Season 3, Episode 10 (season finale, extended episode)

"The Christmas that wouldn't end"



Sound of heavy gunfire fading in…

Intense instrumental background music fading in, with a hint of the same sound as the series theme tune…


EXT. ICY/SNOWY WOODS (freezing rain) – NIGHT

POV of random men, firing guns, as they quickly move through the snow-covered woods…

POV of a man, shot dead. POV moving from him, to another man, lying dead on the ground, but waking, and rising as a huff. POV slightly moves on, to nearby men, firing their weapons, from behind trees. The huff arrives, biting one of them dead, as another man moves to kill it, before shot at, and deciding to run off instead, while the other man screams out in agony…

POV of another man, shot dead. POV Marlana, standing in back of truck, after having just fired that fatal shot. She fires another shot, and is about to fire again, but suddenly stops and turns her head, staring at someone who just came out of the brush, to her side. She points her gun at him, but then just stares at him. Her POV of Leo (same clothes/backpack, as last episode), holding a bloody knife, and staring right back at her, without aiming a weapon. He quickly bolts back into the brush, racing away. She watches him, until someone next to her is shot dead, and falling right off of the truck. Marlana turns, and can see Jordan quickly approaching, while firing her direction, and shooting another person dead. Marlana takes a shot at Jordan, but misses. She fires another shot, hitting Mick, but is then shot herself…

Intense background music continues, as scene dissolves to infirmary, with Marlana in bed, looking up at

Grandpa Sam, in shock, over what she's telling him…

Dissolve to Leo (same clothes/backpack), walking out of brush, onto an actual trail, next to the Baker lake. He looks out across it, before moving on…

Dissolve to Leo, stepping into some brush, and remaining quiet/still, at the sound of approaching people. He watches Jaelyn and Mayday's girlfriend (Melanie), walk by. Background music dims enough for Hunter to be heard, over Jaelyn's radio.


(over radio)

Gunner needs as many fighters, as he can get!

Volume of background music rises. Leo waits until they're gone, before stepping out of brush, and creeping over toward a part of the Baker complex. He finds a door, and quickly/cautiously enters inside…

Dissolve to Leo, in a lower level of the complex, surrounded by tons of boxes and supplies. He's going through some things, and placing some in his pack. He stops when he comes across a box, and pulls out a case, opening it up. He pulls out several bottles, full of pills. He opens a bottle, pulling out a pill, and staring at it for a moment…

He then looks up, and can see his son, Troy, with his wife and baby, and both Kate and Jagger. Troy nods his head, and then Leo tosses the pill in his mouth, and swallowing. He tosses several more bottles in his pack, and then begins to leave…

Dissolve to Leo, at the hatch, and opening it up, climbing inside…

Dissolve to Leo, hustling through the underground tunnel…

Dissolve to Leo, now hustling through the snow-covered woods, which are becoming icier, as Leo moves in a way to avoid slipping…

Dissolve to Leo, quickly/easily killing a huff, while continuing through the woods, before passing several more dead huffs, and plenty of blood, in the snow…

Dissolve to Leo, still hustling, but slowing, at the sound of gunfire in the far distance. He stops, listens, and then slightly changes his direction, while running off…

Dissolve to Leo, hustling, before slowing, and stopping. He takes a few slow/quiet steps, and places himself in some brush, while looking out at all the gunfire, between Gunner's small group, and Grover's men, approaching them…

Leo takes notice of a Grover man, sneaking through the woods, trying to get closer to Gunner's group. Leo slowly pulls out a knife, waiting, and jumping the man, instantly/easily cutting his throat. He then steps out of the brush, and makes eye contact with Marlana. He stares at her a moment, before dashing away. He eventually glances back, then stops, pulls out a gun, and takes a shot.

POV Jordan, as Leo's shot just misses her, while then diving behind a tree. Leo turns and races away, into the darkness…

Dissolve to Leo, huffing and puffing, and slowing down, catching his breath, as he looks all around…

He begins to express frustration, then he jumps in fear, at the sudden eerie sight of Mary, out in the woods one second, then right in his face, the next.



She disappears, as he yells, and then calls out to his children.


(top of his lungs)


Leo suddenly stops, without finishing his daughter's name, as he stares, then squints his eyes, looking at something far off in the darkness…

His POV of someone, walking his direction, through the icy snow. It's one person, looking like a man, but too dark to see…

POV Leo, still squinting his eyes, trying his best to see who it is, and even grabbing his gun…

POV the mysterious person, approaching, still dark…

POV Leo, aiming his gun…

POV mysterious person, arriving, with his face finally becoming visible. It's Fish! The background music intensifies, as he continues walking right up to his brother, Leo, who's face is in shock, as he drops down onto the log, behind him. Sitting there, just staring at Fish…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper to bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by. POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



POV of a horse, panning back to several horses, all in line, with men on top, holding guns. POV continues panning back, to tons of them, until one of them begins to slowly ride forward, waving a white hanky…

DISSOLVE TO: (hours earlier)

EXT. ICY/SNOWY WOODS (freezing rain) – NIGHT

Leo's shocked face, with much more silence, now that background music is gone. He stares at his brother, Fish, who stares back at him…


You don't need them, anymore…and you don't need

me…and you definitely don't need her… What

you need, is to get the fuck up, and get your ass

to wherever they left their vehicles.


Show me the way!


You don't need me to show you the way…You are

me, Leo.

Leo taking in what is being said…


Keep taking the pills, brother. Take them for you,

take them for your family, and take them for me…

I'm your biggest fan, Leo. I'm always watching, and

rooting for you. Our family is so much better, and

safer, with you at their side…so, just take the pills,

Leo. They will save you, and you will save the family…

Fish begins to fade, right in front of Leo's eyes…

Leo thinks for a moment, but quickly rises, looks around, and then begins hustling away, into the darkness…

Dissolve to multiple flashes of shots of Leo, hustling through the woods, breathing heavily, trying to beat Grover and his men, to the vehicles…

He comes to footprints in the snow, and continues hustling behind them…

Dissolve to Leo, now racing off away from the footprints…

Dissolve to Leo, hustling through woods, with sight of some of Grover's men, to the far side of him, as he keeps from their sight, by putting more distance between them…

Dissolve to Leo, finding a second wind, zipping through the woods, while breathing heavily…

Dissolve to Leo, arriving at the stash of vehicles. He opens trunk of one, tossing in his backpack, then jumps inside driver's seat, with keys sitting in ignition. He's totally sweaty and out of breath. He works to catch his breath, and sits down lower, placing hood over his head, and waiting for them to arrive…

A few moments go by, as he still works to catch his breath, when he can hear one car start up, and quickly take off…

A few moments later, he can suddenly hear more men begin pouring out of the woods, instantly jumping inside of the vehicles, and beginning engines…

Leo comes up just a bit, looking around, before quickly starting his engine. Some vehicles are already taking off, even spinning out some in the ice, before taking off, out onto the highway. A few men (mobsters) hop into Leo's car…


Go, go, go!

Leo begins driving off, after all the others…

Dissolve to icy/snowy highway 6, where Zane's hummer speeds by (driven by Grover). A few moments pass, before a ton more vehicles all begin speeding by…

One of those vehicles suddenly turns off of the highway, onto another road, as all the others keep going.

Cut inside to one of those vehicles, with the driver and one other, looking back at the vehicle that turned onto another road…


Where the hell is that guy going?!


Who cares; keep going!

Cut to that other vehicle, as the 3 guys are all looking at Leo, as if he's crazy, and the one in passenger seat is in middle of his sentence.


Uck are you doing?!


Air's low; gotta put on the spare!



Leo pulls over, hops out, while talking.


Everyone out; we can do this fast!

They all climb out, and become shocked as they take notice of Leo, now holding a gun on them…

Leo looks each one over, then turns back to the first one, and fires two shots, into his heart. The man drops dead, next to the other two startled men. One of them reaches for a gun, but stops as Leo places his in the man's face. Leo reaches to take the gun, and just looking at the men…


Sorry, he had to go, for my own safety, and to express

how serious I am. I have questions, and bullets. If you

prefer me to keep those bullets, you'll answer the god

damn questions.

MAN #1

Who the hell are you?

Leo smacks the guy.


I said I have the questions!

Leo aiming both guns in his hands, at each man.


Who's in charge? Cutter? That bitch, Jordan?

MAN #2

Grover! Who the hell are you?!

Leo takes off his hood, revealing his identity, and just staring at them, confused…

MAN #1

Leo? What the…


Where's Cutter?!

MAN #2

Cutter's not here. Jordan's following Grover, who

screwed this all up for us.


You talking about Zane?

The men confused…

MAN #2

We don't know a Zane.



MAN #2

Yes! That's Grover's real name, I think.

Leo shocked…


Anthony attacked the compound? He fired at it?

Leo becoming emotional, almost losing focus. The men both look at each other, and then make a move. Both are instantly met with a gun at their head.


Why?! WHY?!

Both men shaking heads.

MAN #1

Because it's what Victor wanted him to do!


Anthony hates Victor. He has to! Tell me who was

really in charge?!

The men just shaking their heads…


(motioning at dead guy)

That thing will wake any minute, and with an appetite,

so tell me what I want to know!

MAN #1

We did; it was Anthony!

The dead man begins waking, with fear coming over the other two men.


I told you it was going to wake, soon. This is your

last chance! Make sense of this for me, and make

it now!

The men try to move away from the huff, who is rising right up at them, but Leo holds the guns on them.

MAN #1


The man screams out in agony, as the huff bites into him. Leo takes the gun away from his head, but continues holding it on the other guy, and yelling at him, as the man looks back and forth, between Leo, and the man being eaten alive, who continues screaming, until dying.

MAN #2

It really was Anthony. It really was!

Leo suddenly stops, and lowers his gun, as he looks over toward the highway, where Anthony walks toward them.

Suddenly, Man #2 reaches for another gun, from his side, but is instantly shot in the head, as is the huff, with both dropping dead…

Leo walks away from them, toward Anthony, who arrives right in front of him…

He aims a gun right at Leo, who aims his own right back at him…

They stand there, in the snow, aiming their guns right at each other, not saying a word, and standing there for several moments…

Finally, and suddenly, Leo fires a shot, into Anthony's head, who begins falling backward, but then vanishes, before he hits the ground…

Leo begins vomiting…



Leo looking out of the helicopter, down at Anthony, next to Dylan and others, as they begin flying away from the beach camp…

Dissolve to the helicopter, flying over the ocean, as Leo looks out at the shoreline, where huffs are everywhere, and some of them even entering the ocean, at the sound and sight of the helicopter. Cutter takes notice, with a laugh.


Jesus, we could rid all these things simply by flying

by a few times, and wash them all out to sea.

He looks and smiles at Jordan, who flashes him a sexy smile. He then looks at Leo…


You know, we saw something interesting over the

coast range mountains. It looked like there might

be people out there. You sure your family is at Nike

World, or did they set up camp someplace else? If

you're protecting them, there's no need. Our setup

in Washington is not bad, and not worth coming

back here, if the compound is off limits.

Leo snapping at him.


It's not off limits! I told you, we can all work

together to get it back, and then share it.

Cutter just looking at him, with a smile…


I don't know…we're a pretty big group. Sure we'd

all fit? And could the Baker way of life, coincide

with mobster way of life?


Does mobster way of life, even exist anymore,

in this new upside world of ours? Plus…I know

he's my son…his family is mine…and mine is his.

Cutter just staring at him, as is Jordan…


I've heard of this guy, over and over. Is he messing

with us, or is this just the crazy, talking?

Leo staring at her…


Nice to meet you…Jordan

Both Jordan and Cutter's expressions changing, as they look from him, to each other…


How the hell does he know me?

Cutter looking from her, to Leo.


Just how much did Anthony tell you?


Not a god damn thing… It was his mother…

Leo turning and looking outward, as the helicopter flies by the famous Haystack Rock, with a beach full of huffs…

Dissolve to helicopter, now flying by the famous Space Needle, in Seattle Washington. Leo looks out the window at it, and the endless number of huffs, in the city…

Dissolve to helicopter, now landing in the hills of Seattle, on the rooftop of a large and secure complex, surrounded by other structures, all part of a compound, much, MUCH smaller than that of the Baker compound…

Dissolve to Cutter and Jordan, leading Leo down the same hallway, from Grover's flashbacks, in EP 3.7…

They enter through the same room, where Grover (as a kid) witnessed the murder, at the hands of Victor. Victor is in there (with 2 armed guards), finishing up a meal, and now looking up at Leo…

He rises, and walks over to him, just looking him over…





Victor continues staring at him, before glancing at Cutter and Jordan, then back at Leo…


How did she die?

Leo just staring at him…


It was the chaos… I couldn't get to her in time, or

my babies.

Victor looking him over…


You lost your children?

Leo looking him over…


Do you know my children?


Zane, Troy, Jagger, Dakota and Kate.

Leo staring at him…


Troy, his wife and my grandchild, Jagger and Kate,

were all with her…and are still with her…

Victor staring at him…


Is this why you went off your medication? Is this why

you are even more crazy than I am, to believe taking

that compound back from the US Army, is plausible?

Leo staring at him…


You don't want to know how it happened? If she

felt pain?


I'd like to know how much she shared with you, and

what her intentions were, had she survived?


That's what you're more concerned with? Her

loyalties to her husband?


Her loyalties to you, and her betrayal of her real

family, is what makes her death so easy to cope

with (staring at him)… But it hasn't been so easy

on you, has it?

Leo just staring at him…


I still see her…she talks to me…she encourages me

to do what I always had planned to do. To take that

compound, and do what my father is too soft

to do, himself. (Victor staring at him) She was loyal,

to you. She just knew she could trust me, and had a

vision of her own, with you and I working together,

if and when the world fell apart.

Victor staring at him…


Once you saw my worth, you'd consider me the son

you never had, and put me in charge of running that

compound, like my own father would not.

