Season 4, Episode 5 (mid-season finale) (extended)

"We Three Kings"



The sound of lots of people, moving around and working…



POV of what looks like a tent community and/or a large group of campers, with people everywhere while hard at work, setting up their areas. There are a bunch of parked busses next to the huge camp, all of them with trailers latched to the back…

Most of them are adults, with only a few random children here and there, as well as some teens. Some of them are relaxing, while the others are still setting up and gathering their supplies…

One man (Billy), simply stands in front of them all, watching and looking around at them and their areas, and taking in the progress of it all…

He takes notice of one woman, who is all by herself and still struggling to get her tent up. He steps in with a smile and shake of his head…


Hello, Leanne. Can I give you a hand with anything?

Leanne turns to face him with a smile…


A better question might be, what don't I need help with?

At least it would be an easier one for me to answer.

She flashes him another smile, this one pleading for him to jump in and help.


(with a laugh)

I can actually see that, but hey, you're here, and you're

opening yourself up to real life challenges, and at least

putting yourself in a position to respect life, the way so

many others never do.


Well, I fully agree with all your lectures, but figuring out

life's meaning is one thing, while making life changes, is




Well said, Leanne! Well said!

Billy helping her with her tent…

Dissolve to Billy now standing (holding a blowhorn) up on a makeshift podium, while all his "campers" are gathering in front of him. He just stands there, staring at them while waiting for them all to give him their attention/silence…

The more of them who take notice of him staring at them, the more of them become dead silent, causing the rest of them to look up at him, and do the same…


(over blowhorn)

I can't tell you how respected it makes me feel, when I

can stand in front of you all, without a single word about

needing your attention, and that instead, you simply give

it to me. I thank you for that.

A few random shouts from the crowd.


We love you, Billy!


We thank you!

Some cheers.


In Billy we trust!

A few whistles/cheers…


(with appreciative laughs, over blowhorn)

Thank you! And I love you, too!

Few more cheers…


(over blowhorn)

So…let me start by saying the same thing I said back in 87,

when we first began this annual tradition of living off the

land, away from the madness of the city. And that would

be, happy Labor Day weekend!

More cheers…


(over blowhorn)

It was only a single weekend, back then, and a small handful

of faithful participants, but over the years, and through these

lectures of motivation, those numbers have not only grown,

but so had the amount of time we spend out here. From a

long holiday weekend, to a full week, and eventually a pair of

weeks, I'm proud to say that after twenty-three years, we've

finally come to a place and time where we've all cleared our

schedules, of the commitments and responsibilities that we

are all burdened with while living in a mad world, all so that

we can come to our happy place, for AN ENTIRE MONTH!

Mass cheering…


(over blowhorn)

So, I want to address those of you who are here with us for

the first time. We've discussed the rules and expectations,

during our monthly meetings, but I just want to be clear

about our golden rule. No quitters… Ask for all the help you

need, whether properly setting up your camp, or learning

how to catch or prepare your meals. We'll be providing

courses for everything you will need to know, so ask

questions, or for help. We all want you to be successful.

(smiling) We have a medic station, be sure to address any

and all scratches or possible injuries. We are here to

support our new comers, and all we ask for in return, is that

you make it through the month, and do not require

transportation back home, which would be the last bit of

support we offer. No quitting! If you can't survive a month

here with the kind of people who will do anything to help you

become capable of it…then you are a victim of society, lost

from what life is really all about, and you belong back in the

city, with your kind of people…

Some cheers, as Billy takes a breather, while just looking around at them all, and then winks at Leanne, who almost looks a little worried…


(over blowhorn)

The best part of being here, besides living the way God

intended us to, is getting away from all the ignorant people

of the city, and being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

The toll it takes on us to be stuck around those kind of people

is overwhelming, and I will simply not allow that kind of person

to poison what we have created here, and what we have come

here to escape from. It's bad enough, the other eleven months

of the year, that we have to play nice around them, or even take

orders from some of them, at least forty hours a week…

Billy looking out at everyone…


(over blowhorn)

And these people…they actually believe this to be freedom.

Some laughs as Billy shakes his head…


(over blowhorn)

Not here… Not here…

Mild applause…


(over blowhorn)

We are so happy and willing to bring new people into our

world, and our way of thinking, as personally, nothing has

given me more satisfaction than bringing others into the light…

Looking around the crowd…


(over blowhorn)

I'm proud as I look around at our increasing numbers, and

it makes me ponder just how much this group is capable of…

Many of them nodding their heads, as he looks them over, before going on…


(over blowhorn)

From a weekend in the woods, to an entire month… What

future challenge lays ahead of us? (more people nodding)

What does God have in store for us next?

Billy just smiling as he ponders that thought, while looking over his applauding people…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by.

POV crosses Hayden Island, and the Columbia River, over into Vancouver, Washington, where it quickly finds Fort Vancouver, before backtracking to the Columbia River, then into the Willamette River, under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



POV of random campers doing their thing. Some are busy working, or preparing meals, while some are lounging around, enjoying the beautiful weather. Some are playing games…

POV of several teenagers jumping into the lake, and even younger children swimming around, with parents nearby…

POV people on the other side of the lake, or rafting on it, and fishing…

POV travels through the camp, coming to Billy's nice private area behind his large tent, where he and 3 others, Oliver, Logan and Calvin, are talking.


Both Lance and his wife are the cream of the crop, but

honestly, besides Leanne, I don't see any of the newcomers

having an issue getting through.


I agree, about Leanne, too. (looking at Billy) I know you

like her, but she's a longshot, in my opinion.


Agreed, (looking at Billy) and no giving in. She's gotta' earn it.


Yeah…her heart is in the right place, maybe more so than

most, (shake of the head) but I think that girl grew up

without a chore or responsibility in her life, and might be

damaged goods…

Dissolve to Leanne, in her camp area, frustrated as she works on a squirrel trap…

Billy and his wife, Misty, enter her area, as she works to give them a smile…


How's it coming, Leanne?


Well…I killed my first squirrel, prepared and cooked my

first squirrel, and ate my first squirrel.

Misty smiling at her.


Be honest; it was good, wasn't it?


Not terrible, but being a vegetarian, until recently, and a

lover of sweet, cute little creatures…it was not easy…but it's

next week's test, that is giving me anxiety, and doubts.


As many others here have had themselves, when going

through the same process. I wish you could see their faces

after succeeding, and catching their own meal. It was

life-changing for them all, and a necessary achievement to

wash away the effect society has had on you, on us all. It will

give me such great pleasure to see you wash it away, as well

as your doubts.

Billy and his wife turn to walk away.


I can't wait to meet that woman…

Leanne watches them walk away, as she goes back to work on her squirrel trap…

Dissolve to a new day, and a montage of attempts by Leanne to setup her trap, and expressing frustration…

She finally "somewhat" has it setup, and leaves the area, without much confidence in catching her meal…

Dissolve to her at a lake, fishing with a manmade pole, and just sitting there without any luck, and despair all over her sad face…

Dissolve to evening, as she walks around, looking for her squirrel trap, and having issues finding it, as frustration fills her expression…

Dissolve to her finally finding it, and also finding it empty, as she sits there alone, eventually shedding a tear…

Dissolve to her back at her tent, and grabbing a flashlight. She walks over to another tent, where a woman and her husband are eating fish…


Any luck, Leanne?


Afraid not. I don't know, maybe I'm not the right material

for all this. I mean, I love being here, and the lectures have

been extremely encouraging…but…they won't really let me

starve, will they?


They won't let you starve, but they will take you home,

so that you don't.

Leanne gives him a blank look, then looks to his wife, who tries to give her an encouraging smile…


Well…I guess I'll turn in, and check my traps in the

morning. (turning to leave) Good night.


Good night.


Good luck.

The man and woman keep eating, while watching her go back to her tent…

Dissolve to early morning, as Leanne walks to her trap. She grabs it, and looks inside, before slamming it down with anger, then simply drops down and begins weeping…

Dissolve to her entering Billy's camp area, with a defeated expression. She can see Misty, already up and cooking food.



Misty turning around and smiling at Leanne.


Good morning, Leanne. Have you had any luck?


No, and that's why I need to speak to Billy.


He's on his morning hike, but should be back any moment.

Leanne looks all around, at the other tents, where most people are preparing breakfast. She can smell it, and her stomach is growling. She is surrounded by people, but never in her life so alone. She is on the verge of tears, and simply begins walking back toward her tent.


Are you okay, dear?

Leanne just keeps walking…


No, I'm starving.


An empty stomach will only make you work all the harder, today.

Leanne stops a moment, before turning around, with attitude.


Effort?! (raising her voice) Is that what I'm doing wrong?!

All the other campers looking on.


Is that what makes me a casualty of society?!

Leanne developing tears, as Misty just stares back at her, in shock.


Well, perhaps if you paid better attention, you'd realize the

squirrels are awake and on the prowl around this time. Now

that you've already been at your trap sight, your scent makes

it all the less likely of drawing them in.

Leanne just staring back at her, shaking her head, while the tears fall…


You're right. I'm just a reject who doesn't deserve to be

accepted here, due to the fact I can't catch my own meal,

or smart enough to remember everything you tried to teach

me, so that I could. I'm sorry for not being good enough.

More tears falling, as she just stands there shaking her head…

Misty appears speechless, as is everyone else…

Billy begins hiking out of the brush, and into his camp area, looking from Misty to Leanne, and all around…


What's going on?

He looks back at Leanne, and all her tears…


I just want to go home. Please just take me home,

right now. I need to eat.


We were going to feed you, Leanne…if you still hadn't

caught anything by midday.

Leanne begins hysterically laughing…


Just take me home…please…



Calvin driving his car down the dirt road, with Leanne and her tear-dried face, in the back seat. She reaches for her bag, pulling out her phone, checking for service. It takes a moment before finding service, as she finds a contact named "Sis", and calls it. She speaks with emotion.


(into phone)

Melissa?... I'm okay. I'm coming home…. I don't have much

battery left in my phone…. (looking up the road) I think there's

one in the town…. Yeah…. Okay, I will do that…. Thank you….

I'll see you tomorrow.

Leanne hangs up, and looks at Calvin…


You can just drop me off at the motel, in town.


I like the sound of that.

Dissolve to him dropping her off at the motel, and taking off the moment she is out of the vehicle, with her bags, leaving her in his cloud of dust…

She walks up to the motel, which appears very vacated…

She approaches the main office, and can see a sign…


Closed due to the virus.

Leanne looks around with a confused/curious expression…


What the…

Then she quickly looks back at Calvin, who is all but gone…

She then looks inside, sees no one, and then is forced to begin slowly walking, with her bags…

Dissolve to her walking up to the town grocery store, which also appears to be shutdown…

She walks to the doors. No notes, just the closed sign, and no one inside or around…

Dissolve to her approaching a diner, but it too, appears closed. She reaches for her phone, and dials her sis…


(into phone)

Melissa? Something is going on. Everything is shut down,

and it's like a ghost town, here…. Really?... Are people

dying from it?... You think Jarrett, has it? Oh my god….

Okay…. Yeah…. A mile and a half? I guess I can do that….

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. I hope Jarrett is okay…. Bye.

Dissolve to her walking down the empty road, with only one of her bags, and looking exhausted…

She passes a house, where someone peaks out the curtain at her, before quickly closing it…

A car goes by, as she desperately puts up her thumb. She watches it drive by, with one person inside, and wearing a mask. He glances at her, but keeps going…

She watches him go, as she keeps dragging her feet. Luckily, she can now see a market around the corner, and continues ahead…

Dissolve to her reaching the market, which is closed, but there is a person inside. She knocks, and the person closes the blinds on her…

She turns around, with a tear developing, and grabbing her empty stomach, as she walks on…

Dissolve to her slowly approaching a small motel…

Dissolve to her approaching the main office…

Dissolve to her arriving at the door, and seeing a man inside. With great relief, she knocks on the door. The man looks at her for a moment, before coming over, and taking another look, before deciding to open the door.


Thank you so much. Long story short, I'm stranded and

waiting for my sister to pick me up, tomorrow. Everything

seems to be shut down, and I have no place to stay. Can I

please get a room?

He looks her up and down…


You're not sick, are you?


(shaking head)

No, not at all. Just starving! I've been camping for weeks,

and have no idea what is going on with this virus, that my

sister told me a little about, but I'm not sick, nor was

anyone at our camp.


Okay (motioning her to come in), come on in. I will

get you in a room.

She follows him inside…


You wouldn't know where I could get a bite to eat, would you?

He looks back at her, as scene dissolves…



Billy, Misty, Calvin, Logan and Oliver are all shaking hands with the other members of the group, as they board the buses, carrying all their packs and gear. They congratulate everyone on surviving the month. Some of the people are even in tears, sad to be going home, as they continue to gather onto the buses…

Dissolve to Billy and Misty in their vehicle, as Calvin, Logan and Oliver climb into theirs. They begin driving away, as the buses follow…

Dissolve to them driving down the dirt roads…

Dissolve to them entering the small town, with the motel and other places that Leanne had been.

