Season 3, Episode 6

"Red Christmas"



Sound of many people using saws, power tools, hammers, etc…



A bunch of people in the same tree house that was blown up, hard at work. It's under construction, but nearly complete.

POV finds man climbing down ladder, out of tree house. He reaches bottom with a smile, revealing himself as Grandpa Sam (about 10 years younger). Scout now climbs down from behind him, with her own smile, toward Fish and a pregnant Brianna, who approach.


I told you it would be complete before the arrival of

little Samantha. (Placing hand on Brianna's belly) And

how is my granddaughter doing today?



Brianna (and Kayla) frantically arriving next to Samantha, who is expressing major relief as the news of Zane is coming over the radio. Grandpa Sam, Scout, her children and Solis are all there, next to a truck and near the corridor of the compound gates.


(over radio)

It's Zane!


(over radio)

Stand down! Stand down!


(over radio)

Thank god!


I knew he'd make it; I knew it!

Samantha takes off racing toward the corridor!




We got her.

Solis/Scout begin driving after Samantha, with TONS of compounders in the background, arriving or approaching, as Bryant begins shouting out to them.


It's just Zane. Just Zane!

Suddenly, everyone freezes at the sound of an RPG being fired, and they all stare toward the sound and sight of the explosion, as the fire is seen rising near the area of the tree house that exploded.

POV Grandpa in shock, dropping to a knee, with his arm still around Samantha. Total devastation takes over his face.




What the hell was that!?

Cut to Dakota/Cleo in the tunnels.


(panic in her voice)

What the hell was that?


(over radio)


Cut back to Grandpa and others.


(over radio)


Cut to tree house (not one that exploded) where Hunter comes out onto catwalk, screaming into his radio and at all the people there along the wall, with guns, but still in shock. Floodlights from the wall are moving from Zane and his charging people, toward the tree line, where Grover and his men are.


(into radio)


Gia is right there, with Mayday and others, who all begin firing as Gia aims her RPG and fires off a rocket.

Cut to Doc firing off a rocket from his RPG.

Cut to Darius just as he has fired a rocket.

Cut to Zane Stix, GW and an army of others, all charging across the field toward the tree line/Grover's army, as the rockets travel over their heads. Mason is speeding his hummer after them, as is Porter and others.

Cut to Grover and his army, opening fire, but quickly reacting to the incoming rockets.



Two of the rockets explode over pockets of his men, while the third one sends him racing away, before launched into the air by the explosion (with his RPG flying out of his hand), which kills his horse.

Cut to several Grover men racing through the woods, suddenly running into an area where tons of huffs are chained to trees. The men stop, look all around, before opening fire on some of them, and marching forward, but eventually the men are overwhelmed and a couple of them are bitten, as the others eventually turn back around, racing away.

Cut to Mayday and others opening serious fire, with quick shots of his soldiers, Sheriff Dave, Conner, DJ, Baxter, Parker, Steven, Mike/Bunk/Virgil, Sage/Skyler and other cousins, Jo/Peyton and their friends Chloe/Cody/Vance, Doug and his people (rescued along the Columbia River in EP 3.2), among others…

Cut to Scout and others, helping Grandpa up. Tons more vehicles are speeding toward the corridor and through, while most people on foot are retreating back toward the mansion/complex. One vehicle comes toward Scout and them, with sounds of more RPG rockets exploding in the background.

Scout places hands on her three children, speaking to them intensely.


You guys get your grandfather, Samantha and all

the non-fighters to the safe house.

Jennifer pulls up in a vehicle, with Jaelyn and Missy hoping out, as Scout is hopping in truck with Solis, and taking off for the corridor.





More background sounds of RPG rockets exploding, as Jennifer helps load up Grandpa and the others…

Cut to Hunter on catwalk, screaming orders at the others and over radio.


(into radio)


Do not hit our own people!

Cut to Grover picking himself up out of the snow, looking out at Zane and his men charging the tree line, where many of Grover's men are too busy taking cover from gunfire and incoming rockets…



Cut to Zane charging as fast as he can through the snow, like a wild savage, with Stix and GW at his side.

Cut to Queen Nike leading her people and the people of Glenwood through the gates, as Scout/Solis come speeding out of them, along with other hummers/vehicles. Tons of other vehicles are already out there, speeding through the snow and across the field, toward the tree line.

Cut to Grover's men on the run, retreating into the woods, as a couple more RPG rockets are fired at them…

Cut to Doc on the catwalk, firing his RPG.


We've got them on the run!


(over radio)

No rockets near the tunnels!

Cut to Darius holding his RPG, next to Tanner and other fighters along the wall.


(over radio)

Fire a few more into those trees, at those retreating

bastards (Darius firing a rocket), and give those chicken

shit fucks (cut to)

Cut to Hunter on catwalk behind Gia/Mayday, as two rockets are flying toward the trees.


(into radio)

a reason to think twice before ever returning to our


Gia fires a rocket into the trees.

Cut to a bunch of Grover's men retreating through the woods, blown up by RPG rockets.

Cut to more of his men retreating through different parts of woods, suddenly caught off guard and fired upon by Jason, Dakota, Cleo and Chasin, all from the underground tunnels…

They are killing tons of Grover men, before fired upon themselves, and ducking back down below.

Gunner, Rich, Wyatt and others rise from other spots, killing more Grover men and forcing them to retreat back the way they came from…

Cut to Blake walking by the horses and Rough Riders, frantically searching all their faces and around every horse. The others are silent, scared, until one of them speaks.


What do we do?

Blake still searching.


Where the hell is Joshua?!

Cut to Zane, his army, Mason's hummer and other vehicles slowing as they all come to the tree line. Mason shines his floodlight through the trees, as do the other hummers. Porter stands behind Mason, aiming the 50-cal toward the trees. A few compounders jump out of their vehicles with weapons, joining those on foot. There are dead Grover men on the bloody snow-covered ground.

Porter suddenly opens fire, killing a pair of Grover men who remained behind. Zane leads the men through the dead bodies. Suddenly Kemp has a huff rise directly behind him, quickly stuck in the head with a knife, as Kemp glances back at Stix.

Mason gives over control of his hummer to April, and runs through the snow over toward Zane, while carefully aiming his gun around the trees.


(over radio)

Mason, report!


(into radio)

Approaching Zane now. Hold for reply!

Zane holds up for Mason, while carefully checking the woods. Snow is still falling…


Who the hell is the enemy, Zane?! Why the hell didn't

you guys warn us!?

Zane just staring at him a moment, before simply grabbing his radio.


(into radio)

We were attacked on the highway; all radios were left

behind. The enemy is Grover, the real Grover, AKA

Anthony, Leo's second in command at the beach camp…

and his secret son of Mary…

Mason looks at Zane, with shock over that last piece of information.

Cut to Hunter staring at his radio, in complete shock.

Cut to Dakota/Cleo and the tunnel crew, staring at radio in shock.

Cut to Scout in truck with Solis, coming to a stop near Mason's hummer, and staring at radio in shock.

Cut to Grandpa outside of Jennifer's vehicle (in front of area where many people are meeting), staring at his radio in complete shock, as is Samantha, standing next to her mothers…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper to bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by. POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



Floodlights shining all over the men, and Zane who stands there holding the radio, looking over at Porter, who is holding up a damaged RPG (Grover's).


(over radio)

We took out a bunch, and turned the rest around.

They and the others should all run right into the

Guardian's trap.

Zane a questionable stare at Mason…


We've got a surprise for them.

Cut to Hunter on catwalk, leading most men down off the wall, all of them hustling down the ladders and for the vehicles, quickly loading up and speeding outside the gates, and for the tree lines. Darius, Tanner and another soldier (FROST), remain along the catwalk, with the RPG's, and a small handful of other men/women with machine guns, as well as a few people manning the floodlights. Doc quickly hands his RPG off to Frost, as he hurries down the ladder, along with the other cousins.


(over radio)

Every fighter we have is going in to cut them off, after

they retreat from the Guardian. We're keeping all RPG's

and a few shooters on the wall, but we're going to need

the Rough Riders at the tree line, clearing the dead and

keeping a huff free zone for our fighters, on their way back

home. We need every man/woman/child capable of firing

a gun, to come take the wall or help at the tree line.

Cut to Queen Nike after hearing Hunter over someone's radio, as her people and Glenwood people continue to pile inside, with others from the catwalk piling outside. Her father Shawn gives her and her sister Nikki, a look.


Go on…I will lead them to safety.

Nikki gives him a hug, and a quick nod from Nike (aka Harris) before her and her sister hustle over to April and Catherine (Chasin's wife), who are handing out weapons. April gives Nike a radio and points them to a vehicle, where they load up along with others.

Cut to Grandpa, Jennifer, Brianna, Kayla, Sarah (Wyatt's wife), and Rachel (Gunner's wife) leading older/younger people down a set of steps, into a large underground facility. Marlana is inside gathering all the children, many of whom have pets with them. Renee even has Bailey, and Kristen next to her. Griffey, Trisha and Ashley are also close by, along with their other friends, tons of children all together.

Jennifer comes in to hug her kids, and quickly walks away with tears running down her face. Grandpa Sam watches her grab a weapon and load into a vehicle with Hope, Ryder, Shelby and a few others, and taking off...

Cut to a dark underground area, where someone is opening a large gate, where tons of huffs begin leaving a large cell. They begin walking up a long dirt ramp leading them above ground, and into the woods, with the sound of tons of men rushing through the trees…

Cut to those men, hustling/panicking as they run forward, while looking backward…

Suddenly, the men out-front, begin colliding into the herd of starving huffs, who begin to feast!

Grover men are screaming and dying, as others begin to shoot or turn around, not quite sure what to do…

Grover and Jeb stop, listening to the horror ahead. Grover runs up a bit, just to see for himself. Over a hundred huffs! He looks all around, contemplating what to do. Jordan and Mick arrive.


West is out, they have underground shooters!


East is not an option, all mountain! We have to go

back and fight our way around them, it's the only way!