Victors continues staring at him…


Why not bring me in on such a "vision"?

Leo stepping into his face, as both Cutter and Jordan take a step forward, keeping an eye on him…


Because there are no meds, for whatever kind

of crazy it is, that you have.

Victor instantly begins laughing, then puts his arm around Leo, leading him for the door.


Maybe my late daughter was on to something. I'm

liking this man.

Cutter and Jordan share a look, as Victor leads Leo out the door, into the hallway, as they follow…


You picked a good day to arrive. We have a double

feature for you, and everyone else…



An aerial POV of the compound, as a smaller sized caravan is leaving it. The compound has a brick wall around it, with a large hole on the outside, running parallel with the wall, and filled with huffs…

They drive through the brushy hills, which appear to be free of huffs…

The caravan continues down the hillside. They have a few TriMet buses, and trucks, with armed men. There is also a limo, in the middle of the caravan…

POV Leo, inside limo, with Victor, Cutter and Jordan. He looks outside, and all around, as they continue driving downward…


Where are all the huffs?

All three of them looking at Leo, strangely…




The dead.


The peasants, is what we call them.


Why do you call them huffs?


Why do you call them peasants?


I am like the king, I have my kingdom, which we just

left, and soon you'll see my army, and those failing,

or graduating into my army. And then there are the

peasants (staring right at Leo)… That's the best part

of this new world…there is no room for weakness. You

either survive, or you're like the peasants of the old

world…useless, and therefore dead, in this world.

Leo staring at him…


I can get on board, with that.

Victor smiling.


Still liking this man.


Don't get too attached… If you don't help me take

my compound back, I'll kill you the first chance I get,

and lead your "Kingdom" straight to the compound,


All of them giving Leo a serious look…


I'd lie and tell you everything you want to hear, until

I had the chance to put a knife in your back…but I

can't control my mouth, right now.

Victor looking from Leo, to Cutter…


I kind of want to kill him, right here right now, but

again, I'm really liking the damn son of a bitch.


I don't like him.

Victor just staring at Leo…


Of course…it's Anthony, who's the true son of a

bitch, now, isn't he?

Leo almost looks like he is about to lose it, as Victor smiles…


There it is. I'm pushing those buttons, now, aren't I?

Cutter gripping his gun, as Leo glares at Victor…

Dissolve to the caravan, arriving at some gates, that are opening up, as they drive through…

POV Leo, inside, looking all around. He can see a ton of huffs, all fenced inside, away from the people, who are watching the caravan…

POV outside, and rising, into aerial view, which reveals a large, old race track, now being used as a camp. As POV continues to pan back, it reveals that the entire track (huge) is surrounded by a large number of fenced huffs, almost working the same way as Todd used the huffs at UPS, that keep people from entering…

POV continues panning back, revealing an endless number of huffs, surrounding not just the race track, but a second track, close by. One of the tracks appears to be setup as a camp, with a huge lake in the middle, and tons of tents and canopies. The other track appears to be more open, without a camp, and of course lots of seating/stands, and this track has a pair of lakes, in the middle. The entire area is huge, and the camp appears to have tons of people…



POV close-up of a white hanky, being waved, as the person waving it, slowly rides forward. POV pans back, revealing Dylan as the man on the horse, approaching the gates of Glenwood…

DISSOLVE TO: (hours earlier)

EXT. ROAD NX TO HIGHWAY 6 (freezing rain) – NIGHT/DAWN

Leo vomiting into the snow, next to his car, with the three dead bodies…

He regains his composure, and again looks at the spot where he has thought he shot his son, Anthony, but with nothing there. He then looks over at the men, and fact they appear real…

He shakes his head, in thought, before rising, and going to the car, climbing inside, and starting engine. He backs up, turns around, and turns back onto highway 6, heading east, in direction of Glenwood…

Dissolve to Leo, driving down the road, fighting off fatigue, and almost drifting at the wheel. Several POV's of him, coming from in front of him, behind him (backseat), side of him, and again in front of him, with Mary suddenly in back seat, quietly watching him.

POV of his eyes, glancing to rear-view mirror, doing a double take, with shock, and quickly turning to look, but now she's gone. He swerves and almost drives off the road, before regaining control, in the icy snow…

Leo appears awake and alert, for the moment, as he drives down the road. There is less and less snow, as he drives down further, and the freezing rain, is now plain rain. Several shots of him, as several times he glances in mirror, hoping not to see Mary, and he doesn't…

He continues driving, as the road becomes bare. He begins struggling, again, with fatigue. His eyes are heavy, as they close once, for just a second, but then again, for a longer second, before opening, at exact time that Mary screams in his ear, from passenger seat.



This time he spins out, losing control, as the vehicle violently goes off road, crashing into the woods, and over a small bluff, out of sight, from the highway/POV…

Dissolve to morning, with Leo inside the crashed vehicle, unconscious, and bloody…

He begins waking, slowly, just looking straight, at first, before rubbing his head, with eyes going wide…

His POV of Fish, who gives him his hand, and helps him out of the vehicle. Leo comes out, just staring at him…


Grab your pack…

Leo makes his way to the trunk, and puts some muscle into getting it open. He pulls out his pack, and reaches for his water, taking a big swig, before placing pack over his shoulder. He walks over to Fish, who just stares at him…



Fish just continues to stare at him…




Quit asking yourself what you already know.

Leo ponders that thought, before suddenly removing pack, pulling out a bottle of his meds, and swallowing another pill. He puts pack back on, and walks past Fish…



Fish watches him walk, fading, as he responds.


I'm happy if you are…

Dissolve to Leo, hiking the woods, through the wet rainy conditions. Dissolve to him still walking, and it's still wet, but no longer raining. He looks tired…

He takes a swig from his water, and looks around, through all the trees and brush, with no sight of Mary, or even Fish. His confidence is showing, that the pills are already doing their job…

He keeps walking, but then stops, and just listens. There appears to be no sound of anything, but then he quickly turns toward the highway, still no sound, until there is. It gets louder, until he can see, and watch as several hummers speed by, along with some army jeeps, and tons of other vehicles, including several large trucks, carrying horses, and men…

Leo watches, then begins hustling, even before they can pass. He's too far off the highway to be seen, as he runs through the woods, still rushing, as the last of them go by, with the sound of their vehicles diminishing, while Leo keeps going…



Hunter and family sitting on couches near the infirmary. They watch Samantha, Eli, Renee, Griffey, Trisha, Ashley, Bo, Jenna, Kristen and many of the other kids, rushing in to see Marlana…

Hunter looks inside, at Grandpa, speaking to Marlana, and taking notice of the shock in his face, when he turns and makes eye contact with him…

The kids rush by, and are given permission to come into Marlana's area, all excited to see her, awake, and even smiling at them…

Hunter watches them, but then stares at Grandpa, who comes out to him, and can see he has something to share…


What is it?

Cut to Samantha, giving a semi-hug to Marlana, without causing her pain.


Thank you, so much, Marlana! Thank you for protecting

our home, and way of life! I love you, so much.


You're so welcome, child, and I love you too.

All the kids are saying the same thing, thanking Marlana for her heroism, and telling her they love her. She smiles, with tears.


I love you all, too. Each and every one of you…

She looks at Eli, who is trying to be brave, but gives her a big smile…

Samantha has tears, as she backs off, to allow the other kids to get close, and give Marlana their love. Samantha smiles, along with the tears, before turning, as her smiles fades, and she takes notice of Grandpa and Hunter speaking, with others approaching, in shock over what he's telling them…



Leo is following Victor, Cutter and Jordan, through an area of the camp, toward the stands and complex. There are tons of people in the stands (maybe a thousand), as if ready for an event, and they appear fairly festive…

Leo takes notice of a young girl (Maddy), maybe 5 or 6, hugging what appears to be her mother, before two men drag the mother away, with tears, and fear. The girl has a lone tear, and is taken by Victor…

Dissolve to Victor, entering a fancy press box (with 2 guards inside), holding Maddy's hand, but letting go, once in the room, and going to his table for a drink. Leo enters, with Cutter following. There is a lower deck, where Jordan is grabbing a drink and sharing laughs with Thunder, Gattor, Eclipse and plenty of other festive people…

Leo walks to the edge of the deck, looking out onto the track, where the two men begin taking the woman, with applause from the excited crowd. Leo watches…


What the hell are they doing with her?

Victor just smiles…

Leo looks from him, to Cutter, and then the little girl…

POV the men, almost dragging the woman…

POV the crowd, standing and cheering…

POV Leo, watching the track…


I swear to god if you kill that woman without

explaining to me, why. I will kill you both, before

you can realize the mistake you just made.

Cutter pulls out his gun, and walks over toward Leo, with it to his head, as Victor chuckles…


You attempt to pull that trigger, and I will allow

him to make good on half of this threat.

Victor walking over to them, looking at Leo. His guards pay close attention, ready to pull their weapons, if Leo makes a move.


Mary used to tell me that the boogie man's kids

feared this man, in his closet. (looking right at Cutter)

A part of me wants to let you kill him, just to see if

you actually can, and just how true Mary's warning

of this man, was.

Leo turns, and watches the men tying the woman to a post.


What did she do?

Victor looks at the child.


Tell him, sweetheart.


My mommy stole, and lied about it. I ate what she

stole, but didn't know, so I don't have to go to

heaven, with her.

Leo turns, as the crowd erupts. Leo looks around, and then takes notice of huffs, now spilling out onto the track…

POV other side of track, where men are holding open a gate, allowing tons of huffs to enter, hundreds of them…

The huffs cross the track, and the field, toward the roar of the crowd. For now, they are oblivious to the woman, who is crying, but doing her best to remain quiet. She is in front of the crowd, facing them, with her back to the approaching herd of huffs…

POV Leo.


Stop this. Stop this now. Untie that woman and I

will tell you exactly how to get that compound back.

Victor places arm around Leo.


This place is not half bad Leo, and the compound is

untouchable, at least until the New Yorkers arrive…

if they arrive.

Leo is about to plead for her life, but gives in, as the huffs are almost to her.

She stands still, even lowers her head. The huffs arrive, walking right past her, as the crowd roars even louder. It helps the woman's cause, as the huffs are attracted to the noise and excitement…

The woman is just laying limp, trying to keep her eyes closed. The huffs continue to pass and ignore her, but they are never-ending and she is beginning to panic. The crowd continues to erupt, with each huff that passes her, or almost turns for her, until the woman loses it and makes too much noise, attracting multiple huffs, who begin biting into her, with major eruption from the crowd…

Leo turns to face the girl, who is watching, with a single tear…

Victor smiles, and looks at Leo.


I did the same thing with Jordan, when she was

little…the old fashion way.

Victor walking over to the child, placing a hand over her shoulder/head.


Yes, this one will be strong, just like Jordan, and others

who I have collected, over the years…

Victor walking back to the edge of the deck, looking out, as Leo walks over to the girl…

He squats down to speak to her.


You tell this bad man whatever he needs to hear,

until the day comes when you can put a knife in

his back.

Victor laughing, but Cutter does not look happy…


Let me kill the crazy bastard.

Leo looks at Cutter, then at Victor…


You might want to grant him his wish, or I will do

to you exactly what I just told her to do…and I

will do it with my bare hands


You know, Leo, you really should be nicer to the man

who is keeping you alive, for the moment. The man

who is currently waiting for his army to more than

double, once our New Yorkers arrive. The man who

would certainly consider you an ally when it comes

to taking back that compound…

Leo looks right at him…

Victor turns to look out at the track, as graduation music comes over the sound system…


Here we go. I told you it was a double feature.

It's graduation time…



Dylan waving his white flag, and riding toward the Glenwood Gate…

Grover looks down at him, with a gleam in his eye…

Zane carefully watches from next to his hummer, with gun aimed, along with Mason and others…

POV goes over the faces and expressions of them all. From Chasin, Wyatt, and Blake, along with other compounders, to Queen Nike and her people, as well as Stix, Kemp, Lester, GW and all the convicts…

Dylan arriving near the gate, and coming to a stop, looking up at Grover…


I'm not reaching for a weapon.

He slowly reaches for a bag, and holding it upward, toward Grover, before tossing down on the ground…

Jordan looks around at everyone, all mystified…


Your family asked me –


They're not my family!

Dylan just looks at him a moment…


I told them the man you really are, and that you

would never hurt me. I'm sitting here putting my

life on the line, on that belief. I'm relieved to know

that the people of the compound, are willing to

supply you with what you need, to be you, again.

Dylan shares a last look, with him, before turning his horse around, and riding away…

Grover just watches him, with anger growing over his expression...

Jordan looking at him.


Just let him go. I'd love to shoot him right in the

back, and kill the rest of them, but you already let

them kill about two thirds of our army.

Grover looks at her, with more growing anger, then looks back out at Dylan, still riding away, with everyone else still aiming guns at the camp…

Suddenly, a female voice is heard, from the other side of Grover.


Do it…

POV from the side of Grover, with Mary seen next to him, staring right at him, and speaking practically into his ear…


Do it… Shoot that back stabbing, compound loving,

traitor, right now!

Grover looks over all the compounders, convicts, Nike people, and his own beach camp people, all on horses, all while his mother keeps daring/pushing him toward attacking, while Jordan is shaking her head while noticing he is still considering it, and warning him not to.


Do it, son. Do it!


Don't even think about it, Anthony!


Order your men to fire! What are you waiting for?!


No one fire!




Jordan grabbing Grover's shoulder, just shaking her head at him…

Scene begins dissolving before Mary finishes her line, and ends just as she does.





DISSOLVE TO: (little earlier)

EXT. WOODS (Not raining) - DAY

Leo is still rushing through the woods, trying to reach Glenwood. He begins slowing, to the sound of rushing water, and he stops. POV of a large stream, with more water than normal, due to the weather. Leo stares at it, realizing he's going to get very wet, perhaps even knocked down, as the flow of the water is very rapid.

