Season 3, Episode 9

"Under the Dead"



Sound of heavy rain falling, through the brush and trees…



POV traveling the wet, rainy woods. It's quiet, with no one around. As POV continues moving through the trees and brush, snow begins mixing with the rain, which still makes plenty of sound while hitting the ground…

POV continues through those woods, for quite a while, even passing by a pair of deer…

Eventually, smoke is seen, entering and passing through the POV, which begins following the source…

The smoke is coming from the ground, near a brushy area. POV closes in on it, finding a small cover, working as a vent, similar to the one used by the Guardian, for the fireplace in her underground home.

POV moves on from the vent, finding a nearby tunnel, leading underground, beneath the brushy area. It's high enough for the size of a person to enter, until reaching the bottom, where a smaller "passageway" is located, with a zipped tent on the other side. POV slowly travels down toward the passageway, while the sound of the rain suddenly stops, becoming dead quiet…

Suddenly, there is the sound of a zipper, as the tent opens up. Someone begins climbing out of it, and through the passageway, into the tunnel. It appears to be a woman, who begins walking up out of the tunnel. Once stepping into the light, you can see it is Mary, who reaches the top, and looks over all the falling snow, which is coming down hard, but not quite sticking…


You're right; it didn't stop. It's all snow. (sound of

someone else stepping through tent/passageway)

This is what makes you better than the rest of your

so-called family. (sound of someone walking up

behind her) You can smell, hear and sense, something

like snow changing to rain.

It appears to be a man, who is standing right behind her, looking around at the snow…

He finally steps out around her, revealing himself as Leo!

His hair is back, and beard. He just looks around the area, as the snow falls…



POV begins rising, and panning back to a view of them in the middle of the woods, the middle of nowhere, as opening credits roll…



Sound of compound warning bell, ringing loudly…


POV Bonnie, on the wall using binoculars, to look toward the tree-line, with Divit in background, ringing the bell…

Cut to Zane and all the others from the meeting, rushing through and out of the Baker complex, with worried looks from a few surrounding women and children. Grandpa is speaking to a distraught Hunter.


Go to your son. Prepare the safe house for evacuation,

just in case…

They share a quick hug.

Cut to Zane, Mason, Doc and many others, climbing and reaching the top of the wall. Down below, Stix leads the convicts toward the gate, while handing out extra weapons. Dakota coordinates others, to take positions at the wall gun-holes, where they begin aiming their weapons out of. Mayday and Gia each go to gun-holes on each side of the gate, that have 50-cals…

A few people are rushing for the underground tunnels, that have gun-holes outside of the compound.


NO! NO! They might know where those holes are!

It's too dangerous!

Cut to Zane, looking out across the field, with binoculars. Everyone up there on the wall, just staring outward, and readying themselves for battle…

POV tree-line, where over a hundred men are on horses, just staring back at the compound. None of them are speaking, just the sound of their horses, until eventually, one of the riders slowly steps forward…

POV Zane, Mason, Doc and others, taking notice. Zane's POV through binoculars, of the single rider, now holding up a white scarf, gently waving it, while slowly crossing the field, right for them…

POV Mason now using binoculars.


What the shit?

They all just watch, as the rider continues to make his way toward them. POV tree-line, where all the other riders remain. Their POV of the lone rider, continuing forward, slowly waving his white scarf…

POV Mason, Doc and Zane.


Is that him? Is that Grover?


Here to beg for his life?


(shaking head)

It can't be.

Everyone on the wall watches the rider continue to creep closer. They all have their weapons aimed at him, as he crosses the field. Chasin and Porter, are aiming RPG's across the field. Solis is in a secure spot along the wall, also aiming an RPG. Doug and some of his people are all aiming guns.

Zane begins climbing down the ladder, with Mason quickly behind him, with his radio and a look right at Doc.


(into radio)

Only fire on my command…

Zane begins racing past everyone below, all watching him. Mason follows, as Zane signals Stix to follow. Stix signals GW to follow, as they both rush after Zane and Mason. They all go to the gates, where April begins opening it up for them, with a look from Zane.


The moment they charge, you close these gates!

They slow down as they begin going through the gates, quickly putting their eyes on the rider. They all have guns aimed at him, as they walk his direction, while he continues riding slowly toward them. April watches from the gates. Everyone from the wall looks down at Zane and the others, walking toward the rider, who becomes closer to them…

Zane stops, awaiting the rider, who is almost to them. They curiously/cautiously keep eyes right on him, trying to determine his identity, as he continues waving his scarf…


(into radio)

I'll keep my radio open.

Mason keeps his finger down on the radio, for the others to listen in…


I'm unarmed. Please don't shoot.


Who the hell are you?

The rider reaches them, with face coming clearer. It's Dylan. He comes to a stop…


Dylan; from the beach camp.


(into radio)

It's Dylan.

They all keep their guns on him.


Come down off the horse, very slowly, and raise

those hands.

Dylan does as he says, slowly climbing down off the horse, and raising hands. Stix grabs the horse, walking it away, as Zane begins patting down Dylan. GW stands right next to him, eyeing Dylan.


Aren't you Grover's right-hand man?

Dylan a skeptical look at Mason…



He stares at them questionably, while they just wait for him to speak…


As in the Grover on all the Forest Grove signs?

They remain quiet, waiting for further response, as Dylan looks at Zane…


I was led to believe that he was Grover.

Zane and the others still just staring back at him…


Where's Anthony?


That's what I came here to speak to you about.

(motioning up toward damaged tree house) I can

see he's already shown you his madness. I actually

sent a team of scouts here early this morning, who

informed me of the situation. I brought the majority

of my fighters, to assist in any way.


You're telling us, those are not the same men we

just went to war with, last night?


And if so, then where the hell did Anthony get

damn near five-hundred men?!


His army came from Washington. The same people

from the helicopter, arrived by sea, early yesterday.

All I was told, was that they were going to get

Anthony's convicts, back, and were supposed to

return by night fall.

They all just look at him a moment...


(into radio)

Dad, you getting this?

Grandpa Sam answers from right behind them.



You're god damn right I am!

They turn around to see Grandpa arriving, with radio in his hand, and trying to walk right to Dylan, before quickly stopped, by Mason.


Jesus, dad!

Zane quickly going to him, with GW taking a hold of Dylan.


You shouldn't be out here, Grandpa!

Grandpa simply looks Zane dead in the eyes, as well as Mason, as they both allow him to pass, where he steps over and looks Dylan dead in the eyes…


Why would these Washington people follow

Anthony? What is his relation to them?

Dylan just shaking head…


I really don't know; it was all a surprise to me.

Maybe Leo told them that Anthony was in charge.

Dylan shaking his head, again, as is Grandpa.


No…They wouldn't just follow a man they don't

know, not if they have all that power, and all that

determination to come here and take what we have.


Nor would they follow a madman.


Someone else would be calling the shots…but they

were not. It was Grover who commanded that army,

last night.


Why are you referring to Anthony as Grover?

Grandpa just staring at him, a moment, then back at Zane and Mason, and then out toward the tree-line, at Dylan's men…


Did you ride all the way here?


No, we parked a few miles from the highway,

and rode in through the woods, keeping our

vehicles stashed.

Grandpa just stares at him for several moments…


Tell me why we should trust you…


That's easy; I'm where I am, because of Leo. I'm

loyal to Leo, and I know he's loyal to his family.

He's the toughest and smartest man I've ever

known, and even though he disagreed with some

things here, he built what he did, to further protect

this place. That's what got me on board, especially

after 9-11. I didn't think it'd be flesh eating dead

people, but I was sure preparing for the end, was

becoming a necessity, and had no one else better

to follow than Leo. He left with those mobsters to

save all of you, and would demand I do the same.

Silence, as Grandpa just stares at him a moment…


And I imagine you have women and children at your

camp, which must be lightly protected, right now?

Dylan nods, as Grandpa looks back out at his men…


Send them home… You and a few of your top trusted
men are welcome to come inside, and help us make

sense of it all.

