Season 4, Episode 4





President George Bush Sr. announcing the Desert Storm war, as POV pans back from the television that plays his speech. Several soldiers are watching…

A man enters the room.



One of the men (Asian) watching the television, now turns around, looking at the guy.



Donovan walks his direction.


Thanks, Tyler.

They both enter the other room, where a soldier stands next to Leo (29), as Tyler leaves the room. The soldier nods at Donovan, then shakes hands with Leo.


Good seeing you, Leo. Tell Dylan to keep my spot at

the poker table. I'll be returning soon.


You take care, General.

The general leaving the area, as Donovan shakes his head with a smile, while greeting Leo with a handshake…


I would ask how you got yourself in here, (motioning

toward general) but…


Good to have connections at a time of war.


I guess this has the family putting a sense of urgency

on that compound?

Leo shaking his head with confidence and no fear.


Nah, this mess will be over with in no time. This doesn't

have an apocalyptic feel to it, at least it better not, because

we're not even close to being prepared for it…but never the

less, we are dealing with Mr. So Darn Insane, so, who knows…


What do you need from me?

Leo moving in closer…


If something does go down, and it feels like a world changer…

we'll need to improvise. You could be a big help with that, with

our survival…with your family's survival.


Like I said, what do you need from me?


All the manpower you can gather… I know the first and only

thing on your mind, if things did go bad, and it becomes every

man for himself, would be to get home to that wife of yours…

but you know we'll keep her safe, and if you want her to stay

that way for the long haul, you'll have to play things smart.

Bring home reinforcements, and weapons, if you can manage it.



I think I would be more intimidated of you, than the

apocalypse, if I were to come home empty handed!

Leo placing a hand over Donovan's shoulder, with a very serious look/tone…


That's a very accurate way for you to feel…

Leo finally cracks a smile, with Donovan laughing…


You know I'm messing with you, but you also know we plan

for everything. (handing him a small journal) So, here's some

notes, along with some people and places for you to rely on,

if needed. Some important numbers in there, too. (shaking

hands) I know you have to get going, so I'll leave you to it,

but please keep me posted as often as you can, over there.




You stay safe, Donovan.


Thank you, Leo.

Dissolve to footage of military planes dropping bomb after bomb, during the Gulf War, with explosion after explosion…

Dissolve to US soldiers/tanks fighting the ground war, successfully…

Dissolve to an overseas military base, where soldiers are wildly celebrating the Gulf War victory, and end to the war…

POV eventually finds Donovan, sharing high-fives and excited hugs with fellow soldiers. He seems even more joyous than the others, and begins waving a letter around…


The war ends, and I find out I'm going to be a father,

in the same day! YEEEAAHH BABY!

Friends of Donovan's sharing in his excitement with more cheers and high-fives…

Dissolve to a national guard base, where Donovan and a large group of other soldiers are in line, and much more serious than they just were.

An officer enters the area…




(saluting him)



At ease, soldier. (begins smiling) It's time for you to go

become a father.

Donovan's eyes going wide, as he gives the officer one last look, who nods at him, before Donovan goes dashing off!

Dissolve to him on a landline phone, still on the base.


Yeah, okay! I'm on my way!

Dissolve to Donovan speeding through traffic, still in his uniform…

Dissolve to him turning down a back street, cutting some corners, when suddenly he witnesses a vehicle being read-ended, hard. He watches and takes notice of no other witnesses. He has slowed down, but not stopped yet, and obviously doesn't want to.



He pulls over, and rushes over to the scene, where the guy who rear-ended the other car, is slowly going to the other car. Donovan arrives first. It's an elderly woman, who looks shaken up. The guy who hit her looks at her, and then at Donovan.


Ma'am, are you okay?


(speaking at same time as Donovan)

It figures she's old. She started to go, but then just stopped!

Donovan looks at the guy, then the woman, and can tell he's going to have to wait until an officer arrives…


It's okay, ma'am. I'm going to go make sure someone calls

for help, and wait until they arrive. (moving in closer)

This was not your fault, ma'am.

The other guy rolling eyes, as scenes dissolves to officers now at the scene, while one is taking some information from Donovan, who then rushes back to his car, and "speeding" away…

Dissolve to Donovan cutting a few more corners, then gets stuck behind someone slow, and rolls his eyes with frustration. He slowly follows the car onto an onramp, that goes into a circle, and then comes to a complete stop, with non-moving traffic on the freeway.


No, no, no, no, noooo…

He quickly looks behind him, and has more cars coming, blocking him in…

He looks all around, frantically, and then at the grassy area inside the large circle, and across the area, where he can see open road and a way back off of the onramp…

He begins considering it, before going for it! He drives off the road, onto the grassy area. He drives across the field, heading for the open road, which is quickly becoming flooded with more cars.

He drives right over, and honks at a few cars, before frantically coming outside, and approaching one of the vehicles.

He's about to plead his case, before glancing up ahead, at an officer who has now vacated his own car, and approaching Donovan, who saves his speech for the officer…


Officer, I know this looks bad. My wife is going to have our

first baby, any moment. I just literally came from an accident

that held me up. (taking in a suspicious look from the officer)

As a witness, not an accident I was in. The lady was older and

shaken up, so I had to wait. Then I come out here, and –

Donovan just gesturing at the crowded freeway, as the officer puts up a hand for him to stop.


I've heard enough. Come with me.

Donovan giving the officer a worried look…

Dissolve to the officer speeding with his sirens, and dropping off Donovan in front of the hospital, who is quick to begin climbing out.


Good luck!



Donovan running like a madman…

Dissolve to him rushing through some doors, and then down an empty hallway, before opening up another set of doors. His POV of the doctor and nurses pulling out a baby, with cheers from a ton of people in the room. He can't see his wife, but her mother stands proudly next to the bed, smiling/crying.

It's Laura Baker, as Donovan approaches, and can see his exhausted wife, Scout. One of the nurses is quickly placing gloves over Donovan's hands, as he glances across the room, at all the joyous family members.

Grandpa Sam is there, with Leo, Hunter, Mason, Fish, Vincent, and young Greg, Mark, Zane and all the other family members…

The nurse leads Donovan to the bed, where the doctor holds the scissors, as Donovan grabs them and cuts the cord, and looks from his crying newborn baby, to Scout. She smiles at him.


Meet your daughter, Hope…something you have none

of, when it comes to her or I forgiving your tardiness!

Donovan smiling as everyone in the room begins laughing…

Scout looks from Donovan to her baby, which the doctor is now handing down to her…



Scout smiling, with happiness and relief (as others are cheering), although different from the smile of joy in the last scene. This one is haunted by multiple scars of the past.

Her POV of a brand-new baby, being handed down to Pepsi, who smiles with tears in her eyes, and looks up at the proud face of Zane, smiling from the baby, to her…

Scout is eyeing her nephew, Zane, and smiling with happiness for his joy, but having trouble fighting her emotions, and a different kind of tears that begin falling from her face, as she steps back from everyone, and away, and silently bawling like a baby, once totally alone…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by.

POV crosses Hayden Island, and the Columbia River, over into Vancouver, Washington, where it quickly finds Fort Vancouver, before backtracking to the Columbia River, then into the Willamette River, under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



Pepsi is handing the baby to Zane, after just feeding her. Zane kisses and smiles at her as he takes her into his arms, as Pepsi smiles at them both…


God, we've been through so much, and the world out

there is such a nightmare…but in here with the two of you,

everything is just a dream.

Coke enters the room from around a corner.


Am I in this dream, or am I stuck in the nightmare?

Coke smiles at his mom, then goes to Zane and gives the baby a kiss, as a knock comes from the door. Chance runs into the room excitedly.


I got it!

He opens the door to the smiling eager face of Samantha.


Hi, Sam!

Samantha takes a hug from Chance, then walks directly over to Zane and the baby. She can't stop staring at her, before finally looking up at Zane.


Can I please hold her?

Zane motions for her to take a seat, and begins carefully handing down the baby to her. She proudly holds the baby, smiling down at her.


Hi Clarissa. How is my favorite little cousin?



Samantha smiles at him with a roll of her eyes.


I said little cousin. (looking back down at her) Even though

I feel more like an aunt, than I do a cousin, to this beautiful

little Baker.

Zane smiling at Samantha, almost teary eyed…


Beautiful Baker…sounds like something Grandpa would say.

Samantha smiling at Zane, as another knock comes from the door, and Chance goes racing for it.


I got it!

Chance opens the door to Blake and Hope. Hope smiles and goes straight for Samantha and the baby, as Blake goes to Zane, handing him his radio.


News from the relay post. Figured you'd want to hear

this yourself.