Leo begins walking up stream, a bit. He looks all around, for a place to cross. The highway is nowhere around. He looks out of options, with frustration appearing…


Fish?! What do I do? I can't take the highway.

If I don't cut through this way, my son could be

dead by the time I get there.

Leo looks all around, with no sight of Fish, just empty, wet woods…



Leo looks back at the water, for a moment, before suddenly seeing Mary's body, flowing down the stream. He closes his eyes, for a brief moment, and opening, with her gone, and just the fast-flowing water, which he begins crossing…

He gets wet, very wet, but is fighting the current, and making his way across. He almost loses his pack, reaching to secure it, and almost loses his balance, fighting to stay on his feet, and barely doing so…

He makes it, and climbs out of the water, screaming like a proud savage.



He's soaked almost all the way up to his shoulders, and cold, but doesn't hesitate, and keeps moving forward…



Graduation music continues as the track is full of huffs, with more still entering inside, from the huge gated area that completely surround the two tracks, and the entire camp…

Leo looks over at the large crowd…


How are you sure those things won't eventually get

in here, on their own, and overrun this place?


Not a day goes by when we don't continue to secure

the walls. They get stronger, every day, and this place

becomes more and more difficult to overrun, by the

dead or the living.


How do you feed all these people?


Same way you feed yours… Everyone contributes,

hunts, grows…or they end up (motioning out toward

the track/huffs) out there.

Victor eyeing Leo, taking in his thoughts…


We also have a system at the Bay, that brings in plenty

of fish. Soil is great, here, plenty of berries, and great

cooks. I'm eating pie every day.

Leo looking over the entire area…


It's not bad…but it's not the compound. What kind

of weapons do you have? How big is your army?

Suddenly, the crowd begins cheering. Victor smiles at Leo…


Like everything else here, it gets better every day…

Cutter comes to them, as they all look down at the track. Their POV of a bunch of people, dressed for a fight, now entering the track. They enter in an area away from the huffs, but are approaching them, with continuing cheers from the crowd, as Leo now glances over the crowd, then at Victor, before looking back down on the track…

The group of men, including a few women, and even teenagers, are reaching a large table, where tons of weapons are laid out for them. No guns, just spears, blades, swords, axes, machetes, and all sorts of weapons with long sharp blades. Some of them grab one, or two, along with smaller knives…

One of the guys (Toast) is huge, maybe as large as GW. Another man (Grill), also on the large side, is grabbing his weapon, then sharing a shake of the hand, with Toast. POV Jordan. Her POV of Toast…


I can't wait to see what that guy, Toast, does out there.

People up there all holding drinks, laughing/cheering, and watching…

POV above, where Leo turns as Victor suddenly begins speaking over the PA system.


(over PA)

Welcome to graduation daaaayy!

The crowd erupts!


(over PA)

Of course, not everyone of them will be so lucky,

as they all have one final test to pass!

More cheering from the crowd…

Leo looks from Cutter to Victor, who smiles back at him…


What do you think?

Leo just stares at him, before growing a smile…


Barbaric... (Leo climbing over the deck) I love it!

Victor's smile quickly fades, as his guards rush over, as does Cutter, and they all watch Leo climbing down a beam, and pointed at by those who are on the deck below, including Jordan.


What the…

Jordan placing down her drink, and rushing away from her crowd of friends, as Leo continues climbing down, all the way to the ground. Jordan a questionable look up at Victor and Cutter, before looking back down at Leo, who runs across the field, for the table of blades…

He runs past the others (maybe 50 of them), with a look from Toast and Grill, as he runs to the table, eyeing the "candy". He picks up several blades, before finding his choice. It's a long sword, and a machete. He smiles, and catches up with the others, who are curious, but festive to be joined by Leo. Although, a few of them look scared and nervous, as they look over at all the huffs, who are still drawn to the crowd…

Leo now leads the group. POV of Victor, forming a smile, as he glances at Cutter, as Jordan enters their deck, coming to them, with a look, before turning her attention to Leo, and the others, now arriving to the huffs, with continued cheers from the crowd…

Leo makes the first move, killing the first of hundreds and hundreds of huffs, with an explosion of applause from the crowd, which keeps most huffs focused on them, with no way of reaching them. Leo and the others, begin killing one huff after another, with only more cheering, as many huffs turn to face and approach them, but majority of huffs are still distracted with the sound of the crowd…

Toast is using a scythe, as he slices through huff after huff, screaming like a mad man, as he does it. This causes more and more huffs to turn around. It also causes more cheering from the crowd, which does help the fighters, as a large number of huffs continue their distraction with the loud crowd…

Leo almost tries to quiet down Toast, before giving in, and screaming with pumped up adrenaline, as well as rage and extreme joy, as he and Toast make their way through the huffs, setting an example for the rest of the fighters, who follow their lead…

Grill catches up with them, also expressing emotion, as he kills huff after huff, with ease…

So far, not one of them has been killed, or even bitten, as far as you can see…

More huffs continue to turn, and join the fight…

One of the women fighters is showing signs of tiring. She has no chance to catch her breath, as more and more huffs are coming at her…

She looks to be in serious trouble, when suddenly Leo makes his way through, killing huff after huff (a roar from the crowd), with a quick look at the woman, catching her breath, with a look at him, and then returning to the fight…

Leo now takes sight of a teenager in trouble, and makes his way toward him, while killing multiple huffs. He gets there just in time, and aids the teenager in regaining his edge, with another roar from the crowd. They both continue killing huffs, as does Toast, who remains fairly close by…

POV close-up of the first victim, as a huff bites right into the back of an older guy, even older than Leo (49). Leo glances over at the man, as he's swamped, and eaten alive…


Follow me, and watch each other's backs!

Leo moves them away from the man being eaten, as many huffs join that feast, keeping them distracted from Leo and the fighters, who make their way through all the others, which are multiplying, as more and more are leaving the crowd, and joining the fight, against Leo and the fighters, who remain like savages, using their large blades to fight/kill their way through them…

If not for the overwhelming number of huffs, these fighters would be in great shape, but with more and more huffs, and more and more fatigue, as the fighting goes on and on, endlessly, more victims are falling…

Mostly the older men, some teens, and some women, and sadly, it makes the crowd cheer…

In the course of a minute, about 20 of the fighters fall to their death, and are being eaten alive…

Leo continues to strategically position everyone, as certain people fall. He uses the distraction as an advantage for the fighters, giving them more room to work with…

After a while, only the toughest of them are left, maybe 20 out of about 50, but the number of huffs has drastically fallen, and even though many remain, it looks as if Leo, Toast and the others, are gaining control…

As more and more go down, and the crowd continues to roar, it's clear that the danger is over, as half of the remaining fighters are even stopping, and watching, as Leo and Toast take over, remaining savage, and killing the final huffs…

They come down to the last one, and just stop. They circle it, toying with it, to the pleasure of the crowd…

They keep playing this game, until sharing a look with each other, right before delivering a mutual swing of their blades, with Toast separating it's head, as it remains alive, but only for a moment, before Leo's sword slices right into its brain, in midair, as Leo lets go of the sword, which remains in the head, as it drops to the ground, with an eruption from the crowd!

Leo faces the crowd, looks it over, and raises his triumphant arms, with ecstatic emotion, as does Toast. They turn and face each other, raising their hands together, with more cheering from the standing crowd…

The other fighters are exhausted, but clapping, as they join the celebration, patting Leo and Toast on the backs, including Grill, who excitedly shakes hands with Leo…

Victor smiles, while shaking his head, with a look at cutter, who does not look pleased…

Jordan laughs, and slaps Cutter on the back…

POV Leo, staring out across the track, and over all the dead huffs…

His POV of them all, and of Mary, standing in the middle of them, smiling at him., blowing him a kiss…



Grover gripping his gun, with a wild look at Jordan, who is still shaking her head, as Grover turns from her, to Dylan, with his back turned, as he rides his horse back toward his men, and more than halfway there. Grover scans the rest of them, Zane and all the others, and then in slow motion, he begins raising his gun, with a look of dread/shock taking over Jordan's expression…



Leo continues hustling through the wet woods, and is still wet himself, but no longer as soaked. He's tired, and breathing heavily…

Suddenly, a shot is fired, in the distance, ahead. It's followed by a second shot, and then multiple shots, until it becomes a TON of shots, continuously firing.

After the first few shots, Leo is already in full motion, rushing straight ahead…

Eventually, the walls of Glenwood camp are seen, ahead, through the trees/brush. He continues toward it, as the gunfire continues…

The wall is right up against the woods, with no field. Leo begins running parallel, along it, until he can see Dylan's men, on their horses, firing their weapons, as one of them is shot off of his horse…

Leo races right out of the brush, into a more open area. He comes out waving his arms, at the horse men, waving them to stop, and even screaming it.


Stop, STOP! Hold your fire!

The men who see him, stop firing, and stare at him, in complete shock. They watch, as he goes on, running toward the front, as more and more men on horses see him, and also hold their fire. He continues waving his arms, shouting for them to hold their fire, as a man from up on the wall is shot and falling down below.




Dylan stops firing, with eyes wide, as he takes notice of Leo…

Toast stops shooting, taking notice of Leo, and quickly waves off his other people.


Hold your fire! Hold your fire! It's Leo!

They just stare at him, in shock. More gunfire continues, but begins fading, as more and more people take notice, including Grover's men, on the wall, as well as compounders, who begin to take notice. Leo comes smack in to the middle, of it all, with only a handful of people still firing.




Chasin, Mason, Blake, Doc, Wyatt, and other compounders, stop firing, and look out at Leo, with growing shock on their faces.

POV Dakota, in complete shock, and then Zane, the same…

POV Grover, with mouth wide open, and Jordan behind him, just as shocked…

Grover turns to look at Jordan's face, realizing that she too, can see Leo, confirming that he's real, before looking back down at him…

Everyone silent, and staring at Leo, out in front of everyone, and turning around, looking them all over, and revealing his face…

For several moments, no one even moves or speaks…

Grover stands there staring down at him, as he's turned around, looking over his family. Mary suddenly arrives from behind, whispering into Grover's ear…

He slowly begins raising his gun, aiming toward Leo.

Zane takes notice, and rushes out toward his father, with Mason following.

Dakota does the same, followed by Cleo.

Chasin, Wyatt and Porter also go rushing after them, toward Leo.


Do it! Do it! DO IT!

Zane arrives at his father, taking the RPG from Porter, and aiming right at Grover, while in front of Leo. Mason does the same, as does Chasin, Dakota, Cleo, Wyatt and others. All of them blocking Grover's shot.


We would NEVER fire at Leo!



Zane taking notice of Toast, as Mayday pulls up, blocking Leo with his army truck, and with Gia aiming the 50-cal at Grover.

Dakota and Mason are manhandling Leo, trying to put him in the jeep, but Leo fights back.


I want to talk to my son!

Wyatt, Porter and Cleo jump in, helping them force Leo into the jeep, as Mayday instantly speeds away…

Zane continues aiming RPG, right at Grover, who stares back down at him, with Jordan watching…

Grover turns and faces Mary, who for the first time ever, is speechless…

Grover looks back out, as the compounders and their army quickly begin pulling back, driving across the Glenwood bridge, on the highway, and speeding away…

Grover then glances down near the gate, where the bag lays, that was left by Dylan…



Multiple shots of Leo, Toast, Grill and tons of others, in the streets of Seattle, watching, killing and gathering huffs. There's a woman (Rita) with them, who Leo appears to be impressed with, as she handles herself well.

Sometimes it's dry, other times it's pouring rain, as they continue to gather huffs. They lead them like herds, into large trucks, and driving away with them…

Shots of them at the race track, unloading the huffs, into the large fenced areas that surround the tracks/camp…

They are then out, again, doing it all over again. Some of the men are also gathering valuable supplies, while random huffs are killed off, by men who watch the backs of those gathering supplies…

Sometimes they find random people, and take their things, before putting them into vehicles…

Cut to them now in Seattle, at the bay, killing off tons of huffs, as other men are gathering tons of fish, off of a large ship and loading it into a truck, all while Leo, Toast, Grill, Rita and others, keep back the huffs…

Cut to Leo, Toast, Grill, Rita and others in a gunfight, with random people…

Leo uses well-trained moves to kill several men. Rita has moves of her own. Toast and Grill get close enough to pound on some men, using their size and strength, to overpower the other men, quite easily…

Cut to Leo and Rita, with a couple hostages, and leading them into a vehicle…

Cut to Leo in bed, asleep, as someone's hand slides over his head. He turns to face her (it's Rita), sliding his hand over her neck and then face, with a look of love.


Morning, my love. Ready to get your old ass

kicked today?

Cut to Leo, shaking hands with Toast and Grill, as they and many others begin training together, out on the track…

Rita is there too, and looking tough, experienced, and with a cocky smile at Leo…

Victor watches from his deck, with a smile…

Cutter and Jordan watch, from the deck below…


I agree; I don't like it myself, but am also open to it.

Maybe he's the edge we need, in someday getting

that compound.


All we need, is Shepard and his men.


I don't get why you're buying into what his crew

told us. If they got here so easily by sea, why didn't

Shepard come with them? I don't buy that he felt

safer with his army. Coming by Sea is way easier.


Because he knows that he is worthless, without his

army. He wanted to ensure himself, of their safe

arrival… They will arrive…


I hope so…getting boring, around here.

Cutter throws her a look of possible irritation.


I still like Victor's plan. I hope he pulls the trigger.


If he does, that mission is all yours. If he wants to

send a small army, that's fine, but what we have

here, might not be quite as secure as that

compound, and that stretch of coastline, but it's

better than how most are surviving, out there.

And it's certainly worth protecting.


Isn't that what the peasants are for? To keep this

place safe. We make a show of power, to the

compounders, now living elsewhere, then we can

use them to make an even greater show of power,

to our leftover military boys, who could be very

useful, if they got into line and began following us.


Then what? Lose half our men fighting off the

compounders? Or are you suggesting sharing our

toys and sandbox, together?


