Season 4, Episode 1




Sound of hysterical sobbing, from a group of people, before fading away…



POV from behind huff Grandpa, hanging above from the side of the highway (facing highway), with the sound of an approaching vehicle. It's a hummer, speeding by without stopping. Eventually more approaching vehicles are heard, and speed through POV. Another hummer leads the way, with a truck behind it, which slams on its breaks. The hummer then slams on its, followed by all the vehicles behind the truck, with a few almost hitting one another.

Scout comes from the truck, staring toward the hanging huff. Mason is quickly coming from his hummer, with arms up and looking at Scout, following her stare of the hanging huff. Mason's face immediately goes to complete shock, with his hands going to his head, and screaming out in agony.



He turns toward all the approaching others, with Scout now vomiting. His hands still on his head, as he looks back at Grandpa, and back and forth from him to the others.



Everything now begins happening at the same moment, like Solis helping Scout, who is still vomiting, and screaming in agony. Dakota screaming with a look up at Grandpa, and sobbing uncontrollably, with comfort from Cleo, who is also weeping. Blake running up behind Mason, and freezing as he takes notice of Grandpa.



Wyatt stands there staring at his grandfather, with tears rolling down his face. Chasin turns back toward the highway, walking out onto it, away from the others, while screaming with rage and agony. He is cussing, but hard to hear over the continued screaming agony of Mason.



Catherine (Chasin's wife) is crying, while trying to go to her husband. Scout is in shock, and trying to reach for her radio, but still sobbing out of control, while consoled by Solis. Rich just stares right at his hanging grandfather, as the tears instantly begin pouring down his face…

More and more sound of grief and agony, as more people arrive from vehicles further up the road, out of POV. Mayday closes his eyes, looking downward. Gia stands next to him, with tears., and looks of sympathy at the Bakers. Queen Nike, Nikki, Bonnie, Doug and his people, and all the convicts are shocked, as they look from Grandpa to his screaming/weeping family members. GW looks at Chasin, then Mason, and then to Blake, who is now also out in the road, away from the others, screaming his agony.

POV from behind Grandpa's hanging body, of everyone looking up at him, in shock and/or crying, and looking away. Scout is staring at her radio, finally forming words, but softly, and with sobs.


(into radio)

Zane…come back…

She looks up at Grandpa, with more tears, and no answer from Zane…


(into radio)

Zane, turn around. Come back, about a mile.


(over radio)

What is going on? Why are you crying? Why do I

hear other people crying?!


(into radio)

Just (crying)…turn around. Come back, now…

Scout just drops radio, sobbing into the chest of Solis. The entire family is sobbing, as are many of the others. No one is talking, other than spots of screaming or mumbled agony, as everyone continues just looking at him, or away from him. Mason is now in a silent sob, as Chasin comes from behind, hugging his father, who now lets his agony out again, as does Scout, just watching him…

People like the Queen, and the convicts, don't even know what to do, as the Bakers are a complete mess…

Eventually, Zane is heard speeding and breaking into the scenes, immediately coming out and looking at Grandpa, and dropping to his knees.

Dissolve to multiple moments and expressions of pain and agony, from Zane, until eventually watching Mayday and Gia bringing Grandpa down, and looking over the family, and the others. They are hesitant to make the kill shot, as everyone just watches, or sobs, or even looks away…

The queen walks over to him, with a last look out at the family, and then to Mayday, who nods, as she makes the kill shot, to the sound of more sobbing, and Zane rising, and racing for his hummer. They all watch, as he speeds west, in the direction of the beach…



Thunder cautiously leading a small group of about 10 mobsters, down the beach, toward a jetty. The beach is full of large logs. They have guns up, not sure if there might be people waiting for them, as their ship sits on the other side of that jetty…

As they get closer, they can suddenly see an army of men rising from below the other side of the jetty, as they come up top of the rocks. Dylan is with them, and they heavily outnumber Thunder's group, who for the moment, are aiming their guns, but not firing…

Suddenly, Dylan's men are fired on from behind, where across the channel there is another jetty. A group of about 20 mobsters are firing across the channel, and killing a few of the beach camp men. Two of them are hit and falling down between the rocks, while another falls off the jetty and into the ocean, which has heavy constant waves, rolling through.

Gattor leads another group of about 10 mobsters, from the brush above the beach. They open fire on the beach camp crew, as does Jordan and her group of about 10 mobsters, climbing the jetty rocks and heading toward Dylan and his men.

Dylan has more men stashed off away from the beach, and closer to the barricade, which connects to the jetty. They are all climbing onto the jetty and approaching Jordan's group, who is in-between them, and Dylan's group.

Eclipse now leads the last of the mobsters, over a bluff and onto the beach, joining Thunder's group, and firing heavily on Dylan's army…

It's an epic battle on the beach, with even numbers on both sides, for now, as half of Dylan's men are a couple minutes from joining the intense battle…



Multiple shots of Scout, Mason, Chasin, Wyatt, Porter, Cleo and Dakota, driving through the coast range, with emotional expressions, and ending with Zane, as opening credits roll…

Theme tune ends but remains with Zane, speeding highway 6, on the verge of bawling like a baby, but then suddenly screams in rage, sadness and complete agony, while continuing to speed, through the woods and into the open area of Tillamook…



Mason pulling onto Glenwood Lane, and over the bridge, followed by Solis/Scout, and the rest of the caravan. They drive right up to the open gates, where Porter is waiting for them. Mason drives right through, but Solis and most others park outside the gate, quickly climbing out, and running inside. Mason is already out of his hummer, and Mayday drives in, with Gia aiming the 50-cal, around the deserted camp…

Dissolve to Solis handing a note to Mason, as he and Scout look it over. POV the note, reading, "It wasn't Grover! It was Jordan, who retreated with her mobster family. We are loyal to Leo, and his son." The note is signed at the bottom, by Toast.



Thunder's group and Eclipse's group are positioned behind logs, and advancing to different logs, as they take shots at Dylan's army, on the jetty. One of Thunder's men is shot dead. Thunder keeps firing, and shoots a pair of Dylan's men, one of them falling off the rocks and onto the beach, right next to another dead man in the sand, who is coming back to life as a huff…

Jordan fires a shot, hitting another one of Dylan's men, who falls off the other side of the jetty and into the ocean. Jordan's group continues to advance. She takes a look back down the jetty, where Dylan's other half of his army is advancing. She then glances at Gattor and his group, who are firing at Dylan's group, and approaching the jetty, as Jordan's group is on it, and passing by. Gattor positions his men up on the rocks, hiding behind some, and waiting for the other half of Dylan's army…

Dylan's men are overwhelmed by the crossfire. They remain behind/under rocks, taking shots when they can. Dylan looks nervous, as Jordan's group, and the two groups on the beach, are closing in on them. They are on pace to overtake them, before the rest of his army can arrive…

Suddenly, Dylan watches one of his men attacked from below, as a dead man, now turned huff, is biting him. Other men shoot it dead, and then look at the surviving man, bleeding badly, and decide to shoot him in the head, to end his suffering…

Suddenly, a bunch of vehicles are speeding over the sandy bluff, and down onto the beach. They speed down close to the water, and heading for the jetty. Thunder and his group are slowed down, and looking to the vehicles, which are closing in on them. They stop.

Doc hops out, along with Sage, Virgil, Leon and the rest of the cousins. They put heavy fire on the groups of Thunder and Eclipse, while moving behind logs, and trading gunfire with them. Jordan looks pissed, and concerned.


(into radio)

Gattor, get your men over here; we have to get on

that ship and get on it now!

Gattor's men hop off the rocks, and onto the beach where they can run faster. They begin taking shots from Doc and the cousins, and firing back at them. They eventually climb back up onto the rocks, now firing at either Doc and the cousins, or Dylan's men, with glances back at the approaching army of Dylan's…

Eclipse shoots one of the random cousins, dead. Sage then fires a shot that nails her in the arm. She tries to recover, but then takes a fatal shot from Doc, dropping dead. The cousins begin edging closer, and eventually Thunder and his men begin edging backward...

Jordan shoots one man after another, desperately trying to win this battle single handedly, and in a rush to do so. Suddenly, she is jumped by a man who was hiding down below. Gattor arrives to help, but then he too is jumped by a man who was hiding down inside the rocks (as mini little "caves" are here and there along the jetty). Jordan exchanges blows with her guy (while a piece of her clothing is ripped off), and eventually moves with the kind of speed that he can't keep up with, and is even thrown off balance, giving her the perfect opportunity to shove him directly into the ocean, where the current takes him right away.

Gattor now tosses his guy back down into one of the mini caves, landing awkwardly, and snapping his leg. Jordan comes over, picking up a rock she can barely lift, and dropping down below, crushing the guy's head. She looks up, just missing a shot from Dylan, and firing back at him. Gattor does take a shot from Dylan, and falling down into the cave, on top of the man who Jordan just killed.

Jordan looks defeated, as she looks back at the rest of Dylan's approaching army, who are now taking shots at her men, giving them crossfire. Her men begin dropping like flies. She looks to the beach, where Doc and the cousins have Thunder and the rest of his men, on the run. Now she can see a hummer speeding over the bluff, and right for the jetty. She now turns toward her ship, where she can see a few of the crew, who remained on board. She can see that the ship is readying to set sail. She just misses being shot, and quickly fires a shot back, nailing the guy who almost shot her. She then glances back at the hummer, and watches Zane climbing out, running right for the jetty. She stands, and fires several shots at him, as he takes cover, and unloads his gun toward her, as she too takes cover…

She watches her men all being killed, including one man bitten from behind by a dead man who just became a huff. Jordan looks around, at other dead people rising at huffs, or stuck in the rocks. She then looks at the rest of Dylan's army, about to reach her. She takes several shots at them, and then several at Dylan and his side of the men, then turns and begins skipping over rocks. She almost slips into a mini cave, which would have probably killed her. She gets herself closer to the edge (on the side with the channel of water)…

POV of someone's legs/feet, skipping over rock after rock…

POV of Jordan, skipping over a few more rocks…

POV of those same legs/feet, skipping over more rocks, with extreme speed and athleticism…

POV Jordan, about to dive into the ocean, and still being fired at…

POV Zane, like a wild man, skipping over another rock, and then diving into the air, just as Jordan dives into the ocean, with him landing down directly behind her, both going into the deep, dangerous water, at the same moment…

POV of Jordan, coming up, and fighting just to keep her head above water. She quickly screams, while feeling something grab her leg. She begins swimming with desperation, as Zane comes up behind her, swimming after her, but suddenly hitting something, which turns out to be a huff (one of guys killed). He's able to get around it, and goes back after Jordan…

A huge roller wave now takes them both, while they struggle to keep their heads up…

POV Dylan watching, as the rest of his men arrive, and Doc and the cousins climb up, also looking out into the water. They also look at the ship, which begins sailing away, and the men on the other jetty, now jumping off of it and retreating…

Doc looks back out toward Zane and Jordan…


Where the hell are they?


