Season 3, Episode 5 (mid-season finale)

"White Christmas"



"Carol of the Bells – Epic Music Version (from beginning)



Music begins as scene is still dark, and remains dark while slowly fading in, to a shot of the bell in the dark, hanging there motionlessly…

MUSIC hits .18 mark, and cuts to shot of the group in the field, approaching the gates, with trucks full of people, it's dark and difficult to see them…

MUSIC .23, as POV travels over the first group, through the dark snowy woods, and over their snow tracks, heading in direction of the other group…

MUSIC .38, as POV finds the much larger group, who are now slowing down, while their leader sits atop his horse, signaling them to ease their jog, and begin walking forward, in the dark, without lights…

POV continues to pan back, revealing the endless amount of men, mostly on foot, with just a small handful on horses…

MUSIC .55, POV cuts to the bell, remaining still for a second, then instantly ringing the next second!

MUSIC .57, cutting inside to the Christmas celebration, where everyone instantly goes from festive to complete shock, followed with a complete rush, as most the fighters begin racing away, while most the female parents are racing to reach their children, many of who begin crying/panicking. Hunter is on his radio, Rough Riders are looking at Blake for instruction, who quickly begins leading them all away, as everyone fights the snowy conditions, to rush away from the back end of the compound, toward the front…

MUSIC 1.15, cutting back outside compound to first group, halfway across the field, heading toward gates…

MUSIC 1.20, cutting back inside compound, to Porter and others, who are now speeding away in vehicles…

MUSIC 1.23, as one vehicle slides in snow, hitting another vehicle from behind, Rough Riders are passing by, on horses…

MUSIC 1.26, cutting back out to field, where first group continues toward gates…

MUSIC 1.30, cutting to the Guardian, as she rushes through an underground tunnel, running as fast as she can…

MUSIC 1.34, cutting inside compound, as Porter and other vehicles are speeding through the snow, onto Baker lane, and rushing through the long corridor, toward the gates…

Many compounders are at the walls, quickly climbing up into the tree houses, or toward the wall catwalk…

MUSIC 1.41, cutting out to field, where first group reaches the gates, coming to a halt…

POV compounders on the catwalks and in the tree houses, looking down at them…

POV members of the first group, looking up toward the top of the wall…

POV Porter behind the gates, instructing Blake, who arrives on horse with the Rough Riders, all prepared to protect the gates.

POV people in the tree houses/catwalk, readying their weapons…

MUSIC 1.59, cutting to Chasin, Gunner, Wyatt, Jason, Rich, Dakota, Cleo and others, all racing motored scooters, through the underground tunnels below the field…

MUSIC 2.04, cutting to Hunter on his radio, next to his wife April, and Grandpa Sam.

Cut to Mason in tree house, holding a radio in one hand, as he looks down toward the group at the gates…

Cut to Mayday leading Gia and other soldiers up into another tree house, with some serious firepower, including an RPG, held by Gia…

Doc leads many of the cousins, to another tree house, and spots along the catwalk…

The Rough Riders look nervous, as does Joshua, as his Dad (holding a gun) pats him on the back, before climbing up the ladder, toward the catwalk…

Scout (on Baker Lane, near corridor) is hugging an emotional Samantha, and handing her off to Hope and Ryder, as Scout hops into the back of a truck. Solis is about to take off, but stops as Hunter pulls up next to them, with Grandpa Sam and April. Grandpa gets out of truck, approaching Samantha, as Hunter speeds away.

MUSIC 2.28, cutting to Chasin and the motored scooter group, now off their bikes and quickly arming up, before approaching the hatch in the ground…

MUSIC 2.33, cutting to the Guardian, rushing out of her underground tunnel, continuing to rush through the woods, almost as if running away from the fight…

MUSIC 2.37, cutting to first group, as one of them lowers his hood, looking up toward the wall…

POV of everyone up on the wall, looking down at him, including Mason in the tree house, and then quickly speaking into his radio…

MUSIC 2.47, cutting down to that guy, as the gates begin opening in front of him…

Porter walks out, soon followed by Mason, and others, walking right up to the man…

MUSIC is fading to an end, as POV finally reveals the man as Zane (bloody/filthy), with Stix, Queen Nike, and basically EVERYONE from both Glenwood and Nike World…

MUSIC ends…



POV the ringing bell, as it slowly ceases to swing, and coming to a complete stop, as opening credits roll…

DISSOLVE TO: 14 MONTH RECAP (earlier that day)


POV through binoculars, as Grover (can't see his face) climbs back into his vehicle, as the motorcycle drives off. Grover's vehicle turns around, and heads the opposite direction…


(off-screen, over radio)

Whatever he was writing, he gave to the biker, who

is now heading back toward you guys, but for some

reason Grover and his guys turned around, heading

back the way they came from.



Zane, Stix and Divit are climbing down off the wall, as the relayer completes that last line, over the radio…


(into radio)

Alright, sit tight. If we don't hear from you, you'll

hear from us.



Zane looks to Stix…


What'd he do? Write us some kind of letter, and give

it to the biker to deliver to us? Why are they turning

around? More men down the road? In some sort of

trouble, or something?


What kind of trouble, you think?

Zane shrugging.


Could be anything. Herd of huffs, car issues, the

weather. I can't figure why else he'd turn around,

or send the biker onward.

Zane shaking head in total bewilderment…

Kemp is ordering the convicts to arm themselves, while he and Lester open up the armory, handing out weapons to everyone, who then begin rushing for the walls…

Mothers are gathering their children and teens, although several teens are heading for the armory, and joining the fight, as are the loggers and most other men…

Pepsi is gathering all mothers with children, yelling for them all to gather in the mess hall. One of her friends is already guiding Coke and Chance to the mess hall, leading them inside, and holding doors open for the others…

Jones is gathering with some men, with a smile and sense of excitement…

Dissolve to everyone in their positions, along the wall and up top of it…

It's dead quiet…

Until the biker can be heard, in the distance, before quickly arriving, turning and speeding over the Gales Creek bridge, and right up to the gates, coming to a skidding stop…

Zane and the others just stare at him, as he slowly gets off his bike, and removes his helmet. He is indeed the same guy who delivered Grover's letters, and he is pulling out another one. He looks surprised that they were expecting him…


Expecting company? (they just stare at him silently)

Grover wanted to be here himself, but our army

was temporally delayed by an attack, which is a

perfect example of why he needs his Glenwood

army to join the party. (waving letter) The letter

explains the rest. Take some time to process it,

and make your decisions, if your new "Grover"

will even allow you.

He drops the letter, climbs back on his bike while placing on his helmet…


We'll all be back, real soon.

He rides off…

Dissolve to him riding down the highway, with the voiceover of Zane, reading the letter…



Yes, I am him, yes, I have been gone a long while,

and yes, I have my stories, as I'm sure do you.

Perhaps we'll all sit around the campfire, someday,

and catch up on those stories, but for now I'll get

right to the point.

Dissolve to the biker riding off the road, crossing over from highway 6, to highway 26, and back up onto the road, speeding west, and hauling ass…



I gave you all this life, and it's time to pay your dues,

but with more rewards to come. Enemies are

everywhere, as my people are busy fighting new ones,

at this very moment.

Dissolve to Grover's vehicle, slowing down as it arrives along highway 26, where a huge caravan is waiting for him, with gunfire damage to a few of the vehicles in the front…



We plan to annihilate them, possibly preventing them

from becoming your problem, because your problem

is our problem, as ours is yours.

Grover's car stops, as he climbs out (back to POV), looking at the damage, as a woman (Jordan) is approaching him (his face still unseen). She begins speaking to him, and pointing off toward the brush, off of the highway…



That's the point I'm trying to make. It's time to become

one, and separate yourselves from the imposter, who

claims to be me. You thought I was dead, so I am more

than forgiving for the leadership you gave this man,

but there is more to this story, and you no longer have

to answer to him.

Jordan turns around and signals her people, as a large group of armed men begin running off into the brush. She runs toward them, catching up, as they disappear into the woods…



He has his own people to lead, and his own issues to

resolve. My own resolve is to complete the dream that

was began by my late mother, Mary, and my father, Leo.

Grover finally turns around, with a smile, revealing himself as Anthony (leader of Leo's beach camp)…



What the fuck…

Dissolve to Zane, finishing the letter, with shock on his face as well as Stix, GW, Divit, and others close by…


(reading letter)

I will elaborate on that dream, upon my arrival, but yes,

Zane, I am the consequences of your father's affair with

my mother, the consequences that he has already

accepted, and has more than proven his loyalty, to me.

Zane angrily crumbling up the paper, and shouting "FUC", right as scene cuts, before he can finish the word…


EXT. HIGHWAY 26 (Grover's caravan) – DAY

POV of the large caravan, with Grover ("Anthony") talking with others.


Jordan said they just came from the side of the road,

and opened up fire? Without any idea who they were

messing with?

MAN (Jeb)

There were a lot of them, though.


That's why we're taking them out, now, before they

do become a threat.

Suddenly, they can hear massive gunfire, off in the far distance, as Grover begins smiling and pumping his fist…



Jeb eyeing Grover's reaction…



Grover's men are stepping forward, through the woods, while firing their weapons, and killing several men, as tons more flee through the woods, taking a few shots of their own, as they retreat…

Dissolve to Jordan on radio, with a quick flinch, as one of the dead, begins to raise as a huff, before killed by one of Jordan's men…


(into radio)

Yeah, they were just chilling in here, probably waiting

for us to leave. No sign of a camp. We killed close to a

dozen, while maybe fifty more fled through the woods.


(over radio)

Waiting for permission? I want fifty more dead people.


(into radio)

You really want us going in deeper? We're bound to

take casualties, and it could be dark before we deal

with your brother.


(over radio)

I'm heading there, now. You guys finish these bastards

off, and meet us there. Leave a survivor or two, someone

to spread the word of fear.

Jordan an unusual smile, and glance at one of the other guys (Mick)…



A light snow is now falling, but not yet sticking, as Grover's vehicle follows the biker, over the Gales Creek bridge, and toward the gates of Glenwood…

They are followed by several other vehicles, as they all begin parking in front of the walls…

Grover climbs out, with a smile at the completion of the walls, and glancing up toward top of the wall, as his smile fades, at the sight of Zane…


So…do I call you Zane, Grover, or…brother?

