Season 3, Episode 4

"Good Times"





Five huffs walking through the woods, into an open area, as their attention is straight ahead, on five random convicts who await the arrival of the huffs…

Cut to a basketball gym, as those same five convicts dribble a ball, right toward the basket…

Cut back to woods, as the five huffs begin being slaughtered, by the five convicts…

Cut back to gym, where one of those same convicts blocks the other team from making a shot, and he and those same convicts from the woods, now begin speeding down court…

Cut to woods, with those convicts killing off the last of the huffs…

Cut to gym, where one of them now drives the ball to the basket, and scores…

Cut to woods, where convicts share high-fives, over the bodies of the dead bloody huffs…

Cut to gym, where convicts share high-fives after scoring, and while running back down court…

Cut to different part of woods, and different convicts (including Damon/Geno) aggressively running after someone, until they reach and begin killing several huffs…

Cut to gym, where three convicts, along with Damon and Geno, are racing toward the hoop, with a sly pass from Damon, and an easy shot at the basket for the speedy Geno…

Cut to woods, where Damon and Geno share high-fives, over the dead huffs…

Cut to gym, with Damon/Geno sharing a high-five as they head back down court…

Cut to highway/woods, where Kemp, Lester, Divit and a few others, are struggling to fend off a ton of huffs…

Cut to gym, where Kemp, Lester, Divit and one other, keep missing their shots, but getting the ball back and passing it around…

Cut to highway/woods, where they continue to struggle with the huffs, until GW comes from nowhere, and dropping one huff after another…

Cut to gym, Lester misses another shot, but GW comes out of nowhere, grabbing the rebound over all the other defenders…

Cut to highway/woods, where GW is killing off the last of them, slamming the head of the final one, and smashing it right down against the highway pavement, as everyone celebrates behind him…

Cut to gym, as GW goes back up with basketball, slam dunking the ball into the basket, with everyone celebrating behind him…

Cut to field right outside the gates of the compound, as Blake, Abino, Joshua, Scoop, Trav, Nate, Wong, Pav, Eli and other Rough Riders, are using baseball gear for protection, and bats to practice killing huffs…

Cut to compound baseball field, where Blake is standing over home plate, with his catchers gear and placing on his mask, as he yells, "Play ball!", and squats down behind the plate, with a batter stepping in the box, and Scoop preparing to pitch from the mound…

Cut to field near gates, with multiple shots of each Rough Rider, using a bat to smash a huff…

Cut to ball field, with multiple shots of each Rough Rider, using bats to smash baseballs…

Cut to field near gates, where one of the huffs comes close to biting Joshua, just as a knife comes out of nowhere, sticking in the skull of the huff, as Rough Riders watch Stix come for his knife, while tossing another, at a different huff. He reaches for his knife in the head of the first huff, and instantly uses it to kill off the last remaining huff…

Cut to ball field, where Scoop tosses a pitch from the mound, striking out Joshua…

Cut to field near gates, where Stix is working with Scoop, who tosses a knife, sticking it into a tree…

Cut to ball field, where Abino throws strikes by Blake, Trav and Nate…

Cut to field near gates, where Stix stands behind Abino, who tosses a knife into a dead huff's skull, with applause from all the others…

Cut to Highway, where a small caravan is stopped, as Harris, Shawn (her father) and Nikki (sister) are climbing out, and using their special abilities to kill off a bunch of huffs…

Cut to Glenwood, where Harris watches Shawn instructing convicts/loggers/teens, and teaching them basic moves, as Porter observes…

Cut to different spot on highway, where Shawn watches both his daughters, using their abilities to kill off some huffs…

Cut to Compound near the lake, where Harris and Nikki are teaching self-defense to all the youngest of the Bakers, and other young kids including Griffey and Trisha, as Ashely is just watching…

Cut to huff supply cell (where they have an army of huffs on lockdown), where Mason helps pull out a huff, attached to a safety leash…

Cut to Compound near lake, where Shawn leads the leashed huff, near the young kids, half of whom are running to their moms, while others are brave, especially Griffey, who has seen it before…

Cut to Zane, in the yard of his compound cabin, teaching Pepsi how to fight. Coke and Chance are watching, as Zane includes them in on the lesion, and shares high-fives with them both. Pepsi smiles, and then glances outward, where Shawn is working with Doug's group of people (group saved along the Columbia River). Zane now has Chance sitting over his shoulders, as he walks over to Pepsi, following her gaze toward Shawn, expressing impressiveness over the abilities of Doug and some of his people. Zane nods with his own impressiveness, then glances at Pepsi who smiles back at him, followed with a kiss…

Cut to Doc, Sage, Skyler, Mike, Bunk, Virgil, Leon and other cousins, taking instructions from Shawn and his daughters. Sage and Skyler look impressed, and begin working on the moves they're being shown, with an impressed look from Doc…

Cut to gym, where Jason teaches basketball to Griffey…

Cut to shooting range, where Jason helps Griffey, while at a class being instructed by Porter, who is eyeing all the random people, who work to become familiar with different guns. Even women and young children…

Cut to field, where Griffey, Samantha, Renee and other kids their ages, are playing kickball…

Cut to shooting range, where Samantha and Renee are being watched closely by Scout and Hope, as they practice shooting. Samantha gives Renee a high-five, after firing her first shot…

Cut to woods, where Mason, Chasin, Gunner, Wyatt, Porter, Jason, Solis, Ike, Bonnie and others, are gathering/leading huffs, toward/into semi-trucks…

Cut to softball fields, where Solis comes sliding to make a catch, with wild reactions from all those same people, and many others, including Scout, who claps her hand at the nice catch by Solis…

Cut to near the huff supply cells, where all those same people are unloading huffs, and leading them down into the cell area, where the Guardian of the huffs is awaiting them…

Cut to softball field, where all those same people are now around homeplate, shaking hands after the game had just concluded…

Cut to where the trucks are parked above the huff cells, where those same people are now watching Scout, who is warming up her shoulder, and using a large blade to kill some huffs…

Cut to weight room, where Scout is working out her injured shoulder…

Cut to field above huff cells, where Samantha, Hope, Ryder and Bryant are now watching Scout, working her way through some huffs…

Cut to tennis courts, where Scout uses her injured shoulder to continuously hit tennis balls…

Cut to field above huff cells, where Scout is now showing encouragement toward her kids, who just killed huffs, as Scout now hands her blade to Samantha, and helps show her how to use it, as they approach a huff, who is being released by Mason…

Cut to tennis court, where Scout is handing a racket to Samantha, and showing her how to hit the approaching tennis balls…

Cut to weight room, where DJ spots Rich, as he rehabs from his injury…

Cut to Baker complex game room, where Rich plays ping pong, throwing down a powerful slam against Gunner, who practically hurts himself trying to return the slam. Over on another table, Samantha and other kids are giving Renee a surprised look, as she plays ping pong and returns ball after ball, against Griffey, and eventually wins the point, to their applause…

Cut to Compound woods, where Rich and DJ are jogging along a trail…

Cut to park, where Rich, DJ, Trisha and Ashley are all running around, laughing together. Griffey is close-by, talking with Renee…

Cut to woods, where several deer are slowly walking around, as several arrows sail through the air, dropping all of the deer, except one, who runs off momentarily, until dropped by a single gunshot. Hunter proudly lowers his shot gun, as Dakota, Cleo and Shelby all proudly come from the woods, toward their kill shots…

Cut to Compound field, where Hunter, Dakota, Cleo and Shelby, are all judging a bow and arrow contest, as many of the compound's younger kids, eagerly await them to look over the targets, and cheering as they announce the winner…

Cut to Baker complex office, where Grandpa Sam is writing, but stops, and is lost in concentrated thought…

Cut to Baker complex game room, where kids are playing random games, while Grandpa sits in the middle, with another man his age, playing chess. The man made his move, while Grandpa grabs the piece he intends to move, before dazing off in concentrated thought…

Cut to the Compound barn, where Zane works with teens (from Nike/Glenwood) on proper horseback riding, with Rough Riders riding around, helping express how it's done…

Cut to the Sand Series Hotel, where Zane leads all those same teens out into the stadium, where they are looking around with complete awe, including Eli, Joshua, and Scoop…

Cut to highway, where Zane and Rough Riders are racing horses, while other teens (from Nike/Glenwood) hold on tight to the horses they ride, that are chasing after the ones ridden by the Rough Riders…

Cut to SSH stadium, where they are all practicing wiffleball, with excitement…

Cut to the shoreline at Rockaway Beach, where they all ride horses, like pros, before stopping, as Zane and Blake jump off their horses, to kill off a few random huffs…

Cut to SSH stadium, where fans are piled in, Moon and Shine have a moonshine station setup, teams are set to play, and an umpire (Grandpa) yells, "PLAY BALL!"…



Opening credits roll, with shots of people playing wiffleball, baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, lifting weights and ending with a close-up of a copy of the Monthly Forester, and a picture of a group of ball players, listed as Sand Series Champions!



POV goes through the small town area, and the statue of Grandpa, coming to one of the buildings, and the door, where a sign reads "The Forester"…

POV cuts inside, where Jennifer (about 4 months pregnant), Rachel, a couple other women (Megan/Lacy), Samantha, Renee and Eli, are all at work…


I heard about what Griffey said after the funerals, but

he's said even more to Renee. I know it's sad, like most

things in my journal, but I think it's a great story, one

that should be told.


It was heartbreaking, and you're right, others should

hear it.