(shaking head)

I lost them…

They all begin rushing back down the jetty, toward the barricade, which is the direction the tide is taking Zane and Jordan…

Dissolve to them all reaching the end of the jetty, and now using flashlights (getting darker), as they check the water. Many of them aiming guns, in case Jordan is around…

Suddenly, they can hear someone, and shine lights toward the bank of the water, where Zane is tiredly climbing himself out of the water, as they rush to help him…


(barely able to speak)

You…get her?

Zane completely shivering.


(yelling at his men)

Someone get me a blanket!



Grandpa Sam (24 years younger) laying a blanket down over the sand, as he and his wife, Laura, lay down on it, and look out over the nearby creek, and the ocean in the background of it. Their view of a 10-year-old, speeding his little beach bike, and holding a toy machine gun. Several other kids, his age, also with toy guns, and speeding after him…

They come to the creek, which spills into the ocean. They enter it, riding through, and up the beach. The water becomes deeper, as they stir out of it, and continue up the beach. Suddenly, they are attacked by a bunch of other kids (ages 5-7), and jumping over a grassy bluff, down onto the beach, and screaming, "Kill the cousins; kill the cousins!"…

They use fancy toy guns to begin shooting the kids on the bikes.


What do we do, Doc?

The lead biker kid is responding, as he rises off his bike, and making machine gun sounds, as he fires back at the other kids.


Kill the Baker brats; kill the Baker brats!

Doc looks at his other bikers.


Come on Mike, Bunk, Virgil; MOVE!

Suddenly, two young girls come rolling down the bluff, rising and pushing a pair of the other kids down over the edge, and splashing down into the 2-foot-deep creek.

Doc starts laughing, as do the others cousins. Doc comes over giving high-fives to the two little tough girls, who are obviously very proud of themselves…

One of the other kids (7) is helping the two wet kids (both 5), out of the creek.


(with a chuckle)

What the heck, Chasin? How do you and Gunner let

a couple of little girls do you like that?

Sage and Skyler both offended by being referred to as little girls.




Careful, Miles. They'll throw your butt in there, too!

They're all laughing, having a great time…

Suddenly, a pair of even younger kids come running to them, with excitement. They are only 3 and 4. Miles hugs and picks up the younger one.


Where you going, little Wyatt?

The other one has a big smile, running to Chasin and Gunner, with a quick touch, before then turning and running straight to Doc, who laughs and picks him up.


I know where Zane wants to go! He wants to keep

working on the dam!

Zane smiles big time, and squirming to get down, as he runs off toward a huge dam in the creek.



Doc and the others go racing after him, as they all run together, toward the log dam…

Dissolve to them all hard at work, moving logs from areas of the beach, and adding them to their dam, which still allows water through an irrigation ditch they have dug. Doc and Miles are supervising the work, instructing the younger kids where to moves the wood/logs. Sage and Skyler are pushing a big log, through the creek, and barely moving, as Chasin comes to help them…

Doc takes notice of some other kids, eyeing them, as he is moving their direction, to grab a large log. He is also close to Grandpa and Laura, and gives them a wave, before giving it his all, to lift that log. Grandpa smiles, and comes to help.


Not sure how much help I can be, as much as you

guys have already worn me out.

Grandpa begins to help lift the log, but stops, looks over at the other random kids, who are "spying" on Doc, and the other kids at the dam. Grandpa then looks at Doc, who just looks back at him…


You know what? How about you ask those kids over

there, to come help you with this log. I'm not just

saying that because I'm too old and broken, to do it

myself, but because if you add those kids over there,

to this project of yours, just imagine all the amazing

things you all would be able to achieve, together.


That makes sense! I was thinking at first, that they

would probably just destroy it, once we're gone.


Not if they help build it, they won't! And not only

that, but they'll protect it, from those who would

want to destroy it, or take it over. Make allies, Doc,

stronger with numbers.

Doc smiles at him, and runs off toward the random kids, who quickly get excited, and rush back with him, as they all begin grabbing logs…



Doc shaking his head, in disbelief over the news of Grandpa, next to Sage, sitting and crying. Scout is close by, weeping. Mason and the rest of the compounders are now there, as most people are using flashlights to search the area, and the water, still looking for Jordan's body. Some of them are just standing around, talking or even crying.

Queen Nike is speaking with Solis and Stix.


Even if she's alive, she's got nowhere to go. As do

the other few who got away. Their ship is gone.


They're convinced it was either her or Grover.


Had to be her though, right?



Grover's like his family, smart. He could have ordered

her to hang up the body, while he made his getaway.

They share a look, before Solis walks away, over to Scout, who sits, and weeps. He sits next to her, with his arm around her…


I want to go home…but I don't want to tell them…



The caravan of compounders, Nike World fighters, and convicts, now driving across the field, toward the gates of the compound, with Eli, DJ, Hope, Ryder, Bryant, and other Rough Riders, all on the wall, looking down at the caravan…

Dissolve to Samantha and others, coming out of the Baker complex, waiting to greet their returning loved ones…

Samantha expressing mild relief, at the sight of most loved ones, before seeing the look on her cousin Zane's face, and instantly shaking her head…


(shaking head)

No…NO! What are you saying?! Where is my Grandpa?!

Zane grabbing her, as she cries out in complete agony! Scout crying, as she tries to help Zane, with Samantha. Briana and Kayla are weeping, and trying to help their baby girl, but just crying the more they see her cry out.

Hunter arriving, with a wild look at Samantha's reaction, and his wife April trying to hug him, as he takes notice of Porter and Mason, carrying Grandpa's body. He begins weeping.




Hunter screaming out…

Dissolve to the Baker complex, where family and loved ones are gathered, hugging and crying. Some of them are completely hysterical. Little Bo is full of tears, as are most of the younger children. Samantha is in the arms of her mothers, weeping uncontrollably…

Pepsi sobs, as she tries to hold Zane. She grabs his arm, forcing it over her stomach. He closes his eyes, sad at the thought of never even having the chance to share the news of his unborn baby, with Grandpa…

April holds Hunter, who's face is full of tears. Scout also moves in for a hug, with her 3 children, Hope, Ryder and Bryant, behind her, all with tears. Solis picks up his niece, Jenna.


Why is everyone crying, again?

Rich is crying, while held by DJ. Renee is also shedding tears. Griffey sits close, along with Trisha and Ashley. Eli looks stunned, but numb, and all too familiar with this feeling…

Chasin approaches his Dad, Mason, who tries to look like he's holding it together, before simply losing it. Chasin takes him into his arms…

Scout watching them, with more tears falling…

Hope leaves her family's side, as she takes notice of Blake, in a daze, and on the verge of more tears. She goes to him, looking in his teary eyes, and bringing him in for a hug, as he begins full-out sobbing…

Scout watches, with more tears of her own…

Eli watches Blake, while developing tears…

Sarah holds her husband Wyatt (while also holding their baby), who is crying. He comes out of hug, taking the baby, still crying, and holding his baby close, as his wife gets a hug from an emotional Jennifer, with her children…

Mason comes out of embrace with Chasin, and wiping his tears, walking away. Chasin walks over to his son Bo and daughter Kat. Bo is crying, and Kat looks scared. He hugs them both, with a glance at his wife, Catherine, who weeps as she watches them…

Hunter is holding his grandchildren, August, Jax and Maddox…


Where's Great-Grandpa?

April tries to hold back her tears, while watching her husband shed his, and tell his grandchildren about their great-grandfather, with such sadness in his voice, which trembles.


He's not with us anymore.

Hunter tries to go on, but cannot. The children just look at his tears, while developing some of their own…


I'm so sorry about your dad, Grandpa.

April sobs, as does Hunter, who receives a hug from August…

Rachel (Gunner's wife) sits alone, holding their son, Blaze. She silently weeps, while her son holds onto her. Ryder comes over to her, sitting down next to her. Rachel just stares at her, with tears falling…


I don't know how I'm going to tell Gunner.

She weeps some more, and shows discomfort in her arm, where she was wounded from the battle, the night before. Ryder grabs Blaze, from her, who instantly hugs Ryder, as she takes him from Rachel…


Not alone…that's how you'll tell him…

Rachel continues with the tears, as POV moves to Dakota, watching them, with tears. She shares a look with Ryder, then glances at Mason, who is approaching Zane and Pepsi…

Zane looks up at Mason…


We need to go back out, and bring the dogs…

Zane just staring at him, and then Pepsi…


You guys need to grieve, and sleep…


I can't grieve until I have more answers. Whether she's

alive or not, Grover is still out there, and at least thirty

of Jordan's men.


Grover didn't do it…She did…and she's still out there.

Zane rising, as Pepsi closes her eyes, before opening and looking up at him…


And I bet she's sleeping, wherever she is. Something

you should be doing. (looking right at him) I don't want

to raise this baby, without you.

Mason a shocked look from Zane to Pepsi. Zane a look at him, who looks around at all the family, back to Zane, and just shaking his head…


I'm so sorry, Zane. (still shaking head) I should be

saying congratulations, but I'm so sorry.

Zane moving on, with a hand over Pepsi's shoulder, as he leaves.


I never even got to tell him…

Both Mason and Pepsi closing their eyes, as scene dissolves…


But I did…

Mason opening his eyes, staring at Pepsi. Zane stops, turns and faces her, as scene dissolves…


I confirmed it, anyhow…



Pepsi vomiting into a toilet, with the sound of someone entering through the door of the other room. She quickly flushes and wipes her face. She turns and walks into other room, staring back at Grandpa Sam…


Are you okay, sweetheart?