I don't need to be worried, do I?

Blake just shaking his head.


(into radio)

Whatcha' got for me, Sarah?


(over radio)

Well, there you are. Michael and Lisa got a visit from the

Colonel of Fort Vancouver. Apparently, he has a softball

challenge for you, from Jessica.

Zane looking at Blake with a growing smile, who is now over next to Hope and Samantha, looking at the precious baby…


(over radio)

He wants to see the communities for himself. He's on his

way to Nike World, right now.


(into radio)

I like it! Let the Queen know I am on my way there.


(over radio)

You got it.

Zane hands the radio back to Blake with a big smile.


I am really beginning to like this Jessica!

Zane gives Pepsi a kiss.


I can't wait to meet her. Tell Harris and the others I said hi.

Zane giving a kiss to his baby daughter, and a playful tap of Samantha, who smiles at him while she continues to cautiously hold the baby. Zane begins grabbing some things, including his own radio (turning it on), as another knock comes from the door.


I got it!

Chance opens the door to Scout, with a big silly grin on her face. Zane and Blake are heading toward the door. Blake passes Scout, with a whiff of something and a look back at her.


Scout! Dust your cleats and gloves off. It's time to begin

playing some ball, again.

He's about to pass her but stops, and grabs her arm, as she stares back at him. He looks into her drunken eyes…


Scout…come on…


I came to see my little baby niece.


Scout…you can't be around the baby while shit face drunk.

Samantha a semi-worried look up toward Scout, as Pepsi sits down next to her.


(trying to be funny)

That would make me a freaking stranger to the kid!


I have to go, Scout, but you and I need to have a chat

when I get back.


Looking forward to it, but until then, I want to see the

baby. (looking back at Zane) I won't hold her…I just need

to see her.

Zane a look at Pepsi, who nods for him to go. Scout approaches, with a look at the baby, in Samantha's arms. She then looks at Samantha, and forces a smile, before looking back down at the baby, as scene dissolves…



A car goes speeding down a street. It's the same car that Donovan drove in the last flashback.

POV Donovan inside, speeding onto the open freeway…

Dissolve to Donovan rushing into the hospital, and then again dissolving to him rushing through a pair of doors, into a large waiting room, where all the Bakers appear to be extremely festive, and then looking at Donovan, instantly congratulating him.


Congratulations, Donovan!


You're a father, again!

Donovan instantly looks shocked and disappointed, and on the verge of even expressing big time frustration, right before they all begin cracking up laughing, as Fish places his hand on Donovan's shoulder.


We're just having some fun with you.


Oh, thank God!


(motioning toward another door)

Go on inside and see her. The doctor says we've got some time.

Donovan smiling and nodding at them all, still laughing over his worried expression, and patting him on the back as he goes inside…

He enters the room as Scout gives him a huge smile. He goes to her for a kiss/hug. She looks so happy, so excited and ready for her baby…

Dissolve to her in pain, screaming, as the baby comes, to the applause of the entire family, who are off to the side, in another large waiting area…

Donovan cuts the cord, and they begin cleaning the baby, before bringing her to Scout, who is proud and full of smiles as they hand her the baby. She looks from the child up to her husband.


Little Ryder.

Donovan laughs/cries with her, as she then reacts to more labor pains, as the nurses take Ryder, and the doctor begins preparing for another baby. Donovan continues holding Scout's hand, remaining at her side for the second baby…

Dissolve to her other baby being born, this time with mild cheering which quickly fades to silence and fear, as the doctor and nurses rush to get the baby breathing. Scout begins to panic, as does the expression of Donovan, and all her family members…

Scene begins dissolving to black, with the sound of Scout crying out in agony…



Samantha looks worried as she holds the baby, looking up at Scout, who's expression is full of sadness, as she turns and leaves the cabin…



Samantha looks over at Pepsi, who begins taking the baby from her, as Samantha and Hope immediately rush after Scout…

They catch up with her, as Samantha kind of holds back, while Hope stops her mom.


Mom! What's wrong?

Her mom just stares at her a moment, before forcing a semi-smile while placing a hand to her daughter's chin…


I'll be okay…I just need to go to bed…

Scout begins walking away, as Samantha steps to Hope, and they just both watch Scout walk off…


I love you, Mom…



Zane entering the garage, where Leo already waits for him…


Is this really just about a softball game?


Don't tell me you're getting paranoid.


(shaking head)

My guess is our new Colonel friend just wants to get

himself a peek of what we have going on over here.



The monthly Forester sucked him in.

Leo smiling as they both prepare to hop into a hummer…



Of course, Leo is going with you.

Zane and Leo stop and look up at the top of the steps, where Scout stands looking down at them…


Is that a problem?

Scout just rolling her eyes…


We're about to go, Scout. So, if you have something to

say, say it now.


It's like everyone just got over him… (shrugging) Like it

never even happened.


Scout –


I get that your father is the medicine you need to get

over what happened, and that everyone else seems to

be drinking from that same bottle, but…(shaking head)

even on his best day, he is not him, Zane.


Scout, can you –


Even medicated and never again causing heartache

to this family…(shaking head) he is not him…

Leo looking from Scout to Zane…


I don't care how wasted she is, she isn't wrong.



I don't need you to agree with me, Leo.

Scout just shakes her head while turning to leave. Zane watches her, then turns toward Leo.


Give me five minutes.


Good luck fixing her in only five minutes.

Scout shouts from the staircase (offscreen).



Fuck you, Leo.

Zane looking back at Leo as he climbs the steps, going after Scout.


That doesn't help.


Nor does our pity…but I hear you.

Cut to Scout walking up into the Baker complex, as Zane catches up with her…



Scout silently turns and faces him, with a single tear rolling down her cheek…


I wish I had the right words for you. I mean, I just had

a baby girl, and you seem to resent me for getting on

with my life.


I LOVE that baby!


I know you do…and maybe that's the problem. Maybe

having someone else to love means someone else to lose,

and I get that. If I lost that child, I might be right where you are.

Scout becoming more teary-eyed…


And I would need your help, as you've felt that kind of loss,

long before all this shit happened…which means you

understand that life goes on…

Scout looking Zane in the eyes…


Because I had him, to help me realize that…



All the Bakers are in the waiting room, with a very somber mood as they hug and comfort each other. Grandpa Sam holds baby Hope, while staring at the door of Scout's room, and the sound of her baby, Ryder, screaming/crying…

Cut inside to Scout in bed, where the nurses are trying to help her breast feed the baby. Donovan and Laura are also there. Scout is frustrated, heartbroken and full of tears, as she gives up and hands the baby back to the nurses.


It's not working. I can't do this, right now. She wants

nothing to do with me.

One nurse takes the baby to a bassinet while the other nurse begins strolling over a breast pump.


We can pump the baby some breakfast, and you can

try again later.

Dissolve to Laura walking into the waiting room, coming to her husband…


She's a mess, and having no luck feeding the baby. You

can go see her, now. She needs her father…

A very concerned look on his face, as he hands baby Hope over to Laura…



Zane/Scout in same place.


He's not here to do that, this time. So, what's the use?

In a world like this? His dream is just as dead as he is.

Zane shaking his head…


You don't mean that. Your children? Solis? My daughter?

Samantha? Just a small sample of the people who need you,

and would inherit your pain if they lost you.


Need me for what? Softball games and holidays? All

that stuff is senseless, now.


(shaking head)

Why would you say that?


(tone increasing)

Because you're off to plan fantasy land type of shit, and

with the girlfriend of the man who brought those people

to our doorstep, Zane!


Is that what this is about? (tone increasing) It's your

father's dream!



I told you, his dream is dead!



No, it's not! He is! And I for one, am not going to let his

dream die with him!



His dream doesn't work without him!



Of course, it does! Grandpa wasn't going to be around forever,

Scout. Your father wanted to ensure these things live on.

Quick POV of Ryder close-by, listening to the shouting.



I don't want to have to think about what happened to

him every time people go out onto that field!



We honor him every time people go out onto that field!




Zane just silently stares at her for a moment…


Scout -


Nothing will ever be the same, Zane. Go be with your

father. Maybe he replaces him for you, but not for me…


Him? He? Can you even call him what he is? Your father.

My grandfather. His name is Sam.


It was Sam… Now he's no one's father. No one's

grandfather… He's just gone.

Scout begins weeping at the mention of him being gone, as Zane keeps at her.


Who's gone? (louder) Who's gone, Scout?!

Scout doesn't answer, just continues crying.


What's his name, Scout?! Say it! Say his name!

Scout crying…



Say it!



I can't!



You can!





