Season 4, Episode 3

"Fort Vancouver"




EXT. MT. HOOD TREE HOUSE – DAY (very snowy)

POV of that season 1 tree house, deserted and snow covered. It's quiet, other than the sound of the falling snow. POV begins traveling down below, around the yard and heavily damaged cabin, along with the blown-up Hummer…

POV makes its way toward the lake, eventually coming to the graves of Fish and all the others…



Is it weird that I keep coming back here, over the last six

Months…since my grandfather's death? Is it strange that

I keep reliving my dad's death, to ease the pain of

Grandpa? Maybe I'm just trying to remember how I even

survived all of that pain…

Dissolve to shots of people like Zane, Leo, Blake, Sage, Jo, GW, Hunter, Mason, Jaelyn, Virgil, Jennifer, Porter, Scout, Chasin, Dakota, Cleo, Eli and others, all in places/moments by themselves, and weeping over the recent tragic events, and their loved ones who have been lost…



I even feel selfish at times, knowing how all the others I

love, have been through the same pain…pain that has cast

a permanent dark cloud over our spirits…spirits that were

so full of hope, before the events that will forever be known

as the Red Christmas…

Silence up until the emotional shots come to an end…



Most of us mourned nonstop through the New Year…

Leo, Zane, Mason and others, all searching through the woods…



While some of us worked around the clock…to bring Jordan

to justice…

Leo, Zane and the others are in the garage, unloading, and eyeing each other over the secret of finding Jordan…



She was never found, and I'd like to believe it was Dad

and Grandpa…who got to her first…

Zane and Leo looking over the abandoned prison…



Once they gave up on her, it was all about Grover…

or Anthony…

Zane, Leo, GW and others are in a boat, traveling the ocean line…



Zane is the one I look to see my father in, as well as my

grandfather, yet he, Leo and others, all risked their lives

traveling by boat, to Seattle...

Zane looking over the amazing setup at the Seattle racetracks…



Anthony had indeed been there…

The Canadian leaders showing damage in the gate, to Leo and Zane…



And in fact, it was said he attacked the place, in hope

of killing his own grandfather, until he realized he was

already dead…

Leo, Zane and his people all shaking hands with the Seattle leaders, as they prepare to leave…



And that Leo had left the Canada group in charge, who

were happy to make peace with the leftover army who

supported Leo…

Multiple shots of Leo, Zane, GW and the team searching the beach towns on their way back to Oregon…



But Anthony knew his father would return, and took

his army away, in which to this day their location still

remains a mystery.

Stix leading Kemp, Lester, Ned, Floyd, Deon and the rest of their people though he gates of Glenwood…



With Zane in Seattle and Stix settling in as the new

leader of Glenwood, the convicts, loggers, and rest

of their people were eager to bring it back to life.

Hunter, April, Leo and others shaking hands with Stix, Kemp, Harris, Nikki, Shawn, Marshall and others…



Those of them who fought during Red Christmas were

heavily praised, as were those from Nike World…

Harris driving with her sister and father, as a convoy of their people follow behind, while driving away from the compound…



Who were also anxious to follow their Queen home,

and begin rebuilding.

Damon walking into a room at the SSH, with a huge smile, as Divit follows Doc into the room across from Damon, showing him the amazing view of the pier and ocean…



Doc even took in some of the convicts at the SSH, who

have earned the right to be known as something other

than just a convict.

A bus leaving the compound…

Same bus (full of compounders) as it pulls into Glenwood…

Same bus as it pulls into Nike World…

A woman and her child (compounders) following Kemp into a cabin at Glenwood, as the woman hugs and kisses Kemp…



Believe it or not, a handful of compounders gave up their

homes over the first half of the year, to join either

Glenwood or Nike World. Some for love and relationships…

A husband stands with his child, watching mom hug her parents, before climbing onto a school bus…



While others may just have wanted to get out from

under that dark cloud.

Convicts at Nike World gym, shaking hands with other players, after a game had ended, as POV pans by them and to an old copy of the monthly forester, pinned to the wall, with a pic of the Spring League Champs…



Nike World hosted sporting events, but the compounders

did not organize the "annual" Spring Hoop League, as

they did the year before…

Sage showing Damon an area of the SSH, with a view of the playing field, where they glance at a photo of the PA1 Sand Series Champs, with Joshua smiling and celebrating…



Nor a Fourth of July Classic, in which one of last year's

champs is no longer with us.

POV of the empty whiffle ball field at the SSH…

POV of the great weather, but empty baseball field at the compound, that has been unkept…

POV of the compound softball fields, just as empty and unkept…



We keep saying, for Grandpa, that the holidays will be

celebrated, but as of mid-August, that part of the old

world in which we have worked so hard to keep a part

of this new one, has not been with us.

Samantha (12.5) holding hands with little Bo (6), guiding him down the steep staircase to the garage, where Leo and Zane are unloading their hummer…



Zane and Leo seem to have closure with Jordan, but

until they find Anthony, I'm not sure if the old world

will ever again be a part of this one.


Samantha, when are you going to stop growing? You

too, Bo? You both need to stop. It's making Zane feel old.

Samantha and Bo smiling as they reach the bottom.


What really bothers him is that when I feel old, he

feels like a dinosaur.



Then why don't the two of you act your age and

spend a day or two rocking in a chair, or something.

Samantha turns with a smile at the sight of a very pregnant Pepsi, standing at the top of the stairs, too pregnant to climb them.


Speak for yourself, and do not dare come down

those steps!


Then get your ass up there and give your woman a kiss!


What he said!

Zane pats Samantha on the head, and quickly gives Bo a playful punch to the gut, making him laugh, as Leo moves in and does the same, while Zane climbs the steps and gives Pepsi her kiss, before grabbing her belly, with a smile back down at his dad…


Hope you're ready to be a grandfather, old man; this

kid is a week or two from keeping mommy up all night.



You married the right woman, because I sleep when

my baby does. Nothing beats motherhood.

Zane giving her another kiss, as his radio goes off.


(over radio)

Relay six east reports our scout team believes Grover

has taken up residence at Fort Vancouver.

Zane stares at Leo, who comes and grabs the radio…


(into radio)

Grover is dead. The person we're looking for is my

son, Anthony. (handing radio back to Zane)


(over radio)

Yes, sir.


(into radio)

There has been no previous sign of him there.


It's been months since we sent a team over that way.

He could have dodged our scouts by laying low, hoping

we'd never return.

Zane looking at Leo while thinking, before back to the radio…


(into radio)

How sure was Baxter?


(over radio)

Sure enough to be rushing your way as we speak.

Zane again looking at his father…


(into radio)

Rodger that…

Zane now staring at Pepsi, who gives him an understanding smile.


Go; I hope this is it.

Zane now looks at Leo, as they head back for the hummer, climbing in and driving out of the garage, with a wave at them all.

Pepsi smiles at Samantha, who follows her out of the garage, and into a room of the Baker complex. They walk over to a sliding door, that leads them out onto a large balcony, overlooking the hummer which drives over onto Baker Lane (lots of groups of people in the fields), and disappearing through the long corridor, leading to the compound gates.

Pepsi makes herself comfortable while sitting down onto a swinging bench, as Samantha sits down with her. Bo walks over to the railing, watching the hummer driving off into the corridor…


You think they'll finally find him?


He's family, and it was important to Grandpa that he

knows it, so I know they will not stop until they do.


What's going to happen when they do?

Pepsi eyeing Bo, taking notice that he is listening to them.


I don't think it will be easy, but I believe good things

will come from it. The man I knew, even while

portraying his darker side, was a man who cared about

doing the right thing. I didn't meet him, but was told

how compassionate he was to Chance, after he'd been

through complete hell. I know he'll love seeing him again.


What about the others? Can they forgive him for Joshua,

his dad, Abino and the others?


We all have to…as long as he's medicated…

Pepsi looking down at Samantha with a smile…


What about you? How are things in your world? What

kind of things are on Samantha's mind, these days?


(with a laugh)

Why do you ask that?


I don't know; you're a few months away from jumping

into your teens. I figured you must be crushing on boys

by now, or fending off the ones that are crushing on you.

Samantha blushing with a smile.



Hi, Daddy!

Pepsi and Samantha smiling, as Chasin's head arrives at the railing of the balcony. He smiles back at them while reaching up for his boy, and lifting him up over the railing, and down with him.



Thanks, Samantha; you rock girl!


Back at you, big cousin.

Samantha smiling up at Pepsi, who smiles back at her…



Samantha hesitates before Pepsi finally nudges her…


Spill it…


Boys are not crushing on me the way that girls are crushing

on Eli.

Pepsi smiling with a look downward…


Well, Eli is a bit older.


I know, and it's not even that a lot of girls like him. It's

that he seems to like the ones who know how to fight,

like him. I'm just not that great at it.


Again, he's older and so are the girls who are able to

do things you might not have the strength for, yet,

but the age difference between you two will not seem

so distant, once a few more years go by.

Pepsi eyeing her, as she remains silent…


Trust me, you'll catch up. Just let life runs its course.


I know, it's just…people in my family are fighters,

which is why Eli has fit right in with them, but…


Samantha…you contribute in so many ways. If you

have to settle for being an average fighter, then boo-

freaking-hoo! (both giggling) I'd kill for what you have

at your age. I can see why this family treats you like

some kind of God. You are so much like your

grandfather…it's what gives hope to everyone here…

Samantha gives her biggest smile yet, as POV floats away from them, and over the compound, where Eli, Blake and the other Rough Riders, along with tons of other kids/teens are being trained to fight, with Harris, Nikki and their father Shawn, all training them…

Harris is working one-on-one with Renee, who both stop for a moment to laugh, at the sight of Todd standing off to the side of another group (Rich, DJ, Marlana, GW, Griffey, Trisha, Ashley, Coke, Chance, Russel, Vara, Jenna and others), with Sandy. He's mimicking some of the moves they are demonstrating…



One thing that hasn't changed at the compound, has

been the training. In fact, it has doubled. All kids and

members, who can, are trained with everything that

the Queen of Nike and her family can train them with.

They are constantly here training both kids and adults…

POV of Harris, Nikki and Shawn at Glenwood, training kids/adults…

POV Harris, Nikki and Shawn at the SSH, on the beach, training the cousins…

POV Harris, Nikki and Shawn at the beach camp, training kids/adults…



As well as Glenwood, the SSH, and even the beach camp.

We don't ever want to relieve another night like the Red


POV comes back to the compound, where Harris and her family continue working with different groups. POV goes into birds-eye view of them, as it crosses the Baker field and over the trees/brush, until coming to the compound wall, where a few guards are along the catwalk, or in the tree houses, including the newly built one, where Joshua was killed…

POV goes down to the gates, which are ajar. Zane's hummer is there, where he stands with Leo, Mason and Hunter…


(over radio)

A lot of rushing off toward the gates. Anything I

should be concerned about?