POV people on the buses, looking out at the ghost town…


Where is everyone?


Even the gas station is closed.


(shaking head)


POV Billy, sharing a very strange look with his wife…



I guess…this town shuts down on Sundays?

Billy looking all around…


They never used to… Call Calvin. Put it on speaker.

Misty pulls out her phone, and waits for service. Which doesn't appear to be working…


I'm not getting any service, yet.

Billy now pulling out his own phone, turning it on and handing to her…



Just shaking her head while she waits…


Nothing. That doesn't make sense. We stopped at that

gas station on the way into town, and used our phones.

Billy slowing down, and allowing Calvin (and his wife, Susanne) to speed up next to him, as he rows down his window.


You getting service?


No; that's what I was going to ask you.


None. Let's stop up ahead, on the other side of town,

about a mile up the road.

Calvin nods and pulls back, as Billy speeds up…

All the people on the buses watch them, and continue looking all around…

POV Billy, staring down the road, and then at an abandoned car, followed by a second. He looks back at them, growing more curious…

He drives a little further, before seeing yet another abandoned vehicle, but this time he slams on his brakes, right after having passed it. He looks in his rearview, as Calvin almost slams into him. The other vehicles all hit the brakes. Calvin watches as Billy quickly exits his vehicle, and approaches the abandoned car, over on the side of the road. Calvin climbs out, as does Logan and Oliver. Some of the people on the buses are also coming out, or watching eagerly from their windows…

Billy steps up to the car, and looks inside at the dead woman inside, with a pistol on the chair next to her, and a gunshot to her head…

Everyone else stops in their tracks, as they realize what they are looking at…

Misty and Susanne arrive, in shock, as Billy looks over at Calvin, then to Logan and Oliver…


Something has happened…

Dissolve to their vehicles and the buses all coming to an area with a great view of Clark County, the Columbia River, and across the river at Oregon. It's a much more populated area, and a very apocalyptic sight they are taking in…

There are no running vehicles, or planes. No people, except for random large crowds/herds of them, and plenty of smoke, and even fires…

Billy gives a wild look to his wife, who returns it with one of her own, as do Calvin, Logan and Oliver…


What the hell happened?

Calvin shaking his head, as most people from the buses are out, looking at the view…


What the hell do we do?

Billy just thinking, as he stares at the ground, then back out at the view…


We go back to the place we love…and figure it out.

Billy looking back at Logan and Oliver.


Except you two. I want you guys to grab a few more men,

and go scout it out for us, if you will?


Of course.

Logan and Oliver sharing a look, before going to grab a few others from the buses, as Billy goes to address them, followed by Calvin, Susanne and Misty.


What in the name of God is happening, Billy?

Billy just staring at them all…


I'm not exactly sure, yet…but you just named the

person responsible for it… What about cell service?

Is anyone getting anything, yet?

Everyone shaking heads or checking phones, with no luck, as Billy watches them all, then glances at Logan and Oliver, with three other men, going over to the trailers behind the buses. They begin pulling out weapons for themselves.


I think it's best, if you all put a weapon in your hand…

(gesturing toward the view) As you can see, the world is

not as we left it. The city looks a mess, and only God knows

what kind of danger we might be facing, if we go back. I'm

sending Logan and Oliver, along with a few volunteers, to go

take a look, and bring us back whatever intel they can. We'll

head back to the camp, until they do. At least we know that

whatever has happened, it didn't find us there. We'll be safe

there, for now.

Scene begins dissolving as all the worried people begin piling back onto the buses…

Dissolve to the buses slowly following Billy and Calvin's cars, back through the small abandoned town. Everyone on the buses are looking all around, while most of them are holding guns, prepared for the worst. Some parents are holding their frightened children…

POV Billy and Misty…


What do you think happened?

Billy just begins shaking his head, while glancing all around…


Your guess is about as good as mine…but the fact it

happened while we were out here… (looking at her)

That can't be a coincidence…

Misty just staring at him…


What about all those people, just walking around.

Why were they all bunched together like that?

Billy unable to answer, again just shaking his head…

He then glances to his left, and pulls into a small grocery store parking lot, as the buses follow.


What are you doing?


We should take what we can.

He gets out and approaches the store, with Calvin joining him, both holding guns…


I was thinking the same thing.

Billy takes notice of the doors wide open, and that the store had already been ransacked.

Calvin steps inside first, followed by Billy, as everyone else watches from the buses… They watch as Billy and Calvin soon come back out, desperate for fresh air. They both go right back to their cars, and take off…


What'd you see?

Billy shaking his head…


I didn't have to see it…I could smell it. There was at least

one dead corpse in there, and no food or supplies…it'd

already been ransacked.


Jesus Christ, Billy. What the hell could have made this

happen, and so fast? Calvin dropped Leanne off about a

week ago. Everything was good then.

Billy suddenly slams on his brakes, causing Calvin and the buses to do the same. Misty looks at him, and then follows his stare, over to a boarded-up house, off from the road a ways.


What is it?


I saw someone, in there…



Billy looking at his wife.


We need answers…

Dissolve to moments later, as Billy, Calvin and a couple more men, are approaching the house (with guns), while Misty and Susanne watch form their cars, and half the bus people are out in the road, while the rest of the nervous people are inside the buses, holding their loved ones…

POV Billy and his men as they begin slowing down, using caution as they get closer…

Suddenly, a single shot is fired at their feet, stopping them in their tracks. Some of the bus people quickly begin piling back inside. Misty and Susanne nervously watch from their cars…


We're not here to harm you! We have weapons and an

army of people. We just want information, as we've been

camping for the last month, and have no idea what has

happened. You can even come with us… We can use a man

of your obvious skills.


The only place you're going, is straight to hell, if you don't

get your ass up off of my property, and off of it right now!


Sir, please –

Billy cutoff as another shot is fired, right into the chest (heart) of Calvin, who drops dead, right in front of Billy, who looks down at him in complete shock, as the other two men are already dashing back for the buses, where anyone else outside is also quickly running back onboard.




POV Misty in her car.



POV Billy finally dashing back for his car, jumping inside, and looking back at the buses, as the drivers start their engines.


Let's go!

He turns on the engine, but then glances at Calvin's car, where his wife has climbed out of it, in shock and crying.



Billy hops back out, and going after Susanne, as Misty follows. Billy signals one of the men on the bus, who then rushes out and gets inside of Calvin's car. Billy and Misty work to pull Susanne back to their vehicle. She fights to go back to her husband, who remains on the ground, up by the house…

They secure her in the back, and Misty remains with her, while Billy jumps up front and begins driving away. But once again, he slams on the breaks, as does everyone behind him. Misty stares up at him, as he stares back at the house.


What are you doing?! Go!

She follows Billy's stare, over to the house, as her expression turns to shock…

That same expression is on the face of everyone on the buses, as they are looking, or turning to look, back at the house…


What the fu –

POV cuts to Calvin, fully rising from the ground, and just slowly stumbling around…

POV Susanne taking notice, with instant relief.


Oh my God, Calvin! (looking back at Misty and Billy)

We have to help him!

She instantly jumps out of the car, as Billy only mumbles.


But…I saw him dead.



Calvin turns toward her, as she begins dashing his direction.

Billy completely shocked and confused, while simply watching what unfolds…

Everyone on the buses watching her arriving to Calvin…

POV Susanne, slowing and quickly stopping, right before arriving, and just staring at him…



She begins crying, while staring at the gunshot wound, as well as the death in his eyes, but unable to move, as he draws in on her, and rips right into her flesh, as she screams out in agony.

POV all the horrified expressions and sounds from those on the buses, children already crying…

Billy and Misty wide-eyed and unable to stop watching…

Susanne's screams stop, as does her life, while her husband continues to feed on her…

POV bus.


What is he doing to her?!

Billy turning on his engine, but still watching…


Billy, go!

Billy can't stop watching, as sound of panic comes from the buses, and the man from Calvin's car now shouting over at Billy.


Billy?!... BILLY?! What are you waiting for?!

Billy turns to look back at the guy, but then turns back to Calvin, who is now rising and coming their direction, as Billy again watches…


Billy?! BILLY?!

Billy looks at her, but then back out at Calvin, and waits for him to come closer. People on the buses are panicking even more, as they watch Calvin's bloody corpse stumbling their direction…

Billy waits for him to get close enough to look him in the eyes, before driving away, as the others follow. The people on the buses get a great look at Calvin, who walks right into the side of one of the moving buses, and is dragged down under, and run over the top of, with screams from most people inside…



Everyone back at the camp, piling out of the buses and pulling out supplies from the trailers…

Fear and shock remain on the confused faces of each and every one of them…

They are mostly silent, and begin watching Billy, who enters his abandoned camp area, and sits down on top of a log, staring out into the woods…


Now what?

Everyone silent, including Billy, who just keeps staring out into the woods…

Dissolve to everyone setting their camp areas back up, including Misty, who is doing all the work, even with the tent already up, as Billy remains on that log, staring out into the woods…

Dissolve to later, with everyone finished setting up, but very silent, while anxiously waiting for the return of Logan and the others, or for Billy to speak, as he remains on his log, with Misty staring at him…

Cut to the lake, where several of the teenagers are hanging out…


Remember the first week up here, when I said it felt like

Camp Crystal Lake? I'd rather be there right now, than

stuck in whatever new kind of world, this shit is.

Some solemn nods…


At least someone always survives in those movies. Pretty

sure no one's getting a happy ending in this one.


I mean…he didn't just kill her…he ate her, right? I mean,

he literally sat there and ripped into her flesh, even pulling

it from her body, once dead, and eating it… I mean…what

the hell is happening?...

No one knows how to answer that…

POV back to Misty, still staring at Billy…


We can't just keep waiting…Everyone's too sick to their

stomachs, to eat right now, but eventually we're going to

need food.

Billy not responding, just continues to stare, ponder, zone, whatever he is doing…


Even if they return, after what we just saw, I can't imagine

they will be bringing positive news…or supper…

Billy takes a deep breath…


You're right…

She watches him rise, as do many of the other campers…

He steps out in front of the others, who all begin to notice him, and wait for his word…


I'm sorry for my silence…I'm at the same loss for words

as the rest of you, after what we all just seen.


What the hell did we just see?!

Billy shakes his head, taking a moment to respond…


I haven't quite figured that out, yet…but…the more I

ponder it all…the less frightened I am becoming…(surprise

from their faces)…and instead…I'm finding reasons to

become the exact opposite…

Everyone surprised and curious by his words, as Billy looks at the last person who spoke…


You mentioned hell…maybe that's a part of it. Perhaps our

lord is making some changes, and cleaning house, starting

over. Calvin and Susanne did not deserve what happened to

them…but maybe they were a casualty of war. What we saw

was very "hell" like, and maybe that is where most of the

world has gone…and those left…those who survive the war…

will remain, to begin a new and better world.

A few nods from the crowd, as Billy ponders his next words…


I mean…I'm not sure if this is happening worldwide, but it's

certainly easy to believe after what we just saw, and if so…

doesn't anyone else think it odd, that we're safely tucked

away out here, celebrating our monthly achievement of

living off the land, and away from those we condemn, all

while they're being just that…condemned?

Many more nods from the crowd, some of them even smiling for the first time since leaving the camp…


Does the good lord share in our concerns?

More nods of agreement, as the people's spirits appear to be on the rise, and even more so once they can hear approaching vehicles, but then they see Billy wisely reaching for his weapon, as many of them do the same, but then clearly can see that the vehicles are Logan and Oliver, with the others, as they pull up and park next to the buses.

Everyone quickly heading their direction, watching them climb out of their vehicles, with fear all over their faces…


Thank God, you are all safe!

He then watches one extra person, now climbing out of the car. It's Leanne!


We made it as far as Washougal, but after what we saw,

I don't think the cities are ever safe to return to.


Those crowds of people we saw, more like herds. They

are either infected…or to be honest…dead.



They are indeed dead, if they were like what we saw

happen to Calvin.


What happened to Calvin?!


He was shot and killed, before coming back to life and

eating, yes eating, and killing his own wife, who just

thought maybe he was still alive. I'll fill you in later, but

you first. What else did you see?

Logan looking from Oliver to Billy…


We got around one heard, but then another was too big,

and they were aggressive, like you described Calvin.


We had to turn around, and tried another road, but ran

into the military. Well, we didn't, but another group of

people did. We watched as the military shot and killed

them all.

Billy and other people's eyes going wide.


It has to be some kind of virus, which is why we brought

Leanne back, after running into her in the town down the

road. She can fill you in.

Billy looking to Leanne, who looks back at him…


The town was all shutting down the day Calvin dropped me

off. I got lucky and found one guy at the other motel, who

let me stay. We watched the news for two straight days, until

the power went out. (becoming emotional) My sister never

showed up to get me. She must be…

Billy showing no remorse for her sister, just asking for more details.