Documented and remembered for all time. We're going

to capture the way it all went down, with authenticity,

unlike the way the last world began. So, if you can Renee,

see if Griffey is willing to come give us his story.


We're full this month, but these are the kind of stories

we want for the February edition…



Close-up of the Jan edition of the Monthly Forester, dated, "January, PA 1". There is a headline about Basketball Tournaments beginning at end of month, as someone flips page to a montage of pictures from the New Years parties…

POV falls back to the man reading it, with a look at his wife and children…


Life really is returning…

His wife and kids smiling, as one of them eagerly reaches for the paper…



POV of random feet, as people everywhere are putting on brand new Nike shoes…

POV cuts to Stix and Solis, running along with the players, but wearing referee uniforms, as Solis blows his whistle, angering one team of players, while pleasing the other, as Stix nods his head with agreement, and the teams trade the basketball…

Cut to a moment where Jones is coaching a team, calling plays from the sideline, as one of his players drives to the basket and scores, with cheering from the sidelines, and excitement from many of the convicts who are watching, along with others…

Cut to another moment where GW is securing a rebound, and quickly passing downcourt, where his teammates score, with wild reactions from the fans, and people like Porter, Chasin, Gunner and others…

Cut to another moment, where Jason pulls up and shoots and nails a 3-pointer, with cheers from the crowd, including Griffey, Rich, DJ, Renee and Marlana, with Eli, Joshua, Wong, Pav and others, nearby…

They begin cheering again, as Jason steals the ball and is driving hard, he passes to Zane, who passes to Blake, who quickly scores the basket. Doc, Sage, Skyler and everyone else, cheering...

Cut to a different gym, where Joshua and other younger teens, including Rough Riders, are playing half-court games. There are lots of parents around, watching/cheering, and tons of younger kids…

The Queen of Nike is walking through, with nods and shakes from the people, who are happy to see her. Her father and sister walk with her, as well as Bonnie, Ike and Marshall…

Cut back to other gym, where nurse Taylor wraps the sprained ankle of a convict, while nurse Reese holds it for her.


I don't care how tough you are; you go back out there

and it might be months before you're able to hold your


Jones walks by, giving Taylor a creepy smile…

Cut to Jones' team, scoring an easy point, with a huge lead showing on the scoreboard…

Cut to GW, throwing down a slam-dunk against Zane, and cheering/mocking him, as he and his team run back down court, with a smile and shake of the head from Zane, who passes ball back in to Jason. Samantha is with Jennifer, Megan and Lacy, keeping notes, as they watch the game…

A few younger kids point/nod toward Samantha, as one of them speaks to another.


That's the girl who we read about in the journal.


She's the one who kept it…


(speaking to Samantha)

You're famous.

Jennifer smiling at Samantha who rolls her eyes with a smile…

Cut to Samantha now consoling Zane, whose teams appears to have just lost, to GW and Kemp's team, who mock and shake hands with them…

Cut to GW slamming another basketball, as Jones and his team finally have their hands full, but aggressively take the ball downcourt, and have a player who can also dunk, and does so with excitement and skill, with lots of cheering from the fans, including Zane and his guys, all eagerly watching…

Cut to Jones and his team, holding up a trophy and celebrating, as Megan and Jennifer snap a few pictures of them…

Zane looks around, and then finds his grandfather, and shares an accomplished nod, with him…

Cut back into the teenager gym, where Joshua and his teammates are hanging their heads, as a random group of Nike teens are celebrating their Championship victory…

Dissolve to them holding a trophy and being presented with more pairs of fancy Nike shoes, as Megan shoots a few pictures of them, with Samantha at her side…



A caravan of vehicles is entering down onto the highway, after having left Nike World…

Inside one of the vehicles is Joshua, Zane, Samantha, Eli, Blake, Travis, Nate and Wong. They are still pretty worked up over all the basketball excitement…


I didn't expect them to have so many athletes, there.


I know; I had a feeling the convicts might be too much

for coach, here, to handle, (some laughs, including from

Wong, as he goes on) but I thought we'd destroy the other



Oh, we will during baseball and wiffleball season, baby.

You know those Nike shoe wearing fools can't touch us

on the ball field, and certainly won't be coming to our

house and celebrating like they just did, in front of us.

Samantha just smiling at them all, and at Zane, as he smiles himself, at all their excitement, as they keep going on…


That Great White, dude, was unstoppable…

Cut to one of the other vehicles, where Grandpa rides with Mason, Chasin, Gunner, Porter and Jennifer. Grandpa is looking out the widow, where there are still plenty of abandoned cars, but hardly any huffs…


Even more amazing than the excitement and fun of

today, is the ease of all the traveling. What we've

accomplished with the dead (shaking his head), I can

only pray is happening elsewhere.



Yet, if it's not, it only makes us all the safer…

Everyone waiting for him to go on…


What we have going on here, is going to be all the

more difficult for someone to come along and take,

if they can't get here… The dead roaming the planet

the way they are, might just be an advantage, even

you didn't plan for, when it comes to defending

what you've created…

POV goes outside the caravan, as they drive along the empty highway, coming to another tied up huff, wearing a Forest Grover hat, with the red R painted at the end…



A group of motorcycles are cruising down the highway, heading west. They pass some people with towels and swimming suits, entering a trail along the highway. The motorcycles now pass a large semi, going west, and followed by several vehicles. The last one of those vehicles is the same vehicle that Fish had, at his cabin on Mt. Hood.

POV finds Fish driving, staring ahead as he does, before someone is heard from the passenger seat…



So, Grandpa wants the compound to be a part of

the theme park?


Well, kind of. He's thinking there might be a location

back there near Forest Grove, for the park, which

isn't too far from the compound, or all that far from

the beach and the SSH. Adding the compound as an

attraction, just gives more reason for the theme park

to succeed.


There's the zoo, too! And the Baker Boardwalk,

Multnomah falls, Mt. Hood and Mount St. Helens.



You've been talking to Grandpa about this, already.

Samantha smiling, with a dreamy look in her eyes…


And Zane. They say this area is already amazing,

and more and more people are coming here, and

how it makes perfect sense to create Land of the

Great Northwest.

Her smile fades, and she looks at her dad.


But can Grandpa afford to make it? He can, right?

He can afford to do anything, right?


I used to think so, but no. After everything already

put into the compound, it's going to take some

serious help to get this project going…

Fish looking over at Samantha after disappointment takes over her expression…


I have all the faith in the world, that finding investors

will not be an issue…just going to take some time…

Samantha's expression improves, but disappointment lingers…


Oh, come on. You know it'll take an actual apocalypse

to stop your grandfather from getting this done.

Samantha smiling now…before another thought enters her mind…


Why does uncle Leo hate the idea, so much?


I think you already know the answer to that. I can't

really tell you anything that Zane hasn't already.


Well, then what does Grandpa believe, when it

comes to what Leo believes?


He understands Leo's concerns, as they were once

his own, and still really are…but your grandfather

is too much of a dreamer, and is actually feeling

guilty over the idea of keeping the compound from

the rest of the world…

Samantha pondering that thought, before looking at her father…


What do you believe?

Fish looks at her, then back to the road.


My favorite part when visiting Disneyland, was

always the pictures and facts about the man

behind it all. A man with a mind like no other,

except maybe your grandfather. If he has

something brewing in that mind of his, he should

most definitely share it with the world.

They drive in silence for a moment…






You really think I'm as much like Grandpa as you

always say I am…as Zane always says I am?


I do indeed. It skipped a generation, because your

uncles and I, or even your aunt, just don't have what

both you and Zane have.


But…I'm only nine and a half. How can you tell?


Because, I know where my mind was when I was

nine and a half. It doesn't even compare to yours.

You're so much like him, like Zane. The entire

family sees it. Bo is only five, but might have it, too…

Samantha stares out at the road, in thought, as they drive in silence again…





Samantha smiling…


You really think Hunter's job will be mine, someday?


Honestly, I believe you and Zane will put your minds

together, and run the compound as co-leaders.

Samantha suddenly excited.


I love that idea! Maybe it didn't skip a generation,

after all.

Fish cracking up, as is Samantha.


Clever little girl, too smart for your own good…


Close-up of the Monthly Forester, dated "February, PA 1". It has a picture of the convict basketball champs, as well as the teenage champs. The page flips, to random articles, including one with a picture of a woman in bed holding a newborn baby, with headline reading, "First baby birth of the PA". The page flips again, to more articles, as POV focuses on one with a picture of Colton, headline reading, "Colton, leading a team of "scouts" across the States"…


Colton is shaking hands with Grandpa and Hunter, before he climbs into a hummer, in which has a 50-cal attached up top. Two other vehicles are loaded up and ready to follow his vehicle…

Colton shares a hug with Scout, and some of the other women, as well as Porter, Jason, Baxter and Parker…

There is a woman next to Colton, also hugging and saying her goodbyes, as well as one of Mayday's soldiers, who is shaking hands with him, Gia and other soldiers…

There are five others, all ready to venture off…

Colton and the woman share a look, as they climb inside the vehicle, together, as do all the others, and begin driving off, onto Baker Lane, and disappearing into the corridor…

Grandpa and all the others are sharing a look of concern…


They will drive a couple miles apart from one another,

and turn around at the first sight of trouble. They'll

make it, out there…


I just hope they find others, making it…


I just hope they find survivors from your other friends.


As do I, son, as do I…

Suddenly, a loud thumping sound, as they watch Blake lead the Rough Riders, galloping through the field, in full speed…

There are a handful of young kids out and about, in awe, and some even chasing after the horses…


Life here is so good…it's surreal even thinking up

what kind of nightmares, they'll come across, out there.