Dylan looks at him, and begins nodding…

Dylan then turns and rides back toward his men, as Grandpa turns and begins walking toward the gates.


(into radio)

I want our walls to remain on full alert. Safe house

can relax, no need to evac. And what is going on

with my grandson?

Cut to the safe house, where Hunter is hugging Scout, as the doctor walks away from them. He is on the verge of tears, and Scout already is shedding them. Grandpa and Zane are arriving, behind them. Grandpa looks worried, as he looks into the face of his son, Hunter…


He's still fighting…but further complications have

the doctors worried, again.

Grandpa hugs him, as Zane looks at Scout, and her tears, before moving in to give her a hug…

Hunter now looks his dad in the eyes…


I can't think…


It's okay. We have very capable people who can

handle this, right now. You stay here, with your

son. Scout will stay with you.

Scout holds on to Hunter, as Grandpa and Zane turn to leave…



Mason and all the others from the previous meeting, are all present, along with Dylan, and three of his men, as Grandpa Sam and Zane are entering the room, with looks at Dylan…

Dissolve to them in conversation, as Dylan fills them in, with everyone listening, including Grandpa, Zane, Mason, Chasin, Catherine, Solis, Stix, Kemp, Lester, Divit, GW, Doug, Dakota, Cleo, Mayday, Gia, Sheriff Dave, Doc, Blake, Rich, Pepsi, Queen Nike, Nikki, Shawn, Marshall, Bonnie, Jennifer and April. Samantha and Bo, stand off to the side, listening, observing…


And once he discovered that Leo's son was calling

himself Grover, and now in charge of both

Glenwood and Nike World, is when he no longer

cared about his own obligations, there. He said you

guys were doing with it all, exactly what he had

planned for it, and that we should just focus on our

own camp, and securing the north. Until he recently

began showing signs of his "madness", everything

was going great. Then the mobsters arrived, and he

became someone I no longer recognized. He began

talking about their arrival as a sign, and even told

them about his army of convicts. I had to argue with

him just to leave my men with me, to keep our camp

protected. Luckily, I got him to calm down, (shaking

head) …and just hoped for the best. When he didn't

return, I sent my scouts here…

Zane just shaking his head…


He's definitely Dad's kid. How none of us got it,

I'll never know…but that sob surely does.


I can't believe that was Leo, on the highway that

day, leading that attack.


If he was well, he would have taken Nike World

himself, that day.


It showed that day, that he wasn't. And where is

he in all this, now? I mean, did these mobsters

say anything about him?


Anthony did ask. They said he was bat shit crazy

and demanding to lead the army that takes back

the compound. Apparently, they still believe the

military has it.


Which means he's still working them, and still at

least halfway himself.


Yeah, and as far as I could tell, Anthony was still

going along with that, which is why I didn't believe

he'd lead them here, like he did, or why he'd arrive

at Glenwood making the threats he did.


Because of Mary…

Everyone staring at Zane…


That bitch is controlling him and his "madness"

the same way she does Leo…the same way she

did while alive…

Silence a moment, while everyone ponders that…


You sure he's not linking himself to Leo, just to

create the image of being sick. Maybe he's been

working with the mob the entire time.


She's right. That would give him protection. We

think he shares our blood, and is only acting on the

impulses of a disease he got from someone who

conveniently has it?


Zane shaking head.


No…he's Leo's son…


What about Grover? Why the secrecy? (looks at

Dylan) You and Leo knew of what was going on with

the other camps, and even helped finance it all. So,

why the secret name? Who was he hiding from?



The mob…

Everyone looking at Grandpa…


They came here and let him take charge. He was

already connected to them, but keeping things

from them, even before all this happened. He's

not himself now, explaining why he gave up his

other camps, to them, and his identity as Grover.

As Anthony, he's working against his family, our

true enemy. As Grover, (looking at Zane) he's

influenced by Mary, and working for his family…

(looking around the room) Mary was in law

enforcement, an actual detective. She must have

been a mole for the mob, hence my grandson's

connection to them. (looking around the room) My

grandson, he is…


It really does make sense, of the sudden change. I

know the man. He's not himself, right now.

Silence takes over the room…


I'm thinking she was more than a mole… (everyone

looking at him) He may be our family, but to have

the power he had last night, he's their family, too.

Everyone silent, pondering that thought…


Holy shit…you're right…

Everyone silent…


So, then they would know just about everything

there is to know about us.

Everyone silent a moment…





Leo walking back down underground, toward his tent, as Mary stands outside, still looking at the snow, before turning and following Leo. She disappears from POV, as she goes underground, but then suddenly is marched back up, by Leo, who violently shoves her out into the snow. He turns and heads back down, out of POV.


You're no longer welcome here!

POV from inside tent, of Leo ducking back inside, and zipping it up. It's a large tent, big enough to stand in, and has a second "room", which is stuffed full of crates, filled with supplies. The main room has his sleeping area, and an actual fire pit, where he currently has one burning. He steps over to it, and warms his hands…

Suddenly, you can see someone behind him, sitting in the corner, wrapped in a blanket.


About time you kicked that bitch to the curb!

Leo is startled shitless! He turns and looks at the guy…



It's his dead son, Troy, smiling back at him. Leo rushes to him, sitting down next to him and embracing.


Oh my God, son! This is why I gave them up! This is

why I can't go back to them! You finally came back to


Leo comes out of embrace, questionably looking right at him…


Where are my other babies?


Patience…but for now, how would you like to

meet your grandson?

Leo turns around, and can see Angela, in his bed, feeding her baby. Leo instantly develops tears, as Angela rises, and brings him the baby…


Would you like to hold baby Samuel, Grandpa?

Leo's face lights up, as he takes hold of the baby, gently rocking him in his arms, like a proud grandfather. He looks at Troy, as Angela sits down next to him, in his loving arms. Leo smiles, and looks back down at the baby…


I'm going to get you and your mommy and daddy,

out of here. (making baby voice) Yes, I am. I don't

care if we have to hike from Seattle to the Oregon

Coast; I will get us there. (baby voice) Yes, I will…

You are just going to love your Uncle Zane. He is the

most amazing man. (baby voice) Yes, he is… And

don't even get me started on your great-grandfather.

He's a little on the soft side, (wiping his face) which

is where I get these damn tears from, but he too, is

something else. Magically amazing, you might say.

(baby voice) Yes, you can… Soon as your Aunt Katie

and Uncle Jagger, arrive, we'll get you to that

compound, where you will be safe. (baby voice) Yes,

you will…

Leo just smiling, while gently rocking the baby…



POV going through the exhausted crowd, who look at the POV, which comes from someone, looking over everyone…

Eventually POV finds Chloe, consoling Jo, with Cody right next to them. POV suddenly stops, as Cody looks up, with dread coming over his expression. Suddenly, he is instantly grabbed and secured by Chasin and GW, with Grandpa next to Dylan, who was pointing out Cody. Mason is also there, speaking to Dylan and pointing at Jo and Chloe.


You don't recognize these two? They were with

him when he was picked up.


(shaking head)

No, I've never seen them.


Shit! (looking right at Jo/Chloe) Where's Vance?

Dylan responds before Jo or Chloe can answer.


Vance? We had a Vance, who went missing months


Mason and others looking at Jo/Chloe.


He was on the wall, last I heard.

Mason immediately into his radio.


(into radio)

Porter, come in…


(over radio)

Porter, here.

Zane stops Mason, who is about to respond to Porter.


He could have a radio. Let's go to the wall ourselves,

and scoop him up.


(into radio)

Any noise, out there?


(over radio)

All quiet. Anything I should know of?


(into radio)

Plan is still in the works. We'll fill you in soon.


(over radio)

Rodger that.

Cut to Zane and Mason, along with Stix and GW, all armed and climbing up onto the wall. They come to Porter, as Stix and GW quickly look through all the men, as does Mason.


Vance is a spy, so is Cody. We've already secured

Cody, but Vance was last known to be up here.


He was earlier, but now that I think of it, I haven't

seen him since you all went inside, with Dylan.

