Season 4, Episode 2




Sound of water…



Close-up of water, panning back until you can see the banks. It's quiet, other than the faint sound of commotion in the far distance, much too far to make out. Eventually, there's the sound of something moving/swimming in the water, toward the banks. It becomes louder/closer, until someone is seen swimming. It's Jordan, as she begins to rise and quickly walking up onto the bank, and disappearing into a large brushy area…

Cut to another heavily brushy area, with Jordan heard (and at times seen) moving through it, quickly…

Cut to another brushy spot, with 3 random huffs roaming around. Jordan comes out of the brush, wearing only her soaked shoes, pants and a bra. The huffs move toward her, as she violently shoves the first one right into the second one, and dodges the third one, rushing past it and up onto the highway. She takes a quick look around, and then crosses the road, heading uphill, into the woods…

Cut to multiple shots of Jordan rushing upward, daylight becoming darker and darker. She's running as fast as she can, out of breath, and freezing, but can't stop. She's running for her life…

Cut to her coming to a creek. It's hard to see (she has no flashlight), as she kneels down to begin drinking as much as she can, and even splashing some into her eyes…

She catches her breath, and then drinks a little more, and then begins thinking, before suddenly becoming agitated, and even raged, as she semi-silently screams, and slaps/splashes at the water.


(containing her scream)

Son of a BITCH!

She slaps the water again, while just looking around, completely agitated…

Dissolve to her finding a back road, and walking out onto it, looking around, and sticking to the road, walking upward, into the complete darkness…

Dissolve to her cautiously approaching a parked RV, creeping right up to the door, and slowly opening it. It's dark inside, but appears abandoned. She steps inside, moving/looking around, but unable to see much. She scatters through the counters, until finding something she can use, as she ignites a match, and quickly scanning the area, which does indeed look abandoned…

The light goes out…

She lights another, this time with a terribly freaky huff coming right at her, from her other side. She's frightened and moves so quickly that her match goes out, leaving her in the darkness to defend herself. She's screaming and fighting the huff, and eventually screams in pain, before continuing to fight, and eventually push the huff right out the door, and dropping down on it, bashing it's head against the gravel road, until dead, screaming the entire time…

She stands there in the dark, over the dead huff, breathing heavily…

She shakes her left hand, then quickly moving back inside the RV, looking for the matches, and panicking up until the moment she finds them, quickly lighting one, and looking at her fingers. The left index finger has been bitten, as she just stares at it, in shock, until the match goes out…

Darkness, until she lights another, while frantically searching drawers, until finding a knife. The match goes out. She lights another, and stares at both the knife and her finger, until the match goes out…

She lights another, and immediately begins cutting off her finger, while screaming…

The match goes out, while the sound of her cutting and screaming continues, until the finger is severed...

Darkness continues as her screaming turns to heavy breathing, and her reaction to the continued pain…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper to bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by. POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



Almost pure darkness, with slight sound of someone sleeping…

Eventually the sound of dogs can be heard barking in the far distance, followed by the sound of Jordan waking and popping upward, then scattering through the RV. She comes to the door, opening and listening…

She hops out, with a blanket wrapped around her, and takes off into the dark woods, in the opposite direction of the approaching dogs…

Cut to multiple shots of her dashing through the woods, with continued sound of the barking dogs…

She begins breathing very heavily as she refuses to stop, tossing away the blanket…

Cut to a shot of her slowing just a little, from fatigue, and then stopping all together at the sudden sound of gunfire, replacing the sound of the barking dogs, and coming from the same place. She stops and listens, while breathing heavily…

The gunfire ends, as she continues to just stay there, listening…

Eventually, a few more shots are fired, along with tons of barking/growling, all in the far distance…

Jordan continues to listen, as things quiet down…

She eventually begins hustling away…

Cut to more darkness and complete silence, until a door is kicked in, and Jordan enters a broken-down cabin, closing the door and going to the window…

She is breathing heavily, and fatigued, as she slides down to the floor, just staring out the window…

Dissolve to morning, with Jordan asleep on the floor by the window. It's quiet, until the sound of barking can be heard in the far distance, with Jordan eventually waking. Once she hears the dogs, she instantly pops up, looking out the window. Nothing but empty woods, as she scans the area, before reacting to the pain of her missing finger. She raises it for a look. It's bloody and poorly bandaged. She then feels her head, which doesn't appear to be feverish. She looks all around the mostly empty cabin, with not much hope of supplies. She can hear the dogs again, and pops up on to her feet…

POV from outside of cabin, as she comes through the front door, holding an empty plastic water container. She looks all around, and then circles the cabin, and even enters a shed/garage. She comes out with a long stick, and breaks it over her knee, creating a sharp side to it, and then rushes off into the woods…

Several shots of her hustling through the woods, with continued distant sound of the dogs. She eventually comes to a large creek, dropping on all fours and drinking some water, then rinsing and filling her water container. She then looks at her finger, deciding to unwrap it and stick it in the water, reacting to the stinging pain. As she continues to soak her injury, she stares at the fast-flowing water, deep enough to get in, which she eventually does, and allows it to take her downstream, while she reacts to the freezing temperatures of it…

Multiple shots of her flowing down the stream, with sound of the dogs becoming more and more faint, until gone altogether…

Dissolve to her fighting to swim herself to the bank, and climb herself up out of the water. She is mostly out, and laying/resting against a large rock, until noticing her feet/shoes are still in the water. She finds the motivation to rise. She's freezing, and her hand is in pain. She begins walking into the woods…

Multiple shots of her walking through the woods, looking more and more fatigued and cold, until she looks on the verge of collapsing…



Victor (24 years younger than when he died) watching the door to another room, as someone closes it behind them. He then looks down at a young 7-year-old girl, hugging a man in a chair who is being held down by two of Victor's men. The girl then turns to face Victor, with tears falling. He laughs as he gives her a hug.


You're definitely not as strong as your sister, are you?

She comes out of hug, as Mary and Anthony (6) are entering room, through a different door. She then runs to the other door (same one that closed at beginning of this scene), and enters inside the other room. Mary and Anthony are seen watching her, as she closes door on them, and then looks right into the face of her twin sister (Jordan), as her tears keep falling. Jordan has no tears…


How come you're not crying? He's going to kill Daddy.

Jordan simply shrugs, and turns around.


You're such a baby, Jordi. Uncle Victor is like our

dad, now. He is better for us than Dad.

Jordi just watching Jordan go over to a desk, and begin writing in a notebook or journal…


Yeah, but…

Jordi just searching for the right words, when suddenly she flinches at the loud sound of 2 gunshots, and the sound of her dad crying out in agony. Jordan just keeps writing, as Jordi turns and stares at the door, slowly walking over to it…

She arrives, placing hands on doorknob…



I wouldn't do that…

Jordi turns to look at her sister, still writing in her notebook. Jordi then turns back toward the door, while slowly turning the knob, cracking door and peeking out, as Victor is grabbing gun from Anthony.


You're just hear to watch, this time.

Jordi watching as Victor turns and blows off her father's head. She quickly/quietly closes door, just staring at it for a moment, before turning and walking to her sister. She just stares at her, then her notebook…


What are you writing?

Suddenly, Mary is heard shouting.



You watch the way you speak of my son!

Now they can hear the sound of someone being slapped…

They share a look, and then Jordan begins writing again. Jordi looks down at the journal, as the following sentence is being written, "Someone else is in the room, a woman, and Victor slapped her. She has a son. I am curious who he is, who she is?"

Jordi now turns, as Victor enters their room, coming over to them…

He looks them both over, even grabbing Jordan's face, taking a look at her expression…


No new tears…I knew you could be strong. You're

mine now. I will take care of you in ways your dad

never could. (looking at Jordi) Being apart will make

you even stronger, so Jordi will be moving to New

York, to become accustomed to our family business,

there. Twenty years from now, the two of you will be

doing business together, between our Portland and

Seattle family, and the one we have in New York.

(looking right at Jordi) You are betrothed to a young

man by the name of Sheppard, who will one day lead

with you, along with your sister and her husband, Cutter.

Jordan actually smiling…


Cutter is cute!

Victor a laugh and pat of both girls, before turning and heading for the door…


But…who was that kid out there?


Oh, don't you worry about him. He's nobody…

Jordan a mini smile as she daydreams of Cutter, with a quick look at her sister, who doesn't look as excited as Jordan. Jordan begins writing again, as Jordi glances down at the journal, while Jordan writes. "I get to marry Cutter, while Jordi is stuck marrying someone named after a dog."



Jordan continues through the woods, fatigued and discouraged. Her expression is one of someone without hope, as she eventually begins to hear her own voice in her head, except it's not hers, it's her sisters…



You were supposed to be the strong one... So, you

killed an icon, and shattered the hearts of our enemies…

but at what cost? Because look at you now, paying the

price of reacting before thinking. Strong one or not,

you're definitely not the smart one…and now you're

going to die out here, all alone in the woods, without a –

Jordi cutoff as Jordan suddenly freezes and stares ahead, through the trees and brush. She cautiously approaches closer, for a better look…

Her POV through the trees/brush, of several trailer homes, an old large cabin, other random structures, and even an RV parked off to the side, on a dirt road. There are chickens, and even some other livestock. Suddenly she hears something roar, and turns her head, taking notice of some of the other structures, many of them being cages. Some are empty, but many of them have cougars, bobcats, wolves, coyotes and even a black bear. Jordan moves for a better view, surprised at the sight of the wild animals. She looks them over, and then all around, not seeing any people. She moves through the brush, then quickly sprints through part of the open area, and over to some structures that look like storage. She begins looking around…

POV of the animals, now reacting to Jordan inside one of the sheds, as they make more noise than normal…

A woman (Shilo) comes out of the cabin (holding a shotgun), looking at the animals, then all around. She comes out further, taking a better look around. She looks back at the animals, who appear to have their attention toward the sheds. The woman begins stepping that direction, then stopping as Jordan suddenly goes sprinting through the yard, and disappearing into the woods.