The quicker we get back there, the less organized they'll

become. We wait, and they'll have us completely trapped.

Grover looking around, hesitating…


We can fire our way by these things.


Not before we get ambushed from behind, or run

dangerously low on ammo!


What the hell is wrong with you?! You're not thinking


Cut to the Guardian, walking outside the dirt ramp, with a look of pride…

Her half smile fades, as heavy shooting begins…

Cut to the dark snowy woods, fairly quiet, but with tons of tracks. The snow looks to be changing over to rain…

POV comes to find Zane, Stix, GW, Kemp, Lester, Divit, other cons, Nike, Nikki, Bonnie and other officers, Mason, Chasin, Gunner, Dakota, Cleo, Cleo's father Brode, and older brother Kyle, Rich, DJ, Jo and husband Peyton, her cousin Chloe and their friends Cody/Vance, Porter, Jason, Scout, Solis, Doc, Sage, Skyler, Mike, Bunk, Virgil, Leon, Conner, Mayday, Gia, Doug and all his people, and tons of other random compounders you wouldn't recognize…

There are a pair of hummers, people on horses, and even a pack of dogs…

They wait there silently, while in the far background are some lights.

POV cuts to those lights, where Blake (with face full of tears) leads the Rough Riders (youngers ones look fairly frightened) through all the bodies, making brain kills, and killing off those who have already turned to huffs. Some of the huffs are already traveling into the woods, where Jennifer and Hope make a few kills, as everyone works to clear the area…

Cut to the catwalk, where Shelby has her doctor bag, and climbs up joining Hunter, and others who stand and watch in silence, Hunter holding his radio.


Are the other docs? - (cutoff)


Setting up shop? Absolutely.

Cut to Grandpa and Kayla in the safe house, leading the doctors, nurses and others into another large area of the facility, which appears to be a triage center, with tons of beds. The extra people are all helping set things into motion, with direction from Grandpa, Kayla and even the doctors/nurses…

The safe house is huge and halfway underground, and is on the north side of the compound, fairly close to the wall. The main room is large enough to host an army…

Cut to Hunter on the wall, watching in silence, and holding his radio…

Cut to the silence of Zane and the others, waiting…


(over radio, gunfire in background)

It didn't work; they're firing their way through them.


(into radio)

Plan B! Plan B!

Mason, Zane and all the others begin charging forward, along with one of the two hummers, men on horses, and the pack of dogs who begin barking. Gunner and a few others hop in the other hummer, and begin speeding back the opposite direction…

Zane moves close enough to speak to Mason…


He's Leo's son…

Mason just staring at Zane, waiting for his point…


He's crazy, but he's smart…

Mason staring at him, then ahead, as they hustle forward…

Porter is now driving Mason's hummer, with Mayday manning the 50-cal…

Mason turning and again staring at Zane.


What if this was his plan all along…to get us all out

here like this?

Zane staring back at him, then forward as they continue on…


He isn't that smart…

Mason looks up at the snow mixed with rain, and takes notice of how difficult of a time some of the others are having, with traction in the snow.


That's not rain mixed with the snow. It's freezing rain.

Divit making his way past Stix and over to Zane.


Conditions out here are about to go to total shit.

It's too cold for rain and it's already changing over.

We could be in for hours of ice layering over the snow.


I think what he's saying, is that maybe we should go

protect that compound from the safety of its walls,

and let most these guys freeze to death.


(over radio, gunfire in background)

Huffs are going down quick. They slowed them down,

but you need to hit them now!

Zane begins moving as fast as he can, watched by Mason who begins to stop, with a look at Scout, who looks back at him, but then begins running, as does Solis. GW is already with Zane, as are the other cons. The Queen, her sister, Chasin, Doc, Mayday and others all begin running, and finally, so does Mason…


EXT. NIKE WORLD – DUSK (raining)

Glenwood caravan entering through gates of Nike World, and parking…

Zane stepping down out of his hummer, speaking to some guards, with Marshall approaching…

GW steps out of a truck, still visibly upset with Zane over what had just went down at Glenwood, and the killing of Jones and the other convicts who had decided to leave with Grover.

Many of the convicts are sharing questionable glances toward Zane, some in disgust…


EXT. WOODS – NIGHT (snow/freezing rain)

Zane and the others making their way through the snow/woods, with sound of gunfire in the distance, but gunfire that is beginning to cease…


(next to Zane)

They're making it through.


(over radio)

They're through!

Zane and Mason taking notice of someone slipping in the snow/ice, and sharing a look…

Mason stops, places radio to face, as others slow/stop…


(into radio)

What do you think, Hunter? Proceed or come back



(over radio)


Zane shaking his head.


(over radio)

I agree, let's bring it in.


(into radio with attitude)

What happened to giving them a reason to think twice

before ever returning?!


(into radio)

I'm with that.


(into radio)

Hunter, Grandpa… They will return, it's only a question

of how many men they have left to return with. My men

and I are going on…


(over radio)

I'm still with you Zane.

Zane goes on, GW following without hesitation, as does Stix and the other convicts, followed by the Queen and her Nike people…

Still waiting is Mason and most of the compounders, other than Scout/Solis, Mayday and most soldiers, who have already advanced…


(over radio)


Mason and the compounders now begin going forward…

Dissolve to compound gates, where the Rough Riders and others are returning, and simply begin standing there staring back out at the tree line. Blake is still shedding tears, with looks from the others, who are also visibly shaken up. Eli sheds a tear…

Hope arrives next to Blake, placing a hand over his shoulder…

Cut to Safe house, where Catherine and Rachel are coming outside, while holding radio.


(over radio)

Some of their fighters were sent to join Gunner. The rest

of them should be there any moment. Shawn is leading

them. Get him to confirm each and every one of them is a

part of Nike World, and Pepsi to confirm those from

Glenwood. Can't risk sabotage from the inside.


(into radio)

Rodger that. I see them coming now.

Catherine and Rachel look on as Shawn is leading a large group of older people, women and children. Pepsi is also out front, along with her friend Kaiden, Moon and Shine…


(over radio)

Let Marshall and Sarah help with that. I could use

Catherine and Rachel out here.


(over radio)

Agreed; and if Shawn is any good behind the 50-cal,

I could really use his ass!

Dissolve to woods, where Zane and them are walking over the dead huffs, with caution…


(over radio)

Please make sure nobody shoots me; I see you guys now.


Everyone hold your fire; the Guardian's coming out.

The Guardian makes her way out from behind the trees, presenting herself to the approaching crowd, with strange looks from the cons and other non-compounders, as she comes to Mason and Zane…


Could you tell how many of them there are?


Three times as many as you, maybe more.

Those who could hear her are reacting to her news.


Just guns, or did you notice any other weapons?


Just a ton of gunfire, they - (cutoff)

A shot is fired that hits the Guardian in the back, as she goes right down, followed by mass gunfire and even an army of Grover men, now charging right for them.

Zane and everyone open fire on them. A few random compounders go down.

Doug watches one of his people go down, as he and the rest of them open fire on the oncoming Grover men…

Zane and Mason each launch some grenades, blowing up some Grover men, and chasing back others. Ricky and Frost launch some grenades, having the same affect. Chasin and Wyatt each begin chucking some grenades, blowing up over the snowy ground, and killing or chasing away Grover men…

Dakota and Cleo are firing and nailing some Grover men, who were charging. Dakota launches a grenade, keeping back some of them but others are still closing in. Cleo's dad and brother open fire. They take down a couple men, but then Brode (her father) is shot dead, with Kyle (brother) screaming for his dad, then hit in the shoulder himself.

Cleo looks back, screaming and running to aid her brother. They look to be fired on by a ton of approaching Grover men, as Dakota nails two of them, but they are about to be over-run, before Jason opens up a flamethrower on them, burning them alive.

He goes on to fire the flamethrower over the entire area, sending tons of Grover men back the way they came from…

A handful of other Grover men are becoming dangerously close to Harris and her sister, along with others. One of those men, is about to take a shot at the Queen, but is then shot dead. Another one of them is close to firing at Bonnie, who is firing at someone else, the other direction. He too, is then shot dead. POV Wyatt, with a sniper gun, now aiming at one more man, who is running toward the Queen and her sister, but is also taken out, by Wyatt and his sniper gun…

GW shows no fear, putting himself closer to Grover's men, than most. He shots multiple men dead, before suddenly jumped on, by a very large man, almost as large as GW. They begin sharing blows, and unlike most, this man can actually hang with GW, but as Zane and others approach, he eventually retreats…

Other Grover men are charging toward Doc and the cousins, who are opening serious fire on them. Doc takes out one after another. Mike shoots one dead, but then is shot himself, going straight down.



Bunk comes out firing heavily on the approaching Grover men, killing several.



Bunk is then shot and goes down, then shot again as he tries to rise and fire his gun, as Virgil, Skyler, Sage, Doc and other cousins fire with everything they have…

Grover men are still coming, and dropping plenty of compounders. Jo fires a shot that wounds a Grover man, but then another one opens fire on their group, causing them all to take cover, but not before Vance is shot and goes down. The Grover men are about to take them over, but suddenly are fired on by a 50-cal, and dropping like flies.

POV Mayday in the hummer, spraying the entire area with the 50-cal. Grover men begin to bleed all over the snow, or slip on the ice as they turn to retreat. Mayday nails the men who slip and fall, killing them as they lay on the ground…

POV Jason spraying fire with his flamethrower, as more Grover men are burning or retreating…

Zane charges forward like a mad man, as does GW, followed by the cons, Mason and everyone else, all heavily firing their weapons, and Mason even chucks one more grenade, all the way across the area, exploding near the Grover men, now in full retreat. Zane is nailing man after man. Mason begins causing havoc with his gun, nailing tons of Grover men. One dead Grover man is already rising as a huff, but bashed in the head by GW, as he and the others rush through the area…

Porter slowly/carefully driving the hummer and shining floodlights over the area, with Mayday still firing forward...

