Season 3, Episode 8

"Only Human"



Absolute silence, other than sound of steps in the snow…



A huff slowly walking through the melting snow, as rain falls. It steps out of the woods/trees, and into a field, facing the walls of the compound…

POV coming from someone on the catwalk, of the huff, across the field, slowly taking steps into the field…

POV Divit and Stix, looking out toward the huff, and then along the cat walk, where a handful of others are holding guns, keeping their eyes on the surrounding area, in case Grover was to return. The field is full of footprints in the snow, from the activity of the night before…

Lester is next to Divit, sharing a look with him, and then out and about.

POV comes to Marshall, inside the tree house, looking out across the field, as a tear rolls down his cheek. Bonnie stands near him…

Doc is outside the door, on the catwalk, keeping an eye on the field, but with a skeptical look inside, at Marshall, right as background music begins.

Rag'n'Bone Man – "Human", begins instrumentally.

( watch?v=RpimiNvcRC4 )

Other cousins and random soldiers are behind Doc, along the catwalk, as POV moves past them, coming to Vance. He stands there staring out into the field and woods, as POV goes past him, coming to the remains of the tree house that was blown-up, and panning down toward the bottom. POV

moves to the corridor, shooting forward, into the field and across it, over the Baker complex, and to an area with a large walkway. Random people are here and there, with more people seen as POV comes to the safe house. It's still Christmas morning, but there is no joy, or kids throwing snowballs…

Lyrics to song begin (from beginning), as POV travels through the doors of the safe house.


"I'm only, I'm only… I'm only Human…Human"

POV finds a very somber and morbid group of people. Most of the compound people are there, in groups of family and friends, crying/hugging…


"Maybe I'm foolish, Maybe I'm blind

Thinking I can see through this"

POV infirmary, where doctors and nurses are hard at work, on dozens of people…


"And see what's behind

Got no way to prove it so maybe I'm blind"

POV pans to the window of the infirmary, where tons of worried compounders are watching the doctors…


"But I'm only human after all,

I'm only human after all

Don't put you blame on me

Don't put your blame on me"

POV the children all watching, moving to Blaze (4), with tears and holding the hand of his grandfather, Hunter, next to his wife who holds a weeping Rachel (Gunner's wife). Wyatt and his wife, Sarah (holding baby) are watching with concern, as is Jennifer (holding baby), with her kids, August (7), Jax (5) and Maddox (4). POV Chasin, holding his daughter Kat (with tears, 6), and Bo (7) right there with them, in the infirmary, sitting on the bed with his wife, Catherine, who is bandaged and staring forward, as is Chasin. Their POV of Gunner unconscious in bed, as the doctors work hard to save him.


"Take a look in the mirror

And what do you see

Do you see it clearer

Or are you deceived

In what you believe"

Mason staring into the infirmary…then looking back at his sister Scout, with tears, and in Solis's arms. Solis takes notice of the skeptic look Mason is throwing him…


"Cos I'm only human after all

You're only human after all

Don't put the blame on me

Don't put your blame on me"

POV begins circling the room, looking over all the mourning/exhausted people. POV looks as if it's coming from someone, looking over all the pain of these people. Very quick shots of many of the main characters, like Cleo/Dakota, Jaelyn holding Ricky (who's become feverish), GW (blank expression), Rich holding an injured DJ, Kemp/Lester speaking to frustrated convicts, Doug comforting one of his weeping women, Cody holding a weeping Jo, Queen Nike hugging a sobbing Blake, her sister Nikki holding her dad, Griffey all alone, random women/children in complete hysterics, Grandpa Sam looking right at POV, Samantha looking right at POV, right as the background song hits a high point.


"Some people got the real problems

Some people out of luck"

POV spinning around Zane, full of dread as he takes in the entire scene before him…


"Some people think I can solve them

Lord heavens above"

Zane's POV as it spins all around him, at all the sadness…


"I'm only human after all,

I'm only human after all"

POV spinning around Zane, as he continues to take it all in…


"Don't put the blame on me,

Don't put the blame on me"

Zane begins walking away, sharing a look with Mason, then Hunter, Scout, Grandpa, and finally Samantha. He looks away, and then a look at Griffey, before turning to walk right toward the door.


"Don't ask my opinion,

Don't ask me to lie

Then beg for forgiveness for making you cry,"

Pepsi quickly leaves the side of the woman whose child was eaten by Eva, and reaching for Zane just before he leaves through the doors, with a look from GW, as Zane ignores Pepsi's request to stay, and continues to walk away, before suddenly grabbed by someone stronger, and pulled back inside, as Zane turns to face him.


"Making you crrryyyyy"

Zane's POV of Blake, with a face full of tears…


"Cos I'm only human after all"

POV Zane's face, full of pain, at the sight of Blake's face…


"I'm only human after all

Don't put your blame on me"

Quick POV's of the tears on the faces of Samantha, Scout, Harris, Hope, Pepsi, Coke, Chance, and Grandpa Sam…

Zane's face, no tears, just pain, regret, guilt…


"Don't put the blame on me"

Blake trying to speak, but can't form the words…

Song hits high point, right as Zane gives in, turning around.


"Some people got the real problems

Some people out of luck

Some people think I can solve them

Lord heavens above"

Zane begins walking away, as Blake drops his head, as does Pepsi, Scout, Mason, Samantha and Grandpa Sam. Others just watching him walk away…


"I'm only human after all,

I'm only human after all"

POV in front of Zane, walking away, through the snow, with worried looks from those in the background, at the door…


"Don't put the blame on me"

POV Zane closing his eyes…


"Don't put the blame on me"

Cut to the infirmary, where the Guardian is laying motionlessly in bed, but staring right at the team of doctors/nurses, operating on Gunner.


"I'm only human I make mistakes

I'm only human that's

all it takes to put the blame on me

Don't put your blame on me"

POV travels around others in beds, either watching or being worked on, and tons of bloody beds/sheets. POV travels around the doctors and nurses, desperately working on Gunner, with his wife seen in background, with Hunter and family, weeping/watching…


"I'm no prophet or Messiah

Should go looking somewhere hiiiiigheeeeerrrr"

Grandpa Sam coming up behind Hunter and family, with an expression of pure sadness…

Samantha comes behind Grandpa, standing right next to him, both with expressions of pure sadness…


"I'm only human after all,

I'm only human after all"

Cut to Zane, walking with complex and Baker cabin in the background, and the lake to his side…


"Don't put the blame on me,

Don't put the blame on me"

Zane closes his eyes, again, flashing to images of Blake in complete hysterics/agony, as huff Eva comes at him, while he prevents her from biting him, while in such agony…


"I'm only human I do what I can I'm just a man,

I do what I can"

Zane opening his eyes, and walking the steps of his cabin porch…


"Don't put the blame on me

Don't put your blame on me"

Zane walks straight to the door, opens, enters and closes door on POV, as song ends…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper to bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by. POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



POV travels through the cabin, trying to find Zane. There are no lights, and not much sound. POV travels through the kitchen, and then a hallway, with pictures on the wall, of much happier times. There is a picture of Zane smiling, with Fish and Samantha, both Fish and Zane holding basketballs, and another one next to it, with them all holding fish that they had caught. There is another picture of him with all his cousins, including Gunner. Another picture of him with Blake, Abino, and other ball players in uniform…

POV leaves hallway, into living room, and no sight of Zane, until POV comes to a pair of legs, laying on the floor, with a couch blocking the rest of him. POV continues forward, finding Zane on side of the couch, sitting on the floor, with his back up against the wall. He is staring forward, at nothing, but his own thoughts…

He briefly closes his eyes, with a flash of Joshua, smiling and catching a baseball with his glove. Zane opening his eyes, just staring forward, without tears. He closes them again, flashing to Abino striking out a hitter and celebrating. Blake (the catcher) coming toward the mound, high-fiving Abino. Joshua jumping up and down from the outfield, and running inward. Felix next to Zane, disappointed but optimistic.