(into radio)

Just a hot lead, on Anthony. Anxiously awaiting the

scouting team for a better report. You just keep

teaching our kids how to survive, and stay strong

yourself, because I am going to take you, one of these days!

Cut to Harris (just having took a drink of water), smiling, as she walks away from a bunch of young kids who are practicing their moves. Chasin is there with Bo, helping the kids (August, Jax, Maddox, Blaze, Kat and others). Harris approaches Renee, who is working with Marlana and GW.


(into radio)

You were either a comedian or a dreamer in your old life.


(over radio)

Dreams come true, baby, so let's go with the latter.

Harris smiling again as she puts down radio and begins working with Renee again, as Marlana and GW go to the other kids…

Cut back to Zane and them, (Porter arriving on a motorcycle), as they stand around talking, but instantly go quiet, as noise comes from behind them, in the brush, as the Guardian comes out of nowhere, spooking the hell out of them!


Jesus! You're supposed to do that to unexpected

guests. Not us!

A few chuckles…


What are we all doing out here?

She turns as they all watch another biker arrive from the corridor, with someone on back. The person on the back pulls off her helmet, revealing herself as Rachel. The driver pulls of his helmet, revealing himself as Gunner, all healed from his Christmas near death experience…



Samantha is now walking through the complex with Scout, who holds a drink.


I say just go for it. It's a new world, maybe you don't

have to play the field to find love anymore.

Taking a drink.


Pepsi said I should not be in such a rush, and that

he'll see me as his own age in time.



She could be right, and the wiser one at the moment.

(raising her drink) I'm currently a little emotionally

influenced, right now…if I just said all that right? Okay I

gotta' run. You should get back to your training, young lady.

Scout taking another drink as she enters the garage, and goes for a bike, putting on her helmet, with a look at Samantha, as she climbs on the bike…


I'm okay to ride…but okay to give a twelve-year old

advice on love?

Scout shrugging, and then riding up out of the garage, speeding off toward the corridor…



I worry about Scout…She seems to drink a lot…ever since…

Dissolve to a little while later, at the compound gates (April, Wyatt, Scout, Solis, Dakota, Catherine, Rich, and Jaelyn all present) as they anxiously await a pair of trucks, full of men, which stops there at the gates. Baxter and Conner jump out of the back, along with Gia and some other soldiers. Mayday comes from the driver's side of one of the trucks…


I was almost positive I saw him. So, we followed someone

who left the Fort, and made their way to the campus of

Clark College. It's barricaded. Not just like the leftover army

fencing we saw while scouting it last year, but with major

renovations. I can't tell you with absolute certainty, but I'm

banking on it being your brother.


They could be gardening at the Fort, and bunking

at the campus.


We've only scouted the campus that once, without any

indication of survivors, but never made it inside. The dead

were everywhere.


If Anthony cleared them, and upgraded the perimeter,

it'd be very doable living conditions.

Leo staring right at Zane…


Let's put a team together, and pay a visit to Fort Vancouver…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by. POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



Birds-eye POV of the Clark College campus, with people and cars (mostly students) going about their everyday business, although not as many people as a normal pre-apocalyptic day. There is a flashing police car just leaving the POV…

POV begins panning downward toward a couple of female students (Jessica, Haylee), walking the campus sidewalk, in-between all the different school facilities and a large field. They're giggling at something in front of them, as a shirtless guy jogs by them, with a smile. They look back at him…


No way that guy's a student.


He probably lives in one of those houses across from

the campus. Probably even by design, so he can stalk

all the college girls, while he gets older and older.


He can stalk me until the day I graduate! (shouting back

at him) I work in the library every day after class!

Jessica humiliated as he glances back at them, and Haylee begins giggling…


Hell, if he lives up on the hill in one of those million-

dollar homes, he can marry me and stalk college girls

the rest of his life!

Both girls laughing, as Jessica looks back at him one more time, taking notice of a flashing police car speeding down the far busy road, in the background…


What's up with all the cops, today?


I know, Five-O been working overtime all day!

Jessica looking down at her phone…


I woke up to the damn sound of it, today.

Jessica still looking at her phone as they continue to walk the campus sidewalk, while Haylee takes notice of yet another speeding cop car, on the other side of the campus, going in different direction as the other one…


(still looking at phone)

What the…

Jessica shows her phone to Haylee. Their POV of a Facebook post, as Haylee reads it out loud.


Some tweaker just ATE my neighbor's dog! He then went

after them! He just kept banging up against their door,

until giving up and going back to the dog! He's still eating

it as I type this! And 911 is NOT answering!

The girls both look at each other…


Friend of yours?


Barely knew her. Just went to grade school together.

They notice a video now posted to the comments, by the same poster. Jessica quickly pushes play. They both watch it, of a "tweaker" (huff) surely enough kneeled down in someone's yard, eating a large dog, but suddenly taking notice of the person filming, and now rising to go after her. She begins screaming and running back inside of her house, slamming the door. She films the "tweaker" through her door window, as it continues toward the door.


Oh my god; I don't know what to do!

The video ends, as a new comment appears below it, from same poster.


He's still there, at my door! He's too high to break

through it! Why the hell won't 911 answer?!

A new comment now appears, from same poster.


If you see this and know where I live, PLEASE come

and bring a GUN!


If this is real, then why can't she reach 911?


Should we…should we call them?

Haylee looks at her, and then grabs her phone, dialing 911, as they both stand there listening to it just ring and ring, when suddenly, they are scared shitless while quickly grabbed from behind!

STUDENT (Bryson)

Where you guys going? Didn't you hear? All classes

have been suspended.


Because of the so-called pandemic, or the fact 911

responders have gone AWOL?

Jessica scrolling down her phone.


911 doesn't work?


Here's another one. (Jessica reading post) I just got

rear-ended by a cop, who just kept going.

Jessica scrolling more.


Oh my god, what is going on out there?! Another one!

(Jess showing them while also reading it) A man just

got shot for trying to steal someone's car, and CAME

BACK TO LIFE! He began EATING some little kid right

there in the parking lot! (Jess looking at them) Is this

really happening?

They all watch as another cop car goes speeding down the one of the roads in the far background…


What exactly is happening?

Now a shotgun can be heard firing multiple times in the far background.


Let's figure that out after we get inside.


It looks like people are going to the library.

They all begin quickly walking toward the nearby facility in front of them.


Let's go wait this out in there


Maybe we should go to the cafeteria. We might have

to wait this out overnight.

Dissolve to them being the last ones let into the library, with doors locked behind them. They look around at all the other frightened students and faculty. Some of them are crying, and most of them are using or trying to use their phones…

Some people begin to gather in front of a tv, to see the news. A few more people arrive, and are let in, as Jessica begins trying to call someone on her phone. She looks worried without an answer, and waits for voicemail…


(speaking into phone, with emotion)

Dad? Dad, please call me. Please call me as soon as you

get this. I'm at the school library… (silent a moment) I love

you, Dad.

Dissolve to hours later, while some watch the news, some look out the windows, some look at their phones, and some help barricade the doors. They all look tired, and twice as worried/scared…

Jessica looks at her phone with tears…



Why isn't he calling me? (looking at Haylee) He must

be dead.


(shaking head)



There's no other explanation.

Bryson and Haylee at a loss for words, with Jessica becoming more emotional, before they all flinch at the sound of more gunfire, closer than before…

Dissolve to a little later, with even more fear and exhaustion among the library full of students/faculty, and a tv that now only plays static…

Jessica's eyes are tear-dried, as she stares down at her phone, wishing it to ring. Bryson and Haylee sit close-by, as Bryson keeps his eyes on the window…


I hope this is the end… I don't want to live a life never

knowing what happened to him. He was such a strong

man, a leader. (getting emotional again) I don't even

want to know what kind of thing it took to stop a man

like him, from getting to me…


Would you cry me a god damn river, already! Over

there whining about your old man while the rest of

us have lost entire families!


Hey man!


You need to shut your mouth, is all you need to do!


We're all going through this together.


That's my point! She needs to stop acting like a

little bitch who believes this is all about her.

Bryson steps up to Ace, as they are about to begin fighting.


Someone's out there!

Everyone stops and goes to the window, looking out at someone staggering his way through the open field, obviously a huff…


It's one of the infected!


Not infected, dead!


He can't be actually dead.


This can't be happening!


Infected and dead? Maybe you get the virus and this

is what happens after you die from it?

The huff doesn't see any of them, and appears to be passing them by, until Ace suddenly knocks on the window, to the shock of most of the others.


What the hell are you doing?!



We need to know what we're dealing with.


What if more come?


You might have just killed us all!

Ace rolls his eyes and knocks again, as the huff keeps coming toward them. They all watch with wild curiosity and fear, as it comes right at their window. A few screams/cries as it begins banging on the window. Ace goes right to window and stares back at the dead man, curiously taking in what he can from him…


It can see us, but…


Has no idea how to use the door, or even break through.


I've seen a lot of posts about them breaking through

peoples windows.


These are too strong. He's dead alright. He can't think.

The force of his body won't get him through these windows.

Everyone watching Ace walk over to the door, but then looking around for some kind of weapon. He begins looking around, before giving up and filling his schoolbag with as many books as he can hold in there…

He goes to the door, opens and steps outside.


Hey dumbass, over here.

The huff moves from the window and heads toward Ace, who waits for the right moment, before using his bag to drill the huff, who goes down to the ground. It rises back up, as Ace studies it's every move. He hits it even harder, again knocking him down. Ace goes back inside, closing but not locking the door…

He and everyone else watches as the huff rises and comes to the door, banging against it, but unable to simply open it, as Ace smiles back at the others.


He's dead, alright!


Could you tell what killed him? Was he shot or anything?


(shaking head)

Looks like a bum.


So, maybe the virus killed him?

Bryson looking Ace up and down.


So, then you might have just infected yourself.


Now we're all going to get it!

Many of the students now looking at Ace like a disease, and quickly moving away from him…


Then put on a damn mask or something! If it's a

virus then we're all already dead, or immune.

Didn't someone say they saw something on social

media about brains? Having to kill them that way?


Yeah, like that one video of the guy on the freeway

that went viral the other day.


Yeah, they shot him several times before a head-shot

put him down.

Ace opens the door and shoves the huff to the ground. He begins beating the shit out of it with his schoolbag, but leaving his head alone. He then jumps on its legs, crushing them and crippling him…

Ace stands over him, catching his breath, and watching him struggle to rise, or come at him…


Sure don't seem to feel pain, do ya? Let me know

if you can feel this.

Ace uses the bag to crush his skull, over and over…

He stands there looking down at it, and then back at the others, who all stare in shock, as Ace drops his bag, steps back inside, closes/locks door, and walks by everyone…


Yep…I'm beginning to like this new world of ours…

Disturbed looks from the faces of all the others, especially Jessica, as scene dissolves to a little while later, Jessica (and others) trying hard to reach loved ones on their phones. Some can be heard talking to loves ones, begging them to come pick them up, or stay safe…

Suddenly, Bryson takes notice of a pair of large trucks pulling into the campus parking lot, and right up onto the lawn, heading toward the library, with reactions to those who take notice, as students begin piling up at the window to watch.