Doc begins charging forward, followed by the other cousins, as Virgil takes a look back at the bodies of Mike and Bunk.

Doug and his people begin charging, and firing ahead. Cody is already pushing forward as Jo pushes past her husband, who remains at the side of Vance (who doesn't look to badly wounded). Jo shares a look at Peyton as she and Chloe follow after Cody, and all the others…

Cut to Hunter at the wall, with the sound of all the gunfire in the distance.


(into radio)

Radio check; what the god damn hell is happening

out there?!

Cut to Grandpa at the doors of the safehouse, looking out toward the very distant sound of gunfire, and the radio in his hand, waiting for an answer…


(over radio)

We took serious gunfire. We've taken casualties and

need assistance at the Guardian's trap. We've got them

on the run again, and are marching forward. I repeat,

men down, men down! Assistance at the Guardian's trap!

Grandpa shaking his head, and then holding his heart…


(over radio)

April, Jennifer that's you!

Cut to the gates where April, Jennifer, Shelby and others are rushing to head back out.


(over radio)

Take the Rough Riders with you!

Cut to the woods where Skyler is shot dead, followed with a scream by Sage.



Grover men are firing as they retreat through the woods, some of them being shot dead, with massive gunfire…

Sage is crying as she looks back at her dead sister, but edged along by Doc, as they proceed through the woods, firing at Grover men…

Zane and Mason fire and kill a few men, before Mason goes forward and loses his traction, falling flat on his ass, but quickly picked right back up by GW, as they both proceed forward, firing their weapons and shooting Grover men dead…


EXT. NIKE WORLD – DUSK (raining)

Zane is trying to leave the area near the gates, while speaking with Marshall, but GW continues to argue with him.


That's not what he's about! The Grover I know is no

different than you and that grandfather of yours. He's

a dreamer. He wants to continue life, not take it!

Zane pulling back from Marshall and right into GW's face, speaking with intensity, as Bonnie arrives, standing next to Stix and watching.


And I told you we're not dealing with that Grover!

He's not right in the mind! I've seen up close the

kind of affect this illness can have on a person!




Zane pissed, but just staring at GW, and all the others, who stare back at him…


You've known his true identity for five minutes! He's

your brother, Zane, not your father!



If he hadn't threatened my family it'd be different, GW!

Literally yes, he's my brother, but mentally he's my father!

I could see the madness in his eyes. If you want to follow

that madness then be my guest. (looking around at the

others) That goes for each and every one of you. I love you

guys, you're my people, but I don't have time for this.

(begins walking away with Marshall/Bonnie) So, back me, or

the front door is (pointing back toward gates) right there!

All cons watching him walk away, while sharing looks amongst themselves, and at Stix, who looks back at them all, before running after Zane, speaking to him a moment, as Bonnie and Marshall move on…



Marshall is speaking with Grandpa Sam and Sarah, with Samantha close by, listening. Brianna is also close by, watching Samantha.

They all look in shock over what Marshall is telling them…

A few others are hugging friends or family members from the Nike/Glenwood people, as they enter down into the safe house…

Eva (Blake's gf) spots her parents (Luis/Julia) entering inside, and excitedly throwing her arms around them, hugging them with a big smile, which fades as she pulls away and can see the dreaded expressions, they both have.


What…what is it? (Eva looking around) Where's Felix?

Her mom begins crying, as does Eva, knowing what it means, as she comes back in hugging her mother.


No, how; what happened?

Eva just crying as she holds her mom. Others around them are curiously watching, shocked at the thought of what else has been going on out there…

Cut to Blake in the woods, rushing to help wounded compounders. Jennifer and Shelby are helping Kyle, who is still looking at his dead father, before glancing at his sister, Cleo, who watches him with great sadness. She then turns and begins sprinting back into the woods, followed by Dakota, Scout and Solis.

Peyton is racing away after them, leaving Vance to the aid of others, while another man also runs after them, while leaving the wounded Grover "prisoner" to the others, as he, Cody, Cleo and them, all race away to rejoin the fight…

Blake and Eli begin killing huffs, providing safety for the others who are aiding the wounded. Other Rough Riders join in, while most of them stand around holding guns, looking out into the woods at the sound of distant gunfire…

April looks at the bodies of Mike and Bunk, and others, as Jennifer comes to her side, looking for herself. They share a look, and then pull out knives, and sticking them into the heads of Mike and Bunk…


(over radio)

April, your backup is on the way.


(into radio)

Tell me your plan…

Cut to the woods, and the falling snow/ice. There is blood in the snow, as feet are cautiously walking forward, with random gunshots here and there, in the distance, or even back behind them…

Suddenly, loud gunfire goes off right near them, as Doc, Sage, Virgil and Leon open fire on a group of Grover men, killing a few of them, as a couple more run off into the dark woods, with Doc and them chasing after them, carefully in the snow/ice…

Cut to Harris, Nikki, Bonnie and other officers. Harris and Nikki kill off a few Grover huffs, while the others carefully cover them from Grover men, as a few suddenly fire on them from behind trees. Both Nike and her sister use quick martial art moves to kill off the huffs, and shield themselves from oncoming fire. An officer next to Bonnie is shot dead, as Bonnie and the other officers hit a pair of Grover men, killing one and leaving the other one stranded by the others, who now flee away…

As they all continue forward, Harris and Nikki reach the Grover man, left bleeding at the tree, begging for his life, before his throat is quickly sliced by Nikki…

Cut to Jason leading a bunch of random men through the woods, occasionally firing ahead…

Cut to Dakota, Cleo, Scout, Solis, Peyton, and a few others, all carefully marching forward, looking down at all the blood in the snow, and aiming guns forward, ready to fire if needed…

Cut to Rich, DJ, Conner and others, carefully moving forward. DJ almost slips before grabbed by Rich, who then slips himself. Conner shakes his head, concerned with the conditions…

Cut to Zane, Mason, Stix, GW, Kemp, Lester, Divit and others, along with Porter, driving the hummer and working the spotlight, with Mayday occasionally firing the 50 cal at random Grover men, or dead men becoming huffs. Sheriff Dave and random soldiers are close by. A Grover man jumps out from behind a tree, at Zane, almost stabbing him with a knife. Zane moves just in time, and begins brawling with the man. Zane becomes crazy angry, and quickly overpowers the man, taking away his own knife, and sticking it in his gut, about 800 times, as the others simply watch him, and his rage…

Zane stops, as another man comes out, firing at them, but is then stuck with a knife, in his throat, as everyone glances at Stix. Zane stabs the other guy one more time, in the brain, and they all begin moving on. Mason steps over near Zane, just looking at him a moment, before speaking…


His people are becoming scattered. We don't have

the mountain keeping them on one route. Our

advantage is gone.

Zane remains silent…


He could be to his vehicles by now, heading back to

his camp. Are we really going to just chase him all

the way there?


He is full of hate for our family, the family he was

never a part of. He has Leo's disease, and he has a

shit load of power…

Everyone looking at Zane…


We keep putting the fear of god into the people

behind all that power, and like Hunter said, make

them think twice before following his crazy ass

back to the gates of our home…


And blowing our own people right out of this world!

Mason glancing at his son, with concern…


You guys are thinking with your heart, not your

heads…Your grandpa taught us better than that…

Cut to a bunch of Grover men, marching as they look ahead, where Grover himself is walking with Jeb, Jordan and Mick. There is random gunfire in the distance behind them…


(not loud enough for Grover to hear)

He led us out here for what? To blow up one of their tree

houses? Those people are handing our asses to us, now!

There was no real plan!

Cut to Grover.


(over radio)

Perimeter set, awaiting instructions.


(into radio)

Everyone fires on my command. March forward the

moment you open fire. Close in on them and kill as

many as you can, and we will chase the rest of them

all the way back to where they came from.


(over radio)

Yes, sir.

Jordan and Mick sharing a skeptical look, as a few more men, who appear to be following Jordan, closely, are also looking very skeptical about things…


Even if we do get them to retreat, what's the plan

once they begin firing rockets at us, again?

Grover stops, as do they, and he walks right over to Jordan, staring at her. She looks tempted to speak, but curious what he has to say…


If you were as confident in me as you are sexy,

you and I would still be together.


Not even in an apocalyptic world…

Grover grins and begins settling in, preparing for a gunfight…


Tonight, is a free Hail Mary, and an illusion for them.

They have no idea what's eventually coming…



Just hope I'm alive to see it…

Cut to safe house where Kyle, Vance and others are being rushed into the triage room…

Eventually someone is rushed in with urgency above all the others, with doctors rushing to the patient. They all get the patient onto a table, where they begin working on her. It's the Guardian…

Samantha, Renee, Griffey and other kids, lineup at the window to watch…

Samantha has a tear running down her cheek…

Blair is close by with her grandparents, watching, but then she moves over toward Porter's father, who looks uncomfortable.


Are you okay, Joseph?


Oh, dear lord, don't worry about me. The aches and

pains of an old man are nothing to be concerned with,

when people are getting hurt out there.

POV moves over to Marlana gathering some of the younger children, who are edging toward the windows of the triage center, where the Guardian and others are being treated.

Some of those children are very teary eyed, while others are being strong…

POV travels through all the tons of random people, mostly older folks, women, preteens and small children. Sarah is handing out waters to everyone, as Pepsi finishes a hug with Jaelyn, and then begins handing out waters with Sarah, as Jaelyn turns and runs toward the exit.

Lines are already forming for the restrooms, where mothers are standing with crying babies/infants…

Grandpa is helping Kayla and others, who are bringing in boxes full of food/Christmas treats. Doing what they can to bring some comfort to everyone…

Shawn is now at the door (as a vehicle arrives, and Jaelyn runs out), looking outward, toward direction in which all the action is taking place…


EXT. WOODS – NIGHT (snow/ice)

Zane leading everyone through the woods, before suddenly coming to an abrupt stop, holding up his hand for everyone to freeze, as he stares straight ahead, out into the trees and darkness, and falling snow/ice. Everyone else looking outward. It's dead silent. Stix looking outward, then to Zane, as does Mason. Zane looks at Mason who shrugs and mouths "what?". Silence finally breaks with someone coming over radio.