Tell us every single thing you saw on the news, leading

up to the power going out.

Leanne looking at him, with teary eyes…

Dissolve to a short while later, with everyone wide-eyed, and sharing the things she says, to those who can't hear her…


We couldn't even believe it ourselves, but that is what

they were reporting for hours, before the power went out.

Billy a small smile…


The lights going out on society… So, where is your new

friend, now?


He kicked me out, once I turned him down. He wanted

me to be his soulmate for the apocalypse, and sent me on

my way, after I declined.


(shaking head)

You just don't fit in anywhere, do you?

Leanne shaking her head with an annoyed/offended expression…


And you certainly can't reside with us.

Leanne looking at him with shock.


You can't be serious?! Where am I supposed to go?!


You can't be serious. You can't take care of yourself, and

left us, to go back to those who will take care of you, only

to see they have been, or are being, wiped out…and now

you simply expect us to take care of you?

Leanne just staring at him, speechless, as he turns to face his people…


We have our work cut out for us. God is not going to simply

hand us the world. We have to fight for it, and fight those

who are left, and not like us. Leanne had her chance; we

gave her tons of them. People like her, God bless their souls,

will not be capable of surviving the start-over phase, that this

world has entered. She is not our enemy, but she is not our

responsibility…and we will not risk our lives, for hers. Her fate

(gesturing back at the road) lays out there.

Everyone silent, staring at him, then her…

She stares at him, then all his people, and sheds a tear…

She finally turns and goes to the car, grabbing her only bag, and begins walking away…


I'll be dead in a day or two, so thanks. What wonderful

human beings, you are all. Enjoy your new perfect world.

A few of them look amongst themselves, but they stay silent…until someone speaks up.


That's bullshit!

Everyone turns to see the random woman, walking out toward the road, with her bags, as her husband and children follow…


I agreed with the things you said before all this happened,

but now you are just playing God…and my family won't be

a part of it.

A few more couples begin joining them, as Billy watches with concern, but becoming pleased when no others appear to be leaving…

POV finds one random family, with children, as the mother is throwing a pleading look at the husband…



It's too risky…we have to stay with the numbers…

The woman doesn't look thrilled to be staying, and watches the others, now with Leanne, as they begin hiking down the road…

Misty approaching Billy, speaking quietly.


They have weapons…they could be a threat…

Billy looking at his wife, as Logan and Oliver arrive…


I don't need to kill them…the new world will take care of that.

Billy looking at Logan and Oliver…


But I do want to kill someone else…



Everything appears quiet, before Logan, Oliver, and maybe 20 more men come creeping from the brush, and quietly hustling over to the house. They break inside, raiding it all at once, with tons of commotions, and a handful of shots fired…

Dissolve to Billy coming from the brush, walking to the house, as Logan and Oliver wait for him at the door…

He enters inside, looking around at all the supplies, which obviously must have come from the market nearby, in which had been ransacked. The house was stuffed with supplies and food, as Billy walked past it all, and by several of his men, and to a few more, who hold the lone man who was living there, as he looks back at Billy…


I hope to God, you remember me… All we wanted was some

information…and yet (looking around at all the supplies) you

had to protect your goods. All the suffering out there, and you

in here, hording all these supplies. Who cares about your

neighbors, right? This is why society and you people make me

so sick. You all claim to care about your fellow man, but when

shit hits the fan, what do you care about?... Just your own

damn self… You greedy piece of shit.

Billy throwing a punch at his face, and screaming at him.


That was my best friend, you killed! And for what?!


Just kill me…


Nahhh…I'm going to let my best friend do that.

The man turning to see another one of Billy's men coming inside the room, with a bag.


We got some of that information we needed (grabbing

bag from his friend), and had at least some of it confirmed,

when my best friend's (pulling Calvin's head from the bag),

body was smashed, yet he was still out there in the road,

just hanging out. We took off his head, and yet, still going!

Just like the freaking energizer bunny.

The man becoming very nervous, as Billy moves the head closer to him.


Get that thing away from me!


Rumor has it, that one bite from these things seems to

be a date with that thing you just asked for…death. So…

I'd like to thank you for the information you are going to

share with us, whether you want to or not.

Billy smiling as he moves the head in on the man, who squirms, but is held tightly by Billy's men.


No! NOOO! I'll tell you anything you want to know!


You had your chance, but proved what kind of man you are.

Billy leaning Calvin's head in to the man's face, but then moves it at the last second, to his shoulder, where Calvin takes a bit, as the man screams in agony.


That will tell us one thing… Time to find out another.

Logan hands a blade to Billy, who holds Calvin's head, and looks into his eyes.


I'm sorry, buddy. I love you.

Billy sticks the blade into his skull, killing him instantly, as everyone watches with disgust, but also intrigue…


So…they can be killed.

Billy looking at his men, with confidence…


We got this…

Dissolve to them driving to the first motel where Leanne couldn't check in…

Dissolve to them looking it all over, appearing to be totally abandoned, until they find a random couple, in one of the rooms, and holding guns on them…

Dissolve to Billy now shaking their hands, and welcoming them to the group…

Dissolve to them now driving into the motel where Leanne stayed…

Dissolve to them rushing the main office, with guns out…

Dissolve to them finding the guy who had let Leanne stay, who holds up his hands for them…

Dissolve to them looking all around the motel, as the guy that worked there, is now walking away, with a bag, and looking back…


Keep going. Maybe you're run into Leanne…you freaking sicko.

Dissolve to them still at the motel, but preparing to leave. Suddenly, they all hold up their guns, as vehicles are heard approaching. A pair of trucks arrive, loaded with gunned men in the back, and aiming at Billy's group…

Billy's men outnumber them, but the men in the trucks have some serious firepower…


We don't want any trouble. We have a hundred survivalist,

camped out only a few miles from here. We just found out

today, what has happened. We're thinking of making a stand

in this town…a place to survive the long winter… We could

really use some men like yourself, to help keep it safe, here…

I imagine you all could use the same kind of friends?

A man (Gallagher) is eyeing Billy, with his gun still on him…



Billy just looking at him for a moment…


That's what we all are. We were camped out for a

month, and just left today, to discover the greatness

that has happened…




As much as we love living off the land, we are just as

happy to get away from the madness of the city… We

won't be missing our day jobs, or the kind of people

who won't be surviving, whatever this is… It's people

like you, who have what it takes to survive, and be the

start of something new…something better.


(still holding up his gun)


Gallagher still holding his gun, and eyeing Billy and the others, until finally cracking a smile and lowering his gun…


Why make enemies, when you can make a powerful ally.

Billy lowering his gun, with a smile at Gallagher…



Many of the campers are at Billy's camp area, talking to Misty, with other campers in their areas, trying to listen.


We won't survive the winter months, out here.



And I know that, as well as Billy knows it. He's out as we

speak, checking on any opportunities we might have. He

and his men are out there, risking their lives, to make

something happen, for us. Show a little respect.

The random guy nodding his head, and walking away, as are the others, and then all taking notice of Billy's car and one of the buses, now arriving. Also there, is one of the trucks full of men with guns, as many of the campers grow curious/concerned…

They all watch, as the men pile off the buses, and Billy steps out, looking at Misty and all the others…


Pack it up…we're moving into the town. We have a lot

of work to do…

Everyone begins packing up, and taking down their tents…



Billy's people and all the new people from the trucks, are hard at work, gathering supplies and going through homes and buildings…

POV Billy, Misty, Logan, Oliver, Gallagher, and a few of his men, all together at the motel (same one Leanne stayed at) and looking over a map of the area…


We can build blockades at the bottom of all of these roads,

and that will at least keep the dead out. I've got plenty of
ideas that will provide plenty of reasons for the living, to also

stay the fuck out.

Billy smiling at Gallagher…


Well, I'm all ears for that.

Suddenly, there is gunfire outside, as they all arm up and go rushing out there…

A few military vehicles are there, firing at Billy's people, and killing a few of them…

The soldiers begin taking fire themselves, and holding back. Gallagher joins a few of his men, and together they begin nailing some of the soldiers, but then almost get hit themselves, and fall back just a bit…

It's back and forth gunfire, until eventually more of Billy's men arrive, in vehicles, and opening fire on the soldiers, giving Gallagher and his men the perfect advantage to move in, and overwhelm the soldiers, eventually killing each and every one of them…

Billy comes to Gallagher…


Piece of shit lowlife soldiers. Taking orders from the man!


Gallagher spits on their dead bodies, with an intrigued smile from Billy…


Definitely military. I'm guessing special forces? Ranger?

Gallagher nodding after Ranger, as Billy just nods in return, and places a hand over Gallagher's shoulder…


A godsend you are, my friend. Together, we are going to

do something special, here…and only God knows where else…

Suddenly, more gunfire is heard, as some of Billy's men begin killing a few huffs, that entered the area…

A couple of them are children, and killed off by the men, before one remains, and they stop firing, for some reason, and just watch her…

Billy moves closer, and eventually recognizes the huff. It's Leanne. Her and the others have bullet wounds, and must have been killed by the soldiers…

Billy moves in, looking right at her, allowing her to get right next to him, before firing a single shot into her head…



POV travels across and through the town, where much work has been done. The scene dissolves to the winter months, with heavy rain and winds. There are homes in which some of the people are living at, as well as the motels…

Scene dissolves to the Spring, with nicer weather and people out and about, living what looks like normal lives, as POV continues through the town, and their way of living, as more and more work has been done, to keep their town safe, and secure…

Dissolve to Summer, with men doing work without shirts, and sweating…

POV travels into the woods, finding a swimming hole, where teens and a few others are jumping into the water, or swimming around…

Dissolve to winter, and the swimming hole now frozen over, as POV moves back into the town, with snow covered roads. Even in the snowy conditions, you can see more work, and more walls/barricades have gone up…

Dissolve to Summer months, with walls/barricades almost everywhere, securing the town. Guards are at one of the walls, opening up a gate, allowing a pair of trucks (full of armed men) to go through, before closing it back up…

Dissolve to those trucks off-roading, and coming to a spot to park. The men all look prepared to hunt, and begin jumping from the back of the truck. Gallagher climbs out from behind the wheel, armed and ready for some hunting, and glancing over at Logan and Oliver, hopping out from the other truck…

Dissolve to Logan leading them all through the brush, with Oliver behind him, and Gallagher behind Oliver…

Suddenly, Gallagher raises his hand, for the others to stop, but not seen by Logan and Oliver.



They look back at him, and the others who have stopped. Logan raises his brows at Gallagher, who puts his finger to his nose…

Eventually, they can all hear people, and remain very silent/still, except to ready their weapons…

They wait, as the people become louder, and appear to be coming right for them…

Logan spots one, and motions his head toward him, as Gallagher looks over, and spots more and more people, getting way too close, as he whispers to Logan and Oliver.


They're too close. They're going to see us. We have the

upper hand, and have to take them out!

Gallagher motions back at the others, and then steps past Logan and Oliver. He looks back at everyone, and prepares them to take fire, as that's what they all do, and begin wiping out the entire group of people…

Most of them go down quick, but a few are able to begin firing back, and do take out one of Logan's guys. Gallagher and a couple of his buddies are quick to move in on the remaining others, and put enough pressure on them to be overwhelmed by Logan and the others, once they also advance…

Gallagher shoots and kills the final guy, and then can hear someone over a radio, as Gallagher races to find it.


Westly?! I hear gunshots; what's going on?!

Gallagher stops and looks out at all the brush, as one of his buddies finds and brings him the radio, as he does some pretending, while speaking into it.


(into radio)

We're coming back. Too many dead!


Logan, keep a couple men here to keep these men down,

before they come back. Everyone else with me.

Gallagher quietly dashing through the woods.


What? Westly, is that even you?

Gallagher keeps going, as if he knows where he is going…

They are rushing downhill, over a stream, and then slowing down, as they come to a clearing.

They see a pair of men, next to a few trucks. The men can hear them, and even begin to see them, but believe them to be their own people, and are no defense for Gallagher and his men, who instantly open fire on them, taking them out…

Gallagher finds the radio one of the guys dropped, and speaks into it.


(into radio)

Logan, we got them! Grab everything you can off those

bodies, and get down here. I'll send a couple guys back

up to help. We have transportation down here, (looking

in back of trucks) and enough food to call it a day.

Dissolve to Gallagher and his group, driving all the trucks through the gates, and into their town. They drive over to the motel and park.

Gallagher heads into the main office, and back into the nice living space where Billy and his wife are residing…

Dissolve to Gallagher sitting at a table with Billy, as Misty is at the kitchen counter. Gallagher sips from a drink, while Billy appears to be pondering the recent news. Misty looks over at him…


Something's been bugging you, even before all this… What is it?


I'm okay…


I know you, baby… Something's bothering you…


I just keep wondering…if we've been lucky, so far…


What do you mean?

Gallagher eyeing him…


We've fought off danger a few times, and even brought

in new, strong people, but…what if a leftover military

group shows up, or some huge group? We'd be overrun…

this place is safe from the dead, but the living…they still

scare the hell out of me… I had hoped they would have

all died off, by now…


You and me, both.