They're heroes, all of them…



Zane at the gates next to those same three vehicles, as Colton is stepping out, and shaking hands/hugging Zane…

Close-by, and joining Colton's group, is one convict and another random young man (maybe 20). They are packed up, and loading their stuff into the vehicles, and shaking hands with Zane, Stix and Kemp…



Colton climbing out of his vehicle, shaking hands with Solis, Marshall, and then the Queen, as she arrives...

Also arriving are a man and woman, packed and shaking hands with Colton and his team, before packing their things into the vehicles…

Also packed up, is one of the Beaverton police hummers, with one officer ready to drive it, and joining Colton's team, as he too is now shaking hands with those guys. Also shaking hands and joining them, is nurse Reese, who is also hugging and saying goodbye to Taylor, Hailey, Stephanie, Mia and Taryn, as well as Dr. Larkin (all from the Portlanders camp)…

Dissolve to all four of the vehicles now driving through the gates, and away from Nike World…

Dissolve to them taking an exit off of the highway, and passing one of their tree house relay posts, as they receive a radio call…


(over radio)

Good luck, Oregon. Go let us know how the rest of

the world is doing…


Close-up of the Monthly Forester, dated, "March, PA 1", as POV goes down to the headline, reading, "Word of "Forest Grover", spreading"…



The moonlight shines down on the ocean waves, as POV moves away from the shoreline, up the beach, and into the quiet darkness of the woods, until the sound and flare from a campfire is heard/seen. POV comes to seven men and two women, sitting around the fire.

WOMAN (JO, 20)

Maybe we should just stay here at the beach.


Yeah, that makes sense to me.


We've tried that. It was one thing when we were

just trying to hold on until help showed up, but it's

been six months (shaking head)… Help's not coming.

MAN (CODY, 19)

I agree, but…maybe that's all the more reason to

make our stand here.


No, Peyton's right, we should hit the coast range, and

learn more about this Grover person, or place.

Peyton takes notice of Jo shaking her head…


You disagree?


No…I don't know… We saw the signs for ourselves,

shortly after all this happened. It didn't look friendly…

and now, just because someone else claims the signs

have changed (shrugging)…


I agree…even if there are new signs saying something

else, it only makes me all the more skeptical.



Like they're trying to trick us there.


It's a risk, no doubt, but look at it this way… We make

a stand here, with shelter, food, supplies…it just

means we have more to lose…more reasons for

others to take what we have…but we make our way

back toward Forest Grove, and find this Grover camp,

with nothing but the clothes and packs on our back…

then who we are, rather than what we have, just

might be more valuable, to them.

Vance nodding.


Exactly! We tell them our story and what we've had

to do to survive, and they'll see our value.

Everyone begins nodding, as Peyton looks to Jo…


What do you think, babe?


I think my husband knows what he's talking about.

They share a smile, when suddenly, a twig snaps in the woods, as they all reach for their weapons (few guns, few spears), and instantly freeze as a ton of torches suddenly light up, from the woods and all around them. Only the torches can be seen, but there must be over thirty men…


(over blowhorn)

Fire those weapons, and lose your lives. Put them

down, and you'll make it out of this, just fine…

They all look to Peyton, who lowers his weapon, as do the others, while watching someone coming out of the darkness, holding a gun right on them, along with the blowhorn. It's Doc! Mike, Bunk, Virgil, Leon, Sage and Skyler also come out of the darkness, along with all the other cousins, holding guns and torches…


I'd have to agree…your husband does indeed appear

to know what he's talking about…and you all seem

like you'd be a fine addition to the forest…

Peyton, Jo and the others, all sharing a mystified look…



Jo nervously running fast…

Cut to Peyton also running just as fast…

Cut back to Jo, as Peyton is running toward her, while she reaches her glove hand upward, and catches a softball, just as Peyton runs right by her, with an excited pump of the fist.


That a girl!

Jo slowing down, with a smile, and tossing the ball back to the infield, where DJ catches it, as Peyton comes up to Jo for a quick kiss…


God, I never thought I'd get to watch you track one

down like that, again!


I never thought I'd feel that kind of rush and

adrenaline, again!

They're both heading back to their outfield positions.


Good times, baby, good times!

POV Chloe and a couple others from their group, along with others, in the stands.

Chloe holds a paper, while clapping her hands…


That a girl, JoJo! Way to track it down!

Blake is near the dugout, with a look over toward Chloe, who smiles at him, then looks back down at the Monthly Forester, in her hands…

She flips the page, as POV moves in for a close-up. It's dated "April, PA 1". There's a picture of Rich with Trisha and Ashley, and Jason with Griffey. The headline reads, "First adoption of the PA"…



Same close-up of same article/headline, as POV moves in for closer look at one of the paragraphs, as the voice of a young woman can be heard reading the paragraph.



Whereas Ashely may be too young to remember the

devastating events of that horrid day, Griffey and Trisha

can expect to be haunted for the rest of their lives, with

the memories of their experiences, that day.

POV traveling down the paragraph, coming to a picture of Griffey smiling, as POV moves over the picture, revealing Jason next to Griffey with his arm around him, and holding a basketball. Standing next to him are the two girls, also smiling and sitting in the lap of Rich…



Yet, however painful the scars of the past may be, it's

the future that those three resilient kids now have, to

look forward to. One might consider them lucky to have

survived that apocalyptic day, to find themselves a part

of the community that is this forest, and to now have

loving parents and homes to call their own, but it's

Jason and Rich, who consider themselves the lucky ones…

POV Eva, as she finishes reading the article, with a tear running down her cheek…


(reading article)

As does their new grandfather, Sam, as well as everyone's

heart that has been touched by these beautiful children,

and the warm smiles that refuse to leave their faces…

Eva looks up from the article, and over at her parents (Luis/Julia), who look touched by the article, and then to her brother (Felix, 16), sitting in a chair, without an expression…


These people are so amazing. Just like the Queen, all

of it! The things they're doing, just months after the

world totally fell apart.

Luis speaks Dominican, asking her if there is a picture with the article, and she responds in Dominican, while bringing him the paper, and glancing back at her brother, who remains uninterested…


How can you not be the least bit moved by this (waving

paper at him, before handing to her father)? The things

these kids have been through, the journal that Samantha

girl, kept, and you've what, lost your popularity? Your

so-called friends?




What? He loves baseball, and they actually have that

now, yet he's not even playing.

Felix gets up and leaves the room, slamming the door, as his father goes after him…

Eva shakes her head, with a look from her mother…


His friends were a joke, but baseball meant everything

to him. He should be playing. He doesn't care about life,

right now…


Give him time…


If he plays, he will make new friends, better friends… I'm

terrible at sports, but believe I will try some soccer…



POV traveling through the dark empty locker room, through the doors and into the dugout, making its way onto the field, morning dew covers the fresh cut grass, as POV makes its way into leftfield, heading toward the foul pole…

There is a large cabin in foul territory, right behind the foul pole. The cabin is slanted and somewhat facing the field, with a large deck and staircase (with a curve) that leads up the large glass doors, as POV makes its way through, and into the cabin…

There is a large furnished area on the main floor, and a kitchen in the background. There are also several large lofts, with ladders leading up. There are a few different teens sleeping on main floor, on sofas. The entire place is quiet, as POV heads up one of the ladders, finding several more teens, crashed out on beds and sofas…

POV finds several doors, as one of them opens, with Blake tiredly coming out, and quickly plugging his nose, speaking loudly, but with the sound of his nose plugged.


Oh my god, which one of you is shitting the bed!?

A few grumpy moans followed by a laugh or too, and agreement from one of the others.


I thought it smelt bad up here.


(nose still plugged)

Thought?! One of you is trying to do what the

apocalypse couldn't, and finish us all off in our sleep,

and you only thought, it smelt bad up here?!

Few of the moans turning to laughs…

Joshua's laughter is full of guilt, as a pillow is launched at him, while Blake fights for oxygen as he climbs down the ladder, in a hurry.


God damn it, Joshua, I should have known it was

the baby. From now on someone make sure each

and every night that Joshua poops, before bed.

Tons of laughter, even coming from the other lofts and kids down below…

Blake reaches the bottom, grabs an apple off the table, and walks to the glass doors, opening them wide. He walks out and down the wide stair case, munching on his apple while walking to the end of the deck, and looking out at the field…

Some of the others (including Eli) begin coming outside, or lounging at the door, or on the couch that sits on the outside, right near the door…


Good day for baseball, fellas… Only about a half day

of work ahead of us, before the rest is spent out here

on the field.

Joshua arriving and finishing Blake's thoughts.


And get in shape and ready to kick some Nike ass, fellas!

A few groggy cheers, as Blake simply stares at Joshua…


Speaking of ass, we got horses to clean up after, which

is cake compared to what we just had to wake up to!