Zane just stares back down at him, with both Stix and GW at his side. Grover just stares back at him, with dead silence for several moments…before Zane finally breaks the silence…


Why now?

More silence as Grover hesitates to answer…


And what's your dream? We're more than ready for

you to elaborate on that…


You can ask your father, that, if you ever see him, again.

He's doing his part, and now I'm doing mine. (speaking

louder, for the convicts to all hear him) Taking over

your compound, is the dream. My family from

Washington, will be extremely pleased to arrive and see

that I have gift wrapped that baby, for them, just in time

for Christmas dinner. So, I'm here to give my men the

opportunity to come play for the winning side.

(becoming dead serious) I want my men, back, and I

want them now.

More silence, as Zane looks at both Stix and GW, and then down below, and over at other convicts, who are atop the wall…


I don't believe any of them want to go with you. I

believe they already have access to that compound,

and will defend it at any cost.



Speak for yourself! I'm with Grover!


Hell yeah; me too!

A few others voice their agreement, as does all the men inside of the DC, as Grover is heard shouting from other side of wall.



THAT'S RIGHT! (cut to Grover) Because Grover gave

you (gesturing toward the walls) this, and now he'll

give you that compound!





Silence follows, before Grover speaks…


I will be back, in the next hour or two. Every man, logger,

woman, child, who wishes to leave this place and live at

the compound, is free to do so, including those in the DC.

Gather your things, and prepare to leave. You have until I

return, to make your decision.




Zane with a look of irritation, and glancing back down at Grover, as he gives Zane one last serious look, before climbing back inside his vehicle, as they all begin pulling away…



Jones sitting at table, talking and watching as some of those same basketball players of his, are playing. The same guy who dunked against GW's team, dunks a shot now. Jones is sitting with Paul, Shade, Malik and others…


He sure looks like he could play…


Among other things…

They all begin eyeing GW (25ish), who is lifting weights…


Might be a good way to approach him, which I

haven't seen a single person try to do, yet.


Which is rude, for a guy on his first day. There's a

yard tournament next week. Invite him on over,

let's tell him about it.


You invite him over…

Suddenly, another man arrives (almost as big as GW), speaking as he sits with them.


I guess size does matter, eh. (shaking head) Scared

of a man just because he's a giant…bunch of scared

ass women. (yelling over at GW) Hey, convict!

GW and the others around him, all turn toward the table of convicts, as the man nods his head at GW, signaling him over…



Yard time's up… Sixty seconds to clear out, before

the next group comes in.

Paul shares a look with the familiar voice, which is Swish, who stares back at him…

He keeps staring, as everyone begins clearing out, except Paul, Malik, Shade and Jones, who stay there with the other large man, as the yard clears, and the new convicts begin entering inside…

Swish now eyes the other man at the table, who had signaled GW over. He nods from Swish toward GW, who is walking by Swish, heading outside the yard, until Swish stops him, allowing him to stay inside, and then points him over toward the table…

Damon and Geno enter the yard, sharing nods with Paul and others. Stix also enters the yard, with respect from everyone he goes by…

GW glances at Stix, while passing him and heading toward the table, and turning his gaze at each and every man there, as he takes a seat. He now stares straight at the other large man, who had signaled him over…


I'm the man in charge, in here. A good man to be

friends with, just like (gesturing toward the others)

all these guys. You can call me Shark…

GW staring right at him…



Snow is falling but not sticking. The ground is wet. Jones, Rod, Malik, Damon, Geno and other convicts, are arriving in an area together, all with packed bags/backpacks…

Zane stands nearby, with Stix, Kemp, Lester and Divit. They're all speaking with Zane, who looks distracted as he eyes Jones and the convicts who prepare to leave…


What about these other people he mentioned?

The ones who attacked his people.


What about them?


They seem to have at least slowed down his people;

given them some kind of trouble. Maybe we should

take the fight to them. Attack them from behind…and

make some allies, in the process.


What if that's what he wants us to do? While he takes

over Glenwood, (motioning over at Jones/convicts)

with no one but his faithful followers, to stop him.

The man is no idiot.


No, he's not, and I realize that, but finding out how

big his so called "army" is, would certainly be of help.


If he even has an army, and if he does, then why fight

so hard for the convicts? I don't know what to think

with that guy. Nothing he said made much sense…

except maybe the part about who he truly is…




He's plain crazy… There was nothing strategic about

his letter or his speech; he was just winging it all, and

it was fueled by anger. The way he left like that…

Zane just shaking head…


You really think he's your brother?


I have to…because he's totally Leo's son. I could see

it in his face, and hear it in his words…it's like I said,

he's crazy…


Well, then you need to explain that to (motioning

at Jones/convicts) those guys.

Zane stares over at them, before approaching…

They all give him their attention, as he arrives…


So, the fact this guy has been secretly related to

me this whole time, doesn't make you guys

question him, in the least bit?


Not even in the least bit. It just means that compound

is as much his as it is yours. Also means he probably

knows how to take it.


If he'd just chill the hell out, he wouldn't have to take it,

and would be just as welcome there as the rest of you,

have been.


Are we now? Really? Even without a babysitter? You

know damn well you'd never allow any of us to live there.


Nor would he! You're just additions to his "army", in

hope of actually taking it over, which will NEVER

happen! Look, maybe you guys have heard rumors

about my old man, maybe you haven't, but those

rumors are true. The man is off his meds and a

complete erratic mess, ever since. Just like your man

Grover. It's the same disease. A disease without

medication, that can't be beaten. Your man has been

leading a camp at the coast, for over a year now. The

man who was just here, is not that same man. It's a man

who must have finished off his stash, and is no longer

medicated. I mean, why'd he take so long to make his

move? Do you really want to throw away what you have

here, and all that we've built, to follow a man who's

probably more influenced by his dead mother, than he

is common sense? A man who plans to lead you straight

to your deaths, at the walls of that compound, in a fight

you can't win? A man who wants to make you an enemy

of MINE?!

Zane staring them all over, with silence, until suddenly, GW approaches, with a packed bag of his own. Jones smiles, as shock takes over Zane's expression, who watches GW take his place with Jones and the others…

Zane turns and just walks away…


Son of a BITCH!

Dissolve to Zane arriving under a tree, off by himself. He takes a deep breath, as Stix is approaching…


Keep calm, Zane. Six of those guys already put down

their bags, and decided against leaving, after what you


Zane looks right at Stix.



Stix looks at him, and shakes his head…


Go talk to him, one on one. The rest of them, we're

probably better off without. The things they've done,

a man just can't come back from. It's the rest of them

who want to earn the right to no longer be referred

to as a convict. It was your motivation that sparked

their own. It's because of you that Moon, Shine, the

loggers and all the others, are no longer Grover

supporters, and that not a single one of them has

packed a bag…

Silence a moment…


Well, then they better start…

Stix questionably staring at Zane, waiting for elaboration…

Zane begins speaking, but more so thinking out loud.


I can't stay here… We can't stay here… We have to

warn the compound… We have to warn Nike World…

We all have to come together… We all can't be in

multiple locations when and if they actually attack,

especially if they really do have an army…

Zane looks right at Stix, as he now knows what must be done…


I need you to go have Kemp and Lester begin

organizing all the women, children and non-fighters.

Have them all work together to pack up their things,

and then help pack up all the supplies, horses, cattle,

moonshine and whatever else we don't want to leave

behind. Once ready, Kemp and Lester will lead them

all to the compound, asap. Make sure they have people

who know how to put on chains, in case (gesturing at

falling snow) this begins sticking, once they climb in

elevation. Then I want you to begin gathering everyone

else, and we'll go together to help begin evacuating Nike

World. If we don't make it back this way before Grover

returns, then we'll just have to fight our way past them.

Zane begins walking away…


I'll be there to help you, once I chat with GW…

Zane can see Pepsi waiting for him, worried/stressed, as he makes his way to her, with a kiss…


Are you okay? Are we okay?


Yes, we'll be fine.


But (cutoff)


Listen, go with Stix. He'll fill you in on the game plan,

and will need your help proceeding forward. I'll catch

back up with you and the boys, before we all leave…

Zane kissing her again before walking away…


Leave? Where?


The compound.


Thank god…

Dissolve to Zane, now standing with GW, off a ways from Jones and his convict buddies…


I know your story, GW. You don't belong with those

thugs. Loyalty is a great thing to have, except when

given to the wrong kind of person. I don't want to see

you influenced by those kinds of people. It's a cycle

you can end right here, right now…


I appreciate everything you're saying and have done

for me. You have a ton of my loyalty, but so does

Grover, and knowing he's your brother, is all the more

reason to still believe in him.


But you heard the way he spoke, and the plans he

has for the people I love…the people you've come

to care for… He might put you in position to draw

against me


It will never come to that. Maybe, me being with

him, will help prevent it from coming to that…

Zane shaking his head, staring at GW…


If I'm right, and he has my dad's disease, he won't

care one bit what you have to say, or anyone else.

My father is a great man, but off those meds, GW…

(Zane just shaking his head)… He's someone else…

someone who can't hear what you have to say, to

him. Someone who only hears what isn't even being


Zane staring at him, in silence…


Then he needs me…

Zane just shaking his head…



Stop trying to get in his head; like you have been

to all of us, since day one.

Zane turning quickly to respond to Jones.


You just shut your god damn mouth, or I can

shut it for you!

They stare at each other for a moment, with looks from everyone else, not sure what to do…


It's over, Zane. You played us all this time, and you

damn well know it. Putting on that phony show with

your family, as if you were actually taking all that stuff;

hell, they were probably expecting us. Maybe Grover

wants us as his army, maybe not, but how's it any

different from what we've been for you, and your

family?... At least with him, we get the opportunity to

reside at a fancy compound…

Jones pausing and staring right at Zane…


An opportunity that you yourself, would never offer…

Zane just gleaming at Jones…

GW places his hand on Zane's shoulder, while walking past him.