Those 3 men come charging out of the cabin (all with shotguns), along with another woman (Annie), as Shilo points in direction that Jordan ran off into.


Live people?!


It was a half-naked woman with a stick! She was in

the sheds!


Get the dogs!

Cut to Jordan sprinting full speed through the woods…

Cut to the 3 men, and Annie, all with shotguns and a few barking dogs, rushing through the woods…

Cut to Jordan, turning for a look back behind her, at the sound of the barking dogs, and as she shouts with frustration.



Are you shitting me?!

Jordan turning back around and continuing to run, then suddenly dropping through the ground below her, into a large pit. The wind is knocked out of her, as she hits the hard ground. She's far too deep to climb herself out. It's obviously some kind of animal trap…

She slowly gets up, looking around, realizing how screwed she is. She begins pacing, then placing hands on her head and screaming her frustration, while looking upward.

Her POV of Hank, Kenny, Otis and Annie, all arriving over the top of the hole, looking down at her, and pointing their shotguns…

Dissolve to them now leading Jordan through the woods. Her hands are tied in front of her, with Annie holding a shotgun to her back…


I'm sorry I snuck onto your property. I was just looking

for a shirt, more so than anything else.


And just how did you come to lose the one on your back?


After my group was hit, trying to make it back to our

ship. I had to dive off of a jetty.




Your men?


I led an entire army here, by sea, from Seattle, where

we have a large community. We knew this part of the

coastline would be worth exploring, as an even better



A community?


An army?


Well over five-hundred men.


And where are they now?


Dead…most of them. Killed off by a group not as large,

but with way more firepower. Those of us who

survived were ambushed at our ship, on the jetty. I'm

not sure how many others got away. I heard more

gunfire (shaking head), but I don't know…

Hank stops walking, as does everyone else. They all just stare at Jordan…


What the hell kind of trouble did you just bring to us?


I went (raising her tied hands) through hell getting here,

and floating away in freezing temperatures to lose them.

I hiked for almost a day to get here… They are not coming

this far, not for someone they don't even know. They

probably assume everyone is dead.

Everyone now staring from her to Hank…

Dissolve to them all entering the cabin, sitting Jordan down at a table, as Annie continues holding her shotgun on her. Hank sits down and begins working on her missing finger, as Shilo brings a first aid kit…


She looks feverish.


It's the infection, not the virus. I would have woken

up with a fever, if I was turning. I've seen people go

through the process. I know it all too well.


She's right, unless she's lying about when it happened,

which it doesn't look like.


If I'm dying; what good is lying?

Hank looks from her, to her hand, continuing to work on it as they all stare her over…


Get ready for the sting.

He pours alcohol over the injury as Jordan does her best to fight the pain…


So, you actually cut this off, yourself?



No, I had the dead dude cut it while I bit down on a stick.


Ohhh, she's a funny one. (looking at Hank) How

funny would it be to just blow her head off and

laugh about that, eh?


I'd laugh.

Jordan actually laughing at that remark, with a smile from Kenny.


Nah, she's cute; let her talk.


I've seen it work before. We have a guy back home

who is surviving after we took off his arm, within

minutes of the bite.


Tell me more about back home, and your boyfriend,

the cop.


He had almost the entire force with him. When the

military began evacuating, we combined with a ton of

soldiers who chose not to take their chances going

after their families. We took in as many people as we

could, and put them to work, building a survivable

community. Before finding peace, we even went to war

with another large group, crossing over from Canada,

after their scouts had seen what we had.


How did that come to such a peaceful resolution?


I can't take credit for that one. I'll be honest, I wanted

to kill them all, for what they were trying to take from

us, and the lives we lost fighting them. But my

boyfriend, Cutter, is the mastermind between us. Once

they joined us, told us their stories, and shared in our

dream of what we might discover here on this coastline,

I could see how such a "peaceful resolution" was the way

to go.


Yet, now they're all dead?


Them, and others, who I loved… I need to look for



To heal and rest, is what you need. And to tell us

more about these dangerous compounders.


I could definitely use a bed and some rest. Any

chance I can do that first, and then tell you

everything you want to know?

Hank with a questionable stare at her, while finishing the new bandage over her injury…


I'll agree to that, but there's a condition…

Jordan raising her brows at him…

Dissolve to Hank and Shilo leading Jordan down a staircase, into a basement, with a backroom that has a barred door. Hank opens it up. Jordan walks inside, looking over at another small room, with a toilet. Jordan throws a skeptical look back at Hank…


This place was built back during slavery. It's been in the

family ever since.


And that family tree of yours is exactly how creepy?


(aiming gun)

There's that funny side, again. Not sure if it's sarcasm

or disrespect.


(with a laugh)

Calm down, baby. Our family has come a long way

over the years. We treat other human beings as we

wish to be treated, regardless of color, or a world

which no longer has rules.


Yet, I'm sleeping in your dungeon because?


Because we have no idea how you intend to treat

us. Because you're obviously dangerous, if you

choose to be. Something we can relate to.

Annie comes in, setting down some extra blankets. Hank then closes and locks the door, with a final look at Jordan, before he and the ladies begin walking back up the stairs…


EXT. SEATTLE RACETRACKS (pre-apocalypse) – DAY

Aerial POV of both race tracks, with races in progress, on both tracks. The stands are completely packed with happy cheering people. POV begins lowering down over some of the racers, following them around the track, before moving over the excited crowd. POV then moves over to Victor's deck, where he and others in suits are drinking, laughing and watching the race…

Some other men enter through a door, as POV leaves through it, and travels through the private area, with a few nicely dressed people here and there, until leaving through another door and into a more public area, with tons of people. POV travels through them, until finding a 14-year-old version of Jordan, carefully watching someone, and moving through the crowd. She waits for her moment, and then begins walking a hallway, just as a well-dressed boy (15) walks the opposite way, taking a double-look at her, and stopping in his tracks…

He stares right at her, with a smile, and approaches her…


You look just like her…

She smiles back at him, moving in, as he does the same, and they kiss…

She pulls back, smiling and looking right back at him…


It's nice to meet you, Shepard.

Dissolve to Jordan still smiling, in one of the private deck areas, with a young Cutter (14), and other family/mobsters…


Aren't you nervous? You haven't seen her in seven years.


Just ready to get it over with.

Cutter eyeing someone…


You're about to get your chance.

Jordan turning toward the entrance, where Jordi and Shepard have entered, with smiles and hands from others, before Jordi spots Jordan, with a gleam in her eye. She quickly walks directly to her, instantly swinging at her and knocking her in the face, then to the ground. Jordan is quick to react, and wrestle Jordi down to the ground with her, rolling over one another. Shepard arrives with a smile, pulling Jordi up. Cutter is throwing a wild questionable look at her, as Jordan rises and punches her right in the face. An adult has now arrived and is grabbing Jordan, as Jordi begins shouting at her.



Instantly most of the adults smile, with a look toward Shepard, as one man even places his arm around him, with a laugh.


Hot twins fighting over you…I like it!

The other adult now let's go of Jordan, who is getting an angry look from Cutter, who then slaps her in the face, and walks away…

He passes a pair of other adults, as one of them speaks to the other.


Nothing more exciting than teenage drama…



Jordan sleeping in bed, waking, with eyes suddenly going wide. Her POV of the largest, most hideous man she had ever seen, with a huge claw scar on his face, as if from one of the cougars. Jordan quickly rises in her bed, staring right back at him, as he stares directly at her. She glances at the open door, and Hank who is arriving at the bottom of the stairs, and coming inside the room/cell…


Don't worry about Claw. He's harmless, as long as you're

a friend…if you're anything else, then worry you must…


I'd worry less if he'd stop staring at me as if I'm breakfast.


Oh, he's just crushing on ya. It's his dream to get married

someday, and we figure his chances in this kind of world,

compared to the old, are much better.

Jordan throwing Hank a very skeptical look…


(with smile)

Oh, don't worry. He understands you're a little out of

his league. Come on out and meet the rest of the gang.

They just got back from a hunting trip.

Jordan keeps staring at Claw, until he finally stops staring at her, turns and leaves the room, heading upstairs, as she rises and follows…

Dissolve to Jordan (with a cup, and some food) walking around outside, glancing/nodding at about a dozen more "hillbillies". Mostly men, but a couple more women, and now some children are even out and about. Jordan glances at some of the kids in a covered area, petting and playing with cute baby wolves…

Jordan then glances over at all the caged animals…


So, what's up with the wild animals?


Another longtime family tradition, and now an important

one. We don't get much of the dead up here, but when

we do, they go right for the animals, and don't stop until

they take a claw to the brain. It's actually quite entertaining.

We'll show you sometime.

Jordan takes notice of several of the men moving all the animals they just hunted…


The hunting, the lack of the dead…that's why we came

here…hoping for something better.


It makes sense. Regardless of how secure your Seattle

racetrack is, the number of dead must be out of control

in that region.

Jordan nodding…


What will you do, now? If we can't talk you into

remaining with us.


If that's an offer, I appreciate it, but I still have family

in Seattle, and more still trying to arrive from the east



You actually believe that's possible?


Some already have, by the same ship we came here on.

Others, including loved ones, are coming by a large

caravan, and picking up survivors along the way. They

will want revenge for what happened here.


