pulling large motor boats, and a few U-Haul trucks, are all a part of a large caravan, and following the lead hummer, as radio conversation goes quiet, before a response…


(over radio)

It's so good to hear your voice, Gunner. What I wouldn't

do to have just one night away from all of this, a beer in

my hand, and a story or joke from your mouth.

POV inside of lead hummer, where Gunner smiles from the front, but not Mason (driving), Chasin and Wyatt smiling from the back…


(into radio)

How did the apocalyptic escaped convicts, make it to

the other side of the road?

POV cuts to next hummer, where Porter, Jason, Colton, and two unfamiliar guys (Baxter, Parker) are all smiling, and then cracking up once punchline is delivered.


(over radio)

Let's hear it!


(over radio)

With the help of my cousin and a can of Pepsi.

POV cuts back to Gunner's hummer, where they are all laughing, except Mason, shaking his head…


What she did was not funny. None of this is…


(over radio)

I knew you were going to use the soft drink, against me.


(into radio)

Yeah, but, it didn't quite make everyone laugh.


(over radio)

Uh-oh, I take it your uncle is not happy with me, or my

choice of soda pop?

Mason grabs radio from Gunner.


(into radio)

Happy to see you're feeling better these days, I really

am. I was worried about you, son. But now, something

else has me worried. And the stuff you took, all you had

to do was ask!

Tosses radio back at Gunner, as Zane comes over it.


(over radio)

I'm not afraid to admit it, Uncle. Maybe I'm having a

little too much fun. After what I've been through, what

we've all been through, I'm just not seeing anything

wrong with it…

Gunner holding radio, with a look at Mason, before responding…


(into radio)

What are we doing out this way, you ask? UPS refuses

to deliver these days, so we're doing a carryout.


(over radio)

You guys are going for the crazy guy, and the dog?


(into radio)

After reading Samantha's letter, we kind of have to.


(over radio)

How is she? Is she okay, with…


(into radio)

I think you tagging along to help save her dog, might


POV into Porter's hummer.


(over radio)

I expect you'll be using the water, for your carryout?


(over radio)

That mean you're in?

POV Gunner's hummer as they wait through the silence, for a response…


(into radio)

We're going to call and introduce ourselves to your queen,

even throw her an invite…

More waiting, more silence, until someone else speaks.


(over radio)

Come on, Zane. If a thirteen-year-old can do it, so

can you.

POV inside hummer with Eli, DJ, Dakota, Cleo and Shelby. Cleo holding radio to Eli, who is smiling, as Zane finally responds.


(over radio)

Son of a bitch, Eli's going! I'm there!

POV of the caravan now driving by the Glenwood area, with a pair of convicts next to the road, watching…


(over radio)

I'll meet you guys there, though…



Mason's caravan heading down highway 26, very wet out, but rain has stopped…


At least with all these different groups in the area,

the good side is this road is more and more clear

every time we use it.


Yeah, we would have never gotten the semis through

here, a few weeks ago…


True story… We should be within range (motioning

toward radio), you going to call your Queen?


On it. (into radio) Looking for the one they call Queen

of Nike World, I'm Gunner, King of the Tillamook Forest

(Mason rolling eyes), and jackass cousin of Zane, who

tells me you're a tough, but fair queen, who will tolerate

my sense of humor.

Everyone silently waiting for a response…


Maybe I should do the speaking…


(over radio)

Little bitch sister of the Queen, here. What can I do for

you, Jackass?


(into radio)

Yes, the little bitch, we heard about you, too. Let me be

the first to say thanks to both you and your family, for the

help you provided our family, and the plan in motion to

make this new world worthy of living in.

Mason nodding, some silence…


Okay, that was better…


(over radio)

Nike, here. I guess you may say I'm the one they call

Queen, but Nike, will do just fine.


(into radio)

So, anything but your real name basically works, eh?


(over radio)

Your cousin and I had to kill a lot of time together. I'm

guessing you're the one who does impressions. Is that

why you're here? Did you come to entertain the Queen

and her people with your Forrest Gump impressions?

Zane said those were your best.


(into radio, in Gump voice)

My cousin Zane always said life was like a performance

of celebrity impressions…you never know who you

gonna get.


(over radio, with laugh)

Not half bad. Hopefully there'll be a time when we

can hear them all. So, tell me though, what is this

time for? My relayers already tell me of your large

caravan. Care to explain?



Mason's caravan driving over a one-way road as a man is there holding open the long gate. On each side of the one-way road are deep pits, that both eventually circle around and lead back to the Nike compound. Once over the road, there is a large circular chuck of land remaining in front of the gates (with American flags hanging), which open up for the caravan.

The larger vehicles remain on outside of compound, on other side of the one-way road, while the other ones find parking inside…

There have already been major improvements to Nike World. Tree trunks are posted where the old barricades had been built (just like the ones at Glenwood). It's much more huff-proof, than before.

Dissolve to Mason and Gunner, along with others, outside their vehicles and being approached by the Queen, as Gunner bows.


(bowing with a smile)

Your Highness.


(rolling eyes)

Oh, you knock that shit off, right now. It was your cousin

who came up with that crap.

Nike (aka Harris) placing out her hand to shake, with a stare from Gunner.


Zane says you're family, now. (Gunner hugging her)

Put you're damn hand away.

Nike receives a few more hugs, and a bunch of handshakes. She is impressed, at how impressed they all appear to be with her. Blake and Abino are approaching from their vehicle, with curious looks at the Queen…

Solis, Marshall, some officers, and some Portlanders are there.

Nikki and Shawn arrive right behind Nike, with a look from Gunner.


The sister of the Queen. (hugging Nikki) And the father.

Shawn holds out his hand, which Gunner blows by and moves in for the hug, with Shawn uncomfortable and barley hugging back, as both Nike and her sister are amused…


That might actually be the first human being he

has even hugged.


Get used to it, Nike World. It's what us Bakers do.

Shawn throwing both his daughters and annoyed look.


(speaking to his giggling daughters)

Shut up…

Shawn turns to shake hands with Mason and then some others, as does Nikki. Gunner moves on, and is sure to shake hands with Solis and Marshall, and others who are around, as does Mason and the others, while DJ, Eli, Cleo, Dakota, Blake and Abino are in total awe, over the place, the people, the Queen, all of it…


Same spot as everyone is loaded back up in their vehicles, and pulling out of the gates, with Queen Nike, her sister, and Bonnie in the Beaverton police hummer, and driving along with the caravan, as well as her police SUV's, full of officers, and a few of her soldiers and their vehicles, driving right behind Mayday and his soldiers…

Gunner's hummer drives by, a big smile on his face…

He looks to Mason, in driver's seat.


This is Grandpa's dream and then some…

Mason nodding…

POV inside Dakota's hummer, where her, Cleo and Shelby have impressed smiles of excitement, while sharing a look, and then at both DJ and Eli…


How cool does all of this feel…after all of what you

guys went through, getting off that mountain?


I didn't even believe the compound was real, at first, let

alone ever getting to it…but all this, a freaking Queen,

who I hear is half Jedi, and that her dad is the one who

trained Yoda. I mean…walking dead people kinda seem

normal right now.

Some laughs as POV leaves for Porter's hummer…


I will never doubt Zane, again!


We're not just a compound now, we're a god damn



First the beaches, now this. Life could certainly be worse.

POV of the entire caravan, as the tail end is leaving through the gates, which begin to close, with Shawn, Solis and Marshall left behind, in charge during the Queen's absence...



Zane next to a huge caravan that looks ready to leave the camp. He is talking with Kemp, next to Lester, as Stix sits in the hummer, watching.


This camp is yours, while I'm gone. I know you were

"voted" in as the man in charge, yesterday, and I hope

you know how much I appreciate the way you proved

yourself as a true leader, which is why I'm trusting

the safety of all the people here, in your hands.

Zane puts out his hand as Kemp proudly shakes it, before Zane hops in the humvee, as Stix begins driving through the gates…

An army of other vehicles follow…

Moon, Shine, Damon, Geno, Shade, women, children and many others, are all watching…

The loggers and their vehicles are included in the caravan…


EXT. NIKE WORLD (before the changes) – DAY

Zane and the Glenwood caravan (loggers and some of others, no longer with them) arriving at the gates of Nike World (no pits or one-way road outside the gates yet), with Solis opening them, as Zane and his people enter…

Dissolve to Zane, Stix, Divit and other Glenwood members, greeting Solis, Marshall, Taylor and most of the other nurses, along with others, as Harris (Queen Nike) and her family are now arriving, with smiles from Zane and Stix…

Zane hugs Harris as she arrives.