Few laughs…



Crap from a horse hitting the ground, as Blake and the other Rough Riders are seen in the background, arriving to the barns, and preparing to do their farm chores and care of the horses, and other animals…

Dissolve to them all cleaning up after the horses, feeding them and other animals, getting sweaty as they work the early part of the day, away…

Dissolve to them taking a break, as Hope, Ryder and other young ladies are bringing sandwiches, and plenty of smiles…

Dissolve to younger kids arriving, excited to see the animals, and/or the older kids, as Blake grabs Jax and Blaze, picking them both up, even hanging one of them upside down…

Jennifer watches, with a smile, and holding her pregnant belly…

Scoop is flirting with Hope, who walks away, as he then begins flirting with Ryder…



Many of the people from the barn are in the stands, along with others, of all ages, watching as the baseball players are stretching and tossing baseballs, warming up, except for Scoop, who is now near the stands, flirting with a different random teen…

Dissolve to Blake now hitting infield/outfield drills to the defense, as they practice making plays, and as real runners are running the bases, each time Blake tosses up a ball to himself, and hits it to someone…

They are doing it like a real baseball team, like a good baseball team…

Dissolve to Scoop pitching batting practice, as Joshua hits, Abino pitching as Blake hits, Blake pitching as Abino hits, Nate pitching as Trav hits, Joshua pitching as Wong hits, Eli pitching as Nate hits, and as Eli blows one by him…

Now Eli is hitting, and putting on a show, with cheers from the other players, as well as the stands, especially from Samantha, DJ and Marlana, who are now there in the stands. Renee is also there, but watching quietly, as Marlana attempts to get her to cheer, after Eli smashes one over the homerun wall…

Dissolve to them all now lounging around, on the field near the stand where all the others are. Many of the teen girls are chatting with the ball players, while some of the real young kids, now run around the bases of the field…

Samantha and Renee are hanging out in the dugout, looking out toward Rich, Trisha, Ashley and DJ…


So, what do you think about how close your brother

is getting with Rich?


I don't know, it's weird, I guess. Only because I didn't

even know he was gay, until you did. I don't care, if

that's what you mean.


No, I didn't think you did. I just meant it's kinda cool.

If they get married, you and I are officially related.

Samantha smiling at Renee, who smiles back with a laugh…

Joshua is with Blake, chatting with Hope, Ryder and Jaelyn.


So, Joshua, any luck with Gia, yet?

Joshua a slight blush, as the girls giggle…


Man, you guys will see. She will fall for me once I

age, a bit.

Girls again giggling.


Who was that new girl I saw playing soccer with you

guys, earlier? The one who wasn't very good.

Girls laughing.


That would be Eva. She's really cool, though.


She said her brother is a really good pitcher, but

too busy pouting, to represent his community.


He lose someone special?


(shaking head)

That's the thing, both parents are with them, everyone's

healthy. (shrugging) Guess baseball just isn't important

to him, anymore.


I will have to meet this kid…

Hope smiling at him.


It's a good way to get in with his sister.

Jaelyn and Ryder laughing, as is Hope, while Blake just turns and grabs his glove. Joshua takes notice, and begins grabbing his bat and glove, heading back to the field…


Break's over, fellas…



Zane tossing batting practice to a random teen ball player, from the Glenwood team. They are on a makeshift field, using the logs of the camp wall as a homerun fence…

Dissolve to Zane going through several drills with the kids, with one of the loggers and another guy, as assistant coaches…

Zane and the teens are having a great time, and practicing hard, but not nearly as talented as the Rough Rider bunch…



Solis tossing batting practice for the Nike ball players, who use the Nike football field, as a makeshift baseball field…

Like Zane's group, they are having fun, practicing hard, but don't look as tough as those Rough Riders…

Eva is watching them practice, as are others. She looks over at her brother, who is off a ways, watching for a moment, before turning and leaving…

She frowns, looks back out at the players, who continue to work hard…



Jennifer and Sarah (Wyatt's wife) are in the game-room with Scout's kids, Hope, Ryder and Bryant, along with Jaelyn and all the other younger kids. Jennifer receives a kiss from Miles, as she leads the children out into the backyard area. Miles then goes into a hallway, walking over and into another room (meeting room), where Hunter sits at the head of a large table.

Grandpa Sam, Leo, Mason, Vincent, Fish, Scout, Zane, Chasin, Wyatt, Gunner, Dakota, Troy, Kate, Jagger, Rich, Greg, April (Hunter's wife), Porter, Jason, Colton and Weston, are all present…

Miles takes a seat…


So, you all know why we're here. Not to vote or

come to any kind of a decision, but simply to voice

our opinions, put our thoughts together, and

discuss it as a family…

Silence a moment…


With all due respect, is there really anything to

discuss, or eventually vote on?

April looking around the table, at everyone…


I mean, do we really want to deprive the world of

an idea that's (gesturing toward Sam) going on in

his head? All so that we can keep this amazing

place to ourselves?

Most people nodding and smiling, as Grandpa sends April a warm smile…


Thank you, April. That is very kind of you to say.


Yes, it was, but we already know the reasons to

move forward with this project. Let us discuss the

cons of such a move.


Are there any?


Billions…they're called people…

Silence along the table, as Gunner and Kate try to hold back a smile, while a few others grimace or roll their eyes…


Yes, I mentioned them…as pros…

Gunner smiles again, as do several others…

Everyone looking at Leo, for a response…


Up until this place was complete, which it's actually

not, it was all about surviving and creating a new

world, a better world…whether in our life time or

the next. Now, it's becoming more that that, and

we're all losing focus on what the real dream is…

and you're all fooling yourselves if you think this

world isn't capable of falling apart, in our lifetime…

if not the very near future. We still need better

weapons, more supplies, helicopters, did I mention

better weapons?

Leo eyeing everyone, with silence…


No one speak, he's not done yet.

Scout and some others crack a smile, as Leo goes on.


We might very well have to defend this place,

someday, from god knows what kind of an army

and god knows what kind of weapons. You turn

this place into a tourist attraction, and the world

goes to shit, those powerful enough to survive,

will look to continue surviving, right here. Large

groups of ex-military and/or government officials.

I don't even have to explain this, you all already

know it to be true.


I do…but I also know that in time, we'll have more

than enough to defend this place. Yet, time itself,

is something I don't have. I trust my family to fulfill

those needs, as I have one more dream, I want to

fulfill myself, while I still can.

Grandpa looks around the room at everyone…


An open mind has always been one of the major keys

of life, for me. I refuse to be one of those people who

live their entire life strongly believing in something,

only to be proved wrong, once in the afterlife. If I see

this new dream of mine come to fruition, it'll mean

putting a hold on the final completion of my biggest

dream, which has already become bigger and better

than ever imagined. I don't want to miss that

opportunity, on the off chance of an apocalyptic event

in the near future, and find myself on my deathbed, in

a world that is still fully functioning…


Well, let's say the world is still fully functioning, and

leaves us with the time to complete the list of things

we've yet to achieve… You build that theme park, and

invite the world to vacation here, then this place will

be on the radar of every powerful person or group,

once things do stop functioning. You want that on

your mind, while on that deathbed?


Jesus, Leo!


He makes a good point, but that dilemma is already

in my head, and has been. But, there's no guarantee

this place even survives the world's end, or that the

people of this planet don't leave it for another,



Yet, you built it anyhow.


Exactly… Because it's about more than surviving and

starting over. It's about the life and world that

remains in front of us. Perhaps rather than making

the new world a better place, it helps make this

world a better place…

Most people smiling and nodding…


Doesn't sound much like the same dream you

raised us on…



Close-up of Monthly Forester (with sound of baseball game being played) dated "May, PA 1", with a picture of a triumphant Rough Rider team, and the headline "Rough Riders dominate first month of season"…

POV pans back from the article, which lays in the lap of a random Rough Rider fan, who now rises to applaud the win, as a player from Zane's Glenwood team just struck out and is walking away from the batters box, as Blake (in catchers gear) pumps his fist and meets Abino (pitcher), between homeplate and the pitchers mound, as the rest of the team heads their way, while congratulating one another…

Joshua runs in from the outfield, high-fiving his teammates, with a huge smile…

The scoreboard reads "Rough Riders 17, Glenwood 4"…

Zane is gathering his ball players, remaining positive…

A few of the convicts are in the background, in the stands, giving Zane a little shit, over his team and the embarrassing loss…

Dissolve to Zane back in the dugout, coaching/cheering his players, who are now playing another game, against Nike World…

The scoreboard reads "Nike 7, Glenwood 6, 9th inning". Glenwood is batting, with a runner on base, as the hitter at the plate swings, and smashes a ball. Zane instantly jumps from the dugout, coming out raising his arms. The ball sails over the fence, in leftfield, landing right below the cabin deck, where Joshua and other Rough Riders are watching…

The hitter jogs the bases, and meets his excited teammates at the plate, and Zane, where they celebrate the walk-off victory!

Those same shit talking convicts are now cheering, from the stands, as are many others, including Eva, who stands next to her parents and brother. Her brother Felix sits quietly, but does reach and pull the Monthly Forester from his sister's hands, and begins looking at it, flipping the page, to a picture of Doc and many others, at the North-end blockade, at the coast. The headline reads "Doc delivers much needed help for Nike and Glenwood baseball teams"…

POV back to the field, where the homerun hitter takes off his helmet, showing his face, as he excitedly walks back toward the dugout, with his teammates…



There are just a few huffs walking around on one side of the blockade, while tons of them are gathered on the other side. There are a handful of abandoned vehicles on that side, including campers and RV's. It's fairly quiet, until suddenly, a vehicle is heard, approaching on the northside, which grabs the attention of the huffs, who turn to look, as eventually the vehicle arrives, coming into their view, and stopping in the road…

The vehicle remains there, with the huffs approaching, as the vehicle eventually begins slowly backing away, apparently leading the huffs away…

It appears to be working, until suddenly another large group of huffs begin coming out of the brush, from behind the vehicle, and quickly spilling onto the road, blocking them in…

The car stops, and two men (Bobby, Henry, bearded and scruffy) quickly decide to jump out, and run for their lives. They run at an angle, hoping to get around the group of huffs in front of them, and to reach the blockade. Bobby quickly begins shouting to someone else.