(looking up at Zane)

Next year, (motioning toward Blake and them celebrating)

that will be us. (smiling with a nod)



I agree…

Zane and Felix turning to look into the stands, at Gunner (holding his son, Blaze), with his smiling wife, Rachel.


You got these guys, next year.

Zane and Felix sharing a look and nod…

Zane opening his eyes, from the floor of his cabin, with a tear now developing, as he stares forward, at nothing…



POV Grandpa Sam, standing there smiling, with looks around the room. His POV of the smiling/excited faces of his family members, Chasin (holding Bo's hand (3, instead of 7) and wife Catherine (holding Kat (only 2), Mason and girlfriend Missy, Rich and sister Jaelyn, Troy (with Angela), Kate, Dakota, Jagger, Vincent, his boys Greg and Mark, Scout, Hope, Ryder, Bryant, Fish, Samantha, Hunter and April, Miles (holding Jax (1)) and Jennifer (very pregnant), and Wyatt.

POV comes back to Grandpa Sam, just as Zane excitedly comes into the room through a pair of doors, and with his arm around Gunner, who is with him, and tiredly smiling.


Gunner's a father! (everyone cheering) Everyone

get ready to meet, little Blaze Baker!

Everyone cheering and coming to Gunner for hugs…



POV Gunner's unconscious body, lying in bed as the surgeon works on him…

POV Hunter and family watching, as a surgeon comes out to them, speaking to Grandpa, with Hunter coming from behind him, listening...


You once told me it was my blunt honesty that you

respected, so I won't bullshit you. I don't like his

chances, Samuel, but a chance he does have, and we

will do everything we can, to make me wrong.

The surgeon turns and goes back inside. Grandpa turns to face his son, Hunter, with a look of complete dread on his face…

Hunter steps forward, as Grandpa opens his arms. They embrace, as Hunter weeps inside of his father's arms…

The rest of the family watches, from behind, with looks of concern, and tears of their own…

POV travels around the safe house, where families continue to mourn and embrace. Some compounders are shaking hands with convicts, and Nike World people, thanking them for their protection, during the battle. Kemp receives a handshake, as Lester arrives at his side.


Pete and Amad can be added to the list. They haven't

been seen since halfway through the battle.

Kemp taking a deep breath, looking around at all the sadness…


I guess it could have been worse…

POV travels around some more, coming to Jo, who is being embraced by her cousin Chloe, as Cody is looking around.


Chloe, have you seen Vance?

POV leaves them, passing more somber people, until coming to DJ (leg bandaged) and Renee, as Rich arrives with a hand over Renee's shoulder.


That's some big brother you have there, kiddo. Now I

owe my life to him, just as you, Samantha and Eli do.


He's lying. He was the real hero, out there.

Renee is quiet, Rich taking notice.


You okay, sweetheart?


She's worried about Griffey.

Rich a dreadful expression, and looking around the room, then following DJ and Renee's gaze.


Oh my god, Griffey…

Their POV of Griffey, sitting alone with Trisha and Ashley.



He's not really speaking, right now…

Trisha has dry tears, but Griffey looks more like Zane, just staring into nothingness…

Suddenly, he flinches, at the sound of a single gunshot.

POV cuts outside the safe house doors, where Porter quickly looks up after the sound of that gunshot. His eyes have tears. Another gunshot is then fired.

Cut back inside, where everyone in the safe house is quick to react. Mason, Chasin, Kemp, Lester, Harris, her sister and father, Doug and a pair of his people, and many others are instantly racing for the doors and reaching for their weapons. GW watches, but decides against reacting. Solis shares a look with Scout, who remains with Hunter's family, while Solis runs off with the others. Dakota is also racing for the door, with Cleo leaving her brother's bedside, to race after her.

POV facing them as they all rush out the doors and race off in the same direction that Porter is already running. Mason is holding a radio and speaks into it.


(into radio)

Gunshots inside the compound!

Cut to Divit and Doc, on the catwalk, with radios. Doc was already racing down the ladder, followed by others.


(over radio)

We have gunshots fired inside!


(into radio)

I'm on my way!


(over radio)

No, Doc! Keep the walls and gates guarded!

Divit is already using binoculars to look over the entire area, as is Marshall, from inside the tree house…

Cut to a part of the Baker complex, where a handful of women are outside the doors of a room, crying and/or with hands to their faces, as Mason and all the others begin arriving. They come to a slow, with looks at the women. Mason and some of the others begin glancing toward the door to the room, and eventually Mason inches toward it, taking a step or two inside, and coming back out.


Jesus Christ…

A look of dread comes over Dakota's face…



Who was it?


Felix and Eva's parents…both with shots to the head…

Everyone just looking away, or toward the ground, with silence…

Harris decides to go inside the room. Her POV of the bodies…

POV her face, with tears, as her father and sister come from behind…


They were our family, too… Our responsibility…


He's right, Harris; this is not on you.


These were awesome parents… Parents with an amazing

(losing her emotion) pair of kids.

Nikki and Shawn both reach for her, as she turns and takes them into her arms, letting out her emotion…

Cut to Doc on his radio, entering the safe house.


(into radio)

Alright, I'm sorry to hear that. I'll return to the wall

in a minute. We already know we had one spy in here.

I'm not about to keep my eyes off of anyone who

came from that Portland camp.

Silence for a moment, as Doc walks past the somber crowd, looking for someone particular, before Scout comes over the radio.


(over radio)

What the hell do you mean by that, Doc?

POV Scout holding radio, next to Hunter…


(over radio)

I'm sorry. Bad timing, but we need to question every

single man who was once an associate of "Grover"…

Scout looking up at her big brother, who grabs radio…


(into radio)

You make a good point…bad timing…

POV Doc, placing radio to his mouth. His POV, as he glances across the room, through the crowd of people, and spotting Hunter, Scout and family, near the windows of the infirmary. He lowers radio, deciding not to respond. He continues looking around, until he spots Sage and several other cousins, with Mayday (arm bandaged) and his girlfriend. Doc begins approaching them, with a few handshakes or pats on the back, from random others as he passes them by…

He arrives as Sage and Mayday share a hug. Mayday then extends his hand to Doc, and shakes hands with him. Doc then shares a hug with Sage, who's face is full of tears…


This new world never scared me; not for a second.

(coming out of hug, looking right at him) But going

on without her, in it, (shaking head) I just don't

know how that's possible.


Each other…that's how we do it.

She hugs him again…

POV leaves them, through the random crowd, and coming to GW. He's still just staring off at nothing, until he turns his head, at someone who approached. His POV of Eli…


I'm sorry if you lost someone you loved. It's

happened to me, again.

Eli stares back at him for just a moment, before hanging his head, and walking away, taking POV with him…

He glances over toward Samantha, with her mom, Scout and the others, and then over toward Rich, DJ and Renee. He keeps walking, and arriving toward some of the Rough Riders, like Trav, Nate, Wong, Pav and a few others. Blake is nowhere to be seen…


You guys think Blake will be okay?


Are any of us, going to be okay?


I think Zane might be in a worse place than he

was after he got back from Mt. Hood.

Eli looking toward the ground, at that thought…



Zane still staring at nothing…not even moving, or crying…He just sits there, eyes open, but looking at nothing…

It's dead silent…and remains that way as he just sits there, in all that silence, until eventually someone suddenly comes over the radio.


(over radio)

Huff check, at the wall?


(over radio)

Just a random few. Nothing to worry about, and

quiet otherwise.


(over radio)

Take five, Porter. Everything's good…


(over radio)

It's far from good. We need to all sit down, after

Porter takes five…and not a minute later.


(over radio)

We still don't know if Marlana or my grandson will

ever open their eyes, again. Let's heal, and then talk.


(over radio)

My son will open his eyes, and so will Marlana. We

all meet in one hour…

Zane is probably listening, but you couldn't tell for sure, as he just sits there, staring at nothing, again in complete silence…

His eyes finally close.



Zane entering inside the complex, holding hands with Pepsi, who is holding hands with her son, who is holding Chance's hand. Marlana is in there, with tons of other young kids, in what looks like a children's daycare facility. Marlana comes to greet them, with a warm smile. Zane smiles himself, and lets go of Pepsi's hand, to share a hug with Marlana…




Hi, Marlana.