You said it yourself…it's war out there…war for what is to

become of the new world…


Do we wait for that war to come to us…or do we go to it

and help ensure that that new world is ours?


I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought the same thing, at times.

I mean, it's great here, but how long will it last?


But the hunting, the fresh water… Can we really beat all that?


These other people might have us beat. They're hunting

here, and must be living somewhere fairly close. They have

radios, and probably many more people. Perhaps we should

be taking theirs, before they take ours…

Billy looking at Gallagher, who nods his head, and then looks to his wife…


Like you said…it's war…



A pair of trucks (half full of deer) are parked in that same spot where Gallagher had taken the trucks of the people they killed. A bunch of armed men are outside the trucks, scoping the area, with guns. One guy (RAVI) appears to be tracking the area, for clues…


It's their trucks, no doubt. They were here. And they left,

at least their trucks did.


So, either they were ambushed here, and their trucks taken,

or more likely, something went down on the way back home.

Jesse looks around, and takes a deep breath…


Let's hunt…and see if any more clues present themselves.

Ravi you're up front. JC and Lewis stay with the trucks.

The men gear up, as scene dissolves to them geared up and leaving the area, as a couple of them hang back with the trucks…

POV moves to the brush, where Gallagher and a couple of his buddies, have been watching the other group…

Dissolve to that other group, in the woods, as Ravi leads the way, slowly, while checking for signs of the other group…

Ravi holds up, and quietly gestures ahead, where they all come to see a deer. They remain still, as Ravi slowly takes aim, and waits for his moment, before firing and killing the deer…

Dissolve to a couple of the men, dragging the deer down to the trucks, and dropping it down, for JC and Lewis.


You guys can be useful, and get it from here.

JC and Lewis placing the deer in the back of the truck, as the other two men head away. POV moves to the brush, where a single man (one of Gallagher's) keep his eyes on them…

Cut to those same two men who dragged the dear down to the trucks, now arriving back with the others, as Ravi has them held up, while looking all over the same area where their other group had been killed…

Ravi turns and stares directly at Jesse.


This is where it happened.

Ravi now goes looking around more, and staring down at the ground…


This is where they were killed.

All eyes on Ravi.


What? (stepping toward Ravi) Killed?

Ravi motioning toward the ground, where Jesse can see dry blood, and then he looks out and around, at all the brush, before a shot is fired into his skull, instantly dropping him. His men duck, take cover and begin firing back.



One of their other men grabs his radio.


(into radio)

We've been ambushed! We've been ambushed! Get in the

truck and get the hell out of here! Someone needs to warn


He puts the radio back in his pocket and begins firing his gun, before shot dead, and falling to the ground.


Leave? Without you?!... Anyone come in? Hello?!

Cut to JC down at the trucks, on the radio, standing next to a worried Lewis, who looks out at the sound of all the gunfire.


(into radio)

What's happening?!


C'mon, man. You heard him; we have to go warn Grover!

They get in the truck, but then Lewis is shot dead from the passenger seat, as JC peels off, and speeds away. That same man comes out of brush, holding a radio.


(into radio)

It worked. He's heading down.

Cut to a man hiding in the brush, down by a main road.


(into radio)

I'm on the lookout…

Dissolve to that man watching the truck speeding his way, and turning onto the main road…


(into radio)

He's heading West, toward the city.

Cut to a different man, in a car, hidden from the main road.


(into radio)

I'll be all over him…

Dissolve to JC speeding by, as the man in the car watches them, before eventually turning on his car, and heading in same direction…

Dissolve to Fort Vancouver, as that truck goes speeding toward the gate, which opens, allowing him to enter through…

Cut to a different car, and another man, back far enough to not be seen, and watching through binoculars, as he can see Colonel Davis, looking outward, as the gates close…

Dissolve to that same man/vehicle, pulling into a spot where Gallagher and a few other vehicles are awaiting him…

Dissolve to Gallagher creeping around the area in between Clark campus and the Fort, and using binoculars to look over the fenced/barricaded passageway, that leads from the campus to the Fort. He studies it…

Dissolve to Gallagher and his men arriving back at Billy's town, and pulling into the motel…

Dissolve to Gallagher, his buddies, Logan, Oliver, Misty and Billy, all sitting around, discussing the game plan.


I went to school there; I know the campus well. (looking

at Gallagher) you say the hilltop neighborhood is a part

of their "compound"?

Gallagher nodding.


They've done a good job of bordering it all down, but their

road from the campus to the Fort, is their downfall. I can

use strategic maneuvers to make them believe we have

even more men and firepower than we do, and I know the

perfect spot to penetrate it. I also have an idea for those

trailer loads of the dead you have collected, and always

insisted might be of use, someday.

Billy smiling at him…


I got dibs on the biggest house on that hilltop…

Dissolve (dusk) to Billy and all the others, loaded up and leaving their town, in a huge caravan, including the buses and a pair of semis, with trailers…

Dissolve (night) to a part of the fencing/barricade, along the passageway between Clark and the Fort, where a bunch of men are in dark clothes and quietly moving as much of the barricade as they can…

Dissolve to them now driving the semis through the barricade/fencing, and penetrating themselves into the passageway. They turn, and back one trailer toward the Clark side, and the other one toward the Fort side. They quickly open up the trailers, releasing tons of huffs into the passageway, forced to go no way except straight, half of them toward the campus, and the other half toward the Fort…

Cut to the Fort, as the gates open and Davis comes speeding out with his jeep, followed by a few others, along with men on horses, and heavily armed.

Men begin arming the walls, and the corners, ready for anyone or anything…

Dissolve to Davis slamming on the breaks, as he can see the army of huffs coming at them, and they begin taking fire on them, killing many of them…


Back it up! Back it up! Don't kill too many, too quickly, or

we'll never get around them!

Suddenly, they begin taking heavy fire from behind them, and at the sides. Men are firing form hidden locations, as well as men who are at the fencing/barricade, firing and killing some of Davis's people, who do their best to fire back at them…

More help comes, as the horsemen arrive, and give Davis's group some relief, with men on both sides being killed…

Cut to Grover, rushing from the Clark campus, into the passageway, and speeding toward the Fort. Jessica is with him, as well as Bryson, Carter, Toast, Grill and an army of others, all in vehicles…

Dissolve to them reaching the oncoming army of huffs, and opening fire on them. Toast and Grill jump out and begin killing off the huffs with their weapons...

Grover stops, and looks all around, smelling some sort of ambush, and yells out at the others, before it comes.


Backtrack! Retreat! Retreat! They're going to ambush us!

Toast and Grill jump back on the trucks, and they all begin pulling back, and just in time, as Gallagher and tons of others are popping up from the fencing/barricade, and firing on them. Even as they retreat, they are heavily fired on from men in hidden locations. Jessica screams as Bryson takes a fatal shot…

A few others are killed, but luckily Grover called for retreat in time, to get turned around and make it back to Clark.


(into radio)

We're chasing them back to the campus, and going in after

them! We need every last man you have, once you kill them

off, or trap them back inside the Fort!

Cut to the Fort side, where Davis is firing like a mad man, as are the rest of his men, trying to fight their way back to the Fort, before the approaching huffs overwhelm them, as some of his men are now focused on killing them off, rather than the men firing at them…

Davis and a handful of his men all launch grenades, and then launch a bunch more, giving them the opportunity to speed away, back for the fort.

A few of them are unfortunate to have lost their horses, and are racing back on foot, but most of them shot dead…

Dissolve to the Fort, as Davis speeds toward it, with the others. He has an army of men there waiting, and looking out for more enemies, which they can now see charging toward the outside of the passageway. They open heavy fire on them, from the corner tower of the Fort, and other hidden spots, as well as from the gates.

Davis speeds for the gate, but is hit by a bullet, and speeds into the fencing/barricade. He's lucky enough to hit it in a spot that penetrates to the other side, but then runs right into a tree. Some of the other vehicles speed right to him, rather than inside of the fort.

They, and Davis's jeep are taking heavy fire, as men reach for Davis, and pull him out. One of them is shot, as another jumps in, and then Davis is shot a second time, before they finally get him into another vehicle, and speed away, followed by the others, who first wait for all the men at the gate, to run and jump into or onto their vehicles/trucks.

The gate is left open, as a few more horsemen arrive and ride through, while dodging bullets, with one of them not so lucky, falling dead off his horse. They close the gate, and dash to the side of the Fort, where the few men left inside, are waiting for them, to exit through a secret way out. A few men from the towers are also dashing toward that corner, as they all exit, and hop into a truck. They speed off after the rest of their people, toward I-5 and the Interstate bridge…

Cut to Grover, arriving back at the campus, which already has an alarm sounding, with tons of people climbing onto buses, and preparing to evacuate, as Grover, Carter, Toast and Grill begin helping people however they can. Another bus load of people is coming from the hilltop, and waiting for all the others to load up…

Dissolve to Grover and the buses, entering the interstate bridge.


(into radio)

Is he going to make it?


(over radio)

Not without a doctor, and like right now!


(into radio)

We're just a few minutes behind you…

Grover looks at Jessica, who stares back at him…


Your family can save him…and they can save us…



The caravan is speeding down the highway, as one of the army vehicles takes an offramp. POV goes birds-eye, seeing the caravan speed forward, while the other vehicle turns off the ramp, speeding in a different direction. As the POV continues going up, Nike World comes into it, as the lone army vehicle speeds toward it…

Dissolve to the caravan speeding down highway 6, and passing the turnoff for Glenwood, as one vehicle turns onto the turnoff, crossing the bridge and heading for the Glenwood Gates…



The caravan is now entering the clearing, and heading for the wall of the compound, with plenty of people on top. Floodlights begin to hit the caravan, looking over them all, as they speed for the gates…

They arrive at the gates, where Leo, Zane, Mason, Porter and others, are awaiting them. They have an ambulance also waiting, and Jennifer in the front seat of it, with nurses and a doctor waiting near the back doors…

The caravan arrives, with Grover rushing to help other men with Davis, as a few men with a stretcher arrive, and help them all put Davis onto it. They carry him to the ambulance, rush to get him inside, as Jennifer speeds back inside the compound, with lights flashing, but sirens off…

Leo and Zane simply stare at Grover, who watches the ambulance, before turning and facing them…

Cut to the ambulance speeding to the safe house, parking in front of it, where they quickly begin wheeling Davis from the ambulance to the safe house, and inside.

Cut to them arriving at the triage center, where more doctors and nurses are waiting, on full alert. They lift him from the stretcher onto the bed, and immediately begin going to work on him.

Dissolve to the Baker strategic room, where Zane, Jessica, Scout, Hunter, April, Mason, Chasin, Dakota, Cleo, Gunner, Wyatt and Rich. are all waiting in the hall, at the door to the strategic room…

Dylan enters the hall, nodding and walking his way through them, coming to Zane and Hunter, who nod for him to go on inside…

He opens the door and steps inside, taking the POV with him, and closing the door…

He looks over at Leo and Grover, the only two in the room. Leo is looking at him, as Grover (completely stressed) finally turns to look, expressing relief at the sight of his best friend. They approach each other, and embrace.


It's been a long time, my friend.


It's great to see you, Anthony.


It's actually Grover, from now on.

Dylan nodding, as Leo arrives with a hand over both their shoulders.


The three of us back together; the way it should be.

Grover shaking his head.


Just not under these kind of circumstances.

Still shaking head and becoming frustrated with himself, while pacing the room, griping at himself.


Damn it! How could I be so stupid?! I knew all along that

our makeshift road between the Fort and the campus,

would be like daring someone to come on in.


They would have found another way.


Maybe…but it might have turned out differently. Davis

might not be here fighting for his life.


The real problem is that the campus and the Fort are

just not safe enough, and too close to the city.


I was counting on that fact to keep other groups from

even finding us, let alone attack us. I honestly thought

the dead were the only ones to worry about.


Be a pretty easy world to survive, if that were true.

Grover nodding, but still irritated with himself…


Could it have been the men who killed your hunters?


It had to have been, and at least some of them were

ex-military. They were very strategic about how they hit us.


Or could this be someone you know?


It wasn't Shepard. He doesn't even know about this place

and if he shows up, and finds the mess Leo left for him in

Seattle, he'll be coming straight here.


Thunder is still out there. His body was never recovered

from the beach, or in the hills after we wiped out most of

their survivors.


And you think he somehow got himself an army?


I'm just thinking out loud…


It's got to be the group from the east…

They all think silently, before Leo places a hand over Grover's shoulder.


Son… (nodding toward the door) Can we open that door

and put several more great minds to work, on this?

Grover hesitates a moment…


This whole thing, tonight…it just takes me back to…

Leo patting his shoulder.


I know…it does for all of us…but you're on the right

side of the wall, this time, son.