I'm sorry. I just came in here to get a second to

myself, and think. Which I should not have done,

because all it made me do was get sick to my



Same thing has happened twice to me, today, so

no need to explain.

She gives him a sympathetic look, before a questionable one…


I'm sorry. I've just been doing the rounds, with a

little downtime, in which I'd rather spend around

others, than myself…

Pepsi gesturing for him to take a seat.


Well, you're more than welcome to take a seat and

do your best to keep me from going back to the toilet.

Grandpa sitting with a small smile, as she does her best to give one.


How about you, though? Is there anything I can

say to help you avoid a third trip to the toilet? Or

anything I can do at all?

Grandpa just staring at her, with his smile getting just a little bigger…


You've been doing that since the moment you came

into our lives, as well as you have through this entire

current mess. (taking a deep breath) Zane is so lucky

to have a woman who is just as amazing as he is. You

two complement each other, and his potential has only

grown with you at his side. I wanted to thank you for

all of that…


(teary eyed)

Well, then I'd like to thank you for being such a big

reason he is the way he is. I know you stepped in, due

to his relationship with his dad.

She just stares back at him, both appreciating one another…


I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on him. Locked

up at Glenwood, with Samantha, Dakota, Cleo, and the

others. The look of joy and relief in his eyes, staring at

his little cousin, and how they all looked like the happiest

people in the world. A world that currently had them

locked up by a bunch of people who were locked up

themselves, a month prior, and a world with flesh eating

dead people, roaming it.

Grandpa finally forming a real smile, as Pepsi stares right at him…


I knew right then, that he came from something amazing…

and I'm looking right at it.

Grandpa loses his smile, and weeps at her words, while rising and coming to her for a hug. She continues holding him, but looks right up at him…


Pretty god damn amazing yourself, young lady.

He lets go, and turns to leave the room…


I think it's safe to say my vomit problem is now under

control. (Pepsi laughs, as he opens door) But you might

have a few more weeks of yours.

Grandpa looking back at her, before going out the door.



Pepsi looks at him, with tears rolling down her cheek, as she smiles, and nods proudly…

Grandpa smiles, and says one more thing while walking out, before door closes.


I knew Santa would still deliver…

Pepsi weeps and smiles at the same time, as scene dissolves…


EXT. HIGHWAY 101 (near jetty/blockade) – NIGHT

Zane drinking coffee, as Mason opens up part of the back trailer, to a ton of dogs. He lets them sniff a piece of clothing. It's the same piece of clothing that was ripped off Jordan, while fighting on the jetty. He lets them smell it good, then opens it up and lets all the dogs run freely, who immediately appear to have a trail. Mason shares a look with Zane, and he and an army of others, begin following after them…

Dissolve to the dogs leading them into a brushy area, close to the bay. They enter inside, while many of the others remain on the outside of all the brush, readying their weapons…

Dissolve to the dogs, Mason, Zane and others, now coming back out of the brush, holding up a shirt, as the dogs appear to have more of a scent, quickly leading away from the area, and up onto the highway.

The dogs begin leading them off the road, heading upward, into the hills/woods. They have tons of bright lights. Stix and GW run over toward some random huffs, and take them out. They have people on all sides, keeping eyes everywhere, for Jordan and her men, as well as huffs…

Mason glances over at Zane, who looks like he is on fumes. Mason then takes a drink of his own coffee. He looks at Zane, again, and then out and around. A single tear begins falling from his eye…



Mason and Leo (15 and 17, 31 years before apocalypse) excitedly jumping out of a vehicle, as are Hunter, Fish, Vincent and Scout. Mason laughs as Leo gives Hunter a playful shove.


Good luck, brother. You're going to need it.


Alright, Hunter. You have one hour. After that, those

(motioning toward truck) hounds are all over your ass,

no matter where you hide. The goal is, to see how long

it takes your brothers and the dogs to find you. Next

weekend we'll give Leo and Mason the opportunity to

match your time.


What about me?


You're too little. The cougars will find you before

the hounds do.

Mason laughing, Scout looking nervous! Grandpa reaching for Hunter's hat, and grabbing it off his head.


I could go with Hunter!


(while running off)

Hunter's going alone. You'd slow me down.

Grandpa placing arm around Fish and pulling him close, with a smile, as they all watch Hunter race away, into the woods…


Run, big brother, run!

Dissolve to Mason, Leo, Fish, Scout, Grandpa and Grandma, all on a blanket, having a picnic. The dogs are all tied up, resting in the shade. Mason shares a look with his dad, as does Leo…


Five minutes to clean up, and then it's go-time.

Kids all cheering…

Dissolve to Grandpa handing Hunter's hat, and a shirt, to both Leo and Mason, who then bring it to the excited dogs, allowing them to take the scent. They take their leashes, and takeoff after Hunter. Vincent is right behind them. Grandpa helps Scout hold a leash, as Grandma holds on to one with Fish. They all go off into the woods, same direction Hunter had run off to…

Dissolve to them all moving quickly through the woods. Leo and Mason leading the way, with anxious smiles. Fish is now holding his leash on his own, as Grandpa lets his wife take over in helping Scout, who refuses to take a break.


No, I'm good!



You'll become tired before she does, Dad!

Mason then suddenly trips, and almost falls forward, with laughs from everyone.



Speak for yourself, son!

Grandpa walking over next to Mason, patting him over the shoulder…


You ever think we'll be doing this for real, someday?


I'd like to think not. But I make it fun to learn, don't I?


Hell yeah!


And educational. I want my children prepared, for

anything life throws at them.


Are we always going to have these many dogs? Or

even more, if your dream comes true?


First of all, my dream came true the day your mother

said yes. (Laura a smile at him) And again, each time

she told me about a little Hunter, or Leo, Mason,

Vincent, Fish, and…and…what's the girl's name, I

always forget.

Scout coming over and slapping her dad right on the back, with all the kids laughing.




Brat, that's right. Her name is little Brat.


At least I wasn't named after a fish!

Everyone cracking up, even Grandpa and his wife, except Fish.




But, second of all, regardless of my other dream

coming to fruition, we most certainly will have more

dogs. Because you guys will have families, and

places of your own. Your dogs will be like family

to your brothers dogs, and your little brat's dogs.



Everyone again laughing, as scene dissolves to a later time, as they are still being led by the dogs, and with more of a hustle…





Fish smiling.


If your other dream does happen, will we all live



We'd all have homes there, and a community home,

where we all spend time, but it's possible some of us

would have our own homes, in the city.


Not me! I'm living with Mommy and Daddy, forever.


I want a home in the city, at Rockaway, and at the

family compound.


Mt. Hood!


I told you Fish, I will build you a man-made lake at

the compound, filled with all the fish you can catch.

Scout laughing.


I want my house next to Dodger Stadium!

Some laughs.


Okay, yes, I want one in Los Angeles, too!


Nah, just stay with your (motioning toward Vincent)

brother when it's time for Dodger baseball.

Grandpa looking at Mason…


How about you, Mason? Besides the compound,

where might you plan to reside?

Mason just pondering that thought, a moment…


If you are going to build Fish a lake, then I think you

should most definitely build me the doghouse of all

doghouses, and my house attached to it. I will care

for the dogs.


I want my house attached to it too!

Everyone laughing, as the dogs begin getting anxious, and suddenly Hunter can be seen in the background, racing away from some brush. Leo sees him, as do the dogs!



Scout playfully screams as the dogs go wild, and they all go running with them, after Hunter…



Mason leading the pack of dogs, who appear excited, as if on to something.


They've got wind of something!

Suddenly, one of the dogs is shot dead! And they begin taking fire. They all take cover, and begin firing back…

Mason looks devastated over the loss of one of his dogs, as he looks at it out there, lying dead. He opens heavy fire, out toward the brush, and then looks around…


Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

Quick shots of Zane, Stix, GW, Kemp, Scout, Solis, Queen Nike, her sis, Mayday, Gia, Sheriff Dave, Chasin, Dakota, Cleo, Doc, Sage, Cody, Doug and others, all holding their fire, and listening…

It's quiet, and no fire is coming back at them…

Mason shares a look with Zane, who nods at him. Mason then signals everyone to let the dogs go, as he sets his free. The dogs all begin barking and charging for the brush. The dogs disappear into the brush, as everyone just watches and listens…

After a moment, there're a few random gunshots, followed by men screaming.

Everyone looks at Mason, who signals them to charge!

They hear one more random shot as they head into the brush. They find a few guys torn to shreds by the dogs. Doc and Sage make the kill shots. A few other men are still struggling with the dogs, as Zane and Mason jump those guys, with quick help from Stix and GW. A couple more men are running away, and chased by the Queen and her sister, Nikki. They dive for the men, as they then all rise, and begin fighting. Nikki brings her guy down with ease, but the Queen takes a punch to the face, yet rebounding quickly, and using a few moves with anger, that knock the guy completely off his ass, with an approving look from her sis…

Everyone begins looking around for more, and then to the dogs, who appear to be content…


She's not here!


It's their people, though! (Divit next to him, nodding)

Mason goes to them, making them all sniff the piece of Jordan's clothing, and again sending them running through the brush. Everyone follows, with guns pointed, ready for anything…


INT. COMPOUND (Brianna/Kayla guest house) – NIGHT

Brianna and Kayla coming out of a room, into hallway, and closing door. They both embrace, and begin weeping, quietly…

They eventually bring themselves through hallway, into living room, and seating themselves down on a sofa. They shed tears as they look each other in the eyes…


(shaking head)

I don't know what else to do for her.


I know how you feel, but I don't think there is

any more you or anyone can do.


I've never seen her like this. (crying) I know it must be

how she was in that tree house, all alone after her father

died. (Kayla shedding more tears) And again after Greg and

Eli's family. (shaking head) She's just been through so much.

So much in the last twenty-four hours, and now this…I'm just

so scared she won't ever be the same. That that

happiness and bright light of hers, is lost forever.