Zane comes out of hug, as Marlana then moves to hug Pepsi.


Pepsi, it's so good to see you back at the compound.


Well, it's just for a week, but yes, it's so great to

be here, and to see you, again.

Marlana smiling at her, and then looking to the boys, with her warm beautiful smile.


And who would these two young men happen to be?

(starts hugging them) Growing into men, at least. That

is for sure!


Hi, Marlana. Things are getting better.

Marlana looking at him, with a laugh.


They sure are, buddy. They sure are…

Coke grabs Chance's hand and leads him off toward the other kids, playing with toys, as the adults take a seat…


So, how are things working out here, for you?


Zane, what your grandfather has done here, the

thought behind it all, and the time he took to put

such a thing in the works, so far in advance, is just

something that movies or television is made of.

Zane and Pepsi smiling.


I know. That's the part that blows my mind, too.

That everything he's doing here, was created in that

mind of his, back while we were all taking advantage

of a very lazy world.


That's grandpa. Sometimes I think the old world

scared him so much, that he wanted to see what

could happen, if the right people got to start a new



Creating something good, from something so bad.


Exactly! One of the keys to life, he always says that is.



Zane's eyes open, shaking his head, then speaking to himself.


Nothing good can come from this one, Grandpa…


Dissolve to the infirmary, and Marlana on the table (unconscious), as a surgeon is working on her…

Dissolve to Gunner, on a table of his own, also being operated on…

POV moves through the infirmary, finding a back room with curtain closed. POV goes around it, finding Grandpa Sam, sitting in a chair next to a bed, with the Guardian…


I feel like I'm being punished. I'm not sure what for,

but I've worked so hard, to do something that makes

me happy, but also affects others in such a positive

way. I truly don't ask much in return, other than the

love and respect of my family and friends. I overcame

the death of so many loved ones, to do what I'd always

promised I'd do, and start something special… (just

looking at her, shaking head) How can it ever be that

way, again? It's Christmas day, and they've all been

living a total nightmare, since the peak of Christmas Eve…

Grandpa just staring at nothing for a moment, then looking up, a bit.


Maybe that's my karma… I try so hard to worry about

the traditions, rather than just life…(shaking head) But

what good is life, without traditions?

He just stares at her, without a response…


Is it wrong to worry about the spirit of mankind?

To worry about baseball games and Sand Series

Championships? People died here, last night, and

early this morning. Some of them just took their

lives, on Christmas day, after their children were so

terribly taken from them…and I'm worried about

the spirit of mankind? (shaking head) My grandson

may not make it…and I'm worried about what this

day will always be to us, now

The Guardian just looks back at him, with a single tear running down her face…



Someone walking through the slushy leftover snow, panning back to Porter, as he arrives in the graveyard, where many men are hard at work, digging holes…

They begin to slow down, and stop, and give their attention to Porter…


We'll be needing a couple more…

They all look at him, and then amongst each other, as he turns and walks the way he came from…

They eventually continue digging… One of them, who had been resting, but is filthy, rises, and goes over to a certain spot, and begins digging a new hole…



A random compounder man (Larry) is approaching Scout, who is close to Hunter and family. He looks like he wants to speak to Hunter, or Grandpa Sam, but chooses to speak with Scout…


Look, Scout, I understand these kind of situations

and the rules you guys put in motion, but…(just

staring at her) Can I please take my family to the

home I purchased, long before this world went to

shit? You know we are not spies, and we won't go

anywhere other than our home, with the doors


Scout looks sympathetic, but begins shaking her head…


I'm sorry, Larry. Until the counsel has met and put

together a course of action, everyone is stuck here,

or with special permission can be placed over at

the complex.

Larry trying to remain calm, but shaking head…


That's bullshit, Scout. We paid good money to be

here, and deserve to be treated as such, rather than

the people who you never knew before all this

happened. The people who might have helped make

this happen.


And if there are any more of those people in here,

your family is not going to be very safe, on their

own; will they?

Larry beginning to lose his patience.


Which is exactly why these strangers and convicts

should NOT have been allowed in here, in the first


Solis steps in front of Scout, as Grandpa Sam takes notice, and walks past Hunter, toward Scout and Larry…


You knew these rules before you purchased your –


Larry, what is it I can do for you? My grandchild is

fighting for his life, but I'm more than happy to

resolve the little things, right now.


I'm sorry, Sam. I'd just like to take care of my own

family, and see my own grandchildren seek comfort

in the safety of their own beds; beds I paid you a lot

of money to own.


If I felt my rules were unclear when you signed those

papers, or there was legal representation to aid you,

now, I'd listen to what you have to say. But that world

is gone, and new rules are now in place, in which you

were made aware of, in the case of an apocalyptic event.

(motioning around the room of somber people) We are

at war, and life just changed, again, for us all. So, please

Larry, take your family to the complex, if you like, but do

not bother my family or I, over this again, until we have

further details for you.

Grandpa Sam gives him a stern look, before turning and walking back to the window of the infirmary. Larry just watches him, then looks at both Solis and Scout, before turning back and leaving, without a word…

POV moves through the somber crowd, eventually coming to Kemp, Lester, Damon, Deon and other convicts, all huddled together in the corner of the safe house.


Are we invited to this meeting they're having?


We helped save they asses; we damn well better



I need to go speak with Zane. He's still our leader.

We follow him.


Does everyone feel that way? (motioning toward

GW) Does GW?


It will take time.


We'd need their help right now, regardless of how

the others feel. The real Grover is sick. That's just

not debatable. We leave here, and return to

Glenwood, which is where he might be, right now,

and who knows what he'd do to us.


Like shoot us? Is that the kind of sick, you talkin'



Exactly. I mean, I love Zane, but…


But he shares the same damn blood as his brother,

and his crazy ass dad.


Zane has never acted like Grover or his dad.


Excuse my black ass? He hasn't done what, now?


Besides what he did last night, to people who wanted

to follow a man who wanted to do exactly what he

said he was going to do. Come for this place, and

Zane's own family. What would you have done?

Damon without a response…


You have to go talk to him, Kemp.

Kemp leaving.


I do…

Kemp walks right by Moon, who looks devasted, over the loss of Shine…

Dissolve to Kemp, now outside and walking past Porter, with a nod. He keeps walking, as Porter does the same, while reaching for a hip flask, and taking a big drink…

Mason now approaches him, and reaches his hand out…

Porter just looks at him a moment, before handing him the flask. Mason takes a big drink, and hands it back, continuing on his way, as does Porter…

Mason walks over the pathway (and slushy snow), and into the Baker complex area. He enters inside a room, and continues through, opening a door and into a hallway, where he then enters a room with a large table, maps, and weapons. He goes to the table, looking down over it. It's a fancy topping, with a map of the entire area, as the table surface. The coast, coast range, and even Glenwood area are a part of the map…

He sits, and just begins thinking, in the silence of the room…



Zane still sitting in same place, staring at nothing, in total silence…

Eventually a knock comes at his door, followed by more silence, then another knock.



Zane, it's Kemp. I know you're a mess, right now,

but you're still our leader. Tell Stix and I, to take it

over, and we will, but until you do, it's you, who we

follow… And right now, the men need someone to


POV Kemp, at the front door.


There's going to be a meeting soon. I think we should

be there.

Suddenly, Zane comes over Kemp's radio, which is attached to his side.


(over radio)

Stix and Kemp have full control of the Glenwood people.

They'll attend your meeting and speak on behalf of the

convict army. An army that proved its allegiance to this

compound, and anything they decide, will be respected

by the other communities.

Kemp just staring at his radio, then the door, before slowly turning and walking away…

Eventually more radio chatter develops…


(over Kemp's radio)

Indeed, they did…but, what exactly does this mean

for you?

Kemp keeps walking, with radio silence, as everyone awaits an answer from Zane.

Cut to Grandpa and Hunter, along with Scout, all awaiting Zane's radio response.

Cut to Mason, then Porter, Divit and Stix, Harris, Chasin, Blake (still devastated), Mayday, and then Doc, all awaiting Zane's response…

POV close-up of a random radio.