With their people, their weapons, and that place,

it's all over. The world is ours, and theirs, one big

happy army.

Cutter a "wtf" look at her…

She blurts out a laugh.


Yeah, right! That's just the story we give Leo, to

get his support, and advice before setting a plan

of action. With their weapons, yes. With them,

no… We can make a living at Nike World, and that

Glenwood place, that Anthony has built. We can

scout the compound, and either figure out a way

to take it, or the best course of action, once your

precious Shepard boy makes it to town…


Now that's a plan I can get on board with.

Cutter looks at her, forming a smile, as they begin kissing…

Leo is down below, training with Rita…

POV down to them. They put on some impressive moves, while watched/applauded by the other fighters…

POV Cutter, coming out of kiss, and looking down at the cheering fighters.

POV Leo training with Rita, both of them showing off more badass moves…



He's becoming a god, around here…

Cut to Leo, training with Rita, finally knocking her off balance, and then instantly begins training with Toast, with excitement from the others. Toast has the size and strength, but Leo's wisdom and experience, keeps them as equals…

Cut to Leo, walking into his living quarters, alone. He is sore and stiff, as he slowly sits down and removes his shoes…

He lays there, showing his age, and then closing his eyes…



Please don't tell me you're actually falling for

that bitch?

He opens his eyes, to the sight of Mary…


You know…I stopped taking my meds, to see you

again; to see you all. I haven't seen any of them, yet,

and honestly, I'm getting kind of tired of seeing you.


Doesn't matter…you need me.


My point is, I'm getting better. Keeping busy with

my ploy here, is better than the medication ever

was. I'm not even sure if there's anything to worry

about. The old man seems to love it here. I'm not

so sure he'd even mess with our family, let alone

the US army, to risk what he has going here…

Anyhow, I'm normal now, but still have the ability

to get into your head…and to see you…


That's because you always knew I was even smarter

than you.


Not true, and again, you're missing my point. With

this ability, and as ugly as your face is becoming to

me, why in the hell can't I see my children, instead.

I did this for them. (almost sobbing) Why

can't I see them? I need to hold my children…

Mary just staring at him, as he fights the urge to begin weeping…


Yeah…because crying like a baby, will help…



Grandpa rushing toward Hunter, who is rushing himself. So is Scout, and many others, some of them quickly speaking and providing information to other people. Grandpa is going right out the doors, speaking into his radio.


(into radio)

I'm driving right over to the gate, and want to see my

son, the moment he comes through.



Aerial POV of the large caravan of compounders, convicts, Nike World, and the beach campers. They have large trailers with all the horses. A hummer is out front, and now turning off of the highway, onto their private road, as all the other vehicles follow…

POV of Mayday, driving his jeep, along with the caravan. Leo is no longer in there…

POV coming from the driver of the lead hummer, as it comes through the woods, into the open field, facing the compound, and proceeding forward…

POV from someone on the wall, of the caravan coming through the field. It's Eli, with a weapon, and close to other Rough Riders, and random people, all with guns, and watching from above. April is also up there, speaking into her radio, as the caravan approaches…

Cut below, to the gates opening, and Grandpa there, waiting, as the hummer comes in, slowing and stopping. The doors open, and Grandpa jumps right inside, looking directly at his son, Leo (wrapped in a blanket), and just staring at him, as the vehicle moves onward. Leo lunges forward, hugging his father, as Zane watches, from right next to him…

Cut to the hummer arriving at the safe house, followed by a few other vehicles, all parking. Zane and Grandpa, help Leo out. He's now moving as if he'd been on his feet for days. He's stiff, sore, and accepting of the help, by both Zane and his father, as Mason quickly comes in to help, replacing Grandpa…

They lead him down inside. The safe house is no longer crowded, but people do remain. People from the battle, including Gunner, are still being treated, or in surgery, as family members wait…

They take Leo to the infirmary, where a pair of doctors and nurses are waiting, and help take him inside, and handing him something dry and comfortable, to change into…

Dissolve to Leo, in bed, hooked to an IV, as family members look on…

Grandpa is speaking with Mason, Hunter and Zane.


He's so…calm.

Others nodding…


Apparently, he's taken two doses, going back to

last night, while we were out there fighting. He

says taking his meds is all that's important to him,

right now…and then talking to his son.

Grandpa just thinking, a moment…


Does he know, yet? That his son…


Needs to share the same goal? No.


Good. He needs nothing on his mind, other than

rest, food and medication. Him getting back to

normal, may just be the key to my grandson doing

the same…


Agreed; as for us, we have work to do. I want

another meeting, five minutes ago. Let's move.

They all move, as scene dissolves to the entire group, again assembled in the Baker Strategic room, gathered around the table. Even Dylan and a few of his men, are present. Both Samantha and Bo are there, next to Hope, watching/listening from the side.


Those men might be even more loyal to Leo, than

they are Grover, Anthony, whatever his name is.


Several of them yelled, that they'd never fire on



They're right. If Grover still wants to attack us,

and/or remain off his meds, he's on his own.

Those men are no longer a threat to us, at least not

all of them. I'm guessing if Leo got some of them

loyal to him, then he got most of them.

Lot of people nodding, as Hunter and Grandpa look over them, as silence takes over the room…


Well, then it's settled. We're all here, and honestly,

even if they all did attack, unless they have weapons

we don't know about, they stand no chance.


They would have used them, if they did.


Then we stay put. We take a few days off, to heal,

mourn, and allow both Leo, and his son, to do what

they need to do. Besides all that, our only priority,

is to keep the wall heavily guarded, at all times.


I'll head back, and send immediate report, if Anthony

tries to return, there. We'll keep their ship guarded…

Some silence for just a moment…


What about Jordan? Maybe the majority of those

men are loyal to Leo, but that one is not.


Are you suggesting we prevent her from returning



No, she has nothing but discouraging news to share,

even if she does head back. Give them all the more

reason to stay put. It's her influence on Grover, that

might be of concern. She might even be the type to

put him down.

Silence for a moment, as Grandpa stares at Zane…


Point taken…so, what are you suggesting?

Zane just shaking his head…


Haven't gotten that far, yet…

Grandpa looks worried, at the thought of Grover in danger…



POV of Toast, Grill and others, just waiting around, with no sight of Grover or Jordan…


This is screwed up! We just attacked people who

must be family to Leo, maybe even this Anthony, or

Grover guy, whoever the hell he is?


Maybe that's why Victor was so tight with him.



He's the dude's father.


That's why they brought him something; it's his

meds. Same thing Leo's been after.


(again nodding)

Son of a bitch…

Dissolve to Jordan, in a cabin, pacing back and forth, frustrated. Thunder, Gattor and Eclipse, are all there…


How in the god damn pit of hell did Leo get here?!

(looking right at the 3 men) We're screwed, these

men won't fight against Leo. Victor has screwed us

from that pit of hell and back.


You think Victor did this intentionally?

Jordan still pacing, as she listens or speaks.


I have no idea what to think. I mean, what…was he

on the ship? (looking right at Thunder) He was on

the ship! He followed us, and snuck on. He KNEW

the entire time, that that compound was in his

family's control!


He's been playing us the entire time!


We have to get back on the sea!

Those guys already moving, as Jordan remains…


As in right now.

Jordan still not moving, as they stop and stare at her, questioningly.


Anthony is screwed here, too.


So? We ain't saving him!


Victor would kill his ass, anyhow.

Jordan just thinking, as they stare at her…


We should take him… Force him if we have to…

Or just shoot him.

Jordan looking at them with a shrug…


At least, that's what I'd rather do, but Victor might

do the same to us, so we have to take him back to

him. Not just because of the danger he'd be here,

left with his overly forgiving family, and what he's

capable of once they get him medicated, again,

but… because Victor will focus on him, rather than us.


What about the rest of the men?


They're putting it together. They'll back him, if he

fights us.

Jordan thinking a moment…


We need to influence him not to take those meds.

Then talk him into going back with us, willingly.

They just stare at her, as scene dissolves…

Dissolve to Grover, alone, and sitting inside his own cabin, just staring at a bottle of pills, with tears in his eyes…

He keeps staring, for several moments…until someone speaks to him.



It's a trick…

Mary comes from behind him, with a hand over his shoulder…


They will lock you up, take over control of your

beach camp, just as they did this place, and Nike

World, and then they will use you as a way to get

over the damage you have brought to them. They

were in their homes, celebrating Jesus, as if he

wasn't responsible for this mess of a world you

now live in…

Mary just staring at him, as he looks up at her…


You ruined that storybook life, and holiday, for them.

They will use your presence, behind their bars, as a

way of healing and getting back to the old world,

which no longer exists.

Grover listens to her, as if she is right, and just stares at the bottle of meds, in his hand…


I'll be gone, too…forever…

He looks up at her…


Keep talking like that, and I might swallow the entire

bottle, right here, right now! It was you, who got me

into this trouble. It was you, who has been putting

shit in my head, since long before I had to go crazy,

just to see you.

Mary begins crying, as Grover looks away from her…


Yeah…that won't help, either.



DJ, Renee, Trisha and Ashley, are visiting Marlana, and pointing at the big window, where Todd smiles, with Bailey in his arms and Sandy placing her paws on the window, looking in at Marlana and the others…

Marlana smiles, then looks at Renee…


How are you holding up, dear?


I'm fine. I'm worried about Griffey…and Eli, because

I know how much he got along with Joshua.


That's sweet of you, to worry about others. Joshua's

death is what made it so easy for me to go fight. It

made me angry. He was such a promising young man.


Agreed… He made me laugh, maybe more than Eli

does. He even gave me a present, for Christmas. I

didn't expect that.


He was a sweet, amazing young man, who did not

let the new world stop his look on life, not for a

minute… And I heard about Jason, another amazing

young man, and another reason heaven is such a

beautiful place, as our tragic loss, is their wonderful

gain. He will be taken care of, the way he took care

of Griffey.


Who will take care of Griffey now?


People will be lining up. You don't worry about that.


He will need our love, and support.

Suddenly, a woman is heard screaming, in agony.

They all turn, and look outside the room, where a woman can be seen, consoled by a doctor and a pair of nurses, as she cries out in complete agony…


Oh my god…that's Mrs. Arnott. Her husband was

in surgery.

Everyone in the room becomes more somber than they already were…

POV Todd, out in the large safe house room, with Sandy, and becoming somber himself, at the sound of Mrs. Arnott's agony, Sandy is barking over it, as Todd quickly heads for the exit.

Rachel, Sarah, Jennifer, Ryder and Bryant are all there, waiting on news of Gunner. They relate to Mrs. Arnott's pain, and hoping it won't soon be their own…

Dissolve to the strategic room, where people are all discussing things, while April gets off radio and looks over at Hunter.


Jack Arnott, just passed.


His wife has no other family here.

Samantha instantly rising, and walking for the door, without a word, just a tear in her eye. Most people watching her…




Mrs. Arnott needs me…

Stix watching her, as is GW, Mason, Queen Nike, Scout, Dakota, Pepsi, others, and Grandpa…


I'm so proud of you, Samantha.

Samantha heading out the door.


Be proud of my dad…

She leaves the room, which remains in total silence, for a moment…

The Queen of Nike, looks at Grandpa…


An amazing grandchild, you have there.


I'll say.


She's the inspiration behind recovering, from the

Hell we just went through.





POV of Victor at his desk, with sound of Cutter from across desk.



We'll do it on Christmas Eve, when they're doing

what our reports have always told us they are so

big on…tradition…

Victor smiles…


I like it. (looking at someone else) It's going to be

on you, to keep Leo from pushing too hard, to join

this party.

POV pans around, to Cutter, Jordan, Thunder, and then Rita (smiling), on other side of table…


I've got that crazy old man wrapped more around

my finger, than my old woman had you, back in

the day.

Victor laughing.


Yes, she did, and god bless her soul… But, seriously,

we can't have Leo going ape shit over this, which

he certainly will. So, it's up to you, to either keep

him calm, or cut his damn throat, if he gives you

problems, or speaks of going against my order.


I like that idea. That's good to hear.


Can I just cut his throat?

Victor again laughing…


No, no. The man is either conning us, or just crazy,

but crazy or not, he's a valuable asset. One I prefer

to keep, especially with his connection to Anthony.

Victor now looking at Cutter, while nodding…


I like this plan. The US soldiers will never be the

wiser. We'll even act like we're scared, and willing

to give them supplies, if they bully our men, once

we take over Nike World and Glenwood. We'll just

sit back and gather intel, until the time comes to



Worst case scenario, we'll wait on Sheppard's arrival.

Having multiple camps, and being close enough to

spy, will be all he needs to get his army, combined

with ours, through those gates.

Victor shaking his head…


Worst case scenario (now nodding), sure, but we're

not going at this half-ass. Jordan will lead the mission,

until she reaches the beach camp. Anthony will take

over at that point, as he knows the area, the camps,

and how to take them. We'll be supplying him an army,

to go along with his own. Only enough will remain

behind, to keep us afloat. I'll keep Gates, Livingston and

their boys, along with Cutter and his crew. But the rest,

are going to sea and giving us a real shot, at taking that

compound, long before Sheppard's arrival…

Jordan smiling…


I won't let you down, Victor…


Whatever it takes…even if it means climbing into

his bed again. I want him falling into line.

Cutter a look at Jordan, who smiles and nods at Victor…



Grover continues to sit there, staring at the bottle of pills…

He can hear voices, in his head. Of Zane, and of Leo, and goes on to hear flashes of past conversations, with Leo.


He's my father, and they're my family!


Zane is my only son, left…


Anthony, you remind me of myself, at your age…


You are going to make a lot of money, Anthony…


You've been more of a son to me, than my oldest



This is it. This is what we put ourselves in position

for. It's no longer make-believe.