Well then, if that ever takes place, I hope you will

remember our role in you getting there.

Jordan nodding and raising her cup to him…

Hank looks around at Shilo, Kenny, Otis, Claw and a few others…


I still can't say what kind of person she is, but at the

very least, she sees us as an ally…so, I believe we can

trust her.


Can we give her a truck, or better yet, a boat? If I

ever make it back this way, which is still the goal,

you'll be heavily rewarded for it.


A truck won't get you home. We didn't know they had

a compound, but we knew someone had something

going on along the south side of the blockade, which

someone certainly built. To the north, nothing but the

dead. We have a way to the beach, for fishing, but all

towns to the north of Rockaway are worthless, and

impossible to travel.



Is this where you tell me you have a boat?


Have? No, but finding you one, maybe…


Lot of "pirates" out there, wouldn't mind having

Claw with me, for protection.

Jordan winks at Claw, who just stares at her without an expression. Jordan looks away from him, over to Shilo, who suspiciously looks from her to Hank, as Jordan shrugs her eyebrows and looks away, after finally getting a smile from Claw…



Two teenage boys and one teenage girl are standing off in a corner, watching an adult talking to Cutter and Jordan, before another adult (a woman) arrives and leads them inside. The teenage girl turns and shares a wild expression with the other two boys.


What do you think, Thunder?


I don't know how mad Cutter is, but Victor's going

to unleash a chunk of hell on her ass.

The girl laughing at the animated expression of the other boy, as he nods in agreement.





He ain't lying. One might say Jordan's about to experience

an (looking right at the girl) "eclipse", cause Victor's gonna

knock her ass out!

Eclipse laughing at Gator's pun.


Seriously though…you guys think the bruises we've seen

on her were bad before, who knows what to expect now.


I can't wait until the day she no longer puts up with that


Gator another animated expression.


You know it's coming. (Eclipse nodding)


If the rumors are true, that's exactly what Victor wants.


What you mean?

Thunder cautiously looking around…


You guys didn't hear this from me, but my old man

says that Jordan and her sis are just as inbred as we

all believe Victor and the rest of his family are.


No way. I heard Shepard was, but the twins?



Both Eclipse and Gator looking at Thunder for more details…


Word is that Jordan's real daddy was Victor's dead son,

who had an affair with her mom.


(eyes going wide)

And her momma was Victor's niece, who was also

related to Shepard!

Thunder raising his eyebrows with a nod…


Shep and Jordi will be having some screwed-up babies.

Eclipse a wide-eyed nod.


Probably why they were betrothed to each other.


You really think that shit's true?


My old man sure does.


It makes sense! Psycho ass family…


Which is how Victor likes it.


Yeah, cause same with Cutter and Jordan.

Thunder and agreeing expression at Eclipse, with a surprised look from Gator.




He thinks it keeps the family strong.


More like psychotic.

Gator shaking his head as POV travels upward toward a window.


Sick bastard.



Yeah, dare ya to say that to him.

POV traveling through window, into Victor's office as Jordan and Cutter are entering. They take seats next to Jordi and Shepard, across from Victor, who just stares at them…

They all look at Victor, who continues with a look of intimidation at them all. Intimidated they are, except Shepard, who works hard to keep from breaking a smile…


So… Did I make a mistake?

Kids curiously eyeing one another, before looking back at Victor…


Did I send the wrong twin to New York? Do I need

to modify this betrothment and see if Jordan can

handle the Big Apple?

Jordan a half smile of interest with a peek over at Shepard, with annoyance from Cutter, who is then immediately spooked, as Victor angrily pushes items from his desk (including a hard glass clock), slamming them into Jordan's face. The clock breaks her nose, as blood begins gushing. She's in shock, but working hard to contain her reaction, as both Cutter and Jordi look on in shock.


The question was RHETORICAL!

Jordan allows a single tear to appear, as she sits there helplessly bleeding into her lap. Shepard then removes his shirt and hands it over to her, as she uses it to control the bleeding. Jordi a surprised look at Shepard, who also receives a hard stare from Victor…


I didn't think you'd want blood on your nice carpet.


Get as smart with me as you wish, boy. I may have

to answer to you someday, but your father told me

himself that you were sent here to learn from me,

and to do so by any means necessary.


Yep, sounds like the same speech pops gave me

before getting on the plane. You guys rehearse that

shit together, or –

Cutoff as Victor again uses his anger to instantly push and slam his computer monitor at him, but missing, as Shepard is ready for it, and just moves out of the way. Victor rises and crosses over toward him, with wild scared expressions from the others. Shepard confident and readying his fists, as Victor rushes for him. Shepard takes a quick swing, missing, and follows with a couple more, both blocked by Victor, who is obviously well trained in martial arts. Victor then lands a punch, followed by knocking Shepard on his ass, and pinning him down to the floor, coming down right into his face.


I'm sure you're telling yourself at this very second,

how you'll kill me the moment you have the authority

to do so, and as you can see, it doesn't intimidate me

for a damn second. If I have to die a little earlier than

I plan to, for the sake of this organization, in order to

make you the leader who keeps it strong, then sobeit…

Victor looks Shepard over, before staring into his eyes…


I had this same authority over your father, once, and

beat his ass just like I beat yours. (now looking over at

Jordi) Perhaps you two will give me a grandchild whose

ass I can kick someday.

Victor leaving his office, as the kids all wildly stare back at one another…



POV traveling over the top of the kids, where some of them are still playing with the baby wolves, while the rest are kicking a soccer ball around…

POV travels past them, until it finds the mothers close by, hanging laundry in the sun…

POV keeps moving around, coming to a bunch of guys, standing around with smiles and laughter as they stare over another direction. Hank is seen in the background, in conversation with Otis…

POV moves the direction in which the guys are staring, as it comes to Jordan chopping firewood. Her beauty certainly standing out over the other women. She chops the wood like she's been doing it her entire life, but then stops to wipe her face and look over her bandaged half finger. She then flashes a smile over at the guys, before glancing over the other direction, toward the cages…

She spots Claw sitting over there, next to the caged cougars. She begins gathering her wood and placing it into the pile, before wiping some more sweat off her face while heading toward the cages…

POV Claw talking to the animals, but hushing as he takes notice of Jordan arriving. He quickly looks away from her as she flashes a big smile, which makes him quickly look right back up at her.


Hi, Claw. My name is Jordan, by the way.

He looks her up and down, and then turns away the moment he makes eye contact with her. She looks at the animals…


Are they your pets?

Claw smiles as he looks them over.


They're my babies.


Do any of them let you pet them?

Claw's smile fades as he touches the claw scar on his face…

Jordan turns his cheek around toward her, and moves his hand from his scar. She moves her own hand over it…


Is that how you got this?

Claw speechless as he stares up into her eyes…


You know…there are a lot more people in the world

these days who have even worse scars than this. Not

that it's bad, because it's actually a sign of how tough

you are…how dangerous you are.

Some silence before Claw can find his words…


Why is that?


Because who would mess with a guy who survived an

angry cougar?!


No, why so many people with worse scars?


The dead! (raising bandaged finger) Surviving out

there on your own is harder than ever before.

Claw searching for his words, again…


Then…then why are you going back out there?


Because I have people I care about who need my

help…just like I need your help. (Claw looking right

at her) I need you to keep me safe, Claw. Once I find

my people, they will keep you and your family safe.

Claw looks back at his animals, while finding his words, before looking back to Jordan…


Do…do you like me?



Of course, I do. This scar doesn't change who I

(touching his chest) think you are on the inside,


Claw looking at her hand on his chest, then back at her…


So…so, you want to marry me?


If I wasn't already in love with someone else, I'd have

no problem being married to someone like you, who

could keep me safe in this scary world, but Claw, we

have a whole BUNCH of women at our Seattle camp,

who would hear about the man who brought Jordan

back home, and you would have your pick of them.

Like I said, (touching his scar, again) scars like this are

what women are impressed by these days. We need a

man who can keep us safe, (taking notice of Hank

approaching) just like my Shepard does?

Jordan turning to act as if she just noticed Hank. Otis also is arriving.




I was just telling Claw about who my heart belongs

to, and why I need to get home. I was also telling

him about all the women back home, and the hero

he'd be if he was to help me get back there.


Exactly the kind of shit I figured she was over here

feeding him.


I'm not trying to be sneaky about it. I told you guys

Already, I could use his help, or all of you, (looking at

Hank) and you also mentioned him wanting to meet

his soulmate. He would be a hero, as you all would, for

marching me into that camp. From what I've seen here,

there are plenty more men than there are women. Any

single man here would have his pick, there.

Suddenly, Otis looks intrigued, as Hank laughs with a roll of the eyes, and a smile from Jordan…



Cutter the first out of Victor's office, followed by Jordi, then Shepard who is holding the door for Jordan, who holds his bloody shirt over her nose…

Dissolve to them walking down the hallway, in silence…

Dissolve to them in a different part of the hallway, entering through a door, and into a gymnasium, all to themselves…

Cutter just stops, standing there shaking his head, then watching Shepard leads Jordan off to the other side, and around a corner for some privacy. Jordi stands there watching with Cutter, as Shepard/Jordan now disappear into the locker rooms…

Jordi looks at Cutter, who just stands there staring at the wall, still shaking his head at times…


I'm sorry…but at least now we know we're all stuck

in this…(placing her hand on his shoulder) together…

Cutter looking down at her hand, then to her…then they hug…


(while embraced)

It's so good to see you.

Coming out of embrace and smiling at each other…


It's strange actually looking at you, after all those emails.


Like a stranger, you know everything about.

Jordi again smiling at him…then smile fades as she shakes her head.