Nobody would blame you if you took at least a day,

or two, and got drunk off your ass, while grieving…

They look right at each other…


If I go that route I may never return. (smiling toward

her family) I was blessed with finding my father and

baby sister, a month into the apocalypse, and on the

same day I lose my little girl. (looking at Zane) That

has to mean something, doesn't it?


It means you're one of the strongest people I've

ever met…and I think it also means hope…

Harris and Zane sharing a smile, and then walk off together, with her dad, sister, Stix, Divit, Solis and Marshall all following. Harris signals Bonnie (Beaverton officer) to follow them. Zane begins shaking hands with them all, as they walk off…



Zane and all the other leaders grouped together in a large room, which looks to be setup as some sort of command center. Maps of the entire area are posted, and a map is exactly what they all begin looking at, while Zane approaches it.


The loggers are doing their thing, and will be here a

little. We'll begin setting up for them until then, but

first, I wanted us all to put our heads together, and

figure some important things out. (pointing over the

map, and circling their location) Once we exterminate

the dead in this area, which I'll get to in a bit, we'll need

to focus on what to expect from the city, and from the

south. (he points over the Columbia and Willamette

River) The rivers will keep all the Washington huffs from

our side. We'll need to block the vista ridge tunnels to

keep out the ones in the city. (points east (Mt. Hood

area) then west, coast range) These areas, are where

most the living remain. Eventually Mt. Hood will become

infested, if it isn't already, and there's not much we can

do for that side, at least for now. The coast and coast

range are gold. No worries there. Some work still to be

done from Cannon Beach to Astoria, but my family will

be all over that. (pointing just east of their location)

This area should stay fairly calm. (pointing south) South,

is where we could see more and more huffs, over time,

even large herds of them, maybe all the way from

California. We're going to have to put some serious

thought towards preparing for that. Nothing to solve

before bedtime tonight, though. For now, we'll just

focus on those within the immediate area. We'll be

spending most of this week securing the perimeter

here, and placing some large pits around the gates.

I've got a few ideas for something cool out there,

(smirking at Nike) something worthy of a queen.

Harris a semi smile and roll of eyes…


What, like a mote or something?


Or something…


I could draw some illustrations, of what you have in

mind. I dabbled a bit in architectural design, in college.

Zane throwing a sympathetic look at Harris, who looks downward…


Sounds about right… We'll chat in a minute. Another

thing I want to quickly address, is the children. In a

few days, once things are a little more secure here,

I'd like to give the kids and their parents at Glenwood,

a field trip, to meet the queen, her paradise, and the

other children and parents of its community…

(looking at Nike) If that would be okay with the Queen?

Harris looking back up at him, with her semi smile returning…


Sounds about right…

Zane smiling at her…


Perfect, the kids will love it here.


The ones here already do. Maybe we could think up

some creative ideas on some sort of fair, with games.

They love the slides here, so we could set it all up there.


I helped set up at the Rose Festival. I can help with that.



Yeah me too. I think I have an idea or two, for

something like that.

Zane nodding…


I like it. We can fill their heads with that and then

make it a reality in a few weeks, once we've

accomplished some amazing things… So, anyone

else have anything to bring up? If not now, feel free

to think on it, and speak up later. We're all leaders

here. I expect us to lead by putting our heads

together. That's the way we do things around here.

Everyone nodding…


Not that your speech yesterday wasn't epic, but I'd

love to hear you address everyone, once your loggers

are here, and perhaps even in a few days when you

bring the kids. Maybe you should just bring them all.

We'll call it a meet and greet, and you can speak again,

with less dramatics, and a lot less blood on your face.



I was already kind of thinking the same thing, but I do

love your idea of an official meet and greet party, with

a speech and the fair/carnival (looking at Marshall) you


Everyone nodding…


Also related to the kids, at least the ones here, I'm

placing my father in charge of training every little boy

and girl, the moment they begin talking, how to survive

in the new world. It's a requirement, here, and the

children of your camp are also welcome.

Zane nodding…


I'm liking it. Again, let's add that to the things to

think on, and once we're more ready, we'll get that

stuff all planned out, maybe even throw the idea

out to the kids and parents, during the fair.

Everyone nodding…



Huffs are everywhere, mostly bunched together, some in random herds. There are tons of abandoned vehicles. One building is half burnt, and multiple firetrucks are next to it, with the look of being abandoned in the middle of fighting the fire. There is a half-burnt firefighter huff, trapped in a part of the building…

A bunch of huffs suddenly begin going after something, with more joining in. Suddenly, a ton of rats go running through the area, into a small crowed walkway between buildings, where huffs quickly fill, until they can't…

POV moves down the street, through the huffs, when suddenly something crashes hard, through a canopy covered door top, and to the ground. All the huffs begin looking, even taking a step or two, before leaving, as POV finds remains of a mangled huff laying on the sidewalk, which fell from the roof top of the tall building…

As POV continues, there are other remains of dead huffs that must have fallen, and some even stuck in random places, while all the others continue to roam around, only taking direction when following noise.

POV travels upward, catching a few huffs stuck behind windows, inside buildings. POV moves toward a bunch of roads, moving back downward, finding more random herds of huffs, entering roads or bridges.

One herd is marching on I-5 toward a tunnel. There are huffs stuck in abandoned cars, watching as the herd walks by. They enter the tunnel, and become excited at the sound of a driving vehicle, which slams on its breaks, just as it (police SUV) enters POV, and can see the herd, blocking its route.

It flashes on it's lights, but not the sirens, as more Beaverton SUV's and hummer with a 50 cal riffle on top, come to a sudden stop, and they all begin backing up…

POV inside the hummer, where Porter drives, with Jason is in front seat about to speak into his radio.


(into radio)

We're stalled. Huff herd coming out of the

mini-tunnel, just after the Vista Ridge tunnels.


(over radio)

How big?


(into radio)

No idea. Still exiting the tunnel. We can lead them

Southbound, but we run into another herd, that

could be a problem.


(over radio)

Negative. Just back up until you can figure out what

we're dealing with. We're entering the tunnels now;

will sit tight here.

POV of the hummer and SUV's backing up toward the Vista Ridge tunnels, as the end of the huff herd exits the tunnel. It's only about fifty of them…


(into radio)

Less than fifty. Send the rest of the officers down here,

and whoever else needs some experience.


(over radio)

Rodger that…


(into radio)

Out of your vehicles, officers…

Jason pops through the roof-top, preparing to use the 50 cal, if need be. Porter, Colton, Baxter and Parker, all begin climbing out, armed with spear/swords/bats, as are the officers, climbing out of their SUV's. They all approach one another, as the police hummer arrives, followed by Mayday and the Nike soldiers. They begin climbing out, as now a pair of trucks full of Portlanders also arrive from the tunnel, also piling out, and armed with proper huff killing weapons…

Nike and her sister, along with Bonnie and another officer are arriving over with the others, with a look toward the approaching herd, then at Porter, who stands himself out in front of everyone.


With all due respect, I don't care if you're a Queen, cop,

or the god damn karate kid. Killing what use to be innocent

human beings, no differently than us, and doing so without

their teeth sinking into your flesh…is a whole new kind of

training. Personally…I don't think it's all that hard, but…

you fuck up, and it's game over.

Porter looking everyone over, as they take him very seriously…

He looks back at the huffs, with a few of them out front. He signals Colton, Baxter and Parker, who begin following him toward the herd. Mayday, Gia, Darius and Tanner, join Porter, gesturing for the Nike soldiers to hold back.


Follow us and stand back just enough to watch, at first.

Get comfortable, and jump in when you're ready. If you

just want to watch, everyone else will understand, or

they will answer to me…

Porter leads the experienced men to the front of the herd, as they begin taking out huffs. Mayday and his soldiers are actually pushing some of them back, or down, and challenging the Nike soldiers to come make their move…

Nike and her sister jump in, making their moves, and looking quite impressive. The Nike soldiers are also doing quite well. Bonnie jumps in, causing her co-workers to follow, and they all do fairly well. The Portlanders are skeptical, some eventually jumping in, as others hold back. One of them takes out a huff, as another keeps trying, but unsuccessfully. Instead the huff moves in close to him, pushed away by the other guy, but then a different huff begins to attack the Portlander, but is quickly taken out by Mayday, splattering blood/guts all over the Portlander…

Porter stands back, watching over the newbies, and killing or helping when needed, as does the other experienced men. Queen Nike and Nikki begin moving through huffs like they've been doing it their entire lives. They move so well, that most people stop, and simply watch them kill off the final huffs…

Even Porter smiles impressively, with one in return from Nikki…

Dissolve to everyone back in their vehicles and driving away, toward and into the small tunnel, as POV stays there, even after the last vehicle disappears into the tunnel. POV moves to side of highway, where all the dead huffs are stacked, moving by them, and up the road, toward the bigger Vista Ridge tunnel, which goes right under the mountain that has an entire neighborhood above it…