(over radio)

What is it?

More silence as Zane just stares outward…





(over radio)


Zane suddenly yells out to everyone and over radio, while beginning to take cover behind a tree.


(into radio)


Everyone does as he says. Random shots of all of them, finding trees to use as cover, some of them hitting the ground, and readying themselves to fire ahead…


(into radio)

Gunner, they've stopped and are about to make a

move. Follow the gunfire and cross them up!

Quick POV of Grover's face of disappointment.

POV Zane shouting out to everyone, and into his radio.


(into radio)

Fall back, now!

They instantly all take off in the direction they came from, followed by instant gunfire from behind, and then the sound of Grover's voice echoing through the woods.




Grover's men charging out from behind trees, firing ahead at the compounders. There is an entire row of them, with heavy gunfire.

POV random compounders racing through the woods. Some slipping, but rising and continuing to retreat. Grover men are still too far behind to be hitting them, but now Grover has men coming out from the side of the compounders, and close enough to drop a few of them. One compounder is shot and goes down, while another stops to help him, and is shot dead himself, as the wounded one begins running again, but slower, and soon shot dead.

Doug and some of his people are close to the side, where Grover men are closer, and provide valuable aid in slowing those men down with heavy gunfire on them, before continuing to retreat with the others.

POV Grover, Jeb, Jordan and Mick, along with others, also charging from the back of the herd.


I told you we'd be able to push them back!

POV compounders retreating, as Porter speeds his hummer the opposite direction, getting ahead of the compounders, as Mayday opens heavy fire, with the 50-cal. Porter spins the hummer around with a 180, as Mayday does the same with the 50-cal, trying his best to spray bullets over the line of charging Grover men.

Porter begins speeding in a parallel line with Grover's men, allowing Mayday to slow them all down, and keep them off the compounders. Porter then does another 180 and driving back the opposite way. It's working, but the Grover men are beginning to swamp them, and firing on the hummer. Porter turns and speeds back toward the compounders, just enough to keep out of range from Grover's men.

Mayday is nailing plenty of them, but eventually takes a shot to his arm, as Porter retreats back to the compounders…

Mayday looks over his injury, before returning fire with the 50-cal…

POV Grover, Jeb, Jordan and Mick, cautiously moving along, with the sound of the 50-cal ahead. They're reaching a point where the white snow is turning red, as Jordan looks down at the bodies of several Grover men, with a shake of her head…


(mumbling to herself)

Merry red freaking Christmas…

She looks from them, to Grover, with concern…



Large caravan driving the highway…

POV Grover inside vehicle with Jeb, Jordan and Mick.


I buy that Leo was playing us, but why is this the first

I'm hearing about these convicts, and this is all about

fifty or sixty men? And that's if you get half of them?


Fifty to sixty men joining our cause and leaving my

baby brother's. That's a difference of over a hundred

men. Men who know how to survive…


Your grandfather would not approve of any of this.


Once we take the compound, he won't care about

any of this, nor have need for his own army being

here, any longer.

Jordan's eyes instantly wide at the mention of taking the compound.


Take the compound?!

Grover a look right at her…


That is what my army of convicts was created for.

Jordan just staring at him in disbelief…


You are kidding, right? Cause you go against your

grandfather like that, it's you he won't have need

for any longer.

The caravan reaching Glenwood, pulling onto Glenwood Lane…


You speak to me as if you know the exact conversations

he and I, have had.

Jordan again staring at him, shaking her head…


What is that supposed to mean?

Grover about to answer, before suddenly staring ahead, toward the gates of Glenwood.


What the…

POV open gates, with huffs roaming around, now heading toward the caravan, which comes to a stop…

Tons of Grover men begin piling out, ready to kill off the huffs, but stopped by Grover who climbs out of his vehicle, with Jordan, and simply holds up his hand. Jordan aims her gun, then stares at Grover who walks right over toward the huffs, looking them in the face.

His men are looking from him, to one another, as more huffs begin piling through the gates, toward Grover. He finally shoots the first one, right before it was about to bite him. He then shoots another, just in time. He kills off a couple more, one by one, before finally coming to one who he just watches. It's Jones…

Grover simply turns and goes right back to his vehicle, watched by Jordan and the others.

He climbs in, ordering the driver to go. Jordan jumps back in, followed by all the others climbing into their vehicles. They all turn around and drive away, just as the huffs are reaching them, and left behind as the caravan pulls onto highway 6, heading east, speeding after Grover's vehicle…



Convicts are standing around, either complaining or defending Zane, while GW stands off alone, just staring off at nothing…

He then begins walking away, not stopping until he comes to a spot where the others are no longer heard. He continues to stare off at nothing, until he can begin to hear something else…

It's a strange sound, which catches his attention. He walks around corner, looking around, and then another corner, before a girl (Kara) screams, just as GW comes from behind the boy she's making out with. GW rolls his eyes, as the boy turns around. It's Felix. GW simply walks away.


I know you. (going after him) You're Great White.

People here tell stories about you.

Suddenly, nurses Taylor and Hailey come running around corner, checking on the scream they heard. They look at the young couple, then GW, with a very questionable expression.


Sorry I screamed. He kind of caught us off guard.

Taylor looking from her, to Felix, then smiling as she looks at GW.


(speaking to Kara/Felix)

You two should get back to the festivities.

Hailey shares a look/smile with Taylor, before leading both Kara and Felix away…


I heard Zane was here. What's going on?

GW doesn't answer, just looks from her to the ground…


It is nice to see you.

GW looks back up at her, just staring at her for a moment…


It's nice to see you, too.

Taylor smiles…


Well…you at least brought me a Christmas gift, didn't


GW again just staring at her for a moment…


I would have, but…



I was just kidding, GW. (moving in on him) But I do have

one for you.

He looks nervous, as she wraps her arms around him and gives him a hug…


You just look like you could use one of those.

She flashes him a flirtatious smile and nods him her direction.


Come on, come join the fun. We're about to drive a

whole van of Christmas cookies over to all the kids.

They'd love to see you. You're so good with them.

GW hesitates, but follows her around the corner. The other nurses are all over by a van, loading it with gifts and treats. Off in the background, is an area with tons of glass windows, where inside you can see a huge Christmas party, with tons of lights and decorations.

They begin walking in silence, toward the van…


Thank you…

Taylor looking up at him with a smile.


For what?


I did need that…

Taylor's smiles grows…


Well, you know what? Maybe you should just ask

me out, some time. (looking right at him) That's

what I need.

GW can't help but to smile, causing a laugh from Taylor.


I love seeing you smile!

Suddenly, her smile fades, while looking way over toward the party area. Her POV of what looks like everyone vacating the party, through the doors…


What the…


We're here to evacuate Nike World, and move everyone

to the compound.


Why? What happened?

Suddenly, an explosion takes place at the gates.



GW gripping his gun and charging back toward his fellow convicts.


GW?! GW?!

Taylor watches him for just a moment, before turning and dashing for the van. She runs past Felix and Kara.


Kara, go to your family. I have to help GW!

Felix runs in direction of GW.


Felix, NO!

Kara hesitates, but then turns and runs. Felix turns, to ensure she went, then keeps running in direction of GW. Suddenly, there's another explosion, as Felix turns to see the van on fire. The only nurses he can see are the ones burning alive, as he stops and freezes, before turning and running same direction that Kara had taken off in, but is then shot dead, while GW is dramatically charging back toward the van, and taking notice of Felix's death. He can see that Felix is gone, and glances back at the van, which is also a lost cause. He looks back toward the gate area, with a look of pure rage…



Doctors are hard at work on the injured. Kayla is helping as a nurse…

Grandpa is at the doors, on his radio. His conversation can't be heard. Some people are close by, listening or watching him. Most people are extremely solemn, comforting their young children and infants, just standing/sitting and waiting…

Brianna sits with Marlana, keeping eyes on Samantha, Griffey, Renee, Trisha, Ashley, Kristen, Bo, Kat, August, Jax, Maddox, Blaze, Vara, Russel, Jenna and other kids.

They all look so sad, scared, and are very quiet…

Suddenly, Samantha's face lights up, and she rises and runs toward someone, who had just arrived. It's Eli, and she throws her arms around him, for a huge hug, which he is too daunted to truly return.

She looks at him. He looks like a ghost.


Are you okay?

He begins shaking his head…


What happened?

He forms a tear, looking away, and then back at her…


Joshua is dead.




She instantly forms a tear, and then another. Griffey expresses his own sorrow, as they both wait for Eli to go on…


He was in the tree house, with his dad. So was Abino.


(choked up)

Who else was up there?


I'm not sure.


Where are the rest of the Rough Riders? Where is Zane,

and Scout, and everyone else?!

Eli just shaking his head…


Fighting…they're all fighting…

Samantha, Griffey and even Bo, just staring at Eli…


EXT. WOODS – NIGHT (snowy/icy)

POV dark snowy woods, with falling snow/ice, and the sound of gunfire in the distance…

Eventually, tons of flashlights begin shining through the woods, before the compound army comes charging through…

Zane, Stix, GW, Kemp, Lester, Divit, Mason, Chasin, Jason, Gia, other soldiers, Sheriff Dave, Dakota, Cleo and everyone else, racing full speed through the snowy woods, with gunfire behind them. They work hard to keep their footing, in the snow/ice. Porter drives behind them, as Mayday points the 50-cal backwards, keeping an eye out for Grover men, and occasionally firing a few random shots…

Zane appears to be leading everyone toward a large hill (unclimbable), as they arrive and race right around the corner of it. As they all come to the other side, they can now see several hummers parked there in the dark, waiting for them. Also, there are armed fighters, on horses or the ground/behind trees.