I'm sorry; I thought it might lead to Jordan and I switching

places…not that that would have solved our problem.


It would have helped…


Speaking of our problem, I told Shepard the same

thing I think you should tell Jordan.

Cutter's eyes wide.


Oh shit; he's going to tell her! You don't know your

sister. She's all about herself. She'll keep it a secret

if there's no reason not to, but the moment there is,

she'll spill it.


Well, let's not give her a reason to, then. Like I said,

we're all in this together. Whether (nodding toward

locker rooms) they fall for each other or not, they'll

both fall for someone, eventually.


Maybe you should both just pretend to be each other.

Jordi giving him a look, before they both begin laughing. Shepard and Jordan heard approaching…


We may look alike, but from the things you tell

me, I'm not thinking we act alike!

Few more laughs as Shepard and Jordan arrive…

Shepard looking right at Cutter with a smile and shake of the head.


Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks.

Jordan instantly cracking up, as Cutter gives Jordi an "I told you so" look. Shepard grabs Cutter's shoulder.


I'm just kidding, buddy! You fight like a girl, so I always

kind of knew.

Cutter now looking at Shepard while toughening up.


You're the only one who beat me in that tournament

last year, and I'm ready for my rematch, anytime.


Hell no, I'm not letting you put your hands on me;

you'll like it too much!

Jordan and Shepard laughing again as Cutter playfully puts Shepard into a headlock.


More like you being too embarrassed to get his

ass kicked by a faggot.

Cutter playfully pushing him away.


Seriously guys, we have to keep this on the downlow,

just like we've kept it a secret about me.


I agree; after seeing that Victor is even more screwed

up than my dad, it's the four of us who are screwed

until my reign begins. (placing hand over Cutter) Our reign…

All 4 of them placing hands over one another, making a pact…



POV moving over the crashing ocean waves, and coming to the beach. A huff is half buried and stuck in the sand, as the tide comes in, splashing over it. Several others huffs roam the beach, as POV travels up toward the woodsy area atop it. POV travels through the trees and brush, passing a couple different random huffs, until eventually coming to a part of the blockade. POV travels alongside it, eventually with the sound of a struggle of some sort…

POV comes to some of the hillbillies, and then both Otis and Kenny, followed by Hank and Jordan (shaking her head). They are all watching whatever the struggle is, over on the other side of the blockade, as POV travels over it, and to Claw, killing a herd of huffs, but exerting himself with each kill. Jordan signals him back over.


That's good, Claw. Get on over here, big fella.

Claw is breathing heavily with huff guts all over himself and his axe, as he climbs over and through the blockade…


Was that right, Jordan?


Not bad, but watch me and keep notes.

She's climbing over and through herself, with a machete.


You used way too much energy doing all that damage,

most of which was unnecessary. You have to save that

energy and use as little as possible, with each kill.

Jordan reaching the other side and grabbing a knife from her side, while taking the machete with her left hand.


Watch me kill as many as you just did, while coming

back over here in much better shape than you just did.

Me and all nine fingers of mine…

They all watch her easily and quickly kill the first two huffs, which had followed Claw over, and then make her way toward the others, who still approach. She begins killing one after the other, without the struggle or beating that Claw had put on. She does finally begin to become overwhelmed, and Claw begins climbing the blockade to help, but takes notice of her now going into beast mode, to regain her edge over the herd.

She takes her time killing off the last few remaining huffs, and walks back to the blockade, only half as messy and out of breath as Claw had been. He helps her back over to their side…


When I needed it, I had the energy to keep myself from

getting into trouble, when I didn't, I remained calm and

conserved it, for whatever comes next.

Jordan taking a drink of water, with a look all around…


Speaking of what's to come next, let's get moving,

before those compounders coming snooping around.


You sure we're safe from them on this side?


We're safe from them, but the dead will be everywhere.

Dissolve to Hank leading the way as they come out of some brush, looking ahead at a boating dock, where about a dozen huffs are roaming.

Dissolve to them all killing off the huffs and walking out onto the docks, looking over the boats. Jordan kills another huff, then shoving it right over the dock, into the water. Claw watching her with admiration…

Dissolve to Jordan shaking her head, while standing on one of the boats.


Not an ounce of fuel here or in a single one of these boats?


It's like someone drained every one of them.

Jordan again shaking her head with a faint smile…


Those damn compounders…we could go up and down

the beaches and probably not find a damn bit of anything.


What you saying? Those people scavenged the entire

coastline for fuel and supplies and took it for them

greedy selves?


Makes sense; in the very beginning we found plenty,

but then suddenly, even on the north side of that

blockade, we were coming up empty, until we went

all the way to Astoria for supplies.


They were prepared for this… Once things went down,

they cleaned up. (shaking her head) Making it home

by sea is not an option…

Dissolve to them all hiking back through the woods/brush…


We have a road that will safely get us to Astoria, but

into Washington, all the way to Seattle? An army

maybe, but a dozen men. (shaking head)


You don't have to risk your men, but I have nothing

to lose, and everything to gain.


I'm going.

Hank a look at Claw as he continues to walk, and then at Jordan, with a concerned shake of his head…

They suddenly freeze at the sound of vehicles. They then begin rushing up toward the road, staying off of it, as they creep toward the blockade, where the vehicles can be heard stopping on the south side of it. There are huffs on the road near the blockade, and one suddenly appears out of nowhere, almost biting Otis, before Jordan saves his life, stabbing it in the head.

Otis nods at her, as they remain quiet, and watch, as a few guys are seen crossing the blockade and climbing into a stranded vehicle. Jordan takes notice of Doc, now climbing over the blockade and helping the other men with some gear from their vehicle, as they begin tossing it over the blockade.


I appreciate you letting us come back for our things.


That's the kind of people we are. You and your kids

will be safe at our compound.

Hank throwing Jordan a look…


Yet another thing I appreciate!


Same here. You guys have saved our asses!

Hank watching them climb back over the blockade, then another suspicious look at Jordan, who shares his stare...


That's what they did to us, too. Tried to play the peace card.

Jordan rises and begins walking the opposite way, along the highway, with another suspicious look from Hank, watched by the others, before following…

Dissolve to Hank and them arriving back into their camp, as Shilo is quick to come out to them…


We have someone in one of the traps! A man.

He claims to know Jordan.


Let's go!

Hank placing a hand over Jordan's shoulder.


Hold on there, sweetheart. Suddenly, you appear to

be more in charge than you actually are. Me and the

boys got this.


What are you talking about?! That's one of my men!

Hank gives Shilo a look, who points her shotgun at Jordan's head.


Toss her in the empty animal cage.


What the –


(looking at Jordan)

If your man says all the right things, your stay there

won't be for long.

Jordan a worried look back at Hank as he and his men head out for their trap, while Shilo happily leads Jordan over to the cage…



POV of a positive pregnancy test, panning back to Jordan (about 4 years before apocalypse) snapping a picture of it and texting it. POV her phone/text as she types it. "Want to see me before you fly back to NY, and give me a reason to see this as good news?" She sends the text with the attached picture of the pregnancy test. It's addressed to Shepard.

Dissolve to the sound of a doorbell, as Jordan walks through the fancy hotel room, for the door. She opens it and is instantly greeted with a punch to her nose, dropping her to the ground. Shepard stands there looking at her shocked expression. She tries to speak over him, but stops once she hears him out.


(same time as Shepard)

What the FU –



Jordan just staring back up at him, as her nose bleeds…

Dissolve to Jordan on the couch holding a towel to her nose, as Shepard paces the room.


The craziest thing is that his background has been

cleaned up. He's on the inside. (looking right at Jordan)

Who is he to Victor?


That's what I'm telling you. I first met him by the same

curiosity as you, but I still haven't gotten him to speak

up about his connection to Victor, or Cutter.


And you just had to jump into bed to get that information.

How god damn convenient! And HOW THE HELL DO YOU


Jordan speechless, and fighting back tears…


Does Cutter know?


Who he is, yes, but not that I'm involved. He seems to

hate him, which was the first thing that made me curious.

Jordan watching Shepard pace silently…


I'm not in love with him, Shepard. I'm in love with you.

He even knows about you, and thinks the only reason I'm

with him is because I can't be with you. I opened up to him,

hoping he'd do the same with me.

Shepard comes right down into her face, with intimidation…


Before you begin showing, I'm going to somehow get

you away from Victor, but before I do, you're going to

keep seeing this son of a bitch, until you get me some

answers about why he's such a secret. You ever lie to

me again, or keep shit like this from me, or fall in love

with that piece of shit, I will kill you right after I make

you watch me kill him.

Jordan just staring back at him…


Would you make love to me first, because watching

you kill him would be the hottest thing I've ever seen.

Shepard just stares back at her…


God damn…

He moves in to kiss her, but is suddenly met with an extremely hard slap to his face.


But you ever punch me in the nose again, I'll be

the one killing you!

He quickly comes right back into her face, staring her down, before they both begin kissing passionately…



Anthony in bed, next to Jordan, who climbs out and begins putting on her clothes (not yet showing her pregnancy), while Anthony watches.


Leaving already?


I'm on a plane in the morning. New York, remember?


Cutter going, too? Or does he actually trust his

girlfriend alone in the Big Apple?


He isn't, he does, and he shouldn't.


I guess that means you'll be leaving Shepard's bed,

this time tomorrow night.


Nope; his bed I'll leave in the morning…

Jordan dressed and leaving the room.


Just watch your back, around that pile of incest…

POV follows Jordan out into the hallway, as she stops on the other side of the door, holding her tummy, then walking on…

Dissolve to Jordan walking off of an airplane, meeting both Shepard and her twin sister Jordi, who gives Jordan a hug…

Dissolve to them all in a hotel room.