Grover looks at his father…then nods. Leo walks over and opens up the door, as the others begin entering, all of them with looks at Grover, who takes a deep breath, and tries to make eye contact, at times, until Jessica made him more comfortable, by coming straight to him for a big hug…

Leo walks back to Grover, tapping his hand on Jessica's shoulder, then with a hand back on Grover's shoulder, and looking everyone over…


I wish it was a good time for introductions, and you all

meeting my son…but there are pressing matters to discuss…

Cut to the compound wall/gate, as the gate is opening up, with Porter and Baxter coming outside of it, and watching a single vehicle speeding toward them, and slowing down just a bit, as Porter waves them through, as they begin speeding again, down the corridor…

Cut to the vehicle leaving the corridor, into the open field, and heading left of the Baker complex, along a road that leads around the ball fields, and toward the compound neighborhood…

Cut to them taking a sharp right turn, onto another road, rather than remaining straight, on the road leading over the bridge and into the neighborhood…

Cut to them now speeding straight for the safe house, and parking next to the ambulance.

A woman rushes from the vehicle, straight inside of the safe house, as a man comes out of the driver's side. It's Shawn.

Cut inside, where Nikki rushes over to the triage center, greeted by nurses, as she looks through the window, at the doctors working on Davis…

Her father arrives behind her, with a hand over her shoulder, and looking through the window…

Cut to the Baker strategic room.


What about Jordan? Her and Thunder could have some

leftover mobsters, and put together a few more people…


It's not Jordan. We already ruled her out.

Hunter a somewhat suspicious look at Leo, as someone comes over his radio.


(over radio)

Grover's other men are here.


(into radio)

Bring them straight to the SR (strategic room).


(over radio)

Yes, sir.

Dissolve to Baxter walking a half dozen of Grover's men into the SR, as Grover looks them over.


You guys get out, okay?

MAN (Crosby)

Piece of cake, at least until they began securing the area,

and we had to get out of there, right before their leader

was about to begin speaking. We didn't catch the speech,

but before he spoke, his people were chanting his name…Billy.


"In Billy, we trust", some of them were shouting.



Son of a bitch!

All eyes on Grover…



Grover just thinking for a moment, before repeating himself with a shake of the head.


Son of a bitch! I know exactly who it is!

Grover looks directly at his father, who is staring back at him, as is everyone else…


Billy Kay! He's an avid survivalist, society hating nutjob,

who was indeed on a large group extremist campout,

right during the day of the dead.


How do you know all this?


I followed him, a bit. I even heard him speak, once. He's

half smart, but half twisted, and full of hate…and now that

the world has fallen apart, I'm sure all the crazy is coming

out of him.


What made you want to hear him speak?


Some of what I read about him, reminded me of Leo, and…

Grover feeling too awkward to mention Grandpa, with a few nods of understanding, from the others…


Basically, all of you guys…until I heard him speak. His

survival skills might be in the same league as all of you,

but…his heart, that's another story. He sees himself as a

god, and society as his rival.

Some silence…


So, then this is good news…

Everyone curiously looking at Zane, including Grover…


We're dealing with a loony nutjob, not a masterminded

genius, like who he's dealing with.

A few nods…


Don't underestimate him. He does know how to speak,

and motivate. He had over a hundred campers on that trip,

and in this new world, he's probably inspired more to join him.


And obviously has some ex-military support, but I agree

with Zane. This is not the kind of guy who we can't handle,

and handle smoothly. (looking at Grover) I-5 still flooded

with the dead, north of the barricade you put up, on your side?


Tons of them.

Leo smiling as he thinks…


You already have a plan?

Leo nodding, and obviously still pondering his plan…


I do…one that will end this thing before the fat man in red

arrives, tomorrow night…and all I'll need, is both my boys…

(looking at Gunner, then Dylan) and a little side-support…

Gunner forms a smile, as Dylan nods…



Blake, Eli, Wong, Pav, Nate, Scoop, Trav and the rest of the Rough Riders are on the wall, along with others, all armed and keeping a good look out. Eli steps a little close to Blake.


At least we won't be the only ones keeping the compound safe.


Yeah, they're keeping this one a family affair. They won't let

anyone risk themselves for Grover, other than family. They're

still worried that some people here might not be happy about

him being welcome here.


I heard the convicts are going.


They're all loyal to Grover. Remember they wouldn't

have even made it out of that prison, if not for him.


Are you happy he's welcome here?... It was his rocket

that killed Abino and Joshua. His war that led to…


I don't blame him for that, if that's what you're asking, but

he'll always be a reminder of how I lost her, and what

happened to our fellow Rough Riders…

Eli just silently looking from Blake, out to the field in front of the compound, without a response…

Cut to Samantha (with flashlight), Renee, Griffey, Russel and Ethan, all walking a trail in the brush/trees, and next to the corridor. They can see headlights coming from the road, heading toward the gate. They rush for the end of the trail, which leads to the road, near the gate, as the vehicle parks. Mayday, Gia, Tanner and Darius all jump out. Mayday sees the kids, and shines a flashlight on them.


Good lord! You kids scared the crap out of me!


He's not lying; I can smell it!

Tanner and Darius smiling, as they head up the ladder toward the catwalk.


What are you guys doing out here?


We're just going to check on the Guardian, to say hi, and

keep our minds off of what happened. We also have

something we want to tell…her…


Do your mothers know you're out here, Samantha?


They know we're all together.


That's not what I asked you. (shaking head) I'm sorry,

Samantha. I can't let you guys go out there without

parental consent, at least not at a time while we're on

high alert.


Parental consent? I just became a teenager, last week.

That's the new eighteen, during the freaking apocalypse.

Plus, I'm going to run this place, someday, I'll eventually

be your boss.

Gia laughs as Mayday raises his eyebrows with a surprised smile.


Well, whoa uh oh! Pardon me, ma'am!


You want me to pardon you, you better pretend you

didn't see us.

Mayday throwing a wide-eyed look at Gia, with one of herself, along with a smile/laugh…


Is this kid for real?!



Mayday now with another wide-eyed look at Samantha, as if he just got himself in deep trouble, and then looking back at Gia, who shrugs with a laugh. Samantha looking dead serious, until finally cracking a smile.


I'm just kidding…kind of.


Jesus, kid – I mean Samantha! You already made me crap once!


I'm sorry; I'm just trying to get our minds off of more violence.

I know they expect to end this thing tonight, or by Christmas

Eve, but it's really bringing us all back to…last year


I hear that, but like you said, we got this, and you can bring

Christmas Eve dinner to the Guardian, tomorrow night.

Sam/kids heading back toward the trail.


Thanks, Mayday. I'm glad you guys are staying behind,

keeping the compound safe.


Thank you, young…lady.



That's more like it…Oh, and I hope the Colonel is okay.

I know you guys are friends.


Thank you, Samantha. He's a tough sob.

Samantha smiles, as her and the others enter the trail, and soon disappear into the darkness, with only Samantha's flashlight.


FYI, I would have let you guys go, so please don't hang me,

or like…have me beheaded, once you take this place over.

Samantha and the others heard laughing.



No promises…

Dissolve to Samantha and the kids arriving at the safe house, where her moms sit in the same area as Nikki and her father, along with several others, including most of the Baker women and children…


Any news?


He's looking good, but the doctors have a lot of work to do.

Samantha lays down in-between her moms, kicking off her shoes and resting her feet on Brianna, and her head down on the lap of Kayla, as the other kids sit or lay down…

Suddenly, Samantha curiously looks up, and stares at the doorway. Her POV of Grover walking in…

She stares at him the whole way in, as he walks over to Nikki and Shawn. Samantha can't stop staring at him…


(speaking to Nikki)

I know you've spent a lot of time at the Fort, visiting Davis,

and I just wanted to apologize that it took something like

this, for me to finally introduce myself. As you can imagine,

it's really hard for me to hold my head high, around the people

I hurt. I know what you mean to Colonel Davis, and I thank you

for being here, and giving him the best reason to fight and pull

through this.


Thank you, and I know the two of you are very close. He

admires you, and I can see how worried for him, you are.


I've only known him for not even a year now, but it feels like a

lifetime, and besides Jessica, no one has played a bigger role

in turning my life around. He's a fighter; he'll pull through this.

Nikki nodding, as her father rises and extends his hand to Grover.


I'm Shawn, her father. (shaking hands) No need to struggle

keeping that head up around us, and be sure to give

yourself some credit for turning your life around, son.

Grover just staring at him a moment, almost emotional…


Thank you, sir...

They nod at each other as Grover turns toward the triage center. He gets over there, just staring inside, where they work on Davis…

Samantha continues watching his every move, curious about the cousin she's never met…

Leo then enters the safe house, walking by everyone. He taps a few of the kids,, including Samantha, who looks/smiles at him, before turning back over toward Grover…

Leo then nods at Nikki and Shawn, on way toward his son. He arrives with a hand over Grover's shoulder, and just staring in at Davis and the doctors…


We have to go, son. He's in good hands…

Grover continues to look in at Davis, before eventually turning to leave, with Leo. He nods again at Nikki and Shawn, before catching and making eye contact with Samantha, and keeping it for a moment, until walking by her with a nod, as she turns and continues to watch him walk out…



The military vehicle that Davis crashed into the tree, is now on fire, as huffs are attracted to it, but walking back toward the barricade, as Billy's men work hard to resecure it, in the place it was heavily damaged. They work to temporarily fix it, and keep the huffs out of the passageway…

Logan and others are now entering through the gates, into the fort, and looking around. There are several campfires burning, supplying light…


They left in a hurry. Let's go see what kind of nice

things they left us.

Cut to Logan and a couple others, entering into one of the "houses", and taking notice of the old-style candles, which are lit and supplying light…


Damn…I remember visiting this place on like a second

grade field trip…maybe it was boy scouts… Never thought

upon my return, that I'd see it running the way it was

originally built to run…



Gallagher and a couple truckloads of armed men are stopped in front of the barricade, built by the compounders. Gallagher just stares at it, while thinking…


You thinking they had help with this?

Silent a moment, while still shining his light over it all, and taking in how well put together it all is…


That…among other things…




The reason for it, and –

Gallagher seeing that the barricade extends all along the nearby offramp, as he heads back to his truck.


Everyone in.

They all pile back in/onto the trucks, as Gallagher slowly drives onto the ramp, shining his floodlight along the entire barricade, which goes on and on, as he looks it over with disbelief…


These guys did not do all this by themselves…

Shining his light, trying to find the end of the barricade…


This took some major manpower.

He finds the end, leading down to the slough.


What the…

He drives down to the end of the ramp, noticing he can only go to the left, as roads to the right (other side of the freeway) are also barricaded, as he and his men take notice of it. He reaches the new road, with the expo center/slough on one side, and the Columbia River on the other, leaving no places for huffs to come from. Gallagher just stares at the scene, while shining his light over it all, and pondering the situation…


Wherever they went…it's somewhere down that road…


We going?

Gallagher staring and thinking…


That might be what they want us to do… We need more men.

Gallagher turns the truck around, and goes back up the ramp, with the other truck following…


EXT. CLARK CAMPUS – NIGHT (slightly foggy)

Random campfires burn throughout the campus, with people at some of them. Some are celebrating, while others are getting tired, laying around…

Billy is staring at something, which sounds like a huff. He's looking up at the statue which has Ace, chained to it, as Oliver arrives…


I guess even the sheep of the world, have their

breaking point.

Billy looks at Oliver.


I'm guessing this poor bastard was a lion…more our

kind of guy.


Logan's on his way back. Says the Fort and passageway

are stable, for now.


Perfect. Any word from Gallagher?

Oliver about to answer, as Gallagher's trucks are heard/seen pulling into a nearby parking lot.



Dissolve to Billy, Misty, Oliver, Gallagher and Toby, at one of the campfires, as Logan and a few others arrive.


So, you're saying there's another group?


I'm saying there very well could be.

Logan looking around at everyone.


What'd I miss?


Gallagher believes a barricade he found on the freeway,

is evidence of another group.


It's not just on the freeway. It's like a major upgraded version

of that passageway barricade between here and the Fort. At

first thought it was the sight of it, that alarmed me, but now…

it's why? What's the purpose of such a major project, that

might even be bigger than what we just saw.


And you really believe it's important enough to go check

before daybreak?


I do…while they're still licking their wounds…daybreak might

find us coming head-to-head with them, while on their way

back…to avenge those wounds.

Billy just staring at him a moment, then into the fire…


I just need half the men, and let the other half sleep…

they're going to need it.

Billy still pondering, while staring into the fire, before finally nodding, as Gallagher begins gathering the men he needs. Billy looks at Logan and Oliver.


I want you two here with me.

Those three heading toward Billy's car.


All the kids and non-fighters are already crashed out in

the dorm rooms. I already claimed my new residence. I

want you guys securing yours, and getting some sleep.

Make sure Bud and Lance spread out the remaining

homes for his guys, and tell them to get some rest, too.

Gallagher might be right, about company for Christmas…


You really think that might happen?