Dissolve to Kemp and Lester, leading/supervising as mothers and children are rushing to pack up. Loggers are quickly packing up all their gear and machinery. Moon and Shine are packing up their station. Cattle are being loaded into large trucks. Dogs are jumping into vehicles where children are being packed up. The entire camp is rushing around, preparing for evacuation…


INT. NIKE WORLD (weight room) – DAY

Harris and her sister sharing a workout, which is just coming to an end, as Ike is entering with a smile, as Nikki smiles at him as she is leaving. He then gives Harris a big kiss, and hands her a wrapped gift…


Just the first of many, so it's okay to open this one early.

She smiles at him and then begins tearing it open…

Her smile fades…

Her POV of a framed drawing of her daughter's.


It's the last thing she ever drew…

It's an illustration of Harris, Zane and Ike, standing together and raising their hands in the air, at the gates of Nike World, with a flag behind them, and Dominique, jumping with joy, with other kids…

POV Harris, as a tear runs down her face…


I know it's a buzz kill, but I also know how much

you'll appreciate having that, down the road.

Harris looks at him with a big smile, and comes in for a kiss.


I appreciate it, now…

They kiss, and then she looks back down at the picture…


I just wish she had seen this come true, like it did…

Ike a very sympathetic look at her, as Marshall quickly enters, with Nikki, and the look of urgent news to share…


We have a situation…



The Queen enters with Marshall, Nikki, and Ike. Her father Shawn, Bonnie and a pair of other officers are there, along with a pair of soldiers…


So, it's confirmed? They know it's definitely him?



The infamous Grover, indeed it is…


And what is Zane doing about it?


We don't know yet. He was ordering all relayers to evac,

due to possible incoming weather, but that's when the

biker first appeared, and soon after, is when Grover was

seen. Zane has all relayers standing by, until more is known.

The Queen and others, with uneasy looks amongst themselves…

Dissolve to them all standing around in the same room, as more details come in over the radio, held by Bonnie.


(over radio)

Yeah, that's what they're saying. The biker went on

toward Glenwood, while Grover just turned around,

heading back the way he came from.

The Queen and others trying to make sense of that news, as Harris looks at her father…


Put everyone on alert. (her father already moving)

Open up the armory, and double up on guards at

every barricade.

Ike leaving room with Shawn…

Dissolve to Bonnie holding radio as more news comes in…


(over radio)

I repeat, Grover is on his way to Glenwood. I wish I

could tell you more, but all Zane has responded with

is to keep you posted, and to stay at our posts.

More uneasy looks amongst each other…

Dissolve to a later time, with more news coming over Bonnie's radio.


(over radio)

He's sending a caravan straight to the compound, while

another, including himself, is coming to aid Nike World.

I repeat, Zane says begin a full evac!

Shock over their faces, as they begin to react…



Rich, DJ, Marlana, Jennifer, Catherine, Rachel and Scout are all helping all the younger Bakers into their snowsuits. August (7), Jax (5), Maddox (4), Blaze (4), Bo (7), Kat (6), along with Trisha (6) and Ashley (4), are all excited and anxious to go outdoors. Samantha (freshly 12), another girl (Jenna), Griffey (11), Renee (12) and Kristen, are also there, preparing to go out…

Solis is also in the room, sharing a laugh with Gunner…


I can't believe it's a white Christmas!


I can't believe Santa is coming, tonight!

Samantha smiling, with a wink from Scout…


Okay, I think you guys are all set.



The kids go dashing out the large front doors, to a bunch of whiteness! At least an inch or more has covered the area, and the kids go running out into it!

There are already some other kids out in the field, near Baker Lane, who come running toward these kids. Some of them are making snowballs, some snow angels, others just keep running around in it. Bo and Kat run to Samantha and Renee, who are already working on a snowman. Rich and DJ throw a few quick snowballs, followed by helping with the snowman, as do Trisha and Ashley. Jennifer and the other mothers watch, with smiles on their faces…

Abino walks by, with a few other people, tossing a snowball at the kids, while walking onto Baker Lane, heading toward the corridor…

Now horses go by, pulling a sleigh, with an older couple, and a few young kids, all waving at all the other kids…

More and more people begin approaching/arriving at the scene…

POV travels to a window of the Baker complex, finding Grandpa Sam, standing there watching, with a big smile…

POV goes inside, where he turns from the window (holding a folder in his hand), walking down the hall, and stopping at a framed picture. He stares at it, with a sad smile. His view of the picture, of him and his wife…

He moves down the hall just a bit, coming to another framed picture, this one of Fish and Samantha, in their boat on the lake, at their cabin. Merry is also there, all of them smiling…

Walking on to the next picture, he stops and looks at it. It's Vincent and his boys, at the Superbowl…

He walks over to the next picture, of Leo and his kids, on the beach of Rockaway, with the twin rocks in the background. They all look so happy…

Grandpa wipes away a tear, and walks directly back to the window, again looking out at the festive scene, of his great grandchildren and other family and friends, enjoying the holiday magic…

He pulls the pen from his ear, opens the folder in his hands, and begins writing down notes…

Dissolve to compounders scattered everywhere in the front field of the compound, playing in the snow. The scene is completely festive, with several snowmen, some snowballs flying, and lots of laughter…

Eli, Scoop, Joshua, Wong, Pav and a few others are riding horses in the snow, off a ways from where all the kids are running around. Eli begins chasing his horse after Joshua, kicking up tons of snow, with some of the kids becoming spectators, and pleading to ride a horse…

April comes into the POV, watching over some of the kids, as Jennifer also arrives…


Hey, one of you guys mind allowing me a turn?

Eli hops down off of his horse, allowing April to take it. She looks at the eager children…


Who's first?

Most of them actually hesitate, except Bo, who eagerly runs over to April, and is helped up onto the horse…

Scoop and Joshua ride after some kids they see walking, off a ways, while April begins walking the horse that Bo is on, with the others kids watching with anticipation for their own turn…

POV Scoop and Joshua, arriving over near Baker Lane, stopping in front of Samantha (holding a present), Renee, Griffey, Ethan (Cleo's youngest brother, 12), Russel (random, 11), Vara (Scoop's sister, 11) and Jenna (Solis's niece, 12), who all appear to be heading off somewhere…


Where you children going?


Just because you're a Rough Rider does not mean

you're an adult! You're just as much a child as me.

Joshua laughing.


Mrs. Baker, where is it that you and your grown up

friends, here, are off to?

Samantha and Renee laughing…


It's a secret fort of ours, in the berry fields.


(speaking to his sister)

Mom know where you are?


Yes. Does she know where you are?

A few laughs.


Hey man, let me ride that horse.

Both Scoop and Joshua begin riding away.


I knew that would get rid of them.

Griffey gives Renee a playful bump, and they all begin walking down the corridor, toward the gates…

It begins getting darker in there…


Are you sure this is safe, or that we won't get in trouble?


Safe yes, but if caught, then none of us are getting

presents in the morning.

Samantha and Renee share another smile…

POV back to Scoop and Joshua on their horses, arriving back over by April and the others. Blake is now there, on a horse, with Eva holding on to him, from behind.

Joshua smiles, just enjoying the Christmassy atmosphere…


Can you guys believe this? All this Christmas magic?

Everything we've done this year, and now this. What's

next year going to be like?

Blake turns around, doing his best to face Eva, sharing a smile at the thought of the year to come…

April is removing Bo, and helping August, up onto the horse…

Joshua is looking all around…


Where'd Eli go?



Samantha opening a hatch, that is on the ground. Once she opens it, there is a set of steps leading down inside. Jenna looks inside, backing away with fear.


No way! I am not going down there!

Suddenly, Eli speaks from behind them, causing Jenna to scream.



I knew you guys were coming here!


Eli, you better not have told any of your Rough Rider

friends, about this. Only a handful of people know

about it.


Why you think I'm alone. I want to see the Guardian.

Eli excitedly coming to the hatch, looking down, and going first, as Samantha hands him the present.


Here, take this down.

Griffey follows, then Russel, Ethan, Vara and Renee.



Hurry up. I can't see anything.

Griffey is climbing down with a flashlight on, and reaches bottom, shining it for Eli, and then the others climbing…

Cut to Samantha giving Jenna a look, who watches Renee reach the bottom, and look back up, before walking away. Jenna gives one last look at Samantha…


Seriously, there won't be any huffs, down there.

Jenna nervously begins climbing down, as Samantha follows, and places a stick in-between the hatch, before closing it, and keeping it from sealing…

Cut to Samantha reaching the bottom, and taking the present back from Eli. She then leads them down the hall, and rather than going right (same way Chasin and others went, in episode 3.1), they turn left, and eventually come to a gate, preventing them from continuing…

Samantha gives Jenna a smile, then picks up a rope, and begins pulling on it, to the sound of soda cans, dragging in the distance, and from around a corner…

Eventually a shadow can be seen and the sound of someone approaching…

Jenna's eyes go wide, as around the corner comes the Guardian, carrying a lantern and wearing a Santa hat, and smiling as she approaches them…


Well, what is this? I believe I see eight, instead of

seven, and…

She moves around trying to locate the child she is not familiar with, while preparing to unlock the barred gate, before spotting her in the back…


Yep, there's a face I've never yet seen, before. Who

might this young thing be?

She opens the gate as Samantha, Eli and the others, walk through.


Her name is Jenna; her uncle is a general to the Queen

of Nike, and staying here for Christmas because he's in

a relationship with my aunt Scout.

The Guardian looking right at Jenna, who walks through last, with a creeped out look at the Guardian…


Yes, I've read about Solis, in the Forester. He sounds

like a fine man.

Jenna finally smiles, with one returned from the Guardian, as they follow her into her cave-home. There is a fire roasting and a small decorated Christmas tree in the corner. They take seats on her sofa, and at her table, where Samantha places down her gift, and even pulls out a second smaller gift, from her pocket, and places under the tree…

The Guardian smiles at her, as they both take seats at the table. Guardian looking at the gift on the table.


I take it I am supposed to open this one, now?


Yes, that would be best.