(in his own head)

Conceived me…day your dad told you of his dream…

it's true…Dad…

The sound of a helicopter, in Grover's head, as he continues to stare at the bottle of pills…

He closes his eyes…

He flashes to that snowy night, and the shot of the RPG, as he fires it toward the compound…

He flashes the explosion, and the brief cheering of Toast, Grill, and the rest of his men…

He opens his eyes…then closes them again.

He flashes to the sight of the compound wall, as 3 incoming RPG rockets are fired from it…

He flashes to his men, falling to their deaths, shot one by one, by the compounders, while retreating through the snowy/icy woods…

He opens his eyes…then closes them again.

He flashes to the sight of Leo, below his own walls, as his family surrounds him, aiming their weapons at Grover…

He flashes to Dylan, dropping down the bag, onto the ground…

He opens his eyes and stares at the bottle of pills, still in his hand…

He opens it and reaches for a pill…

He stares at it…

He is about to place in into his mouth, before startled, as his door swings open…

Jordan enters inside, just staring at him and the pill in his hand…


Go ahead, you weak minded piece of shit. Take it

like a dog that your family just left a treat for.

She just stares at him, then approaches, and goes to knock it out of his hand, but he's too quick for her. He flips her around and down onto the bed, and holding her down, from behind…

He just holds her there a moment, before flipping her back around and facing her, staring into her eyes, before they begin making out, passionately…

She then knees him in the groin, and starts kicking the shit out of him. He works to get back the advantage, as the room begins being ravaged, as they slam each other around…

They continue sharing blows and wrestling each other around the room, until they both slam each other down onto the bed. She reaches for the lamp, slamming it down over his face. He's fazed, as she grabs the bottle of pills, and takes it to the bathroom. She twists the bottle top, about to dump them in the toilet.



Jordan's POV, as Grover dives right at her, violently taking them both to the ground. She drops the pills, spilling onto the ground. He slams her against the wall, then a mirror, before tossing her right back out into the other room, and to the floor. He goes out there, grabbing a coffee table, and slamming it down against her head, so hard, that it shatters. He turns it around, to a broken, sharp and deadly, remaining piece of it, and slams it down into her heart, with blood splattering all over his face, and wild expression…

He just breathes hard, staring down at her…



Hunter has the attention of the room.


This is about us, our family. No one from Glenwood

or Nike World, will be asked to risk lives for this, or

allowed. Instead, they will remain here, and offer

defense. Leo too, is off limits. If it were a few days

from now, maybe, (shaking head) but not now.


I agree.


(shaking head)

I get it, but I don't agree… It's his son, and his affect

on those men, at least some of them, that plays to

our advantage.


I agree; we need him on this mission.


He needs to be in bed, and medicated for days,

maybe a week. We don't even know what he's

been through yet.


She's right. His story alone, could be very valuable,

to us. Even if he did go back out there, we'd need

to learn everything he knows, first.


He's not going back out there. It is his son, but it's

also my brother, and Dakota's. Yes, my dad is calm

and would be a great help, out there, but his life,

and his arrival, is something we simply can't mess

with, right now. Wyatt's right, we need to know what

he knows, but it's more than that…

All eyes on Zane, who looks around the room…


He's a miracle…on a day for miracles…and on a

day that this family needs a miracle. Showing up

like this, when we need him the most…is

something that has at least put a dent, in the pit

of my stomach, and the emptiness I've felt since

this all started…in what feels like an eternity.


Jesus son, when is the last time you slept?


When is the last time any of us slept?

Hunter looking around the room.


He's right. We need a few volunteers to remain

on the wall, but I want all of you to get some rest,

and get your soldiers some rest. We have sleeping

gear in the complex mess hall, for anyone who

hasn't been given a bed (looking at Grandpa/Zane)

Let's go talk with Leo.

Everyone rising/exiting the room…

Hunter looks at Stix and Queen Nike.


Keep your radios close. I'll keep you guys informed

on any decisions, or updates. If someone else answers,

I'll tell them not to wake you, unless they have to.


I don't know when I'll ever be ready to sleep, again.


She's tougher than me. I'll be shutting my eyes for

an hour or two. Kemp or Lester will have my radio,

and I'll do what you need me to, if called upon.


Thank you, Stix…

Grandpa waiting for Hunter, as people pass by, patting him on the back, as well as Hunter…


I'm so sorry about your son, Hunter. A true hero you

are, running this show, while he continues to fight.


Thank you, Marshall. It's what he'd expect me to

be doing. He's the hero.

Both Grandpa and Zane listening, and placing a hand over Hunter's shoulder, as does Scout, while her and Solis walk by…


Yes, he certainly is.


You both are.


Love you, brother.

Scene dissolves, as they all clear out of the room…



Leo sitting next to Cutter and Jordan and across from Victor, while developing a smile…


I like it.


I figured you would, but now for the part you won't

much like. I need you here, Leo. (Leo frowning)

You're my best man, and you're insurance, in case

that family of yours is not as cooperative, as yourself.


Why don't we all just go?! The hell with this place.

Between all those camps and the compound, we

can rule that entire chunk of paradise, with room

for all.


Do you have a racetrack there, Leo?



It's noisy, with the sound of cars racing and the crowd of people cheering, as Victor stands with Leo, watching the race. Cutter and Jordan are back by the bar, fixing drinks, with Gates and Livingston, and Victor's two armed guards…

POV of the crowd, reacting as one of the vehicles spins out of control, and crashing…

POV of the huffs/peasants, closed inside the fences, reacting to all the noise…

POV cars, racing the track…

POV Victor and Leo, holding drinks, watching as the cars speed by…

POV of the cars…

POV of the crowd, excitedly watching…

POV of the cars, swerving and passing…

Suddenly, a small heard of huffs/peasants are making their way near the track…

POV of the crowd cheering the peasants!

POV of the peasants entering the track, as the cars begin speeding by. The first car barely makes it by, but the second car clips one of the peasants, knocking it straight down. The next car hits a peasant, dead-on, splattering all over the place…

POV of the crowd erupting, at that sight, and again, with more huffs being nailed, one after another...

One car crashes, and is soon swamped by peasants, as more and more enter the area…

He is stuck inside, and screaming…

POV of Leo, looking at Victor, and sharing a smile, then back down onto the track…

POV of the crowd, where plenty of people are enjoying the race…

POV of the vehicles, speeding the track. At least 3 vehicles are challenging for first place, as they continue around the track…

POV from the guy stuck in his car, off the side of the track, and staring out at all the peasants, trying to get to him…

POV of him, from the peasants…

POV of the crowd, pointing and laughing…

POV of Jordan, drinking, from the lower deck, now with Thunder, Gattor, and others, excitedly watching the race…

POV of the vehicles, speeding the track…

POV of the car with all the peasants, trying to get inside to the guy. The vehicles begin speeding by, as the peasants move toward them, for a moment, before giving up, and returning to the guy in the stuck vehicle, all to the excited cheering of the crowd…

POV of that cheering crowd…

POV of the vehicles, speeding the track, as one of them crosses the finish line…

POV the crowd cheering. POV Jordan cheering, with some of her buddies, as some of them excitedly grab piles of cigarettes from the people they just won them from…

POV Victor, smiling at Leo…


See… We can't give this place up. We can travel back

and forth, by sea, until we one day build a road, from

there to here, where we can hold events, like this.


Events like this, is a waste of fuel.


So, we'll race horses, who knows, but the people,

they need this. The men need it…


I'll tell you what you need. Medication! It's too far.

You need to choose. Oregon, or Washington? The

compound, or this place?


Think about it, Leo. Imagine the paradise you have

in Oregon. Even with my army, and your family, as

well as my grandson's men, who knows what the

future brings. Whether it's the next five, or ten

years, or even long after I'm gone, someone comes

along, with the power of taking it all away from us.

Imagine having an ally, another army, to either retreat

to, or send help.

Victor smiling at him, and pointing to his own head.


You're not the only thinker here. I didn't become

who I did in the last world, by going half-ass at

what it takes, to be in power. We're going to do this

the right way, Leo…

Leo just staring at him…


If that were true, you'd be sending me, at the

head of your army, along with that grandson, you


Victor a smile and laugh…


Point taken, Leo. Point taken…

Leo just looking at him, waiting for more…


We've gathered some intel, from a pair of our

prisoners. Intel that tells us we have a problem

here, to deal with soon, if we want to get our

army to Oregon.


What kind of problem?


The same group who gave you some issues, last

week, are a part of the group killed by Gates and

his boys, and it appears they all come from a much

larger group, that survived in Canada, until

overrun by peasants. They've already scouted this

place and have a plan of action, to take it from us.

Leo looking surprised/intrigued…

He can even now see Mary, from his peripheral vison, as he continues looking at Victor...


How do you know you can trust the info?

Victor smiling at him, as he flashes to the memory…

Dissolve to a quick scene of Thunder, Gates and Livingston, in a room with a man tied down in the corner, with hands behind his back. Jordan enters, with a huff, strapped from behind, and led toward the tied-up man, who begins to look terrified. The huff is led closer and closer to the man's face, while chopping its teeth. The man is screaming, as the huff bites at his nose, just missing it!


I swear, I swear! Everything I told you is the truth!

Kill me if it doesn't happen the way I'm telling you!

Jordan yanks the huff back, then jumps in the guy's face, screaming at him, with the huff behind her.




Jordan whips around, just before the huff can bite her, and leads it back into the guy's face.



Huff getting closer, chopping teeth.


They're coming the way I told you, and when I told


The huff just misses him again. The man tries to continue pleading, but instead is too busy moving back as much as he can, but not enough, as the huff gets him! Bites a piece of his flesh, and then another piece, before Jordan finally yanks the huff back. The man is crying, and in agony…



She leads the huff back at him,


(sobbing his words)

I am. I am! You heartless bitch!

The huff digs into his face, while the man is delivering that final word, and then crying out in agony, until dying…

The others look at Jordan…


He was telling us the truth…

They just continue staring at her…


Bring in his kid…

Dissolve back to Victor and Leo, on the deck of the race track…


So, they're coming over and through the north

cascades national park? Their entire group?


From which they plan to spit up, and hit us from all



Then that's where we hit them…

Victor smiling…


Cutter and Jordan won't like it…but you'll be leading

this mission. They answer to you, and you answer

only to me.


And when I succeed, with very little loss of life,

and even new fighters for your army…will you

at least consider the value of my leadership

for the next mission?


You know I'm not a bullshitter, Leo. So, no, you will

be remaining here, where your value is better

served. You are also the man who just a few months

ago, told my new little granddaughter, to tell me

what I want to hear, before putting a knife in my

back, the first opportunity she got. Plus, like I said, I

need protection from your family, who I certainly

have no reason to trust. But they, and you, will be

rewarded, if things go smoothly…

Leo just looking at him, with Mary again in his peripheral vision, gleaming at him…



Samantha comes out of one of the back rooms, with a hug from Mrs. Arnott, who then begins walking away toward the exit, as Samantha watches…

Samantha then looks around the room, where some people still remain. She turns and slowly/tiredly walks toward the infirmary, where she stops at the window, looking inside, at Leo in bed, talking with Grandpa, Hunter, Zane, Dakota, Mason, Chasin, Rich, Scout and Wyatt. She curiously watches. Their expressions appear stunned and shocked, over whatever Leo is telling them…

Samantha turns, doing a double-look, and watching DJ, Renee, Trisha and Ashly, all heading for the door. She watches them leave, before turning back, looking at Leo's face, as he talks…

POV Samantha watching. You can see the curiosity in her expression…

Cut inside to Leo, speaking to them, with a serious, genuine expression.


Once I got inside the compound, I went to the spot

I had built myself back before the compound was

even complete. It's like I didn't even know I was here.

I've always loved those woods and my mind was just

(shaking head)… The whole time not taking my meds,

all I could think about was seeing my dead children.

(others looking sympathetic) I got back here, in those

woods, and in that "safe place" of mine…and there they

were (developing tears)… It felt like days, just talking

and singing… But then, they kept telling me what you

all tried telling me. What I know needed to be done…

Like a dream, I kept thinking I was still in Seattle, trying

to get back here, and no matter how much I wanted

it, I just couldn't get nowhere… I was hallucinating like

never before, but now, I realize some of it was really

happening. Like the bell ringing, and the explosions… I

think it led me toward it, and eventually made my way

to my supply, and loaded up. I saw Jaelyn at one point,

and heard her mention the fighting. Just like it did in

Seattle, the importance of what was happening, gave

me some kind of clarity. I found myself following them

through the woods, beating them to their stash of

vehicles, and taking one for myself. I somehow survived

crashing it, and even crossed a five-foot creek, just to

make it to Glenwood… I think you know the rest…

Everyone just staring at him, shaking their heads…


I just know that nothing is more important right now,

than medicating, and getting my head straight. (eyes

becoming heavy) I want to see my son…but…I also

want to sleep…

Leo drifting, as everyone slowly begins leaving the room…

Hunter quietly speaks to Grandpa.


He's in no shape to be going anywhere, or doing




Most Christmas stuff is now gone, as the POV travels around the quiet room. It appears empty, until it comes to Griffey, laying on a sofa, with tears running down his face. He lays there silently, before slowly rising and walking to window, looking across the field, toward the family graveyard…

He walks back toward the sofa, staring at it. He then walks to a ladder, and slowly climbs up, into a loft, with tons of beds. He slowly drops down onto the first one, this time burying his head into a pillow and crying out loud…

Cut outside, to DJ walking away, as Renee enters inside the cabin…

She walks around the corner, looking around, and listening to the silence, which begins to turn into the sound of someone crying. She looks up toward the loft, and can hear Griffey sobbing…

She stands there for a moment, before turning, and heading back out the door she came through. She is then startled, as she comes face to face with Samantha.


Renee, I'm sorry! Your brother just told me you were

here. I need a nap. Where you going?


I…Griffey's inside…crying…

Samantha just looking at her, for a moment…




I think…

Samantha is about to go inside, but stops, with a look at Renee.