If there's another group, maybe, but if Gallagher finds

them, maybe it'll be us going after them…and finishing

them off, for good.

Hopping in the car and taking off, as Logan speaks into his radio.


(into radio)

Bud, gather your guys, and meet us up on the hilltop…

POV leaves them, traveling over the campus, and the random fires…

Eventually POV comes to Toby, gathering more of the men, and then POV travels onward, to the parking lot, where Gallagher is talking with some of the other men.


We'll stay together until we reach North Portland, and

then depending on what we find there, each vehicle will

hold back a mile's distance, if we keep going.

Toby arriving with more men, as Gallagher begins handing out more guns and ammo, and some of them begin loading up in the vehicles…

Dissolve to them (5 trucks full of men) driving across the interstate bridge, with more fog rolling in over the river, and through the moonlight…

Dissolve to them circling the offramp, and to the spot where Gallagher chose to go no further, the first time, but this time all 5 trucks turn onto the road that travels adjacent to the Columbia River, and slowly drive down it, shining flood lights all over the area. One huff is walking the road, but otherwise it's clear of the dead…

Dissolve to them coming to another barricade, that blocks them from going straight, with another road to the left, which they turn onto, with no huffs around. The area is old abandoned buildings on one side, along with patches of woodsy areas, and then a railroad track on the other side…

Dissolve to them coming into a more urban area, where Gallagher stops, as do the others. He climbs out, and takes notice of random blocks/streets that have barricades, and some huffs on the other side. He shakes his head, as Toby comes to him…


I'm getting a really bad feeling that we are messing with the

wrong people. It looks like Columbia Boulevard will be the

only way we can go, and it's making sense to me now. We've

been on a road with natural barricades the entire way, and now,

besides this one random neighborhood over here, it's mostly

sloughs, lakes and then the Columbia River on this side, leaving

only the other side as a way in for the dead. They could be

camped out at Delta Park, or in-between here and there, or

else they've used this route to make it to the St. Johns Bridge,

possibly into the coast range. (shaking head) My head tells me

to stop now…but my damn curiosity dares me to keep going…

Toby staring at him…



Logan smiles to himself, as he walks the long hall of his new home, and enters a bedroom, seeing it kept clean, with bedding, as he flops down onto the bed, and going to sleep…

Cut to Oliver, in a different house, flushing the toilet, and coming from the bathroom into the bedroom. He climbs into the huge comfortable bed, with a sign of relief, as he throws the blankets over him…

Cut to Misty, doing the same, as she gets nice and comfy in the fancy bedroom that used to belong to Grover and Jessica. She can hear Billy downstairs, going through the kitchen.


Hurry up and eat something…

Cut to Billy in the kitchen, ravishing some food he found.



Get up here and do naughty things to me in this new

luxurious home of ours.

Billy already on his way up, but first stopping and looking out a window with an amazing (but currently dark) view of down below, of Vancouver and a few random huffs. It's becoming foggier out there…



Get up here!


(heading up)

I'm on it.



You need to be on me!

Billy disappears up the steps, as POV stays on the window…

"We Three Kings – Epic Music Version" (playing from beginning)

POV slowly traveling outside of the window, and downward, as eventually, an army of huffs can be seen, coming from around the foggy corner, and straight for the field that lays below the hilltop…

MUSIC hit .14 mark, when suddenly, 3 of the huffs begin running, and straight for the steep, brushy and rocky hill, that works as part of the barricade that keeps the dead, and the living, out of the Campus/hilltop…

The rest of the huffs are going after the runners, who finally arrive at the base of the hill, and stopping, as POV makes its way down to them.

MUSIC .32, the 3 men are revealed as Leo, Zane and Grover, all bloodied up with huff guts, and pulling out ropes and climbing supplies. Zane pulls out a radio, and speaks into it, but unheard as the background music plays over it.

Cut to Dylan, riding horses with a few other men, while he responds to Zane over the radio, and they begin riding down a hill, followed by a smaller herd of huffs. Once they reach the bottom of the road, they ride faster, pulling out of sight of the huffs, and going down an alleyway…

The huffs reach the bottom, going into the park, which is near the barricaded Fort Vancouver Way Road, leading up to the campus…

The song begins dimming, and playing on a loop (with the same beat as the previous 20 seconds), as a pair of Billy's guards are at the barricade, taking notice of the huffs which begin filling the park.


Should we report it?


I don't see any reason to wake Billy, if we don't need to.

There was no damage to this barricade, and it's obviously

been working for the last group. If we were on the south

side, that'd be a different story, but I think we can handle

these numbers…

MUSIC .55 (loop ends and the song begins again), cut back to Zane, Leo and Grover, now using ropes and climbing supplies to begin going up the side of the foggy hilltop, leaving the herd of huffs below them, who are just arriving, and looking upward at those 3 guys…

Dissolve to multiple shots of them, making their progress up the hill. And shots of the huffs, losing interest and heading toward the park (from the opposite side where Dylan led the other huffs)…

MUSIC 1.18, as those 3 guys reach the top of the hilltop, into the backyard of one of the fancy homes, and creeping toward it…

Dissolve to multiple shots of them creeping around the house, looking around the neighborhood, signaling each other and splitting up, one of them entering one of the homes, creeping through it while holding a gun with a silencer attached to it, climbing the staircase, entering a bedroom, where someone sleeps, but begins to rise at the sound/sight of someone inside. Logan is the man in the bed, looking frightened…

MUSIC 1.41, POV Leo aiming the silenced gun at him…

MUSIC 1.43, Leo firing and killing Logan, and quickly exiting the room.

Cut to Zane, creeping into the room of another home while aiming his silenced gun, as Oliver rises and looks at him, just in time to take a bullet to the head, as Zane turns and exits the room.

Cut to Grover, firing his silenced gun and killing a man and a woman who lay in bed.

Cut to Leo firing at someone else, from a different home.

Cut to Zane, doing the same thing.

Cut to Grover, doing the same thing.

Cut to 3 quick shots of them all making another kill…

MUSIC 2.06, cut back to the park, where the larger herd of huffs are entering, joining the other huffs, with worried looks from the two guards at the barricade, and now obviously using their radio to call it in…

MUSIC 2.15, POV dead body in a bed, as POV pans back to find Grover (still covered in huff blood/guts) walking down the staircase.

Dissolve to him walking down the porch steps of the house.

Dissolve to him in the street, meeting Leo and Zane (also still covered in huff blood/guts).

MUSIC 2.22, as they all stare ahead, at the biggest house on the hilltop, while Zane speaks into his radio...

Cut to Dylan, now on the south side of the campus, and using his horse to lead another large heard of huffs, who begin surrounding the barricade of the campus, as the MUSIC fades to an end…

Dissolve to Billy and Misty, where they lay in bed, while Billy sits up, speaking on his radio, as the song fades to an end…


(into radio)

I looked over that barricade myself. It will hold. If they some

how make it around to the southside, then radio me back.


Maybe you should go take a look?


All the gunfire earlier probably attracted a crowd, who

finally made their way here. The real problem will be in

the morning, if Gallagher is right. Let's get some freaking sleep.

Misty rising and heading into the bathroom, as Billy takes a deep breath, and just looking around the room, before curiously looking at the nightstand next to him. A few magazines are there, that he glances at, before taking notice of something else. It's stapled papers, with the headline "Monthly Forester". He curiously grabs it, glancing over the curiously interesting title.


Did you see this Monthly Forester magazine, or whatever it is?



I saw the magazines, but didn't look at them.

Billy's POV of the front-page picture of Jessica, Zarah and their other teammates, smiling after their big softball victory, and the headline below it.


Clark upsets the Compounders, wins the battle, but the

war continues next Spring!


(mumbling to himself)


He then glances at the top corner, seeing the date, which reads "PA-2", as he squints his face.


(mumbling to himself)


POV Billy as he begins reading over the article…

Suddenly, he becomes very nervous, over what he reads, and begins flipping through the pages, coming to another headline.


Forest Grover communities plan to form a team of skilled

fighters, this Spring, to head east, and clear whatever danger

threatens the Clark Campus hunting teams.

His face goes pale white, as he looks up toward the bathroom, as Misty comes out, looking at him and freezing.



He jumps out of bed, showing her the Monthly Forester.


This is a god damn newspaper of some sort! This place

is part of a huge society, spreading all the way out to the

Forest Grover area, with multiple communities, all around!




She looks from the headline he just read, to him, with a shocked expression, to match his.

He begins throwing on his clothes and shoes, as does she.


They were going to come after us! And certainly will now,

and are probably already on their way! We can't be here

when they arrive, and have to go back home, and regroup

there! (into radio) Logan?... Logan, come in….


What about Gallagher?


He'll figure it out on his own, and hopefully meet us

back at home, if he's not dead already. (into radio)

Oliver?... (out of radio) I'm going to have to go wake

these guys up! (into radio) Bobby, wake up everyone

in the dorm rooms. We're evacuation immediately!


(over radio)

You better hurry! We've got the dead surrounding us

on the south side, now!


(into radio)

Get the buses ready to go! (out of radio) They might

already be here!

Cut to Billy and Misty rushing out of their house, with their bags, and tossing them in their car.


I'll wake Logan. You go get Oliver.

Dissolve to Billy rushing up the staircase, and into Logan's room, where he looks to be asleep.


Logan! Wake your ass up!

Billy heading toward him, but stops when he suddenly can hear Misty screaming from the next house over. He turns toward her scream, but then slowly turns back toward the bed, where Logan still lays completely motionless. Billy takes another step to two, toward him, and can see the bullet hole in his skull, as he immediately turns around, to come face to face with Leo, holding a gun to his head…

Dissolve to Leo leading him out onto the porch, where they see Misty screaming as she comes out of the other house. She sees Leo holding the gun on her husband, and reaches for a gun from her side. She begins to aim it, but is then shot in the head, and dropping, as Billy screams!



Zane turns to look at Grover, who had taken the shot…

Dissolve to the south side of the campus, where a couple guys look at all the huffs on the outside of the barricade…


(into radio)

We're going nowhere on this side!

Dissolve to Zane driving Billy's car, off of the hilltop and onto the campus. Grover and Leo keep Billy secured in the back. They can see people hurrying to load up on the buses, as they speed over to them. They park and climb out, holding a gun to Billy. Some of the people, and the buses, stay put, but one of the buses takes off, crossing the street and into another parking lot, as Zane speaks into his radio.

Cut to the bus of people, now speeding through a backend of the campus, and through a large fence, into the parking lot of a different area, and eventually onto a main road, and heading toward a freeway entrance, but then hit with bright lights, and a few parked hummers and trucks, with Mason, Chasin, Wyatt, Rich, Dakota, Cleo, Scout, Hope, Ryder, Jaelyn, April, Jennifer, Catherine, Missy, Jessica, Carter, Toast, Grill, GW, Stix and a bunch more of the convicts, all holding serious firepower toward the bus, which slams on the breaks…


(through blowhorn)

Please exit the bus, with hands aimed high. Anyone with

a weapon will be shot on sight!

Everyone piles out, with arms wide up, as Jennifer approaches with a camera.


Everyone please smile.

Jennifer snaps a picture of them, surrendering, right as the sound and then sight of fireworks can be seen, coming from the Columbia River…

Cut to the Columbia River, where Gunner, Rachel, Rich, DJ and Conner are lighting fireworks from a boat…

Cut to the south side of the campus, where the large herd of huffs are marching away, toward the river, and the sight/sound of the fireworks…

Dissolve back to the campus, where the bus is returned, and a bunch of men are tied or handcuffed, and the kids (some of them crying) are being talked to by Jessica, Jennifer, April, and Catherine.

Zane, Leo and Grover are with Billy, while all the other prisoners are being loaded onto the buses. They shake their heads, as Billy just sits there in silence…


He'll talk, eventually…

Dissolve to dawn, as the caravan of all the other Clark campus residents, are returning to the campus, with Zane and his family members, as well as the convicts, all still present, and helping them get settled back in. Grover, Jessica, Leo, Zane and Mason are all together.


Someone named Gallagher, with about fifty armed men,

who by now have already returned and must have seen

what's played out, and are long gone.


They're not a threat, for now, so I say we all get some rest,

and have ourselves a normal Christmas. We can decide if

we want to hunt this Gallagher guy, afterward, and after

we get some more cooperation out of (motioning toward

Billy tied up on the bus) this piece of shit.


(looking at Grover)

I still say you ditch this place, and come ring in the New Year

at the compound, with your family.

Grover looking at Jessica, then Leo…


I appreciate the offer, but am proud of what we have

here, and places like this are important, for the future…

(looking over Leo, Zane and Mason) A future in which I

hope to someday be comfortable, around a family I still

don't feel I deserve to be a part of.


As long as you realize that we don't feel that way. (looking

at Leo) If I can forgive him for purposely not medicating, I

can certainly forgive you for simply running out of it.


He didn't choose to…He was tricked into it, by the piece of

shit who raised me…but I appreciate it, Zane…I just know it

will take time, not just for me, but the rest of your

community, who I hurt, whether intentionally or not.