Mason and Gunner's hummer comes driving out of the tunnel, followed by the rest of the caravan, which drives down the highway, past the stack of dead huffs, heading same direction as Porter and the others, through the smaller tunnel…

POV cuts to other side of that small tunnel, as the caravan comes up through it, and onto I-5, where up ahead of them, is Porter and his group, taking the freeway onto a large bridge, but not crossing the river below it, instead taking an offramp that keeps them on the West side of the river/city…

POV stays put, as they disappear onto the offramp, with POV moving to the right, and dropping down below, and toward the Willamette River, as scene dissolves…



POV travels over the water of the river, rain is now falling, some thunder roars, a huff suddenly begins rising from the water, just enough to grunt for a moment before his grunts are swallowed up by the current of the river, as it disappears altogether, back under the water…

POV continues over the water, turning back toward the city, with a view of all the downtown bridges of Portland, Oregon. They are flooded with huffs, as a random one here or there is dropping right down into the river…

The waterfront of downtown Portland is also flooded with huffs, and also randomly dropping down off the side, into the water. Some floating away, some sinking, before rising back up…

POV moves back down river, passing random huffs, some of them randomly appearing from below the surface, while more thunder is heard…

POV begins moving quickly over the water, with more thunder, and when it stops, the sound of multiple boats can now be heard, and eventually a few of them go speeding by, and toward Swan Island, right into a ship yard.

They all begin piling out, instantly going to work. Some of them have keys to locked gates/doors, and appear to be very familiar with the area. Some of them are untying large ropes and moving things around, while others are entering large tug boats…

An older man (Edward, 65-70) comes ashore, just watching over everyone (no one looks familiar). A younger man (Garrett, 30's) with a gun stands close to him…


I still hate the idea of you being here…


This ship yard has been my life. I had to be here for

this, to say goodbye.

One of the other men is directing many of the others, instructing them to gather as much fuel as possible…



POV of Mt. Hood in the distance, panning back to a dead huff, laying in the road, as POV travels past it, coming to several more dead huffs, and then a ton more, all dead, and freshly so…

POV finally finds Doc, Sage, Skyler, Bunk, Virgil, Mike and a bunch of other cousins are all near the University of Portland, atop a large bluff. Doc had been looking downward, through a pair of binoculars, now shaking his head as he hands the binoculars to Mike…

POV through binoculars, of Swan Island and UPS, completely infested with huffs.

They not only fill the inside of the fences at UPS, like before, but everywhere on the outside as well, and throughout the entire island…


(over radio)

What's up Doc? How's the island?

Mike hands Bunk the binoculars as Doc answers Gunner.


(into radio)

It's not good. We're heading back to meet you guys at

the rally point, cause driving or climbing the bluff is not

an option.


(over radio)

Will they be waiting for us at the shoreline?


(into radio)

Negative. The fences are still up, but with motivation,

like they'll have once they see or hear us working, I

wouldn't be surprised if those fences come down.


(over radio)

Alright…you guys head on back. Transport should be

here soon.


(into radio)

You got it, captain…


EXT. HIGHWAY, WEST SIDE OF RIVER (near St. Johns bridge) – DAY

The entire caravan is parked on the highway. The river is right next to them, along with some buildings and some ship yard areas. To the other side of the highway lays a large hill, keeping them fairly secluded. There are some random huffs, being killed off by random compounders…

The highway runs flat alongside the river, while they are parked in front of a road that turns off from the highway, going up a steep hill that leads to the St. Johns bridge. A couple huffs come down that road, killed by Porter and Jason…

Mayday watches over the area, with Gia, Darius and Tanner, as others around them are transporting supplies from the caravan, down toward the river…

Mason, Gunner, Cleo, Dakota, DJ, Eli, Nike, Nikki and Bonnie are all under a covered area, out of the rain, and going over a map of the inside of UPS. DJ is pointing certain parts out to them.


This is the west unload, and over on the east is another

unload. These trailers are full of all sorts of things.

(pointing to other part of hub) The load lines have plenty

to go through as well, but nothing compared to the

unload. I'm guessing one shift ended and the next one

never began, leaving the unload as the primary source

of packages.


But there's no way of telling what's what, without going

through it all.


(shaking head)

Unfortunately not, but the labels will tell us what is what,

and a lot of items come in accounts, so it'll all be grouped



And we're basically just looking for anything of use?


Food, seeds, weapons, clothes, blankets, pillows (cutoff)


Soda, alcohol, marijuana, junk food.

Some faint laughs, when suddenly, commotion and panic are being heard from the road, as they all take off that direction, with Porter coming over the radio.


(over radio)

We've got a herd! A big one!

POV cuts to Porter in the road, killing off huffs, along with Jason, Colton, Baxter and Parker. Many others are approaching to help, as a huge herd is coming from around the corner of the highway, right toward them…

As everyone arrives, they look amongst each other, while ditching their spears, bats and other weapons, and replacing with their guns, as Mason and them arrive, looking over the approaching herd…


Yeah…we'll go with guns this time…

They begin marching forward a bit, taking aim…


Heads people, aim for the heads. Keep the herd from

closing in on us.

Porter looking at Mason…


The gunfire is going to attract more of them.


(into radio)

Blake, everything okay back there?


(over radio)

Anyone or thing, that comes this way will never make

it your way, sir.


(into radio)

It's about to get noisy. Keep your eyes open.


(over radio)

Rodger that, sir…


Alright, take aim and take em' down!

Mason is the first to open fire, instantly taking them down! Everyone else does the same, as they begin dropping huff after huff…

POV travels over the faces of Mason, Gunner, Chasin, Porter, Jason, Baxter and Parker, doing their job and doing it well. Mayday, and his soldiers, along with the Nike soldiers, are also kicking some ass. Nike, Nikki and Bonnie are firing away. Wyatt and Dakota are taking down huff after huff…

Cleo and DJ stand back close to Eli, all holding guns, and bat/spears, as well as keeping an eye on the surrounding area, and the other road ahead (one leading up toward the bridge), as Mason and the men are making their way past it, while firing on the huffs, who continue to march over the top of the dead huffs…

POV cuts to back of caravan, where Blake, Abino, a bunch of officers, and others, are all keeping an eye out, and do in fact have several huffs approaching, but nothing they can't handle…

POV cuts back to front of caravan, where the huff herd is dropping one after another, but an end is not yet in sight, as they keep coming. Mason and the shooters keep stepping toward them, as the herd is slowed by all the dead huffs falling in front of them…

POV cuts to back of caravan, where Blake walks out toward a pair of huffs, killing them with ease. A couple officers come out, making an attempt to gain some experience, as Blake sits back and watches them prepare to kill a couple more approaching huffs, all while the gunfire from the front of the caravan is heard…

Their inexperience shows, but the officers get the job done, as Blake moves in with a pat on the back…

POV cuts to front of caravan, as Mason leads the group further down the road, blasting through the herd of huffs…

Suddenly, a herd can now be seen coming down the other road, and moving with much more speed, as they're coming down a fairly step road, some of them even rolling…

Eli, DJ, and Cleo begin pointing/yelling!

It's noisy, and they can't be heard at first, until some of the shooters begin taking notice, and notifying all the others, as a few huffs begin rolling down the side of that road, through the grass/bushes, and toward the shooters/road.


(into radio)

Blake, we need you up front! NOW!

POV cuts to Blake and all of them in the back, immediately leaving for the front, as Blake quickly stops and signals for a small handful of men to stay in the back. He and the others then begin charging for the front…

POV remains with them, as they hustle along. Blake is running pretty well for a big guy, but Abino is lighting quick and already approaching the front. Blake can see him come to a complete stop, and just staring, as Blake reaches him, and takes in the horrifying scene, of a second large herd spilling down from the other road, trapping the group of shooters in between the other herd.

Many of those new huffs are still rolling down the hill of the road or down the side of the road, from up higher. Many huffs are being knocked over by the rollers, but all of them only quicker to reach the bottom, and rise back up…

Blake charges, with Abino and all the others, as well as DJ, Eli and Cleo. They open fire…

POV Mason and the others, in a very precarious situation, as they have huffs coming from all directions, and now some crossfire comes at them!


(into radio)


Blake and the others stop firing…

Suddenly, Blake charges at the huffs! Abino and others follow, and they all use spears/bats to begin demolishing the huffs. Blake is a complete beast! He is taking them down and grunting with each mighty blow or swing of his bat!

POV Mason and the shooters running low on ammo, as Nike and her sister begin fighting off huffs who are closing in on others, as most people begin pulling out their spears/bats/knives, as the huffs close in on them all…

The last of the gun shots are going off, as the ammo is drying up…

Suddenly, the second herd is slowing, and confused, as something is happening from their tail end, which remains on the hill of the other road, where many of the huffs are completely turning around, and changing their direction…

This helps slow down the number of huffs closing in on the shooters, who are now defending themselves with their spears/bats. They are killing off huffs, while watching the growing commotion on the other road, as suddenly Zane is seen! Then GW! Stix! They and the convicts are plowing through the huffs!