YOU GUYS GOTTA GO, NOW! (a few men already

rushing out of the brush) GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO!

Also running out of the brush is a few more men, along with a handful of teen boys (all scruffy, filthy), and one woman, holding the hand of an eight-year-old girl. One of the teens (Liam, 18, unshaved), looks like the same boy who hit the game winning homerun, for Zane's Glenwood team. He and the others all meet up with Bobby and the other guy, and continue running at an angle, hoping to get around the enclosing army of huffs…

Their chances do not look good, but it's their only hope, with an unclimbable hilltop on one side of them, and nothing but huffs, everywhere else. The hilltop runs into the blockade. There is a camper parked in a shady area, next to the hilltop. It had been previously surrounded by huffs, who vacated the area after the vehicle had arrived…

Suddenly, people are jumping out and down from that camper, desperately dashing away, and for the blockade. It's three men, and one woman. One of the men is carrying a two or three-year-old boy.


Run towards them!


We're not going to make it!

They're not far behind the camper group, who begin running at an angle, as the huffs are almost on them. The woman with the eight-year-old, begins to hesitate, as she watches the camper group met by the huffs, and fighting a losing battle…















They keep charging, as Bobby and Henry jump over the dead/dying camper people, and pushing/punching huffs. Liam and the others slow down, with a look back at the woman and child, and then looking at the dead/dying camper people, and the one with the child, who ceases to cry/scream…

Defeat is in their faces, with no options left…

They can't even see Bobby or Henry, and there is nowhere to go from behind, as the other huffs close in on them. The woman begins weeping, as does the child…

Suddenly, a commotion comes from where Bobby and Henry had disappeared. Liam and the others watch, as the huffs look to be turning around, and then begin dying, while attacked with weapons!



Like a complete savage, Doc suddenly appears, making his way through the huffs, with a large machete, and blood all over his face, as he looks over at Liam and the others, while Mike, Bunk, Virgil, Leon, Sage, Skyler and the rest of the cousins, are right behind him…



Liam and the others begin running toward them, and through the cleared path. Doc helps the woman and her eight-year-old, as they both glance down at the dead boy, from the camper, who suddenly opens his eyes, coming back to life. Doc hands them off to Sage and Skyler, who help them follow after the others, toward the blockade. Doc finds time to quickly deliver a kill shot to the little boy, before a few more kill shots to other huffs, while making his way back…

Bobby and Henry are at the blockade, helping the others climb through, and over it, to the safety of the other side, where a few dead huffs are on the ground…

The others, including Sage, Skyler, the woman and her child, are all making it to the other side, along with the cousins, as Doc, Mike, Bunk, Virgil and Leon are the last to fend off the huffs, before making their way to safety…

Everyone is working to catch their breaths, as one of the teens is practically vomiting, but working hard to keep it in, until losing the battle, once the teen next to him begins vomiting…

Doc simply watches over them all, while catching his own breath, before snapping a couple of pictures of them all…

As he does that, and they regain composure, the new people begin cautiously eyeing Doc and the others…

One of the new men speaks…


Who are you people?


He means thank you…


You're welcome. I'm sorry about the one's we

couldn't save.


They weren't with us, and might have actually saved us…

Doc is still eyeing them all, and then begins staring at the teens…




Any of you guys ball players?

The new people all share curious looks with each other, then back at Doc…


You look like ball players…



Liam is now clean shaved and in a Glenwood baseball uniform, sitting in the stands with Zane and others from their team, watching Nike and the Rough Riders, game…


I still can't believe one day I'm fighting, what do

you guys call them?




One day I'm fighting off huffs and focused on finding

my next meal, the next, I'm smacking a game winning

walk off homer, to the sound of (gesturing toward the

stands/crowd) cheering. That was the surreal part, for

me. All of this, just crazy. It has to be the only place left

in the world where this kind of thing is happening.


And it's that kind of thing that pumps the heart of the

amazing man who built it all, and assured its survival

into the new world…

POV travels away from them, up a little further into the stands, finding Hope, Ryder, Jaelyn, Gia and others. Most of them are peeking down toward Liam, and/or the other guys…


Is that the one who hit the walk off? (Hope nodding)

He's cute.


Not the day Doc and the other cousins first found him.

That was him in the Monthly Forester, with all the scruff

and facial hair.

Ryder looking down at the picture in the Monthly Forester.


Oh my god, that's him?! I didn't know an eighteen-

year-old could even grow that much facial hair?!


Umm, Chasin?

Few giggles, as Gia is glancing at picture in Monthly Forester…


That's the look of a man who's been through hell

and on the run, for eight months. A man who might

have still been only a boy, before it all began…

Everyone pondering that thought…

Ryder then staring down toward him…


Looks more like a boy, again…


He'll never be a boy, again. Not after all that they

went through. I've seen it, on the faces of people

who'd only been through a couple weeks of it.

Eight months (shaking head), I can't even imagine…


Supposedly there were a lot more of them in their

group. A lot more women and children.


(shaking head)



Yeah… Imagine Samantha's journal, times seven

more months…

All of them now shaking their heads, at that thought…


The only child of their group who did survive, is

almost like Griffey or Trisha. Left behind after their

family is gone, to be cared for by strangers…

More shaking heads, as POV travels away, to another spot in the stands, where DJ, Rich, Griffey, Trisha, Ashley, Renee and Samantha, are sitting, as Marlana arrives, holding the hand of the little girl who was part of Liam's group…

Rich smiles at Marlana.


Hi, Marlana.


Hi, guys. I'd like to introduce Kristen, here. Kristen,

that is Griffey, Trisha, Ashley, Samantha, and Renee.

You already know Rich and DJ.

They all say hi and/or wave, as Kristen moves to somewhat hide herself, behind Marlana…


Renee, like you, Kristen lost her mother, before being

blessed with the security of these walls. She also lost

her older sister, who she misses very much. I remember

you telling me how cool it would be to have a younger

sister. Maybe you and Kristen can help each other out…

Renee not sure how to respond, as DJ helps…


Hey! What about me?! I've always thought having a

little sister would be cool, too!




He is a dork, isn't he? A cute dork, but definitely a dork.

Samantha reaches for Kristen's hand…


Hi, Brooke. It's possible we just might start fighting over

you, because I've always wanted a little sister, too!

People in the stands begin clapping, as Samantha and others look to the field, where the game has just ended, and the Rough Riders congratulate each other, on the victory…

Dissolve to Zane and his ball players, entering one of the dugouts.

The Rough Riders are piling into the stands. Joshua, Scoop and others, are joining Gia and the other girls. Blake is approaching Eva, who sits with some other girls, and with her brother close by…


Hey, Eva. Enjoy the game?


Hi, Blake. I did. You crushed it!

POV moving through the stands, at all the random people from the compound, along with people from both Nike World and Glenwood. Some people you recognize, while others you do not…

Wyatt is standing and holding his new born baby, as he and his wife, Sarah, are waving as they leave the stadium. Jennifer (extremely pregnant) waves to them and remains sitting with her children, August, Jax and Maddox, along with April (Hunter's wife) and Rachel (Gunner's wife)…

POV goes on to a group of teens and young adults from Nike…


Nike World just seems lame compared to this place.

Why can't we stay here?

POV comes to Moon and Shine, handing drinks to some of the Compounders, and shaking hands. Not too far from them, are some loggers, sitting back and taking in the sunshine. Not far from them is Conner, standing and chatting with some of the convicts, who are all drinking and laughing…

POV comes to the Queen of Nike, standing in the aisle with Grandpa Sam, Hunter and Gunner. She laughs out loud at something said by Gunner, with smiles and disbelief from both Sam and Hunter…

POV eventually makes its way back to Blake, now standing over next to Eva's brother…


You might not be playing, but I've seen you out here

a couple times, now. You must be at least tempted to

get back out there?

Felix looks out over the field…


It's just different, now… (keeps shaking head)


I get it. From what I've heard, you were damn near a

sure thing to make millions playing this game, and on

a stage bigger and much more glamourous than this.

Blake looks out over the field, thinking, then back at Felix…


Who was your favorite player?


(looking straight at Blake)



Your favorite player, who was it? Mine was Pudge

Rodrigues. Who did you dream of being like?

Felix chuckles a moment, before responding…


The Freak, Tim Lincecum.


Nice! You and Joshua would get along, he loves the

Giants. But, let me ask you this. Where's that "freak"

at, now? (Felix staring at him) Maybe he's still alive,

or maybe he's somewhere in the streets of San

Francisco, more "freaky" than ever before…but where

he's certainly not, is on a mound, pitching in the big

leagues. This is the big leagues, now. I plan to be playing

in the first World Series of the post apocalypse, right

here on this field, in front of these fans. With any luck,

there will be more fields, someday. More communities,

and eventually ball players who have the skills of Pudge

and the Freak, and all the others who we'll never see

again. Maybe next year or years to come, we'll combine

our squads and play championships against teams from

Washington or California.

Blake stares out over the field, and beyond…


That's the kind of thing that was versioned by he

who created this place. Not just for his family to

survive, but a place with the right resources to

ensure baseball survives, and all other aspects of

life. Someday there might be stadiums again, and

broadcasted games, where stories of this field are


Blake stares right at Felix, who is staring right back at him, with full attention…


You have an opportunity to go down in history as

one of the first best baseball players of the PA…to

be remembered like he who had a candy bar named

after him. People who know nothing about baseball,

know that name. Maybe someday, it's your name

they remember…

Blake turns from Felix and looks at Eva, who is staring back at him, as if totally lovestruck…



POV of same camper in which those people all came from, and died. It's completely surrounded by huffs, as is the entire area, way more than before…

POV finds Mason, Chasin, Porter, Jason and Doc, along with others, looking over the gathering huffs…

Mason looks to Doc.