I know you probably think it'd be weird, to go to him,

when he's crying, but he could probably really use

a friend, right now. Maybe even a hug.

Renee just staring at her…


He cares about you. You guys get along well. You

should go check on him. (leading her) I'll go with you.

They enter inside, walk around the corner, and toward the ladder. Samantha motions for Renee to go first, and then they both climb up…

Entering the loft, Renee waits for Samantha, who simply sits down on the bed behind Griffey. Renee follows, but before she can sit, Samantha motions her toward Griffey's bed, where Renee then goes to and sits, next to Griffey's feet…

She looks at Samantha, who gestures for her to say something…


Are you okay?

Griffey comes up, looking at them both…


I thought I was…but now I can't keep thinking about

my grandpa, and my mom. How I'll never know what

happened to her…and then it just makes me miss Jason.

Samantha becoming teary eyed…

Griffey pulls in Renee, for a hug, who happily hugs him back…

Samantha wipes her tears…



Hunter and Grandpa are speaking with doctors, with both Wyatt and April, next to them…

Zane is off away from them, with Mason, Scout, Solis, Chasin and Doc.


I want to save him too, if he does need saving,

but that's why we gave him the meds, and I simply

won't make another decision today, that might cost

lives. We're here, we're safe, Leo is home, and

Gunner is fighting for his life. Usually, I'd be the one

fighting for reasons to go, but this is where we need

to be.


I strongly agree.


I don't care how related we are to him, we don't

need to risk any more lives over him.


I'm with you guys…but a scouting team is a must.

Porter is already putting one together. Hunter

signed off on it.





Hunter and Grandpa arriving…


Any news?


If he makes it through the procedure, they like his

chances. Until then, fifty-fifty is the best they will

give me…

They all share a somber/worried look…

Zane then walks over to the infirmary window, looking in on his father, who is sound asleep…



Leo in bed, asleep, as Rita's hand slides over his head. He turns to face her, sliding his hand over her neck and face…


Ready for a big day?

Leo smiling at her.


I'm ready for a few of them…

Dissolve to Leo and Rita, driving a truck, with Toast, Grill and others, in the back flatbed, with guns. Jordan and Mick are in the truck behind them, with Thunder, Gattor and Eclipse, who are all in the back flatbed, with guns…

There are a ton more vehicles, about as big as the caravan that will eventually be in Oregon, attacking the compound…

Multiple shots of their journey, as they pass through smaller towns, with random huffs here and there. Sometimes there are small herds of huffs, which some of the men open fire on, as they come close to the road and their vehicles. Sometimes they see random people, hiding, or even just standing and watching them, begging for help. They have to stop at times, to clear the road, of damaged vehicles, some of them with dead people, or stuck huffs...

They come to an area with a ton of parking and begin doing just that. The POV pans back, revealing the area ahead, which is very woodsy, and as it pans back more, you get a great view of the north cascades national park and no other roads, except the one the caravan was on, which soon turns to dirt…

Multiple shots of them all setting up camp. They have tents, canopies, campers, trailers, fires, chopping wood, building a strong perimeter. Shots of the next morning, with Leo and maybe 25% of their caravan, (including a horse trailer, and a large semi-trailer) now pulling away from the camp. Shots of them driving up the road, with random huffs and even animal life…

They come to a stop, in a woodsy area, on a dirt road. Leo just looks around, as others watch him. He then gets out and looks at the ground, then back around the corner they came from, followed by the opposite direction, and another corner. He then looks at the people, with a nod of the head, as they all jump out of their vehicles…

Cut to multiple shots of them digging a large hole in the road…

Cut to them backing up a large semi-trailer…

Cut to them unloading a ton of huffs from the semi, into the hole in the road…

Cut to them covering the hole, with a large strip of plastic…

Cut to them throwing dirt over the plastic, making the road look normal…

Cut to Leo and Rita, hiding on a hill, behind some brush, and using binoculars. Their POV of a large group camped out. There are a ton of them. Leo is using binoculars to watch a pair of trucks, leaving the camp, full of men in the back, with guns, and then two more trucks follow them, also full of men, with guns…

Leo and Rita begin moving, followed by Jordan, Mick, Gattor, Toast and Grill…

They all hop onto horses and ride away…

Cut to them now being chased, by the men in the trucks…

They ride the road, around a corner, and then take off into the woods, off of the road…

The trucks come speeding around the corner, driving forward. The first truck crashes into a large pit, that opens up from under the road, as the men in the back are screaming. The second truck tries to slam its breaks, but not without the men coming right over the top of the truck, and thrown into the pit below, over the top of tons of huffs, as the men scream and land in the herd, being eaten alive. The truck crashes down on top of the first truck. The third truck drives off the road, coming to an abrupt stop, and the fourth truck slams its breaks, on the road.

Leo and those on the horses, come back to the road, aiming guns at the men in the trucks, and the lone survivor, trying to make his way out of the second truck. Thunder and Eclipse come speeding around the other corner with vehicles, and more men aiming guns…

Leo smiles, as they pull up the lone survivor, tying his hands, tossing him into a vehicle and doing the same to the others…

Cut to them at their camp, with one of them tied to a tree, as they move a huff into his face. He screams for them to stop, as they do, and listen to what he has to say…


EXT. DIRT ROAD (woodsy area) – DAY

Six trucks full of armed men, driving over a dirt road…

They begin slowing and staring ahead…

POV their view of the road blocked, by a ton of logs, stacked/piled up, 8 feet or higher…

Most men jump out of the vehicles, cautiously aiming their guns around and moving toward the roadblock. They look all around, as they come to the pile of logs, some of them even touching it, and feeling how hard-packed it is…



What the hell is going on?


I don't know, but we need to report back, now. We're

stronger in numbers and we're obviously not alone,

out here.

Suddenly, men are rising from over the top of the logs, as Jordan, Mick, Thunder, Gattor, Eclipse and many others, stand up from the back of their flatbed trucks, instantly aiming and firing on the men down below. They're killing them quickly, without any time for them to fire back. The men behind the ones dying, are running for their lives, and shocked, as Leo, Rita, Toast, Grill and others, come from under the ground, lifting up/open the boards they were hiding under, and fire their weapons from their holes, killing off the rest of the men…

One of the trucks had a driver still inside. He is trying to back away, as a couple other survivors quickly jump into the back. Leo is the first one out of his hole, firing on the truck. Men on horses are arriving from the brush, firing at the truck. Toast shoots one of the men, in the back, as does Grill. Leo fires on the hood of the truck, causing the engine to blow, as the truck crashes into the trees…

Toast and Grill run over to it, pulling out the driver, who takes their help getting out, but then tries to fight, as Toast simply smashes the guy's cranium, up against the tree behind the guy. All the other guys arrive, looking around at all the dead, and now giving high-fives, and cheering!

Jordan simply looks down on them all, from up on her truck, behind the logjam. She can't help but to express some impressment, but clearly is concerned with Leo's praise…

She then looks down at one of the dead men, who is now rising as a huff. Toast laughs, as he approaches and bashes in the head of the huff, while watching another dead man rise. Grill beats him to it, and makes the sick kill shot, to the cheers of the others…



A couple men are walking around in the dark…

They look all around, and appear to be keeping watch, as they begin chatting…

MAN #1

They don't know what the hell to do.

MAN #2

We just have to get through the night.

Suddenly, a man comes out from behind Man #2, and cutting his throat, as Man #1 begins to lift his weapon, before suddenly sliced by Toast's scythe, as he then makes a brain shot and approaches the other dying man, and slicing his brain. He then looks to Leo, in dark clothing, as he and Toast quietly begin leaving the area…


A bunch of people (the group leaders) are under a large canopy, with lanterns burning. They're looking over maps and talking about where to go, with panic.


We're out of options. Someone is keeping us from

going on, and at this point, turning around appears

to be our only option.


I agree. We've lost over fifty men, from an enemy

we don't even know of.


Enemies are everywhere. We already know of the

one that put us on the run, in the first place. What

good is it to just turn around, and go back in the

direction of them?


He's right; We need to go fill that hole, and stick

to our original plan.


And run ourselves right into another one?


How do we know we won't run ourselves into one,

going back the way we came? These guys could be

messing with us wherever we go.


Yeah, we need to make a stand and fight our way

out of here, and get to Seattle.


And then what…fight the enemy we have waiting

for us there? With a depleted army?


Maybe these guys will join us, rather than fight us,

once we explain where we're going.

A few shakes of the head, as they all just look around at each other…

Suddenly, there is some growing panic, from out and around the camp…

The leaders all rush out there, watching some of the parents reaching for their children, while the fighters reach for their weapons. But it's too late. Leo, Rita, Toast, Grill, Jordan, Mick, Thunder, Gattor, Eclipse and a TON of others, march right into their camp, pointing heavy gunfire, right at them all…



RIGHT NOW. Your choice…

The area is well lit by campfires and lanterns. A lot of people are aiming guns at one another, but many of the Canadians, did not make it to their weapons and they are outnumbered, regardless…

Rhodes is signaling his people to lower their weapons, while stepping out and approaching Leo, who begins approaching him…


The name is Leo. It's our race track you were coming

after. We're here to invite you to just come join us,

rather than lose your lives, fighting us…

Rhodes, remains silent…but begins nodding…

Cut to Leo's army celebrating, very festively, as more campfires are burning, and as they load up all the weapons that belonged to the Canadian group, who are all silently watching, from near, or inside of their vehicles…

A few of Leo's men are guarding a bus, which is loaded with the Canadian children…

Leo is arriving next to Rhodes…


I'm a father, and a father who lost over half of his

kids. Trust me when I tell you that your children will

be safe, as long as you all behave. Once we make it

back to Seattle, and the camp, you will all be reunited.

I promise…


We won't be causing you any problems. Unless you

harm those kids…

Leo pats him on the shoulder, while walking away. He looks out at his army, happy over their success…

He glances at Jordan, who appears happy herself, until she suddenly changes into Mary, for just a moment, as Leo freezes, and tightly closes his eyes, opening again, and just staring at Jordan, who approaches, with a seductive smile…


If you weren't twice my age, I'd be okay with the

way you're looking at me, right now.


(eyes Rita approaching)

Sorry, I'm a happily taken man.

Rita arrives, smiling and embracing with Leo, and kissing…



Eli lying in bed, with eyes wide open, and glancing over at another bed where Scout lays with Jenna. Solis sleeps in bed next to them. Scout rises from the bed, where Jenna is crashed out. Scout looks at Eli, and sits down in his bed.


(speaking quietly)

Thank you for all your bravery, last night. I'm sorry

about Joshua. I know how close the two of you were.


I'm sorry too. He's everyone's loss…

Scout just smiling at him…


Yes, he is… But how about you, Eli? How are you?


I just can't stop thinking about him, and how ruined

Christmas has become. I remember this day always

going way too fast, but this one, is the Christmas that

wouldn't end…and even tomorrow, I don't think it will

be over…

Scout just looking at him, with a sympathetic look, as POV travels away from them, and out of the loft, and across the large cabin living room, to the loft on the other side…

Griffey, asleep in bed, in the loft. POV moves across from his bed, where Samantha is crashed out in a different bed, with Renee next to her, facing the wall, also asleep…

POV Grandpa Sam, watching over them, with a somber smile…

He slowly/quietly walks over to Samantha's bed, making just enough noise to cause her eyes to open, and she immediately come alert, once spotting her grandfather.




Hi, honey.


(becoming nervous)

What's wrong? What happened?


(immediately easing her)

No, no, child. Rest easy. I just found myself with some

rare downtime, and realized I hadn't had the chance

yet, to ask you how you are…let alone wish you a

merry Christmas. (a tear in his eye) I know it's not, but

Christmas it is.

Samantha rising from bed, hugging her grandfather, who lets out a little quiet sobbing, and comfort, from her embrace…

Grandpa looks from Renee, who is still asleep, over to Griffey, whose eyes are open. Grandpa rubs Griffey's head.


Hey, slugger…




Such a special boy, you are. I can't wait to see what

kind of man you become.

Grandpa just smiles, looking at them both…


Maybe it's not the right thing to do right now, but I

can promise you each one thing. You will smile and

laugh again, on this date. It will have meaning, and

magic, and tradition…and of course family and

friends... I'm so sorry I couldn't give that to you, this


Samantha hugging him again.


It's not your fault, Grandpa…

Grandpa teary eyed, as he hugs his granddaughter…



POV Mary, just staring down at her son (blood on his face), laying against the wall, staring at Jordan's dead body…

She's about to speak, but bites her lip, just continuing to stare at him, before finally breaking the silence…


She was actually doing you a favor…

Grover stares at Jordan, but slowly turns toward Mary, as if he wanted to kill her, now…

He then goes to the bathroom, picking up a pill, walking back out and right to his mom, swallowing it in her face, out of spite…

He then jumps, as the door comes flying open. Thunder walks in, followed by Gattor, both holding guns. Grover nervously looks down at Jordan, then back up at Thunder and Gattor, as Eclipse is walking through, also with a gun.


I had to do it. The bitch just attacked me! We have


Right as he's saying that last word, Jordan and Mick walk through the front door, also holding guns. Grover is shocked and looks back down to the floor, where her body is now gone, but the broken coffee table is there. He then looks into the bathroom, where his pills are still scattered on the floor, and then back at Jordan, who walks over to him.


What the hell happened in here…and why do you

look like you've just seen a ghost?

He doesn't answer, just staring at her…

She gets closer to him, moving right into his face…


You haven't taken those pills, have you? Your sneaky

family could just be trying to poison you.

Grover still just staring at her, and again at the broken coffee table, with no body.


I just took one. I need to get right…

Jordan grabs him and tosses him to Thunder, who holds him…

Cut outside, to about 50-60 men (mobsters), with guns, around the front of the cabin. Toast and some of the others are arriving, with concerned looks. The mobsters are becoming concerned, not raising their guns, but on edge, and ready if needed. More and more of the other men are arriving, perhaps all of them, and with guns of their own. The mobsters are becoming quite nervous, as they quickly become outnumbered, by 3-1…


What the hell's going on in there?