Blake is on a horse, along with the older Rough Riders, all armed and ready to fight. Jennifer is in the driver's seat of a hummer (parked sideways) which doesn't have a 50-cal, but both Hope and Ryder are in the back, aiming guns out cracked windows. The other hummers (also parked sideways) have 50-cals, and random men arming them. April is inside one of them, in driver's seat, aiming her gun.

Zane and all the runners, race right past the hummers, finding cover behind them or the trees, and some of them heading down to the ground, behind humps or logs. Porter arrives with his hummer, parking sideways and aiming his gun out window, as Mayday aims the 50-cal in the same direction everyone else does, toward the approaching Grover army.

Scout/Solis finding a secure spot, and aiming their guns, while catching their breath. Queen Nike, her sister, Bonnie and other officers, all securing themselves a spot, and aiming their guns, also out of breath. Doug and his people all doing the same, along with Jo, Peyton, Chloe and Cody. Peyton begins catching his breath, then sharing a look at Jo.

Mason, Chasin and Jason all race to different hummers, where Jennifer, April and other random compounders, begin quickly unloading extra ammo, supplying to everyone in need.


Come get it, if you need it!

Chasin, Jason and others, helping hand out ammo (including more grenades) to all in need, as everyone rushes to secure themselves for the ominous attack…


(outloud/over radio)

Don't even wait for my command! Open fire the moment

Mayday does!

Silence taking over the entire area, other than Jason racing toward the far corner of the line of compounders, and everyone breathing heavily, watching and waiting for the Grover army to arrive. It's cold enough to see the breath coming from them all, as the snow and ice continue to fall…

It grows even more quiet, with only the sound of them all breathing…

GW and the cons, are mostly grouped together, surrounded by Zane, Mason, Chasin, Rich, DJ and other compounders. The Queen and her people are nearby, as continued silence comes from them all, but with anger and fear all over their faces…

Cleo is quiet, as a tear runs down her face, and Dakota's hand comes over her shoulder. Sage is near Doc and the other cousins, fighting back her own tears. Blake sits on his horse, behind some trees, also shedding tears…

The sound of the Grover army is nearing the corner, as Zane speaks quietly into his radio.


(into radio)

Gunner, shit's about to go down.


(over radio)

And I wouldn't miss it for the world. Give us maybe

ninety seconds.

Silence for a few more seconds, before the first of the Grover men are seen coming around the corner, with compounders ducking down low.

More and more of them are arriving, hustling forward, until suddenly the ones out front begin to slow, and come to a complete stop. The moment they do, is the moment Mayday opens fire, with floodlights instantly shining all over the Grover men, who begin dropping like flies, with instant gunfire coming from the entire compound army, along with tons of grenades exploding at the front of the Grover army…

Blood fills the snow on the ground, seen through the bright lights being aimed at the falling Grover men, either falling in death or to take cover from all the gunfire…

Hope and Ryder firing from inside the hummer, as is Jennifer, who nails a Grover man, as does Ryder.


(continues firing)

Oh my god, I killed a man!

Jennifer a look back at Ryder, as they all continue to fire.

Cut to Grover, Jeb, Jordan, Mick and a few other guys, at tail end of the Grover army.


(into radio)

We outnumber them; Get around them and take

them from behind!

Cut to a large group of Grover men, nearing the end of the compounder line of fighters, when suddenly, Jason flares up the flame-thrower and unleashes fire on them, burning several of them alive, screaming until they drop. Jason is doing his best to keep them from getting around the compounders, but more and more Grover men keep coming, making it further down the line.

Suddenly, another source of bright lights come on, aimed at the Grover men who were making their way around Jason and the line of compounders. Instant heavy fire comes from another hummer and 50-cal (had been hidden in the darkness) killing off one Grover man after another, and sending the rest running back the direction they came from. It's Shawn (Queen Nike's father) firing the 50-cal!

More Grover men continue to race through the woods, trying to get around the hummer, which speeds along the line, allowing Shawn to keep his fire on them. Jason stays where he is, continuing to spit fire, and keep the Grover army on their own side.

Random shots of Zane and all the other compounders, even the random ones, firing their weapons. They are killing off Grover men, while taking losses of their own. More Grover men are dropping than the compounder army, but most men are now down low and back out of the bright lights, which reveals all the blood and dead bodies, of those who had fallen. Both sides are trading gunfire, as a few of the dead are already rising as huffs. One of them is shot dead, but the other two are still on their feet, indecisive in which way to go, as gunfire comes from both sides.

At the end of the compounder line, Grover men remain aggressive at getting around the line, and are making a decent effort. The line is at risk.

Cut to Grover, Jeb, Jordan and Mick.


(into radio)

Keep pushing!

Suddenly, Jeb is shot from behind. Grover, Jordan and Mick are shocked, as they quickly turn around, horrified to see a handful of trucks, now shining bright lights on them, and opening heavy gunfire. Gunner comes up over the top of one of the trucks, as he and other random compounders are firing on Grover and his men, from behind.

Grover goes diving behind a tree, followed by Jordan and Mick, and a few others. They open fire, as do other Grover men, who are now turning around, to fight off the cross fire…

POV Gunner firing his weapon, with Bryant (16, Scout's son) Jaelyn (20, Mason's daughter) right next to him, also firing. Marlana and Mayday's girlfriend (Melanie) are in another truck, firing their weapons, as are other random compounders. Catherine, Missy and Rachel are at the driver's door, using it as shield, while firing at the Grover army. Shelby pops up over the top of Rachel's truck, firing her weapon…

POV Grover's men going down, either from being hit or avoiding being hit. They are becoming disorganized, from the crossfire…

Cut to Shawn using the 50-cal to fight off Grover men, who are swamping the line and close to making their way around it. The driver is spinning out some, in the snow/ice. One of those Grover men has a radio, and raises it to his ear.


(into radio)

Say again!


(over radio)

Retreat! We're taking fire from behind! We need every

man back here, now! We have to fight through them,

and make it back to the highway!



Retreat! They're hitting us from behind! Retreat back

to Grover!

Suddenly, the Grover man with the radio is shot dead and all the men around him begin rushing away, back toward Grover, and yelling for all the others to join them…

Zane looks out, as do others, taking notice of the Grover army retreating.




They all rise and charge! Hope and Ryder watch as Jennifer turns the hummer straight and begins driving along with the other hummers, horses, dogs, and people on foot. But then her hummer and a few others stop, and remain behind, turning and shining lights over their wounded, as Jennifer drives ahead a little more, and rushes out, to begin helping the injured. Hope and Ryder hop out to help. Hope spots a dead Grover man, who has risen as a huff and fires a shot, missing the head, before her second shot nails him. She stands guard as Ryder helps Jennifer with an injured compounder…

Jo and Cody are quick to their feet, racing forward, still firing. Chloe goes too, but Peyton does not. Jo looks back at him, suddenly looking shocked, while taking notice that he is hurt, and runs back to him.


No, no, no, no!

She gets to him and rolls him over. He's more than hurt, he's dying right there in her arms, and a second later is actually gone. She cries out, as Cody and Chloe look back at her. A huff comes out of nowhere! Almost biting Cody, but shot by Chloe, who then runs back to Jo.

Jo just cries out…

POV all the compounders charging forward, firing their guns. There are a few random huffs who have risen or have been roaming around, who are shot dead by random compounders. One is man-handled quickly, by GW, as he runs past it. Zane quickly kills a pair of them, as Stix kills one of his own, before reaching for a knife, as Divit also kills one, but is about to be bitten by another, before it is nailed in the head, by a flying knife.

POV Dakota running through the woods, followed by Cleo, who looks distraught, and is almost killed by a huff, but with Damon coming out of nowhere, killing the huff, and continuing to rush ahead, but while throwing a glance back at Cleo, who looks right back at him…

Damon suddenly is shot at by Grover men, who miss, but have him right in their sight. Just before they can fire again, one of them is shot dead, while the other one now fires at someone else, but is then shot himself. Damon turns to look at Gia, who gives him a glance, as she races by. Damon looks from her, to Dakota and Cleo, who also race by, before he begins running again…

Cut to Gunner and his crew, firing heavily on the Grover men, who some of them are being shot dead, but with more and more of them arriving.


You screwed us, Anthony!



My name is GROVER! And we still outnumber

those assholes!

Jordan motions a herd of Grover men to follow after her, as she begins to charge Gunner and his crew, opening heavy fire on them. Mick follows, as does Grover.


Now that's what I'm talking about!

Gunner and his crew return fire on them! Killing a bunch of them, but Jordan continues leading the way, and shooting one of the random compounders, with Gunner's crew. Gunner takes notice, and quickly grabs his radio, yelling into it and at those around him.


(into radio)


Cut to Zane wildly charging forward, firing his weapon and shooting dead a Grover man, who had turned around to open fire on him, and all his charging people…

Cut to Missy (Mason's girlfriend) unloading on a couple Grover men, before hopping in her truck, and speeding away. Random compounders are in the back, firing their guns, as they speed away. POV Bryant, firing at someone, nailing him in the leg. The guy is pissed, and fires back, multiple times. The truck takes off, with Bryant falling backwards, onto the bed of the truck, which saves his life, from the heavy gunfire…

POV Catherine (Chasin's wife), shooting a man dead, before climbing into her truck and beginning to drive away. Gunner is watching her, while climbing inside of passenger seat of his truck. He then stops to take a few shots at the men approaching, and trying to prevent Catherine from getting away, as they fire at her truck. Gunner shoots one of them dead, but Jordan and Mick blow right by the dead man, firing at Gunner, who is just missed as he hops in and the driver takes off.

Marlana firing shots, and suddenly turning to her side, and aiming her gun at someone. She just stares at whoever it is, without firing. Suddenly, the man next to her is shot and knocked right off of the truck. Marlana turns back toward all the action, firing her gun. Gunner watches as Jordan shoots another random compounder. Marlana takes a shot at Jordan, just missing, but then hits Mick in his arm, before Jordan fires a shot that nails Marlana, knocking her straight down against the back of the truck bed, as it drives away, with Jordan diving behind a tree, dodging an incoming bullet…

Gunner watches in shock, before watching Grover fire heavily on them, nailing Rachel in the arm (Gunner's wife, in back of truck).