The new recruits, the two guys you found today,

exactly how many of these things did they say they

saw crossing the Megler bridge, into Astoria?


As far as the eye could see. On both sides. Driving

anywhere through Astoria is completely impossible.

Their words.


And they're positive they were all coming into Astoria,

rather than actually crossing over into Washington?



They were.

Mason shaking his head, with a look back out at all the huffs…


We started having fun too early…

Everyone looking at Mason…


Too busy playing a kids game as if the problem of

the world has been solved…


We should have closed off that bridge and secured

the coastline from here to there, before supplying



An army of these things is certainly something to

address, but what do you guys have against baseball,

or hope?



Okay, Dad.

Jason laughs.


Appreciate the compliment, but you know what

I'm saying. We have people to address this issue,

and other people who need to play or watch that

"kids game".


Agreed. I just don't want to see people getting too

comfortable. The world is still a complete mess, and

that mess could spill into our backyard, in the blink

of an eye.


Not to mention that eventually that "mess" could

arrive in the form of an enemy who can think, and



Which is why expanding our "backyard" is not very

high on my dad and Hunter's to do list. Maybe they're

right, (shaking head) I don't know. We're reaching a

point where the smaller groups will diminish, along

with the weak…those left, not really the type you

want to mess with…

Mason again looking out over all the huffs…


Maybe leaving the dead between us and those other

survivors, is what my dad wants to do, now…

Everyone just pondering that thought, with looks at Mason…



Zane, the Queen (Harris) and other leaders are all wrapping up a meeting.


Well, unless there's anything else, I believe we're

good, here.

Zane chatting with the Queen, as everyone begins leaving the room, heading outdoors…


How much longer you think we can get away with

such easy problems to fix?


That's what my dad keeps saying, but he also says

we're prepared, which helps me sleep at night.

Zane takes notice of Felix approaching him, with his family nearby…


Hello, Felix.


Hey, coach…




After talking with both you and Blake, and others,

and practically being harassed by my sister, (giving

her a look) I've come to the conclusion that it's my

job to get back on the field, and give the fans

something to cheer about.

Zane looking at Harris and then back to Felix…


That's good to hear, man. It's going to make it a

lot harder for me to reach the World Series, against

the Rough Riders, but it's certainly going to make

things interesting.


Actually, that's why I called you coach. I'm motivated

to play for you, to beat those Rough Riders, to even

move to Glenwood, and represent my community.

Zane throwing a wild look at Harris, who makes her own wild expression, aimed at Felix…


And just like that you are officially banned from Nike

World. (some laughing) As the Queen of shoes, (more

laughing) I will have your head, if ever shown here,


Everyone laughing, as his family comes in closer, as Zane addresses them…


You guys are okay with this?


We are okay with your influence on him, and trust

him to be just as safe with you, as we are here, with

her (nodding at Harris).

Scene begins dissolving, as POV finds a few younger kids hiding and watching them…



That's Zane, next to the Queen. He's the one who

used huffs to win the war that got us this place!


INT. COMPOUND (town center) – DAY

The compound has a neighborhood, and even a town, with a town center, where currently there is a large portion of it under some kind of large construction, and even covered up, while work is going on inside, of the covered-up area. It's fairly loud, with saws and hammering, sounds like a ton pf people in there working on it. Grandpa Sam walks outside of it all, with someone else, and shaking his hand…


It'll definitely be done by then.


Good deal. It's looks absolutely fantastic, as of now.

Keep up the great work.

Grandpa begins walking away, into what looks like a golf cart, and begins driving it away…

POV pans upward, and begins soaring over the area, revealing just how large it all is…


Close-up of Monthly Forester, dated "July, PA 1", and a picture of Zane, Gunner, Blake, Abino, Eli and Joshua, and a headline reading "4th of July Classic, Champs"…


A huff walks along the beach, suddenly it looks up the beach as the sound of applause is heard. The huff begins slowly walking through the sand, toward the SSH, off in the distance…

Cut to a view of that huff, coming through a pair of binoculars. POV Doc next to Mike, who's watching through the binoculars, as Doc signals Bunk and Virgil, who head toward the huff…

POV through different pair of binoculars, as Bunk and Virgil kill the huff. POV Solis, moving the binoculars away from his face, and eventually turning back around and facing the SSH field, where a game is in progress. He's standing out in the far center field area, up high, and keeping a look out over the area, as someone comes over his radio.


(over radio)

Come on down, Solis. You're off duty for the rest of

the day. Lonnie is on his way to cover you.


(into radio)

I'm off duty the moment he arrives…

Cut to a younger convict, hitting a wiffleball, with convicts from the stands cheering, as are the other younger convicts from the dugout, and the one who scores, after the hit. Scoop is on the mound, as Nate tosses him the ball.


We're all right. We're going to score some runs.

Dissolve to Scoop, Nate, Trav, and three other Rough Riders, celebrating the victory, as new teams take over the dugouts, and prepare for the next game. One of the players is looking at Scoop and the team who just won, and speaking to his teammate.


They're going to be tough to beat.

Cut to view of the field from the bar area, inside, where Solis is watching, with Mason, Doc, Porter, Jason and others…


I looked around the town today. It's amazing what

you guys have done, cleaning it up as if it was still a

town. Even the houses and motels look kept up.


They are. Most of them. Thing with the beach is,

that most of them are already built above the

ground, which means people can sleep in them,

safe and above the dead.


They're working hard on making as many as they can,

totally huff-proof. Dad wants people eventually able

to vacation here, in motels, and the fancy homes up

on the hills.


Is that really doable? Vacationing here?


You know my dad, he's a dreamer… No guarantees that

a random huff won't rise from the sea or god knows

where else, but it will be random. You won't have to

worry about being surrounded or outnumbered, by

them, and as long as trained, and aware (shrugging),

vacationers should be alright, in theory…


You sound a bit skeptical…


Just a bit…

Solis just staring at him, before taking a swig of his drink, and looking back out toward the field…

Dissolve to others now at that same window, watching the game, as the final play takes place, and people begin cheering/clapping. Zane can be seen out there celebrating…

Cut outside to Zane celebrating with Blake, Gunner, Abino, Eli and Joshua. Eli and Joshua are the most excited. Zane smiles as Samantha approaches him with a subdued smile, followed with a hug…


I know, I know. It's not the same as last year…

He looks at her, and her face is suddenly full of tears, and he instantly hugs her again.


I know, Samantha. I miss him, too!

POV finds Grandpa Sam, near the dugout, watching Zane hold Samantha, as a tear runs down his face…

Dissolve to night, and fireworks blowing up over the sky, as the stadium bleachers are packed with Compounders, Glenwood and Nike people, all cheering the fireworks…

Gunner, Chasin, Blake, Abino, Eli and Joshua are all lighting the fireworks, from the middle of the field, with many other people back behind them, lounging on blankets, on the sand, with fires, watching and cheering the fireworks…

POV outside the hotel, where things are mostly quiet, with only one random huff, near the doors, and one more, approaching the hotel…


Close-up of Monthly Forester, dated "August, PA 1". POV moves down to a picture of Felix, pitching from the mound…


Felix pitching from the mound, tossing a blazing fastball right past Blake, who swings hard but misses, and heads back for the dugout, as Felix and his teammates head to their dugout, with motivation…

Near homeplate is "World Series PA 1" printed on the field, with baseline chalk. Also printed, is "Game 1"…

Joshua is in dugout, still staring out toward Felix, walking off the field…


Geez, he's throwing even harder than last time…

Joshua begins jogging back out on the field, next to Eli.


Good thing we play three games this weekend, and

this guy can't pitch all of them!


We can beat him…

Dissolve to the batters box, where Abino throws a nasty curve, striking out the hitter, as Abino and the Rough Riders come off the field. The chalk near homeplate now reads "Game 6"…

The scoreboard reads "Glenwood 5, Rough Riders 6".

Blake slaps hands with Abino and others, as they approach the dugout.


Alright come on guys; let's build on that lead; we

don't want to be here next weekend for Game 7,

with you know who, back on the mound.

Blake looks at Abino, who is holding his arm, sore.


Eli, warm up; you're closing this thing.

Joshua patting Eli on the back, and running to the bullpen with him, to warm him up…

Dissolve to Blake on third base, Nate on second, and Trav on first, all of them clapping their hands, as Joshua swings and drills a ball the opposite way, but right to the outfielder in right, who makes the catch, as they excitedly head to their dugout, where Zane is clapping his hands with high energy emotion, motivating his players…


Alright, Glenwood this is where we do it; this is

where we score a couple and force these guys to

a seventh game!

His players are pumped…

Dissolve to those players still pumped, as they now have a runner at second base, and Eli delivering a pitch, which blows right past the hitter, for strike 3! Eli throws his hands in the air, with Blake approaching from behind the plate, as well as all the others. Scoop, Nate, Trav, Abino, Joshua, Wong, Pav and all the other Rough Riders, are running right for the mound, where they all pile on top of Eli…

There are tons of fans at the stadium, standing and cheering. Even the convicts are enjoying the celebration…

GW stands next to Stix, both clapping hands…


INT. BAKER COMPLEX (meeting room) – DAY

Everyone still sitting around the table, as Grandpa looks over at Fish…



Fish just looks at him…



Fish hesitates and looks around the room, coming to Leo…


I don't disagree with Leo's concerns, (looking at

Grandpa) nor do I yours. Great points made, all


Grandpa shaking his head with a light laugh…


How about you make a point or two of your own, and

quit sneaking your way around my questions, like you

have since you were a boy. (again shaking head with

smile) Grown ass man trying to pull that same crap.