Gunner and Chasin share a high-five, followed with one from Mason, as they all begin taking out the huffs from the first herd, and taking back control of the situation…

POV Blake still tearing his way through the huffs, along with Eli who is now using his bat, right alongside Blake and Abino. Cleo killing some huffs, while taking notice of the complete animal that Eli has now become…

GW looks like a high school kid on a ball field with a bunch of elementary kids, using multiple methods to kill huffs with ease and speed, working a path right toward Blake, who is working his way toward GW…

Zane is doing the same, right toward Eli, who is bashing his way toward Zane…

Mason and the others are finally overwhelming the first herd, and finishing them off, with emotion!

Blake reaching GW, with emotion!

Eli working his way to Zane, with emotion!

Blake high-fiving GW, as if they'd always known each other!

Zane high-fives Eli, followed with a big hug! Cleo runs to Zane and right into his arms, both shouting with emotion!

Gunner now arriving, high-fiving and hugging his cousin Zane! Cleo and GW high-fiving, as Dakota arrives, hugging Cleo with massive relief!

Nike arriving at Zane, with a smile and hug. Nikki hugs him too.

Gunner and Eli high-fiving, as is everyone!

Some of the convicts are wearing Forest Grove hats, with a red R added at the end…

Suddenly, everyone stops, staring at a random convict (Markus) who is pulling his shirt up from the back, while dreadfully asking the convict next to him, what his injury is.


Please tell me this isn't what it feels like?!

The other prisoner looks with dread, as a big bite mark lays near the top of his back…

Zane begins approaching, as the guy lowers his shirt and turns to face the other convict, and then Zane…


I'm a dead man walking, aren't I?

Zane puts a hand on his shoulder…



Tractors are near the gates, in early process of building the large pits. Random convicts are hard at work killing off huffs, who approach the area…

Cut to random barricaded sections of the Nike compound, as men/loggers are hard at work using machinery to dig holes and place large tree logs into the ground, as they did at Glenwood. Nike World has plenty of buildings that work as a wall, and now are placing logs in between them, forming them as one perimeter. Other men/convicts are standing over dead huffs, looking out at others who are far off, but heading toward them…

Cut to inside of Nike World, where kids are sliding down the large slide, as Bonnie and Stix review the area, and chat about the fair. The Queen is nearby and speaking with mothers and children, and introducing her father, with a playful salute. Other women are around, preparing drinks…

Cut to Moon and Shine, setting up another moonshine station with two others, a woman (KC) and man (Wecker). Moon and Shine are teaching them what they need to know…



A man, his wife, their little boy and girl, are huddled together in the back flatbed of a truck, as it drives along. They have a few packed bags next to them, as POV makes it way past them and over to another family, also huddled together. Another man, his wife and three boys, along with a dog, which the youngest boy holds close…

POV pans back past the truck, and several other trucks that drive through the neighborhood. There is also a large bus, full of people who are looking outside, where GW and other convicts jump out of trucks, preparing to battle a small herd of huffs. The people on the bus look frightened, but watch as the huffs are no problem for their saviors…



Tractors continue working on the pits at the Nike Gates, making a lot of progress. There are dead huffs all over the place, and tons of convicts around, waiting for more huffs, who approach…

Dissolve to random Nike World barricades, where loggers and others remain hard at work, tearing down the old barricades and posting up more logs. Women are holding drinks, watching wide-eyed, as a few convicts kill off some huffs, and then approach the women for their drinks, as if everything were completely normal, all while the women look amongst each other, remaining wide-eyed!

Cut to inside of Nike World, where Shawn is surrounded by kids/parents, and displaying survival techniques, as everyone watches, including his daughter, Harris, with a smile…

Shawn locks eyes with her, both sharing a smile, as does Nikki, who arrives aside Harris, placing her arm around her and watching, until turning, and looking toward the gates, which are opening, as Zane drives through, followed by other vehicles full of convicts and more families of people…

Harris and her sister begin heading that way, watching the bus stop, with Solis and Marshall approaching, and watching as a man opens the back of the bus. Families begin exiting, while looking all around, taking in the people and extremely large asylum…

Relief takes over the faces of the parents as they take notice of other kids already present, but another mother watches a few of the convicts walking by, who look fairly rough, and then takes notice of GW and all his size, as she keeps her children close…

Harris arrives, followed by people with food and water, instantly supplying for the new people. Zane comes forward, smiling at Harris, who smiles back…

Dissolve to the pits where the tractors continue to make great progress…

They are even digging/constructing side roads/ramps leading up out of the huge pits, on both sides, that run parallel with the border of the Nike compound…

Dissolve to Harris, staring straight ahead with an empty expression, as POV pans back to her staring at her daughter's grave, while standing next to her father and sister, as well as Zane and Ike, all paying their respects…

Harris appears strong, but her sister is a wreck, and her father with a look of concern at Harris, who continues staring at the grave, with only a single tear running down her face…



Loud music plays in background as POV is of a large stack of logs, blocking the ramp out of the pits, and igniting into flames, as does the one on the other side, as the fire then spreads throughout the entire pit perimeter, with cheers from the open gates of the Nike compound, where a ton of people are gathered outside the gates, on the large circular chunk of land that remains behind the pits, and in between the gates and the roadway leading away from Nike World…

The smaller gates for the roadway into the circular section, are not yet up, therefore they have it blocked with large vehicles, just like Zane's family did while clearing the beaches. Music is blasting from the middle, where people are dancing around and drinking. Music and other loud noises are also coming from both sides of the pits, and from the other side of the gates…

There are a ton of people, so those who don't fit outside of the gates, are celebrating right there on the other side of the gates, where tents and food stations are set up, along with porta potties. Some of the newer people are there, curiously watching, perhaps skeptically, while some of them even let loose…

Harris walks around, shaking hands with anyone and everyone, followed by Zane and all the other leaders, who do their best to meet and greet with everyone, and offering drinks. Moon, Shine, KC and Wecker, are all set up at a large table/booth, handing out drinks, as people gather around…

Cut to other side of pits, and out toward the darkening background, where huffs are approaching the brightness of the flaming pits…



Rain pours over the bridge, as Doc and his guys come driving over it…

Mason and Gunner glance up toward the bridge, where they can see Doc's hummer…

Zane approaching, while leaving Markus and the group of guys he is with…

Zane shares a stare with Mason, as he arrives…


Just say whatever needs to be said, uncle. It was

both Hunter and Grandpa who sent me to do what

I am currently doing.


Did they also tell you to arm them with one of our

valuable weapons, which we were already way shorter

on than we ever wanted to be, in this kind of world.


If it helps protect me and the army that helps clean up

and protect the people of the forest, we plan to reside

our family in, then yes, I believe I have their support.


It's not even that; it's the dramatic way you went

about it. You scared a lot of people, our people.


I have my reasons…and these guys are not all rapist

and killers. Some of them very much deserve this

second chance, and I'm going to rain hell on any of

them who prove that they don't…

Mason staring at him, before nodding, as Doc and those guys are parked and heading over…

Suddenly, a loud ship horn goes off, as they all turn toward the river…

Eli standing with DJ, Cleo, Dakota, Blake and Abino, all staring toward the river…


Holy Titanic…

Gunner heard chuckling.

POV large ship towing a huge car float, arriving down at the river…

Dissolve to the car float docked and with a large ramp that allows the semi-trucks to drive right out onto it. Everyone is loading onto the ship...

Zane, Gunner, Eli, Cleo, Dakota, DJ, and Stix are heading toward the bow of the ship.


This is amazing. The things we will be able to

accomplish with this.

Eli reaching the very end.


(with accent)

I can see the statue of liberty!

Gunner cracking up…


I love this kid!

Dissolve to the ship moving forward, and tugging the large car float which carries the semi-trailers…

Eli and all those guys are still at bow of ship…


So…how do we turn around?


Up ahead, at the mouth of the Columbia…


Yeah…I've been there before…

Gunner and Zane both looking at Eli…

Dissolve to Edward and Garrett in the ship's cockpit, looking straight ahead as they take the ship out into the huge Columbia river, and begin turning it around…

Cut to Shade and other convicts near the bow of the ship, glaring toward Mason and his group…

POV moves over from Mason's group, to very bow of ship, and Eli's group…


I can't believe I was here just three weeks ago. Feels

like three years ago.


It's making me visualize those parts in Sam's journal.

(looking right at Eli) Seriously, how did you guys make

it through all that?