Brianna now bawling as they again embrace…


No…what she has already been through, is only proof,

that her light will never burn out. She is stronger than

any of us…and only getting stronger through all of this…

POV moves from them, through the hallway, and into Samantha's bedroom, finding her face down in her bed, to the sound of weeping…

She comes upward, and pulls open her nightstand drawer, pulling out a mini album. She opens it up, to pictures of her dad. She flips through, until coming to one of both Fish and Grandpa Sam. She just stares at it, until a tear drops down on top of it.

POV Samantha, face full of tears and emotion. She holds the picture close to her, and lays back downward, with scene dissolving…



Grandpa Sam is walking through the crowded safe house, with Samantha and Eli, as they open the door to one of the backrooms, and enter inside, closing door.

Samantha and Eli take seats at a table, as Grandpa slowly rests his old bones down onto the couch, and leaning back, laying down. He even closes his eyes, for a moment…

Eli shares a glance with Samantha, as they sit there in silence…


Maybe you should take a short nap, Grandpa?


Something tells me there will be nothing short about

it, the next time I get to rest, which won't be until my

grandson opens his own eyes.

Eli and Samantha sharing another look, and then become worried, as Grandpa grabs his heart.



She is about to get up, as he motions for her to stay put.


No, no. I'm good. It's just the stress of it all, which is why

I need a moment alone with a pair of my favorite people.

He takes a deep breath…


I was speaking with the Guardian, last night, before

everything happened. She told me of the story she

shared with you. Such a remarkable story, and if

those people are anything like her, well then, I'd say

they are just as remarkable, and certainly someone

we'd want as friends…

Samantha and Eli again sharing a look…


We could offer them assistance…and maybe even

depend on them for some of our own, if ever needed.

Samantha a curious look of intrigue…


If the day comes, when we have to retreat…perhaps

their world would be our way of continuing to survive…

or even rebound, before taking back what is ours…

Samantha again sharing a look with Eli, both intrigued…


Do I have you thinking, Samantha?


Yes Grandpa, you do.


And what is it you're thinking?


You want to create, and build, there.

Grandpa smiling with a nod, and his eyes closed…


You want to take in what they have done, and make

it better for them…

Grandpa smiling big…


It's like I'm no longer needed…



Samantha bawling like a baby, at the memory of that conversation, and her Grandpa's words…

She reaches for her lamp, shutting if off, to darkness, and the sound of her lying back, while continuing to sob…



April yawning from on top of the wall, as she, Hope and Ryder are watching Mason lead the caravan through the field, and toward the gates...

Dissolve to the caravan leaving the corridor, out onto Baker lane…

POV leaves caravan, crossing the field, and over to the Baker cabin, where it finds Jaelyn on the deck, with a dying Ricky in her arms, as they look out at the lake, watching the sun come up…

He smiles, as does she, while that sun begins coming up, shining over the lake…

Dissolve to the huge underground garage, where the caravan has parked, and people are unloading…

Zane looks exhausted, and frustrated, as Mason comes to him…


She's still out there…


And we'll keep looking. I want her dead, too, but it

won't help with the pain.

Zane just looking at him with shock…


Are you kidding me?! You sound like a god damn

television show or movie of the week, or something.

Of course, it will help. Torturing her for days, or

weeks, until she begs to die, and screams how sorry

she is. It won't make it go away…but help it certainly



Yeah, you're right. I sound like a tv show, but you

sound like something your Grandfather would be

ashamed of. Torture, Zane? That is not us, at least

not for revenge. If it was to save him, then yes, but

we can't do that, Zane.


Television show, again!


Okay, you get it. He's dead. His dream is still alive,

and there might not be another person he put more

faith in, than you, to keep that dream alive.

Zane looks moved by Mason's words, just staring at him, with a pat to his shoulder by Mason, who leaves as Pepsi arrives, hugging Zane with relief…

She then looks up at him, and him down at her, and then out at everyone else, still unloading, or even leaving. He looks back at her, and then back up, speaking loud enough for them all to hear.


I'm going to be a father…

Everyone stopping what they are doing, and/or turning around, just staring at him and Pepsi…

Zane looks down at her…


She's pregnant…(tears developing) with Grandpa's


Mason nods, while others all slowly make their way to Zane, as scene dissolves…


EXT. COMPOUND (Zane's cabin deck) – DAWN

Zane (16) and Grandpa are on the deck, casting out fishing poles, and sitting back in their chairs, watching as the sun is on the verge of rising…


I remember picturing this part of it all, being made,

and then actually watching them construct it, and

all I could think about was how much time my

grandson would spend in this very spot, and many

times he'd sit here watching that sun rise.


It's amazing how much of your creativity, simply

comes from your heart. If I haven't thanked you

already, for this very spot, then I certainly do now.

Happy or sad, this spot will always be my go-to place.

With a view like that, it could heal almost anything I

might be going through.

Grandpa just staring at him, in awe…


You're sixteen; how do you talk which such maturity?


Inherited, by my grandfather.

Grandpa laughing…


Now you're just being a smartass, is what you're doing!

Zane laughing, as his fishing line begins going, and they both share excitement over his first catch of the day, as scene dissolves…

Dissolve to same location, same time of day, about 10 years later, with Zane and Grandpa both casting their poles, and sitting back, watching the sun begin to rise…

Grandpa just smiling at Zane…




It actually happened…yet we're still doing this…the

world is so screwed, and so different, but a small

piece of the old one, a beautiful part of it, is still alive,

and right here, right now…


You bring some booze? Because I'll toast to that!


Nope, but I did bring the next best thing.

Grandpa pulling out a joint, lighting and taking a hit, before passing to Zane.



You won't make it to lunch, if you're waking and baking!

Grandpa releases his hit, before responding, with a slight cough…


Why do you think I'm doing it? After we catch dinner,

I plan to nap until you've cleaned, cooked and served

it, for dinner.

Zane laughing as he tries not to spit out his hit, handing joint to Grandpa, and finally able to release his hit…


(shaking head)

Nope, that's why I let Pepsi sleep in. She gets to do

the cleaning, preparing and serving, while I nap just

as long as you do!

Grandpa releasing his hit…


I see sexism has survived the apocalypse. I'd sure

like to see her response to that remark.


Good luck with that. I only talk hard when her ears

are absent! That girl has transformed herself into

something I would never want to mess with.

Zane taking hit…


What about your children with her? Are they going

to be just as dangerous to mess with?

Zane a surprised look at his grandpa, while releasing his hit…


Children? I wasn't ready for all that, back before hell

took over the planet. Why you all of a sudden giving

me more responsibility than I'm ready for?!

Grandpa releasing his hit…


You weren't in love, before hell on Earth. Now you

are. And earth needs more Baker children. What the

hell do you think I built all this for?

Zane releasing his hit, nodding, and smiling, as scene dissolves…



POV close-up of Jaelyn, sleeping, while still laying on a long chair, and with Ricky laying in her arms…

Suddenly, he can be heard grunting, like a huff…

Her eyes slowly begin waking, to the sound of him. She begins to smile, but instantly becomes nervous, and then screaming.

Cut to Zane sleeping in his bed, next to Pepsi, with the background sound of Jaelyn's scream. He wakes, jumps out of bed and begins rushing through his cabin. Coke and Chance are seen waking, as Pepsi goes to them. Zane rushing out the door, and racing across the way, over to the family cabin. He rushes to the deck, entering, and stopping, just staring…

His POV of Jaelyn, weeping, and staring back at him, holding a bloody blade, with Ricky's body on the ground…

Dissolve to several minutes later, with Mason arriving as Jaelyn runs to his arms. She weeps in his chest, as he glances over at the dead body of Ricky, with a huge gash in his head. Porter and Rich begin picking him up, carrying him away, toward the graveyard…

Chasin steps next to Zane and Pepsi.


Hunter already spoke to Leo, this morning. (Zane

an instant look right at Chasin) Just spoke. Didn't

tell him about Grandpa.

Zane just looking at Mason and Jaelyn, then out over the lake…


It's not something we can keep from him. Not even

for a day or two. He'll expect Grandpa there before

the rest of us…

Dissolve to Zane, Chasin, Rich, Porter and Mason, all arriving at the safe house, where Scout and Solis stand outside the doors, greeting them…


Gunner is awake. We were just waiting on you guys

before we all go in, together.

Dissolve to Gunner's smile, as he lays in his infirmary bed, looking over his son, Blaze, who looks happy to see his daddy. Gunner then takes notice of the somber semi-smiles of his father, Hunter, and wife, Rachel. He then looks at the similar expressions of his brother, Wyatt, and his wife, Sarah, who's holds their baby…

Gunner's smile fades, then begins reforming, as he watches the rest of his family begin to enter…

Again, his smile fades, becoming nervous while looking over all their expressions. He can tell they are pleased to see him, but are struggling to show it…

As they all fill the room, and looks around them all, he then stares right at his father…


Where's Grandpa?

He watches his father's face become even more somber, along with his wife's. He looks to his brother Wyatt, also extremely somber, and quickly looking at Scout, and then her 3 children, Hope, Ryder and Bryant, all somber. He becomes teary eyed, as he takes notice of a tear, now falling from the eye of Hope…



There are tons of people, vehicles, chairs/tables and canopies, in the field and area in front of the Baker complex, and cabin/lake, with the corridor to the gates on the opposite side. It's day 1 of the apocalypse, with tons of Bakers and friends who have safely gathered, and are still together, in front of the complex, awaiting the family and friends who have not yet returned…

Grandpa is walking through the area, looking over the people, as his cell phone rings. He quickly answers.


Hope! Are you guys here? Oh, thank god. Yes, I'm

out front. I'll see you in a minute.

Dissolve to a car parking, out there next to many of the others. Hope comes running out of it, followed by Ryder. Bryant also climbs out, but more somberly, as Scout comes from drivers' side, with arm around her son, as Hope arrives at Grandpa, and into his loving arms, followed by Ryder, as Scout and Bryant head toward them…


Thank god you girls are okay! (holding them tightly)

He holds them until Scout and Bryant arrive. His daughter is teary eyed, while looking her father in the eye. Hope takes notice of it, as she comes out of the embrace. She is also teary eyed, and looks sympathetically at her brother. Grandpa takes them all into a group huddle, looking into all their eyes, as they look back at him…


A husband, and a father is missing from this family,

and I understand how the safety of this place currently

means nothing to you, without that missing piece.