Zane watching Stix and GW, coming up empty. Then Mason comes out of a far tree house, shaking his head…





Armed guards now surround the safe house doors, as Zane speaks to them, before entering. POV follows him through the crowd, with most eyes on him. He quickly makes his way toward a door, to another room, and enters.

Cody is tied down in a chair, with Mason and Grandpa, right by him.


Doc, Dakota and Cleo are leading teams throughout

the compound. (a look at Cody) We'll scoop him up.

Hunter now entering the room, with a look from Grandpa…




No change…


You should still be with him. We can take care of this.


I need to get it off my mind for a minute. (approaching

Cody) I need to take my frustration on someone.

Hunter arrives at Cody, slamming him down against the table.


We open our doors for you,

Cut outside the room, where people close to the room can hear Hunter shouting the rest of his sentence.





I didn't hurt anyone!


(still holding him down)



Look, I'm not lying, here. I already told these guys

everything, I know. Billy and I, were to follow

Vance's instructions, which there hadn't been any.

We were just here to report back whatever info

we could, which was all positive intel. We told them

how great it is, here. I have no idea why Vance

would suddenly order Billy to do what he did. This

is the first I've heard about it. I knew there was

some death in here, but had no idea people were

being murdered; I swear!























Hunter stops, and just holds him down, without responding…




Since before we even got here! I saved her life out

there, and we got close. Nothing happened,

because she was married, but I think she knows…

Silence a moment…


She loves it here, and the people. I would never hurt

anyone, here. I love it here, too. How was I supposed

to tell her…or you… I never thought Vance was capable

of such brutality. If I had, I would have stopped him…

Everyone looking amongst themselves…


Let's get her and her cousin, in here.


Jo just lost her husband. If she's strong enough, she can

come, otherwise her cousin, Chloe, will work.


(into radio)

Scout, come in…


(over radio)

Scout, here.


Have someone bring Chloe, in here. Jo can come, too,

if she's up for it. Let them know it has to do with Cody.


(over radio)

Rodger that…

Cut to Scout walking through the safe house, passing right by Jaelyn and Ricky, who still looks fairly strong. POV stays with them.


Let's go take a walk. I know you enjoy seeing everyone

here, and you still have time, but right now, I want a

minute alone with my boyfriend.

He smiles, and rises, extending his hand, to her. She smiles and takes it, rising and walking off, with him. POV follows them passing by Scout, who is now speaking with Jo and Chloe. POV remains with them.


Why did they take him?


That's why you're welcome to go, too. Your questions

will be answered in there.

Scout looks and waits, with girls just looking back at her…


I understand what you've been through, Jo, (looking

at Chloe) but I'm afraid I'm going to need you to come

with me. (looking at Jo) You can go, or remain here.

Chloe looks at Jo, before slowly rising. She begins following after Scout, as Jo decides to rise, and follow after…



Jaelyn and Ricky walking the lake's trail, hand in hand, through the slushy melted snow…


I can't believe it's Christmas. I can't believe how

surreal today feels, even in a world that is already

so surreal…and it's Christmas. (shaking head)

White Christmas…kinda…


It was so magical, just a half day ago. Now…


Sure feels longer than a half day, ago… A half day…

I wonder if a half day is what I have left… Maybe a

day and a half, at best… I don't wanna die the day

after Christmas…that's just weird… It should be

today. Meet Jesus on his birthday.

Jaelyn just begins crying, as Ricky stops, and hugs her, while looking out at the beautiful lake…


Holding you is what I'll miss the most.

She blurts out sobbing, into his chest, and he continues holding her, and taking in the beauty, with a tear of his own…



POV Jo and Chloe, sitting at the table, across from Cody.


Tell us how Cody saved your life?

Hunter looking at Jo…


My husband was saving Chloe. She got into trouble

first, and he went after her. It's same story we told

you the day we got here, of how we lost the other

two members of our group. Cody and Vance weren't

able to save them, but then went to help Peyton.

Cody heard me screaming, after I got into trouble. I

killed a half dozen of them, before becoming

completely swamped. (Jo just staring at Cody) To this

day, I don't know how he got to me, but he did. He

actually grabbed my legs, and pulled me though, or

maybe under, all those huffs. I thought I was being

bitten, and had scrapes and blood everywhere. I

thought maybe he was being bitten, with blood

spilling all over me, but it was him, killing the huffs

who came at him, while dragging me through, over

and under them…at least that's how it felt. I couldn't

stop screaming, or maybe I was crying, I don't know…

but I know I was in too much shock to run or fight,

and kept looking over my body for bites.… He just kept

killing them…keeping them off of me. Vance and my

husband finally arrived, with Chloe, and killed the

remaining huffs…but I would have never made it out

of there, without Cody…

Everyone silent a moment…


Was he already in love with you, at this time, or

is this how it happened?

Jo shocked at the question, before answering…


We aren't having an affair, if that's what you're

asking me…but yes, after that, we were connected…

Hunter just staring at her a moment…


Vance and Billy are the reason my son is fighting for

his life, and the two of them murdered our own

people, while their men attacked us from outside.

They left the dead, to turn, and create chaos, in aid

of Grover's mission to take over the compound. They

murdered our own people, in cold blood…and I need

to know right now, if Cody is just as evil as they are.

Jo's face filling with tears, as she looks across the table, at Cody…


No way. We barely knew Billy, but Vance, I can tell

you is not the same kind of man, who Cody is.

Jo nodding, with face full of tears, barely able to speak…


She's right…

Hunter staring from them, to Cody…then to Dylan…


That's your opinion, too?


It is. Vance and Cody were night and day.


I felt obligated to the man, which is why he chose

me to be with him on this mission. He's the one

who pulled me out of a pleading crowd of people,

on day one of this whole mess, and brought me to

their camp.


I didn't miss Vance for a moment, after he suddenly

vanished. Although, he was an asset during all our

work in the north.


Problem is, he's vanished, again. (looking at Cody)

Providing us with an idea to his whereabouts, would

go a long way in hearing what else you have to say for



If he was on the wall, and saw Dylan, he knew his

cover was about to be blown. He must be hiding. He

can't get out on his own, right?


No…(heading for door) We have to find him before

he does something stupid.



Dakota, Cleo and Sage, all quickly riding horses, heading toward the compound neighborhood, where a pair of random armed guards are standing in front of a closed bar gate. There's a small bridge, with a creek below. They cross the bridge and slow down, and begin riding around the gate, with quick words with the guards.


You guys stay awake. This guy's dangerous!


You got it.

They quickly ride up into the neighborhood, slowing down as they begin looking through the yards and alleyways. They have their guns out and are being cautious. The neighborhood is full of Christmas decorations, and trees can be seen in some of the windows. It's sad though, it's a ghost town, as they ride through the neighborhood, and into the town area…

Dakota looks over at Cleo, then Sage…


I'm sorry, Sage…

Sage looks at Dakota, as they ride along…


I've been so concerned with Cleo's loss, and Gunner,

that I haven't said anything to you, about your loss…


She was your cousin, too. She's a loss for us all.


She is…but I know how close you guys were…

Sage pausing a moment…


I don't remember a time without her… Same with

Doc… Our parents were shit…and it was just the

three of us who were the family…


Yeah…I remember always hearing about your guys'

situation. My dad always said it's what made you

guys so tough.

Sage instantly begins riding with extreme speed, as Cleo and Dakota watch and quickly follow, as they see the image of Vance, dashing behind a building. They all ride after him, but then stop as he shoots at them from around the corner. They fire back, and then resume riding after him, as Dakota reaches for her radio.


(into radio)

We've got him in the town! He's got a gun!

They turn the corner, and see him dash away from the town, and into the woods.


(into radio)

He's heading into the woods!


(over radio)

Do NOT go after him! I want Porter's crew to meet

with Dakota. Mason's team to the west side of the

woods, and Zane's to the east. I want Doug and Stix

to take their crews, and split between Zane and

Mason's teams. Do NOT let the man escape, and do

NOT let him take any more lives!

Dakota, Cleo and Sage remain on their horses, and ensuring Vance cannot return to the town.