(shaking head)

I don't even know… When I think of being in a tiny kayak,

with a few handguns, and practically nothing but children

to fire them, compared to (motioning around them) a pair

of armies, an entire arsenal, and the remaking of Titanic…

(Gunner already laughing) not even a giant iceberg would

intimidate me, right now.

Gunner cracking up, with laughs from others…

POV Shade and prisoners glaring toward Eli and those who are laughing…


It's just happy family time over there…

Some of the guys looking at Shade, as one of them (Jones) responds.


That's who he cares about over there, not us, and

certainly not Markus.

POV Markus sitting off a ways, with one other guy, and just staring out over the water, as the ship continues to turn around…



POV a bunch of random men walking away from a fence with an industrial yard behind it, and another fence which has huffs on other side of it. The men are walking back toward the shoreline of the river. One of them (Steven) speaks into a radio.


(into radio)

We're clear here. The dead won't breach any of the

fences here. The only one that might be a problem is

the UPS one. No idea how sturdy the fence over

there will be, once they know we're there.


(over radio)

Guess we'll find out…

Steven and the others arriving at the shoreline and securing the car float, as it docks. They begin pulling and placing out the ramp. There are several boats also docked, near the shoreline…

Dissolve to all the people now on the shoreline, as the semis drive over the ramps and up toward the UPS yard…

Eli is running off to a brushy spot, and pulling out the kayaks they had used, with excitement.


Holy hell, the kayaks are still here!

Zane arriving with an astonished expression, and then look at Cleo and Dakota…


Load those babies up. Grandpa is going to want those…



Huffs are in the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. The area is infested with them. The UPS yard is also full of them, as POV makes its way through them, and toward the river side of the UPS hub, where many of the huffs begin looking, and then moving toward the river…

The sound of a semi can be heard, approaching then suddenly tearing right through the fence (running down tons of huffs) and into the yard. POV inside truck where a man drives it ahead, before stopping, and dropping down out of sight…

The huffs begin surrounding the semi, before suddenly hearing the sound of gunfire, and turning back toward the river. Sound of people yelling can be heard, as the huffs begin moving in direction the semi had come from…

POV all those same men from the shoreline, waving their guns and screaming at the huffs, who begin spilling outside of the UPS yard, through the broken fencing, and toward the men who are backing up toward the river…

They make their way to the shoreline, firing a few shots into the air, waiting for the huffs to get closer…

They begin making their way into the boats, some of them firing a few more shots, as the boat motors come to life. They wait for the front of the huff herd to arrive, before leaving the shoreline with their boats, but only far enough to keep the attention of the huffs, who begin spilling into the river, one after another…

Some of the huffs make their way onto the car float, but eventually drop into the river, and begin floating away with all the others. Some of them sink and resurface, or begin being forced under by the pressure of all the other huffs, who continue falling/spilling into the river right behind them…

POV Edward and Garrett, watching with binoculars…

Edward stops and looks at Garrett…


I am more than ready to spend the rest of my life

behind the walls of that compound…



The semis are being directed by DJ, as they back up against the loading wall of UPS, in an area with no other trucks, yet close by to a ton of UPS trucks, all latched to the loading wall…

An army of compounders, convicts and Nike World members, are all piling into the yard. Zane, Mason, Gunner, Stix, GW and others, are nearing some doors, led by Eli, with DJ heading that direction…

Porter and Jason are directing guards toward the front side of the hub, where all the other huffs are on the outside of the fence. The guards are being directed to stay out of sight, while keeping sight on the huffs, who are curious to all the noise created by the semis…

Dissolve inside of hub, as doors are busted open, and flashlights are used by DJ, Eli and everyone else entering inside. They walk through and into another room/area, where they all quickly begin plugging their noses…


What the hell is that?


It's the dog. This is the area Todd set up as, well,

you know…

They all go forward, a ton of them. Dakota, Cleo, Nike, Nikki, Chasin, Bonnie, other convicts, are all there…


Around that next corner will be the door to the

staircase, I told you about. The key I hid will be

there waiting for me.

Suddenly, they all jump from the loud echoing bark of a dog, followed with shining their flashlights to their right, where Sandy looks back at them.



Don't shoot; I have a dog!

They shine their lights on a UPS slide, where Todd comes sliding down it, popping up with a wild grin and face painted, as if ready for war…

He's looking right at DJ, who grins back at him, with a shake of his head…

Dissolve to Todd leading them toward the unload area, with much more daylight coming through the building, and huffs chained/tied in random spots, as everyone begins taking notice…


What the hell, Todd?


I got lonely… Wasn't so sure you fine folks would make

it back here.

Todd is leading them toward the unload doors.


But I kept stock piling supplies in case you did.

Zane and the others become astonished as they come to see all the hard work Todd had done, piling tons of packages/supplies near the unload doors, all ready to be loaded into the trailers. Todd begins climbing up onto the dock, opening the unload doors (bringing in even more daylight). More people are outside, now approaching Todd, with the semi-trailers close by. Todd smiles down at them.


Go ahead and back your trailers up here.

Todd begins pulling open two more unload doors, while Zane and others are looking through all the stock piles of packages/supplies, of food, weapons, shoes, batteries, and much more…


This is great work, Todd.


There's still tons more to go through, but that should

get you started.

Zane holding up multiple boxes of shoes…


I know shoes would make sense, but we might already

be covered there.

A few smirks from Nike and others, with a confused look from Todd, as Zane approaches him, placing out his hand…


I want to thank you, Todd, for everything you did to

help my baby cousin and her friends.

They shake hands as many of the others also come to shake his hand, with even some hugs from Cleo and Dakota. Zane begins petting Sandy…


And we want to thank you too, Sandy. Yes, we read all

about you and your contributions toward their safe

return. (petting her)

Up on the dock, others are signaling the drivers forward, as the trailers bang up against the doors/dock (taking away some of the daylight). Cleo and Dakota begin petting Sandy.

DJ motions for Eli's help, as they pick up opposite ends of a large set of rollers, to use as a ramp for transferring packages up onto the dock, and into trailers.


There's plenty more of those, if you guys want to

grab some.

DJ/Eli continue carrying it to the first trailer, and place it up there. Multiple convicts begin grabbing more rollers, carrying from opposite sides, but GW simply grabs one all by himself, and carrying toward trailers, with impressed look from Todd…


Show off!

Dissolve to multiple shots of everyone working hard to load packages into the trailers, people holding lights for them, people inside trailers stacking packages, others inside the UPS trailers looking through more supplies, unloading some of them out onto the rollers, as others slide them along…

Cut outside to Porter, with a few guys, checking on a smaller herd of huffs at one side of the UPS hub. The huffs are fairly calm, and not posing a threat. Jason comes over his radio.


(over radio)

We've got more and more meat eaters, or huffs I guess

we're calling them, putting pressure on these fences. If

they keep piling on, I'm not so sure it won't begin to give.

Porter leaves those men behind, while hustling off back around the side of the building, making his way toward the other side…


(into radio)

How much longer, Mason?


(over radio)

Close to finishing off another truck. Another twenty minutes

would be nice.


(into radio)

I'll get back to you on that…

Cut to Jason and his men, as Porter arrives from around the corner. They are all keeping watch and doing so while remaining out of view of the huffs, who continue to pile up along the fences. Back behind Porter is where one of the semis is pulling away and toward the river, as a U-Haul truck pulls up at the unload door, where tons of people work quickly to stuff it with packages. The huffs can hear the vehicles…


What you think?


I think they won't stop until that fence comes down.

(now into radio) Thinking that twenty minutes you

requested might be asking too much.


(over radio)

You really think the fence is going to go?


(over radio)

It looked pretty strong to me.


(into radio)

Immediately, no, but eventually, yes, it's coming down,

and if that happens with you guys still inside, it's going to

get ugly, really quick.


(over radio)

He's right. Let's wrap it up.

More and more huffs are aggressively putting pressure on the fences…

POV a U-Haul truck pulling away from the unload door, as GW and others work hard/quick to place a few last packages into the final U-Haul truck…

DJ, Eli, Todd, Cleo and Dakota, are exiting the building with Sandy, and followed by a ton of others, who hurry toward the river…

The last U-Haul begins driving away…

Suddenly, the sound of the fence coming down, and Porter shouting for everyone to run, can be heard.





Huffs are spilling into the yard, over the downed fence. All the people are now running, with many others hopping out of the unload doors, also running for the river. It's an entire mob of people, dashing for the river, with Porter, Jason and their men, forming a line, as the mob of huffs come straight for them…

Zane, Mason, Gunner, Chasin, Wyatt, Stix, Doc and other cousins, come to provide aid for Porter and Jason, who lead the line, to begin stepping forward.


Draw in closer, but don't let them catch up to us. No

one dies here today!