She begins opening…


This better taste as good as it smells…

Samantha and some of the others laughing, as she opens it to the pleasuring sight of yummy looking Christmas cookies and treats. She digs right in, offering the plate to the others, who all take some for themselves…

She smiles as she looks over them all, including the new one, Jenna, who smiles back…


I might not have anything interesting of my own, to

wrap and give to you all, but I do believe I can share

a true story, that you just might find interesting.

Everyone reacting with excitement to the idea of a story, instantly settling in and ready to focus…


Well, I guess you all came here ready for a story,

did you?


Your stories rock!


Yeah… You should write for the Forester.




Well, what I'm about to share with you now, is meant

for your ears and your ears only. I had better not read

about this in the Forester.

They all laugh…


I'm going to tell you about a place called the MC. It's

the place I'm from. A place established right here in

this coast range, much further into the forest, than

this camp of yours.

The kids giggling at the compound being referred to as a camp...


Can any of you guess when it was first established?


What year? Uhhh, 1999?


Wise guess, but no.



I don't know when, but let me guess, it was

established as a camp to survive the apocalypse?

The kids laughing, as the Guardian just nods…


For those who began it, life was already feeling as

if coming to an end, or even always had. (everyone

just staring at her) I'll give you a clue. It was before

the civil rights movement…or at least before it

properly took effect.


Seriously? (looking to Samantha) When exactly was that?




Good enough. Yes, it was the fifties when it became

known as the MC, and nineteen-fifty-one, when a

large group of blacks made their way into the coast

range. They believed life on their own, away from

discrimination, would beat life in the city, with the

whites. They didn't move in as deeply, in the

beginning, before development expanded, forcing

them and their new arrivals, to move deeper into the

forest, where their world would be nothing more

than a rumor, or story told around the campfire…

Everyone looking around at one another, and the burning fire…


What does MC stand for?


Mountain Camp. It was a camp that moved a few

times, before settling in at its current location, next

to water, where the fishing is good, as is the hunting,

and other people are not an issue. It might have begun

as a group of blacks, but soon they were joined by

others who could relate to the difficulties of surviving in

a world of hate. Just like skin color was so easily judged

back in those days, so was sexual orientation, even

religion, and of course old army vets struggling to make

a living, along with others. The MC found itself growing,

just like the real world, and then there was the great

Christmas flood of 1964, where over seven-thousand

homes were destroyed, in Portland, not even including

the surrounding areas, even people living in coast range

towns. A ton more people made their way into the forest,

searching for the MC, and just like what your people are

doing nowadays, for those who are stuck out there in the

world of the dead (looking right at Russel), the people of

the MC would keep their eyes open for those who sought

out the mythical camp, they weren't even sure existed.

The stories and rumors of the MC, began slowing down

over the years, and new people coming in, became very

rare, but the camp has always continued to grow, with

kids like myself, who were born and raised, there.

Kids all looking surprised at that bit of news…


Whoaaa, you were born there? As in never lived

in the real world?


But, you're so smart. I've had to look up some of the

words I've heard you use.


We had books, and better yet, we had schools.

Eli giving her a very skeptical look, and smiling…


You're making this all up, aren't you?! You know it's

Christmas, right, and not April fools day?

A few laughs…

Samantha eyeing the Guardian…


No…I think she's telling the truth. God, I hope she is!

It sounds amazing; you have to let me tell my grandpa

about this! He would just love this!

The Guardians expression becomes more serious, before again smiling…


He appears to be a very trusting man. If you can trust

him to keep it secret, and tell him that is what I want,

then yes, you may tell him.


How come you're worried about it still being a secret?


Probably because people would try to go there now,

even more than before.


What people?


The one's like you and the people we found you with.

People like me, Sam and Renee, who had to survive

out there. I mean, we were looking for the compound,

but no one else has that to look for, and if we wouldn't

have, and heard about the MC, I'm pretty sure we

would have found it.

The Guardian smiling as she watches them speak…


How many people are there?






Do you have houses?



Kind of…


Why don't you go back?


Why did you leave?

The Guardian looks them over, before answering…


We lost someone… She died in her sleep…seventy-

nine years old. She was one of the originals… One

of the very few who remain. Someone was in there

with her, maybe twenty minutes after she passed.

We heard screaming, and found her, you know…


As a huff?



She bit her oldest son, and one other person, before

we finally took her down. Living up there like that…

we've seen some strange things, and probably believe

in a little more than those of you down below, so the

belief that Lucifer had risen and god knows what kind

of other speculation, began spreading through camp,

like wild fire. I didn't stick around to hear it for myself.

I wanted to see if it was happening in the city, and

made my way down, with a few others…

The kids are all paying full attention to her story…


Once below, it didn't take long to realize that chaos

had hit the world, or at least the area. We wanted

more answers, as everything we witnessed was mostly

a ghost world, and a few of the dead. We tried to make

it to the beaches, in search of answers, yet to not come

across any of the living…until we did, and lost our lives…

all except me… I was maybe seconds from my sure

death, until they all froze, and went silent, due to the

massive herd of huffs, now just outside, and on the

highway… I was able to knock something over, making

enough noise to attract the herd, and bring chaos to

those terrible people, who deserved every bite of flesh

those huffs ripped away from their bodies…

The kids all looking from her to each other, Jenna with a little fear, and look at Samantha…


Hearing their screams, gave me so much pleasure…

even with the expectation of my own flesh, soon to be

gnawed on. I fought them off, and was able to shut a

door, trapping myself in a large closet with some of

them…a lot of them. Not surviving, still very much

seemed like my reality…but fighting my way through

one after another, I somehow found myself in there,

alone. The rest, outside the door, were going to get in…

I just laid down, closing my eyes, laying there in all that…

Guardian just shaking her head, at the memory…

The kids still glued to her story…


Laying there in all that dead… It didn't bother me, as I

knew death was now certain, and as those doors opened,

I found myself waiting, and waiting…and waiting…until

that god-awful sound of them, began to fade… I opened

my eyes, and noticed they had left the closet area, with

no intent of biting into my flesh. I was confused for only a

moment, until it all made sense…and I simply rose, and

walked right out the front door, as if I were one of them…


(nodding head)

It is possible…


Once outside, I remembered that a few of those

assholes actually made it out, and as I glanced

through the herd, and began making my way

through them, I spotted one of them…peeking out

the window of a nearby home…probably killing

anyone who might have been living in there, if not

abandoned…and now deserving to die themselves,

and to walk the world as death…

The kids again, all sharing looks…


Suddenly, I had all this power…and suddenly, I found

myself putting it to use… I led the herd right to them…

knowing they'd go for the back, I led the herd around

the house, circling it, before making my move…

The kids share more looks, as they wait for her to go on…


What'd you do?


I marched those huffs straight inside and enjoyed the

screams a whole lot more, this time around, is what I

did. It was the most exhilarating moment of my life…

She snaps out of her story telling phase, with a look and smile at the kids, who just stare back at her, as she reaches for another cookie, and bites into it with a smile…

Eli lets out a semi laugh…


She's messing with us, right?

All the kids sharing looks, as the Guardian enjoys her cookie…



Scout is leading Solis into the marijuana fields, who grows a large smile.


Hooollllyyy shit, this place keeps getting better

and better!



I thought you'd appreciate this.

Scout lights a joint, puffs, and passes to Solis, who happily accepts…


Merry Christmas to you, too.

Solis takes a big rip, and passes back. Scout takes a rip, with a smile and look at him, as he releases his hit…


I'm actually not the least bit surprised that your

old man would be this cool.

Scout smiles as she releases her hit, then laughs.


He is, isn't he?

Solis just nodding as he takes another rip, before passing back…


You know what else is kinda cool?

Scout taking a hit, with a smiling shake of the head, and releasing, as Solis moves in on her…


Falling in love, after the apocalypse...

They begin kissing…

POV zooms in on the falling snow, while dissolving…



POV panning back from falling snow, that is not sticking, as the ground is only wet, at Glenwood, where everything is packed and ready to go…

Zane is hugging Pepsi, who is emotional, now watching him hug both Coke and Chance. The snow is falling harder, but still not sticking…

They all climb into their vehicle, and stare back at Zane, as they and the caravan they are a part of, begin to drive through the gates, across the Gales Creek bridge, and turning west onto highway 6, heading for the compound…

Zane watches the last vehicle leave the camp, and then turns around to look toward his own caravan of vehicles, packed up and ready for their trip to Nike World. Zane now looks over toward Jones and his men, just staring at them for several moments, in silence…

Jones cracks a smile with a laugh…

Zane gets into his hummer (50-cal attached on top), and leads the caravan out of the camp. As the last one leaves, the camp is mostly empty, other than Jones, GW and the others…

Jones signals one of his men to open up the DC, and free the prisoners. They are happy to walk out, and join the others, shaking hands, and bunching up all together.

GW is standing off to the side, near Damon and Geno, with a look at all the guys from the DC, and then to Jones, and then to Damon, who throws a skeptical look back at him, before turning and speaking with Geno, as GW looks back out toward Jones and the freed prisoners…

Jones is smiling and shaking hands with the men from the DC, with everyone excited and ready for Grover to come back…

Suddenly, they all turn, to watch Zane drive back inside, stopping right at the gates. He comes up through the roof top, in front of the 50-cal, and gleaming at Jones and his men, who nervously stare back at him…



A man (Kerry) walks into his house office, with a very large kid (GW, 12), walking in behind him.


And this is where I work. I try to work at home as

much as I can, to be around the kids. Your brother

and sister, if you take the job.




We can talk openly, in here. I know you've had it

rough, going through the system, one bad home

after another. Here, you won't just have it better,

you'll have a brother and sister, to look after. I call

it a job, because the one thing I ask for in return,

is for you to be the best big brother they could ask

for. The kind who would use his bare hands to rip

apart anyone who ever gave them trouble…and

then once they're older, and you too, you'll always

have a "job" here with me. The kind of job that

pays actual money, once you're an adult, and with

your size, you're going to have an opportunity to

make a lot of money, working for me.

GW is thrilled, and his expression shows it…


I don't know what I did to deserve all this.


Well, you haven't done anything, yet, but that will

come. You treat me good, and I'll treat you even better.


Yes, sir.


Loyalty is everything with me, and is what makes

you family, and what keeps you family.