(looking right at the kids) Your father is as tough as any

of my own, and is a hero right now. He knows you're

here, and will do his best to return. He's a soldier, and

knows how to survive.

Scout shares a look with her father, then glances toward Jennifer who walks by, with tears running down her face. Scout places her arm around her as they walk off together. POV remains with Grandpa and the kids. He shows them over to a place to sit, under a canopy, and sits down with them. Bryant begins weeping, with a concerned look from his sisters…


He's going to die out there…

Hope or Ryder can't find any words, and look to begin weeping themselves. Hope throws a pleading expression of "hope", at her grandfather. He takes in her plea, and takes just a moment, before able to find his own words…


I wish I could tell you that's not true, or that your mother

isn't going to need all the support in the world, especially

from the three of you. We don't know just how bad this

is, and it could be your dad who leads an army of soldiers

here, telling us it's okay to come back out…but until he

does, it's your mother who will get you through it…so I

expect the three of you to do the same for her…and me

and the rest of this family will do it for the four of you.

Hope forces a smile for Bryant, who leans against her, as does Ryder…

Hope looks up at Grandpa, forcing another smile…


Your father would be so proud of you three…just like

your grandfather is…

Gunner and Rachel quickly come into the scene, instantly hugging the kids, with relief.


Oh, thank god you guys made it!



Gunner is complete sadness and tears, with love and support, and tears of their own, from his room full of family. Hope watches the scene, as tears run down her face, as her mother looks her in the eyes, from across the room, with tears of her own…

Dissolve to Zane, now in Leo's room, alone with him, as Mason walks inside, followed by Hunter, and the entire family, while just like Gunner, Leo watches them all enter, taking in their solemn expressions, and taking notice of his father's absence. He looks over at Hunter and Mason…


Where's dad?

Leo takes in their somber reactions, all of them, along with their silence. He looks over each and every one of them, finding tears or dried tears on some of their faces…


You've all been crying. (looking right at Hunter)

Is Gunner okay?!



He's fine…

Leo's face becoming grim, again looking at both Hunter and Mason, and speaking with a sob in his voice.


Dad? (their faces tell it all) No… (tears and sobbing)

What are you saying?! (they just shake heads/and cry)

No! No, he can't be! (everyone crying) NOOOOOO!

Dissolve to later time, same room, with just Leo present, and asleep in bed…

POV of someone's lower half, entering the room, quietly walking over to the bed, looking down at Leo, who begins opening his eyes, and then looking up at the person…

His POV of his father (revealing this as a flashback)…


Hello, son…


Hi, Dad…

They simply stare at each other a moment, before Grandpa takes a deep breath…


It has been the worst Christmas of my life… If not for

the day you lost your babies, and the day we discovered

the graves of my boys and my grandchildren, it would

be the worst day of my life… Yet looking down at you, I

can't help but to be filled with joy. (moment of silence)

You saved me, Leo. At least mentally. My spirit, and my

confidence in this place, took a huge hit, today. You've

given that back to me. Your presence here is even greater

than the walls that separate us from the nightmare on

the other side of them.

POV Leo unable to fight back the tears…

Grandpa just staring down at him…


My poor boy…you've spent your entire life believing you

failed me, when all along it was I, who failed you. You

turned out the way you did, because of your mother.

(shaking head) I just didn't have the effect on you, that

her beautiful soul was able to have.


I miss her, Dad.


I do too, son. Losing her, is when I lost you. She was

your true medication, and could heal you in ways I

only dreamed of.


That's not true. It was my fault, for not taking my

real medication.


Which you always did when she was alive. I wasn't

strong enough to make you feel strong enough to

keep taking them, like she was.



It was my fault, Dad. You are the strongest, most

amazing human being to ever live. (looking him in

the eyes) I will never stop taking them again. That is

my promise to you!



That would complete my life, son. I could accomplish

nothing more, if I was to influence such an

accomplishment onto you.

They embrace, as scene dissolves back to present time, with Leo in his bed sobbing, while surrounded by his entire family…

He is completely distraught, and receiving tons of support from Hunter, Mason, Scout, and both Zane and Dakota, with tears dropping from others in the room…

Dissolve to moments later, as people begin exiting the room, with Leo calming down, but tears still falling…

Dissolve to moments later with only Zane, Dakota, Mason, Hunter and Scout remaining. Leo's face of tears has dried…


It was Jordan, wasn't it?



It was her.


Maybe, but unfortunately, we don't know for sure.


It was her.


What if Grover wanted us to believe that, to help

guide his escape?


His name is Anthony. He's been like a son to me his

entire life, and now I fully understand his lifetime

intrigue with our father. He simply did not do this. I

refuse to believe it.


My reasons might be different, but I fully agree. I

saw it in her eyes. She did this…and they split ways

because of it.



Toast and his men are loyal to me, therefore loyal to

him. My guess is he was in shock, after she…she did

what she did.


Porter did say she left in one hell of a rush.


He just lost his grandfather. He was hurting…

Leo just dazing, as they all stare at him…


It makes sense to me. Dad knew him better than

any of us.


Why not tell us himself?


Probably scared we'd shoot first and ask questions later.

Silence a moment…


The real question right now, is where'd they go?


You said Porter has a team scouting the prison?

Mason nods.


I still say we focus on Jordan, and hope that, (looking

at his dad) Anthony, begins medicating. Taking a step

in communicating with him will go much better once

he's back to being the man you know him to be. Let's

go get the bitch, before she gets herself killed another


Dakota nodding, with approval from her father, at both her and Zane. Hunter and Mason put a hand to Leo' shoulder, before exiting the room. Dakota hugs him.


I love you Dad.


I love you too.

She touches Zane, before leaving the room. Zane just stares down at Leo…

They stare endlessly at each other, until Zane finally speaks…


I don't think I've ever needed you more than I

do right now. I miss him so much!

Zane begins bawling like a baby, and bends down to embrace with his father…


He was such a better influence on you, than I

ever was.

Zane comes out of embrace, staring down at his father, and pleading, with tears and sobs in his voice.


Please just medicate, Dad. For me, for Dakota, for

the family, for this place. Please just medicate and

be the man who makes us get over this loss. Please just –

Leo places finger to Zane's mouth.


You sound so much like him… He came to me before

he left. (Zane a semi shocked look) No, I didn't know

he was leaving. I would not have allowed it! But he did

what he does, and said some amazing things to me. I

returned his words with a promise, and one that I will

certainly never break. He asked of me the same thing

you're asking, and I'm not going to let you down,

any more than I am him. (Leo looking right at him) Your

brother needs me to be an example for him, if we're

going to get the same kind of commitment from him.

Zane staring down at his father, with a nod of approval…

Suddenly, the door opens as Pepsi peeks in at them. Zane reaches his hand out for her, as she enters inside.


There's something else I need to tell you, Dad.

Pepsi taking Zane's smile, with a smile down at Leo.


This is my fiancé, Quinn, but she goes by Pepsi,

(forming small smile) and her son is Coke.

Leo a strange look from Pepsi to Zane…


(with faint laugh)

It's a long story.


I actually like it. Although Quinn is also a beautiful name.

Leo taking her hand.


It's an honor to meet the woman who (motioning

toward Zane) won this kid over.


It's an honor to meet the man who "raised" this kid.


Thank you. So, what about my new grandson, when

do I get to meet the little "soft drink"?

Pepsi a laugh, as Zane smiles and places his hands over her belly, with a look at his dad…


Him you can meet once your old ass is ready to get

out of bed, but this one, you're going to have to

wait another eight months.

Leo's expression from shock to joy, looking from Pepsi's smile to Zane's…



Two grandchildren?! You're giving me two

grandchildren in the same day?!


I'll call your two and raise you another. Pepsi being

the wonderful woman she is, took in a stranded

child on day one.

Leo with even more shock and joy…


And I bet the first thing she did was change his name

to Rootbeer! (Zane Pepsi laughing) And what about

(motioning toward her belly) this one? We've yet to

have a doctor in the family, how about little Pepper?

Pepsi laughing with Zane intrigued.


That could work for a girl!


Chance is my youngest.


"Our" youngest.

Pepsi smiling at Zane, before looking back at Leo.


Our youngest. They're right over at the complex

if you'd like to meet them?


I certainly would. You guys give me a chance to wash

up and get dressed, and I'll meet you all over there.


Sounds good, Dad.

Pepsi comes down for a quick hug, as he smiles back at her and Zane, as they leave the room. Leo continues smiling, proud to be a grandparent, but his smile begins fading, as he looks upward…


A great grandfather you are going to be, again. You

would have loved seeing Zane become a father.

His expression turns to agony, and he begins weeping like a baby…



Mason's POV of the Mess Hall, where most of the convicts are either sleeping or huddled up together, talking. The Queen is there, with Marshall, Solis and Bonnie, speaking to Stix, Kemp, Lester and Divit…

POV Mason, watching them all, as a single tear runs down his face. He turns and faces a room full of his family members, who are somber and consoling one another. Mason glances at his daughter, Jaelyn, receiving hugs from Scout, Hope and Ryder. He then looks from them, to his son Chasin, sharing hugs with Dakota and Cleo…

Mason then turns toward the wall, at a framed photo of his parents, Sam and Laura. He just stares at it a moment, before Hunter's reflection appears, as he approached from behind. He turns and faces him, sharing a somber look, then both glancing back out toward the grieving family…

Leo now enters through the doors, changing the demeanor of the entire room, with all eyes moving to him, and expressions of hope and relief over all their faces.

Zane was standing next to Pepsi and her boys, as he now walks right over to his dad, opening his arms and embracing with him, with all eyes on them. Again, the spirit of the room and people inside of it, is lifted as they watch the never-ending hug…

The hug finally ends, but more are to come, as Mason and Hunter hug their brother, with a line forming behind them. Zane walks back over to a smiling Pepsi, and her boys…


Who's that?

Zane looking at both Coke and Chance.


He's your grandfather.



He's your dad?

Zane nodding.


Go on over and introduce yourselves. I already told

him about you guys and he's really excited to meet

you. But keep in mind, he's also very sad about your



His dad?