What the hell is this?

The trucks have men in the back, and tons of boxes/food, and they come to a stop at the library, jumping out of their trucks. A student (Ace) opens the doors and goes outside, as one of the men (Carter) comes right to him.


Go back inside; find anyone with a truck or lots of room.

Tell them to follow us over to the Walmart on Fourth Plain.

We're going to grab as much as we possibly can and bring

it back here. Go, go now!

Ace turns and dashes back inside the library.


Who's got a truck?! These guys need our help, now!

Dissolve to Ace and others helping the men in the trucks, unloading food from the trucks into the library…

Dissolve to a Walmart parking lot, with people everywhere. The store is being raided. POV finds Ace throwing boxes of food into the back of a stuffed truck, with others helping…

Dissolve to those same two trucks that arrived at the campus, along with a bunch more, speeding up a long hill, and returning to the campus. All the vehicles drive into the parking lot, and over the curb onto the lawn, and over to the library…

Dissolve to them almost finished unloading.


Now what?


Now we do it again, and again and again. I've got others

out doing the same thing. There's no telling how long

we'll be here on our own.

Dissolve to dusk, with all the scared exhausted faces of the others…

Dissolve to night, as most of them are sleeping and using what extra clothing they had, as blankets. Jessica lays there awake, staring at her phone, which is out of service, and low on juice…

She develops a tear while look away, and right at Ace, who stares back at her with a creepy smile…

Dissolve to morning, and Jessica waking to the sound of everyone in the room becoming excited, before cheering with extreme emotion and relief. Hope lights up her face, as she jumps up to look around, and spots both Bryson and Haylee staring outside. Bryson looks at her with a relieved smile, as she turns to look outside. She can see the far parking lot filling up with military vehicles, and an army jeep speeding across the field, stopping right in front of them all, still cheering and hugging each other…



POV close-up of a table made map of the Vancouver area. POV pans back to Hunter pointing out the mission, to a room full of others, including Leo, Zane, Mason, Chasin, Gunner, Wyatt, Rich, Porter, April, Scout, Solis, Doug, Nikki, Dakota, Cleo, Mayday, Gia, Tanner, Darius, Frost, Sheriff Dave, Samantha and Bo.


We know the military put up fencing along these areas,

and random spots along here. The rest of the area is

inaccessible much like Nike World. (pointing) The bluff

here would also keep out both the living and the dead.

This entire neighborhood atop and below that hill, right

next to the campus, is inside this perimeter, and would

provide great living conditions, as long as food was being

provided. (pointing) Hence Fort Vancouver, where we

imagine they do their growing, as the army also provided

a perimeter of the surrounding gardens on the outside of

the Fort. We could potentially be dealing with not only a

large group, but one that is organized. All the more reason

to believe Anthony may be behind it, not to mention it's

even possible this location was on his radar pre-apocalypse,

due to all the other secrets and preparations, we know he

had put into motion. (looking over his family members)

He's definitely a Baker…and we need to let him know we

see him as such.

Leo nods at Hunter…


So, you guys scouted it just the once, but never went

past the perimeter? How sure are we that there isn't

still military inside?


Too many huffs for the scouting team to risk entry, on

both sides of the fencing, leading us to believe it as

vacated, or overran.


Probably the students and civilians that were originally

held up in there. (sarcasm) God bless the US military…


Anthony may have struggled to stick to his plans there,

much like he did with Nike World, due to said military,

but may have very well returned, either recently, or even

after things fell apart for him with Nike World, once Zane

and Harris took it over. If recently, he may only have the

fifty or so men we knew him to have…but if he's had a

community surviving there since the military retreated,

his numbers could be drastically higher.


He might have even overtaken the military, like he had

planned to do at Nike World.


Which means he'd have plenty of other weapons,

possibly soldiers, at his demand.




But what about all those huffs on the inside?


Could have been a decoy to throw off our scouts.


He knew we'd be checking out the area, at least once.


Here's the money question. How do we know if he's

still medicating?


We do not…


But what we do know is that the fifty men he has

leftover from the Seattle army, are all loyal to me.

They would have left him if he was at all talking about

going against us.


Talking and planning are two different things. He could

be playing them, like he played you for so many years.

Silence fills the room. Samantha looks from Scout to Leo, as do many others…


Fair question, sister, and I admit only a mad man would

go to Seattle and attack Victor with only fifty men, but I

believe he did that out of rage, not madness. He did it to

prove something to us all. He also left them in peace once

he realized I had already dealt with Victor.


That was six months ago. We don't know his current condition.


Hence the extreme caution we're putting into this mission,

and those who go. There are a lot of important people in

this room, as well as the council members at the other camps,

who will make their own decisions on who goes. I know a lot

of you were frustrated with not being a part of the Seattle

mission, (looking right at Scout) and I'm sure this won't be

much different, but these were his rules, just as well as they

are mine.

Scout shaking her head, and heading for the door.


Fuck off, big brother.

Everyone watching Scout leave the room with frustration. POV Samantha shaking her head as Scout slams the door…

Dissolve to Hunter in the new tree house, walking out onto the catwalk, watching a team of hummers, pulling a pair of boats, and leaving the compound…

Dissolve to those hummers pulling into Glenwood…

Dissolve to Zane shaking hands with Stix, Kemp and Lester, and nodding at the other people/children of the camp, as they gleam at the legend, and his team…

Dissolve to the hummers driving down highway 6, as Nikki stares off to one side of the road, with a radio in hand.


(over radio)

Be safe, little sis. Your "queen" demands it! (with laugh)


(into radio, with laugh)

I still buy an apocalypse with hungry dead people, before

I buy one with you as a Queen!

Sound of Harris laughing over the radio, as Nikki laughs right back…

Dissolve to Nikki in one of the two boats, speeding the Columbia River, from the Oregon side, and heading down river. Zane, Leo, Dakota, Cleo, Porter, Baxter, Mayday, Gia, Tanner, Darius, Frost, Stix, and GW (all wearing bulletproof vests) are all on the boats, enjoying the ride, as they go under the Interstate Bridge and begin heading toward a spot on the Vancouver Washington side, even though plenty of huffs are around…

The boats dock, and they all get out to begin killing off some huffs, and quickly climbing the bank and looking around. Stix gets a good look and turns back toward the others, shaking his head, as he runs back down the large bank, and into the boat, as others do the same. They begin going back down river, as tons of huffs begin spilling over that bank, some of them rolling down it, and into the river, as many more keep coming over the top of it, with a look from the guys on the boats…

Leo shares a look with Zane…


He might have strategically placed them there, like that…

Zane just shaking his head, as they continue along that side of the river, looking for a place to dock…


(into radio)

Mayday, depending on how far we have to go, the

better the west side is looking to me. Are you sure

this is the better route?


(over radio)

Like I already told you, docking is easy on the west side,

but downtown Vancouver and the entire I-5 stretch is a

sea of abandoned cars and the dead, popping out of those

cars whenever you think you're finally alone. A few scouts

is one thing, but a group this large would not surprise me if

we suffered casualties and/or were spotted by their scouts.

Zane just shaking his head, not thrilled with their choices, with a look from Leo.


We've got plenty of gas. We'll find a pair of large vehicles

to get us where we need to be. The Evergreen hills should

be fairly quiet. We'll travel through there.

Dissolve to them docking on the Washington side, on someone's property. A few random huffs are around, and heading their direction. Porter, Baxter, Gia, GW, Dakota and Cleo begin securing the area of huffs, killing those who are around, while Zane, Leo, Stix and Mayday are quick to begin looking for vehicles. Nikki, Darius, Tanner, and Frost are securing the area of any possible threats, like other groups or random people with weapons…

As the area appears secure, Nikki and the soldiers Darius, Tanner and Frost, all go back to the boats, grabbing supplies of gas, and racing them over to Zane and Leo, who have located some transportation. All the others begin grabbing whatever other supplies they have from the boats, and tying the boats to shore…

They begin tossing their supplies and weapons into the back of a pair of trucks, where most people climb in back of, while Porter and Leo get behind the wheel, and a few people in passenger seats…

Leo takes off, driving out of the large driveway and out onto highway 14, where plenty of huffs are here and there. The people in the back begin aiming at huffs that are close enough, only shooting the ones too close to being in the truck's way, as Leo leads them to an offramp, and into the Evergreen hills…

Dissolve to them slowly/cautiously driving on backroads, seeing random huffs and abandoned vehicles. They come to several huffs, as Leo has to run right over one of them, crunching over the top of it, as Porter just dodges it, but then hits one of his own, also crunching over the top of it. Cleo cheers from the back of the truck.


That a baby, Porter! Run those ugly fuckers down!

Porter nailing another one, as Cleo cheers!

Dissolve to both trucks coming to a stop, in the end of a brushy area. They climb out, walk to the end of the brush and stare out across a huge field with random structures here and there, and a few random huffs roaming the area. Leo is the first one out, then Zane, as all the others follow. Leo looks back at Mayday, who remains back in the brush, with his soldiers, Gia, Frost, Darius and Tanner, who all begin finding secure spots to keep a lookout from…

Dissolve to Leo and the others now being sneaky, and getting as close to Fort Vancouver as they can. They run from a building structure over to a brushy area. Leo pulls out binoculars. His POV as he scans around the Fort, and then the surrounding area, with tons of people working the gardens, which have fences all around them, to keep out the dead…

Leo hands the binoculars to Zane, who looks through, as Leo looks over at Baxter.


Is this about as good as your view from the other side?


I'd say we're a little closer, with a better view of their

exit route, which leads straight toward the campus.


It's definitely a good setup between the two.

Surprised I didn't think of it.


Too close to the city and not enough hunting. Those

gardens would not be enough to feed a large

community through the winter months.


Hunting might be better than you think. West and

South of this area is huff city, but East and North is

woods and farms, without everyday human life.


I was thinking same thing, but their hunters would be

at constant risk compared to the coast or mountains,

especially while transporting in and out of their camps.


Stix is right, though. It's doable, and what other

options does he have?

Suddenly, a bullet comes out of nowhere, and just misses Leo, followed by a second, that just misses Zane, as they, and the others all quickly duck down low.


What the! Is that a damn sniper?!

Leo ducked down low, just staring back at Zane…



Yeah, it was…and just close enough to miss us both.

Zane just staring wide-eyed at his dad, who stands there in the open, as the others watch in shock…

Another shot is fired, just missing Leo, who now walks out and raises his hands outward, showing himself. A few shots are fired at his feet, just missing. Zane looks out, as a group of men on horses are heading right for them. With more from another side, almost like they were expecting company.


(into radio)

We've been fired at by a sniper, and now have dozens

of armed horsemen on the verge of surrounding us.