Who is he? (louder) Say his name!



Please, Zane.


He was my grandfather, and I miss him! Who was he, Scout?

Scout weeping like a baby…


Who WAS HE?!









SAM! His name was SAM!





He died! (weeping) He died! Oh my god…my father is

dead…he's really gone.

Scout continues weeping uncontrollably, as Zane finally grabs and holds her…

Dissolve to Leo in the garage, as Zane pops his head inside, from atop the staircase.


I'm going to let you go handle this on your own. Grab

Dakota or Chasin, to ride along with you. I need to hang

back and address this Scout situation, as I'm sure you just



You've been addressing it, son, but yeah, I heard. Thank

you for being such a great nephew to my baby sister.



Thanks, Dad. Tell the Colonel I'll chat with him once you

guys get back here.



Donovan is leaving Scout's side, as Grandpa Sam arrives, patting Donovan as he walks by. Scout looks up at her dad, with her teary eyes. She tries to remain brave while staring him in the eyes, but simply begins weeping like a baby, as her father places a hand over her forehead, and comes down to embrace her…



Daddy…my baby is gone.


I'm so sorry, my little scout. I can't imagine your pain.

Coming out of embrace, as she stares up at him, seeing his tears…



My other baby hates me.


She most certainly does not. She just knows you're hurting.

She can feel your pain.


How do I move forward? How do I get past this, and

be a mother to her?


I think you know as much as I do, how rhetorical your

questions are. And even though the answers are easy,

they are anything but… Yet, I have all the confidence in

the world, that my little Scout knows exactly how to both

answer and act on those questions, for herself… and just

as much confidence in her ability to heal from this…and

be a mother to my beautiful little granddaughter.

Grandpa looking over at the baby, and the nurse who smiles back at him, and then down at the baby who she feeds.


My hungry little granddaughter…

Scouts dries her eyes, and looks over at the nurse/baby…


I would like to try, again.

Grandpa smiles down at his daughter, as the nurse brings the baby over.


My strong, brave little Scout.

Grandpa kissing her forehead and leaving the room, as Donovan and Laura reenter. Grandpa looks back at his daughter, forming a smile as she cradles Ryder into her arms, and begins bottle feeding her, before Grandpa closes the doors…



Colonel Davis stepping outside of his vehicle, along with several others, while parked near the gates of Nike World. The Queen, her sister Nikki and Marshall are all arriving, with smiles. Davis steps toward them, as his men hold back at the vehicle…


(saluting him with smile)

Colonel Davis.



Stop that. Call me Davis.


Oh, so I can call you by your last name, but not your first?

(smiling) I see how it is.


Can't call me by a name I won't be sharing with you,

is how it is.


What?! Now you have to tell me! The world is apocalyptic

and you're still worried about what people will think of

your name? With that kind of fear how the hell did you

ever become a Colonel, in the first place?

Harris taking notice of how flirtatious her sister appears to be.


It's because I'm a Colonel that I'm still worried about

what people will think, or say, about my name.

A curious look and smile from Nikki, who laughs and puts her arm around her sister.


This would be my sister, Harris, but you have to call

her Queen.

Harris rolling her eyes and shaking hands with Davis.


Ahh, the Queen I've read so much about. A pleasure it

is to meet you.


A pleasure indeed, and yes, I've heard our little paper has

made its way to the Washington side. I wonder where else

in the world, people might be reading up on this folklore

and fairytale story I've been given.

Harris reaches for Marshall, as her dad is arriving.


This is Marshall, one of my most trusted advisors.


(shaking hands)



Colonel Davis.


And this old man is just that, my old man, Shawn.

Shawn laughing and shaking hands with Davis, as scene dissolves to all of them entering the Nike World "strategic room".


I know it's not much, especially once you see the Baker

strategic room, but this would be our "genetic" version of it.


Beats what we have to work with at the Fort.

Davis looking all around, and then at all of them…


Strategic rooms, a compound, a Queen, a monthly forester…

I'm sure there are other safe places, refugee camps across the

country, or even the planet, but I'm banking on this corner of

the world being the most normal, and interesting, corner there is.


There may be other refugee camps, but safety is not all

we offer. The spirit of America also survives here with us.


Home of the brave, land of the free.





I like it.



As do I.

They all turn around to see Leo, Chasin and Dakota have entered the room.


(with a smile)


Leo comes directly to Harris and kneels down in front of her.


Your highness.

Some laughs, including Harris, as Leo smiles and shakes hands with the others.



Oh Leo, you have to stop doing that every time you see me!

Davis laughing.


Please never stop. I love it!


I'm with Nikki. That's good shit!

More laughs.


Hi Dakota and Chasin.




So, where's Zane? Too early to leave that new baby girl

of his?


He was literally hopping in the vehicle with me before

Scout made a cry for help.


How is Scout?


Unfortunately, not much better, but I have a feeling

Zane is about to work his magic on her.


If anyone could, it would be him.


Agreed, but he could use some backup. Where's Solis?

I know he and Scout have had a falling out, but today

might be a good day for him to come back into the picture.


He's out with the hunters, but I just heard a bit ago that

they're already fully stocked and heading back.


Perfect. (looking at Harris and her family) I take it at

least one of you will be joining us at the compound, to

go over the game plan for the Interstate bridge project?


That would be me.


I'm in, too.

They all begin leaving the room.


I need to see your new granddaughter. (Leo smiling)

I'd also like to see Scout. I miss who she was and that

wonderful spirit of hers, before…


We all do.


What about you, Leo. How are you holding up?


(pleasantly surprised)

On days when royalty, or people like you, ask how I'm

doing, I'm doing just fine.



You really are the father of Zane, aren't you? (laughing)

That really is exactly the kind of thing he would say.



Then I'll take that as a compliment.



Solis supervises the hunters as they remove all the dead animals from the flatbed trucks, as Leo arrives…




Leo, how are you?


In this world? Could always be better…could certainly be worse…


I hear you.


Looks like the hunting is still good.


Won't be anyone going hungry this winter, except hopefully

the dead. We did discover more of the dead, out there this

time. Even dodged a close call with (motioning at one of the

men) Andrews, over there.

Some of the guys joking and giving Andrews a hard time.


The men aren't getting careless out there, are they?

Solis with a confirming look at Leo…


When things begin getting too easy, the avoidable

accidents will begin happening.


You guys here that? Pretty much same thing I said, right?


Yeah, Yeah… That shit won't happen again.

Solis looking at Leo.


So, I heard we have a visitor?


We do indeed. We'll be showing him Glenwood, before

going over the Interstate bridge project, back at the

compound. I'd really like you to come back with us.

Solis a slight shake of the head.


Zane hung back to work on Scout. I believe some

progress is being made.


I'm glad to hear that, but she made it perfectly clear

she doesn't want help with that progress, from me.


And you know perfectly well that that's not true. I

do believe Zane made a major breakthrough, and

that you might be capable of the finishing touches.

Solis taking a deep breath…


Alright…I can't say no to that…

Leo slapping him over the shoulder.


Good man…



Leo's hummer turning off of highway 6 (followed by Davis), onto the gravel road and across the bridge/creek, heading toward the gates of Glenwood…

The gates open up, as they drive through and park. Many of the people/kids are curious, and watching as Leo and others climb out…

Stix, Kemp and Lester are all arriving, as Leo begins introducing Davis to Kemp and Lester…


Davis, this is Kemp and Lester, and I'm not sure if you

officially met Stix.


(while shaking hands with Davis)

A Colonel of the U.S. military who shakes hands with convicts.

I like it.


Well, Grover made me aware of each and everyone of your

histories, and Zane spent over a year here, figuring out

which of you were safe enough to trust in the new world, so

that's good enough for me. (looking at Stix) Especially when

it comes to someone responsible for a world with one less

child molester. I'm truly sorry for what happened to your

niece, and the consequences you paid for doing what most

of us would have done, ourselves.


Thank you, I appreciate that more than you know.


Now…someone show me the way to the moonshine station,

I've heard and read so much about.

Some laughs as they move forward, with some of the young kids shaking hands with the Colonel, as well as Leo...

Dissolve to the moonshine station as Moon hands a cup to Davis, who takes a swig, followed by a second…


Okay…so, my question would be, why the hell did we

have to wait for the apocalypse to start making this shit?


Because shit is exactly what that crap is!


Are you kidding me? This should have been on the

shelves of every liquor store in the country.


I think you're the one who is kidding me, cause if Moon

here, started making this stuff back before the dead rose,

that's probably what brought them back in the first damn


Lots of laughs.


I'm with Kemp. When the real alcohol runs dry, I'll be

starting an AA group at the compound, before I ever

touch that shit, again.