Zane nodding…


Go on.

Coke glances at his mom who nods her head. He then grabs Chance's hand, and guides them over to the line of people waiting to greet/embrace with Leo. Zane and Pepsi proudly watch them, as they are greeted by Hope, Rider, Bryant and Samantha…


(shaking head)

At first, I thought maybe it was just me, but looking

at this room after he's entered it, I can see the hope

it's brought to us all. You and our baby gave me that

hope after what happened on Christmas Eve, but

after Grandpa (shaking head)… I didn't think hope

would exist here, regardless of what I had to offer.

(motioning toward Leo and happy family members)

Yet there it is…

Pepsi with a smile of hope at Zane…


And it's not just hope, with him. It's security. No

one will ever penetrate those walls with him in here.

I mean, the man went to Seattle and concurred an

empire, all on his own, and even put a new king on

the throne. (Pepsi intrigued) Which means he took

out and enemy all while creating an ally. No one's

creativity in this family can match that of Grandpa's,

(motioning at Leo) other than his... Grandpa may

have been the one who dreamed up this place, the

SSH and the Baker Boardwalk, but it was Leo who

knew how to fill in all the details, and make it a reality.

Zane and Pepsi watching the boys, now introducing themselves to Leo. Coke shares a hug with him, but Chance is shy, and talked into a handshake. Pepsi smiles, as does Zane, but then zoning off in silent thought, while developing a tear…


I think it's why Grandpa risked his life the way he did…

He knew his death would only make Leo stronger. He

knew It'd be the one way to motivate Leo's desire to

stay medicated… (silence) He went there looking for

his grandson, knowing it was a win/win situation…

Zane just zoning off and shaking his head at the thought…

Hunter is speaking with Mason, and then stands in the open, about to address the family…


So… I know it feels like it should be a day of mourning,

and recuperating, but I also know how much I want to

stay busy, focused on Dad's plan, rather than the loss

of his life. It's how we'll treat the immediate aftermath

of it, and how we'll move forward in the future…

(looking around the room) For now, we'll remain

distracted by continuing the search for Jordan, as well as

Anthony and his group, which we have reason to believe

is a group of men very loyal to Leo. Although we assume

Jordan is the one we want, we need those men to look

Leo in the face, and tell us all what happened. (looking

toward the Mess Hall) There's also our other communities.

They're speaking right now and it's believed they are ready

to return to Glenwood and Nike World, which we fully

support, and will help in any way we can, all while sending

teams after both Jordan and Anthony's group.

Dissolve to Leo speaking with Hunter, Mason and Zane…


It's all up hill, Leo. You can barely walk without a limp.

Go to Glenwood with Stix, and figure out where your

son went.


We're placing relayers back in all the tree house stations.

We'll send word once we get an update from Dylan.

Leo about to argue, but Zane interrupts him.


Take Mayday with you. He's been a big part of what

we have here, and you're the one who won him over,

up there on that mountain. And the Queen, you have

to meet her and both her sister and dad. Amazing

people, and each and every one of them could take

you even on your best day.


(shaking head)

I still can't believe you made her a queen. Funny thing

is, I bet if we traveled the country, we could find her a

king out there somewhere, too.

Scene dissolving.


Maybe Colton will find her one.


If only we had eyes on what he's seeing out here.

Dissolve to them all in the garage, along with the fighters of Nike World and Glenwood, all gearing up and stocking their supplies…

Dissolve to them all driving out of the garage, and to an area where all the other people of Nike World are loading up and preparing to head back. All the Glenwood people are also there, as both groups prepare for their journey home…

Scout is sharing a huge hug with Solis, and then Jenna. Others are also sharing hugs and saying their goodbyes, as well as Eli and other Rough Riders, shaking hands with teens from both Glenwood and Nike…

Dissolve to the huge caravan, exiting the gates of the compound, into the field, and for the tree line…

Dissolve to highway 6, where the front of the caravan turns west, toward the coast. It's hummers, a few other vehicles, and an RV. The rest of the caravan is all turning east, toward Glenwood and Nike World. They are led by a hummer, a police hummer, and Mayday in his army jeep, with Gia and other soldiers…

Dissolve to the east caravan as one of the vehicles pulls off the road, and parks in a secure/hidden spot. A guy and woman climb out of the vehicle, with backpacks and a radio. They begin climbing up into a tree house, hidden in the brush, and hanging near the highway, with a window that overlooks it…

Dissolve to the west caravan, as one of their vehicles pulls off the highway, also parking in a secure/hidden spot, and climbing out, glancing up toward the tree house…

Dissolve to Baker complex, where Hunter holds a radio.


(over radio)

Relay post east one and west one, have both checked in.


(into radio)

Rodger that…

Hunter sits at his office desk, and zoning off as he stares down at a framed photo of him and his father…



POV of a deer, through a telescopic slight scope.


(OS, hushed)

I will not be ashamed of you if you can't take the shot,


POV Hunter (12) aiming a shotgun, with Grandpa (33) behind him, along with the images of 3 other young boys, hidden in the brush.



Like I told you, I did once, and could never do it again.

Giving in to your empathy is a beautiful thing, son.

Hunter lowers his gun.




Before Grandpa can even finish saying Leo's name, a loud echoing shot is fired, and the deer drops.

POV Leo (11) proudly standing behind the slight scope of his shotgun, with a smile. Hunter looks at the deer, and then to Leo, Mason (9) and Vincent (7), all running excitedly running toward it. Grandpa picks up Fish (5), who is beginning to cry…

Dissolve to them all hiking through the woods, with the deer over Grandpa's shoulders. Hunter walks next to him, as does Fish…


You alright, Hunter?


Don't call me that. I'm not a hunter.


I'll switch names with him!


There're all kinds of types of hunting, Hunter. Hunting

for gold, the truth, a lost one, you name it. The meaning

of your name has nothing to do with catching dinner,

or at least it doesn't have to. It's more so about survival…

Dissolve to their campsite (with Laura and Scout (3) present), and a montage of clips as Grandpa demonstrates to them all how to properly skin the deer, clips of night turning to day, all of them hunting, all of them fishing, skinning more animals, cooking over the fire, roughing bad weather, scrubbing their gear clean, and other types of "roughing it", as they all spend several days in the wilderness, ending with a shot of them all hiking through the woods. Grandpa, Hunter and Leo carrying guns…



Mason, Scout, Zane, Chasin, Wyatt, Dakota and Cleo all walking uphill, through the woods, while carrying guns. Porter, Doc, Sage and others are holding the dogs by leash, as they sniff around, but don't appear to have a strong scent. Divit is also there, and looks to be tracking, but is the only convict present. Doug and some of his people are there, along with Blake and a couple of the older Rough Riders…

It's a fairly somber group, not much talking.


When will we put him to rest?

Zane and his other family member all looking toward Chasin, then to Zane…


I'm thinking New Year's would be the right time.

Have some kind of co-funeral ceremony for everyone

lost, along with set times for individual family funerals.

We'll do Grandpa's last, right at midnight.


April and Jennifer are already organizing it, and

speaking with all the residents.


We have to address each family who lost someone,

especially people like Ms. Arnot.


We're not the only ones hurting.

Dakota placing a sympathetic hand over Cleo's shoulder, who looks back at her, just as sympathetically…

They walk on in silence for several moments…


He'd want fireworks…

Everyone again looking at Chasin. Wyatt looks with a nod…


You know he would…

They all ponder that thought, and continue walking on in silence, as does Chasin, while staring off in thought, with a look from Wyatt…



Grandpa (56), a filthy mess, sitting in somewhat of a pit with his back against a dirt wall and holding a riffle. Miles (16), Chasin (14), and Wyatt (13) are all there with him, also holding riffles, and filthy, as they all work to catch their breath…


I think we lost them… We'll just wait it out here for

a few minutes…

They all just listen for a few moments, and catch their breath…


We're so dead.


Hell no, we got this!


If we are dead, I want beautiful women doing the

macarena at my funeral.

Chasin and Wyatt doing their best to remain hushed but cracking up at the remark by Miles.



Grandpa a very strange look at Miles.


Really? You're dead and pretty girls doing the most silly

dance I've ever seen, is what makes you feel better?!

This time Miles joins Chasin and Wyatt in cracking up.


SHHH! You guys are going to get us killed!


Well, then what will you be rockin' your funeral with?


The heads of my three grandchildren who got me killed!

Kids chuckling…


Seriously, Grandpa, what would you do for your funeral?


Quit asking me that, as if I'm actually old enough to be

dying anytime soon!

Few chuckles…


I want marines shooting riffles.


I want the Navy doing flybys.


Well, at least you guys don't have your mind in the

gutter like (motioning at Miles) this bozo.


Then tell us what you got? At least we still have

time to put thought to our funerals.

Chasin and Wyatt laughing as if Grandpa just got burned…


Alright smart guy. While the macarena will be long

forgotten by the time you're in a hole, I'll be going

with something that will never be outdated. Fireworks.

I want to be celebrated, not mourned. I want my

funeral to be festive, and my dreams to be carried on

by my beautiful family, who continue to take care

of itself, generation after generation.

Miles nodding/shrugging.


I like the fireworks.

Chasin and Wyatt laughing, but then suddenly they all begin taking paint-ball shots to their guts, fired on by Hunter, Zane (12), Gunner (14), and Troy (10)…

Hunter now celebrating with Zane, Gunner and Troy. He calls out their names as he high-fives each one of them.


Zane, Gunner, Troy. Nice shooting boys!

Grandpa a look of defeat at the other boys…


Someone better order Miles some macarena girls.


Yeah, they can light your fireworks for you.

Grandpa, Chasin and Wyatt all laughing as they climb out of the dirt/hole…



Chasin and Wyatt still zoning as they walk along, with silence from all the others. POV finds Dakota, looking somber, and lost in her own thought. The dogs begin barking just a bit, as Dakota and others look around, cautiously, but then as the dogs settle down, everyone simply continues hiking through the woods…

Dakota begins zoning again, lost in her own thought…



Dakota sits in a room by herself, on day 1 of the apocalypse, weeping uncontrollably. There is a lot of commotion in a nearby room, which sounds like agony from Leo, and others trying to help him. He sounds in terrible shape, only causing more emotion from Dakota. She looks down at her phone, and the last message she ever received from Cleo.