(over radio)

Queen Nike's team will remain at the safe house,

and keep our people out of harm's way. Mayday's

team will remain at the complex, with eyes open…



Mason speeding his hummer into the woods, followed by a couple more hummers. They continue forward, until reaching an area where they have to park, and continue on foot. More than 15 men begin climbing out of the hummers. A few more trucks arrive, also full of men, jumping out, along with a team of dogs. Mason organizes everyone to scatter out. April is with the dogs, giving them a whiff of clothing, that must have been Vance's, as the dogs begin barking, and leading her and others into the woods…

Cut to Zane on a horse, along with Blake, some of the older Rough Riders, and about a dozen others. They ride through the woods, as Zane instructs them to scatter out…

Dissolve to Doug and his people, also on horses, and scattering out through the woods, with weapons ready…

Dissolve to Stix (holding radio), GW and the other convicts, on foot and scattering out through the woods…


(over radio)

I don't like this. There's too much ground to cover.


(over radio)

We can't just wait for him to come to us. It's hard to

proceed with Grover, while dealing with a threat

here at home.

Cut to Mason, and his team, with sound of barking dogs.


(into radio)

Hunter's right; we have to resolve this, before we

can go after Grover.


(over radio)

Agreed, but he's got at least a fifty-fifty shot of

getting by us, out here.


(over radio)

I'm open to suggestions…


(into radio)

Wasn't this guy just shot, last night.


(over radio)

Doc said it was a flesh wound. He probably used it

as an excuse to get himself back inside.

Radio chat goes silent, as Mason continues on, with dogs barking in background…

Cut to Vance, breathing hard and coming to a stop, at the distant sound of dogs barking. He listens, looks, and then races off in opposite direction…



POV of boots, as someone walks in the woods, alone. POV remains with the boots for several moments, before slowly panning back. Only his lower half is showing, when he stops, and reaches for his canteen. POV continues panning back as he swigs from it, blocking it from his face…

Once he lowers the canteen, he is revealed as Leo (meaning this scene is a flashback). He's wearing a stuffed backpack. He takes some breaths, and looks around, before continuing on his way…

Dissolve to Leo inside his underground tent, still holding the baby, while in deep thought, just staring off at nothing, for several moments.


You okay, Dad?

Leo snaps out of it, and smiles, then looks down at the baby, but sees it with the face of Anthony. Leo is spooked at what he sees, and drops the baby. You can hear its neck snap, as it hits the ground. Angela screams, rising to run for her baby.



Leo looks down at the dead baby, as Angela scoops him up. Troy arrives at his dad, shaking him.


What the hell is wrong with you?! My baby boy

needed you! He wasn't even born yet, and you

just left us at that hotel, to die before we could

even be a part of that compound! How could you

let that happen to us?!

Leo just looking at Troy, in complete shock, then at the baby, who is a huff, and then he looks at Angela, also a huff, and carrying her dead huff baby. Leo looks back at Troy, who is now also a huff, and they are going after him. He runs to the door, unzipping and rushing up above ground. It's now like a blizzard, with heavy snow and about a foot of it on the ground…

He runs right to the top and out into the snow, with Mary lunging right at him! She knocks him down into the snow, as he begins wrestling around with her, before freeing himself. He turns and finds a large stick, sharp as a spear. He turns back around, and Mary is gone…

He looks all around, and then runs off into the woods. He comes to find a random huff, and kills it. Another huff comes at him, also killed, but more and more are appearing. He begins dropping them like flies, one after another, some of them at the same time!

He clears his way through the crowd of huffs, but is then bitten. He cries out in agony, but continues fighting them, killing all but two of them. He was about to kill them both, with one powerful blow, but stops himself, just in time! It's Kate and Jagger…

Leo begins crying, and pushing them away from him, keeping them from biting him, but unable to put them down...


My babies…

He screams in agony, at the top of his lungs. It causes a ton more huffs to make their way through the brush, and right for him. He takes one final look at his kids, before turning and dashing back toward his tent, and underground he goes…

Cut to the tent, as Leo rushes back inside. He quickly zips it up, and then goes straight to the ground, squeezing his eyes shut…


Not down here, not down here… Only the living,

only the living…

He keeps his eyes closed, but not as tightly. He takes a deep breath, and then opens his eyes, which go wide…

His POV of both Jagger and Kate, smiling back at him. Kate is holding the baby. Troy is holding his wife. Jagger comes and gives his dad his hand, helping him up…


My babies…



Noooo, I'm holding the baby. Baby Grover.

Leo's smile fades, and then he looks back at the door. He turns, unzips, climbs out and walks back above ground. The blizzard like snow is gone, but snow does fall, and is beginning to stick, but not a foot deep. There are no huffs, but Mary is out there, and alive.


Just like the old days, eh? Me on the outside,

of you and your real family.

Leo just staring at her…


I wish I would have turned my back on you back

then, as I do right now.

Leo turns and walks back below…



Mason and others following after the guys who hold the dog leashes, as they bark and lead them toward a bunch of people. The people are convicts, as eventually Stix and GW arrive, meeting Mason…


He's either somewhere right around here, or he

got by you guys.

They all begin looking around, and following/watching the dogs, which begin leading them the same way as all the convicts came from…


(into radio)

Zane was right; way too much ground to cover.

He got by us.

Cut to Zane and his team, right as Zane is completing the "f" bomb, in which he yells out at the top of his lungs, through the woods.



Cut to Hunter, in safe house room, holding radio and shaking his head. Grandpa is there, looking over at Cody, still tied to the chair. Then he looks over at Dylan, who sits at the table, with his other 3 men, as well as Chloe and Jo, across the table from them…


(into radio)

I want the security at the safe house, tripled! Right

now! He might be looking for leverage.

Grandpa still eyeing everyone…


There's nothing any of you can tell us about what's

going on, in the mind of this man?

All of them just slowly nodding…


I think he's just desperate, and knows he's going

to hell, when he gets caught. He's a fighter, and a

survivor though, so use extreme caution.

Both Grandpa and Hunter, eyeing Cody…

Cut to Zane, Mason, the convicts and all the other members of their teams, now meeting out in front of the Baker complex/mansion, as many of them scatter and begin searching everywhere…

Cut to Blake and others, checking the barns…

Cut to Porter and others, near the Baker cabin, approaching the lake…

Cut to Harris, her sister and others, searching on the other side of the Baker complex, with many more people on the outskirts, checking everywhere…

Cut to Mayday, Gia, Sheriff Dave and others, checking through all the guest houses, and areas around them…

Cut to Chasin, Wyatt and others, searching through the ball fields, and tennis courts, and all brushy areas, around them…

Cut to a private, lone cabin by the lake, as Ricky and Jaelyn come outside, onto the deck. They're smiling at each other, and suddenly cold, as she shivers. He wraps her up in a hug, but then is violently tackled, from behind, knocking Jaelyn down as well. Ricky is already weak, and having trouble rising. Once he does, Vance shoves him directly into the lake, and reaches for Jaelyn, who screams.

Cut to Blake, on a horse and hearing the scream, as he rides off toward it…



Mason comes to a skidding stop, just outside the doors of the safe house, where Grandpa and Hunter are waiting for him, along with Cody, who quickly climbs into the hummer, which just as quickly begins speeding off. Grandpa, Hunter, Dylan and his men, all get into a truck, and drive after them…

Cut to Vance now on a horse, with Jaelyn held in front of him. He isn't moving too quickly, and has others nearby, but keeping their distance, as he holds a gun to Jaelyn…


I'm losing it here, people! You have five minutes to

get me a damn car! It's the only way she survives this!


(into radio)

He says we have five minutes to get him a car.

Vance riding toward the graveyard, which lays off to the side of the field at the front of the compound. There is lots of brush, and suddenly, Vance watches Cody come creeping out of that brush, holding a pistol. He begins jogging right over to Vance, who looks at him semi-skeptically, as Cody instantly points his gun around at all the surrounding people, and puts himself in front of Vance…


Anyone fires, at either one of us, and she will be

dead, before you can get us both.

Cody turns around, and aims his gun at Jaelyn…


Now get us that car, and get it right now!