More laughs as scene dissolves from there, to the compound, where Davis is handed another drink of moonshine, while shaking hands with all the Bakers he hasn't met, like Hunter, April, Jennifer, as well as other people. Some of them also have drinks, and they appear to be moving off away from that area, as scene dissolves to some of them entering the Baker Strategic room, as Hunter shows it off to Davis…

Dissolve to even more people now in the room, as Hunter and April stand at one of tables, next to Davis, looking over a paper map. Hunter points out a route on the map, just off from the Interstate bridge (also on the map).


This route, all the way to the St. Johns bridge, is really not

that bad, although it'll need plenty of work, as in an army of

it. It's just the Janzen Beach area, the freeway, and

everything south and east of the freeway that is swamped

with the dead.


Clearing with the firepits will work in other areas, like it did

at the coast, but not at the freeway, which is going to take

the most work, and under extreme conditions, if we don't

somehow temporarily clear that area.


(now pointing at the Columbia River)

Which brings us to the river, and porting ship right here.


(standing near the map/table)

Which is where we put on a firework show. (with a smile)

Davis also smiling with some intrigue.


We'll do that just before the sun comes up, to give the dead

something to see, as well as hear. By daylight, enough of them

should be gone from (pointing on map) this area, to send in

some more distraction parties, to keep them clear of the noise

that our working team will be making, while putting up the



We've scouted the area, and have plenty of abandoned

vehicles and scraps near the Expo Center, to use for the

barricade, as well as the entire route back to St Johns, but

we'll also be using the ship to supply the rest, and an

emergency escape plan.

Davis gives them all an impressed expression.


I see where Grover gets it…

Some smiles, some surprised expressions, and even faces of people not quite sure how to react, as scene dissolves to Davis out on the lawn in front of the Baker complex, shaking hands with tons of the civilians, and dissolving again to even more civilians, and Bakers all gathered together, as Hunter speaks over a blowhorn (no audio, just background effects), as tons of people raise hands, volunteering for the project…

Bryant and his sisters, Hope and Ryder are all volunteering, as are the Rough Riders. Griffey raises a hand, as Blair begins telling him he is too young, with a chuckle from Porter, who stands nearby…

Zane finally arrives, with a big excited shake of the hand with Davis. Pepsi is behind Zane, holding their daughter, who Davis smiles and looks at, while Zane takes the baby and she shakes hands with Davis. Samantha is also with Zane and Pepsi, and now shaking hands with Davis, as the audio finally comes back.


I've read your journal, young lady. A Colonel like me doesn't

have anything on a kid like you, who has gone through that

kind of hell, and to somehow climb yourself out of it! Good lord!


Thank you. I heard you are a fan of our Forester, and I'm

happy to say we've been hard at work at bringing it back. So,

thank you, for proving how important it is.


Well, you are certainly welcome, young lady. I can't wait to

read the new one.


We get this new route put together, and we can deliver

you guys a batch every month…and Jessica can read all

about how badly we crushed this so-called team of hers,

I'm hearing about?



I don't know, Zane. I saw them all practicing. They got some

leftover baseball players from the school. I know what kind

of baseball you guys have here, but coed softball? I think they

will surprise you.

Zane's eyes going wide, as Samantha giggles while looking at him, as Hope and Ryder arrive…


A game is one thing, but competition? You're getting

me excited now! (looking at Hope and Ryder) You guys

hear that? You ready for a game?

POV coming from someone at a window of the Baker complex, looking down at Zane sharing high-fives and smiles with Hope, Ryder (next to Samantha), Pepsi and Davis…

Scout comes away from the window, not sure whether to cry or smile…



Tons of worried people gathered on the lawn neat the Baker complex, on day 1 of the apocalypse. Hope is with her brother and sister, who are being hugged by Gunner and Rachel. Hope looks back toward the complex, where her mother is disappearing.


(shouting for her)


Scout looks back at her.


I'll be right back. Just give me a minute, please.

Scout goes around the corner, toward a door, but then stops, breathing heavily, and is about to begin crying, but stops herself. She begins pacing, trying to breathe and remain calm…

She reaches for her phone, pushing recent calls. "Hubby" is last call made (several of them), as she dials it again, and waits, as it rings, before going to voicemail…


(over voicemail)

You've got Donovan. I'm either with my family or out saving

the world, or maybe just stuffing my mouth with junk food,

who knows, but please, leave some kind of message, and don't

leave me curious…I hate when that happens.

Scout waits for the beep, and just closes her eyes, hesitating before speaking…


(into phone)

Please, Donovan…don't let this silly voicemail of yours be

the last thing I ever hear you say. If for some reason you

hear this, but can't return it, depending on what is happening,

or will happen…I want you to know you are the best husband

a wife could want, and an even better father. Hope, Ryder and

Bryant, are safe where they belong, and will always love you,

as I do. Come home to us, Donovan. Come home…

Scouts hangs up, and stands there a moment longer, with a tear attempting to fall, but wiped away, as she remains strong, and turns to head back to her children, and her family, and the others who needed her…


INT. BAKER COMPLEX (same room Scout was looking out window) - DAY

Scout about to lay down on a bed, before the door opens, to the sight of Solis. He just stares at her, as she stares back, before getting up off the bed and rushing over to his arms, where he happily takes her…

"Eminem – Not Afraid" (Instrumental) begins playing as scene dissolves into close-up of Gunner lighting a firework, panning back as it ignites and shoots upward, blowing up over the river…

Song continues playing in instrumental, except at times when the lyrics of the main chorus begin to play, along with a montage of scenes. Gunner, Bryant, Eli, Griffey, and others are all lighting fireworks, with Scout, Samantha, her moms, Todd, Sandy, Marlana, Renee and others all watching and having a good time on the ship…

Shots of random huffs, miles away, but seeing/hearing the fireworks and heading in that direction. Tons of other huffs are at the shoreline, or arriving, and going right into the river, and floating away, or sinking. Some huffs are coming over the top of the banks, and tumbling down into the river…

Dissolve to dawn, as Gunner, Scout, Bryant, Eli and others are in boats, leaving the ship and heading for the bank of the Oregon side, near the bottom of the Interstate bridge. There are random huffs floating in the water, as the boat dodges it way around them…

Dissolve to leaving the boats behind, meeting up with an army caravan of the Bakers and everyone else, with trucks full of supplies. More boats are coming toward the shoreline, full of supplies…

Dissolve to multiple shots of the Bakers and their people, GW and the convicts, Nikki and people from Nike World, Dylan and some of his people from the Beach Camp, along with Davis, Jessica, Bryson and tons of their people, all working together at barricading the freeway (half mile from the bridge) as well as barricading the east side of the freeway from the west, in between the bridge and the freeway barricade…

Shots of GW with Eli, Toast, Grill and tons of others, all killing off random huffs who approach the scene…

Scout is working hard to be of help, and right next to her is Solis, Bryant, Hope and Ryder….

Most of the other Bakers are present, including Chasin and his wife, next to Wyatt and his wife. Zane, Mason, Missy, Blake and the Rough Riders are all at work. Divit is supervising Doc and the cousins, helping them with how to work the barricade…

Dissolve to Davis and a few other vehicles of people, all leading tons of huffs away from the area…

Dissolve to Dylan and a bunch of his people, all on horses and doing the same things as Davis, leading away an army of huffs, taking them opposite direction of the area where all the work is being done…

Dissolve to Scout resting a moment, staring at the river, and the water, lost in thought, as Solis places an arm around her, and she finally turns from her gaze, and gazes into his eyes, giving him a kiss…

Dakota smiles at Cleo, who gives her a sexy wink, while hard at work. Hope flirts a bit with Blake, while hard at work. DJ smiles at Rich, as they both sweat while they work. Damon, Sage and Virgil all chat together, as they work. Wyatt and his wife share a kiss. Gunner makes his wife laugh, as well as the others around them. Zane and Leo share a smile/laugh…

Dissolve to the ship, where Marlana, Samantha, Renee, Eli and others, are hard at work, preparing lunch for everyone. Shots of them packing it onto the boats, and sharing smiles with Gunner, Zane and the others who take the boats back to the shoreline. Shots of everyone over there eating, as they rest…

Dissolve to them all back at work, killing huffs, leading them away, and hauling/moving vehicles and structures for the barricade. Shots of the loggers taking logs off their rigs, and using them for the barricades…

Dissolve to Scout, leaving the area, going over the hill of the bank, and down toward the water, all by herself…

She begins crying, and just staring out across the river, and then upward…

Dissolve to her back at work, but without her smile…

She looks over at her two daughters, working next to their brother, and finds a hint of her smile…



Song from last scene begins fading into this scene, as Scout paces a hallway, by herself and on her phone, waiting to speak. She looks emotional…


(into phone)

Miles is dying, I think, and Fish is not answering his phone,

nor is Vincent and his family. So, Donovan, I can't deal with

losing you, too. You have to come home to me, baby. I

can't do this alone. I can't lose loved ones, and lose you,

too. I can't stay strong for our children, without my other

half…the other half of them. Please, Donovan, come home

to us… I'm heading up to the mountain, to find my brother.