Zane walks past him, first putting a hand to his shoulder, followed by Mason, who shakes his hand, and then Leo, who shares a hug with him. They walk away, as Grover goes to Jessica.


Davis is really okay?


He's still out, but stable.

Grover takes her in his arms…



Nikki laying on a couch in Davis's room, with her head on her dad's lap, who is also asleep. Shawn wakes up, looking over at Davis, then down at his sleeping daughter, then smiles as he begins trying to wake her.


Baby? (shaking her)

Nikki opens her eyes, instantly looking straight toward the bed of Davis, where he is smiling back at her, with a big smile. POV Nikki smiling, and rising, with a happy look back at her dad, then over to the bed and joyously/carefully hugging Davis, as Shawn watches with a big smile, interrupted as Marlana pops in.



He's awake! Just in time, the team is a few minutes out.

Marlana pops back out, as Davis looks questionably at Nikki…


The team?



You didn't think they'd let you wake up homeless, did

you? It's over. They got it back and took care of the threat.

Although, I think you'll be spending the holiday here, with me!


(heading out)

I'll give you two some time alone. I'm so happy to see you

pull through this, Davis. Merry Christmas, you two.

Smiling at them as he heads out.


Thank you, Shawn.


Merry Christmas, Dad.

POV follows Shawn out, who hurries to catch up with Marlana, and catches her as they walk outside of the safe house together…

She turns and smiles at him.


I'm so happy for you, and your daughter.


(smiling at her)

Thank you, so am I.

He leans in and kisses her…


I wasn't sure you'd ever kiss me again.


Well, technically I never have. It was you who kissed me.


And it was you, who said I was too young for an old man

like yourself.


I am old, and it's my excuse for being crazy enough to let

a little age get in the way of a chance with a beautiful

woman like you.

Shawn leaning in to kiss her again…

Dissolve to Zane and the others arriving back home, with huge happy hugs from Samantha and all the other Baker children, thrilled to have their parents home for Christmas Eve, and to hear of good news, and no more possible danger…

Leo, GW and others, are moving Billy and the prisoners, toward a lower level of the Baker complex…

April and Jennifer are leading Billy's teenagers, and younger kids (frightened), over to Marlana, standing with Shawn…


Marlana, these are the children I believe you heard

were coming home with us.


I did indeed, and I will be happy to show them an amazing

place to spend their Christmas, and until we find more

permanent homes. That's right, we still celebrate Christmas

here. We have a newspaper, baseball and softball teams,

and you know what, we even have a lake, with a rope swing.

You're going to love it here.

POV remains with April and the teens, as Marlana walks off with the younger kids. April looks at the teens.


This here, is Shawn. He's ex-special forces and the man

who has helped teach all of our kids and teenagers, how

to defend themselves, and basically become complete

badasses. He will be happy to help you all become the

same, which is a requirement for everyone who resides here.

(one teen rolling eyes, as April catches it) Of course, being

half adults, and the kids of people who killed and attacked

our people, you'll have to prove your loyalty first, before you

receive your outright freedom. Until then, you will be on

house arrest, for the safety of our own community, which

we all hope you become a part of.

Cut to the lower level of the Baker complex, where Leo is locking up the prisoners, some of which are parents of those teens and younger kids…

Billy walks inside the cell, and looks back at Leo, while looking all around…


What you've done here, is just as amazing as what the

world thought it was doing, when it put up the first home,

followed by a city, and then a world full of commotion and

madness. God brought back the dead, to rid that madness,

and yet here you are…trying to bring it all back.

Billy shaking his head, as Leo comes in closer…


Funny…coming from someone who just made himself

comfortable in a multimillion-dollar home. Someone who

had his freedom, until he brought on his own karma by

killing innocent people, and taking something they had built,

all for himself. Someone narcissistic enough to believe his

lifelong issues with society is what sparked our creator to

enact such a new world, and someone who refers to what

we have going on in here, as madness, rather than what is

happening outside these walls…

Leo takes a deep breath…


The man who built these walls, and this place…died, a year

ago tomorrow… His dream was the opposite of yours, and

more alive today than it was a year ago, and will only grow

with time…while you and your dream, will die in this cage…

Leo turning as the others follow him out, with defeat all over Billy's face…

Dissolve to multiple shots of all the Bakers desperately jumping into their beds.

Mason kissing his girlfriend, Missy, who leaves the room as he climbs into bed and instantly closes his eyes…

Hunter kissing April, as she enters their bedroom and immediately climbs into bed…

Jennifer kissing her children, August, Jax and Maddox, who remain in the Baker cabin with the other children, and some adults who were not on the mission at the campus, like Pepsi, Brianna, Kayla, Sarah, Blair, Porter and others. Jennifer goes into one of the bedrooms, with her baby, Miles, and gets into bed with him…

Leo in his room, looking at an old picture of him, Dylan and Grover, standing next to their horses, as he pops one of his pills, and climbs into bed…

Gunner and Rachel (wearing a cute Santa hat) climb into their bed, he squirms as if it's the best feeling in his life.


Best bedgasm ever!

Rachel smiles with her eyes closed…

Wyatt closing his eyes the moment his head hits the pillow, but then opens wide as Sarah hands him their baby, Laura. He takes her down in the bed with him, with a smile…

Scout, Hope and Ryder all climb into a king-sized bed, and smile as they close their eyes…


When is Solis and Jenna coming?


Probably be waking us up when they do, in like an

hour or two, so go to sleep!


(smiling with eyes closed)

I'm already there…

Chasin and Catherine lay in bed and kiss each other goodnight, almost falling asleep before they part at the lips…

Dakota and Cleo snuggling up in bed, with a few kisses, before both begin to drift…

Jaelyn all bundled up, on the deck of that same cabin, while looking out at the lake, before her eyelids become heavy, and close…

Zane in the family cabin, with all the kids, and Pepsi, while handing her their baby. He smiles at her, and then pats both Coke and Chance on the head, then Samantha, while on his way to one of the bedrooms, where he grabs a journal, before climbing into bed. He opens up the journal, to a page full of writing, and the headline, "Christmas Speech". He looks it over for a few moments, before his eyelids become extremely heavy, and he falls asleep, holding the journal open…

Cut to Jessica and Grover in bed, holding each other and drifting asleep…



Hunter waking Leo, who looks at him with concern.


What is it?


Something has happened…

Dissolve to Leo following Hunter into the lower level of the Baker complex, where all the prisoners watch them enter, and look down at the body of Billy…

Leo looks at the body, and then back up at all the prisoners…


Don't worry; we bashed in his head. He won't be coming back…


Some of us have children. Please take mercy on us. We

only followed him to survive…

Hunter looks from the prisoners to Leo, who just stares back at them…


The people you attacked have or had children…

You have to pay for those choices…

Leo walking out, as Hunter takes one last look at the prisoners, before following Leo out…


They may have a point, at least some of them, who might

now have fired a single shot. We have to figure out who is

worthy of a second chance, especially those with children.


Agreed…but we won't even begin figuring all that out

until after Christmas…and they're going to have to earn it.

Leo thinking, as they walk…


How long was I out?


A little over an hour.


Give everyone else another hour, and then let's make

our father proud…

Hunter smiling…

Dissolve to the Baker Christmas cabin, as Solis and his Niece Jenna, enter through the door, with reactions from the others, and excited kids to see Jenna, including Samantha.

Solis shakes some hands, while Samantha is grabbing Jenna and some of the other kids.


(shaking hands)

Merry Christmas, Solis.


Merry Christmas. How's my sleeping beauty? Still crashed?


Yeah, let her have another thirty, or so. It was a long night!



One you jerks wouldn't let me in on.


Sorry, man.


Nah, I'm just giving you shit. I knew you guys had this.

Samantha (carrying a gift), Jenna, Renee, Griffey, Eli, Russel, Ethan, Coke, Chance, Trisha and Ashley are all leaving through another one of the doors.


Well, if you ask me, the whole thing was nerve wrecking as

hell, but whenever my family leaves these walls, is that way.

Blair follows the kids outside, from behind them, they stop as she calls to them.


Where are you guys all going?


Just for a Christmas Eve walk. We're going to (grabbing

Trisha/Ashley) tell the girls stories about Santa.

Ashley reacting just to hearing about Santa.


Santa Clause!

Samantha looking down at her and smiling.


Yeah; Santa's coming tonight!


Okay, but you keep your eyes on those two, and no

taking them around the lake, or barns. You too, Eli.

You're the oldest. Bring those kids back alive.

Samantha and the kids turning.


I promise.


Just the girls, or all these kids. That's too much responsibility!

The kids all laughing, as Blair smiles and walks back inside…

Dissolve to the kids crossing the same spot where Mayday had seen and stopped them. This time they keep going, and come to the hatch, as Samantha works the combination, and opens it up.


I still see Locke, every time you do that.

Samantha smiling, with Russel looking confused.



As they begin climbing down inside.


He's referencing Lost. He was a TV nerd, even worse

than my dad, was.


You never told me that, about your dad.

Samantha pausing, as she climbs down…


It was too hard, back then.

Eli pausing, as he climbs down…


I get that…

Eli now helps the younger girls down, as Ethan helps them from up top.

Once they are both down, they are all suddenly scared from behind, as the Guardian jumps out at them, with a Santa hat on. They all scream at first (including Eli), before laughing or playfully angry at her.


It's freaking Christmas, not Halloween!


What is wrong with you?! There are little kids down here.

The Guardian laughing and patting Eli.


I don't think they screamed half as loud as the teenager did!


I was playing along!


(mimicking his voice)

What is wrong with you?! There are little kids down here.

They all start laughing (Sam/Renee cracking up), and then hear someone ask a question.



Um…is it safe to come down?

Laughing even more as the Guardian goes up and grabs Ethan.

Dissolve to them all back inside her underground home, where a fire burns, and her Christmas tree is back up, along with decorations, and gifts for all the kids, in which she is handing out to them, while she finishes swallowing a cookie, and grabs another one from the gift tray that Samantha had brought her…


So, you said you had something you wanted to talk to

me about?


Well, one thing is that we wish you'd stop staying out

here in the cold, and at least sleep inside, but we know

you won't agree to that.


I actually think it's warm and cozy, down here. The huffs

as neighbors, is a bit on the crazy side, but at least it

wouldn't get lonely, I guess.

A few laughs…


See, you can take Eli's bed. He'll move out here.

Few more laughs.


Hell yeah, he will!

Few more laughs, including Ashley, which makes everyone laugh even more…


Just let me know, Eli, I can have Hunter dig some more

holes, make you a cozy spot of your own, and add to my

crazy neighbor problem.

More laughs…


In that case, have him dig a pair of holes, and I'll introduce

you to a guy named Todd. (few laughs) Although, you should

just take the T out of his name, and call him odd!

Lots of laughs.


Oh my God, I actually had a dream that Todd lived out

here! But that Sandy moved in here, with the Guardian!

Lots of laughs…


Okay, now I want to meet this guy!... Alright, so what

else did you want to talk to me about, Samantha?

Samantha hesitating for a moment…


Uh oh, it must be good…


My moms told me you didn't mind if they passed along some

information to me, and I just wanted to tell you that if it bothers

you, that we call you Guardian, or a "she", that we don't mind

calling you what my moms call you.

The Guardian looking around at them…


So, you all feel comfortable with this, and don't judge me?

All of them nodding.


Of course, we feel comfortable, and no we don't judge you,

just like we don't judge the woman at Nike World, who was

not born a woman. My grandfather wanted to keep certain

things from the old world alive, but also wanted to rid some

things, like racism, or hate. I am dedicating my life to his

dream, and doing my part to help make it happen.

The Guardian's eyes tear up…


I sure miss him…(staring at Samantha) Especially when you

stand there talking just like he used to. He would be so

proud of you, Samantha.

Samantha comes over for a hug.


Thank you.


Thank you…and I would be okay with you referring to me

as "he", or "him"…but I kinda' like the Guardian, so let's

stick with that.

Some laughs, as the Guardian reaches for another cookie/treat, and wipes his eyes…


Hell yeah, your name is badass!


First you want my home, now you want my name?!

More laughs…



The Bakers and the entire compound community are at the center, in a festive mood, with tons of decorations, lights, food/snacks and Rich and others playing/singing Christmas music. Some people are dancing. Some of the young kids are suddenly super excited, as a huge Santa arrives, handing out gifts. Zane, Blake, Samantha, Eli and Renee all begin cracking up, as they take notice of GW dressed as Santa, and loving it as much as the young children do…

POV travels among all the festive expressions of the young kids, the older kids, the parents, the Bakers, all of them enjoying the company and holiday magic…

POV eventually finds Samantha, Eli, DJ and Renee, over at the Mt. Hood tree house replica (foggy), as they honor their memories of it all, and what it took to get home, and be spending this magical Christmas together, with all their loved ones…

Dissolve to a little later, with Eli, DJ and Renee moved on, while Samantha lingers at the tree house, as her mothers come from behind. They touch her while arriving, as she looks back at them with a big smile, before looking back over it all…


Are you thinking about your father?