Kerry places his hand out, to shake with GW.





GW smiles and shakes his hand, as someone begins knocking on the door.


Come on in.

The door opens as a boy (7) and girl (6) quickly come inside…


He has agreed to be a part of our family!

The kids cheer, dance and hug, as GW smiles with extreme delight…



Grover sitting on a nice beach chair (with a large umbrella standing over him), in the middle of the highway, as is a much older guy (Victor), right next to him (also with fancy chair and umbrella), and Jeb is standing next to them. It's snowing, and barely sticking to the grass…


And then what?


I don't know…I haven't thought that far ahead, yet.

Jeb a very questionable look at him…


Take care of that, now, before going back there.


Let me think…I'll know what to do by the time

Jordan gets back.

Jeb another questionable look at Grover, before walking away, with a glance from Victor…


Your father would be proud of you, right now.

As would your mother.

Grover glances at Jeb, walking away, before responding…


The problem is, some of these guys don't seem to

understand how committed dad is, to all of this. His

team leaders are all much more faithful to him, than

they are me. Everyone else, is much more used to me,

and people I can rely on.


You take over that compound, and there won't be a

person in Oregon or Washington, that won't fear and

follow the mighty Grover.

Grover staring right at Victor…


If that compound had a throne, my ass would be in it,

before Christmas comes to an end…

They both look over at the brush/woods, where Jordan and Mick begin leading a ton of men, out onto the highway, near the caravan. There are tons of them, hundreds, as they continue to pile out of the woods…

Jordan and Mick head straight for Grover, who glances at Victor, still sitting right next to him, under his umbrella, but as Jordan and Mick arrive, suddenly Victor is gone, as if he was never even there, with no trace of him or the fancy chair he was sitting in, or the umbrella he was under. It's just Grover, as Jordan speaks…


All but a handful of them are dead, including two of our



Was losing two men really worth settling a score,

and placing fear into a few people who will probably

be dead, long before they can even spread word of

that fear?

Grover glares up at him for several moments…


We'll revisit your question after you see for yourself,

the importance of taking over that compound…that

is, if you survive the war at their walls…

Grover rises and walks toward the caravan, as Jordan throws a skeptical look at Mick, who returns one of his own…


(speaking toward caravan)

Somebody put away my chair…


(speaking to Mick)

He came nowhere near an answer to your question.

I'm ready to take over a compound any day of the

week; I just don't understand all that bullshit we just

went through, (gesturing towards woods) out there.

POV of his army of people still making their way out of the brush, and onto the highway, as POV goes up and over the caravan, revealing just how huge it is, as scene dissolves…



The snow is falling much harder, and completely sticking, as Kemp is pulling over his vehicle, with caravan stopping behind him. He climbs out and begins instructing everyone to chain up their vehicles. There are a ton of vehicles, as everyone works hard to chain them up…

POV finds some of the kids, looking out the windows, in awe over the snow, but with mild nervousness, over the situation…

POV finds the horses and other cattle, moving around in their enclosed areas…

Both Kemp and Lester move up and down the caravan of vehicles, checking and helping make sure everyone is properly chaining up…

POV finds Coke and Chance…


(speaking to Chance)

Don't be nervous. We'll get there before Santa does.


Will he know to leave our presents there, if we don't?

Pepsi smiles with a nervous nod…


He's like God, he knows everything…


I'll be right back.

Pepsi quickly exits the car, going around the corner, and vomiting into the snow…

Pepsi's friend Kaiden comes from around the corner, slowly, as she looks about eight months pregnant…

Kaiden comes up behind her, as Pepsi turns to see who it is…


(holding her tummy)

Doesn't have to be morning, does it?

Pepsi somewhat shocked at Kaiden's question…


You know?

Kaiden nodding at her…


Does Zane?

Pepsi shaking her head, then heading back, placing her arm around Kaiden…


Can I tell you something?

Pepsi just looks at her with a nod…


Grover seems scary and not like we all remembered

him, but I'm so happy to be moving to that compound.

Pepsi a very agreeing look/nod at Kaiden…



The Guardian sits at her table, with an entirely new plate of cookies, next to the other one. She's staring at something on the table, as she finally reaches for something, picking it up, and placing it down somewhere else, as POV pans back, to her playing chess, with someone else…

The Guardian's POV of Grandpa Sam, looking back at her, and then down to the board, with a smile…

He now just looks back at her, as she looks from him to the board…


I want to thank you, for being friends with Samantha

and the other kids. I hope they don't pester you with

questions. They're just very curious about you; you're

like a legend to these kids.


(while making her move)

She pesters me no more than her grandfather and his

own curiosity.

Grandpa just smiles at her, and makes his move…


You're a very interesting person.


(making her move)

I enjoy her questions, as I do yours. She is a joy to

be around.

Grandpa smiles at her, before studying the board, and making his move…


Is everyone in the family, just like you, or is she special?


Well, (begins making his move) everyone in the family

is special. I actually believe each and every born soul,

is special. It's just a matter of individually discovering

what makes one, as such…but yes, she's in a league of

her own, when it comes to "self-discovery"…

Guardian takes in what he says, before making her move…


Her cousin Zane, is the one just like me, but Samantha

is something Zane and I can only dream of being…

He makes his move.



Guardian looking down over the board, as Grandpa begins to rise, as scene dissolves to same place, a little later, with a third box/gift of Christmas treats/cookies, and the chess board is gone, replaced with three cups of moonshine…

The Guardian stares across the table, directly at someone/something. She is thinking, before finally speaking…


Never have I ever thought about dating men…

Two hands reaching for two of the cups, picking up off the table.

POV Samantha's mothers, Brianna and Kayla, drinking from those cups.


Well of course, when we were young.


I think she's just trying to get us drunk.


Shouldn't at least one of you be lesbo, from the get-go?

Both Brianna/Kayla laughing, almost spitting their drinks…


Technically, you're not one of us, so your opinion is

just that, an opinion.


Never have I ever claimed to have come from an imaginary

camp of people, hidden deep inside of the coast range forest…

She leaves her drink on the table…

Brianna and Kayla both looked surprised…


(looking at Kayla)

I'm starting to believe it might be true…


Never have I ever spent my entire life living in that camp…

She hesitates a moment, before picking up her cup, and drinking…

Kayla a surprised look at her wife…


Now I truly believe her. She'll confess to fibbing on

that part, but not the whole story. (nodding at Brianna)


Never have I ever been outside of the MC, for almost

ten years, now…

Brianna and Kayla sharing another surprised/intrigued look, as they drink from their cups…

Dissolve to a later time, with sound of laughter from Brianna/Kayla, and POV of the table, where the Christmas treats have diminished…

POV pans back to the ladies drinking, laughing and dancing, with a shake of the head from the Guardian, who sits at the table watching, and munching on cookies…

Samantha's voice comes over the radio, sitting over near the Guardian.


(over radio)

Samantha here, calling the Guardian. My aunt Scout

asked me to let my moms know it's almost time to

head over to the town center party, and that they

have to bring you with them.

Kayla throws up her arms, as Guardian reaches over for the radio.




(into radio)

You'll be lucky if they can bring themselves! You might

have to come get them, and bring more cookies when

you do, because they've eaten more than they brought!

The ladies laughing, as Samantha comes back over the radio.


(over radio)

Put down the cookies and special eggnog! Zane should

be here soon, it's time to party!

Kayla grabbing radio from the Guardian…


(into radio)

Special eggnog and party go together, and you know

this to be a tradition of ours, young lady.


(over radio)

Please just don't embarrass me, like you did two years

ago at the last Christmas party. Even Dad knew that those

dance moves like yours, are not to be displayed in public.

Guardian smiling, Kayla about to respond, but as Samantha comes back over radio, first.


(over radio)

Not even around family!


(into radio)

Girl are you kidding me?! We didn't even get to celebrate

last year, and it's been like Christmas for over fourteen

months, now, since your miraculous return, so these two

mothers of yours are going to be shaking their stuff

tonight, for all to see!

Kayla already shaking her stuff, and singing over the radio, as Brianna joins in, with a laugh. The Guardian is in the background, shaking her head and fighting back a laugh…

POV cuts to Samantha holding the radio, also fighting back a laugh with a shake of the head, from her bedroom, where behind her is Renee and Jenna, laughing. Renee is cracking up, as Griffey is also there, just watching her with a smile…


(into radio)

I know this isn't a phone, but I'm hanging up now.

Renee begins developing hiccups, with a laugh from Griffey…


I knew you were going to give yourself the hiccups.

I always know when she's going to lose herself in

laughter, too. Whenever I see or read about things

that I know she'd find funny, I start cracking up just

thinking about her cracking up.

Samantha/Jenna both laugh, even Renee is surprisingly more amused, than embarrassed, until another hiccup has them all cracking up…

POV cuts back to the Guardian's cave, with the ladies laughing, as they give up on trying to force the Guardian into dancing with them. Brianna sneaks away, over to the Christmas tree, slyly placing a gift under it, before noticing the other gifts, and looking them over. The first one reads that it's from Grandpa Sam, while Brianna then reacts with emotion, over who the other one is from…



Kayla and the Guardian glance over at her, as she holds up Samantha's gift…


Samantha left a gift here. She's such a little sweetheart.


Yeah and a little sneaky sweetheart at that, cause just

like you, she tried to leave it there without me taking



That's my girl…

Kayla now giving the Guardian a hug and kiss on the cheek, with a look of revulsion on the face of the Guardian, after the kiss…


Goodbye, Adam. We love you.



Brianna now giving her a hug, with a laugh.


Okay, I won't kiss you. (her and Kayla leaving) I really

do wish you'd come join us, though. The people

really are the kind you'd enjoy.


I'm sure there are, I even know it, but it's important

I remain here, just like the kid in the tree house.


(as they're exiting)

Well, Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy the cookies.

We'll bring you some Christmas dinner, tomorrow.

The ladies smiling as they exit the room…



A young lady walking the hallway, coming to a door, and giving it a couple knocks, before entering. It's Samantha's room, where her, Renee, Griffey and Jenna, remain. Samantha smiles at the young lady, who is her older cousin Hope (Scout's daughter).