We're in the car and on our way. The roads are a mess,

but NOTHING will stop me from getting to you! I can't

wait to hold you! OMW!

More tears fall from Dakota's face…

Eventually, the door to the room slowly opens, and in walks Grandpa. He looks down at her, and her up at him. She rises and goes into his arms, continuing to weep, as he just holds her…


Let it out, baby girl. Let it out…

She does just that, letting it all out while he stands there holding her, with continued agony in the other room. Zane then walks in for just a moment, taking a look at Grandpa holding her, and then walking back out, to the sound of Leo in agony…

Eventually, Hope comes into the room, as Grandpa lets her go, and Hope comes in for a hug. Grandpa watches over them, then slowly begins edging his way out the door, but is stopped by Dakota, pulling him back inside, and looking her grandfather in the eyes, whose are just as watery as her own…


It's not your fault…


Nor is it yours…

She hugs him again, and forces a smile for him, as Zane then comes back inside. Grandpa turns to face him, and the tears running down his face, and the sound of more agony in the other room, from Leo. Zane immediately embraces his grandfather, as Dakota watches, and begins weeping again, while Hope places a hand over her shoulder. The agony of Leo continues from the other room…



Leo driving his hummer through the gates of Glenwood and parking. He climbs out, looking around, as Mayday parks, along with Stix, Kemp, Lester, GW and all the other convicts, loggers, and people of Glenwood…

The Queen and her people are parked outside the gates, and over at the store, waiting for Glenwood to be looked over…

Dissolve to Leo, Mayday and some of the convicts now driving back out, across the bridge and turning east onto highway 6, followed by the Queen and all her people.

Inside Glenwood, some of the convicts remain, as well as all the loggers and people who are hard at work putting things back together. Kids are even running around, some chased by dogs…

Dissolve to Nike World, as Leo drives through the blown-up gates, followed by the rest of the caravan. There are random huffs here and there, which random convicts are already jumping out of trucks, and taking care of them, including GW…

Dissolve to Leo shaking hands with the Queen, and both her dad and sister. He also shakes hands with Marshall and Bonnie, as they all begin carefully looking around, as well as many other men. Random huffs are here and there, being killed off by random fighters…

Dissolve to them all content that the area is clear of Grover and/or huffs, and beginning to organize the rest of the community, toward gathering supplies and setting camp back up…

Dissolve to the gates, where Leo is working with a team of men to make a new gate. Leo is supervising, while speaking with Mayday…


You know the area as well as I do. Any thoughts on

where my son might be camping out?


Well, if he's smart like the rest of you, I imagine he's

someplace safe, which rules out the city.


He knows the area too. What he doesn't know, is

what I did in Seattle, which means he could be

thinking that's his best play...depending on if he's

taking the meds or not…

Leo just shaking his head…

Dissolve to Leo driving his hummer along the entire base of the Nike World walls, from the outside, and taking notes of everything he expects…

Dissolve to him doing the same thing on the inside…

Dissolve to him speaking with The Queen, Marshall and Solis, and then shaking hands with them, before climbing into his hummer, alongside Mayday (in driver's seat). Gia and others hop in their jeep and follow after them…

Leo drives through the new makeshift gates, with nods at the guards, and the other convicts are now loaded up and following after them…

Leo looks exhausted, but proud of his efforts. His expression fades into sadness, at the thought of his father. Mayday gives him a look of sympathy…


You did well today, Leo. An honor it is, to again be at

your side.

Leo tries to give him a smile, but fails.


Thank you, Mayday… I just wonder what it'd look

like if I had never left…

He pops a pill, as scene dissolves…



Leo, Mayday, Gia and others, are putting away their things, while Hunter, April, Catherine and Missy all enter garage…


How'd it go, Leo?


Great, as far as reestablishing the communities,

and I took plenty of notes for major upgrades.


That much I expected.


Other than Seattle, I'm coming up short on where

he might have gone.


(speaking to April)

Any word on the other team?


They just radioed in. Should be entering the garage

any moment.

Gia smiling.



Hunter answers Leo with his expression…




You don't think she's back with him, do you?

Leo just stares at his brother…


It's all about the meds. I never even knew he was

my son, let alone had my disease. I'm sure once

medicated, he's no threat to go off them, like I have

been. But…once off…(shaking head) the disease

knows it, and will do whatever it can to keep you off…

The garage door opens, as Zane, Mason and all the others begin driving inside, and parking. They begin piling out, and unloading. They are quiet, exhausted, and again somber…

Zane walks right over to Leo and Hunter, just placing a hand on his father's shoulder, with a look. Dakota and Scout come over, also sharing a look with Leo, who looks them all over…


I'm okay, guys. I really am. And took my pills when I

needed to. No luck on Anthony, but it was a productive


Scout moves her arm on his shoulder, once Zane removed his…


We need you brother. More than ever. So, please

keep it up.

Dakota staring her dad in the eye…


She ain't lying Dad. Please keep making us proud.

Leo gets teary eyed as he grabs and pulls his daughter in for a hug…

Pepsi, Samantha, Coke, Chance, Eli, Renee, DJ, Rich, Trisha, Ashley, Hope, Ryder and Bryant all come rushing into the garage, happy to see their loved ones…
Pepsi laughs as Samantha beats her to Zane, for a hug…



Leo in shower rinsing his freshly shaved face, then begins just standing there under the water, lost in thought, and then begins weeping…

Dissolve to Leo in a robe, leaving the bathroom for the living room, and briefly startled as he takes notice of Zane sitting at a table, waiting for him, and holding a journal…


Scared me.



Leo looking down at the journal in Zane's hand.


What's that?


The hardest thing you'll have to read. (motioning

toward shower) I heard you in there. (handing him

the journal) Get ready for much more, of it.

Leo looking from the journal to Zane…


Not here, though. There's something amazing Grandpa

had built, and just presented the night before he died.

It's in the town center. You can't miss it. Go alone… I'll

be waiting for you in Marlana's infirmary room, with


Leo again looks down at the letter, and then back at Zane who is leaving the room…


Who's Marlana?

Zane a look back at him, as he leaves the room…


Just read it, Dad…



Leo (holding journal and flashlight) walking alone, up a hill and into the town center. He begins slowing, and looking all around, until shining his light at something, and just staring at whatever it is…

His POV of the Mt. Hood tree house replica…

Leo takes a deep breath, and walks forward…

He shines light all around, and then stops, as he takes notice of something else, off to the side. His POV of the gravesite replica. He begins walking toward it, and arriving as a tear begins rolling down his face…

He comes to a grave, dropping down to a knee, with emotion…

He shines a light on the graves of Fish, Vincent, Greg, Mark, Merry and all the others…

Dissolve to Leo now approaching the tree house, and shining light over the statues of Rhett, Amy and Scott, and then over at the kayaks. He then shines light upward, and then to the ladder, which he begins climbing…

Dissolve to Leo coming out of one of the tree house rooms, out onto the deck, and over to the railing, looking over the area, just thinking…

He looks at the letter in his hand, and then to a lantern hanging in the tree house, which he turns on. He sits down on the deck, with his back against the wall of the girls room, and begins reading…

Several different POV's of Leo reading, and of the journal, with Samantha's handwriting. POV of Leo with a face full of tears. POV of journal, with Samantha's words describing what Fish did, to Merry. POV Leo looking up, in complete shock and emotion, before able to continue reading…

More random POV's of Leo reading, as more tears continue to fall. Leo begins struggling with his emotions. POV of journal, and Samantha's words, "It was ZANE and SCOUT! But they were being fired on by the military, and forced to drive away. Greg screamed for Zane! But then he was shot, and fell out of the tree house. I'm not sure if he was already dead when the huffs began eating him, and I don't want to know!"…

POV is still on the journal when you can hear the sound of Leo banging his fist against the wall behind him. POV Leo still banging his fist, and now screaming out in complete agony.



Tears fill his face as he tries to look back down at the journal, but then up again, before attempting again to go on…

Dissolve to multiple shots of him continuing to read, eventually calming down…

Dissolve to him finished, and just staring off in deep thought…

Dissolve to him walking around, staring at every part of the tree house, trying to picture everything he just read, with tears…

He flashes to the thought of Samantha firing her gun, and of Fish being stabbed below…

He flashes to the thought of Fish (dead) at the bottom of the tree house, before turning and going for the barking dog, Merry. He shakes his head at the thought of what that must have been like for Samantha…

He looks over the side, and down below, while flashing to the thought of Greg being shot, and falling below, while eaten by huffs…

He flashes to his own memory, of being shot at and chased away by the military…

He opens his eyes and begins to scream, as scene dissolves…

Dissolve to him now out of the tree house, shining his light at the statues, and just staring at them, and then the kayaks…

Dissolve to Leo walking over the bridge, and away from the neighborhood area, toward the front end of the compound…

Dissolve to Leo stepping down into the safe house…

Dissolve to Leo entering Marlana's room, where she lays in bed, visited by Zane, Samantha, Eli, DJ, Renee, Todd and Sandy…

Zane shares a look with his dad, who looks from him to Marlana, and walking right over to her bed, grabbing her hand and looking into her eyes…


Thank you, so much. I can see in your eyes that you

are just as brave as the story (motioning at Samantha)

my niece has documented onto paper, and I'm sure

my father already told you, but our family owes you a

lifetime debt. (still looking into her eyes) And I'm so

sorry about your husband. I wish I was shaking his

hand and thanking him, too.

Marlana smiles as she becomes teary eyed…


You use your words like your father does. It's quite

the honor to meet you, Leo.

Leo nods with his own teary-eyed smile, and then turns to Eli, who looks back at him. Leo walks over and shakes his hand.


You'd be Eli, maybe the biggest hero of that story…

besides your brother, Rhett. Turning out half as

good as he was is something you've already done,

so, it's safe to say you'll be a walking image of him,

someday. Our family owes you that same debt.

Thank you, son, thank you so much.


You're welcome, sir.


You knock that sir shit out, right now. It's Leo.

Unless I'm in a mood, then it's definitely sir!