She pops right back forward, firing at the Grover men, who are swamping the area, but now being left behind, as they speed ahead.


I'm good…

Shelby back there with Rachel, already at work on her arm, with a look at one of the other trucks, as they all speed into the darkness of the snow-covered woods, where the falling snow has turned to all freezing rain…


(into radio)

Back end secure. But this game is over; it's every man

for himself, until we get back to that highway.

Jordan and Mick (bloody arm) immediately turning heads with dirty looks at Grover, as they all begin running through the bloody snow, with gunfire in the background, from the front end…

Cut to Grover rushing through the woods, with the others behind him. As he is running, he can suddenly hear someone yelling at the top of their lungs, off in the distance. He can't hear the first two things that are screamed, but then stops to listen.




Grover looks confused, not understanding what he just heard, as Jordan catches up to him, with Mick and others. Grover begins running, again…


EXT. COMPOUND WALL – NIGHT (freezing rain)

Hunter walks out of the tree house, onto the catwalk, looking up at the hard-falling rain, and stepping carefully over the frozen pathway. A random compounder is placing down rock salt, for traction. Hunter looks over the field, which is lit up with flood lights. There are others there, with guns, trying to keep warm…


(over radio)

We did take casualties, and have wounded! Ready

the docs!


(over radio)

It worked though. We have them on the run.


(over radio)

They still have the numbers, but we have the ammo!



POV scanning all the quiet somber people. Many people are still in Christmas sweaters, and all the party food and treats are there, but there is nothing festive about this crowd…

POV finding Samantha, walking with Renee, toward the exit, and followed closely, by Brianna. They walk outside, and find Eli standing guard, with a spear. Brianna stops just inside the doors, keeping an eye on them…


Are you okay?

Eli just staring ahead, silently, before finally answering…


It's like the last year or so, was all a dream. One I

just woke up from, cause now it feels just like it

did up there on that mountain, and on the river…

Samantha just staring off in thought.


Yeah…it does.




Except worse…cause this time I also feel like a

big coward.

Samantha a shocked look at him.


What? Why?


Everyone thinks I'm so brave…I wasn't…I'm not…I

just wasn't scared of dying…maybe I even wanted

to…plus those huffs are mindless and weak…but

people…people with guns…It's like my anxiety is

back…I'd rather be here, than out there…

Eli shaking his head…developing tears…


(beginning to weep)

And I just don't want to die, now. It's like…I have

a family again…

Samantha throws her arms around him, as he weeps even more, while continuing to talk.


Joshua was like a brother to me, and I just can't

handle losing another one!

Samantha's face filling with tears…

Brianna's face is full of tears...

Standing behind Brianna, is Grandpa Sam, with a face of tears…


I miss him so much…now I miss them both, and

they didn't even have to die. It was the living who

killed them, not the dead. What's wrong with

people? (weeping)

Eli weeping, as is Samantha, as Grandpa comes from behind them…


I feel your pain, Eli.

Eli drying his face, as he and Samantha turn to look at Grandpa, who places his hand on Eli's shoulder.


And I wish I had the words to help ease that pain, but

tonight, we're all hurting. We've all lost a brother in

Joshua; we're all family here.

Samantha placing herself inside of her grandfather's arms.


I know, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be a baby.


We don't apologize in this family for showing our

emotions, and a part of this family you certainly are.

Samantha steps away from her grandfather, who now takes Eli into his arms, embracing, when suddenly headlights come over them, with a pair of trucks speeding their way. Doctors and nurses begin rushing out the exit, with a gurney.

Grandpa steps out after them, as Samantha, Eli and Renee become nervous.

Gunner comes to a speeding stop, as Brianna steps right behind the kids. Rachel jumps out of the back, with a bloody arm, with Gunner helping her, while the second truck comes to a quick stop.





Samantha runs straight over to her aunt, who quickly hugs her, with Brianna arriving.


I'm okay, baby girl. It's - (cutoff)

Before she can even finish speaking, Samantha begins dashing for the other truck.




Eli and Renee instantly look toward the other truck, as Samantha runs over to Catherine, next to Shelby, who is keeping her hands over a bloody wound of Marlana's. The Doctors are working to get her onto the gurney. She is unconscious. Eli and Renee are now frantically running over there. Samantha is bawling, with a hand to her shoulder, by Catherine and Gunner, who now follow them all inside. They carry Marlana by Eli and Renee. Renee is trying to fight off tears, but begins losing the fight…

A bunch of other children, including Griffey, Trisha and Ashley, begin gathering at the inside of the entrance, nervously watching Marlana being carried in on the gurney. Blair and Pepsi are there with them, comforting the ones who begin crying. Blair comes outside, grabbing Renee, as Brianna holds a weeping Samantha, and leads her inside. They watch as Kristen begins frantically rushing through the crowd, toward the infirmary, where they are taking Marlana…

Catherine is at the door, speaking with Grandpa, who watches Samantha walk by, with concern. She looks back at him, and stops, looking from him to Catherine…


Is anyone else…dead?

They both look back at her, with broken hearts, as Gunner comes back over to them.


If someone you needed to know was hurt, I would

tell you.

Gunner with a sad look at Samantha, who is led away by Brianna. Grandpa looks at Gunner.




She's fine.



Gunner just shakes his head, as if too close to call…

POV begins going back outside, until they are no longer heard.



It was a costly move, but it paid off. They're on the run,

back for the highway. With the injured coming here, it

might be a good idea to let everyone else relax, and

return to their homes, or the complex.



I agree; give the family of the injured some privacy.

April is bringing back more injured, now.



I'll take care of it.

POV returns to Eli, guarding the entrance, with his spear, and tears running down his quiet face…

Cut inside to all the children at the windows of the infirmary, watching the doctors rushing to go to work on Marlana. Most of them with tears or weeping, while some try to remain brave. Blair, her grandparents, and Pepsi are there with them. Pepsi is an emotional mess, looking over all the emotional children…

Vance is bandaged, but looking better, as he leaves his infirmary bed, heading outside to all the others, followed out by Kayla. She hands him some meds.


You should be taking it easy, and take these,

three times a day for the pain, which might get

worse, once the stuff we already gave you wears off.


Thanks, I just need a cigarette. I'm not dying tonight,

and unfortunately, either are my bad habits.

He smiles at her and walks toward the exit, when Joseph (Porter's father) suddenly stops him.


I quit smoking almost ten years ago, but I'd do anything

for one, right now. I hate to ask the man who almost

gave his life, protecting an old fart like me, but if you

have an extra one to spare, I'll give you some company,


Vance looking him over, then taking notice of some people leaving the safe house.


What's going on?


Even though plenty more fine people like yourself

are getting hurt, I guess we're winning, and they

feel it's safe to let us breathe.

Vance looks around, then hands Joseph a cigarette.


EXT. BRUSHY AREA – NIGHT (freezing rain)

Someone is alone in a quiet area, leaning on his side, against a wall, with somewhat of a cover keeping him dry from the falling rain. He's weeping…

It's Grandpa Sam, as his silent thoughts begin to be heard.



I survived what you did to this world, and to my family,

when you leashed hell on it, and on us all. I did my

duty and I kept my family, and a small handful of the

world alive, and not just alive, but living the way we

were meant to live; with a roof over our heads, and a

community…but on the eve of your own god damn

birthday, you have to go and step on everything we

have built, here! You let a boy filled with so much

love and inspiration, just vanish from our community!

I am only one man, I can't do the kind of things you

did, when you gave us life, and a beautiful place to live

in. I do my best, but just every once in damn while, I

need your damn help…

Grandpa stops leaning against the wall, taking a deep breath, then looking upward.



You let me down.

Grandpa walking around corner of building/brush, as POV travels around the other side of that building (part of the complex), and by some random people and kids, and into another private brushy area, where Vance and Joseph are smoking their cigarettes…


Which one is your son?


Andre, or Porter you may know him as.

Vance nodding.


Aw, yes, Mason's number two.

Joseph putting out his cigarette and staring at it.


It was him who got me to give these things up.

He places the cigarette butt in his pants pocket, rather than the ground, as Vance simply flicks his onto the ground, and walks toward Joseph, extending his hand.


Well, it's nice to meet the father of a legend.

Joseph shakes his hand with a laugh, followed by a gasp pf pain/shock, as Vance swiftly jabs him in the gut, with a pocket knife. He twists the knife, with a wide-eyed look of shock from Joseph, before he drops dead to the ground. Vance looks around, and then leaves the area…



The gate guards are distracted by intense arguing by the convicts, down below. One of them (Tommy) is really pissed.






Another convict (convict #2) gets in the face of Tommy.






A few convicts getting in each other's faces, looking like a fight could break out, as the gate guards begin climbing down, to ensure peace. One of them speaks over radio.


(into radio)

Marshall, these guys might be a problem!


Speak your mind, but try to stay calm!


If it runs in the family, then how the hell do we

know it doesn't run through Zane?!


Cause that was some mentally ill shit, he just did!




I'm not excusing it, and certainly not condoning it,

but the man is human…(looking at Tommy and con

#4) Not one with an illness.


Grover is the one with an illness!

Cut to Grover, driving a truck which is speeding over a bumpy road. Jordan is in passenger seat, with Jeb and Mick in the back.


I know my brother.


Like you knew he was going to do that shit, back there!?


Now that he has, and evacuated the camp he stole

from me, he's got his women and children probably

already heading for that compound, while he and

the others are evacuating their precious Queen.


Which is why I support this idea, but after we end this

place, we wait for word from Washington. You don't

even have the rest of your own people here. You're

fighting with your grandfather's men. You lose them

at the walls of that compound, and it's over.

Grover looking at her, as he continues speeding forward.


I have men on the inside. (now speaking into radio)

Blow it!