Everyone marching forward a bit, aiming guns…



They open fire, killing tons of huffs, but with an endless amount more, coming at them…

GW and other prisoners hang back, just a bit from Zane and the others, ready to provide backup, if needed. GW has his sledge hammer.

Eli stops running, with a look back toward Zane, and quickly turns and runs that way, with bat in his hand.



Eli keeps going.


ELI, get back here!

Eli ignores them and runs right on over to GW, standing next to him, with his bat, and a nod/smirk from GW…

Dakota/Cleo chase after him, also standing close to them, ready to help. They frown at Eli, causing another smirk from GW.

Porter and the others, now backing up, continue to slow the huffs, while everyone scatters from the yard...

There is no end, as the huffs continue to enter the yard, from the road. Thousands of them!

Porter glances back, taking notice of everyone safely exiting the yard…


Hold your fire! Retreat to the back of the yard!

Porter begins heading away as the others follow. Cleo practically begins dragging Eli…


We'll hold them off until everyone is on board.

Porter leading them away, through the yard and over the downed fence, not far from the drop-off leading to the shoreline. They stop there, and form another line, aiming guns, and waiting for the huffs. Jason runs over to check on everyone boarding the car float…

POV Edward and Garrett, watching everyone rush onto the car float, and for the ship…

Marcus and another guy, watch from the ship, as the last U-Haul truck comes to a stop, and people begin coming up onto the ship…

POV Porter and the shooters, now opening fire again, killing many huffs, as thousands more keep coming…

GW, Eli and others, are again standing not too far behind the shooters, ready to provide aid, but then as everyone else is safe behind them, they themselves take off for the car float…

Dakota leaps onto the float, while Cleo practically forces Eli up into it. GW hops on, with a look back toward the shooters…


All clear, Zane!


Retreat, Porter! Retreat!

Porter leads the men to retreat, with a few final shots, as they all run over the small drop-off and for the car float…

Down below, some of the men are boarding the smaller motor boats, and taking notice of huffs who are suddenly making their way up out of the river. Eli takes notice of even more huffs, a small herd of them, soaked and coming from around the corner of the shoreline, and in between the car float and Zane and the others, who are approaching…



Zane and the others come to a running stop, not wanting to use their guns, to avoid hitting their own people with crossfire…

GW leaps off of the car float, with his sledge hammer and begins ripping into huffs. Eli eagerly watches with a quick glimpse back at Cleo and Dakota, who give him a wide-eyed look.


Eli, don't even think about!


Don't you dare!

Eli looks back out at GW, destroying huffs…


It's showtime, baby!

Eli goes leaping off the car float, instantly joining GW, and using his bat to help him finish them all off. Zane arrives with a skeptical look at Eli, as GW rubs his head.


I love this "not so little", little dude! (Eli smiling) You

seriously only thirteen?

Eli nodding as they all begin climbing back onto the car float, where Cleo and Dakota help Eli up, with a scowling look…


What are we doing to do with you?


(half sarcastically)

Not keeping a proper eye on him, is what you're doing,

so far.


Are you freaking kidding?! This beast of a kid could kick

your ass without breaking a sweat.


Another year of two, and that might be accurate.

A smile from Eli and another smirk from GW…



A random huff is walking through the dark field, followed by other huffs, here and there…

Eventually, fire light begins shining over the huff, who continues right for it. No music is heard, just eventually the sound of the mighty fire burning/crackling…

The huff continues right for the burning pits, then turns and watches as a few trucks are driving for the fire, fairly slowly…

A huge army of huffs are back behind the trucks. More and more of them, entering into the fields, with the fire now in their sight…

The trucks speed up and drive in between the fire/pits, as the gates are being opened for them, and disappearing inside…

That same huff is drawing closer to the fire, along with the other random huffs, nearby. The huge herd of huffs is only growing even larger, spilling into the fields, and for the fire…

The original huff reaches the fire, and drops down into it, as well as the other random huffs, as the large herd continue for it…

Cut to some teenage kids, watching the large herd approach, from the other side…


They're so clueless. Seems like they'd figure it out.

Teens turn, and then heading back toward the Nike gates, where Zane and the Queen are gathering everyone…

Zane and the Queen stand atop everyone, who await them to speak…


I want to welcome and thank the loggers and other

members of the Glenwood Camp, for their help in

making the World of Nike the safe place that it is

becoming. I also thank our "muscle" friends (convicts

amused), for their help today, and their help yesterday,

in overthrowing the old management team, and

supporting the new team, (patting her police badge)

for supporting your Queen. I take this job as seriously

as I did the badge I wore before this all began, and I

need this job…

Harris looking over everyone, who looks back at her, waiting for her to explain…


I lost my son when we all lost our old lives, and

then my daughter, just yesterday…

Dead silence, as everyone listens to her, including Zane, and Stix, Solis and Marshall, and her dad/sis…


I just buried her today, with my father and baby sister,

who by some miracle I was reunited with, just yesterday…

and my new best friend (staring at Zane), who I just met

the day before yesterday… I could go bury my head in a

pillow and feel sorry for myself, and my losses…and let

you all take care of me…or I can focus on (staring out at

Ike) what I do have, including the magnificence of this not

only beautiful, but safe place of ours. I also have great

neighbors, who have their own great army (some cheers

from convicts), (Harris raising Zane's hand) and my best

friend as their new leader!



More cheers, as Harris gestures for her dad and sister to come up…


I have an ex-navy seal (raising her dad's hand) and former

(raising sister's hand) martial arts instructor, to help teach

you and your young how to survive this new world

(cheers), and how to survive whatever comes to our doors…

Even the kids are cheering! Zane takes Harris's hand and raises it…



Everyone cheering…

A few people toward the back are turning, as the large herd of huffs arrive and begin falling into the pits…



The ship sits still in the water, ladders down onto the docks and car float. The semis and U-Haul trucks are all off the float, and up in the road, with the rest of the caravan. Many people are off the ship, while many are still on, as well as people in the motor boats…

Eli is off the ship and approaching Zane who is with DJ, Dakota, Cleo, and Stix. Eli takes notice of Mason and Gunner hugging Chasin, who then walks toward the caravan, while Mason and Gunner go back up the stairs to the ship…


What's going on?


Two birds, one stone…we're going to go rescue your

other river buddies.


You're taking the ship up the river?! Multnomah Falls?

Zane nodding, as Eli looks to Dakota and Cleo…


Don't even tell me you're going to say I can't go?!


Eli (cutoff)


Hell no!


Kid's losing his charm.


Look, Eli, I don't know how you got yourself out here in

the first place. My cousin needs you back there at the

compound, telling her all about UPS and how her cousin

Zane is doing some important things. I need you to help

me out, here. You need to help make her understand what

I'm doing out here.


Does that mean you're coming back to the compound

after Multnomah Falls? Or will you still be living at



Glenwood needs me. That's what you have to help

explain to her. You've seen what I'm doing out here.


And I'm ready to see some more. Since I'll be returning

after Multnomah Falls, and you won't, I'll do what you

need me to do for Sam, after that.

Dakota and Cleo looking at Zane, who looks at them with a shrug…


The kid makes a solid point…



Eli simply turns and walks to the stairs and right on up to the ship, as the others watch…


You read what Samantha wrote in the letter. He's a

badass, but only because he's not scared to die.


I get that, but he cares now. He just wants to embrace

what he got out of all that pain. (heading toward stairs)

You guys need to do what I wanted him to do, but do

not bring her with you to the rally point!



The ship is exiting the Willamette River and entering the Columbia, moving to the right, up river. It no longer has the car float attached, but the other smaller boats are riding right alongside…

Mason and others are on the ship, with many others scattered around, near bow of ship…


From to the beach mission, to a ship and hitting the

jackpot at UPS, and now saving more people, people

who helped Samantha, without the loss of a single man.

POV random convict (Malik) walking by Mason and them, with his expression instantly angry.


What the?!

He instantly goes off toward Shade, Jones and a group of other convicts, angrily speaking to them, as Mason and his group watch. Malik and the other prisoners are quickly becoming rowdy, and coming directly at Mason and his group…


Man, what the hell you mean, without losing a single



I guess we don't count. I guess MARCUS DON'T COUNT!

Gunner is quick to get in between Shade/Malik and the other convicts, keeping them separated from Mason, Porter, Jason, Doc and others. Zane, Stix, Harris and others are quick to arrive…


I didn't say that! I…


What the hell is going on here?!

Stix is quick to stand in front of Shade, staring him down…


Your family here, claims that this mission of "theirs"

is a success due to the fact that not a single man has

been lost.

Shade and the other convicts look right at Zane, who looks from them to Mason…


He's right, I did say, and I apologize.


Maybe he doesn't mean anything to your people, but

it was our help and his sacrifice that is the reason you

didn't suffer your god damn single loss!