POV Zane with an amused laugh, as well as Eli and the others, as Leo moves on to DJ and Renee, shaking DJ's hand and placing a hand over Renee's shoulder…


DJ and Renee, I'm assuming. (DJ nodding) Another

pair of heroes, and (humorously motioning to DJ

by pretending to take a drink) one who likes to

celebrate afterward, I like this guy! (few laughs)

But most of all I like (looking at Renee) what kind

of big brother he is. I believe his little sister is the

reward of that. Sounds like if she didn't know her

way through the woods, her and DJ wouldn't have

been a part of this story. Thank you, Renee, for

helping your brother find that tree house.

Leo gives her a hug, while looking on to Todd and Sandy, and then walking over and petting Sandy…


And I hear you're (now allowing Sandy to slob all

over him) the sweetheart who saved Renee, out

there on the long road home, yes, I did. (Renee

laughing, with a look to Sam) Oh and what a

sweetheart you are!

Leo continues letting Sandy lick his face, before walking over and shaking hands with Todd…


And every story needs its creepy crazy guy who

decides to stay at work, for the apocalypse. (few

laughs) At least DJ only went back for supplies. I

don't think he knew he'd find you there, clocking

in all that overtime. (few more laughs)


I'm okay with the crazy part, but did you really have

to call me creepy? (Eli and Renee laughing)


Yes, and because I did, I'm going to introduce you to

the one they call the Guardian.

Everyone laughing…

Leo walks to Samantha, happy to see her smiling, as he opens his arms and takes her in for a hug…


You are more and more like him every day… Thank

you for enlightening us all with your story… It's exactly

what he would have done, if in your situation…



Tons of hammering and hard work as compounders are putting back together the tree house, that was blown-up…

Hunter and April are supervising the event. More wood is being used in places where tree limbs used to support the tree house, and even material that looks like brush is being placed to camouflage it, as it was before…

Hunter walks off alone, for a moment. April can sense that he is thinking about Joshua, and Grandpa. Hunter looks out over the field, with tears in his eyes…

April hugs him from behind, as he lowers his head and weeps…

Dissolve to the tree house almost finished, and an honorary plaque being installed, with photos of Joshua, his dad, Abino, and the others who perished up there…

Blake enters through, followed by Eli, slowly taking it all in, and thinking about Abino and Joshua…

Eli comes to the picture of them, looking down at it…



A baseball flying through the air, landing in the glove of Joshua. He's smiling as he reaches for the ball and tosses it back to Eli…

Grandpa Sam is approaching, as Eli catches the ball and jogs over to Joshua, as Grandpa arrives…


Boys of summer, taking advantage of the first sunny

day of the new year, to keep in shape for the new



Like the sun has anything to do with it! Rain or shine,


Joshua smiling as Eli laughs…

Grandpa looking at Joshua.


I hope I live long enough to witness the kind of things

you do here, someday.

Grandpa a shake of the head as he turns to look at Eli…


I actually heard you were in here, while talking to

Samantha over at the press office. I know how

important baseball and the Rough Riders are to you,

but I also remember you being somewhat of a writer,

and movie buff.

Eli nodding with a smile.


We could use that kind of thing around here. You

should think about getting back into it. Writing,

creating, movies, whatever. We need entertainment

here. We might not be able to put anything to film,

anytime soon, but reading was considered

entertainment, back before technology took over.

Not a lot of technology going on, right now.

Grandpa winking at Eli, and turning to leave.


Joshua would probably enjoy working on something

like that, with you. The two of you are already a great


Eli flipping the ball to Joshua and running back out to his spot.


I have some ideas! I'll start thinking about it.


Thinking leads to great things…

Joshua speaking to Eli as he tosses him the ball.


I would be sooooo good at creating a book!



All the Rough Riders now in the tree house, staring down at the plaque with pictures of Joshua and Abino…

Eli leaves the room, out onto the catwalk, and looking out over the field…

He then turns and glances down the catwalk, where he can see Gia, crying and sharing a hug with Mayday. He turns and looks back out over the field, with a tear forming…

Dissolve to the Guardian, returning to her underground home, looking at the Christmas tree and unopened gifts, along with cookies on her table. She then pulls out a framed photo, and sets it on her table. She stares at it, as tears develop…

POV framed photo on her table, of Grandpa Sam and Samantha…

Dissolve to Samantha in her bed, face down, and weeping, as both her moms enter her room, coming down onto her bed, as Samantha rises and holds them, as she continues to weep…



Pepsi smiling as she greets several of the children of Glenwood. Coke and Chance are also greeting the kids, and happy to be there. Hope, Ryder and Bryant are also there, helping hand out supplies…

Zane and Mason are helping hand out supplies to Stix and all the people of Glenwood. They have brought more animals, like chickens and cows…

Many of the convicts are shaking hands with Mason, Scout, Porter and others…

Pepsi walks over to Zane…


This is how we cope… We stay busy…and keep

his dream alive…

POV travels through the camp, finding GW, alone and fighting back tears…

Dissolve to the moonshine station, where Moon is resetting things up, with some emotion at the thought of his longtime pal, Shine…



A caravan entering through the gates of Nike World…

Solis greeting Scout, and hugging her tightly. Jenna comes running as she sees Hope and Ryder, and running into their arms…

Queen Nike wipes a tear, and then smiles, as she comes to greet Leo…

Multiple POV's of Leo supervising loggers and other workers, all setting up and making major upgrades to the security and safety of Nike World, including the gates…

POV Leo (on outside of Nike World), taking a moment to himself, walking off away from the others, around a brushy corner, and almost vomiting…

He is teary eyed as he turns back around, and just stares out across the open field…

There are random huffs here and there, making their way toward all the noise, and those with weapons, ready to kill them off…

Leo looks away, and sheds more tears, and then looks to the sky, thinking of his father…

He then closes his eyes, bringing the POV to darkness…


Darkness continues, as if the episode is over, before it eventually gives way to sudden fireworks blowing up over the POV, tons of them…

POV pans back from the fireworks, eventually coming to the solemn faces of the Bakers, and all the other compounders, including the Queen of Nike World and some of her people, as well as Stix and some of those from Glenwood. Even Dylan is present, and next to Leo, Hunter, Mason and others…

No cheering or laughing, just watching. Some of them even weeping, or hugging…

POV of Chasin, Wyatt, Hope and Ryder, lighting all the fireworks…

POV of fireworks and their reflections off the faces of all the people, watching in honor of Grandpa…

The fireworks eventually end, and everyone watches Zane, as he walks up onto a makeshift stage, with a blowhorn. It's dark, and the area is lit up with floodlights. There is a piano nearby, under a canopy, where Rich, Dakota and Cleo sit, watching as Zane prepares to speak, to the dead quiet crowd, in which every single member of the compound appears to be present…


(over blowhorn)

I've had to give a lot of speeches the last year or so.

I might already be running out of words to motivate

you with, and then of course what can be said to

motivate anyone, after the "Red Christmas that

wouldn't end"…

Zane hesitating and looking amongst the crowd…


(over blowhorn)

That's right, it's a part of our history, now, and no

matter the nightmare it was, and still is, and no

matter how much we want to forget, and move on,

it would be a dishonor to Grandpa, to not document

our history, the good and the bad…

Zane again looking around the crowd…


(over blowhorn)

The only way we truly move on, and learn to again

celebrate these holidays, and create newer and better

memories to document into our history, is to embrace

the horror of what've we've not only been through,

but survived.

Zane again looking through the crowd…


(over blowhorn)

We ended the year in silence, to the memory of Grandpa

and all those lost, and we began the year with fireworks

in the sky, to honor Grandpa, and those lost, during this

brutal part of our history. We will continue to honor them,

by not allowing their loss to break us, or make us stop the

dream that Grandpa gave us, with this second chance after

the old world fell apart. Surviving is not enough, and it

never will be. Even Heaven can't compete with Grandpa's

happiness, of seeing us keeping his dream alive…and I for

one will not let him down…

Everyone emotional, but nodding their approvement of his words, as the sound of the piano begins, to the tune of the song "In the arms of an angel"…

POV moves around the emotional crowd, as Rich begins singing the song…

POV Rich singing, while Scout plays the piano…

POV Hunter hugging his wife, Chasin, and then his grandchildren.

Gunner is in a wheelchair, receiving a hug from Jaelyn…

Mason hugging his girlfriend, children, and grandchildren, before turning and hugging Hunter…

Zane comes off stage, hugging Pepsi, then Coke and Chance. Samantha comes to him for one…

Jo receives a hug from her cousin Chloe, and then Cody…

Doc and Sage share a hug, she is very emotional…

Blake is sharing a hug with Hope, and appears very emotional…

Scout is weeping, while playing the piano, and receiving a hand over her shoulder, from hunter…

Cleo is hugging her brother, as Dakota comes to them both…

Porter is hugging Griffey, and then receives one from Blair…

POV of all the tons of random new graves, and the names, until coming to Grandpa's…

Multiple POV's of the group scattering out, as they all begin leaving the area…

Multiple POV's of all the Bakers inside the complex, scattered out and talking or hugging…

POV Samantha, with Scout and Gunner, and others…

Samantha, Scout and Gunner are sharing memories of bodysurfing experiences with Grandpa, as POV begins flashing those experiences/memories, with Rich's song still going, but winding down…

Flashes of Scout as a young child in a lifejacket, with her older brothers, Fish, Vincent, Mason, Leo and Hunter, as they all bodysurf, while Grandpa is teaching her how to do it…

Flashes of Scout as a woman, bodysurfing with her brothers, and some of their children, as Grandpa is teaching young Gunner how to bodysurf…

Flashes of Gunner bodysurfing with his cousins, dad, uncles and aunt, while young Samantha is in a lifejacket, receiving instructions from her Grandpa in how to bodysurf…

Flashes of the present time Scout, Gunner and Samantha, all smiling over the memories…

Dissolve to Samantha now in bed (Rich still singing), kissed goodnight by her moms, who leave the room. Samantha lays her head down on her pillow, closing her eyes and flashing to the thoughts of her grandfather…

She can vision him in the ocean, bodysurfing alone, until Fish arrives, and embraces Grandpa, and they ride a wave together, as scene dissolves to black, and the sound of both the song ending, and the sound of the ocean…