(shaking head)

Doing it while she's here, should work, but I'm just

not sure around Victor. Finding a reason for her to

extend her stay until after the baby is born, is the

way to go.


I was there when Cutter spoke to Victor; it's not going

to happen. He wants me at Cutter's side during the Berg

negotiations. (looking right at Jordi) By me, I mean you.


And you're going to have to teach me everything Victor

will expect to come out of your mouth during those

negotiations. By your mouth, I mean mine. (looking at

Shepard) He's going to know it's me.


So, what if he does? She's told Anthony too much.

Victor's going to hear about us through him.


The only reason we know he's Victor's grandson

is because of what I've shared. He knew he could

trust me once I gave him that kind of ammo. Victor

would kill us for knowing that info, before he would

over who's baby this is.


He's my baby, and Victor's not getting his hands on him!



Victor, Cutter, Jordi (impersonating Jordan) and a ton more of Victor's men are on one side of the garage while staring in front of them, at another large group of men. Everyone has weapons. Victor stands across from what appears to be the leader of the other group, and who is simply shaking his head while staring back at Victor…

Suddenly, Jordi (Jordan) laughs, with looks from the other group, and their leader…


Play hard to get all that you want… You're not passing this

up, and I'm getting bored just standing here. My grandfather-

in-law wants this deal like I've never seen him want anything

before. So, please make me wrong and pass it up, so I can see

what he does… (giving their leader a daring look) I mean, what

he makes us do.

Their leader eyeing them all over, and then again staring at Victor, who just smiles back at him, before they finally shake hands…

Jordi begins smiling and kissing Cutter, who kisses her back, with a smile from Victor.


Get a room you two, and make me a great grandchild already!

Cutter giving Jordi a look. He looks happy for a guy who doesn't like kissing women. It's obvious he and Jordi are closer than he and Jordan…



Shepard, Jordan (8 months pregnant, pretending to be Jordi), a few other men are standing behind Shepard's father (Quint), who has an older man and younger man tied to chairs, in front of him.


Kill me in the most painful of ways, but I beg you to let

my son live. He had nothing to do with the decisions

that landed me in this chair.

Jordan steps forward and without warning blows the younger man's head off, as the older guy cries out in agony. Jordan comes down toward his face.


How about we let you live, and use (nodding at dead

guy) his death to give you all that pain you just asked for.

Everyone staring at Jordan in shock…


What…I'm pregnant, must be the hormones.

Shepard smiles and his dad begins laughing out loud, as Jordan walks off.


I am liking the effect this pregnancy is having on you!

Quint looking over at his son.


I know you're bummed she's having a girl, but I can't

wait to meet the demon child of that woman!

Quint smirking with a light shake of the head…



Shepard and Jordan are alone in back seat, with a driver up front. Shepard speaks to her with a semi hushed voice.


You have to be careful. Your sister is ruthless like you

when it comes to bringing the pain to anyone in the

game, but an innocent kid like that one in there, with

an innocent pregnant wife at home, just starting life…

not a move your big sis would make.

An evil smile from Jordan, turning naughty as she begins kissing Shepard…



Jordan's smile from last scene is now an expression of concern as she stares outward, waiting for Hank and the others to return. She's in a fairly small cage compared to the much larger one next to hers, in which holds several cougars. There's another smaller cage behind hers, with only one cougar. Both the other cages are attached to hers, so she stands away from both those sides of her cage.

She glances over at the solo cougar, which looks much more aggressive than the others in the larger cage. It paces its smaller cage, keeping eyes on her…

She turns at the sound of someone coming, as her look of concern turns grim, watching them leading a tied-up soldier of hers across the area, and toward her cage. Jordan's expression gets no better as she eyes Hank, who frowns at her the entire way over…


Thank God you found my man!

Hank a look of surprise, as he's the first to arrive.


Oh, so you actually confess he's yours, do ya?

Hank motions his men toward the larger cage.


Toss his ass in with the cougars.

Otis and another guy smile as they lead the prisoner (Drake) toward the cage next to Jordan's. Claw goes near it, stepping inside once opened by Otis, using some sort of zookeeper tool to keep back the cougars. Otis drags Drake inside, who begins fighting back, as the others help secure him, as Claw steps back and closes gate on him.

The cougars are curious and worked up, but not attacking, as Drake keeps his eyes on them, while slowly moving over toward Jordan, who looks back at him, wide eyed.


You guys can't do this! I told you everything you

wanted to know!


Yeah, that's the problem, dumbass.

Drake just stares right at Jordan, with a look of shock, and a blank stare in return, before she looks at the cougars, who Drake quickly turns back toward. They just continue to move around on their side, but appear fussy, yet not as riled as the solo cougar, who is very curious about Drake being in the cage with the others, as Jordan gives him another glance.


Don't worry, they've eaten recently. They'll just harass ya

for a day or so, before they begin nibbling on ya, seeing

what they can get away with. (now staring at Jordan) It'll

be much worse than what the dead would do. Well, at least


Jordan staring back at him…


Why are you doing this?


Because your man confirmed what I began suspecting.

I don't want my people being on the wrong side of this.

You had an army, and lost it to people who were only

defending their home from those trying to take it.


I still have an army!


I don't need the rest of the details, what you have, or

how you know these compound people. All I know is

that the person who deserves a cage, is in a cage…

(getting closer to her and the bars) And you're not going

to like the side of me that rules against those who belong

in a cage…

Jordan trying to think of something clever to say, but just watching in defeat, as Hank turns and walks away from her, while the others stand around watching and hoping the cougars make a move, including the children who are running over to watch…


Make sure nobody feeds those beasts.

Drake stares back at the cougars, while frantically looking around for a possible way out of his situation…

He begins looking over the bars on his side of the cage that lead into Jordan's. He tries to see if he can fit through, but to no prevail.


(speaking to Jordan)

You have to get me out of here!


Yeah…(motioning toward her surroundings) cause

I'm in the position to do just that.

Both Jordan and Drake eyeing the Cougars, who are eyeing him…

Dissolve to multiple shots of Drake eyeing the cougars, as well as Jordan, who also continues to ponder herself a way out of this, all as the day escapes them, and eventually dissolves to night.

It's pitch-black, other than what little light comes from the trailers.

Drake can be heard breathing semi-heavily, while braced up against the cage, next to Jordan's cage…


I can't see them…they're moving in on me. I'm not

going to make morning.

Dissolve to a later time, as Jordan sits against her cage, still in deep thought…

Dissolve to a later time, of Drake struggling to keep his eyes open. POV now comes from the eyes of one of the cougars, as it creeps closer toward Drake.

POV Drake's eyes popping open, and trying to locate the cougars through the darkness…

Dissolve to a later time, still extremely dark, with sound of the cougars moving around…


You have no idea how to get us out of this.


(half asleep)

Then perhaps rather than sitting there waiting to be

supper, you should spend a moment or two coming up

with your own plan.


Could you think about anything other than the teeth,

and overwhelming power of those wild animals, if you

were in my predicament?


Remain calm; two minds are better than one.


I can't even see these things, Jordan. I can't think about

anything other than losing an eye without even seeing it



Because seeing it coming would be so much better.

That's what makes me a leader, and you a follower.


A true leader cares about his or her followers, Jordan.


I care enough to remember the day we found and saved

your sorry ass. What was it, less than a week after

everything went down? And what was it you were doing,

besides weeping like a baby? Pretty much the same as

you are now, waiting around to be saved by someone else.


I was weeping because I just lost my last child, after losing

his brother and mother just four days prior!

Drake shouted the last part, as the cougars fuss over his tone and move around. Shilo peeks out from her trailer…


And it wasn't you who found or saved me, it was Cutter,

and if he had led this mission, we'd be having this

conversation from the comfort of that compound, you

lost us. You're not a leader, Jordan. You're just Cutter's

little bitch, and some inbreed monster that his psycho

grandfather created, in hope of something better than

what you turned out to be.

Silence a moment, before he continues…


I knew the moment I chose to leave Grover behind

and follow you to the beach, it was a mistake. I panicked,

and thought getting to the ship was the only way…but

he's truly Leo's son, who is a hundred times the leader

that you are. Then once they all realize it was you who

killed the old man, those with Grover will all be safe at

Leo's side… Remaining at your side, is the biggest

mistake of my life…and what ultimately has cost me my life…

Silence takes over, other than the slight sound of the cougars, before Jordan finally responds, with a very calm/light tone…


Twins, right?

Drake not responding…


I'm a twin. That's why I remember your situation.


(fairly calm)

Don't you talk about my boys.


Did they get along? Were they as identical on the

inside as they were on the outside?


(remaining calm)

I said not to speak of them.


My sister and I were, but we weren't. She could see the

grey…but also that black and white, I hear so much about…

(hesitating) People like that…they need people like me…

to survive times like this…


(losing his calmness)

You need to shut your damn mouth.


She's only still alive because my man has kept her that

way… Without him she'd be in the ground or roaming

the earth in search of living flesh to feast on… Either way

she'd be rotting away, just like your helpless little boys.


(shouting with pure anger)



Did they actually make it into the ground –


(speaking over her)


Cougars fussing and moving around more.


Or are they out somewhere, killing off others who have

no one to keep them alive, like you couldn't do for them?

Drake stands and pulls at the bars, wishing he could get his hands on Jordan.



Cougars becoming riled up, moving around much more.


What kind of guilt does it feel like to know you were

not strong enough to save them?


(shouting toward trailers)



One of the cougars roars.


Is it what scares you the most about dying, the guilt

of facing them?