(over radio)

It means my soul mission, right now, is to kill my


POV falls back from radio, to Samantha's expression from what she just heard, and panning back to Grandpa Sam, holding the radio, with Hunter holding his own, and the expressions of April, Scout and all the others…

POV travels over to Mason, who is standing with Rich, DJ, Renee, Griffey, Trisha and Ashley, and Mason's grandchildren, Bo and Kat. Mason is about to respond over the radio, but lingers, before Grandpa is heard responding.


(over radio)

We have much to talk about, Zane, but so do I and

the grandson, I never even knew I had.

Cut to Zane, sitting in the same spot, just staring forward.


(over radio)

Your mission is to make sure I have that opportunity,


Zane closing his eyes…

Cut to Samantha, with a tear developing, as a hand dries it. She looks up at her grandfather (who dried the tear).


Is he really my cousin? The person who did this? The

person who ruined our Christmas, and killed people

we love?

Grandpa developing his own tear…


That's why I need to speak with him. I believe he is ill,

just like your uncle Leo.


(looking downward)

Uncle Leo would never have done all this.


No, sweetheart, he wouldn't…


I wish he was here.


So do I…so do I…

Grandpa zones for a second, then looks down at his granddaughter…


Come chat with me, Samantha. I want to pass an

idea down to you.

Grandpa leads Samantha away. They pass Eli, and Grandpa places his hand over him, leading him along with them…

Cut to all three of them, entering a private room, as Grandpa closes the door behind them. The room is fairly empty. Just a small table, sofa, some boxes of food, and a lamp.

Grandpa sits at the table, placing his radio down on it. Eli and Samantha sit on the sofa, as Grandpa simply stares at them a moment…


I'm sorry for your loss, Eli. I know you and Joshua

became close. I didn't know his father well, but he

was an amazing man, because it showed in how he

raised Joshua. His heart and imagination was

something I'll never forget, and was exactly what I

built this place for… Abino was another great one,

and a true fighter, much like yourself.


I'm not a fighter, not compared to Abino, anyhow.


You are, and so much more, and like Joshua, you're

exactly the kind of inspiration I had in mind, when

building this place. (pausing a moment) Right now, I

want to tell you both about something else, that

recently inspired me, and got me thinking…

Eli and Samantha sharing a look…



The snow is becoming more and more slushy, and melting altogether, in places. Kemp walks through it, nodding at Pepsi, who passes him on the path, while speaking.


He actually speak to you?


Nope, but it did spark his response over the radio.


Yeah, I heard about it.


Good luck.

Kemp disappearing, as POV follows Pepsi, while walking past the Baker cabin.

POV of her now comes from windows of the Baker cabin. It follows her until she walks out of range, with POV moving through the cabin, which is still lit with Christmas lights, and a huge tree, with unopened gifts all over the place. The stockings are not yet stuffed, but hanging. POV moves over the large room, coming to another window, where Pepsi is again seen, approaching the steps to Zane's cabin…

POV Zane, still sitting in his spot, in the dark, and staring forward. He can hear someone at the door, which eventually opens. He closes his eyes, remaining there, with the sound of someone walking through the cabin, looking for him. Eventually, the sound of those steps come right to him, and stop. He remains sitting there, with his eyes closed. The person moves and eventually comes into POV, sitting down against the wall, right next to him. She leans against his shoulder, closing her own eyes…

They sit there together, in silence…before she finally breaks it.


I love you… And in your own words, that love is

something that would heal everything else, that

comes your way.

Silence…until he finally breaks it.


Anything…except guilt.

More silence…


There was guilt after the deaths of most of my siblings,

and again with Fish, and Samantha missing…but I could

shake it…(shaking head) Not this time…


It just happened…give it time.

Zane again shaking head…


It's different this time…deep down I knew I wasn't all

that guilty, those times, but…(shaking head) not this

time. I got them killed…all of them…(weeping out next

word) Gunner.

Pepsi grabbing his face, trying to kiss him.


No, you didn't!

She kisses him, just a moment, before he quickly pulls away, just staring at her, with sudden anger…




Where were you?





During the fighting. Where the hell were you?


Zane, I –


All that time training. You always promised you'd

be at my side. Where the hell were you?!


I wanted to be at your side; it's all I could think

about, besides my son, and –


Your son would have been safer if his mom had

been out there defending this place!


(trying to stay calm)

His mom wanted to be out there, Zane.


His mom was too chicken shit to live up to her





Zane is silenced, just staring at her in complete shock…

She stares at his face as she rises, and walks out of the room.


It's not the way I wanted to tell you.

He begins to weep, but is fighting through it, and instead finds rage with his voice, but his body remains limp, on the ground, as he screams out his frustrations, at the top of his lungs…

He runs out of breath, even coughing…before dropping his head, and weeping…

Pepsi's legs come back into the POV, watching him, before squatting down and holding him…

He allows himself to be held, like a baby in her arms, as he continues to weep…



Zane and Pepsi on the ground, in a grassy area. He has her pinned down, but she breaks free, and knocks him to the ground, pinning him. He groans for a moment, before laughing, quickly rising and hugging her with excitement! She is also thrilled! Jumping up and down…


OH MY GOD! You did it, baby!


I am total BABASS, BABY!

He kisses her, and then wipes some blood from her nose, and she wipes some from his, and they kiss again!


Bring on the others! Dakota, Cleo, Sage, Skyler, I

could take any of them, and all of them!

They're still excitedly jumping around, hugging, and kissing.


I wouldn't want anyone else at my side!

Pepsi uses another move, to drop him to the ground, and immediately dropping down right on top of him, with a quick kiss, and then remaining right in front of his face, while speaking.


If you ever do anything like you did in Beaverton,

again, I will be the one at your side.

Zane just staring back at her, with a smile…


That's the single sexiest thing anyone has ever

said to me.

They begin kissing…



A female is alone, crying on the sofa, of a room just like the one Grandpa Sam had taken Eli and Samantha into. Her face is covered by her hands, which she removes, revealing herself as Jaelyn. She begins drying her face, and taking a deep breath, before rising and walking to the door. She is about to open, but takes another breath, before opening and walking back into the crowded safe house area.

She walks through the crowd, eventually stopping, and watching Grandpa Sam, Eli and Samantha, coming out of their own private room, and back into the crowded safe house area. Samantha appears to be processing whatever her grandpa just told her…

Jaelyn now turns toward Ricky, speaking to some of his soldier buddies, who appear to be saying their goodbyes to him. She steps back to them, her expression showing her appreciation, as the soldiers walk away. She looks down at Ricky, doing her best to smile. He's a bit feverish, but still strong enough to sit up, and even developing a smile for her…


You are so beautiful. (she kind of laughs, and kind of

weeps) I want your beauty to be the last thing I see,

(mostly weeping now) before my lights go out.

Now she loses it. Sobbing out and allowing the tears, with concerned looks from friends and family, including a shot of her father, Mason, across the room, and Rich, standing near him, watching his sister…

Ricky holds her close…


It's okay. It's okay… You're even beautiful when

you cry like a baby.

She kind of laughs, again, but mostly still sobbing…


And over a guy like me? Some random so-called

soldier, who decided to stay here and survive,

rather than go look for my family. I don't deserve

those tears.


You're dying, after giving your life defending my

family. You deserve so much more than a few tears.

He looks at her, and they share a kiss…

Mason and Rich, across the room, looking at each other…


I didn't even know they were involved…


I know…I was the only one she told. He was

nervous about you being her father.


I have always been very fond of that kid; why

would she keep that from me?


Trust me, Dad. It was all him. He idolized you. He

didn't think he was worthy of the daughter of a

man like you.

Mason just looking at Rich, and then practically speaking under his breath…


God damn it… (shaking head) god damn it…

He places his arm around Rich…

POV leaves them, finding Todd and Sandy, who is being pet by a couple of children. POV keeps going, finding DJ, just staring at something. Ryder comes from behind him, sitting next to him, and following his gaze…

She begins staring, too…


Of all the people I'd think to see Renee talking

with…he is the last…

Their POV of Renee, looking up at GW, as he speaks to her. She says a few things, and then begins walking back toward DJ.