Griffey, Jason is here, (looking at Samantha) and


Samantha excitedly jumps up, leaving the room and into the living room, finding Jason and Grandpa Sam, and giving Grandpa a big hug.


Grandpa! Merry Christmas.

Griffey entering the room, followed by the others.


Merry Christmas, Samantha. It's been over a year,

but I still can't believe you're here…or how you got

back to us. I just don't think this would all be possible,

without you…at least not yet…

She hugs him again, as Griffey gives one to Jason.


I still miss him so much…


So do I, Kiddo, so do I…


We all do. We miss a lot of people.

Jason sharing a look with Griffey.

Grandpa putting his arm around Hope.


We sure do…we sure do…

Samantha looking up at her grandfather.


Have you heard from Zane, yet?



The Queen is hustling down a hallway with her father, sister, Bonnie, and Marshall. They slow down as Zane and Stix come through a pair of doors, quickly coming right over to the Queen…


(aka Harris)

It's really that bad?


It is. I've told you all about my father. I don't doubt who

he is, for a moment. The kind of crazy we're dealing with,

unleashed like that, with motive to take that compound

and whoever stands in the way.


But how do you know they're a threat to come here?


I don't. That's the thing, I don't know what to expect,

other than a fight. We all need to be together when

that happens. If they come here, and you don't have

backup…they might have the numbers to overtake it.


(Queen's sister)

You really think he has the numbers?


Even if they don't have the help of the Washington

mobsters, the people at Leo's camp are believed to

be of great numbers. We just never considered them

a threat, and even this guy, Grover, or Anthony, as he

was known to us, appeared quite level headed and

nothing of a threat. That's the medicated version. Hell,

maybe he truly is this Grover guy, when he's off the

meds, and just like Leo, always struggled to stay on

them, even before all of this.


I agree with Zane; these people have a freaking

helicopter. They're going to be a force. We need to

all be in the same place, and it might as well be a

place like that compound. I don't care how many

inches of snow we have to drive through, to get there.

They all begin heading toward the doors, when suddenly, there is a huge explosion, in the distance…


That was the gates!

They all begin rushing away…



Kerry is pouring a drink for himself and another man…


(lifting his glass)

Here's to making a ton of money, and staying out

of prison in the process.

The man laughing, as they each down their drinks…


Thank you, Mr. Kerry. I look forward to your return,

and doing business with you.


I look forward to meeting your partner, in Portland.

Have always wanted to go there. I hear more and

more business is growing out that way.


It is, indeed. Hence the reason we're needing to

bring in help from the outside.

Kerry reaches out his hand.


You came to the right place, my friend.

They happily shake hands, and Kerry reaches the door for him. The man begins leaving, but first almost bumping into GW (17), who begins entering.


Excuse me, young man.

GW looks right at him, then to Kerry.


Hello, son. (pouring another drink) So, I have to

leave town for just a couple days. I have a little

business in Portland, Oregon, and will need my

security team. Jackson and Phil will be remaining

behind (hands drink to GW), and might need your

help on a job. I believe this is the perfect time for

you to get your feet wet.

GW swigs his drink…


Well, you'll need me here with the kids, anyhow.

Hands glass back to Kerry.


Actually, I'm taking the wife and kids. They want to

see the Goonies rock, and cross the Megler bridge in

Astoria, to see how it compares to the Golden Gate.

If you really want, you can join us but I really do think

the experience over the weekend will do you good.

Jackson and Phil are like family, it was their idea to

involve you on this.

GW nodding his head…


You're right, this will be good for me. You have your

security team. The family will be safe.

Kerry rising and placing hand over GW's shoulder, as they leave the room…


We will, and we'll look forward to sharing pictures

with you, when we return, Sunday evening…

Kerry closes door on POV…



Montage scene of Kemp and Lester's caravan, going through multiple issues with vehicles from their caravan, sliding off the road, getting stuck, stopping for a couple huffs in the road, more sliding off the road, frustration from Kemp, people pushing a trailer (with animals in it) out of a ditch, frustration from Lester, people pushing a car to get it going again, car after car getting stuck in the snow, and/or off to the side of the road…

Kemp is helping push a car, and giving it all his might, even yelling as he gives it all he's got, before slipping to the ground, and screaming with complete rage, almost bitten as a huff comes out from behind the snowy brush. Kemp uses his shoulder to smack it, before he could get on top of it, and use his frustration to pound its head right through the snow, and into the pavement of the road, spilling red into the white snow…

A child watches from inside a vehicle, shocked, as his mother tries to shield him from the scene…

Pepsi looks on in horror, and relief that Kemp is okay. That same relief is in the wild expression of Lester, who steps next to Kemp, giving him a look…

Everyone appears worried, and/or completely stressed…



Shark, sitting at that same table.


You can call me Shark.

GW just staring at him, as scene dissolves/cuts to a previous moment, at an airport, where GW and two other men are walking under a sign reading "Welcome to Portland, Oregon"…

Dissolve/cut back to GW staring at Shark, before dissolving/cutting to GW's buddies, in a warehouse, shooting and killing several men, followed by GW shooting one, before clobbering another…

Dissolve/cut to prison table, where Shark stares back at GW, with strange looks from all the others, before dissolving/cutting to GW in that warehouse, holding closely a bloody, beaten up man, the same exact man who GW saw in Kerry's office, the one who invited him to Portland…


His name is Shark…

Dissolve/cut back to prison table, with GW staring right at Shark, before instantly reaching over the table and bashing his head against it. He then rises and charges him, as all the others are in complete shock, just watching or clearing out of the way…

GW takes him to the ground, and begins clobbering him. Shark tries to fight back, and does so at first, with all of his own size and strength, but is quickly overwhelmed, not just by strength, but rage…

GW takes notice of guards rushing to the scene…


This is for the kids, Pat Kerry's family, you dead

son of a bitch.

GW punches him in the gut, before picking him up and completely bashing his head against the hard prison wall, with blood and guts going all over him, as the guards arrive and begin beating him to the ground, without resistance…

Bystanders just watch in awe, as some of them move in to see what happened…


That big ass white boy, just killed Shark…

Many of them look pleased, as POV comes to find Jones, Gary and Shade, all in shock, but with smiles forming…

Over on the other side of the fence, is both Jackson and Phil, watching, and nodding their heads…



Two trucks are carefully driving the highway. POV goes into the lead car, with a guy (Brian) driving, and Lester in passenger seat, holding a radio…


I don't like going ahead of everyone, like this.


I don't like it any more than you do, but those guys at

the compound need to know what might be coming,

and they could help get everyone back safely, if those

guys are still having problems, back there.


How close are we?

Lester looking out and around, squinting, as he tried to get a sense of where they are…


It's hard to tell…(shaking head) So damn dark and

snowy, out there. (looks down at radio) I guess it's

possible we're within range.

Lester pulls up radio.


Weather's going to affect radio range…


(into radio)

Lester from Glenwood, calling Baker compound, over…

They wait in silence, hoping for a response, with nothing coming, as he continues to wait…


(into radio)

Anyone from the compound, this is a major distress

call, and warning of an imminent attack. Grover has

returned and with attitude. He claims to be Leo's son…

Lester is about to go on, but hesitates, and then just waits, hoping for a response…

He and Brian continue waiting, but nothing comes…


I think we're within normal range. You must be right

about the weather, cause I'm pretty sure we're

getting close…

They drive in silence...

He drives carefully, slowly, as does the truck behind them. The wet snow continues to fall hard, and pile up…


You really think he's his brother?

Brian looking over at Lester, who just looks back at him, and then they both suddenly freak out, they take notice of something in the road.



Brian instantly slams on breaks!

Lester's quick POV of three huffs in the road/snow.

Birds eye POV of both vehicles, as the back truck breaks hard, and slides off to the side of the road, out of POV, but with the sound of a loud thud. Brian's truck swerves to miss one huff, and then the next, before nailing the third one, and driving right into a ditch…

A couple more huffs appear, along the highway, and the other two are now approaching Brian's truck. The huff hit by Brian's truck, is a bloody mangled mess in the snow, and not going anywhere…

But the other four are making their way directly for the truck. The two newer ones are going for Lester's passenger side door, while the other two are going for Brian's door, which is open…

Lester is dazed, and working to remove his seatbelt, and then looking over at Brian, who is out cold, with his door wide open. Lester looks back, and can see the two huffs approaching Brian's side, luckily a bit slowly, due to the snow. He looks to his own side, where the other two are approaching him…

He quickly begins working to wake Brian up, but is not having any luck. He then tries to lean over him, to close his door, but is struggling to reach it. He scoots himself forward a bit more, and is about to reach it, and then does! He begins to close it, but a huff places himself between Brian and the door, as Lester panics, and pulls his hand away. Brian begins waking up, just in time to see a pair of huff teeth digging into his face, as he screams out in pain…

Lester is in shock, watching and unable to do anything, and then flinching as the other two huffs arrive at his window. The second huff on Brian's side arrives and accidently knocks over the first one, who hits the car door, as the second huff now digs its teeth into Brian, and finishing him off. The first huff, is now working to get around Brian and the other huff, to reach Lester, who has absolutely nowhere to go, and is scrambling to find his gun, finally spotting it, on the floor by Brian's feet, and out of his reach…

He looks at the huff, who is getting closer to him, and will certainly get him, if he goes for the gun. He looks at his door, takes a breath, and quickly opens it, working fast to over-power the huffs, and fight his way by them, but is suddenly surprised, and then relieved, as help arrives, in the form of the other two guys, from the other truck.

They kill off the huffs, and move to take out the other two, after handing Lester a spear…

They all begin walking back up to the road, looking over the other truck, which looks fairly damaged.


(looking at other truck)

Damn it…

He spears the mangled huff in the snow, while crossing the road, toward the other truck…



Normal traffic going by the market, which has customers coming out of, and other customers climbing out of their cars…

The people approach the store, and open the door. The guy holding it allows someone else to come out, first. It happens to be Grover, eating a corndog, and approaching his truck. He climbs inside, sitting next to Swish, while eating his corndog…


They won't be moving the mighty Great White, as the

other convicts are calling him. Turns out that Shark

was behind the murder of Great White's foster family,

so he claims, and has received quite a bit of sympathy

over it. His record is clean, outside of killing someone

who was associated with Shark. So, he's got the whole

temporarily insanity card, to play.