Just keep it easy! Car is on the way, right now.


I knew I could count on you, kid.

Vance smiles, and he spots the car approaching. It arrives, and stops near them. April climbs out, and runs off to the others…

Vance rides over closer, then looks at Cody, who continues to hold his gun on Jaelyn.


I'm climbing down, first. Keep your gun on her.

Vance climbs down, then brings her down, too. They all move to the vehicle, and climb inside. Cody grabs Jaelyn, and forces her into the back with him, not yet closing door. Vance hops into the driver's seat, and begins driving, but not before Cody pushes Jaelyn right back out the door, and jumping out with her. Vance slams on the breaks, grabbing his gun.


Cody, what that hell?!

Zane, Porter, Blake, Stix and others, are already swarming the vehicle, with their horses, and guns aimed. Vance has no time, to fire his gun, and instead, speeds away, and enters the corridor. They go after him, along with Mason, speeding his hummer after him…

Cut to the corridor, where Vance speeds down it. POV Vance, looking suicidal…

Cut to the gates. POV coming from the gates, as Vance speeds toward it, and right into it. POV Vance and the car exploding, without even making the gate budge…

Mason stops his hummer, climbing out and just looking, with a shocked shake of his head…


(over radio)

Did he just do what I think he did?


(into radio)

He did, indeed…


(over radio)

He didn't actually think he'd get through, did he?

How'd it hold up?


(into radio)

Barely a scratch…but can't say the same for him…



Mason bringing a wet, wrapped Ricky, to his daughter Jaelyn, as the two embrace…


Oh, thank god! I can handle dying, knowing you will

be okay!

Jaelyn's begins crying, again, with tears of relief, and of agony, from what he just said…

Mason watches his daughter, holding back his own emotion…

Grandpa looks around, at all the relieved faces…


It's time to let everyone out of the safe house,

and back to their homes…



Grandpa standing in front of all the eager people, as Hunter hands him a blowhorn…


It's hard to say this, right now, but after all that

happened last night, today has actually been

productive, and at the very least, we've taken care

of our internal threats. It's a long story, but (pointing

to Dylan) thanks to the true leader of the beach

camp, Dylan, we've learned that it's our rumored

threat in Washington, that is our true enemy. It was

their army, who aided Grover's attack last night.

Like you already know, the beach camp army arrived

here today, to stand with us, not against us. Dylan

was able to not only warn us of what we've learned

about Vance, but he was able to clear all those who

have joined our family, over the last year. With that

said, we are lifting the ban, and allowing everyone

back to their homes.

No applause, but tons of relief, and even a few smiles, as the crowd instantly begins moving toward the exit…


Please move in an orderly fashion, and hopefully by

tomorrow, we will have more information to share.

Thank you…and I am so sorry for what you have all

had to endure, during this uncertain time…

Dissolve to people walking up out of the safe house, with many people already leaving the area, or gathered around, waiting on others. Samantha, Eli, Renee, Griffey, Jenna, Kristen and other kids are out there, along with Pepsi, Coke and Chance. Scout is approaching Pepsi, with a hand over Samantha's shoulder…


So, I hear the kids are wired, and want to stay up?


I can take them all to the family cabin. Samantha

had a very generous idea of putting away the

Christmas stuff. There's plenty of beds there, for

those who get sleepy.


The cabin would be perfect, but Blair has already

offered to help, so I know Zane would appreciate

having you at the meeting, which is going to start

any moment. Eli can take these guys, now. Blair

and her parents will bring along the younger ones.


Thank you, Scout. And Gunner? Any word?


They will be working on him for a while longer.

He's a fighter…

Scout trying to force a smile…

Dissolve to Samantha opening the door of the Baker cabin, as Eli follows her inside, along with all the others. Samantha instantly begins looking over the spread of treats, the glowing tree, and tons of wrapped gifts. All the other kids begin doing the same, with a very somber expression and mood…

Samantha takes a deep breath, and then picks up some of the gifts.


Let's store them all away, for another time…

They all just watch for a moment, before Eli is the first to help…


If we work together, we can have it looking normal

in here, in no time. I don't want to think about

Christmas, right now.

The kids quietly begin picking up gifts, and stacking them in a large closet…


(speaking to Sam)

How come you didn't go to the meeting, again?


Zane will fill me in, afterward, and before they all

leave…we maybe never see some of them, again.

Eli just looking at her for a moment…


I wish I could be there. Blake is there.


You'll be there, someday. Blake will be scared of

you, someday. Even Zane, might be scared of you



What do you mean?


You know what I mean. Someday I'm going to run

this place, and probably depend on you to protect it.

Eli frowns…


I'm nothing, compared to Zane and Blake.


At least you know how to kill huffs. I can do it when

practicing, but I'm just a little girl about to pee her

damn self, when I see or even dream about seeing

one, without you or Zane, to back me up.


Huffs are easy, but other humans, they still give

me anxiety…

Samantha quiet, as they continue putting away the gifts…

Dissolve to Grandpa and Hunter, talking in the Baker strategic room, as Zane and all the others, from the original meeting are gathering inside, and either standing or taking seats around the table…

Dylan and his men are also present.

Hunter finishes speaking with Grandpa, and then stands at the head of the table, facing everyone, as the door is shut, after the last of them enter, and they all begin to give their full attention…


So, what do we do? Play it safe, and remain behind

our walls, waiting for the fight to come to us? Or do

we risk more lives, to eliminate that threat? Or…do

we try to establish contact, and provide this guy what

he's obviously run out of?


Let's say we can reason with the guy. What about his

other family? There's no medication that will stop

them from wanting us dead, or vacated from our home.


Mason's right, but so is Hunter. Grover, or Anthony,

is our family. Unlike Leo, who chose to go off his meds,

Anthony probably just ran out of his.


There's plenty of evidence that he has always had

our best interest in mind, while his mind actually

functioned. We need it to function again, before he

faces up to his actions…


Grandpa looks at Dylan.


Tell me more about the woman… The one who

appeared to be in charge, until handing her army

over to Anthony.


Dangerous and Sanguine, is the impression I got

from her. She also looked at Anthony as if they had

a romantic past. It was easy to see, because he

looked back at her the same way. It might even be

what triggered the extremes of his "madness."


I knew I saw a woman at his side, out there. Are

you sure it was a "romantic" vibe you got between

them? I'm not going to find out I'm related to this

one, too, am I?

Dylan a semi-shrug.


Jesus, he makes a point. If Mary is related to these

people, who knows just how connected to them,

we are.

Silence, as they all ponder that thought…


I'm more concerned with how much Leo appeared

to fear these people, and what the hell we're going

to do about their depleted army?



That would be what we are here to decide, and

unfortunately, with everything that's gone on,

we're not yet working with any sort of a real plan…

but I look around at this room, and see a lot of

special people, so…let's put our heads together…



POV above ground, of the falling snow, with more sticking (couple inches), and the sound of multiple people singing, coming from underground…

POV finds the pathway, and goes down toward the tent, as the singing comes into focus.


"Take me out to the crowd"

POV enters inside of tent, where Leo is silly and fully animated, as he holds the baby and sings along.



"Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks"

Leo cracking his voice with the lyrics, in the most goofy and hilarious manner. The others sing along, but also cracking up as they watch/listen to Leo.


"I don't care if we ever get back"

He begins swinging the baby, which makes it smile/laugh.


"For it's root, root, root for the Dodgers"

Others still trying to sing along, but struggling as they laugh at their father, who is totally out of character.


"If they don't win, it's a shame"

Leo making a hilarious "shame" face, then using fingers to count out next verse.


"For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, at

the old ball game"

Everyone cheering/applauding, as Leo kisses baby.


Oh my god, how much I wish Zane could have

seen that!


Oh my god, how much I wish I could unsee it!

Everyone laughing, as Leo pulls Kate in for a playful squeeze…


I'd like you all, to unsee it, or at least forget you

seen it, and never share what you seen, with

another soul, as long as you live!

Leo's face goes grim, as they go quiet and he flashes all their dead faces, before squeezing his eyes shut.