Get back to the boats and send word to the others!

Zane shuts off radio and walks out next to his dad, as do the others. The men on horses arrive, a ton of them, aiming guns at them all. None of them are Anthony, or look familiar to Leo and the others, although Bryson (from flashbacks) is on one of the horses, aiming his weapon down at the others…



Bryson, Jessica, Haylee and tons of other students/faculty, are outside, near one of the campus parking lots, where tons of military vehicles are unloading supplies…

Jessica takes notice of Ace and Carter talking to some soldiers, and then turns to look at groups of people being led by some solders, across the campus field and toward all the students.

They look like random families. kids, parents, even a few dogs, and one little girl is carrying her kitten. They're not here to stay, as they don't appear to have suitcases or bags, but are marched up to the gathering of students/faculty, as a soldier with a blowhorn prepares to speak to them all…


(through blowhorn)

I need everyone to quiet down, step in as close as

possible, and listen to what I have to say.

Everyone bunches up as much as they can. Many faces are tear-dried, some small children currently crying, or scared, holding on closely to their mom or dad…

Jessica looks around at them all, and how scared they appear, but also relieved and anxious for answers/help…

She then takes notice of the cute jogger guy who had ran past her and Haylee, just before all the madness. He appears to be alone, and catches Jessica eyeing him, just before the soldier goes on.


I'm Colonel Davis, and I know you all have a lot of

questions, so let me do my best to put them to rest.

We have food, generators and other supplies, and will

do our best to keep you comfortable, while we fight to

clear the city. That's the good news…now for the bad,

and the harsh reality of the situation we're all in. By all,

I mean the entire country, and probably the entire world.

The dead are…not so dead. They're violent and hungry

for the flesh of the living. We don't know how many, or

if it's just the infected who become like this, but you let

one sink it's teeth into you, and your fate will be their

own. Now, we have military camps all throughout the

country, and will give it our best effort to make more

sense of this, and to overcome it…but I'll warn you right

now, that although each camp will take care of its civilians,

we have no time for rescue missions or finding missing

family members. Look around you…this is now your

family. Those outside our camps are casualties of war,

and considered infected.

POV Jessica as the colonel goes on, but his lasts words have a life altering effect on her. She tunes out the rest of what he is saying, as she slowly walks off on her own, next to a building and some brush. She looks faint, or like she may vomit. She begins taking deep breaths, bracing herself against a tree…


Miss, are you okay?

He helps her from collapsing (revealing himself as cute jogger), as she becomes emotional.


Whoa, I got you. (looking at her) I'm guessing you

have someone you're really worried about.

He looks over at the Colonel, who just wrapped up his speech, as other soldiers begin handing out supplies…


He wasn't lying about the harsh reality part, was he?

(looking at her) I'm Steve, and I'm hurting too, but

right now, I'm easing that pain by focusing on yours.

So, take your time, because I know I'm going to be in

a world of pain, once I go back to my empty home.

Please feel free to distract me as long as you possibly can.

Jessica can't even look at him…


(highly emotional)

You're making it worse by reminding me I'm not the

only one. I mean, how selfish am I, right? I know how

they all feel. I know how you feel. I lost my older sister,

younger brother and my mom, in the snap of a finger.

(sobbing) So, I know what you're going through. I was

seven years old, and only survived because my dad got

me through it. We got each other through it. I don't even

know why I'm telling you all this.


Because I want you too.


(finally looking at him)

How do I get through this? How do I do it without him?

(bawling) How does he get through it?

He just stares at her with a developing tear…


I'm sorry, I'm really not trying to be selfish.


Which is the last thing you are being.

He just sits with her while she weeps, before again looking at him…


Who did you lose?


I'm trying to make myself believe she's just as safe as I

am, but my fiancé is the one I can't stop thinking about.

My parents, too. I'm actually staying at their home up

on the hill, while they were away. My fiancé, who is

actually just my girlfriend, as I was going to ask her to

marry me next weekend, at the coast, is away on business.

Jessica shaking her head…


Thanks for making me feel even more selfish. I am so sorry.


You are selfish! We were focused on you, and now you

have me thinking about my own problems, again. I told

you, the more I can do to help, whether it's you or with

our new camp, the less time I'll have to feel the pain. It's

all I can think of to stay sane.


Now you sound like my dad.


I'm going to take that as a compliment.

Haylee arriving, with her own tears and a hug for Bryson, who then hugs some other girl, and another, all worried about their loved ones…


You okay, Jess?

Jessica looks up at Haylee, then stands and embraces her…


I'm so sorry about your family, Haylee.


I'm so sorry about your dad.

POV travels away from them, and among all the other emotional students and families…

People are gathering supplies, at least half of them with tears. Some people are too emotional to do anything other than sit and cry…

POV comes to Ace, talking with the Colonel.


I'm not suggesting you give us weapons. We'll just use

baseball bats or hockey sticks, whatever we can, but

you have to put us in the fight. We're young, strong,

and you know you could use the extra manpower.


(shaking head)

Never going to happen. In a single word…liability.



Liability? I bet there isn't even a single damn lawyer

left in the world!

Another soldier arrives.


Colonel, we have command on the line.

The colonel turns to leave as scene dissolves…



Leo and the others being led through the gates of Fort Vancouver. The men leading them come to a stop, climbing down off of their horses…

A man dressed as a soldier is approaching them, and revealed as Colonel Davis, as he arrives, looking over Leo and the others…

He then looks at the horsemen, unloading the weapons they confiscated…


I see they were heavily armed. Are they a talkative group?


They say they will only talk to someone named Anthony.

The colonel makes a curious expression…


He might go by Grover.

The colonel looks at Dakota, obviously recognizing the name…


As in Forest Grover?

Leo and Zane share a look, then both stare at the Colonel, without responding…


Well, if he was here, I'd certainly let you speak to him,

as I'd love to meet this mythical man, myself. There have

been stories, not just of him, but a Queen of Nike World,

and communities with monthly newsletters. (Looking

them all over) Is that where you're all from? Nike World,

or Forest Grover?

The colonel eyeing them, waiting for a response, that he doesn't get…


(looking at his men)

These guys weren't lying…(looking back at Leo and them) I

mean, we have plenty of people I've never met, living up at

the campus. I guess your Grover could be one of them.


His name is Anthony.

The colonel examining Leo's face, as Leo and Zane do the same, to him…


Who is he?

Silence, before Leo responds…


He was my best friend, until I discovered he was my son.

Both Leo and Zane studying the expression response of the colonel, after that information. He appears bewildered…


Well now, that sounds even more fictional than a forest

named Grover and a Queen of fancy footwear, but I can

certainly see why a community like this would need a

newsletter! Any chance I can get a copy of the most

recent article, so I can get the scoop on you and your,

either "best friend", or son, who goes by either Anthony,

or Grover?

Few chuckles from the horsemen, as Leo and Zane continue studying the colonel's expression…

The colonel shrugs and raises his eyebrows at them.


I can't help you guys until you tell me what this is all

about. We don't want to start a war with you and

wherever you came from, and will even radio the

campus to begin a search for anyone named Anthony

or Grover, but until we get some answers and can

trust you're not here as a threat, we have no choice

but to put you in a cage.

Leo and Zane continue eyeing him, as Dakota and the others turn to look at the fenced cell, which holds several others…

Leo and the colonel staring directly at each other…


What you need to know is that the other half of our

search party, the half we had watching our backs out

there, are already on their way back to Forest Grover,

and will be returning with an army. We'll accept your

"hospitality", but if you harm one hair on a single one

of us, I promise our Queen will bury you in a pair of that

"fancy footwear".

The colonel smiles, as Leo looks him dead in the eyes…


But I'm still not buying that my son is not the one

in charge here.


And I'm still not buying into him being your best friend,

before being your son…and if I'm wrong, then I most

definitely want to hear that story…or you know, read

about it in your newsletter.

Leo and Zane staring at him…


Everything you're saying is scripted. (Zane nodding)

Which means I'm wasting my time. You're more scared

of him than you'll be of my army, once they stand outside

these walls…so go tell him I'm here, and that the rest of

us will be, too. I just want to speak with him. We'll leave

the way we came, in peace, if that's what he wants…but

not until we speak…

Dissolve to Leo, Zane and the others, now inside of the cell. Leo gives an ironic look to Zane…


Well, it was Mayday to the rescue last time we found

ourselves in this predicament…hopefully he'll come

through again.

Dakota and the others listening, as Zane responds.


It was smart not mentioning him to this guy.


I want to see his reaction when he sees him for himself.


That's what I figured.


(shaking head)

What are you guys talking about?


I'm guessing this guy has been Anthony's number two

since early on, and knows Major David is a part of our

group. His reaction could confirm that.


I'm with you…but I'm still open to the idea of these

guys being on their own.


As am I, which is all the more reason to bring up Mayday.

If they know each other, this guy will trust us.


You guys don't know him like I do…and remember, I

was a part of Glenwood. He has organized this place

the same as we did there…as a backup plan…much like

I did with the beach camp…

Zane staring at Leo…


So, then he started this place with the same mindset

as you did with the beach camp…question now is…

what mindset is he currently running it with?

Leo shaking head while contemplating what Zane just said…


I know he's here, and want to say with the same

confidence, that I know he's no longer that man…

but I'm worried that would be a conclusion from

my heart…not my head…


So, you're saying you may have walked us into a

repeat situation of last Christmas?


Dakota, please.


What? I know Dad's killing it these days, but he said

it himself. He's thinking with his heart. You spent

most of your life hating this man, and now for the

last six or seven months you're following him around

like a lost puppy.




No, he needs to hear this, because he's not a leader

anymore. He's a follower…and following a man who,

until about a half year ago, had no idea where he was

going…and still perhaps doesn't.

Dakota looks at Zane for a response, who instead looks at Leo for his response…


See! Right there! Rather than respond, you just look at

Dad! You're lost, Zane! You are completely lost!

Zane explodes with anger!



Of course, I am! We've just lost the greatest human

being who ever walked the earth! I don't know if I'll

ever forgive Dad or Grover for the things they've done,

but we have no choice but to except it. Dad stepping up

the way he has is the reason we're all healing, and the

idea of seeing what he's capable of while truly himself,

is what gives me hope. I'm just as worried about Grover's

state of mind as you are, but our grandfather gave his

life to meet and make a difference in our brother's life…

We owe it to grandpa to bring him home…or else he died

in vain…

Everyone silent, even Dakota, who just stares at Zane, before shaking her head…



Everyone silently staring at Leo…


His name is Anthony…


I know, dad…

Colonel Davis smiles, and turns away from near the cell, walking away with a shake of the head…



Colonel Davis in his jeep, driving uphill through the fancy neighborhood, across from the campus. He spots Ace, moving supplies into one of the vacant fancy homes. Davis pulls up into the driveway, as Ace puts down the box of supplies and walks over to Davis…


Command will flip if they discover I'm considering taking

you up on your offer, but it's beginning to look like I may

have no choice. My men are dropping like flies out there…

as will you and your guys, if you join us.