Swish watches Grover finish scarfing his corndog, and handing him the stick…


Treat him like royalty, and make him very happy…and

uh, go get me another corndog, would ya? Damn, those

things are good…

Swish rolls his eyes and climbs out of the car, and begins walking toward door of the store…


Starting to think you are a corndog…



Lester and the other two guys stand at the side of the road, with headlights hitting them, as the rest of the caravan arrives, and comes to a slow stop…

Kemp climbs out, checking on Lester…


Jesus, you okay?


Doing just a little better than Brian, but you can ask

me again once we get to that compound.

Kemp with a dreadful look over toward Brian's body, inside the truck…


Well, let's get you guys loaded up and on our way.


Nothing from Zane, yet?


No, which makes sense; packing everyone up at

Nike World, might take a minute…

Suddenly, they take notice of growing commotion coming from the tail end of the caravan, that quickly turns into panic. Many of the men begin arming themselves, ready for a fight…

Kemp, Lester and those other guys, go running toward the tail end…


Is it Zane?!


Can't be; he would have radioed in!

Mothers and children are panicking, and staying low, inside their vehicles. Everyone with weapons are running toward the tail end, where approaching headlights can be seen…

Kemp arrives at the end, where many of his armed men have already taken position, and are ready to open fire, as Kemp, Lester and all the others, do the same…

They wait…

Headlights lighting up the area…

Some trucks enter the scene, driving the road, fairly slowly, and they are followed by an entire caravan of vehicles…


Who is it?! I don't see Zane's hum-vee. It's not them!

A random voice can be heard from around the corner.


Don't fire, don't fire!


It's Zane; don't fire, don't fire!

Kemp and all the others, slowly begin lowering their weapons, as the caravan comes to a halt…

Someone climbs out of the lead truck, and it is indeed Zane. Also climbing out of that vehicle and others, are Stix, the Queen, her father and sister, Marshall, Bonnie, and others…

The Queen is emotional, as are many of them, but she is visibly weeping…

Kemp's expression becomes grim, and sickened, by the grim looks he can see in all of their expressions…


What happened?

Zane just looks at him…about to finally respond…but suddenly, more growing commotion, this time from Zane's caravan, and at the tail end of it…

Dread comes over all their faces…

They begin making their way down, but then BOOM! An explosion occurs at the tail end, and people begin screaming and running for their lives, up the highway road, through the parked vehicles, and past Zane and the others…

Zane and his men charge down the road, helping everyone to leave everything behind and run…

Zane stops for a moment, trying his best to think, and think hard, as he then quickly begins running back up toward Kemp's caravan of vehicles. Once he passes the large logger trucks (the ones blocking the road) and comes to several trucks, he begins ordering the people inside to drive up the road, and pickup survivors. Stix, Divit, Kemp and Lester all follow his lead, and they get as many trucks as they can, to push on up the road, and collect the people…

Down the road, tons of gunfire is now taking over. Zane is making his way down, and still guiding the running/screaming people, and the mothers and children, to run up the road, and find a truck to get on…

Zane looks up the road, where his fighters are quickly beginning to retreat. As they run up road, gunfire wipes out a ton of animals, inside one of the trailers, as blood flies everywhere…

Stix is freeing a bunch of the horses, shooing them up road…

It's a complete whiteout war zone…

Zane hops in one of the large logger trucks, and begins using it to block the road, as the last of his men scramble by…

He takes the keys with him, and joins his men, all racing up the road, after the rest of their people…


At least now if they want to follow, they will have

to do it on foot!

In the background…the logger truck is blown up, hit by an RPG rocket…

They just keep running…leaving the majority of their vehicles and supplies, behind…


EXT. COMPOUND (town center) – NIGHT

A handful of people (mostly women) are setting things up at the town center, as random herds of people are making their way there, trekking through the snowy conditions. It almost looks like a parade of people, walking through the streets of the town, and even the neighborhood area, behind it. There are hundreds of them…

POV finds Cleo walking with Dakota, her father Brode, older brother Kyle, and younger brother Ethan…

They watch as the Rough Riders make their way through the area, and passing them by, on their horses…

Ethan eagerly watches them go by…


I want to be a Rough Rider!


They do a lot more than just ride horses.


I know; I want to play baseball and fight the dead.


You want to be a child, is what you want.


Oh, give the kid a break. I say let him conquer riding

a horse, form some baseball skills, and then we'll

listen to his request of fighting the dead.


I want to practice baseball, with a bat and the head

of a huff.

Kyle laughing, with a look and shake of the head from his father, as Cleo throws her dad her own shrugging look…


Personally, I like the kid's attitude.


Personally, I think you can go get your own kid,

and let him risk his life while "practicing" in a life

or death situation.


Personally, I actually do agree with you; he should

prove he can master a bat in the batters box, before

he does against a hungry ugly freaky fooker.

Cleo bends down and makes a snowball.


But he can use a snowball, and the head of his father

(tossing snowball at her dad's head), to practice his


Her dad forms an angry smile, as they all then begin making snowballs and tossing at each other, as POV moves from them to other herds of families and friends, walking, talking, laughing, singing, throwing snowballs, as they walk toward the town center…

POV finds people Like Mason, Gunner, Chasin, Wyatt and their women, holding hands, sharing smiles and kisses, saying "I love you", to one another. Kids like Bo, Jax and the other younger kids, are excitedly running back and forth, through the snow, as if the world was perfectly normal…


You sure he's real?


I've seen him! If we're still alive, so is he. He will

be here, tonight…

Jax a huge smile of excitement and hugging her cousin…


Thank you, Bo!

POV leaves their side, passing more people, and coming to Samantha and company, leading the way, the first of many random herds, that arrive at the center, taking notice of the festive scene, with decorations and canopies, to help provide shelter from the falling snow.


We finally get to see whatever the big secret from

Grandpa, has been?

Once fully arrived, and looking over the area, Samantha instantly takes notice of a brushy area over nearby the statue of Grandpa. Her mouth drops, as she begins walking right toward it, with a look from Eli, who now also finds himself staring straight ahead…


Oh my god…

He begins walking right after her, toward the area he's staring at, and soon is followed by Marlana (holding Kristen's hand), and Renee. Also coming, and in awe, is Dakota and Cleo, Gunner and others…

Samantha and Eli walk right up to it, instantly followed by Marlana, Kristen and Renee…

Their POV, of a tree house, almost a replica of the one at the lake on the mountain. There was a statue of Rhett, with his arm around a pregnant Amy, standing under the tree house, near the ladder. Next to the tree, in a chair, was a statue of Scott, with a shotgun in his lap…

They can't stop staring at it, finally stepping forward, taking better looks at the statues, as the others are arriving. Bryant and his sister Ryder approach the scene, fully curious and in awe. Their mother, Scout, and Solis are also approaching. Eventually Marlana, Kristen and Renee arrive, along with others…


This is so amazing…


Shit yes, it is!


Your grandfather is amazing.


Shit yes, he is!


He can make statues? I knew they had resources

here, but…

Jaelyn and Shelby arriving behind those guys, looking over the scene. Shelby reaches for Jaelyn's arm, as she takes notice of the tears falling down her face…

DJ, Rich and the girls, Trisha and Ashley are arriving, with shock taking over DJ's face…


Oh my GOD!

People begin taking notice of the two real kayaks (same one's they used to dock at UPS), mounted near the statues, with plates standing over them. They begin reading the words on the plate, before looking up at the tree house, where Grandpa Sam comes out of the tree house bedroom, and Samantha instantly begins climbing the ladder, rushing up and into his arms…

Everyone stands below, in astonishment, and respect of what it all stood for…

Eli walking toward the ladder, before stopping and staring off toward another area…


(speaking quietly at first)

Oh my god…(now louder) Oh my god! Sam!

Samantha comes out of embrace with Grandpa, looking over the railing, down at Eli, who is approaching another area…

She glances back up at the face of her grandfather, who has emotion in his face, while looking back down at her…

She then looks back down, as Eli arrives and just stares down at the area, while Samantha begins climbing down ladder, slowly walking over to him…

She arrives, with tears already falling, as she looks down at the POV…

Her POV, of her dad's grave, and all the others…

Eli is standing over his brother's grave, staring down at it, reading the plate…

POV Fish's plate…

POV Samantha looking down at it, while crying, as she reads it silently to herself…


Remembered for the love of his daughter, his family,

and his resolve to make the world a better place. His

nonprofit organizations, changed lives, and put smiles

on the faces of those, who needed to smile. His life

ended, saving the life of a soul, who's miracle has saved

his entire family. He lives on inside of her…

Samantha continues weeping, as Grandpa Sam comes up from behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder…

Dissolve to other people now looking and respecting the tree house area, as the town center area is now becoming packed. Christmas music is playing, a few people are dancing, others are munching from plates of treats…

Rough Riders are over by their horses, Mayday is arriving with booze and his girlfriend, followed by Gia and other soldiers. They all take notice of the tree house, and instantly go over to pay their respect…

Jo, her husband Peyton, and their friends Chloe, Cody, and Vance, are walking away from the tree house area. Jo has tears…


You crying again?


How are you not? After reading the letter she wrote,

and now seeing it all like that. (shaking her head)

The honor these people have for it…

POV Grandpa arriving next to Samantha, who stands under a canopy, watching over all the people…

She looks up at him, who looks back down at her…


What? I can tell you have something not good to

tell me. What is it?


I just want you to be prepared for the fact that Zane

may not be able to make it here, tonight. With no

weather report, there's just no telling how bad this

will get.

Samantha instantly looks devasted...


I know after seeing your father's grave, that seeing

Zane feels all the more important, so I apologize for

that. I really didn't plan on this storm rolling through.

Samantha turns and hugs him.


You know I don't blame you, Grandpa.