(eyes shut)

Not down in here, not down in here!

They all begin laughing again, as he opens his eyes, with smile and happy expression, returning…


I am so telling Zane about this, even though he'll

never believe it.

Jagger holds up his cell phone.


Oh, he'll believe it, alright!

Everyone laughing, as a video of Leo singing to the baby plays over the phone. Leo hands the baby over to Angela, and tries to take the phone from Jagger. He begins playfully wrestling him for it, as Jagger then hands the phone off to Kate. Leo goes after her, but she hands it to Troy. Leo jumps on him, with everyone laughing. But then the baby becomes frightened, and begins crying. Leo stops, and goes to the baby.


Ohhh, it's okay, little Grover. I was only fooling

around with your dada.

Baby still crying, as Kate grabs phone from Troy, and begins playing the video of Leo singing "Take me out to the ball game". The baby instantly stops.


Oh, great!

They all laugh!


(smiling at Leo)

Sorry, Daddy. This video's officially a keeper!


Well then, I'll be keeping all of you from the compound!

(laughs) We can just remain down here, (Leo's

expression fading) safe from the dead.

Leo now looking at the door, as they all continue joking and laughing.


(practically mumbling)

Excuse me.

Leo heading for the door, unzipping, and walking out. He looks at the falling snow, and the random huffs who walk the area, oblivious of him. Leo just stands there, looking/thinking…

Eventually, Troy is heard coming from the tent, calling to Leo.


What are you doing, Dad?

Leo turns, and walks down to Troy.


What are you doing; it's dangerous out here.


It's something we have to all face, Dad. You can't

get us back to the compound, from down here.

You're a survivor, but you can't survive here

forever. None of us can.

Leo looking back at him, while developing tears…


But, once we get there, things will change. I might

not see you, anymore. The pain that would come

back, (shaking head) is just something I'm not sure

I could handle.

Troy a sympathetic look at his dad, and coming in close…


You can't remain below the dead, Dad. You still have

Zane, and Dakota…and the rest of the family. They all

need you, just as much as you need them…which is what

makes them different than us…we no longer need you,

Dad. We can remain below the dead. We're all good,

here. The only pain we feel, is yours…

Leo's face full of tears, as a huff is heard coming down the pathway. He turns and faces it, before turning back and following Troy inside, and zipping up…

The huff arrives, and tries getting through the tent, beginning to cause it to fall apart. Everyone else continues talking and joking around, while Leo just looks at them, strangely, before picking up a stick, and bashing the head of the huff, through the tent. The huff drops dead.



I'll get it.

Leo just watches Kate, unzip the tent and begin dragging the dead huff, up the pathway. She's reaching the top, as someone else is out there, and coming toward Kate. It's Mary, who reaches out to take the dead huff. Casually, Kate tuns to head back below.


Thanks, Mary!

Leo watches from the tent, as Kate approaches. You can kind of see and hear Mary, being attacked from up top. Kate doesn't even turn to look, as she passes by Leo, into the tent.


(with laugh)

I think Mary just got bit.

Leo turns with shock, to look at Kate, but Jagger comes to his face.


The three of us, made a mistake by accepting Mary,

the way we did. Zane was right, she's a bitch.

All of his children just looking at him now.


We all know the truth about her now. Her real family,

motives, and the son she kept from you, from us all.

Kate coming into her dad's face, with tears now running down hers…


They are dangerous, Daddy. You have to warn the

compound. You have to leave this place, and do what

it takes to start thinking clearly, again. Please do it, for


Leo's face full of tears, as he hugs her.


I will, Katie; I will!

Dissolve to Leo standing alone in the tent, with the fire now put out, and his backpack loaded and over his shoulder. He unzips the tent, and begins walking up above ground. He reaches the top, with Mary sitting on a log, holding her arm, where she was bitten, and shaking her head…


Don't do it, Leo. You're not strong enough. Our

son will stop you, and be the leader that you never

could be. The compound is his, now.

A huff comes out of nowhere, almost biting Leo, who grabs it and throws it directly at Mary. He simply walks away, as Mary begins screaming, while the huff begins feasting on her…

Suddenly, her screams change, from hers, to Kates! Leo quickly turns, to the sight of his daughter being eaten alive. He races over to her, and begins killing the huff, but stops, when he takes notice that the huff is Troy, and then Leo jumps, as Angela (a huff) grabs him from behind. Leo tries to swing his spear at her, but then can see she is holding baby Grover, who appears to be alive.

Leo takes the baby from her. He turns to run back into the woods, but now faces Jagger, who is a huff and bites into his father. Leo turns back toward the tent, and is bitten again, by Troy, then again, by Kate, as he limps down the pathway, unzipping the tent, while the baby screams…

Leo enters inside, looking over his bites. The baby is now acting fine, even laughing, and looking at Leo, who now looks back at him. He rubs his bloody fingers across the baby's face. The baby moves his arm, over Leo's. Leo takes notice of a huff bite, on the baby's arm, who is now screaming, again…

Leo is then suddenly startled, by someone who grabs him from behind. He turns to face Troy and Angela. Angela takes the baby, looks over the bite mark, and then slaps Leo's face.


Not only do you fail to reach the compound, you

can't even keep your grandchild safe!

Leo suddenly begins yelling at the top of his lungs!








DAD! (Troy staring right at him) You have to go to

them, to your son, Anthony.

Leo sobbing.


I can't! I don't know what is real, and what's not. I

don't even know if it's really snowing, out there! I

can't trust my own eyes, or thoughts! (Leo grabbing

Troy) I love you, but I do NOT want to see you, anymore!

Troy grabbing Leo.



Leo looks at Troy with determination, then turns and runs back outside, before returning and quickly kissing the baby goodbye. He heads above ground, where daylight suddenly dissolves to nightfall. Leo shakes his head at the sight, and continues forward. The snow becomes heavier, almost difficult to walk in. Huffs are now everywhere, but stuck in the snow, and only reaching for him, rather than approaching him…

It's too dark to see their faces. He reaches for a flashlight and shines it on them. They don't look familiar, until they do. One of them is Troy, and then Angela, holding her huff baby. Then he can see Jagger, followed by Kate. He turns to look back at them, as they remain stuck in the snow, reaching for him…


I'm sorry, my loves…

He moves on, shining his light at more huffs, stuck in the snow. He eventually comes to the face of his brother, Fish, and then Vincent, along with his boys, Greg and Mark. He stops shining his light on them, before coming to one, right in front of him. He shines light on him, it's Anthony, stuck in the snow, but alive…


You might as well turn your narcissist ass around. The

compound is mine, now, and belongs to my real family.

Not even you are strong enough to take it back, from us.




You do now, and you're going to have to kill your

own son, to save the people who hate you, anyhow.

Anthony's face dissolves to death, and becomes a huff, now reaching his arms for Leo…

He stares at him for a moment, then begins taking several deep breaths, working himself up, and then moving forward, and sticking Anthony in the brain…


Not down there, AND NOT UP HERE! I'M DONE!


Leo moving forward, with confidence, before suddenly stopping in his tracks, at the sound of the compound warning bell. He closes his eyes, and can envision the gates of the compound, being blown open, as Anthony charges inside, with an army of hundreds! They are now at the Baker complex, shooting everyone dead. Zane and Dakota, shot and killed! Grandpa being forced to watch it all, including Samantha's head, chopped clean off, by Grover, who picks it up and tosses it like a bowling ball, into the snow, and rolling right into the lake…

Her head bobs there in the water, until her eyes open, as a huff.

Leo opens his eyes, to his father, Sam, right in front of him.


You failed me. You failed us all.

He watches his father's face change, into death, and becoming a huff, while reaching for him. The warning bell continues to ring…



Leo turns and races back toward the underground tent, down the pathway, and disappearing, to the sound of him unzipping the tent…

Cut to him opening it, but to a real door, locked shut. He begins banging on it.





Can't do it, Dad. You have to face your fears.


I tried! It's too late! I heard the bell. I saw the gates

blown open. He's not my son! He's killing them all!