Cougars appear ready to strike.


Is that your desire to live? To avoid a kind of hell even

worse than the fate you're about to experience?

Jordan coming right up against her bars, right into Drake's face, as she finishes that last line, and with the sound of the cougars charging.


(facing Jordan)

FUC – (cutoff)

Drake cutoff as he screams out in agony, while attacked from behind and instantly brought down, with his blood splashing Jordan's face, who doesn't flinch or move a bit, just standing there watching him attacked by the cougars.

Lights come on from the trailers, followed with the sound of someone flipping on the flood lights over the cages, instantly lighting them all up, causing Jordan to squint her eyes, with the sight of Drake laying helplessly below, while the cougars back off at times, but continue to take swipes at him, slowing down his journey of death.

Claw moves away from the light switch, and toward the cages with a smile. Shilo is on her way out, followed by Hank. Annie, Kenny, Otis and others are all coming out, even the children, running for the cages with excitement.

They all gather while Drake continues to scream his agony, as the cougars continue to aggressively move in on him, and eventually go in for the kill, tearing him apart and feasting away, all to the cheers of the people…

Jordan looks on, covered with Drake's blood, as she slowly goes back toward corner of her cage and takes a seat, muttering to herself.


Now maybe I can think…



POV Jordi (5 years younger), panning back revealing her next to Shepard, and holding hands with a little 5-year-old girl, who certainly looks a lot like both Jordan and Jordi. She is eagerly searching through the crowd, before smiling and dashing away, as Jordi lets go of her hand.


Aunt Jordan!

Jordan smiling as she walks out of the plane isle while bending down to hug her "niece". Cutter is behind her, smiling and sharing a hug with Jordi, and shaking hands with Shepard.


My savage little shit!

Hugging as Jordan takes notice of a dirty look coming from a woman walking by, as Jordan rises back up.


It's not the only thing I've taught her. (motioning at

woman) Raven, give that woman the finger.

Raven flips her middle finger at the woman, who gasps, and turns her head while shaking it, and walking away. Jordan laughing and hugging Raven again, with a hand from Shepard, who doesn't want his daughter to know of his affection for her real mother…



Ravin racing through the playground structure as if it were an obstacle course. She's faster and more athletic than the older kids, even the boys…

Jordan and Shepard watch her from a blanket in the shade, with plenty of picnic supplies…


Just look at her… She's twice as tough as me at that age.

(looks at Shepard) I think we should just tell her. She can

handle it. She probably already senses it.


(with a chuckle)

Okay, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Jordan laughs with an elbow to Shepard's shoulder.


I'm serious, though. She needs to know I'm her mother.

Shepard begins acting/talking like Darth Vader.


Ravin, I am your mother.

Jordan tries to be serious but cracks up.


I'm serious, you asshole!



I know, I know. I say we just tell everyone. Fuck Victor.

I don't know why my dad is so damn scared of him. He's

scared of no one.


Maybe we should just kill your father, and take over.

Shepard gives her a serious look, as she just stares back at him with a serious expression of her own. Suddenly, they are attacked from behind (startled), as Ravin climbs over the top of them, and racing back for the play structure area, with a smile back at them.


You are my bitches!

Jordan smirks as Shepard shakes his head.


She keeps talking like that, everyone's going to know

she's yours!


I love that little shit! But I agree, it's a dead giveaway,

so, let's kill your father and start our lives together…as

a family.

Shepard just staring at her, as she stares back…


You need to call your sister. It's time for our little shit

to spend some quality time with her real aunt. We

need some quality time of our own.

Jordan smiles, and looks over to make sure Ravin is not watching, as she leans in to kiss her man.

They kiss for several moments, before Jordan peeks back at the play structure. Her POV of Ravin still preoccupied, as Jordan returns to Shepard's lips…

Her POV as she again peeks back at the playground. This time an angry woman is walking directly toward them, as they stop and await her arrival.


(quietly to Shepard)

This should be good…


Are you two the parents of the foul mouth little girl

over there, teaching all the other kids how to talk

like sailors? She's using words even I've never heard.

Jordan a laugh and shake of the head.


Well then, I feel really bad for your husband.


Cause you must be one lousy lay!

Woman appalled, and walking away, but with one last look back at them…


I was also going to suggest that rather than making out

in a public park, that you actually keep an eye on your

child, but clearly anyone who kidnapped her, would only

be doing her a favor!


Come back here and say that to my face, and I'll be

doing your husband a favor!

Shepard laughing as scene dissolves to someone placing their son into a child's car seat, in back of the car. Once she fastens him in, POV reveals the woman as the same one complaining to Jordan and Shepard. She then smiles at her son, closes door, and turns around to be startled while coming face to face with Jordan, who smiles at her before instantly planting a punch to her face.

She knocks her down to the ground, and kicks in her face, only stopping at the sound of the screaming child inside, and looks at him. She glances from him, to his mother, then opens the car door.


I'm really sorry I hurt your mom, but she'll be okay.

She's weak, though, and you need to grow-up to be

tougher than her. It's a scary world, kiddo.

Jordan pats him on the head, closed door, and spits on the woman.


Get up and take care of your child, and spend the rest

of your life remembering how you made the mistake of

judging what kind of parent, I am.

POV close-up of woman's hand, as she slowly pulls out cell phone, but is suddenly smashed by Jordan's foot! The woman screams in agony, as Jordan blows a kiss at the little boy, and flexes her arm/muscles at him, before walking away…



Jordan zoning out, in deep thought as she sits against her cage. POV of her now comes from someone in the cabin…



I don't trust her.


(OS, from window)

That's why she's in a cage.

POV Shilo, as Hank turns away from the window.


It's still not safe having her here. Who knows how

many more of her people are out there, or what

she's capable of.


You might be right; I can see her out there plotting

a way out of this.




I don't know… I think I want to see what she says,

first. See what develops.


I don't like the bitch. I say let Claw have some fun

with her.

Hank ponders that thought while peeking back out at her…

Dissolve to Claw feeding some of the other animals, before walking over and staring at Jordan, who continues to zone out in thought. He tosses her a cooked squirrel. She doesn't even flinch as it lands in her lap. Without even looking at him, she picks it up and begins taking bites from it, as Hank and Shilo approach…


Waste of good meat, if you ask me…

Jordan finally making eye contact with them…


You seem fairly unphased by what happened to your

man, last night.


That's because I can't stop thinking about what's going

to happen to you all, once my real man arrives, and

comes looking for me in the last area I was seen.

Everything I told you was true, other than the fact we

came here for that compound, and that our Seattle base

is made up of the Portland and Seattle mob, in which I am

a high-ranking affiliate, of, yet not as high as my fiancé,

Shepard. He commands the army coming from New York,

which has been traveling the country all this time, only

increasing in size and power, enough power to take that

compound, and more than enough to avenge the death of

the woman he loves, and the mother of his child. (staring

right at Hank) I won't be begging for my life, but you should

know that it won't help you to beg for yours, when he comes

for me…

Jordan silent, as Hank and Shilo just stare at her…


Kill her, now!


That won't save you from him. He'll tear through these

woods killing every man he comes by, sparing the women

to use as wives or slaves, and the children to be trained as

soldiers for his army of the future, to be led by our daughter.



You may not beg for your life, but you'll certainly try to

intimidate us into sparing it.


Free me, get me back to Seattle, and let me use these

cougars as entertainment when it comes to assassinating

those compounders once New York arrives, and you'll

all live like gods.

Shilo laughs and Hank smiles…


I believe her story…just not the pipedream part about

her mobster boyfriend making it from the east coast to

the west, almost a year and a half after his journey began.

He gets closer to the cage, looking right at her…


All she's got left in this world is the fantasy of being

saved by a ghost… But regardless, I don't like being

threatened, and even though I've never met one, I

definitely don't care much for mobsters. (looks at

Claw) I also don't like my baby brother being teased.

He was expecting a bride.


And if you get me to Seattle, he'll still have his bride,

so, who's the real one teasing him?


That's a long way to go for a bride, when we have

ourselves one right here.

Shilo smiling, as Jordan shakes her head…


I said you were out of his league, but that was before

your true colors began to shine. Claw is special, and

doesn't see you for the ugly bitch that you are.

Hank begins walking away while shilo begins humming the wedding song…


"Here comes the bitch, here comes the bitch".

Shilo laughing as she walks away with Hank. Claw remains at the cage, staring at Jordan while developing a huge dreamy smile, with nothing but dread taking over the expression of Jordan…



Ravin an astonished expression while sitting up in her bed, with Jordan sitting next to her.


Well then…shouldn't you marry my daddy? I'm confused!


I love your dad very much, and yes, I am definitely going

to marry him, someday. It hurts me that I can't do it now,

or that we have to keep pretending my sister is your

mother, but that's going to stop soon. Your father and I

have a plan.


What about mom, I mean aunt Jordi?

Ravin developing a tear…


No, none of that now. That's exactly why I had to tell

you I'm the mom and she's the Aunt. She was always a

crybaby as a kid!



Jordan sits there emotionless as she can be, fighting back the urge to shed a tear…

She can't even hear the sound of Kenny opening up the cage, as Claw moves inside toward her. She continues hearing no sound as he forces her up and leads her outside, around all the others, as Shilo smiles. Jordan just dazes away, as she's lead toward the cabin, and faintly begins to tune in their sounds of snickering and laughing, along with the sound of Hank speaking.


Time to consummate this marriage, little brother!

Dissolve to dusk, with all of them dancing and celebrating, except for Claw and Jordan who are nowhere around. They dance, laugh, sing, and eat, as if at a real wedding reception…

Suddenly, one of the children begins screaming, and they all stop to look. A huff has come out of the brush. They all begin cheering, except some of the scared children who race away from it. Otis runs to the door of the cabin and yells inside.