No pain, no gain. Put us in the fight, Colonel.

Davis eyes him for a moment…


Gather everyone brave enough to fight under my command,

and meet at the library in an hour.


Yes, sir.

Davis backs his jeep out of the driveway and continues his way uphill, until reaching the top, where he pulls into another driveway, speaking with another group of neighborhood men.

POV of them now coming from someone across the street. It's an attractive woman, on her porch with her 5-year-old son, and 7-year-old daughter, who is the same little girl who was holding the kitten (in last flashback scene), and still is, while sitting on the porch swing…

They watch Davis move on to another nearby home, where he begins speaking to Steve, Jessica, Haylee, Bryson and another student (Jamie), who were all heading up toward Steve's home, with backpacks and supplies...

The little girl laughs at the cuteness of her kitten, and then hands it to her little brother, while their mom continues watching Davis talk to Steve and the others, before eventually driving away…

POV Steve and them as they turn and begin walking toward his house.


We should have warned him what kind of person

that Ace guy is.

Haylee a semi roll of her eyes.


Maybe it's better that he's out there, than in here.


Maybe we should appreciate him risking his life and

stop holding a grudge for his behavior during the

worst and most effed up day of his life…all of our lives.

Jessica and Bryson sharing a surprised look…


Was it really the worst day of his life? Because to me it

looked like he was really enjoying himself. He also gives

me the super creeps, always staring at me the way he does.


I'm just saying, maybe give the guy a break.

They enter the house, looking around in complete awe…


Oh my god…at least we're going to die in style.

Couple slight chuckles.


Yes, my parents are real assholes, waiting until I left

the nest before purchasing this baby.

A couple more slight chuckles, as Jessica looks at Steve, and can see him thinking about his family…


At least they're out of the country… They might be in

better shape than we are.

Steve gives her an appreciative look, while Bryson, Haylee and Jamie all move on, looking around. Steve enters his kitchen and places down his box of supplies onto the table. He looks back at Jessica, who has taken notice of something in front of her, and slowly approaching it, while just staring at it…

POV of her looking at it, as Steve comes from behind her, also looking at it…

Their POV of a large window with a picturesque view, overlooking the large bluff and city below. There are abandoned vehicles everywhere, and smoke clouds in the background. There are dogs roaming around, some barking and running from huffs, who are everywhere. There are soldiers killing huffs over in a park (which lays at bottom of bluff near the campus, in front of a large field). A car can now be seen speeding down a street, until slowing to move around and through the abandoned vehicles, and again speeding as an army vehicle is now in pursuit, and firing at the car.

Jessica looks at Steve, with wide eyes…


What the hell is going on out there?

Steve just looks at her and back out there, with a shake of the head…


I mean…why are they shooting at civilians?

Dissolve to captions…


A few days later…

Dissolve to Jess asleep in bed, as she begins to wake, and looks next to her. Her POV of Steve, sitting up with his head in his hand, obviously upset...

She covers herself with the blanket, and rises, placing her hand on his shoulder.


Steve? What's wrong?


I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to see me like this.


It's okay. You can talk to me, Steve…

Steve eventually turns to face her, with tears in his eyes.


I've never cheated on my girlfriend. I shouldn't have

done this. I feel like I'll probably never see her again,

or that she's even…

He just closes eyes, drops and shakes his head, not wanting to finish that thought. Jessica embraces him.


I'm so sorry…but Steve you didn't cheat on her. What

we did, this…was more about mourning than anything

else…I mean…I care about you, and really like you, but

I know your heart still belongs to her… She would

understand what you're going through.


That's the thing…I feel guilty about feeling better…

about trying to make myself okay about never seeing

her again. I feel like I'm letting her go…

He looks into her eyes, as she does his…


And I feel guilty for liking you, too…

They kiss…



Close-up of a street sign, reading Fort Vancouver Way, and panning back to an uphill street that has Trimet busses as a barricade, along with a fence, and a secondary fence a little further down the street, where huffs are on the other side of it. Next to the street is a bluff, with a sloped park, where a couple of soldiers stand guard near the blockade, with lots of noise coming from inside the park, where huffs are heading…

POV close-up of a hockey stick with a big sharp blade welded to it, as it swings through the air, coming down on top of the head of a huff, instantly killing it. POV pans back to an excited Haylee, with Ace close by and smiling at her.




That a girl! You're getting the hang of this shit! And

looking sexy while you do it!

Just then, another girl (Keysha) kills a huff, and then comes over and gives Haylee a kiss, who then turns to look at Ace.


You're cute and I can flirt with boys all day, but you

just don't have what this woman has.

They both kiss again and then move toward more huffs, killing them and moving on, as Ace smiles, and then fires a gun, killing a pair of huffs, as more of his men/students are all around them, and killing huffs as they cross through the park, toward Fort Vancouver Way. Some of the students have guns, others have hockey sticks with blades, or baseball bats. They are in control of the situation, but it's never ending, as more huffs continue to come from the city…

POV goes upward, until reaching Steve's window, and inside, where Steve, Jessica, Bryson and Jamie are all watching…


I hate thinking about you out there, especially after dark.


We've got to keep the barricades strong, or this place

won't last.


What about the food? How long will that last?


That's why we keep going out there. Eventually if we

clear the dead, we can begin to hunt.

Jamie holding on to Bryson.


I'm so glad I have you, to share this new way of life with.

Jessica and Steve sharing a look at each other, thinking the same thing that Jamie just said…

POV moves to the window, and back outside, as day dissolves to night, and POV comes back down to the park, where military vehicles have bright flood lights over the area. Steve, Bryson, Carter and others, are killing off random huffs. It's more relaxed than the daytime scene was, with not as many huffs around, although they begin to brace, as a fairly large herd is showing itself from the street, and beginning to enter the park…

POV goes upward, remaining of the park as it travels back to Steve's window. Eventually the POV rotates, and comes to find the window, as Jessica looks through it. POV slows down, going right up against the glass, as Jessica keeps looking outward. Suddenly, a creepy person in a ski mask is seen slowly sneaking up behind Jessica, and eventually grabbing her from behind.

POV inside as Jessica screams with all her might, as her attacker turns her around and climbs on top of her. She continues to scream and fight, until suddenly ceasing for just a moment, as she stares back into his eyes, those same creepy eyes that have stared at her before. She instantly begins to scream and fight again, knowing that her attacker is Ace…

Her screams fade as POV moves back outside the window, heading back for the park, but still catching glimpses of the ski- masked man assaulting her from up top. POV rotates, and comes to Steve, as he mashes the head of a huff, and goes for another one…

Dark gives way to morning, as a tired/bloody Steve, Bryson, Carter and others, are heading through the barricade, and back for the campus…

Dissolve to Steve and Bryson entering his home, exhausted. They both stop in their tracks, as they see Jamie holding a beaten and emotional Jessica. Steven runs to her.


What the hell happened?!

Jessica too emotional to answer…


I got here and found her this way. She won't tell me

what happened.


(crying it out)

It was him! It was Ace! He…he raped me!

Cut to Steve barging into a house, rushing up the steps. He opens one door, which wakes someone inside. It's not Ace. He kicks in another door, this time finding Ace climbing out of bed, and jumps right on him, beating him as much as he can. He looks like he might kill him, until the other guy comes rushing in, pulling him off.

Ace quickly grabs his gun, and without hesitation fires it at Steve. His shot hits him in the chest. He stands there a moment, about to fall back, as Ace helps, with a shove right through a giant window, as Steve falls outside onto the front lawn…

Bryson was already at the front door, about to enter, but now taking notice of Steve on the lawn, and rushing back out to him. Other neighbors are coming out, and a military vehicle comes speeding to the scene…

Ace and his friend come out onto the porch, as Jamie helps Jessica out onto their porch, with worried looks. Bryson looks from Steve's dead body, to Ace, and rises, then charging for him. The soldiers go running after Bryson, one of them pulling out his gun.


Freeze right there, or I will shoot!

Bryson stops, while staring right at Ace. Jessica begins to take notice of Steve's lifeless body, frantically limping her way down off the porch, with the help of Jamie.


Oh my god, no. No! NO!

She makes it over into the yard, but can tell he is dead, and hysterically drops down to her knees.

Another military vehicle arrives, as Colonel Davis rushes out of it, taking in the scene.


You have to arrest (pointing at Ace) this man! He

raped Jessica and now just murdered Steve!

Jessica crying out in agony, at the mention of Steve being murdered.


I what?! Rape?! I was attacked while in my damn bed!

I indeed defended myself and shot this man, who then

fell through the window, but I didn't rape a god damn thing!

Colonel Davis looking from Steve to Ace, then over to Jessica…

Dissolve to moments later, with soldiers talking to Ace, on the porch. Haylee and her girlfriend are now there, with Ace, and looking over toward Colonel Davis who is talking with Jessica and Jamie. Jessica makes eye contact with Haylee, and yells over at her.


How can you just be up there with him, like that?!

Who even are you, anymore?


I'm sorry this happened to you, Jessica, but you can't

just blame someone because you've never liked him.

I really am –




Haylee just shakes and puts her head down, as Davis walks away from Jessica and Jamie, with Bryson following after him.


So, you're going to arrest him, or shoot him, right?

Davis talking with his soldiers, as Bryson impatiently watches…


What are you even discussing?! He needs to pay

for what he's done!


She said the guy had a mask, (pointing at Ace on porch)

and that guy right there has an alibi. I can't lock up a

potentially innocent man over the information she gave me.


You gotta' be freaking kidding me?! What are we fighting

for, if shit like this is happening inside here?! We have to

have law! You're the law!


(Becoming frustrated)

I will try to figure something out, but I don't have time for

this shit! We're getting our asses handed to us out there! I

don't even know how much longer command will -

Suddenly, Steve wakes up as a huff, as everyone watches him rise, and Jessica lets out an echoing sound of agony…



Leo standing against the cell fence, with Colonel Davis on the other side.


So, if my son is not the one running this place, then who is?


What makes you think it's not all mine?

Leo just staring at him a moment…


I'm sure it was, at first, until it wasn't…

Davis smiles…


You could say I have an ace in the hole.


What do you mean "ace" in the hole? I heard one of

your men in here mention that name.


He's in charge, or his woman is…I'm not sure.

Leo looking from Davis to Zane, as if beginning to believe maybe Anthony is not there, as Davis walks away…

Dissolve to a little while later, and Cleo chatting with one of the other men who is in the cell with them.


Did they say how you're supposed to prove that?

Guy (Jack) just shrugs.


I don't know. Some test or something. So, is there

really a Queen at Nike?


(walking away)

She's some martial arts champion who has taught her

entire community to fight like she does.

Cleo walking by Leo, quietly mentioning something to him…


They don't know anything.