He's one of them. He's the god damn mob! And

there's only more of them coming!

Leo places his head against the door, closing his eyes. He envisions Victor, smiling and shaking hands with a pair of men.


Sheppard, Cash! My grandson came through, for us!

Leo opens his eyes, then closes them again. He envisions Anthony, Jordan, Cutter, and all their people, in the compound, shooting their guns as they celebrate their victory…

Suddenly, they are fired on by Mason, Jason, Porter, Scout and others, but before they can make a difference, they are swarmed from behind, by an even bigger army, led by Victor, Sheppard, and Cash. Mason and the others begin killing one man after another, but there are just too many. The mob army is firing on them at the Baker complex, and it leads all the way back down the Baker corridor, where the army is still entering through the blown-up gates, and going all the way across the field…

Sheppard fires a fatal shot, at Mason, followed by Cash doing the same, to Porter, and then Scout.

Leo opens his eyes again. He is about to bang on the door, but then listens, to the sound of his video, playing from Jagger's phone. Leo can hear them all laughing, inside, and even the baby, along with the sound of Leo singing, "Take me out to the ball game"…



We belong here, Dad, below the dead. Above the

dead, is where you belong.

Leo begins to whimper, as he lays against the door…



Jordan shaking her head, as Mick (arm wrapped) and several others, are gathered around one another, as tons of other men are at or on the walls, with guns, ready in case the compounders arrive…


I hear what you guys are saying, but if we evac to the

boats, and go home empty handed, it doesn't matter

how much this is all on Anthony. Victor will shoot me

dead, and god knows who else. We have no idea if

Sheppard will ever make it here, no matter how big

his army is. Only chance we have of taking that

compound, is now.



What about all the fighters at the beach camp?


I have no idea if we can trust those guys. They are as

much Leo's men as they are Anthony's, and I don't

even know how much we can trust Anthony.



Well, at least we know we weren't being lied to,

about his relationship with Leo.


Yet we were being lied to by Leo, this whole time

about who's in control of the compound. Which

means as crazy as he is, he's been outsmarting us,

this whole time.


Maybe they're both playing us.


(shaking head)

He blew up a part of their compound, and killed

their own people. He's not working with Leo, at

least not as Grover, he is…

Everyone staring at her…

She turns, while in thought, then walks off…

POV follows after her, walking through the camp, until she comes to the DC, where Grover stands, with a black eye, looking back at her, from inside…


So, should I call you Grover, or Anthony?

He doesn't respond, and they just stare each other down, a moment…


Everything happened so fast…I haven't even had

a chance to ask, nor have you had one to explain,

and I'd say I'm sorry for knocking you out with

one punch (a slight laugh), but you had it coming.

Grover continues to stare her down, without much of an expression…


What'd you expect? You went nuts, dude. You didn't

tell us about this Grover shit, or that it wasn't a huge

band of military, holding that place down. Prepared,

and we could have taken that place!


And the fact you didn't, is exactly why you're still

here, and not on your way back to lover boy, and

my angry, ever so forgiving, grandfather. It's also

why you need to get me the hell out of this cage,

right now, and allow me to get my beach army

involved, so we can finish what we started.


Why the hell didn't they join us in the first place?!


You know why! He killed my men! Right here in the

very camp I created! Yeah, I flipped! You would have

done the same! Victor will kill me without hesitation,

just as he would you. Hell, even Cutter is not invincible,

to that crazy bastard.

Jordan just staring him down…


What will you do, if I let you out?


You have no choice, so open the damn gate and

find out.

Jordan continues staring him down, before turning, to see how many of the men are watching, including most of whom are at/on the wall, guarding it. Her mobsters are not far behind her, and the rest of the army (not mobsters), are eagerly watching the scene, from near the gates…

She looks back at Grover…


These men will follow me, over you.


And my men will never follow you, without me, nor

will yours keep it secret, if you were foolish enough

to put me down.

Jordan's expression begins showing her frustration, as she stares him down…


They could attack here, any moment. Helping nothing,

with me locked in here… We need to get to the beach


She continues staring, into his eyes, before slowly moving toward the gate, and unlocking. He opens it up, slowly, eyeing her the entire way through, before slamming her up against the fencing, pinning her, from behind. A few of her men take a step forward, but that is all. They all just watch, as Grover looks out over them all…



Who here doubts the person in command?! Who

here believes they can follow this woman, and

explain to Victor, why you'd go against his orders?

Once we go get my men, we'll outnumber the

compounders, again. We either die trying to take

that place, or we die telling Victor we failed…

They all stare at him, as he flips Jordan around, gets in close, as if he was going to kiss her, before knocking her lights out, with a mighty blow to the eye. She goes down, totally out, as he walks away, watched by all the men…


Bitch acts like a man, so I treated her like one. Lock

her ass in the DC, before I put a bullet in her.

A couple men begin gingerly approaching her, and then dragging her into the DC…



Jordan slowly creeping through the woods, with a gun. Anthony is also creeping through the brush/woods, along with an army of others…

POV of them, begins coming from someone hiding, in the brush, as they pass by…

Suddenly, Jordan looks right at the POV, and begins aiming her gun at it.

The person hiding there, instantly rises, and turns to run, but Anthony is right there, with a gun to the person's face. The person is Leo! (revealing the scene as a flashback)



Anthony hugs Leo, who is limp. Jordan arrives, with her gun to Leo's head.


You should shoot this piece of shit dead, where he


Leo looks at her, as does Anthony. Jordan looks right at Leo, but speaks to Anthony.


You already killed the rest of your so-called compound

family, which now belongs to us and Victor, so why

not put the icing on that delicious ass cake, and let's

have ourselves a party!

Jordan fires her gun, but in the air, as Leo flinches. All the others begin shooting their guns, including Anthony…

Once they stop, Leo looks over them all, then to Jordan, who smiles at him. He then turns to face his son, Anthony, who puts his gun to Leo's head, about to fire. Leo reacts without thinking, and knocks Anthony's gun hand, enough to make it fire at Jordan, who's head is blown off…

Leo takes off, racing through the woods…




Leo runs, and runs, and runs, until the weather turns to heavy rain, and then heavy snow, and then snow-covered ground, all while Anthony continues to chase, and call for him, at the top of his lungs.



Leo falls in the snow, and quickly rises, but right as Jordan comes into his face, as a huff! She bites him, right as Anthony arrives.



Anthony blows huff Jordan's head off, and goes to the ground, where Leo bleeds out, from the bite…




Son…Don't let me become…one of the dead…

Leo closes his eyes, then quickly opens, as Anthony is now a huff, and coming down right into Leo's face, biting him to death.

Leo opens eyes, as if waking from a dream, while resting on the ground, with his back to a log. He looks around at the quiet woods, where the snow is falling, and a few inches deep. He suddenly takes notice of footprints, and begins following them with his eyes, which lead around a corner, behind some trees, and back his direction. As he turns to follow them, he is then attacked from behind, by huff Mary, who is quickly shot dead by Anthony, who has now arrived.

Mary stands back up, now alive, no longer a huff. Anthony looks at Leo, with a smile…


That's how you get rid of the virus, and bring them



(becoming emotional)

That's all I had to do? To save my babies?


That's right, and you failed them, just like you failed

me and your son, and just like you failed your father,

and all the rest of those Baker idiots. You have no

family. You've failed each and every one of us, and

now my son and I will live happily ever after, at our

new compound.


We're not even going to waste a bullet on you. Go

back to your little hole in the ground, and live life as

you are, a coward, who deserted his family.

Hunter suddenly arrives, firing a shot that just misses Anthony. Hunter then begins shooting one man after another (with people magically appearing), including both Mick and Jordan, Thunder and Gattor, and many more, until a handful of men all fire on Hunter at once, shooting him dead, as he falls down over the bluff, he stood upon…

Leo closes his eyes, in complete agony, and then opens them, looking upward and screaming at the top of his lungs.