It kills me to think about something happening to me, and

our kids here without us. I need you to come home.

She considers saying more, before finally hanging up, just standing there in silence, before taking a deep breath, and heading back into another room, to the sound of Zane and Dakota…



Scout entering room, reaching under a counter for a bottle, as Solis enters, giving her and the bottle a look, and then shaking his head. She watches him, then looks at the bottle, then back at him, before finally taking a swig, to the displeasure of Solis…

Zane enters the room, with a look at Scout and the bottle.


Zane will drink with me. (taking swig)


Zane is already on the verge of passing out, but we're

taking tomorrow night off, so what the hell.



Scout reaching for another bottle, and handing to him. He raises his bottle to hers, and takes a swing, as Mason enters the room, watching them both take a drink.


So, this would be why Hunter is taking a day off between

work on the new route.


Hell yeah, it is! Everyone deserves a day off after that,

and a night to relax and get plenty of rest. Tired workers

leads to mistakes, mistakes lead to deceased workers.

Mason taking the bottle from Zane.


I'll drink to that.



Scout and Mason taking swigs, as Hunter and April enter the room. Scout doesn't say a word, but simply leaves the room, followed by Solis, as Zane looks at Hunter and shakes his head…



POV close-up of a huff, as its head is bashed in by Toast and Grill, who then watch GW bash in the head of another one, followed by all of them watching Eli with quick, and overpoweringly kills, of two more huffs, then spotting a third, while walking right over to it, and bashing its head in…

Cut to Mason supervising Porter, Kemp and a handful of others, as they place a huge/heavy piece of the barricade. One of the loggers is nearby, using machinery to places logs into the barricade. Leo is nearby, supervising several others…

Zane is hard at work, with Scout…


So…did you take last night off from drinking? Or do

we need to get you on some kind of detox plan?

Scout staring at him…


What? At least I just come out and say it. You took a big

step the other day, and you and Solis are giving it another

shot. How bad is this drinking thing? Just mental? Or are

you physically addicted, too?

Scout hesitates, before answering…


Maybe a little…I think I can beat it, the physical part…but

once alone, or not busy…(shaking head) It's drink, or feel

pain…the kind of pain I just can't allow myself to feel anymore.

Zane nodding as he stares back at her…


I get that…and I think you know I can imagine that pain.


I know you can…but your baby, and your father, have

saved you from the pain of Dad. I've had things like that,

that have gotten me through so much…(shaking head)

but not this time…just the booze…

Scout keeps working, as does Zane, without a response to all that…



Scout is in the bushes, rising and pulling up her pants, as her phone rings. She's annoyed at the struggle to reach for it from her pocket, until finally grasping it. She looks to see "Hunter" as the caller, and quickly answers.


(into phone)

Please tell me my husband has arrived?... Hunter?... Hunter,

what's happened?... WHY is Dad crying?! What -…. (she begins

weeping) No…. Oh my god, no…. (crying) Are you sure they're

dead?... Oh god…How…how do I tell Zane?... I'm so sorry,

Hunter…Please, can I talk to him….

Scout trying to hold her emotions in check, while waiting for someone else to come to the phone, and then weeping as he does.


Daddy?... I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, Daddy…. I love you, too….

I don't know what to do… Zane will want to turn around, but

Fish, Samantha?... Yes…. Okay…. I have to…. Okay…. Okay….


Slowly hanging up and just staring straight ahead, at nothing, while more tears continue to fall. She begins to hear the sound of Zane and Dakota, talking across the way from her. She begins bawling, while stepping out of the brush, and facing them, as they turn to see her…



Is she crying again?

You can hear the sound of them riding their motorcycles over toward her…


INT. HIGHWAY 6 (compound turnoff) – DAY

Zane speeding his motorcycle past the turnoff, heading west, for the SSH. A moment later, Dakota speeds by, going same direction as Zane, but then Scout turns off, toward the compound…

Dissolve to Scout speeding toward the gates, which open up, as she speeds through them. People watching from up top, on the compound wall…

Dissolve to her speeding out of the long woodsy corridor, and straight for the Baker complex. She arrives and parks, while quickly running up toward a door to the complex…

She runs inside to a room full of Bakers and loved ones, and rushes straight over to her emotional father, and into his arms, while weeping like a baby…



Scout wakes in her bed, taking a deep breath and staring out at nothing…

Eventually, she's startled by someone opening her bedroom door. Ryder walks inside.


Good morning, Mom. Did you get good rest?

Ryder opening up the curtains, filling the room with sunlight…


I'd say better than the norm.

Ryder smiling at her.


Good! You'll need it, for the game today.


(rolling eyes)

I'm trying to heel, Ryder. I really am, but I'm not even

sure I'm up for being a spectator at that game, let alone



Mom! This team is for real! We're going to have to earn

this one. You were a better baller than any of these girls

in your day. Go out there and show them you still got it.

Ryder sits on the bed next to her.


We're already without Jaelyn. Jo and Chloe are pretty

good, and Dakota is okay, but both her and Catherine

said they'd gladly give up their spots for you and Jaelyn.

Scout with an uncertain look at her pleading daughter…


C'mon Mom. I haven't seen Zane this pumped since

(shrugging)… and well, now I want to see you that way.

Scout looking her daughter in the eye…


I need to see you that way, Mom…



Zane driving his hummer out of the Fort, followed by a bus, and a few other vehicles, including Davis in his military jeep. The bus is full of Jessica's softball players. She rides in the hummer with Zane…

Dissolve to Zane's hummer leading them across the Interstage bridge, and on the I-5 freeway, leading to a turnoff, right in front of the huge barricade they built. They take the turnoff, looking out at the army of huffs on the other side of the barricade/freeway.

As they take the long loop, heading toward another road, they are protected by more of that barricade, which also has plenty of huffs on the other side. The barricade runs right into the nearby expo center, and from there it runs down to the slough…

Dissolve to Zane's hummer leading them down a back road, with a random huff here or there, but of no threat to them…

Dissolve to Zane's hummer leading them down Columbia Boulevard, with random little barricades here and there, keeping huffs out of the way…

Dissolve to Zane's hummer leading them toward the St. Johns bridge, where another barricade is built, with a decent number of huffs on the other side of it, and a few more on their side. They drive by without issue, and begin crossing the bridge, with only one huff walking on it, which is struck and killed by Zane's hummer.

POV the reaction of the softball players on the bus, as the huff is splattered onto the bridge…

Dissolve to Zane's hummer leading them into Nike World, and dissolving again as Zane, Harris and Nikki are showing them all around…

Dissolve to them all now back in their vehicles and leaving Nike World, with a few new vehicles full of Nike World people…

Dissolve to them traveling highway 26, where Mason is in Passenger seat of Zane's hummer, and Jessica in the back, looking out toward an open area of land…


You don't see it, do you?


Is it in that patch of trees, over there?


It is indeed, but you can't see it. Just like all the other ones,

which are directly next to the highway, but camouflaged by

all the brush. Most people who spend time living in them,

really enjoy it.



It's amazing what you guys have done here…

Dissolve to Zane now showing them all around Glenwood, as some of them shake hands with the civilians there…

Dissolve to them leaving Glenwood, across the bridge and onto the highway, with even more vehicles, as some of the Glenwood people have joined them…

Dissolve to Zane leading them through the woodsy corridor, and out into the opening, toward the Baker complex, as Jessica looks all around, in complete aw.

POV the players from the bus, also in aw, and looking all around.


Holy garden of Eden!

Some laughs from the others…

Dissolve to all the vehicles parked at the complex, where the Bakers and others are greeting the new people, and even those from Glenwood and Nike World. Jessica is seeing Antonia for the first time, picking her up and hugging her…

Dissolve to Zane leading Jessica (holding hands with Antonia) and her team out on the softball field, as they are in complete aw over the beauty of it, and the stadium built around it (not as large as the baseball one). Some of the players simply run out onto the field, including Zarah, who runs through the infield, and onto the outfield grass, simply flopping down on her back, and even waving her arms and legs, as if making a snow angel…


HOLY garden of EDEN!