CLAW! We got an eater out here!

Otis races toward the others who are leading the huff toward the cages, as it follows them toward it. Otis stops, so as not to distract the huff, as the others cheer at it and eagerly lead it toward those cages, with everyone else remaining quiet, and the women holding their children close…

The men reach the cage, and open it up. Once the huff is close enough, another man pushes it inside the cage, and they close the gate on it, all laughing and sharing high-fives. All the kids come running now, as everyone wants to watch…

The huff remains focused on them, until it hears the sound and movement of the cougars, and eventually begins walking toward them, with more cheering from the hicks. The cougars become agitated as the huff gets closer, eventually leaving their area, but the huff continues after them, until one of them swipes at it, knocking it down. Everyone cheers!

They huff is slow to rise, but continues after the cougars, who want nothing to do with him, until they're forced to react, as one of them takes a bite at it, into its shoulder. The huff bleeds (freshly dead), but does not go down, and continues after them…

One of them finally jumps the huff, knocking it to the ground, biting at the same shoulder area, ripping his arm right off, and moving off of him. They pace back and forth, watching it, as it again gets to its feet, and comes toward them. They attack it again, and this time a pair of them begin biting into it, as it lays there watching them eat its body, but leaving it alive, as they don't cause damage to the brain…

The hicks continue cheering and laughing, as the confused cougars circle the huff, which now is mostly gone or torn to flesh, yet the head remains active, even chopping its teeth. The cougars are riled up from it, and acting more agitated than ever, as the hicks enjoy the show, with POV traveling through them, until it comes to Hank, smiling, but then curiously looking around for someone…

He walks over to Kenny and Otis.


I don't care how much fun Claw is having with her,

down there. He would have come up for this.


I yelled down there to him.

Hank eyeing the cabin and for them to follow, as they all quickly head that direction…

Dissolve to them reaching the staircase, and entering to the quiet sound of nothingness…

Hank's POV as he rounds corner and comes to see Claw lying motionless on the ground of the cell, with Jordan laying on the bed, fully clothed.

Hank's eyes go wide with concern.


Is he dead?! Did you kill my baby brother?! You will

die the worst kind of –


Don't worry, I spared him…this time.

Hank goes to a desk for a spare set of keys, and quickly opens up the cell. Otis holds a gun on Jordan, as Hank and Kenny work to aid Claw, who is bruised and bloody, but looks to be okay…

Hank glares over at Jordan…

Dissolve to daytime, and Jordan in her outside cage, pulling up her pants after peeing in the corner, and then watching Claw with dread, as he approaches her cage. He looks to have recovered from the beating he gave her, and ready for a second chance with her. He opens the cage, as she stands and stares at him. He just stares at her, before suddenly charging right at her, and grabbing her arms, before landing a hard punch right to her face, knocking her out. He picks her up, and carries her toward the cabin…

Dissolve to him carrying her down the staircase and right into the cell.

Dissolve to him tying her hands behind her back, as POV leaves them and slowly heads back up the staircase, to the sound of Jordan waking and struggling. She screams as she tries to fight him off of her, but can be heard losing that fight…

POV heads through the cabin, and toward the door, to the sound of Jordan screaming with all of her might…

Dissolve to nighttime, as Claw leaves the basement. POV travels down the staircase, to quietness at first, but the closer it gets to the cell, the more faintly you can hear Jordan fighting back emotion. Once POV finds her, locked inside and naked under a blanket, she is shaking her entire body before silently screaming at the top of her lungs, but without actually letting any of it out, not even a tear…

Dissolve to daytime, and Hank tossing Jordan back into the outside cage, and smiling down at her…


Being newlyweds and all, I expect you and Claw will

remain pretty busy over the next few months. If it helps,

you can spend that time thinking about how threatening

me or my family was the worst idea of your life. If your

boyfriend is out there, for your sake I sure hope he's a lot

smarter than you are.

Jordan remains calm, and forms a smile while looking up at him…


I will take anything you can dish. Just keep me alive long

enough to see the fear in your face when you realize he is

here, and has found you. Keep me alive long enough to tell

him what you have done to me. I beg you…

Jordan just staring at him with a smile…

Hank just stares back, before taking another step toward the cage…


I'll keep you alive long enough to admit it's not what

you actually want…(turning around) And long enough

to beg me to kill you.

Jordan's smile quickly fading away, as she turns her head toward the cougar cage, and looks down at the remaining bones of Drake…

Dissolve to hours later, as Claw tosses a cooked squirrel at her. She doesn't touch it, and just sits there zoning away…

Shilo walks by with a smirk.


If you don't eat it for lunch, there won't be any dinner.

We won't feed you again until you've cleaned your plate.

Dissolve to her sitting there, next to the untouched squirrel, and looking upward with dread, as Claw opens the cage and enters.

He approaches and corners her, ready to knock her out again, but she quickly throws up her hands to stop him.



She turns around in defeat, and places her hands behind her back. Claw begins tying her hands, before leading her out of the cage, with a smile…

Dissolve to him tossing her back to the cage, naked with nothing but a blanket. He closes the gate, as she begins putting her clothes back on, while fighting with all her might to prevent herself from bawling like a baby, and screaming with disgust and the need/desire for a shower!

She sits there against the fence, staring into nothingness, and you can see her weeping inside, but not allowing it outside, as others around the camp are out and about, and she knows most of them are watching her, waiting for a reaction, in which she refuses to give them…

Dissolve to evening, as she sits there staring into nothingness, until she finally wakes out of it, and glances down at the dead squirrel…

She grabs it, hesitates, but then takes a bite. She struggles to swallow, and then can't hold it down, as she begins vomiting through her cage, into the cougar cage.

A few laughs come from those who witnessed it…


It's like having a television, again!

Dissolve to dusk, as Jordan watches Claw, who feeds the cougars and other animals, but does not bring her anything, or come to take her inside. She watches with curiosity, then decides to bundle up and lay down, as if she must be sleeping outside tonight.

Her POV of the area, and everyone currently inside, as she closes her eyes, bringing POV to dark…



Jordan, Jordi, Shepard and Cutter all sitting in the room.


Are we really talking about doing this?


A better question is why didn't we talk about doing it

years ago?

Jordi looking from Jordan to Shepard, and just staring, until he shrugs/raises eyebrows at her…


It's your father. You really on board with this?



No, I'm just being bullied into it, by Jordan.


I believe she could do it!


Damn right she could.

Shepard throwing Cutter a surprised glance.


(still talking to Shepard)

I know we've only been in an imaginary relationship

all this time, but I also know you care about your father.


I do, but… I care even more about me, and the real mother

of my child, which I'm sick as shit of hiding from everyone!

I also care more about this empire of ours, and can't focus

on leading it until this nonsense is over with. My father

brought this on himself by going along with Victor's bullshit.

That ends the moment I take over.


But does it...really?


You suggesting my man is scared of Victor? Like his

bitch ass father is.

Both Jordi and Cutter glancing at Shepard for his reaction to her insult of his father…


She's not wrong…and that's the difference between me

and him. You all seen me stand up to Victor, with your

own eyes. The only person to ever do it, and I wasn't half

as strong or powerful as I am now.

Everyone quiet and just staring at one another. Jordi begins shaking her head, as Shepard stares at her…


What, now?


All we'd be doing is ridding one deep dark secret while

creating an even deeper and darker one. A very

dangerous one. If ever spilled, your reign would be over.


Sure, great point, but we're not just ridding a secret,

we're living our lives as we desire to live them! And

look how well we've all kept that secret.

Jordan pondering that remark.


No, she makes a good point, Shep.


What if you and Jordan breakup some day? What if she

catches you with another woman? That secret might

spill without a second thought.


That's horseshit! He's doing this for his family! Why

would he turn around and shit on them?!


Is he? Or is it more so about him getting his "empire"?


Our empire!


Exactly! Us four right here. This is about all of us. It's

our empire, and the two of you have just as much to

be sick of hiding as Jordan and I do.

Jordi again just shaking her head.


SPEAK, Jordi! Don't just stand there shaking your shit

at me!


You're only proving the point I have to make, and

that is to ask you if you're even really that different

than your father?


What the hell is that supposed to mean?


The only real difference between you and him is that

you're a thousand times more crazy!


And that's a bad thing?


You're as smart as him, but not as disciplined. There's

still so much you can learn from him. It's just not time.


Like hell it isn't! Forget about just the secret life we're

all forced to live, but what about this Anthony guy?

Cutter taking a deep breath.


We still have no idea what Victor's up to with him,

other that spying on that rich ass Baker family. I mean,

what the hell is that all about?


Look…(deep breath) If it helps defuse the situation,

maybe it's just better for me to come clean.

All eyes on Cutter, especially Shepard who is shocked Cutter has been holding back…


Anthony is Victor's grandson. His mother works with

the Portland detective's office, no differently than you

have people doing for you, here. She's also married

herself into that Baker family, who have a state-of-the-art

compound in the Tillamook Forest, that was believed to be

built as some kind of refuge, but might just be yet another

money maker for their family. Anthony seems very curious

about this family, therefore so is Victor, even though he

barely treats him as real family.

Everyone staring at Cutter. Shepard glares at him, before a look at Jordan…


Did you know about –


(shaking head)


Shepard moving in on Cutter…


So, why the hell keep all that from me? From Jordan?!


Her and I aren't exactly close.


The four of us are supposed to be! You KNEW I had

her spying on him!


You –


Does my father know?


He does not. No one does.