Eventually, you can hear the sound of laughter, from Mary and Anthony, as Leo's scream of agony goes on…

Leo stops, with eyes now closed, and simply dropping to the ground, where he lays for several moments…

He opens eyes, facing the snowy ground. He begins shivering, and slowly rising, looking all around. No one is there, and no footprints, other than the one's behind him…

He rises, and begins racing off in the direction of his footprints…

Dissolve to him arriving back at his pathway, as daytime also dissolves to night. He races down below. He arrives at the tent, unzipping to the same door, closed and locked, with the sound of his family inside, laughing and having a great time…

He closes his eyes, resting against the door…



Many of the men continue to guard the walls, while others are gassing up all the different vehicles, working on some of them, with hoods up. Others are loading weapons, and what not…

Gattor, Thunder and a woman (Eclipse, mobster) are all talking, up on the catwalk, while looking out toward the road.


We're screwed, whichever way you look at it. To

lose all those men, under a man either crazy or

emotionally charged, or both, and nowhere really

to go, until we take that compound…we be sol,

every way you look at it.


At least with Jordan, we know she's thinking clearly.


Until she opened that damn gate, and let the nutjob

out of there.


Exactly…like I said…either way you look at it…


You see any way we beat those people, now?


Not a chance in hell.


I personally say we take our chances returning home,

and let the old man choose for himself, who to blame.


We've seen him kill people for nothing. People we

thought were untouchable.



Any way you look at it…

Cut to Grover walking toward the DC, with people working on the vehicles in the background. He comes to the fence, with Jordan standing there, staring back at him…


Nice nap?


You think you're so safe…(smiling with shake of her

head) Even Victor won't be able to save you, once

Sheppard arrives.


If…he arrives. New York is a loooong way away, and

if/when he does arrive, he will be plenty proud of the

man who (motioning around the area) built all this,

and took over the compound. Why you think I did all

this behind everyone's back, after being shot down at

the table, years ago. I put that plan to paper, and sent

it along to our friends in New York. They are the ones

who suggested I bring it to Victor. They were the ones

who contacted me after 9-11, to see if Victor had



If by they, you mean Manny, he's long gone. Even if

alive, Sheppard and Cash run that outfit now. They

know about the plan to overtake that compound, if

the world ever falls apart. They will be here, someday,

expecting a place to call home.


And it's my hand they'll be shaking, when they get it,

without even having to assist. We'll ring those bells

for them, as they walk through the gates.


And exactly how do you plan to deliver such a thing?


We'll leave here in the next thirty minutes. We'll rest

at the beach camp, and you and I, will work together,

to come up with what it'll take, to make this happen.

Jordan's expression changing to hope…


You and I need to settle this shit, and settle it now.

I've made some mistakes, due to the emotion of my

brother's actions.


That's bullshit, Anthony, or Grover. Which is it, right

now? Because I'm beginning to think Anthony is your

true identity, and Grover is some dude you see

yourself as, when you've been off your meds.

Grover's expression changing, with Jordan taking notice.


That's right, I'm onto your situation. You must have

had just over a year's supply, and now Anthony is

Grover, and well, like father like son.


Is it my fault, that that man passed that shit on to

me, and that my mother was killed, and knew where

the rest of my supply was. Shit fell apart fast, and I

had to do a ton of things, minute after minute, hour

after hour, and day after day, to make all this happen.

By the time I had a chance to breathe, I was already a

half year away from running out. I've been waiting

patiently for you guys to get here, and get me inside

that compound, where a lifetime of those meds are

collecting dust.

Jordan nodding…


Now, that makes some sense…but here's what

doesn't. If you wanted in that compound so bad,

and aren't working us the same way dear old dad

has been, why in the hell did you not tell us about

Leo's make-believe story, of who had the compound.


Why do you think? He was working me, the same

way he was working you, and Victor, back home.

Jordan shaking her head…


No…you are too close to them, to not have known

by then, that he was full of shit.

Grover shaking his head…


I couldn't send a team close enough to gather any

kind of actual intel. I was told there were US soldiers

there, and guess what, you saw for yourself, last night.

They do indeed have them there.


If I was this close to them, I would have known who

was actually in there. You also mentioned having men

on the inside.


That's because a few months after you left, I got

desperate. I had a couple guys make friends while

surviving on the outside. They all made their way

toward that compound, and got picked up. I thought

at first it was the army, and who knows if they were

still alive, but then my men made contact with me,

and made me aware of the situation, and Leo's scam.

Jordan just staring at him, a moment…


I'm giving you a chance, here. To be a leader, and

help me figure this out. I'm myself, I'm just not

myself self…I could use a friend…

Grover staring back at her, in silence…


The men are exhausted, and demoralized. They

need to see something uplifting.

Grover smiles, and walks over to the gate, unlocking it, as she comes out. They turn, and see everyone watching. Jordan grabs Grover, and begins passionately kissing him, then they turn back toward the others again, and both raise their hands, which are united.

The men show some mild support…


Let's get us a compound!

The men become a little more spirited, with their cheering, which is suddenly overshadowed by the guards on the wall, who begin warning everyone.


They're here! They're here!

Grover and Jordan, bolting for their weapons, as are all the other men. Some of them spilling gas cans, as they all scatter for their guns and places at/or on the wall. Mick handing weapons to Grover and Jordan, as all three of them rush to the gate. Grover looks out.


What the…

Grover rushes to the ladder, and begins climbing up the wall. Jordan quickly follows, as does Mick. Gattor, Thunder and Eclipse are up there, as Grover climbs up onto the cat walk. He looks out over the area, where a few dozen men are on horses, with dozens more coming out, behind them. Even more continue to arrive, or make themselves visible…


Those are my men.


You have to be shitting me?

Eclipse rolling her eyes.


Well, are they here to help?

Suddenly, they can hear the sound of vehicles, lots of them. Hummers and army vehicles arriving, with tons of others. Many of them climbing out, with guns aimed. Mayday's in a jeep, with Gia manning the 50-cal. Mason and Zane are hopping out of a hummer. Porter aims an RPG. Chasin, Dakota, Cleo, Sage, Blake, Doug and his people, Harris, her sister and father, Sheriff Dave, Rich, Scout, Conner, Cody, Wyatt, Doc, Virgil and other cousins, and many more, all aiming guns…



Samantha laying on a couch, asleep, with many others also sleeping. Blair is excitedly coming into the room, and waking Samantha, handing her a radio.


Samantha, wake up. Take this.

Samantha takes the radio.


(into radio)



(over radio)

Someone by the name of Marlana is talking to your

grandfather, but would like to let her biggest fans

know, that she is okay.

Samantha holding down the radio and jumping with joy, waking other kids, who show excitement, once they hear Samantha's announcement.


Marlana's oaky! Marlana's okay!

Cut to infirmary, where Grandpa is with Marlana (laying in her bed), talking to him about something serious.


Thank you, really, I'm fine. I need to tell you this. I was

shot maybe a minute after I saw him.


Saw who?


I'd never met him. I got here the day he left, the

moment he left, from what I've been told. But I've

seen pictures, tons of them. Samantha is always

looking them over, and sharing.


Pictures of who? Are you talking about…

Background instrumental beat begins playing, as Marlana is nodding…


Leo…I saw him out there. A minute before I went


Grandpa looking at her, in complete shock…



Leo still laying against door, with the sound of them in there singing, "take me out to the ball game", as the baby laughs. They all laugh…

Leo closes his eyes for a moment, while taking a deep breath, then opens eyes and rises. He begins walking out, with his backpack and spear. It's snowing, but with freezing rain now mixed in, as Leo even slips a bit, before walking on, in full confidence…

POV begins panning back, as it did at the beginning of the episode, when it revealed him in the woods…

This time, POV continues panning back, going further and through more woods, until they end, with a lake, and then a barn, and cabins, and then the Baker cabin, followed by the Baker complex, and the entire compound, revealing that Leo had been camping inside of the compound, the entire time, and for god knows how long…

POV continues panning back, as it comes to the wall/gate, and can see the smoke coming from the burnt tree house, and floodlights shining all over the field/tree line. Whatever background tune is playing, goes silent, with no sound remaining, other than the distant sound of heavy gunfire, coming from down below, in the woods…