Hope, Ryder, Bryant, Samantha, her moms, Griffey, Renee, Marlana and others, are in the bleachers, laughing at the reaction of Zarah and her teammates. Ryder smiles and almost teary eyed, while watching Zarah (now kissing the ground). Ryder then takes off.


Where you going?


I have to go see Mom!

Some of the softball team already begins tossing balls to each other, with scene dissolving…



Ryder charging into her mom's room, as Scout sits at a table in front of a mirror, brushing her hair, and again startled by her daughter's arrival.


Mom, you should have seen them! It's like heaven, to them.

One girl just ran onto the field and began doing snow angels

in the outfield! She literally kissed the ground! You HAVE to play!


I'm coming to watch, but I'm just not ready to play a game.


But Mom! Don't you see? Grandpa gave that girl, that joy.

He gave it to them all. That was his dream.

Ryder just staring at her mom, who finally finds a small smile…


That is pretty cool, isn't it?


You bet it is! And you can't let him down, by not being

a part of this.

Scout staring at her daughter…


Alright, I'll think about it.


But Mom, the game will probably start in the next

thirty minutes or so.


Fine, but just let me go see someone, first.




Our other player. Tell Zane to stall a bit.

Ryder smiles big, then kisses her mom and dashes off, as Scout rises to leave the room.


Awesome, Mom! I'm on it!



The stadium is beginning to fill up with spectators, as the teams are on the filed playing catch.

Zane, Blake and Eli are nervously watching the Clark team warmup, as Hope, Jo, Chloe, Dakota, Catherine, Trav, Nate and Scoop, all warmup…

Zane and Blake both turn to look at each other.


I don't know, man…


Yeah…it's starting to look like a real game.

Blake nodding, as Ryder rushes to the scene.


Zane! You have to stall! Mom's going to play!



That's what I like to hear!


EXT. COMPOUND CABIN (at the lake) – DAY

POV of the lake, panning back to Scout, as she rides a horse along the trail, and coming to the same cabin where Jaelyn and Ricky spent time together before his death…

Jaelyn sits on the deck, looking out at the lake, as Scout climbs down off her horse, tying it up, and approaching the deck…


I was hoping I'd find you here.

Jaelyn looks over at her, and then back out at the lake…


It's where I feel closest to him…to both of them…


I get that…and I wish I had your grandfather's ability to

come up with something epic, to lift your spirits with,

but…I just wasn't born with that kind of magic…yet I

was born with the ability to smash a softball.

Jaelyn looking from the lake to Scout, with a developing curious smile…


And what's going on over at the field right now…is both epic

and magical…and it has your grandfather's fingerprints all over

it. You and I have a lot to dwell on, but so does everyone else.

Let's go do what we do, and help them stop dwelling, if even

for just an hour or two…

Jaelyn takes a deep breath, before deciding to rise…



The stadium is now full of spectators, as the Clark team looks among all the people, with excitement and anticipation…

GW sits with Kemp and Lester, and waves over at Samantha and Renee, as Todd sits next to them with Sandy. Cody sits near the dugout, nodding/smiling at Jo.

Blake and his teammates are also looking around, at all the happy people, something they had not seen in a while…


I think the entire compound is here.


I had no idea this would attract this kind of attention.

(looking at Blake, with a smile) We really are beginning

to heal.

Blake puts a hand over Zane's shoulder, who turns to see Scout, arriving on her horse, with Jaelyn on the back, both in their softball uniforms.


Oh yeah, baby!



Oh, hell no!

Zane turning to look across the field at Zarah, with a curious smile…


I know you're scared, but no pulling in ringers, at the

last minute!

Zane laughing as he looks from her to Jessica.


I like that one. Whether she can play of not, she's

got the mouth of a trash talking baller.


Let's see how much you like me, once the scoreboard

begins reading in our favor.


If that happens it'll only be due to the fact you guys bat

first. This is our home field, baby.


I hope you play ball better than you talk trash!

Her teammates laughing, as is Zane, who shares a high-five with both Scout and Jaelyn, who spread out and begin tossing the ball to each other…

Scout is about to toss the ball to Jaelyn, who first has to share hugs with Hope, Ryder, Dakota and Catherine. Hope and Ryder then rush over to their mother, for hugs, before allowing her to begin tossing the ball…

Dissolve to Zane standing out on the field, with a blowhorn, in the middle of addressing the entire stadium.


(into blowhorn)

Without a doubt, both those guys would be here to play

in this game, and so, now I ask you all to take a moment

of silence, in honor of Abino and Joshua, who are most

certainly, here in spirit…and I'm sure they are not the only


Zane glances at Scout, and then looks downward at the ground, as the entire stadium goes silent, for several moments, before Zane looks back up.


(into blowhorn)

Thank you. We dedicate this game to them.

Zane hustling back toward his dugout, with applause from the stadium of people…

Dissolve to Zane and Jessica at Homeplate, with April, who appears to be the head umpire, and Hunter, as base umpire.


Seven run limit per inning, last inning open, and two

homerun limit per inning. Anything after that is an out.

(looking at Zane) Good? (he nods as she looks to Jessica)

Good? (Jessica nods) Then let's play ball!

Dissolve to Zane's team in the field, as Clark's first hitter steps in at the plate. Zane's team is full of chatter, as is the Clark team. Scout pitches the ball, called a strike, by April, to even more chatter…

The next pitch is hit hard, a line-drive to shortstop, where Zane makes the catch. His teammates are pumped, as he tosses the ball back to Scout.

Jessica approaches the plate, as Zane looks out at his outfielders.


Everyone scoot in.

Jessica throwing him a daring smile.


Please do.

Both Blake (at 3rd base) and Zane scoot in. Jessica takes the first pitch for a ball. Scout pitches another, which Jessica swings and misses. Blake gives Zane another look, and scoots in even more.

POV Jessica taking notice of Blake scooting in, and steps back in. She smashes the next pitch, a rocket at Blake, which eats him up and goes into leftfield.

Eli tosses the ball back in to Zane, who tosses it to Scout, and then looks over at Blake, who is wide eyed.


Thanks for the advice, coach! That ball damn near

turned my ass into a huff!

Tons of laughs.


You are kind of an ugly fella, a little on the freaky side,

and definitely look hungry!

A lot more laughter, from both sides, and from spectators within hearing distance, as Blake speaks to Zane/Jessica.


Man, she duped me with that swing and miss of hers!


(smiling from 1st base)

It got you to scoot in, didn't it?

Their 3 hitter is now ready to hit, as Scout tosses the pitch. He rips it hard to left, falling in for a hit, as Eli tosses back into Zane, holding Jessica at 2nd base.

Zarah (cleanup hitter) comes to the plate, as Blake glances over at Zane, while backing up.


Don't even think about telling me to play in, on this girl!


Gotta' be at double play depth.

Blake stays back.


I can still see the trail of smoke from the ball their number

2 hitter smashed at me. (Jessica laughing) This is their four

hitter. I'm good right here.

Zane smiling then readying himself as Scout pitches the ball, which is smashed deep to leftfield, where Eli runs back and watches it sail over both his head and the fence, for a homerun.

Jessica is pumped as she begins trotting past Zane. Her entire team is pumped from the dugout, as is Zarah, trotting around the bases…

Dissolve to Zane now at the plate, ripping a ball to the gap, and reaching 2nd base…

Dissolve to Scout at the plate, ripping a base-hit to right-center, scoring Zane, sharing a high-five with Blake, who steps to the plate. He hits the first pitch, an absolute bomb to leftfield, where the outfielder doesn't even move, as the ball goes over the fence, by at least 50 feet.

Zane is pumped from the dugout, watching Blake trot the bases, and looking/talking to the other team.


We can do this all day. Can you?

Jessica smiling from her position at 2nd base, as scene dissolves to a montage of highlights from the game…

Jessica smashing another base-hit, in-between Blake and Zane, as 2 runners score…

Another one of their guys hits a homerun, and trots the bases…

Zane hitting a homerun…

Hope, Ryder and Jaelyn all ripping base-hits, and all of them crossing the plate and scoring, on other base-hits, from Trav, Nate and Scoop…

Zarah smashing another homerun, over the head of Hope. Zane shakes his head in disbelief…

Ryder now ripping another hit, as Zane (base-coaching 3rd) holds up his hands for Scout to stop at 3rd, as Blake stops at 2nd. Zane claps his hands while looking at Eli, who steps to the plate. Eli rocks the first pitch to deep left-center, and over the fence. Samantha seen in the bleachers, standing and cheering.