Cut to the gate guards, hearing the sound of approaching vehicles, and quickly racing to the top of the gate, just in time to see Grover's caravan, and an incoming rocket, that blows them up, as Grover speeds his truck through the burning gates, as Divit, Tommy and the other convicts, open fire on them, then dash for their lives…


EXT. SNOWY WOODS – NIGHT (freezing rain)

A pocket of Grover men are cornered by GW and a pocket of convicts, who open fire on them, killing them all off until only a couple are left. They're out of ammo, and holding up their hands, but GW smashes the head of the first, against a tree and goes for the other, but that one takes a blade to the throat, by Tommy, who shares a look with both GW and Divit, before they all run off in the direction of gunfire, in the distance…

Cut to Dakota and Cleo, firing their guns at several Grover men, and then immediately stabbing them in the brain, and moving on…

Cut to Doc, with Sage and other cousins, running down Grover men who fire back at them, but are running dangerously low on ammo, whereas Doc and his crew have plenty. They keep firing, and eventually hit each and every last one…

Solis killing a pair of Grover men, before almost shot himself, as Scout fires back and nails the guy who almost shot Solis. Another Grover man jumps from brush, tackling Scout, as Solis rushes and dives on top of the guy. They wrestle around a quick moment, before Scout has a shot and takes it. She and Solis share a quick appreciation kiss and march forward…

Porter driving his hummer, with a few other hummers in the background, all shining bright lights, and firing their 50-cals. Mayday continues to fire from his, as does Shawn, who nails a bunch of Grover men. Suddenly that hummer spins out on the icy snow, as Shawn holds on tightly. It comes to a stop, then begins going again.

Jason is with Wyatt, Rich and DJ, near Porter's hummer, and firing/killing random Grover men, who come out of hiding, and try running away…

One pops out of nowhere, firing a shot that almost hits Wyatt, before he fires one back, which does hit that Grover man.

Cut to Harris, Nikki, Bonnie and others, chasing a few Grover men, who fire the last of their ammo, and keep running. One of them slips on the ice, causing a few more of them to wipe out. They are then shot dead, while down there on the ground, as Harris and them keep running after the other ones…

Doug and his crew are in shootout, with a ton of Grover men. They are outnumbered, but have the advantage with ammo. Doug's group are fairly skilled, killing off several Grover men, and working together, to eventually take them all down, and even share some high-fives…

Blake is still on his horse, running down Grover men who have no ammo, and shooting or bashing them with his bat, until he swings down on a guy, somewhat missing, and then knocked down off his horse. He quickly rises and finds his bat, bashing the guy in his head, and then another guy who comes at him, but now has three more guys coming, without guns. Blake scrambles to find his, but can't, so the bat it is. He is a big, strong young man, who overpowers these guys, as they all meet their deaths at the hand of his bat.

Yet still, more Grover men arrive, as do a few compounder soldiers, including Gia and Frost. They open fire on them. Gia is dropping them like flies. Ricky (A soldier from EP 2.9, had a conversation with Mason about turning 21) fires and hits the last one, who was retreating. But as he turns, he is bitten in the back, by a Grover man, who had risen as a huff. He screams in pain, as Gia quickly knocks away the huff, before Blake bashes its head…

Cut to quick shot of Cody, shooting a Grover man, as Zane comes into POV, running through the area with Mason, Chasin, Sheriff Dave, Stix, Divit and others.

GW, Kemp, Lester and other convicts, are catching up with them, all looking around as they hustle. They fire at random Grover men, who pop up here and there.

Suddenly, they are heavily fired on, by a group of Grover men. A couple random convicts are shot dead, as Zane and the others take cover, and return heavy fire.

Rich and DJ arrive from behind the Grover men, giving them crossfire. More Grover men arrive, and even join the fight. DJ takes a shot to his leg, as Rich pulls him out of harm's way.

Suddenly, Porter arrives, with Mayday opening heavy 50-cal fire on them, killing most, while the others dash away, except a couple who slip in the ice, and are shot dead before able to escape…

Cut to Cleo running full speed through the woods, Dakota slips behind her, but Cleo keeps going, and comes to a hill, without stopping. She slides herself right down the hill and ice, while opening fire on three Grover men who attempt to race across the field, but are slowed and slipping in the ice. It's a long hill, as Cleo slides to the bottom, but not before killing two of them. She rises, aims, and kills the last one. She walks over to them, intensely stabbing the head of the first two, and then stabbing the head of the last one, about a dozen times, only stopping after she is fired on, by two more Grover men. One of them is instantly shot dead by Dakota, before the other one is shot by Cleo…

Cut to Zane and all the people who were with him earlier, as Doug and his group are meeting up with them, as well as all the hummers and most of their army. They are coming to the highway, where a ton of Grover's caravan is still parked and abandoned. They all cautiously enter the area, as Zane takes notice of fresh tire tracks, heading east on the highway…


A few of them got away.


Not many…

Zane just staring down the empty highway…



Grover speeds into Nike World as far as he can, followed by others, before stopping and climbing out, full force. The convicts have been rushing away, since Grover's caravan first began speeding inside. They are now being fired on, as a few of them are shot dead.

Jordan is handing Grover the RPG, who aims, and fires. He blew up a van, with many of his men already charging that direction and shooting their guns. Grover, Jordan, Mick, Jeb and others, all follow after

the other men.

The convicts go charging across a field, seeing GW and running his way. He looks ready to fight, but the convicts are not stopping.



Just run GW! There are too many!

They begin taking heavy fire, with a couple more of them shot dead. They are highly exposed, as tons more Grover men are arriving. Suddenly, Ike comes from the side, with a bunch of Nike fighters, opening heavy fire on the Grover men, who take cover, and fire back. This allows the convicts a chance to dash off, as Ike and his men begin doing the same. Suddenly, Ike is blown up, along with a few others, as Grover hits them with an RPG…

Dissolve to the face of an emotional Queen Nike, helping instruct the vehicles of her people, to move through a back end of Nike World, where they are in full retreat. The last of them are evacuating, but as approaching headlights begin to come their direction. Zane, Stix, GW and others are preparing to fight, and just at the right time, begin launching grenades, from all sides, and blowing up many of the lead vehicles, causing a "roadblock"…

Zane and his men all hop in some vehicles and speed after the rest of their people, who are all speeding through an open field and onto a large road, as they retreat for the compound…

Dissolve to Grover near the blown-up gates, looking over Zane's hummer.


I say we stop while we're ahead. They may have

gotten away, but they left most of their things

behind, and we now have both Glenwood and Nike


Grover's POV of his mother, Mary, sitting in the passenger seat of Zane's hummer. Grover smiles, and climbs inside…


INT. COMPOUND GATES – NIGHT (freezing rain)

April, Jennifer and others, are helping the wounded through the gates, as well as the grieving, such as Jo, as they carry in the body of her husband. She looks numb, cold…

Cut to the safe house, where most people are gone, but doctors and nurses are still hard at work.

Cut to the Baker complex, where many people are gathered, including children. Most of them are heading inside.

Cut to random parts of the complex, or the guest houses nearby, along with the road leading back to the area with more homes and city streets. Random people are here and there, traveling from one place or another. Some people are in large numbers, while others are not…

POV finds windows, where inside, people are sitting down in comfort, hugging, crying, even praying…

POV comes to a random mom with her tired child (boy, maybe 6 or 7). They are walking along an area of the Baker complex, when the mom stops to hug a concerned friend.


How are you holding up?


I just keep thinking about my boy, out there. No idea

if he's okay, or not.


Mom, can I go lay down inside.


Of course, sweetheart; I'll be right there.

The boy walks over to a door leading to a room without people and lays down on a couch. The boy closes his eyes, as POV moves from him, to the other side of the couch, where a dead body is lying…

Cut to an area near the guest homes, where a woman hugs an older woman and her husband, before they walk toward their guest house, and she begins walking toward the complex area. She walks backwards a moment, watching them go inside and close their door. She turns and comes face to face with Vance.


Oh my god! You scared the – (cutoff)

He jabs her with his pocket knife, and begins dragging her toward the complex, until he could hear people, and then drags her into the bushes, and coming out quickly, before anyone could see him.

But then suddenly, he runs right into someone, a random guy (Billy).


I've been looking all over for you! I can't believe

you got hit by one of our own guys! You good?


I'm fine, but we have to help from in here. Secretly

kill as many as you can, once the dead rise, it'll

become chaos in here.


(shaking head)

It's too late; the war is over. Grover is in full retreat,

and most of the men are dead.

Vance shocked.


How the hell did he let that happen?!

Suddenly, they can hear the dead woman, in the bushes, becoming a huff, as Billy looks at Vance with shock, and they both take off.


It's too late, now. We're committed. It's mostly women

and children; kill as many as you can, before the others


Suddenly, they hear screams.

Cut to Grandpa at the complex, helping people inside, as he can hear the screams, looking outward, before taking off in that direction and then rushing as a gunshot goes off.

Cut to the safe house, with looks from everyone inside, at the sound of the gunshot, followed by another, as they all rush for the doors.

Cut to Grandpa arriving out near the field of the safe house area, with others, as Joseph and another huff are walking in the snow, with a dead body already on the ground.

Cut to Hunter on the wall, looking toward the sound of distant gunfire inside the compound, then looking outward, as some of the hummers are coming through the woods, into the field.


(into radio)

Shots fired inside the compound! Shots fired!

Cut to the hummers instantly speeding forward, toward the gates.

Cut to Eli using his spear to kill off Joseph and the other huff, as Grandpa and others rush to the scene…

They look at the huffs, and then to each other, as others arrive, all confused…




How the hell did this happen?

They all just look at each other, before another scream is heard. They all go rushing for it.

Cut to hummers speeding through the gates, where April, Jennifer and others, are watching them speed through.

Cut to the woman who Vance killed, now a huff, and eating another woman, as people arrive, some of them screaming, then running. The huff rises and goes after them.

Cut to Catherine running full speed, but slipping in the snow/ice, and busting her head pretty bad. Rachel helps her up, but it's pretty serious.