GW begins staring forward, in deep thought…

Dissolve to GW's memory, of him on the basketball court at Nike World. He falls to the ground with an ankle injury…

Dissolve to him in a medical office, being wrapped by Taylor. He can't help but to be in awe, over her beauty, and the smile she keeps giving him…

Dissolve to her finishing, while in conversation, with him.


Did you just call me retarded?


(with laugh)

I'm talking about autism, and just a slight amount of it.

It's referred to as the spectrum. I had a friend who

spent his entire life feeling as if he was just a little

different, than everyone; like they didn't think the same

way he did, about some things. At age 35, he was finally

diagnosed with slight autism. From the things you told

me, it might be why you feel so different, from most


He remains silent, as she looks him over with a smile.


It's not a bad thing. It actually helps to discover it, and

if the library was still open, I could even give you a book

about it, that my friend said was very helpful to him.

Maybe we can find one, somewhere…

Dissolve back to GW in the safe house, just staring ahead, at nothing, while in deep thought…

Porter walks through POV, which now follows him, over to Blair, and her grandparents Owen and Wendy. Blair has some kids nearby, who she appears to be keeping an eye on. She watches Porter approach, with a look of sympathy…


I'm sorry about your friend, Porter. I know you two

were close.


Thank you, but it's me who's sorry. I know you too

weren't exactly close, yet, but I also know he wanted

to be. I came to tell you that. He was very fond of you,

and I'm sorry he didn't get to tell you, himself. Today

was supposed to be a special day for him…for you…

And I know this probably only makes it harder for you,

especially with what you've already been through, but

I thought he deserved to be missed by you.

Blair developing a tear.


Thank you, Porter. I'm happy you told me. (nodding)

I already do miss him.

Porter a respectful nod, and turning to leave. Blair looks at her grandparents, with looks of love/respect, from them. Then she turns to look over toward Griffey, who is just staring at nothing…



Pepsi is now in Zane's spot, with her arms around him, leaning against her, in pure silence…

Silence goes on for quite a while, until Pepsi finally speaks.


You really should go to that meeting…

Zane taking a moment to respond…


I've been trying to move…pretty much since I

first sat down here… There is still so much to do,

to protect, but…I just can't react, yet…

Pepsi just holds him tighter…



Hunter is BBQing on the baseball field, where Joshua and the other Rough Rider ball players were still in uniform and celebrating. The World Series logo is painted on the field, where many others besides the Rough Riders, are at the victory party. Moon and Shine are even handing out drinks to the players, even the young ones. Zane is standing with Joshua, Abino, Blake, Eli and others…


(smiling at Zane)

It feels weird winning the PA 1 World Series, against

you, coach, but that's the amazing part of this new

world of yours. Your sacrifice to start another

community, and provide us with the competition, is

something that like your grandfather always talks

about, is what will make the new world an even

better world. All that tragic sadness we all went

through, and the people we lost, are not in vain, due

to the magic of what we're celebrating right now,

even if it was your squad who were champs, it doesn't

matter. (just smiling at his own thoughts) It's going to

be okay, it really is…a better world, this time…

Joshua smiling big, at the thought of the new world, and all the magic he now sees, in it…



Zane and Pepsi in same spot, in total silence…

Zane has a single tear, running down his cheek…


It'll never be the same…



We've been in that predicament, before…



And we responded to it…yet look at Christmas. It's

freaking Christmas day. Everything he dreamed of

and worked for, was to keep this kind of magic

alive, and this is how he's rewarded? Everyone is

supposed to be sick to their stomachs due to eating

too much treats, not from the tragedy of something

that will never be forgotten, on this day. (shaking

head) It's not even Christmas, anymore. It's

something else…


Pepsi is about to respond, but can't find the words…

More silence, as she just lays there holding him…

Scene dissolves to a later time, with them still in same place, and in total silence…

Zane begins shaking his head, as if he just realized something…


It was my brother…

Silence, as he just shakes his head…


With everything going through my head, right now,

that's the one thing I keep forgetting, or don't

believe… (shaking head) Everything else is so real…

so nightmarish…but, it's like I keep shrugging the idea

of him being Leo's son, out of my mind, like it's only a

dream… Everything else happened…but not that part…

Zane just shaking his head, as Pepsi holds him, in silence…



Stix entering safe house, looking around for Kemp, Lester and the others. He spots them and walks over to them, through the crowd of others, who are still completely somber, some of them even exhausted, and sleeping…


Stix, it's good to see you. The meeting's been

delayed, due to important news on gunner, coming

in the next thirty minutes.


Any idea on what that word will be?


Whatever it is they're working on right now, will be

done in thirty, and I guess they'll know more.


I get it, but every minute we wait, is another that

Grover has, to do whatever he's going to do next.


What do you think, Stix?


He's our problem, just as he is theirs, but he's also

their family…we're going to have to wait for them

to share their thoughts…


What about the Camp?


Without backup, it's really risky, going back there…


Not if the Queen is with us.


With her people, and their diminished army, we

could take them.

Stix glancing around the room, taking notice of the Queen, with her father and sister, and other Nike World members…


You guys know something, I don't?


Just that she has every intention to take back what

is hers…

Stix looking amongst his men, and then GW, sitting and staring, at nothing…


Any word from GW, yet?

The men shaking their heads, as Stix then approaches him, with the convicts watching…

He just looks him over, at first…


I know you're not thrilled with Zane, right now.

I'm not thrilled myself, with his rash decision, but

do understand it, whether warranted or not. I'd

still follow the man, to hell and back.


Hell…is exactly where he's brought us to…

Blake within ear range, looking up after GW's response.


He's surrendered his leadership, to Kemp and I.


Now that I can get on board with.



What the hell is your problem, GW?!

Stix and GW quickly turning toward Blake, who steps right to GW, more aggressively than most would. Blake is bigger than most, but not next to GW. Everyone else is watching


You need to show some respect, for the man who

brought you this far.

Stix trying to step in front of Blake.


My problem is not with you, Blake.


(still angry)

I can hear that. It's with Zane, and I have a problem

with that. Besides his grandfather, and Eva and Joshua,

Zane is the greatest human I've ever met! So, I repeat

my question; what the hell is your problem, with him?!

(GW just looking at him) Did you even lose anyone? Do

you even know what real pain is?!

GW instantly reaching around Stix, grabbing Blake, and ramming him up against the wall, with everyone else instantly reacting, watching, getting out of the way, grabbing their children…


Who the hell are you to tell me what pain is?! Am I

just a machine to you?! I watched the most beautiful

soul I've ever known, BLOWN UP BEFORE MY VERY

EYES! I watched, as Zane's own flesh and blood,

retaliated for the monstrous act committed by yours


GW lets go of Blake, and looks around at everyone else, before speaking to the entire crowd…


Your Zane killed about fifty unarmed men, because

they were loyal to the man who originally kept them

safe and provided them with the means to stay that




Fifty men who were about to join the man who just

gave them a speech about taking over this compound!

Killing anyone who stood in their way!

Everyone looking at Mason…


Yeah, Zane filled me in, and I support him one-hundred



Then you're just as much to blame for all this death,

as he is!

Blake instantly punches GW in the face! He gets in a second quick punch, before GW overpowers him, this time slamming him against the wall, and then picking him up and launching down against a table, which shatters all over the place, as complete pandemonium takes over the huge crowd. Mason is first to arrive, providing Blake with aid, against GW, but is attacked from behind, by a random convict. Stix, Kemp, Lester and Deon work to prevent others from joining in on the fighting. Mason takes a punch from Damon, who is then punched by Chasin. Blake gets another punch in on GW, and tries taking him to the ground. GW uses rage to overpower Blake, and begins trading punches with him. Cleo and Dakota each punch a pair of convicts. The chaos is quickly spreading, as is the panic…



Zane and Pepsi in same place, in silence…

Silence continues, until Zane finally speaks…


How long have you known?