Zane pumped and high-fiving Eli as he trots around 3rd base…

Jessica making a great play on a hard-hit ball at 2nd base, and throwing out the runner (Hope), who reacts after being robbed of a hit…

Zane making a similar great play, and turning it into a double play, as his team is pumped and leaving the field, to come in and hit…

Jo rips a ball to rightfield, scoring a pair of baserunners, as she speeds around the bases, but the Clark player in rightfield throws a rocket to 3rd, and nails Jo, as Hunter calls her out.

Zarah smashing another deep ball to leftfield, with Eli racing back and making an amazing catch, leaping up at the last minute…

One of the Clark outfielders lays out, and makes a diving catch, as Zane reacts with disappointment…

Jessica, one of their guys, Zarah, and another guy, all ripping hits, in which knock in runners who were on base, and cheering themselves on…

Jessica sharing a cute high-five with Antonia, who stands on the dugout bench, excited to be around all the players…

Trav, Jo, Nate, Chloe and Scoop, all smashing doubles and triples, and knocking in baserunners, with tons of emotion…

Nike World, Glenwood and compounders all cheering from the bleachers, with tons of enthusiasm…

A pair of guys from the Clark team hitting homeruns, Zane looking nervous as the second guy trots the bases…

Scout ripping a base-hit, as Nate scores, with Chloe also heading for the plate, but is thrown out, with April making the call.


C'mon blue! How about some calls for the home team!

(looking at his players) Alright guys, last inning. We have

to hold them!

Dissolve to bases loaded, as one of the Clark girls rips a liner to shortstop, where Zane smothers it, making the catch. He expresses enthusiasm, as his team hustles in to hit, with emotion.


LET'S GOOOO! Three to tie, and four to walk this shit off!

POV Samantha and Renee.


Did they win?



Not yet, but they're home team, so if they score four

runs right here, it's over!


They've scored four or more in half the innings of this

game, so I like their chances!

Dissolve to Zane ripping a base-hit, as Scoop goes to 2nd. Zane begins shouting at Scout, as she approaches the plate.


C'mon Scout! This is what you do! We need a big

two-out hit right here!

Scout steps in, and watches the first pitch for ball 1. She then rips a single on the next pitch, as Zane pumps his fist and hustles to 2nd, as Scoop scores, and shares a high-five with Blake, who approaches the plate. Solis stands near the first-base side, smiling over at Scout.


This is it, Blake! Go yard and end this shit right here!

Blake steps in, and rips the first pitch, high (really high) and deep to leftfield (possibly a homerun).



Nooo! I didn't get it!

Zane watches it with hope, as the leftfielder goes all the way to the wall, but with just enough room, as it falls down into his glove, for the final out. The Clark team reacts with high intensity, and emotion, as their celebration begins…

Zane walks off the field with disappointment, but a crack of a smile.

POV Samantha.



That blows! But this will make for a damn good story

in the Forester!

Dissolve to a short while later, as many of the spectators/players are lounged out across the field, or in the stands, many of them drinking alcohol…

Younger kids are running in the infield, or even taking swings as adults pitch to their kids…

Zane, Pepsi and her baby, sit with Jessica, near Samantha, her moms, Coke, Chance, Marlana, Renee, Antonia, Griffey, Scout, Solis, Hope, Ryder and Jaelyn. GW is lounged back, with Bailey in his lap, with a laugh from Kemp, who pats the cat.


I need to pee, Bailey.

He looks at the cat, who doesn't budge, even as he shakes his legs a bit.

Renee and Antonia laugh…


I still can't believe this cute little guy was somewhere

in the trees or brush, waiting for you, back when we

locked all you guys up, in the DC.


I thought we'd never see him again.


I still can't believe the sight of the man who almost made me

pee my pants that day, is now a peaceful lap cat kind of guy!


I know!


Who's about to pee his own pants, just to keep that cat happy.

Everyone laughing, as GW hands the cat to Renee, and rises to leave for the restroom. Bailey jumps down from Renee's lap, and follows after GW, with Renee laughing, as do all the others.



Dissolve to a little later, as more and more people are drinking and having a good time. Nikki is laughing with Davis.


Omid? What's so funny about that?


Say it with my last name, a few times.


Omid Davis, Omid Davis, Omid Davis. I don't get it.

Suddenly, they can hear Gunner behind them, singing his name, with the same tune as "Old McDonald", as Davis simply raises his hands, as if to say, "see!".



Omid Davis had a farm, Ee i ee i oh.


There it is!


Oh my God!

Nikki cracking up, as Davis also laughs with a look back at Gunner, with others also laughing, as scene dissolves to a little later, with Zane and Jessica standing off from the others, chatting, and looking down at the field, where people like Blake, Hope, Ryder, Gunner, his wife Rachel, Rich, DJ, Zarah, and other softball players, are all hanging out, most of them drinking, while laughing and being silly. Gunner does some hilarious dance moves, sparking Blake to follow along, doing moves that are as ridiculous as they are hilarious.


Stick to hitting bombs, big silly white boy. You can't

move like this girl!

Zarah puts down her drink so that she can jump in there with Blake and Gunner, showing them how it is done…


Damn Blake, this girl is doing you on the dance floor

like she did you on the field!

Zarah laughing as she continues to shake her stuff, as Rachel and other softball players begin doing the same, as Jaelyn watches on, from over by the side and wrapped around the arm of her father, Mason, with a big smile…

POV travels into the bleachers, finding Davis and Nikki sharing a laugh as they look down at the dancing group on the field, with POV moving on to Samantha, Renee, Griffey, Trisha, Ashley and others, all laughing, as they watch the silly dancers…

POV moves over, finding Scout, just staring at her daughters, Hope and Ryder, who are joining the dancing. She smiles, as Bryant is forced into the group, by his sister Ryder, and making him shake his stuff, while Solis arrives and takes a seat next to Scout…

POV moves from Scout's smile, to Zane and Jessica, laughing as they watch the dancing, before Zane takes a drink and looks over at Jessica.


You guys really don't have to leave tomorrow, if you

want to hang around a little longer.



You just want a rematch, is what you want.


I won't be denying that, but a matchup that close, calls

for an epic seven game series, next Spring.


Oh, I see. You just need the Winter to practice.


Nope, just need the Winter to hype it up. We'll promote

it in the Forester…but, true story…we'll be out here day

and night, rain or shine, practicing until our hands bleed!

Jessica laughing.


You know what you guys should do? Come back and eat

Thanksgiving dinner with us. We had an amazing spread,

last year. Hell, just stay through Christmas, or the new year.

Jessica silently smiling at him for a moment…


And just leave my man to celebrate the holidays,

all by himself?


Or just talk your man into joining you here.

Jessica again just smiling at him…


I just don't think he's quite ready.

Silence for a moment…


Well…tell him I do have one serious question for him…

Is he as good on the field as his woman?

Jessica laughing, as POV moves away, and back over to Scout and Solis, as her daughters are laughing, while approaching her, with laughs from Samantha and the other kids, while walking by them, before arriving next to Scout. They all look down, where Bryant is still dancing, with both Blake and Gunner, as Zarah jumps in with them.


Go Bryant! Go!

Scout smiling at them, as they smile back.


Hey guys.

Solis smiling with a nod.


Hey girls. I'm happy to see you all smiling and having a

good time.


Are you kidding us? We were just going to say that to you.


You look happy, Mom… You look yourself. (smiling at her)

Scout taking a deep breath, and looking around the stadium, and back down at the dancers, and her son, as Solis puts his arm around her…


I do feel myself…for the first time in a long time…

And I feel him, here, with us…his spirit…

Looking at her girls, with a happy tear…


He's so happy…and that thought just makes me feel so

much better.

Both girls hugging their mom, as sudden laughter comes from Samantha and others, as GW is seen joining Blake in ridiculous dance moves, as scene dissolves…



Scout lays in her bed (shoulder bandaged and in a sling), exhausted but unable to sleep, with a face full of apprehension…

A knock comes from her door. She turns to look, as Hunter slowly opens and enters, with a tear dried face, and a look of complete sorrow. Making eye contact with her as he approaches the bed. She rises, with dreaded anticipation for his word…



Hunter simply shakes his head at her, as she begins bawling. He sits down and holds her, with her agony only increasing…

Dissolve to Scout outside, as the sun is on the verge of coming up. Headlights appear from inside the corridor, as a large convoy of vehicles begin to come out of it, and straight for the Baker complex, where Scout, Hunter, April and a few others, await them…

Dissolve to Grandpa stepping out of one of the hummers, as Scout goes into his arms, crying. His face is tear dried, until new ones begin falling. Zane comes out of the same hummer, paralyzed with the recent events, as is Leo and Mason, also coming from hummers. Everyone is completely somber…

Dissolve to inside the Baker complex, where Scout walks her father toward his bedroom…

As they arrive and begin walking inside, the sudden sound of both Samantha's mothers can be heard, both in complete agony, as they obviously receive the news of Fish and Samantha…

Grandpa tries to turn around, as Scout stops him.