Few chuckles around the room, especially from Scout, who smiles…


Figured at your age I could still get away with it. I

guess I don't see the need to help you decide what

to do, when we all know you'll move forward with

this project, as you should. If your dream will bring

smiles and excitement to others, as it has Samantha,

then you don't need mine or anyone else's vote.

Dissolve to Scout, now sharing her thoughts, with a look at Leo…


I love you, big brother, and agree with your concerns…

I just wouldn't dare give up this opportunity, over

them. A place like (gesturing toward Grandpa) what's

going on in his mind, along with opening up this place,

is the kind of thing that makes the world a better place.

Dissolve to Hunter, speaking…


I have grandchildren who I want to share that park with,

and like Fish said, think of all the other families out there

who will make memories here, at the park, and the SSH,

which will surely become a chain…

Dissolve to Mason, speaking…


The theme park yes, but opening up our home,

(shaking head) no…

Leo nodding in appreciation of Mason's answer, while dissolving to Jason speaking…


My nephew will kill me if I was to vote against

something like the Land of the Great Northwest!

Are you kidding me?! As for the compound…

(shaking head) If I honestly believed we were in

our 11th hour, I would feel different, but (shrugging).

Dissolve to Vincent, without much life in his expression, as he begins speaking…


I'm good with whatever the family wants to do…

Greg looks at his dad, then jumps in…


He's full of crap; he's dying to ride the Gorger and

the Volcano, Mt. St. Helens or whatever you're

calling it.

Some laughs.


The Lewis and Clark expedition!


Sneaker wave!


I want to hug Bigfoot!

Lots of laughs…

Dissolve to Gunner, speaking…


I'm either way on the compound, but if had to

choose, I'd probably agree with Leo. But Land of

the Great Northwest and Bigfoot territory, has to

happen! People will come from all over the world

to see Bigfoot, dashing through random parts of

the park. (some laughs) No, seriously people, you

have no idea how big that will be! People chasing

after him trying to get a picture, or Rich trying to

get his hug.

Everyone, including Rich, breaking out with laughter…

Dissolve to Troy, speaking…


I agree with Dad. Leave the compound out of it.

I would never vote against the (shaking head)

theme park though.


I agree; leave the compound out of it, but, sorry

Dad, the park has to happen.


I can handle the park. I personally wouldn't do it,

but it's the compound I feel mostly strongly about.

We have to leave it out of this project.

Dissolve to Wyatt, speaking…


Maybe now that I'm freshly married (a few cheers),

I'm seeing things differently, because after listening

to my beautiful wife go on and on about this place

and the idea of that theme park, it makes me think

like Fish, and how he wants others to experience

what he can't wait to experience with Samantha.

Scout nodding with an emotional smile…

Dissolve to Chasin, speaking…


I'm fully with Dad and Leo, on the compound. It's

ours, and we share it with those we know and trust,

that's it. As for the park, I won't be standing in the

way of that. Walt Disney has nothing on my grandfather.

Few chuckles/cheers…

Dissolve to Porter speaking…


Park, yes, absolutely. Compound, no, (shaking head)

definitely not.

Dissolve to Zane, speaking…


I'm happy to see the park is not a question, even

conceded by dear old Dad…but I'm a little

disappointed to see so much concern with the

compound. I love sharing it with my ball players, and

their families. We could be sharing it with families

around the world. Meeting new people who just

might invest, and become a part of this place, a part

of us. There could be more Porters and Jasons out

there; more Coltons and Westons. Someone in the

family might find love, through such an idea…

Zane looking around the room, with the attention of everyone, and a smile of pride on the face of Fish, as well as Grandpa…


The money to be made, will go directly into the

compound, and the rest of those ever so important

resources, and then even into expanding. Science is

changing every day. Natural resources are becoming

the new way of the world, and we'll need to make

updates. The longer the world goes without ending,

the more we'll learn how to survive it, the more our

family of the future will learn to survive it. We'll need

a lot more than just the fire power that my father is

so concerned with. We'll need real capital to make

the kind of updates that this place will require, over

the years, and that capital will certainly be made, by

opening this amazing place, to the world…

Others nodding/smiling in agreement…


Close-up of Monthly Forester, dated "September, PA 1", and with a headline reading "Trouble in Washington?"…


Doc swings and hits a ball deep to left, in the gap, as he runs past first and toward second base, but suddenly slowing, and stopping before even arriving.


What are you (cutoff)



Doc listens, as do all the others, and looking upward. It's just Mike, Bunk, Virgil, Sage, Skyler and the rest of the cousins. Suddenly, what sounds like a helicopter, is heard. Eventually it grows much louder. Doc begins racing off the field, into the stands, and climbing to the top. Others are following him, as they all stand and watch a single helicopter leave the coastline, heading toward the background hills/mountains, and eventually disappearing up over the top of them…

They all stand there, now staring at Doc, and him them…



Porter and Jason are dashing for the garage.

POV cuts inside garage where Mason, Chasin, Dakota, Cleo, Mayday, Gia and others, are all packing up the caravan, as Porter and Jason enter, soon followed by Hunter and April. Hunter is on his radio.


(over radio)

Zane says he's on his way, and will meet you there!



Zane rushing toward the vehicles, and begins loading up his hummer, as GW and others are loading up other vehicles, as quickly as possible…



Mason speeding his hummer along the highway, followed by Mayday and the others…

Dissolve to another part of Highway 6, where it's Zane in his hummer, speeding along, and followed by others…



Mason comes to a speeding stop, near the gates of Leo's camp, as do the others. They quickly begin piling out. Doc and his main crew of cousins are also there. Everyone is armed, but trying to remain unthreatening…

Men from the camp begin standing on the walls, with guns of their own, and watching Mason and his people approach…

Mason motions the others to lower their weapons, and is about to speak, before stopping as the gates begin opening, with Anthony, Dylan and a few others, walking out, but no sign of Leo…


I take it you saw the helicopter?


I take it you have an explanation?


It took us by complete surprise, all of us…except

for Leo…


What the hell are you talking about?


He knew them. Not at first, but once they landed,

he knew the guy who came out.


Where the hell is Leo?


He freaking left with them!



Anthony nodding…


Who was the guy? Where did they go?


There's a lot you don't know about Leo, about

some bad people he got mixed up with.


The kind of people powerful enough to survive

this long?


The kind of people with a helicopter?


What kind of bad people?


The mob, kind.


The kind who know about your compound.

Mason and his group not looking thrilled at that news…


They started asking questions about it. He gave

them a bunch of lies. I believe he went with them

to keep them from trying to take it.


Jesus Christ, what the hell are you talking about?


He told them the army took it over, and that they

had tanks and helicopters, a ton of men, and had

wiped out the Glenwood Camp. I didn't catch the

guy's name, but he kept talking about someone

named Victor, and Leo kept demanding to go back

with them.


He wanted to go with them?


Yeah, because he's crazy! We owe the man everything,

but he's been trying to heal from something he can't

beat, not without his medication. The guy knew it, too,

and mentioned they had some. Maybe they'll get him

the help he needs.

Mason, Dakota and the others, completely mystified, and staring at one another…


And they just happen to have his medication?

What the hell is going on, here?


They might have just been telling him what he wanted

to hear. He's not all crazy. He was purposely making up

stories as if they were real, all to keep them from going

after the compound. He made them believe that's why

he's not medicated, due to losing the compound and his



He was acting like he wanted them to help him get

the compound back, but you could tell he was working

them. Making them think only a "crazy" person would

attempt such a thing.



And you people just let him go? You could have

easily taken them and their helicopter!

Cleo calming Dakota…


We follow Leo's lead. If he had ordered us to take

those guys, that's exactly what we would have done.


He's not himself, right now! If he was, he would have

certainly ordered you to do just that! Jesus Christ!

Gunner moving in to help Cleo, with Dakota.


So, what did he say before leaving? Was he planning

to ever return?


Like I said, he was purposely acting crazier than he

actually is. It was obvious, and then confirmed when

he gave me a wink (Dakota throwing him a look),

while climbing on the chopper. (shrugging) All I can

think is that he wants to throw them off of this area,

and your compound. How he plans to return…

Anthony just shrugging, as everyone just stares at him, and one another…

Anthony now looks at Mason…


There's something else you need to know…

Why I believe them to be mobsters…

Mason and everyone else staring right at Anthony…

Dissolve to twenty minutes later, with Mason shaking his head, looking away from Anthony and at the ground, before quickly turning at the sound of several quickly approaching vehicles, as Zane and his men arrive. Zane is quick to hop out and join Mason and the others. He glances over at Anthony, who is now closer to the gates, and on the radio with someone, as one of their vehicles is meeting him at the gate. He hops inside, and they drive over toward Mason, with window down, and speaking. He's now wearing shades and a hat.


We have a team of hunters at the base of the hill,

who need some assistance.


Need some help?


(as driving away)

No thanks, just car issues.