We're all on the same side, fellas…


Where's Anthony?

The same mobster is about to answer, but then Jordan and Mick walk out, followed by Thunder, who is holding Anthony/Grover, and followed by Gattor and Eclipse.

Toast and Grill take notice of the blood, and that Grover is being held, and they instantly hold up their guns, quickly followed by all their other men. The mobsters now hold up their guns, at Toast and his men.


Whoa, whoa. We are trying to help him. We just

found him like this, and with his place all thrashed.

He needs help!


Isn't that what his family came to do? The people

we just ATTACKED?!




A handful of the men begin lowering their weapons, but most of them do not.

Toast points to Anthony.


HE is our commander!

Jordan getting in the face of Toast.


You didn't even know this man, until about twenty-four

damn hours ago!


We know he's Leo's son. Someone we trust a whole

hell of a lot more than you!

Jordan puts her gun to Toast's head, and he puts his to hers. Every man who had lowered his gun, is now raising it again. It's a complete standoff, as they all just look at one another, in silence…

The silence begins breaking, at the sudden sound of what might be a motorcycle…


See…we were just trying to get him to safety, and

now it might be too late.

Jordan turns and rushes to the gate, looking out. Thunder and the other mobsters are following after her, with Thunder continuing to hold on to Grover…

Toast and his men are walking over…

Jordan's POV of someone on a four-wheeler, turning off of the highway, and onto the Glenwood bridge, riding right on over toward them, and stopping about 75 feet from the gate…

They all just stare out at him, as he stares back, with his helmet on, and no way of knowing who he is…

He slowly begins climbing off and removing his helmet…

Just as his face is about to be revealed, the POV switches to the faces of Jordan, Gattor and Eclipse…

Jordan looks confused, as do the others.


Who the hell is the old dude?

POV pans back, revealing Thunder, still holding Grover, who is in shock...


It's my grandfather…the other one…

POV Grandpa Sam, holding his helmet, and just staring at the gate…



Victor at his desk, with a look of astonishment all over his face.


Not a single damn casualty?

Jordan shaking her head from other side of desk, next to an unimpressed Cutter, as well as Rita.



Son of a bitch.


That he is.

Jordan a surprised look at Cutter, with a stern look from Victor…


He was indeed, but she's my daughter to insult,

and mine only.


She lied to you, Victor! She kept valuable information

from you? You had to discover on your own, what

Anthony was doing with Leo. She was more their

family, than she was yours, and I'm more your family,

than her…and more your son, than Anthony. You want

to put a bullet in me, and run this place with Leo, then

pull the god damn trigger.

Jordan looking at him with shock.


Calvin, put a bullet in this man's arm.

One of the two guards pulls his pistol, and fires a shot into Cutter's arm. He yells out, but contains his reaction. Jordan still watching, in shock, but almost impressed.


Son of a BITCH!


You talking about Mary, again? Calvin, shoot his

other arm.

Calvin pulls his pistol, but he's too late, because Cutter pulled his and shoots Calvin dead, in the blink of an eye. The other guard goes for his gun, but is also shot dead, instantly. Jordan remains shocked, but again impressed, this time with Cutter, and looking at Victor for his reaction. He also looks impressed, as Cutter holsters his pistol…


What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

He smiles, and looks over at Rita, who smiles back at him…


Jordan's team will leave in time to be there by Christmas

Eve morning. Leo will know this, and I want you sleeping

with one eye open, the night before they go.


Always do.


I'll place a couple men at the door. I don't trust him,

but if he's chill, while this mission goes on without

him, then I'll know he's really on board.


I will keep him busy sir, and cut his throat myself,

if he tries anything sneaky.


If, only if. I'd like to keep this man's value. (looking

right at Cutter) It's the closest thing I've ever seen,

to Sheppard…

Cutter holding his bleeding arm, with a dirty look at Victor, and a smile from Jordan, still next to Cutter…



POV through binoculars, of Glenwood (with no people around, or on top of the walls), coming from the brush…

POV Porter, looking through binoculars, and remaining very quiet…

He eventually lifts radio to his face.


(into radio)

I see smoke, or else I wouldn't even believe they

were still here. Not a man in sight, on the wall. No


He moves his binoculars. POV through binoculars, as they stop at a 4-wheeler. The same one Grandpa Sam had driven…


(into radio)

There's a four-wheeler outside the gate.

Cut inside of Glenwood, near the gates, with Grover's POV of Grandpa Sam, right in front of him, just staring back at him. As Grandpa begins to speak, Mary is slowly circling him from behind, with a nasty expression.


Hello, Anthony. I'm Sam, your grandfather…

Grandpa slowly extends his hand, with Grover just staring at it, and back at Grandpa, with a very blank expression. He also eyes his mother, who gives him a disapproving glance, before looking back at Grandpa, who lowers his hand…


I've risked a lot to be here, like this, but couldn't help

the urge to meet you, to look into the eyes of my

grandson, and to do better. I've done a lot of good

with my life, and have even reached a point where I

am even at piece with dying, at least after I say what

I came here to say.

POV pans around Grover, Jordan, Mick, Thunder, Gattor, Eclipse, Toast and Grill, before coming back to Grandpa.


That good I've done, is overshadowed by the one

thing I was not so good at. Handling the condition

that my son suffered from, was my biggest fail in life.

(becoming teary eyed) Doing better, by his son, who

must also suffer from that condition, is the only thing

left, I feel I must do, or at least attempt to do.

(looking him directly in the eye) I forgive you for

attacking our home, and killing people I love. I will

forgive the members of your army, for attacking our

home, and killing people who were loved. My only


Mary again arriving, behind Grandpa, with a pure cynic look on her face…


Is that you begin taking the medication, that takes

away your struggle, and makes you, you…and not

this Grover person.

Mary's (still behind Grandpa) expression is pure evil, as she looks from Grandpa, right at Grover…


Do it…shoot this old piece of shit and destroy the

spirit of each and every member of that compound;

of YOUR compound!

Grover slowly rising his arm, pointing his gun at the head of his grandfather, to the shock of Toast, Grill and their men, but to the intrigue of Mick, Thunder, Gattor, Eclipse, and the mobsters, and to the extreme delight of Jordan…


I concur with that move! Fire that pistol and get

us back in this war!

Grover pondering the move, as Grandpa stares at him.


Does Mary speak to you? As she did Leo? Does

she try to talk you into these things? The medicine

will allow you to make your own decisions. (speaking

over Mary, who begins shouting) Decisions that made

you and your father accomplish amazing things,

together, and decisions that made you accomplish a

lot, after he was without his own meds.


(line begins during last line)

All it'll do is take you away from me! Not just your

father! What about his MOTHER?! He was with YOU,

when off his meds, NOT them! Don't listen to him!


Don't listen to him!


Put him down!


Just shoot him!




(in background)

Don't do it.






Don't do it, Anthony.

Mary screams "DO ITTTTTTT!" one more time, along with Jordan, but as scene dissolves, and echoing into the next scene…



Leo in bed, asleep, as Rita's hand slides over his head. He turns to face her, sliding his hand over her neck, as he does every time they wake together, except this time, he's hiding a blade in his hand, and without thought, he slices her throat, and rises from the bed, while she bleeds out. He instantly goes to the window, where he can see tons of the mobsters, preparing to leave.

Leo moves to other side of room, and moves a table, along with the carpet that was under/around it. There's a hole in the floor, with his loaded backpack, which he pulls out, and carries over to the front door, and quietly placing it down. He slowly grabs the door handle, before instantly pulling the door open, and jabbing the first guard in the throat, quickly pulling out and jabbing into the guard to his other side. They fall down, bleeding out, as Leo reaches for his pack, leaves door open, and walks away…

Dissolve to Leo, leaving his pack on the floor, as he enters a weight room, where Gates is about to begin bench pressing a ton of weight, while Livingston spots him.


What's up Leo?


Just here to show you young bastards how it's done.

Gates a sarcastic laugh, then taking a deep breath, before he lifts the bar, and begins pressing.


Wish I could deny how true that is. Where's Rita?

Leo approaching them.


About a minute or two behind me. Said her throat

was feeling scratchy.

Leo arrives, from behind Livingston, who is becoming at least mildly suspicious, but it's too late, as Leo jabs him several times in the gut, with a blade. He drops the blade, as Livingston falls, and as Gates is attempting to put the bar/weights back, and unable to defend himself, as Leo forces the bar/weights down onto his chest, causing Gates to be stuck. Leo quickly reaches down for a 25-pound bell, raising it above Gates's head, who screams, just before silenced, by his head being smashed…

Leo quickly moves out of the room, grabbing his pack, and moving forward…

Dissolve to him again placing down the pack, before entering another room. It's a game room, with several men, and cigarette/cigar smoke in the air. A couple of them are playing pool and smoking cigars. The other two guys are drinking and playing cards…


Up early? Or still up?


Gotta' love the nightshift.


You guys seen Rita? She was supposed to meet me

in the weight room.

One of the men sitting, playing cards, is about to answer, but is then gutted by Leo, who quickly reaches inside his shirt, pulling out the man's gun, and firing at the other guy playing cards, shot dead. Leo aims at the guys at the pool table, who are scattering. He fires 3 times, nailing one on the third shot. The last guy is hiding behind a sofa and firing back. POV of him hiding behind sofa, firing another shot and then ducking down low, as a shot is fired at him.


Victor warned us you might do something stupid.

I STOOD UP for you maaan! What the hell are you

thinking?! That you'll go after Jordan? How you

gonna' pull that off, Leo?

The man just sits there, breathing, and trying to listen…

He cautiously tries peeking around side of the couch. His POV, with no sight of Leo. He then begins creeping upward, taking sight of the entire room, without a trace of Leo. He quickly turns, and is met with a gunshot to the chest, as Leo looks back at him, from another doorway, and his backpack in his arm. He fires again, and walks away, as the man drops to his death…

Leo goes down a long basement hallway, opening some doors, and climbing a set of stairs…

Cut to Victor, coming back inside, as the gates are closing, with the last of his army heading through them. He walks down the hall, followed by his two new body guards…

Dissolve to them turning the corner and walking the same hallway that leads to his office…

Dissolve to them entering through his private room and through the door, into his office. The bodyguards remain in the private room, taking seats…

Dissolve to the guards, now rising, as Leo enters (without his backpack). They keep their eyes on him, as they knock on Victor's door.




They open the door, allowing Leo to enter, and following him inside. They walk over toward Victor, standing back behind him.


Leo, aren't you and Rita usually working out, right

about now?


I wanted to be the first to tell you. (Leo suddenly

with a big smile) She's pregnant. She just literally

found out, after puking for the second morning in

a row.

Victor surprised, and taking a moment to study Leo's face, but then smiling, and buying into the story, then begins coming around his desk, as he speaks.


Leo that is amazing news!

He comes to Leo, who is still smiling, and shakes his hand.


Congratulations! (heading to his alcohol table) We

are going to do this the right way, this time. No more


As Victor speaks that last sentence, Leo quickly pulls two blades from his pocket, and with even more skill than Stix, he flings those blades directly into the throats of Victor's two bodyguards. Before they even hit the ground, he is approaching Victor, whose back is still to him.


Maybe just one more!

Leo sticks a knife right into Victor's back, and holding it in place.


Normally, I would never kill a man with his back

to me, but a man you are not.

He turns Victor around, facing him, and guiding him back a couple steps, right next to the wall.


I've already killed your men, who will soon rise,

and begin eating the rest of you, and you will

spend the rest of time, walking around as a god

damn "peasant"!

He shoves him against the wall, driving the knife deeper inside, as he drops to the ground.

Leo spits on him, and leaves the room. He leaves door open, while entering the back room, and heading for the hall, before suddenly stopping, and turning to his side, staring at something…

His POV of another door, with a drawing on it, as if done from a child…

He steps over to it, staring at the picture. His POV of it. It's a little girl with a knife, sticking it into a dead person, with lots of blood…

Leo slowly opens the door, to the sight of a little girl, sleeping in a bed…

Dissolve to Leo's feet, walking out of the backroom, into the hallway, and grabbing his backpack. A pair of younger feet are next to him, as POV pans back, while he reaches for the child's hand, and begins walking the hall. Once POV pans back all the way, it's revealed that the young girl is Maddy, the girl whose mom was assassinated, the day Leo arrived…

He turns the corner and then pulls out his gun, just in time to shoot one of the mobsters, who was heading their way. Maddy is frightened, and holding onto Leo, but being brave, for a 6/7-year-old. Another mobster comes running around the corner, with his gun, but shot dead, before he can fire it. The girl remains brave, walking from behind Leo…

Dissolve to them coming outside and toward the gates. Another man comes out the doors, firing at them, as Leo turns, and nails him with his first shot. One more man comes charging out, firing a shot. Leo fires back, taking two shots before nailing him. A third and a fourth man now come outside firing, but then one is bitten from behind, by Rita. The other man is distracted and shoots Rita, but in the throat, as she remains alive. He is about to fire again, before dropping dead, after a bullet from Leo, takes him down…

Leo rushes to the gate, opening it up. He looks out, as 3 vehicles come speeding out of the brush, toward the gate. Leo waits, but is then jumped from behind and taken to the ground. He yells for Maddy to run.


Go to the cars; they will protect you!

She runs toward the approaching cars, as Leo moves just in time, from the foot of another man. Leo jumping back to his feet, and staring back at Cutter (left arm bandaged), who begins using martial arts, as does Leo…

They are going at it, back and forth. Cutter is well trained and keeping up with Leo, who is also well trained, himself, but Cutter's recent gunshot wound might be slowing down his efforts…

They continue fighting, as the men in the vehicles snatch up Maddy. One of them, in a truck, pulls over just in front of the gate, near where Leo is fighting with Cutter, and just behind the trenches that run along the compound wall, filled with huffs. Men in the back begin pulling out a plank, and placing down into the pit, for the huffs to walk out of…

One of the men aims a gun at Cutter, but waiting for the shot, as to avoid hitting Leo, who finally overpowers Cutter, knocking him to the ground. Leo runs to his backpack, picking it up and rushing through the gates, just before the huffs begin spilling into the compound. He leaps up into the truck, and jumps out on the other side. They keep the truck parked there, as to keep the huffs from coming their direction.