Pepsi silent a moment, before responding…


Three days… I was going to surprise you, this

morning… I had a shirt wrapped, that read

"World's greatest Dad"…

Silence…until someone comes over the radio…


(over radio)

Jesus Christ; we've got pandemonium in the

Safe house!

Cut to quick POV of Doc, on the wall, reacting to Hunter on the radio.


(over radio)

It started with Blake and GW, but now it's complete


Cut back to Zane and Pepsi, already on their feet, rushing for the door.


You have to be kidding me!

Cut to Doc, rushing down the ladder, with a truck parked at bottom. Other cousins stand up top, remaining on the wall.


I told you we can't trust a herd of convicts, in here!

Divit seen glancing down toward Doc, who hops off the ladder, rushing for the truck…

Cut to Zane/Pepsi hustling toward the Baker complex, with Doc in background, speeding his truck out of the Baker corridor. Zane flags him down, waiting for him to speed over to him, as he and Pepsi hop in the back, with Doc again speeding off…

Cut to the truck arriving at the safe house, where many parents/children are gathered, or exiting. Zane and Doc rush for the doors, with Pepsi following, until she stops and checks on some of the kids…

POV Zane and Doc entering inside, looking around at all the chaos. Doc doesn't take long to jump in.

Zane's POV of Doc grabbing Damon, and punching him to the floor. Zane turns and watches Chasin breaking up fights, before swung on, but missed, and then landing a brutal shot at the random convict who swung at him, knocking him to the ground. Scout and Conner are working to break up fighting. Scout stops the compounders who are fighting, while Conner stops the convicts. A random convict knocks out a random compounder, but then is knocked out by Sage.

GW and Blake are in the center of it all, going at each other, before Harris and her sister arrive. They double team GW, using some fancy moves, and pinning him to the floor.




Suddenly, a single gunshot is fired! Everyone stops, and look toward the door. Zane comes back inside, with Pepsi in background, holding back all the kids/parents, leaving Zane with room to fire his shot.


I'd just like to thank everyone for making me feel

just a little less guilty over my own mistakes, as I

look around the room at a ton of people making

their own. A ton of people who just went to war


Harris and Nikki letting GW up. Zane just staring at everyone, who are now silent, some of them breathing heavily…

He looks at Blake and GW, as Pepsi comes inside, behind him…


And I guess I'm to blame, for it? So, let me be the

one to stand here in front of you all, and tell you to

your faces, how sorry I am.

Silence a moment…


You don't have to be sorry!


You saved us!


No, I didn't. (points to GW) GW did. (points to Blake)

Blake did. (pointing at several others) Stix, Kemp,

Lester, Deon and Divit, did. Mason, Porter, Cleo,

Dakota, Chasin, the cousins and Doug's group, did.


(nodding toward Damon)

Damon saved my ass, out there…

Silence, as people look from Cleo to Damon, and around at everyone else…


Jason, did…

More silence, and looking at Porter, and then Griffey, and all around…


(with tears)

My husband, Peyton, did…



Marlana and the Guardian, did…


My dad, did, and my brother…


My husband, Thomas, did…


My son, James, did.

Sage grabbing Doc's hand.


Our sister, Skyler, did…


Mike and Bunk, did… (Virgil and Leon nodding)


Zane looks around, teary eyed, and coming eye to eye with Harris, with teary eyes of her own, and next to her father and sister…


The Queen of Nike, did, along with her sister, and

father, and her people… And her loving boyfriend,

Ike, who was a dear friend of mine… He was

murdered last night, defending Nike World, by my

brother Anthony, (some gasps among the crowd)

while providing the rest of us there, with enough

time to retreat, or we would have never made it

back here… Yes, my brother… The same Anthony

who helped my father build the beach camp, and the

same man who organized the Portland and Glenwood

camps, under the alias of Grover… He's also the same

man who suffers from the same disease as my father,

(some gasps) the same man who has apparently run

out of medication, for that disease, and the same man

who arrived at Glenwood, yesterday, offering (gesturing

at convicts) his army of convicts the opportunity to

leave my side, for his, and to come take away our home,

and our lives…

Zane just staring at everyone, digesting the information he just gave them…


I did what I thought I had to do, to protect all of you…

and all of this…from people who planned to come

take it… I'm not sure why I expect you all to

understand, when I don't quite understand it myself,

or just how wrong it may have been…but I'm only human.

Zane staring around at them all, who are very silent… He looks at Stix…


Stix now has command of the Glenwood community…

and the compound community will certainly repay their

services, by helping them get their home back…


As will the Nike World community…

Harris sharing a look with GW.

Silence, some nodding, some hope, and some life, from the somber group of people…

Zane looking around the crowded room, about to speak, before suddenly taking notice of the surgeon, coming up to Grandpa, as Hunter turns around and quickly goes to the doctor. As Zane watches them, many of the others find themselves following his gaze, and watching them speak to the surgeon. The room is mostly silent, other than some of the children, some of whom are coming back inside…

Suddenly, Grandpa expresses relief, with a hand over the surgeon's shoulder, followed by a quick handshake by Hunter, who then quickly turns to face his family, hugging his wife, April, then Blaze, and then others. Grandpa turns to face the crowd.


My grandson's chances just went from bad, to good!

The somber crowd expresses relief, and a little joy. Bakers share some hugs, as do some of the compounders. Even most convicts begin shaking hands with those who they were just throwing punches at…

Samantha smiles, and shares some hugs, before making her way over to the infirmary window. Her smile fades, as she looks at Kristen, who watches the other surgeons, who are working on Marlana…

POV Jenna, leaving the side of her uncle, Solis, as Scout is smiling and hugging Hunter. Solis watches her walk over next to Samantha, looking in at the doctors…

Russel eventually arrives, also watching…

DJ limps over, with Renee, followed by Eli. They all just watch…



Someone appears to be crying, as POV finds a woman sitting on her bed, alone, and drying her face. She rises and faces POV, revealing herself as Marlana. She leaves the room, entering a small kitchen, and just stares out the window…

A knock comes from her door. She walks over to open it up, with Samantha on the other side, smiling back at her.


Hi, Marlana.


Hello, Sam; how are you?


Shouldn't I be the one asking you, that?

Marlana an appreciative smile/expression…


I probably shouldn't be surprised you would remember.

Samantha extending her hand to Marlana.


We all do.

Marlana just looking at her, before taking her hand, and being led away…

Dissolve to them arriving at the Baker complex, walking into the same huge room (mess hall) where they all had their Thanksgiving meal. All of the Bakers are there, including Zane, and many others, with Grandpa Sam up in front of everyone else. They all begin clapping, as she is led inside, by Samantha. She is embarrassed, smiling, almost crying, and even turns and walks out of the room, jokingly, as she comes right back inside, to the laughter of all the others…

Many of the Baker children and other compound children are running over to her, with gifts, cards and hugs…

Moon and Shine are there, handing out drinks to the adults, as Shine brings one to Marlana. She takes it, and raises it to the others, who all raise theirs


To all of you.


To Marlana!

Everyone drinks!

Grandpa goes to her, placing his hand over her shoulder, and taking her up in front of all the others…


We all know how difficult today must be (Marlana

takes another drink) for you. Yes, you go right ahead

and liquor yourself up good.

Everyone laughing, a bit. Marlana smiles and takes one more drink.


That a girl. (few laughs) We have plenty… So, as I

was saying, we left you alone the first half of the day,

to do your own thing, which is very understandable.

But your time is up, and now you're all ours, and the

rest of this day is (raising his glass to the crowd) a

party in your honor!

Everyone cheering as they raise their glasses again, then drinking. Marlana takes another drink, with Grandpa then teasing her.


Oh, slow down. Let me get through this speech,



Oh, there's more?

Few laughs as she takes yet another drink.


With him, there's always more!

Samantha instantly throws Zane a playfully dirty look, as the crowd laughs.


Keep drinking, Marlana, it makes his speeches better!

More laughs.


(with a laugh)

Uncle, Mason!


That's too much pressure on Moon and Shine.

(holding up cup) Their drinks are good, but not

that good! Unless you, (motioning cup at

Marlana) chug, chug, chug.


Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! (she begins chugging)


They finish their chant as she finishes off her cup, as they begin cheering, while Gunner grabs her cup and has Shine begin refilling it, before handing it back to her…


You'll probably need one more, after that, before

he's finished.

More laughs…


Oh, you don't have to tell me! I've heard enough of

them myself, to know just how long he can go on.

More laughs, with Samantha's jaw dropping, yet with a smile as she looks at Marlana…

Marlana steps toward Grandpa.


But an absolute pleasure they are, to listen to.

Marlana smiling with a look into his eyes.


Well, thank you, Marlana. It's nice to know that

someone here appreciates my never-ending



I appreciate them!


(holding up drink)

I certainly appreciate you providing us with alcohol,

for them!

Everyone laughing, including Zane, with a hand to Gunner's shoulder…


(with laugh)

Alright, let the old man speak. I can see him up

there going over the speech in his head, which

means it's probably getting even longer!

More laughs…


Actually, it's getting shorter, as all the nice things

I had planned on saying about my family, are being


Some laughs, including from Samantha…


So, what you're saying then, is there's at least a

chance of you wrapping this up by Christmas?

More laughs…


Certainly won't be wrapping you anything, for


More laughs…


I'm okay with that. Your gifts come with cards, that

come with hand written messages even longer that

your speeches!

Everyone straight cracking up! Zane dying! Even Samantha trying hard to contain her laughter…


They're only long to you because of all the time

you spent googling all the "big" words. (laughs)

Let me know how that works for you, now. (more

laughs) I have a dictionary in my office, you can use.

Everyone cracking up, poking fun at Gunner, and waiting for a response, which he comes up empty with…


Damn…Grandpa made a funny.

Few laughs…


Okay, alright, in all seriousness, now. We come here

to honor someone who might not share our blood,

but has very much become a cherished member of

not only our community, but of our family. She's so

valuable here, and has done so much to contribute,

that we almost forget the importance of what she

did, before we ever even met her. What she had to

endure and survive herself, in order to ensure the

survival of our Samantha, and the others who have

now become a part of our family. (motioning hand

at them) Eli, DJ, and Renee. Even Sheriff Dave and his

people, would not be here, if not for Marlana's major


Grandpa just stares at her a moment. She's staring back at him, with teary eyes, and a smile…


She fought her own pain, and used the pride of her

new mission, as a way of medicating that pain, so

she could find new meaning…and so much meaning

this woman has. A woman whose meaning and place

in the world, helps our own pain, as we have lost too,

but also gained. We've gained her, and her us. It

doesn't change how much we miss those we've lost,

but it certainly helps, and proves that even tragedy can

have a good side to it. A side we all have to roll with. A

side we consider ourselves lucky to roll with together,

using each other as our pain relievers. Pain that will

never fully go away, but pain that continues to ease,

with each passing day. (looking right at Marlana)

Marlana, you are our pain reliever, (raising his glass to

her) I only hope we can be the same, for you, on this

very difficult day…

Grandpa drinks, as do all the others, many of whom have tears falling down their faces, as does Marlana, who watches Grandpa drink, and the others, before smiling with love and appreciation, before again drinking from her own cup, with followed applause…

Samantha is clapping, and also bawling like a baby…


That's right, keep drinking, woman. I've heard all

about those drunken dance moves of yours, (Marlana

laughing) that came in honor of your husband, Noah.

We all expect to see you honor him again today, with

those same moves!


Hell yeah, we do!

Renee close to Samantha, cracking up. Marlana taking another drink, then handing her cup to Gunner.


Then keep them coming!

More applause/cheering, as everyone drinks, some of them even begin dancing, as do most others, once the music begins blasting…

Dissolve to a big party scene, as Marlana is obviously drunk and doing that same dance, with Gunner and Samantha joining in, as does Pepsi and Coke. Chance is more nervous, and hanging back with Renee, who laughs at Griffey, who is now joining in, along with Jason, who is also pretty drunk, and dancing like an idiot…

DJ, Rich, Trisha and Ashley, are now joining in, as are others…

Grandpa Sam is close by, watching with a big smile, as Marlana dances her way over to him, with growing applause, as she challenges him to join her, which he gives in, and does…

Marlana's moves have her now looking to the sky.


This is for you, Noah…



POV Marlana, unconscious, while the doctors are hard at work. POV moves enough to see the window in the background, where the concerned faces of Samantha, Eli, DJ, Renee and others, can be seen…

POV Zane and Pepsi, behind Samantha and the others. Pepsi remains, while Zane places a hand over Samantha's shoulder, as he begins walking through the crowd, and over toward Stix, Kemp, Lester and the other convicts. Most of them begin staring at him as he arrives. They all listen, once he begins speaking, as do others, and as he continues to go on, more and more people begin doing what they can, to listen to him speaking…


My place is now here. Stix was always the one who

should be leading you. I came into this group with

one main intention, and that was to give all of you,

including those who I killed, the opportunity to prove

what kind of an impact you would be, to the new world,

and this part of it, which will be civilized…at least while

I have any say to it… (looking around at them all) This

coast range and the surrounding areas, all have laws.

Them who couldn't live by those laws are no longer

with us, and them who are, have proved that there is

more to them, than just being an ex-convict… You're all

heroes, to those you defend, the people of Glenwood…

and last night, the people of here, and of Nike World…

Perhaps my actions yesterday are to blame for the loss

of life, but perhaps it's also the reason we were able to

defend this place, and kill off at least half of Grover's

army, who most certainly want to take what we have,

for themselves, and to destroy the kind of new world,

we're trying to build. I will give my life to defend that

dream, and I will certainly take the life of anyone who

seeks to destroy that dream. I don't know if my actions

were right, or if another way was possible…but I do

stand by them, and I will continue to dedicate my life to

fighting alongside anyone and everyone who is willing

to fight with me, to protect the people of this compound,

the people of Nike World, and the people of Glenwood…

Zane just staring at everyone, still looking back at him. He looks over and can see that many other bystanders had given him their full attention…


That's pretty much all I can say…other than I'm sorry…

Some of them begin nodding, or even shaking his hand, and pats to the back…

Blake is close by, and approaches with a hug for Zane, followed with a look over at GW. Blake approaches him, sharing a stare, before offering his hand. GW hesitates, before accepting it, and shaking hands…

Grandpa, Hunter and April, are seen in background, heading for the doors, and followed by Mason, Chasin, Scout and Solis…

Wyatt kisses his wife, and heads after the others, joined by Cleo and Dakota…

Rich kisses DJ, and follows after the others, while DJ remains with the girls, and Griffey…

The Queen of Nike, Nikki and their father all begin following, heading for the doors…

Zane gathers Blake, Stix, Kemp, Lester and GW, as they all begin heading for the doors…



All those same people (including Samantha) are now gathering inside of a fairly large room, with erase boards, and maps of the area, coast range, coast line, city, Mt. Hood and even the compound. There is a large table, where most of them begin sitting. Hunter stands at the head of the table, and awaits the rest of the members. Doc and Porter arrive, followed by Sheriff Dave. Also coming inside, is Mayday and Gia, as well as Doug. Catherine (with her son, Bo) arrives, with an embrace from Chasin, who also hugs his son. Jennifer also arrives, with Pepsi and Marshall…

Everyone is now seated, or standing and awaiting the meeting to begin, as Hunter takes a moment, just staring them all over…

Samantha and Bo, are both standing off to the side, just listening, and observing…


I'm not even sure where to begin, so I'm going to skip

the part about how much we've all lost, and much we

still have to lose, and get right to the point. First, we

have to worry about our internal issues, before

discussing our external situation. If Grover, or Anthony,

whoever he is, has more people in here, how do we find

them? How do we prevent more death from the inside of

these walls? The first solution, is we're done taking in

more people. We still have plenty of room at the SSH, and

Nike World. Glenwood now has some room, too. We'll

increase the demand of supplies for these locations, as

more people are brought in.


I get it, I do, but we have to be able to explain to the

others, why our camps are okay for new people, but

not here.