Zane glancing at him as they drive away, then to Dylan who remains behind, eyeing Zane, GW and the others…

Mason begins pulling Zane to the side, filling him in…

Porter and Jason walk to Dylan, and begin chatting…

Cleo holds Dakota, who is a bit emotional/frustrated…

Mayday, Gia and other soldiers, are getting as close to the gates as they can, peeking inside…

Gunner is near Cleo and Dakota, as is Chasin, who now leaves to approach Mason and Zane, with a nod at both Stix and GW, who begin approaching Mayday and his soldiers…

Chasin arrives next to his dad, who continues to update Zane…


What the…(shaking head)


There's more… He went on to mention Mary, and

how she's not who she claimed to be. Something

about her adopted as a baby for a reason, which was

to keep her mobster ties from others, others like your

father, and all of us. She and her family had been

working Leo over, ever since the beginning. According

to him, she did love Leo, which conflicted with how

her family wanted her to feel.



What are you saying? That she was supposed to be

scamming him the entire time? To do what? Screw

over our entire family?


There's really no way of knowing. This guy and this

place is just something Leo was using as extra

protection against whatever threat he saw these

people as. All Anthony seems to know, is that at some

point Leo discovered who Mary really was, and

apparently, she turned against her family, I don't know.


Whoever they are, Dad sure seems scared of them.

To do all this, to go with them… (shaking head) I knew

that bitch was always up to something!

Zane shaking his head…

Dissolve to them all in their vehicles, driving down the dirt road, and passing Anthony and his hunters, who are hauling an entire load of dead animals…


That is some serious grub…


INT. BAKER COMPLEX (meeting room) – DAY

Grandpa and Hunter in disbelief, as they take in the news. Zane also present, along with Stix…


The mob? In Washington?


Anthony said they had some sort of safehouse in

the Washington coast range.


(shaking head)

Leo…son, what did you get yourself involved with?

Grandpa suddenly looks up at everyone…


Is this why he was so adamant about protecting this

place? He knew someone already had their eyes on it?

Everyone just staring at one another…


He must have been. Why else the charade?


Because he's full on crazy. He might actually believe

what he was telling them.


Then why the wink?


He could have been winking at his guys, as if to

say "I got this", when he really has no idea what

he's up to…


It makes sense (shaking head)…but I don't think so.

If those people really do want the compound, and

why wouldn't they, then the story he made up, is

exactly the kind of move he would make.


Shit…you're right…

Everyone silently pondering the situation…


Close-up of Monthly Forester, dated "November, PA 1", with a headline reading "Happy Holidays, it's okay to be merry, again!", and a picture of Joshua and the Rough Riders, cutting down multiple Christmas trees…


Pepsi wakes, and moves over to look at Zane, who is already awake, and staring at the ceiling, lost in thought. She smiles and then begins pushing/rolling him over, to his surprise and bewilderment at first, until she climbs over him, and begins massaging his back.


Roll on over; let me rub some of that stress away.

He closes his eyes and relaxes as she grinds into his back…


You have been a different person, ever since the

news of your father.


It's really not him, as much as it's the family he

married into. I always thought it was just her.

No idea that her damn family would come out of

the shadows of an apocalyptic world, to bite us in

the ass.


It's been over two months. You really think you

have to be worried about them?


If they're smart, I do. They can send a team here,

to scout the area and easily find out Leo was

feeding them shit. Taking over that compound will

go straight to the top of their list.


But, do you really believe with all the people we

have, all the weapons, that even mobsters would

be a serious threat? Isn't your family just as

dangerous to mess with, as the mob?

Zane a laugh, followed with both Coke and Chance climbing the ladder and entering the loft, jumping on the bed as Zane picks them up and is tickling them, to the sound of a ton of laughter…


You guys need to get out of bed. It's Thanksgiving!



Joshua running and diving for Eli, but missing his ribbon (playing touch football), as Eli scores the touchdown, doing a silly dance as he rubs it in Joshua's face.


Turkey Bowl touchdown, baby!

Samantha, Marlana, Scout, Renee, Kristen, Griffey and many others, are watching and laughing…



Divit stands up on the wall, looking up at the sky. He and other guards who are around, all are bundled up. Zane and Stix are climbing up, with a look at Divit…


What do you think?


I think it looks and smells like a white Christmas,

and I'm not just saying that because I've always

dreamed of one.

Zane smiling.


If it's already falling and sticking at the compound,

it'll probably be the same thing here, fairly soon, or

worse, it might just be freezing rain, here.


It's so weird, not having a real weather report,

(looking at Divit) no offense. I guess we better

get the rest of the relayers home. Everyone west

is already evacuated. Let's do the same with

everyone east. Doesn't seem cold enough to hit

the city, but I see no reason to take any chances…


I agree.


Home for the holidays.


(into radio)

Relayers, time to pack it up and come on home.

Please pass that down the line, and no one leaves

until everyone has confirmed they are abandoning

their post, due to possible incoming weather, over…


(over radio)

Ten-four, it's about time!

Zane stares up at the sky…


You really think we're in for a white Christmas?


I'd be willing to bet my supper, on it. I think it'll warm

up quickly, but not down low, at first. Wise decision

bringing everyone in; freezing rain is no joke.


Worried about making it to the compound, tonight?


That, or not making it back. We've got other people

planning on travel this evening and tomorrow. We

can't have people getting stuck out there…


(over radio)

Glenwood, we have incoming news of one motorcycle,

leaving highway 26, now heading west on 6.

Zane looking at Stix…


(into radio)

Continue with the evac, but wait until he passes

before leaving. Keep us posted…


(over radio)

Absolutely…Wait, hold on…

They all wait several moments, before receiving more information over the radio…


(over radio)

Oh shit…you're not going to believe this…



A relayer using binoculars to look down toward the road, as the other relayer is quietly preparing to speak over the radio.

POV through binoculars, of a few men easily killing off a few huffs who were blocking the road, as someone on a motorcycle comes driving into the scene. The binoculars come to one of the men, waiting by the car, holding a bloody blade. His face is not seen yet, as POV slowly goes up his body, as the other relayer can be heard speaking into the radio.


(off-screen, into radio)

Yes, he's positive. It's Grover!

POV begins to dissolve, just before the face of Grover is revealed, or can be made out…


"Tommee Profitt - Carol of the Bells – Epic Cinematic Piano Instrumental" (from beginning)


Close-up of the ground where fresh snow has covered it, and continues to fall. Eventually feet/boots are seen, walking into POV, and through the snow, followed by many more pairs of feet, following, one after another…

MUSIC hits .11 mark, and cuts to the Guardian of the huffs, in her underground home, as she quickly turns her head, looking toward the door and staircase leading up…

MUSIC .14, cuts back to the feet, continuing to march forward in the snow…

As POV slowly pans back, you can see they have backpacks and are carrying weapons, but can't see their faces in the dark, but there are tons of them, some unseen as they keep marching forward…

MUSIC .30, cuts to the Guardian, stepping up out of her hole in the ground, quickly looking out into the woods, and at her chained-up huffs, who appear to be overly excited…

She begins walking forward, in perfect formation, avoiding the grasp of her huffs, and disappearing into the dark snowy woods…

MUSIC .45, cuts inside to compound, where everyone is gathered at the town square area, in celebration of Christmas Eve, and having their epic snowball fight. All of them, launching snowball after snowball at one another, and full of laughter and smiles…

MUSIC .54, cuts back to the snowy woods, where the feet of tons of people continue marching forward. POV the guardian, carefully/gracefully moving by her huffs, and near some brush, where she peeks outward…

MUSIC 1.04, cutting back inside the compound, to the celebration and snowball fight. While many still throw snowballs, others are happily hugging, playing with their little kids, and reaching for warm drinks. Joshua, Blake and Eli lead a few Rough Riders, into a group charge, as they send dozens of snowballs at Mayday, Gia and other soldiers. They turn to retreat, but are instantly bombed by Sheriff Dave, Porter, Jason, Rich, DJ, Cleo and Dakota…

MUSIC 1.23, cutting to the Guardian, in slow-motion, rushing back past her huffs, in perfect stride, desperate to warn the others…

MUSIC 1.26, cutting to the approaching people, and panning back, revealing they have people on horses. Headlights can now be seen, as trucks are slowly making their way through the snow, and around all the people on foot…

MUSIC 1.40, cutting to the Guardian, still racing (in slow-motion) through the woods, and past the area leading down toward the underground huffs.

MUSIC 1.44, cutting inside of compound, where everyone is having a grand time…

MUSIC 1.48, cutting to the Guardian, in slow-motion, racing into the brush of the compound wall, and disappearing…

MUSIC 1.55, cutting inside of compound, to everyone having a grand time…

MUSIC 1.59, cutting to the large group of people who are now entering the open field, and spilling out into it…

MUSIC 2.06, cutting to the guardian, running in slow-motion, and with all her might…

MUSIC 2.08, cutting inside of compound, to the same grand time…

MUSIC 2.11, cutting to Abino in guard tree house, nervously taking notice of the large group, as he dashes for the rope of the bell…

MUSIC 2.14, cutting to the guardian, reaching the rope of the bell…

MUSIC 2.16, cutting to the large group in the field, approaching the gates, as POV quickly goes over the top of them all, and back the direction they came from, over the empty woods…

MUSIC 2.21, as POV finds a whole entire new bunch of people, coming out from the woods, many of them on horses, and many more on foot…

MUSIC 2.30, as POV expands enough to see that what looks like hundreds more, jogging out of the brush, through the snow, and over the snow tracks of that first group. As the song begins to dissolve and fade away, you can continue to see many more men, jogging out of the brush, as hundreds of them are heading directly for the compound…

MUSIC ends…