Leo looking at the men, then back out and around at what all the Colonel's men are doing. He takes notice of the Colonel approaching, and walking to the gate of the cell, opening it up. Jack and the other men who were inside, are now walking out, as Davis closes the gate after them.


I couldn't get anything out of them, except the same

things they mentioned to you.

Davis giving Leo a look, while walking away…


If he's putting men in here to spy on us, he can't

know Anthony.

Leo looking from Zane to Davis…


Unless that's what he wants us to think. (Looking back

at Zane) This is his move, his attempt to send us on our

way, believing he's not here. I know him, Zane. He's

embarrassed, and doesn't want to harm us…nor face us…

Zane taking in what his dad thinks, as they both look outward, and ponder the situation…



POV travels through the home, as Haylee and Keysha can be heard arguing. Framed pictures of the people who lived there can be seen on the walls, as POV begins moving down a hallway.



She's your friend, Haylee.



It's a new world, with new friends!



You gotta' be kidding me, Hay. Whether she's wrong

about Ace, or not, the girl was just raped!

POV finally finds them, as Haylee just looks back at Keysha, holding back tears…


And like I told her, I am sorry it happened…but you heard

what those soldiers told us today…(shaking head) It's over…

they're shipping out and will be leaving us all alone. Ace is

the only one who can keep this place safe…and people like

Jessica…they just don't have what it takes to last. She doesn't

have what I have.

Keysha just shaking her head with disgust at what Haylee just said, and eventually turns and walks away…


I was raped…

Keysha turns and looks back at her, then walks back to her…




Senior year of high school…by multiple guys…older

gross and filthy guys…who got me walking alone while

drunk off my ass…I had never been with a guy or girl,

yet, but liked them both. I always thought I was bi,

until that day, when the idea of ever being in bed with

a man became absolutely revolting to me.


I'm so sorry that happened to you, Haylee.


I'm not…

Keysha gives her a confused look…


I buried it, and kept going on with my life…and now…

now it's why I'm strong enough to survive and contribute

the way I can. Maybe Jessica will learn like I did, to toughen

up, and stand her ground…or else she won't be around for

much longer…

Keysha shaking her head while looking into Haylee's eyes…


I feel sorry for you, Haylee…You might be tough (nodding),

sure, but you are also broken, girl…yes you are.

Keysha turns and walks away, leaving through the front door…

Someone's view of Keysha leaving the house…

POV Haylee standing there just shaking her head, even a grin, before suddenly fighting back emotion, and working hard to not begin sobbing like a girl…

She goes to the bathroom, and closes door on POV…

Dissolve to the sound of the toilet flushing, and then water being splashed on her face…

Door opens, and she begins slowly walking the hall, distracting herself by looking at some of the pictures on the wall…

Suddenly, a creepy man with a ski mask is seen entering the hallway, behind her, and then disappearing…

She enters back into the kitchen, just zoning away…

She begins walking up the staircase…

POV stays on the staircase, as she goes offscreen, with the sound of her bedroom door closing, soon followed with a loud scream, and plenty of cries. POV begins leaving the home, out the door, to the continued sound of Haylee screaming, until she's beaten, and hushed…

POV crosses the street, and enters a different home. It finds the bedroom of the little girl with the kitten, laying on her bed (with crayons/books all over it) holding that kitten…

POV enters next room over, where her mother kisses the little boy, laying him to bed, in her own bedroom.


I'll send your sister in.

She gives him a smile and another kiss.


(walking out door)

I love you, sweetheart.

She walks over and opens her daughter's bedroom door.


You and Abby need to go protect your little brother.

Jumping off of her bed with the kitten, and running out of room and into her mother's room, jumping into bed with her brother, who smiles and takes the kitten, cuddling with it. Woman goes to door and leaves it slightly open, then walks into her living room, glancing out the window, before sitting down on her couch, and grabbing a journal from the coffee table. She begins writing in it.


If I felt foolish keeping this journal for whoever might come

across it, before, well then why in the hell am I still writing

it now? The only help we have is leaving, and no other help

is coming, or probably even out there. Humans are done, no

one is left to read this or care about the final events leading

up to our demise. With the military here, I had hope, but once

Bryson told me they are shipping out at daybreak, I knew it

was over, and therefore so are these entries.

She places it back down on the coffee table, and rises from couch, with another glance out the window. This time she does a double-take, as she notices something in the upstairs window of the house across from hers.

Her POV of a man with a ski mask, leaving the room. She quickly turns to go get help, but comes face to face with another ski masked man, who slams her down onto the ground, fighting his way on top of her, as she kicks and screams…

She can eventually hear her children calling for her, and uses all her might to fight back. She even gets his mask off, revealing him as Ace, and then lands a hard kick to his groin. He reacts in severe pain, as she tries to race away, but he's able to just barely stick her with a knife, keeping her on the ground, in pain of her own…

He recovers enough to get in closer, and go for the kill shot, into her gut, and then looking her in the eyes, as the life drains from her body…


It's a damn shame…you were so hot.

Ace looks up toward the sound of her crying children, flips his mask back on and rushes out the backdoor…

Cut to Ace entering his house, taking off his mask and breathing heavily, before taking notice of the sound of his roommate (and alibi) coming out of the bathroom, with a smile at Ace…


I'm glad you talked me into that!


Dude, I had to kill mine! Bitch got my mask off.


You sure this will work?


When we catch and kill the guys who did this shit, we'll

be heroes. Everyone will follow us. This place will be ours!

They share a high-five…


Hope you enjoyed your experience?


Not as much as Haylee enjoyed it! Pretty sure she'll

go back to men after that shit!

Ace just staring at his friend…


Please tell me you did not go after Haylee?

POV of his friend.


Hell yeah, I did. I saw an opportunity and I took it. I

did have to rough her up a bit, though, but she'll heal.

A bladed hockey stick goes right into his head, panning back to a look of rage on the face of Ace…

Dissolve to Ace dashing into Haylee's room, finding her on the floor, clothes ripped and heavily beaten. He's quick to help her…

POV leaves that house, traveling next door to the sound of the crying children, and their mother lying motionless on the floor. Their crying comes from the bedroom, too scared to come out. Their mother begins waking as a huff, rising and turning/heading in direction of the crying.

POV both terrified children in their mom's bed, crying and pleading for their mother. The boy lets go of the kitten, who is nervous and jumps down off the bed, running for the cracked door.



The kitten runs through the cracked door, disappearing around the corner, right as the shadow of their mother can be seen entering the hallway…

POV of the mother, spotting the kitten on the floor by the cracked door, looking up at her. The kitten crouches down onto the floor, submitting to the woman, without knowing of the danger. The woman comes down toward the kitten, opening her mouth and about to take a big bite out of it.




The woman stops, turns and spots the boy at the door. She rises and goes into the room, as the boy is backing up to the bed, scared of the way his mom is acting, and as the little girl begins screaming, causing her brother to do the same, but not understanding the situation, and backing himself up against the bed, where his mother reaches him, and begins to feast, as he hollers out in pain, while his sister screams with all her lungs, while racing to the door, and through it.

POV girl racing to her bedroom door, but quickly reaching down and picking up the kitten, bringing it inside with her, and slamming her door shut. She runs onto the bed, and just begins crying, while holding the kitten, and listening to the sound of her brother's screams ceasing, to the point of only hearing her own sobs…

POV leaving that house, traveling across the street to Ace's house, where he helps Haylee inside.


I fought him off of me, Ace. I swear I did not let him

do to me what he did to Jessica.

He guides her to his friend's body, and the ski mask in his back pocket…


I caught him with the mask, and the bruises you gave

him. He actually tried to brag about it. I didn't hesitate…

Haylee somewhat shocked, but looking over the body with relief, and appreciation…


You will take his place at my side…

She stares over at him…


Together we will rule this place…

She smiles…



The colonel walks away from Leo, who turns to walk back over to Zane…


Any luck?


I got him believing we've given up on the idea of Anthony

being here, but he says until this Ace guy or his other half

arrives, that he's got to keep us in here. Once they, or she

arrives, you and I will work on her, or them, together…and

I believe we'll get the answer we're looking for.


We got this…(looking at his dad) You still believe without

a doubt, he's here?


One-hundred percent…but, I was wrong about one thing.


And that would be?


He's no longer Anthony…He's Grover, again…

Dakota just close enough to hear what they're saying, and shaking her head…



Keysha on the porch talking with Jessica, Bryson and Jamie, as they all look over at Ace and Haylee, coming out of his place, and heading toward them…

Keysha taking notice of Haylee's bloody face and bruises…


Haylee?...what –


I got attacked…(looking at Jessica) by the same guy

who attacked you.


What?! When?! I was just with you less than an hour ago!


Right after you left. It was Rodger. Ace caught him

right afterward, and killed him.

Bryson and Jessica reacting to that information…


That doesn't make sense!


How do you know it wasn't (pointing at Ace) him!


Rodger was his alibi, so something here doesn't add up!


I admit, I was home alone, sleeping, and had Rodger cover

for me. I had no idea he was the one. I caught him right

after he came back from Haylee's, with the ski mask in his

back pocket.


It's true, (looking at Jessica) because unlike you, I was

able to fight him off, and left bruises all over his face,

which (pointing to Ace's house) you can go see for

yourself. (Pointing at Ace's face) As you clearly see his

face is fine.

Jessica rises and walks right over to Ace, looking over his face, and then into his eyes…those same creepy eyes. She flashes to her memory of them, while being raped, and then to the same exact eyes, in front of her, as she gets creeped out and steps back behind Bryson…


I don't care what anyone says. That is the man right

there, who raped me.



Bullshit! You are weak, Jessica! You couldn't fight him

off like I did, just like you can't survive in this world, like

I can. Instead, you have to stand there behind someone

else, like you always do. Depending on your dad to save

you, then Steve, now Bryson. Save yourself, Jessica!

Jessica shedding a tear, shaking her head as she looks at her former friend…

Suddenly, massive gunfire is heard coming from the campus. It sounds like all-out war!



A ton of horsemen are entering the gates, into the Fort…

POV Leo and the others watching them enter. Their POV of Carter and some of his men, riding their horses inside, and followed by one last rider, as POV travels up her horse, revealing the rider as a woman, and then revealing her as Jessica!

She looks different, much more confident, and strong, as she begins climbing down from her horse…

Dissolve to her overlooking the colonel's men, as they open up the cell and allow Leo and his people to come out…

Dissolve to her taking a seat at a table, next to Davis and across from Leo and Zane, with Dakota, and Cleo right behind them, along with Porter, Baxter, Stix and GW.


(speaking to Leo/Zane)

I want to thank you for understanding the cautions that

were taken by the head of our military. We're here to

make allies, not enemies...but as you can imagine, we've

gone through hell, and can't just allow you to leave, if you

plan to turn right around and cause us harm. Colonel Davis

seems to believe we can trust you…please make me feel

the same way.