Grandpa smiles at her, then moves aside as her moms, Brianna and Kayla move in with some silly dance moves, as they groove to the Christmas tunes, while placing out chairs under the canopy, with blankets and their other things. More and more people are now dancing along to the music, as Brianna and Kayla move out from under the canopy, and begin dancing in a way that is not so silly, and quite impressive, with looks of envy from both Cleo and Dakota, along with Shelby, who are also dancing…

Sadly, Samantha's Christmas mood has gone blue, as she takes a seat and just watches, causing fading smiles on the faces of both her moms…

Dakota dances her way toward the moms…


Grandpa told her Zane might not be able to make it.

Both moms a bit relieved but understanding, as they all continue to dance…

Suddenly, Gunner comes into the picture, and is staring directly at Samantha as he does one of the most ridiculous dances known to man. Everyone is cracking up, except for Gunner, who continues staring at Samantha, and dancing…

Samantha expresses a polite smile, but remains on the sad side, until suddenly she can't help but to begin smiling for real, as Mayday comes in from behind Gunner, somehow dancing in a way even more funky that Gunner, who at first takes credit for Samantha's smile, until devastated when he turns and realizes it was Mayday. Gunner is now in a mad dance-off, with him. Gia and Rich join the action, with DJ, Marlana, Renee, and Kristen all cracking up…

Samantha smiles at Renee with Kristen, and then laughs again, with another look at Gunner and Mayday, and now even Sheriff Dave, who joins in…

Samantha turns her head, over toward the tree house, and her father's grave site, where others are taking it in…

Samantha loses her smile, and fights to get it back, as she wraps a blanket around herself, and watches everyone dancing…



Exhausted expressions of Pepsi and all the other people of Glenwood, who slowly march along…

Some of them use flashlights, to help lead the way…

They are completely quiet, and somber…



Most of the compounders are silently smiling, and staring at a stage, with a canopy, and a piano, where Grandpa Sam is taking a seat, and preparing to play for everyone…

You can see the excitement and anticipation in their eyes, and curious excitement from those who never knew Grandpa Sam, before the apocalypse…

"O Holy Night" is the song he begins playing, to the delight of his audience…

The sound of the piano echoes throughout the area, where the snow still falls hard…

Eventually, some of the happy couples begin to take the dance floor…

Hunter and April are the first to begin slow dancing, and at first, just watched by everyone, until Blake leads a smiling Eva, out onto the floor, followed by Gia and Joshua. Gunner and his wife Rachel join in, as does Chasin and his wife Catherine. Mason is dragged out by his girlfriend, Missy, and acts grumpy at first, before dancing and planting her with a beautiful kiss…

Rich and DJ share a laugh, before Rich walks over to Jennifer (husband Miles is dead), and makes her smile as he leads her out to the dance floor, and followed by Cleo and Dakota…

Scout is dancing with Solis, very content, until a surprised look, aimed at her daughter, Hope, who is dancing with one of Mayday's soldiers, next to Mayday and his girlfriend…

Porter is off to the side, with Jason…


Seriously? I didn't think she was your type?


It's the apocalypse, dude, can't be getting picky.

Jason a laugh…


Yeah, sorry man, I mentioned it first, so I get first

dibs. I'll ask her out tonight. If she doesn't seem

interested, which I already know she is, then tomorrow

you can ask her, and that's my gift to you.

Porter starts cracking up, as Jason glances over toward Blair, sitting with her grandparents, watching Grandpa play the piano…

Jason walks away, as Porter speaks with his father (Joseph)…


How nice of you.


Ah, you know I was just messing with him, Pops.

Otherwise he'll never make his move.

They both share a few more words with some laughter…

POV of Grandpa Sam, playing the piano, as the people dance out in front of him…

POV Brianna holding Kayla, as they dance, with Samantha in the background, watching them, with a half-smile…

POV travels through the dancing couples, one by one, all smiling at one another, happy to have what they have…

It's not just the family and friends, but so many other people, dancing or just watching and listening to Grandpa Sam…

It's a beautiful setting, as the snow falls over it all, and the Christmas lights shine over the people, who have something that maybe nobody else on the planet has…peace

Gunner gives his wife to Eva, and begins slow dancing with Blake, placing his head against his chest, with laughs from everyone around them…

Eva is cracking up, looking at Blake with so much love, who is laughing and being silly, until he locks eyes with her, and returns her smile…

Grandpa Sam continues to play, and once coming to an end, he goes right into another one, but this time more upbeat, "Sleigh Ride", as all the little kids become excited, and the adults go from slow dancing, to silly dancing, with Gunner and Blake leading the way, followed by Joshua, who gets some laughs from the others, and shares a glancing look with a cute girl, his own age…

Dissolve to Joshua, Rich and others, preparing to do some caroling for the crowd…

Everyone grows silent, as they being singing, "Carol of the Bells"…



Sound of the carolers and their song, carries over to this scene, playing in the background, with close-up of the feet of Zane and his people, walking through the snowy woods…

POV of them all, and the few vehicles they have. They look exhausted, to say the least…

Zane stops, and waits for a couple of his men, running toward him, and arriving…


No sign of them. I don't think they followed us, here.


Alright, let's go ring the bell…

Zane leads them out into the field, stepping out into it, and heading across it, toward the wall of the compound…

Dissolve to him standing at the gates, as Mason, with Porter behind him, walks right up to Zane…


Zane…what the hell happened?

Song begins.

"Carol of the Bells – Original lyrics"

POV Zane, with exhaustion and dread all over his face…



MUSIC hits .05 mark, carrying over into this scene, which flashes back to when Zane returned inside of the Glenwood Camp, with his Hum-vee, the 50-cal on top, and all the convicts who remained behind, with their backpacks and waiting for Grover, now just staring at Zane, in curious, growing shock, at what he's about to do…

MUSIC .10, with lyrics beginning, as Zane opens fire on the group of convicts…

In slow-motion, Jones, Rod, Geno and all the other convicts are being killed, including those who were just freed from the DC…

Slow-motion POV of Zane, firing his gun, killing one man after another…

MUSIC .30, with POV of Stix and the others, from outside the gates, watching in complete shock…

POV of Zane firing his weapon, no longer in slow-motion…

POV of the last men dropping…

MUSIC .40, as POV pans over their dead bloody bodies…

POV keeps panning, until it finds GW, standing near the wall, not far from Zane, and with Damon behind him. Both with shock in their faces…

POV Zane in shock of his own, staring back at GW…

Stix and the other convicts, watching from behind Zane's hum-vee…

Another POV of GW, with growing anger, as he stares down Zane…

MUSIC 1.08, as GW suddenly charges Zane…

He runs around the hum-vee, coming to the door, as Zane climbs out…

MUSIC 1.13, as GW picks Zane up and launches him into the air…

He marches over to Zane, mouthing "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT!", at the top of his lungs…

He walks away, mouthing the "F" word, as he passes Damon, who still has nothing but sickness in his face, while staring at Zane…

GW walks through gates, with everyone just staring inside, at the bodies, and at Zane, as scene begins dissolving…



MUSIC hits 1.32 mark, with POV of people at Nike world, quickly loading vehicles, when suddenly something explodes…

POV Grover angrily driving through the blown-up gates, and followed by Jordan and an army of others, quickly swarming the front end of Nike World…

Nurses Taylor, Taryn, Mia, Haley, Stephanie (nurses from EP 3.1) and Dr. Keith Larkin, are all being directed into a vehicle. Felix is close-by, watching…

MUSIC 1.51, as that vehicle is completely blown up, killing all inside…

Felix racing from the scene, and shot several times, dropping dead, as Grover's men charge the area…

POV Zane and others, at a line of defense, firing, but shouting back for others to retreat…

Dissolve to Zane and others, retreating in vehicles, through the back end of Nike World…

Dissolve to Grover looking over Zane's hum-vee, left behind…

MUSIC fades as it comes to an end.



MUSIC ends as Zane stares back at Mason, who waits for an answer…

He's about to speak, when suddenly they all take notice of a large number of people back behind them, stepping out of the woods, and into the field…

Mason, Porter and others, along with Zane and his people, all look back at them, as one more man comes out, climbing off his horse, and lifting up an RPG, aiming at the compound…

Cut to guard tree house, where Joshua arrives inside, with excitement, looking from Abino to his dad.


Dad, Dad! It's just Zane!

His dad turns, as in background you can see the RPG fire, and the rocket coming directly for the tree house, and then blowing it up…

Cut to the shock and horror, on the faces of Mason and Porter, then Zane, looking from the burning tree house, to Grover, and with rage in his face, screaming for his men to charge.



Zane, GW, Stix, Kemp, Lester, and all the other convicts, along with Harris, her sister, and some others, instantly begin charging back across the field, firing their weapons…



His men begin to fire heavily, as not one, or two, but THREE RPG rockets, are fired from the compound, all crossing the field, and coming directly for Grover's men, as Zane and his people are in that same field, charging toward those same men, as the rockets sail over their head, and as they continue to fire…


Sound of three straight explosions, with tons of gunfire to follow, before fading out…


"Carol of the Bells – Sauniks (dubstep)" plays with credits…

BONUS SCENE (second half)



Zane's hummer is driving down snowy highway 6, as fast as it can without losing control on the snowy roads…

You can't tell who is driving, as it speeds up, with less and less snow on the road…

There is now less snow everywhere, and the road is becoming bare, as the hummer begins going full speed, flying down the highway, with darkening conditions, as the whiteness of the snow fades away…

The hummer barely slows down, and comes to a skidding turn, at the Glenwood store, and onto Glenwood Lane, speeding over the bridge, and toward the open gates of the camp…

It speeds forward, and inside, coming to a sudden stop…

Someone climbs out, as POV travels up his body, revealing Grover, in a complete zone, before looking around, and simply walking…

Dead convict bodies lay all around, as Grover walks toward the side, and next to a tree, just standing there staring off into nothingness…

It's the exact same area where Zane had walked over to, after the frustration of GW joining the other convicts, who intended to leave with Grover…

He continues to just daze off…

Suddenly there is the sound of a woman.



You did the right thing…

Mary (his dead mother) comes into the POV, right behind him, placing her loving arms around him…


My sweet, sweet boy…

A very faint clip of the Norman Bates theme music from the film "Psycho", can be heard, as screen goes to black…