Cut to the woman who was being eaten, now rising as a huff…

Cut to Gunner, arriving near the woman who was killed by Vance, and shooting her in the head…

Cut to hummers, speeding out of the corridor, and toward the Baker complex…

Cut to Pepsi, Kaiden and Blair, watching over many of the children, inside the complex, where most kids had been resting with sleeping bags, but are now alert and paranoid, as the adults go to the doors, looking outward…

Cut to the complex where the woman with the sleeping child rushes to the door, checks in on her sleeping son. She sees that he is okay, and closes/locks the door, while going to another door, asking Pepsi if she knew what was happening.

Cut to a pair of teenage boys, coming to a stop, as they face the huff who was being eaten, by woman who was killed by Vance. They look at it, and then each other, and without a weapon they decide to turn and run. They go around a corner and then another, then freeze as a gunshot goes off, not too far away.

Suddenly, you can see Vance in the dark shadows, right behind them. One of them turns and is stuck in the gut, with a knife by Vance, who then grabs the other one from behind and sticking him with the knife. He drags both bodies into the brush…

Cut to Chasin, Shawn, Sheriff Dave, Stix, Kemp, April, Jennifer and others, all racing through the complex…

Cut to Moon and Shine, walking quickly, then stopping as they come face to face with Billy, who stabs Shine, who falls toward him. Billy becomes tangled with him, as Moon runs off, screaming.



Billy goes after him, as Shine goes to the ground. Moon makes it around one corner, but is almost caught by Billy, just as Gunner comes around the corner, looking from Moon to Billy, not sure what's going on.


He stabbed Shine! He – (cutoff)

Billy jumps Gunner, who fights back with him, but is on the ground, in the snow and ice, which quickly turns red, once Billy drives the knife into Gunner's chest, at the very moment, Chasin and the others, come around the corner, in shock over what they see. Moon was trying to pull Billy away from Gunner, as a blade travels through the air, sticking Billy directly in the skull. Stix made the kill.

Chasin looks down at Gunner, instantly dropping down to him, with emotion, as are the others.


No, no, no, no, Gunner! You ain't going nowhere,

cousin! (Chasin looking up) He doesn't look good,

man. Get some GOD DAMN HELP, NOW!

April was already on her radio.


(into radio)

We need a doctor, over at the east side of the guest


POV Vance, peeking around corner, at Chasin and them. He is pondering a thought, before almost running ahead, but first hesitating, and then again, he goes for it and runs ahead, joining them all…


Jesus Christ, what happened?

Dissolve to Gunner on a gurney, being put on a truck bed, which takes off…

Dissolve to Gunner on gurney, being taken into safe house infirmary, as Chasin dramatically runs inside, to go check on his wife, Catherine, who is pretty banged up, from her fall. Hunter is also dramatically arriving, running to the side of his son, Gunner…

Dissolve to Grandpa and April organizing all the fighters, sending them off with flashlights.


Start nearby, and then as quickly as possible widen

the search. Make plenty of noise, and stay in groups.

Grandpa arriving on scene.


April, take some help and get to the complex. Go

inside and begin getting a head count. Then we have

to go to the CN (compound neighborhood) and call

everyone outside. No bells, we don't want people

wondering around, right now.

Suddenly, they hear commotion, and begin running over around the corner, where Vance, Shawn, Stix and Kemp are all killing those two teen boys, who Vance had originally killed…

Everyone else arrives, looking at the two dead teens, along with a random dead compounder, eaten, and now rising as a huff. Kemp quickly kills it.


Jesus Christ. How did this one guy do all of this?!

Vance a look at April…



The snow/ice pack is becoming slushy, as the temperature has finally risen, and pure rain is falling. Zane and his army of compounders, along with Porter and his hummer, with Mayday at the 50-cal, are somberly walking through the woods, checking for leftover Grover men, wounded compounders, compounder bodies, huffs, and basically just cleaning up over the mess.


(into radio)

My god…


(over radio)

(loud sound in far background of radio)

It seems to be under control, now, but still trying to

account for everyone. The noise you hear is to attract any

possible huffs, if any are left.

Mason hesitating a moment…


(into radio)

You sure he's going to make it?

Silence for a moment…


(over radio)

I wish, I was…

Mason walks on, in silence, until going back to his radio.


(into radio)

I'm so sorry, Porter, for your loss.

A bunch of other condolences come over the radio, with nothing in return from Porter, as they walk on in silence, until Porter does come over radio.


(over radio)

Has anyone seen Jason?

Silence for a moment…


(over radio)

He was with me and DJ, about ten minutes before

we reached the highway.

More silence…


(over radio)

Anyone seen him since then?

More silence…

POV Porter inside the hummer, shaking his head, with dread. He watches as some of the men kill off random huffs. He shines his bright lights over the area, moving his floodlight throughout the woods…

The men are checking everybody they come across, making brain kills if needed, and ensuring the dead are not their own…

Porter uses his floodlight to locate a huff and keeps the light on it, as one of his men go and kill it. They drive on, in silence, until Porter shines his floodlight on yet another huff, and this time begins quickly looking closer, with extreme dread.

POV Mason's face, and then Zane's, as they come to see the huff up close, and just watch it. The hummer lights stay on, as Porter comes walking down toward the huff. Tears are already sliding down his face. He walks right over to it, looking right in Jason's "dead" face. There is a gunshot wound near his heart…

Porter grabs him by his jacket, and screaming into his face.



He doesn't kill him, just holds him by his jacket, preventing him from biting, as everyone watches, in complete silence, other than Porter's screams…

He throws him down to the ground, still holding him by his jacket and just looking at his face, while continuing to scream out in emotional pain.

He looks too sad to kill him, but finally does jab a knife into the side of his skull. He continues screaming/weeping, as he picks up his close friend and carries him to the hummer, while everyone watches…

Song begins.

"Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon (Official Music Video)"

( watch?v=4cP26ndrmtg )

Scout bawling like a baby, as she watches Porter carry Jason off. Cleo and Dakota are both weeping, as is Blake, Sage, and many others. Zane looks like a ghost, complete disbelief over everything that has developed or happened, over just the last 12 hours or so…

Cut to Zane and the compounder army, walking out of the tree-line, with their view of the compound, and the sun on the verge of coming up from over the mountain and hills, that practically surround it.

Cut to complex, where many of the children are being waken, including Griffey. They are full of excitement to go see their loved ones…

Cut to Zane and his army, slowly/somberly walking through the gates of the compound…

Cut to random parts of the compound, from the complex, to the safe house, and the CN, where different random people are coming from their homes or wherever they had been, and heading toward the front of the complex, gathering and waiting for loved ones.

Cut to Zane and the army, leaving the long corridor of Baker Lane and onto the field, heading for the complex. Some kids are ready to charge straight to them, but are stopped by parents or guardians. All except for Samantha, who goes charging across the field, with Brianna walking her direction…

Samantha spots Zane and charges straight to him, and into his arms, at the exact moment that the lyrics of the song finally begin, almost a minute after it starts…

Zane half-heartedly hugs her, too numb to even really react. She looks up at his face, at the dry tears, and the new one developing, and then she glances around at all the other somber faces, quickly looking through them, and spotting Scout. Samantha dashes straight to her, instantly hugging her, and then moving on to Cleo and Dakota, hugging them while looking around for other loved ones…

Other kids are now dashing across the field, some of them young, some preteens. Wives are also running and the older folks are behind them…

Samantha is now coming out of Rich's arms, and cautiously into DJ's, trying to avoid his wounded leg. DJ's face lights up as Renee arrives. DJ forces her into his arms with a huge hug. All the kids are pouring into the area. Bo and Kat run into their Grandpa Mason's arms. Solis's niece rushes into his arms. Sarah comes rushing at her husband Wyatt, and into his arms, with all kinds of relief. Trisha and Ashley arrive, with arms open for Rich and DJ…

Tons of the Nike World kids and people begin greeting their Queen, as well as Shawn and Nikki. The Queen does her best to smile and fight off the pain of her loss. Marshall comes to her, with a sympathetic look and then a hug. Solis comes over, with a hand over the shoulder of the Queen, followed with shaking Marshall's hand…

Many more people keep arriving, and kids or loved ones who are already hugging one person, move on to another…

Jaelyn comes to Ricky, with a small smile of relief, quickly fading as she takes notice of his pain, and the bite mark on his back. Mason takes notice of the look of doom, that comes over his daughter's face, at the sight of Ricky's fate…

Griffey is alone in the crowd, looking all over, trying to locate Jason…

Samantha is not smiling, but relief dominates her expression, which begins to change, as she takes notice of Griffey, all alone, and looking around. Samantha begins looking through the crowd, searching for Jason.

Tears are finding Griffey, as he continues to search, and then comes to Porter, climbing out of the hummer, and walking toward Griffey, who sheds the tears as Porter arrives in front of him…

The song is on the verge of 2 minutes long, with lyrics "On this night, on this night, on this very Christmas night" now over lapping with the normal lyrics, all as Porter opens his arms and embraces Griffey, with Blake right next to them, face full of tears…

Samantha's face is full of tears, and simply begins bawling uncontrollably, with Scout and Brianna trying to comfort her…

Zane stares at Samantha, paralyzed with guilt…

Blair is arriving, taking notice of Griffey's tears, while coming out of the embrace with Porter, who now looks dreadfully at Blair…

Even those who aren't crying, look like it, as the rain is making everyone wet, as they all slowly begin walking back toward the complex, with the most somber scene imaginable…

The song is now playing as background music, as Eva's parents frantically approach the scene, speaking to April.


Something is wrong. We can't find Eva anywhere.

Blake hustling over toward the commotion…

Cut to the back side of the complex, where people are opening doors and looking all around. Pepsi is close by, spotting Zane for the first time (she still had young children to stay with). The woman next to her, begins walking back for one of the doors, where the light was off. She opens the door and screams!

Pepsi runs over, and vomits! Blake runs to the door, his POV of Eva, as a huff, and with a bloody face, as she eats the sleeping boy…

The song concludes, just as Blake screams out in complete agony!