I need to go talk to them.


No, you don't. You need to lay down. Hunter is in

charge for a reason.

Scout brings him into the bedroom, helping him remove his shoes and jacket, and into his bed. She then curls up next to him, placing her head in his chest, and simply begins weeping, as he holds her...



POV close-up of the latest edition of the Monthly Forester, and a picture of action from the softball field, with the headline, "Clark upsets the Compounders, wins the battle, but the war continues next Spring!", panning back to Davis, with a smile as he reads through the article…

Dissolve to the Clark campus, where others are reading copies of the Forester, on a nice afternoon, where plenty of people are out and about, some even kicking a soccer ball around…

POV of someone taking a seat in the middle of the campus, and opening up a copy of the Forester. POV close-up of a headline, "Danger in the East?", as POV scans over the headlined paragraph of that story, with the growing sound of a huff, from behind the person reading the article.


Forest Grover communities plan to form a team of skilled fighters,

this Spring, to head east, and clear whatever danger threatens the

Clark Campus hunting teams.

POV of the guy reading the article, and panning back, as he sits in front of the platform in which holds Ace, chained up as a huff…



A thanksgiving spread sits on a large table, where the mess hall is full of Bakers, and a few loved ones, but a much smaller crowd than the huge group they had the previous year…

Jennifer, Sarah, Missy and Marlana are placing down more plates of food and treats, with excited/hungry faces of the others…

All the young Baker children sit together at one table, as some of them are running around. Samantha and the older kids also have a table of their own, near the younger kids, as Samantha, Renee and Griffey are laughing at Bo, who is being silly with Trisha and Ashley…

Scout looks all around, at the family, and the excitement of the young kids, as more and more plates of food are being put out. She looks up where Zane takes the stage, and begins giving a speech, but she tunes it out, while becoming lost in thought…



A large convoy of vehicles is parked in front of the Baker complex, where tons of Bakers and others are somber and crying/hugging…

Scout watches with tears, as Zane grabs and hugs a bawling Samantha, before going and trying to help…

Scout then sees her children waiting for her, as she goes to them, and holds them, to the sound of someone mentioning their disbelief, over Grandpa being dead, as Scout closes her eyes, while tears fall…

Dissolve to her kissing Bryant, and he lays down to go to sleep, and she leaves his room…

Dissolve to her in another room, where both Hope and Ryder lay in bed together, pleading for her to join them.


Mom, stay with us.


Mom, don't be alone right now. Stay.


(looking them in the eye)

I need a few minutes, alone. Once I'm ready to sleep, I will

come back, but I need to go lose my shit, alone, just for a bit.


Mom! Lose your shit with us.

Scout rises and begins leaving.


I can't'; I'm sorry.



Scout closes the door behind her, stops and closes her eyes, then goes down the long hallway…

Cut to her entering her room, and simply dropping to her knees, weeping, and eventually going all the way down to the floor, lost in her hysterics and agony…

Dissolve to Scout at a door, talking to April.


I'm sorry, Scout. He just doesn't want to see anyone

right now. I'm having trouble reaching him, myself.

He just needs time…

Scout just staring at her, with tears in her eyes, before finally turning and leaving…


I'm sorry, Scout…

Dissolve to Scout speeding a motorcycle down the compound lake trail…

Dissolve to her arriving at that same cabin where Jaelyn spent time with Ricky, before he died. She pulls up on the bike, climbing off, and grabbing a backpack…

Dissolve to her going out on to the balcony, and pulling out a bottle of liquor from her bag. She sits and begins drinking, while staring out at the lake…



POV travels through the neighborhood, where tons of kids are running around, full of holiday spirit. Many of the houses are lit up with Christmas lights, and decorations in their yards, on their porches and doors. A sleigh even goes down one of the streets, with kids and their parents taking a ride. A random 3 or 4-year-old looks up at his mother.


Santa's coming tonight, mommy?


Not tonight. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Santa comes

tomorrow night.

The child smiles with excited anticipation…

The sleigh rides out of POV, which travels through the end of the neighborhood, and over the bridge and down Baker Lane, over the ball fields, and down into the back yard of the Baker complex, where Christmas lights shine brightly…

POV of a large playroom, where many of the younger Baker children are running around, or playing board games. Jennifer, Hope and Ryder are present.

POV travels to next room over, which is a game room. Zane and Scout are at a ping pong table, hitting a ball back and forth…


I think it's safe to say you are back. You stayed sober until

Thanksgiving, and now again until tomorrow night. I'd say

you no longer have a substance-abuse problem, and can

handle falling off the wagon from time to time. I was right

there with you at Thanksgiving, and I'll be right there again

with ya tomorrow night!

Scout laughing, and then slamming the ball on him.


Ohhh', is that your way of asking for a game?


Nope, just my way of putting an exclamation mark on

your last statement.

Zane smiling, before hitting the ball back to her, and again rallying back and forth…


There is still one thing, though… Hunter… When you

going to let that guy off the hook?


Hunter let me down.


How? I mean, you guys were always so close, maybe

even more than you were with Fish.


Exactly…and I lost Fish, and my husband, and now

my father…I needed Hunter more than ever, but he

didn't seem to need me…(shaking head) and then he

cut me out of that Seattle trip, and couldn't even

give me a reason.


Scout…it wasn't Hunter that voted you out of Seattle,

it was Leo and I. Hunter said he agreed, but didn't

want to make you upset. It took Leo and I to outvote

him, and talk him into benching your ass, and you

damn well know it needed to be benched! You got lazy

out there with us a few days before that trip, and almost

lost your life over nothing. Except you weren't lazy…

you were drunk.

Scout stops playing, just letting the ball go past her, and stares at Zane…


Fine, you have me there, but what the hell, Zane? You

could have told me it was you and Leo. I've been

blaming Hunter for it this entire time!


And yet he kept you from blaming me and Leo. Sounds

like brother of the year, to me.


Don't try to make me feel more guilty than I already

do. I just told you, this is half your fault. And like I

also said, he was not there for me at a time in which

I needed him more than ever.


And while feeling sorry for yourself, did you ever once

think about all the pain he was feeling? His son, his

brothers, Joshua, now his father…

Scout just staring at him, before picking up the ball and hitting it back to him…


You might have a point…

They keep rallying, in silence, with a small smile from Zane, as scene dissolves…



Hunter is with April, Samantha, Eli, Griffey, Renee, Rich, DJ and most of the younger Bakers. Some of the other Bakers are also around. The place is fully decorated for the holiday, with the big Christmas tree in the corner…

Samantha, DJ and Rich are going through a large closet, where tons of leftover (unopened) gifts from last year (Red Christmas) are stacked up.


(talking to Samantha)

I can't believe you spent that day putting all these away…


I think the hope of them being opened someday, is what

helped get me through that day…that never ending day.

Both DJ and Rich give her a supportive and proud look…


My amazing little cousin. (smiling at her)

They turn toward the door, as Scout enters. Samantha watches her and Hunter come together, and leave for the other room. Samantha smiles…

Cut to Scout and Hunter in the other room, standing in there embracing, silently, before she finally lets go, and stares back into his eyes…


I've been waiting so long for you to come apologize to

me…(shaking head) When all along it was me who needed

to come to you.


You did come…that first morning, after his death. (shaking

head) I was in such a bad place at that moment, Scout.


(shaking her own head)

I know you were, because I was there, too.


Which is why I should have spoken to you then.


(again shaking head)

I understand why you didn't. I forgive you as long

as you can find it in your heart to forgive me?


(hugging her)

That better not be a question, because I have nothing

to forgive, baby sister.

Scout closing her eyes with relief and holding him tightly…

They both flinch hard, as April comes charging through the door, with radio in hand.


We have a situation! (handing radio to Hunter)


(into radio)

Talk to me.


(over radio)

Nike World reports that one of Davis's men stopped in to

report a situation at both the Fort and the campus, and that

Davis has been shot multiple times, in desperate need of

medical attention! The rest of their convoy is coming straight

here…including Grover.

Hunter a quick look at both April and Scout, as music beings playing.

"O Holy Night – Epic Version"


(into radio)

Did they lose the Campus and the Fort?


(over radio)

It looks that way…

Hunter staring at April and Scout, who stare back at him…


Song continues during credits…