Taking them in, is the right thing to do. We're not just

surviving here; we're making a better world. Also, more

people means more fighters. We help others, and they

help us. As far as not taking them in here. I believe last

night, and right now, is the answer to that. This is where

everyone retreated to, and where we all made a stand,

together. This is the safest place for us all, and we must

keep it that way.




What about the prisoner we took, last night?

Any progress with him?


He claims to be part of the Seattle bunch, without

any knowledge of people on the inside, but has

been fairly cooperative.

Hunter looks around the room, with no more questions…


So, now we must figure out how to go about

screening all those who will need to be screened.


Wasn't Billy a lone pickup? Any chance he's the

only one?


Does seem like things would have been worse, if

there were more of them.


I agree, but after the events of last night, we have

to be one-hundred percent sure.



Exactly. Rich?


Yes, sir?


You and Doc, will lead my new screening team, with

Mayday, Gia and Sheriff Dave. You have the kind of

views and expertise, that will bounce off one another,

until you can be sure, about each and every individual

you screen. If you have others you believe will be of

help, feel free to discuss them with me, and I'll

probably add them to your team.


Yes, sir.

Doc nodding, along with Mayday and Sheriff Dave…


Anyone you guys rule out, I will be fine with. Those

you don't, will get a second screening, in which dad

and I will attend. (looking those guys over) Billy got

by us, without a second thought…



Porter, Mayday, Sherriff Dave and Jason, all sitting down with Billy, looking him over, and then asking questions…


What is this place?


Bro, we'll be asking the questions.


Where'd you get the boat?


I'll tell you what I told the hotel guys. I got it on the

Washington side. I used it to scope out the Oregon

coastline. I did not like what I saw. The Dead were

everywhere, until they were nowhere. I kept looking,

just to be smart. And then the pier at the hotel,

seemed like the best spot to dock, and take my



Tell us more about your wife and son.

Billy looks sad, and downward, before finally looking back up, at them…


You don't seem like the type of people who are going

to harm me, even if you show me the door. I wasn't

so sure, at the hotel. When those guys first came out,

all I could think, was make it fast…but I wasn't scared…

and that's because I'd love to see my wife and son,

again. (looking them over) I'm not suicidal, but I'm also

very much lacking any kind of fear, when it comes to

meeting the end of my timeline. (hesitating a moment) I

only survived this long, due to the group that took me in.

They had a boy the age of my son, who had lost his dad.

(looking downward) It felt like a sign. Until we were hit,

it was a decent living…


How were you the only survivor, of that?


I wasn't; the woman I grew fondly of, along with two

others, Tom and Stacie, were out looking for supplies.

Once we realized our camp had been hit, we hung back

and tried to determine if there were survivors, in the

camp or nearby. We found no one, and that's when

they found us. They shot without warning, and killed

them all…except for me… I found shelter for several

days, laid low, and tried the best I could to not think of

all the different ways that William must have died.


What brought you to the boat?


William had a dream of living at the beach; the place

he said would make him feel as if the world was still

normal. So…I kept thinking maybe it would feel that

way for me, and only had about twenty miles between

me and the coast. (shrugging)

They all look over him, trying to determine how believable his story was, and just how trustworthy he appeared…



POV Porter, Mayday, Sheriff Dave.


That kind of mistake cannot happen again, but at the

same time, do not let paranoia lead the way. Be smart,

and be wise…


Okay, now the external problem.



Now the external problem.

Hunter looking over Stix, Kemp, Lester and GW…


Like Zane said, we have to take back what we've

built…and both Nike World and Glenwood are a

part of our community. Go to war with them, you

go to war with us. So, our first move is to send a

scouting team east, and send them fifteen minutes

ago. Conditions are still not ideal, so once on the

road, there's no rush, but let's get them on the

road. The rest of our fighters are heading for the

beach, and their camp. Either they made their way

back there, taking the long way, or they're at Nike

World. As depleted as they now are, I don't see

them making a stand at Glenwood, and more than

likely, depending on Grover's madness, are heading

back to the coast.


So, we're taking the fight to them, before they can

bring it back to us?



We have to show some power, after what they've

forced upon us. They have to know that threatening

our home and way of life, will bring the same threat

to them.


But Mason will speak to their man Dylan, first, unless

Anthony is there to speak for himself. I want an

explanation, and an opportunity to open a dialogue. If

Anthony is not there, his men may be prepared to step

down, if they're coming to understand his illness, as

they should.


If he is there?


Try your best to give him the chance to speak…I

trust your judgement, son…


And the strategic plan?


Take two of the RPGs. They open fire…blow their

fucking doors open.

Silence a moment…



Silence a moment, with most eyes on Grandpa…


One RPG…we need a defense, here.


Speaking of a defense, here… I'm totally not leading

it. I'm going to the beach camp.


Your number two, is dead. The Rough Riders need

you here, Blake. We all need you here.


That's horseshit! I've played it your way from the

get go. It's been over a year, and what just

happened last night feels worse than the day this

all began. The Rough Riders are proud and more

than ready to defend those walls. I'm –


Blake, this could be what they want, for all we know.

To get our army at the coast, while theirs comes back

and hits us twice as hard as they did, the first time.

We have to be prepared for anything.


I –

Blake makes eye contact with Zane, who shakes his head at him… Blakes looks down, then back up and over at Hunter.


Yes, sir.


Thank you, Blake…and I'm so thankful for your

ability to even function, right now.

Hunter looks around at the others, before pointing at a map of the coast.


The bulk of our army will make its way there. I

want Doug to take his crew with Chasin, through

the brush, as a team to keep eyes on possible

ambush parties. Mayday will keep his team at the

highway, within radio range, and remain there,

unless called for aid. Just like they might want us

there, so they can hit us here, they might also

want us there, in attempt to take us by surprise.

We can't walk ourselves into a trap there…




Agreed…and before we get any deeper, I just want

to say, I will be the one to lead the team going east…

Everyone kind of surprised, and looking at Zane…


I agree with Grandpa. His men have to be having

second thoughts. I don't think Grover is there. He'll

be with the woman, and probably at Nike World,

holding up with what men he has left.






She was a fighter, and apparently his righthand "man".


I got a glimpse of her too. She never left his side.


Who is she? I never heard of some woman fighter, as

his righthand man. Just Dylan and Jeb.


Wasn't there mention of a woman, during the

helicopter story?


Yes! One of their men mentioned it to me. It's why

we didn't expect anything being kept from us. They

seemed as curious as we were.


So, this might explain why they seemed to have more

men than we ever expected. It wasn't all their men.

Silence as they are share some looks…


They could have even more men than we know

of. We have to be careful about this.


Mason's right. We have to take more time to think

this out. I know we want to act promptly, but wisely

is of even more importance…

Silence as they think…


I will leave it up to you. I would like to select a

team of volunteers, and head east, asap.


Your part of the plan is just as important to ponder,

at least for a while.

Hunter staring at his father…


I actually agree with Zane, on this one. He knows

the terrain, better than those clowns, (looking right

at Zane) and will only spy, not attack.

Zane and Hunter sharing a stare-down…


I know I said I wanted to kill him, above all else,

but he's sick…I get it…he'll be taken alive, when

the time is right…


Fair deal. Put your team together, and meet back

with me once you're ready to roll. The rest of us

will remain here and nail this thing down.

Rachel suddenly comes over radio, sounding emotional, scared.


(over radio)

Hunter? You need to get here, now.


(quickly into radio)

What's happening? Is my son okay?


(over radio)

I don't know what's happening, but they're all

working hard to save him! Something went wrong!

Hunter rushes right out the door, and the others are about to follow, when suddenly the bell begins ringing!



Zane screams out the F word with extreme frustration, but scene cuts, before he completes the word.

Cut to the bell, rocking back and forth…

Cut to Divit, pulling the rope of the bell, as urgently as he can…

Cut to the tree-line, where a single horse steps forward, out of the brush, onto the slushy snow of the field, that lays in front of the compound…

Another horse steps out, followed by another, and then several more, followed by maybe a hundred more, all stepping into the field, facing the compound…