Dissolve to flashes of all their faces (without audio of Leo's response), as Leo and Zane tell their stories, while Jessica listens…

Dissolve to Colonel Davis with a pleasantly surprised expression (audio coming in for a moment), that both Leo and Zane are studying.


Major David? And you call him Mayday, now? Oh man,

I can't believe he's still alive and with you guys!

Dissolve to (audio out) shots of Carter and others, as well as the Colonel's soldiers, taking in what is being said…

Dissolve to Leo wrapping it up, as Jessica takes a deep breath…


We've got some stories of our own, but I can see why

you guys have a newsletter.



That's pretty much what I told them.


(smiling at Davis)

I know, I'm ready to put together a softball squad

and take these guys on.

Zane smiling.


A baller, eh?


You bet. I played for the school and have some

teammates up there.


We haven't really played, since…

Jessica's smile fading…


I really am sorry about your grandfather. (Looking at Leo)

And I really do wish you luck finding your son, and if we

can help we will, but I'm truly sorry you came all this way

expecting him to be here.


You said Ace was busy with intruders at the campus?

May I ask what that is all about?


Like I said, once word came that you guys were civil, he

remained there to handle that matter, which he suspects

might relate to an issue we have with our hunters.


You guys hunting east, or north east?


Both; but running into issues in the east.


What kind of trouble?


There's an organized group, out there somewhere. They

got two of our teams, about twenty miles from here. We

had a guy make it back. He said they must have been

watching them the entire time, and waited for them to

score enough meat to feed the community through the

upcoming winter, before they killed and took all the grub.

We imagine it played out that way with the first team we lost.


But you can't be certain?


We can't. Anything could have happened, but Ace

and I don't believe in coincidence.

Leo giving her a look, as he follows up with another question.


What course of action does Ace plan to take?


Depending on what he learns from the guys he working

on, his plan is to stop hunting food, and hunt them,

instead. We need those hunting grounds to survive the



Not if you abandon this home and come make a new

one. Our compound is still half vacant. We have the room.

Davis looking at Jessica for her response, who smiles and looks at Zane.


But we have our own softball team here…at least we will.


Is that a serious no? What would Ace say?


If anyone here would like to go, they are free to, but Ace

loves what he has done here, and as much as he would

love to call you a friend, and live in peace with, side by

side, he's just not open to giving this place up. It's home.


What if we offered to help with your problem in the east?

Would Ace be okay with that?


Are you offering to help?


Will Ace accept our help?


He wasn't expecting such an offer, but I know I myself

would advise him to take it.


Is that the only issue, or would there be anything else

we could assist you with?


Since you ask, I don't know about assisting, but there

does appear to be another group, or community, on

the south east side of Portland, not that going anywhere

around Portland is accessible. As you know, the dead

are in overwhelming numbers, there.


Does the group appear aggressive?


We hope they don't know we're here, and didn't spot

our scouting teams, but we have no reason to trust or

fear them.


So, Ace would consider the hunting issues a bigger



Very much so.


Even more so than finding Jordan?


Nothing's more impor…wait, what?

Leo a look of just "busting" Jessica, and a shocked revelational look from both Zane and Dakota! Leo just smiles at Jessica…


Nothing's more important than finding Jordan?

Jessica a dreaded stare back at Leo, who gets in close to her…


Are you in love with my son?

She continues staring back at him…



Bryson speeding a car down the hill and onto the campus. He speeds it onto a field, and across it, until stopping. He, Jessica, Jamie and Keysha all climb out, looking at all the gunfire down by the street, where it looks like a ton of people (not huffs) have broken through the fences, and are firing heavily at the soldiers…

Dissolve to a short while later, as Jessica and them are watching Grover and a bunch of his armed men, secure all the soldiers, along with Colonel Davis. Grover's men have all their weapons, and have control of them all…

Dissolve to a short while later, as Grover shares a handshake with Colonel Davis, and his men begin giving weapons back to the secured soldiers…


Well okay then, let's work together and get that damn

fence back up, before we all become a midnight snack!

Dissolve to Grover's men and the soldiers working together, to secure the damaged fencing, while some of the men are killing off huffs, including some that got inside…

Dissolve to Grover chatting with Bryson, and then walking over to Jessica...


Tell me more about this Ace guy…

Dissolve to Bryson pulling up at Steve's house, with Grover pulling up behind him. Bryson points over to Ace's house, where he, Haylee, Carter and a bunch of others come out onto the porch, all holding guns. Without a second thought, Grover begins walking over there…

As he approaches, Carter squints to get a better look. Grover looks at him, and a few others, before looking directly at Ace…


You the asshole, Ace, I've heard so much about? The one

who likes putting on ski masks and hurting defenseless



You can go inside and take a look for yourself, at what I

did to the guy who likes that sort of thing.

Grover points his gun at Ace, followed by several of Ace's men pointing their guns at Grover, with a smile from Ace, which quickly fades as he watches Carter and a few others, point their guns at Ace's guys, all while Jessica and Bryson are approaching…


See, I set some things in motion a long time ago, and these

fine men have been here waiting for my arrival, (looking at

Carter) since what?

Carter and his men begin taking the guns from Ace and his men.


The day it all went down. We loaded up from multiple

stores, just like the plan called for. We've just been waiting

for your ass to finally show up.



I appreciate your patience, Carter, but the day it went

down was a little rough for me. (Colonel Davis pulling up)

Everything else is in motion, though, and I've even got the

Colonel on board, and plenty more men and firepower to

supply you with.


It's an honor to have you here, sir. We've got some

more men at the Fort, as well.


Tell me about this guy? Is he the rapist type?


He was helpful in the beginning, and a good fighter,

but I wouldn't put a damn bit of creepiness past this guy.


He didn't do it! She's holding a grudge over him!

Grover looking from Haylee to Ace, then to Jessica…

Her face is full of tears, as she looks from Haylee, to Grover, locking eyes with him…


He has looked at me a certain way since the first night

here…and it was that same look while he…changed my

life forever…

Haylee taking in those words, with a look at Ace…

Grover looking him over…


Well shit…what do I do? I really can't kill a man without

proof? Or can I? I mean, it is the freaking apocalypse and

all. Not to mention he had just pointed a gun at me…yet,

(looking at Davis) so did the colonel and his men, who are

now on team Grover. (looking at Carter) Go tear his place

apart…find me his mask.

Multiple shots of Carter and his guys inside, tearing through everything…

Carter coming out onto porch, holding a pocket knife with some blood left on it.


Not a mask but a very suspicious find.

Grover grabbing it, looking it over.


He never pulled it on me, but kept saying he had a pocket

Knife, and would kill me if I screamed or fought!

Grover looking at Ace…


What the hell did you do with this?

Ace beginning to look guilty, and unable to answer…


Ohhh, look at all the developing guilt in that face. What

the hell else did you do?

Grover grabbing him and getting into his face.



Grover looking into his eyes, waiting for an answer. Jessica intensely watching, taking in how concerned/angry Grover appears over someone else being hurt…

Suddenly, there is the loud sound of glass breaking, as everyone turns and looks across the street, eventually seeing a huff rise from the broken window, and coming their direction. It's the mother of the young children, with blood all over her.


Oh my god; it's Mrs. Learner! She's…dead!


Oh my god…her kids! They're inside!

Grover rushing across the street, followed by Carter, Bryson and Davis, while a few guys remain with Ace and his guys, holding guns on them.

Grover easily uses that same pocket knife to kill the huff, without even stopping, as he rushes up the porch, and breaking down the door. They go inside, as Jessica, Jamie and Keysha follow after them all. Grover looks all around, then finds the hallway. He goes through the open door, seeing the horrific sight of what's left of the little boy, and all the blood on the floor…

He turns, looking at the others with dread, as Jessica enters the hallway. Grover shakes his head at her, as more tears fill her eyes. Grover then looks over at the other door (closed), and the dents all over it. He rushes over, and opens it. His view of the bed, and someone obviously underneath the blankets. He motions for Jessica to come inside.

She enters, and shakes her head with emotion, before approaching the bed and slowly lifting the blanket, with Grover readying his knife. The little girl lays there with a face of tears, while holding her kitten…

Cut to Grover walking out of the house, carrying the girl, who continues to hold her brave little kitten. Grover carries her to Steve's porch, handing her to Jessica and the other ladies…


This is Antonia, and her baby Abby. She is the bravest

little sweetheart I have ever met.

Grover turns and goes out into the street, looking over the body of the mother. Everyone watches him, as he looks over her entire body, before lifting her shirt, and finding the wounds that killed her. He matches them to the pocket knife.

He turns and instantly walks for the porch, where his guys are holding Ace. He aims his gun right at his head, but then turns it and kills each one of Ace's friends…

He then tosses down his gun and begins beating on Ace, over and over…


Your death is going to be the slowest I can possibly make

it! You are going to feel all the pain I can give you, leading

up to that certain death, in which you will be begging for,

long before it arrives, you sorry piece of shit!

Jessica hands the little girl to Jamie and walks over toward Grover, while beating on Ace. She watches him with admiration, and of course a look at Haylee…


(looking at Davis)

I want him nailed to a post in the middle of the campus,

for everyone to see, and for him to die of hunger and

thirst, before the wounds kill him. There he will remain,

as one of the dead, and as a reminder of what happens

to his kind.

Grover now looks at Jessica, and then over at the little girl.


You have a responsibility young lady. You are now a

mother. I have to leave in the morning, but each time

I come through, I expect to see that little girl thriving,

her and her kitten.


I can do that…I was a physiatry major, she will be okay

with me…but can I ask one thing in return?


Indeed, you may.


Can you ban (pointing at Haylee) her? She does not

fit in here.


Consider it done…

Dissolve to morning, with Grover and his men leaving, as Jessica and others watch, and wave him goodbye. They also watch Haylee, with a backpack, leaving on her own…



Leo, Zane and others are all watching, as Grover enters through the gates, on a horse…

He climbs down, and begins walking toward his father, while pulling out his gun…



Grover and a handful of men are in a boat, cruising the river and docking over on the Vancouver side, around the same area that Leo's team had originally tried to dock, but were swarmed by huffs. This time, as Grover and his men go over the top of the river bank, they only find a few random huffs. They cross the highway, and into the field, with Fort Vancouver directly ahead of them…

Dissolve to them inside the Fort, hopping onto horses, along with Bryson and others, and as Colonel Davis watches them all travel outside the gates, and riding through a barricaded passageway…

Dissolve to them still on the passageway, which is blockaded by random vehicles on each side. They reach the campus gates, as guards with radios are there waiting for them, and allowing them through…

Dissolve to them riding onto the campus, with cheers from tons of random people, and the sight of huff Ace, strapped to a post in the center of the campus…

Eventually Grover comes to Jessica, Antonia, Jamie, Keysha and a few others, next to a carriage with horses, and smiling as they await Grover, who comes right over, climbs off his horse, and gives Antonia (handing her kitten (bigger) to Jessica) the most amazing hug ever, as Jessica watches with a big smile…

Then Grover takes notice of Abby, and grabs her from Jessica, holding her as he places an arm around Jessica, while handing the kitten back to Antonia.