The convicts instantly rowdy again and one of them even gets a sucker punch in on Mason, and now punches begin landing and missing between a bunch of them! Zane is quick to aid Gunner in breaking it up. GW comes out of nowhere, instantly tossing the convict who was closest to Zane…

Eli is standing back watching, even taking a few steps backward. He watches as more convicts come running, as well as more compounders. A few of Harris's officers stand by watching, as Harris herself, and her sister are now stepping in front of the arriving convicts, who attempt to fight, but are easily taken down by Harris and Nikki…

Mason, Porter, Jason, and others are all fighting, while others do the same or attempt to break things up. GW is pushing back one convict after another, all giving him dirty looks…

Suddenly, a gun is fired, in the air, then aimed directly at Mason's head, as everyone stops…

Malik holds the gun on him, as Zane carefully approaches…

Mason captures his breath, looking right at Malik…


I made a mistake, and like a man I just apologized for it.

You use that gun, to end my life over a mistake of words,

and you're simply proving there's a difference between

my people and yours.


I understand the tension here, and the emotions of what

is happening to Marcus. It's not too late to walk away

from the mistake you're making, right now. I can overlook

being questioned, or even swung on, but you end a life,

and I will end you. (looking around) That goes for anyone,

and any life.

Suddenly, a gun is fired, as everyone ducks/flinches…

Everyone then turns and looks up where Marcus stands on an upper level of the ship, looking over them all…


Stop acting like a bunch of worthless convicts! And stop

acting like that comment, is the real reason you're

picking a fight with his man. You guys don't care about me

any more than his people do, and I don't hold that against

a damn one of you. I got bit because shit happens, and

because I followed a man into war, who gave me a chance

at life, and I'd do it again. (pointing toward Mason) That

man down there called us exactly what we are, but his

brother is giving us all a chance at being better than that…

you all still have that chance…so shut your damn mouths

and make good with these people. If they're anything like

the man who changed his identity and moved out of his

fancy mansion in the woods, for us, then I'm sure they'll

treat you the same way that he has…

Marcus sits back down in his chair, next to his friend, just staring out at the beauty of the river…

Everyone down below, remains quiet, as Malik has already lowered his gun, and is walking away, with dissatisfaction from both Shade and Jones…



The ship is near the shoreline, with ladders down as men are exiting the ship, with guns ready…

Dissolve to Zane, Stix, Mason, Porter and DJ, peeking through the brush, toward the lodge at Multnomah Falls. Everything looks quiet, but windows were broken, and barricaded from the inside, as Zane points that out…

Mason pulls out a blowhorn, showing it to everyone around and behind him, before handing over to DJ, who gives him a look, with a nod in return…

DJ places blowhorn to his mouth…


Sheriff Dave…This is DJ. We made it to the compound,

and are here to make good on our promise. If you saw

the ship, that is us. Please don't shoot, and please let

us know you are still here…

They all watch in silence…

Suddenly, there is noise, followed by a door opening, and Dave slowly walking outside, looking around…

DJ smiles at Zane and Mason…


(into blowhorn)

It's nice to see you, Dave. We're coming out. Pack your


Zane and those guys coming out of brush, and toward Dave, who carefully looks around. Once he can see DJ, he begins hustling over to them. A few of his Multnomah officers are now at the door, watching…


(shaking DJ's hand)

Look, I don't know how safe it is out here, right now.

(Zane carefully looking all around) We've been under

attack each of the last two nights.


Only at night?


We've been somewhat encountered by them before, and

they came from the west but appear to now be staying

somewhere east of here. Two nights ago, they hit us hard,

but we fought them off. They came back again last night, to

the same story.


Well, tonight they're going to have better success. Pack

whatever you guys have and anything of importance,

cause we're on that ship and on our way, before nightfall.


It's…it's not those bikers, is it?

Dave nodding.


Yeah, they've been around since the beginning.


That's the same group from the kayaks, and same ones

who chased us up Germantown road.

Zane looking from DJ to Dave…


You're kidding me?...



Zane supervising others as they load up items from the Multnomah Falls group, who are all on board. Zane is approaching all the convicts…


So, as you know, my family has a personal thing against

these biker assholes, and are going to make sure they

no longer are a threat, in this new world of ours. Only

my family will be taking these clowns down. No lives

of yours will be put at risk, for something like I said,

that is personal for my family…who will outnumber

these guys like seven or eight to one. It's a sure deal,

and one you'll all be on the ship for.


That's horseshit! And I'll be eating horseshit long

before I'm sitting out a fight!


I'm with GW.



Half of the convicts in agreement…


I appreciate it, guys, but (cutoff)


You stand a much better chance of succeeding this

mission without casualties, if you use us all. We

surround these guys at twenty to one, and it's

game over.


I'm in.


Fine, I'll take half of you, because half is needed here…



The lodge is dark and empty…

The windows are no longer barricaded, and lights from bikers can be seen, approaching from the road…

The bikes stop, and simply stay put a few moments, before half of them drive right up to the lodge, shining lights all around…


(shouting to other still on road)

It's abandoned.

The other bikers advance…

They all park near the lodge, climb off their bikes and carefully look all around, while aiming guns…

They begin approaching the lodge…

Suddenly, well over a hundred lights come from the brush, with guns and lights instantly aimed at the bikers, who are completely surrounded and heavily outnumbered…

They all freeze…


(over blowhorn)

You'd do well for yourselves, to drop those little guns

of yours.

They do just that, while Dave and his officers, along with others, are securing and handcuffing them. Dave cuffs one, with a big smile on his face…


(over blowhorn)

And um, you're under arrest. You have the right to shut

your god damn mouths, or anything you say will be the

last damn thing you say.

Zane comes out of brush, coming right up near the bikers and continuing to talk over the blowhorn, right in their faces…


(over blowhorn)

Any of you shit-tards remember a team of kayakers you

screwed with, chased, shot at, MURDERED?! The people

we saved here today, saved those kayakers, and will be

heavily rewarded for their kindness, while you sorry

bastards will be on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KIND

OF PAYMENT PLAN! (stops using blowhorn) Your new

shitty life begins now, gentlemen…



All the bikers tied up and grouped together on the ship, out in the cold…

Everyone else is scattered around, they even have random fires burning, where people keep warm, and cook grub…

Marcus sits in his chair, looking out at the dark river and shorelines, as his friend hands him a plate of food. He is bundled up, and feeling feverish. He takes a bite, and places down the plate…

Someone else arrives, as Marcus looks up at him, finding the face of Mason…


My name is Mason. I wanted to officially meet the man

who gave his life, to save lives of my family. I wanted to

thank that man, not only for his help then, but again

today, with his wise words.

Dissolve to many different moments where people like, Gunner, Chasin, Porter, Jason, Harris, Dave, Blake, Doc and several others, including random people, who are shaking hands and speaking with Marcus…

He shares laughs with many of them, even some hugs, maybe a tear or two, and more laughs…

Eventually it's just him and Zane, talking…


I know it's what you've risked for me that I should

appreciate, and I certainly do, but it's that speech of

yours that I want to thank you for. I really respected it.

I respect you.


Thanks, but I don't deserve anyone's respect, definitely

not yours. It's funny how a man can no longer lie to

himself once he knows his time is up… Because of me,

a nineteen-year-old girl never got to see twenty. I may

not have pulled the trigger, but… (shaking head, staring

off out into the dark river) I'm not a monster; I've spent

a lot of time thinking about her, and the child she left

behind… I felt so bad for them, but continued to let

myself off the hook, never excepting fault…just excuses.

"I didn't plan on it happening", or "I was only the driver".

"I had a hard life", or "I barely knew the shooter", "I

needed that money"… I actually slept fine at night…until

I went to prison, and then just told myself I was a victim,

and didn't deserve what I got. The world then ended, but

life for me got interesting, and I told myself I was getting

exactly what I deserved from life, without even caring

much about what other people must be thinking or going

through. Then before I can even enjoy all this amazing

stuff you're doing, I finally get what I truly deserve…and it

took the reality of the end being near, that made me

realize just how much of a criminal I actually am, and how

responsible I am for the loss of a child's mother.

Marcus close to tears, looking away…

They both remain silent for a moment…


You don't have to say anything… It was an honor knowing

and serving you, regardless of what you must think of me,

now, and you might even be a large influence on my ability

to finally see myself for who I really am…


What kind of leader would I be, if I couldn't respond to a

dying piece of shit, who finally wiped his ass clean of all

the crap he's been telling himself over the years? A man

who not only admitted it to himself, and to me, but spoke

up to a bunch of other people who have yet to wipe their

own asses, and gave them reason to at least shop for some

god damn toilet paper.