Leo looks at the other men. It's Rhodes, Mac and Jesse, along with some others.


The girl's one of you, now. The track is all yours,

just like you came here for. All I ask, is that if I ever

return…you guys open your doors. (extending his

hand) I have your back, you have mine.

Rhodes shakes his hand.


Done deal!

Dissolve to Leo, alone and speeding down the road, in a truck…

Suddenly, Mary is right next to him, in passenger seat, just staring at him, as he continues to speed…


(looking ahead)

I can see you, and I know what you're thinking.


Enlighten me.


You think I should have destroyed it all.


Then why didn't you?


The girl, the people…they deserve a chance, and

it could payoff, someday… But most of all, there's

no time. As it is, I may have to dive into the damn

bay, and swim after them!


When did you become such a –

Leo fires his gun at her (and through the window) as her brains go all over the place, as he keeps speeding down the road…



Leo skidding to a stop, and grabbing his backpack. Mary's body and her brains are no longer there (just the broken window), as he quickly climbs out. He puts on the pack, and begins jogging…

Dissolve to him spying on Jordan, supervising her people, as they board a ship, with plenty of weapons and supplies. They also have a car-float, full of vehicles…

Leo uses binoculars to watch them, and then panning over the ship, and the car-float…

Dissolve to Leo, sneaking his way onto the car-float, and inside of one of the vehicles…

Dissolve to the ship now sailing through the Bay, dissolving to multiple shots of it sailing through the Puget Sound inlet, of the Pacific Ocean. The scenery is beautiful, with plenty of land, which they sail far enough from, to avoid huffs or possible danger from other groups. They eventually sail out of the inlet, and into the ocean. Shots of them sailing all along the coast line, and then past the mouth of the Columbia River, in Astoria, and then along the Oregon shoreline, until finally coming to a pair of large jetties…

Dissolve to Leo, sneaking out of the vehicle, and into about 3 feet of water, while keeping his backpack above water. He quickly goes to land and into some brush, as Jordan and her army begin piling off of the ship, and onto the jetty…

Dissolve to Leo, inside a car, speeding through Rockaway, and up into the parking lot of the SSH…

Dissolve to Leo, entering the basement of the SSH, where he had to put down his children, Kate and Jagger…

His expression becomes distraught, as he looks around. It's been cleaned, but he's having flashes, of the moment he first saw them, as huffs, and the moment in which he fires a bullet into their heads…


Where are you? I can't do this without seeing you,

just one last time. PLEEEEAAAAASSSEE!

He falls to his knees, weeping like a baby…

Mary arrives, from behind him, just shaking her head…

Leo doesn't even notice her, as he closes his eyes, and drifts asleep…




I love camping with you, out here…

Dark gives way, to an image of Leo, camping with his son Troy (about 10). They are putting up a tent, in the woods, as POV pans back, and continues panning back away from them, and over the entire area, until it pans back so far, that the unfinished compound can be seen, revealing that they are camping out in the same woods, that are inside of the compound. Leo delivers his next line, while all of this is happening.



I'm going to build an underground tent, right here,

with a fireplace. It will be just our secret…



Porter watching the gates of Glenwood, coming open. He uses his binoculars and can see several men tossing what looks like a wrapped carpet, into the back of the truck. Several men jump inside.



What the hell is that?

He watches the truck take off, and Jordan and the mobsters speeding through the gates, watched by Toast, Grill and others, who then close the gates. The mobsters speed away from Glenwood, turning west (toward the compound) on highway 6.

Porter quickly pulls away from binoculars and speaks into his radio


(into radio)

Conner, you and Pat get to your truck! Some of them,

but not all of them, are heading your way. Get out of

here before they see you! Get word to the compound,

now! Let them know the woman is leaving, and

heading west. It looks like they…might have a body…


Instrumental background music (Sad piano & violin – Beautiful – "A Winters Wish"), plays with following scene…

Hunter and the family are sitting/standing around, waiting on news of Gunner. Pretty much the entire family is there, along with Queen Nike and her family. The Baker grandkids are also there, some of them sleeping in their parent's arms, or next to them. Bo (7) is holding his sleeping sister, Kat…

DJ and Rich are arriving, with Samantha, Renee, Eli, Griffey, Trisha and Ashley. They all look like they just woke from naps, yet still exhausted, mentally and physically. Brianna holds out her arms for Samantha, who goes into them…

POV moves away from them, over to a door, slightly afar, and moving inside, where it eventually finds Blake on a couch, silently sobbing like a baby, but without making much of a sound…

Dissolve to the compound wall, where Jaelyn walks hand in hand with Ricky, who shakes hands, is patted, or shares hugs, with several of the people up there, keeping guard. Mayday hugs him as well as a salute. Sheriff Dave, Gia, Frost and other soldiers, give him a hug. Some of them with tears, like Gia. Jaelyn develops tears, watching all the love and appreciation…

Dissolve to Scoop, laying in his bed, unable to sleep. He climbs out of bed, walking down the ladder, into the bottom room, where some other Rough Riders are asleep, or trying to sleep. Scoop walks out the screen door, onto the deck, that sits in front of the baseball field. Pav and Wong are out there, as well as Trav and Nate. With their backs to the POV. They are all staring out at the empty field, with just a little snow remaining, in spots…


I can't even look at that, without thinking of Joshua…





That's a good thing…

Dissolve to the compound neighborhood, where multiple families can be seen inside of their homes, through the windows, as POV travels through, until coming to one house, and going inside, finding Cody in the kitchen, making coffee, and walking it into the front room, where Jo is laying on sofa, crying into the lap of Chloe…

Dissolve to the Baker complex, where Sage's face is full of tears, as she hugs Cleo, then Dakota, before sitting down with Doc and other cousins. Virgil is sitting by himself, just staring ahead, without much of an expression, with a hand over his shoulder, by Leon, as he sits down next to him…

Dissolve to Marshall, hugging Bonnie, and then just staring at each other, until sharing what might be their first ever kiss, and then hugging again.

Dissolve to the Baker mess hall, where Stix wakes up, looking around the room, at all the sleeping convicts. He looks over at Kemp, who is just sitting and thinking. Stix walks over to him, as they both share a look and take a deep breath. GW lays in his bed, hiding his face, which has a few tears…

Dissolve back to the safe house, as Dakota and Cleo arrive. Dakota goes to window, peeking in on her father, who is still crashed out. Kayla comes out of infirmary, wearing her scrubs, and exhausted. Brianna stands up to share a hug with her. Many of the other family members, like Hope and Ryder, are patting her on the back, thanking her for her service…

Wyatt sits with his wife, holding their baby, who sleeps, while they just stare into each other's eyes, happy to both be safe. Chasin pats Wyatt on the shoulder, as he walks by, and sits down next to his dad, and just closing his eyes. Mason's are already closed, as are his girlfriend's, Missy, who sits on his other side…

POV pans around them, all fatigued, somber, and quiet, but suddenly coming to life, as the surgeon comes out of the infirmary. He waits until he has all of their eyes, and simply begins to smile…

Hunter is the first to express relief, with a giant hug of the surgeon, as everyone else begins cheering! They begin hugging, and smiling for the first time since Christmas Eve, before they were attacked, which was still just the night before…

They continue to hug and smile, as Zane comes over the radio.


(over radio)

Has anyone seen Grandpa?


(over radio)

He went to get some rest, well over an hour ago.


(over radio)

I'm leaving his room, now. He hasn't even been there.

Where the hell is he?!

Hunter grabbing his radio…


(into radio)

Yeah find him, because he's going to want to hear

how Gunner is going to make it!


(over radio)

Oh, thank god! Thank GOD! But Hunter, I have a bad

feeling about Grandpa. We need to find him, now.

He said something to me earlier, before his nap. It's

just not sitting with me, well.


(into radio)

Now you're scaring me…


(over radio)

Compound come in! Can you read me?!

Cut to Zane, walking down the hallway of the Baker complex.


(into radio)

Conner, talk to us!

Cut to Zane and most of the others, including the Queen and her people, Stix, Kemp, GW and the convicts all in the garage, loading themselves and weapons into vehicles and speeding away. Zane is the first one out of the garage, in his hummer, speeding up above ground, onto Baker lane, and for the corridor.

Cut to him speeding out of the open gates, as moments later, the rest of the caravan speeds out, after him…

Cut to Zane skidding off of the backroad, and onto the highway, heading east…

Several moments later, the rest of the caravan comes out, with half of them heading east after Zane, but the other half turns west, and speeds off that direction…

Cut to Zane speeding down the highway, with no one else around…

He slows just enough to make it around a sharp corner, speeding by while remaining focused on the road, and not losing control, due to his extreme speed. As he goes by and turns another corner, the POV remains where it is, and slowly begins moving toward side of road, where it comes to a pair of feet, dangling in the air, about 6 feet off the ground, and with the slight sound of a huff. The rest of whatever it is, is too high for the POV…

Cut to Zane, still speeding, as Scout comes over the radio…


(over radio, crying)

Zane…come back…

He keeps driving, too focused on speeding to answer. Scout tries again, and this time it sounds like crying and hysteria, can be heard in the background.


(over radio)

Zane, turn around. Come back, about a mile.


(into radio)

What is going on? Why are you crying? Why do I

hear other people crying?!


(over radio)

Just (crying)…turn around. Come back, now…

POV outside the vehicle, slamming on breaks, doing a 180, and speeding back the direction it came from…

Dissolve to Zane coming to an abrupt stop, near the rest of the caravan and jumping out, to the sound of mass hysteria. He moves quickly for just a moment, before instantly stopping, looking upward, and dropping to his knees…



Grover pointing gun at his grandfather, with Toast in background, heard giving the same line he gave when this scene last left off.


Don't do it, Anthony.






It's Leo's father.


(still pointing gun)


Grover turns his head, to Mary, who dissolves into Leo, signaling him to lower his gun, before fading away, as Grover looks back at his grandfather and begins lowering his gun, and shedding tears, as he looks around at all the others, and then back at Grandpa, looking into his eyes…


I'm so sorry, Sam.


I know you are, son.

Grandpa takes a chance, lunging forward, and embracing his grandchild, who cries out with relief and sorrow, as he hugs him back, tightly…

Jordan rolling her eyes, and looking around. Toast looks pleased, while other mobsters are eyeing Toast and his men, wondering what is going to happen next…

They finally come out of the embrace, looking into each other's eyes. Grandpa is smiling, while Grover just sobs…

Suddenly, Grandpa grabs his heart, and drops to a knee.


GRANDPA! What's wrong?!


I'm okay. I'm okay. It's just been a long twenty-four

hours. (coming back upward) I just need to sit dow –

Just before he can fully rise and finish his sentence, Jordan quickly uses a blade, to cut his throat, instantly causing him to begin bleeding out.



Grover grabs him, falling down to his knees with him, and sobbing like a baby, with no strength to react to Jordan, who is quickly moving with her men, who aim guns at Toast and the others, who are daring themselves to raise their own weapons, but also looking at Grover, in all that pain…

Jordan's people rush to their vehicles, with one man driving a truck right next to the gate and close to Grandpa's body. Jordan considers shooting Grover, but knows the other men will react, so wisely knocks him on the head with her gun, as he goes down, and unconscious. Jordan shouts at a few of her men.


Go inside, and grab a piece of carpet!

The men do so, as her other men continue to load up, while still aiming guns, on anyone who tried to make a move on them. The men race out with a strip of carpet, as they and Jordan begin wrapping Grandpa with it. The gate is opening. They toss the carpet in the back of a truck, next to some rope, and a few men hop inside.


Don't let him out, once he turns!

Cut to them now speeding up the highway road, as Jordan speaks to Mick.


I'll tell you when to stop. We'll hang him up where

he can't be missed. Anthony and his men won't

survive the night…

Dissolve to Grandpa's body, hanging from the tree, now a huff, and looking down at his family…

His POV of the shock, hysteria and pain, all over the faces of his family…



BONUS SCENE (season 4)



Zane crying out, in complete agony…

Scout vomiting, and crying hysterically…

Cleo trying to hold Dakota, who can barely breathe…

Grandpa Sam's legs dangling in front of POV, as Blake turns away from the sight of Grandpa, and toward the highway, with a scream of agony…

Cut to the compound, with Samantha expressing mild relief, at the sight of most loved ones, before seeing the look on her cousin Zane's face, and instantly shaking her head…


(shaking head)

No…NO! What are you saying?! Where is my Grandpa?!

Zane grabbing her, as she cries out in complete agony! Scout crying, as she tried to help Zane, with Samantha. Brianna and Kayla are sobbing, and trying to help their baby girl, but just crying the more they see her cry out.

Hunter arriving, with a wild look of Samantha's reaction, as his wife April tries to hug him, as he takes notice of Porter and Mason, carrying Grandpa's body. He begins weeping.




Hunter screaming out…

Cut to infirmary, where Leo is looking around at his family…


Why hasn't Dad visited me? Where is he?

Devastation takes over their expressions, as Leo takes notice…


What are you saying?! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!

Leo looks his son Zane in the eyes, who now has tears, and just shakes his head, as Leo begins screaming in complete agony, causing more tears from Scout, and the rest of the family…

Cut to Grover at Glenwood, screaming in complete agony…

Cut to Jordan, locked in a stand-up cage, with a cougar in the cage directly next to her, as she screams in complete agony, before speaking to someone who must be walking away from her. POV pans back, slowly, revealing more wild animals in cages, such as bobcats and more cougars, all going wild, over her screaming…