Things look good, here. (Looking at her) You look good…




Things are good here. Your plans are working perfectly,

and life here is…just that, life. We've built a home here…

a community. (Looking at him) You look happy, too.


I am…I have a difficult relationship with my father, but

he is now living at the beach camp I told you about, and

I'm considering having a very interesting conversation

with him. And that compound I told you about, (shaking

head) I haven't had the honor of meeting my father's

niece, but she was missing for two weeks, but returned

safely to her family.


That's amazing! But…how have you not met your own



It's a long story…(looking at her with a smile) But maybe

you're the one person I can trust sharing it with. (she

smiles at him) I like talking with you…

Dissolve to Grover again in a boat, with others, and docking at that same place, and going through the same routine of arriving at Fort Vancouver, hopping on horses, and riding to the campus, but this time he does not look so happy…

Dissolve to him arriving on the campus, not taking as much time to be celebrated/greeted by random others, just searching for Jessica. Once finding her, he finds the energy to give Antonia a hug, and a pat on the head for her cat. Jessica's smile fades, while taking notice of Grover's unsettled mood…

Dissolve to Grover and Jessica inside one of the school buildings, talking in private.


They arrived in a freaking helicopter, without warning,

and took my father back to Seattle with them!


Did you tell him the truth?


I was about to…but I didn't get my chance…and now

I'm worried I will never see him again.

Jessica looks concerned, and gives him a hug…

Dissolve to Grover again in the boat (wintery weather, rain), again docking in the same place, and going through that same routine. This time he looks like a man that no one should mess with, as he hops on his horse at Fort Vancouver and rides away without a single word. Colonel Davis watches him, with a look of concern…

Dissolve to Grover riding his horse through the campus, without acknowledging anyone, as they watch him with concern…

Dissolve to him in Steve's house, alone with Jessica, as she tries to keep him calm.


I have to do something. I have to please my grandfather, or

I will never see Leo, again. I have to make a move!


I'm worried about you, Grover. You are showing tendencies

that have me very concerned.

Grover just stares at her, with desire to confide in her…


There is one thing I have kept from you, and I'm not sure

I can fight it any longer. I've watched my father lose that fight,

which led to him in that damn helicopter.


What fight are you referring to?

Grover just staring at the ground…


Have you or your father even been diagnosed with anything?

Grover looks up at her, with tears in his eyes, as his mother, Mary, comes into his vision, standing behind Jessica…

Dissolve to just under a dozen vehicles speeding through the gates of Glenwood, and going East on highway 26…

Dissolve to those vehicles speeding highway 6…

Dissolve to those vehicles speeding into Portland, where tons of huffs and abandoned vehicles begin to slow them down…

Dissolve to multiple intense scenes where Grover, Toast, Grill and about 50 others are fighting their way through huff city, and at times are moving abandoned vehicles out of their path…

Dissolve to them in their vehicles, on 1-5, heading for the Interstate Bridge (crosses over to Vancouver, Wa). There are huffs everywhere, as they get out and fight, and again have to move abandoned vehicles, all while killing huffs. One of the men trying to push a vehicle is attacked and bitten by a huff…

They fight their way through it, and begin crossing the bridge, and onto highway 14, which leads them directly to Fort Vancouver, where they drive off the road and speed directly for the Fort…

Dissolve to Toast and Grill, and about 40 others, catching their breath while entering a building at the campus. They are all bloody and worn out from fighting their way through Portland, and their numbers have decreased…

Dissolve to Grover, at Steve's house, in complete hysterics/tears, as Jessica holds him tightly…


You are home, Grover. You are home…



Grover pulling out his gun, walking directly to Leo, and handing the gun to him. Leo just stares at his son, then the gun, and leaves it in Grover's hand…


Take it… Take it!

Jessica looking frightened.


I don't need the gun, son.



Don't call me that. I don't deserve to be called that. I was

raised to hate you, then confused when that woman told me

to trust you, if I could get you away from your family, which I

spent so much time trying to do. I played with your disease,

like she did, right up until I discovered I struggle with that

same illness…but I gave into it, and did things I can't take back.


Things you can be forgiven for… We know who cut his

throat, Anthony.


Don't call me that!

A look from both Zane and Dakota. Toast and Grill coming in close to Leo and Grover.


Not only was this man not the one who cut his throat, he

was forgiven by your father, before it happened. Grover

was devastated by what that bitch did. (looking right at Leo)

It's damn good to see you, Leo. I follow your son like I follow


Grill nodding his head. Leo nodding at him and Toast, and then a look at this son.


That says it all…doesn't it?


(emotionally shaking head)

It does not… I am still the reason he was killed…(getting

louder) I hurt your people, (even louder) your family,

(emotional and louder) my family! (yelling) I SHOT A GOD


Leo tries to grab him, but Grover fights him away.



THING WHEN I WAKE! (right in Leo's face) AND I SEE IT IN

YOU! (looking at Zane/family) ALL of you!

Jessica has tears, as she reaches for Grover, and takes him into her arms. Leo, Zane and others just staring…

Grover fights back the tears and emotion, as he walks away with Jessica. She takes him straight over to his horse, where they chat for several moments, before she hugs him tightly, and watches him climb on and ride away…

She turns back toward Leo and the others, and approaches them…


Where is he going?

Jessica looks at Toast and Grill, who then give Leo a look, who motions for them to go with Grover, as they do…


Grover has told me everything, and even shared his copies

of all your newsletters. I'm not just his girlfriend, I'm his

wife, as we committed ourselves to each other, just last July

4th. I'm also his physiatrist. I can tell you with absolute

confidence, that he is happy, and healthy. He takes his

medication daily, and the progress he has made since the

beginning of the year, is something you should all be proud of…


Then why isn't he telling us this himself?


He just told you… You all take him back to that day, and those

kinds of thoughts that once raced in his head. I will work on him,

because I have been telling him from the beginning, to reveal

himself to you all. He just has too much guilt, for now, to be

around you…but with that said, he's willing to take steps. He

wants proof that your community is healing, and he wants

it in the form of you getting back to normal life, and to read

all about it in your newsletters.

Jessica eyeing them all…


What I personally take from that, is that he feels guilty for

the way you all feel. For the lifestyle his actions took from

you. He wants to eventually be in your lives, and to know he

had a hand in you getting back to normal…

Leo approaching her…


You are a very special young lady, (placing hand out) and I

am so happy my son has himself a woman like you at his side.

She ignores his hand and goes in for a hug.


I'm thrilled to meet my father-in-law! (coming out of hug)

There is more. You have a grandchild…a step-grandchild.

We would like her to come visit you, and your compound.

She too, has read all your newsletters, and would like to

meet Griffey, Trisha and Ashley. She relates to their story,

(Teary eyed) and is the bravest little girl we have ever known.

She is also very interested to meet Samantha, and wants to

learn to someday be the same kind of writer that she is. I

believe she wants to one day write her own articles, for that


Dakota emotionally blown-away, and coming over to give Jessica a hug…


You are too good to be true. Welcome to our family.

Zane a shake of his head, as he comes over for a hug…


I can't wait to meet this young lady, and Samantha will

absolutely take her under her wing. Thank you for helping

my brother.


Thank you for forgiving him…and I was not lying about

that softball team!

Zane smiling at her. She looks over at Cleo, next to Dakota, and nods/smiles at her…


Hi, I'm Cleo.

Cleo passes on giving her a hug.


Hi, Cleo.

Suddenly, there is intense radio chatter, and Colonel Davis racing over to his soldiers, before coming back over and looking at Leo…


I guess you weren't bluffing about your family. Perhaps you

would like to go up on the wall and let them see you are okay?

Dissolve to Leo reaching the top of the wall, looking out across the field, as a handful of hummers, come speeding toward the Fort. The Beaverton police hummer is also there, as well as trucks loaded with man and firepower. Mason is leading all the fighters of the compound. Kemp leads the fighters of Glenwood. Harris and the fighters of Nike World are also there, as is Dylan and a team from the beach camp…

They all stop in front of the Fort, as they pile out of their vehicles. Mason, Chasin, Gunner, Wyatt, Rich, Scout, Solis, Jennifer, Catherine, Jaelyn, Mayday and Gia, all climb out, (with guns and in bulletproof vests) looking up at Leo, as are all the others…

Davis hands him a blowhorn…


(through blowhorn)

Come on over around to the gates. Everything's good, we're

among friends.

Dissolve to Mason driving his hummer into the Fort, followed by a couple others. POV of part of their army still parked over on the side, and then back inside to where all those same family members, along with Kemp, Lester, Harris, Bonnie, Dylan, and a handful of others, are looking all around the fort, and at Leo, Zane and them, as well as the Colonel and all the Fort Vancouver people…

Dissolve to most of them shaking hands, to Leo and Zane speaking with Mason, to Mayday shaking hands with Colonel Davis, and introducing him to Gia and his other soldiers, who all shake hands with the colonel's soldiers. Harris comes out of a hug with her sister, followed by being introduced to the Colonel, both her and her sister shaking his hand. Scout hugs Zane, and smiles at him. Stix shakes hands with Kemp. Dakota shares hugs with Gunner and Chasin…

Dissolve to Toast, Grill and others, riding horses through, and followed by a carriage, carrying Jamie, Keysha, Antonia and her cat (fully grown)…

Dissolve to Jessica introducing Antonia to Leo, who gives her a big hug, as does Zane, and all the other Bakers…

Jessica watches with teary eyes…

She turns to look at Leo, who smiles at her…


She will be safe and loved at the compound, and able to

return whenever she wants…or maybe she'll just wait for

mom and dad to join her.

He smiles at her…


Small steps…give it time.


I get it…


He does also want you to know that his name, Anthony,

came from his mother, and her father…and Grover came

from him…and the part of his life in which he tried to be

someone else…the someone he considers himself to be

today… He said he's proud of the myth of Forest Grover,

and how Zane used that name to continue the legend.

He's proud of the role it plays in what you all have built…

Leo places a hand over her shoulder…


Then you tell him, Grover it is, and that that part of the

forest will always be what he visioned it to be…and that

he'll read all about it in the next Monthly Forester.

Leo smiling at her, and then looking at Zane and Mason, who heard their conversation…

He leans down close to her.


You have to keep this between just you and him, but

please tell him we got the bitch…and that she's suffering

a fate much worse than death…hence it being top secret…

Leo sharing an approving nod with Jessica, who gives him one more hug, actually happy to hear about Jordan being dealt with…

Dissolve to Leo tossing Antonia into one of the hummers…

Dissolve to the hummers all exiting the Fort…

Dissolve to the hummers meeting on the side with the other hummers, and rest of the army, as they all begin driving away, from Fort Vancouver…