Marcus turns toward Zane, with a weird skeptical look, before they both burst out laughing…


You think it's okay for me to desire one last wish?


Let me hear it, and I'll let you know…


I've never seen the ocean. Moved to Salem from

Montana, right before the biggest mistake of my life.

Getting there was high on the list, just not higher than

making some quick cash, and certainly not higher than

I was, while making that, on the spur of the moment,

decision… I just want to die with the smell of the ocean

and the sight of the sun shining over it (looks right at

Zane)… You think I can make it that long?


I'm not sure…my cousin didn't make it 24 hours,

but close…


I like those odds…

They both stare out at the dark river…

Dissolve to Marcus still there staring out at the dark river. Zane is gone, as the same friend who been with Marcus all day, is now sitting next to him…

Suddenly, they see something over at the shoreline, which is not so close to them. It's something beginning to burn, and quickly. Looks the size of a house…

Marcus and his friend glance over at others who are taking notice, as Zane, Mason, Stix, Chasin and Porter all begin taking a look…

Zane pulls radio up.


(into radio)

Jason, Steven, head on over and take a look, but don't

get too close.


(over radio)

Rodger that…

Two of the motor boats begin speeding over toward the fire.


(into radio)

Garrett, slow us down…

Cut to Jason in one of the boats, heavily loaded with men and their weapons, ready for action, as they and the other boat approach near the shoreline, and begin slowing, with boats shining bright lights over the entire area.

They can see people, a group of them, waving them over, pleading for help…

Jason pulls up a blowhorn.


(over blowhorn)

We're here to help. We have guns and will absolutely

blow you off the face of the planet, if you endanger

our lives.

The boats get in closer, then slow down, drifting toward the shoreline, guns aimed…


(over blowhorn)

Our guns are on you, but we will not fire, if you remain

calm, and allow us to help.

They come to the shoreline, aiming guns on everyone they see, who appear frightened, but eager for help…

One of them is standing in the water near the shoreline, with his hands semi raised, and speaking as he slowly offers to help bring the boats ashore.


My name is Doug. I guess you can say I'm in charge,

but we have to move quick. There's a huge herd of

the dead; they took out our camp; we've already lost

half our group.

Jason lowers his gun, but the others wisely keep them up. The lights move over them, and the area, as Jason takes it in, before speaking into his radio.


(into radio)

About a dozen people here, with a herd approaching.

I'm picking them up, if you give me the green light.


(over radio)

Your light is green. Jackson's on his way.

Dissolve to a third boat at the shoreline, as the group is piling onto it, as they hand over any and all weapons…

Nearby is the sound of the mighty herd, becoming louder and louder, as one of the boats moves it's lights up ahead, where hundreds of huffs are coming right for them. The last of the people are on board, as the boats take off, and the huffs begin spilling into the water…

Dissolve to the new group of people climbing up onto the ship, looking around at all the people, most of them with guns. The new group looks a little nervous, but mostly relieved, but also skeptical looks coming from those who take notice of the biker prisoners, tied up…

Eli approaches one of them, a kid his age, and puts out his hand. Everyone watches, as the kid shakes his hand, and then Eli taps him on the shoulder with his bat.


Welcome to Titanic…



Zane, Mason, Gunner and Harris are talking with Doug.


I had plenty of room, and just invited everyone I could,

even (motioning toward one of his people) Gwen and

her son came in from right off the street. The army set

up nearby, but abandoned us a week later. We gathered

everything we could, loaded them up in a few large RV's,

and fought our way along the river. We had to fight off

the dead…and we had to fight off the living…I'll take the

dead any day… It's just so ugly out there…


What happened to you tonight?

Doug just stares forward, before staring right at Mason, silently for several moments…


My sister…

Doug becomes somewhat emotional…


She was depressed… She took her own life, without

any of us knowing…but she didn't…

Doug hesitating with more emotion, as Zane and others share a sympathetic look…


She turned, and…bit into a child…who screamed like I

have never heard…(shaking head, emotional) I can still

hear it…and they heard it…the entire herd…and they

wiped us out…stormed right into our camp, and there

was no way to stop them…just run, or stay, and be

eaten…like some did…

Zane and others with horrified expressions, looking amongst each other…



Random groups continue to hangout near fires, chatting or sleeping…

Suddenly, some commotion is heard, and people begin gathering…

Porter and others can be seen running toward the gathering…

POV of random people throwing/receiving random punches, as Shade beats on a compounder, Blake comes out of nowhere, tackling Shade, but quickly jumped on by another convict, followed by another, but Blake goes into beast mode, launching them both off of him, before met with a blast to the face from Shade, who he himself then receives one from Abino…

Abino uses cat-like speed to clock two more approaching convicts, but with more jumping in, as both he and Blake fight them off. More convicts are joining in. Porter arrives, and works his way through prisoner after prisoner, tossing one of them almost over the railing of the ship…

Now Zane and Stix arrive, along with GW, and Mason. Shade dodges a punch, then runs over near the railing, and begins yelling at convicts to keep fighting, as more join in. Shade stands there pleading for more to help, as some just stand and watch.

The biker prisoners who are tied up, are watching in disbelief, and perhaps even hope…



WHAT ARE YOU (cutoff)

Suddenly, Shade goes wide-eyed and is shoved right over the top of the railing, dropping down into the river, with a scream and splash…

Everyone suddenly stops, and stares at Marcus, who walks over and looks down into the dark river, with the sound of Shade calling for help, and a smile coming over Marcus's face, as he turns to face the others, who simply stare back at him…


Anyone want to throw at me? COME ON, MESS WITH


damn life for Grover's plan! Screw that shit up while

I'm still alive, and I'll throw each and every damn one

of you overboard.

Jones looks pissed, as Marcus gets right up in his face.


What do you think happens if I bite into your flesh,

right now? I'm infected, I bite you, and I bet you are too.

Jones takes a step back, but Marcus steps right back into his face.


Tell me right now it's all good or we find out.

Jones just staring at him, until Marcus suddenly grabs his arm and is about to bite into it.


It's all good! It's all good! It's cool, man!

Marcus lets go, and just stares at him a moment, with a very serious expression, and then looking at all the others, before silently walking away…

They all watch, with looks at one another…



The ship is going under the Megler bridge and heading toward the open (dark) sea. They shine lights over the bridge, where a few huffs are dropping off, into the water…

Suddenly one is seen dropping right for the ship, as the lights follow it, and some people scatter, as the huff splatters down onto the ship…

POV Edward and Garrett, both looking tired, as they keep moving onward…



Zane, Stix and many of the convicts are gathered around. Eli is approaching, and taking a look. They all stand or sit near Marcus and his friend, who sit in chairs, bundled up and watching the horizon, as the sun is on the verge of rising…

Marcus looks like he is barely hanging on, as he takes in a deep breath of fresh sea air, and just staring out at the sun, which is just barely beginning to rise…

His friend looks from him, to the sun, and watches it rise…


One last wish down, one to go… God, it's so beautiful…

The sun begins to shine on his face, the ship, and the sea, as the man looks from the sun, to the sea, and back at Marcus, followed with a frown, and the sight of Marcus with his eyes closed…


Marcus? Marcus?

He gives him a small shake, but he appears dead…

Zane approaches from behind, with a look at the sun, then down at Marcus…


Good luck, Marcus…and thank you…

Zane takes one last look at the sun and the sea, then toward the pier, that runs out into the ocean, off in the distance, at the SSH…

Dissolve to the ship at the end of the pier, as tons of people are piling off it, and onto the pier, where a young girl can be seen charging toward the front of those people, and right into the arms of Zane…

POV Eli, next to Zane, who Samantha comes out of hug with, and immediately grabs onto Eli, pulling him in for a big hug…

Zane smiles while watching, then turns to someone who arrives, and looks at the face of his grandfather. Zane is so relieved to see him, and surprised! Samantha comes out of hug just in time to smile and watch her grandfather and Zane hug…

Harris and Nikki are arriving from behind Zane, as Dakota and Cleo are arriving from behind Grandpa, and have Kemp and Divit with them. Zane and Grandpa Sam come out of hug, with glances around at all the others. Zane smiles as he takes notice of Kemp and Divit, with his sister/Cleo. He then begins introducing his grandfather to the Queen.


I see you've met Kemp, my highly trusted third in

command. And now I'd like to introduce to you, the

Queen of Nike World, Queen Nike, or as her friends call

her, Harris. I could have never taken Nike without her,

and the plans she has for it, (looking right at his

grandpa) remind me of you.

Zane a big smile as the Queen and his grandfather shake hands, followed with a hug…

The POV begins falling back, from the pier, and all the others, as the Queen moves to shake hands and hug Samantha…

As POV moves back, it comes to see the entire pier, the hotel, the ship, the sea, the waves, the twin rocks in the background, and the sun still rising…