All the more reason THAT I SHOULD HAVE!


Jesus Christ, Cutter!


What does any of this even mean?


It means maybe you were right. Maybe the four of us

have no business sharing such a responsibility together.


No, don't defer from the plan, baby! We can still do this.


How can I ever trust this man, again? If you can even

call him a man.



You don't even trust your own woman! Only real thing

you want to know about Anthony is how Jordan ended

up in bed with him?!

Shepard instantly clocking Cutter in the face, as Cutter aggressively begins fighting back!



They go back and forth, landing punches and both using high tech martial arts against each other, as Jordi continues pleading for them to stop. They are thrashing the room, fighting evenly at first, until Shepard begins to take advantage. Eventually, Shepard pins Cutter to the floor, as Jordi looks at Jordan.



And these are the people you want to trust with our lives?!

Cutter pushing Shepard off, and rising to his feet, as Jordan looks at an angry Shepard…


Don't listen to her; we can still do this. We have to do

this! All this fighting is simply pent-up frustration from

the deceitful situation they've forced on us. It's all the

more proof that things have to change!


I can't trust this man!


You trusted me after I let you down! I trusted you

after you bashed in my eye!

Jordi's eyes go wide! Cutter also surprised.



Cutter looking from Shepard to Jordan.


What the hell are you talking about?!


I remember that black eye.

Cutter steps back into Shepard's face.


Did you actually lay hands on a woman? Is that the

kind of man you are?


I put them on you, so yeah, I guess I did put them on

a woman!


Let's see you put them there again!


You'd like that, wouldn't you, faggot?!

This time it's Cutter clocking Shepard, and back at it they go! Cutter takes an advantage this time, as the room is again being destroyed, while Shepard begins evening the fight, and once again taking over advantage. This time Jordi jumps in, putting Cutter back in the fight, but then Jordan jumps Jordi, and complete chaos ensues…

Without noticing, the door opens to a woman who freezes and looks on in horrified shock. They keep fighting, as Ravin then dashes past the woman (nanny), and into the room, seeing all the chaos. She then dashes over into the middle of it, grabbing Jordi's (fighting Jordan) leg from behind.



They all suddenly freeze! They all look from Ravin, to Jordan…


You told her?!


Jordan, what the fuck?!

Jordan stands there in her own shock, not sure what to say. She throws a wide-eyed look at Ravin, then instantly slaps her little face, to the shock of everyone in the room.



Jordi grabs Ravin and holds her close. Jordan takes notice of a tear developing in Ravin's eye.


I trusted you with that secret!

Ravin sheds the tear.


As well as I trusted you to never again express weakness,

tiny ass little crybaby!


Jordan! That's enough!


Is it?!


What the hell is wrong with you?


It was never enough for Victor!

Everyone silently watching her…


I was only a couple years older than her when he began

beating the shit out of me, for no reason other than to

make me the woman I am today. (getting in Ravin's face)

And it didn't make me cry one single moment of my life.

Jordi looking at her sister in pure disbelief…


Jesus Christ, Jordan. I'm so sorry that happened to you,

(looking at Shepard) as well as what he did to you.


I'm not…(looking right at Ravin) It shaped me into the

badass I expect my daughter to someday be.

Jordan begins leaving the room, with Shepard following…

POV Jordan, with Jordi and Ravin behind.


I'm sorry, mommy…



Everything is quiet and almost pitch dark, as POV pans in on Jordan, apparently asleep as she lays on the ground, under her blanket…

POV continues panning in, until it dissolves into her dream.

Jordan's POV from behind Grandpa Sam, who begins dropping to his knee.


GRANDPA! What's wrong?!


I'm okay. I'm okay.

Jordan creeping up on him, from behind.


It's just been a long twenty-four hours.

He begins coming back upward as Jordan begins making her move.


I just need to sit dow –

Just before he can fully rise and finish his sentence, Jordan quickly uses a blade, to cut his throat, while watching the reaction of Grover, who stands in front of Grandpa.



Dissolve out of dream, and to Jordan still sleeping on the ground in her cage, as suddenly a flashlight shines on her, coming from afar…

It remains on her for several moments, until she begins to wake, and then it shuts off…

She fully wakes and turns to look around. It's quiet, other than the sound of one of the cougars moving around, before the rest of them begin to rise and move around…

She looks around, but sees nothing, and then rolls back over, closing her eyes…

As the cougars and other animals begin moving around more and more, Jordan opens her eyes again…

She suddenly here's a twig snap, and turns to see a shadowy image standing at the cage, and is freaked out by it…

Suddenly, she's even more freaked out as the image shines a light directly into its own face, revealing it as Leo! Jordan gasps! Leo smiles, as a few more faces appear, including Zane, Mason, Stix, GW and Dylan, all looking at the horrified face of Jordan…

Suddenly, a light from the cabin comes on, followed by men coming from the trailers, and eventually the sound of the cage lights being flipped on, as they light up the area, and more and more of the hicks come out of their trailers…

Suddenly, GW is jumped by someone, and rolled to the ground. It's Claw, and he's big enough to wrestle around with GW for a few moments, before angering him, as GW overpowers him, climbing on top and getting him into the chokehold…

The hicks are all approaching with guns aimed, as Leo and them aim their own guns. Jordan watches it unfold, as Leo and those guys are outnumbered…

Hank aims his gun at GW, who continues to hold Claw.


Let him go, now.


Put your guns down before my men in the brush lose

their patience.

Hank and the hicks all begin peeking out into the dark woods, where darkness eventually gives way to tons of torches igniting. They watch as Doc, Sage, Virgil and all the cousins come out of the brush, holding the torches and aiming guns at the hicks, as they approach…

Hank and his men eventually realize they are outnumbered, and only have one choice, as they begin lowering their weapons. Shilo suddenly comes out onto the porch aiming her shotgun, before several cousins aim back at her, and Hank motions for her to lower her weapon, which she wisely does…

Leo walks over to Hank, and leads him over to the cage, standing there looking at Jordan…


Why the cage?

Hank looks scared to answer, as he looks at Leo's face, as if he is the boyfriend Jordan warned him about…

Leo looks down at the frightened and banged up Jordan…


Don't be scared of me. A cage is exactly where she

belongs. I'd just like to know what she did to you?


Are you…are you the compound people she attacked?


We are indeed, and also the family of the man who

built that compound, and the man whose throat she



Which is why my husband put her ass in there!

Leo and others glancing at Shilo, before Hank finally speaks…


We were going to help her get back to Seattle, only

because she made you people out to be the bad guys.

Once another one of her men showed up here, and

told us what she didn't want us to know, she's been

in the cage ever since.

Leo looking from Hank to Jordan, and back to Hank…


She looks broken… How'd you accomplish that?

Hank hesitating to answer…


There are no bad answers here, Mr. Husband.


She promised my (motioning toward Claw) brother a

bride, once we got her to Seattle. Since she proved

herself worthy of cage, and threatened my family as

she did yours, I gave her to my half tard brother…

Leo shining a light down on Claw…


Let him up.

GW lets Claw up, as Leo looks him over with a smile, and then glances back down at Jordan…


So, this claw faced man gets his way with her?


She's my wife.

Leo smiles even more, and begins circling the cage, looking it all over…

Doc looks over the cougars and other animals…


She can't get herself out of here, can she? And does

she live in here fulltime?


She has a cell in the basement of the cabin, where her

and my brother spend their, "alone time". We left her

out here tonight, trying to break her. She keeps insisting

her boyfriend will be coming for her, and to keep her

alive long enough to see it.

Leo just staring at her, noticing she can't look him in the eyes…


She's just not strong enough to let you see her show

defeat…but I can see it in her now. She knows my

appearance is her end, an end she will no longer deny

she wants, needs, and craves with everything she has

left inside of her…which hope is no longer a part of. Even

if Shepard arrives someday, we'll be back here to end her

suffering, and chain her pathetic ass from the top of our

compound, for him to see, if he actually has the courage

to come knocking on our door, the way she fooled my

confused son into doing.

Hank looking confused at that last part, but focusing on the first part…


So, you want us to keep her, here?

Leo glances at his son, Zane, who nods his approval. Leo then looks to his brother, Mason, who also nods, and then over to Doc, also nodding…


As long as the honeymooners are in love, then yes. It's

the karma she deserves. We'll check in on you at least

once a week, sometimes more, and randomly. We'll

even hook you up with some supplies…(eyeing him) But

you screw this up, you lose her, or turn against us…Her

boyfriend arriving will be the last of your fears.

Leo looks at her one last time, as she looks back this time. He smiles at her and then turns, as they all begin leaving…


You win, Leo. I give up. Don't leave me here! Just do it,

you piece of shit. Kill me! Kill me, Leo! You chicken shit

old fart! I killed your father! (Leo stopping) I cut his god

dam throat and you're going to spend the rest of your

life thinking about it, and seeing it over and over, and

over, and over, AND OVER, AND OVER!

She finally stops as Leo angrily turns and stomps his way back to the cage, aiming his gun directly at her…

She looks up at him. Her POV of him looking down at her, gun in her face, with total desire to shoot her dead. She closes her eyes, bringing POV to black



Every time I go through the pain of seeing what you

did to my father…

Jordan opening eyes, looking back at him.


I will find comfort in imagining you and your new

husband, as he forces himself on you, over and over.

Jordan closing eyes again, bringing POV to black.



And over, and over, AND OVER, AND OVER!

Sound of Leo turning and leaving, as Jordan opens eyes and watches him go, all of them, and Hank and his people heading back inside…

She tries to hold it in as long as she can, but then loses it, like never before, and bawls/screams like a baby, into the night, as the cougars go wild…