I am…him and Grandpa… I came over here at first just to honor

the fact I am even here, with all of you, celebrating Christmas…

but then I couldn't help feeling that it wasn't enough…that I

wanted them here…(deep breath)…but…I'm glad they have each

other… It helps thinking about them together…


I think that helps everyone here, to think about…

Samantha taking another deep breath, and just taking it all in…


I tried to get the Guardian to come inside, to at least take a

look at all this. He loved me describing it all to him…but just

doesn't want to be around all the people.


That is just a part of who he is…


A part of the scars of his life… We all have some of those…

Samantha taking another breath…


I face my scars every time I look at this… I think he should

face his, too, and give the people here a chance, like he did

all of us…

Brianna and Kayla sharing a proud look with each other…


And that is what makes you special, baby girl.

They both kiss her head…

Dissolve to DJ, Rich, Renee, Trisha and Ashley all playing and laughing with Sandy, who runs around playfully barking with the kids, and Todd, who is being "odd". Renee is whispering something to DJ, about the joke that Eli made, of taking the T out of Todd, as DJ laughs, while watching Todd be silly with the dog, and continuing to make both Trisha and Ashley laugh…

GW arrives, with a nod at Rich and DJ, and taking notice of Trisha staring at him…


You're as tall as Santa!

They all laugh, and Sandy barks, and Ashley points at Todd.


And his beard looks like Santa!

A few more laughs, as GW goes to Renee, handing her a gift.


I wanted to get you something, Renee.


Should I open it, now?


Go for it.

She begins opening, as DJ and Rich watch…

It's a book about surviving the world with anxiety.


I found that at the Clark campus library. I know the world

is not what it was, when that was written, but isn't that

what this compound, and our society is all about? Getting

things as close to normal as we can. Plus, I read it, and it's

good. I thought you'd enjoy it.


Thank you. I will definitely read it… I feel bad that I didn't

get you anything.


Oh, that's okay, Renee. I didn't expect you to.


Well, without a mall anymore, and you know, some of us

not having access to campus libraries and all, Christmas

shopping is not so easy these days!

Some laughs, as they all watch Zane stepping up onto a podium, with a microphone, and standing there in front of everyone, as he taps the mic, and awaits their attention…


Thank you… I just wanted to express my appreciation, everyone

coming out here in the cold together. I know the cold is worth it

while snowing, which it feels cold enough to do, and I didn't

catch the forecast (few laughs), but who knows, maybe we'll all

wake up to a snowy Christmas morning. (cheers/excitement from

children) But…a white Christmas or not, I think this family, and

this community, has proven that we can overcome anything.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and it is also the anniversary of something

tragic, that many of us believe we may never overcome. For me,

me healing began that very day, not just when I was made aware

of my trip to fatherhood, but when I learned that Grandpa had also

been made aware, shortly before he left us, forever… Having a child

makes you think a lot about the future, and on a day in which the

future was the last thing I wanted to think about, the news of my

child saved me, and made me realize that even though we all lost

something amazing that day, we did not lose his dream, or all the

amazing things he put into motion, that can't be carried on without

us keeping them alive…and standing here looking out at all of you, on

this foggy Christmas Eve, is proof that he is still so very much a part of

us…of this place…of this community…and of this new society that we

have built…and will continue to build…in his honor… This is the

appreciation I wanted to express, at all of you, for carrying on his

dream… Merry Christmas, to you all.


(raising their glasses)

Merry Christmas!

Dissolve to dawn, Christmas morning, in the compound neighborhood that is now blanketed with about an inch of snow, as it continues to fall. There are no footprints, as the blanket of snow is untouched…

Dissolve to a short while later, as the children of the neighborhood are excitedly running outside their homes, into their yards, or the streets with other children, and playing in the Christmas day snow…

Dissolve to some of those kids back inside, looking over the gifts under their trees…

Dissolve to the Baker Christmas cabin, where Bo leads the charge outside the doors, followed by his sister, Kat, and cousins August, Jax, Maddox and Blaze, as well as Trisha and Ashley, and then Coke and Chance. They all run out into the snowy field. Samantha and Jenna now come outside, along with Renee, Griffey and Ethan, who begin making and throwing snowballs, with nothing but happy smiles on all of their faces…

Eventually, many of the adults make it outside, or watch with smiles from the windows…

Zane holds his daughter, as the snowflakes fall on her face, and then takes her down low, allowing her to see the snow, and the other kids playing in it…

Wyatt and Jennifer are letting their young babies (early walking stages) attempt to walk around in it, as Sarah watches with a big proud smile, as her and Wyatt's daughter, Laura, smiles while taking baby steps in the snow. Jennifer is doing the same, as little Miles takes his own steps, and then is caught by mom, as he slips and falls…

Hope and Ryder are throwing snowballs at Trisha and Ashley, from behind, as they were throwing them at Rich and DJ. Now Bryant comes from behind his sisters, and nailing them, with high-fives for Trisha and Ashley. Zane then makes his daughter smile, as he smashes a snowball in his own face, with laughs from Pepsi, who then gets nailed by Coke and Chance. Mason stands by the door, with his arm around Jaelyn, both smiling as they watch their beautiful family. Scout watches with Solis, from the window, and also smiling, as Hunter walks by and gives her a kiss on the forehead, and an arm to the shoulder of Solis…

Gunner runs up behind his son, Blaze, and scares him as he picks him up and runs through the snow, using Blaze as a shield, from all the incoming snowballs, as Blaze cracks up. Blake nails Eli with a snowball, but then is nailed by Hope, who laughs at him. DJ is about to hit Renee with one, but is then nailed with one, out of nowhere, as he looks over toward the cabin, and can see Marlana laughing, who is then nailed herself, and turns to look at Shawn, as she swats an arm at him, while he laughs…

Dakota and Cleo are nailing Ethan and Samantha with snowballs, but then ambushed by Leo.


Pick on someone your own size!

Zane now helping Dakota and Cleo, as they throw back at Leo, who gets help from Samantha and Ethan, and then soon Blake and Eli come to help…

Marlana and Shawn toss a few into the air, simply aiming at the crowd…

Jennifer and Wyatt are pointing at it all, for their babies to see…

Mason reaches down and makes a snowball, and hands it to Jaelyn. She takes a few steps outward, but then turns, and decides to nail Mason with it, who rushes after her, as she screams and runs!

Dissolve to everyone back inside the cabin, as the kids are ripping through the gifts…

Dissolve to random gifts the kids receive, like pocket knives, water bottles, backpacks, fancy Nike shoes, socks, warm coats, and blankets…

Zane watching over everyone, with complete happiness, and then over at the wall, at a framed picture of Grandpa…

Dissolve to later in the day, as the entire community is spread out at different events. There is a basketball game going on at the court (built with a large cover), and a football game out in the large field, where many fans are watching, with festive holiday outfits, and Santa hats…

Dissolve to evening, where the Bakers are back in the Christmas cabin. Most adults have drinks, as the kids run around, or play games in the game room…

Dissolve to Zane giving a toast…


Why am I always the one to freaking speak at these things?!


Because you're the one who knows how to make everyone cry!

Bunch of laughs…


(laughing/half drunk)

Well, I don't want to make anyone do that, so I'm just going

to toast the holiday, the distance we've all come since the last

one, and it just wouldn't be right to not toast the most amazing

man any of us have ever met. We joke that every generation of

this family produces one just like him…but we all know that is

not true. Every single one of us put together, would not produce

someone as amazing as Samuel Lee Baker…but his amazingness

does run through us all, and even through those who don't share

his blood, as that is the kind of man he was… He left a mark like

no other, and that is why we are all so happy at this moment…

because he lives on through that mark…and has left us with the

responsibility of keeping it going…and adding on to it…letting

him down is something we dare not do… To Grandpa!


To Grandpa/Dad!

Scout wiping her tears.


God damn it, Zane!

Hope, Ryder and Bryant laughing at their mom, as is Solis, who gives her a hug…

POV circles around the room, at all their happy faces, and through the other rooms, of each and every Baker having a good time, as well as their close friends, who are there…

The only one missing, is Leo…



POV of someone's feet, walking through the snowy woods, and into a clearing. POV begins going up the person's body, and right as he stops, it comes to his face, revealing him as Leo, looking downward…

His POV of Jordan, laying down in her cage, under a blanket, fighting to keep warm…

Eventually, a stream of water, or something else, begins pouring onto her, as she slowly looks up, before moving quickly, to get out of the way, as she realizes someone is peeing on her. She stands, and comes to see it is Leo…

He looks her up and down, seeing her in skimpy clothes, snow in half of her cage, nothing comfortable to sleep on, and just the blanket, to keep her warm, which is half wet from the snow, and now from Leo peeing on it…

He takes a step closer to the cage…


Happy anniversary, Jordan. Not even sure if you knew,

but it was a year ago today, almost to the moment, that

you sealed this fate of yours… I hope you don't mind me

making the recommendation of you spending this night

out here in the cold, with nothing but enough to help you

survive…and survive you will…I want to give myself this

little gift each and every Christmas for the rest of my life…

for the rest of your life…

Leo just looks at her, as she looks back at him, without saying a word…


Zane and I bonded with Grover the other day…and even

saved his new community, where he has created a whole

new place worthy of life… Our Monthly Forester is back

up and running, as is our sporting events, and the

Christmas we just had, was something that even the past

world would be envious of…

Leo looking her up and down again…


So, this fate of yours, was not even worth it… You failed,

Jordan… Our family, and our people, are just as strong as

ever, and even more determined to hold on to our way of

life, after what you took from it…

Leo developing a smile…


And where is your lost little puppy, Shepard. Even in a

world like this, how long could it take a man with an army

to reach the west coast? The only difference between you

and your lost puppy, is that he's only dead, which is much

better than I can say for you…

Leo turns and walks away…


See you next Christmas, Jordan…

Jordan silently watches, with no tears or reaction, as she fights hard not to give him one, like she did the last time…

He disappears into the brush, as she fights back the emotion…

She is having trouble breathing, due to fighting back both rage and emotion, and then begins shivering, and glimpsing at the blanket, the useless blanket, as she then begins to silently scream, with her eyes closed, but holding it all inside, to prevent Leo from the satisfaction…

She then opens her eyes, at the sudden roar of the cougar in the small cage behind hers, which they share bars between them. The cougar is reacting to her, and the fit she was throwing…

She looks over at the slightly bent bar, staring at it for a moment…

She then moves over to it, and puts her head down by it, wondering if she could fit it through. She then peeks back up and over at the cougar, which paces and looks back at her, as Jordan then decides to just go for it, and works to squeeze her head through, and into the side of the cougar's cage, and just remains there, with her eyes closed, waiting for it to kill her…


Come on you piece of shit. Come and get your Christmas dinner!

Jordan then begins shaking her head as much as she can, almost as if silently screaming, again…but to no luck. She pulls her head back out, looking over at the cougar, and then begins silently screaming again, as it appears to work, and fluster the cougar, who begins growling and roaring, again…


Yeah, you stupid beast! (her POV as she sticks head back

inside) Now come end this shit!

The cougar roars, as she closes her eyes (bringing POV to dark), and begins shaking her head, silently screaming…

As nothing happens, she begins screaming this time for real, as loud as she can, which does set the cougar off, who begins roaring and bouncing around the small cage.





It continues to roar, as she continues to scream, and then it roars right at her head, as she braces for the end, and eventually stops screaming…

She just remains there, as the cougars also stops…

She waits, and then gives up, laying down (head still in cougar's cage) and weeping…

She weeps for a while…before finally stopping, at the sound and feel of something strange. She slowly opens eyes (bring light back to POV) and slightly looks upward, at the cougar that now sniffs and licks at her, as she simply closes her eyes, and remains there, being sniffed and licked by the cougar, as the POV pans back, while the snow continues to lightly fall…

POV keeps panning back, to her in the cage, still laying there, as the cougar now circles around her head…



BONUS SCENE (second half)



POV through a pair of binoculars, of the compound wall, and people above it, on the catwalk…

POV Gallagher, putting down the binoculars, and looking over at Toby, as he and about 25 other armed men, begin falling back, when suddenly, guns are aimed at the heads of each and every one of them…

Dissolve to Gallagher and his men, tied and being led through the brush, by armed men…

Dissolve to Gallagher and his men, all squeezed inside of an abandoned cabin in the woods, with armed guards, and just waiting around…

Eventually, the door opens, as Gallagher (POV coming from him) looks over at the feet of someone approaching, who walks right over to him, as Gallagher just keeps staring toward the feet of the man, as he stops in front of him, just standing there for several moments…before finally speaking.


(familiar voice)

Enemy of my enemy…

Gallagher finally looking up at him, and the face of Thunder (One of Jordan's top men), who smiles down at him…


Is my friend…